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Fire Insurance Agency
+ Against Loss by Fire
Office in Ward Murrays Bank
Signed by the Governor
Got Boss has signed tho follow
ing bills
Appropriating SSOOOO or so
inuoh thereof as maybo necessary
Jpr the mfleago and per diem of
members and per diem of officers
and employees of the TwentyFirst
legislature Approved January
Appropriating 30000 or so
much thereof as may be necessary
for the contingent expenses of the
legislature Approved January
Amending the 12th section of
the judiciary act and fixing time
of holding District court in tho
if Lmv > r > i Wlt Tifj
and east to pay for bacon flour
farm machinery boots and shoes
canned goods and many other
things that might be produced
here as well as anywhere else We
even send off for onions cabbages
jxjtatoes beans peas and other
vegetables that can be raised here
to great perfection This ought
not to be so While cotton is our
most profitable suplus crop and
probably always will be it should
not monopolize all our attention
Better mix other things with it a
There is a great deal of com
plaint of absenteeism on tho part
of members of the legislature at
Austin It grow into such an
abuse that a committee wasajt
pointed to inquire into it ani
made its report the other day
which revealed the fact that many
of the lawmakers are in tho habit
of staying up late at night drink
ig and carousing to such an ex
tint as to render them unfit to put
inan appearance and discharge
thtjr duties the next day It is
ncrfless to say that the commit
ter report created a sensation
Tht effect will be to secure a bet
ter ttendance as henceforth the
nonlftiearanca of a member who
hasnt Wcially obtained leave will
ipso fiAo cast suspicion on him
The republican party by its
latest pstional platform stands
pledgedt fLe enactment of a one
cent pite law Tim pledge
must no begotten
It is one
of the meanly which taxation
m y be reduce reionniI5n to th
tenefit of the Amerce industry
and intelhgenciof the country
Thoro would ofureej bo a de
ciency in the ierma derired
from the postal serce nt first but
while there is a 6urj18 from other
sources it can roal jjtti6 jffer
once to tho people wither or not
the mail service is Be ngta u
NT Press
J K TERROR Proprietor
Railroad > cirs
Mr B F House ciyil engineer
who surveyed the routo from Com
fort to Llano for the proposed ex
tension of the San Antonio and
Aransas Pass railroad left hero on
the 31st of January accompanied
by Mr Knight Stith to look over
a different routo than the ono sur
veyed last summer to see if an
easier and cheaper one could not
be found They wero eminently
successful The grade on the en
tire line from Llano to Fredericks
burg will not exceed one and a
half per cent while the expense
will bo materially reduced This
routo is by way of East crook nenc
counties of Trinity Walker Madi X lt 5Ifies t5Thd Sandy
son Leon nnd Grime3 Approved
January 121889
Amending the 25th section of
the judiciary act and fixing time
of holding District courts in the
counties of Colorado Lavaca Gon
zales Guadalupe and Wilson Ap
proved January 221889
Making appropriations for defi
ciencies in expenses of stato gov
ernmnnt from March 1 1887 to
February 28 1889 Approved
January 251889
For the relief of railway com
panies chartered since Janunry 1
1887 which have failed or may
fail to comply with 4278 of Eovised
Statutes extending the time of
forfeiture to January 1890 Ap
proved January 201889
Amending article 318 of the
Penal Code relative to carrying
pistols and other deadly iveapons
fixing penalty from S25 to S200
fine or by imprisonment in the
county jail from ten to thirty days
or both fine and imprisonment
during the term of which impris
onment offenders may bo put to
work at any public work in the
county in which the offense is com
mitted Approved January 30
Appropriating 2214 for expen
ses January and February 1889
of the state reformatory Approv
ed January 31
Making all negotiable bonds and
coupons held by the state of Teiat
ilTtrnst forits public institutions
nonnegotiable Approved Feb
ruary L
The Greenville Banner is a level
headed journal It says Hunt
county produced 31000000 worth
of cotton this season and still
there is talk of hard times The
Banner furnishes the following
The trouble is that the said
dearly beloved million is not ling
ering in this section to any great
extent It makes its annual trip
down here to move the cotton crop
but before if has been here long
enough for the people to form its
acquaintance it starts back north
thence down the Sandy through
what is known as The Gaps or
deep canyons through Cedar moun
tain and out into the level country
near the mouth of Cole creek Tho
only drawback to this route is
that the Sandy will have to be
crossed threo times bat as trestle
work will answer every purpose it
is not serious If Mr House is
not greatly mistaken sufficient
money has been subscribed to do
the grading and in a short time
contracts for tho work will be let
and the long agony be over Ljano
Iron News
On Wednesday of this week a
special train bearing tho principal
officials of the G 0 S F and
representatives of six thousand
stock holders of twenty shares
each went up the ro = d to Ballin
ger A year ago tio survey was
made from that point to Albuque
que New Mexico The ostensible
of this trip is the extension of the
road on to New Mexico This will
be an air line straight as the
bird flies from that point to Lam
pasas The travel on this ine will
be immense passengers will want
close and short connection for
Austin and San Antonio Lam
pas holds the key and will open
tho gate Lampasas Leader
We learn through Mr Ferguson
tho mail carrier from Fredericks
burg that Mrs Moursnnd who
was so badly burned some two
months ago is improving quite
rapidly She can walk about the
house some now She has had
such good attention that there is
hardly any sign of the burn left
From looking at her hands yoa
could not tell that she had ever
been burned The many friends
here of Mrs Moursund will be re
joiced to know of her entire recov
ery and to know that she will es
cape without being disfigured
Firo geneially leaves the sufferer
badly disfigured Blanco News
Hatter of Interest
Siauxtox Va Aug 1 88
To Swift SfecihcCoAtlantaGa
Gentlemen During tho early
part of the past Spring 1888 my
body was covered with boils At
ono time more than fifty were
counted on my body and limbs
My face was not exempt from the
painful trouble Tho usual reme
dies would do me no good Just
why I began taking SSS I do
not know but almost immediately
I began to improve I took nearly
three bottles and found myself en
tirely well It was your medicine
which effected the cure when
everything else had failed
Yours truly
J H Fokdhajt
Baa Ulcer
St LouiirMT5 JuuS277ba
To Swipt Sp ciFicCoAtIantaGa
Gentlemen About two years
ago I had a breaking out on my
leg which gave me almost intol
erable pain from its itching nnd
burning I used the simple reme
dies at hand but the disease con
tinued to spread covering over a
third of my limb Tho physicians
called it eczema The first doctor
done mo no good and I tried tho
second third and fourth with the
samo result One of them said I
would rever be well I have used
everything I knew that was com
mended for blood diseases No
one who saw my swelled and in
flamed leg which looked as if tho
tho blood w6uld burst out of it
ever thought there was anything
but torture for me I candidly
confess that I owe my present
health to Swifts Specific which in
my estimation is invaluable as a
blood purifier
Gratefully yours
Miss Julia DeWitt
2227 N 10th street
Treatise on Blood and Skin Dis
eases mailed freo
The Swift Specific Co
Drawer 3 Atlanta Ga
Kind Words
Many peisons speak to children
habitually ji a rough way without
realizing that they would not uso
the same tflne in addressing any
others over whom they had au
thority A lady who was on a visit
to a family was in tho nursery
when a little girl was preparing
for bed
Addressing her in a lively cheer
ful tone sho said Now let me see
how quickly you will hop out of
your dress into your night gown
or something like that
Tho child turned to her usual
caretakers aud said Why dont
you sneak that way instead of
Come now get your clothes off
They are not seldom provoked
into ill humor and then punished
Kind words do not cost much
Though they do not cost much yet
they accomplish much
1 They help onos own good
nature and goodwill Soft words
soften our own soul Angry words
are fuel to the flame of wrath and
make it blaze the moro fiercely
2 Kind words mako other peo
plo goodnatured Col dwords freeze
people and hot words scorch them
and sarcastic words irritate them
and bitter words make them bitter
and wrathful words make them
There is no town in the south or
elsewhere probably the develop
ment of which has been more mar
velous than that of Bessemer Ala
This place is not yet two years old
and already contains four thousand
people It has nearly all the con
veniences of the largest cities It
was lighten bp electricity on the
occasion of the celebration of its
first anniversary and alieady is
agitating other improvements in
full keeping with modern progress
Tho Confederate Home at Aus
tin has besn in successful opera
tion for two years and has nursed
clothed fed and cared for over
100 indigent and disabled soldiers
of the late confederacy The
Home owns a comfortable build
ing with accommodations for
inmates and 15 acres of land
The great copper corner isnt
doing well that is for the corner
ers Nearly all the great copper
mines of the world were induced
to cooperate selling their output
to tho syndicate at a pric > 3 consider
ably higher than the market rate
and sharing in the profits obtained
by fixing the price to consumers
nearly twice as high as it had been
under the unrestricted operation
of the law of supply and demand
Having a monopoly of the worlds
supply the syndicate conld make
its own terms and gain enormous
profits but the consumption fell off
and the syndicate accumulated im
mense stocks for which it could
find no market Now it is report
ed that the syndicate has refused
to buy more copper the market is
demoralized and the great monopo
ly is breaking up
Senator Stephens has introduced
a very important bill in the senate
It provides that tho judge shall de
liver his charge in each caso civil
and criminal beforo tho argument
by counsel This aids the attornoy
by defining for him tho law upon
which he must base his argument
As it is at present the charge is
given after the argument by coun
sel nnd he is often plunging ahead
in the dark making an argument
based upon what ho thinks is the
law in the case when the instruc
tions of the court negatives every
argument he makes It is claimed
that the change will require moro
time as now the judge propares
his charge while the attorney is
making his argument to the jury
but if tho best interest of litigants
can be subserved by it the ques
tion of tho time ought not to enter
into the policy of the change
Colorado City is stirred up ovor
the discovery of salt water A
quantity of briuo was pumped out
o a well and hen evaporated was
found to yied over two pounds of
very pure salt to tho gallon which
will pay liberally for working The
brine was struck at a depth of six
hundred feet aud rises to within
ninety feet of the surface
Tho mayor of Ottawa Canada
was blackballed by a swell club
beciuso ho was in trade In
order to get even with them the
mayor on tho day following sued
each of the club men whoso hous
es were furnished from his place
of business and nil of whom owe
considerable balances
The becret of Sncccss
What is tho secret of your sue
know me I could always get high
er wages than older and stronger
men because I always mado it my
haying or my harvest working as
if the field or crop was my own
Whother my employer uas present
or absent it made no difference to
me And that has been my single
rule of nork through life at the
blacksmith forge in the harvest
field or as a hired attorney at the
bar I worked with might mind
and strength in any cause in which
I was engaged Now thats tho
whole of it and is no secret
Chicago InterOcean
Lime is a good disinfectant It
is especially valuable to place in
cellars whore vegetables have been
stored especially sush as have
been put in wet or show signs of
decay The past Fall has been so
wet that more than usaal attention
must be given to cellars to prevent
losses By absorbing superfluous
moisture tho lime prevents tho
rising of foul odors that dampness
with warmth is suro to generate
Most vegetables in cellars are bet
ter if covered with earth and the
lime sprinkled over the top of the
heap American Cultivator
The Galveston jute bagging fac
tory the only one in the state has
begun operations Tho factory
proposes to manufacture every
yard of bagging that will bo neces
sary to bale the entire cotton crop
Every farm needs a shop where
work in wood leather iron and
other materials couldbe done on
rainy days The oldfashioned
farmer who made shoes for his
boys plowstocks and hoehandles
for them to work with plowgear
and scores of other articles and
who could repair anything on the
place from a wagon or a windmill
to a gatelatch or mousetrap
seems to have disappeared from
the land But ho was great in his
day and generation Such a va
riety of work develops mechanical
skill and is splendid training for
tho boys and the old shop should
bo revived To the oldfashioned
man God bless his memory tho
rainy day had no terrors It was
a time when ho could follow his
fancies in making such articles as
would be useful or ornamental un
disturbed by the pressure of out
sido duties Many a comfort might
be secured to the home many a
dollar saved and many a rainy day
made one of peace and usefulness
by restoring to the farm the old
fashioned shop and its belongings
Greenville Tenn Banner
Is tho Tariff a Tax
During tho discussion of the
tariff bill in tho senate Monday
Senator Vance of North Carolina
recited the following parody
rjI 7LaJa41ttlelaElb J MS
Ind h er heart was most intent
To mako its wool beyond its worth
Bring fiftysix per cent
But a panper girl across tho 6ea
Had ono small lamb also
Whoso wool for less than half that sum
Shed willingly let go
Another girl who had no sheep
stockings wool nor llax
But money just enough to buy
A pair without tho tax
Went to the pauper girl to git
borne wool to hielil her lect
And mako her stockings not or II tx
But both of wool complete
lien Alary saw tho girls design
She straight began to swear
Shed make hi r buy both wool anil tax
Or let one leg go bare
So sho tried out Proteit nfnrm
Let pauper sheep wool free
If it will keep both her legs warm
What will encourage mo
So it was done and people said
Where oer that poor girl went
Ono leg was wanned with wool and one
With hftj six pi r cent
Now praiu to Marj and her Iamb
Who did tbw scheme inent
To clotlm onehalf a girl in wool
And onehalf in per cent
All honor too to Marjs friend
And all prutojlno acts
That cheaply cloth the ncli in wool
Aud wrap the poor in tax
As originally designed tho Now
York stato capitol building at
to cost 000000
cess judge inquired a young
of S18000000 has thus
H one or
law student of Judge
the most successful lawyers in the far been expended on it and it
Well said the judge with a
retrospective air I dont know as
there is any secret about it In
my younger days I had a rough
row to hoe but I hoed it noli
There was lots of work to do in
those days but tho wagps were
small When I was a stripling
from sixteen to eighteen I used to
hire out to neighborijg farmers
luring the haying and harvesting
remains uncompleted
BncKlens Arnica Salrc
The Jlcst Salve in tho world for Cuts
nrriscs Sores Ulcers Salt Rheiiui Paver
bores Tetter Chapped Hands Chilblains
Lorns and all Skin Eruptions and posi
tively cures Piles or no pay required It
guaranteed to givo perfect satisfaction
or money refunded Price 23 cts per box
t Pr sale by J N Eddins JL Co Aug 12 88
A Safe Investment
Is ono which guaranteed to bring you
satisfactory results or in caso of failure a
return of purchase price On this safe
pita yoa can liny from our advertised
driest a bottle o Dr Kings Now Dis
fieasou and jyhen they cas trr y ffaiggP1011 K arantee i
> lywilet iu e cry case when used
for any affection of Throat Lungs or
Chest such as Consumption Inflamation
of Lings Bronchitis Asthma Whooping
Cough Croup etc etc It is pleasant and
agreiablo to tasto perfectly safe and can
always be depended upon Trial bottle
freo > t J N Eddins Cos drug store 1
Merit ins
We desire to say to onr citizens that for
years wo havo beensellincTJr KmgsNew
Discovery for Consumption Dn
Kings New Life Pills BucUcns Arnica
Salve and Electric Bitters and have never
handled remedies that sell as well orthat
have given such unnersal satisfaction
We do not hesitate to guarantee them e
ery time and wo stand ready to refund
tho purchase price if satisfactory results
do not follow their uso Theso remedies
ha o won their great popularity purely on
their merits JN Eddins Co Drug
gists 11
Citation hj Publication
iff or any Constable of San Saba County
You arohereby commanded to summon
tho heirs of Ludwig Borches by making
publication of this Citation onro in each
week for eight succcssn o weeks pro ious
to the return day hereof in the San Saba
News a newspaper published in your coun
ty to appearatthonext regular term of the
District conrt of San Saba county to bo
holden at tho Court House thereof in San
Saba on tho Fourth Monday in April
1SS9 the same being tho twentysecond
day of April 1889 then and there to an
swer a Petition hied in said court on the
ninth day of February A D 1839 in a
suit numbered on tho Docket of said couit
No 36 wherein John M Tippin is Plain
and tho heirs
tuT of Ludwig Borches is
Defendant said Petition alleging
1st That tho names and residence of
said Ludwig Borches heirs aro unknown
2nd That PlaintiiT is tho owner of a
certain parcel of land forty acres moro
or less being in San Saba county 8J or
9 miles SW from tho Town of San Saba
and being a part of survey 104 originally
granted to the said heirs of Ludwig Bor
3rd That Plaintiff holds said land in
fee JSmplo and that he and these under
WjS n ho hojd rli im th o rn > 2ldiirfl
deeoTUtriy registered and that lreias bad
and held quiet peaceable adverse con
tinuous and uninterrupted possession for
a period of moro than ele en years hefore
the commencement of this suit
4th That tho endor under whom
Plaintiff claims purchased said land from
said heirs but that said instrument of con
veyance was lost or misplaced beforo
recording and that Plaintitl cannot now
Erodnce same thcrcdy casting a cloud on
is title to e > aid land to his damago in tho
sum of Five Hundred dollars
Wbcrtfore ho prays lawful servico on
said heirs aud upon trial heioof for all
orders decrees and wnts as ho is entitled
to in law and equity
Herein Fail Not bnt havo you before
said court at its aforesaid next regular
term this Writ with your return thereon
showing how yon have executed the same
Witness A Dnggan Clerk of the Dis
tiict court of San Saba county
< Given Under my nand and the
LS > Seal of said court at oflico in San
Saba this the 12th day of Febru
Clerk Dis net Court S S Co
Citation by Publication
THE STATE Ot TEXAS to the Sher
iff or any Constable of San Saba County
You are hereby commanded to summon
tho heirs of Carl Dcutsch by making pub
lication of this Citation once in each week
for eight successive weeks previous to the
return day herco in tho San Saba News
a newspaper published in your county to
appear at the next regnlar term of tho
District ccurt of San Saba county to bo
holden at the Court House thereof in tho
Town of San Saba Texas on tho Fourth
Monday in April 1S89 tho same being the
twentysecond day of April 1889 then and
there to answer a Petition this day filedin
the said court in a suit numbered on tho
Docket of said court No 837 wherein John
M Tippin is Plaintiff and the heirs of
Carl Dcntsch aro Defendants said Peti
tion alleging
1st That the name and residence of
Defendants aro to Plaintiff unknown
2nd That Plaintiff is the owner in fee
simple of one hundred and sixty acres of
land on allaco creek San Saba connty
Texas being Survey No 223 CertiScato
41J > pHginallyj3anted to tho sabl hcira of
Carl Deutsch = w
3rd That Plaintiff and those whoso es
tato he hasclaiming the samo under a deed
duly registered has had and held the
quiet peaceable adverse continuous and
nnintcrrupted poswssion of said lands for
a period of more than twenty years next
before tho commencement of this suit
4th That Defendants have some sort of
pretended claim on said premises by rea
goi of certain missing links in Plaintiffs
chain of title winch he is nnablo to pro
duce and which said claim operates as a
cloud on PlamiifTs title to his damage in
the sum of Ono Thousand dollars
Wherefore Plaintiff jinjs tint said
heirs be ntnl in terms of law to answer
his Petition hied herein and tint upon
trial he shall hae such orders decrees
aud writs ns he is entitled to in law and
Herein 1ail Not but Ime joil before
said < 4 > urt at Us nforrsiid next regular
term this Vrit with jour return therein
showing how yo > t have executed the same
Witness A Duggan Clerk of the Dis
trict court of San Saba connty
j Ghen Under mj Hand and tho
L S Seal of said court at oflico in San
< Saba this the 12th day i > r Febni
ar > la > A DlCGAN
Clerk Ditrict Court S S Co
Notice to Creditors
Whereas Letters of Administration np
1 on tho estate of A IJow ser deceased were
granted to the undersigned by the Count J
Court of San Saba county on the 8th day
of No ember 1H83 all persons holding
claims against said estate aro requested
The readiug of the lines were re to > rcfcut the same within the tune pre
scribed law
ceived With laughter and applause My remdmco is at Colony Ron ser Mill
in which the republican senators San Saba conntj and my Post Office ad
m dress is Rend San Saba county Texas
joined There truth than
is moro
j 1L B0WSer Administrator
poetry in tho verses I Estate of A Eowseb Deceased
G P Holmon sr
Physician antl Surgeon
O31coand resilience at the oomer of Wallace
id SUdell streets opposite the postoffice
G P Holmon jr
rnxsiciAX and surgeon
Residence just opposite the rtsidcnco
ofMrT W Ward
W SG H Sanderson
Physiolans and Surseons
Office on Wallace street next door vcat o
Burleson Burleson
physicians and surgeons
richland springs texas
Will attend alljMedical calls within their
reach at reasonable rates
tcntion 1
Specnl ntT
to surgery and cliriic
J N Ganny J T Walter
03ce up stairs in Odd Fellows bmldlng
Will rraetlee intheDntnct Courts or San Salts
Llano and McCnllocli eonnties
Attorney at Laiv
Oltl r llow a JluiMms San Saba Texx
TVill practice in anv court where sufficient in
daceroents are oflenxf
Eeferrs by IVrmission Ward i Mnrray
Will practice in tiio Courts of the 33rd Judicial
District and in tbe Supremo and Federal Courts
A S Tisher
Will practice anvwhere aut w all the Courts
House sign Ornamental
GCarr > i gc painting a specialty
South Side Public Square SAN SABA TEXAS
Keepsalwtusonb id freshmeatssausa < eet <
Wheelwright Blacksmith
Will do Blacksmith work and repairing
of Machinery of iilt kinds at reason ab c
Horseshoeing a Specialty
Give mo a liberal sn r ot yonr patroc
ago andlcnarantco satisfaction
C WIoiig
Shop on Wallace street opposite Eddins Co
Will bo pleased to have a liberal share oi
the public patronage
ErEoofing and Outlet ing a Specialty
The Monterey House
Is Kept by the Old Vetera
East of the Courthouse Square
Good meals clean beds attentivo wait
ers and moderate prices Persons from
the country will find this houso pleasant
anil comfortable 50 ly
Watchmaker and Jeweler
Watches Clocks and Jewelry repaired
on short notico and at Reasonable Prices
South Sido Sfinare Sau Saba Texas
Oak Dale Ilnnch Company
Richland Springs San Saba Co Texas
Information of stock not in proper range
will bo gratefully received Nov 1 83
In it are com
bined the fin
est mechanic
al skill the
most useful
and practical
elements and
all known ad
vantages that
make a sew
ing machine
desirable to
soil or use
Richland Springs
ITorso brand same
on left shoulder
stock urchin vari
ous markH Jnly 11
hetny aai Wholesale C2ce BsWiere HL
SOS WaOnsh Ave Chicago
30 Jlroad Arrce vcio York
Ward Murray
S1 >
Excliange Dealers
S M S renson S Sons Xew York
Ball Hutching 4 Co Galveston
Third National Bank St Lonla
Whitney National Bank New Orleans
State National Bank Austin
Collections mado anywhere
Seasonable Goods
i7 > McOonnell
Kepp constant on hand a complete hue
all kinds of Dress Goods Jents Famishing Goods Notions and
Boots and Shoes Hats and Caps Etc
Our Stock of New Goo s in o cry department was ne er bo largo and well select
We show without doubt tk
Ever brought to San Saba to which all aro cordially invited to come and inspeo oof
Stock and get prices
Groceries and Provisions Crockery Glassware
OuO r tcrrfireoluinelt5
San Saba
Furniture Builders Material
Keeps a Full Stock of both costly and cheap Household Furnituro Mao Rough
Dressed anil Finishing Iumbor Nails Locks Doors Blinds Paints Oila eto
Ready Made Coffins Always on Sand
Anything not kept in stock will be ordered fur Customers Give me a call bo
foro bnying anything in my line
Cherokee High School
Will open January 2118S9 and continue 5 Scholastic Months
Tuition per month from S150 to S100 according to grade No pupil
received for less than ono month Regularity in attendance is required
No dednction for lost time except for protracted sickness Tuition must be paid at
tho end of each month or satisfactory arrangements must bo mado to secure it Cattla
will be taken in payment of Tuition at market prices
MUSIC is taught bj Miss Luln Walters Rates 4 per month Art at usual prices
BOARD can bo h id in private families convenient to school at as reasonabe rates
as can bo obtained anywhere
It is tho deiiro of tbe people and Teachers to build up nnd maintain a first data
school and pupils from adjoining neighborhoods will find a hearty welcome
DISCIPLINE Our Discipline looks alono to tho good of tho pupils and the up
buiiding of tbe school Those wLo can not cheerfully submit to such discipline aro re
spectfully invited to attend somo other school
REPORTS will be sent to parents or guardians at the end of each month
For further particulars Addiess W S GROVES Principal
Chcrokeo San Saba Co Texas
Goldtlnraltp Texas
Wholesales antl Retails Drugs Medicines Chemicals
Paints Oils Varnishes Fancy atid Toilet At tides Stationery Jeieelry etc
r IIeadqnartera for Sulphur antl Sheep Dip Ph lans Prescriptions accurately cempoundel
at all hours xXews Depository All the leading I > dy Parers kept
Agent for the WatersPierce Oil Company
lo or
1235 p
11 35 am
54o pm
Goo pm
Deai ers Is
Paints Oils Tarnishes Toilet Articles Etc
Only the Purest and 1 reshest Drugs kept in stock Special attention paid to ha
Jobbing Trade
Ei PllVsiriANS rECSCRIPTIOXS Carefully Compounded at All Hours Day or Night St
Wc keep it select assortment or fine jewelry at moderate prices
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School Books stationery Staple
Only pure aud fresh goods kept
San Angclo
Fort Worth
Kansas City
Honey Grove
St Louis
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Groceries Etc
Time Card in Effect October 21 1SSS
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tbe only perfect Wind and Waterproof
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Our Safe Family Doctor A S0 and Reliable Remedy in all Cases
4 Complete Family Medicine Perfect Substitute for Caloaiel
The Greatest Remedy of tl Ije for B1I101S Diseases
he most efiectiv e preparat i 1 1 own for removing bile from
tue system and restoring the i en I cuon of the liver and
theUdncys It has arapK aerame andsedatwe
effect upon the system II reno ucs it and restores
it to a healthy vigor It mcreises the appetite
aids in the digestion aid
of the food Koltcanbe ivcnvtth
children oradultsof n
ee in alt cases where there
i1 a derangement of
the system
Manufacture 1 or
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no most wonderful
effect in
Colds Bilious Colic Cholera Bilious Farr
Maana Fevers Diarrhcea General DebiMy
Rheumatism Loss of Appetite foadackt f
me Co Lake Charles La SU
1 Iluzetsl This medicine c ts I s
than one en d h shruld be kept m every fu f
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Elegant Pullman Palace Raffet Sleeping Cars Daily between Gah eston and Kan
sas City aud Temple and St Lotus Tree Reclining Chair Cars between Templo and
San Angclo Tor fnrtKr information address JAMES S C VRK Genl Pass Agent
GalvestonTiia > 01 Ticket Agent Goldthwaite Texas
Toe DUD w ho has invested tnim tnree
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at his first half hour s experience In
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