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The Waco daily examiner. [volume] (Waco, Tex.) 187?-1888, January 24, 1882, Image 1

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heed lolHlilb sg < 1 IOHlO0i
vuo hundred banc ol ccd iiotatoo =
wil atuveat regular inteivils dining the
s plsr i n < UOn Lambeth s siul ind
0 or ft i ts ° qnintiii 6
rElaunels a
An olln ing unusual atti irtions t < i the public in the uy oi
e < ljr t a lrine I ir yloiy H it II we Oiler to sell you
ens Sewed Shoes
adies Shoes
Misses Shoes
Chillis Shoes
We have thorn all and to convince yourself come and inspect for your
self you will be satisfied that whatever we offer are
bona fide offers
Clival inducements oll rcd at Sa nger lires in suits
and overcoats
II Now hero can you lintl a larger stock of carpets in all
grades than at Sanger llro s
U iill say to one anil all that our prices cannot be
met by any other house
M i
M i
c > lo f fIi on anil > ro oe to oner in
u u tor i oil e > l to i ur ti i I rli in
lving i tiait gaud Gilding ami Fru tli PI ill
Select Family
yn rm txncL IlixxitatiOxi
eights and Mi lsurt Gum intitd
abilitj to pluie j oil
We li uc on cxhib tioithc finest stock of furniture ever ollcred m W no en bracin
igmi a il
mill tiiil
Pewl IMaiil
i EI bin Ri AND Al 1lN I Hi 1 i
Pruts low A Till will convince jou of our
Goods d livered liei m tlic ciiy lUOauiii
Everybody is Rushing for the Damaged Goods
Woods Sold Cheaper Than Ever
Summer Silks
mmmer Silks
Worth 100 at 40c Per Yard
Worth 75c at 25c Per Yard
Dress Goods Worth 75c for 25c
> i
Dress Goods Worth 100 for 40c
Satins in all Shades Worth 150 for 75c per yard
Brocades in Silks and Satins Worth 150 for 65c peryd
iSne Vri g5S vewill oiler nuluceuLiMls in
lome For this week the5eatest
corsets slightly laiimatcd n fact e > cry
llsriircs unheard o
ny olhcr kinds of slaiei
pcclal attentfnn of merthauts is callo1 to mi wholesMe
stock ol
lirarc Stoves Crockery Glassware Tinplate
Sheet Iron which Is uusnrpas3e < l fn Central Texas Ortleis Sollclte1
LxxstJLrx Avenue v aoO Xozsc 53
ihwr nuist anil will be sold at
i > re
c saa
At Watkins Old Stand on Third Street
Since we Lave takeu mventorv ire
find that we have entirelv too man
goods left for as late m the season as
now aud an we prefer to close out a
good mani goods before spring opens
we concluded to mark down We will
offer vou extra bargains in ladies
misses children shoes and also in
mens fine shoes Our bargain counter
is worth inspection Call early and
secure some of them Svngeii Hros
Dried bulialo meat at Hart Mooie s
JWhitney Livery Stables
The traveling public as well as the
people of Whitney mil Hill county will
be glad to know that Krink llinchmau
lusopcncd a wry line livery stable His
buggies ro d and ilruinmei wagons are
all new and hoscs the t istest and salcat
in Hill county Itcmcmber this when
you go lo hitney 1U2SU
All porois knowing themselves in
di bted to the M C elland hotel up 10 Jan
uary 17 ISyi are icqucsled to e ill jnd
sKtle tle same on or before the 1st div ol
Febumrj 1SS2 All piron having
claims giinet the ilcClel ald hotel up to
January 17 lbS2 will please send them
up on oi before the 1t day of Fchruai
lteS2 CharlesE Calvert ihenby authoi
i7ed to receipt lor and p ly all claims and
can be lounil at the McCelland hotel dui
ing busine > 3 hours All claims not pre
sented on or before Februijy 11S2 will
not be allowed altenvaieR All claims
due the hottl not settled on orbelore Feb
rnaryllSS2 will lie placed in a contv
bles lianas lor colection
M S lIcATnnun
011814t Ciiaulps E Cjlvhit
A fine lot ol choice new crop tngd
e cived at Lcui Chambcrb
Things of Bauty that Wili Last Porevct
non Tin > kj
wkjiiti ouias
Special Teleeraru to the I xim ner
A Itobliel Killed 1rnpoiil
Cotton ix < liins > < > tl >
ol a I > eiiio rnl
Dallas January 2t The mysterious
robber who was Mint bv lnrker night
clerk of the St George hotel late Sat
urdi night while attempting to rob
the hotel safe died about 4 oclock yes
terday lie realiz d the fatal nature of
his wound and asked forgiveness for
the attempt and dud camel His fa
ther he said htd m Liddsburg Kau
sas He had registered at the hotel
us II A Iittle Au examination of his
elleets however r vealed the fact that
he had passed under seieril aliases
among others C E Orville T O
Martin and James Wnverly Ou his left
hand and third linger was a gold ring
on the inside of which was engraved
J M to T r There was also a letter
dated Burlingime October 15 lbSl
in whuh deceased was addressed is
Mv dear uejihew It is the general
opinion that he vvi one of the ugij
iiii who have bun working this city
for some time Th jun of iniUist
returned a verdict in accordance with
the facts exculpating lnrker who was
released on a 1000 bond
In pursuance to u ill nunuroush
sigm d the cotton men of the elf as
spinlileil at the bo ml of trade moms to
discuss the adis ibihtj of the foiniation
ol t lotton ixilimge A eominittie > > l
three wire appointed to formulate tht
plans sugesttd to iliift Miles mil n jjh
I itions and to n pi rt at an idjoiinn il
nn ting on Satuid n m t at 2 p m
Mh h ul O Li iry a lulwny lihon r m
iiipiriut lobust lualtli dud sudili lily
tins murium or hi ait ilisiis at an
I isl 1 ldlis boarding house
iioii nnnio
liK < K < > l > l cis > laml Iearner
in Seion tt > il Tliiel
< iii lil
V I ll Trt J I I II f i i lrr
n moio 1 inn m I he i mil
nition ol llie s ige lobleit < itiiiiui n id
to I ij la tin I nitt d M Us iiiiiiiius on l
One II I 1 hi m is uv irietid for
Imgeij lie w is imp v ti ing lo i ii i
the wind In inueisin llie lime on
1 piwnliroker s ti ket
The Iliidio in ii lies line not all iruu il
i jet but a tilt will b pin on to moi
i wto urn t ithe Intirnitl mil anil Liiir
No tl > i r ami un it iuliiul po
Tl e Ikt u coiintv In nub ol ihelnh
liiul liigue In M its itinuil imit nges
lirdij mil eli iul the follow in olh eis
ud e IMt > Ilt pnsiuit j j
li ul indlolin II Cop IiiuIm ipiei
ihat 1 iii k hi r iiittir mil lis
< own tn ituei I he eigne his now
one bundled mi nlij meitbeis
Mi Mmiii lonmtof M ij 1 rMm
tir ol Ibis utj dud toilj
A iluk in he posiolll e at I ucdo wt
euight in iIil lit ol lobang the m ill in
iluiti On siinii he iiiiml lure in
iion in eh u e of n ollu r
ii < mi f i > u
t 5enlis UilleiAs
Icscil eilucer SIii
i > in I
him i I
TV y tr
tn < iir it bed lirae ontibl
ll Gee of Washington piiiinu shot
I > r Miillirailiimst twne it the town of
Wi = luiit > n Mullit ilid > iiinli in ril
ing Mu 1 r had ionic out oi i tton
and w i on hi waj to bid Geeit semis
was wiiing lobiin outside Ihepiitiia
had hid a dilhi ulli twormths igo The
diiriiill w is n 11 mil i y i urilu il
nnoon and waiippni d to In s tii
e was upeiliil aniitid at Cildwill
hundij iltcinoon
Hunt hot Hid killed Junis A
Iiuh i miiih mt Huntiiuiml led lo
thesSiul la uh wia m in of I iniih
audit is tliatgul had Milmuln limde
i iit i e of Hunts who hid pist giwn
tin ih to > child I uh h ul lictii prep ir
ingto ItrtieCdilwiU
At An oia M 11 in lipii miles up tin
mil K one Iiilmi in killed in tin i No
puli ul irs
noii iMiffi fnoin
llnrileiei il 3
the Icilile
irstll >
lt ill TUjru t ttrhst iitr
Hi okoi tow > Janu ir 25 The negro
llill Minkson who has In in languish
ing from a wound uilluteil b Mint
ClinipouXo emberIth last died in this
plate on Saturday CI imp gne bond
after his examination trial and has been
at liberty since and from report is now
i Arkansas with 31 lilies
District court ailjourned last week af
ter a three weeks session with little
done except the trial of the j ul iise
llie pcniteutim authorities rcaihtd
town todii and received from the
shinfTof our eounti the following pris
oners convicted at the last term of the
district lourt to wit Jill I Stevenson
Charles Westlei John llertram 1M
Logan and Willis hulls all colon d
Fair weather mud drwng up aiulbus
uieii in all lines improving
iioi9 esui zi
Improv eiiiont ECiilionl
jiiilsaiitl < itini il i w
Syj ml I ttij it I I f x inti
Tnvirrn Tanu r 21 Temple is re
Ofivmg its pro rat i share of the liquid
downfall Her streets are an oasis of
mud The avocation of the bootblack is
liidelinitel postponed and no longer is
the cr of the newsbov heard on the
thoroughfares Ladies and children are
ronfiucd in door ami shopping is re
luctant Iv dilegitid to the hirsute wearer
if the slicker vvhnh renders the drv
oods trade toleribl dull Hie new
arrival m patent leathers is at a dis
count aud survevs with env the reek
ess tread of the booted granger as he
llie granger moves saloonward
Improvements move lowl Work on
the Santa Fe loiindIioiise is earned on
between showers Mr Gerber a lwi lfth
street saloonist is building on the lots
immediate north of him Work on
the stone store of Mr Elkins has be en
suspended for the last ten ili vs The
recent sev ore weather h is had a dama
ging effect on the building stone used
here It seems that this soft white
rock iv lieu thorough soaked with
water succumbs to a freeze splits and
peels off like the cuticle from a conva
lescing scarlet fever patient It is onlv
the osposed upper 11 ers and cornices
that are thud nllectud and hence the ap
plication of h vdraiilie cement to these
parts or the substitution of hard stone
for these particular points would uec
tssanl remedv the defect
Business has been cxe3 siveh rlull
sjneethe hohdi vs Even trade has been
affected bv the decline aud two saloons
have collapsed m cousopienoe leaving
but nine bacchanalnn resorts in town
Mr Pink Downs has been here for the
last three dis prospecting for a loca
tion for the contemplated bank
In three weeks more we expect tho ar
rival of the Missouri Kansas aud Texas
road when the Ewmineii will be en
abled to enter the field as an equal com
petitor to the Galveston News Houston
Post Fort Worth Advancelemtcrat
dailies at present monopolizing our uews
stands c ii r
1 wo thousand licnil ot stock cattle in
cluding cowscalves 1 and 2 iar old for
which 1 will pay the hlgliett cash price
and will icccive them at any tunc Good
butchercittleaUo wanted for which I
will pay outside pr ce Stock nun would
do well to see nn btore ilip i = ing of their
tock sANFOiip Johnson
Mip t Waco Live Stock Asocialiun
All kind of California canned good at
Bait Moores T210tc
ii villains in tiiii < r4i > u
Ijtv Frcroor Tanuarv 23 Xoon
Ctton is easier Uplands fill16d Or
leans > li Kid bales 10000 bales spec
ulation and export 1000 bales lie
icipts MHO bales Amencau 4CM
bales I plands low middling clause
FebruariMarch delneri 0 2K52 Apnl
GV1 MaiJune Iil316u June
Jnl v ti iiWil Futures are steadv
l JO r vi Uplands low middling
olause MarchApril dehverv u 213Jil
Unt ires are quiet
1 r ii Sales AraencaD 8250 bales
Uplands low middling clause for Tanua
rv deliver 6gd Jaiiuarrebruar
lf7Hd JulAugust fi7Bd MarchApril
b 11ld Futures closed flat
Ijomon Jaiiuan 23 Xoou Consols
monov 10011G Account 100 Kne
3 H r vi l > ie 12 llullion vnth
di awn from bank on balance Clfe2000
Turfs 12s Id
lvms Jauuar 21 Rentes 82 Uusi
cess is almost suspended
BvLriMouh Januar 23 riour is
higher and active Howard street and
western superfine r2 fe r X extra
jj2T > fo < 2 > familv S 50fe700 citv
mill s superfine S J > 05 25 extra S5 50
025 fnmilv S75ig775 K o brands
S70U 1atapsco famih S 2 > Wheat
houthtm scarce southern red 10 We
No lMirjliud I5 etie No 2 west
ern winter red spot 12 bid Janiarv
KfrMif Februar U lllc March
17 e April lM lH > c Coin South
ern higher wi stem stead and quiet
southern white 7S < 7 ° e vellow 70e
0 its are higher southern fiOSjV
wi sfi rii white r > Hi > lc mixed 50if51u
lVinisvlvania Ojt iSc 1rowsions are
verv linn Mess pork S1S50 Hulk
mi its Shoulders dean lbs packed K
IS uuti Shoulders S1 e clou
ribsides 111c Hams llii Lard
12ic Collie is limit Uio cargoes
tiiiiiiiin to fair S i tHc Sugar is
liiiet and soft atH i Ireights are dull
iNin Uuii ns Jaiiiiarv 21 Night
Cotton is ipuit and sti id Saks J50 <
1 ah Oiiluiirv I e gond ordinarv
lll e low middling 11n middling
11 j c good iniddling 12e middling fair
12e fair 1 lieeeipts net l12l
bihs gross ls2 bahs Hvportscoast
wise Nil bales Stock ki7 bales
llituris arestiadv sih s 112110 bales
Ianiiirvil s 11 sic Uibruarv 11 Mfr
lls7c Man h 12 ll 12 He April 12 tie
Mav 121iiM210e June I2ti2jl2e
Jiih 12 7 U 12 71c Vugust 12SIc4
12sc Septmber 11 Mil II lie Ocfo
Inr 11 l > tll lie November 113
11 Kic
Niw Oiii vns Tanuarv 2 5 Night
Flour is strong superfine lKlfc 1 75
XX S12141K XXX SiLKI ii21
highergradts 50fj775 Corn is steadv
and in fur di m mil mixed Mc white
Sc vellovr Sic Oats are m fair de
mand prime r > sc choice 50c Corn
iniil is quiit held at 1 c Hav is quiet
and weak pritm S22c < 2l choice llii
21 fane 2o427 The market is still
hire of polk and dri s It niiats Lird
is stead refined tit rce 11 l keg12ic
Hams are ste id choice sugarcured
amassed llfrr jc Collee is quiet
and stead cargoes ordiuar to prime
SJ < tll lc Sugar is dull commou to
good common i ftOaC prime to
lioiee7 i7 clarified 8tifv
Moasses demandactne market
now bare of prime and choice 110 bar
n Is sold at 33fti0e for centrifugal GSift
70 for choice Kice is strong ordinary
to clioee 5ffjljc Iiran is quiet at
SI 21
Nfw Ouli ins Tanu ir i 21 Night
Sight draft 2 > er SllMKI pn iiiiuni
Stirling bmk exchange IS2 Con
sols li7 f > 7 e
Niw olK laniien 25 Stocks are
weak Mono b per cent Exchange
long St S2 do short S1H7 State
bonds are dull Ooiernment bonds are
firm Cotton is weak Salens 901 bales
Uplands 12c Orleans 12 5lGc Futures
are steadv Jnniiarv ll Oifr 1200c I > h
ruarv 12 01ir 1202c March12 25r 12 2t > c
Vpn l 12 IUrl2l1e Ma 12l l jl2 die
June 1271 < tl275c
Nl < UK naiturv 2 Night Cot
ton is easv Silcs 7 > bales Upland
11 11 lOc Orh ins 12ji Consolidated
in t receipts 1 710m bales Exports to
Great Ilntaiii lo2hl bales to continent
ill bales
Ni w okk Tanu in 21 Night
Collee is dull and uneliniigd lio fir
10e Sugar lsdiill weaker and nomi
nal fair tn good n filling 7 4ft7 re
fined is firmer and in better demand
stuidird ifcle Molasses foreign
is dull N w Orh ans is hrni ami in fair
demand Kice is steadv and fairl active
Kosin issti ad at 2 0iS2 12 Tur
pentme is lirmerit 15e Woo is in
good dem mil and strong domestic
lleece Vit 10c Ti xas 1 lift lie Fork is
a shade bitter but ver quiet at 31700
1771 Felnuar S17b0fel7 75 13 icon
is quiet and strong long clear tJ it
J > Lirl is 2 1 per cent higher
ami m ire active dosing rather weak at
llr < 12l2c
Nrw Ynitiv Januar 2 Net rece pts
22s7 bales gross 7010 biles Futures
closed linn sihs 1 i1000 bales Tanu
arv dehverv II 0 III 1200c I ebruan
l2 01f 12 01c March 12 2 122
April 12 IV Mav 12 > 5Sjl2liljc June
12 7J12 > 0e Julv 12 0 12 OOe
August 1 5 OOftl 5 01c September 12Sif4
1210c OctoberUltyj 11 15c November
11 IllfUl ISc
Hie Post s cotton report savs future
deliveries at the first call were bought
at 11100 below last S iturdavs dining
quotations at 11100 but regained the
last loss and at the second call brought
as much as the first What we have ar
gued repeatl naniel that 12c for mid
dling it pi ltids is higher than Liverpool
and ill it the vaue of futures depends
upon that of spot cotton is being real
I7id Februirv having alreadv been told
toda v at ll Nc Jiuuar1132j 1155c
Im ic I or > nlc
Lots lom in 1 live in f urn blink twenty
oni 15 irnirus addititin north idu 01
ishlngton titet
Oni ncic nt giounil on South Fo irtli
treit t j lining Ihe se J l residence
Uue new brli stole hoiieim ItnOge
stint unfertile titii Intel 2110 l
1 wo hiiiidiul mil sixivu reot timbered
1 ind tin mile1 fiun Wuo Mol eim m
ounty aid on the line of the Tex is mil
M Lome lailwaj adj l nng Axtcl sia
tion Sixty liveicns of ind in the suburbs ot
the town ot Com iiichcl oni uiuhe count
Ti x i
JI thorough bnil liotiiiignnreM inS
Om new i L Xoiiblop nlcbii bnggv
line s ngle iioiling wagon mule bv
Golni A Co < nn niiiitt
One new simj pound track etilkj
Onesi l line tiollingliaincss ite >
n v K CMvntT
OllOlf At MiClcllind Hoicl
II pic Susrir anil lliplt > jni
Jut icccived for sale cheap by
1 F MaKSll vll
Seed vv lie it iml oais mrsale In lirgcor
s nail qu unities a Uinciivian
OlwUetwIf Austin sireet
IcilItuI ICoaelies
Rak mice ants Ihes veiimn moquitoc
inesetc cl ancd out by Bough on
l at I ilieen ci nt boxes at di ug < ist
Xecil I Neeil I > eeil I
Tucker v Willis have just received a
large and fesh supjil of Ferrjs Sib
lejs and Lmdreth s girden and flower
seeds Come at once and get our as
sortment before the stock is broken
Jut reee ved lo tv btihel choice Colo
rado pecan J F M h iiall
I have on htiidalarge lot of very choice
vvcstein butter Injobiosoiatietnl
Having this day sold and tranferred
the fiiriiituitfix lures ind good will ot
the McClelland hotel to J WHcai borough
Co we would most respectfully ask
tmtthep trons of the McCelind hotel
give our = inc cors the sime liberal pit
ronice that they have beitoncd o i u tor
which we nnJcr i ur th inks Very re
> p ctfiidy Vaky llavTiinxv
January 171SS2 OHSllt
in wit
l rcal EEi
c in tlic IViuic c
lroperlj > etroj eil
lit ili illc
i rut
i > thk svi
Senator Anthou submitted a resolu
tion of respect to thememor v or the 1 ito
Senator Burnsnle also p resolution that
is a mark of additional respect senate
Ijourn Carried
Eulogies were pronounced liv Autho
ii 11 impton Aldnch II insom Maxev
Edmonds Harrison Joins of Florida
and Hale liter which the resolution vns
linuiimousl adopted and the senate
AVvsiiinotos Janitari 22 Thursday
evening v is set apn t forgeucral debate
Onlv speakers as mi iLgnltr order pro
ceeded in call of states and a number
of bills were introduced ind referred
Hills were introduced bv Clementsof
Georgia to appl proi ei ds from the tale
nt public lauds to the education of tno
15 Willis of Keutnclv regulating and
limiting Chinese migrat n
15 Gibson of Louisiana to amend the
national bank act and to establish
a nation ll currenc ilislosi is identical
with the bill introduced bv Gibson on
tin 13th ultimo and entitled a bill to
reduce taxation and establish uniform
15 King of Louisiana to stockade
Ashton and lh imond lslaml and remove
obstriw turns in the Mississippi river
15 Iin liardson of South Carolina a
bill providing for deliene m the
appropriation tor difriwng the ex
penses of the Vorktown celebration
15 Warner of Tennessee to reduce
tle salaries of heads of dep irtsnn nts
It lixes salaries as follows President
8MU00 numbers of congress 10011
htads of departments 87000 chief j
justice of United States supreme court
> 0100 and associate justices SM K
Cox of New York called on te presi
dent for all correspondence with the
British government on tile in the state
department in reference to the ease of
1 II O Connor a oitm u of the United
States and imprisoned m Ireland
Hie call of states vvs concluded
Orth of Indiana from the committee
on foreign aflurs reported back a reso j
lutioti that the president bt requested
to obtain from the British government a
list of all American citizens naturalised i
or nativeborn under arrest or imprison
eel b authoiit of said goverjinent with
stitement of cause of cacu arrest and
imprisonment especially of such eituens
is have been thus arrested and impris
oned under suspension of habeas corpus
in Ireland and if not incompatible with
public nitt rt st that lit makes omnium
cation is hereicivcsittogethci with all
the correspondence in the dep irtment
of state relating to an taxation
arrest or imprisonment lis of
the aforesml B fore u tion could In
t iken upon the resolution 3 oclock had
arrived aud the house suspended pub
lic business and proceeded on special
oidt r to the di liven of eulogies upon tho
late Senator Buriiside Eulogies were
dtlivercd b Choice and Spoouer of
Kliode Island Brown of Indiaua En c
of Massachusetts Henderson of Illinois
and then at 11 15 out of re spci t tomem
or of deceased house adjourned
Under call of states to da there were
355 bills introduced and referred
1Iie Uiiriii A1ater
Nvshviilk Junnr 11 The river
has reached the point of seven nn hi s
above the rise of 1SI7 miking in ail 5
ft tt 3 inches A largo amount of drift
is floating down the river with now and
thin small bridges which spnnitd
streams in tlic upper tonutrv A large
amount of lumber was earned out trom
lu ro this morning Sand
BicitiiONU Vi Januan 23 The
morning The captain and e rew un
well anil the delij vvis caused b a
broken rudder
ricilii t ion
Drnus Janu ir 2 5 V pastoral let
ter from Archbishop McCible was read
in all the Catholic euiiiels jesterda en
joining his people not to listen to les
sons of violence
B > isiri nislieil 3 > cii
NewYouk Januan 22 Hon Clark
son N Potter died this morning
it t Ill KMI 111 V CO
Toobrnn lirstcl is liquors pure md
un ulul 11 Hi d mil dm et lrom tlic m mii
lutiiicrs tn miives an exceedingly
d Oicillt milter I he rt is one linn in this
citv tint lu plnud iielt in immediate
counteti jii with such muiiif inure nd
withsomeot the mo t nliible ileile r in
the countrv We r ler to Pu nh un A Co
No03 Austin siH t who kit p none but
ihe ehoictst and puiet liquois in heir
catablishiiieiit anil b a long course of
honorable dialing hive obtau id tho le
vied name tin j now enjo They also
keep a line ol line and well assorted cigars
at pices to uit the trade
Thanking mv customers for then liberal
pitronige dining the jiist veal 1 d ire t > I five
sij to them tlut I begin the new v e u
business with a intclistotk ot groie1
riisstaple and fincv evcrj a tl Ie of
which Ujuarinteti to be strictly pure and
iinadultcriti d Anv orders from mv
fmnls and the pubi will be promptlv
deliveied and dulv apmeciatid
C C McCulloch
Advice is chcaii
inanity and
st Jicobs Oil and surprie their llicunia
tim and iheinseives also at the icnlt J
D L Ilarvej esq ot Clue igo s iv s 1
would he rtcreaut to my dntj to thoe
alllctcd did I not raise my voice in its
A fine lot of cotton cheviot shirts Ior
cents at T II Jord ins
One hundred
kept constantly
Uo to C F Smiths lor Tainters feni plies Designs anc
W ain Ij
understand that a partv of voiing
meeting in Curtis hall
men will hold a
tonight for the purpose of organizing a
gimnasium and athletic associetion
which vveareglaif
Illus is n movement
to see set ou foot and should have been
long ago In nearlv all cities such or J rUc
existence and are the
gamzations are m
means of great mental and phvsical de
velopment not to speak of the higher
social feeling it enkindles Hie or
ganization of a gvmiiasnim was
agitated bv some voting men
and the Waco press two
veirs ago but for some reason orgimza
tion was not effected In a cit so lirgi
as Waco is now getting to be when
there are so main oung single men we
cannot see wbv a goodgimnasiuni would
tuurrnliv Canncd Good <
Straw berries
Green Gjges
15 irtlelt Peir
Mncit Gripes
A > iragu
Egg Pluma
I imson Plum
Green Pea
Wecmcd from Sn Franci in
Cfor w lowest
ixsjsi miipitiiv
not pi v We have not a public ehester and Oxford Cardinal Manning
iendiiigroov in the citv where ourig prftSsor Darwiu Samuel M orlev Pru
1 lilies or gentlemen can go m wmti r no f M > r Jerrett Mathew Arnold Lord
and I
iark for pleasure m summer no lna the Earl of Shaftesburv has
place where the mental and phvsical lled a public meeting at the Mansion
forces can be improved and strengthen j
ed A g ninasiitni and athletic club
with some person at the head of it
who would manage it proper might
bo made a means of much
benefit to the oung people Just at
present we have a large number of
social clubs so called which drag out a
sicklv existence and one literarv club
AVaco Lceum ever passed through
sicians in charge of tl e hospital She
eime here sik has three or forr chil
ore l with her and is said to be from
1 Innila It was soon discovered that
the womans sickuess is not from small
pox but oiih a simple case of the mi a
sles This the phj sicians state in de mit
of tin report that it is small pox and
the took particular puns to be cer
tain There are mam peculiarities m
bigs were t tlIsl hea
< s wlUl
placed across Woodland street carl to the practiced and educated eje of the
issnmlar and
t some oue
ibout cither
The Asbestos roofing shown tho Ex
vhinei man bv C F Smith certaml
marks a new era in the lnstor of rooting
Dollar Store still keps its rejm
house h is pa ed the sen e bill known j tation for selhug the be t cigars for
as coupon killer No 2 llie bill enforces eiSt nionev
tax collectors to receive m pavmentof I
taxes and other duc s onl > old silver
United States notes and national bank
currenc It is provided that this act
shall be in force from and aft i the 1st
of December next
teaiiier a c
NoitioiK VaJanuar 25 ihe steam
b irge Bnlouio overdue and rt ported
Ijsi in Albem irle sound arrived tins
John Stuart at the Palace saloon sets
up a hot free lunch even di Join
btuart is a clever outh so sa vve >
Btoliling J p Sereiicl v
Xotwithstanding the m inv oelow
cost advertisements throughout tno
cit SparksMillorv t Alii n continue to
h ive a health and s itisfacton trade m
their clothing and furnishing goods
Tms shows the good judgment of tho
people who realize the can better satisfv
their wants as to stle and qualitj o f
goods than of the hurrah stores All
stles of mens hats a specialt
IJitSTKic Itusrsric Itiisrsie
At wholesale and ret ul I resinctiilly
si v to the public that from this time I
expLct to m ike carnages buggies
sjinug and farm wagons a sjieenltv 1
am sole agent for the state of Texas for
Charles Howell A Sous of Amesburg
Mass to handle their famous buggies
and carnages and I dont think 1
exaggerate when I asert thatthev maun
f ictnre one of the best buggies made m
the United States I am prepared to
sell buggies and
carnages wholesale or
retail for less monev th m ati other
house in Texas can sell the same grade
of work 1 am headquarters for ihj
thitig in the carriage hue from an 1800
Bret down to a 75 btiggv Call and
examine m stock and jou will be con
vinced that what I say is correct Send
for catalogue and price list to
W U Biumingii im Waco Texas
licet tliisie
ecnlo i uh at the acdemv ol art
OlHtf Uelno A Mooiif
A Card
Pitting the next ix montlis there will
be a large mitul r ol pit > e out of em
I plov me it on account of ihe drought in
souie jiutsot the countrv theie is a great
tied of siillcnng There in e pit iityot men
and women in this couniiv who if ome
drcidtully cheap
fI1C1 uuuI
we must be true to oui instincts of im thr Ilt > mibevjay o eirn
tell our sullering friends to ue I w ° r < c undied doll us during
the wi
ter months would be grab fill for
a life time A large uiinuacuringcom
pui > in New Vork are now iiiejureil to
start pelons of cither sex in a new busi
ness The hiisines is hororable and I
legitimate no jieddling or book einv iss
ingS10 pei month and cxpcn = espiid
bolfjouiie out of emplojment send
v our name and address at o ce to the
WallacCoC0 Warren streetXc v Vork
The Houchold and Farm in its issue ot
buggies spnn n
in stock bv A sajs by coin
Uinchman wagons and he will not be undersold > ljnJ > who are the most relnble in this
i ndcr any circumstances He is THE I tltJ ntnv is i ii tl
dcalc dwtt
1ic Hallice Co make a special ollerto
A full Tinof woolen oveiohirts from 71 eler ot tOspipi r who will write them
ents up atT 15 Jordan s I at one and vv no can jivegood retcrence
Youth s and bojs uiisin allgrulfs and
colors atT K Jordans
ilibitli anil Itn I > Ntres
in > elugel Niislnille
> imc sec
mi vNTinuiiisr rnorosiTiov
ICusia siml rnclani
London Jauuar 22 Thelord ma or
m consequence of a requisition signed
b the archbishop ot Canterbur tho
bishops of London Gloucester Man
house on lcbruary 1 to make a declara
tion of opinion relative to tho persecution
of Jews in ltussia Ihe Jonrual De St
Petersburg angrily comments on this
agitation m England It savs that
though the agitation is earned UL
the mask of philauthrop it h <
mainspring m the feeling ol
toward the Kussians and the dis c
with which political factions
v <
even its third vear and maiiitaiiied its excellent relations betweeu Kussi
organization Onegreattroubleisthit England which have existed sim
the members of one neirl all belong
to all the others and cannot attend all
if them If those that are thirsting
afterhterar attainments would devote
the major part of the leisure time the
have to building up an orgauuation of
that kind thoe looking to the
development of the ph vsical forces to a
giinnsium and those whose taste leads
them into the circle where balls parties
parlor amusements etc are the attrae I
tion we could soon have three or four
orgauizitions but we never can have
even one while the few who take an
interest in anv belong to all and aro
limbic for that reason to give nineh time
to an Hie organizations might visit
eieli other in a bod or as individuals
ou certain occasions but the idea must
bo given up of belonging to everthing
that ma spring into existence doing
no work and expecting to have all
the fun before we can have
an thing that will offer mneh benefit ir
pleasure The organization which ex
pires at the end of the season withoulv
threeor four at the funeral is harell
worth a name and its benefits m pro
poitiou to the cost are in the ratio of
about one to live The movement to get
up antheueuui her < if properh st irtcd
would be u success In all the larger
accession of Mr Gl alstone Thejo
declares the aceonnts of not
malevalentlv exaggerated and th l
eminent is c usulermg legislatiTe ni
ires in regard to the Jews The jci
begs the fori igu press not to hit
question alrcMiH bristling with dillu
in ille s l et Snnila
NvsHvniiK Teim Januar 22 1
river has surpassed the flood ot 1st
and is still ruing a half inch an hour
forcing an additional large number ot
people from their homes Toda and to
night there set ms to be no telling to
what point the flood will reach Hie
mill men have lost much Inmberaud
three rafts since last night Ihe
merchants have been forced to removo
their goods from a number of cellars
and stores ou which the backwater w as
encroaching A portion of theTenn sseo
aud Pacific railroad is under water but
not so de ep as to stop the running of
trains One tram a da is nm on tho
Northwestern division of the Nash
ville Chattanooga aud St Louis road
i for passengers who aro ferried across
1 the waters between Camdeu and
I Johusonville
1 Newb from Point Bumside is to the
effect that the river is thirtylive feet
cities they have a large membership and ilbm0 iow wlter aud nsmg at the rate of
so popular have some of them become el ateou inches per hour
that it takes both lutiueneo aud mouen
to become a member We hope to see
the one which the oung men are undt r
takmg to git up here assume such shape
that it will at least become permanent
for thero is a chance for unlimited
b nelits
A en elc ene
Whether from real fright or from a
disposition to get up a scare some per
son ystordi morning set the report on
foot that a ease of smallpox had made
its appi arance in the i it Of course it
did not take long to set everbod o
inquiring and an Exwiintk reporter set
out to find what truth theie was in the
st tement None were found who could
speak from an know ledge of their ow n
until one of the plrvsieians of the citv
was met who having himsdf
had small pox and bun in the
treitmi nt of ctsi took the
The river at Clarksville is six inches
above the rise of 1 17
There have been no arnvals or depar
tures of steamers Ihe signal office aud
bureau report 12 h100 inche3 of ram
since Tanuarv 1
X KliilsiiitliropNt
I BviTWoitEanuir 22 EuochPratt
one of the solid business men of the
I iitv and president of the National
Farmers and Planters bank has fonn
I all proposed to tho major and city
i e ouucil to establish and endow a free
circulating librarv for the benefit of the
whole cit at a cost of over one million
I dollars provided the city will grant an
annuit of lift thousand dollars per
ear forever for the support aud mam
teuinee of the library and its branches
Mr Pratt in his letter to the major
I sas he has alreadv m pursuance of tho
plan contracted tor the erection of a
lire proof building capiblo of holding
pains to iniestigite Hie persm said p volumes which will be completed
to be iloivn with the milid he found to
bo at Wicocit hospitikwliither she was
taken bj Drs Brown and Halbert pliv
toda topreveiitthetorreiitfromsettling physician are entirelv
through northeast Nishv lilt and earning frim
lt tIl0 fllL t tult
awiv lumber and houses The river ilw iurwho kuen nothing
to such a point as to force a lar
additional number of families out ol
their Ii men The peojilo are gratilii d
to 1 now that the river has nached a
stand to night and hope it will be falling
bv tomorrow morning The Tinnisste
river is rising at Jolmsville and is within
a few feel of the rnilronl bridge at that
NvsiiviLLr Januan 21 ihe river
commenced to fall sliglitl at midnight
CiNiiNNvrr O duiitnrv 27 The
Times Nashvillesjiecial sas Tho river
has fallen fifteen inches within tin last
twelve hours Estimates are being made
of losses Hie whole damage to the lum
ber interest will be over Sllonm Pn s
ott Sjiour Gos Ioses in lumber
amount to S71000 llie damage to the
citj sower will amount to 521000 At a
rough estimate the lossts to individuals
aggregated 5000 X The funds for
relief of sufferers from the flood reachco
iLeiiilJntcit VI oiIf
disease before a illsictui arrived that
the reiort got out In fact the case is
onewliiih should not even arouse sns
picion and there was not the least cause
for setting such rumor in circulation
No cie of smallpox has visited us m
several jears ami the cih s health is
if proper caution regular habits and
good medicine are observed there is no
caiibe for alarm
A ou can gi t i pure Ivej Wet i g ir or
aT I the hist liveeim cigar ever
eod in this mjiket for five ecns at 11
Austin treet C C McCltllouiii
u the snmmer of ISaJ at a cost ot S225
000 1 his he will deed to the citv and
he will donate the additional sum ot
SnS > 000 on the con litiou mentioned
Vt iecleil on ttic Ia Ie
1 Nov Ohlkans January 22 Tho
I schooners Julia Itn kert and Martha
I Toulnic both from Pearl nver lumber
laden wlulo nctemptiig to enter New
I Orleans from Liive Ponehartrain last
night went aground Ihe Eickert
lies m four feet of water but may bo
Milled off The ToiilmehlIedand set
l tied even with the deck near the month
of the canal Lieutenant Dennett of
I the revenue cutter S Edward with a
I detail of manuesis aboard theToulme
throwing over the deck load aud making
l etiorts to save the vessel
> Absolution
Pirrsiit no Januan 22 In an mter
i view this evening I cv Tather Grace of
I this cit stated that at a Lite conference
of Catholic cIerg of this diocese it was
being closdj watched A large part of j decidtd that absolution here after should
the people have been ited the dis
ease is declining all over the state aud
i be refused to members of the Knights
I of Labor
Inir Kent
Dlbliv Januar 22 There nienow
70000 claims for the fixing of fair rent
listed in the land conrt
Mason Itullel
ir tzttte > i > et nil
The bullet tired b Sergeant Mason
at the assassin Gutieau and which flat
tened itself against the wall of his eel
is uiscovereil to have formed a strikit
profile likeness of the wretch A mold
this bullet has been made from wine
fac similes are manufactured A nut
oer of the se have been sent to vanoi
museums throughout the couutr
To the Iulillc
All persons are hercbv notified ni
warned that I alone am the exclnsi
manager of m propertv and that
have appointed Messrs Ienrv Boliugc
A Ilichev as mj true and lawful agents
to manage ami control and collect and
receipt for rents and revenues for said
property and debts contracted in my
nmio bj or pajmeuts made to any
other person concerning same will not
be respected by me
Mi L Curnr
January 111SS2 01152vvka
M ao r > otii e
All whom k mi con cm will take
nou c tli it lam tl e exclusive man iger of
tlieseqiarac piopertv ot my ie Miry
L Cmrv and h iveno agent tomliing the
uue and no ageit i iiithoriid to ieake
in contiactsib > ut suih Popcr y or te >
receive any ot tbe revenues ot the same
or nm elcbts due to her
01112w WACcupx
All pariips owngC C McCnllough for
< ri p irehas tl ilur ng tl e p it yetii
veiv cinliillv invited to eilll and set
n oi Lefoic Januirj I
t C C McCiiLLOurii
F ot in its and rugs of all styles and
ie c in no bought cheap at W P M ir
tin A Bro s
Ten thouind pieces of sheet muic atlsisllmr
01131 vv
Matthew Masey ISIadcs enjoy an
enMible ditinction as house and sign
riuit rs Tliey never slight their work
but dways do an honetjob myld
Trv a cack of II irt Moores cream Kan
B st in themirkct 1210tc
15nind ts vvinis gins ale beer porter
imlabivo ill pure od malt whiskv at
Hart Mojre 1210tc
Fancy casimere suits tor business at
theKcnluckj Cash btorc
A nice crochet shawl for 00c at T R
Fine liicciiil brown dU ond suits fo
drcsat T U Ionians
The Palace saloon is warranted to
keejiasfiue liquors as ever tickled the
palate ot mortal man
Boj dens mens tine shoes at Sanger
Bros OlOSlw
On Thirty I aj Trial
VVn will send Dr Dyes celebrated Klectro
he beitever made to the urem Votallo Belt ana ortier electric appliances on
I Pallor thirty days to voting men and other
A new lot ot colored drcs shirts with
coll ir lor 50 cents at T H Jordan s
I ergons who ire aflliettlwllh nervons debit
liy ot vitality etc euaranUeln speedy
relief and complete restoration of vlpir anl
niinlii Alo fur rleumitism Jeuralgia
paralysis liyer and kidney illlllLiiltles tu >
urs d many other dlseies llluatrtt l
amplila fro Address Votatic Belt
Co Marshall lllch

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