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A gigantic English syndicate is said I
bo gradually gaining control of Ameri
can breweries
In corns of he Northwestern States the
public schools were ordered to be clcscd
on election day
Sunflowers are used in Wyoming Ter
ritory for fuel The stalks when dry
make hot firt and the seedheads with
the seed in are said to burn better than
hard coaL An acre of sunflowers will
furnish fuel for one store for a year
Wheat and flour have not been so high
in this country since 18S0 as they are
now The deficiency in the crop in
Minnesota and Dakota is etiimated at
33000000 bushels falling off from the
average yield An exchange says wc
may ail have to fall back on corn bread
and hoe cake thecorn crop being mag
Miss Colquitt and Hiss Breckinridge
one the daughter of a Georgia Senator
and the other of a Kentucky Congress
man both rich and soccty belles have
applied for positions In the public
schools of AYashingtoa city as teachers
for the purpose of getting experience
which they propose to turn to account in
the common schools of their States
lovers of coffee will be sorry to hear
> i r itn i ii n
the cffccUlhatthe cost of producing the
coffee crop is increased three cents a
pound The frcedmen this year re
ceive 1J cents for gathering the crop but
even at this price they are doing it im
perfectly and the quality of the coffee is
much inferior to the average of former
Atjlie election in Paltiraorc by per
missKii of the authorities there was
placed in the window of each polling
place a tin can closed at both ends with
a slot to the top in which contributions
were placed to aid the fund for the
erection of a monument to Francis Scott
Key author of The Star Spangled
Banner Fach voter was naked to con
tribute a nickel but ho could give mora
if he chose
The Atlanta Comiitution says The
fit Lcuis meat inspector has been to
Kansas City and Chicago to examine the
cattle pens and he fills two columns of
his report with exposures of the abuses
in the cuttle traffic lie says that dis
eased and wounded cattle sometimes in
a dying condition were sold to butchers
who bonght them at nominal prices and
sold tho meat at their stalls Senator
Vest and bis committee will doubtless
give tho matter such an a ring that the
cattle Business will be turricd inside out
The Indanapois Journal says In
choosing his Cabinet Presidentelect
Harrison will have ono thing to bear in
mind which no other President has had
to consider namely thatin case of tho
death of himself and Mr Morton during
their term these gentlemen are in the
line of succession Such a contingency
is remote but nevertheless it is not
among the impossibilities and although
conteciplatjon of such chance cannot be
agrctable a conscieutiuus man irillin
evitablyjpvc a thought to the Presi
dential qualifications of the men he calls
around him as well as to their ability to
manage the several departments of the
Government 1
Some Western authorities claim the
potato crop of 1883 to bo the heaviest
ever grown in the United States Thus
the Farma RaUa estimates the crop
as 214646159 bushels against 134000
000 Krashels in 1S8T 118000000 in 18S0
175000000 in 13S3 lSO000OOOinl884
and 208000000 in 18S3 It is claimed
the average yield will be equal to that
o 1S81 viz 858 bushels per acre
Among all the Western States Iowa
raises the largest crop of potatoes
followed l y Michigan Ohio Wisconsin
and Illinois In this section of the
country some damago occurred from frost
and rot following excessive moisture
In fact we Lear of serious losses from rot
throughout a large extent of country
and we believe it is impossible to form a
correct estimate of the bushels of mer
chantable and marketable potatoes as the
outcome of the 1883 crop In fact
from what we learn wo imagine tho
Western potato crop shows up better
than that of the Fast
The little island of Jersey whenco
comes the most valuable race of cows in
existenceoffers a marked instance of ag
ricultural prosperity with the widest cul
ture of grass This island has an area of
18950 acres of arable land of wh ch
7436 acres are under green crops roots
and fodder 4310 acres under rotation
grass and clover and 4087 under perma
nent pasture On this pasture over 12
C00 cowa and other cattle are kept The
average assessed valua of the farms is
t over fifty B kkyJ S
number havo no more than tnrnB seven
acres The island so insignificant in
area and much smaller than many single
farms in America supports about 00000
souls The value of grass as a basis of
a prosperous ugriculture can scarcely be
more favorably exhibited In the whole
of tho United States there is so little per
manent pasture that it is not even men
tioned in the census reports or any agri
cultural statistics
There has lately been invented a new
system of synchronism which it is
rlkimed will make it cheaper to tele
graph messages than to mail them Dr
J Harris ltogers of Washington is the
inventor The new system ho says re
duces the English alphabet to ten ele
mentary characters The messages are
prepared by means of a machine resem
bling a typewriter and manipulated ii
the same manner With the use of ten
keys one for each character any de
sirable message can be written For four
yeais hehai been trying to perfect syn
chronism which signifies at the same
time IU application in telegraphy is
to make two wheels one at each end of
thc line revolve simultaneously Ac
cording to Dr ltogers over two hundred
words can be transmitted in a minute by
his new system A test of the newap
paratus was held and a message of
seventy six words was sent over in
twentylive seconds and printed en a
tppein j lin I oman characters
Away from sounding sh and mountain
I came to where a country village lies
And hero I watch the moon rise through the
And sit at rest beneath the summer skies
The twilight thickens fastand now the birds
Ale sleeping hushed are all their happy
Acnes the village green the pariah church
St in is tryclad with moonbeams on its
The housedog lying near me starts to hear
Tto restless horses neighing in their stalls
The cricket chirps above the willows sigh
While flits the bat where deepest shadow
The night wears on the village lies asleep
My soul drinks deep a draught of perfect
Old dreams come back mid future visions
Oldloves awaks that slumbered in the
On inch a night t ha soul is free and flees
The world of care and pain and troubled
And cooll I sing that deep sweet peace the
ears and thrill the
tfir j ddUton in Independent
I suppose thai by this timo tomorrow
we shall anchor in the Bay said CoL
1 cs this ii th o last of our pleasant
evenings if this Ocean Greyhound is true
to her promise said pretty Mrs Mor
It was a very pleasant evening too
though chilly as September evenings
are apt to be on the Atlantic A glori
ous full moon cxtingu thing the stars
and ca ting a glittering trailathwart the
sea scarcely ruffled by the gentle breeze
that filled the tails and urged the flying
vessel with soft murmurs Most of the
passengers were below playing cards or
enjoying the music of which an occa
to her and wrapped her up in shawls
and made her sit in the deckhouse while
he read to her for fear she might take
cold But of an evening when she had
gone to her cabin he would always re
turn to tke deck to finish his cigar and
the little governess who was as strong
as a lion and not afraid of any weather
would be out there with him leaning
over the taffrail and tho two would stand
there talking in low tones until the
officer of the watch sent them below
We had been about a fortnight out
from Madeira when the weather which
had been pleasant enough though cold
changed suddenly and we were driven
by storms every way but the way wo
wanted to go For several days tho
hatches were on and none of the passen
gers were allowed on deck Most of tho
ladies myself among them were ill aud
the res were too frightened to notice
anything but I was told afterward that
the only woman who was neither sick
nor terrified was the governess and she
seemed fey full of wild spirits and
keeping up a constant banter with tho
bridegroom with whom she played at
cards half the day
I do not remember how long the
storm continued but just as wo were
beginning to take courage and pull our
selves together a little we heard one
morning a sound that mide our hair rise
with new terror a peculiar slow regu
lar clanking and a whisper went round
that the ship had sprung aleak and the
pumps were manned Oh you who have
only made this luxurious voyage of a
week cannot imagine tho feelings of
those who havo been for days together
in a straining struggling ship pitched
bapk and forth and from side to side
like a cork on those tremendous waves
anduhen to hear hour after hour tho
du steady chinking that prdMa mi tho
presence of the enemy within the walls
gaining upon you hour by hour
For two mortal days and nights
those brave indefatigable men struggled
with the encroaching foe while sigaals
were hoisted and rockets sent up to at
tract passing ships At last the Captain
came to tell us he had no hope of saving
the ship that the storm had abated and
that as soon a it was broad daylight he
would get the boats out He begged us
to take some food and added as he left
the saloon T hope by Gods help to
sional strain floated up on deckj adding I save cveiy one but remember it is
and children first and if
one more touch to weird sweetness of women
the scene A little group of four or five
persons sat iu the moonlight chatting
and watching tho man uvres of two or
three stray couples each seeking to mono
polize that nook behind the wheelhouse
where the moon can be seen to the great
est adiantage and a fictitious isolation
encourages tho interchange of sentiments
as ardent as they are transient
You will not be sorry to exchange
mus stay behind I shall remain with
Nobody attempted to eat anything
but most of us went to our staterooms to
thought it worth while to take and then
sat through tho livelong hours waiting
for the order to go out and trust our
lives to those frail boats upon the toss
The of the
wife again asked the niece thought
fully Yes said Mrs Odell Alowly
I have seen her quite recently
Your story was really quite too in
teresting Mrs Odell murmured pretty
Mrs Mortimer rising languidly fronxher
steamship chair You quite made us
forget how late and cold it is getting
Thanks so much Colonel may 1
trouble you for that shawl I think
will go don n now Come along Sybille
A demain gentlemen Mrs Odell
good night
The eyes of the two ladies met as she
moved away but eyes tell no tiles
and some women can keep a secret
Brakes Hajazmc
Cold Food
Cold food says the Boston Journal oi
Health is more easily kept on a sensitive
stomach than hot so in cases where it is
rejected in the ordinary warm or hot
form it had better be tried as nearly
frozen as may be taken In many fevera
this would be a decided ad vantage Milk
may be administered in a frozen state
often with positive advantage The
Sanitary Era adds from frequent ic
stmces that ice cream suits admirably
some conditions where hardly any other
food is acceptable
Delicious Pancakes
Pancakes made from the following re
cipe are delicious Beat up three egga
in a quart of milk make it up into a
batter with flour a little salt a spoonful
of ground ginger and a little grated
lemon peel let it be of a fine thickness
and perfectly smooth Clean your fry
ing pan thoroughly and put into Itji
good lump I of dripping when ji it is hot
pour in a cupful of
nil over fan equal
pan frequently that the batter may nof
stick and when you think it is done oe
one side toss it over if you cannot turn
it with a cake turner and when both
sides are of a nice light brown lay it on
a dish beforethefirestrewsugaroveriti
and do the rest in the same manner
They should bo eaten immediately or
they will become heavy If you hava
no maple syrup caramel sauce is vsryj
nice to serve with them Brooklyn Citi
Where so much depends upon order
and accuracy in the management of the
housekeeper it is not always easy to pro
portion the work of each day Too
secure such portable valuables as wo mucl is thrown upon Monday and Tues
day Why not postpone washing till
the latter day Un Monday the house
can be put to rights bread baked and
desserts made for that day and the next
That night the table may be laid and
these pleasant evenings for something a made her steadier and besides the wind covered with netting used for this pur
little livelier though exclaimed Mrs j hid almost subidol and the heavy pose alone the clothing put in soak and
Mortimers niece a brilliant creature swell of the sea was being beaten down ll he materials made ready for break <
whose fast Where there is but domestic
magnetic vitality rang in her clear by the steady rain which began to fall one
voice and scintilated in her rippling hair I was standing nt the foot of the ornone at all the weeks labor is thus
and flashing eyes After two years I companion when tEe bride came out of under much jbetter control The first
hard study in Milan you can fancy how her cabin which was immediately be mcal should consist of few dishes and
I feel at the near approach of New York hind me She was deathly pale and her tno dinner may all bo previously cooked
and Newport eyes was slightly distended but otherj ttT0 he vegetables The domestic
Theres not much to keep one alive wise was perfectly cool and collected i who swept hall steps and piazza while
on the ocean trip nowadays Baid tho I She had on a thick waterproof cloak and i the fire was kindling has only to remove
young man who sat opposite her and a woolen hoed and carred a little satcheltlw breakfast things wash the dishes
who had been rambling all over the in her hand nVheros your husbandi and go to her laundry work On
globe for a year seeking adventures and I asked Sho made a littlo movementof Wednesday she is not over fatigued by
rinding none and was now returning her head toward the cabin He is secnr he Previous days work and there is
home convinced that whatever might ing some important papers she said lime enough to keep tho house clean
happen t > him in the future it could I and I think she added our marriage during the remainder of tho week
hardly be more interesting than the past certificate and my will finishing up odd jobs on Monday
This is my first sea voy gc said the At this moment the officer came Where two or more girls arc kept the
Colonel and I have enjoyed it But I down the companion Mrs Cdell he same custom might well prevail by
should bo glad enough to see land said me there are but two which means the cook will be able to do
again J scrvieeabe boats the others were in a he cooking so that the food may be
And I said tho only member of the jured during tho storm Come up atM nicely served as usual The Homr
little group who had not previously once and I will put you in the first j JfIw
spoken icve the sea and ba e had Oh Mrs Blank he added seeing tho
many adventures on it and am never bride come too and I will try and How to Broil Beefsteak
tired of its sights and sounds i put you together Tho points of excellence iu wellcooked
The speaker was a woman in the Sir said the poor g rl I will not meat are nn0 flavor juiciness and nutri
dian summer of her life stir five quality the best of meat can be
woman stamped as she wa3 with the in j time to lose I will call your hnsband
yield its
Mrs Mortimers niece imploringly I took her hand and almostforced her up nutritive properties during the process
know yon must havo seen real tragedies but further than the top of the com of digestion The first question is In
shipwrecks and such things panion she would not move what form can its digestion be most per
I have seen many tragedies and more Tho sight that met us there was fectly accomplished Frying as it is fre
than ono shipwreck she said half re startling enough The ship had already quently done covera the surface of meat
luctantly and if you like I will tell you sunk so low > hat I cennot imagine how wth an excess of fat and also deprives
an incident that happened oa a ship that the water kept out of the saloon it it of some of its most valuable juices
was wrecked when 1 was on my way to seemed as if we could step on board the Hoasting proper retains these by sur
the Cape in it I life boat that had already been manned rounding the meat with a crisp surface
Jlrs Jfortimer drew her for cloak and was raised by every wave almost of intense flavor that is not obtainable
closer abont her and her niece sat down to tho level of tho deck All on board by any other method of cookery Bak
on a low stool clasping her slender white was perfectly orderly except for the ing if properly done gives a brown sur
hands round her aunts knee and rest crying of one or two of the steerage face more or less crisp according to the
irjg her cheek upon them tho young passengers who were being separated heat of the oven and the amount of steam
tourist took up a position from which from their male companions and passed generated and the juices are preserved
he commanded a good view of her pretty into the boat It was nearly full when i Broiling when well done retains the
face and the Colonel settled himself the Captain saw ns and grasping Mrs flavor and juice of the meat and gives
with an air of interest He was a good Blanks arm was about to hand her for a surface Ics3 hard and crisp than roast
listcccr remarkably so for a military ward when sho wresttd herself from ingequally favorable in flavor and more
man him and with sudden fury flashing over digestible The free circulation of air
Mrs Odell began her story accentuat1 her face exclaimed in a to no I can never about the meat and the application of in
ing by a slight but impressive gesticula forget I can die here if necessary tense heat preserves all the flavor and
tion her soft rich voice and quiet de Captain but I will not stir without my nutrimentwhile the rapidity with which
livery i husband j it is cooked favors its perfect digestion
Several yeirs agoten or a dozen I j He did not say another word but To b P have a clear hot
was on my way to tho Cape of Good seized me unceremoniously and before I fife cither a red bed of wood embers a
Hope in a sailing ship My husband could draw my breath Iwas in the glowing mass of coal or a hot mass of
and children were living then aU three loaded boat The painter was cut and i charcoal which has ceased to burn with
are dead now but I left them in Eng one great billow carried us many yards iflame here is an admirable device for
land to visit my parents in Cape Town away Then we lay to to watch the brollng with illuminating gas by cotn
and I went on a sailing ship because I second boat and witnessed what was un1 ming enough atmospheric air with he
had been very ill and was ordered a voy seen by her occupants She was full all E15 to Proiuce a luo flame intensely hot
saloon passengers was a very pretty clasped round his arm and evidently re of the hottest bed of burning coals
ion but l i t Aftor tho meat is tripi1 free l
sontif a good family The marriage j I full in thc face With an unearthly
so except for the sake of the innocent
people in the same boat
No said Mrs Odell quietly every
trace of her agitation had passed away
now and her tone was calm and inex
pressibly bitter We were picked up a
few hours after ha ing separated from
tho others in tho fog but they were also
soon rescued by a homebound esseland
carried back to England There this
loving husband proved his wifes death
there were plenty of witnesses though
none had seen his brutal act and most
believed as I afterward heard that she
was left behind by mistake He then
proved her will which he had carried
off the ship with him and which hsd
been executed in Madeira within a month
of her marriage lcavin
of her immense wealth
understood made an attempt to upset
the will but without success but before
she had been six months dead he bought
an elegant villa near Florence and
married the rescued governess I never
saw him after that but I have reason to
believe he is living and prosperous
I suppose you never saw bis second
young woman scarccly going as fusing once more to be saved without from
excessive bone and fat
salt pepper i
governess to Australia i him At the same moment the pretty both being re
We put iu at Maderia and took on governess darted forward and flung her 8crrc for 60UPJina drippings put it in
board twopassengcrs for whom the Cap self upon his other arm evidently im a gridiron and expose it to the hottest
taini cabin was secured a newly mar ploring to be saved A stentorian voice firD Ta > be brown it n3 quickly as
ried coupled notlongovcr their honey from the boat shouted Wo can make Possible first upon one side and then on
moon Kverything becomes knuwn on room for two They evidently paw the th otbcr > bcnS careful to avoid punct
board especially during a long i wifes struggle to die with her husband ur lnK thc mea so that the juice escapes
and the young wife hada maid with her and were willing with true sailorlike when both sides are brown cook it to
who probably supplied all the details sho generosity to risk something to reward the desired degree without burning or
knew and tilled up the gaps with her her heroism I saw him clasp the girl smoking it thi3 can be done by taking
imagination It became known at anv with one arm and push his wife awav J ttle care holding tho meat near or
rate within a few bourj that the lady to making a spring Then i ar from he fire according to the heat
was an heiress of immense wealth and i as she clung with agonized strength he i IIavc reav a hot platter upon which to
the gentleman wasthepennilessyounger raised his cowardly fist and struck her aJ the steak season it palatably with
I and butter and serve it at
had been married a few weeks before I
met her and had gone to Madeira in
tending to spend the winter there It
lightning aud as they cut away the boat
almost before she was clear the ship
sank slowly forward and went down
was quite a sudden freak their coming I head foremost carrying the Captain the
on boardand could hardly have been the bride and about a dozen men to the bot
poorthingswishj for sho was a wretched i tcm of the sea
sailor and for two or three days after 1 As the thrilling vibration of the nar
she remained in her raters voice ceased there was a mo
A City or Masniflccnt Pavements
Mnch has been truly said of thc mag
nificence of the street pavements of
Washingon and in this respect tho
city has been kindly compared with
Paris There is no doubt about it that the
street pavements arc thc smoothest and
we put to sea again I
berth waited on by her maid and un mentary silence Her excitement at the i most attractive the
noticed else The husband picture conjured by memory com but the sidewalks aro
by everyone j
was about 3 a very handsome and I municatcd itself to the listeners and at
United States
in a wretched
condition Brick here and stone flag
attractive mandark tall with a heavy first no one seemed able to break the gmg there with au occasional planking
Si mustache and r white spell At last the Colonel spoko Tho unevenness of the sidewalks does
black gleaming
teeth which were often enough seen
for he was a most lit cly and agreeable
talker full of wit and nonsense with an
amnsinganccdote for every occas on and
generally the sort of man to be a prime
favorite on board a sailing ship where
every one is sure to be bored more or
less Especially was he attentive and
considerate toward the ladies and I
heard though I did not see anything
then that the pretty governess usurped
a large portion of his care This seemed
natural enough as she was alone and
most of us took a little extra notice of
her on that account
Well after a day or two the bride
began to come on deck a little and
when she gained some flesh and color
wc would sec how pretty she was and
how full of charming ways Another
thing was soon easily seen also and that
was that whatever might be the state of
her husbands affections she simplv
worshipped him Her eyes followed
him about with a kind of reverence and
when he spoke she listened with parted
lips and glistening eyes as though she
heard the very angels singing in heaven
It is sad enough to see such madness
where it is mutual but when as is almost
always the case one gives all and the
other takes and gives nothing well
wel thats no part of my story
1 should say that he was quite kind
We are very glad to know that you not add to the delights of pedcstnanism
were saved by ocular demonstration and persons with tender feet take to the
Mrs Odell but how about that scoun middle of the street There must be a
drel and hU companion in guilt for shegreat many tenderfooted people in
wai every bit as bad as he were they j Washingtgn judging by the number of
drowned One could not help hoping i men women and children seen daily
and nightly stepping along on the street
pavements Sunday is the day when
they appear in droves Tho sidewalks
aro almost desertedand the churchgoers
in their most fashionable attire take to
the middle of thc street as a campaign
heeler takes to boodle Xea York Times
Yeneerins Frame Houses
A construction detail that is gaining
much popularity in some Western cities
is the bricking in of frame houses The
building is sided up with matched stuff
as if complete then a brick face wall
four inches thick is laid in contact with
the exterior tied on Dy spikes about
every sixth course A boy distributes
them all around on top of the wall
him every cent I They are held in the mortar bed ready
Her relatives I j and driven through into the siding until
the heads are flush with the face of the
wall when the next courses aro laidand
so on The walls present the appearance
of solid masonry arc durable and as
they add to the warmth of thc build
ings seem to present substantial recom
mendations especially in severe cli
mates American Builder
A nit of Verse His Itch for Office
Cnrcrt A 1erfect Poem Not His
Fault Before Thry TCcro
Eojs Grown Tall Etc
For a bit of bright verse the editor said
Hed pay me five dollars or more
1 wanted five dollars just then so I fled
To my sanctum and let genius soar
I wrotn the bright verseand that editor rare
Sent his check lite a man for my wit
Tou can see the result in the bennot I near
And as for the verse this is it
Harpers Bazar
Ills Itch for Office Cnrcd
Smith to defeated candidate You
dont seem to be so tickled as you was
just before election
Eefeatcd Candidate gloomily No
I have been scratched by my friends
Binghamton Bepullican
A Perfect Poem
dear your mouth is
poemOh how can you say such a thing as
Well it is like a popular poem at
least It is so widely red
And the matrimonial mercury fell
forty degrees Terre Haute Express
Not Ills Fault
Barber to very tall customer What
the cause of yo extreme baldness
J fMtomeri Myheight the sun burns
batter arri trn uTTlielitaot ere in which I live
cqualthickncss shako the my friend is very different from that on
Why Monday
earth Epoch
Before 1hoy Were Boys Grown Tall
Miss Grace Peculiar custom for a
man to wear isnt it
Uncle George Yes but do you
known that at one time the men of the
United States wore dresses
Miss Grace Why no When was
Uncle George When they were in
fants Harpers Bazar
A Dandy Appetite
Tramp Do you people eat this kind
ov fodder
Bcnevulent Dressmaker Yes we do
Aint it good enough for you
Tramp Hardly mum hardly Its
good enough I suppose for people who
have to work for a living but not for a
person like me traveling merely for re
Taklnr Her Scrionsly
He on the brink of proposal I
like your charming sex so much you
Know but really I dont know how to
take a woman
She willing to help him out 1
think I can tell you
For better or worse Xeio Tori
No Doubt Abont It
Lawyer Ilave you any doubts as to
the honesty of Mr Wiggins
Witness No sir
Lawyer And you believe him abso
lutely truthful
Witness No sir I havent any
doubts as to his honesty because I have
more than once proved him to be a con
summate liar Time
Full of Business
Wife at supper Oh I wa3 so an i
noyed at the drug store this afternoon
Husband What was tho trouble
Wife There were six or seven ahead
of mo as usual ono wanted a tencent
sweeter and without mv husband
more beautiful than many a young I Come then he cried there is no spoiled during the cooking when the ef box of wafer another an equal amount
feet of heat is not understoodor the
w worth of tuttifrutti oh
Intel gum I should
HtTItnStthCSC poop lrugg ista w < Hld gff
crazy with such trifling custom
Husband And what did you buy
Wife A twocent postage alamp
The Public School Qncstion
The examination you undergo for
the position of teacher is very severe is
it not
I should say so
Whit are the branches
Well today we were examined in
psychology integral calculus mathe
matical astronomy polemic divinity
metaphysical analysis and Greek versifi
Indeed What position
competing fori
are you
Instructor of the ABC class
A Snrpriso Party
Jings I heard that Addle had one of
those alleged surprise partiesathis house
last night
Jangs It wa3 a genuine affair I as
sure you
Jings Oh come off Ilefkncwthcy
were coming and had a bigspread for
Jangs Precisely nis wife heard
they were going to give him a costly
gold chronometer and after tho party
ate everything in tho house they sur
prised him with a Waterbury Louell
Thousht Slio Had a Bnrjraln
An irate woman entered a drygoods
store thc other day and accosted one of
the clerks Ive come to find oatwhat
you mean by charging me ono dollar
Saturday night for that table spread
and selling Mrs Ferguson one ju t like
it on Monday for sixty cents Didnt
you say it was my last chanceto get one
so cheap
5ou mistook me madam responded
the ready clerk Isaid itwasyourlast
chance to get one for a dollar And it
was for wo put them down to sixty
cents Monday morning Philadelphia
George said tho young girl shyly
do you not find the time from Wednes
day evening until Saturday evening dull
and dreary
George was n littlo absentminded at
the moment and said Xo not very
What she exclaimed can you go
three whole days without seeing mo and
not count the absence longi
Ah no darling he cried I didnt
rightly catch your question Why every
night when the twilight begins to fall
and tho birds flutter to their nests I
take a quarter grain dose of morphine
hypodermically administered to seek
oblivion Epoc
He Appreciated Her
It is too bad said youngMra Cook
with big tears in both eyes as she and
her husband were seated at thc supper
table What is thc matter dearest
The cake
Oh well never mind Wc neednt
cat it JO know
But it is dreadfully discouraging to
find that your cake is dough she
Yes but a little thing like that is
more than conpensated for by your rare
good sense and consideration
In what respect
In not trying to convince your hus
band that dough is cake Mircfrant
Tho CalUthonics or Vanity
My dear a fond husband remarked
the other day I havo talked with Dr
Miidew about your case and so I have
brought you a pair of diamond ear
rings Oh how lovely she exclaimedand
then after a moment of ecstatic admira
tion sho added but I dont see what
this has to do with exercise
Why in the first place was the
answer you will go out more and get
much more fresh air and in the second
you will continually be putting up your
hands to assure yourself that tho dia
monds are not lost and in that way
She interrupted him with some saucy
remark but his impudence was for
given for tho sake of his gift Boston
Inflnttnclnff an Arkansas Jury
Gentlemen said the Arkansas law
yer to the backwoods party it is a fact
that my client was caught fooling around
another mans span of mules But while
he may be mistaken when he says that
be took the mules out of the stable to
water them because their brutal owner
had negleeted to attend to their wants
I tell you gentlemen that my client can
outshoot with a rifle any man within the
sound of my voice
Thats a lie I yelled the jury in a
Very well gentlemen said the
lawyer If yousend my client to prison
you give him no chance to provo his
claims If you are generous and want
to see some of tho best shooting ever
done in the Ozarks you have only to ac
quit my client and set up a mark for him
to shoot at
The prisoner was found not guilty
Cnicajo Neves
AHnnferin Great Luck
Jacob Fluff a hunter living at Hy
ners Clinton county Penn had a sur
prising adventure with bears while deer
hunting a few days ago within a mile of
his house He was standing on a run
way waiting for the passing of a deer
which his dogs had started onthc ridge
when a half grown bear came out of the
scrub oaks only a few feet Trom wherd
he stood He forgot about tho deer he
was lying in wait for and shot the bear
Tho deer came bounding toward him as
ho was in the act of firing and the re
port of the gun turned it in another
direction Fluff fired his remaining
barrel after the deer but was too late to
hit it
The young bear had been killed in its
tracks but before Pluff could reload his
gun the mother of the young bear which
had given a peculiar cry as it fell and
died came tearing out of the brush and
pausing only long enough to smell the
dead body of its cub rushed upon the
hunter He ran around and around two
trees that stood close together where ho
had been standing and the bear pressed
him so closely tnat he was unable to load
his gun and at last seeing that a hand
tohand contest was his only chance he
drew his pocket knife which had a long
keen blade and turning quickly on his
pursuer buried the blade up to the han
dle between the bears eyes She at once
turned all her attention to efforts to
knock thc knife out with her fore paws
and while she was thus engaged Fluff
loaded his gun and shot the bear through
the heart
The appearance of the two bears hav
ing spoiled the deer hunt for the day
Pluff started for home to get help in
carrying in thc bodies of thc two bears
He had a bear trap set near thc edge of
a swamp which was but a short distance
off of his direct course home and he
turned in to take a look at it as he was
passing He found a big he bear fast by
one of its fore paws in the trap and
sitting en its haunches a short distance
away gazing at the efforts of the old
bear to release itself from the trap and
whining piteously was another young
bear Fluff put the old bear out of its
misery by sending a rifle ball through its
brain and brought thc cub down with a
load of buckshot as it was hurrying to
make its escape in the bushes From the
time of the killing of the first bear to
the bringing down of the last one Pluff
calculated that not more than twentyfive
minutes elapsed The four were appar
ently all members of one family Xea
York TiMcs
W here the Hay Begins
According to the way in which this ar
rangement is now carried out the first
land that the new day dawns upon is
Easter Island ahout 210 miles west of
tho coast of Chili South America That
is to say the id of July bieaks here
within a few hours of tho 1st having
broken on the American coast to the
cast aud the two days run on alongside
the 2d in Easter Island aud places west
the 1st in all places on the American
continent We may therefore realize
the idea that at 720 oclock any morn
ing of our lives in Great Britain the next
day is commencing in the world and is
to be found at this little island in the
Pacific Ocean whence in due course it
v ill travel round to us But to have
thus thc start of the world is not anun
mitisated advantage to these islanders
Suppose one of them sails east to America
what is the result He will find that
they keep the Jay there under a differ
ent date and ho will have to reckon one
day in his calendar tnice over to put
himself right with their notions On
thc other hand if au American cresses
from cast to west this wonderful magic
line where the day begins he will rind the
dates in this fiesh part cf the world arc
one in advance of him and he must
needs strike a day out of his calendar to
keep up with the times This fact was
curiously illustrated iu thc cac of Ma
gellan thc Portuguese Captain who
sailed around the world from cast to west
iu 1 i2J and having crossed the magic
line of days birth in his wanderings
his calendar became of course a day in
arrcar The sailors were completely ig
norant of this and finding on landing
at home that their f abbath was falling
on a Monday they accused one another
of tampering with thc reckoning It
was not for some timethat the true and
simple explanation of the wonderful loss
of time was discovered Chamberss
That smallpox has greatlv declined in
England durng the past fifty year3 is
apparent from figure which have been
publish VJs3r enrr7Arr Frntljj
IBM to 1842 tho deaths from fmallpox in
England amounted to 172 per 100000
in 18 0S1 the death rate was G5 per
100000 He thinks that vaccination
has not only a direct influence in causing
this reduction in the uumber of victims
to smallpox but that it has also a
tendency to decrease the liability to the
disease of children of incciimtcil parents
In this connection it is intercstmgto note
the Medical li es < states that out of the
five tnousand children born every month
in Paris only a thousand are vaccinated
by thc medical orBccr appointed for that
purpose The remaining four thousand
infants are therefore cither vaccinated
by private practitioners or not at all
Seeing however that more than half the
population apply for and receive gratui
tous medical attendance and that half
the burials are gratuitous it is very un
likely that all of thc four thousand are
vaccinated at the cost of the parents
It may fairly be assumed that a large
proportion are not vaccinated at all and
that is why smallpox exists as an endemic
disease at Paris and does not disappear
as it lias done to a great extent in
Best Time for Literary Composition
When is the best time for writing
Some poets and novelists maintain that
the best time is a night Nobody knew
when Lord Byron wrote for no one ever
found him writing Foe could write at
any hour of the day or night Macaulay
always spent the entire morning reading
and then he wrote Balzac filled himself
with bla k coffee so he could work at
night Wilkie Collins prefers the mid
night hours William Black finds morn
ing the best time for work Anthony
Trollopc mads i a rulo to sit down at
hisdi kat a certain hour every morning
He did not wait for inspiration He was
as methodical as a bookkeeper Atlanta
I onstUltion
Avoid moods and
Study well the human body tho mind
is not far off
Never charge a bad motivo if a good
one is conceivable
We never thoroughly know a man
until we hear him laugh
Passionate expressions and vehement
assertions are no arguments
Originality is the faculty of adapting
an old idea to a new occasion
Fame like lightning generally strikes
the man who is not expecting it
A Prince has in reality need but of
oyes and cars his mouth only serves him
for smiling
Princes are brought up to live with all
the world all the world ought to l > e
brought up to live with Princes
Argument will pull a wise man down
to thc level of a fool but it never raises
a fool up to thc plane of a wise man
To be tho friend of a sovereign one
must be without passion without ambi
tion without selfishness foreseeing and
clcarsccing in short not a man
Life is not dated merely by years
Events aro sometimes thc best calcndais
There arc epochs in our existence which
cannot be ascertained by a formal appeal
to the registry
A happiness that is quito undisturbed
becomes tiresome We must have ups
and downs The difficulties which arc
mingled with ove awaken passion and
increase pleasure
A moderate understanding with dili
gent aud well directed application will
go much farther than a tnoroiiv ly gen
ius attended with that impatience and
inattention which too ofteneccompany
quick parts
Theres no coming back on the im
petuous stream of life And we must all
set our packet watches by the clock of
fate There is a headlong forthright
tide that bears away a man with his fan
cies likca straw and runs fast in time
and space
Ambition is full of distraction it
teems with stratagems and is swelled
with expectations a with a tympany It
sleeps sometimes as the wind in a storm
still and quiet for a minute that it may
burst out into an impetuous bast till the
cordage of iU heart strings crack
Too Smart For Them
A good story is told by the New York
Prcsi which a firm of prominent fur
niture dealers in that city succeeded for
some time in keeping quiet The firm
alluded to had a very elegant parlor set
of solid mahogany of tho finest uphol
stery It also had duplicates in veneered
wood and cheap plush in the store
room The costly outfit which was
worth about 200 was displayed in the
window and marked
One day a mild meeklooking woman
came io examined the furniture and in
vested Sho took a receipt for her
money left her addres and was bowed
out by thc smiling salesman who as
sured her that the things would be
sent right away in due time the
wagon arrived at the young womans
house and backed up in front of the
Hold on said the purchaser dont
unload yet
Then she climbed on the van and made
a very peculiar examination of tho load
At last she said to the driver
Ill go back with you to the store
These are not the goods I purchased
And back she did go despite protests
and assurances that everything was all
right When she walked in she was not
thc mildmannered creature of two hours
Youve tried to swindle me she
cried I bought one set of furniture
and you sent me another Now I want
what I paid you for How do I know
Because in every article of that set you
sold me 1 stuck a pin while you were
not looking Xow Im going to pick
out my property and see that you send
it over If you dont therell be trouble
There was no trouble and thc little
woman is again looking for a sharp
merchant with a similar bargain on
Typewriters for Secret Service
A great improvement has been made
in typewriters within the past few
A dealer in these articles was explain
ing their mechanism to a reportcr
Even now they have been so far per
fected that an expert writer can turn out
copy much faster than by using a pen
A new departure however has beei
made An Englishman has invented an
ingenious method of producing a cipher
or secret communication by mechanical
means It is adapted for use on type
writers or smiiar writing machines
where the type or corresponding index
scale dial or pointer is capable of being
moved or adjusted The typewriting
machines to be used for thc purpose arc
made in duplicates so that the two in
dex scales correspond with each other
in the arrangement of their characters
but differ fiom any other pair of ma
chines Since the index scale is adjust
able it may be shifted in two correspond
ing machines so that one or more of the
characters is moved out of its normal po
sition and in consequence when the
operator strikes a certain letter on the
keyboard another totally different will
be printed Thus he can continue and
write out an entire letters which to thc
uninitiated will seem fikc nothing moro
than a contused jumble of characters
To decipher whatever has been written
it is only necessary for the individual
who has the clew to shift the index scale
In thc opposite direction from that used
of the secret communication thc cor
rect message will be printed Xea York
Jfuil ami hiprcs
Adobe Houses
Adobe houses arc made of unburned
brick They are common in Tevas
Mexico Central and South America
The bricks arc made of loamy earth
containing about twothirds tine sand
and onethird clayey dust This mess is
mixed with water and then pressed into
molds of the required size Taken from
the molds the adobes are placed on
edge on the ground and left to harden
in the sun In a few days they are hard
compact bricks without a crack They
arc laid with mud mortar and at the
completion of every two feet of the
structure an interval of one week is al
lowed for drying and a similar space of
time between the completion of the walls
and thc putting on of the roof The
houses arc usually onestory high and
the inside is plastered before thc roof is
put on The duration of these houses is
much greater than would be supposed
as there are a number now in existence
which have stood mire than a century
Xem York Dispatch
A Famous Almanac
The Licgcois is one of tho most fa
mous almanacs in tho world It is pub
lished at Liege where the first edition
was issued in liiuii and it is distinctly
the almanac of the peasants and others
who read Its
cannot instructions are
followed by means of certain symbols in
connection with certain dates Thus a
pair of scissors indicates the proper time
for cutting the hair A vial denotes the
right season for medicine in liquid form
A pill box the season thought best to take
pills The almanac is purchased by many
as a book of adviccdatesbeing regarded
by them as of secondary importanc
I opened It and saw two eyes of brown
Two lips of cherry red
A little curly head
Atxraay fairy sprite in dress of white
Tb0rShtP 1C8 PBpa E00
She climbed npoa my knee and kneeling
Lisped softly solemnly her HtUe prayer
Her meeting finger tips
Her pure sweet baby Hpj
Carried my sonl with hers half unaware
Into some clearer and diviner air
I tried to lift aain but all in vain
Of scientific thought the subtle chain
So small so small
My learning all
Though I could call each star and tetb lis
My childs Our Father bridged tho gulf of
I sat with folded hands at rest at rest
Turning this solemn thought within my
How faith would fade
If God had made
So children in this world no baby age
Only the prudent man or thoughtful sage
Only the woman wise no little arms
Koclasp around ourneck no baby charms
No loving carr
No sinless prayer
No thrill of lisping song no pattering feet
No infant heart against our hrt to beat
Then if a tiny hand low down
Tapat thy heart or door aht do not frown
Bend low to meet
Th little feet
To clasp the clinging hand the child will be
Nearer heaven than thee nearer than thee
Liliie E Barr in Bosla Times
Not a political heeler Thc shoemaker
Beware as the potter said to the clay
A tidy fortune An orderly house
Railroad smashnps are a wreckcrea
South American tails Monkeys ap
An impecunious young man refers to
his uncle as a very dear relative
Merhant Trateler
It hurts a man just about as much to
burn him in effigy as to have his shadow
on a wall butted by a goat Toledo
Nothing in my bani 1 bring
Simply to my gun I cling
Soaring pheasant wait for me
Let me get a shot at thee
Oil City Blizzard
Philadelphia Girl I hear that Mr
Goodfellow is quite attentive to you
Chicago Girl Oh not at all He only
comes five times a week Philadelphia
Why did you leave your last placet
Sure I worrdischarged for doin well
mum Where were your I worr
in tho harspital mum Harpers
A French humorist says he has no
superstitions and that the only fear ho
ever has of being thirteenth nt table is
that thero is only enough to cat for
Burton Papcrwate must be getting
np in the world Did you notice how
politely his tailor bowed to him
Bolton Hcmphl The poor fellow
knows hes got to be civil ifhe everex
pests to collect a cent XcvYork irn
Brannigan was injured irifaTrailway
accident and received from f j nipany
a lifepass over the road in f et > o fog
darq ages Be gob sai
IncJty thing that i i wasnt
Oi had been Oid hare niver saved all
this money in fares
You should bear in mind my friend
said the kindhearted visitor consol
ingly that your loss is his gain I
do I do replied the bereaved cousin
addressed as he shook his head mourn
fully I cannot forget it He had given
his note for 175 due next week and I
am the security Chi ago Tribane
Kentucky Coroner Yes the papers
found upon the deceased prove that ha
was Colonel Blood Witness There
was also a quart bottle found in one of
his pockets Coroner Was tho bot
tle empty Witness No sir it was
full hadnt been touched Coroner
Poor fellow he must have died withJ
out a moments warning Life
The Dutch Law of legal Succession
As the Dutch Legislature has fixed
the Iaw of succession to the throne on
the death of the present King in the per
son of his only daughter there will not
probably be any serious political dis
turbance in case of the demise of the
aged monarch but the question of her
marriage will form one of thc great
problems of the next decade at the ex
piration of which period tho young
Princess will be freed from the regency
Of course the German Chancellor has
already settled his plans that she should
marry a German prince looking gradu
ally to the absorption of thc rich and
thrifty kingdom to thc ranks of the
German Empire Thc fact is that Am
sterdam forms one of the natural outlets
for Germanys foreign commerce and
the few rich and prosperous colonies
that Holland possesses would prove to bo
of inestimable value both in a com
mercial and maritime point of view
to the great German Empire But Eng
land is not likely acquiesce in any such
a solution to the question as It is to her
interests that Belgium and Holland
should remain intact under a strong
system of neutrality It is indeed
rumored in Dutch court circles that tho
young princess might find a congenial
mate in Prince George tho second son of
ihe Prince of Wales but that selection i
likely to find but scant favor within tha
iijuima itermouKatTterTinar =
rainc CmIR330mm
Tattooing Convicts for Identification
The latest fad in prison manage
ment said a prison oHiciaL is tat
tooing It is a ready means of identi
fication and is bound to become popular
in prison management My idea is to
tattoo a convict every time he is im
prisoned and then well have his record
as clear as thc moon at midnight Let
each penal institution adopt a different
mark or monogram and the problem of
identifying convicts will be solved It
is the simplest and best system yet pro
posed To some persons it may seem si
harsh a3 branding but it isnt Tattoo
ing isnt painfnl and the marks coaH
be put on the convicts back arrofcr
legs and would not embarrass refomed
convicts Tattooing is now follow < Vin
several penal institutions abroad icA I
understand that it is to be introlifed
in the State prison at Joliet IlfIt
might be a good thing to try in tWErio
County Penitentiary Buffalo ffrtss
Wild Dogs in Gcorgttr
It will be news to manyhat wild
dogs are still to bo founcV1 Wilkes
County While some f ners were
burning oft brush the oth aT a litter
of puppies longhaired closely re
sembling the Scotch ccl ° breed were
found in a hollow log hey were x
ceedingly fierce ancfaditioii has it
that their parents havheen frequently
seen in thc locality 0 old dogs are
said to bo very wililnd uglylooking
customers to come11 contact with
Atlanta Constitution
John D Cooped Pana nI
has raised a JaJese cucttmb r that
measures three f sl1 lnchei > length

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