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The Waco daily examiner. (Waco, Tex.) 187?-1888, January 17, 1874, Image 3

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J W DOWNS lidttor ana Proprietor
AVaco Lome No 4 KtaiiiiTS or Pvtiius
mcos ovury Wednesday evening ri Odd j l
luwallall bojournini KntchtH eordlilly In
vited Jmj H Moom 0 C
AVillLauiiieht K orit audS
AAAro Lohop No 10 I 0 0 P meets
nrory AAodncsday evening in Odd Fellows
Hull corner Bridge and Second Street
11 L Ocffev N 0
A O TaABEwrtt Hco Secretary
Waco Kkoampmcnt No S4 I 0 0 P
rnrots teennd snd rnurth Tuesday evenings
each niODth in Odd Fellows Hull
H L OcrrrY c r
L If QoLUSTtw Fcnbe
J II Hurley Lodue No 317 A P A
A Mtmeets In Masonic Hall on Saturday
un or before tho full moon in each month
AV H Wrtirns AT if
K P MAh si y Secretary
Waco TorrjK No 02 V A A M meets
en tho first Saturday before tlio full moon In
each month Simon 1 Trice A if
I A nmitTOwnER Secretary
vViute IIau OrtAnf No 37 Ucirular
monthly meeting two oclncV P M first
Monday In each raontlu Cull Healings every
Thnsrdiy evening at seven oclock Vi itins
und sojourning Brothreu nro invited lo attend
C il IIccby Secretary
Titos Conn Master
Local Intelligence
Coltou Irom
The country enroo in freely yesterday in
spilocf the bid roods and inclement weather
Tlio Munition
At Auslti was tlio ubsordtng topio on tho
streets yesterdsy
AI iilltll
Of JuncsboroOorjello county pttrcliasod
goods yesterday in tho AAaco markets
Tho boiitillful Know cotton cvno in
In ely yesterday
Hut IKIln
Cotton is being shipped til ptencut
ltd llior 1m > rmiw
f I Jjjl V >
If Tomili were liujiug goods vog
ilnv in tin innrltot
Of tho Lidy fiy Ssloou occupirii tho
room next door bryond
I hi I5o H
Aro ovorjojed at tlio project of amuse
lrent nD ordc 1 by our llrcmoml uburtic
The IIcniilHul
Pnovv looted devilishly dngglod yclar
ilny iinlwith tnml ntrnll tlio poetry that has
lien thot at it
Cm lniu
Of Powoll Dalo n suecessfttl and prosper
ous firnur Bold imrlnlei or rotlnu in tlif
city jcftird r t 11 cuits in rul J
AVns brW o r llm rner yo ti nit V Oil
ton hi lop dry i oeds an 1 ro crles ihatigcil
h inds rtipidl
Itetll JElltr Corn r
Is nppni 1 toiiUd tlitl
liuiiLing n In n ggLr litnil nilnrns
tint thsiial ucigliliiiiliood
Allen 1 MtilillM > llf
Of Pcip Springs fomnutliecDiinty
lioiiulit goods jcstunlny from our rns1
Vico lnurrliuntE
Tlio Strrcl
ros in s fro ihhehtfiilly dsmp nnd p >
turcmpttly muddy just now and tho city dad
ilisaie cnrre < pondiinly prnu 1
IIr < iiinnilK MtiiUtrvlo
Aru nnnoiineod lor lliihova Hall todiy
iinndiy iihd Tuesday evenings next They uro
a i 1 to be decidedly poo 1
I Jmiri A 4 o
Of tonosboro Corjcllo rointy alo
biiiLUt pood vostenHy Our lonntry
lnerehatits llu 1 they can di as well heio as in
tho lnrgcr cttija on tho corit
lvtcr nn it 111 itler vcu > receiving h
lirnvy sloek of gioceiis jesterd iy This
lioii olines in ltnmcuso trade witli tho in
tciior tmintry
I lie lri IEnlu
llin nt hhipping cotton adopted h llio
riilroid sorie tlnieainro Ins bicnvithdriwii
and tho old llrht come Ilrst served plan is
to bo tho rule fur tho future >
The i < eeittnil >
iiinicbuilesipio on Hie vvilcr sjifem
of the country jclcped old Ilri7n vvlu >
his tint Junior of Mowing beneath tlio
Mispensinn bridge is vciy low tit this
tinio Ilydiopithy will set liini on his
I ii > I
Tim o 1eersitid tinniberi of AVnco ln
eiimpmuMt No 7 I nrn uipii ito I to meet nl
tKir Hall nt 7 nVlof 1 tln < ilnrdiv ovm
niL iliioiiiu a of Import it po to bo liuu
ucti d lit orltrof
I 11 iMLllsTILI STill
lliiirKito JHcntiiir
Koiuitl stHiding ilia ixtieia ly liupleas
ant weiiher ii ntiinbir ol jnuni nllimii
imideHptirly ti vi litlihe pttot loin uisiou of
Ojpt 11 JJ lUriing where bcvjmI tjir vml
torj are tt prLHioit dntiuiilo1 Ii vw nisv no
upt ttm ft ilemtnt of one ol thu loung icu
tUnexi it any inuie and hosji nlitv all
inutp ihiI their peculiar ginins to turmoil out
cvtUng ol perfnt biisaaulhis tldooflho i > i
lout liver Ifi TeuueseoliH ro nv u
tain hoight snoweippeJ an1Innlorl nliKd
whoro nituro umno 1 iti uiuki tiucotf tiiuui
and no tnnnntiin rill m tit ir biiv evolves a
eofier Hutu ilnn waxed be tehees m ii >
breasts of the youn ont oa u in qumtica
on this occasion
0ir Cll
Tlio trndj and shipping buslnors of AAaco
tills bmsoii tixcccdiug aa it has tho highest
expectations of thu most sanguine demon
stralcs tho raro possibilities of tho town
with anything liko n futr showing Giro us
the competition lint Dailaa now onJoyD raid
AAao will Bttrpatuhar two to one Com pe
tition cheap transportation is tho uoxt
tiling to bo accomplished in tho onward march
Tluil ucliitmnlour city t111 stand crownol
among her fir competitors with the uurel
vmath of economical sii ternary
Cuut Ummi
Now occupies tho old lady lay ssloon
as n market house Ho keeps the best of
good fresh meats janlBdtf
3In TriEo HEisNnii
AVIshea us to pay that his stock of
tropical fruits consisting ol pino apples
linnntinj oranges cocoanuts and candies
till jou cant rust U very large
Thcoclnro heirs Ills friends to como
in and a te his stock This beau
tiful stock is tlio leading ono in tho
confectionery linclu the city Dtf
Scoui Kit 1iows
For 60 cents worksplondidly any whro
At Kellys house
Kelias 1lOAVH
Aro tho best if you hivo any eandat all
in your soil
Halt it Sru i
Plow Points and Laud Sidet nt Kcllyn
Supply Depot
PoiTnrKijf Iuniiiiii
Acres of lln7os bottom land for rent
Apply to o J Dows
If indies who do mt u o tin frajrait Sozo
dont will eompsro teeth with those who do
thoy will nee iti uu instsnt more reasons for
adopting it than can ho compoiod into n hows
papjr pirograrh
Ciioicr Sinn IVitatoii
Ilnrly lioso llnrly loodriclt 1ctr
lcss IJnsscK IncksouAVliitcs
Two liumiied barrels of tho above vn
iictie9iiow nrriving nt
Jan ID fcAAtf Cor 3d 1 rrniiklm bts
Stoio irnttfcs Ollices mill Comfnrt
nlilc Dnelling llousca Apply to
11 Task
on Itusr
Sly o tgant iew drug rtore next door
to niv drv goodi lioiisptin Uridgj stteet To
a dtsirilloparly it will be routed on reasona
ble terms HASTUUttlS
Kj hl AVMNll
Has now on hand a largo lot ot tho very
pun et liquors of all Kinds and if > ou do not
imlleio this Frol iiys con ond try them
llonlso Ketan tlrst elms luuh ilally Iroii 10
a in to 1 ni Call dtl
Afedical Adt iper so jnuoli needed by al
fitnnlus inly t nl Addr s1 lr r 1
Urouig olo Meiiiii Tcnu t
Tvii ivm Irswv
Ctnl Stuve is a b utr gj an I look
Cm nil theso ICtlly
At tho inntheiH tinier
Tev s
Omon Sui
Tiut rvcoivedhy
godri be found
ul npi Of AVico
MAnSirTIt 11A1UV
triet Conn of Krjiildn
AVo nrp or iiitght to ho if vn want any
eiM Iron quells around at Kclljs Home X 1
cornc Iulillc bquure
Cast Scouiii
Shovel Plows of roll blast Iron well
chilled mo ilioaper work better nnd
longir ilnui vroudu iron or Htuel > or silo
at Kellejn
HrAxi Wash Iims
Neatly printed for mnirlo parsons and
fimiliei lor salo at this office dtf
Homo m itiiifacliiro ospeciully when it Is
cheaper and bettor tf
Hall lri riiimcN
Ol thu blot styles nt tlitx oilier
All per cu i lidtlitvl to SJ ljocs Un
dentildl A Jo aru ruiiinaied to enll oil S
Lyons Coliu nd scillo at iuc II thoy
cinnot ilycs h they murt nettle by noo oi
short Ime Tlw iiioouiiIm that ar not fot
tlet vlll bo given to an nttniio lor mlo
fill i ssora to X Ljuni liiiJuilluill a On
uiiBlrtl > Wtr
The iollowiug menbirs cniuposo n coin
mUteo in vlhit tho fiel of 1 II Onrloy Iidke
No It 7 ilnring tho mouth f Deecmbor
A Alexander l AlcviiniKr V Alexander
1 AV llrooka und A Uinoib Hy Order
tf II 11 Massiy Becy
Fou Klsr
A Iioihi with four rooms well llniMied
a Duo well of wnter vvitlili tin Kteps of tho
door nun u < rtH of luuJ onilosed nul in n
lino Hi tie of i ulllvitloii a rood pcich or
ilisrd nnd other c invdiieiiees within ono
nnloof the tniinlioun on tlio west s do of
thu rivi r Kims en < i J pdy to
Ill Kims
At Kelhitii llotin A Co 8 l nst Waco
V 11 Waiki
litis just opened In his now buildi ig a
full NUa k ol evirjlhun m his Hue consist
ii c in pirt 11 nih io ncsottiiientof new books
id all kin Is
A llrMelasHmk of btclinnery incliniing
besides a full rihoruueut of all tho minor ar
liiluK ciittdopoH < i tier cnii note wrappim
driuvirg li i ue pipers an I twine In tpituli
In the unified line bo hqs a fineot of in
at ninents stilugs trimmings and puts lor
if uutrilges a niye Hoek ot all sizes
wbdualo tut reud
Dcutipts cmpncurn from him eiirvthing
need d I tliR nrofes lon
Orders tor 8iirvejiirsis > iiiiissesaiid balus
iiialheiaalieal lustriiiiienlM instie lanleM op
ticiil philonophienl an 1 eln mleil apparatus
plKtioi orgnua and bund indtrumenti sol 1 hi
iflKnutsCWreta prices NGDiAVJru
lion roniedy Dr Win Halls Ilalsam for tlio
Itms cures tho worst eases of Coughs
Colds and all the ril < m a of tlio Iung
Throat and Ciiest Tor Whooping Cough and
Croup it is n certain Vpiciflc Tio most oh
Htiuato casta surely yield to llnllji llalsam
vtlun used porseveriofly Rlitids ut the head
of sllOatigli preparations Bold everywhere
Tohn F Heury Currati t Co Proprietors 8
and U Collegu Place New York
Uceomo eutroly sat Wled that the XX K
JloborlFon county whljkyt nmnuDcttired nnd
sold by AVoodnard llooro t llurnlum Is a
very mperior article 1 Ima dotermitid to
keep it for s > 1e Jly friends mil custxmera
will find this whi kytobu exactly ns rcpro
senled pure us tho purest and good as the
J M TttvicitE
Tlio following membsrs nro np
pointed it committee to visit nnd filtend
the sick of AVneo Iotlgo No 8 A V A
51 duringtiic inontli of Januiry I S
Hoss PO Morgan P 1 Mills J S
MclJouild and J M Mnlioncy Hyordtr
of the AV M I A HiaiiTowrii
Absolutely sale Perfectly odorless Al
ways uniform Illumiuiting qualities ntK
rior to gas Dun tu any lamp without dan
gor of exploding or taking lire Miinnkctured
expressly to displscn tho itso of volntllo and
dnugerouj oils Ilh anfety under evcrypojsi
Biblo teat ami its perfect burning qualities
nro provoa by ita conlintio I itso in over 300000
Millions of gallons havo been sold nnd no
accident diroelly or indirectly hna over oc
curred Irom burning storing or handling It
Tho immense yenily loss to iifo nnd prop
erty tesulting from tho uso of chesp nui
dangerous o Is in tlio Uultcd Statoa is ap
Thj Instil acco Compjnies and Firo Com
mlssicners throughout tho country roeoaimend
AiiTftAIin thoboHt siifeguurd when lamps
aro used Send for circular
For sale at retail by tho trado cenerally
atidnt wholesalo by tho proprietors OIIAS
PIIATT A CO 10H Kulton Street New York
A jeition of lime llnriilinms XNX
AVIiisky is getting lo bo all tho en Ju t as it
nhoiild be If paoplo cant afford to buy
good and pure whisky our advleo b dont
i tty any Our cnlerpusing vvileiwako
Third streot druggist John ltoviere sees tho
point nnd giaeelullv lalls Into lino See his
udvertisement Ksli tor the XXXXI a
Irieiidon ourrignt htijs ftnli for Jliirnham
H A Sturgis has retnovol to his ilegnnt
nov Store on llrldgo sireat whers ho will
keep tho 1 rc Tt snek f flenernl Merchin
iIko ri the city I n ttru toy grateful flunks
to mv many eustomera for pa t fnv ors nnd
shillever be tlieifriil to tervo them in my
now sore Twintv llolls ut Ilaggmg and
Ouj Iluiidred lljudles of Ties just recivtd
11 A Snail1
Ihn following n jntca parties keep Unman
clt4 JlittoiH on hand at iiinuiifacitircis prius
J li Pours Pruglst At iico
Jit Hu orc
AVorntck A KellottDngglst Waco
Kastland A Co
W M Amlcrsrn Of r > r
Marshall A llirly
t Mot
Freldberg A Ioppel Liquor Dcaleri
J > r J Ii CornWi IrU3rgist Kist AVrcu
A r Turner Co fiiocnra
JCiiip bury A Frailer
At Mvers
C N Curtis AAaco Texas
T P Owris
Kolo Proprietor and M iritfaelurer
M l23DAAll AVaco Texas
Luncims TiNntHST Lmvo AVits
IltiE Itinai Fulls County Tews J
August 15 1871
Mr SM larklsiul
11 IK filli 1 Inuobten rorelyatlhotid with
ltlieutuali m lor Hoverd years to rinteh to
that at times I havo not been able to
walie without tlio groatcsl pain for two
andthreo months together I havo tried ev
ery remedy and bon nueudcd on by several
good physieiins but ha uoier oxporlouced
any relief until I was induced to try Iuck
etts Liniment Alcr titling threo buttles I
find mvsell entirely well and 1 cheerfully
glvo thii to tlio public hoping tint others
may sco this and prifll by my Oipernhce and
spcodilysoik relief tn thli truly wondorful
niedchw J W POllKItTSON
Jly jKivtuflice Is Drcmoud noberlson coun
ty Toxn °
Depot for tl o State Willi J It Piioire
A gout AVaeo Texas
Jvriv 7ttitrr
Tlo nuelon min of tho AAest makes
things lively Ol Ills s do of tho squire Judg
mg isVh ds trn thoainniiut of goods wo
sui Inu t purihised at n mero
song How Tick gets hts rols Is another thing
but wo Misput him in Homo wnv couneetedt
with tint class of merchantswho got thsir
goods in tint mysterious way that enables
tlem to sell lor una h df th priio of the
other 1iirelmis
An < hut tin fiet that we Invoknown Jack
for lol theso many voara wo might co a
step furllior pud say ho tt them No
wo wont say Itj out wo tell j oil wlnt wo
nill sij Long may ho Vtvo lints vvhnls
what mWtf
II ivo ou ecu thorn besllfiiloininelodplic
tngruih tint 1 iihiou A Kunilit aro now
iiukiiignt thvr lullcryovcr l ortV Jnektons
bank 11 not bo sure to call iiiidMB them
fi r they nro superior to anythln fvir pro
duced In this eouutry
iiiliitililiy siiiioiiiiiliiii
Tolneatlie i ure lualtlifiilalr niul In follew oc
cupatleiisroiiiludtetoliiallhaiil long life aro 11 e
irhhxes or the minority Tlio tnutorltj lant
dull wlierciirllielrlot Is enctlioMeerltindiil < rl
mis th loralit ius > be aid wor1s at 11m rraft flf
iiiid thrm n MVir ilitrtirtlve tn liullti and
vltor J illrtl vrtiuie has Iowever inine lotln
uldof the latter In llnitetters Moniscli Hitters
Ihr lnveliail acd tisvo had for Vie lait lireity
jsrs I lie ta tdt ft nee aalut the morbid Irllii
eiue vrlitch friate anil footer dlrei < e tlat Iho vegi
tUblekingdom can Hipil It hurulleiils are
atiiongtlit flnnt hotsnle jmhIIIcs whldi rfcvnli
lias jet revealtdtoman va > iejiulhe ofaud
remetly for ti illci ac rt nentcJ l j sivniisnil
iclna tlio foululrofractoriei1 txrosalielua orr
exiriionof bmlyor mind unwliabom water or
uny oilier iiiurbificcacte lloitetterV ttuiuaeti lilt
t r bear away Ihe paiu from All nndlcluei of the
Third Stroct market House
Pcpt tho cotitilrj anordsm all ttc trolcn vsrlrtUs
nnd fctyles of gnixl lut frctti meilp Piilllc atten
tion ami inodeiate tetinf ulve as a call
11 L A AO InsTAlUUrT
novirr Piomlo tmr
iiDiNiiuna i iviiw Widg
BlaclvWOflu s Eiiiiilinrg Magazine
Publishing Company
I SO trillion MrciI Now York
Dy urrnugcmeiit witli the LnglMi Publishois
wo recoiro a liberal eoiupcntatlon
Tlieso periodicals cointiluto a wondoru
miscellany of inuderu tboiulit research und
critici ra Tho cream ot nil Kuropeau books
worth reviewing is found herennd tl ey treat
ot tho leading events ol tho vvjrd in mssterly
written by men whnhavo peeul knowbdso
of tho matters trevted The American lnb
lishirs urge upm all inUlllgcnt leulersin
tills country a liberal su port of tlio lloprints
which tlte have so long nid so die iply fur
nished leeliug sure tint no cxpcuhlitro for
library matter will J Mil n > tHi n return as
that required for a suhseriptlon to tlioje tho
ArouToKE Tiiinn tub rcicEorTUE omaiKAit
For nny onolteviow f 4 00 pjr annum
For any two llovicws 7 Ot
For nny threo ItovioiTs 10 no
For all four lteviews li uo
For lllaekwood and ono Ke
vew 7 00
ForBlnekwoodsMsgaxine 1 00
For Blackwood and two lie
views 10 00
For Illautvfood mid threo
Ileviews 13 00
For Blackwood and tho Jour
Kcviews IS 00
Posta o two cents a number In bo paid
by ths quartor nt tho oillcs of delivery
A discount of twenty per cent will bo al
lowed to clubs of four or rooro par
sons Thus lour oopos of Blackwood or of
tl o Uevlev will bo sent ti ono address for
512 80 four copies of tho lour Hollows ami
Blackwood lor SIS 00 and so on
To clubs of leu or more in addition to tlio
n ove discount n csp erntis will bo alUwcd
to the gelterup ot thu club
Now subscribers lpplymg car for tho
year 1S7I mar lnvo without charge tho last
vohiuieot 1S7I of null periodicals lis they
may suNieriiM for
Or nHead now subscribers to any two
three or Jour cl tho above prludicals may
hnii ono of tlio Four llovi nrs for 1S7 1 sub
Mribers to all tlvo tn ly havo two of tho Tour
Reviews or one set ol Blackioo 1 s ihijultm
for IS73
Neither i > remii ms to subscriliers nor dis
count to clubs can bo allotted unlcirt llio
tnotioy is ri milted direct to llio I ublisheri
No premiums given to cubs
Circulsrs with full psrlleuhrs may be l d
on application
Tlic Leonard Scott Pnlsliiui Corapdiiy
MO Fulton St K Y
dec llf
Y7ooiAiii moohuajhuumiam
A acoTi xas
ruiin nounuTbox
ruiETons dp
Tnu cELHrntATii rilycii srniNd
Lecatid near S ilngfleld ltobertson CoinljTin
AAe uoiM Ycryrcfpectrnllr say to t e peod pen
ph < otlhii coeilr > tliatweliate iiKUsl a llruncli
House Inttilsclty for lliepnrponee uf Rointnctlui a
legitimate trado la hlikey Apple and Peich Itrali
dlfortlie pure fualltall of oiiroirii ninnufar
tnrc Irfoiiswlshliigtod al liisnchoriiartlesile
string a guinlnu artUitf for Ihilr own uie will tie
satisliitl ftbesupvrloiltvuf our Hnuors when lliey
Iry ttitm onrunieiit of i > arUi s fnltiiteil In thu
cuntrur nolwItlistaiKlltigtAllnityo ttial ncdtxain
Iuc for ourilv i VV are v lllln anil ublu lo guar
anteeanil liinkeeivnl ulml we ny
ll alLrH spiihilly Iniltitl to call and examine
Orders follcltiil VYnrtrioiou and ofilcu ou Bridge
bt ucarleSlltl ulollltrille
vooDAiiMuoiii a buknuaji
IxovoOalvokton at llfin ia 715 a m
nnd fi IO p in
Leave Houston at G 13 a ra 220 p in and
C JO p m
linking closo connection with nil Unilroads
slid v til lha
Korean Line
n r w at ii a iv s
reighl reeivedSind lorwarded Willi diu
patih uid fieo iifdriyn0 and commissions
Insurance and llandllu of cotton nnd other
1 rudiico saved bv shipping by thm favorite
All los03 nnd danngea promptly ndjtisted
nnp pail
Co sln toOalvcslon HoustonA Henderson
Rail lton1 Irom all points outward mid in
Reu Ft ATickit Agt fuperbilondciit
A Jravt < > C HIT Acirs nltqilol on
tJtoele Creek nosr tho liruros i Ilonuo ojuii
tv siityflvo acres lit prilrio valluy in n
hiijh statu ofcultit itioti nh coo1 nevr lonsii
lensnt houses cribs Ac and adjoining this
25 acres prairie and about 10 ot hi tinui lnnil
both easily sucepilblo of u hlh state of nul
tivMion tho balinic of thu Irnc I good timbortl
Ior tTtus apply to
Powell Dale Texas
dwlAVlf I
QEO A BBOWN Waco Texas
Mobile Life Insurance Company
3ytobilo Alabama
AV H BAKLIt Prcsldiiiti J o P kENHRIiV Alce 1rrsMnil II M fltlKfv mi
KjIhrrAltli IlOXtAMl Aftnary
C5 Jk 3 ITAL 3 C > O O O O
ZPolicios 1ST onJi orfoitable
1 Alt < > T OllICKBS > oit WACO IHMItlCTntnThomrsllannn rrwMt < J
Mcelruldilltr VVm A Fort Itfamlerl flm A IliMlil mct r VV A Wlk r M P
Utsrerybody large or snull Pots and Toiithi Clothing In llm grintoit
variett llati and lentt > uru1aliiug oola tu nut thu
most fustiJlnuJ
k llHil
The Greatest Attraotion of the Season
I Wo ewine 4
Daily arrivals of now tJmtiU from Now Ynik
Goods to Suit the Times
And w ra pureliaiod at janto prices by our TUslaut Buynt
Our Stock of Staple and Fancy Dry Qoods
Is complate in nil lis branches Naw atrivals of UltliSd 00013 NOTtONd trUtlNlrill
1NO GOODS Our ClothiiigPepartmeut is thouoat oomplspj la the SMu Ve iu
Cornur Illin ami laiillriuxillSlrrcl
Solo Agents for tho BUINIY lLOAY COO AVHIIY A IlKlNJiY PIOAVU In sir jj
and dealors lu uvory description of Plntitutlou Hupplies Ofler spoclaljludiiiwuniiis u ni
Tobacco nlt an 1 Molasses fejihtw 1 y iI
The Panic and Quarantine Over
Succissorri to IyoriB LiiKkiitliall Co
Austin Avenue Waco Texas
AAe aro veceulug daily lull lines of goods In all our deptrlnients of trade H1 > < ii lb
lsrgust and best assorted htocic that Can bo found in thu Statu cuislstlng oi liADIf 4 Us
lL ANIi JANOA flOODi HHNlJ CIOTII1NO rlinilshlng Gocds iioois and Hli > V1
lonorsl Si rehsudise lor tho iniroui30 of w h ch wo have superior facilities ono of lh linn
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Our lie a irr i ills of floods roiittun tine Merlnoii Kmpress Cloths All AVuol Dclah es PouIIiih
Silks Pino liacis fapaucso Cloth Aelletii its latest atvleaof Sluwls nnd Skirie lidies
Kino Hats Sill Bash and other Itibbous and Gloves in variedly
Onr Pieco Hoods Depirlaient U fTJnnoto Incltillnr
Joann Satinets Dlack DoetDns nnd CnssimtJtoc
And all other kinds of floods too n BWous to ineeliou
C3f Wo lovito tlio merchants of tho IPONIIKlt and snToundliiirooiiiities caII and
prim mrOOODSlie ug coiilidenl il will bo lo their interest to do so
S LYOKN A lllllV
AAaco November 121871
Tiae Fall Caufiiiiaigi3 2
Democrats and Republicans Attention
Neil door to 1liot t Chamborlius
Fitto ascortmeiit ot Dross floods a contpleto llnoof Uoots A RIiods Hats Cap Nolliii Kie
urivailed Attractions
A I Iind utliall s
Opposiio tlio JttClcllanil Hotel
Austin Avonuo Waoo Texas
LAunrsr oiiKAnax and most complcti stock in tuic uarkkt
psi vapxiis jhw3vtx > 3G visraTr axis goouu
fientsond Hoys Clothing and PurnishinR looi nspecialtv LadlOS DfOSS Goods
rncrlrio07 Empress Cloths Silk Poplin a > k J colored aImu ami
> lninels lap inesu liuods diulucus Uibtious Gloves vie Also Jloutu Slttis ami
llntx of nil Hues styles and varieties for Ladies Oents and Hoys
PittCO Goods I Lirtot nd best HUak in tho city In a word everythiui umislly
foiiuu in u lirnlcluts Wholesalo and Metuil llstablilimciit Knight for CASU at Hrst luitidi
nnd oikred ut prices that defy couootitloii I Jnuntr Mercliaius especially Invited to uil
Sjlisl iclimi uuarunteeil to nil t5 Now Onfds reetived dallyJ J uoviDdv
rvx cr xi xj eTxi
Purort IMorwogian Cod Llvor Oil
Avusawerded a Silver Modal ut the Paris Kit Ibi t oa
lfC7 beadiug twentyseven oouipetltoia
Ia prepared Irom hcocled Litwrs and buttle at Lu
totouJlslsL sNomuy
AVns nwsrded n Rolden Medal ulCcrieii Internatlooai Viliibition 18C5
U tlio purr si nnd lor limpidity clearness ond delicacy i taste nu4 smell la sujericr to any
Is ldtrbly riCiiiiiniindtd by tho lielicnl fswiclieJ of Nor a and Kiiitland
Is more nipldly asiiulluteduud moru easily digested thsti l Lvolher Cod Liter Oil
AVas uwnriU d tho First Prize and tho pnly M1I1I nt London Iiitertinlioual Kihibillon 1603
Is recuiuuieiido I by high medicil authorities In buropo and America
AAjh uwardfc1 First Prir the ooly one awaidi d at Htoekhohu Ireal Kihibitloii IS
AAus awarded tho otny Prize at Intcrnntljuil Maritlue Kxhlbltlon at Naples 1S7I
AV11 SOIUKlrKIlV A CO New Yuri
Airenls for the Hulled States and f d iv
CHI VCKIIS Qiiunly rrlUcale viantitl to
It T IltAlN Nusiberanl itatt net HSolleetfit
lu which ha Is cm tiled for put clpatlajlu ta bat
tle ot Ban JactLto
Tho undsrsined respectfully Invites atteu
tiou to his new LltAUKaliTU i UOP u
4th Street All work gurantaed clieopeil
an I best A S tOriTKP

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