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The San Saba news. [volume] (San Saba, Tex.) 1873-1966, January 28, 1882, Image 4

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Jeint loTtr of my onV
How In nuladjr bo wilJ
Tkitltoind to lookuala
At the < < jr more tfam child
W i > mftU or wa be mlntT
Ketct couM an aril paint
Unth a look aal ch a fae
Ulcered with a motlcat grace
5ad cyeil litatrios nerr wore
Ad ciptovloa battaodMp
bile the bltlawa round her rolled
Not a teardrop could ihe wc >
Then there ein another atraio
A touched ber harp Mo
Am the looked or hep on high
U hlle the tern pent atill wan cijh M
Other refuge hve I none
And the wan face crew more wan
At he pleaded with her harp
Leare Oh lmve me not alone
lint her harp the contd othnld
With herhanda i > o weak and cold
At the liit atrain echoed aweet
It fell ailent at her feet
Stilt the rang wilb fainting roice
Loilnjc ali ita echoing ring
For rroUctioo from Uf atuim
Neath the nhadow of hU wtng
And tut taut wn left uu an tiff
Tn be turned fr > m other tonguea
For a shadow o < r b r fell
Aodthesotig wta but a knelt
Thou Oh ChrUt art all I want
bang they oer a maiden pall
Hardy h could wantjno more
tike bad found ber more than all
And atill for told but the face
Ilad o > t all of Borrow a trace
Aa Jeaaa lorer of my tout
lluos to drink from
Oer bcrpulaeleaa breaat was tnlled
Dallas Sunday Jftrcury
Tin wiiiTKvr man
Jim Mooro was ono of tho most
widely known characters in tho great
Carbonate Cam during tlio wintor ol
187879 anl hi popularity ilid not
wane to any pcrcepttblo extent rtutil
the tint week in March 1880 wlmn lie
joined tbo cbnrcb forsook politics ami
permitted tbo Democrats to elect a
Mayor and two of tbo six Aldermen
hick comprised tbo Common Oouocil
of Leadvillo Colonel Jim was not
handsomo by any means but what bo
licked in personal appearance was made
up for in greatness and kindness of
heart Ho stood tho fept nino inches
in bare feet and in bis kneotop patent
leather boots ho was u good inch taller
His weight never exceeded 110 pounds
yet ho was nn atblcto and boasted ol
muscles as hard as iron No one know
his age but his homo hal onco bcou in
Kvansvillc Ind nnd ho was intimately
acquainted with Trunk M Oilbeit one
of tbo brightest editors of that little
Hoosicr tity aud was never so happy
ai when narrating somo boyish 11 uco
wherein Gilbert was ono of tbo priuci
pal characters His forehead was high
nnd narrow hair so black that it gilt
tcrcd in tbo light of day eyes of tho
color of steel gray noso a decided pug
month as largo us lltnlly Holdonos lips
almost as thin as paper teeth irregular
and ghastly white chin aud under jaw
raassivo chock buuea prominent as uu
Indians and bis smooth sbuvcu face
was as sallow us though bo had wrestled
with chills and fever in thu lotvUiuls of
Arkansas from tho day of bis birth
liy avocation Jiin Mooro was it gam
bier Ho found his way to Joiulville
in November 187b took rooms on
Lower Chestnut streetf his meals at tho
Toutmo restaurjlt and dealt faro in
usti o Texas simoon on Harrison avonua
si ho cJbrtrty in aauip no ono paid him
recollection thought and his table was
reflector npsf uy strangers alone Tbo
sweet loving Juno Richards tho camp
oyes near hi l od him with turning top
of tho face Jim waa shullliug the
slill whil < < Ieclting ° r < resli It nni
Ii nii > j ibileiy knocked Itlchards down
tJiWrtcr of iinoavy silver box When tbo
t urnod to consciousness ho saw
Sraph compnm had Irocurcd ft friMll 10X
Capital duaimg ns coolly as though nothing
unusual bad occurred The crowd fell
back in anticipation of nn exchango of
pistol shots but ltichards remarked
that he was no bog knew when ho bad
enough und left tho houso to spend bis
money in the Iiittlo Church saloon
On the fourth day of Jims sojourn
in camp a rcckloss prospector by t e
name 1 Moouey who hud backed the
seven spot heavily to lose wbeu it had
won called the man from Indiana a
tinhorn gambler and threw his heavy
bavtio knifo across tho layout Jim
could not wink at such n broach of eti
ipiettc and shot Moonoy through the
heart without rising from his chair An
inquest was held and as all tbo gentle
men present at tho timoof tho shooting
pronounced it an act of solfdcfeuso
Jim was back at tho tablo dealing
within a few hours following the
trsgedy This ovcut sont his stock
away nbovo rur nnd from that day he
was recognized on tho street by tho Urtt
gimblcrs of Colorado
In tbo meantime a AXcthotlist parson
had come to tho rulnos and was endeav
oring to raise u sum of money sufllcient
to build ft place of worship Jim called
on tho parson extorted from him a
promlso that ho would not play faro
Kono or drawpoker nor bo too hard on
i mcn ° u0 camp and
then eet litont taking up a collection
Ho prepared a list subscribed 50 by
way of a beginning and then circulated
tbo paper around tho saloons und gam
ing tables swearing that any sport who
declined to chip in was no friend of Jim
Moore Tho result was that Loadville
possessed a church beforo Christmas
Jim attended tho dodieatory servicos
led in singing and passed tho bat
around ttt ice onco beforo tho sermon
and onco following it On tho follow
ing Sabbath Jim was not at church
and in tho afternoon tho parson called
at tho Texas Houto to inqulro if Mr
Mooro was Indisposed Ho found Jim
dealing and a throng of miners about
the table
No foolishness hero parson said
Jiis t crnly aa ho patu il with his flu
Bars ou tbo soda card
Certainly cot 1 shall not interrupt
replied the reverend gentleman in an
apttlogetio toot bnt I did not see yon
at worship this morning
No Jim eidd slightly molllflod
6ii X cxpeit your hat came back
light 1 wauled tooomodownaud take
nut bat a J 00 auaker from Virginia
My L me a in and you know I
tuui U aefOtataoaatu him
Tu saerwUUl laborer took his de
iiattare atac decbuiug several iuviU
dispossessed 1
aru il Mini reeugulJikV mm and lieror jiUy
nnd his ravlnff claim relo i November 1S79 that Loadville had no Well wh t do you think thoso mi a
nmnlSyffillTMmolo need for newspapers and in accord scoundrels did then I
im Jumping finally camo to
cdii T0 said he bad no idea
catcd Claim
be quilo n science and minesliad to bo
guarded night and day As tho prico
of real estate advanced in the camp lot
jumping becamo qulto foahionablo and
as a half dozen land companies set up
claims to the ownership of ovcry foot
of gronnd between tho Arkansas and
tbo First ltaugo ou tho one hand and
California Gulch and Tcnncsseo Iark
on tho other tho only bill of salo rccog
nixed as genuine was a Winchester rifle
and n pair of selfcocking revolvers
Thcro was seldom an hour in tho day
or night that wss not broken by an ex
chango of rifle and pistol shots over
some disputed claim or stakcdofTlotiu
tho heart of tbo young city Might in
thoso days mado right there was no
law and all occasional lynching bee
only served to excito men on to more
cruol and daring extremes Tho camp
at this tlmo contained about 10000
souls and when 1 write that of this
number at least twofilths wcro gam
biers thioves highwaymen and assas
sins X simply stale facts Men who
endured so many hardships and Ihed
up in tho heart of tho Kocky mountains
two miles abovo tho locl of tho sea
forgot all except tint they must acquire
riches and it was immaterial to them
how tboy becumo wealthy livery base
passion was quickened to such an ex
tent that tho old adage of Honor
among thieves was even forgotten
Now all was changed and tho only
monuments to tho winter spriug and
summer of 1879 in Leadvillo are two
welllllled cemeteries
On tho corner of Harrison avenne
and Htato street an old withered bag
of a washerwoman from Denver by tho
name of ltay hud pitched her tent A
dwarfed pine stood about tho center of
thrco lots sho had staked off und this
plno was mado to do service as a contcr
polo for her canvas mansion Tho do
sirablo location of thesolots excited the
cupidity of four professional lot jump
ers and they announced that Mrs
Hay must emigrate Ono February
night Jim Mooro placed a brother
doaler in bis chair and walked out on
tho streets for exercise and a breath of
he pure cold air that sweeps down
from snowcapped mountain tops He
had boon dealing steadily for seven
hours and tho fumes of liquor and
smoke in tho gaming room had serMd
to make him weak and dizzy As ho
strodo up Harrison avenue in thu di
rection of Capitol hill it seemed to
him that ho had stepped into nnothor
The night was intensely cold and
fine particles of snow and frost were
borno on tho bosom of tho blast which
raged from tho west Thoy camo with
stinging force aud wore so flerco that
tbo Btrects were almost deserted
Jim Moore paiuod The blast had
borno to his car an unusual sound It
was n woman1 shriek for help Ho had
arrived at tho cornor of Main street
and turning beheld n tiny tongue of
llamo n block below A shanty on fire
was his llrst thought but by tho time
ho gained thu Chronicle ollico bo saw
that it was Mrs Kays tent Tbo tarred
cauvos burned ilorooly and by its light
ho saw four men and rccognizod them
as lot jumpers Ono had choked tho
old woman nigh unto death and his
companions stood by pistols in hand
to prevent any attempt on the part of n
couplo of podostrians who had halted
across tho street at exllnguiHliU1 T > r
flames Ou tho 1
nhich thoy bad bf < ntl
it was their intention 10 eject HuMr t
erwoman by an incendiary act and
then take possession of tho vaculcdlots
Tho man from Indiana understood
tho situation at a glance and with n
few quick bounds was wilhiu tho ghiro
of the burning tent Two shots were
llrod at him by tbo lot jumpurs and
then ho returned their lire At the
first report of his pistol ono went down
with a bullet hole in tho center of his
forehead and the next insuut his com
panion vtai also lying in tho snow with
a shattered fhlgh Hy this time n dozen
mon wero on tlio scene and tho uroain
ing two backed oil in tho direction of
tho ltido Thcatro Comique with pistols
standing at u full cock
When Mrs Hay realized that sho had
been saved sho went down upon hor
kuCcs to tho courageous g imblcr who
bad come to ber rescue
I dont know your name she cried
in tones of emotion tho tears all the
while coursing down her wrinkled nnd
weatherstained face hut ono thing 1
do know lod bless youl Yon nro the
whitest man ill tho mines I
tio eral citirous assistod him in erect
ing tho lotjumpers tent for Mrs Hay
and then tho uudortakor was summon
ed to removo tho dead body Tho
nonuded man was conveyed to his
cabin on Lower Chestnut strcot und
ho was ndvlsed to leavo tho camp us
soon ns ho could travel Henceforth
Jim Moore wus universally spoken of
ns tho whitest man in the mines and
Mrs Hay wan novor tired of singing
Ins praise Tho washerwoman is now
qulto wealthy A few weeks following
tho destruction of her tent sho sold ono
of tlio lots for HtJ00 and with this
sum erected comraodlons buildings on
tho remaining two which yield a hand
some rental
My sccoud night in tho Carbonato
oamp a friend asked if I know Jim
Mooro My answer was in tho nega
tive Ho remarked that I must mnke
tho acquaintance of the whitest mau in
tbo miuosboforo 1 could hopo to enter
Leadvillos best society Wo strolled
down from the Claroudou Hotel to tho
liouso where Jim presided over a faro
lay out and I was introduced as the
now editor of tho CAronfee Mooro
serutinitod mo uu instant with his hard
steelgray oyes aud then gave ma a
hand clasp which brought the tears to
my oyes from Its soverity lie smiled
at my winco ol pain and as be drew
in n stuck of blues from the qnoenten
aald addressing me
Whcro from
St Louis I answered as tersely as
tho question had been put
Oood onougn was bis rcspouso
and ho went ou betweeu cards asking
question after question aa to the poof lo
whom he had known in that city
and reporters of the thrco daily papers Why they just switched right
Desirous of Raining Ills goojwill I Wg rivalry Lctwcon ua to get the
auil used to do most
nllemfn in the l tendollar note ou the aoe news wan
again oiUlcil round to a o itain wlitt said < tie It trnaka ins all up ta liavu
aanx Ua4 lUUlmd Jim Moora from at nemU i > laj at mjr table II jon waut
tiiillng novuing wnice tl ur ftOO take tt out of the drawor
It u iu thaw il dait that lalat but for Oo4 > Mko duni 1laj laTol
au > M iuwrliig a urlauaj iuleaji > Vlico tU Mgllautoa vrotoprgauUed
o placed a
iilayiog it open Iloaso dont do it to g t scooii ou each other V10II
of theso mornlnir it
ono paiwrs got ou
me iu a sort of underhand way ono day
It scorns there was a klg folluw named
Jamosou had a lot jumped and was
duitlng around town with a guu to
lwV lt TiaanfalUr loUlna for weeki g iust tho leeches of the mine who massacre the men that jumped it a
I 0W TOl > < one at it
ol The aud
antWRtMmwmUtahaftrthaucedtalrejuieedluthatUlo w
mUimbAuS T oAh > A I OWei AWilera Jim took no part It Mow Tho morning paper found out
ffl i i j pmiatmedi M j hout It aud otTuted him 5U to post
flAiS tSStttl Z Th Uo JSTSSi go j PMU faWUnUM mill after w went
tnutf law wmtla Joriiat tsit their ouc w a ou iu jnw ww inn nu 4 m v
K ZtoXtilreaU Jlurdpw VllUke ed sent the rk h m4 that
ti reaert w
SMaaMwtwIvaiika U M hldr I nnM tod t > tu nyull oQ for atutot coupla of lion 4 U
tT A Pltrulniilfcou ht was earjd turnip t wm a
Ytf t WW tiatcuMbt Atn rough tltntut miuclitdea lu utiry
lot that uobody
lot iu th > ilu
beastly dnink ami bunked him in my
bod Karly next morning 1 mado him
get up and w started on a couplo of
horses to find io stiff lie was sort ol
bnt made him go and after
gotto the snot Thore sure
enough wan aVTout sticking out of tlio
snow and I felt so good I just gave a
shriek of joy and started to dig him
out Wo hadnt got down Tery far
before wo saw that the man was nothing
but a stack of bones all a skeleton
and must hao been lying thcro nearly
a j car That wa all tho better aud
wa worked away getting him out It
was a terrible job and after a while wo
got lo tho head that is the skull for
there wasnt any llesh on it and thero
right In tho forehead was a bullet holu
When I buw it I thought I would weep
I wos so OTerjoyed The pockets
hod rotted away long ago and thfro
was nothing to search so wo just col
lared tho skull and rode into town It
wouU have done you good to ueo how
I dished that up Headlines 1 Well I
guess not Only ten of them and set
up in the biggest typo o could get In
tho columns I rung in a sort of dell
cato allusion in two or thrco of them
about that being u sUndolT en
the hanging bee and wound up
with a remark or two about legitimate
At this interesting junctaro bobjo
bodyyolleil ut tho uurrator from tlawu
tstairs nuil ha iHB appeareil without
taking time to toll moro of his trials
11uil tribulatious
Ilit > Wisconsin Male Vaiclne Farm
Madiaoa Win Journal
The Wisconsin Stato Board of lleulth
runs a accino farm near Fond tin Lao
under tbo chargo of its president I > r
I Ij Orifliu of that city During tho
imsttwo Trooka Dr Grifilnhns produced
from 00000 to 70000 points which have
boen ditributed throughout tho North
wok whero tbo smallpox excitement
oxUU Theso Wisconsin points ate
considered the most d iraMo of any
produced throughout the country and
tho Chicago Health Department tint a
all of thorn it can get At tbo Wiscon
bin farm Dr Griflin and his associates
havo Micciimted about 1000 boifcrH
fiinco tlioy commenced their work of
production Two carloads of young
heifers have just been received from j
NowYork Stato They now vaccinato
thrco a day keeping about 20 or J0 in I
tho stable to bo used when needod
The most successful operations are up
on tho lighthaired heifers thoso dark
in color always having tough skins
From fiomo animals 1000 points aro
nt all
takou wbilo others produce none
Bt actual merit tho famous sub
stance Bt Jacobs Oil has steadily won
its way until It Is today tbo national
rouiedy for rheumatism Law ers
physicians clorgymen nil uio it
GJncimiflft OliUt Daily Enquirer
The new cupitol buiUling at Austin 1
Texas is to bo 3G0 fuet high 6110 lorijj
and l8 ri in depth tho sotenih highest 1
buililina in tho world and tlin second I
in tho United HUtts I
rodra thi Trslh I
Klilsy Wmtlnstiirirtnicsr forkldosj1
sail liter illws plies ami oontipstion
beitlmrat or raucous in the nriae I a are I
loiioUon ot iltHM Tske KMasjWert
Torpll lifer and klilaey polQ ths Llood
KMaeyWoil nlie tbem ami clcsaes the i
IliuuUcbe bilma attuii iliiilneM sail I
loin of appetite si eareil lijr KlJotyHoit j
hee ailvertlumeat I
Tiipri irolanded at Castlo flarden I
New York during the year 1RHI lal
239 immigrants of whom H3H >
were from Uritlah Ishs and IKS 1
front lenoauY
ItlilsiUi tm eJj
writes adnntat KUa yWert la <
lp ar nieilioinaa w aetl II aauU ua
ll < ut far 00 other mJitine tisa euph ipMb >
sctlsaaatba liter bowels ad kMaais i
Iu b l < IU ajaiptonis wallt jaJiijtw
liillooi orUeraaseilsM JxIaoHslI to
proouisltaaaos adafollj la Itaulleiary
fern li la oUoysIl drujIiUts > >
tsi rnisse
MisHitsToa tv V
a > UM
il II WVusiii < > Hiraltj wi a
pcullar auffiltniis ai Miaplat l > slloiistea
In evi > W KHa ea4Unt < > l
Tur IlttMlitirff hi < I i > <
quotes Mr Martin Km Sili
Crrek Mum iur < I a ball > wound
horse with St Jucobi Oil
wero ordered out of town Tho outlook around nnd rdvocatcd hanging liim and i A lahuf estate in Hngland awoiti
was docidedly unpleasant for while the editors bended a mob of vigilantes I ye Cjrll 0j nonrr Jono who rsme >
men felt loth to desert their property und beforo morning they caught him this < uuutry iu 1851 Thrc h rnnneb
they know that their lives were impcr nnd strung him op Then they came nomy i it to give tho Anniinn
lieiT by remaining I paid a visit to out with full particulars of both the I jonoHe8 almost a cent apiece A i
What do
slide down from the fence I propose
to deal faro in this camp until 1 get
ready to leave and if any ono dares to
interfero with mo thero will bo n cir
cus and mcnagcrio turned looso in fif
teen seconds and they have actually
ordered tho nowspapcr men out of
town ho half questioned and still
they call themseltos sports
Ho practiced a new shnfllo for a few
minutes then tossing his cards into tho
drawer said
flo back to tho boys nnd tell them
to scribblo their lies in peaco I shall
pay n visit to the Law and Order Abld
ers and convince them in u very few
minutes that newspapers uro tho salva
tion of this mining camp
That night tho roughs held a meet
ing and when tho whitoit mau iu the
mines strode into their midst and took
a scat on tho platform ha was chcorcd
heartily Ho auuonncod tho object of
his call briefly and emphatically and
sworo by all tho hoop poles in Posey
county that ho would shoot tho first
man who went fooling around a news
paper oflico or gunning for newspaper
mean Ho was respected and feared
by all tbo knaves and nothing moro
was said about destroying tho newspa
per offices until tho Vigilantes cap
tured Htowart and lrodham and banged
them to the rafter of a building in
course of eroction
The newspapers did not hangthera
said Jim Mooro it was tho Vigi
Hut did not tho papers counsel
lynching ns demanded the leader of
tho Law and Order band
What if they did was Jims reply
Aint this a freo country and dont
the Constitution provide a freo press
Of courso it does and I just feel llko
shooting somebody who wants to iusult
the Constitution and the American
When one of Wall Wilters stages
capsized a few milos below Leadvillo
und Hev Mr Pickett who was riding In
tho boot with the driver was crushed
to death Jim snore that tlio parson
had been n priuco and subscribed
liberally toward defraying his funeral
Hut the Saturday night that Jim con
cluded to quit dealing faro and go to
preaching will long bu remembered In
Lako county Colorado Ho stopj > ed
in tho middlo of tho de > ul and removed
tho cards from tho box oxpluining that
all bets wero ntr that tho casus wero
wrong and that ho hud dealt his last
What is tho matter Jim criod a
dozen in ono voice
Nothing ho replied only that I
have concluded thut preaching and not
dealing is my trade You muy call mo
Mini and tho nlntrst man in tho
mines tonight but hereafter you
must always address mo as Mr Moore
Tho proprietor of the houo endeav
ored to Induce Jitu to remain but ho
was firm iu his intention
You might otTcr mo n thousand n
minute said ho and it would not in
fcio in the least I have done n
bt oriiaVm guiding tlio Iloynl
wuga aud now I intend to do a > ow
erful lot of good Harkeejier drinks
for tbo liousu at my axponso
Jim Mooro did some missionary work
in Leadvillo His sermons wero always
brief but forcible and were intersjiers
ed with slang phrases acquired at the
gaming tablo About tho 1st of April
1880 bo sot out for Gunnison City on
snonshocs saying that ho felt callod
upon to wrestlo with tho Gunnison
heathon Ho did not urrho at Gun
nison nor did ho return to Leadvillo
His strange disapnearauco was unac
counted for until the following July
when bold prospectors penetrated tbo
gulches em Taylor river nboto Hnby
camp There iu ono of tho deep lis
sure they found n human body It
was atill frozen and decomposition had
not set in From tho position of tlio
body thoy judged that the unfortunate
man had accidentally fallen into tho
flssnre lrank Iritchard one of the
party of prospectors who had loitereil
behind testing the rocks came up to
his companions cast ono glance at thu
remains and said with great emotion
Heavens boys this is tho body of
Jim Moore tho whitest man in tho
minesr inlpi llay < til
lilinl JuiirnalKiu In the Mud llllls
Occailonslly u newspaper reportor
gets nu opportunity vo go into some
more exulted walk of life driving n
dray stoking nu engine bossing a
wood yard or something of that sort
Ono of theso fortunate individuals
strolled into tho Chronic is oflico lust
oveuing and sealing himsolf by a re
portor began to outertaiu him with
sumo personal reminiscences
Hut account of fluling n stifTover
ou Trying Van bo said balanelng
himself ou tho two hind lo s of his
chair that fellow with a bullet bole in
his hewd on know that reminds mo
of ullttlo incident when 1 wss a rcfmrt
ing that I cant over think of without it
makes mo feel sad
What is it anyhow asked tbo
plumbago deiuolisher pushing back his
silk hat und lighting a flftycont cigar
this Is somewhat figurative
Didnt yon ever hear bout me find
lug thut stiff up in tho hills asked the
oxreporter incredulous that any ono
shouldnt have heard of tho affair
No toll me about it will you re
plied the victim
I will if you desire it said the vis
itor bis oyes assuming n dreamy ap
pcarauco its ho rolled them sotespenk
into the dim past It was betweeu
four and llvo yenis ago aud I was run
ning a paper up ou tho Hills It was
uu evouing sheet and thero were two
snide blankets they called journals
uiod to come out in the morning There
Jim Xlooro and briefly explained themurder nnd lynching
situation you think of a business like that any
I catch on said he and I shall how r ivSn
Tho pcncllpusber romarked that ho
considered it n violation of journalistic
ethics that no gcutlenun would be
guilty of
Thats just the way I looked nt it
continued tho narrator in somo excito
ment but it mado ns all hopping mad
and wo just lay to got oven About a
week after that a fellow camo into toun
one evening terribly excited It was
just after wo went to press and I was
tho first man that met him Ho said
he was coming over the rango that day
und buw a human foelt sticking out of a
snowbank It searod him so ho never
stopped to tako u second look but just
made a boolino for town hollering i
mot ull the way This was meat audi
ruuiti uji mymind Id keep tho morn
ing papers from getting onto it so I
took him ont anel got him drunk
ddlihii Aet
The ladle who sometime mcr > were nn11
In go ont hsvinn taken lr IL II PiDkanm
V k LU < Compniinl arc quilo recoveredai l
tare rone on their y rejoicing
tf Hi III
not Ulfrn
t1 titrtluit
iv tlio UHk t
frK fttUmpt tin ii
TiJVJLf ihl
MsiiV IT uritwjrs but
l i tltuo tiV
lSj Tuuli rn of thwu inif
iijMiiwioriof niin
nnlmi l iitnf Uu nun
133 t uji
Jiluiteit lurriniriliill in
hOiiiUrWhnlii an 1 whkh whfti imttlntivi n > ni
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Ilunii lirulK miM pmtii rti nrt ti n
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At TINTKXAS Julf 34 1878
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At TIV Tktah April 17 m
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Tin lrotccicaV Dilrrlitii Association
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Foundations of Success
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Universal History
Iiii ji tlar and rmultMi lllatory of all Nailoni
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tlmrlon Nilmin Iwj l > mrj ti rft < la < n limn iUi < uiany
It alao curod mj wifo
would paralyzo I ho other fellows anil
you bet it did I was tbo biggest man I
in camp until orening and ulien I was
going ovsr to tlio oflico I happened to
meet tho Coroner He was kind of
laughing and hollered out Look
here whero did you Und that corpso
unjhow I told hira nnd ho begnu to
laugh again What in thunder aro
you laughing at I asked I dont
seo anything very ludicrons bont us
solemn n thing as death is Show me
that skull ho said and I took him into
tho oflico and handed her out As
soon as ho saw it 1 ttiGught hod dio
laughing Whats the muttor with you
Doo I said Are you full again or
aro yon oilly going crazy Why you
big sucker ho yollodout what do you
disturb tho dead for X hell un in
quest on Jiwvi three years ago Ho
comBfttf cidoand o just Imriod
him whcrVtteUell I expect tho rain
must have washed him out again
1 didnt stop to hear any moro I
was too disgusted but I just started
out to find that fellow that garo mo tho
stem You see ho was a chronio lush
that tho morning paper follows had
hired to pnt up tho job on me They
was a
nnd tisod to call mo Hamlet you know m
alqc HhtutnUtf Mcmom fcpU Ttou
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aiv iuic iu n n
llrnises Hpralns Kore throat Ha
Traill ncht Unr ache laln In th
Hums nnl hcslJfl Bites of Insects
cd ieit uud all bodily pnlnu N
tlis on csrlh rqnnM 11ni U < 0 > i
SlOMl UM11I T fur qnlrh rrllff
nli Illtr Z i > and I pel
sal by nil Dm 11 < Iirnlrrsln II
U holtal 1 mil DALLAS
A C 0 It S
An aicellcst rrtP < Uoa ol
Wild Cherries and Patroleur
Tna moit totenl the mo t KiaentUl an
eHeituaJ Itftocly for
Gut tlorr Throat Counha fnlil
Aathniu hoihtir utiuIt llroi
nml Oona intptloii
cvrrni d
Tim ait
H l > htri1lii ineaklii
i I by ilu AnifritrfU lo
411 III Uji 1lA < f All till
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i ti em tin r tuiL
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im and HiaIU
i i > in llurnf
in I tilit IMcira liltiiua
t Wlia etcluUlliilr
l fii tlji1v iHttlt tffl >
mc laud Clinic tol Si
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i I IM I lA ri I KKM m bate be
A I tritUn rri for MonthljT IrrtfuUtl
A IMltlta vronib Tonlo nd Fern tie
A rowrrfiilDUiuuUiit of tha flexual <
Currikll painful Manitrutl or Month
KetlllDKor Ulcer I lion of Ibe wombLfni
While and Ricviilvi Monlhly Klow
Nrrnm lleaJache Wantof Apptjtlli
Blttp Uritcrlci IrrlUbltt BUdder
PiiiiONd Turoativi ram malit >
fllo it and will coiiiplvtrlj cl > anftti It
th ctitlro itatotu In lltrra tnuntlii i
wli will tai I pill ear h nl j hi from 1
ma j bti rtltortil lit lottnj Itcaltli If aucl
ttulit ertirrwhtTi or artit br
fiKftlbltt IbJUllNb6NAlOlJ
Ad KnjiUil Vctranary fiorjjacn ami CI
i trarclllttfr In Hilt country aaya that
1 Iloraanil tattto Towdfra aclu tiartt an
I truli ll yailiatBiifrlUirCondUt
I ajeabaolotfli iiirta llinrasjti tly talu
ton n aarth will tuaka bent lay llkt
CnBtIIU n rawder lloitoD l npoo
or t br
tlUt lUmpa
tor Internal and Etttnal Ci
CUniAN urafrla IMpbtherta Croaj
llrotictiUU Itiflacnit Hir Iyotf Iil 4
1 J nun Oiroalo lloartouea Tfaeltj
WlitMjpliif l > Dh Chrome JihtumatU
Chroalt titusUrr tltoU
KlarrhofB Dltt a i cHu iplni
ror i > itnmiit ntNiix
lllT ami nil Ilanrl Coil
i ln wurlU liui in vnr prniliiotU
TllV IT 11
ltepurvil li > I W utKITIKI iu 11 mot
ltii luliliy Alt Druuu
is aieMU sl a tM bio lOMto aoa
eue ul luJlsMtiou Dyvaeft a
Vtetuaa wai4a sk
Ikla btauaal taadULae ti Liapaittsi
tka anuaa ami uteotiiai eyaun la a
It II lle eiaali la lu aUeeta asl 1
lata lik tllsary ee aoaeroaa
lT nl ooJj by lUt A I
fcM It ateluaU by TklOl B tl
ic ui5r
Dltiry Frooir f M
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