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The Waco daily examiner. [volume] (Waco, Tex.) 187?-1888, February 10, 1885, Image 1

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H "V" A A if TATT7.TT&
lJ jL
Bartow, cravi , l kc hma,
I'Hut'Kii Tons.
nrrtcit or rmuriTio-'
- i'O1?
ps es rasa m
&o Etas, e&sse. s2
&u rwm
jplilsMrara M
J. IK? 5: S H)
&sH j''g
Am Mi
-i5 nzisjyA i
- g
Still Goes On !
The Immense Crowds
thousand dollars
worth of Cloth.!)'',
attending this Sale will testily to the truth of my
&.! OOS""!
nsacrtion that I am el
Still Goes On I
elosuik' out t in FMTRF Cxnoic
. , I . ka 7
We ur'M.lli'lil.g SOUK' rj.ll 11, lid ;illli -
Hoi en ami oiovi .-. nt tummi tlicm :.
tinncli '" r prirs HiuM Hi' Muni. jr,iij,
,,eok wi wil, oiler iiini' special Nils ill ion
?tion i0'
''.i ( Mldri'ti'a
II .!..( I. :. ml Hi' iv I in ,-eliut
i in lr li. nilil I'm i l-.-u In iv. 'I his
I'l'ici - II. ill i- i-iill .-i.-."iul nllin-
lEaclies' and Children's Ho
.Bool, Shoes, Dry (omK Cloaks
Chance to secure bargains.
to he disposed of. Residents of
make ;
and Carped, still
No goods taken back nr fiynhano-pfi
I he novf lifiru.n ,l.iva r !!! ...., i... .. ...v. .....: . i ... i ... ....
,.iHtip w , fz:,r, ' "'.rBB -e ". l ' :zL ;.' "? r. C,,,IU. row c??1 v "'.o to,u , i;1
J v.i.rv.,o. i iu-m; i;nim5 m ui ue si'iu, so a vai i void sei i oi this r.iro iipnnrtutiilv t
13. I labor
and vicinity should not miss
ies' elo.iks inn! ivr.-im In. Una' .,,,,! i; ...,' ..i. ... - .. .1 1.....
, .j . ,' '"' .... .M. ir-u niiui m niu voi v ue.'i
,. u ..- !.i:ii,(. jinieii'ni U"! Ut.-tti m-lu-i.1 cost.
j 'iii
olid Color Iliuo, regular made, nt '-.'i rent-
i,i -' .-olid 1 1 1 tr i-t 1 111 Hi
i', regular made, ul n:t 1 -:!.
per pair,
per pair.
n to
1 i-nm-ii 1,1-ir inrcaii lion', in u.ioont- per pair.
' llluck mill Colored .sjiu Hum', at i?l.'j,'i pi'f p,iii.
M. N. ROSENTHAL, Assignee.
10 11 jiii'utor ivirhlr.it Ion ilum tin
ol'tl.i' ol.l voiiipniiy I- di'itiuir
elalu iniirii inorc lli'an iliil Unit of
i M, i:vi !, iu;:;i" j';it.
i'uii.ii.i imr
iron's MKcd liililu'il . I.
11 1 on'- Soliil ( olor llo-i , ,
1 lll'l I'lVlll'll li'llilll'll III
. 11
mill llor, at !.' 1 -2r nrr iniir
1--. rr!Hll!ir lil.'itil'. ill 'ASr no- unit
pi'r pair.
, li'iiiilur iniiili-. al Inc.
cn' Silk llnic, lllnc, I'ink ami Canlinal. al T.'j
per pair.
Lppecia! Offerinq of Ladies Gloves
I.vllo' Cn-liiiictf (iltivc. n! 'J.'ic. inlii l.'o.
I .mill-.' I'liiltv-seil Kill (iloic-, yl Mlc. wiirlli S,2fi.
l.ailio' "Urn1 llinprcis1' 1-15 Kill (lluvt-sat $1.00, worth $l,St).
lWTre hIho miikiiii; 11 specinl
.-ale of Harris' Cull (iiov, al $1.7.'. former
company. '! hit cil,y nill ir,
Tlin Pnn-neo.., nf 11, U'...i llal'1'." I'"1'1 li tcli-photic !
a' ---...-..,- w. liiu i iu.ui yiib urciiini iion.
Bill in the House
Yesterday !
C'lipl. I'ini in t.'nhi-Kiii lAniu.
itihig lio 3':u'lHlii lot Sliip-
ping Catltc toi:ugluiilt
.iit.i Also r.iiiK-c, sit- i'i.'ij
h u 'ho )eii truler
S'i otitcitl '
lit ill
is Iti'UtiriU
llir .lulli'i-
fiiilvoslon, IVli. !. - Cupl. lli'iUiitil
J'im. of the KiifrlUli nnvv, urrivi'd In
thi' cil yc-ti'iilav, fur I lie ptirpo-i. of
oxniniiiliiff the shipping facilities or
liahc-toti harlior, anil lo ii-ivrtaintlii:
liiiiciiiaoiiny in unppitii; iiirjfc iiuin
I llll'S 01 i cams ciiiui' to
If-oil'it'i n, C. i:. (Jillicrt. of t)ii Alii
lent; li" i. I'cr, Toretnrv, ami nuiiii"--oii
otic r-of tli( iiitiimr irc. A
coiniiiitti." wa Hppnimnl in wait on
Jl'ni. CtuI ihiir7 at (In- cimcln-inti of
his lei tuiv. ami invito him In mti-nil
thofnriiml roopiioii of the ,i-ocii-tion
at ttoolt lo-motrow.
'iv I f8 UU.iBtUiUi truiiiH.,.r,il.r...,.il,.riiill,l,.,Hii..
l ia;t.v xnu iii;vi.i,ii.jii.:ntsi.
I (melon, rod. U.-Thu Inrllior o.
tiiiiiimtion of ,lii!ui-i (i. Ciinnlnjtli.itii
null I la it) Di'ittoii. chnrgi'il with cun
spinio) In ouiiftiiii; I ho explosion at thn
lower, was hotfiui lo-tlnv in the I'.oiv
r.iiiriiimi in a mreoi tiuiiee ronri,. i no court room
ii-ii-uiiui'iu cum. .man ouri) tunir a cnnvitoii witti .special. ir, tint in
thn iiioriiliiir, iiutwiihsttimliiiir a ! uiiii-nal (leiimiistniiinii wan miule
lroiijr nnrtlier.ii pilot Imai carrieil Harry iStiflon dei Itti-.l the sen-ices of
We will
0. mttev
liusl'm !
nlii 'to lor iimt.
T Week, ttll'.i ll W ill pH-iliV'
i cial atteiilii.il to ilioilillciv
li eiwl Un
it int-.
ale. Wo
Values Have Never Been Offer
. -1"-
-i rj s
i iflfePll!
3XT O 7W T 1ST
2.000 bbls. Sugar,
5oo bbls. Molasses,
i,ooo boxes Kirk's Soap.
i,ooo boxes Starch,
l,ooo boxes Nunisen s Tomatoes
!iOco boxes J. Lusk's Ca!. Canned Fruits
ci il potatoes; I.Otlu
iig i
. Alieliijian salt; C,M:n lihl-. (lemiini Nni mk
1 'lice ( all anil see ii-or wriii lm priu-.
Castles & Storey,
r5'lie floss Association n( ilic
Islnnil it j I'tepiitlri
lor 'I'Ueir Work !
.M.(:ri:iiTii i.ik.im. i r it in;.
Sprdnt to the rlsuinliH'i'
Aunt in, fell, u. The sen-, to hold no
es-iiiii Ntittinlay. mi man v ineinlieis
lioitlff absent in ciliiliuUiajs nnd leave
oi iiusonco iiiitr uo quorum was
pi win.
Austin, Fil. it. A resolution will
adopted reiii(!stiii!mi.nator liilaharti
.lolm-mi to tiihtro-s ii,i; hniiKu ou llio
ftitiiale eh't-l; bill.
'I'lm bit! tvl-.'ivo to pi-tol e.irrviiiji
catuo liel'iire tie- body.
Mr. KiuiliiMiili o.l. n d a ntlislitulc
iiiot-i.' fully iii"i-hij; the ca-e, as he
l-'urllier ameitdiiieuls were propos
ed and the bill di-i u--cd pro atid eon
ny a liuiuliiH' of p pi-i'-ontiithi-i. It
was arjilied by those w ho opposed
stringent men-iires licit (hi. t,peeies of
law breakiiiff could oiilv be overcome
by public .-eiiliiiieiit deiii'ilidiii
severe laws am! (Inn sentiment was
not 6trui eniuiuli .i yet lo maki
Mich law I'llectni'. I lie fl-ieiiil- of
the substitute claimed thi- nri!iimeti!
was simply bcjoiiiifr Ihe iiio-iiou ami
that a seven) petiiilty attached lo this
misdemeanor would have u,o"d
riually on n vote li.-insf laken
Killlbrouirlt'ssubsiiiutii wa-i.i-l by a
vote ot'.Sit lo 'J.'i.
The bill then pa.-"d In engross.
Tin: bill wu- ordered i-ii'i ed as
lollow-: Arlieli! -.'. lrmn ."i-on in
thi- state ahull earn on about hii
person, sadille, or in hi- jiaddli-ba(r-i.
at.) pistol, dirk, (liifjrer. t-liiuir liol.
word-eaiie. spear, briiss-kuiickles, or
any oilier kind of falso ktiuckle.s.
bow ie knife, or any olhor kind of
knife maniilacttircil inr ihn iiurpnso
of otl'eu-e or dulen.-e, he shall bo pun
iilied by a fine of nut lus- I linn lilty
doli.M", nor nioi-e ihuu two hundred
dollars, and in addition thereto may
ho coulined in the vomit) jail for any
Itiiijrlh of Htm- not ecodiiif; thirty
Artielo il'.'O. If nn person in this
state shall f(0 Into mi) church or re
ligious a'M'intil), Into mi) school ruom
or oilier places where pi-r-ou- are as
setiiblod iiii' .liiiiiseiiieni, or fur educa
tional or m ioiitu.c pniiii-i s, or into
any circu-, slmw, or any public exhi
bition of an) kind, or into any ball
room, soei.ll )H.lt or social yiithci-lnjr,
orloany e cii.ni pn'cimt on the day
or ilti)h of i lection, w hero all) portion
of the people are .ailed lo vole at any
election, or lo any other place where
people may lm a emhled lo muster,
or to perform mi v oilier public duly,
or anv other public aiuibh, or into
an) drink inj; saloon, or grocery, or
other place where iuloxicntiiijf liijuors
are sold by the drink, and -hall have
on or about his pn--.ui any pistol,
dirk, dayer, liiu--hot, sword-cane,
spear, bi-in-kiiucKIc-, or oilier kind
of ('also knuckle-, biinie knile, or oth
er kind of knife manufactured for the.
purposes of ollcn-eurilefi use, he shall
be punished b) a tine of not los than
one hundred dollars nor more than
the hundred dollars, and in addition
thereto nun be impri-oiiod in the
cciintv jail lor a period of time not
less tliaii olio day u.ir more than six
The only important bill introduced
wa one by Mr. 1tuu ivhttitiir to the
supply ol i.-ilie by water-Work com
panies. Air. l.'obtuson, of duck county, had
.-Iircnd on the journal a motion to re
consider the vote by which tho rail
road bill wan engrossed Friday.
The committor-on county boiiiulii-
me uisiinguisiicii iiioal olllccr several
mile- out lo sea, enablitifr him to take
numerous sounding as tin-) oMssul
llie bar nnd enleied the dcen water.
Cupt, l'im expressed jrreat satisfaction
withhis trip, which served to thoi
ouirhly inform him i-0r.-irdinjr current
and depths, which he bus previim-h
studied from charts. lie ,a-an iii
Kdiiotis and original plan for oh
tainiiiu deep water lacilities and
privileges for (ialvosloit oommorco al
a cost which is in-ijiniiicmt when
cimpared with the 1ij.mii-ci meiitiuneil
tit Kails' mi-a-iire laicly liel'oio the
hoii-e (.'omtnitlee on 'river and
hurhim. IMiiir' idea i. ihtil if de,.p
water will not eomo to Ihe (iaw-ioa
docks then lei (hiulork4jtd iv.ilroid.
tfo out lo di ep wator. In bnof, h
would oxteiid the rnili-oud tracks
around the oast end of (inhesion i.
land, I'miu which point ho would build
a double track of iron to a pi-r mil to
deep water, where the Ureal lastern
i-o'tld easil) unload. To pint ci (Ms
iron pier, something lo, titan four
mite in length. The enpta'm Mt-v.-ts
ihe const ruction of a tlouilnj. btv-w.
water throe miles in loiijitii. of if
found necessary, two fluntiiiji bi'eak
w liters piiriilelliiiif with ouo'aiiutl.or,
I'lu'M' breakwalers lo he Imiit.
ol he-ivy fralvaui.ed iron Willi i-dh-ciived
side which would deflivt -vae-from
our; breakwater en t.( the oilier
be oast socliots of the bionfcwator
about six foot square on top would
projool soini; Hi reu foot above the
level of the sea, while cljfhi ft i;t
would lie tinder the water lino, He
whole soeitrelv iinehoreil. Cum I'lm I
na seen micro breakwaters in u-e
in I'lirope and declares the. would
furnish an adc(iialo prole, iioti fori
tho lililest kou jfoiiifj i rail in i lienvv i
torin. lie has limifed upon the cn-t I
if such work in a gcnm-'il wa, mid
leclares it could be done, tor lo tbin '
i million dollars. I'ini has oviinineil ',
i qtiulit) of Al'ihania iron and nmU
it equal lo Kiilinjf ore: hence -v .
ever, pound of m.-itcri.-d and labor1
or -tiih work could be supplied '
in sotithoru -lutes. The an- 1
chorajro ground for the break-,
water he found perfect and -a)j
the pilot, informed liiin tlic never'
ibrew an nuclior to drnjr lit thi
Kioiiuiis. i-iipi. rim is scckiiijr u
coniisel and said he would dofelid
him-olf. I'n! i.i i opened the case tor
the i i.'HU. lie e. ated a soiisalioil liv
iiiiini'iliaiely anmii.utiiu; tlio with
drawal id tho oh iruo of ooiiMiur.icv
itniiiii that iiifjh tfim-oli ol
ininie ayain-t lioth prisoners,
-rd that its ie! the case for
i -iirunst both prisoners was
il.- inl.in.-y, and the crown
ive that the headquarters oT
lirac) in which the tirisonei's
How it Played Sad Havoc
With Our Northern
States !
I I'nftil ttnilniiiil ..(Xliloiit in
lirstoii. Iuiiii, in vrtih'li
Sin ii j J.io mo l.ittt
V Wile i oiilcsM., io uie Killing
or Hit IMmlminl i:i tin in.
ininiiii) IVli) !
... -i..,-i ii-iiin-. soTorai engines beiii..
1 '"i the St. I'aul road brought in
a "tock train of CmU-ilu. car lln
nfloriioon Telnnraph wire are work
iujr heavily In ovorv direction. A'
U:30 lotiljfld llio sloi-ui here had
censed and (ai- are sliiulnif, lliouirh
inostiow is still drifting badly, Tho
:. lam
Ihe i I'ou
oiilv in
would p.
lln.' i.iii-
wei.' ."i";i." .1 wis in Atnctica. ami
would al. i show that the i. catuo
fii'iu Aiueriea to 1oudott, lirinjrintr
with Ihem il)iiauii:o with A tint'
In, mil.
i'l:i:iMiti: roit waii.
London, I'eb. il. - The licet ol 'I'm k-1-h
ivir vi'ssi'ls li.'Hbieti ordered lo
prepaio lor sea within lids month.
Thi order, interpreted, moans n fixed
dctoi initiation to oppo-e llulx's eu-iri..n-!me.tils
oil the lied (son, and lo
pn vent iny il;.. m iso inovcmenl liy
tin!) in North A I rim,
hi.siMMi v.iirrtt I'K'v.fs.
I.oitdcit, fob. . 'three battalions,
of guard. and 1'ouf battalions ol in.
tmili), incimliitjflwo from Malta and
two it-mi (ilbrnllar, have been order
ed to llmpt. Two battalions of in-tanu-)
a ..I u i-eituetit ol cavalry hnve
been mil' n d to proceed lroui India
toK-.t,"'. Tlio batinlioii of troops
ordered ,imii t-n-tiiiid. Malta, India
and (.il.railar. nro sent at Ihe request
id Videl.). The jruaids bave luij;
hi'id. ami tin pro-ciit week, two bnl
tal mis of Knglisli iufaiiti,., at pre-ont
inenei i.j pi, wiu i. oil litiinoill.
ni : to Miiidaii. It is elated that I lie
l..rie comprised within tlio nine bitl
liilhiii to be suit to Lord WoNol)
wi- nlii r ri'iichiiii; --ii'ikiiu. operate
liotw on -sii'ikim and Iterner, with tho
o!ie't of .oi in iuy; the route between
. ii lln
i'., i
nut-. -Hid Mil 1
n, li.ili t. llii !l
.Nil.-, lioth all
elleet a com
iSrili-h I'm. i.
and below
war olliee
t'i -ib tic- in repaid
md iii.,i nicni of 'o-
1 Hiinteloirr.iiii rei'orl Unit at
iiiicil ol win (ii'ii. nioiilicHsiui
I wa- pi'i scut. II.. aihi-.s thn rolrenl
i of tioops fioiii .Metiitiiueh or Kuril
land i-iiiccniriofoit of the entire forcg
.........I !.... I I ........ I ,
eoulitti t or necii)iiar reward for 1,1. J ".""".' " " "".' ""V '"" ' " " ' l'ini
, . . . .i . --...- ..... , .. .., ...
inlore-t tu tho deep water problem of
(inlviMloii, His loii.' oxperiotici) in
naval iimltui-sii Nttrvcioranil olllcer,
imilieiihlrly Ids sludy or the .Nicara
gua mill l'niiiuua liiiuil routes, the
Ibiiunr ofwhieh hu survoved, led htm
lo uxnmliin litis harbor, lie sm- Unit
if the city of (.'iilvosioti or tins stale of
Texas or tliu foduinl yorci-mui'iit will
.,'iiartuiluo live per cent inn-rest
annually for twenti veins,
lie will undertake to' ' rni,,.
ihe iiiiiiiu)' uuce.ar,v to perform the
work, lie does liol doubt but tlmt if
money is raised there will lie hun
dreds of iron limn in the Tinted
states who would uladl) acci pt the
contract lor fullilliii),' tlio' work with
in otio year; whereas he sav- anv oth
er plan tor obtaining deep wiilcr
would require at least ton years. The
Capiain loll this evening tot- New Or
leans, where he attends thn interna
tional cotton convention a it delegate
a wan inn ox lositioti com-
ins; lo huakiiu before, making nil ad
vance, op Khailoiim. Military !
thoritics- i-timato Dial this i 111 (in
volve ti delay tu an iKlrmiou on Khar
toum ltd llio hot weather, which be-h'iii-
next mouth, which will lunko il
illiios-ible for ttie Knglisli forces
to -land llie muri lie,.
I.yii.iou, Fib. II A dispatch to tlio
'lime from -'no t low says: Admiral
1,'urln'tjw it!) -even men of war iiriived
al Main's. Miitiux oeeinrcil on one
shit, dull twelve mutineers were.shol,
and il is believed the brigade guards
will b- u rdi red lo Kg) pi No tidings
have been n ecivod tit tho war ollico
up lo midnight last nighl of either
(n n. (iorditu or Col. Wilson,
due oi the Irai's-all'ititiii steamship
line- ate ah.uil lo i.-ue tickets mi
liiliti", P-i noi's to merely lodging
anil ioiiVi )iill'-e, the meals to bo
oharg'd at th" otpl of the viago.
from Kngland. lie will probably ml- ! l,"" ', n " '",'.n."""" " l""hg ra
dross tho convention. vtiBc. pltblo ol nokim..
'llie following nro the nmniliiitinu-:
-iiiiiii ii. .'iniiory, ooiteelnr ol i-u
loms ol tlio district ol' (ialvc-toti,
To.xv, Vin. K. Curtis, of Illinois, sec
i clary of Ihu South Ainuricaii oom
missoti. liepi-o-entative Willi, chairnian of
the committee on rivers and harbor,
sfts au ell'ort will bo made lo seiatro
flm lufther con-ideratiou of the river
and linrbor bill inimedialely after the
passage of tho post oHlou 'appropria
tion bill.
A call li'ii liRenlssuod by the secre
fiiryoftho nalioiml ilumocrntic l-oui-mittuo
for n tueetiiig to bu held at (hi
Arlingtoii liotul Monday, March -Jd
Tho purpose of the meeting L not
The second trial of (ien. Swniin ha
heeii iostponed uutil W'ediie-da)
pes considered the I easil. i I ly ,.l lorn.- ( f A ll(;Pt,at0ll of ,ciwa j lleho
tug the new couiily of Midland, but ,, Apudie Indians has proposed to
llinlly postpoued ileum, until lues- t. secrutarv of the inferior lo luavu
a portion ol their land for irruiii''
iand hill comes
Up Cars Michigan Salt,
8 Gars Pure Lousiana Molasses.
W Purcliased before the Advance, and which we
offer to the Trade at Prices that
Defy Competition.
Yours Faithfully,
Temple Hou-ton
tip wdne-diiy.
ISeadiugt iet'K l-ingeu oi llio bouse
has gone home on account of sickuo-
In his family. Will Lambert, of Aus
tin, is titling Ins place.
I'allrond Commissioner lliittou hat
not yot tendered hii rumiguution.
I trv NOi'B-.
Uapt. (iilby, Mm TIiouiimou's old
pard, and Capt. i-'ul -veil had a shoot
ing scrape iu the O'-idciital saloon
late Saturday uight. No 'mo wiw hurt
and the participant were arretted
Mis Mm-v L. West, or Waco, i vis
iting friends tn-ro.
.ludgo West has ifn-i t. u An
touiu to place liiiutt'o .' ' i'ie tare
of lr, ilertt.
A row i i a pro) ho jfas
tipplied in thn capital
buildiu,. Sfupc- gu, of
the old conipar vrd iu
vrhUli he Mat
i. iii io
Till. Klll.lUVIl'h Ol'ISlO.V,
(Iain., 1-eb. !). In an Interview lo
day the khediiosiiid he believed (ion,
(iordon wa -till nlivu a the nialuli
was loo wis'.- muii t kill him. The
liiuhdi had no interest in wishing
liordou li.-rin, but on the contrary
would do all in hi power to prevent
such tot occurrence. The instant ac
tion on llio part of Kttglaiid, he said,
w as necessary to prevent further pro
gies of ihe inalidi's cause, and to
avert new disalors. The abandon-tui-iil
of Soudan bv Knglnnd, under
lie pt'cseuteirumnstaucus would bo a
grave nii-takc, I he ttibos liitherto
frknd!y with (it-Mil llritiiin would
no',, join tlio uiidnli, and if Kiigbuid
doe not take linmiidiaie stops to
crush him this influence inav scrjotii
ly tlin aii'ii the stabilil) ol the liritlsli
i mpir'! In Kgypt.
fcl. 1. lit lis .Xl.lr,
M. Louis, -'eb. .--(;ims. L. Hunt, a
prominent aad wealthy citijou, anil a
iiep.ieu n the latti Joseph J(. I.in-iu,
and on- of I l.ii leading lurfmen and
hi ders m the west, died this after
i noon, at his hoiiit! Iu Xoruiiiidy, tjt,
I Loui- comity
i 'I'll 'tpi'oiiio court to-ilav alllrmed
. th
uuriiosoh lor stv veArs ni .', ,-i.ni.
aero, which will firing ih Judiaus
about ijtlftii per family aniiiially, lift).
jour iiiuiuns io oo ompl.i)eil a
hcrdern of cattle and pa) menu lo be
made alternatel) ' in cash
and iu one nnd two-year,
old cattle. The Indians .iy In six veilr
thoy hope to have enough entile to
Ifriuo the country ihciu solves.
t.l..M i. ...... i : , i i ii
statione.ini. Fort lavenw oril.i -'..I "l M '' .?J7:iW: I1'1' ' '"r If"" fMf-
t ovlrv . v,.,'.,.. i "'" "."" "" ""'." '"" io i,.i, ami
: . ' - -1 nil i-i -' iiii .icter.'eil mi iiu'in,
Ami jilio nnd Slot- Accomplices
Aio in Juil in jvm- u
Ionia I. iH'iii'ii
Illtl.i:.V l I. A I'IM.It.
I'll.. Cut, I Mi..,. I'ln, m,, l,0,.
..111. Mi. Etllsllli'ss ol .1... !X..rttt.
Chicago, ivied - At noon the, storm
"i.s .'.iiiiiiiiiiiig w in. uiiaiialiil lorco,
ami iu tins ciiy uiisinoss ol nil kinds
Wits llearl) nispi nleil Simiv lie to
a groat depth im the streets, the
street cars drawn by hoi so- are
nun ing only with greai dillioiih . , and
tu the freight au! in railwa. sta
tions, freighl holders inid liaiii em.
p!o)os ate elignged in attempting to
-tear flm t nicks ' ho piu-songor na'is
ml) are nitemptiug to leave, ami ni
the sign.si tatiou news wa rather
and oonSieliiig hiiiI i'ijiiI'iisoiI.
Thi- iniieh was authoritative,
however, the snow -torm Ins come
lroin llie aotith. It, nro, 'in Ihe trulf
ol Meieo ve.lcril.-n and ha- been
traveling a tittle e,it ,, i,..rlh ever
sitae, the wind blowing with a Veloc
ity of about trtoiiij mile, pi r hour,
tlio weal her boitig ope.-lnlly llorce in
all lower lake r gums from hero io
llull'iilo. This morning the storm had
not reaehed (he n.,i 1 1,,-i-u end ofl.nl.,.
Michigan, neither will H reach a- far
north-west as ibiltiib, but taking in
Wisconsin. Vt bile snow ing hoiv and
all along the like logimi, (lie sioriii
has proiltt I rain in the Ohio vailej.
Tno rain extend as far mhiUi ,,
noriliern Mi i-sippi, and i inpidh
growing ciihlor. In the nortliwcs't
region, and e-i.-i mllj in Manitoba
and I hiki'ta and iiorlliern Minue-otn
a frigid wave is -peidine. M l-orl
l.ary last iiigtit tin- mercur) rem hud
'II deu rees hi low em, and at .--t. in
lent ,'1 degrees below. This exceed,
ingly cold w.ie is iiioiing e.'t-iwnril
and ma) hu upon u in nijjht.
Cilicago, Feb '.I. An lnler-dec,.iu'-speclal
distinlch from I'roetor, III.,
which is niioul one hundied miles
south ol (hi.- city, loports the storm
ol last uljtlit voi') sen'i-i) in the wa)
of wind and snow, with a very rare
Hicompanyment of lienv) thunder and
lightning al this place. It appears to
Inno been near the border lines ol'lhe
rnlii ami snow bell. At Swmuoro,
Illinois, at ii o'clock lo-nig'ht there
were no ign of abatement in the
bl i ..ard. In tho country the stpiw
cover. d teiices, mid was drifted iu a
depth of lour feet in the iiriucial
streets, nnd (he public schools ilos.il
al .lacksoii, Michigan, 'llie muivv j
toporled throe foot deep on a level
and piled many feet hiitli iu drills iu
sheltered places. '1 1,,. m j o
greatest for many years at .loncsville,
Wis. The storm continues, with a
lu-avy tall of snow and a furious gale.
It is the scveiu-l for veins, and all thn
Iroighl trains ate ab.iiidoiieti at Me.
(irogor, In, The air ci'iiiiuue full ol
snow, and a .tiling wind i blowing,
liuilroud tralli'- is stiqicmlcd. and
travel groally impelled. Miimnn,
Minn., lepoils no snow falling there,
bttl a heavy wind i blowing and
drifting I'"' no already Itdli.-u, mak
it uo'Tssnry lo abandon - niglii
trains. Ileporls from every direction
in the great storm area' are to the
general elicit that busine ovorv -w
III re is plai tioully suspended. Coilli
try loads are ioipas-ahlc at Wiuoro,
Ills. The Illinois Central trains are
struggling along with a double header
several hour-behind lime. ' ),., Mt,i
bound pa-si'iigcr. on the Chicago ,v
Alton biaiii'lio are laid up til llinik
Sloun with uo prosj.oi-l of being
able to move within Iwcnt v-tour
hours. Al llelert the bliz..srd
was severe Willi the temperature at
i.ooiii .uro, ami uo trains luive reach
four degreed above tin
mercury Indicate
.VI HT. I.OL'ls.
St. Louis. Fob. a. Tho inerciirv
dropped raiildlv hero lai night, nnd
to-ihy has hoeu cold vv Itli a blustering
snow storm and higher wind, bin
very Utile snow fell. 'I ho storm Was
general and trains in all dircutlou
nit delayed from one to x hour,
(ho greatest detention being on ont.
"iii roads.
it '. n.itii.vii v-iiii:x .'.
Untie ll Xlniil.cr in ,.,s I...-I i,, it,,.
It.ellllillt; m i ICnll.
Cn'slon. In.. Feb, .- A seriom m--
rlilenl oeeitroil about ten miles west
ol this phno vistoriluv afternoon as
train No. .,1, west I ml, approach-
ed the lu-idire arm-, a small stream it
struck a lii-nk. n i.iil and nm on the
tics until Ii got t th,. bridge, which
went down, currying two
coaches and the sleeper with I wont)
or Iwenlj-tivi) passenger. The fol
lowing 111 were killed: Hold. Ill-own,
Ml. I'leioatn, la.; .Mrs, Powell, Now
Albany, hut; Mrs. W, C. Carroll, ; Snu-
ui.ii, lie, i ,i,i, i ne iniiiiw ing wore se
riously injured: U. II. I'owoll. sloop,
nig oar conductor;, I. i:. Hawkins, con
ductor, Cli'sloti, In.; A. .1. I.iudsoy.
erosion, la; Hi W. (', Cat roll. Sail-gu-iehe,
Col.; Mrs. M. A. Fnrr.-ll,
I'reseoll, At'; Istinc Wiitortiinu, Corn
ing. In. The accident was probublv
due ton In okcii rail caused bv the cold
Ilitrlingioii, la Fell. U. I'lirllier re
ports of the railroad accident tit
Clinton snow to lm mure disastrous
(bait at lil-sl reported. Three wound.
ed have alioitdy died, and ottu or two '.
others are not likely to lei-over. The !
killed nro ltnhct-1 'llrowu, civil on- '
ginonr. Mi. I'ioasant. la., and Ids son, I
e. A. Hi own; Mrs. W. C. Can oil, San I
.-saoiio, i in.; .vim. vv. .M. liulriek, Mrs,
M. I-an ell, wife of the Hoclion foro
imiii, rri-cotl, (.'o.; Cnoch Washer.
ninn. C'oaiiiug, Col, The storm con
tinues ver) si'vero hero, and nc.ross
(lio sOil.v. and all (rains urn Into and
-ome are abandoned.
Iti.i i il.li, Crime. '
St I'iiiiI, I'Vli. u. -A Hpoeiid from ,
Wiiipetiiu, Imknln, ..; Tin: in lnh
Imrs of the Iliil fiinjil) iino'ii'tliod .nit '
iitimiiural eriuie to-dii. iigu-l Dill. I
a proiiilneii' nnd wealth) (lerinaii i
i.'iriiior, near town. Ha- li-eii mvs'en-ou-lv
missing since .lanuai v nil. and
no I rai e ol him could lie found until
to-da), win n his remains worn found
under ti immure pile near his stable.
Ill.s wile eonfes.od, vvholl confionlf il
by the corpse. Khu hiihI: "We quar
relled, and I borrowed a pistol from
the lured man. Julius Fuel, and shol
hi,,! twice, t! I put bim to bed, but
be died, and then the hireil mnn nnd
my sou limped inn to bury hiui'" The
woman admits she is eiiciimte bv the
hired iimn. All are in jail now", and
narrowly eetpod being lvue.he.1.
tio;i;. i
Washington, Feb. !i, -When the:
limine iiiel this morning, in coiititiua- i
tloti of Sal in da) 's sosioli, Town-end
moved to go inloa committee, of llio!
whole fur ttie consideration ot Die'
postolliec appropriation bill.
Willis opposed the motion, and j
a-koil the consideration of Ihe river
and harbor bills, Towiisi'inl said he
hud always voted to luollituic the'
passage nl'tJiu i Ivor and harbor bills,'
but he fell Hull Ihe bill should give
.vn V I'm t ii e mi. Id . ...it tmi ,.f It,,, ,.....
ul'irapproprialiou bills, in order l" ' ? ''" ," early hour this morn
nuclei bi (ho 'Oiumilteo on river
ami I arbor- to move n. n substitute
lor the (.alvosioii harbor tho item of
amendment appropriating .v'iO.uOu fur
ihe iuipiovomctit of that linrbor, and
directing the luiibor board lo prooccil
ul once to examine llio survey and re
purl to tho secretary of war': for hi
approval, the plans add specifications
and ostiinnte for said improvement,
and when these have boon approved
vvoih. snail nr carried on vv it b n
possible expedition. At llMlTi, Tow n
i.liend moved that the committee rise.
Agreed In: I 'Jit lo :is
White, of K.IIIlllel.v. . ,i. to a quos
ioii or privilege, but the tir-t son
eileo oonvini o.l the -pciki-r pro torn
(lllaekliurii) that sm Ii a qui nfion wa
not piosciufd, and hr p intesteil the
gontleinali to resume hi- seat, 'ilut
While continued his remarks, and Ihe
peakor directed the soiv, niil-nt-arius
! sent Ihe gciillrtitaii Itoptity Ser
jeant Hill pi-oieedcd to perform his
dot), but vv it lift ii t cart v ing Ids emblem
of oil'..-,) While dei lined lo recog
nize Ins authority, nnd Hill rushed tor
Ins mace and pi oi coded toward White,
who tnnk his seat, but who in a mo
ment wa again on his feet to a matter
of personal privilege
"H hen I wits occtipv Ing my phieoon
Ibis Hour tne sergeaut-ut-ariiis come
io mo as a oil icu, without semblance
of autlioril), and nib tnplrd to seal
speaker- "'I hn sergeant al arms
went under direction of the elmlr.
The chair having repeatedly ruled
that llie gentleman was not iii order
ami requested bim to take his seal,
which he posiUvelv refused to do
(Applause on the deiiioeraf ie side.)
"I desire to debate Ihe question,"
said While,
Speaker pro (cm. ' I he chair i..e.
not desire to heal n dooato, and the
chair dei lines lo hear the gentleman
ftiiiheronpoihoii.il ,ulilogit on the
ground thai il I. not a question of
"I desire lo ask," snid Kollv,
"whether a permn with no iusigniii
ol'ollleo may place violent hands on a
member ami (itisli Mm into id sent."
"Appeal II you wish to," otied -several
voices from thu democratic
"The speaker of the tciiulo hears mi
"I think tills) question thu highest
privilege,'' broke iu (hileheou.
'And the chair ditlers fiom llio geti
(leman,'' loplird thu speaker.
Ilaiiiiimnd made a point of order,
v Ii ifli wa sustained by (he chair, that
uo appeal bad been laken.
The di'lmle was mil in order and
i ,iwn-eii. moved that llio lioiiso go
iiilo n oimiiii'tloii of tho whole on tie
post iilllc.'Mppi'iiprbilioiibill. Agreed
1. JIM- I t'l, miy 1 17.
I'm., im il iii'ii.s,
Sls! In lie. Kx,OUllIfr.
Ciawlnnl, Texas. Feb. !. The
Itloiiul Hall wits opened up this morn
ing lor Ihe -kating club to coiniiieui e
their Hist work with roller skates.
The young folk inn very much li
l.on Willi tin idea, and everything is a
complete Mil i ess.
A ilramatic . bib wa. organioi! bote
last . ;-al in dav. and vv ill be ready for
exhibiting bv March 1.
Mnnll liisiiriiiiri-.
J'lirliliglou, ia., l-'eb, y. I.'niiy yi'i-lord.-iv
on tiling the engine house and
machine simps ol the lluiiiuglim -lll-lllWOstllll
and Hu.' liiiilluglou .t
Missouri nuirow gunge railroads, nenr
Hiis oil), burn. -I I tiroo locomotives
ami iiiiiehiuerv were iu the building
at llio lime of the lire.aiid were eotu
jtlotoly tuilii d. I'lie los is j.'.'U.OO.I ;
insurance, ie.'.-'iio.
I'l.tty lCiniul. citizens,
Milwaukee, Fob. 'J. Hard glove
light between Vard and MrCallm
for live hundred dollars, was tntight
ing by Mil arliu. After two hours
hard slugging twenty-seven rounds
v. re loiiht, and a largo amount of
money changed hand. Itoth men
were bndl) punished.
avoid the danger nl an extra session.
and these bill out-lit to be gotten out
of the way.
IJollmnn suggested that the pout
olllcu bill could ieii,osod of ill two
hours, and (he consideration of ihe
river mid htulior bill could be tout in
iteil. Towusend's iiiiiiiutk was lo.t
veas, f.'t; iitivs. l'.'O.
'! he home' theti wont into a com
iiiitti..ool' the whole on the river and
harbor bill.
The pending amendment being that
iitlcri'd b Hepburn, providing that
no purl of the iiitmcv atmrooriatod
lor the improvement of New Orleans i piocnrl.nu. eoiidltlou
Harbor lull lie expended in ropniriiij' '
eivciion, matutiiiuaiico. or paving m iisiiiiiKieu iicm..
. l...np In l on I It,
Havre iK'grncu, Mil., Feb. 0.--This
morning live workmen emploved iu
rcpaiiing the bridge over the hiisqueo
hauiia weie I In-own down on the ice
bv the breaking of a scaffold. Thn
fail vv as fitly toot, and nil went throug
ihe In- into the river. Two were re
ported drowned and three rescued in
levees, or in grading revetment ot the , Washington, Feb. 9. The
issippl river, owued
... i. , . ....... ' I umihn in in., ,vi ississmhii river, owueii
ed he city to-da) over the Chicago b private parties or 'muuici .alil.e.
and No th vestorn or Milwaukee and lj)t, .,jeas, 16; nays, 10. '
ht.laul.e.tlior Iron. Chicago ,,r Mil- Taylor, of Old,., otlcred an
..... r;..T. ,,; T. r '""" a ipropnaton ior this int shall ho ituid
tern Indus are blinked. Fourteen i ...n nmii u..,i, i i.. ' ....
tiii.tie. nt mi, ,.. l,- lll..., l l..., ,". .. I'"."""" ........ l
r -.........,.,, ,.. .uui.ooii. , tirovoii ov nm
iu Boiiiiii-m Illinois mere wa . a no v v
thunder storm Inst night, aocouip .ti
led by hail mid sleet, and a more
thorough blockade on raiiroids has
liol been experienced hm, for
years. No trains, passenger or
Ireight have gone out todnv or to.
night, 'liiof.ratid Trunk h'ork-ikoc
liuos, Chioiigo ,; I .astern Illinois-, Ital-
uuioru ,i i into, i.ouisvine, .Now A I ba
the tenth rcginnm
tatiotu, the movemuut to comiie ui-e
uot later thim April lt.
-I'lio I'ress nt (iolvrt,iu.
(Jalvustoo, Feb. (t.Au informal re
ception wa held by the local pros, at
the ureas headouarter tn.iii.rlit.
willed wai atteuded by W. L, Wall, of
oiviflg- llio UM. lli,rf.ttl. prutidunt of the
i.i'inn in .,. in court 111 Ulllif.t. s i, A- I 'l,ii.,.r.. I. II ll.. ,.:..,,....
ill thu.ca-i' of Hie St. Loui, (iM ,.,. , i,.,1. ( -I,?,.,,',,,. v v i, 'vv..i ,? I.
- --- -- v -.(. n i inn ii .ss-
Iowa divi-lon of the Illinois (.'en
tral roads have been hiring ever) idl.'
man that could be found during the
day to go out on llio linen to shov
el snow. The llurlington ,fc Alton
nud St. I'aul roads alone soul out one
thousand men, liveu under favora
ble clrcumslttucct, the managers of
the roadi .ay thoy caintot get back to
cljcdiib) time before two or llireo
uavs, ami it llie wiow continues to
drill, it will make moro lot to roads
! lining iu it. mo,!,,
i Voi rs, Feb. 9. i'residein-vleet
' ( 'l..v.,lM.tfl ami I.u..t..l l l..
iiialnod al (. re) atone Uit aight as the
guests uf tiotr. 'J'lldou. From early
moraiug the Vouker depot wa,
paoKitii bv Mtriom erow.h eafer to
vatch i'lltupo of Uie parti.
In budiiets, ami the cott of oluanliig
Iholr tiuc'. will b. .otnothUii; uor.
attornev-ireuerul il
legal and constitutional.
llarksdale offered an amendment
appropriating V-'A,'XJU for the im-1
provcui-iit ol the vickslmrg harbor.
The paragraph of the King appro
priations lor the improvement of the
(ialvcstoii harlior having been reach
ed, springer moved to .triko it out.
In makiug this motion, ho said he
vvtts not actuated by a desire lo ilt-lcat
ihu appropriation fur the Improve
moulo! the (.alvosioii harbor, but on
the contrary he regard. I Mi it harbor
as very tntiortaut, and mi t, serving
tho attention i ir..,., bu, ho wa.
utlciiv opposed to forml'v out Hie
apiiropi-iniion to lie controlled by
purtieuli.r individuals, how. vi r etui
item bo uii.'lit be.it w is a .1. parniro
from tho com . t priti. 1pp. ami loom
the former uagu, ..t th bom. .
Willis .aid that tin- c ute man had
pro l ceded on an err-.noon t pre
jiou, aud tlmt tho toctlvn vvoidil re
tut.'" tit Hio i-'l'i. Uo had b.tn i.
pn.sotl by llio senate to.dav.providing
tot- public buildings, at Tyler, Tex ,
and 1'illsbiirg, werohoiiso liillj. Thev
wore pa-sod without amendment bv
ihe senate, and now only require thu
sigunlure of the pretiduiit.
isihio ('..iiui. Hiiepi-.
Mi' York, Feb. 7. Tho visible
siipplv ol co I ton in the world on
Saturday, February 7th, according tu
Uie li tiros of the Sew York Chroni
cle, is as follows; Total supply to
day, 'J.iiM.M!); aino day last voar, ii,
.'is.i.Kiji;; diilorotico decrease, 10i,017.
llnslliliilis lur ltlienmi.il, in,
Messrs. II. I'eck A: Sou, of Strects
boro, o writo us, June .',, 18S2: ''Why
do von not advertise Itosadalis for in-ll-.iuniulory
liieiniialism? It Is doiiig
vvoudeis here iu curing the disease."
Well, wo do ndverttse it to euro rheu
matism, as any ouo cau see by read
ing our circular. It Is a splendid
blood medicine, and It reaches the
very root seat of diveiiso by being
coiiveved through tlio blood. Drug
gists, loading physii inn,, mid citizens
of the highest standing uuito in com
imiuihuioii of Itooi.dalls.
The bint smoking tobaeo It "LUi. ,

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