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SAfl SA33A
Fire Insurance Agency
Against Loss by Fire
Office in Ward Murrays Bank
The WatenrorVs Case
Considerable interest lias been
manifested by our people in the
lawsuit between Messrs J H
Brown and E E Bisien iovolv
ing ihn right to use tho water
from the stream just east of town
as well as to erect and abut dams
thereon Tho case was decided by
the Supremo court January 22
but no definite information could
bo had until Mr Burleson one o
tho attorneys for Mr Brown obJ
tained at considerable cost a cer
tified copy of tho opinion in the
Jise This opinion is now before
and wo will make some extracts
tho information of the rggdere
the News most of whom aro in
After stating the case in full
reciting the testimony giving the
findings of facts and conclusions
of law by tho lower court as well
as the assignment of errors by tho
appellant the higher court pro
ceeds to state the case and to de
cide upon it as follows
This suit was brought in Decem
ber 1855 by the plaintiff Brown
ngaiast Eisien to determine the
riparian rights of the parties to
McAnnellys creek The plaintiff
alleges that on the 1st day of Jan
oar 1877 and long prior to that
time and since he was aud is tho
owner of the land described in the
petition as situated on tho east
bank of said creek consisting of
about fire hundred acres and is
the riparian proprietor of tho
original source of said creek and
all of its water in its natural end
regular flow and entitled to tho
exclusive possession of the same
from its source to its month for
all reasonable and domestic pur
poses And for the purposo of
converting it to use by artificial
means for the purpose of using it
commercially and as a power to
run machinery of all kinds by
banking damming and all other
means That the defendant Bisi
en on January 1st 1887 entered
upon said premises and erected a
dam extending from bank to bank
iEcluansgWl of the natural
BankT of EaidrBtleam
ana uas
coavertednSE appropriated both
bauk3 bed channel and water of
said stream to his own use in vari
ous wayB an a means power and
force to run machinery and selling
in specified quantities said water
And has placed in the natural bed
and channel of said stream a hy
draulic ram and other obstructions
all of which it is alleged has been
done by thodefendantKisienwith
out the acquiescence and consent
of plaintiff except by permissive
accommodation up to about tho
1st day of April 1885 Since
which date ho has committed such
acts and trespasses and conver
sions without plaintiffs consent
and against his protest Praying
for a recovery and general relief
Bisien answered denying Brown s
rights as claimed by him Alleged
ownership in himself of a tract of
land on the west bank of the creek
where the dam was erected assert
ed rights to the waters of the
stream as coproprietor withBrown
Alleged the latiers acquiescence
in the building of tho dam with
full knowledge of all tho facts con
nected therewith and his encour
agement of him Bisien so to do
Ho also pleaded that after using
the dam erected in 1877 for sev
eral years it became unfit to meet
the demands made upon him to
supply water which fact was made
known to Brown who consented to
an extension of tho privileges pre
viously granted and encouraged
him in the erection of a new and
permanent dam in the same place
and encouraged him to enter into
contracts to supply parties with
water which contracts were to run
for a number of years and had not
expired and that Brown had en
couraged parties to enter into said
contracts and he was therefore es
topped from interfering with the
use and enjoyment of said dam at
least until the expiration of said
contracts if not absolutely and
until he Bisien had been compen
Kated for the money and labor ex
pended by him in connection there
The leading questions in the case
First The construction of the
deed to Brown from McAnnelly
which it is contended vests in him
the exclusive rights to the waters
of the creek as alleged in the pe
Second The law of estoppel
under tho operation of which it
seems the rights of the defendent
Bisien depend McAnnelly was
J E YERNOB Proprietor
the original owner of the land on
both sides of tho creek from its
sourio to its mouth On the 10th
day of April 18GG ho executed to
Broirn a deed conveying five hun
dred acres of laud which embraced
all of the land on the east bank of
the stream crossing it a short dis
tanco above its mouth and inclu
ding a small part of the land on
the west side This deed in addi
tion to the usual language employ
ed in similar instruments con
tained the following cluse
And I hereby convey unto said
J H Brown his heirs and assigns
all the rights and privileges of
possessed and which until now I
have reserved in all conveyances
of land on said McAnnellys creek
for tho purpose of erecting machin
ery up to B D McAnnellys origi
nal boundary line
Two conveyances of land had
had been made by McAnnelly
near the source of the creek prior
to the deed to Brown In one of
these tho conveyance to Williams
in 1800 this reservation is made
Except the extensive probably
the word exclusive was intended
control of the water and tho privil
ege of banking on said land convey
ed in said creekup to starting point
of said two acre tract of land
Tho extensive control of the
water must have been a right ex
isting in McAnnelly at the time of
the execntion of the deed to Brown
and which ho refers to as hereto
fore possessed and which until
now I have roserved etc and to
gether with all the rights and
privileges of using the waters of
said creek he assigned to Brown
This would seem to be the obvious
meaning of the language contained
in the clauso in the deed to Brown
when construed in connection with
the exception or reservation in the
prior conveyance to Williams If
then McAnnelly was clothed with
the right to the extensive control
cf tho waters of the creek which
he had reserved in the deed to
j SM upon the principle that
all of the rights and privileges
possessed by tho grantor at the
time of the conveyance would vest
in his grantee unless it appears
from the deed that less than these
were intended to be conveyed It
is a familiar rulo in the construc
tion of instruments of this charac
ter that effect should be givwi to
every part thereof if this can be
dona Hancock vs Butler 21 Tex
This principle would bo violated
and tho clause quoted granting to
Brown all the rights and privil
eges of using the waters of the
creek heretofore possessed and
until now reserved etc would be
inoperative and without meaning
if the deed from McAnnelly to
Brown coaveys only such riparian
rights to the middle or thread of
the creek as would be coincident
to thts ownership of land on tho
bank thereof Because such ripa
rian rights would be the legal
effect of and pass by the deed with
out tho aid of this clause There
aro cotomporaneous facts in the
case supporting tho construction
of the deed that it operated tc
create an easement in Browns
favor He purchased the land
with the intention of erecting and
operating a dam across tho creek
and to control tho water below
and paid an extra consideration
for this purpose
That tho languago oLihis clause
as understood and interpreted by
tho grantor in tho deed McAnnel
ly conveyed greater riparian
rights and privileges than would
be ordinarily incident to tho own
ership of land on the bank of a
stream is evidenced by the subse
quent conduct of McAnnelly in
making the reservation in the deed
to Bogan executed in 18G8 and
self of all title to land on the creek
The conveyance previously made
to Brown of five hundred acres
and that to Bogun of twelve acres
embraced all of tho land on the
creek Tho most reasonable ex
planation of the reservation n the
Bogan deed is that it was made
by McAnnelly to avoid any claim
by Bogan which ho could have
made against McAnnelly under
the terms of his deed but for this
reservation or exception The
deed from McAnnelly to Brown of
April 18G6 wo think conveyed to
the latter title to tho land therein
dsscribed to the middle or thread
using the waters of said McAnnol of the creek In addition to this
lys creek which I have heretofore the clause we have feferredNo
read in the light of all the facts
and circumstances disclosed by the
record conveyed to Brown the
right and privilege of using the
waters of the creek and of control
ling tho same for tho purposo of
erecting machinery and conveyed
also to him the right to use the
waters of said creek by the erec
tion of a dam across the same
although it should become neces
sary in erecting such dam to use
tho west bank of the creek owned
by another person The facts
which the appellant Bisien claims
operato as an equitable estoppel
and preclude the recovery sought
by Brown are that Brown author
ized and permitted him to erect
the dam in 1877 and to utilize the
water of tho creek This permis
sion or license was to continue for
such time as suited Browns pleas
ure Under this license Bisien
erected a dam in 1877 which he
used for several years In 18S0
Bisien entered into contracts with
the County Commissioners of San
Saba county and many other per
sons to supply water from the
creek Brown knew that Bisien
had made these contracts assisted
him in obtaining some of them
was himself a subscriber to a con
tract to pay Bisien a small sum
annually to furnish water These
contracts were to remain in force
fefe e y ss Ss asyoH
1880 a nevf substauihWcomai
taining from Browrxme < J t0 touch his entmj
dead upon the window sill
which to construct
treated in a body to
expiration of these 10I C ° e3t to lay plans for
Jo out a aud then
en in the Spring c Sa sPy t e now hprnet camo
into other
character with n f
ue several years tho latter enconr
aged Bisien by his conduct in in
ducing several parties to contract
with him and to believe that he
could operato the dam until the
contracts expired This conduct
entirely in harmony with Browns
previous acts could bo reasonably
interpreted by Bisien only as an
agreement to continue the license
or permission to use the dam and
water for the purpose of executing
these contracts made in the Spring
of 1884 as he Brown had permit
ted him to execute the contracts
entered into in a similar manner
in 1880 To allow Brown now to
gainsay what his conduct then jus
tified Bisien in presuming ho irv
tended would operate as a fraud
Bisien would be unquestionably
liable for the breach of any of the
contracts to supply water entered
into in 1884 through the agency or
conduct of Brown Brown was in
strumental in placing him in this
position of liability and it is this
featuro of his conduct which would
preclude Brown from a recovery
or interfering with the use of tho
dam by Bision until the expiration
of such contracts as were made
with his assistance in 1884 Wo
do not think Brown is estopped by
reason of the permission to Bisien
to erect the dam in 1877 and use
the water until ho desired him to
discontinue its use nor would the
knowledge of and acquiescence in
tho building of tho dam in 1880
and the supply of material to Bis
ien for its erection affect his right
to recover Neither do wo think
that as condition precedent to his
recovory Brown should be requir
ed to compensate Bisien for any
part of the dam The contract or
license under which Bisien ex
pended his labor and means was
of his own making The dam and
improvements erected by him were
built with the full knowledge and
recognition of the right existing in
Brown to revoke the permission at
any time They were put upon
Browns land for Eisiens benefit
and not to improve the estate
Brown not having revoked and
to supply water u ns i i r we i SS i 18 > n
for several years
Eisien had mado tli4 ap a
and induced soverai guop 3rto
contract with Eisien as he had
previously done in 1880 The cost
of the dam including appellants
labor is estimated at about S575
and tho cost or laying the pipes
and other apparatus to supply the
water was about 81000 Tho in
come Eisien derived from the
water is estimated at about 805
per month
The remaining question to be
disposed of is whether tho acts or
conduct of Brown were such as to
call for the application of tho doc
trine of estoppel Au equitable es
toppel or estoppel by conduct it
is said consists in holding for
truth a representation acted up
on when tho party who made it
seeks to deary its truth and to Je
privo the paxty who has acted upon
it of the benefit obtained Tho
primary ground of tho doctrine is
that it would be a fraud to permit
a party to a ssert what Jiis previous
conduct had denied when on tho
faith of that denial another or
others have > acted It is not neces
sary that the fraud shonld bo in
tended bri t if it is tho effect of tho
evidence set up it is tho samo in
its operation Bigelow on Estop
pel p 47Cj Pago vs Arnim 29
Tex 7L
If Brown by a course of con
duct or actual expressions so con
ducted himself that Eisien might
reasonably infer the existence of
by which instrument ho conveyed I
n agreement or license whether
all of his land remaining on tlic80 intended or not the effect would
creek This tract consisted of
the reservations he had made in
the deed to Brown ami then in
serted in the Eogaii deed tho fol
be that Brown could not sabse
about hvene acres on the west tho rensouable in
of the stream At the
bank timoference to badTavu from his wn
of tho execution of this conveyance
luct Unrllh0ll Y8 rjoring 44
to llogan ho mentioned to him m i
Brown nad encouraged and as
sisted Ei sien by bunplying Lira
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Citation by Publication
iff or any Constable of San Saba County
You are hereby commanded to summon
the heirs of Ludwig Borches by making
publication of this Citation once in each
week for eight successive weeks previous
to the return day hereof in the San Saba
ty to appear at tho next regular term of the
District conrtof San Saba county to be
holdcn at the Court House thereof in San
Saba on the Fourth Monday in April
1S30 the samo being the twentysecond
dav of April ISSh then and there to an
sw c J > et tkJilfl r ll
I pw all through the fashionable circles iJBt t > tIie hI V LTa 7S
whispergoVhatapitythatsuchabn aantsal1ctlon alcSnC
light should have been extinguished t That the names and residence of
such a graceful gait should be crnpled tLudwig Borches heirs are unknown
such worldly prosr ts should beoblitexated That Plaintiff is the owner of a
l nd rf f > in parcel of hndforty acres moro
in San Saba county i5 or
i0i t > n
i V being
10i aW3 io urtUt jo 3W from the Town of San Saba
iitnmo3 5u 3Tl r ° ° ° A gapartorsurvey 104originally
s3j l3ted fo Uor
joV > op g ubis the said heirs of Ludwig
missioner of Appeals examined
their opinion adopted judgment
reversed and rendered for appel
lant Staytok ChiefJustice
Filed Jan 221889
It is a truth that stock raising is
one of tho necessities of prosperous
agriculture Exclusive grain or
vegetable growing may be carried
on for a time with every appear
ance of prosperity But tho ap
pearance is deceptive While the
income is ready and largo it is at
tho continual expense of the capi
tal Tho land is boing constantly
impoverished thus steadily reduc
ing it in value Land cannot be
croppedjand its productiveness be
retained without stock raising un
less there is such expenditure for
fertilizers as will destroy all the
profit Agriculture minus stock
raising cannot be prosperous It
is as true also that the amount of
real net profit depends upon the
quality of the animals and the in
telligence with which they aro
bred fed and sheltered If tho
holds said land in
he and thesa under
whom he holds claim the same under a
deed dnly registered and that ho has had
and held quiet peaceable adverse con
tinuous and uninterrupted possession for
a period of more than eleven years before
the commencement of this suit
4th That tho tendor under whom
Plaintiff claims purchased said land from
said heirs but that said instrument of con
veyance was lost or misplaced before
recording and that Plaintiff cannot now
same a on
Ereduce to said land to his damage in tho
sum of Five Hundred dollars
Wherefore ho prays lawful service on
said heirs and upon trial beieof for all
orders decrees and writs as he is entitled
to in law and equity
Herein Fail Not but have you before
said court at Its aforesaid next regular
term this Writ with your return thereon
showing how ioa have oiecuted the same
Witness A Duggan Clerk of the Dis
tiict court of San Saba county
Gh en Under my Hand and tho
1 S > Seal of said court at office in San
J > Saba this tho 12th day of Febru
ary a d lean aduggajj
J Dis rict Court SS Co
Citation by Publication
iff or any Constable of San Saba County
You aro hereby commanded to snmuion
tho heirs of Carl Dentsch by makingpnb
licatin of this Citation once in each week
for eight successive weeks previous to the
return day hereof in the San Saba News
a newspaper published in your county to
appear at the next regular term of the
District ccurt of San Saba conntyto be
the Court House thereof m tho
holden at
Town of San Saba Texas on the Fourth
tion alleging
1st That the name aud residence of
Defendants are to Plaintiff nnknown i
2nd That Plaintiff is the owner > n fee
simple of one hundred and sixty acres of
land on V allace creek San Saba county
Texas being Suney No KB Certificate
417 origiudly granted to the said heirs r
Carl Dentwdi
3rd That Plaintiff and those whoso cs
tato ho hasclaiming the same nnder a deed
the blood regulates tho licr and > ak
alniiwtauew crcatnroot man Dr LO
lline of Oakalla Texas says I ba > o
used Stillingin and liko it Please send
half a doxcu moro lwttles
a period of more than twenty years next
before tho commencement of this suit
4th That Defendants have some sort of
protended claim on said premises by rea
sol of certain missiug links in Plaintifl s
chain of title which he is unable to pro
duce and which said chiim operates as a
clond on Plaiiuifls title to his damage in
the sum of One Thousand dollars
Wherefiire Plaintitl prajs that said
with mat erinl to orect tho dam m Mrs W H M ofLlaim Texas of ww the hln citCli j law to answer
M lituoWn asullcrcr of abcess jlia Petilion Illeil lmrriii and that upon
18S0 and bad aided the latter 111 hae taken incdi
i > cr rr fifteen cars trial
I hereby reserve to myself the obtainingcontracts to supply water
privilege of banking ater up tho to tuo co nty > nml umerous other
said creek for the purpose of 1erson8 it js true that this was
erectiDg machinery AvitI r < jfieienco to the contracts
This could not havo enured to which eacpred ji 1883 but when
the benefit of McAnnelly as it was iBisier h nvrtii Browns knowledge
the reservation of a right he could had uaSo aud was entering into
not exercise by reason of the fact t other contracts inthe Spring of
that ho was then divesting him1188i f a liko character to contin
kinds of patent medicines but I
ccived mom Wiieflt from Stillingin in one 1
weeks time tLan
j ears before
For sale by 1 N Eddins
Ketclmui A Son
lie shall li o such orders decrees
and writs at ho is entitled to in law and
Herein Fail Not but 1ia o you before
in the whole uracilt t ga 1 rmti at af0resald next regular
i term this Writ with jonr return thcrecn
showing how you ha o executed the same
Witness A Dnggan Clerk of tho Dis
trict conrt of San Saba county
Given Under my Hand and
io Blacksrcao
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answer a Petition
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ov 1 68
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al skill the
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jg Cherokee San Saba Co Teias
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83 pm
1 4o pm
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School Books stationery Staple
Only pure and fresh goods kept
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Time Card in Effect October 21 1SSS
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San Anelo For furiln r information address JAMES S CARK irnl Pass Agent
Galveston Texas or Ticket Ageut Goldthnaitc Texas
Our Safe Family Doctor A Srfe and Reliable Remedy in all Cases
A Complete Family Medicine Perfect Substitute for Calomel
The Greatest Remedy of tho tgo for Bilious Diseases
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thestem ami reforms 0 < of the ti r and
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San Antonio
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St Louis
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Colds Bilious Colic Cboera Bilious Firer
Malaria Fevers Diarraa General Debility
Rheumatism Loss of Anpetite HtadacK ic
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