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Urewlerllir HO ..
VAU TKXAK, SATTmAV,MAK(ll J 1 , issfj
H vv.
I ff rk TU ns-v
JLld A
P? P ' F Ufa. W5& IE?3 E58) $F IF2 z3 iiF53
I will m-i-iipv 11. is spun in -i f. n -lis- wrl, i?,,i..,ii,,',wi is ..; ,,. rt tn iN it
This is our Great Carpet Week.
For lomelliuo Inttii.leJ u tut tlte sumo i iLj put ,
To the Astonishing Low Prices in Carpets,
HOW 111
I rMMMam
transit. Tli.-utkiiii.
very trul viur,
the past ..ii.t ..,;iii; its runti,,,,;,,,,,. i,,r ,,.. ,,.,. , ,. si,., . j,,,,,,,,. 11V;1 ,,.,, ,,
in v fricn.ls
hi'ir iiatronao in
t ploa.H'), 1
nit of Hit tr-iiiMii.iiU rush (u Ihl ik'nrtmetii j Imsc nr.i Inn
mile a.lvcrtUuiuuiiU hut now Umstncr vvu unii-nii- u i t It .ici.su
Hl.l." i
tliHt .
Spring stock Of Carpets anil Curtains
'most All T . t 1 uii'l ii'ttvf ithfcinn.liiii tU -1 t .ta. c fu n ui d the lmt..
The Warriors fur Wages
anil the Company to
-In liiliiiiaiion Hi In tin- Miupt'
. 111.' I'lopo-ed Diii-
liiiniiisr U eilse !
Extensive Carpet Strikes
.irtnf9 of Roo-ls on thf mnrVf t w art- Ttil
l . -rtm our buyer liml tnktn AitvtititiKi.'
i.U- tha lasl three mouths
I) lr"nt
Of tllM 1.
'1 to initiuttiin t U iry luwcst
vv prt'fb, uhlrh htul tuti-d llio
we Have Bought Very Heavily
I fl" icJ (ot tin
'ntlri'SprliK lnvh
liiiru gituu dtu m
We Keep None But Choice Goods.
iOur Patterns are the Latest.
Tin- I'll-st-llKCI I'.llglllt'fls ill
Testis me .V.litl Id 111' licl
I in;; SLitti.li '.'
Tlie Condition ill' All nil- n(
I'l imijiul I'oiult ili'inniils
Hi. n II (mi ;
mi: s ritiivi:.
A Vcr liiitfirt:iiu I'liitli-rrocc fu In
Ht-lil sitiitltii
Si. Louis, Miucli it. . I ii private
niiil'i'tciicc ol icc-l'rcsidcnls Have,
iinil Ilo.xic ami (icncral Solicitor
llrown.ol Hie l.'ouhl linuH.iibiit.l strike
mallet's, held here lo-ilny, u telegram
wiii ri'ci'lvi'il iVom (inv. Mntiiii, of
linn-as, allying lie would be here Sun
day Willi Hip railway commissioners
ol'Kutlslls tl llisCUSS till! sillinllllt'.
(iov. Mnrin.'iduke. of Missouri, will
ul-o iilti'iiil, ami !l is experled (he
meeting will determine the Hit urc tit-
III Ubul or
tiltule of the two late-' ami tl
way toward the strikers. Statu quo
will lie iiudiitaini'd till tliou bv the
! road.
'i in: cn'iiixci iih uirii'ixfi M uvor-,
; rfpcrml tu llio hxamlner.
I'ort 'oltll. March la. Annlhi r
! coiniilicaliou Hiri'iitcii" to add itself
I to Uio .-tiikc troiilili's. l-jijilnecrfi ol
llii' pii"('iijor train arc, it i mi id.
lii'i'iiiniiiL' to la'coini' ililriiitlul ol
2,000 bbls. Sugar,
5oo bbls. molasses,
l,ooo boxes Kirks
l.ooo boxes Starch,
l,ooo boxes Numsen's Tomatoes
boxes J. Lusk's Cal. Canned Fruits
': U I
W ldi. Micliijttii cult; '.',.',IHI I'lili. ("icniiiuc New York M-i-d polaloes 1,(KHI
v. once, i an anil sec iih or wine mm pi iu'.,
& Storey,
Cameron, Castles
CITIPO r.i,..'rii.,l Luck thu hi!! to donate ull
!. 'WJ. ,1 ... , ... ....I. ,.., t..l.,,l
i tno pniillc noiiiniM m inu ,'v ..-...
n ... n,n i.urnin inn onCQFRR-' Willi u fcllb-llluto. ,
- runUMASINU UU UUrrLta 1 lliu mnuiiui nnu i , it Wcrc IntroUHioii m iiiiiun.
SAME PRICES AS GALVESTON OR NEW ORLEANS- ; tr.vu. of wiling .uk to couuty
The bill clifitiifliUf l!rwo couuty t
OUR RECENT HEAVY SALES DEMONSTRATE THE ABOVE FACTS- ti,0 (ialvcmou brooch of lUe nup ame
YOlirS Faithfully, '"noiiM'WIIrogultttliigUie waiver of
CAMERON. CASTLES &. STOREY. me khiuv-.-" ftirth"
llic ccjnililioii ill the roaiN, which
acrl have heroine linsale Mint'
tcclion men ipiil work.
'I in: i'iimi'Kioiisi: wi:imii:.
M. I.inii-. March 1:1. Ii i, aliened
thai the Rlriker-i al M'dnlia have ey-
prced a willinirne-s lo resume work
and conlinnc lili April 1-1 al cut rale-
il'lhc railway ollicial" will cnlcrltiln a
1 Miitteii ai incnl.al I Hat tiine, to re-
lorc wajtc- preiailinjr prinr lo InM
cpleinliir and coiilinne theiii tor one
, year and nl-u make the ajfrcc
inenl u J i 1 y lo the men
mi the (ionld ydciii. It i- said llii-
l propoiltioii w.i- Milnnilli'il to (lov.
j llrown, general Miliciior ol' the com
pany, lint the trnlli cannot lm hm-it-
! tnineil here. It ii reported 1'rom Sc-
i dalia tlml Adjiilaiit-lieiii'ral .lamiboii
. hai no I'aith in the. promicH of (he
trlkiT-., while on the oilier the slate
lalior comini'oioiiur is cicditeJ wilh
! i lii -i 1 1 (r Ihat the men nill hluiiil by
their word and Ihat the dilhViilly caii
lie adjn-led on the above l,aii.
MliriA i.oii,."
SI. I.oui-, March l.'l.-l'he ri",tora
turn ol waire made Vodne.-da een-
inir lo the men woi Uiuir in Hie li-
ooiiii I'aeilic hhoi in lhi city ha
been exlended lo all men employed in
the Ini'tfo niachine and ear -liniw on
the iron mountain road al De into,
forty milex couth ol' here, and l lu
men urn highly commended lor their
loyalty to the company.
St. I.oiiih, Mo., March l.'l. (iov.
Marmadiike ined a proclatnalioii
hut) Inst night warning the itrikrr
and all pcooii-. a-ocialed with lliem
thai interfering wilh the movement
of cnginees mid train- and the intimi
dation of other peipinii. who inav be
' willing and dcire to work it unlawful,
1 and calling mitill county and municipal
olllcers to promplly enforce the lawn.,
and cominaniling all individual-, or
i-ombiuation-i ol iiidiviuals in any
wav engaged or concerned in inter
fering with (he free Irallic of rail
roads isiu the inlitnidaliuii of their em
ployes to de-cil at once and willioul
linihcr warning.
AT All in. OS, KAN.
St. .mil.., Marih l.f. -An Alclii-on
Kan., fipecial lo the IW Dispatch
,: No lualerial change in the -lt-ualion
here, ecepl the KtrikerH ap
pear more eonlideut, and irole. to
believe Ihelrdeinaudri will be complied
wilh. I'lihliisMiipalhy coiilinueii lo
lm with ihvm. 'I'he allorney of the
rn,iil nviiie.sc. Ihe onbiioll the end N
not proiiable for evernl day. So
fin inee bus vet L'ulie from here lo
consult nlllrci'n of thn roud. It is ru-
i,,rcil ir tiiiTi- Ik not a s needy
justincntthe riigineer- will join Ihe
Kauas Cilv, March 1-"- - I lie nuiim
ol the rnllioad strike hern i iiuultur
ed. Tim governor's proclaiiuilion has
made no change in I lie iiualiun to
day. .m.m.'i i:ii rii i.iiiiiM. I'i'iii:.
sideied. II. . ,i-, ,ii. Whceli-f. ollcreil
an iiuii-lidiiii lit in. Indium biicki I
-hop-. Icndin ill.-us. in on Ihe
aiiiclidmciit and l,ill the senate ad
lomned uiilil i o'cloi k al night.
Mlllll M.-.so
lii-ciissinii nf thcgnmliling bill u
coiitiiiiied. The usual night sc,iou
scene followed 'flic senators dclil er
ed long Minded speeches and bill wilh
im lor the applause of the lobbies.
The ameiidmeuln liimlh carrieil and
Ihe hill passed to engrossment. On a
motion In reconsider and -i further
motion lo (aide that motion lllibusier
inif tactic, followed. Cull, of the
liou.e were made without number.
I'tto senators were j nuked from the
embrace of Morpheus ami brought
into the chamber, each being leccived
wilh applause. I'mally at ahoul I'.u.i
o'cloi-k ihe senale was au
nonnced as full. 'I'he opposition
of the bill, angry and groggy, refused
to vote and no ipim-uin could be had
lo vole. A scene of conluiou nudes-,
eileiliellt followed. Ill the lleblle
thlil followed during the nest hour
and a ipiarler mini) personalities were
indulged in, going lo such an extent
Ihat apologies weie necessary lo calm
Ihe troubled waters. At r.'i'lil o'clock
enough beiui'ni'i) voted lo make a quo
tum and llio motion lo table the mo
tion of reconsideration carried. This
passes the hill as tin- as Ihe senale .
concerned, but Ihe bill goes back lo
the ho.ise for concurrence in the
The bill as now passed by the senate
has the felony clause eliminated, but
inct eases the present penalties by pro
viding ihat both a line ami imprison
ment in the county jail shall be im
posed. The line shall'be from 'i.'.'i to
.' : tlie imprisonment from ten lo
ninetv days.
Substitute house hill ':!!, amending
section. Al! ami others of the school
law, was colisideied.
I'endiitg ameudu'icul hv Mr. I'lshop
that not more than one school for
while and one for colored chlldicn
shall be organized In towns of n-.!
over 800 Inhabitants was adopted. !
The bill was engrossed by u volo ol
.IT ayes to "J7 noes.
Substitute house bill Dili, relating to
banking, requiring reports to the
comptroller of the Mnlo ol resource-!
and liabilities of blinking business
dune in this stale, e.scupt national
banks, was engrossed.
Hills passed :
Senate bill regulating heidiii',' ol
bheep: senate bill for relief of V. s.
I loot b; hoti-e bill, adding ''agricid I tire"
lo title and duties ol otllce of commis
sioner of Insurance.
House hill amnudiiig the law an
Ihnriing counties to issue bonds for
court houses and jails
Senale bill relating to jurisdiction
of county couils of Atascosa, Voting.
Dimmit. I.cou and l.lano counties.
House bill I. '10, limiting woik of for
eign sailors in Ten- purls, within
ship's tackle.
i:vi:ximi siissios.
Discus-ion was resumed on the
ilem of frontier defense in the gen
eral appropriation bi'l. The senli
iiniil was truly unanimous Unit the
ranger should be relaiticd -Ihe ijiies
liou was how many companies were
si ill necessary.
The ipics lion was ablv discussed bv
Keprcscuiativcs Merriwelher. 'I'arl
l4iii. M-oll, Alice. Yeager, CooiiiIh,
Cavill, Cravens, I'i-lier, Itrowiiiiig
and Tarllon, all favoring a fair nppio
prlalloii. I'iually an iiinendmciil piarittg the
sum lobe approjiriiilcd al .ijn,ini)
Senate bill 'J70, rulalive lo survey
for which no title is recorded, passed.
The. ,-shaiinou railroad sliiku hill
was reported favorablv upon hv Ihe
eomiiiillcc on Internal improvements.
lloiisu inns passcii : rroliiuillug
harboring minors; amending ail as lo
issue of county liomli.; protecting
inecbauies, laborers, clerks, etc., with
thirty days' lien for wages; reiiiiring
justice ol peace bonds ol one thousand
dollars; Helming antics oi telegraph
companies; validating ordiiianeeh of
McMucitv; exempting lirciiien from
road duly.
Also senate bill relative to di-putcd
county lines survey
Mr.' Jones, of McLennan, sunt up
peliliun as follows :
Waco, March II.- -Wo advise and
urge install! legislation to icinove ex
isling railroad coinplientlons, and
ireerve lights of emjiloyers and eni
ployeii. Signed
Si.AViics-liiitKhcv Mills,
C'AMCKON, ('AM'II.IM it Co.,
mid other liiisiue men.
House bill autlioil.liig William M.
Wilson to sue the htiite was adopted
in coiumltlec ol Ibti whole, and n
ported adopted.
Passage lit arms between iiieiubers
thai were by no menus parllaiiifciilarv,
occurred yonlerduy in holh houses.
The senate is nlvvav s a scene of confu
sion when a night session is being
held, mid it vvuidd be better for the
(1. body to hold no more. All dispute.
wereseuiuii ill uie seiiaii! ny ample
apologies, hut hunted words uttered
in Ihe house were not withdrawn.
In the senate, yesterday the (ircer
roiiutv substilutu bill passed. Itnl
little 'fault could be found with a bill
that piovulcH llio uttoriicy-gencrul
shall briiiK anils lor the recovery of
lands probably by right still belong
ing to the stut'o. Such vvns llio tenor
of the substitute. If thu bill
passes the house It will then
simply his a court oucslloii,
u It has been all along Harrison,
ill support of Ills bill, argued at lull gib
HUH iiiii.'Kuii uji ins siiiieiiieuii, ti
reading passages from thu civil
tatutus of 'liu ntule. His argument
was in etl'ect that the luiidn were s.-t
aside for the school fund original
nud iio kubioijiicnt legUlatlm co
make them subject to location n
by other clafci)of ccrtlllcnlos
' Wah .Ion as wa Invited to n seat in
Ihe bar of the house yotturday.
Al the SMsion cuiiioh nuater to a
eloe the fun waxes fast and furious.
It i a treat to listen to Ihe proceed
ing iu either house at present.
'Will Th?y Echo in the
Mountains of Afghan
istan 1
'I'liej tin- siiiimliiig o'ri (ho
Seas ol .Miuil ss I'l-pitlg
Iiiiiii Mini tin '
Hi - Itii
ol Hie
ill'.; ( clcliiil 1
tioi:i Hu
tu, I .till) tiioii llonl
Soiiilmoiil or On
lei ICcpnhllr
III; VMil.O-Ill ssi i.s w tu II. oi. II
rilLhl.l'IM'KllSmilll I'UMvs.
St. I'etersliurg, March l:i.
lm nun: tin
p'lh Ii w a
i .-i I 1 1 . VI t i -
osVI v ,
tl,.' di.
' Itnti-h
nt.it in
l I tu- linn
bllgle. ot the
slillllillllg II l,eller.'ll
Ml- V ssu
Ml II.
Sii-ikim, March 1.1. (Ismail Digiia
i- i-oiicciili-nlliig a large lone al
Tniiiiiini'li to oppose the advance ol
(ii ii. (ii-ulinm louards Itcrber.
a r.iui.i.i.i m n.vsn.
Miakiin. March III.--When the al
lack was made upon Ihe ordinance in
closiire of the garrison hv I.I Mahdi's
men lust nighl. the rebels in answer
ing lo the challenge ol Ihe picket re
plied "friends." Thrv then swanned
inlo the 'ireba. over-powered Ihe
pickets and attacked llu- guards, but
hearing men lauding ti , the gmi-
boat Condor, Ihev dei aiupud earrv ing
nun iiiein an inetr Head and
The Utopian Visions of the
Oklahomaitcs Rudely
I'usi.liill llei cliiiid's Aillo-
Kiupli mill llu- SI ii in ii hi
Hie ! '.ii sic liil 31.
be In IT
"ouomy. and no appointment- will
be made to (ill t. vacancies. s,em..
.in Manning has also dectded thnt
In renter the apiiropritilioii l'..r the
preveiition and ilete-lion of I'ramla
upon the customs revenue shall pot
l 'i' used lor the purpose of makiliir
l"'r"."' t apioiuliiieuts, hut shall b"
'onlmed siricll.v to paving for
iiilorination received eniirvnilllir rev
enue lriiuds. and to I'lmLi., ,ir.. .i...
The gov
ernor of the Caucasus, (ieu Domloii-
koll' Korsakoll'. has returned lo fillip.
The tone ot the Kiis-iim press con
tinues eslreiucly bcllb-o-e. The open
decbiralion is made thai 1,'itssia in
leiuls to have llernl. Novoe ieinvii
(newspaper) calls the iipprnnchiiig
nieet.ug of Lord Didleriu nud the
ameer of Afghaiiistiiu a military de
tuoni'lrntion on the Itiissian frotilier
Mlussiii and i-.nglaud," Hie writer
ouliuues, "VviM soon meet on drv
'id. and the resull will bu Ihat the
hiteil security Idtheilo enjoyed bv
i P.ritish empire will be dest'rov ed."
ni;,M,s to n.sn'K iikiiat.
Loudon. March l;S.- Advices Iroi
clierali slate that Sir I'eler Linn
.en i vnenniied on I'ersinn lerritorj .
not far from Herat, iu tbeespectation
thai be will enter Herat in case ih,
lliissinli- in-ikc any further iidvaiiee
WAlll.IKi: Mll'NIil.
London, March lit. The war tit -parlmenl
is making pieparalioiis
with a view lo thu possible occui
rence of serious Irouldc in Afghan
islnn. ( Irders have been sent to Ihe
arsenals al Ituuibav and IScngnl lo
prepare nil kinds of amiuuiiillon.
Details for thu two armv corps have
already been coiuiileleil. Lnch will
number 1,,'itM) olllcci-s, ,s,r,,:iiHi men and
ll.sinl hoiscs. The atliiiir.illv an-
making arrangeinciiis lo have a Heel
of transports in leadincss.
a I'r.iip at nrs.si.i .- ii vm.
I'aris March i:l. liarou Malicren-
hciin. Ilussiau auibas.ador, has been
interviewed in icgiird lo the present
Anglo li'ussinn situation. Ileesju-e
cs the opinion Ihe ljuperor William
VToiiltl exert his intlticnce lo avetl war
and al-o endeavor lo induce Lnglainl
to make .1111111 conccsiolis. lie scout-
I Ihe idea that Wiis.ia would vvith-
draw her troops Iimiii positions at
presenl occupied, .-oich actloli would
rcllect dishonor upon the Kus'iiiii
linns. In case Kugl'ind did not de
clare war it was eerlaiii, In bisoiiinion,
liussla would uol do ho. Ho thought
il eslreiucly itulikclv Lnglnitd would
decline war, as she has In r hands lull
alrcadv. Delilcres. the l.'us.iiiii prime
iiliulster. is auitiiateil by it desire lor
poace. 1 he lnllucncc oi tiio war parly
In lltissia has tliiniuisheil siuci thu
death of (ieu. Sl.oheloll.
ANO'I licit IH.rl.IM: IN roNSlilL
London, Maich i:i.- Consols made
a liirlher hllghl tlet line. At I o'clock
this afternoon there were !ii;l. tor
money, '.17 for account.
Loudon, March ;!.- In the hoiuc of
commons this allernoon lilad-lone
iiuuoiiuceil an agreement bad been
arrived at between liussla and I'.ng-
laml bv the leiins of which neither
llu-siau nor Alghan forces would ad
vance anv furlher on the other side ot
Hie frontier.
Sir Sltilford Northcote asked wheth
er this agreement was n pcrii'iineiil or
tcmporai'V airngeiuenl. (ihulstone
replied tlie agreement wa- willioul
spurillc liinlt. The best description
ho could give was that the agreement
was to hist as long as there was m ra
tion for II. (Lnughter.l This agree
ment providus against the rupture of
friendly relations between the two
governments iu Ihe event of collision
between Afghan and lSiis-dim out
posts, which might possibly occur
while inntruclloiis weie being con-
vevud to the opposing eoiiiuiamlel's.
Iterlln, March lit. -The North ier
liinu liaetln repililiatus the Idea thnt
(ierinauy Ik imjieilling the friendly
relations now esisiiug between herell'
and Kussiii by venturing lo place u
veto upon mi) icgiil.'itions that liussia
nun choosii to maku on the Atgliau
lilt: I'liAti; Miriiri iiiii'sin.
Itostou, March 13.-The following
cnblegrain was sunt to tho
Amerlcan 1'i-ace society to-diij .
'1 Hvurv IMtliiLriL M 1' Lulelell
Thu Auieriiaiu I't-ace soiiely, repre--entiiig
the clirisliuii seiitiincut ol
Aiuerfrii, fully sympntliie- with your
ellorts lo iivert an Anglo-ltiissiali war
ngneil lluivuMitJ. IIowakv,
i.-t i in; siiri.:
moui: woiiitY roit 'i m: M.viioi.
Korti, March 13. The icport isciii-
rclit among the native- to the etfect
that Ihe Mahdi ban evacuated MiUmi-
lieh. The reason alleged for the alej
1 was the Mahdi tear an invutlou i
about tu bu made into thu bouUr't
from Abyssinniii.
(,'olro, March IS!. A dispatch ji
rneolvud Iroui .SueWInt atntOH lieutj
tlrini' from Oimau Dlgna's foreti cou
tinuea. This (Thurutlay) ovoiilug the
Sikhsaiul lint surioy iBgiiiient.mr'u
Iv coiiiiotod of l-ondoncr-, were rv-
wolilideil. escepl the hotly of theil
lender, Aheilul, who was tkiiuni Dig-
nil's sla-'dard bearer. Sis llrillsh1
gnnrtls weie killed and seven wound '
i hi: i hv m o-iiii m;m: hi -s.
'i mi: ii.vm.i-: m:au tut m:n-hi-,vs.
I'aris, March 1:1. I'lirtber ndt ice-1
Irniil lien. De Li.le lelalive to Ihe'
i uiiiese delt'iil al I hliyeli-i.iiian, stale
thu Cliiuese troops numbered -.'(i.ikki.
They relirctl iu Ihedircrlion ol'Thuy-en-ljuaii.
The enemy skillfully laid'ii
number of immense mint's, (he esplo--ion
of which was frustrated hv an
assault by Algerian sharpshooters.
I'he lolal lii-s o tbc Trench in Ihe
two dnvs llgbling was 'Jiilt, nicludiiiga '
iiuiiiber of otliccrs.
I Mlltl.l'.lll- Vll'ION.
Paris, March l;i. It is reported the '
members of t,c government are con
vinced of Ihe i e-siiy of man lung 1
upon IVkiii. The gi'iverniueul will '
shortly ask a grant of $lii.iit0.liiH in
in-ovine lor tlie iii-ptttt-li oi Ji.tioomcn
lo China.
Dun .tSiiiintiig's Ivniti .Viiil.es
10,1101) slintf .lust lot
II Milllll.
Illieii is I'm, ing u
III, III, us Ills
tl t'lillii'i,
limit In
i I.i:v i.i, am, t in sills ruin in.
A VI I I llllnltcl I", I lie lleelllli
SIllllMiol II I'l t,i lllllinlioii.
Washingloii, March 1:!. -'Ihe
I'lt tM'i;.
.11 lull
riiiiNti nil-: i-'km.; vs.
..March lit. An immense sen
has been enu.ed by the stand
Hie nulhiuilies have taken
loward thel'enlan ngilnlois. In nildi-
II H, (he ni rests of , lames steplicn..
..igem Davis ami .loloi Morissev ve.-
tei lav , the police this iiioniingiiire-l-
d ,i oui'iiiili-l named Morllnier Lerov
d another fen'mn, whose nainc was
not liiariifil. Mr. Stephens was also
n -.iii'osleil.liHl siibseoiiciitlv rcl.'aseil.
1 In- person-now under ih-ic-i will be
expelled from the count ly. Warrants,
lor the cspulsioli id other leu' Ii
leaders have been issued, nu I I'm (her
.irreslH.'ire esiiecled.
L.vinit. Slepheiis. Davis, lorrisscv
and l.eroy weie taken to Hie Ironlie'r
of I'Viitni1 to-day, mid warned not lo
City of Mimco. Mui-i
Mexican goveriitneul ba
ciilcd action against i
OS vPAI'll.
Ii I.:. - Tin:
taken tle-
n P.arrios,
pri-idi-nt ol liiiuli'iiiiil'i. w ho his a.,
siimcil mililarv cummin. I ol the li.
Ceiilral Aim-riciiii reiuililii ,. ' ,e
lowing tiriii-liiiiint inn wa. i-.-uidln
the president:
liy '.In- I'o'.i.li hi the I niti-,1 Mutes of Aiih-i
It'll s I'OH lltlllilllet,
V'hi.hi:ajs. It is alleged certain in
dividuals, associations and persons
and eorpora'ltHtN mu iu iinaiilliori.etl
possesHion ol poi lions of the territory
known as the i Ikltdiouui lands, within
. thu Indian tcrrilorv, which are tleslg-
tinlt'il, tlcNcrlhcit nud recognized by
i Ihe I real it's and laws of Ihe I'lillei'l
, rjtnti's, ami bv llieexeciitivn iiiitlioiiii
ibereof, as liulian laud-; and,
Wiil'UCAH. II is luither alleged that
curtain other persons or association,
within the territory and jurisdiction
, ot the Cnilud Stales have' begun and
' sul on foot preparations lor an organ,
i i.etl and forcible entry and settlement
upon atoicstiid laud, tint I are now
I threatening such entry and oci iipti-
, noli ; mid,
Wiikiii-.ak, The laws of the Culled
Stales provide lor t tit; removal nf all
pci'soim residing or being loiiuil upon
'such Indian lands and tcirllory willi
oul permission espressly alidlegnlly
johlaiucdof Ihe Interior department:
Now, Iherefoie, for Hie purpose ol
I prolectlng the public interests as well
I as Ihe interests ol the Indian nation
i mid tribes, ami lo the cud thai no per
son or persons may bu induced lo eti-
ler upon said territory, wheiclhei
, will not hu allowed lo reiuaiu willioul
Ihe permission nlorcsiiid, l.lirover
Clcvchuiil, prcsidonl ol llu I'liilcd
.-dates, do herein warn and admonish
all and ovcrv her. on or persons now
hi occupation ol such biiiilH, and ctn h
Mexican govertuiieiil. on aci.i.mt ol '" "''ipaiion hi sinn
it,,-u-io-iii... d,.i i,...i,,. i i. ,.,,.. nun all stub person or persons at an
mala, is oldiged I" ltd e uiitnsiirrs lo
prolcii iu froniier ami n.ilioiial in-It-rests,
as everv prudeiil nation must
do whose neighbor, are in a -Ian ot
war. Mexico would have no ob
jection to seeing Central America
united, if bv common desire, but a- it
is, (he desire ;of one t protested
against by limr, and Mexico cannot
approve ii.
i:-iii, t mi.
Loudon, .March l.l. .Memorial Hcr
vices iu honor ol (ieu, (ioiilun weie
held to-tlav al SI. Paul's cathedral,
Wi sttiiiiisiei abbe), and man) other
calhi'ilrnls. Iiiiiiiciim; crowils were
presenl cverv where.
A I'l. V S I.ll-OI I I'lll ll)IM
Hitemling, preparing or threiiteiiing
lo clilur iu or settle on the siuin', that
thev will not bu permitted lo enter
upon said leiritoiv.or ll'ali'cad) then
will lod pi, nllowuil lo I'ciii.'iin there
on; mid thnt if ilue regard for volun
tary obedience to the law- mid trea
ties of the I niti'd Slates, mid lids ad
monition nud winning be not siillli,
ielll to ellect the purpose, of the gov
ernment, us herein declared, the mili
tary power of the I'uilud Slates will
be invoked lo nlcilu all such tiiinii
Ihoiicil possession, lo pti'Veut such
Ihrealimcd euliy nud occiipalion ami
to remove all such intruder. Iroiiisuid
Indian lands
111 lestiuioliv whereof 1 have htil'u
unto set my baud mid cini-eil the seal
of the Cuileil Mates In huiilllxcd.
.-,igneil. (iltnVKK Cl.hVKI ANIi.
I'.y the Prusiduiil:
T. I-'. I'.AVAItl),
-4i:.l.j sec') of Stale.
parliuenl to employ persons iu special
a-es w here il is l,ej,.V(.,i frttm,'s ,.
heilig ierpelraled.
Till: IHPl.tiMATIt- ! nltl's
ailed al (bo eseciillve luniitloti this
alli'i-noou lo pay their respects to (he
pivsidcni. Thev were received In
ihe-bJiic pnrioi'," mid presentation.,
ween iiiatle I,) Ihesecretiir) of utale.
A ,--t Vltlt.lNtl ASSKItTHI.N.
In the Iliieii eourt-inarilnl thin
"'tent i counsel for the ilcfmiso
caused a sen-nl ion In court by ti intp
nicnl in connection with thu exnmlmi
nmi of Ldniiiutl Hudson, editor of
the Capitol, of this ritv, that tliuv
would prove tlial artlelea iu th'o
( lncago Tribune ami Wnshiiigtuu
Capllol assailing (icn. Ilnzeii nud giv
ing the lirst information to the pub
lie of Ins having written n letter to
the -ecretarv of war throwing hlaiiiu
lor the tragedy of thu (Ireelv o.spedl
iion upon Hial ollb-liil, went' inspired
bv the secretary oT war. and thev
would trace I hem lo hN desk nmi his
i i'iit IK xor riitrirri:ois.
Iu Ihe absei of anv authentic in
lortnalion, gossip is imsy over Ihe
ruiuoi'i'd rcasoiH r,,r .Senator Sbcr
luan's dei liualion lo servu tlpnu Ihe
litiaiK Hiiniillee. To an AsHoehiletl
Press reporter, who naknil Mr. Slier
man lor bis reasons to-day. he said:
"If I have anv apologies to make I
will innko them to my constituents."
Till: l'lli:vi V .MIvSK.MlK'.
The president's message withdraw
ing (he treaties Is very short. It as
signs no other reason for withdrawal
than for re-i-snminnlioii.
I o.M--UMAI'i,x.
The senate i-oiiilrmeil ("has. f-. "alr.
clnlil. of New York, at assistant secre
tin) ol Ihe treasury.
Sl'lllllti, l:lrn Ncsslllll.
Wtishinglon. March i:i. 'I'ho prosl
deiils iiH'hMigit asking for llio ruliirn
of Ihe, Mcaingiiaii,Spaidh and Dotu
liiicaii tii'ii'ieh was received by thu
I'l'liatt' lo.ilnj In iiM'i-ulivo session,
i lie Ileal ic vv H he rutiirned lo the
cseiulive at onitt; no in-llnu bv the
senale will be riijtiiifil.
Senator Sherman litis declined to
servu upon Hie senate llnniicocoiniiilt
lee. senator Cameron ollcreil n rognlti
lion naming the ihaiiiuuaml member-
of the seiialticoinmllltios n agree,
ed upon bv the t.'iuciiscs. and asked
ininicdlaic i on-iib ration. Agreed to.
Atlci .. slioit esccunve csion tin!
st unit adjourned until Monday.
I Inst, ill llin Cr si-t'lil (III) 111, t-cs.
New Oilcans, .March ):.--The raw
iiiieliug closed to-day. Thu weather
wa-clear and plciisitid and llio truck
in good condition,
'I he thousand yards wan won by
Claude Itriiutiou; Luc) .IoIhihoii, sec-
I: Molliu llrooks, third. Tiiitu
.'..' I--J
in Ihe six tiirlongs Miss (ioodrlch
won. Liinl (.'lil'ton, 81-i-niitl; Lerov,
third. 'I'Iiih- t-.lH ,t .
Mile (inhis) won: .lohu Sullivan,
M'ciniil: Stainliford, I bird. Time
I Mi -1-1. tint fastest nmi! in tho muol
ing. 11,0 M.-el, 1) I'liiliirc Iti-inril.
New Vork, March I.I. Tho lallilina
for soven ilavt number, In the Unlloil
Males, '.'iW; Canada, It total, 24, us
com pin eo wiiii .-(. nisi vvcuk. lull-
u res show nu Inrre-o
in New York ('it .
slates are below
southern and west.
two-thirds of the p
I mted states.
Ailmllllsf rllltuli' tlllllntu 'I to
it in il Oil IllltlMII.I.
I.miist lilt, ..,! M I. il It I si-il In V us
11 tin- spun,
Louisville, K'.. Murch l:i, -A suusa-
lioii vvii crcrtii d lure tins afternoon . ( (l
bv the niinoiiiH tiueiil Hint nil gam-
bling hoii-c- in the cily will be closed. Wiisliliiiriini. March l.'l. In iinswei
I bief of Poliic Whalli'i; notified all , to a telegram from Ihe secrctnrv of
proprietor- t , , lose up or be iirrclcd, vvar lehitive lo Ihe esacl condilioii of
and one mid all closed up shop mid , all'airs in I Iklahomn. (ien. Hatch Icle
gaiiies. Manv opi'i'ssed theiilselvi-i gp bed from Ciiblwell. lias , Hull m
as glad lo ipiil the linsiness. Louis- trcsoassers Were known iu the Indian
has been Ihe paradise ot gum- leiiitorv. About L'.'iKl settlers, he
for )car, and the amount ol .aid. we're cumiied in Kansas nenr the
gambling indulged in has been prodl- ii-rrilory border. Thev were I In eaten,
gious. A vigorous war on gaming i nu" to go over Ihe line, but as yet bail
nut ii inline rcceiiiiy nun me t taken no steps ol Hint kind. Troops
lire stationed iu tin- territory, the geii-i-rtil
mh'iiI. nud villi ili-ive mil mis In-
but It is thought that the huge houses I yaders who ma) attempt lo settle on
bin kid bv plenty ol eapilnl will re- the hinds.
suiiie hutineht, iviiile only the small- Ala inculiuif of the cabinet vester-
closed periua- ,uj the Oklahoma tilestioii was con
siilcred at length. It was said the
itiniresslou iirevailed among those
in Cuutuln. but
and Ihe un-torn
the uverago. Tho
in stales furnish
'tal number In tho
closing I- one ol the result -i. It is um ,
known lust what the re-nil will la
estiiblishmi-nls vv ill
whoeonliHiipliited the invasion of tin
territory that President Arthur's
proclamation relative to Irespiis-Hiig
upon Indian hinds bad become void
wilh the close of his administration.
To prevent such action bv Ihe invad
ers as would naturally issue upon the
prevalence of such impression, it was
thought besl that Pie-hlciit Cleveland
should itsuu a proclamation similar to
that issued while Arthur was chief
Tin-: mi-1 IlWllli;il AITION
Villi II mi I lis l.l I'orsllll stie III L'olos
Hi r l.nsl Hurling,
sMS till 1,1 (til- t KlIKIUI. T j
Craw lord. March IX -lulni Mad-.
ilnt, alia" ,olm Williams, wa- arrest
etl here veslerdav t veiling tor theft
iu Collin count) and the nlidiu limi of
a little girl which he has had iu Ids
possession for thu past two years, lie
has been iu a ili-mi-nteil slate lor some
lime and as lm was once a Mason
has licioi ciireil I'm- lit llinl fri.lnl-idti
Yesterday morning the mother'"' Secretarv sianning in regard to
of Ihe stolen child arrived mid with ihauges in llio tone imiler the trens.
the assistant of Marsluil Woolin. ol ury deparliuciit was Biiiiomiced this
McKiuuev broualit to a hanov end-' morning. It coiiiu ot a material
i')g a starch that has been iiucca-iug-
i) pio-ci.ulod lor two years.
Hi. Wiiuil viariPs iinsigiiiiiltiii ('no
Si. Louis, .March 1:1.- Kiitnors thai
W. It. Woodward, of Hie Texas to St.
, ouls narrow gauge railway, has re
signed are verified, lie tendered bis
resignation nearly two mouths ago,
reduction of the furcc in special
agents, wiieruiiy tl Is ex peeled it
saving of 10,01X1 annually will he
uil'fctt'd. Tho sorsiccs of lorty pcr
sous iu various parts of the couutrv
have been dlnpcu-ed with, snd no
thus to that etfect mailed .'
The list IncitiilcH six special agent-.
twenty-six Kpei ial inspector- of i us-
lOIII BIIU tCII t mplovcs Who. i uaioes
and wlllietlreitioonai.hlii'lacecaii!aro borno on the ... mllid iiaiit
ocllluji". It Uuuderktood Mr. Wood- roll- ,'bU action r. .In..-, the mini
to one of the eastern , "er oi ngouw 10 uvcniv-'vv... in-j
ora to iwoniy-ttve aut irnii-n
eiiiployci to Uftoeu. It vv - -i,ti I
llio deparliiiout that tlicte ilia"
are mndu olli tu llio tmr- --
want will go
Draw-iokcr la much dearer tbua a
Llruwon an Ojiera Pull Cigarette.
'I tic Allium o. K.
lialvpsloii, Mitrcl l:l.('ait. ,1. N
Suvvver, Agent of l lie Mnllory lluo In
this cilv, iccitived ,t telegram to-day
stating Ihe ftcainsMp Alamo whirfi
ran ashore on Klorula reefs, lmd boon
ligblered oil' and arrived mtl'oly at
Key West, l-'roiii Ley West tho Ala
mo proceeds on ,nr trip to New
ork. shc.w a. uninjured by the an-
lieu. I. null's llollrllii.
New York, March l:t. - With thu ex
cept ion ol brief spells of wakefulness,
lien. Oram pa-.ed a comfortable
night. When lie ret ired he complain
cd ol a dull pain iu the ear nud head
He did not get up until Int. lids after
noon, mid made no complaint o
IHilo'l .M . il ii in Their llosioos.
.iiui'Hvillu ()., March lit,- Durlii'
the thunder storm Wednesday nlgln
Uie saloon of llnrrv P.utlon, Iu tin
village ol lioscville, ninu miles from
licrn, was olowii to pieces l,y iikeg of
powder t xploding beiienlh it. It sva.
the only saloon iu tlie place nud rt
eeutly oieued.
'I lie Trmlu li.tllui- Cri lug lor 1'iifn.
I'biladelphlu, March 1'.'. suporir-
telideul -iisvdsli, of the I tilled
slates mini m this city, states he l is
received mi r .'i.OHO trade dulhir- our
March Iti. ami letters from holders,
of the cm i , inn variotii part id the
loiiuli'i ni' pouring in iipom him
llllll'l llf itll II I,U III! Ills I.ll'S.
Mo ni iiuery. Ala., .March 13. -At
I ! in dav .1 c, till West (colored) was
I. iii'-.d pfivatelv in the Jail yard.
On . tie shcrill, Ids tll'liutio, tloit'Os
not 'bree others rcijiiirett by law vn re
i- tit. West admitted Ids guilt.
'I lie Mime lllil liirre.
springlleld, March 13. Ill the Joint
i-Hiivi'iitTou only deiuoiTiils answered
lo roll c-ill. Thu tlrt bal'.ot was:
siorristm. US; Itlaok, 1: Ward, 1 'Ihe
si itiiitl and third ballot, showed no
t hnn 'c Adiotirncil
Tl c tie t -'iii'i- u oli.ii' o Is - Lit
f n
' : .1
J i
t oa

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