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The San Saba news. [volume] (San Saba, Tex.) 1873-1966, June 24, 1882, Image 4

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1i 1 i
Btt 3S e1
la KSiwoSVriJU LW UK j
I to raslher waa atltchlnr ttiUhfag away
On little tot of
fcerh nopeVtl fcetpt
fait sabop
ll > f flrolicaolns Ukhr
to finllt Iter work ttiatolitht
In tnry t rBh fit tho fjaimosllHia wrotiglit
That lolojf niollifT faalruo I a tho Jtlit
Andxmilitlrm her fibrin liarpytllll
AallliptlnllaVau iitrkssltloj
rill Unrobe l wMrft watdosaj
Then lis i oldo < Iimtirairuri and lao
Anil kl Mtl tb < Utile onas eliubhy ace
TbatnmlledlnUlnrantaloi A
She loosed II tip and tlown in the air t
llowrKtljrJroalllok little balm token
Tffimi IiciJfjb B ald b I Jjj
In a fDsownod ooflin tn baby lay
ltmothrrhitlwpt the msM away J
WatclilnB Its ilyinj breatb I
Whon it proo I to > r bopmni alio prajrrlto
IIr darling biby from goinii In Bleep
In the cult CQbl arm of Death
They tnflol tho Intly in tlio jjacmenM dal
VruLi ti4lell T
< swy a bi
lovioit raotheri
a maible
I low many
jjj Tlu tiiat i ° 1m
pefal tliottght
a font
In the Bailouts anna a baby lay
From Ha rosewood coflln far away
In tberelma of lore and light
The angel a natment had folded abont
I u httk forin hich will u ej wear out
AjM < mlem rubqbf wblta t
I > <
nioUt in a1Wu > tii housi
is <
Ci iuisitTjiivrjiir
HigEt ha4 flrcudy tr wn hor al > iq
robe aronndihcr Whlle lhd raid jrns
falllngfast tho darkno i 8hf lighted
by viTid Hashes of llglitnlng and tho
stillufMl broken only by doafoula
lica1lif thttndor I Tod6nji td an old
dwelling oh blcssod frovldojieo I ulicl
Icr at last from this tnorollens storm I
I dismountQd secwod niy horsoim
iter an old Shod wbiclljlho lightning ro
voaled aud sought tho homo eutercd
triedTnyinatches for > n light Thoy
were well tf
What should I do Alono In an un
known placo cold and wot no light and
no fire
Deiug rnnbh fatlgnod witlr my long
rldo and almost frozen as tho olfect of
myriceut drenching and feeling inde
scribably lonely Ixolled Tiny dripping
blankets around mi and lay down on
the floor seeking in tain for wurnlU
and sloop
Bo I turned to oiamino tho room
which by tho almost incessant flashes
I was enablod to do with some iltgreo
of accuracyooulil pron distinguish
objects > V i i
Tha room was largo and olognutly
furnished had evidently in times past
served as a drawlpg room All wan or
ranged with perfect tostocThjJ plttirejr
which wlotuodi tho woro urnoug
the ablest productions of tho old mas
tors r i i A J T
Tho room did not bear tho appear
ance of doscrtion bntsuth it innitlmvo
been for my horsa and X wero tho only
v broathlug oujocls about so far as I could
avi utterly cibalihiod I sank iut
1 11 rvcra > ibor which must hnvo
a ok st > v when 1 suddenly
tttlor JuB lresrwiug an awful sen
TL Itt ris i s
X tt p ami t i
mf but coMJ mZttZ leaving
0It rumbling of thuuikr
uuiin occasional Hash of ltghtiting
with tho wind morning about tho hoiitn
liko lost Bonis in linden AT
My ovory licrvo wos iitilvoring with
wlmtjJgiWailtfright flas I m mueli
of nc3wardMI am not a coward al
though confess ljyWis thoroughli
afraidrntrald of I kneivBiot what An
giy wllh myselffor55cli ftolings 1
again lay dowh and pudeavorod to com
tnyselt to sleep and hadoiiocecdod
n reschlng lthat etatdj of itrownlnos
whenona half Mccpsiand half wakes
when suddenly a smothor d moan fol
lowod by a low gurgling llciuHih
laugh just abovo me caused niu to
spring to my feet and grasp my fevolvor
with a confneed idea of brigands
I walked abont tho room feeling for
owing o tho Intcnso darkness Itould
hope to OiiooSor nothing ljjjiigh0 for
Z know not what uoulddiscovor uoth
ing Nit aohtaadfstrirbod thostlU
nuSlratlhoiToicatif tho walling wind
So thinking myself tho victim of some
hideous hightmaro Iipucomoro soujht
cbllTion in deep but had no sooner
qulctedmy qnitanng uorxes thaa a
cold clammy hand was drawn slowly
across by forehead am the lioi vy
tread of a man on tho carpet followed
trjmjangling Bound ns of cuainrbeiug
draggeiVafcroJJtho floor
I sat boli upright ami looked alout
me then sprang to my foot uttorly hor
rifled Bleep was Imposuiblo
Again that langllng sound of chains
orerheud and ahians Ji vjf step Inth
hall anoiso as of fho door being
opened a quicK heavy tread ou the
rpet and tho low murmur of voices
o to me
hadat Vorrorsl AVhat kindfof don
4 > lng fi6m perylioroin
t hh voIcoCi fTd footsteps S tho
loomALHathoMaiapVolammy hand of
raau toqijicd mino and impelled nio
M >
1 folloied pie foJUUiJs > o broad
flight of stairs through a spacious hall
i1 > 91ay > 1Ma9WultkeroomrrKhted
byaslngltf tauaie whlell revealed a
man oliyjneryjceiuely to tho floor
bound land and f < J6t aad two others
sUadinr over hini one holding somo
heavy chains whllo o long keen cruel
looking tUggergleamtd in thelsndof
th other who leaning over his victim
drovo ft threa time in his heart thou
luttllly nabonud liim whll the second
rasuwyiurttd bit ahatna and weighUho
hld ti > th body Th y drSgged him
out of tbs daBgeoir eru s tia hill Ui a
bfer ami relrosed
their hold and its tho liojy felt ih
heavy pjasl miugle4 ilj
th cUngiue rjiajnst uoviJlpuMiig
switttunenl way socutuf iio dungeon
< hwr aud tiassd teallbJv down the
Hi l ll wh U ilwwrtid ma
a >
Vttrverioir with horrorJ crunched elom
to h
w U a air itej7B tho dark gil
J J l Wr if W Mm vkw atorlt
MtMf U Uee t UosWry bull II
log riclily rind tastefully famished
built on tho bank of a river Willi tlio
Windows from tho Liaosi opening oyer
the wator Viowrul ij tho light of tlsy
which rxposcs all ilaTctls nil was old
The rich hangings trErotcort rod with
tluat worn and moth cnteii tho costly
tild fumltnrn lilnok with dost mid <
I juiUU tliu mom in which I had
riid favosa the uiglit null wheto thn
thuals h < l iwld luu their tiMt hoping
to 1ml fooihtiw for I am no uclfori r
tn tlio supernatural and ootiia T liny
found footprints wopltl hnvo hclifjved
ravsolf tho victim ofSU cruel pMeticitl
two of J
Joko rilnt lhetd iwasno Joot
prints escojit hiy own <
passed lip tho Stairs through tho
hall to tho < loor r > f tho dungeon whcril
IhadVHAcHscd tho ranrdcr It 9Ss
locked Tho hinges and lock wero
rusty wUli age an < U diHiis v and looked
hs If thiy hud not tkcrVqi tho jmr < i
of man for 4 score ofyears or moro
I vrimerl tho hall to tho window ont
of which tho phantoms had thrnstthoir
victim It was closnl bnt tho sill and
hall floor wero stained with blood Thst
was snfllclciit I knnw thcra had in
bygonodays boeusomo horrible tragoily
enacte d hero ami that 11 md seen it ro
euactt d by phantoioi S
I hastily canghttmyxiiorso mbuntod
nml rodti away dettrmlutd tojmako
soma inquiries concerning this plact
After a fow hours rldo I ontorcd a
small town and stopped at an inn for
refrcsbmouU and what Information I
could acinlrorulutlnrito tlio place I had
I Isarnod from tny host a ploasunt
old gentleman who dellghtod in relat
ingtho itory to ran thattwenty years
thatwns tho about and
ago tlncstplaeo
was owuod by a wealthy old gontlomsn
with twosoils both grown to tho stato
of jqiuihoo l Thoy were wild reckless
men fond of tho drinking saloon and
tho gambling room and boing tho vi
goutlomaus solo hefrs at his bdeath
mould inherit alt his vait wealth
0rowing trodtwalting for tho death
of lolr7iitlior and their gaming debts
proving heavily upon thorn they im
irisoued tholr father so as to uso his
money moro freely but fearing his
imprisonment would bo discovered and
thoyjmnlshed determined to take his
life and thcroby rid themselves of tho
four of tho punishment which his dis <
covory would hying to them
On a dark stormy night ho was
stabbed by tho eldest and his body
snk by weights attached to It to tho
bed of tho river
Tho perpetrators of this baso crime
wero detected and hanged
Blhco then no one will tako tho
place ns It is haunted by tho father and
sous and whoover enters tho house sees
tho tragedy ro enacted by phantoms
It hud been twenty yours since tho
placo had lCcfl honored bya visitor
untilI slopped them Tnutwasmy
first acquaintance with supernatural
beings and I do not caro to cultivate it
r T
Ihc rongliun
1 V llnrlemari of sClncinnatl for
tho past twimtylho voafrfl cur inspect
or for the Krio llallroad now of tho
llrlo und Wnbash line was in tho city
recently and says in all his travels from
tho Atlautlo to tho 1ocliio aud from tho
lakes tcr the gylf io was never pioked
tip for d sinker until vestcrdsy morn
ing lleiug a stranger ill tho city ho
was walking nllotlt nduilriug tho wide
8Ji4jliiitYir iitroetB and ilno Imsinesi
salutiillou lilr lohusun how do ytm
lo at tho samo time rushing dp und
eiloiiding u hand for a shako
You havematlo a mistake said Mr
llurlomau my numo is uot loliusou
Whatl ulnt von tuines lohusou of
No sir my numo is llnrlemau aud
t am from Day toil 0 responded the
Tho fellow upologued most profusely
adding that Mr IIurlf > ui1n was tho dead
image of James Johusou of Chicago
and walked nil
A feW nioudula later narrates Mr
Uarleraan another man enmo up acd
extended his hand saying Ah Mr
Ilarleman I to have
am glad met you
I used to know you In Dayton O hut I
presume you have forgotten mo My
father is Btntth tho drygoods mcr
Of course I tumbled to tho rocket
then Lint I said Bo you nro young
Bmith uro you What nro jou doing
up hero
Garao ou on excursion ta sea tho
town responded Bmitb
Jlywhat didyou como
ifusriednarlomau r i I 1 > t
Ilr tho Orand Triiuk
vycll young man said Iiarlumau
before you go any further with tho
couildonoo business you ought to post
jourtolf ou railroads The Grand
1rnnlr doesnt inn to Dayton as any
ton year old boy can tell you Then
learn to distinguish between a real
and one who may possibly
oukdika one v
And lidded Hulemun you boglit
to have seen that fellows faco as ho
scooted Deiroif Free Press
Tho ProcodUv Syllogism
iTSStSrryt3 tertstkmigtuiiis
i which ic framod with woudorfnl
ug uiutytho icutoness displayed in
iu cdastracUou being probably
passed It Is tailed syltogismus crooo
illns and may be thus stated i Anin
fant while playing on tho bank or
river was seized by a Crocodile Tho
mother hearing its ones rushod to its
auistttnco and by her tearful entreaties
obtained a promise
from the crocodile
who vv iolTlonsly oftho highest in
elllgence th h8 would givulthor
back if she would tell him
truly what
would happen to it On thisth moth
er < i > rhai > s roahly > ussertcd
The crocoddo answers to this I If
you spokeu truly I cannot give
back the child withont destroying the
I rJrw 0 ur
IJ0 ifyoit havo
child UW
on have uot fiddlled
iRi V i SVMfWihJt five
llv < li V Imly
or falsely
The uuthet retotUd If I havo
snokerrJmy y01 mnt rji back
that whether 1 luv
Al ilytho child must li niven iTJw i
uw > u
The Jtilirelnre of a l t ef lleie t h < la tie
KMt IaJle v
1 ho octopus Is witijosit iloolttTliS
most disugreeabla croa urn to lio met
with fit the ooosti lliny nrj found in
nearly all witters from tlio coast of
Maine In and ou the Imrdi rs uf tho
Uulf Bin am to he cold waers if thn1
North lw ific Ouau Iutagiius u bag
of llcsli oyer wjiich waves of i olnr aro
coustantly lweepiiig ahd frjm whii h
eight armjlrndiato likiljtho ugi of n
gRHlill6 ti kr their under sTileVlfutd
aud between TbSii
where tboyjjom the boily Inc pafrutj
Ilkislills Ou7 each udo ofJho < lo wxj I
pailof Iho U5g put two fierce gnui or
yellow nyi s givo the wholo mass n
tremulous motion and you havo a gen
cial idoa of tho iippearnnco of tin o to
pus a sconhd cousiti of tho riant squid
di scribed In u former nnmhi r in sire
thoy range from a foot across upward
Tho largest known was seen by Mr
W II Dull ut Sitka ond nhuuspriad
out it measured 2H feet from thn tip of
oho tentaelo or ami to that of tlio op
posite Hpeclmeus moasuriug li or II
feet across aro very common iu tho la
clllc and aro kopt for sale iu tho Ban
Tranclfo markets sndconslderod groat
dainties by too Italians and Chinese
Whon of this sl7o they are vory dan
gerous and havo buou knorn to throw
their snake Ilku arms about divers and
bathers and drug thorn out Into deeper
Iu 1B77 an Indian woman living at
Victoria Vancouvor Island when in
bathing was seized by n monster ccio
pns and draggal slowly into deep wn
terand drowned Biio was missed somo
time after and boats woro put out iu
search and tho haploss victim won
finally seen In abont twenty feet of
wator still held in the urms of tho ter
rible croature
Tho stickers on tho arms are so many
alrpnrajw so that when they aro
pressed upon tho body n pistonliku
arrangement exhausts tho air und tho
suction presses in many kinds a
shnrp saw edgod bony plate or ring
iniotlie flesh making hundrods of tcr
riblo wounds
In tho Hahamii Islands thoso animals
oro very common ond of groat sizo and
their cupturo uifords considerable sport
to the winter visitors ut thoso jstos of
The largest octopus evor caught hero
was fouud upon tho beach ut Nussuu
according to Irof II O Wilder by
Mr J B Oeorge Each urm mcusurod
llvo feet otid tho entire monster
weighed Hourly throo huudrud pounds
Bovorul years ngu a party from uw
Vork spont tho wiuter at Nassau und
tho boys for thoro woro four or llvo
had a lively encounter with the octo
pusThoy had a lino cedar boat flttod for
their benefit her bow and stern were
deoked over and formed uir tight com
partments whllo u row of uir tight o ills
extended nrntuid under tho touts so
that their craft would flout when fnll of
wator n fact tusted on many on ocea
sionAt overy movement of tho bout soma
now wouiler appeared that would havo
delighted and astonished bovs nt tho
north Everywhere grout bunches of
branch coral uxlemUd their branches
upward Now groat mounds or heajs
of brain coral appeared ten or twelvu
feet scross uud among them beautiful
Curious animals oullcil amnion
mifoldnd thoir llowocllko mouths uud
tho wholo scene wus thut of n vast sub
marina gurdeu of tho most gorgeous
description Hlraugo flshos dirtod
aside ut their approach gmy snappers
great red grouprcs stlog rays that flow
olong llko n bird waving tholr sido flus
up and down and lashing n long slen
der tail after thorn aud here aud there
a black olJect would dartaway creating
a great cloud of mud showing that it
turtle had been caught napping
Bomotlmcs thoy had to drag her al
most out of water but Anally tho heai
of Yellow Tad reef was reached and
thoy wero upon unexplored ground
Theroof was about four feet under
water and covered with small heads of
tho coral known ns Moandrlni iutor
spcrsod with tho funs nnd plumes beforo
Tho bolt was hauled botwoou two If
tho hoads and Tom Harry and tho
others wero silting ou hor gunivhalo
rcsling whon they woro altraolod bv u
shout from Will who had
waded awuy
tho heads
Heros a queor looking somctlrnj
idertho coral he shoutid Oomo
orTho boys shoved off in his direction
it looks liko u bundle of snakes ho
continued Will hero goes ond
aiming his grains at tho objec Will let
Thoro was a commotion for a mo
ment Will clung to his spear tho pulo
bending and writhing about
I cant sco what it is I ho shouted
Como qulokl
Tho boyspnllod hard hut wero yet
twonty or Unity yards from Will when
ho jumped upon a coral head with a
scream aud np from tho watsr clinging
to his legs appeared a writhing cling
ojC < l n ° fl ll the
Will had lost his hold Upon tho
but couragoously drew Ids knlle ami
cutatthomoaslor that Iml now crept
up to his waist
It is on oetopusl shontod Tom
thoi boat rushod into tl o head of ooral ns
and seizing his spear overborn he
wcnlasd e H ry crasped Will s ox
tended arm ond tried 1o drag him into
or toward tha boat ho hurled his
again and again Into tho
creature and
endeavored to push It from Wills kneo
whoro It had nowsottled under thuviu
grout bhi a of tho knfo H
TwuMf tho trms wora saveretlln thu
W y buV ha ftheM clung likujeoehei
winding about his legs doubling
twiatiug all tha lime
Will was faint and woik bnt tho rest
< nhPLSodLiq ud u ly iatiriiok
a doop blow into Iho body of tho lSou
stcr and Tom soltling down almost
tinder tha water 4
lift lor tlo usVy C eatar 6 rootTii
At tho same uvmsnt thv bovs in tho
lcrkod him into tha boat with some of
tha irma of tho ot tjpua tl cllDglug to
b 7fffW huM Aboard
lltVaLlora < lc < > <
lltVaLl > MWllktMil
1 rH
I UfiawsUMur vwu
1 ib w 1 ml c tin sir iygh
la log aa blsi k a mle ir nt the se i th
animal had ejfi t d it IU fear or r ik
> Will nai ih t riulu
liody of the not pajKi
hjd cleared th iomnirt
and ilnally thn ugly felliiw or w ul
wn left Af it wn < found ntuier it
clliuip of brum h oral
Thejuut wus In Id over tho sp I mil
three Vponrrwyre umiljnt flutoiiw
IJvcn now It i4iuggMd hsrd and
tf > lifted ffXal thV fialh
dri gnd
i inform
ItljjtO llUVI II I Hln thill In
SUW ir Ollfor rhiiimitlam
onWil tbosi ir li tHt otild bi ink aft l
at luut llfty iiiiihds of ii i d
itA Hut oiieii inLlli < Infa it is
flnlshod with a Bali in t iid p u ki d
iwiy ntjialfa Kiriol Swhlilf it till 1 1
ta welglfjUftiirwurds 17
rffiwimliM betted Iroliiro like
tint would llnvii so linn h strnligth
snul Will ns Ihiy tirtml fur liiiinf
Asm in ns I hit it it numid to luu
up thn speur ami nearly twlsti il tin
polo out of my hnn Is mid tin wutnr
became as bbvk aa ink nnd thei lirat
thing I know I fill simi thing like a
rod lint bond ilaip my lg ond then
another und then I msdo ii Jump for
tho head nnd tho animal triwl to
climb upon mu Id lit know whither
ho was frying to attnok ms nr seapr
but lvo learned one losxnn niivcr to
strlko uu octopus uuloif you iieun
It 1 loii iillotlie Kernel
rrointJie Wunlilnstna U rj NUr
Capt Iaul lJeytvnthu famous swim
rnor who is now in this city iu compa
ny with that otSer lasjino wonder thn
big whale on oxhibllio at tho intersoc
tlon of Fourteenth street and Maryland
avenno tolls some flnny stories of
his lonesomovoyngouowti tho Arkousas
llivcr On one ocjoslon he was pad
dling down IhasTrjita whon ho bow
ahead of him n eoloml man lazily row
ing a canoe DravAig within hailing
distance of Iho manwithont oh
scrvod tho captain rtlsedhlmself in tho
water and shouted
Hello lvo cauglr ou this t imooM
Tho rower lurnodand haw Iheawfnl
looking objeot in Iho Water Itoyton
does look diabolical in his water tog
gery aud he saysf nvor thoro was n
scared darkey It wilt tho one in tho ca
noe The old felows oyes fairly
popped as ho ciaculaiod
Dats do devil this lime sure
lleaso lorn mo off lis time boss ho
pleaded Dsedanddeod it aiu t mino
it belongs to ilokcncl
Booing tho mysterious flguro still ap
proachluj tho old man grabbed his
oars and pnlled < or tho shoro As
tho boat struck tW bauk ho jumped
nolioro nnd roado or tho woods not
stopping fo look baiind him lloynton
was curious enoitg to seo what It was
that bolongcd t tho hornol and
looking inside thj boot ho found a
demijohn of ooiuhlno whisky with a
corncob stopper That was not the
only time the ciipuln wus takon to bo
old nick for colling nshoro ono day
in quest of iuformition ho tscklod a
native and got aboit af queer onsvurs
as did tho famous Arkansau traveler
Clotting onto paicuee finally lloj
tou nsked tho natlvi
What do yriutaki mo fen anyhow
Well stranger druwed tho Arlion
snu I tuko you It bo tho dovil just
como up to cool off
oo ulu li4 unrhLjuu
work There are thoutunds of them
Thoy havo bncu tuipbt li dlspiso labor
and depend upon othon for n living
and aro perfietl liolples If misfor
tnuo comes upon their llonda us it of
ten docs their case is hopeless iho
most forlorn wnmou oi earth belongs
to this class It belonra to parents Jo
protect tholr daughtON from this de
idorublo oondition Tiey do them a
great wrong If thoy negh ct it l vory
daughter ought lo hi taught to earn
her owu living Thujriolt us well as the
poor require this trauing Tlio wheel
o fortune rolls swift jy round tho rich
oro very likely to hecomd poor nnd
tho poor rich Bkill ti labor is no dis
ad vantage to tho rich and indispeusa
bio to tho poor Mj > lltoilo parents
ednoftlo the chilcren
must to work No
reform iam6ro Impordivo than this
Iti dootAri tolil mo tutaVfl bin pills bdt t
didu t fo Ilmd alrraly Voeu i iNoocd twice
bv mcimityTto drnptldt told in tn try
KUlueyWort anl 1 Ota It wen jitat thf
I hi dc for my biliouKncMmd ooiiBtiputlon and
Wort alwav prftTta
thiSii sajs un
thou stem Yes 1
fctrengtlionB thohr
Tho rotuon win
r lorpvl
1 In tb remftjj
tchangf ucnkenn
it just think how it
jjlKitv llAtsAU ilrscommcuilcd lot
Dlsxrliuii Im Cjif Crumps Lootc
iioss ami all lluffl ComtilslDls is
boeauio wlillo cfllkions to tho Virgo
ot miracles is At violent It Knot
cjnq of lhoso Isjiinus oorajiomiils Ihot
check tbo ilisifasoiut leaves uittiuclicil
tlioeausu tlint lee to it It cqrrerts
uliat has JocojioirautiilstteugtIiens
Iho orKtnUitJiii Anil pntlUcs the
affoclea l art drtbtlsystsra Sold bj
all DrueglslsJ IViai Wontyfivoconts
lvsUnivirss HUclljorry Ilalsutu is
imcoJoMi in ciKudotu and goilla
Tjrluug obout onto
Wo l tt attention
tha aim
0l Tl > u Vr sto lHrJi
will b round in ith i lninu I Its mnil
u ilu A1 tl < th 1 toaruati
atKUimlon l b tlio meJIcal titofuiloa nt
r ommeait il bu m
Dtbllity leml Hani
Comnllats pi i
lalltj to lt MfiJttl bV hiI 14
lUiiisiiMiiKHOimiuM No Si Nnilh
Slain Mint KLUul ilu It isiirtainly
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