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Baled Hay
We are authorized to aiinmince Keiar I H
HarrisonKqa a candidate lor county imlcu
McLennan county ubjtct to the i oticm of Hit
countv democraiv I > wtf
We are authorzv < l to annonnce Wm Lamb
lln as a can Jldhte for a > ee or of tarn subject
to the action of the democracy of McLennan
We are authorized to announce I > C Klnnarrl
as a Candida i for aMP or of laxe uDject to
the action ot the denucracy of McLennan
We arcauthoiizcdto annouiee I A INRue
as ncandidate tur iiw > r 01 tae McLennan
uuty uly ct to the d of tlicc unty de
mocracy Wkitwtf
We are authorized to announce Henry A
McCihee aj a candidate for a5se cr of tavcv
MiUircl to the action of the democratic pri
maries of McLennan count
Wc are authonzd to Announce K S Crowe
der a a candidate lor asestor d tales Me
Lennan county ubjeet to the action of th
county dniocracy < levtl
We are auliiorizoJ to announce J WMub
blelicld a a candidal lor assessor ol taxes
niiect to the action ol the democratic party oi
McLennan county
WACO MARCH 28 1882
The Weather ToI > ay
The indications loi the till Hates are
nceu ioil rains followed by partly cloudy
wenther variable winds mostly fiotn
tioith to west and higher barometer
Voteians ot the Mexican war wlio
reside in McLennan county are leleiieel
to the notice ot Judge J II Toib tt pub
lished this morning We aie sure that
our people will be lad to see thse old
soldiers here an the 21st proximo along
with the Texas veterans Let them come
and enjoy Waco s hospitality
We hopeidlour state exchanges will
insert the notice to Texas Veterans lojmd
in this issue and give it as wide a circu
lation as possible It is quite necesary
that we have the mimes ol all
the veterans ii possible so that suitable ir
rmgcmciits may be mudw tor all in time
The wise were guessing last night
whether or not we would hive a iiost
It would indeed be a disastrous visitor at
this sea = on ot the year and wc hope not
only this locaity but all Texas will be
A readable communication on the
homestead law wiil be found in this
mornings issue
IVotlee to < in l i < iii e
A gentleman who has been k eping
statiHtics for four years says that all the
successful candidates who drank nt all
took their friends to MeCammons be
cause ho will keep ouly the best sour
mash rye and bourbon He is now at
tlm 1hreiiix ami tbo candidates and
their friends call there when they want
the pure juice that leaves a good old
democratic majority every time 03281vv
The people do say that Tucker it Wi lis
Simple IJcmulie give the best satist ic
tion ol any medicine in the market
And they are si > cheap Their motto cer
tainly is to live and let live USlotc
rireat Vnlley Mill
Information readied the city last
eveniug that the flonriug mills at Vallev
Mills the property of V B Trice o f
this city and Mr D F Brooks of Val
ley Millt were burned to the ground nt
2 a m Sunday and aie a total loss The
origin of the fire ct the present time is
not known here The mill and what ad
ditions have been made to it from time
to time cost in the tho neighborhood of
812000 and was provided with good ma
chinery Wo understand that thore was
but S3oU0 insurance on the property
The mill was one ot tho best in central
Texas and its destruction io a great loss
to Valley Mills and Bosque county as
well a6 tho owners
Every article sold as represented and
marked in plain tigun at Onelnce onv
at Iewine liio clothing establishment
Austin street and b < iiaicCTJiGte
The Aiuuriean Reciprocal Aid
A iooiulioii
Slill the young men of our citv are
flocking into this popular institution and
the prospects are that seventylive or a
bundled members will be obtained here
This is the odca institution ol the kind
in Texas and the only one und r the iin
niediaie espionage ol the state and it good
commercial recommendation aie worh
anything is ctn thul to the cntiie conli
dence of ourbojsand girls Mr O V
Ha > R gene ml superintendent of agents
bus returned fiom Celton and can be
found at the McClelland house or a lew
lays and will cheerfully explain is ob
jects to all who apply He wants some
good agents and the right man can get
good wages
Prophets are generally not honored at
home of which rule Conrads Bud
weisor makes an exception Ask your
grocer for it it
Contusion in Camp
Tho Rportinc men of the city had
their iudiguation raised to the highest
yestorday at one Jack Morris whom
they charge with having conspired with
two Chicago sports to win their mouev
by foul mean It appears be has been
in tho city forsome time and ingratiated
himself into tho good feelings of his
friends and then while preteudodlv
sticking to them actually betrayed thorn
in a manner which they characterize a >
dishonorable and succeeded m assisting
tho Chicngoites in walking off with
considerable cash Morris was said to
bo missing last evening and complaints
were made against him which will cause
his return if officers can find him
Tho = c lawns asthetic
lovely and tlicv are in great
Ilabers 032oc
aie pcifeetly
variety at 15
liner < a < u > il
Mrs c Lcdnums line stockoimillinery
and fancy goods is now arriving and ii
the ladies want to see all the novelties of
the siason they should visit her pailois
Waco Jaiierprise
We have just iceeivod a sixteen iitc
magazine from the Faliion lizar tint
docs credit alike to Mrs Cohen and the
printers Mrs Cohen deres us to inform
the ladies that her opening days for the
evposition of spring inilmcrv have
be n appointed for edncsda Thursday
Friday and Saturday March 2u 30 and 51
and April 1 To such as cannot be pres
ent we would say a visit to tne Fashion
Bazar at any time will repay them for
their ttouble The magiiz nc will be
willed to any address gratis it application
be made 032otf
A new supply ot Brown i
at U Behrens
Iron Bitteis
Aevv York Seed l otatoc <
Guaranteed genuine ind sound just re
ceived at Bart Moore s and lor sale in
any quantity W12tt
Iol Work
Briefs commercial stationery cards
etc in best style at the Examiner iob
prating establishment dtt
All Ihe novelties in gents and boys hats
for the spring season Derbys stet
manilla itlt and
wool hat s at the
rest the only one price house
Lewine Bros
dicucral Urayagc
Poisons who wish eight hauled to or
from the depot5 or any class of uu rchan
iHfc moved in the citylj should not forget
that Home it DeWare have the only ex
clusive tr ivfer line in the city and have
a 1m je number of floats read toscive the
public on the shot tcsc notice Attention
prompt and charges reasonable 012St
ruissorm PAcirsc woke
KeKiiIar Iraiii Soiitliril tie
Sis VftJSri se si ml on to
According to announcement the Mis
souri Puclie road commenced running
regular train5 between Waco and Temple
ye t rday moning and tier after theie
will bvi two train a day between those
points stopii iif at all int > raiedate points
and cairying both freight and assengu
As we stated before regularthr ugh pas
senger and mail trains will not be run un
til the road ieieleTaj lor although we
might here lenni K tlm he Pa1 Itic exptess
company has made atrangcinents lor the
shiiiineilt tf cxpiec matier over the road
and w ill liuve an agent on the train The
running of these trains am the express
facilities will be a great advantage to the
traveling public itd shippers The wurk
of building below Temple is going on
rapidly The biidge over Litle river
eight miles below the junction is finished
and tra ns crossed veierday morning
Last evenug Hie end of thotruck was jiut
twenty nine uiile from l iylor and it it
cdcufitel to reach that dace if the
weitliei permits woik to go on steadily
in loity days mid not longer than sixty
days even sticiild fie vvea her be severe
It is no v po itiveIv known that a branch
ot the M i road wiil run into Bslna
the people of that place having luniislvd
nghtol way th > ugh the county and
depot grotiid in town Since good
wather lia si t in tie track between Waco
and Temple has bcn put in good repair
th > wires aie m good woikiig condition
a I the wnk ot construction beyod
Temp e is leig done in that thorougu
manner that will peimit trims to at oiee
commence niinin asoon as tha last rail
is laid into Tylor We understand thit
contiucts have been let lor grading of the
branch into reiton and work will begin
shortly The p ron who in a few month
visits Uclton an 1 Tvnipic will hardly knaw
either dace for two ye rs ago one was a
happy butlin county seat without any
raditiad ani iheoilur was not in exis
tence Now tlicy aie both railroad towns
and pujlinir haul for the supremacy
Slaj Whco Thievery
On last tiatn day night some person or
peison ent iel the bun of Mr Uiron
jeK > eniu East Waco aid carried away
a quantity ol < > ats and four or fivi sicks
ot tiiui Mnce Mr McKeens residence
mil tied he ha been living in one ot the
cottages opposite it but the barn ucd is
the one on his old place as it and another
Hinall building did nut burn On Situr
day evening anil night the ladies of the
household were away and Mr McKcen
and his son took the evening train and
went up < o Hcs tc spend Sunday A few
divs ago Mr Met en boughi thirteen
bushels of cats and live sackb ot bran
The Oats were put in a large hogshead
and the bran stood in the sacks The
thieves must have been watching when
the family were aI awayas it wolud have
taken some tune to lemove the lodder
and when at home it could nut be at
ti mpted a Mr MeKi ens son slept in the
same yard in which the barn stood Tueic
is no e ue us to who the thieves were al
tb > igh it is thought they lived clo e by
and were constantly watching the move
ments of the tainuy K trance to the barn
was alficted liv breaking the lock and
d < oi hinges Such ihieves ill sen c being
seienidcil with bib kshot and repeated as
lung as tiny ae in reach
5 > cii < ioii Sra hcrric
The Examixik is undir many obliga
tion to Mis E Kerr for a dish of line
iipe Sliawberries lrom her gaiden on
Columbia tieet Tne borne weie extra
large delicious in flavor and certainly as
tine as we have eur seen in any climate
Mrs Ker has given much attention to
the cultivation ui straw berries and other
small lntlt and for several seasons has
had the earliest in this section Last year
wewvie also favored with strawberries
fiom Mrs Kerr and we still remember
that cightee pound ctntaluipe With
the sme ntiet tint she takes in her
garth no his might be equally suecss
lul in Having euiy Innts and vegetables
on thiif tabhs
SomeiliistK 3icv
J L ISarnes has those little pig hams
five to six pounds each 03lStc
Jaclede EEoieUMl Ioui
The oid Laclede for many yeais a gen
eral favoute has ot late undergone such
iui wiii < nl u tr iluilils ftiliflf ir in rllP
favor so loig iijoycd From eellai to
tenet it has b n icnov ted thioughly
and its g vstem ot diiaage is such as to
obviae pcifeetly all unpleasant ordors
common to large hotels The Laclede
though immensely improved in accom
modations makes no advance in ratcsdlt
Almost Scriou
Yesterday morning an accident occur
red at the Narrow Gauge bridge which
fortunately was not serious but was not
without tho possibility of being so Mr
Shafer foreman of tho work had mount
ed some temporary scaffolding which
had been erected and while aloft by
some means lost his footing and wnB
thrown from it In the descent ho
fatruck some timbeis and finally lauded
in the water Workmen engaged near
by noticing the fall at once went to
his rescue and he was taken out
of the water By tho best of good
luek he received no injuries except on
tho arm which was at first thought to
bo broken but upon exsmiuation it was
found that it was only a severo sprain at
the elbow joint This will cause him
pain and inconvent nee for several days
not to to speak of loss of time but on
the whole he was remarkably lucky
evon in bad luck Ho far no serious ao
cideuts have occurred on the Narrow
Gauge bridge but we had enough ou
the Missouri Pacific to do for both and
certaitdy plenty to caution all against
being too careless where there is so
much danger
If you viant to et something really
good in the way of hair and nail brushes
coarsi and line ivory comb toilet soaps
handkerchief estiact toilet waters of all
odors lily whiti toiet powders ron < cs
etc of one hundred styles just call on
Tucker Wdiis Waco Texas
Better light better goods liner fabrics
newei styles in boy vouths and mens
clothing and iidcrwear at One Price at
Lewine Bios Austin sa et and square
The Heeling Tnexlay i lit
The several committees appointed to
airange lor the Texas Veterans aie re
quested to be piepaired with sUcstions
and reports so far as practically for the
meeting to bIn Id at thecoTinty couit
room Match 2ith
Committee of Arrangement
The cit7cns ot Waco and vicinity are
n quested to ascmble at the court house
it 7 10 p in on March 2S 1SS3 to perfect
nicasur foi tne leceptiuii and entertain
ment ot the Texas V torans A tul meet
mg i desiied as r puts from the several
committees will be ailed for
WirKY Jones President
i t
Clergymen lawjers physicians farm
ers meichants business men gentlemen
of leisure and their women lolk and
chihhen all ue Browns Iron Bitters It
ketps them well 1227tf
T 1
Iater i Comiisij
Dont fail to call at Tucker Willis
if you want to get handsome Easter
eggs with a nice graduating medicine
glass as a holder for same 0224
I > rc nia Icing
Miss Ilearn with Mrs LtTand Si = ter
is now rea ly to iceeiye oidrsr She Uses
that best ot syst m the Fundi lor cul
ling andiiistues peitcct lis Esthetic
is the word and if tl e ladies would look
pietty and stylish jut have her make you
oneol those stvlihFivnch costumes Ah
oidirs will ice ive nronu ittention
Rooms up stm > in the Chalmers bu 1J
ing corner of Austin and Fourth street
CVew IMaiits
coleus uew roses perennial
puloxand inauy other uew plants aud
so Is just received and as the season is
well advanced we will s00n move our
stock to nrseyand those calling within
the ucxt fifteen days can secure bar
f Kansas Corn and Meal during the sea
I son In carload lots at lowest prices
Mexican Wsir Vetermi >
To the Vtterans of tlte Mexican War Lesl line
in McLennan and Acijoiuins Counties Urtot
Comuadks You are requested to meet
at the cjurthousc in Waco on the morn
ing of April 21st for the purpose of jt4n
ing the 1 ex is veterans and others in cele
brating the mmiversarv of the battle ol
San Jacinto J II Torbett
President McLennan County Association
The committee on arrangements to re
ceive and entertain the Texas Veteran
association on th 20th of April will meet
at the she riffs oflfce in the courthouse
flip cveing at 4 oemck sharp to prepare
a report for general meeting ol citizens
which lakes place at the courthouse at
7o0 oclock to night
< F II KoBrtKTSox Chairman
Women w ith piles and colorless faces
vho 1 el weak and discouraged wiliie
ceive both mental and be di y vigor by
using Carters Iron Pills which are nia > e
foi the blood nervts and complxion Sold
by Tucker Widis 032ld wlw
B Haber has just leccived a new lotol
ladies underwear and neckties call and
see them 0320tc
Bogers Kexford and fames contrac
ts s on the V S P K K from Shreve
port to Arcad n have woik to let will
purchase wheel scrapers light rails ears
etc 03101m
A < iic > lit the Identity oi a
Uurbrtiiiiute Woman
Correspondence ot the Examiner
MooREsriLiiE Falls Co March 20
In yesterdays Examiner uuder the
head of Still a Mvstery I notice the
account of an untortunate German wo
man wandering about tho streets una
ble to make known who she is oi where
she camo from etc Ihiuking it might
possibly bo Mrs Lydia Fiudly whose
hubband and three of her children died
at this dace in 1877 I take tho liberty
of addressing this note to you hoping
that if it is iier that it may give u clue
ns to who she is After tho death of her
husband and children sho went back to
Somerset county Penu where they
came from to Texas I carried
her to Waco and assisted her
oil on the train obtained her ticket
to Pittsburg from Mr Tra v Jones that
being tho neares1 point to whoro she
wished to go I have corresponded
with her occasionally every year though
it has been nearly a year since I heard
from her last Sho has frequently ex
pressed a de > iroto return to Texas or
rather to this place whore her husbands
aud childrens remains rest This fact
and the allusion to letters in tho article
that she was to come hero causes
me tho more to think it is Mrs Findlay
If it is her sho is about 35 years old
about medium heigh t with round fcat
uies fair complexion and rather thick
lips It you have n littlo spare time to
investigate the matter you may confer a
favor upon an unfortunate person If
I could learn that it is most likely her I
would go up at once aud see her hoping
it might reinstate her mind
Very respectfully yours
F L Scott
Note It is needless to say that tho
woman to whom the Examiner referred
can hardly be Mrs Lydia Fiudley as
she does not speak English at all aud is
said to have been only five weeks fiom
limrope when she was seen here Ed I
Everything in the way oi gents neck
wear that taste art arid refinement can
suggest you > ill find at Lewine Bros
Austin stiectand = qiare032Gtc
Luces of every inscription at 15 Ilabers
l > rI iO > AL
Mr John Carson returned from Morgan
last night
Mr M Ballard of St Lotus is a guest
at Kopers
Mr James Orand and lady returned to
Whitney on last niglus train
Mr Ueo Patlon came down from
A quill a on on the evening train
Capt J P Moore of the Missouri Pa
cific left his wellknown sciatch on
Kcpeis register icsterda3
Mr II 31 Hook of Colemans llural
Vv crld St Louis called on the Examiner
last evening He is a guct at itoper s
and leave this morning for Corsicana to
deliver the papers containing the write
ups of that city and counjy
Our young friend Mr M C II Park
leaves this morning for eastern Texas Tin
Houstonas agent for the American Ke
ciprocal Aid association of Texarkana
If in his travel any one deires to know
who Mr Park is they can write to any
citizen ol Waco and find that he is a
young man of undoubted integrity sus
tains a high mora character trnd is an in
tclligent honorable gentleman wherever
found In pieenting the merits ot ihe
assocution with which lie is connected he
will be lound frank and believing in its
benellls is anxious to extend them to
young men who like liimselt are laboring
tor a start wiien the shall assume the re
sponsibilities of married life
Vo The Tevas Veterans
Venerable patriots The citizens of
aco rejoice to know that you will ce e
brate in the city on the 21st of April the
Kith anniveisary of lexi independence
Our citizens ate anxious to give you a
reception wjithy of the day and your re
nowned heroism Thev have therefore
appointed the undersigned coinmiltee to
extend tl rough the public journal an
earnest and cordial invitation to eveiy
veteran to be pieent Transportation on
all raihoads we learn will be free and
suitable homes will b2 generously provid
ed lor all That the most ample pienai
ation may be made beforehand wc ear
nestly leqticst that each veteran will at
once send his or her name and address to
us Wc request fllso all veteran who ex
pect to spend the ime In Waco with
inends to send on their names that thev
may assgned accordingly
All newpapers wishing to aid the yeter
aa associafion will confer a favor by in
serting this notice
Bufus C Burikson
Thos CSmhh
A aco March 27188
Come and See Me
J B Massie comer Sixth and Aus
tin street has pist opened in the line of
staple and fancy groceries country pro
duce tropical fruit and a gentral line of
lanuly supplies both for city and countiv
satisfaction is guaranteed Goods fresh
and new City delivery wagon is runnin
constantly Bemember I mean bnsines
Come and sec mo J B Massie
Ilolcsiouai Notice
During my absence traveling in the
stae professionally Mr Geo D Wood
will be in charge ol my stoic and furnish
optical goods to all vv ho may desire them
and give any information wished
II Robinson
UiIlt Optician Waco
eaic still agents for Wooten Wells
l S hrcih supply every day Tucker
N libs
a i
The Mom Complete Stock of SA
Hiors in the City
I have constantly in store a line assort
ment of
French cognacs and wines
Kentucky and Tennessee whiskies
balliuiore and Pennsylvania ive
Maryland and Virginia old apple and
peach brandies
Pure California wines and brandies
I am the only importer in cenral Texas
of these really splendid iuices 1 et them
duectfrom the grower and guarantee
them superior to any goods in the mar
ket hiing rich and delicious in tl ivor and
unexcelled in their medicin il qualities a
complete assortment of beers ale porter
coidials giis and imported liquors
J A Goldstein 37 Austin St
Another Triumph in Mechani
cal Skill oi Hie Age
Mr Saucum the inventor and patentee
of th circular sulky plow is the master
mcchaic in the Waco Kotarv Plow Facto
ry He is one of the oldesfand b st plow
smthsin thestite We take pleasure in
satlng that Mr Bmcum is financially
backed by Dr G V McGregor one of our
mot suceseful ciiizens and his name in
connect n with this new enterprise
should satisfy our tatimr eitians that
theie is more plow than talk Mr
Bdieum left for the north on the 20th
insbmt to make arrangements for the
manufacture i f his great labor saving in
vention We hope upon his return he
will be able to announce his early readi
ness to meet the great ilein tnd for his
plow We feel wairaiued in assuring our
farmers tiiat the nwcircula sulky plow
will meet a long leit want in Texas We
wish Mr Bauium long life and great suc
cess in hs new enterprise
Mr S C Bauccm Deah Sir Your
circular sulky plow is certainly a gieat
success Mr Willis came to iiiv frm on
Tuesday the IJth instant and tuld me
thityon tiad invented and patented a cir
cular plow that would turn the black
waxy land and proposed tlnt I should try
it I told Mr Willi I had not time as I
was veiy much behind with my woik He
then said Mr B iiiciini proposes to make
a great improvement on plow i g this kind
of land and if in tr3ing it you lo = e time
I will pay you cash for y ur time Upon
this promie and the hope of seeing a
plow shed the black wax I went to town
and brought the plow out and put it to
work upon the farm of my son who w is
plowing a win at stubble in veiy bid or
der and oi tho stickiest kind He had
been plowing with a dimming plow
cutt ng Ix i ches wide two and a h If
to ihiee incites deep miking his round
in about thirtylive minutes and shipping
live or six time to clean off his plow
ith the same mules hiched to your cir
cular plow Mr Willis having set It to cut
about icn inches wide and six deep he
made his lound in til teen minutes with
tnoieea = eto his team than when using
tlieCummings The draft ol v our plow i
certainly much les than the baror wedge
plow even when doing more work Al
ter my son became accustomed to hand
ling the plow his average round was
twelve minutes and doing more than
three times the work in tho same
time He used the pi w four
consecutive days and never had to leave
his seat to clean the plow or disc I most
chcei fully make this statement as alter
tanning this land for 27 yeais I say it is
thconiy pi w I have ever seen that would
suciesstuliy woik in the black land in it
you hve combined iseof draft and per
tcet ontrol You will pleate find inclos
ed sixty dollar whit it 1 send you in te id
ol the plovvas I wohuliiutconeiic to part
with an im diment tlal so coinplctly lilts
the ill tor the TVxa laimei To nil p > r
sons who wish to sec the plow i i op ra
tion I exti nil a cordial invitation to come
to my sens farm one iiid oiehaf miles
tiom town out Austin stnet Wihing
fou great success in your ne > venterprise
am most respectfully vonrs etc
James Crih
I have in stock Kichei mans best Hour
This Hour is unsui parsed in quality and
will give satisla tion Only SJoO per sack
021itc OC McCuliocii
Why don t you go to ticker Willis
and gtt a bottle ot Electric Neuralgia
Lotion It is wonderful what elect icla
effect this remedy has on the sufferer
C reat expectations
Are always realized when the sullerer
seeks itliei by uing pure unadulterated
medicines which can be bought at the
Avenue Drug store I emember the place
r > l Austin Avenue and the man Dr S 15
Hamlelt 0323tc
Violin and guitar strings of all kinds and
of the best quality at Tucker Willis
Ao Juii
County ot McLcntnn
Reuben Boss vs G W Birch field and F
31 Birchtleld
To the Sheiill or any Constable of Mc
Lennan county greeting
Wheieas oath has this day been made
before me that the lesidence of F M
Birchtleld is unknown to affiant so that
ilio orlinnry pioccss ot luw cannot bo
served upon him you aie hereby eom
manded that by making ptibli ittion ol
this ciiatlon in omcnewspaper published
in the county of McLenni n once In each
week lor lour consecutive weeks pievious
to the return day hereof you summon
the said F M Biichlleld to beand appear
before the di tiict court to beholden in
and for the county ot McLennan at the
couit house thereof in the city of Waco
on the lirst Monday in May 1SS2 then
and there to answer the petition oi Keuben
Bess filed in said couit against the said G
WBirehtieid and FMBircHlield alleging
in substince as loliows 10wit That on
tin 21st day of lure 1S7S said deti ndants
jointly and severillymde executed and
delivcied to petitioner for value received
a certain promioory note bearing date
21st day of June 1J7S and is made pay
able on or before the 2oth day of Decem
ber 1879 and is for SS3300 and bears 12
per cent interest per annum until paid
Defendants also jointly aud severally
m ideexicute < l and delivcied to poiiiioner
another promisorv note be triiig dare 21st
day of June 1S78 for SS3300 for value
necived and is nadepayab eon or belon
the 25th day of December 18S0 and beais
12 per cent interest per annum till paid
Said two notes are due and unpaid except
the firt ot the above mentioned no es is
credited October 101S81 with two Hums
vi 1SG0J and S1GI0J said two rates
were given for a part of the purchat
money of time tracts of land The llr1
tract is situate in McLennan county
Texas on the vvateis of M ddle Bosque
and contains 320 acies The second trait
is situate in McLennin countv near the
Coiycll county due on the south folk of
Wasp Creek and contains one hundred
acies of land The third tract contains
ten acres ofl of the north end of the J A
Beeves eighty acre survey in Coiveil
eounty Texas Petitioner asks that he
may have judgement for his debt dam
ages interest and costs of suit and lor the
foreclosure of his lien on the above men
tioned three tracts ot land and that thev
be sold according to law to satisfy said
Judgment Defendants aie notified to
produce upon the trial of tlm cite the
original deed of conveyance of the above
mentioned three tracts of hind or a cer
tified copy of the same will be used in
evidence on the trial of the case
Herein fail not but have you then and
theie before said court this writ w ith your
ictum thereon showing how you have
oxecuted tlw same
Clerk District Court McLennan County
I Given under my hand and the
< l s Js al of said court in the city of
Wacithis tc2oth day of March
f leik District Court McLennan Co Tex
Bv Cms II LrDNcTM Deputy 032Sdlw
Manufacturer and Dealer
ass so fo MATTHEW
fast and Xew Capito
mi iwnniri iVrr
We Cannot Toll a Lie We
Did it With Our Little
Hatchet When Knock
ed Ihe Cover off Our
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acts aii h
Our Popular Prices
Wakketh the High
Priced Boot and
Shoe Man Hunt
Wo Ave Sorry to
Cause Any Incon
venience to Them
hut Having In
augurated the
Low Price Sys
tem we propose
to run our busi
ness in the inter
est of our Cus
tomers and Our
selves We hew
to the line let the
chips fall where
they may
We do not adver
tise any goods at
50 cents on a dol
lar neither are
we Selling Out
lor the Benefit of
our Creditors
All our stock is
ew and fresh
lrom the maim P
Jacturers as fast
as they are made Q
Gentlemen we X
carry the nohbi ft
est line of Fine M
hoes for W
you in
J e state Dontft
thmk of buyiug4
until you hav
seen our stock n u
all J
spent with us
when in need o
anything foo
We Have Come to Stay
Oiir Ohjectis to Please
We are strictly in tne Clothinp Business
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ot qualities and prices to
suit one and all
Ve Do Not Misrepresent
Gcods to Make Sales and
Have No Damaged or
Worthless Articles
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lelow Cost
nr Ood < are tlrstclass and vvn offer to
I ciiitomei s the best selections to be 11
found and at the same
One Price fo All
Our clothing is from the best maufactories
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ot underwear tor variety and firm
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Stetson Hat
arj8Jl < Meap tnn on thlabahta
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Please our customers The
Tailoring Department
0 n ancroa and we keen iffully
cJo FLieiith tcb st nmteriaVand
pattern with a
cutter workman we am
prepared to suit the trios tfesHdlon
S a tlin aU We
are ° L ieceivn Voices of
smin i our
easT ° and lnfmer K00s froul the
quality of goods
fi w Spaifts Malloij jje
Waco Texas Uvkt 4r
Rose CocoSaxotlce
A perfect hair
dre in
motor ol the growth of tfe 1
other compound possesses
properties which so eXa V r
various conditions of the 1
It softens the hair whw
diy it sooth s tlte irr
skin it allbrda and prolL
est luster removing 1
scurf etc thereby skl
have asserted without ex
best article ever utd for iif
will only cot you 2 cents
Prepared only by IwU
Waco Texas a
Peace and Happiness ResJcredA
liaby Colic Drops dll >
has now become one of the
indispensables and tlurn
years of experience wgVa
been able to find ativtlaV
cede it for certainly it is
most speedy and sure rem
in use and yet it is
water in its effect Xo mcii
used it will ever be vvituc
There are full and explicit
on the bottle Ask yout
price 25 cents pur bottle p
only by Tucker Willis M
Electric Consumption Cm
lias undoubtedly the bf r
tion of any medicine for
consumption that we lure r
able to find It is prepai tj
for consumption aud tluhe si
affected with a deepscatiu c V
lon staniTiiifj A few doses <
mediate relief and if kepf ir
feet a cure It is very sfHjtLil
lungs and pleasant to take CL r
nights sleep free lrotn h e
paroxysms of coughing 15 v r 1
than the price ot a halt cioii
Ask your druggist for a t
once price SO cents and lpi
Prepared only by Tucker 4 W
Waco Texas
Compound Syrup of SarsaparHIa If
Iodide of Potassium
The remedies in this preparar
ranked by the medical protfc <
most certain ef alteratives ami
tives possessiiif the power of re
from the blood tlto e humors c
pies which disturb its purity 1 t
them toward the natural n
channels It is employed tuii
tage in chronic allectiohs oP
eruptive and skin diif Ju
Anthonys lire erjsipeU5
pustules blotches boiK tumor f
or salt rheum scaldhcuil rin f
ulcers and sores chronic rhti
syphilitic and mercurial tlkcta 1
generally for the varimts iliitto1
int from iinpuritie of the blcxl
It forms a powerful alteratiu
renovation of the blond ar I ff
toration of tone and strcngri
when debilitated bv
Ask your druirgist for our make 1
are in search of a seed blooil
and alterative Price 1 per b
six bottles for > 1rcparwl bj1
and Willis manufacturiu ihf
Waco Texas
The Great SouthernrTeiaerfy
Brazos Chill Cure nhUh 5f
ranted lor the cure of cbilfe
for nis >
is a positive antidote r
has no riyal as a tonic fur Ban
an emaciated system troui
and to Huh
matic causes j
necessarily exposed to niia 3 f
encesand are attended r
lowing symptoms such i
of the back ana J
vcrishness severe
tion to get about low spin >
ness chilly sensations ann < v
hot burning fever whithn
terminate in billions rcmiU
tcrniittent fever we j V
you keep a supply three on hwj
time and take a dose
No other medicine is nfneS
effects in removing tie F
ments from the bloodJawJ
appreciate this
farmer who is more
to those atmospheric P01
in the fall season when gaw
crops in the midday sud mt
and heavy dews otnvvgfe p
fever m
those malignant
lent and to them we f ty
to fcike a dose of Ba mv
morning on ririn
every mucn
avoid the danger of
of the n
say nothing sje
saved in the end 3S AtU
arsenic The PW 8 faA
recommend it A J fl ft
it and take no other
Uc Prepared ong jtW
Block Austin Avenue
I V <
present to youhe r
tiful preparation < < K
celebrated as bein < >
remedy ever pIt
up fo 1
gums preserviiiKii
fumliiK the breath
never be without it nil
ilriiKgwt Price 50
Prepaied only by Tu T
If v
Al I
1 i
I Pi

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