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satis or suBscmpnost
Intirlrbl la ftdruice
lexis will produce n larger crop of
fruit this jour thin she has produced
for in my jears pa t
Dallas lias discovered a millionaire
V Ln connection with relatives is to
intiea V30000U
The Timos Printing Company San
Antonio Mod a charter on tho 10th
Capital Block 815000
Cho total number of deaths caused
by tho cj clone at MeAJlistcr in the
Indian Territory last week in fourteen
Tho Missouri Press Association
numbering boventyiivo gentlemen and
tweutyfivo ladies united Texas this
A dispatch from Abilene states that
about fiO000 pounds of wool are stored
away in that city awaiting orders for
Tho Continental Cattle Oompanj
tiled a charter at Austin on tho lUth
Capital stock 100000 Thoir princl
pil offlco is at Dallas
Gov Huberts has appointed Judge
Wilson of Itnsk to illl the vacancy in
the Court of Appeals caused by tho
death of Judge Winkltr
Tun Southern PacHla company will
add 1000 cars to its equipment this
summer In order to handle very heavj
oa torn shipments of California grain
A few months ago Gov Hunt in
vested 20000 in coul lauds on the ltfo
Grande near Laredo and recently sold
a portion of his interest to tho Ilio
Grande and Pecos lUilroid Company
for 2000 000 a very handsomo protlt
on tho investment
On tho morning of May 10th Wax
auauhia flasvlnited by a 100000 fire
Among tho sufferers was U V Yeagcr
proprietor of tho JSnterprlne oihee
which was a total loss Mr Yeager has
ordered a now outfit and does m t pro
pose to miss an issue if ho can help it
This in Ettterpi lae
On tho dividing ridge between
Cherokee creek and San Sab rUer
valley thero is covering a space of 10
000 acres or more oudonoo of the
wholo of this tract having been occu
pied by tho dwellings of au ancient peo
ple Thousands of circular elevations
exist of a size almost uniform being 25
fett in diameter across from the other
Hno of circuniferi nco ut tho base of the
mounds tho elevations ut tho highebi
point do not average moro than 2 foet
aboo the surrounding plains Instead
of being mound shape round on
tho top they havo in the center a de
prtailou six feet ladiameter This do
preadon never exceeds in depth ono
tiiird tho height of the mound The
inn tonal of which the circular ndgo is
composed js gouerally small broken
stones or gravel tnncn iroiu i t mu
louudiug deposits entermixed with
tartu Tho unterial of which tho con
tral part is composed ia of somewhat
different uoture being earth and ashes
intermixed with nroall fragments ot
stones which show unmistakablo evi
douce of having been submitted to fro
rpientheatiugs the oarthshons to have
been baked Fragments of tho shells
of tnnlluaka principally mnsslcs of a
ipocioa differing little from those found
in tho neighboring creeks ut tho pre
eut time are common
lcxasliit on Ilnuiinirir
Tho legislaturo of Texas has onaoteil
tlio following law on commercial trafol
era in that atato uud rcpeuhun oiUUim
laws on tho subject It goes into effect
July 1 1832 and proides that
Ihere > liall bo levied aud ODllectod
from otory commercial traveler drum
mor baleaman or solicitor of trade bj
simplii or olhorwiso an ootnpation tai
ot J5 payable in advance provided
that tho tax herein roquiroJ to bo paid
by such commercial travtllor drummor
salesman or solicitor shall bo paid to
tho comptroller of publio accounts
whoso receipts under seal shall bo evi
denco of tho payment of such tax aud
provided further that no comity citj
or to u shall levy or collect any occu
pitioii tax upon such commercial trav
oiler drummer silcsmau or solicitor
provided that nothing heroin contained
etull npply to any one soliciting sub
scriptlom for religious litorary or his
torical books or maps or to persona so
lfcltlng for nurseries uouspapors or
Bravoitouosi provided further that e
ery commfrcial travellbr drummer
salesman or solicitor of trade shall on
demand of tho tax collector of any
oounty of tho state or any peace ofilcer
An Editor ou Deadheads
The following just remarks ou the
subject indicated ubovo aro taken from
Forney 1rogrest With what ore
called dcadh id ingcueral over the
railroads and at the theatre I have
nothing to do the present purposo be
lug to prove if possible and I think
ItIs possible the truth ol two propo
lit That no utliqr burinss is so
preyed upou br deadheads as tint ol
jniiruuloiai and
V 2d > TIut the most aoooupltlied and
tucceufot ot the deadheads which at
JiciAlie iwwipjper oflloea are tltt
the rallrouU aud theu the theatres
In proportion to tho expense tn
Yolve4iutupr partiuuitu article la so
oheudj supplied as the ne ipiver Iu
eoft o IU readers la u near nothing as
It oould well be and to make a living
ptuflt to it owners It most look else
whela for 4 rovcuuo thau to its sub
sorption Hit Th l lu uuuy wUUIji <
ineutt It > oilU low ic ndtv4 by
itself but lliu eireuUtton altracta the
lUwIltar oud thu admits Imnlthea
l a nuows ot war Tu get the adm
den wavering of the great light at tho
top ot tho must near by and thu sound
f falliurr glass was heard Some men
alio were pissing by and happened to
ho gazing at tho cluster of light when
thu noise occurred statodthat the dis
turbance had been occasioned by the
encounter ot a passing flock of wild
ducks v > ith the top of the mast aud
hurried to the toot ot the tall polo to
hunt for trophies Three ducks still
urm with the life which had scarcely
become extinct worn found on tho
rouud near by and doubtless other
wouuded birds passed on ovor tho im
mediate localit > to die elsewhere or
Uvo as cripples Those who wore for
tunute enough to capture tho killed
birds complacently carried their prizes
aoino cougratulating themselves upon
thonotelanl inexpontho method by
uch they baJ secured their gamo
Thu unexpected extinguishing of tho
lights demonstrated sevtral interesting
tacts Iivu of tho lamps were tmrinan
tmtly blotted out tho thick glass globos
ueiug more or less shattered The
jther three jets quickly reappoarod aud
shouu with a greatly iucreasod inten
sity Thoso who were on the streot
whon thu accident took place averred
that the illumination was fully at bril
liant as before the tiro lamps were ex
of said county exhibit to such officer Unguiaheil
tho comptrollers receipt above men
iionud aud evury commercial ravel
ler drummor salesman or solicitor of
trade who shall fuller refuso to exhibit
said receipt to such officer on demand
by him shall bo deemed guilty of u
misdemeanor aud fined in a sum not
lesithau > 2S nor more than 100 A
merchant in the meaning of this act i
any porsou firm or association of per
eons ongaged in buying and selling
goods warts and merchandiso ot any
kiml whatevcr
tiser you must first get the cituilation
and to gel tho circulation jou must
giro the people a paper that will inter
est and please them Every lino which
a newspaper publishes for any other
reason than thit its editor thiuks it con
tains something tho people wish to
know is moro or less an injuri to him
because it occupies space which other
wiso would bo filled with matter which
would aid m building up or letamiug
tho popularity of hii journal To this
must bo added the cost of putting the
Cleveland 0 Herald
lnnd Iruuils
A dispatch from Austin to tho flat
vestou Newa states that the commls
sioner ot tho general land ofllce has re
eclvod a lettor from a promlnont attor
ney iu Sherman luformieg him of tho
presence iu that city of a powerful syn
dicate ready to file on ail tho school
lauds in tho Tanhandle as soon as the
commissioner notifies tho surveyors of
Jack cjuuty that the valuations haTo
been approved It is also said says
the dispatch that a prominent citizen
of OrnvBon county who visited Austin
during the session ol the Legislature
presented a bill providing against tho
uliug ol oertllloAtea by irresponsible
parties but the Legislature did not ro
ceivo it Tho commissioner has been
written to by a prominent Und agout
ol Wabash Indiana to tho offect that
a farmer to whom he had sold two rail
road certificates throiteus to have him
Indicted uudor the law ot Indiana
He say lie will luve to go to tho peni
tentiary II he cannot establish tho fact
that ha wss an lnuoceut victim of the
fraud which consuls In the sale of cer
tificates for which Ihere Is uo land
pull in type uid tho other outln > s it j nbovo has for jears past boon tho reu
rtquirea h wise newspaper roprie
tor limits th number of columns to
which ho mil ulmit udvertidcmoutft or
increaso hU columns to acoommodato n
rush knowing that to crowd tho road
ing matter though it may temporarily
make happ > tho heart of his cashier
ineausspiod > and perinanout ruin let
there is not a neuspapor in the oountly
whioli docs not giro away in the course
of a yoar many oolumus of its valuable
space a triti but true expression
and moro thau that placos theso gratis
notices in portions which the money of
the legitimate advertiser paid down
our tho counter could not buy Tho
people who atk theso notices and who
aro offendod if they do not got them
are legion but no olass approaches any
whoro near tho rapacity of tho railroads
and theatres If other newspaper ad
vertisers received free notice in the
same proportion us do railroads and
thoatres thero would bo room for uoth
ing else Aud not only are the tail
roads and thoatres grantod those free
notices but iu many cases their paid
advertisements aro inserted for much
less thau tho regular rates I do not
refer to thu so callod criticism of plays
and tho Matteution called to tho change
of tiinctabloa on the railroads which
may go under the head of matters of
interest to thu public though tlioy are
of advautago iu evory instance to tho
road or houso of which thoy speak but
to tho preliminary putts of plays notices
of the improvements along tho line etc
which are novor paid for which are a
sjurco of oxponso to the ueivspapcrs
and which oftentimes nocossltato the
omission of news Why you may ask
do tho newspapers Biibmit to this im
position Clearly thoaffiir is in thoir
own hands Ah gontlo reader you do
not know tho ways of tho railroad and
tho theatre mcuV They must bo potted
aud coddled niuro than uuy otheradver
tiser over dreams or If ono newspaper
denies what they RBk another ono will
grant it aud uway may go tho advertise
tnents from the sheet of tho bold jour
unhet There are n certain order of
advertisemonts which somo newspaper
canuct nfford to be without unit among
these are the cards of railroads aud thu
atrca uud this not because of tho
money they bring in but became they
aro supposed to establish iu the minds
pricascan be had that the circuhtion
is of some account Thoio who control
these advertisements 1110 of course
aware of this aud prusumo upon it to
compel uciptieHCuce iu their domands
fur the free insertiou of tint that aud
the other
V Midnight llncuunter
Late last night a singular accidont
ocourred at llauk nnd Like streets
High in mid air a whining crashing
ound was heard then there wal a slid
duzvous of tho dames brothers gaug of admittance to th
The rocept of this leltur greatly as
tonished Col Aloxandor who called
about him a select number of his
friends to whom ho read tho document
and who wero as equally ustoulhod
Keeping tho matter a secret thoy left
tho same overling tor a vtsittotho civo
aud entered tho same with torchie e
sfraugo welrdslght met thrir viow
First the skeloton ot four horses evi
dently left there by the robbers on their
last raid aa thoy still emit an uupleas
ant odor lllaukets and uiattroBsoa
were strewn about promlscously to
gcthor with oookiug utensils and a few
pieces of furniture This portion ot
the cave is perfectly dry and afforded a
comfortable abode for tho bandits In
a niche iu one ot the chambers was
found a half bushel measure such as is
used by farmers and iu it waa found a
miscellaneous assortment ol valuables
evidently placed thero ami forgotten by
the robbers
Among tho assortments wero four
diamond rings two dtaMflud nocklsees
nine diamond pinssupposed to bo dla
monds thirty gold watohes sixteen
plain gold tings twelve silver watohoa
and many other articles loo numerous
to mentlouallot whioli Is now looked
up id the vault ol tho Huuiuer Deposit
Hank Iu ClalUtiu lor identltUailou
Mi flr4 He la Mr Marigold A photograph of a young Udy which
nuiug bit unslom eyes over tho was taken at llardstown Ky waa a
saaflMrSi ws
no Poiukjtion I oRxrn C Wallacx aWI > hu x BTnt x 3a HaBa fnn
I Hi J VMrN UIM1 pie through tho courtety of Col Alex
audor huvo had tho pltufcuruof seeing
of u uti In
Try or o Tlifir iomt r iff or themselves
Dnring tho last few dajs great inter j
tat has been taken by our citizens in
visiting tho cave on the farm of Cpl
James Alexander tho wellknown bank
er of this placo Ills farm adjoins tho
Ilite farm of Logan County Kv and
is just over tho State line on tho leu
nesfico side and the cave spoken of
Au 1gjpllan Ustrjch Iurni
ilorstood that it
cutlaua uud was n safe depository for was very timid and easily frightened
valuables of nil kinds that they secured and I kuow of inauy travelers who hail
on their numerous raids In this cave
thu celebrated bandits havo rested aud
feasted alter many a hot puruult by
the othcers of tho ls and it is svid
tint not a few tuo inrpiUitive pemous
have lost their Uvea while endeavoring
tu exyloreiliQiWo ders of the caverns
while the baudlts wero in possession
of the si inc Iho cave is located in an
isolated spot upon the farm and is sur
rounded by u denso undergrowth and
tho entrance to it is a mere aluk
holo into which tho water from the
earths surface IIoub forming in the
cavo a beautiful stream of water as
clear as crvstit Tho entrance how
ever Is largo enough to admit tho pas
sagu of u man on horseback and the
banditshorbos wero frequently corralled
thoie for dua and n ghts together
while thtir masters rolled themselvert
up in their blankets and enjoyed such
sweet uud refreshing sleep as only u
sense ol perfect security could give
Tho farm upon which tho cave is
located has for the lust live years been
rented by u party giving his name as
I1 J Howard Tho rent was always
paid in udvanco promptly and no
questions were asked him by Col Alex
ander who paid only an occasional visit
to the place as it wai located quite a
distance from Gallatin There was a
log uouho ii the place containing four
looms which wcroneitl but plainly
furnished 11 oward was absent tho
greater part f tho time but where no
ono in the vicinity seemed to know
und tho only person peon about tho
house generally was an old colored
woman and her husband who appeared
to have charge of the things generally
keeping the fucco in rtpair and attend
ing tho few head of cittlo that grazed
upon tho farm Thero was over an uir
of mystery and cold unsociability about
tho place and ad it was ut loost a
milo off the inttin road from here to
Adairville thero were but fow visitors
to It and their visits were of but a fow
moments duration A better placo
could not havo beon selected by the
bindita for tho particular purpose to
which they applied it
Thodj covery of this rendezous of
by Deteetivo IHigh of Louisville Ky
who with a number of Logan and
Warren County ofllculs tracked tho
noted robbcis to tho cave Col Alex
ander was duly uotiflod of the atito of
affairs and with tho gang gavo Howard
notico to leave tho premises January 1
at which time his j ear was up This
was a very imprudent step upon tho
part of Col Alexandotas it served to
notify thebsiudits that their rendezvous
wan discovered uud foiled tho detoo
tives in their efforts to oaptnro them
and an attack was never made upon tho
ravo for reasons best known to tho
detoctive And now come tho strangest
pjrt of tho whole thiug Col Alex
ander subsequently Relieving he was
mistaken about his teuanta connection
with tho gaug wroto to him roquost
ing htm to keep tho farm on tho torms
as usual The request waa readily com
plied with and the farm was occupied
until the day of tho killing of JesseJumos
was reported whon Howard suddenly
disappeared as did ulsotho old colored
couple heretofore spokon of also the
old household goods
On Saturday last Co Alexander
received a letter from Sedalla Mo
which read as follows
Sedalia Mo April 12 1882 Col
Jas Alexaudor Gallatin Tonu
Demi Sin I havo vacated your prem
iniooi forever I thank you for the
many eourtesies extended to your mys
terious tenant known as Howard Visit
the oavo on your farm and you will find
something to interest yon I shall
avenge tho death of my brother or die
in the attempt I am sir yours with
respect Thank Jamfs
Alias l1 J Howard
been turned away from the gutcs
Armed however with a letter of intro
duction to tho proprietor Mr Vodder
I took a carriage and after a pleasant
drive through Hovcralmilcs of ucacla
lined avenues and p several of tho
Ivhedivos a 1 ° s 1
was BCtTownV i WPffliViAlilS ilio
outruueo gate My lotter procured mo
instant admission Tho ustri h farmer
a sunbrowned wellbuilt intelligent
Svscde dressed in n sack coat skull
travellug cap and top boots now ap
pcarud and together wo went over tho
Tho ostriches aro kept 111 fields of
ilcsert sand about as largo jus a town
lot Theso ileitis nre surrounded bj
mud walls ubout seven feotjhigli nml
uro outered by wooden gates Tho
tlrst llcld wo came to contained abouta
dozen Lrgo females 2 years old
They wero of n gray color toll feath
ered and they uppnared quite tamo as
they stuck their long Hat duckliko
bills over tho 7foot null aud itleuiptcd
to pick ut our hats bliukuer ull the
while knowingly ot us with heir pink
eyes With their long l g their
nuked featherless necks uudtlietr two
clawed feet ono kick of which will cut
ii mans head from his shoulders they
formed a qiioer sight and when as I
raised ni hand and said Shoo 1 they
spread their wings aud ran sway at a
two miiiutij paco soeming tu utmost
skim over tho grouud
thousand rioLiui osTrtlelins
Each of those birds Bald Mr Vod
dcr is worth from 1000 to 1500
iheir feathers alone bring each season
o er 150 and wo estimate each bird as
representing on inoomo of IM or 250
a year Iletneen their fcathorB and
their eggs thoj ought to produce that
Theu ostrich farming is I suppose
a prnlllabla business 1 horo asked
Yes it should bo was tho reply
it costs very littlo to keop tho birds
They livo on beans and barley and
Band About 2 u month will pay for
our birds food and tho sand vl which
they eat from fourteen to sixteen
pounds daily costs nothing I have 100
acres of land here most of which is us
OstttChes iH vauous ages from ir ycats
to 12 days old 111 sides this 1 have
over 100 eggs batching and iu the
spring I will havo about 120 moro floe
birds Cleuelaiiii Leader
Southern Induitrlf
No animal among tho many species
utili7ed by man is more genorally cul
tivated thau sheep lrom the Tropical
to the Arctic regions thoy thrive und
furnish their breeders with capital food
ami a nnircrsal material for clothing
Thoy aro tho most oconomloil animals
to laise living and thriving best where
scarcely any other oould subsist Tho
amount ol caro necohssry to bo be
stowod upon them is small jet the ro
turna from u well conditloncdllock aro
very largo Iu newly settled countries
they form tho most available nuclous to
other branches of stock breodlng and
farming particularly is the fact noti
ceable in Austrulla New Zealand and
California These ccnntnos are blest
with u mild climate rolling undmouu
taiuous lands producing spontaneously
grasses aud other vegetablo growths
specially adapted to their growth aud
increase Tlio fleece commands ready
sale at remunerative prices which aro
augmented in duo proportion to tho
care givuu the haudling of it Tho
countries where snoop husbaudry is
not a paying indnstryare in low swampy
districts whero they are subjected to
many foot diseases suffer from an
abundauce of lnsocts and are the prey
of wild boasts Uvorywhoro else how
ever they do well No better locality
than tho mountalus and table lauds ut
Tennessee oonld bo found for sheop
husbandry and it will not bo many
years lioforo immenso flocks ot them
will be found roaming over tho thou
sands upon thousands of bores of land
in thoso regions at present unoccapiod
und unproductive
Thero beiug many variotlosot sheep
those intending to embark in their
breeding should select tho variety boat
suited to the character of country thoy
are to be bred in and whether for wool
cr food The Cotawolds and Merluos
aro by far tho best fleece producora
while the Southdowns and black faced
sheep ot Scotland make the preferable
meat Iu llelgium aud other moun
tainous regions of Europo there la
u breed ot small sheep similar la ap
pearance to the Welch which are
valued highly for table use and their
tlesU sells for more money than uny
other varility they could be raised us
well In Ihla country as Europe aud
might provo a prolitablo investment to
farmers living near lsrjto cities or
where transportation Is at hand
Merino sheep produce the fluoit
quality of wool though to grow them
successfully ranch mora care is required
ami better accommodations necessary
lor their kooplug than many other tell
tloeceil sheep
Hit Krlnupcr Sinliyate nml lie South
Ir in tin NiW OtltnUk Ill tpinv
ltrom Oiiiclnnutl to llastern tidonnter
was verv
Vm sfock wi b0 ltucl > catllcd lo ho llei1
o lurm as mo stock i
i i
transcontinental but it immi
giatton and is full of promiso to tho oil
tire region thiuiigli nhich it runs llu
giuuiug at Ciuciunali it alroadj cross
cs tho States of Kentucky Tennessee
Alabama aud Mississippi to Vickshuig
and Is partly built across Louisiuua to
ward burovoport to which point it is
iu course of completion It Is not
likely that the o mito of t 0 000000
ns the amount of money which tho Kr
lurgers have already nvetcil in this
road is much too large Nor is it at all
likely that the investment is ono morcly
of speculation They have no doubt
bought the property for thu purposo of
dovelopiug it und if that is the case
the aro not going to stop building
whon thej have roaclud New Orleans
from Meridian A line from Cincinnati
to Now Orleans and bhroveport would
be importiiut btit too much at the ser
mco of connections and tin iudepond
cut outlet westward becomes almost a
necessity in uny oll considered
I Ian of development Tho cross lino
from Brunswick Oa to Memphis
Tenn will ultimately be composed
Indeed it is not improbable that that
portion of it between Memphis
and Holly Hprina will bo built this
jear Tho Erlanger lino runs through
the cotton States in n nortlunst uud
southwest courso that is to say prac
tically parallel with the coast which is
tho best possible direction for such u
line uniting New Orleans tho groat
cotton nurt with Cincinnati and by
the designed branch rom llarrodshurg
with Louisville tho two great grain and
meat markets of the Ohio valley Sup
plemented by tho transverse liuo from
Brunswick to Oiucinnati tho line be
comes a ssBtom which can bo used in
any kind of combination It occupies
tho proper location for tho importation
of a vast nmount of Hippplies required
by tho cotton States and runs through
a territory offering every variety of at
traction to immigration beginning with
cheap soil nt every point Wo may
with propnoty anticipate that tin for
eign capital which is perfrctiug tho
great Erlanger svstem throughout the
cotton region will bring in its train
largo numbers of immigrant moro par
ticularly of those staid and sjlid Ten
tons n v aluablo acquisition to any region
who are now llccmK at tho unprece
llismarckian militunsm
iutt ro luiiiK At Han 8a u a ah Sm ond t isa Mn Lit
The Farmer
Is it not a living fact that tho farmer
now feels something of tho old inher
ited depondentand servile spirit which
was eo nuiversal among tho laboring
classes in tho centuries past and guuo
If ho did not feel and show tl is spirit
why should his rights bo so often Ig
norod his feelings hurt and himself
trented as though ho belonged to an
iuforiol glass The man who boldly
asserts his rights and feels lus equality
with others may bo hated but ho will
never be looked down upon It is the
manifest duty of u farmor if ho is con
scious of feeling ono partaclo of aervil
Ity or inferiority to other classes to
riso above it just as quick as he oau
Uo must educate himself and better
his circumstances and elevate his con
dition till he can ft cl the ossnranuo that
ho stands on tho full level with the
most prosperous nnd best educated
cl isics IIo must thiuk and study uud
learn aud work till he is fully umanci
pated from tho thraldom of povert
Ignorance uud mental inactivity which
has heretofore characterized his condi
tiou ITo must workout his own salt a
tiou by pationco and Industry by ob
servation by experiment and by the
exorcise of his indomitable will lie
must feel his nobility any respect him
sell as tho son of tho Most High cspa
bio of doing great things and of achiev
ing a uobloand high dostlny JIo must
build lilmself up in tho etaturo of a por
feet ttun Just to the extent thst he
builds himself up iu dignity selfro
spect strength ot character knowlcdgo
nnd power ot will to that extent will
hogain a ooiquost over nitnre mako
tho earth yield her increaso aud attain
the ends of his earthly existence There
Is beyond pcrsdventuro n bright futuro
outlook for the farmer It he will shake
himself rom sloth auiljba np and do
ing with u cheerful heart and deter
mine will to do the work of the da
Southern Cultivator
The Crop Irosprrl
Those who wish to see high prices
for all consumable commodities aro
very anxious for great crops of grain
this fall With the groat Immigration
aud tho business activity all that is
nceded is a surplus ot grain and cotton
tooxport toseoa revival of the pros
psrius timoa ot TO 80 and the spring
ot 81 Hut timid and conservative
people are not so suro about tho future
It is argued that In prosperous times
people do not go farming Thoy throng
to the cities to Iho manufacturing dis <
tricte and become consumers of food
During the hard times Irom 7a to 78
an average nt 8000000aoroa psr aunum
of new land waa put into grain Hut
since 711 the Increased aoroigobsa been
but Utile over 2000C0U acrsa per au
MttUIEll as
scvirul Boisons Tho country wa
phenomenally pro i > croiis for thrco
iVarilck couutj who arrived iu the
city yesterdaj en route homo from a
visit to Ionn rolotod rather an extra
ordinary thing that happened to a boy
on the train the night before as thoy
were coming over from St Louis Iho
boj who was about 15 years old was
traveling with his mother and whilo
tho train was running at tho usual
speed and ho upporcatly asleep got up
irom lus
seat and went out of tho car
Tho brakonuu who Bat near tho door
thought the boys conduct was rather
strange aud listened for him to ontor
the other car aud not hoarinp tho door
opcnTiV clofc tho brakomaii followed
oil out but th boy had disappeared
It occurred t j tho brakeman that tho
boy had walked oil or fallen oil tho
tram iu his sleep und ho at once com
niuuicdtcd with the conductor who or
dered tho train stopped
ly this timo tho train had run a milo
or Uo As soon as the train had stop
ped tno nion wero sent baok with lan
terns iu scorch of the miBsing boy
Tho seokers did not doubt os they
trudged along that thoy wtuld find tho
boy dead aud probably tornbly rnan
gled Their surpriBo therefore was
great when they suddenly camo upon
him about tho distauco expected Bitting
on the end of u croBS tic holding a so
vtrely strained wrist but otherwise un
hurt IIo was hardly hlmsolf as yet
though uwuko When questioned ho
couhl not explain how ho had como
there He could only remember ro
ccivlug a sovcro jolt and then picking
himself up off tho ground This then
verified the brakemans suspicion that
the boy was asleep when ho walked out
of tho car
Tho boy waa able to walk ba k with
his reBciieis to tho train and was hand
cd in to his seat by his ruolhor who be
iug asleep all tho time was not awaro
that he had left it r7iKinavlIe mi
Iruolenny iilstfoni
Tho southern pooplo UBod to bo too
proud to handlo the penny but now
that they are all born freo aud equal
and hao no special privllcgo on ao
count of race color or previous condi
tion it wero wlso forthem to adopt tho
economical methods that common sense
end exact honesty Boom to BUggcst Tho
penny would not only bo a groat con
venience but a saving in living ex
Discussing tho ponuy question the
rvi > Au uonnurw wt uo > uriuy auu ex
cellence of tho productions that can bo
sold for a ponny Tho valne of that
despised com is illustrated by the los
ses of tho Alexandra Palaco who ex
hibit multitudinous articlos at that
prico That which excites perhaps
least attention is a ponny nowspapor
Ono of tho stands has a varied assort
ment of ponuy periodical literature of
tho age daily weekly and monthly
lho lies lsed New Tastament at one
penny is remarkable Tho line arts are
represented by ponny paints colored
aud plain some mounted iu molded
carbon making tastofnl frames Thero
ai penny packages of things useful
sucu us soaps pins seods starch cos
metics dyes in powdor or liquids and
toss iu endless profusion Tanoy sta
tionery and specialties for tho season
Easter and other cards knivos and
scissors nnd other tools are a penny
apiece At a beautiful floral stand
penny buttouhole I quels and boquet
holders aro dispensed Tor a penuj
ipicce walking Btioks kites jewolry
jugs microscopes sweets sauces pho
tographs nnd a long list of other things
crowd tho stands Here in Galveston
tho despised penny is not given even
in change A sum less thsu five cents
is not regarded aud the odd cents al
ways go to tho seller never by any
chance to the buyer The establish
ment of u ono ceut or two eeut store
would bo an experiment worth trying
and would bring patronage to tho mer
chant many uomturts to thoipoor and
lesson of frugality to all Qalveston
True Maulluod
Manhood whether among ministers
or others means a great many things
but iirst of all it means to bo genuine
and true In some it will appoar iu
tho prodoiainnaoo of courago They
will bo our reformers In others In
qualitios of fairness prudonco sinceri
ty humility aud gentleness lint al
ways tho manly man is tho man v ho is
thoroughly himself IIo nevjr drama
tizes Uo nover acts u part Ho puts
on no airs He is not wiso in his own
conceit liut If ho has the basis of an
honest and truthlaving natutc he will
havo power It ho makes mistakes he
does not exalt them into virtues Uo
Is not ksbamed ot his heart He can
confess weakness and error lint al
ways his Inner self with all struggles
and failures cornea to the surface and
all who hear him and see him will
know they havo no failures nor strug
glca that are not matched by similar
experience in the breast ot their lead
or aud lit that knowlcdgo they havo a
most unshaken basis for trust la him
ami far more for devotion to the Ideals
toward which ho has so supremely
striven Interior
As Orcgou man endeavored to put a
So far the present year it is i u owmi w uocki Momling
1 < l bo aJ J lnl lo and whip her The under
Tho advantage of sheep culture how1 wheat iu Minnesota lllmols Ohio and ttii he had handled fresh
ever Ilea in IU eheepaess certainly of other State than was easo j ear ui eCldouta and boiler ex
there Is much acre
crop aud a raady market for tho It is true a greater
sSS S5 iS SS te
plosions but Ua uaver struck a mesa ol
reuialua that wero so hard to soil and
pat in plwe ui lint nmt wore
AU tdferUilBB bUla Cu sad p17ll titer
tint LoBertloo
t9AdTerUi m ta or Uw thu Hat nwnuti
pedal rfctta
fttsxtX noUcei IS Mot pi ua tot Oitt Ickz
Hen tnd 7J lor tub iateqn nt Iciutloa
years preiejtug tjio death of Iroiiident UE JJot famo is free to U
OnrlkU lorhapi tho pendulum 18 nt tomanyltlelikocllmbine gToased
l mlmA oniMVfo unc
Oi o IU Mrrhitcl tho uv Jr >
pole ono foot op then slip back thieo
A IAWVEH is about the only man that
I over made anything by opposing a
womans will Tinkers Statesman
I Wnv do elderly spinsters havo a pre
dilection tor parrot Well thoynavo
no man about tho honso and thoy want
something round that can swear
Ih Bhimminy how dot poy studies
grammar was tho remark of a Ger
man whon his son called him a knock
kneed pigeontoed sevonsldedglaze
oyed son of a eawnorso
Why do you supposo llev Johnson
Heed is always driving over to Smith
villo asked ono gentleman ot another
His wifo says ho goes over to admlro
tho beauty of tho place waa tho reply
Yes but docs his wifo know tho beau
ty ot tho plac is n young widow
A uiNiBTEnlat IticlimonS Ya recent
ly swooned whilo marrying his old
sweetheart to another man If his part
of tho corcmony mado hlmswoon what
nerve tho man who was married must
havo had to stand np under it Boston
Iicte John ot Empire Nevada was
rocoutly bereaved by tho loss of his
wife He swnug hor body over bis
shouldor and went to tho foothills
whero ho buried the remains in a
holo about two feot deep covering tho
grave with a pile of bowlders Ho ro
turnod to tho lodge and joyously select
cd a shapely squaw to whom ho was
immediatoly rnarriod
Was there over a bettor example of
tho witty and conciso from an expres
sion common to tho real western Ameri
can than tho answer of tho Sierras
who when asked about the character
ot a neighbor scntentiously replied
Mistor I dont know very much abont
him but mr Impression is that hed
makes a flr6tclass stranger
Once npon a tlmo a woman died
and as the mourners wero carrying her
to the grave they tripped againBt a
stump and let the coflln fall Sho re
vived having boon only In a deop
trance Two years alter she really
died and aa they woro carrying hor
down tho same road and nearod the
same stump tho disconsolate widower
sobbod Steady boys steady there
Ho very very careful
LaST Sunday evening a Boston dl
vino suddenly paused somewhat near
thecloso of his sormon and saidWe
would all be glad it that young man In
tho vostlbulo would como Inside and
satisfy himself whether she Is or is
not hero That would be much better
than keeping a halfinch draft on the
< uu nt tlmnAw Ami In the
eT ° 8 Vu ivl < M
ofa retreat of any army with banners
Chrlstaln at Work >
A man In a sleepingear on an Eastern
railroad kept people awako two
hours by propounding abont bodtime
the query What is the bost thing to
brush a hat with And the whole
crowd stayed awake and gnessed anil
ono man who camo to his station and
had to get off without hearing tho ans
wer felt awfully And finally after
they had all given it up the questioner
thought the bost thing to brush a hat
with was a hat brush And it was pain
ful to witness the disgust ot the crowd
Twas a sultry nai muggy day bat
the agent wiping the perspiration from
his low but somewhat manly brow and
throwing his linen dnster back began
Madam is your husband about
Yes hes about butI tend to all
agents that show thcmsolvos abont here
What is it Im introducing a thresh
ing machine in this neighborhood
end Not in this neighborhood yon
aint if I know it Im competent to
do all tho thrashing thats needed on
this farm You ask my boys Hill and
Sam and if you dont believe them ask
my man just over in tho lot thero and
a alight advanco that she made In his
direction suggested to him that bo had
better move on before she tried her
power on him
When the Legislature convenod last
winter a memborof tho Third House
who was anxious to make personal ac
quaintance and to discover what aort ot
men ho had to handle waa introdnced
to a member from tho wilderness dis
trict and he straightway began to
throw out feelers
I presnme you will take an aetire
partJu tho present session he que
Well J dunno waa the roply
Aro you pleJaroJ
Not to speak of
Have you any particular polioy
mapped out
Yes a sort o polioy Darin the
first week I shall eupjiort all motions to
adjourn durluthe next I shall move
to umond and alter that I shall be
guided by circumstances Borne of
our folks think Im an orator and some
of em say Im a fool and Ive got to
take a sort o middle course and oon
vinco both factions D rqil iril
Addison on this subject said
When I look baok npon the tombs
of tho great every emotion ot envy
dlea Iu me when I read the epitaphs
of tho beautiful every inordinate de
sire goea out when meet with the
grief ct parent upon the tombstone
my heart melts with compassion when
1 see tho tomb of tho parent them
selves I censlder tho vanity 0 grieving
tor thoso whom wa must quickly follow
When I seo kings lying by those wkb
deposed them when I cimshW rival
wit placed aide by side ot tU UAj
men that divided the vrotld wltt t > r
contest aud dispute I mtUM vUfa
sorrow and Mtoulskawut on U UHU
eotuiHilitioca taeMosM a4 dMiatw ol
uatikiud Wbea J ta4 Mast M 4asU
dttea ct ha tosaW o twi shut itiatl
yesterday and torn ai ItsissufM yevra
ago I ouusidsNt thai sst dvy wsvsW w
kail all Vi vAWtesayuMiaW and
out appeetswatt Hl sW

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