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The Waco daily examiner. [volume] (Waco, Tex.) 187?-1888, February 21, 1885, Image 2

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All bndn... tr'i'fi. . .- t,-i ,,
prmnMij n1 ftitn ef isom ? .ret
rncK Up-'Ulri.rom''' .- fi M ,('
itsrt.OTer bliikincti ''
On nceount of being overstock in hev goods, from and after Monday, Dec amber 16, t will sell
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F'.'inn -
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c. itxcixi U. Jsseiii.
t acO . . . . i a1-
ISM pr.rtlr. !n :'. fl-scotr. ,fth!f an ' .,! . suits to b" instituted for 111" -tli' !
.olnliur district., sn J la tvi---it reins and Ale . . . . , , ,
f.llat?CoulU Aiintlu. aid Fe-ltral Cumin tlOII Ol patents already l-Mll l. :i I't
' vrua- j there i no other coii-lituiioiml ii"-m-
- - , uf effecting cfiiieclntioii. it would ,u-
. 1. SAHCKI.S T 0. PEKRY. ' voive ""' ,rtl' '" ft 1,J"'-' ,""1 ""'H""' V,!
i litigation, with a very limited probi
SAMUELS & PENRY,!biliiy ot nccnrupli-h'ing the purpo-r.
of tlii litigation, ami if sueei's-lui the
ATTORNEYS-ARAW, state woull gain not one ilollar. while
'1 K ' S
It. 1. IVlunroe '
II. Il.IIarrtion.
own head' when it Clime to -ellle-
HARRISON & MUNROE.,iii.-i.tiiiii.i..iiii.ifcriip.
Wilt iiriM-tlce In fill thixottrunr th
wr i T
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iha 8 u pre tut) iiikJ Ar'pcilut iHiiru nt AurUh,
ik. the reieri t'onrrt oi itiv Mia to, runmcr
tslfil UuftltieM cnr'f)!t t: in! to-
Joe S. Willis M. D,
Oflt''!' mirov. ,i ii, ll,'l.r,'ii h -Irtitc l.,re.
in !r'i't, i'l-,..li plui, mill I'l.i.rth
I leplioiiu nl rfl'lu't''' nii'I 'Mil' i'.
J. H. Caldwell, M, D.
, II uivmn r-,... v.v,.v-v....,
Q.Ter hi pritf'-i,loiiHl ncrrlci'-
nf Warn Olliiu HI r' -. 1. ii'i-. ,-iri
1,11(1 WBhllll"U -" ', -lrtlt' At
llumivu's itruit i-t"!' . it.' An. tin u
W. H Wilkes, M. D.,
Olllce wilb Waco Drug Co.,
J I.OVISU. K. -tt A--'.-'
Wmtnkri's.titniiUf..; fnuii -r l.r,. )r hulR
,n.;(, tlitiiiK nf' '"tin i. KiliMMiinl kimr tiotk
Hriit IftH, tiiitiihlini," " r- il u Mu- n'nl tnr
iriff tn uorf trttiittth tiii-1 '.' til1 Xfttittil
I'hunn mill -f"-j. in. I o;j, . . .mm r l.ijjluh
Aii1 JUry tr.--:s .n. Im-n.'. -.i l.uMi I; U,
nu-reil st tlie roii,17li-i' nt Wiuii,
RL'cunil'Cs-n iiihII mailer
So comntuulrstlona w rltlen on hotli slitcs
.( tlie i .per will ruaiive stlvatlon ut this
itute- ol Mitt-i rljitlo.
t. xaNiitn.. .
iinr.cxiisTBj .
tl kOHTH
rnr. ixxvh.
ix mokims ...
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.. 100
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.... 7S
... Ml
AdTCItllltlZ (.Ml
farulsb,l eu apllcuoR.
Lt,lrn ottlct. 4STrlt.ul,etnill)lliK New Vnjk,
n :. BKCKWITII Msungtr.
Inijiurlitni .Villri.
Tlie Ei(ilmiiol U licl.1 r..1n.lU...1,.. . ,,, ,,, , , ... ..
lor unr till. contiiM.-u.il br naMojras nf Mil. rights under ma pa-enu ol leia-
Ktt.ic. t.efcl't on s wflUeuordiir.ltfiieu by Ins V.w it 1. i.i'onn-i.il hv Mr ncri-iLim
1,'inlau. iistumr. pv, it w pioposui ty ilr imrrion
.; -
Hi hi.n'BSS is picking up.
I'm: Wekkia Hxaminku is boom-
Wk believe all tliu Waco i
re Iu f.vor of a free bridg
-ioMKiioriv oll'dil to il uu ttilh.ler.
dioe. Ills life is lar too iHluable to '
be iieglectad.
IllBAuntin hun tatrh -nntHlale.
thCMiUy. It grott- brighler and
iirlglitftr. Umg may -be wm e
Mil t-Uiv'seard tvs. v,-r rnv,.ri iv
ntlemau lis- lo-i u li-iemi- bt
Mily frankness.
J'llK craft in Texa. will sviiii.utbi.P.
' in Mr. .lohn .sparrow, o( the KXAM-!
i Kaedilorml f ,ras. Inlliiilo-,. yesli-r-
"ay morning, of hi- most iwtimabl
ii other.
.sgvriyj ihlnk. thai the university
l. - , .-.....,. . ;.,. .....
.... ,w ,u-,L ruif-u, ,n . , cr) time th8 ,tB,e., rhnnt.M iu thf ,)K
ly, but that U ii"golrfn.onhyjWi,i,tunMin,i gOTornmeui is W
the uiilrcnljr lt.e should h, called J ,,,,. Thl. we hare .aid not iu the
upon incoiilluautly to go. i(jirit ,)f ,,p0,ill0U , olir ,,,.
ronT Wohtii may blackguard W.eo fttor whose hands the It
s much in the please, but as long as'li,'SBn UM rer n,!l1 lll'
Waco does tho wholesale busines. In,1""1 strengthened aud hope, to
the territory belonging to ihp run, "0,tl ul' whfnever itronsi.teutly ran.
wo Rro of the opinion that our inei-. ,,ut in tnl we think he has been
'hunts can iland it. illy ndvincd. and hope that he will
g've 1UU bill ret ision before pressing
Mns. Wiski.i.k Is too tenili'-allt so It further,
voroiipou that menibor of the hou.ei Thin territor) is verr valuable,.
who Honestly opposed the woiii.iu'.
employment bill. This good la ly is
herself buforo tho public for its fu -
voi-s.fliid she ought not to be too
.. a.. . .
ready lit asrrjuiug moiives or in alius -
ing men who don't think on all sub-
Jtcts just a; the don hrrislf.
;ii'nr Count) .
li i.i with regret that the Kxs mim:i!
is compelled lo dissel.t from l lie posi
tion assumed by M Leiiuan's able
young senator upon the -ubipet of
i canceling patents on lands in f.H-ei
'county. If Mr. Harrison were (''
cepu in passing nis n ni"i 1 1-;.;-
"c '., ", veteran- nun their assignees
''would loso thousands, mid at the
' same time acudgel bo givfii the general
government with which t" brcan ,mr
Tin1 liiilory of the t.rccr count)
tonte-t i nlmiit thin; 'flic I'ruil'li
'K Town Kurk of Ucl r'uv r, bflnj.'
,1... .. I.!,,-, n,il l.In,..,L, u. ....,
ti iilt't ami Inrtfi'M
Ill I' llil.
It' original loentnr ticcepteil il
the iinrtli boundary Hue
of T"Xa, tei until aft
l'i'mi indi -
llli-, lrelll
-. mid fii i
the liollli
d 1 1 i r. w a
i iil!iill ,ll
!..,.' Tom n
' ill' ktmV II
In thai loin
'I in- -trip oi
pondence tviii deeltired
H" IlllkllOWII lo e)il(iril
tlint, illllil esl'ihlsdieil Ii;
darv line iiirvct t-i n I!"
kuott n unit bv ibe eyre-.
(lie Indian", i-- l'i ti-ii
lit if. The mirth to' ! '
Mill i'i'i'gni.i.'il pi' V'.ol
AS the only Itcil river.
country Ivimr btwe, u tln-.e river- i
till contested Ul'olllld. 1 e.i- l-t n,
surli d her chum o it In namiinf i
, tJreer.'oiiiitt.amlatthci.hi.., it tot l.n
for Judicial purpose.
The geiiei-,1 got ertitiieiii tin
u indi-
4 ii, mills rP"'ogtil"d Hie dui'ii, bv u'lin
tatr it ht one of the count ie-in the
uorthern feileral di-triel of Teaa.
The legislature, With tho hope of
making coiigrc-.i more nit'lined lo
1 recognize the claims of Texas, set
.span the lands of tiroer euuuvv as a , 'l"icce,. ... ..e.
., , , ,. , , , fenera . and now no one lor n tuo
rcscrvatlon for llm public free schoo K"" '' "" '
....... , ..... ......... .... metit doubt "but that Cleveland will
mini, niiu i no liayiiieni in iu Mint"
, ,. . , .. . .. , . i
debt, hub-eiiueiil v wlimi the legis- i
latino grant nil 1,20 acres of bind to
Texas veterans, it provided Hint they
might be healed in (irecr county, ut
llm ri-k ofihe loculori. The rea-on-for
Ihi- provi'iiui were, llr-,1,
bectiiisc there ttas no oilier lilace
10 loi "tie Iheiii, and, second, becnu-e
11 had been li'cipntully urged by lli.i
oppouenU to Texts cl.iiim. tint it ex
ercised no act of ownership over tin
territory so that the. state became anx-
... , :
1(111 IU III II F1VM III It il I' II 11 I I I'klll 1 I
ll.ili a vosted right iu the county'
Ileui'B veterans were ii'-.iui.tri-l to
locale then' cartiiicites there, pion-
ild.l lhi.tf nadliii.cil h'I flip -j.&i(iti. il.il.
--".- . ."'.'
ityorfi.oule.l tti.hthc federal g..v -
erumem. i n-,.,.,ou. ....., cm.-se
lias oei:i4 ,,iriiieo ttiiiiu uie ihdi let,
months. Hecently when tliu itilorior
denaninotil ordered troops to drive
..ITexans and their eatt!errou,ireer,;r'l''".,"Z;Z'::':
county, most of the rsiieherors went
. ... t.l...... :.!.. ..I .. .
,urit,-unu.j ,. no. hi. nt iii., ., mi ii..
' innuence cotitii secure a revocation oi
ww oruer. unui ine nay, i.ann a.
' ....
.Cattle company eatue lorttard with
I their patents, and noli.ied iheuovern-
, ment that tliev would inatitaiii their
iu eviivvi iiien i, 'ry imicin-, twncii
were the means of sai'mg the actual
' poisessiou of t.recr couutv i. 'IVsj-
nud Imve been tin h!"f iiillueuee in
! forcing the general goicrmucut to
settlement of the unction.
, Ai the matter nott stamp,, the valid
..... .
jliy of tUlci in t.reur eminly, liues-
""'"'""'''Itiou between the I.' lilted State, and
it.. i.,.i,u ,.i- i..i..i. u't..- .i..,.,i,i
;, 'u . ,7 , V
I AYfiu CnrAw ilk liiltiiptic, i,,i ll...
throw iu iufluencn into the
scalci in behall of the federal govern-
Illicit! against her own i-iiien--
fand the.e citi?eii her old teloransf
Would not the canc.ilation ot the-o
p.illts. be a virtual, if not an actual,
tlwek - donii lioin the i-tate's pretcn-
' lion "I" ownership:- If these patents,
ti iv 'vttuii.t n iir I'uini
of federal bnyonets are canceled will
' the orders not be renewed aud Texas
lose while the I'nited .states onln.
actual possesion, which is mid to be
niue point in the law To say Hie
'least, Texa. has nolhiug to g.in by '
ih course urged by .Mr lUrri-on
'. while the citiiotis or' the state hare
.miiiiB,,. .1 ..!.. ,..! .1 ,1,-. -m
whole comity, and such a couutv
is worthy, not only of all effort on Ihc
. nail of thn stutu . r..t,.i., ., 1...1 .
the nJ.-ct care that iibsolutnl't-n,,,!,.
I ---.-.,.....
. ing be .lone i., pu( m I,n7tird intpre.it
.50 valuable. We know pvcrv member
ol lbs fiat H.nri and flit's rompanv
aud know how confnlptit tbcy feel in
fho In.iir-o of ihoip r ln!tn in firppr '
count v, and we trut tlie will stand
by tl.c'r hotiftly nnjwirrd riifbn like,
Hie tnen tve know them to be.
Tiir ( liaiiKi'
fn i feu dnyt one of the mightiest
change which ha occurred in (ho
.etitorv will take pl.ee in our govern-;
metit. ' The nierewb-tltutlon of lem-
ucrallc national policy f..r that of r.. -
publk-aniirn is not the thlnit-doo
not comnrise it all- nor doen it stand
as such an event did before the war.
Heboid what a uat.on hvo .it; wiWIll an ,ivat.m b) W1V a,vlre
ttwday. va.t in all the i,vtiU whi.h lof ,,,, , mul)iUiji.
go lo n.BKe up iiiiiiunni nn-iu ,
llu, d raimlil!i It un thntivlit tlmt
'while we had nutty and enheslvnnpHi
enough to meet and contend success-
tullvttilU any foreign enemy, our
WIUv to rraumc with and put down
. ,', , , , .
domesli trouble, rebellion and miir-
rcctloil, wi doubled by all. but the,
result of I lie most cilosiil rebellion i
with which niiv ni ion lias ever con-;
tended, grandly Illustrate the ability
id our goveriiment, In its vast Mrctietb
derived Irom I he eousciil of (lie gov.
erijed, to inniututii H own unilt, and
tn re-torn iloiin -tic order as it repels
foreign iut-f-ioii. Tlii- change of nd-
ii.ini-tintioii means more now than
did In-fore the war I) can-e lliis gnat
(ruth exi'.li- and diiinillc- theii'ttioii
unit mal "- il inOii(lt -iron-rcr tU'in
ii ,...-,.p lii-fin-e been. Added !
l!il-. the i omit! v i- far more popnlou-
fiir richer, and, uilli tneaniieii i-xperi.,is u,,-..tl-',. n ,-vcrt iiistiiuee. lijy
wieeofthe ttar, liillnilely linre abl 'ever, to lice both the Kxtraet nipl
!,, contend with lali , in ant
and all
.,.,iiii,. titan it Was.
lor many j ears since the close of
ho wtiv n ujii iwh uii " m""
as lo whether the democracy would
ever ajjaiu be permitted to wield Hie
aest.uL of tl. ttatb,,,, because i.f the
fact that, the Hates lately In rebellion
to the national nntlinrity were mainly
of th'tnotimtU' troolhitloi. The nr
...l... I.. ,1... t.if...,i, nli,lO,ti lo
. , ,, . , ,,, -. .,, ,'
be inann-urated.or that he will lii-tilute i
' ,. . . . ,, i
Miarp nun 1IHII1I-..IIH, .v.,. , ... .... .
Public service. Tho change in this
respect, from corruption and all of
its debasing and demoralizing ellcel.
to purity and simpllcitv will be a
ponderou-one. The fait i, a new
government, with new inipiil'es anil
driving force will lie given thi nation
of tiftv millions of people. This will
make tlie change loom up into -uch
proportion- as that Hie inipul-e of.
i civilization will be ciiangen, aim a
better era, for con-litntional govcrn-
. . ., , , .,, i ,.., ,, ,
ments in the world, vt ill hate datt tied
IHK death ye-ieruav ai iiremoiiu
of .las. I K ebv. r.so
of ,las. Il liehy, r.sij , gave this
' C0B1nllll,t t .,. iMOpk, ,ind ,,!.
V8rw, ,orfow W(l, oxpressed on all
hands. Sorrow for the poor widowed
wife. nud orphan children, deep and,
i profound pity for'the aged and dls-l
, ,... ..-.,.. i .....i ,n,
anneii iiii'iii " ' " "
reor c'li olf ere tho good name was
.-..,. c,nlll
the recent "lain, lie
has pasird out of reach of man's
... ,., , . ,. ,,,, ,,, .i
lUiiKinein, let "- up inn
,,.., tsUp l0r bw
1U0 ,,, BP,ount ntlll ,
man nature
iii.i i Ik, o.-.-iiiint mid solium a nu
..... ,. :.. . i... , :..,.. ,.r .,.. ....i
ueii'Ufcie. ... ... ...n . .-.
uj, 0,vn en wrapping' Hitd all en-
. .. ,
,lllnnc ,nprcv. Let u nil now -eek
...1 .....-.... -. .1 .
OUtv tt riail in inanv viriur "i inn
e,d .nii.o..Hvw:,,: and forge,
tho rcord of hi frailties, which were
onlv human and incident to our tvetik
common huinanitv.
'I'm: university ought to hi, placed
on n lootine far above all contingeii-
Ciei, and it ought to he able to have a'
..'. .. , ........ .1,
n Proiewor, .'T . .,......
- .1 .c , ......-.. t.. A .nAn;An II
educational enterprise In America. It
u, or may be made, far richer than
.nvorthem without placing another;
dollar's burden on the shoulders of
,hn neonle. This institiitioii should I
bo made the prid of Teas. and a
boast for the entir south. Instead
of that, it is fast becoming live word
Sbnstoii Hahiiiko-: steps over
"Hi in that ;reer county matter.
However, he is young aud will im -
P""0' "' ''" reals off We would
"e ,lim adopt tint line a a permanent
poller otilv with infltiitp reRret. We
consider it a. bad poli.-v to hold any
whatever which may weaken the
hold of the slate upon s foot of the
T.loable territory rompri.ed in (irer
Tiie r of Mr. Spark". ho i
looking for the Horvell children front
Touns. who are -upposed to b in
Tens, is rcsllr pitiful. We iru.i our
good hs.rtsd eich.ngei will all copv
lh? notic t be found Iu our local
f.Ai.vwrroiir smiles
over ir tun , no.. .u ,r ... ( wllfE.tve a big ru-h in
a friend, are puzzled to kuow lust what ,,,. , t8bilhiuout this week, liar
H she Hoiild have done if. she. had pi' It- A'u, a urr the l:oU
d up .tveu and ft half millions
Wk are -till .troiig in the fabh that
of I he 1 ui prior under Mr li velaud
I hi: 1 Ut. tn
hs Vr:,s fee. difs n
property having bet-u found sound i
the rnmniUdinn hn liii'illv loi-ntpd tln 1
f-deral buiklinif thiro. Thi endi the
, . .1 . .1 .. i ii.,,
fil.Al are we that the Jvderal build-
ing ha at last been located, and the
i Mm in hi, cour-bai not ln'n intfr-
fcrcd with, to any alarming extent.
A ,,,l,lll " tl"! ''oimiierf lal ad
vantage die ha toom-r. and her l,
jtlcl' ' thi" 'V'1 '' ""'""' I''"'"'
"r """' l'1in"'- "-y day.
'T'r 'i if I I itifutit-- r.'imt.litlir n
.,,,,...,.,, .,..,... ..
! Waco would sen the mirllli Urn
Icoine come now, gentle Annie, or not,
Just as i, most convenient.
..,.. , ,.,.,... , ,,,,
1 ntl.er ha... t gone to.. Illast
thi: winter U not over yet. mure
,,1H pilv
1'lles .ire one of the most di!nrera
ble and painful of di-orders. Tliev
are Kenerally produced by sedentart
luibils, indtge-tiuu, e. Hiitenc-K, or in
teiiipcrttnce. Th. dUciic i of rain
mon oi ciirrenee, anil lo ell'ei t a ce I'
ll ,laiu cure should be prompilt '. r-nis-l
lit proper rcmeiUc. i h"re is liolli
imr i,uir -iiltiililo lit il.4 umiili r 1 1 1
I ,.riilif.' .'c-tbni than' Poiid'n l.xlr.iet
' t liiitiiient. in tt hieh the incilienl tir-
UM-oi rniio , iwiraci ttn.cn are ten
valuable in Die above enm-duiut. are
: ii a state id great roncpntratiod. Ii
. , ,... . , .. .1 : . !
f ioiiu'cui. t-i- ,o,u unn.'-;ei riio '
be -ui-e you gi,t the right nrlele.
" " " -
Jolnlt fin UN Troulilc.
.'o-lnh ni. Xorlh Maillotoii. Kv..
j n rites: "I am now u-inir n box of
our I leiin', Carbolic alve upon an1
i "X T'bK Stt j
. ,)l(. lllv TVily j mve round that
j,t(a jjiven me nny euw. Mt ulcer was j
.cinifoa iynrire U'Iumuiu va ri.
iiiiliurt'ti lurid .'Hits- w in iiiihh lit il'i- ; 4K. .
viwr". I llnd. hotveter. ilmt .Llcnr"y,,j All wool carpets .Mic per tnrd. r
Ciirbolic Salve :s plleei!ng a cur-." luc"d trom "ic, at danger Ilro'.
Uettare ol immilntion-- I'or-ile bt
Cii-tle- ,t Morri-ou.
taallldlJ.I.SJ.. i-l I'llllllll llllll .
Times are tight ''li true, but liie
craving tor the
beauiiftil i- ins! as
-li'inii us ever. Heeoeni7.inir ibe-e-
(facts Mr. W I .Iack.s.m appears b -
tore the tuihlic in the role ot a idiilan -
lhropi-t. and a iiraclieal philunlhro -
. ,,jM ,lt that. He has ouc ,,t,r l,i -
large toi k ot bric-a-brac and obji ti
"' teriu. a.pit nig ine pruiiuiiig mm
I to prices with a free hand, and it t
11 i
lo his emporium on Aii-tm -In
A Cnnl rron, .ilitlor 11 Ini-liniiill.
! In regard to the teport-in cinu'a-
l on llllll l ill iiii-c iin- iac- I'm,
,( (vveu, ff m ,.,,.,.,;, , .
I miitorality, I will put that no "'ie
. ,.,.,( mV(J v uuen-iue-- mi I
i score. -My own taxes ttcie over i, o
i this tear, audi
xliall cerlaiult do an
i in my power lor a rea-onablc and c.iii
i i-rviilivp iidiiiitd-tt'alif.li in Iteliull ot
, pnrtlej Interested.
i t cnt
Tl ' V. ",VH- lr".-"
errore.iau indiscretions oi yonin. iur-
tons wejikucss, early decat,
I. i'
manhood, etc.. I will send a receipt
thai will ;iri' you KIIKK i-l'j
CHAUCi;. This great remedy ua.-
discovered by a mfs-iotiary in-outh
America. Send aselt-addre cdeim-1
lope to Hie Uev. Joseph T. Iniiiau, "la
tiou lb. N'ett Vok t itt i-.'inh ml &
t ly. j
"1 have both u-od and -old rpkly I
A il IliMikKC 4l.M (I KlIlllllOP 111 tlllt. .
--i inm-m .-.."... w. ,
iuln !!.. iffi "' fcr'
j (,)Uill(, u), ,. system,'' so write- W. '
' H. (',. ,-,, irut'gl-i, of .lopliu. Mo. A,
! singh trial of this lemed., ttill con-
Ivlnceiiiit penon of fin-truth of ihc '
i ni.......
Il ti,,.
one pnrileidii Hue In
wldcb tte pt id
abilitv'to sell
our-eli'e, it is oui
, o.p.pptjtors aed we .'nil ybur
t " ' I .,
J attr-ttiioii hj the net line of the-.
.good- which have
arrived and
on Mnndllt
will bo offered for
11""'' -I'1, t"-
l.ewine Urn
j ri,,.,. ,r(lo want the be-'t Hour -nsde
, but our King of Patents-look pi ire ,
at M. I.ouis fair. We hate H ci.tumon
tt'p .-Hf.iiiil kIhiiiI idlA. tiliii lliere i-
,, doubt but i hat our adieiii-d -aie
' ol short hug th- of laces and i uibnud.
jeries will diaw Hie crowd- i.. -mg.-r
' .,
r-npr Hro's are offering this tv-.-k
;i goods in their larpct ilcpailmcii
at from 10 to W per ceiti !. . tl.sn th, t
rost them when bought.
Ilp.iil) Inr i:nicr;i'in-l...
Xolhing is so hands to have in Hi ,
home as llcuson's Capciuo Torous
I'lasters. Highly medical. Ur.
Lot', the old "Lion Drug store'
for drugs, and general domestic sup- i
plies. ou'l torget the plum-No. ,
163, South Third street.
1 Toilet ann laucy arucic- 01 an sunn
; verv cheap, al tt . I.. I ucner urgj
' store. Call and examine his slock.
Ju.t reeelvodat W. I ''-' l-er's, a
arge and
fresh suppit ot garden
I.., k 1. i.r.keu. ;
11, 'd 11 t 1 -It'
mirrnnicii cnnim smi,.
One- litnulri'il and tiftv btl9lit;l tPa
bc'' '"' corn, 5ix pi.uiid, lurnipi
i bo(-t.
; piickiig-fi ! ctit papnrod secdi all
wirmnii d t'rrth and uciiuiiiH Wlioli-
.!,. r niaH. .v blioliel. peck, quart,
...ii.l or hiiikc at lowest piice. !sut-
ita-tion (stiarautecd.
r Y. Vksev.
1 store, Ma Austin avenue.
'Iho'.e who want ft cheap, lr, pure
jiij.'.!!-. w h.'ivu ii at IS pounds ior one
dollar. Al-o, twelve other graded.
. We can pl'.ue you. Our cheap, mild
eheeie a !.',, and slio.ig nt Kc per
pound. Al-o. our cooking butter ht
;." and jfniid at J5i-; mid otireantted
t'ooU an; meeting with the llbeml
ii'itrouaue il deiervej. ( 'all and nu
H". ' Katott. (juinau .V Co.
i:Xt'i:i.l.i:N I' llli It I).
. ?',r (t'" hoard, good treatment
" ' he gen-ra "" home.
tin avvitne, bet ween set in and eighth
, . EaC1 ,.(.Ml ,,, am, ,.vt.
uv iiu-ai at the Kiikpalrick Ilnue:
Ladies' muslin underwear lm al
been reduced, nud if prices will entice
ptiri-liaif r, ladies -hould come early
a- IhuV will -ell fast.
Sanger Urns.
rilcn-, n- lUrl."
Is tt hat you will say when pricing
our nfctt tmbro'derie which are
rcadt for tour iu-pection.
I.etvitic l'ros.
"I'or '." immeiTmte cure nj female
(.ouipiniiit- and derangi mejit-. I'.ni'
l'i Ii li-iiiaii liitter-is h d . ided -U' -i'i-"
Ur .I.A Itcnii.'ds. ( olleetille. Mi-..
Sf.OO mhpiI !
, d,,,,,,,,,
r, revolt ing book case, re
-. : -piling ai ! at
W. i: MAitriN .V llm
t nil rtinl
' Al.. .... nilP .,.. jlln .
tr u ovount'
tit'iid lill cent- for one
llaiiey' 'aaliniiAiier'uiit.
l.fiilit uniirrtVffir nl) TinirKpit ittiwn
tj,,s fuk at Saiitfur r.n.,.
! l02 OABXAL ST.
-Ii"i.nlnt l.ir -.imltliw
; .tut lslcr .. ! '.imHof
1 raMphtmn
- ho-1-ti..i. A-SDCfsttnn nc
'I . I filter hnbroM, rlr
uu-1 i ,r p-ttiukiHH.
, ,,;'toJl ,'
t! 1
fm m
t.l. a
BETTBNij;. ?
'P.. --
"nj Ir.i v 't. pvro
I UkVn Utni'i'i!--! i.
f inniirt III 'Mid i 'J
mill Nftll'nl i.i.
i.1E.m t-.tti, ' taUn-,
tint hiliwtii'd Fvti'DS
it Uun a-val.i' if t . ! tor XMithaf of ti4
iviuqrjv huh
Woimtn 'it .
lift ,Mt
i .'. Mt'irv ') l
, uu t.tPH'ial.oot
''i titt tntihnt, da
.l.r ! mm.1( Mltlltr iti'f
t i! tli al fowl re
1 . i mid vti-ci'tb
, - jis.tr,l, Uckcf
!tii,i,!'.,p Irdiloir.nrkanU
vo.tt--r. Takenootbcr.
1 nit tt 10, K,L1lniiKkll)tJ
hi AAsnlr k
... . -
11 rtfica :i
;l 0
t -ct: i vtv '
la!U.s-s.iii t 1. arsn ..
(,,mjtttB, Oouornl UoliUltyi
.'aouiUoo, Habitual Constipa
tion Xdinv Couiplnlut. Stcil
irsa.(iu.c.h. Diseased IXid
noj's, Itc, to.
OcfiDt-ias onlj ''i-1' ire t Pru(, ttne
, mciiituvboea c -: -I .":." T 4 oi.
tm KSi:i. k!-'.--;' . tISrA. IV
It ckusss lbs r-t 31. u, , 1 ,;.ily , anil m .
rxruiirjiiuor Tin: ur.oo:)
ts TJtoii'ialcil.
It Is not n lr'nstc.t.rs lotsra, r-r Ml
:t bo uss-1 u-i nuvli. by reiioa ct it. t att.-ie
clo PrcprlcKsn,
f e'libroid-
&-1 i )) a a
m m
8 &tcrt EfiKl
r -.vt a
t EV,' y
Si K
f V!
rprairM K. nriUrI.- i.i.i, v ! It ?.'
JX Itcl'itiK iin-t t.'riij ... ni-l. ;-. i
b h iTA'm 'th with ;f u-i i ,.-. i
i lili- rvpi-rilu-it J..i.. i I. ' ' ir
t ttttcu'n rt-t-fhyiit. tliu n-. '
ki'iM' t ue rj-jjd M-nil, the ir-,.-,- ' !.(- .si
.utlrriMtJi'f. th- b-t.-.- .i, n ,. 1 j. . 1 1. i
Udii'-!- t" il v, wiil t' u .1,. -i Vt-tjjs K--t-r.
Klniitt rw I r.ttW. .n. Jim. tti .
mH Hutu, ltAit-drutl. ni 1 - i- -
luh'ujf. scdlv, ut,l pituplN i. P!i'r ol . m i
MT(1 kU, Wln-11 tlltt V' -I -.itfltl sli ful '1
known fvmf)i" fail.
'"""eczema twenty years.
My KfHtUtile." '.'! 1" juiiOM.'lvl i " Wv
T( t,v( I IlJlsU ibtiti' '1 Jr-JI i t't" I ! i t'u
tii (ira R.-Uflif--. I hds-- lift i tr f".i'i 1 ii.
l.tMim .in ins !('. T'-r I u-;i!i etr If .1
tit n t'tinf;tlhls niaii fr ,'-.--, th ' .; t .
tticl Itclltim Were -i it ti" Xuw I A i ..
px tt dilj t have liu t'unilc. tjulj ti." i
I'tilori-d-jiftU'-ft -it ' 1'inb- r- t.tn. . f i
ol ln fofrus-r mler. llrsY ! -mimi
11. Went vt,itt H-e1" u V
Vuf ino't r- 'U hie ' t ut-i t- ., I.
lone my whilst " unwh i.i"i.i" I '
naylnat thU for tin' 1-cu- :it f ii. f
tr-.utVl w:th ktn ')!. s i ' -
tr-unlil il with I. t M.t, an 1 tiu'n - v- .' i
Ifirs mj'i mr-lli tns. iit ii' m ' - 'i- '
K--X.4 Utitli I UM-1 the ( tilt tru hi i't!.. '.
filtpt1ilv ctirt'tl her, ue ul,..-tt i jit t- j . . j
;. niis ami mniiy tt(ih1 nl r- -t
i AreHHlMt. '': imi rt,il,r'.
fctl.llhUIVii I' l
I wi.ii!ntot (icrfiCily Vu!-J, i ru,' ! U t'-Ht-r
nf th" tonf th" hchIji 1 u-". turn ut .,:.!
K-Hi.l,f4 iil-'itt lx WfV'- ui'l tho "-i. 1 i.i,
al terf'!, Hii'l t-u : h.i.r I- ' .n-.'
l-ttf V. u thh I Q" It '.er n i-. J". h--'
1 iivHh ir- i .i
I nit to t:i )nii th ,4 1 n'T "'!. ir- i: -v
nt If tan !iii tt iit Ah-.'it ;-ttr, (-i !,-
11.-. Irt" WHIMl'Ti'hUth h! Isl. I .1 ..I
m-m-ih r M)Ul''tt "f U''tt. ft I " ,
1. . I1, i i.. I ft-J-f 1 lUfK M -hITI t
i. t ' 1 I'm o " t. NlV (t HI-- l.H
rr -i" e itmi -- c.r t.-t-,-, ,!.-. i t - ' '- iu
I run - .in c.' rli hi i ' - i i - - 1
In-- iM .1 ! r i i - ! '
II M - !n . -'
Il . " -
--..'.1,-v,- ,l I -. .--.,-
li- .;, i i .-'. .'I
Tottor D:uj and Chciaic.il C')., S -ton
The Great Dilsr.m.c Ii.n-dlaticii m
Witch Hazel. Am';ric-;n r no. Can
adian Till'. M.tri',e:d, Clavsi
Blossom, etc.. etc.
l-'nr ill" inniK-hii'.,-ri'.ll ' I juii n -,: T
ol ill n inriil et i,lln-r!i fr hi ,1 -Mi. I K
I- i't l.r Itltl'l,'!. 'B I.i t'li- ' ut Mm i. u-1-..-i'
hcMrlnit. I'cinili tirnnihll. it. t in-n ; i ' n'.
-un.tlir.. Ki-llrt In lite tin.i .1 - cin' - i' ' '
r y i-., -uthfni.' like n i.ri.'.'f'-i. tr 'irr.M.'
wh.,'"iiitoi' r.ir- li.-ci-ti, frmi. lu-i i! ' i- i' ' '
sii'l I- riii'id. r.-lKiil f,-i ioki.i',. ; ' -1 :.-i-r
ill!,- l-llt:i 1.1, ill I UT.-, - 11,- l"I I 'MM!-
- . i m iiil -i. u turd , ti '-i la r u1 1 in .l'i- i ." '
n-i- I ii 1.111, n H t-nuoilr- ir, iitl-li-1 ' . ill. ''r -
. - fn- ?'. Ak .r -inifi'iii Itieli' i, ' ii"
I' .1 -1 ,- iiki r. sii i nrvif a;, i ii . r.-,i-i-.t
Ew Cf t P I I'nl'l 1- V. !'.! 1 ' l'i . l'lll-
K 1 ' P! Ic-iii-M'e.i Jll 'I- ' " 1" t-
hJfl tit S s f on 1 rifi I I. It- ' u H.i'
??' .- 1 I. ' ,.,ll'l.lll..!l"lil I'erc.
er a
-i ,1 rf
.r'h ii
i,,,- i -,
-l.li-'.- II
'111. ...
' inn lln'..".'
Ik ,'!.'l M'
I. ilH" '.'ll li
.H III -1-1.
nt M.tli. I'o.- t-l' Ml
; A Great Madical Work on Man
fc'TtnunLil Vitality. Ki'ivn-K nrt Ph. -I.i
ii.i.iiity, iTi-inati.iu .lt--i'... 1, ci-.i. I.
.i.iitli, sll'l llm ickninui i,iiTti - -1
rn'il ItiilliTClimi unit exf . ,i, V'.
c?t man, j (iiniK. K'l't 11' io-'.m mi-, '
.nitman Ii'i )ini-r!i.iliili for id! lie ,- .
lir.iiileill.etf-'--. escll iu-1 win- li i-' '. .
'tie mi Haunt lit the Alllk.ir, wllo-v ft, i
I iV.ril, url- -ich a- pmbsl I) net-' ' "
inltio'tho lei nl mo' ilil'.aii. ' 1 '
lutntul in .lit nUHrulil.-.'il 111 he a llm .,it. 1
t-ver .1-ni.i' HiteeHwnK-iil. lllclwry iin I ice:,-
.1..., ii.iiiui. mi,. 111I1M Hiirk,,'. 1 ttitl,'- i.'i'i
1 try for VM. or die inoiu" will U tci'iii't, I i;
hvi-o In.taw i'. l'tli'u only SI ti' i"u iw-i-, .11 '
I Illustrative iimile tiouits. Soul ii"- ,.1,1.'
Mo-lal intniM ii"' aiiiu.-r in,- .-. .i.-..
Mcltcal .ts.-i-'latliiii. i.itli.'iilnerf tvl.lch t..
Th.,'u..,.....t ,,r I.ICp -hnlilfl bi- re.-til lit tin I
tonus- fur In-triii-lliia, iimi by me Htlllei,il tut j
.. . . .. .. .1. ..II 1 ..--.!..-. 1 -kl...i t
rt-llet it win twjiiem an 1 mim ..-,,-..
There U 110 im-in'tr of icn tn lwra Ihi
1 sru-i.i'tf of LIU sn.. net be n-eflil. wlii'll.ot
iitiith, iwreni (tiianllaii, iiintriiit.ir 01 tertr-,
"j.lri the IVabmlv M.'il'.esl In-tltilteor Pr ,
W JI i'mkor. No I Iluitinell sticci, lli;teu, 1
f hub tile, unit Ix PimsiiHcil on U discii-is
r,.,uillli.a -nil lllli; ..CI" e-niv. ,111 ...--'
.',-Mll.l,- ''l-Ol-i- Hill'
liilll-rt tin- -kl"i.t
tu-r 1 !.t -li 'ill- -I-" "'Ut' "'" " "' '"
..fulit Bilh-iill 'l lll-tsni'i it liilluri
Ifsti.ttitn thi i.illi.!
By the Light of Day.
r.tst Impossibilities tho Tacis of the
rxescut-IIelp iu tha Now Via.
1 rvmembrr when th'v wpth i uu tic up U f
(nlt- itr ili ilit lolfjiraiih lint- iu i f ft...
s.'U url. rti 4 ti'tw li ok Hi f f. , i.,i : is
, tU7iMt ii tho meirtP'"lit. tt hi ir' u I ,
luii si.it.it -ui il-i' mnimtt o uio u.l r t t -t
till.lliit,' in I'.n ftitun. Ihc 11 n "r . v.
till w iH like n hdi - Mi 1 t'lrj ,in:L n ,
.'.tint. . the Ir.tljr muai'.v ol U.t, v .rl i ('
plo uii I it..' r wont! r atid li u-h -n tt t .. s
U nt Mt .- uhoii be firH ugfss.u 1 .i- j -,.
I he a m-rrhe on and prjii.il" iuut ajir.
Aitv N'"ilv has a monui; l i.f tnitii t-."
tt.1 eouuMftllvw null', itf ihMi'-iin cli...;
thftt the votreia of tnciltcmc arc !iar--tM a A
uu'ii. "I ir'il hit w-iintl anl i.iM In a'wi
htm au1 'lt Galen Oin-t t .it t j t i o n.
i :.', rtuumiHfum, u at ,ni on ! ii- hv h shift
! Ins ltsi ait me in, no utaMni- tku i .n
aii'l rtw the mt'ct'lt'i. To-i'ay ut di'ijiuii.ua
ta1 t" ho a -litM-ant tf th hU u I.
Mr llinr Bujicrt. if .So. 4M Atlunti' Ave
ntw, KtiHtkl)!!, N. Y.. wrjlu to Mir lllttcox '
tlTo.ot New York. propi-Ii torsi of Turker't
Toul thHt "the bail l.ftu cotnfif.y iIUm.11
from rlt umatmm aut iaUi tn th.- b.u , mim!
ItiuU. 1k' wan a4vttM to lakf tho T-!ifi for
ki'hifx tlueaat'. frhi'fll. o, autl lit'T rlw utna
ttra iiuaiiL-ari!t." Threainiiit(ii.U. It.
tp ki.tntjy rotlute rlu-uniHtU- ,m'tiii,s
t'ure ihfin ami jmi tetro rtiiMiinatisin in.
U now atlmttletl ly all tiiter.ln.t piilc..u .
It U Uii'ih'w .mm ihrovtuou lUvir Uun-Mwr.
ani inl-trtkni ttionrl. 4
i'arkerit Touio ttl.lvh li a comMmsi -u .-f
tlu-bon rome.tiei t-r tije tl.M.sl kuoui t. ,
'in. I uuher-ally iiici-.i"il iu i.-m' .m.,
tlii ttrrlMv t ."pipiiin t.uiNut V - v
l..c Mr. It. mr- u.Ivt fi."-t 1-1 ,
i.iLt.-'f i r h'" mt a : tu .
..i -i Ti " a ;
i5 T r-'-.f " I ' ,' K
I I ; I II ! (Ill
3k U
--i NfMi--'l ---
rtrrr. n
' " fc I 'i T TV T.
Lamp Olmndaliers. Kerus;:. ) Fiy.-j
U7TY1 m 2 Hf
ri nu iiiiiMi
peci'il afte.ilioti jir, n to Collection'.
!' the Cnilcl -
.1. W M NV. rre-ident.
Seilections Made and Promptly Rsirifil I
COlilir.-PnM. i:T-:
I'. W llor-I'.. 11 ui-lon- UiIIIIIMIWIUM. n ' t
-l'A TI.-.W lti- A-.VN. it.i.oni-. , N A I D M.I'MIK !' .: - ,i
H.tlJ..lll I't IIIN-.V t ..(.alte-t,,n. I I I. .V. I'M H ,n' x -vl
-MKHl IIA.x l'. I.MVN Abli:i-I..l II IIMMnMi
C. M. SELEY. President.
e? irv. vl V it . ,i, II I. In. . i ' B
',' e"i SCS SKVJ U ii illOUH OF FOOLI ll'ii..- l'i" BBB -
vim., i ;- ly V. itrti.iryot viiu:m tii-i. i. v , Mm
' i" - i? O '7 1, - 'I I I r,in,f In- I- ...I or- ,.VAl W8m
" .' ' i -MA. v Ji uiiu.i i::ti. 1 1 1- n-- '. 'ELFSS, Mo
""" s ---Krv-v p .'iJp.oteiit.ilnxw . .. - mm
i " J-ft WM c-r -every mica . .r,.a ei . ,r. j mt
' i'WfcfW 7 ,sj..vrif,M';i;i- : i uj ' ;' Mffi
. tus. - ". jj j-.i v tn - - . , .. --
iRsv. ylffirfc- -
i. - waskisxr. r-
? .SBK
r,;, -,,. ,..,,. ..,,. .s7i fawfa
' ' ' 0 lie hmeliiJ-i iv , fr,ii''"?7i7'T
it-e.j-o. lli:.lI.Tll.STIltI.Tll 1." 1 1 . -
, ! :; X ine rapMIr rpstorM a-d ei. -v n -e. ti . - 1 '"
to s ti -mt - iittti;i:ir.-o 1 11111111nr.1i!
SIO 11111 ,JllttlNstMllo--l-l'ltlltll'll t
. 1 in' 1 1. - s iimi 1 rii: tiititisit .mi:
(III -ttlHM.I llllll, I" Ml II I t I IU M Ml
,,,. . . .I,,,, 1 jii 11
I'l.Otll'l I1I..I
'f.li-3.. OVIVJi. ' UVI.I.'tSni'l r:r.t;.Vri'i ,l..snrriOti tln- 1 1 .'
ef"r-x urtf-ni-en I t fti Rffih i'.l"'"
V t I nUdll
UtllftA(r..T . Ln
liii Lit rlt n 1 1 i
tno sso h uu lut i"ni r i -s I 1 1 i ri'iunieiii r
1. il'i it i ie.t.i'in- isnif i ililltl'i 1 mill I
h 1 niic isnj -i n rri i n"iti'ill,i ffinn
i ltiar tf I'rof. Je ah t I In r ' ii " m I
it (if t'fu m cat i4 r.u
it 1 Of M
tlit 1 s-RtO'i ot II ii -linf'ji s i' yv' liu,
fn o. V tuv tK . "irrw-Jtl.- li m f,
Etrrntir-t.'lnnai lp t lit wh liis n lthemspetk'B TAVS K . - V .- ' Ul.
till' US Hll ye-TH.'-ll (li-'t'lt tr-lU(l(ll( Vj i ft ft ' IK J i liiMilMflni " Jjt "- -"7 , i,
f Ultl I1I M I.N ami wii.t'nl tntl,s. -m ' ' , , ih 2
' MEN ADOU r..TO.MAffffY Vi m . stf i ;, j; ; !- iv'W-"-, ?J
7w nlj Yars Extens . Trial hai oniys'veila Fa aiJW J . tlis om fp .' . .o'1 ' (' ' t - ' i
1 ltlJA-TrI ry ? i "., pi-, d -n tf. n Ir -i "'' is . ; - ' 'r -' 3
i in.., t iii'i'kjv'. u r c. . . . m, ' n. i. t. 'l I ' ' tn ' x .
. t.iitiitAc.rvT Waiinuniit .I., fi'uiriiitlii i -' " ' ' c , t (''
ini nt sv. rtt n 1 1 t . ut i"-.fi t. idr 7't(t . 1 I t ' rl' cf ti ' . t- ' ;
rfttn'mi ssl't tie n pr- . in Amr ra a it I- the n In Fr." t . i --;v .( ' r '
,Vn-iti,lS. t,i p--.j i vi.l rnui.J ti' i ii i .1 IVuMul Aiivikt w i-i ' '
f9nrt-t rj, v.i . u l ior kut U wuu.tl U diilValt WUiid . st&,ts..-ir. W. 11
r H-.iri.i-ii Hi ..
Ithi.trMia ili.il. ul Work I'TtKr, Cprnrtvirt rf - In tanr vp wilt f nr! fiairf
'rtiif " r . 1 I H i.- I ttlt,k. 1 l i ' I- a .tt !, I M CO HU I f '
iritiv. t.i 'in M muhJi. , . t itU eoiloiiH' i . i t i '!' A .rtiinni-l' '
IV i f ii ' ti hv.i . rln tvrum l i . ..-
!.. iiih.f cf M.tr.l 1 JrtEit. 0;.'l Hips-r 1 1 1
Air .-. .-atusf rt'if i - v tHebrsitftllajiiir -
juttitHi t -l ah.rr. rtttitto Vnitti r'ciin
in re iitniii. r.si.taiidi'n;iH i ii;i
H. H. HAVENS, Prop'r.
Concrets Avcntio, Austin, Tex.
Largest, Bast and Most Central Ho
lei in tt.c City,
'ample rtooms for tommerdal Men.
d. m. wilson, Proprietor.
Krw Hananmcnt. ilotrate Chsmi.
I fit If ' """hip siel Marrla.p. Weu-1
I I If I " ' "i"" ". ri'tela'.uini B'lli
I S I H I " ' ' ' ' ' ' uitf'lfl ur.iti.'.s ' i
"! ! .'L ii. i"h .ii.l tiar-
i t ,- k it iml i
1 - .. -- S i N1n I1.,!.! a.
'vv Vt--.- i.
l i. - -
Km hiingc buu'rl.l - !
llO - - .ill ! I lllooe
,i. I, i: -
W. W. Ci:;.EY. f -ei.ier.
IL- iJJ,
, ? ":iA
' -..n
1 I J.
t d'asJ
, ,'.'r"'
,., tutu
': a'
1 i, iMi'it-nrvr
1-1,1.11 tl'-l ,-' ,
1 tuiit- -iiim
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