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pr < f Sotttf ttas Utry too
Vilwied in ibe xaidst of charming
frond And by jrUpiier this is the
t Jy JlOtr
Ht awnngopen the gilded iron gate of
pnuy JiiUe xwfttfurc where the rrar
ed fuitha shone whitely la the twilight
mxA evergreens skirted the path like tall
U nocks w ptd ia
udVrcai splxns And taken refuge be
cealh swt4irows Ushes
Wir XmjmI cried the aherter one
a4eyt 5 ddeslyintheTery ctofUy
was rjcerdingly nw and fair to look
ttpoe with a ripe red berry of a mouth
ad n btte unsy nose slightly turned up
J the xUrmr i > inL The cat and the
fcLcts may be there Lot who on earth
A V fijje toure goo f
J list It M yowl saw him said Sue
friffftsgh TCQuio ftrm with s sort of
Bentm trzror jl greet big tall man in
ymr < aj < iuur artring staring at the
rIdti < iicri l Luzie Thrret
id jo of my irn
ticaed as old woman Ills ideas of old
age must hare been singular in the ex
I suppose yoare Jlary Ann said he
> o air said Miss Wyman still sorelj
puzzled Ta IJzzie
Oh Iiztie ehJ Well its just the
aame I dare saj jou didnt expect me
just yetr
IXo sir I certainly did not said
Lizzie beginning to wunder whether or
net she was dreaming
Its all right no doubt said Mr
MarLleham Things look very nice and
comfortable here I uzie my girt and now
the best thing that vou can do will be to
tosa me a little bit of supper and be
quick about it for Im hall famished
And Lizzie you might fend the other
girl out for any little trifle you want in
the culinary department Of course
though he added as he drew out a bill
and extended It grand seigneur fashion
toward the astonished dauuel I shant
expect to keep two girls as a regular
thing although I must hunt up a man to
take care of the horses Xow run along
and roake haste
lizzie Wyman retreated baek upon Sue
Baring with the money in her hand
scarlet w ith suppressed mirth
Sue the ened the instant the door
was aafdy closed I see it all P
The man is an escaped lunatic isnt
he Dear dear we shall all be murdered M
cried Sue growicg hysterical
Nothing of the sortf said Lizzie
energetically He has only made a
dreadful blunder Cant you see Sue
its the old bachelor who has taken the
place next doorf
Ohhhr aspirated Sae with the
sparkle of amusement beginning to come
Into her eyes Bat Lizzie what are
you going to doP
To cook him the nicest supper I can
and afterward explain to him his mis
take in the politest manner possible
Poor fellow he is rather handsome I
What fun cried Sue gleefully
clapping her hands together And
lizzie 111 make tLe coffee after Monsieur
Duvals French fashion and Ill prepare
an omelette while yoa are broiling the
steak and those deir little rolauvcnts
we made this morning theyll come in
just right wont they r
And the two girls buttled about while
3Ir Matkleham sat viewing the fire and
wondering what OUibs could possibly
hare meant by talking about an old
Why he has got checks like teaches
and hair as thick and brown ana glo y
as my own1 he told himself Old in
deed It wont be such lad fun to hare
a senant girl like that flittng about the
house She ought to hare extra wages on
account of her good looks
Ten minutes afterward he found him
self seated before a table whereupon wai
spread a rich repast
MThis is rcry nice indeed Lizzie I
green rge
floik ilezv and there a rustic seat of hit aa egregious donkey you mu < t hare
Eruk and curtained to correspond l5fwI Pen trIea
mhraate roil hu Wc f J c
rtflortWfii through the whole
jwb M > d wuhiimed armchair stood
W the refect ruw
in feftVl Mtne thewwMscroe furnV
JTW LT m cd an old woman left
J i
StL TSJr lon < > d md uho
A ind iuodln v l vu fw v drained
M tifl91mui to AMMSjgtrt to the dwttj
totot u > r idea of Uck
rm tf sc nr smwJ
j T gyg ii Well ll t
IV j
Wt UaSria MirkWam atia J I J F J e co ntr It i Hill in
nrtii h TB il
> mtuBfataaeof < own mfttr I
> L Total w Ua j4jdU oa a stand
nsiutomruUoum And be pawed
tenu Se ta U S r Wy di en
4 4 TL name of lhe present propmlor
JedVf one yal at it
J < enddedM aSendef rtea Audi de1 lSTjciS tt ho P 0 2U °
TH < a h TM nffah < fcivte ftatw
ny jf jt um awaafe
Wum car J a tarn tiiii StM
ctarc ce j j > cr aDdlwok on the taUe
OSbUU jortunOTgm j HetoJdme
JahwHUetbeplaavand I LeJiere he <
< eteiBdaed U > make ae fall in lore irilh it
ai first tigic
Mt yUrUehum leaned laiorioiulj
csMijB lii thoughta vest tack to ten
to the Jaj when he a
j > WK deval5ermoBg the J eUy gir in
P ha r be ejaesiated aloud What
ieasanter evening
A Hill Unlit by lValilnt < n
The mill that Washington built stands
in a nrine about half a mile east of Per
Originally it consisted of but
one tory am Klines where Washing
> Wto < r > d th0 improvement such
1stsaw mm w iM jasic j > n > exTmsiti > that there is no fool
Mr u aask M tfi i Bites j
Jilt U itnV I do bciieve thereV
e < tiie of matrimony in
family since it passed from the possession
of the illustrious founder To the east
of this is to be seen two of the block
one eyelid and allowing the light to full i
A uh Old Celebration
IM go andaeeior climbing to the very summit of the Watr
Btjavcif lis sosna nikuVr I dzn aay r mann but deep snowprerentedthis and
Aid sh mrchd courageously into I the bonfire of woodsnd petroleum was
tW rvtrto herrst our hero lit on the Falzkopfi The ascent of the
Xizzi IrVymnn had ezp ted to behold mountain often brought the climbers up
W < hier oast thas s shadow or at best a to the shoulders In scow but they were
r y who had crept in out of the j determined to perform tl e feat and they
WKrUry cttdd f the twtrht air Seeing did it
a s rruUc sper ucm A the fenns homo
he c aed 2iU c brj ptJr and stared i Th eleTated roads of w Vcrk City
a t tfitv caer 3ir ilarkkhamstared law year cirricd oTtrIIfftWOOOO
t jUidMbtr lEcitt Gill t t pautflgcrs tttttt rev vili cwry CTfif
Xoij Orchestras ami LcnpDrawn
Out Play Points ol Supe
riority Orer Ameri
can Theatre
The most fashionable theatre in Tokio
says a native Japanese in a letter to the
Xcvr York Commercial AdrcrtUcr is the
Shintomiza which is situated close by
the foreign concession ground so called
from the fact that only in this part of the
city were foreigners allowed to reside ui
the early days of Japans intercourse with
foreign countries Passing orer a wooden
bridge orer a canal from the concession
ncrc is a short but wide and cleanly
swept street with tine twostoried houses
on both its sides These are what are
known as the theatre tea houses Bight
in the midway of this street and on its
right hand side going up U situated the
theatre itself It is a large building the
illustration of the scenes and perform
ances as well as large wooden name cards
of the actors hung up in front will at
once attract your attention In these
fashionable theatres tickets are to be pro
cured a few days previous to your visit
Even in less fashionable theatres tickets
are usually bought through one of the tea
houses cscept for admittance to the gal
lery nhcre people have to stand up all
the time >
You arrive at your tea house about fif
tccn minutes before noon and are ushered
upstairs into a parlor where jou arc
served with a cup of tea and a tray of
sweets These are indispensable accord
ing to the rules of etiquette which gov
ern tea houses In a few minutes a young
servant girl politely ask you to proceed
on to the theatre At the foot of the
ladder you are met by a man servant who
leads you into your box There arc three
entrances to the theatre but the centre
one is for the visitors while the other
two are exclusively used by the actors
and others connected with the concern
The orchestra is divided with wooden
poles into squares or boxes of three feet
every way These will perhaps number
some 150 One square is comfortable
for three people but you find many
boxes where five or eveu six people are
sitting together The Ik > x costs the same
whether one man sits in it or six Bight
across the orchestra lengthwise from the
stage there is one narrow passage way for
visitors This is in the centre and on
both sides of the orchestra also there is a
passage elevated to the level of the stage
or nearly so Tho one on the left hand
side from the stage is for the visitors but
the one on the right hand side is really a
part of the stage inasmuch as the per
formers not only usually proceed to the
stage through this road but they often
actually perform on it This road is one
am glad to ace that you are such a good
fltrcs 0TCf thos Ja Amcrjca Ia ca5C1
And he straightway proceeded to do tiT Tj L l f C 7 lftld
4L t e s is
best of practical to her efforts stage very important
the justice
for the long walk had given additional
zest to an appetite which was not poor at
any time Lizzie Wyman from her
comer composedly watched him tho
A very nice supper Lizzie said Mr
Markkhain refolding his napkin and
placing it on the table ere he drew cut a
cigar from his pocketcase
Tm glad you like it sir said Liz
zie smiling and I hope that nhen you
become my neighbor at Laurel Cottage
you will often drop in to such another
EhP cried Mr Markleham starting
back Aint this Laurel Cottage Am
I not in my own house P
No sir Miss Wyman answered de
< attjc m vbat ujbba sald nwxdj Y uumJiv jMku r ndIl
Elizabeth foture
twitWd cedar tK gbs stood beneath the
ks eas branches f elms or maples and
11 ortUge Lryesd loweatcd pkv
ture9rvc2air with erandas a serr
3de esa Jy nt our heros preewn
cared Mow of the drirble country
scstteac fuuitrftDauchgvisgienns
am Wyman your neigh
bor very happy to make your acquaint
aace even after this rather unusual
I I beg your pardon 3Bss Wyman
gapped our hero turning scarlet and pale
ID i breath I dont sec how I ever
came to make such a ridiculous mistake
taken me for
And a cold perspiration broke out
round the root of his hair as he recalled
the offhand manner in which he had ad
dressed his supposed domestic
Ill go he uttered making a dive
toward his hat and dropping the un
Kaofced with
fcy Mes OibU Esa real estate and 1 agar on a coun
fowantr sgest tenance of such misery that Lizzie Wy
> rt tm wtikwuizttl Mr MaiklelinaDwomaDlJPJtJcamelollcrcouc
fc rmfmai tf jpes sua tM lsa c strode up the i th I shall Vou will do no such a thing Mr
lami srfcaM ft j wsjwt Uc l t i ss osmferublc as pwsiule here I Markleham she said My brother
iri11 hne Mtl d H
arsys did fancy sylvan solstudrf and V 5 Tou stay
XbA whats thUt A fire burning sal ad spend the evening with us and learn
J c W thk is thoughtfol of Cibba to Uu h at y ° w < ni mistake
UkAouMraececnianded into broad Mr 3I rkIehaia sUyed until Tom
fc m be fxahed open the door and Wymftn came home from the city on the
tttrrtd prrttr rowm Lnthe left of the cning train and a he afterward said
ctsifi clrn y = H carpeted In greea wlfn Wyman Mrs
There arc three rows of boxes behind
these passage ways they are of the tame
size as those in the centre but the local
ity is supposed to be better and com
mands higher prices There is just one
row of boxes up stairs and these are
considered the best placoi in the whole
theatre because they are less exposed
aud also have their private passage way
giving great convenience for visitors to
pass in and out without annoying other
persons The gallery is away back in tho
second floor and is separated from other
quarters by big wooden frame works so
that nobody can pass from the gallery to
the boxes Thus tho whole theatre can
accommodate some 3000 visitors A few
pictures hanging and gas lamps lung
a small curtain on top has the following
words in Dutch and Japanese Present
ed to the proprietors of ths Shintomiza
Theatre by the Dutch residents of Yoko
hama 1 The lower part or rather the
stage itself is covered with another cur
tain At 12 oclock sharpafew cUppiofp
of pieces of wood and music announce
the opening of the curtain
The curtain it made to run from one
side to the other and a man puts his
hand at one end and runs away to the
other end This is very awkward and
docs not look like artistic theatrical work
at all The American curtains which
arc carried up by means of strings are
much preferable On one side of the
stage thcrcis a little space partitioned in
by rough wooden frameworks and in
here mu ic is kept up almost continually
On the other corner also there is a music
room shut in by bamboo curtains One
or the other of these music rooms makes
n very great noise right through the per
formance singing and playing musical
instruments These noises arc very un
pleasant to unaccustomed cars and often
times makes it almost impossible to catch
what is said on the stage This is one
great fault of the Japanese theatres
When the curtain opens two men sits
up at the corner of the stage and keep
their eyes over the visitors On inquiry
I was informed that they are to hiss any
Visitor who might happen to make a noise
by a stream flowing down a rugged run cr to stlml UP hilc lhe VUS fa going on
called after the founder of the mill The They are a sort of theatre police The
Utter is as might be eiliected a rude SO k > s circulating platform so that
in Icfs than time
scene H changed no
The performance is continued till 8
oclock in the evening with only a few
minutes intermission between the acts
Some eight acts of fourteen scenes are
played What is the most strikingly
peculiar is the performance on the same
itay of four different pieces entirely in
dendent from each other Your Japanese
neighbors take their meals in their boxes
houses in which Washingtons slaves w era w hile they en joy the play However if
housed the only ones remaining through Iou TCish to 5 ° to your tea house for your
the vears since their occupancy Still mc > d > Jou < an do so but in that case
further east on the elevation stands tho Tou make E 1156 Icst J kiP
bouse of Mr Hersey one of the original an or KrDC at 1 < a =
owners of that portion of the grant to n J P n theatrical performances arc
which done by men actors alone except in some
Washington upon rerrropolis was
built IWJnirj Leader j of the cheaper and loner vhcatrcs Wo
> mens parts are therefore played by men
j actors dressed and painted as women
A Iong Sleep caEtom > ae on llour3 of the Fjavls
On May 311SS3 Marguerite Bogcnval and things of this kind will soon be of the
f T JT maT M 5Uem Ith f Ori nj r ranS we t Vo Vl eep and a7t bcca a tho Th ea tre lcfo rr ation
ws waWfcsrtaa j fettaaaMjj aadt Bk WaBj d the fire h no wkened since nor so much as Society as it is called is now trying to
Ua4 ist a bus cur il J Wir 1 ra over forty if 1 m a tarred a finger She has been kept alivo reform the Japanese theatres stages and
Miami iueg tmittii bythe administration of milk and highly the like and with partial success already
at ssW fees I StoUatam aat there basking rencentraied beef tea Depite the most For the Japanese theatres used to
in the > r rmth and coziims of the scene careful attention of those watching her the first curtain at I oclock in the morn
tbetJoorsf su adjoining room opened h now emaciated to an extreme de log and continued till 8 oclock in the
ad two Udtet came in thar dimjiled fTTt lnj jcr bones are piercing her skin evening This of course meant long
Jaocs jkrrjng rub the frosty wind and the lies perfectly still and rigid her eyes intermissions between the acts
je parking atari c < d nd her teeth set fast together A
that tad somehow wandered from their
peculiarity of the case is that in raising
Clouds and Rain
A communication to the tendon 3Ie
by an
tes as his conclusion that clouds of
ejelidoranattcmpttodoso JIarguer v
inj ier fwbordered hood on thn table jtVs respiration is Wrfectly normal in its not ni thn lwo th ° u n cet in thick
is cuorbooe in the parlor P and her feeble fss are seldom accompanied by rain or
mmlaritT pulse though
S we aid Iiiiie who al1 U not much below the ordinary rate of f W re it is Tery gentle consisting of
tb minute drops with a thickness of be
S the was or nice and ibeata
upon the eye a ihudder is noticed fob
lowed immediate of the logical Society by CaplainToynbce
11 ween two thousand and four thousand
j feet the size of the drops is moderate
with increasing thickness of the clouds
Perhaps the moit unique celebration of comes an increasing size of the drops and
the 3 man Emperor Williams birthday at the same time the degree of tempera
was that which took place 7000 feet ture becomes lowered When the thick
high on the southern summit of the Ba
Tarian Alps Two mountaineers Stanzi
and Watch by name ascended to this
deration and then kindled a bonfire the
materials for which they had laboriously
dragged with them They had intended
less amounts to more than sir thousand
eet hail is produced
When the Year is Tonng
In tho spring a thinner shadow
Uaunts ttie yemnj roans pocketbeok
And bo casts upon each nickel
A much longrr fonder took
In the spring a liTelicr yellow
Conies ufon the butterine
And the boarder much suspects that
Things are not just what they seem
In the spring the jolly flsher
JIan dotliliie hiiq for a worm
And with joy doth place the first one
On his hook to see it squirm
In the fprfng a young pips fancy
IJftbur turns to thoughU of cream
And her tender t lue eyersparklo
Wtftagreiyt ncfatgl m
Natural gas has been put to a new use
round about Pittsburg A market gar
dener is raising asparagus in the open air
by its aid and proposes to carry his ex
periments to beds of other vegetables
hitherto grown in greenhouses
At the Berlin aquarium Dr Otto
Hermes has studied a luminous bacillus
In the air the organism emits a bluish
green phosphorence which can be com
municated to dead fishes and to sea
water but not to fresh water At a
temperature of about one hundred de
gress the luminous property is lost
It is an error to suppose that severe
winters are destructive of insect life
According to Mr McLachlan an English
entomologist larvae may be frozen until
is brittle as rotten sticks in which con
dition they can scarcely be said to live
but on the return of warm weather they
revive quite uninjured by their freezing
It is a noteworthy fact that butterflies
ind bumblebees have been found almost
is close to the Xorth Pole as man has
sver approached
An English paper gives an account of
l new ammunition which is being adopted
by the German Army and which is about
to be manufactured under British patents
it JlillwalL The bullet is partly of lead
ind partly of steel and is said to have a
jeat penetrative power and it is shot
from the barrel by compressed powder
The new cartridges will keep for any
length of time without deterioration and
with safety for the explosive need not
be attached to them until they ar re
quired for use
Schweinfurth has mentioned that toy
hoes are used as money by the 2iam
Niaros of Africa Tlppoo Tip now de
scribes a remarkable tribe of skilled
copperworkers on the Congo among
whom copper spears form the ttandanl
of value Enormous spearheads some
> ix feet in length serve as currency
Like bank notes with u these spears
ue given a conventional value the
large ones though of small intrinsic
worth being reckoned at one thousand
dollars in the purchase of ivory
Edisons phonograph is distanced by a
Frenchmans invention of photographed
ound By speaking into a photopmme
transmitter which consists of a highly
polished diaphragm reflecting a ray of
light this ray of light is set into vibra
tion and a photograph is made of it on
a traveling band of sensitized paper
Now comes the wonderful part If the
image of this photographic tracing is
projected by means of an electric arc
or oxyhydrogen light upon a selenium
receiver the original speech is then
Enormous snow flakes are recorded as
having fallen January 7 1887 A writer
in one of the magazines publishes
measurements of single flakes two and a
half inches in length two and three
fourths of an inch in length two and
threefourths by two and a half and
three inches thick and even three and a
half and four inches in lcDgth When
melted the largest one yielded sixteen
drops of water and many gave fourteen
or fifteen drops The storm was only a
few minutes in duration These unique
results can be accounted for by the fact
that the temperature was 32t ° Fahren
heit and hence several ordinary flakes
might become congealed to form a larger
The London Lancet records a remark
able cse of transmission of disease from
mother to child The woman was ad
mitted to the hospital suffering from
acute pneumonia in the left lung al
ready four days advanced The tem
perature was 1030 decrees That even
ing she was delivered of a child and
ultimately recovered The child how
ercr died twentyfour hours later with
V quarters lou looVup tothcaTapejipostmortcm
examination showed that
the whole of the left lung of the child
was also affected and had undergone the
wellknown acute pneumonic consolida
tion This is believed to be the first
case recorded of transmission of this dis
Scales as Food
To the average jtcrson a snake would
cot be an attractive article of diet ex
cept in the last stages of starvation
Snakes have been eaten by Asiatics and
Europeanshoweverwhohad not rrnched
this extremity liuckland tells of a
young English woman who ate several
snakes eggs which she found on a shelf
in a greenhouse where he had placed
them in order to see if the heat of the sun
would bring forth the young snakes She
thought they were sugar plums which
the cook had put in the greenhouse No
bad effects resulted although the young
woman became slightly ill soon after
eating them
To the bushmen of Australia the flesh
of snakes is something of a delicacy It
is eaten also by the natives of India Tlve
Digger Indians of the southwestern IX house
tion of the United States like snakes it is dSLJ
said as a diet and stories are told of
white hunters in the Western wilderness
often sustaining life for dajs by feeding
on snakes which they killed the ordinary
varieties of game not being obtainable at
the time
Bucklandwho more tlian once ate both
boa constrictor and crocodile thought the
taste of each was very far from being un
pleasant Ilia father William the
geologist and high dignitary of the
Church of England with a physician of
the anatomy school at Christ Church
Oxford also made part of a meal off the
latter species of reptile The flesh was
pronounced to bccicellcnt The croco
dile however liad bad effects on the
stomach of one person who ate of it but
this was because that person devoured
according to Bucklands testimony about
as much of it as five men ought to cat of
any kind of meat The meat t as so sweet
that he could not restrain himself until
he was gorged although he knew all the
time that it was crocodile GUeDcmo
A Very Just Steward
The New Haven Iltgislcr tonight prints
a remarkable story of financial integrity on
the part of a Southern capitalist which
stands without a parallel in the com
mercial history of the country The
names of the principals are withheld but
the eminent respectability of the counsel
in the case exJudge Luzon B 3Iorris
of New Haven is a sufficient guarantee
of its truthfulness The Register says
that at the beginning of the civil war a
wealthy Southern grocer rIio had
recently taken his young bookkeeper into
partnership fearing that his property
would bo confiscated decided to go
North He told the bookkeeper to use
the property valued at about 100000
ss ho thought best and that he would
rely upon the bookkeeper s honor for a
settlement at some future time The
merchant then came North and settled in
New Haven Siv years ago wondering
what had become of his estate in the
South the merchant placed the matter in
the hands of Judge Morris with instruc
tions to investigate and collect if there
was anything to collect
After some correspondence with the
bookkeeper at the South the latter for
warded an acknowledgement of the claim
and an inventory showing his indebted
ness to his former employer to be
1648000 and expressed his desire to
return the property but requested time
to perfect his arrangements He began
remittirg several years ago and has for
warded the last payment including
interest thus wiping out a debt of honor
Judge Morris declines to give the details
further than that his client is a gentleman
listed us a millionaire and that the
Southern gentleman is now a wealthy
How indestructibly the good grows
nod propagates itself oven biood the
utdy cntsnalratfiti of gvUr
Doln Well For HU Size 3ULln
Ills Son Work A Medical Phe
nomenon Rill Nye and ho
Train Roj Etc Etc
Visitor to Flossie And how is the
beby today Flossie P
Flossie Mamma thinks ho U a little
Visitor Then he is not much bet
Flossie No maem Hecouldntbe
very much better you know because he
is such a little bit of a baby AVu Tort
Making HU Son Work
Jay Gould Want a yacht eh Well
youve got to make the money to buy it
Ill take a walk down street
Son George Yes father
TUalip on the pavement
Yes father
And have myself brought back in an
Yes father
Then stocks will drop and you buy
Yes father
Then Ill go out on the front pave
ment and dance a jig
Yes father
Then stocks will go up and you sell
Omaha lYorU
on the avenue you are as gray as a rat
Whats the matter with youP
Its terrible isnt it Last night I
experienced a severe fright and my hair
turned to its present silvery huo im
A few days after this the Austin man
again encountered Wigglesworth wear
ing beautiful resplendent coalblack
lock Why Wigglesworth whats the
meaning of this The last time we met
it back again to its original color
BUI Nye and tho Train Hoy
I conversed with the trainboy some
times coarsely and incorrectly called the
pcanutter He came in my special car
Xo afford me an opportunity to speculate
in a box of choice figs and an armful of
Dark Blue TilL Sew Tori Wbrld
They Conflicted
A man named Charles H Constance
went out from New York to Butte City
recently and started a hotel He tacked
up along list of Itules of This House
which hinted at the bottom that the
al > ovc would be rigidly enforced and he
was only just putting the hammer away
when a prominent citizen came in and
shoved his hat on the back of his head
and began reading them He studied
them attentively for about a minute and
turned around and said
Rules of this house hey stranger
Yes sir yes sir rules of this
Can I do anything for you to
Bovc will be rigidly enforced
hey Her I got it all rightt
Er yes sir I sugpose theyll be en
forced in a measure at least sir
Will hey will they Whcnyc goin
tcr begin enforcin of cm
Why my dear sir jou sec perhaps I
wont enforce those rules at all not if
they conflict with anything
Well they conflict every one of
cmOf course of course but what with
They conflict with mc you bleachcd
out whitcHvcred New Yorker every
one ofcm conflicts with roe personally
Itules spiked up around always conflict
with me
I I just hold on a minute sir and
Ill take those rules right down
No you wont stranger Ill tend to
them air rules myself Im goin to ex
ercise my sixshooter a little in this ere
office shall I pint it at you or them
Oh aim at the rules of course point
them up for foir t ° hoot
shoot all you want to7 dont mind me
and he put his hands over his ears and
crawled behind the safe
Then it sounded as if a large ironclad
had sailed into the office and was prac
ticing on the clock with afourteeninch
gun After which the prominent citizen
walked away and his spurs had a harsh
metallic ring as he went out the door
and Mr Constance crawled from behind
the safe and went and picked what was
left of the cardboard out of the wall
Dalota BrtL
A Hoff as a Ijlfo
Christopher Crosby then a young man
was running a small schooner between
Boston and St John N B An uncle
of young Capr Crosby was running at
the same time one of the large side
wheel passengerboats plying between
Portland and St John
Jlost of our readers are no doubt awaro
that it is customary during a fog to blow
a tin horn on board of sailingvessels ia
order to prevent collisions and the
sailors as they say take turns in play
ing on the mouthorgan
One morning in the early part of
spring the season of the greatest amount
of fog along our North Atlantic coast
Capt Crosbys vessel was running on the
southward course from St John about
in the track of his uncles steamer which
had left Portland that morning and was
liable to come along at any moment
During the night one of the sailors laid
the mouthorgan down on the rail of
the schooner and it rolled overboard
When the captain came on deck in the
morning he found his vessel in a dense
fog and no horn on board For a mo
ment he was puzzled not knowing what
to do Recovering himself he set one
of the men to pounding on the anchor
Pounding on the anchor made a noise
much better than none but it could bo
heard only a short distance and was not
at all satisfactory
It so happened that among the vessels
stores the cabtaln had a live pig which
he allowed to run around on deck
Presently the men on tho schooner
heard in the distance beating against tho
water the wheels of a steamer which
seemed to be running directly for their
little vessel They all screamed at the
tops of their voices for in five minutes
they expected to bo struggling in the
Suddenly it occurred to the captain
that the shrill squeal of a pig could be
heard j long distance and quick as
thought he set one of the men pinching
the pigs tail with a pair of nippers The
pig in response to each pinch belched
forth a most bloodcurdling shriek which
traveled far out into the fog
The iteamboat came nearer and nearer
very slowly Its captain faintly rtis
ccrnmff the outlines of the schooner
through the fog and thinking it was his
nephews vessel shouted in a deep gut
tcralroice Chris is that Yes
replied Captain Crosby Well I am
glad of that growled the uncle for I
thought I was running ashore and right
into a hogyard American Magazine
Clean the Closets
In the spring of the year the attic and
closets are gone throughwithinan effort
to condense their contents Bundles will
accumulate in a year or six months even
A Sled leal Vnomcnon jrrfwj on think L U economical and
Helloa Wigglesworth cxtlaimed t s up all the pieces to the best ad
an Austin man meeting an acquaintance wntage but too larce a collection does
not speak well for housekeepers thrift
and management Old woolen pieces will
harbor moths and lead to the destruction
of carpets furs and flannel so the fcer
old coats and similar garments stored
over summer the better There are
abundant uses to vihich old cotton cloth
can be put Iteserve a generous roll for
sickness Old prints can be cut into
aprons and covers for furniture to bo
put over it when swcepingorcan be used
for dusters It is notcconomy to use old
your hair was snow white now it is dark j prints forliningcomfortables Xcw print
as the ravens wing is cheap and bedding wears out fast
Yes you sec my hair turned gray enough when madcof new stuffs Worn
from sudden fright Yesterday a man knit underwear can be cut into smaller
paid me ten dollars he had been owning sizes There are a dozen ways of using
me for a long time and the pleasurable odds and ends which will suggest them
emotions were so violent that they turned selves to the thrify housewife when she
once bepins the work of cleaning outand
they will be found a great help toward
the spring house cleaning Detroit Tri
Eicht Urs Recipes
Egg Fricassee Boil six eggs hard
and cool them in water Then peel carc
fully and dredge lightly with flour Dip
papercovered pronouns including I three brrdboiled eggs into nn egg beaten
Thou He Me She and It r light and roll well in cracker dust with
He heaved a sigh when I spoke of the
new law and sitting down beside me he
looked sadly into my open ingenuous
face while he rested nine or ten dol
lars1 worth of books on my knee
Yes he said inserting a soiled thumb
in the corner of his eye in search of a cin
der it is an Erie of financial depression
Icople that pay their fare bring their
dinner ride in the day coach and sleep
with their mouths open They buy
nuttuV In fact nobody travels now
unless it is a case of life and death Then
they take ahard boiled egg and a blanket
and borrow the papers And now I see
some sardine from Snaggsville sajs that
under the Interstice Commerce Law a
pcanutter really has no right to ride free
any more than anybody else not being a
railroad employe I am tired of it I
can sit here and see my figs grow old
on my hands Just look at the lines of
care on that box of figsl Two weeks ago
I had to take all the prizes out of mr
candypackages and sell em forwhatT1
could get You noticed I didnt go
through the cars today putting a fresh
pecan meat in everybodys lap I Thats
because I cant afford it The injustice
and cleancut cussedness of this new law
is invading every home and desolating
every hearthstone in the land Lemme
sell you The Girl Detective or Hunted
to Halifax and Back Again Without
Feed or Water by the author of Only a
salt pepper and grated nutmeg When
dry fry in boiling lard and serve with
any desired wellseasoned gravy Gar
nish the dish with crisped parsley
Stuffed Eggs Hani boiled eggs are
peeled and cut in halves Then remove
the yolk fill each end and join again a
part of which is mixed with rich force
meat Now roll them in raw beaten egg
and cracker dust and fry a light brown
Serve with a rich gravy poured over
Made Dish of Eggs Cut one dozen
hardboiled eggs into slices and place in
layers in a pudding dish sprinkling over
each grated cheese salt and pepper
When the dish is full pour over all a
white sauce made of a pint of milk and a
tablespoon each of flour and butter
brown in the oven and servo hot
Buttered Etrg Warm two tablespoons
of milk iuacninsaucepaa and pour in
one egg beaten light stirring until the
mixture becomes as thick as cream lie
move from the fire stir a moment longer
and pour it over a slice of buttered toast
Sprinkle with salt and pepper before
Pickled Eggs Boil in a kettle one
vinegar half dozen cloves one
auart allspice one teaspoon pepper and
one tablespoon mustard and pour over
one dozen hardl > oiIed eggs previously
shelled and placed in a jar
To Boll Eggs Eggs placed in tepid
water require four minutes cooking in
boiling water three minutes If put in
cold water they are done when the water
begins to bubble Fresh eggs require
longer cooking
I toasted Eggs Prick a hole in each
egg with a pin wrap in wet paper and
place in hot ashes It will require about
fifteen minutes to roast Serve in the
shell like boiled eggs The egg will burst
unless pricked
Egg Bolls Rub one teaspoon butter
in two quarts flour Beat eight eggs
very light to which add one quart milk
Beat in the flour and when light and
well mixed bake
Hints for Housekeepers
Tissue or printing paper is the best for
polishing glass or tinware
A bit of soda dropped into the cavity
of an aching tooth will afford relief
Egg shells crushed and shaken in glass
bottles halffilled with water will clean
them quickly
The juice of half a lemon in a glass of
water without sugar will frequently
cure a sick headache
Paper will stick to walls that are
washed in a solution of onefourth pound
of glue to a gallon of water
Peach leaves unded to a pulp and
applied to abruiseor wound from a rusty
nail or a simple cut will give immediate
Cayenne pepper blown into the cracks
where ants congregate will drive them
away The same rtmedy is also good
for mice
To keep polished steel from rusting
after cleaning and when not in use take
it right at the rules Thats what i put a cloth with a rery little oil on it and
wipe lhe articles so to
over as slightly
but evenly oil the surface
Vinegar is better than ice for keeping
fish By putting a little Tinegar on the
fish it will keep perfectly well even in
Tcry hot weather Fish is often improved
in flavor under this treatment
Put pure olive oil into a clear glass
bottle with strips of sheet lead and ex
pose it to the sun for two or three weeks
then pour off the clear oil and the re
sult is a lubricant which will neither gum
nor corrode It is used for watches and
fine machinery of all kinds
An artificial ivory of creamy whiteness
and great hardness is made from good
potatoes washed in diluted sulphuric
add then boiled
in the same solution un
til they become solid and dense They
are then washed free from the acid and
slowly dried This irory can be dyed
and turned and made useful in many
A very simple test to ascertain whether
the air of any apartment contains sewer
gas is made by saturating unglazcd paper
with a solution of one ounce of pure
lead acetate in half a pint of rainwater
let it partially dry then expose in the
suspected air The presence of sewer
gas in any considerable quantity soon
darkens or blackens the test paper
Hard water is said to be preferable to
soft for making tea because it dissolves
less tannin out of the leaves Fivesixths
of all the valuable constituents of tea are
extracted by steeping for three minutes
in boiling water At the end of ten
minutes the leaves are exhausted and
prolonged infusion not only gives no ad
ditional strength but causes the loss of
flavoring principles through volatiliza
The high hat worn by Abraham Lin
with a piece of iron for under the cir coin on inaugural day is preserved by
L u > taDc it was choosing between it Mr George Gibson of Nctv York City
ptx iw noise at a possible death s gatfeerw of iii wticltt
A marvelous loom uThThuman heart
A it
T j
ItUkea the iWr by Uw mountain rtmsm
The tot of dawn and the globs 0f dow
Hie forestkaf and tho irsoonhsht glean
And it weaves a web of rtweate hue
And man looks down at tho fabrics shew
And says O tho worU is fair I ween
To live fa joy for me
A marvelous loom Is tho human heart
As it weaves and weaves through dreary
It takes tho branch of a withered two
And tho pallid gray of tlw shhiunering
Tho thuaierpoll and the froren tea
And weaves a web with many a stain
And man looks down with a cry of dcFpoir
And says O the world is a round of car
To live is a sorrow for me
A marvelous loom is tho human heart
As it weaves and weavm though under tho
For out of the moisture and out of the earth
And out of tho seed germs nestling near
It weaves in spite of its own hfedearth
A web of meaning above its bier
And tho lightwinged soul to a far dawn flies
While tho heart speaks on to unseeing eyes
To did is yet to live
A marvelous loom is tho human heart
For it weaves and weaves throuch tho work
of thought
In joy ami sorrow in life In death
An intricate cipher for man to know
From his early smile to his latest breath
Ho holds tho key for his use below
But rarely yUo i tbe one who < ra
Vhat the hart ha taken Usle iVr rr
Till the cycle ot God U dono
Kate E Clark
Close quarters the laundry
A trim creature the milliner
Always open to conviction the pris
Man wauts but litte here below and he
generally gets it Life
A crow bar Putting a muzzle on a
Shanghai rooster Toi Jo American
What is the difference between a tramp
and a dishonest clerk One lies outdoors
411 night and the other lies in the store
alt day 2 > tutiUe Breeze
Brown Whos umbrella is this It
looks like one I lost Smith I dont
sec how it can for I scraped tho handle
ind alcrcd it generally Life
Tricycle riding is recommended as a
remedy for rheumatism It is more ex
citing than carrying a chestnut in your
pocket says the Albany Argu
Force of Habit Lad in grocery
store Let mc have a pound of butter
please Clerk who used to be in a cigar
store Mild or strong r Harper Oa
Things one would rather have left un
said By the way your friend OLcary
dined with me last night What a dull
dog he is Oh that depends on what
company he is in VluncA
A soldier onco fought In Ky
Inamann rexc dmglyply
Though I rank as a CoL
He wrote in his foL
If I hve through this war I amly
Young man in Park Bow coffee and
cake saloon Waiter I want a beef
steak unnceled potatoes and a couple of
eggs fried on one side only Waiter
vociferously Slaughter in the pan
a Murphy with his coat on an two
white wings vi ith the sunny side up
Professor 3ax Mullcr rejoices in more
title of scholarship and literary societies
than nny other mn < r man lie can affix
tohis name fortyone different titles If
he will come to Washington and stand in
front of Willards tor a season or so we
n ill guarantee him the additional title of
Colonel Waging ton Hatchet
An Algerian llnel
There was formerly in the French
service in Algeria a general of Arab
origin Yusuf by name One day all
Algeria was moved to laughter by a
satirical sketch of General Yusuf in the
local papers under the title of Monsieur
Jou jou The writer it was said was
M Arthur de Fronviellc the editor of
the paper who took the responsibility
Soon after one fine morning the
journalist heard a terrible knocking a
the door Come in It was General
Yusuf who showed his Arab viagc at
the threshold He was followed by an
ordnance officer M dc Fronviellc was
still lying tranquilly in lied Are you
Monsieur de Fronviellc asked the
General Yes Was it you that
called me Monsieur Joujoul Wc must
fight At your command General
I will have a couple of my friends T
No no none of tRat nonsense
thundered Yusuf Wc will fight
immediately Understand I want t
kill you Ah in that tosc permit m
to rise And where shall wc fight i
you please General Bight here
In my bedroom Yes Allr ight
And this gentleman will serve as i
witness Ycs Very welt Ic
ready for you now
Yusuf drew his sabre and at a sigi
his ordnance officer did the same Tm
bedroom was ery small nothing cheer
ful about this strange duel Taki
your choice monsieur said the General
holding out both swords Fronvicll
took the officers sabre Yusuf thrcv
off his tunic rolled up his sleeves an <
held his sabre in his bare arm which wa
corded with the muscles of an athlete
His white teeth shone from his swartlr
face Uttering yells like a jackal an <
bounding like a tiger savage am
frightful he was making ready
transfix his adversary with his firs
stroke This stroke the neTrsnaper ma
fended but it cut him terWylr on hi
right arm Yusuf tuck the point c
his sabre in the floor and said Yo
cant use your arm to continue the com
We will finis
bat would be murder
this affair after you are cured M d
Fronviclle saluted
The second day after the fight th
General presented himself at tb
wounded mans lodging and rccularl
every morning thereofter I hopeyo
willforgivc me for getting well > slow
General a little patience ami I am wit
you said Fronviclle I am ver
patient answered Yusuf When tl
wounded man was able to go out
last General Yu uf was thefirst to met
him But it was to offer him his am
and ask Mm to Iran on it All his ang <
had slowly changed to esteem JUar
chctfer Guardian
The It Mi op Kqnal to the Occasloi
Mr Labouchere relates this ory <
Bishop Wilbcrforcc which has not ye
before he thinks been printed Tl
Bi > hop was riding in one of tte old fas
ioncd broad gauge railwavcarriages an
was seated at one end of it when 1
heard a truculent voice at the other en
cclaim I would dearly like to me
the Bishop of Ctford I will be bound
would puzzle him Very well r
plird the Bishop to the speaker who ha
not perceived him now is your tim
for I am that person The rnanw
rather taken lack but quickly rccovc
ing said Well my lord can you tf
a plain man a plain way to get t
heaven Certainly replied tl
Bishop nothing is more easy Yr
have only to turn at once to the righ
and K WAiT forwaiL
TLe annual production of Bteel pens
estiiiated at 1000000 but the vali
crcaftal with them reimins to be calc

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