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Prajlns Ajalnst Time
An undergraduate in one of tha unl
WersitJes not bo very far from New York
tells tfco following story of how one of
the Greek letter fraternities in the insti
tation recently captured the presidency
loLpflBof the literary societies it atime
When the office was forsoine reason par
l Ocularly to he desired
First we made a coalition he slid
with the fraternity whose man was al
ready in the chair Counting their fel
> ows and oar own and the fellows of an
other fraternity we found that we had
just one man more than the opposition
part But when the society met on its
tegiran vcning ono of our own fellows
nma5ldiK lWajJ rte relied upon was
< t was time for the society to
bo called to order and the first business
would be the election of officers The
fellows on the opposition were triumph
ant < Ve had a few minutes consulta
tion with ourselves and with the Prcsi
dent and then two of our men quietly
left the hall
It had always been customary open
the meetings of the society with some
brief kind of derotional exercises a
mere form sufficient to keep up the an
cient habit The President called on one
of own fellows to official He walked
to the big Bible opened it at the 110th
Psalm and began to read lie read on
amdon anion thirty minutes passed
InS iows on the other side were in
amazement n Slashed the P salm then
jhe began a prayer Trs was a good fel
low and a candidate for the ministry
And such diffused and capable praying I
never heard By this time the opposi
tion were beginning to see through the
ruse He was praying against time while
the missing manwai being hunted up
and brought in to vote But there was
Jnpthing to bo done there was no pro
vision in the constitution for calling a
in to order on devotional exercises So
it to admit the missing man guarded by
tho fellows who had gone to find him
Ve got our man in as President and by
my watch that fellow we call him Dea
con now had prayed thirtyseven min
utes Sea York Sun
Stanleys Namo a Talisman In Africa
I Herbert Ward who was with Stanley
a part of the time during the explorers
last trip in Africa describes in the Led
ger a journey on tho Upper Congo We
make this extract
j In the night about 10 p ir we got
into a narrow channel all was silent and
dark when several hippopotami rushed
for the jalcr from the narrow reedy
banksT where they had been dozing
TSome almost rushed upon us in their ef
forts to gain the river whilst the water
eurged and rolled about until I feared
one of the monsters would take it into
his head to charge us Such an event
would have been Jie end of our canoe
journey About midnight as we passed
some villages on the north bank the
alarm drums heat and a very gruff voice
challenged us
j We are friendii children of Stanley
going to Bangali we aro peaceable
saidwe Itold them wo were Stanleys
children 3Stanl8ys native name Bula
Matadi xhe StoVebreaker acts as a
talisman throughout tho Congo country
By millions of these savages his name is
tittered with respect almost akin to fear
It was evident tnat the natives did not
believe our declaration for the gruff
voice replied
If you are what you say why do you
travel in the dark Ton lie and we will
como to
are like tnEr
the night
anxious lcs
channel T SSfjig
side the bankuamttaybreakpassiagtha
night without interruption from the na
tives who on reconsidering the matter
probably had believed our assurance that
we were children of Stanley
At very earliest stjeak of dawn on the
following morning we were off againand
passed many Tillages on the north bank
that had grown np in the interval since
my stay at BangaU in 18SC
IOO Doses One Dollar
k fob
Cblrj in Head
Tny Number Fivo ThonsancI and
Come From AH Parts or tlio
Country Their Positions
Aro Not Sinecures
There are 5000 of the brightest women
in the United States employed in the
great Government departments at Wash
ington They come from all parts of the
cotntry and they aro of all ages from
swet sixteen to grayhaired seventyfive
Th st do all sorts of work and get all sorts
of i > alaries They form an army in them
selves and they are among the most curi
ous of Uncle Sams daughters
lyots of them are widows Hundreds
of ihcm are old maids and several thou
sand are sweet marriageable girls with
pretty faces good hearts and a high grade
of culture and education Many of them
havo had Governors and Generals for
fathers not a few are the widows of noted
soliliers and statesmenand all are far above
the average of their sex the United States
over Kully onethird of this army aro under
the command of the Secretary of the
T asurTaOn thousand o them march
dayS tMgtdjtstone steps of the
United StMJTteasurf and remain upon
duty until zzpQg fa ilgo U sorts of work
ccive thisSlaf eau
Van Vraakenros KewlS
who receivJfiesstSSxEis are those who
get the psmjfl brKSBnd messengers
and othersfrunning down to the char
women wwTicevo20 a month for
sweeping and scrubbing One of the
most interesting sights of the Treasury
Department is the paying out of these
moneys which always occurs at the last
of the month
From all parts of the building the men
and women troop to tho disbursing of
fices and they receive their cash in crisp
new bills which rustle like a fourdollar
black silk when they pass through the
counters banc s I stood the other day
and watched them get their money
Through a gr ited window in line stood
Hub Smith the noted authorof the song
known as Listen to 3Iy Tale of Woe
and it wa3 h who acting at this time for
Secretary Wndom was paying out the
cash to the jirls
These girls all earn their salaries
The money counters of the Treasury are
numbered oy the hundreds and these
girls go tl rough thousands upon thou
sands every day and count millions a
month wHlc working foi salaries of 75
I asked one of them yesterday if she did
not covec the money she counted She
replied she did and that her feelings
while she worked were much lik those
of the ragged boy who presses his nose
against the candy window and gloats
upon the sweets within and thinks what
he would do if he had them
These girls are adepts a counterfeit
detectors Their fingers get so sensitive
that they can tell a counterfeit if it
touche them and if they pass a counter
feit the amount of the bill is taken out of
the measles Teat and will
green and the grejty because of
tSTSfMA ust be
comes from tbitelligent stock
tract sores or p hogs mules
thiscounting na1
but J
every day
scratched andSatter Will be
haprens to gctiint of his ex
very likely to ap > 1
wards The Feu unaer Reans
have towork might
waysfullpfa Jesire to smasHtli fa
man therefore who gives a stagnner
at a Jfoscofr Tstaurant or hotel nvari
ably contracts to pay for the mt > n
clusive of crockery As soon as the
last dish has been served his gests be
gin to slam things about tha ° i and
before the last bottle of winoh been
nerved the floor is carpetedvith small
bitsofthu service the mirrt > an < 1 t0
pictures from the wall Inthe Winter
Garden tho young bloods irire their
sticks through the fishgloW a ° < l tew
down all the flowers and stubs they can
get at They are not altoge r t > a1ihov
ever for they pay the foprietor lav
ishly for everything theydestroy An
other freak of tha livelyyoung men in
JIoscow is to Wro an lephant for an
evening and get it dnu > on champagne
About sir months aft a young blood
beat the record for o inal > ty by giving
Spread of the English lanjnase
At the opening of the present century
there were in round figures 25500000
people who spoke the English language
They were chiefly in England We
were only a few millions in America
The Frenchspeaking people at that time
numbered about 31500000 and the
Germans exceeded 30000000 The
has enormously out
English language
and they rc5evrplj janas pf salaries grown its competitors It is used by
Thn higl priceA pff thenf get 1800 a nearly twice as many people as any one
year and tiero > re thrfO ladies who J of the others and it3 relative growth is
i r pgJSne the French
be the seat of an AngloSaxon republic
with millions of people The English
language is having a marvelous growth
in India and it will ultimately replace
the myriad dialects of the native popula
tion There w serious talk in Japan < f
a national adoption of the English
language In Egypt the English occupa
tion is resulting in the substitution of
the English for Frcnchand throughout
the Orient there is a growing eagerness
to learn the coming language Minne
apolis Tribune
Learning to Talk at Thirtysix
The students at the Collego of Physi
cians and Surgeons are talking about a
wonderful bit of surgery recently per
formed by the magic knife of Dr 3fc
Burney in the amphitheatre
Hospital He had perfectly restored
speech to a man of thirtysix
dumb by an accident and if the present
promises in tho case are carried out it
may be the means of bringing back his
organs to a normal state
The patient is a well known doctor of
Rochester N Y In August last he was
thrown from a buggy landing on his
head He was made unconscious by tho
blow and when the doctors brought
him to it was found that his right arm
and leg were paralyzed and though he
could understand what was said to him
he had lost the power of articulation
Under medical treatment there was a
partial restoration of the use of his arm
and leg but he was still dumb He was
finally brought to Roosevelt Hospital
and Starr
tuBBoaa rou summek tveah
Every week shows more plainly the
efforts which made by
creat are
nre Z febLD f bon manufacturers to keep U article
31000000 and the Spanish by more
than 26000000 These four languages
French German Spanish and Russian
were therefore very nearly equal in the
number of their users and were all far
beyond the English in that regard
Even the Italian had threefourths as
large a constituency as the English and
the Portuguese had threeeighths as many
users Of the 161800000 people who
arc estimated to have been using these
seven languages in the year 1801 the
English speakers were less than 13 per
cent while the Spanish were 16 tho
Germans 184 the Russians 189 and
the French 196 This aggregate popula
tion has grown to nearly or quite 400
000000 of which the English speaking
people number close upon 125000000
From 13 per cent we have advanced to
31 per cent The French speech is now
used by 50000000 people the German
by about 70000000 the Spanish by
somewhat more than 40000000 the
Russian by about 70000000 the
Italian by about 30000000 and the
Portuguese by perhaps 13000000 The
in front lad to make it as attractive as
possible This of course is the only
way of capturing a womans fancy and
we must say that foreign and domestic
manufacturers know how to do it
There is a ribbon with straw effect
which i3 splendidly adapted for orna
menting straw hats The body is double
faced satin and the border hemp inter
woveH with small satin stripo in differ
ent colors The fabric can be had in all
combinations are numerous but we findj
Tanner tJMffialMffiSS
wh > ae < i ggSlKf Inexplanat
Treasury ono ciMncLj 8 fwiiilA > AV5
had been Slaiistridasia
of tV UI s0 °
u rinjni l
man shspeaking peopia iv ujr M tc Vnn
jhe prayed onb prayed forOheAiciety father weS SpOiuy five women in There are 40000000 in Great JESrfiiSI ebrata year The leading ierte mfaxujuh id erfin flftl l
for tho University for the Government
Jor the heathen Ho put a complete sup j receive ft0 3jl28get 100 a month
plicatory belt about the earth he prayed Ninetyorie TCeirfcSluUOayear and 366
in fact until there came a light tap at I receive 9W jyt4tatKHth < thousand odd
ihe doorand the SergeantatArms opened
theTreasur li0Oayear thirtyone and Ireland Australia will a genera
tion hence have as many English people
as England now has South Africa is to
How many lew Yorkers or for thai
r V iii bell at last left his name and sadly
sliort wllltr the left he pneto
a VCSia J g < the M had
e i f n in ODCratiouras ae 1L i
uso for hypochron >
is said to have the 1 by an easecnrml of
is depressed in Stanley heV 115 knife
th influ
ii i ii undf
watches morbidly for sym 1
disease jkskuH about
But you wouldnt adviseX a ° ci0t
be cureless about my spid the usual
health would you for I sp K1 No
that is the application of yoi tieatwas
ure Jfke ye3 or
Not exactly but you js i
member that a sick jy disappeared His
cure himself by feeliffP adJ he has
sing his ideas in
But the doctor gentieved that he will
it as one means of aI1 0Ter aSain Htel1
J be watched with a
What is the vnnXt KewYoTiBeraU
True enough buthfa Douhlc
the doctor 6Vn and j eJaw It e °
rnte Washuigton
It Himself J maricable fact that thero i3 al
JLet the 6r0 ciact physical counterpart of
man in th remarkable senior Senator from
i Men of Mr Sawyers pecul
every two at architecture are scarce But
ing the b fhe past few days there has been
0 ft man here who so much resemble
Vat when he las met face to face
doctor f the Wisconsin Senator the gentle
Bamev nave instinctively eyed each other
is see if there was not a mistake some
The gentleman who so strongly
insofCscmbles ifr Sawyer in physical out
a line facial cast and in no small degree
aniVlikB obtain clerks of iMimpacss of pocketbook is Captain
nftet i tK lr cSofaBaiDetroit
bai eptheiWay hlE they
mTtj they eyed each other suspicious
A Tft ta turned sidewise and measured
their evidences of comfortable circum
stances and good living stood back to
back and measured heights and then ex
amined carefully the peculiar cut of short
white beards through which the winds of
more than 110 collective summers and
winters had blown and then stood
aghast at the remarkable resemblance in
the decillete head with the hair cover
ing only half way up all around and
leaving a ruddy and shining crownunder
which there are lots of sense humor and
judgment Senator Sawyer stepped
back and eyed his only double a momect
and said Well sir I am in doubt which
of us owes the other an apology Then
they became better acquainted
A California Lion
One of the Largest California lions seen
in this State of late years was shot re
his friendsa dinner t which the only centiy by W II Abbott Superintendent
meat was pork from trained pig bought of tlje Howard ranch near Olcma The
of its trainer by to host for lourtecn m00ster had been prowling about tho
thousand roubles At least that was the mountain canons of that region for a
story tho host toloV > B00 aitl1 to hls long time Last year the killing of six
friends at the beg E ° f the feast Hc colts was charged to his account He
learned the ncrtlayi that the owner o wa3 j tje trees whenSIr Abbott sighted
the pig Clown Tnto > had swindled him j anj a nOo ball through his body
by eubstitutinga common pig for the cnied his career The skin measures
educated jmimf A lawsuit followed eijit aad onehalf feet from nose to tip
but before it fluid be decided Tanto of taji anj the brute in life was evident
and his pig aA tbe fourteen thousand lv mCT tbre0 feet in height The skin
roubles in option got out of ti 11 hmmde into a handsome rug San
country AJerunX tncyeo BMetm
its most pathetic fall
After her death it was found that in a
memorandum she had left word that he
only wa3 to seo her in death They sent
for him of course and ha kept the lone
ly tryst with the woman whom only
pride and political influence had kept
from happiness as his wife So other
human being save those needed for her
interment looked again upon her face
A painted photograph taken of hcr and
tho Empress of Brazil together shows
Miss Iturbide as a brilliant dark eyed
olive skinned girl of five and twenty
with rippling waves of hair and a pecu <
liarly attractive smile
The proposed revival of the hoop skirt
lias been postponed
Gondolier is the name given to
and extraordinary looking hat
Flora JIcFlimseys jacket for Spriaj
is even shorter and more rakishitHai
ever and has soupplate buttoiuS
Jet ornaments aro to be extensively
used on dinner and reception gowntjifj
the Paris
that in this fancy fabric all ribbons
dark colors are prettier than those of deli
cate shades J
The ruban bayadere is a high fancy
material and one of the prettiest in this
market The weave of the body is tuslj
sah with bayadere stripes while the borj
der is satin The colors of the stripes are
in the most delicate shades and thus
gaudy effect is avoided < 5
For trimminga Gainsborough
latest ribbon in fashion is a kind
fabric Blue or vieur rose
m < m
tffiir roliWfioiaeBaOBlS
BM fe
anyr H
novelties of ribbons howrrer
there ribbons for
are special trimmgr
hats to match dresses of a materia
We find ribbons which ftJow the deslgi
and tho weave of ginghams thenjj S
have special ribbons nbch can onbMj
worn with a lawn or Juting dress api
finally we havo other fbbons that canno
be used except the diSs3 is of clotrntsSj
will make ladies
material This varWy
toilettes this year ather expensive
each dress will reiliire a hat trimmedi
with ribbons to mi m tho toilette rj
Goods Chronicle
matter Philacjlphians recall tho assoj
Iturbides with the ljffi
ciation of tW
Empress of Brazil Miss Itnrbidjj
daughter of the unfortunate Jlexxcap
potentate Vas an intimate friend alRm
of Roosevelt
hcr visit
presSj aia amng to
ouch time with her TWS
A I York spert
the of
decades aro name Iturbidc was as
well knotr as that of Dom Pedro today
Mexico h J always offered the spectacular
to the viv of nations and Iturbides
career wa1 in keeping with Mexican mise
en scene Hiss Iturbide returning to
Philade > hia always kept up a certain
state he conducted herself with the
dignity of royalty and commanded
alwavf peculiar kind of respect even
from er few intimate friend
BV life had its romance When quite
youfe she fell in love and became en
gaid to a naval officer State reasoasob
li d hcr to separate from him The
egagement was broken Years went by
ter her fathers downfall Miss Iturbide
nctCaptain then Admiral tbut
and placed in the care of Drs McBurney Cri
her accepting his ad
vances They met f requentlyy but never i
Yalne of Earth Worms
The weight of earth worms bring to
the surface yearly in enormous Darwin
estimated that worms by swallowing
earth for tho sake of the vegetable mat
ter it contains and forming castings
bring to the surface as much as ten tons
of earth per annum on an acre Worms
ore great promoters of Tegetation by
boring perforating and loosening the
Boil and rendering it pervious to rains
and the fibers of plants by drawing
straws and stalks of leaves and twigs
into it and most of all by throwing up
such infinite numbers of lumps of earth
called worm cast which form a fine
manure for grain an 1 grass The earth
twithout worms wou > d soon become cold
hard bound void nf fermentation and
consequently sterile this has occurred in
many cases where tl e worms have been
either accidentally or intentionally de
stroyed and the fertflity of the soil thus
lost has only been restored wnen the
worms had again collected ind resumed
their fertilizing work
RSarch April ftflay
Aretha best months ta which to purify joar bloe <
w t bq cthr KUonCoe the iritesiMSiach se4
ffct X reliable rowMelaa Jits Hood Bus
ftirSlj u w Durtes tho Urns cold wiatr tht
l > loo4 becoxuei thia xd Impore tk tod LccomM
vuk and tire tha appetite mar tort Hoods
irtprffi ia pttnxHr7 adapted to purify and en
> q ypi
adt <
lto0rer >
pirifioa tb ilotrlaad
That Untold leelio aomettme called
tprtBc rerer win cerer 1t the fTftexa thai
hi been preptxlr cared for by thlf ne rei faIllB
remedy TT H LiwEnrct Editor Jlerfcultnral
ZpOomkt ladUsapoai lad
The Best Spring Eftedlclna
I hiT takes three fcotOei of Hoods Eenapa
rffl aad consider It the bnt Uood medldflo I hare
tt takem It fedlds me up makes mo aleep
better civea me a cood appetite JtatAPLiioa
zsz Fcrttad Xe
Hoods Sarsaparilla
TCLHOOD TO Afotlucaiie towelS M
package the girl who ci
to the chief and the bJS tvill
the tilb come must stanry best
is a paper strap around Srfect
and upon this is the amour
age and the name of fH any
which it comes supply
A few weeks ag ° spriDgs
lady counters was e a
101 notes She hitthe miner
the desk beside her saise extra
package and after TerifS rru
had swept them allintc
As she was rapidly count timber
she found that it containejy pro
nine notes looked r
1 11
containing the memoranv
nam e of the bank from if mans
was horrified to find thatjafre 0
from the table and into Cjpfi
remembered the name of
them was no way in Wjput ob
provB that she was right grass
notilled but the cashier 1 r
knowledge the mistake
to pay 100 nt of its
I notice that theserf aud good
bXra chtas mild
she gets her rnoig the business
great danger of ket safe and
approximate spot wKre the clort
4 formed Tho doctors believed ito be
speaKp0 to the iBfuie of a small arter P ° n
tress conld sea no onet Ha lingerodQ
moment on the door step ringing the
correspondents are reliaMcS i that entrap
The puffed scarf will run untuffiofi feS S i
iC Jmotlier has si
weather and then tho fourinhai Lrwill Jkiibw how y
come back in a great variety of showyt
Flowers are to be the trimaiuis
the spring aud summer hats anrT5
placed in styles to suit tho tasto j3j
wearer ix
Tightfitting redingotes aroJh Jflc
in which many of the new and fasEir tA
traveling costumes ar gade up 3J
Girls are now sul o q jL
many of the fine single f
are letters in their full n < cr >
London fad liftere is
Tho rose and rull OTel uiy
separately or in ct
none of their popular f tl 0rUP
trary they appear to galnof hu
favor Tv5E
Light graceful petticoaro
are now furnished by the bestij
dressmakers are made of thul pt
cordionplaited and finished atfo
with deep lace treated iiffUf
Some of the newest toques for
wear are exceedingly lightStt fj5
silk muslin flowers gauze fofdsTI
crown and brim velvet ribbon
loops in front and some aigrette sp SS
New polonaises of Scotclffplaldire
made up bias the skirt part ten5 > 2rery
plain over the hips and opea oUjtbe left
side The bodice part is drawllffioothly
material showing neither darenor jeaaio
except the deeply curvedJundeijarB
seam which arches well towarflthafronts
The sleevfare usually ot thggeg g
mutton sort slightly raised afi wrinkleal
at the top and also bias
Tho Miracle Gun
The Germans are said to be much in
terested in 11 Paul Giffards repeating
airrifle wellnamed the miracle gun
It uses a steel cartridge about a foot
long and as thick as a mans thumb
which is charged with liquefied air and
contains 300 shots The shots arc cr
pelled with great force and accuracyand
without flash or smoke The weapon is
very expensive
Text A foolish son isOi heaviness oj
his moth er Proverbs x 1
All parents want their children to turn
out well However poorly father and mother
may have dons themselves thoy want their
sons and daughters to do vpleniidly Up to
forty yrcirs cf age parents may have am
bitions for themselves after that their chief
lmbiticns are for their children Soma of
theoM time names indicate this The name
of Abner indicates his fathers lamp The
name Abigail means her fathers joy
And whit a parental delight was Solomon td
David and anmcl to IlnnaU and Joseph
to JafoUeTh best earthly staff that e father
with straw
colors which assimitate any 5BhsfeJWian is a good son and the strongest
Another new material conveys the ide
firrn l
Mr fflioi 3if
ie jtpa jtooyba SPili
Subjcct Parents Treatment ol CliU
has to help her down the steep
at of a graUful child
no a to find
rare thing people ua
of two ribbons and 13 called the twoJ ciyten the parents are themselves
ribbon effect One side is a grosgraiw itabJawflHteeJ persons sometimes bcome
with a satin edge while the other sideinPJ J a pMPpy and the children have
° aW rfuIl with the old folks Thero
ff rm i
shows a plain satin effect The color H P > so disagreeable that they havo
ijocen np some homes Tho young
with whom tha aged One lives
scause he has been used to it ail
the young wife coming in from
4flUsehold can hardly endaro it and
almost cries her eyes out
n httlo children gather in tha
4tor jre afraid of the venerable patri
11lt is forgotten that he ever was a
Jul and cannot understand why
Id ever want to play hide anil
j p or fly kite and he becomes
5W sound from tho nursery and
lf j Bln expenditure of voice that
fT ling for fifteen minutes aft r
b I > top that racket as though
tOor amounted to anything in
tha1 season t begin life by making a
0 are children who owe noth
Xor those parents have
lamented friend good
igfr President of
jo changed lus
ompan > not bis original
iathers name be
JO tlJa drunkard and a dis
sou aid not feel called upon to
rarcassallhislife Whilechildren
ija be dutiful I sympathize with all
plo w ho havo disagreeable or un
xAd folks around tho house Soma
ig itwmg out of our memories know
H possible after sixty or scveuty or
gtentnety years of age for the old to
pdSsand genial and the grandest adorn
A home 13 an aged father and an
i her if the process of years has mcl
Ojtlpannot hurt your namo of John or
igror Henry or Mary or Frances or
Stche fbecau3e there havo been thousands
fit people good and bad having those names
analypu cannot improve or depreciate tha
OSSeclabihty of those given names But
itfttyour last name your family name that
3Ta aa ycur mercy All who bear that name
M bound before God and man not to dam
igtfits uappy significance You arocharged
J > y all the generations of tho and all tho
fenerations to coiae to do your share for tha
protection and the honor and the integrity of
fRdurruigouttheidca of my text I re
tnat a reckless or dissipated son makes
tbetvj iearted parent because it hurts tho
IamIy pride ou ha e no right my 3 oung
rfrietn + iyabad life to blot tha old family
Bible containing the story of the marriages
and births and deaths 01 the years gone by
or to cast a blot upon the family llibles
whose records aro yet to be opened Thero
are in our American city directories names
that always suggest commercial dishonesty
or hbertinism or cruelty or meanness 311st
because one man or woman bearing that
name cursed it forever by miscreancy
Lookout how you stab tho famdy name It
is especially dear to your mother She was
not born un 1 jc that name She was born
under another name but tho years
passed on and sho camo to young woman
hood and s > Tsonie oie with whom sho
could trust ier happiness her life and her
immortal destiny and sho look his name
took it while tho orange blossoms were fill
ing tbe air with fragments took it with
joinedhands tookit whlietho heavens wit
nessed She chose it out of all tha family
names since the world stood chose it for
better or worse through sickness and
through health by cradles and by graves
Yea sho put off her old family name to tako
tho family uamejou now wear and sho has
After lonS ana careful study in the doaoher tomakeTit honorablenatnT
spoke Each waited for signal from an
1 a
their salaries It is the same thing if thej came to theconclusioa thathv deafhbea Uowl eavy a trouble you put upon her when
a meil her tha
v K oa n uwuutusuu
jjjim high significance Jo iaul it down from
ltrainpH It laths
iWiS V ltherSDrtsstr ar
wt thArgosjjjkjj fh Wufe
1iWiS CUMfattIotlier I JtttjsSr
tii i
Hhc orJEaielwoIdii
tVVa T
father sLffiroii or Herodotus the father of
hist jMBTbahias Aquinas the father of
raorT philosophy or Abraham tho
father of tho faithful but your father
has a nam1 in a small circle as precious to
hun as thoirs in a larger circle Look out
how jou tarnish it
rerhapi it is a good thing that cruel treat
ment bj a child abbieviates a parents life
for w halts there desirable in a fathers life
or o mothers life if its peace is gone Do
you not think death is something beneficent
if it stops the mothers heart from aching
and her eyes from i eepiu and says You
need not bear the excruciation any longer
Uo and sleep I will put the defense of a
marble slab between you and that boys out
rage Go now where the wicked cease
from troubling and the weary aro at rest
At the departure of such mothers let the mu
sic bo an anthem instead of a dirge While
you and I hear no sound yet thero are at
this moment tens of thousands of parental
hearts breaking All care was taken with
the boys schooling all good counsels given
and tho equipment for a sober and earnest
and useful life was provided but it has all
gone and the foolish son has become the
heaviness of his mother
Much of tho poignancy of the parental
Ignef arises from the ingratitude of such
S behavior What an undertaking it is to
leonduct a family through tho ailments and
life Talk about the skill
exposures of early
demanded of a sea captain commanding a
ship across tho ocean That requires less
skill than to navigate a young soul in safety
across tho infantile and boyhood years
The sicknesses that assault the temptations
the that excited
anxieties are
you will never know what your
suffered for you You will never
your father has toiled for you
lYou havo been in all their thoughts in all
their plans m all their from the
jfime jour first breath was drawn to this
l jSnonients respiration
fj > Butisays some young man my mother
liis gouer Try behavior will not trouble her
anymqJ5dg Theu perhaps you have her pict
nre tltap it up in your room in the placo
jwhere Jlsfiftenestlook do and study hcr
u are looking the past
featuxcaanS while you
will comeback and may hear her voice
rjtwhich is now so still speak again saying
StTOLFrom my heavenly home my
ri3ir S > riobeit vour reformation and
pSCUoJ the Christ who pardoned me
aj >
over a fitted French liningJSSe ojiTe
you My Leaven will
tilt I near of your changing
itri t r there is
olio sin oer repsntetlfr
Tho Presidents Room
Now that the Stewart mansion is to be
come a clubhouse says a New Yorl
paper it has come out that it contain
one sacred apartment It was on f
second floor and furnished at a cost
50000 Thero were carpets and furni
ture of the most expensive kind a crys
tal chandelier marble statues and fine
paintings It was fitted np for tho use of
General Grant then in the first year of
his term as President of the United
States It will bo recalled that General
Grant sent A T Stewarts name to the
Senate for Secretary of the Treasury It
was then discovered that the Constitu
tion would not permit an adopted citizen
0 take this place But Mr Stewart ap
preciating the Presidents desire to honor
him became from that moment a warmer
friend than ever of General Grant This
room in his palatial mansion Vas fur
nished expressly for the use of tho Presi
dent A latchkey to the mansion and a
Key to the room were sent to him with
the directions that whenever ho wanted
to come to New York and have a resting
spell this room would be at his disposal
General Grant in the eight years that he
was President occupied it many times
Finding Water With a DitlnlngItod
The diviningrod as a means of finding
a good supply of water stood a successful
trial recently at Oundle England AV
Todd a landowner requiring a well on
a portion of his property sent for a
diviner named Pearson There had
been considerable difficulty in obtaining
a supply of water in tho town and tho
Oundle Commissioners had spent SlOfJ in
trial borings conducted by a professional
man which proved futile In tho pres
sence 01 a number of spectators Pear
son with the usual Vshaped hazel twig
walked over the estate In several places
the tnig was visibly agitated but tho
diviner kept on until tho twig almost
bent itself double in his hands At this
spot a well was sunk with the result that
at seventeen feet water was found in such
abundance that it rapidly rose to within
three feet of the surface at which height
it has since remained During the mak
ing of the well the water percolated into
it so rapidly that at frequent intervals
operations had to be suspended to pump
out the water
Skin of a Uig Kattlesnake
The skin shed by a rattltanako which
was found on the bank of the Illinois
Itiver and is now preserved at a boys
seminary at Tahlcquah in tho Indian
Territory measures thirteen feet long is
fourteen and seveneighths inches in cir
cumference and has fifteen buttons Tho
person who has examined measured and
reports upon it says that it is a very dry
skin and therefore assumes that it pro
bably shrunk considerably in drying but
this is not so as the skin of a snake is
thoroughly dry when shed and conse
quently represents the full size of tho
snake Atanyratethisoneis big enough
without claiming any such allowance and
represents a poisoning power which it
would take at least a barrel of old bourbon
to counteract Seattle Wath Fosl
IVhcre Lobsters Abound
Tho best lobster ground in tho world
is the northeastern coast of Kew England
its shoals bays inlets and rocks supply
ing the lobster to perfection with all it re
quires for feeding and breeding places aud
protection against its enemies taid a Xew
York fish dealer to a Sun reporter Dur
ing the ordinary winters that visit the
coast of Maine tho lobster remains in
water as deep as thirtyfive
he is safe from tho
gab s that sweep the
the dangers of ii
the bottom in
warm and fair
1L t2 fiUxt loor we t of
To take or not to take It Is tho question
Whether It Is better to end thll earlily career
A eplnsterbrsTlnir the smiles of those who would Insist
That lact of foTen eauied ray lonely state
Or talo the remedies tar Uter tHT
And see my eyes grow brlrtt u tho I bathed
In the Immortal fount DeXeoa sought
In vatn In Floridas peaceful shades
I oft have beard my married sisters say
That good old Dr Pierces Favorite ITescriptioU
would brlnff back color to a faded cheete
Itestore the health of on who fain would dia
To rid herself of all tho pain > h feels
Tho aforesaid snmster took tha remedy ami forthwith took a husband alsty
bavins regained her health and blooming beauty
Thousands of women owe their fresh
blooming countenances to the restorative
effects of Dr Piercos Favorite Prescrip
tion It is a positive cure for tho most
complicated ana obstinate cases of leucor
rhoa excessive flowing painful menstrua
tion unnatural suppressions prolapsus or
falling of tho womb weak backt female
weakness anteversion retroversion bear
insdown sensations chronic confrestion in
flammation and ulceration of the womb
Inflammation pain and tenderness in ova
ries accompanied with internal heat
As a regulator and promoter of func
tional action at that critical period of
change from girlhood to womanhood Fa
vorite Prescription is a perfectly Bale re
medial agent and can produce only good
results it is equally emcaclous and Tama
ble in its effects when taken for those disor
ders and derangements incident to that later
and most critical period known as The
Change of I < e
For a Book 1C0 paces on 1 011183 Her
Diseases and their belfcure sent sealed In
plain envelope enclose ten cents in stamps
to TVoatns DisrKxsjinT MraicAi Asso
ciation C03 Main Street Buffalo K Y
Dr Pierces Pellets regulate and cleanse tlie liver
stomach and bowels One a dose Sold by druggists
The Pope Favors
from tbe Influenza
with exemption
from Lenten
rules 1890
Ayers Sarsaparilla
Strength and Vigor
Take it
Prepared by
J C Ayer
F J CUESzr Co rrops Toledo O
We tho undersigned have known F J
Cheney for the last 15 years and believe him
perfectly honorable in all business transac
tions and financially able to carry ont any ob
lisrations made by their firm
est Trnax Wholesale Drngjists Toledo
Waldins Kinnan Marvin Wholesale Drne
cists Toledo Ohio
Ilalls Catarrh Cure Is taken internally act
ing directly upon the blood and mucous sur
faces of the system Testimonials sent free
l rice 75c per bottle Sold liy all Urugsista
Walt Wiiituav Is anxious to go to Califor
nia this spring if his health will permit i
SixXoretsFree sent by Crain Cc Phila
Pa to any one in U S or Canada postpaid
upon receipt of 25 Dobbinss Electrical boap
wrappers tee list of novels on circulars around
each bar Tula soap for sale by all grocers
Tnini are fortyfive veterans of the lata l
war in the Iowa Legislature
have stood the test of time TansUls
Americas finest 5c Cigar
It afflicted with sore eyes use Dr Isaac Thomn
Watch for Murray Bessy adv next weefc
v 1Mr i
salvationwere dfriver
temple or on tho battle
great tower the message
y received and hofor this
angel would cry to angel
Have you heard the news Out yonder is
a mother who has just heard of her wayward
boys redemption Another prodigal has got
lifhome The dead is alive a ain andthe lost
sis found
Fair Play
Is nil that Is asked for Dr Pierces Golden
Medical Discovery when taken for catarrh la
the head or for bronchial or throat affection
Jor lamr scrofula commnnly known as con
sumption of the lungs and if taken la time
and Riven a air trial it will cure or the money
paid for it will bo refunded It is the only
guaranteed cure
Cleanse the liver stomach bowels and whole
system by uslnir lr Pierces Pellets
TnEexportsof farm implements daring last
roar amounted to S3G25UOX
Horse and Cattle Diseases
For General Use >
The Anns Palace and Stock Car Co
Toledo Ohio June 1SSS
Me cheerfully recommend St Jacobs Oil as
the best for general use on ttock
Cold Swelled IJrubs Inflammation
Neponset I1L May 2118SS
My mare caught cold result swelled
HaiLd lurrp between forelegs and infiamma
Uon Cured her with St Jacobs Oil
At pRrcorrrs jind Pealzbs
Both the method and results when
Sjrup of Figs is taken it is pleasant
refreshing to the taste and acts
centlj jet promptly on the Kidneys
Liretand Bowels cleanses the sys
telegraphie wire ever car fftemifiectnally dispels coldj head
ons to a wedding
heaven wardfitha
and whether
cnJy reraedy of its kind ever pro
dricedrpleasing to the taste andjtc
ceptable to the stomach prompt in
its action and truly beneficial in its
effects prepared only from the moat
healthy and agreeable substances
its many excellent qualities com
mend it to all and have made it
the mostpopular remedy known
Syrup of Pigs is for sale in 50o
and 51 bottles by all leading drug
gists Any reliable druggist who
may not have it on hand will pro
cure it promptly for any one who
wishes to try it Do not accept
ny substitute
LOUtsvtttE Kr mvjORKN r
pest of Pension and Bounty laws bend for I nren tors
Guide or How to Get a Patent Patrick OTaokexx
Attorney at Law Washington D C
APTTXTP TVIT TU everywhere with lame
iluXXViJ iXlXili acqualDtacce and afew
hundred carital may teeure AptntynettlcpMiOO
upyearly Coodghave unlrcrsal tale > oaamplefl
Addreea WORKER care 134 Leonard St ewl orb
PTrT M filffTV Anywomancawmakeafew
jXVi Ox U Xj i dollars weekly without In
terfereDoe with other tiuttr no canratcliiR or
acercy Tall or send 1 cents for material and par
ticnlars C t t o 737 Eroadway New York
11 n A n rO Esuu f00 Immense stock cheap
11K A r I i end llcfor sample Tln a Cafiocue
MUJ1I Urcg UtwCurtIceColTortlandA
8HtimlJV Uaslilnccon DCV
Successfully Prosooutcs Claims
I Late PrincipalEifcrnlnerU BPensonBur an
8 > yrt la la war IS 4joakaUag cJaiiai at alace >
Too Fasti
become listless fretful without ener
eyp thin and weak But you can for j
j tify them and build them up by the
l use of
1 OjT Lime and Sotla
They will take it readily for it is al
most as palatable as milk And it
should be remembered that is 1 rnr
j UKEQUaIIED roW nl 1 iif oriioJere < f
S Y t D ia
it you want your
pension withaat
delay put your
claim In the bands
Acu 11 m to in eases nraUU of m rain p a fatM
Back CUtst r Jlmbs Stlfleneil Jolati40
Warrnted for over fort jears
A bonis hu nerer yet been returned
Bold by aUDragsUtt Price25c 60c J
E7 Get th Genuine SaldErerrwliera
1 > m Hto tcfffrfi Pr R SCITimuSSt r lXl
Br J Hamilton Arers A M M D
This 1 a most valoablo book for tbo household
teaching a it does tie eaallytlljtlii Qlanal Bjirip
tomsotillfferenEtlUeases tixa caasei anlmeaiuo
preventing audidlsaasAS and ths simplest reais Llai
irhlch wilt alleviate or cure 39S pa oj proloasl
lllaitrated Tliabookls wxlttea In plsla eTerydaj
Engllsn and Is free troti tie technical terms watci
render most doctor books Talimleu to tns goaor
alltr of readers Onlj HOc postpaid Ulres a oom
plete analysis of eTerrtnlng pertain In to courtililp
marriage and ta prodactloa and rearing of beallliy
families together with valuable recipes and pre
BCrlptlons explanation of botanical practice cor
rect use of ordinary herb VVlta this book In the
house there Is n > excuse for not knowlag wbat t >
do in an emergency Send postal notes or postage
Btampj of any denomination not Lurger thin i c > nti
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1 udmt fiSt finely printed r e of dtar
tyr on excellent paper and is hui I
oomely Trt errtccatJy boonl In rloth
ltfrlvea IjigUab wonU with the Ueriinc
equlTaJenta and pronunaMKin a 1
Urnniui worda utth tngllah de mtiuas
Jt Is lnv > Jui > ie lo lirmans who aro u t
tborvatrhly familiar with Enirlwh > r to
jlrueriums wbo wish to learn Wrtnaa
AddresKwith SIM
aOOk ri B HOTS Ht 1mmH sl
It la plevaot to the tut and
Aon act contain a p rticl of
opinmcranjlUailaJuriorit It
la tboEcitCoagh Medlclinf atii
World ForS J byaUDniKfl tj
l ic 11 00 per brittle Pr Schtneka Boot en
Conrarapiion od if Cnw E Llfd in AdJreaal
Dr J H h n s 8o f ImlBlplllft
A Tan Union era lea
Iron Lever buel Beaiinr ErajJ
Tare ItcajD and Bcuulx far
Ktit rize Scaic For tree pnueftal
mention this papn and addrM
UAUIi Ualr Certain ui
eur CUKE la Hie WorU Ur
II J L sTtllIiNs Let > inoaU
> V fe ai jt nibble Ladle
Jvy Ul Pr C2tit Ur JHamtend Brand im >
ECvT 4 newiUe Uim anlel itH
AKnbbas Tate tber iltpUi
fc SVl mt P wr PPr ra
ffr4aaCTP Bac aiat rreltaS a 4
V iiunii far vkrtlea r teiJai iftla ui
1 iaIL Jf Mta r
r tlkknttr atal Cf Iifaot BbTU Jk
CONSULT OR LOBR Zi < North Kllteenth
street lhlladelpbin Iwentyyearsexpertenoo
In special dlseiaes cure tho wursteaaes of AerTooi
Complaints Bl > < o < l Poisoning Clotches Eruptions
riles Catarrh L leers borea loipaiet Memory
Despondency Dimness of Vision Lun Llrer
btomach Kidney Brljhta Diseaset confldentlaL
rsrCuii or write for question list < tnd boolc
j r > and tnlly n
innf BIr O M the only
ipvino fortbecertatacar
of ilil die
O U IXnvUA3Iif D
Amsterdam N Y
TVe have sold IMff G lor
many yean and It haa
riven the best of eatia
ty tion
Cbtcaco 11L
00 Sold by Drn iits
for all domebtlo tm will cure W out of every h > c aaes of colic whether flat
nlent or spasmodic Rarely more than 1 or I dn necessary It does not con
stipate rather arts aa a laxative and U enUrel > harrale Aiter a > 3 care of trial
In more than AO case our guarantee Is w > th something < olic mu t be
tre ted promptly Expnd a ft w mM an 1 j on have a cure on hand ready
wheu needrd and poriiapt ji a > aluatil horse If not at jour tirurfslstX
enilo e j c ints f ir aatui U > ttli > nt pnpal L
Address lK KOElILbIC A CO Retulehem Ia
JtMeDr KoefUera Faiorite Cthcl H > etwirfuUv recommand Dr Koehler
31 turt rttfht alongirith uo m it 14 Faa > rttc lotto Jixiuns Wt not
th bettcoi mMictne I has tvtr I be tcuhout tt ax lung a wr ha
2AAL JlOuUt Horse Dealer 1 M IC Jtf < Stb X i5S
Dixtoktyjif Xtito lork J Sate and Exchange bta Mm Ecuton
Xm Z1S >
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