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Fire Insurance Agency
Against Loss by Fire
Office in Ward Murrays Bant
The Unemployed
A writer in a St Louis paper contrib
utes a scries of articles unaer tb nbovo
caption snowing the causos wlin i Iiae
led to some oftlio evils nftheprescit day
These articles will ho ro produced in theso
columns helioving that a reading of them
will bo beneficial to our people Prescrvo
tho papers containing them that yon
may rorcad when the articles luo nil
api > earcd They oro masterly argnments
from a nonpartisan hat purely indepen
dent new of the subject Wo hope onr
readers will enjoy these articles as wo
have Ed SanSaba News
A Into writer Laving analyzed
tho occupation of tho pcoplo of
East London estimates that out of
a total of 903000 about 311000
men women and children are de
pendent on casual labor that is
such as tlMsy can find hero and
thereTifom day to day The writer
father states that what is true of
East London is probably true of
South London nnd willjsoon be
true of North London wharo for
gotten by their fellowcitizens tho
poor are again congregating them
selves That is as much as to say
about onethird of tho population
in the places designated obtained
a subsistence on tho precarious
principle of catchascatch can
while the majority in this class aro
illclad illfed and left to contend
against antagonistic influences
numerous in their character and
formidable in their force
What in this respect is true in
London is to a greater or less
extent true in every largo city in
this country and most likely in
every large city in the world nnd
why is it so The earth is capable
of producing abundant food for
every living creature on its surface
and tho oceans seas lakes rivers
and roads furnish opening for the
transmission of food for every
point where needed and then why
shoold there bo luxury on ono side
and scantiness on the other gour
mnndizing here nnd starvation
there Yet such is tho fact
These extremes aro often existing
side by sido in the satno city on
tho saniastreet and sometimes in
iDlock all indicating hero
2enons wrong either in
jTBrauoxicalas it may Eeein it is
yet true that as tho wealth of t
county increases pauperism in
creases alw Because the wealth
is accumulated by one class
absorbed by that class consequen
tly by unequal distribution is
drawn from the other class and
the gap between thorn widens as
this goes on
A good illustratin of this may
be found in the history of our own
country during tho last thirty or
forty years But be it remembered
the defect with us is not in the
form of oar organization The
principles of that organization as
set forth in the Federal Constitu
tion place every man on tho same
plane under the same civil
environments giving like civil
rights and privileges and as far as
possible like opportunities to all
Of course they did not and cannot
take cognizance of tho dffierence
in original mental strength recep
tivity aptitude and the like they
only deal in general principles
nnd leave every man to choose his
own pursuit in life transact his
business in his own way and do as
ho will provided he does not inter
fere with the rights and privileges
of others It is therefore difficult
to see how civil society could be
organized on principles more just
and fair than those of our country
Stillthere ore many malfifudeff
of poor among us and as the cause
is not found in the principles of
our organization wo must seek
for it in our modes of operation
and manner of life and now for a
scrap of teaching history
Thirty years ago tho laborer was
a real or prospective land owner
There was within his reach a home
of plenty for his family and an
old ago of pence and comfort for
himself and he was n peaceful
sober respectable nnd a respected
citizen We well remember tho
time of the visit of Charles Dick
ens to ins country and of his writ
ing from Boston to a friend in
England and saying There is
not a man in this town
or in tho
xtate who has not a blazing fire
nwd meat every day for his dinner
J E YERNOB Proprietor
towns and country plnces nnd ex
cept a few boys in the city of New
York met not a single beggar
This is in accord with his best
rocollection at present Thirty
or forty years ago beggars wore
very few indeed in any and every
part of the country and profession
al tramps were unknown
Now tho wealth of tho country
is perhaps three times that of
thirty or forty year3 ago and tho
number of the poor increased at
leaat five times what it then was
That is to say tho wealth has in
creased threefold and tho poor
five fold If wo aro right in this
and no well informed man will
charge us with being fan wrong
if indeed wo be not below the
mark tho reader will readily per
ceive we are in a critical condition
with rather gloomy prospects
ahead Tho gap betsveen the rich
and poor is widening Tho feel
ing is intensifying the oppression
increases so does tho discontent
and tho possibilities of a class con
flict shimmers on the distant hori
TVhat brought on this state of
things and what and where aro
tho remedies aro questions to be
discussed in future numbers of
this paper
The AVorlU Ought to Know It
Tho world ought to know what
SSS has done for me in the euro
of a malignant Cancer which was
so bad as to bo considered incur
able by tho physicians in Chicago
where I went to bo treated The
hospital surgeons gave mo up say
ing they could do nothing for me
One of my neighbors sent me a
copy of an advertisement cut from
a paper in regard to Swifts Spe
cific and I began taking it I got
relief from the first few doses the
poison was gradually forced out of
my system and was soon cured
sound and weL It is now ten
months since I quit taking SSS
and I have had no sign of return
of tho dreadful disease There
are thousands of people going to
° f vil K5 iifejrBrOTes o ixxf
its modes of operation cer and they ought to know the
virtue of SSS
Mrs Ann Bothwell
An Sable Mich Dec 29 8S
Brother In Black
Two or three years ago a negro
boy on my place near Franklin
Ey was tormented with an ap
parently incurablo case of Scrofula
which lasted him a long time and
gave him great trouble After
trying many other remedies I at
length went to Dr Morris drug
store in this place and bought sev
eral bottles of SSS by taking
which and nothing else ho was
fully and permanently cured He
is now a stout man and at tho time
I commenced giving him SSS
tho bones were working out of his
arm could use but ono arm and
the doctors said nothing could do
him any good but I had tried
SSS and seen it tried and felt
that it would cure him
John H Gkaingek
Franklin Ky Dec 131888
I was the victim of tho worst
Catarrh that I ever heard of I
was entirely deaf in ono ear and
nil tho inside of my nose including
part of tho bone sloughed off No
treatment benefitted mo and phy
sicians said I would never be any
better Ltook SSS as a last
resort and li has entirely cured
mo I have beenwlliour years
and no sign of return of tBetlrcud
ful disease
Mks Josephine Polhill
Duo West S C
Swifts Specific is entirely a
vegetable medicine and is tho only
medicine which has ever cured
Blood Poison Scrofula Blood
Humors nnd kindred diseases
Send for our books on Blood and
Skin Diseases mailed free
The Swift Specific Co
Drawer 3 Augusta Gn
At Del Kio Mrs Bobert Mc
Mahon wife of a railroad man
went out into her back yard to
look after some clothes drying on
a line leaving her six months old
babo in its cradle with no ono else
in tho room While the mother
of the nose and was merrily nib
bling into the babys throat when
tho mother camo to tho rescue in
response to her childs screams
It is thought tho baby will die
The pet rat has been killed
From Fontotoc
Pontotoc Feb 2218S9
The receipt of n copy of your
neat nnd newsy sheet leads mo to
pencil a few items from this part
of the moral vinyard which it is
hoped will bo acceptable to you
and your i eaders Having years
agone sat on tho tripod I still
have a fellowfeeling for that hon
erablo profession nor do I know
how the world con1get along in
this stirring age without tho news
paper Soma people with whom
ignorance is bliss think it would
bo money wasted to subscribe for
thdlr homo paper or induce another
to dp so bat for my part I had
rather pay trobble the cost than
to bo deprhedof tho pleasure of
their perusal
In this section the measels have
prevailed during the winter Pon
totoc has been a hospital Not
only children but a number of
grown persons havo been its vic
tims Two of our citizens havo
died of pneumonia in connection
with tho mensels viz Mr J C
Paschal who wns hurried week
before last and now Miss Emma
Horn who will be borno to her
last resting place today Febru
ary 22 Tho former left n wife
and seven children tho latter
departing in the bloom of young
womanhood leaves parents and
brothers and sisters and associ
ates to shed their tears and plant
flowers oer her early grave The
admonition should bo headed Be
ye also ready
Pontotoc is improving Situated
in this fine valley so admirably
adapted to agriculture and having
excellent educational and religious
facilities it is destined to become
a place of considerable importance
Should the steam horse como
prancing and thundering nlong
our valley to wake the echoes again
then a new life will be infused
and progress will be the inevitablo
Desiring outlet and range for
stock several of our citizens con
jratnnxinrrin TJrracn and
Mason counties in tho SpriLorai
their places will doubtless soon
bo filled The religious condition
in this charge though not so good
as is desired is nevertheless hope
ful As ever yours
A F Cox
Galveston Tex Mnrch 1 In
tho past few days a number of
splendidly executed counterfeit SI
silver certificates have been put in
circulation in this city Several
merchants and others have accep
ted them as good only to havo
them thrown out by tho banks
The northern and eastern cities
have recently been flooded with
this spurious currency and it is
thought that tho gang engaged in
shoving theso bogus bills havo
transferred their operations to the
southern cities Tho authorities
are on the alert but thus far havo
not run upon any member of tho
Tho question of deep water
somewhere on the coast of Texas
must continuo to agitate the public
mind until it shall be an accom
plished fact Tho surplus pro
ductions of tho land constantly
increasing must find a water out
let and a ready market It has
bcon suggested that the stato take
this matter in hand and not longer
rely on tho national government
It seems to bo the only practical
solution for thoiiupstinn jintUmi
believe tho day is not far distant
when many seas will bear upon
their stormtossed crest tho surplus
products of our soil Tho encour
agement of a water traffic at this
time is tho surest and best means
of regulating the land carrying
facilities now grown to such
giant proportions and nt times
threntening tho common welfare
and perpetuity of tho nation
Mr Nevin of Now York who is
hero looking nfter tho gadolinite
deposits ns heretofore mentioned
will contract with Inud owners to
buy nil this material they can find
nt from 15 to 40 cents per pound
according to quality Ho is not
trying to lease lands or buy them
chenp after finding tho material
but simply wants tho option ot the
was out a white rat the household j mineral when found at so much
noi would the cradle nnd
This mineral
a flaming sword in the Pet climbed into j per hundred is
more attention than a proceeded to miuco on tho helpless < found in the grauito formations
ar in the street This Inn1infant The pot rodent nibbled and is a black glassy substance
giigeistoo strong But two or j out an eyo of the baby took a nip j crysbilized and very hard So if
years after tho date of thatou tuo right a ii bit off a big slico i you find an article of this kind
lettt the present
writer made nn
extesive tour for observation in
the ipstorn Middle and Eastern
State tmvsled leisurely observed
closeljtt tho large cities nnd
very closely resembling old black
bottle glass that is apt to bo the
mineral in qnestion and is worth
money big money if it can be
found in lnrge quantity It is
worth looking for Burnet Hero
The agricultural advancement of
tho south will be more marked in
tho next ten years than it has been
in tho past ten The southern
farmers aro becoming alivo to tho
necessity of changing their meth
ods and as new methods aro adop
ted they will become more inde
pendent Agricultural immigra
tion which is being sought more
than over before will help along
tho development of tho south to a
cbnsidsruble eileut SllViUillull
A novel fuel has como into uso
in Vasa Valley Cal It is peach
stones which are said to bo as
good a fire for household purposes
as tho best kind of coal in fact it
is said that an equal number of
pounds will last as long and givo a
greater intensity of heat than coal
Tho fruitgrowers dispose of the
stones at the rate of six dollars per
ton Apricot stones do not bum
as readily as tho peach and do not
command quite as good a price
What is ltf and what good does it dof
God in his wisdomknowing th many ail
ments which mankind is 1 cir to has
placed in tboiegetablo kingdom tho roots
aud Iierbs from which this great and won
uerful rcmedj is compounded It purifies
the blood rcgulitis tho liver anil makes
almost a nou criatun id man Dr L S
lime of Oakalln Texas sat I bio
nsed Stilliiigm nud liko it llrasc suid
mc half n dozen moro bottles 71
For silo by J N Kddins A Co and
Kctchum A Snn niayl
Mrs W II M of Llano Tcxa snjs
I hae been a sutlercr of abscess of the
lier for fifteen years hae taken medi
from ii number of doctors and dillercnt
kind of patent medicines but 1 have re
ceded more bineflt from Stillingin in ouo
necks time Hnn in tho wholo fifteen
3 cars beibrc
For sale by J N Eddins Co c
Ketchum Son may
West Texas AVool Men If I veia t0 givo an office to
March L a Th ° bn8 aPlied for jf
San Antonio
Texas W V er or m person it
A meeting of the west
would take six to
men including several representa
linld nttIlQ
uniform system of torms throughi
out tho country With the end in
view of consummating these ob
jects tho meeting before adjourn
ment appointed tho following com
mittees On address W AMiller
of Llano John Owens of Gnlves
ton John TLittle of Snn Antonio
and Capt W L Black of Menard
Committeo on subscription C
AY Benton of San Saba P W
Thompson of Maverick county
and J C Bans of Snn Angelo
The committee on nddress will
soon issuo a circular setting forth
tho importance to tho woolmen of
tho stato of the nttninment of the
objects outlined nbove urging
them to concerted action in the
premises recommending the em
ployment of a secretary whose
duty it shall bo to gather and ar
range in convenient shape all sta
tistics obtainable pertaining to
tho wool nnd shefp interests of
Texas Tho meeting adjourned to
meet again with the convention of
the Texas woolgowers association
to convene on Juno 1 the place of
convening yet to be selected nnd
designated by tho associations
president Capt Sheppard of the
Iron Mountain ranch
Whon it becomes necessary for
tho right thing to bo said of the
men who paved the way for civili
zation in Texas the men who
wero valarons in war and prudent
in council the Hon A WTerrell
IS tiro lgl xtftTu a cm3iTlguc
place His address before the
legislnture receiving the portrait
of Stephen F Austin does his
rare abilities full credit and re
flects deserved honor on a class of
men who are fast passing from the
stage of action We need not lon
ger wonder why the people of
Texas did not send him to Wnsh
ington to bo shorn of his stiength
by those beautiful women whom
Judge Hnncock tells us nbout in
his address before tho legislative
committeo ou deep water and
whoso onchanting wiles turn tho
heads of both sago and saint as
they look down upon them from
tho crowded galleries of tho na
tional cnpitol Texns has plenty
of work for him to do and he is
doing it wolL As governor of this
stato his brilliant talent would find
a vast field for enlarged thought
and practical effort
mo six years sign
commissions > said President
tivesfrom Galveston was neiu ai
el0ct Harrison tho other It
v c i this afternoon
tho Southern hotel
delegates from nearly every wool
producing county in tho west being
present The objects of the meet
ing wero to discuss tho best means
to adopt to bring nbcut a uniform
system of grading the obtainment
of relinblo statistics relating to the
amount of each seasons clip in tha
stato ready for consignment tho
numbor of muttons in the several
districts of tho stato intended for
S said that tho importunities of
officeseekers really killed Tippi
canoe Harrison and it will not
be tho officeseekers fault if Ben
jamin Harrison does not dio as
soon after his inauguration as did
his grandfather after his
Bnckleas Arnica Salve
The Heat Salve in tlio world for Cuts
Btiuses Sores Ulcers Salt Khcnra Fevet
Sores Tetter Chapped Hands Chilblains
Coras and all Skin Eruptions and posl
i i i s cures or no pay r ennired It
market and also tho ndoption Ot bpPjwpntted to give perfect satisfaction
y rcfiinded Price 25
uSwey eta per box
or sale by J N Eddins Co Aug 12 Sd
I Scrap of iaper Saves ller Life
It was juat a scrap of wrapping paper
hat itsa ed her life Slio was in tho last
stages of consumption told by pliysidans
that she was incurable and could live only
a short time she w eighcd less than se en
ty pounds On a piece ol wrapping paper
she read of Dr Kings Aetv Discovery and
got a sample bottle it helped her sho
bought aiargebottIeit helped her more
bought another and grew bctterfast con
tinuod its use and is now strong healthy
rosy plump weing 110 pounds For full
er particular send stamp to V II Cole
Druggist Fort Smith Trial Bottles of
this wondertol Discovery free at J N Ed
dins Cos Drug Store 4
This is what you ought to 1m c in fact
yon must have it to fully enjoy life
Thousands are searching for it daily and
mourning because they find tt iot Thous
ands upon thousands of dollars aro spent
annually by our peoplo in the hope that
they may attain this boon And jet it
may bo had by all We guarantee Elec
tric Bitters if uscdaccordingtodirections
and tho uso persisted in will bring yon
good digcsttion and oust tho demon Dys
pepsia and install instead Eupcpsy Wo
recommend Electric Bitters for dyspepsia
and all diseases of the Liver Stomach and
Kidnf ys Sold at 50c ond 100 per bottle
by J N Eddins A Co Druggists 4
Citation by Publication
iff or any Constable of San Saba County
Yon are heroby commanded to summon
tho heirs of Lndn ig Borcbes by making
publication of this Citation once in each
week for eight successive weeks pre ious
to the return day hereof in the Sau Saba
Ken 3 a newspaper pnllished in youreoun
Funded her husband to help her so that s
irjssrn more rapidly ot long since she
U3 auc c 6ve xwjun
wherein John M Ttppin is Plain
tiu and the heirs of Lndwig Borches is
Defendant said Petition alleging
1st That the names aud residenco of
said Ludwig Borches heirs are nnknown
2nd T iat Plaintiff is the owner of a
certain parcel of land forty acres moro
or less being in San Saba conut 81 or
U miles SW from tho Town of San Saba
and being a part of survey 104 originally
granted to tho said heirs of Lndwig Bor
3rd That Plaintiff holds said land in
fee simple and that he and those under
whom he holds claim tho same nnder n >
deed duly registered and that lie has had
and held quiet peaceable adverse con
tinuous and uninterrupted possession for
a period of moro than cle en years before
tho commencement of this suit
4th That tho endor nnder whom
Plaintiff claims purchased said land from
said heirs but that said instrument of con
veyance was lost or misplaced before
recording and that Plaintilt cannot now
same theredy easting a cloud on
Erodnco to said land to his damage in tho
sum of Five Hundred dollars
Wherefore ho prays lanful sen ice on
said heirs and upon trill heioof for all
orders decrees and writs as ho is entitled
to in Uff aud equity
Herein Fail Not but havo yon beforo
said court at its iforesaid next regular
term this Writ with your return thereon
showing how yon havo executed tho samo
Witness A Dnggan Clerk of the Dis
tiict conrt of San Saba county
s Gien Under my Hand and tho
< LS JScal of said court at offico in San
< v Saba this tho 12th day of Febru
ary A D 1833 A DUGGAJT
Clerk Dis Tict Court S S Co
Citation by Publication
iff or any Constablo of San Saba County
You are hereby commanded to summon
tho heirs of Carl Dcutseh by making pub
lication of this Citation once in each week
for eight succcssivo weeks previous to tho
return day hereof in the San Saba News
a nowspapcr published in your county to
appea at tho next regular term of the
Tistrict etnrt ot San faaba count to ue
holdcn at tho Conrt Hou e thereof in tho
Town of San Saba Texas on tho Fourth
Monday in April le8D tho saroabcing tho
twentysecond day of April lect then and
thero to answer a Petition this day filed in
tho said conrt in a suit numbered on tho
Docket of said conrt No 837 wherein John
M Tippin is Plaintiff and the heirs of
Carl Dentscli are Defendants said Peti
tion alleging
1st That tho namo and residence of
Defendants are to Plaintiff unknown
2nd That Plaintiff is tho owner in fee
simple of one hundred and sixty acres of
land on A allaco creek San Saba county
Texas being Suney No 23 Certificate
417 originally grauted to tho said heirs of
Carl Dcutseh
3rd That Plaintiff and those whoso cs
tato ho hasclaiming the samo under a deed
duly registered has bid and held tho
ijukt peaceable ader o continuous and
uninterrupted possession of slid lauds for
a period of moro than twenty years next
beforo tho comiicnccnient of this suit
G P Holrnan jr
Residence just opposite tho residenco
ofMrT W Ward
W S < fcG Sanderson
Xliysiolnn8 and Surjeon
Office on Wallace street next door yrtet o
Burleson Burleson
Will attend allpledical callswithinthcir
reach at reasonable rates Special at
tention to surgery and chronic fcmalo
Sidon Harris
Temporary Capitol Austin Texas
Will practice in the District Court of
San Saba and adjoining counties
J K Gaany J T Walters
GATnsnr wai ters
Office up stairs In Odd Fellows buMbi
Will practice In the District CourUof San Saba
Llano and McCalloch counties
Attorney at Law
Old Fallow a Huildlnz San Saba Texas
Will practice in am tonrt wliiro anfl cient in
dncements are offerML
lieicrra by Permission Ward t Murray
Will practice in the Courts of the 33rd Judicial
District and in the bnpremo and Federal Courts
A S Fisher
Will practice anvwherc and in all the Courts
House sign Ornamental
CirCar ije painting a epecialtv v <
Kr eTc
tytoappearatthoiiextrcgularternioft °
District court of San Saba coir imts her
holdeu at the Conrt Ho2JWCtiouse like the
Saba ti v teaching end tellin
yjVt thfl Iove cf Jesus She is very anxious
Itto read In the Now Testament and has pov
4th That Defendants ba e boine sort of i
pretended claim on said premises by rea
sol of certain inissiiig links m Plaintiffs I
chain of title which he is unable to proUnit are com
ducc and which said clmii operates as a I billed the fln
clond 11 Plainiiirs title to his damage in est mechanic
Ihe sum of One Thousand dollars j kill the
Wherefore Pluntiff prajs Ihit said most useful
heirs bo citid in terms of law to answer i i i
his Petition tiled heriin and tint upon nQ Pllcai
trial ho shall Into such orders decreesI elements and
and writs as bo is entitled to in law and all known ttd
Herein Fall Not but Iiao jou beforo
said court at its aforesaid next regular
term this ntwith our return thcrecn
showing how you huo executed the same
Witness A Dnggan Clerk of tho Dis
trict court of San Saba county
Gicn Under ray Hand and the
LS 5 Seal of said conrt nt oflicc in San
Saba this the 12th dav of Fcbrn
Clerk Dielnct Court S S Co
vantages that
make a sew
ing machine
desirable to
sell or use
J < 3 W
ac x6 > fglit Blacksmith
I lrn rP LaiLgR a OLD STAKE
iUWVju = iliwArl nnd repairinE
of machinery ofall Kinns arTK wi x
Horscshocing a Specialty
Give mo a liberal suaro ot your patron
age andlguarantco satisfaction
C W Long
Shop en Wallace street opposite Eddins A Co
Will be pleased to havo a liberal share oi
the public patronage
VsFEoofin nnd Guttering a Specialty
The Monterey House
Is Kept by the Old Veterat
East of tho Courthouse Square
Good meals clean beds attentive wait
ers and moderate prices Persons from
the country will find this house pleasant
and comfortable GO ly
Watchmaker and Jeweler
Watches Clocks and Jewelry repaired
on short notic andat Kcasonablo Trices
South Sido Square San Siba Texas
Oak Dale Ifanch Company
Richland Springs San Saba Co Texas
Information of stock not in proper range
will bo gratefully received N 1 88
Richland Springe
norso brand same
on left shonlder
6tockarein vari
ous marks July U
rKtory and Wholesale OSm BeWders 111
SOS irnltI Ire Chicago
39 < bireci to Tort
Ward cVr Hurray
is n
Exchange Dealers
Seasonable Goods
Boots nnd Shoes
Kepp constant ou hand a complete lino
all kinds of Dress Goods Jentft Farnisum Goods Notions aud
It b D a i Sons Jfir York
Uui lUtchlBn 4 Co Galvr atoo
TMrd National Bank M Louis
5 h tI t iraa Hik Now Orleans
felate National
Bank Atutin
Collections made anywlior
Hats and Caps Etc
Our Stock of New Golds in every lenaVfnent was noer so largo and well selecte
Wo show without doubt tho
Ever brought to San Saba to which all aro cordially mvitctl tocouie andlnspee our
Stock and got pricos
Groceries and Provisions Crockery Glassware
Cutlery Etc is complete
jno mkenna
San Saba
Lumber Furniture Builders Material
Keeps a Full Stock of both costly and cheap Household Furniture nlso Rongli
Dressed ami Finishing Lumber Nails Locks Doors Hlind Faints Oils rrrv
Ready Made Colons Always on Sand
Anything not kept in stock will bo ordered for Cmtomers Jivo mo a call be
foro bnying anything in mj line
Tho trade of tho public la respectfully solicited
Cherokee High School
Will open January 211889 and continuo o Scholastic Months
Tuition per month from SloO to SL00 according to grado No pupil
received for less than one month Eegularity in attondanco is required
No dednction for lost time except for protracted sickness Tuition inut bo paid at
the end of each month or satisfactory arrangements must be made to seenro it Cattle
will bo taken in payment of Tuition at market prices
MUSIC is taught by Miss Lulu Walter Hates 1 per month Art at usual prices
BOARD can bo h id in private families convenient to school at as reasonabo rates
as can be obtaiued anywhere
It is tho desiro of the peoplo and Teachers to build up and maintain a first 4
school and pupils from adjoining iicighbcrhoods will find a heart welcojuor < r
DISCIPLINE Our Discipline looks alone to tho good ofisJL s nd the up
bunding of the school Those wLo can not cheerful JmtTo such discipline are re
spectfully invited to atteud Q > jyi > 1 tieiiui
KElOKTS will Ji < rit to parents or guardians at tbt end of each month
KorfnrtbcrpaTtTcnlarsAddiess W S GROVES Principal
Cherokee San Saba Co Texas
SvabscrlToe for tiie
n Saba News
r a be arpip
CjTthe lakgest wholesale and ketail dkco iiuuse i > iiKowj comrrr
GuldtliiTaKc Texas
Wholesales and Retails Drugs Medicines Chemicals
Paints Oils Varnishes Fancy anil Toilet Articles Stationery Jeieelry ete
Ppnea lnnarlers for Sulphur and Sheep Dip
at all 1t
sf2fews Depository
Iansrreacriptioitt accurately cemponndei
ly larera kept
Agent for the WatersPierce Oil Company
TtaTjni Ty
Paints Oils Tarnishes Toilet Articles Etc
Only tho Purest and Ircshcst Drugs kept in stock Special attention paid to as
Jobbing Trado
Ep PJITSICIAXS rKESCKirTIOXS Carefully Compounded at All noon Day or Xlht < S
Wckcep a select assortment or fine jewelry nt moderate prices
t a
11 r m g
School Books stationery Staple Groceries Et
Only puro and fresh goods kept jnly 1ly
M nnbetur i ot 1 >
25c aiisoc j it
than one cert r
Time Card in Effect October 21 1SSS
EKgjnt Pilhiaii PalncoHntlet Sleeping Cars D uj between GaUeston and Kan
saa City amiIcmple ami St Lrtin Tree Kechmng Chair Cars between Temple and
Sm An ulo lor furtL r mfirniatoii uhlrew JAMES S CAKK Geul las Agent
GalcstonTxas or Ticket A ent Goldthwaite Texas
Our Safe Family Doctor A Sfo and Reliable Kenedy in all Casss
A Complete Family Medians Perfect Substitute for Cahmef
The Greatest Remedy of the Age for Bilious Diseases
Hie most effective prcparatunL own forrunovnp bile from
of lh liver and
the jystem and restoring the rorn I irtioo <
the Udceys It has a rapi 1 tltertivs and sedative
effect upon the system Itreic tr it and restores
it to a healthy vigor It men nt the appetite
t d aidi in the digestion ai d His milatioa
cf the food It can U gi cn with
t children or adults of try
e in alt cases where thee
a a derangement of
the system
Colds Bilious rr c
Malaria Fevers u
Phsaratism LoZj c
raa t wonderful
era Bilious Ferer
ma General Debility
02tHe Htadache c
e MresLa SoU a
lm medtcieecoftttlts
ul 1 be kept in erery fataBy
Fir 1 F TM r C Ca mj cent it nip to

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