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the Brooklyn ramcs
Subject Our Departed Still My
Text And when he saw the wagons
which Joseph had sent to curry htm he
spirit of Jacob Uieir father rented And
Jsraclsaid Hitenough Joseph my son
it M alive Genesis xlv 2723
The Egyptian capital was tho focus of tho
worlds wealth Jn ships ana Lanres there
JiaabeenbroaEbttoitfrom India franfcfn
conw cinnamon and ivorv and diamonds
jrom tha North marble ami iron from
Erria purpe and silk from Greece some of
the finest horses of the world and some of
the most t nlliant chariots and from all the
earth that which could best pease the eye
nnd charm tho car and frratify the taste
There were temples aflame with red sand
stoneentered bv gateways that were guarded
by pillars bewddenns with hieroglyphics
find wound w ith brazen scr > entsand adorned
with winged creatures hmreyes and boils
and pinions glittering with precious stones
There wero marble columns blooming into
Jrhite flowerbuds there were pillars at the
top bursting into the ihapo of the lotus when
In full bloom Along the avenues lined with
sphinx and fane and obelisk there were
princes who came in gorceouslv upholstered
palanquin carried by servants in scarlet or
elMWhere drawn by vehicles the snowwhite
itrsesgoden bitted and six abreast dashing
at full run There were fountains from stone
wceathed rases climbing the ladders of the
linbtv Yon would bear a bolt shovennd a door
of brass would p alike a Bash of the sun
The surroimdbjg gardens were saturated
withbdors UVW mounted the terrace and
dripped from taa rfcots and burned thelr
geJnthoBgyptSan noon On floors of
totMiaraoh were spelled
rjfcaud beryl and
r twisted from
embossed with
e precious stone
noned out of a
raze There were
Mn yKn the sleek hide ot leop
BroarNThere wore sofas footed with the
claws ot wild beasts ami armed with the
beaks of birds As you stand en the level
beach Of tha sea on a summer day and look
either way and there are miKs of breakers
white with the ocean foam dashing shore
ward so it seemed as if the sea of tbeworlds
pomp and wealth in the Egyptian capital for
miles and miles flung itself up into white
breakers of marble temple mausoleum and
Tbis was the place where Joseph the shep
herd boy was called to stand n xt to Tharaoh
in honor IV bat a contrast between this
scene and his humble starting and the pit
into which bis brothers threw him Yet no
was not forgetful of bis early home be was
not ashamed of where he came from The
BisboD of Mcnlz descended from
a wheelwright covered his homo
with sprirs and hammers and
wheels and the King of Sicily in honor of
his father who wa3 a potter refused to
drink out of anything but an earthen vessel
So Joseph wa not ashamed of his early sur
roundings or of his oldtime father or of
his brothers When they came up from the
faminestricken land to get corn from
tha Kings corn crib Joseph instead
of chiding them for the way they
had maltreated and abused him sent them
back with wagons which Pharaoh furnished
Udea with corn and old Jacob the father
In the Tery same wagons was brought back
that Joseph the son might see him and
Eire him a comforataMe come all the rest of
his days
Well I bear tho wagons the Kings wagons
rumbling down in front of the palace On
the ontsido of the palace to see the wagons
go on stands Fharoah in royal robes and
beside him Prime Minister Joseph with
a chain of gold around his neck and on his
hand a ring given by Pharaoh to him so
that any Umo bo wanted to stamp tho
royal seal upon a document he could do
so TVagon after wagon rolls on down
from the palace laden with corn
and meat and changes of raiment and
every thing that could beln a faminestruck
reopla One day I see aged Jacob seated in
front of bis bouse lie is possibly thinUng
of his absent boys sons however old they
pet are never to fath r any more than
boys and while be is seated there bo sees
dust arising and be bears wagons rumbling
end be wonders what is coming now for
the whole land had been smitten with the
famine and was in snence But after a
while the wagons have come near enough
and he sees bis sons on the wagons
and before they coma quite up they shout
Joseph is yet alive Tho cJd man fainhv
< tdeaiLawAyJdo not wunderat it Jhf
TSjys telftWratBry Jrnrttiat ffie 3y rn
longabsent Joseph fras got to be the firs
man in the Egyptian palace While they
unload the wagons the wan and wasted
creatures m the neighborhood come up and
k for a handful of com and they are satis
fied One day tho wagons are brought up for
Jacob tho old father is about to go to see
Joseph in the Egyptian palace You know it
Is v at a very easy thing to transplant an old
tree and Jacob has bard work to get away
tma the place where he has lived so long
He bids goodbye to tho old place
and leaves his blessing with the
neighbors and then hu eons steady
bixn whTle he determined to help himself
gets into tha wagon stiff old and de
crepit Y onder they go Jacob and his sons
and their wives and their children eighty
two in au followed ty herds and flocks
which the herdsmen drive along They are
going out from famine to luxuriance they
aro going from a plain country home to the
finest paiaco ubucT the sun Joseph the
Prune Minister gets in bis chariot
and drives down to meet the old
man Josephs charioteer holds up
the horses on one side the dustcovered
wagons of the emigrants stop on the other
Joseph instead of waiting for bis father to
come leaps out of the chariot and jumps
Into the emigrants wagon throws his arm3
around the old roan and weeps aloud for
past memories and present toy The father
Jacob can hardly think it is his boy Why
tlte smooth aew of childhood has
become a wrinkled brow wrinkled
with the cares of state and the
garb of the shepherdboy has become a robe
royally bedirened But as the old man finds
out it is actually Joseph I sea the thin lip
quiver against the toothless gum as bo cries
out Now let roe die suv I have seen
thy face behold Joseph is yet alivef The
wagons roll up in front of the palace Help
out the grandchildren and take them in out
of the bot Egyptian sun Help old Jacob
out of the wagon JSend word to Pharaoh
that the old shepherd has come into royal
apartment Pharaoh and Jacob meet dig
nity and rusticity ths gracefulness of the
court and the piam manners of the
field The King wanting to make the
old countryman at ease and seeing how
white bis beard is and how feeble bis step
looks familiarly into bis face and says to
tfc aged man How old art thou Give
ihe old man a seat Unload the wagons
drive out th cattle toward the pastures of
Gojfien Let the slaves in scarlet kneel and
wrlfctbe f tof the newlyarrived wip
Ingsfam on the finest linen of the palace
tVo Bases ofperfume let the newlyarrived
t ind refreshed let minstrels
fcruxison and thrum
Sp > lstaA jingle
down ft this
i and isara
a woijdby sin
iKingIs bk constant
ilea with us his wagons coming
and g3ngrJ < Pefealy and in the rest of my
ditcoanRI1 wJH shew you what the wagons
bring and what they take back
In the first place like tbcee that came from
the Egyptian palace the Kings wagons now
bring us corn and meat and many changes
ot raiment We are apt to thDk of the
fields awl the orchards as feeding us but
whomakes the flax grow for the linen and
the wheat for the bread and tbo wool on the
sheepabackl Oh I wish we could see through
every grain field by every sheepfold under
the trees of every orchard the lungs
wagons Tbey drive up three times a day
nxTuing noon and ni ht They bring furs
from tho Arctic they bring fruits from the
tropic they bring bread from the
tenperate zone The King looks out
Ki 7 JSP There are twelve
hTfi pioas of people to be fed
and clothed So many pounds of meat so
many barrels of flour so many yards ot
rioth ana linen and flannel so many hats
so many socks so many shoes enough for
all save that we who are greedy get mora
shoes than belong to us and others go
barerootod Nonobut a Ood could feed and
clothe toe world Kono but a Kings corn
crib could appease the worlds faralna None
but a King oould tell bow many wagons to
sendand now heavily to load themand when
over the frozen ground today Do you not
bear their rumbling They will stop at noon
at your tabs Oh iffora little while they
should cease hanger would come into the
nations as to Ltica when Hamilcar btsieged
it and as in Jercsalem when Vespasian eur
rounded it and the nations would be hollow
eyed and fall upon each other in universal
cannibalism and skeleton would drop upon
skeleton and thore would be no one to
bury the dead and the earth would be a
field of bleached skeletons and the birds of
prey would fall dead flock alter flock with
out any carcasses to devour and tha earth
in silence would wheel uround one great
black hearse All life stopped because the
Kings wagons are stopped Oh thank God
for bread for bread
I remark again that like those that came
from lie Egyptian palacethe Kings wagons
bring us good news Jacob had not heard
from bis boy for a great many years He
never thought of him but with a heartache
There was in Jacobs heart a room where lay
the corpse of his unburied Joseph and when
the wagons camethe Kings wagonsand told
hun that Joseph was yet alive he faints
deid away Good news for Jacob Good
netrs or us The Kings wagons come down
and tell us that our JosephJesus Is yet
alive that He has forgiven us because we
threw Him Into the pis of suffering and the
dungeon otshame lie has risen from thence to
stand in a palace The Bethlehem shepherds
w re awakened at midnight by the rattling of
thi wagons that bipught the tidings Our
JosephJesus sends us a message of pardon
of life of heaven corn for our hunger ral
mnnt for our naktdnesa JosephJesus is yet
to the village
3 does Mary
1 go to hunt up Jesus I go
ot Bethany and say Where
lit el They say Yonder Mary lives
go in I sec where she rat in thesitting
rown I go out where Martha worked in
th kitchen but I find no Jesus 1 go into
Pilates courtroom nnd I And the judges
ard the p dice and the prisoners box
bit no Jesus I go into the Arlmathean
cemetery but the door is gone and
the shroud is gone and Jesus Is gone
By faith I look up to tho Kings palace and
behold I have found him JosephJesus is
still alive Glorious religiona religion made
net out of deaths beads and crossbones
and undertakers screwdriver but one
bounding with life and sympathy and glad
nets Joseph is yet alivel
w I know that my Redeemer lives
Want comfort this sweet sentence gtrci
lie lives lie lives who once was dead
lie lives my everIlilng Ueadl
He lives to grant me dally breath
He lives and 1 shall couqner acata
lie lives my mansion to prepare
Be lives to bring me safely there
lie lives all glory to Ills name
Me lives mj Jesus still tbe same
Oh the sweet Joy this sentence gives
I know that my Iledcemcr Uvea
The Kings wagons will after awhile un
load and they will turn around and they
will go back to the palace and I really think
wiflnotSstX rtiiliaSnesUll4en
world The King has ordered that
we be lifted into the wagons and that we
go over into Goshen wherathereshallbe pas
turage for our largest flock of joy and then
we will drive up to tha palaco whero there
are glories awaiting us which will melt all
the snow of Egyptian marble into f orgetful
I think that the Kings wagons will take
us up to see our lost friends Jacobs chief
anticipation was not seeing the Nile nor of
seeing the long colonnades of architectural
beauty nor of seeing the throneroom There
was a focus to all his journeyiugs to all his
anticipations and tbatwasJoseph Welltmy
friends I do not tbmk heaven would bo
worth much if our b ler Jesus was not
there If there were t o heavens the oie
with all the pomp and paraphernalia ot an
eternal monarchy but no Christ and the
other were a plain heaven humbly thatchetl
with a few daisies in tho yard and Christ
were there I would say Let the Kings
wagons take me up to the old farmhouse
If Jesus were not In heaven there would
be no music there there would be but few
people there tbey would be off looking for
the lost Christ crying through the universe
Where is Jesus where is JesusP and
after tbey had found him with loving
violence they would take him and bear him
through the gates and it would be tbe great
est day known in heaven within the memory
of the oldest inhabitant Jesus never went
off from heaven but once and He was so
badly treated on that excursion they will
never let Him go again
Oh the joy of meeting our brother Jo
scphJesusI After we have talked about Him
for ten or fifty or seventy years to talk
with Hun and to clasp bands with the hero
of tbeazes not crouching as underlings In
His presence but as Jacob and Joseph hug
each other We will want some new term by
which to address Him On earth we call Him
Saviour or Redeemer or friend but when
wo throw our arms around Him in everlast
ing embrace we will want some new name of
endearment lean think of what we shall do
through tho long ages of eternity but
what we shall do the first minute I cannot
guess In the first flash of His countenance
in the first rush of our emotions what we
shall do I cannot imagine Oh the over
whelming gkiry of tho first sixty seconds in
heaven Methints we will just stand and
look and look and look
The Kings wagons took Jacob up to see his
lostluy and so really think that the Kings
wagons will take us up to see our lost kin
dred How long is It since Joseph went out
of your household How many years is it
now last Christmas or tbe fourteenth of
next month Jtwas a darknight when he
died and a storoy day it was at the
burial and the clouds wept with you and
thewinds siirhed for the il T > A h ll nt
bnt your bcrt has been toiling tolb ng < ver
since You have been under a de
lusion like Jacob of old You have
thought that Joseph was dead Yon
put hii name first in the birthrecord
of the family Bible and then you put
it in the deathrecord of tho family Bible
and you have been deceived Joseph is yet
all vis He is more alive than you are Of all
the I ixteeu thousand millions of children that
statisticians say have gone into the future
world there is not one of them dead and the
Kings wagons will take you up to seo
then You often think how glad you will bo
to sue them Have you never thought my
brother ray sister bow glad tbey will be to
see vou Jacob was no more glad to see
Joseph than Joseph was to sea Jacob
Every time the door in Heaven opens they
look to see if it is you coming in Joseph
once standing in the palace burst out crying
whea ho thought of Jacob afar off Ami
the neaven ot your little ones wuf not n
fairly begun until you get there All the
kind nesses shown them by immortals will not
make them forget you There tbey are
the raidiant throngs that went out
from your homes 1 throw a kis3 to tbe
sweet darlings They are all well now
in tho palace The crippled child
has a sound foot now A little
lame child says Ma will I bo lame In
heavenf No my darling you wont bo
Iam < i in heaven A little sick child says
Ma will I bo sick in heaven No my
dear you wont be sick in heaven A
little blind child says Ma will I be blind in
beavenf No my dear you wont bo blind
inhimven They are all well there
In my boyhood for some time wo lived
threo miles from church and on stormy days
the children staid at Homo nut father and
motlier always went to church that was a
babi they bad On those stormy Sabbaths
when we staid at homo the absence of our
pareits seemed very much protracted
for tbe roads were very liad and they
could not get on very fast So we
would go to the window at twelve
oclock to seo if they were coming
and then wo would go at halfpast twelve to
seo if they wero coming and at quarter to
one nnd then at one oclock After a while
Mary or David or DeWitt would sbout
Tbe wagons coming and then we would
tea it winding out of the woods
and over the brook and through
tbe lane and up in front of
the old farmhouse and then we would
rush out leaving the doors wide open with
many things to tell thorn askinz them
many questions Well my dear breth
ren I think wa are many of ns In the Kings
wagons and we are on the way home The
road is very bad and we get onslowly but
after ft whilo we wdl come winding out of
tbe woods And through the brook of death
and n in front or the CT < avenly home
stead and our departed kindred who have
leon waiting and watching for us will ruth
cut through the doors and over the lawn
crying Toe wagons are coming the Kings
sragons are coming I Hark I the bell of the
City Hall strikes twelve Twelve oclock on
earth and likewise it Is high noon in heaven
Does not the subject of today tako tbe
gloom out of the thoughts that would other
wise be struck through with midaightf We
use I to think that when we died we would
bave to go afoot sagging down in the mire
and the hounds of terror might get after ns
and if we got thrcugh into Heaven at alb we
n ouU come In torn and woundedand bleed
ing I remember wbem my teeth chattered
anil my knees knocked together when I heard
anybody talk about death but I bave come
to think that the gravo will be the softest
bed I everslept in and the bottom of mj
feet will not lie wot with tbo passage of the
Jordan Them that sleep in Jesus will God
bring with Him
I was reading of Robert Soutbey who said
ho wisbed he could die far away from bis
friends like a dog crawling Into a corner
and dying nnobserved Theeo were his
words Be it ours to die on a couch sur
rounded by loved ones so that they with us
may hear the glad sweet jubilant announce
ment The Kings wagons ere coming
Hark I hear them now Are they coming
for you or met
He JonN Hjzzlb of Jersey City 1 ot
that Cleveland Tvonlil bo olecteil Tho
majority was against John and as a
penalty for his deficiency in jndgment
he sat for two honrs on a sharppoint
ed iron picket fence Then he mizzled
Tom Satees belt which was given
him after his fight with ITocnan in 18C0
l > 7 George Vilke3 is offered for sale
U Sayors death tho l > elt was pur
chased by Glen his trainer It is oi
massive silver inscribed and would
form a fitting ornament for some mod
ern barroom
A Miners ATrfnl Experience
It falls to our lot to record an incident
that causes a shudder in its contempla
tion A week ago last Sunday Ton
Ryan well known in these parts lefl
Williamss ranch for a prospecting toui
for tho day For all that Ryan is giver
to bibulous proclivities this day he wai
himselfas we have from Tellable author
ity and bad been for several days Attir
ing himself to suit his intended excur
sion Ryan struck out and that wa
the last seen of him for six days Queries
had been made regarding his nonappear
ance but no knowledge of his existence
could be obtained
Last Saturday TYilliam M Cann and
Frank Cavaanugh were in search of the
missing man A few hundred yards
above the residence of John Williamsin
Old Womans fulchthey passed anaban
doned tunnel At tho suggestion of
one to search the place with the possibil
ity of finding the object of their search
with lighted candle they entered Cau
tiously they grouped their way into the
tunnel when suddenly they found them
selves on the brink of a shaft Feering
over tho edge with their lighted candlo
they could see no bottom They called
out but no answer came Listening
they heard a sound as of some one
breathing heavily Again they called
and an answer came Assistance was
then called and by a rope Cavanaugh
was lowered to the bottom of the hole
where lay Tom Ilyan Hello Tom
caid Cavanaugh Hello answered
Toni have you come to stop to this
hotel too Ihave been Tery badly
treated here On being asked how he
was ho repliei that he was all right
The man was out of his head but when
told that he had better comeout while
ropes wero being put about him to hoist
him up he agreed but was unable to
stand without assistance He was
broughtup andiared for He had been
w thout food or drink for six days The
tunnel into which he had wandered by
ictual measurement was 123 feet in
engthat the end of which was the shaft
ivhih measured thirtyfive feet and
down which the man plunged I pon
examination he was found to be consid
erably limited on the sides with a con
tusion in the back of the head at the base
of the skull
At last accounts he was improving
About twentyfivo years ago a man by
Ihe name of George Bush tell into the
same shaft but was fortunate enough to
Dnd an oldshoielat the bottom with
which he dug footholes in the soft lava
and got out But since then the shaft
has caved in considerably at the top
thus becoming too wide to straddle it
It wa3 only by mere chance that Ryan
was found Jfildumms IliU Chronicle
NotcI Mode or Keeping Fish Frc3h
On the river front of the Fulton
Market little olfices are portioned oil for
the use of the marketmeu Visitors to
these offices should they happen to look
out on the river water between the piers
enclosing the slips in tho rear of tbo
market will be puzzled at the scene that
greets them A score or more of small
loops or schooners lie a stones throw
distant from the river front and between
them and the rear of the market are
doens of rjuecrlooking contrivances
something like big tomato crates so
Submerged in the w aicr as to only have
their tops projecting above the surface
If these crates or boxes aro watched
igns of life will be seen within them
Close inspection will reveal the fact that
most of these crates are blled with
lobsters green turtles ocean cod sea
bass or other denizens of the deep
The crates are designed to keep certain
kinds of fish alive until they are wanted
for the market The average crate or
car as it is technically termed is
about e ghtcen feet long by fourteen
wide and about five feet deep It is
made of slate nailed to a framework
jnd placed so close together as to prevent
Ihe escape of the fish imprisoned within
but at the same time sufficiently apart to
free circqraiion of river water
through the sides Tbercarescoresor
these cars moored in the slip in close
proximity to one another
The frame of which they are con
structed is very buoyant and the cars
are used by the markctmen as a sort of a
pontoon bridge from their stalls to tho
fishing vessels Ladders are suspended
from the rear of the market stalls and
the marketnian con clamber down to the
floath underneath run over the cars
to his smack in tha slip and the back
again up the ladder and in his office in
a few minutes time
Several of these smacks may be seen
in the slip at any time when the river is
navigable They are for the most part
small affairs ranging from 10 to 7j tons
burden and ate worth from 130 to
000 or S OOO The fleet numbers about
eighty sloops and schooners the halibut
boats being schoonerrigged and tho
larger number of the others beingsloops
Most of them are owned by commission
ah dealers though some belong to their
captains iVeir York San
A Philadelphia Ilercule
Philadelphia can boast of a modern
Hercules in the person of George Sopt
man a giant in muscle and stature He
stands G feet li inches in his stockings
measures > 0 inches around his chest and
weighs 273 pounds scarcely an ounce of
which is superfluous csh His propor
tions arc admirable and he has amazed
inany an athletic expert by his displays
of strengtlu Soptman recently paid a
ishort visit to a gymnasium on Arch
street and gave an exhibition of what
he conld do The pupils eyed him
curiously when he picked up the 10U
pound dumbbell and twirled it between
his fingers as a dude might do with a
bamboo cane When he stretched out
his arms and a ked all who possibly
could do so to jump on his ba k arms
shonlder3 and head to take n ride eight
sturdy acistrong men complied with
the request and holding on to his ears
hair and collarbutton they bore their
weight upon him He carried them
without much difficulty and the gym
pasts who saw tho performance wero al
tnost inclined to think contemptuously
of their own comparatively puny phy
A ot satisfied with this the young giant
went to tho strengthtesting scales and
pulled up the 2000pound weight with
ease He then wrapped two straps
around his shoulder nnd back and fasten
ing the ends to 00 pounds of iron he
calmly raised the weight and took a
promenade around the hall with his load
As his last art instead of wrestling with
a Numcan lion an Hercules of mythologi
cal fame did he caught hold of a bear
which a friend had ciprcssly brought
and hugged Ihe animal so hard that it
ftrunted for mercy Soptman has yet to
perform seven more dillicult tasks and
then he will pose himclf as a modern
Hercules nnd the hero of twelve un
paralleled feats of strength PhiUtdd
pliii ll > Cirri
A Scheme to icmudel the norse
A Northumbrian agriculturi t gravely
proposes to remodel the horse which
at present appears to him to bo too
ftiltcd So ho always appears to me
and unless he gets much nearer to the
ground than he stands at present I
shall never patronize tho horse again
The method seems to be very impeand
beats the clfoits of evolution into fits
The task he would suggest to breeders
is to shorten the cannonbones about one
half and to give whit you take off them
to increase the length of the thigh and
shin bones hcthr this is to be done
with a hatchet or some other ingenious
instiumcnt he does not tell us but sup
posing the operation to bcsuccc6sfulcan
it not be applied to human beings I
Iknow heaps of people who are far too
stilted and to whom any alteration on
Ihe lines suggested would be an advan
tage At present except an endeavor
bete and there to take them down a
peg or two no improvement has been
ittcmpted JScw York Independent
A ClgarettoSmoklns Duclicss
Mrs Hamersley now the Duchess
of Marlboroughwas always an inveterate
cigaretto smoker and she has not
abandoned the practice upon ber eleva
tion to the peerage Just now the shops
are showing little ladies smoking
jackets said to be patterned after the
one worn by the Duchess when she joins
her husband in the smokingroom after
dinner for that is her customI am told
bythosowho have been to Blenheim
under tho new regime Chicago Xcut
Sirs Shaw the Whistler
There was a great throng at Chickcr
ing Hall on her opening night in New
Ybrk City to hear Xrs Alice Shaw the
whistler Seven numbers wcreheard be
fore Mrs Shaw apneared To most of
the audience she was a novelty and not
even Josef Hofman was looked upon with
keener curiosity at his debut than was
she as sbo walked from the waiting
room to the footlights Sho held a
piece of sheet music Mia Piccirclla by
Uome in her hand just as though she
wero going to sing from it lobody
knew which was to havo a turn first
the whistle or the piano It was the
A short meaningless prelude
egan tho affair and then Mrs Shaw
herd np her head and put out her flexi
ble lips like a pretty school girl under
the light of the moon The sound that
followed was not suggestive of the moon
lit scene It was a soft silvery trill that
hung for an instant at the samenoto and
then darted away in liquid melody
and it
High and low presto adagio
went now blustering a forte likcTnrfsrpwsw
winter wind around a house corner and
again waiting sentimentally after tho
portamento fashion of a lover tenor It
was au interesting performance and
when the piece was finished the applause
was genuine and hearty Of course sho
was recalled and the second piece was as
good and as well done as the first Then
there was more applause and after com
ing out to bow her acknowledgments
four times Mrs Shaw whistled a third
piece Mrs Shaw was a sensational
pouting success Chiago Timu
The Toilet in Ancient Egypt
A few words may be said about the
dress of the ladies in ancient Egypt
They noro a gown of brightly coloted
and patterned stuff secured by a sash at
the waist or by a belt over the shoulders
Above this was a large loose robe of
fine linen with full sleeves fastened in
front below the breast Tho sandals
were usually pointed and turned up at
the toeand people of position were very
particular about them Tho hair was
wcrn long or plaited iu the triple plait
the ends being tied by a string uf the
same color as the hair The back har
in plaits reached to the bottom of the
shoulderblades while the plaits at tho
side fell down to the breast Ornamen
tal bands were fastened over the head
and sometimes combs wero worn The
short hair at the side of the face was in
terwoven with some of the longer hair evolved tcrpsicu a preparation of lob
and rice seasoned
and made to fall in a little curl just in
front of tho earring Tho earrings
usually worn were large hoops of gold
of a diameter of from one to nearly three
inches but one in the shape of a dragon
has been found Rings were generally
worn on the left hand and particularly
on the thud finger they were of gold
and were sometimes set with engraved
gems Anklets and baDglcs were also
worn and bracelets et with precious
stones also necklaces of many devices
usually with a large drop ornament in
the centre The appliances of the toilet
used by a lidy were numerous and in
cluded a black powder for staining
the eyelids and eyebrows antimony
or black oxide of manganese being
generally used
aimondSTeems a more
A carp lives a hundred years
Tho total number of Moravians is 10
Tho great New York Orange riot oc
curred on July 12 1S71
A monkey in the Zoological Gardens at
London has been taught to count up to
Abottloof tho late Samuel Tildens
whisky sold in New York the other day
for 1123
An experiment recently made Scotland
proves that the tortoise can walk a milo
in four hours
A Sioux scoutnamed Mahpeahwakosia
hss just d ed of lockjaw at the ago of
nearly 100 years
A Chicago real estate agent smokes
out objectionable tenants instead of cm
ploying tha sheriff
A cassava root weighing twenty
Eounds less than a year old is on ex
ibition at Bartow Ga
It is caid that a lad of twelve and a
man six foot and seven inches in height
play in the same band at Eastmanville
Tho last vestigo of snow has disap
peared off Mount Rose Col for the first
time within the knowledge of the white
An East Portland Oregon fruit
grower raised a peach that measured
eleven and threefourth inches in cir
Anew English gamo called naval
blockade has recently been invented
which is said to bo as intricate and
fascinating as chess
tfohn Culliton head porter of the
Csdud Pacific Hotel in Chicigo has a
f JJLune of 100000 and the reputation of
ezllhiest norter in the world
James Miles an Idaho man refused to
cKp in even a nicklo to bury a fellow
townsman and a bolt of lightning killed
thirteen horses for him on tho day of the
Fortho information of those who like
to collect old and curious weapons it
may lie said that poisoned arrows are
very dangerous treasures It has been
found that even at the end of eighty
years they havo not lost their toxic
A novelty exhibited at tho New York
horse show is the sulky sleigh intended
for winter use It is built in the same
way as the ordinary racing sulky light
and having steel springs but instead of
tho wheels a short pair of runners is sub
There is a bootblack in the Chicago
City Hall who is quite a curiosity He
has one arm off below the elbow and
wears a wooden limb strapped tightly to
the stump To this wooden arm is fas
tened a brush and he uses it as adept as
the one held in the hand he has remain
Competition among tho New York
oyster houses i so great that their pro
prietors are continually cvoU ing no > v gas
tronomic surprises for their patrons A
Sixth avenuo oysterman has evolved
fricasseed crab on toast garnished with
Email oyster crabs and another has
ster charmingly and
hoi cd in cabbage or lettuce leaves then
sen cd with sauce bearnaise
Around the World In ScTdity Days
A Sun reporter asked Mr Georgo
Eadc manager for Thomas Cook Son
the tourist agents the exact time in
which a passenger can go around the
iiter a few moments of thought and
study of guide books Mr Eadesaid
n these days of rapid transit with
vestibule trains and fast ocean steam
ships it is possible to make a circulation
so close that a person in New York say
can decide tho very day on which ho
rill return to the city having completed
though Jhe bL 1 yjEg ryrqpdll wrM I hnnld
rrawdcrBrburnt work itoutHke ths
than these metallic
harmless leaving New lork at 050 v
In Egyptian tho °
products paintings eye
is often represented as much elongated
and probably this appearanoe was pro
duced by painting A bodkin was used
for applying tho black powder okohl
and very elegant little boves with various
compartments were devised to contain
it Some large goldheaded pins have
been disco erea which seem to have
after tho modern fashion In order to
enhance the beauty of the fingernails the
Eiak portion of them was stained with
ennawhich made the white semicircle
at the root of the nails stand out more
clearly by contrast Mirrors were made
of metal and so highly polished that
they were perfectly adapted for the pur
pose they were round and were in
serted in a handle of some pretty or
quaint design Sometimes tho head of
some hideous monster formed part of
tho handle the mirror thus suggesting
the idea of Beauty and the Beast and
the ugly head serving as a foil to tho
loveliness reflected in the bright surface
above The ladies were fond of bathing
using both the hot and cold bath but
ordinarily preferring the latter San
Francisco Chronicle
Fashion Notes
Feather boas aro more popular than
Green retains its place a3 the favorite
The newest French toques are round
in shspe
A great many black hats and bonnets
ore worn
Dark green bengalino is used for street
Lace is the favorite trimming foreven
lng dresses
Chartreuse and absinthe arc the newest
green shades
The lowcrowned hat and bonnet are
coming but they come like most good
things slowly
Ribbon toques arc new They are in
the long English shape tTokindsof rib
bon being used
jr on
Jfonday November 12 he would arrive
at Chicago at 950 v Tuesday Leav
ing Chicago the same day he would ar
rive at San Franci co at 1U45 a m Sat
urday the lUh On the same day tho
Oceanic Companys steamship leaves for
Sydney at 2 r m and ihe steamship 13
due to arrive at Sydney on December 12
s da hc same d b traia
la lAtIk 0 th U at315r he would arrive at Mel
bourne at lllt i M on the following
day December 13 After resting in
Melbourne for a day our traveler would
leave by the Peninsular Jc Oriental Steam
ship Companys steamship on the 1ith
for Brindisi calling en route at Ceylon
then crossing the 1 ed Fca to Port Said
after which the steamship goes through
the Suez Canal direct to Brindisi arriv
ing there on January 20 The train is
then taken for London which is reache
in three days and on the following day
the 24th ho w ould leave London by
Norlh German Lloyd steamship and
reach New York on r cbruary 1
It is a wellestablished fact that first
class ocean steamships make their voy
ages with nlmot the accuracy of an
ordinary express train consequently
there Is no doubt the journey could bo
completed in the time indicated namely
eightyone days
Supposing the journey is reversed
and our traveler goes east instead of
west the same ground can be covered
seventynine days
Taking again tho route through
China and Japan tho oyage can bo com
pleted in eveu less time We have not
worked out the times of arrivals and de
partures in detail but may briefly say
that allowing six days from New lork
to San Francisco sixteen days thence to
Yokohama six days from 1 okohama to
Hong Kong where the Peninsular
Oriental Companys steamship can bo
taken for Brindisi the voyage occupying
thirtytwo days allowing three days
from Brindisi to London and seven days
thence to New York the whole voyage
round the world csrt bo completed in
seventy days ffc
t This howeverriad ugriifUu > tM > >
iccuplcd for travel and of course the
Jlisses evening bonnets are in paicjjravc ler would have to make allowance
pink or blue tulle with very long nnd
very broad ribbons of the same color
Quite new and immensely stylish are
tho veils of black dotted net drawn
under the chin by a narrow black rib
A white flannel afternoon bonnet
recently seen was trimmed in white
cloth with green velvet front laid in
loose folds
Among tho novelties in millinery aro
bonnets covered insplitzephyrworstcds
usually white woven across and around
tho crown
Although coiffures are less voluminous
tho hair is still piled on the top of tho
head while a few light curls fall over
the forehead
Ribbon mulls to match tho costumes
with which they are worn nro novel and
pretty They are made with alternating
stups of ribbon and of fur going round
tho muff and manylooped bows of the
ribbon on the top
Fillets of ribbon aro worn in tho
hair with evening toilets also half
wreaths of tiny flowera which band the
hair in two pointed filletlike rows
These fillets aro often finished with a
perky bow of many short loops
Hats of red clipped beaver aro in high
favor this season for children and are
trimmed with clusters of black velvet
ribbon and black ostrich tips A slight
face trimming composed of knots of tho
ribbon is usually placed under the brim
of these hats
The number of steels used in the dress
skirt depends upon the fabric If this
is soft and clinging two steels with a
small cushion pad are used Stiff ma
terials require but one steel AU steels
are short and flexible and loosely lc
to fornrtnwll curves
ior tho making of connections Xew
OVrl Sun
There is one peculiarlittlo fact in re
gard to the heavy hardware business
said Mr James M Corjritt icePresi
dent of the Beck A Corhttt Iron Co in
a recent conversation with a Hrpuilic
representative which is deserving of
mention Wc issue a catalogue of 1000
pages containing a list of every article
of iron and heavy hardware which we
manufacture or sell Of tho thousand
therein enumerated there is only one
that wo have to import everything else
being manufactured best in this coun
try and that one article J3 an anvil
Three or four manufacturing firms in
England supply tho entire world with
anvils and ono especially in Dudley
England whose goods are the standard
in that line And anvils also arc tho
only articles we handle which we do not
guarantee Blacksmiths aie so caretul
as regards their anvils and there is such
a peculiar temper necessary that wo re
quire them to test an anvil for them
selves or when wo receive an order by
mail we ship tho anvils without guaran
teeing and as a rulo the standard makes
go through all right Why it is that
this country does not manclacturo an
anvil equal to the English ones I do not
know but the fact is that they do not
and hence that one article has to bo
bought from the English manufacturers
St Louis iXtitvblic
It was an Ohio man who set firo to his
store cut his throat and laid himself
down among kegs of powder in the burn
ing building yet is in a fair way to re
cover although tho building was that
It is tho last step that costs
Never put a gift cigar in the mouth
A man is known by the dog ho keeps
Never press a favor whero it seems un
Never intrude ill health pains losses
or misfortunes
Never unavoidably wound the feelings
of a human being
A man may wear epaulets and be only
a drummer in the band
Providence always provides a shorn
lamb for the wind to blow upon
Lovo labor for if thou dost not want
it for food thou mayst for physic
Injuries are forgiven only in their
ceasing to be such and then what is
thereto forgive
There is a transcendent power in ex
ample We reform others unconsciously
wbon wo walk uprightly
Selfishness mars tho loveliest actions
it stains the fairest beauty it dims tho
brightest lustre it blotches the most
munificent charity
Tho golden beams of truth and tho
silken cords of love twisted together
will draw men on with a sweet violence
whether they will or not
Prosperity is not the only state and
course of things among mankind Only
a very few prosper until they have pur
chased prosperity by very severe and
longcontinued effort and suffering
Always givo precedence to ciders
visitors and superiors Offer them tho
best seat at the tabic tho best place by
tho lire and the first of everything Go
farther than mere form and seo that they
ire comfortable and happy
11 nil Against Tythons
Last Sunday week one of the most re
markable scenes on record h reported as
having been witnessed in the vicinity of
Table Mountain A troop of cattle con
sisting of twelve cows and a patriarchal
old bull were grazing on one of tho
plateaulike spurs of the mountain which
is surrounded on three sides by precipi
tious ravine and on the fourth side
that nearest the mountain by dense bush
Some natives higher up the mountain
were attracted by the sudden bellowing
of the cattle and saw two enormous
pythons coming out of the bush and
making for tho cattle which had drawn
themselves up in a compact group with
the bull at its head As the pythons
drew near the animals gradually backed
till they stood on a small space that
jutted out over a tremendous precipice
At this stage a sudden rush was made
but only one heifer succeeded in escao
ing The other cattle bellowing most
pitcously gradually backed and one by
one fell oier the precipice till finally the
bull only was left He suddenly charged
at the i > ig python transfixing the reptile
on his horns but thesecondsnakc seized
the bull in his folds and having its tail
around a huge boulder commenced to
crush thebullwhicb moaning pitcously
struggled frantically to escape The
tail of the python lost its hold of the
rock but the larger snake which had
slipped off the horn lapping its tail
around a smaller boulder opposite the
one the other snake had just released
seized the bull and compressed the ani
mal in its scaly fold The other python
succeeded in regaining its former posi
tion and the bull was literally sus ended
in mid air by the snakes The whole
scene Iookedlikesomegha3tly triumphal
marcb The snakes were evidently get
ting the best of the poor brute which
was blcedintj profusely when by a sud
den effort his struggles forced both rep
tiles to loose their hold of the rocks and
the whole thce were hurled into tho
ravine beneath
The cattle were found on the first
ledge of the precipice all being dead
but the bull and the pythons had bounded
from ledge to ltdge and were found 400
foot bolrny tbo coonp of tbo fifeht Tho
bull was merely a mangled mass and tho
snakes wer < greatly mutilated the larger
one having the vcrtebrr broken in nine
places The pythons which were of the
rock specie male and female measured
respectively 4n feet 2 inches and M
feet 14 inches Saal > uth Africa
M ttncss
I sat Eobinson why dont you weal
that now derby I saw on you tho othei
day Im suro tho weather is fine
enough Jly dear boy I will toll
yon confidentially that its in soak I
am saving np to pay for my wifes
Easter bonnet New Haven Kews
The tiara which tho Duko of Aosta
gave his wife conta ned 1150 stone
and cost 85000 It must tiro her to
wear it Lowell Courier
Cure or rnenmonla
Hess IEoad Xiao ma Co NY
XlaichSl 1S8G f
Aboat a year ago I was taken with a sevens
pain in both longs I was first attacked with a
violent chai then a dreadful rain and then a
cough accompanied by considerable fever It
looked very much like a bad attack of pneumo
nia A friend of mine procured fii o Aixoocks
PlxASlEns One he put nndcr each arm one
under each shoulder blade and one on my
chest close around my throat In a few hours
the cough ceased tho pain gradually abated
and I broke out in a profuse perspiration I
fell into a profound sleep and tho next diy
was almost well I t oro the Plasters eight da s
afterwards and have never had any trouble
since William A Sawtkh
Nevada contain lOtTlJ square miles wai
fettled In lStiO at Washoe and was admitted
into the Union October 311SCL
Shocklnc Accident
So read the headlines of raa newspaper
column amino peruo with Stating Inter
est the details of the catastrophy and are
deeply impressed by tbe sacrifico of human
lives invou ed Vet thousand of men and n o
men are falling i leutns every year to that ter
rible disease consump inn scrofula of the
lungs and they and their friends are mti < lied
to believe the malady incurable Now there
could be no greater mistake No earthly
power of course can re tore a lung that w en
tirely wasted biitllr Pierces Golden Medical
D scovery will rapidly and surely arrest
Hie ravazes < if conunijki r taken in time
llo not therefore dotnair until you nire ulwl
thi3 wonderful remedy
Calhormas production of dried fruit has
Increased from 5rroliO pounlsinlSSS to V
605000 pounds In 1SS7
Genteel Qnnck
Yes it pars Faid a big fat physician with
a name which is known throughout the medi
cal world I havo a practice worth tn0H > a
year Women Yes youvo guessed it
lirt time They pay 10 every time they come
Into my office When one gets on my li > t I tell
you shcstatil nnd Dr II laughed lung
and loud 1 his is quackery giltedged gen
teel quackery to keep ulTemig women pay
ing tribute year in and year out and doing
them no gootf Dr Pierces Favorite Prescrip
tion cores tho peculiar w caknesscs and dis
ease of ti omen It does not lie to them nor
rob them
Alaoama was rttled in 1711 at Mobilead
mitted into the Union December 111819 and
contains E054Q square miles
A perfect specific Dr frages Catarrh Rem
It was a maxim of Mardial Saxe that every
soldier killed costs the enemy his weight In
A Itrtnnrkabte Inprr
Tnn l orrrns Coup imov is a welcome vtsitor
weekly n more than 40OU1O families and has
won n place in home life obtained by no other
publication It is alwavs safe pure Instruc
l ive and entertaining llie w onder is how any
family can do without it Any ner subscriber
eendln 175 now can have TnE Compamon
free < very week to January 115S9 and for a full
year from thadate Sam le copies free Ad
dress The YopthsCompanion ostonMaa3
Inlnrrh Currtt
A clergyman after j cars of suffering from
that loathsome disease Catarrh and vainly
tryingeveryknown remedyat last found a
prescription which completely cured and aved
him from death Any suITerer from thisdreod
ful disease sending a selfaddressed stamped
envelope to lrof J A Lawrence S3 War en
St X l will receive Ihe reelle free of charge
A Itnd enl Cure for Epileptic Fit
To the Editor Please inform your readers
that I have a positive remedy for tho abote
named disease which I warrant to cure the
worst cases So strong Is my faith initiir
tues that I will send free a sample bottle and
valuable treatise to any sufferer who will give
mehisl O and Express addrpHs Kcsnv
II O HOOT M 11 peifWNew York
If afflicted with sore eyes nso Or Isaac Thonm
oneEyewater Urnzgista sell atijc per bottl
TeNleht and ToMorrow Mshf
And each day and night daring the week you
can get at fill druggists Kemps llalsamforthe
Throat and Lanss acknowledged to bo the
most snccesstal remedy ever sold for the cure
of Coughs Croup Bronehius Whooping
Cough Asthma and Consumption Get a bot
tle todav and keep it always in tho bouse so
you can check your cold at once Price 50c
and Sb Sampie bottles free
Estimates of tho number of dogs in the Uni
ted States fix it at 1X10000 and their cost of
kceplne at 12000000 per annum
Rheumatism Neuralgia
Backiche Headache
Tooths cheSpralas
Bruises c
AtBraxftJU ia4b fclan
brief Ui
Or Battles gold
And In Every One
Diamond VeraCura
XaUf iU a SotrStomtch H rtb rB Hmt G1 < 1
< lMa OautlpftUoa r IlB i MUr U f Tool
lUalaf la th Untb ia4 dlMfr l t u afur m
lif Kmtqcslmi ai LcwSplrtU
At VrwKisit nrui Vetera or tent by ma2 tr Tfr
eelpt Qf > cU 5 late 11 tfn U ttzmp bavipts
tent on receipt < tf 2ecnt Siarip
U T2TC30
Over 25 Pounds Gain In Ten WeeIts
Experience ot a Prominent Citizen
Tax CauroKtix Socrrrr roa the
EcmiisKioTi OF Vice
8a Fiuxcibco Jnly 7th fffiG
I took a severe eold upon
my chest and lungs and did
not give it proper attention
It developed into bronchitis
and in tho fall of the same
year I was threatened with
consumption Physicians or
dered ine to a more congeni
al climate and I came to San
Francisco Soon after my
arrival I commenced taking
Scotts Emulsion of Cod Liver
Oil with Hypophosphltes reg
ularly three times a day In
ten weeks my avoirdupois
went from 15S to 180 pounds
and over the cough mean
time ceased c R BENNETT
AftiVi hilbe 1 n troatcl in vain with old < y 1
remedies f Jtercnrv nd T lash K tv S nt iilv
run the Ulood Itiljon bnt rtistecl tho hluiuna
tirnfuich a raal T the ponino i rnKruN
GEO D0VtliSI33J Aienne > V
Slneyc r iraSCTornlsttickM itn < nl
Cren n < l they wer badly UK ed with tlv Ji
whlrh renlatM the treatment ot ray rami yphyiciaT
Iwar r ual < Kitrus < > hwift < Slclttc t > y rehvran
conntr paper Tl nrr e
account ot cures In my
nwnt waaairai ntfromth firatlewtoeeaadtna
mpri rSgSE I Trtf
a m
jcuimI and well JOIUi WILLIAMS Lexington
fcwrrra Srxcrnc in entirely a Tewtable rem ey
anil is th only mMicina whieh permanently rnres
Scmfnla IJlnoil Unroot Cancer and t ontairtoi
Ploori I oiwn fiend for Hooka on l > lood and Lain
Dineaws fii ed true
Tilt s HI SPECIFIC CO Drawer a Atlanta Ca
SOU twlnraXnehine
I 1
u i dc
trad in al pun b
TJj imr oar macamrt
Jt and zvtda waer tb pavpla
tbm wa nl a nd free ic on
> pr an to rach lata Ity tbe vrty
tt aawttifniacbiaa tcada in
wotlt mtb all tba altarbntata
Wl l ua Bdraeerotirta
11 acofoar roatlj and eltah an
Iwntplaa In rat ea w atk tba <
aw w bat wa aaad to tho w na
tyra atypnrboma and altar 13
1 month all aball bocoira ur own
jiioprty Th piml ma hina ta
fmado nw lb htR rr pattata
Lwhcbha ranout htfurapatrnTa
ran oat it o tiler SDH wi nth
> a larbnwnt and now arl a for
S iOBoat atrooftai muatn a
Paiul machine in tha world A 1 t
frea No capital ratuirrd PUin
Iboaa wbownto to aaat onracanao
enro free tba tet acw > oa > machln m lb w r J and tba
ttnet o gfworka of htab art arrr abjwa toethrr m An > ncn
TIttlloVCO MloK 11H Aucu U Mialne
Time Inin Trouble
nnd xiMCllti
Apply Balm into each nostril
CIA BUGS IG V rrt n t N
iriva fT tnTi ta
rllrur m > l it srnra
JTTn the wiiii jl 1 t
UMltrtutr jir r nan
fr la our lin In
ttrcuiimp Wag S3PerDay lcm n nt i ittf u 0
poits s ukwcTfiI li > ur j > diit tl for ssr l r i c rlc
Centenn al Manufacturing Co Cincinnati Ohio
Fr30 cent and M llr mail Mar
tjr t < female i ompajitS6Uil tir tleat4e j
Jos ° ifiiuginrtst JfeyrityTs J
and al II 1 ur l i l t It r ash at hMw > Pnees
relal h hii
aLoII nt rn jn t fraipera tuile
t rr 1iltllVirflVyslIonttJ < r e rJ orU
1 ej FIDOs Core for Con
I ramption ta Till U i
for leeims tw roico
I clear iOceats
rroof that glCO a month b >
jniarte e llin ir Sicwhook
XGV 3J Vr tnlronReAlM
Motbcrllomcnucl Hravrn i ww < dd Edttrd
eltlblo iHtrodn tton I > Y J ncent D V J t
tinted 2 l l TItEATruJaiili rrjroadway > y
Brairs Pills SSK
Oral Jox li nii1 1 I PHW
9uuoacre man > size tracts Just the place torn
lolonv Srntial inducement to settlers Jjlfv
rr Iv nookfe KpnrIta inr < i F < rrn
HfiUF l < nnianbfp AntJntH tn Miort htttxlta
then iijhJ > taiKbt y SI ML mil rn fr >
JIrTniiiM t I1ocr > > lain St 1 ullilo N 1
h5l HfiH T i tii i > cntn
rrJttt nHDil lJays Sanitarium or il n
i nt iralire No ur < No l > Tin
tin ii it ot Ufiinlr < Ia 1 nTelli In
to S a dnr Samples worth flJOlll j
Lint not under the bnr > s fr t V nto
South Florida Ifnmrc No frost orfiTur
CHEAP r rfr OM Cro bytorranalmbL > 1
CADMC I TVe want to tuy aevfrsl in this locality
rAniilO CCBTlsaBlcur ji3Uroalwaj N
To keep them but It fs
wrong tolct the poor things
buffer and Die of the ta
rions Maladies whkh aillict
them w ben ia a majority of
cafes a Cure con hi hare
been effected had the owner
po sefscU a littlo knowl
edge inch as can be pro
cured from the
who hare TL e1 Pi os
Core for Consumption
Sold everywhere 3c
Wc offer embractn tho
191 Pages 91 FullPago Maps
f > lorM Stare or each Btate nrt TrrttcrT In tto
TnltwlSUt a Alo Mar of errry Country la tat
World Thelttr pre i tha aqnare mllaaof
ta h btatc tlroa of M > tt amrul populatcn cote
ntws arerase IMnprnuurf lr > t omdals and
th princiial > oetina l < T n tk Bute number of
farina with their pmlu tloot ami tlu alu thereof
differ nt manufacture and nujil r or tni lore
rlc oto Alaoihf ai of each P > VSS5SE
formofCTneraiu rt population ri npalprodncta
valui mount ° ufl0 °
amltlirnunr > i
lekTrn num
n of inm tu of railioid and
V ujU a aatamitatcf Information
lerofh re rait i p
formation Talualle to all
All newspaper Traders are > natantly nedtnr an
Atla f r rn nr in onl r to ittelh nlr >
Hind the am e thr a r n nir It U MUrnam
h m u h informant n i tnue r d awar intj
n innr > andhow x n op l ti fatuuUrTltB
theihu f nta tone rum a tl Natcna ot tfca
Word Po tinlill T J5 rente
1 O > K 11 II HOI 1 t T C T
best medi
Pbos Cure la our selling
cine I have a personal knowledge of
Its beneficial effects and recommend it
S Luiuy Druggist Allegheny Pa
Want tn Trarn all abowt i
Horse ITow to IU Ic Oi t a
Good One Knowirapcrfeo
Mens and so Guard asalmt
Fraud Detect Diseasean < X
Effect a Cure when taineli
r ble Tell the ace bj
tLe Tevth > tt lint to tall the PUT rent Parts ot tbe
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