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ago Daily Examiner
DF'O 3F&
D a!
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offering for This Week BARGAINS
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mr n I
n m i
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The-o are dccidcdl) (jood Ihirgaitis in Now and Desirable floods. II will
pnv am Lndv in waul of a Nice Dross to comiMiiid look through our DliKsS
liOOHS, n we iliow tic. idedlv tin- iim-t desirable stock lorn Ileal Handsome
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red. Napkin to niateh.
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m pz.JU Ki, lliitton .Shoe-
ton SI
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;i :u.
(JVAnd with these w is will touch the lienrtH of thno who nppre
ei.'ite llnrgaiiis, tlirottili their pockets, during this week. What
we sacriliee in Prolits'duritig One s,icc:iul Itnmuiu Miles j
always more than fully repaid by the amount of advertisement
our nods have received, and w hen the Mipcilnr iul i I of
Shoes we handle, and the I. on Prices we sell them at is fully
advert i-ed, more people than ever before will ciiino to our Shoe
Department for ."-hoes, even though It is at tlm back of our store
and that we have very little space to show tliein in.
Riel the Rebel Leader Cap
tured and Brought Into
Camp by Scouts.
'I'lir Itetiellioii Xnxv rilctlj
Iti illicit irp, anil iCi'i I a Tei-
lui'-Minkiii IVictli.
The I ziu Iti-liuUi-s Itoiiiinoll
Willi Hie (Jill ol a sumil ol
Honor ami n Letter.
The Itexlscil litlilinii ol llie Old
I join M. Tallamller in his protest
1 against the Khedive's decree ordering;
a deduction of live percent, from the
jp.gvpthin coupons before ratification
I hj the powers participating in the
I Loudon convention.
i Paris Mav lti. -The sii'i-comiuiltco
of tlie Sue, canal commlllee has con
cluded it.s elaboration of the draft ofu
treaty excepting the clause relating
to iiiteruational i. mlr.il. upon which
i he delegates ale liable to agree. The
econd rending of (he draft is llxcd
lor the 1MU in-t., when a plenary com-ui--ion
will be Miiiimoued to meet.
The radicals in-i-t upon the ini
peai'hmelit of .M.. lilies I'errv, lain pre
uiier. ntnl his whole ministry on ac
count of deception, which fhey arc
charged with having praclici'd In re
jfiril In the I'raiico-Chiiie-e war.
kiissi. .!:.
Of Iiifaiits' Aliases' find Children's Summer Weight Shoes
ami Slippers in the city. Look tit the goods and gel prices
ftta W ;l h
for Infants nnd Children.
'CvtorUls no well mlnpUsl to children that
( rfconuni'uj it aa superior to any prescription
knowu to uio." IL A Aaclim, JI I).,
Ill So. OxtorU 61., UrovUrD, N. Y.
Ciutori n euros Colic. ConrtlpMIrm,
Hour fitomftch, Diarrliaft, Kructation,
KUU Worms, tlua slcip, oJ proiuotco ill-
Without tnjuriouj medication.
Tu CtsTiCtt Couriir, IS! Fulton Street, N. Y.
I Vly.'ijjisw.s rfyf
C.W. DORR, Manager
f .l
ni:i;di;k io.mpa.m.
Hw( all irTfttna, una triix'ilx, Ins (or. Bait, ashi
rtnuiuirtlat ffrtlllzi r worjthliit mimim
urowirMtiiuK an iiuiiim i r acn , iHtii-r ant
f.vUr Uiau any oUrt uu'tiimL NA IS s:i:i
ly oiur i rfit-lly i'-n. .v.-i aft, h utj, iw
iixx! Id not thrown m -jnln. N Imlf or Tull
:.cmI on titlior or liytli sJJt of wnipm. lallly
tu IikI to anywumtuirrurt without injury, an.l
;uol ulurvvir thj can lm ilrtvn l.tiMmi life
llmr. Ho Htl at no wheat tcr day Crop tutr
'fmirth In rKr than whi'iiilrillM (htl prrlrri
J.-llr4tiHtriilt'r luasli , inuft amirati' airm ujturtl
-. i,irixtmtfmLnt In t!i.- worM, Luilurmt! ana htoiii.
In l' S. Fully warraiilol-H-rfiTtly Himi'lo. I)u
nut hi' put )irtlih mi) ihcr. Hntl nt
iiiiit for nvw trvv UlUHtnttJ citalouiiw ittl
full inforinatlou aLti LuUilruU vt Utftlinnnlalt.
rorurn st.. nns moixes. iowa.
laiiH'iil I-iiimI at Hid
ulir l'ii'ss CtMiiiiiriits.
icidi, i in; iti:iti:i.
qlesale num
llli'l rilillirtMl-.ls A pirlirillici'.
Winnipeg, May 10. News arrivei
here llus morning from reliabh
oiirce.s that liicl, the rebel le:.der.
wn- captured yoftenlny by Uenison'
troops. His followers are scattered
and it i- believed the rebellion is
Kiel was captured Friday noon
three miles north of Ihitoiiche. by
three scouts, named Diepl, Thorne
and Armstrong, lie appeared uncon
cerned, but bcfrfred not to be shot.
lie was taken to (Jen. Jliddleton's
ANIvrillllt ACCOI'XT.
St l'.iul, Minn., May III. A .special
lroiu tiuardepuy's ' ('roinj,', via
I'laiV- (,'ro.-sing, "May IS, miv: The
report that lih'l had been captured is
oiilirmcd, but ho ha" not ar
rived et. Many rcriileitruifs
ire j.'iviug up tlnir arms and the re
in llioii Inis been etitirel) ended.
William Diepl, Ti o nas llowrie and
I II. Ariu-lriiii", three scout s, cm-
tilictl liicl at noun, lie mi. on (In
road l hive miles north ol liatunhi
mid was in couip.m.N w illi three jonim
Mini, all ol whom were ariueil. lie
ippcarcd iiuconceini d and Diepl
aid to iiim: l am -iirii'i-i'.l to sec
wui here."
Kiel Miid "I was coiiiiu;; In kUi- my--el
I' up, my wife and I'aiuily ate ncrii
the river."
While falkilif; to him I!oulloii's
hi'iiiiIs were si'iii coiiiiii;.' up and liie!
beeoiuing afraid ol'liciiiii sled lie;:i'il
his captors to take h in into ciniip
i!iemelvi's, and accordiiij.'ly Piepl
went oil' tut- his horse but whin a lilile
distance away li. Hilton's moiiIs gol
clo-e and llowrie ami Armstrong
loo.X liicl on one of (heir hint." and
taking iinfrcipiented roads will hiing
him to c.'imii this evening.
(icn. .Miildlcton gave ordern that
the men .-luiul.l keep In their tent
when liicl comes in as he in a'Vaid
some pergonal eneiii of lilel will shoot
him, many having sworn to shoot Iiim
at sight. '
kh:i, is ntnm ri;i-.i..
(iiiardeptiy's t io-ing, May Hi -liicl
was brought in at :t::tii this alter
n. i. in. No ileiiioiisiratiou was maile.
mil lie walked iiiiietlv tn (icn, Mid-
dletoli's tent, liicl said he -laid on
I'uesdav and Wednesday night' on the
I. lulls one and a half miles nonli ot'H.-i-loticlie.
lie wihed for a fair trial,
and asked Arin-llong whether he
would gel a civil or military dial, and
said he wauled a civil trial.' He said
he was afraid of the scouts, ami nlso
that his wife anil I'amilv were with
the half-breeds' women near liv. liicl I
appears careworn and haggaid. lie
has let his hair grow long, and is
dressed in poorer fashion than uii!
of the hall-breeds captured While
talking to (ieii. Midillelon, as well as
could be seen from outside the tent,
his eyes rolled Iroia side to side with
the look of a hunted man: and lie evi
dently was the most fiiglitened man
in camp, and in constant fear of vio
lence at the hands ol the soldiers, bill
there is no danger of such violence.
:-siii.isii m;u s.
I he Anllcs nl llm Hear nml 11
kiimauiii'i-' is ni:m ki:i!
St. Petersburg, May 10. The
his sent (ien. Koiiiarotl a sword of
honor. The hilt of tin; sword is of
gold, and the scabbard is richly set
vv ith diamonds. The present was ac
companied by an autograph letter
Irom the car warmly praising (ien.
Komaroir.s military measures, and his
prudence and fairness in dealing with
the Afghans, as well as his gallantry
in the engagement at Dashkepr. A
-imilar honor was conlerred upon
i in: iii.vim:ii in.ii ti.s r,u:vr.
fair nnd full discussion by the reviser
in the progress of the work. As the
two conijiiinies included scholars of
tho principal protcstatit dctioiujnn.
tions, an opportunity was given for a
fair mid aide presentation ofthe views
ol each bearing upon the matter of
inn translation ot wonts unit sen
tences Controversy, however, never
arose in Hie meetings on points. d.
vlding rcliirious bodies. The spirit
of scholarship rose far above the sec
tarian spirit, and the latter was at no
lime mauifesl. This tact may also
hear with itself a testimony to the
general accuracy of their work,
what Tin: i'iti:ss say or it.
London, May 10- The Daily News
says; i nc revisors nave errcn, n inev
have erred at all, on the side of ob'
slinale conservatism rather than on
the side of rash innovation. The
Atheui-tiiii says: The revision is a
lileiary success. There are no pre
leusions to scholarly completeness nnd
practically no clear alterations' in the
texture. The revisors tan be con
gratulated on the wisdom of Iheir de
cision ol declining to make a new
I eM of tho Old Testament as the old
company did with the New Testa,
A V niilllll Onl ruucil.
I'lira, N. I'.. May If..--Miss Cora
liimlett, a pretty young school teacher
employed near 'Lee Center, Oneida
county, New York, was brutally out
raged while returning from school
Thliisilny night, and was aNo robbed
of n watch: Albert Ford has been ar
rested tor the crime, and the watch
Their Meeting at Dallas Dis-
cussiiifj the Trail and
Other Questions.
The Coiiviiis Mill ni l.mse lint
Closely Chased
mils ol tlic
.lloie lc-l('iiie.
We are Sole Agents for
Extra Family,
T h o s . Wilfiams"& Co.'s
4 1
Panther Tobacco.
Yours Truly,
now inivAi. iiihiim:ski:s ' aid: maim.
London, May HI. The iiiceii will
confer the order of llin darter with
the title of "royal highness" on I'lincc
Louis, of lladeubiirg, on the occasion
of his marriage to j'rincess I lent rice.
I'ooit I'd. i.nvvs!
Cairo, May 10. - Hundreds ol olli-
cers ami solillers irom tin; reiiiunut
of Lord Wolseley's Nile exiieditioii
are arriving at ady Haifa nnd Cairo.
Man) of them are on tho sick li-l.
Iltisit i i:i.mi:s ait.
London, May Hi. Tho Daily News,
liberal eprose the fear that the
cabinet may bo beaten on the Irish
Crimes Act liy a coalition of radical..
I'arnellito mid tho-e ooiiscrvativiss,
who follow the lead of Lord liau
dolph Churchill.
London, Mav Hi. Mr. Lowell will
Kail for liomu on Juno luth.
1'IIK ritlll'IIIITK' w Alt.
Cairn, Mav 1C Tho jfreat li.ittleev.
petted to be fought noon at Khartoum
between Kl Mnhdi and n rival false
prophet. The hitler has collected an
Immense crowd of followers nml fluty
tire uilvaiiiing toutlu K the Mnhdi.
The Daily Telegraph hn a lontllug
editorial wnrudy welcoming the
United Stales Minister Mr. i'lielp-..
i:k) IH's "i 1'irliiil. Iifsifiiint,
IHKNI II .Nt.W- VM Null..-..
I'ltrls Mai 1. lh T. .up- says it
has rca-on l" l v "tie r l..n u
consul- at ( n i" t ,. i . u "r.. i- i t..
Cupli's Issu.'it ni .llliliii;ht ol ri-litti)-
lis lllsl.irj .
London, .May Hi. Copies of the re
vised version of the Old Testament
were given to the newspapers this
illuming contain copious extracts
lroiu the work. In the following para
graphs i presented the substance of
a -enii-ollicial article prepared for the
Loudon Times, in whiih soinea-'counl
ol the work of revision, with pat tie
ular reference to the American pari
of it, is given: finally we nave an in
icruational work of fourteen years, as
it presents the results of I he com
bined labor of a large number of (he
bent llcbaists and bililical scholars of
r.ugland and flic I ' nit til States, most
ot then: professors of Hebrew in
univci s'Uics and seminaries. It has.
moreover, Hie advantage of the vast
advances of the Inst lifly years in
oriental philology .biblical geogiaphy.
history and .'iuliiiiilies, all of which
iveie but imperii'. -tly understood by
i he I'm ly even translators ol lung
lames, although it is admilled lliai
I hey did the very best in their day.
The new version is not a good ver
sion in place of a lent one. bill a great
improvement of a good version. The
movement for Ihe present revision
was inaugurated by III invocation
ol Canterbury the m. tier church ol
Anglo-Saxon Christendom May '.'n.
Is.?'., by Ihe adoption of t lit. following
resolution :
I, Thai it is desirable that n revis
ion of the authorized version of the
Holy Scriptures be undertaken
'.'."That the levisiou le so conducted
as lo comprise both marginal render
ings and such emendations as il may
be loiind necessary lo insert in Ihe
text oftlie aiithoried version.
:l That In the above resolution vvc
do not contemplate any new trau-l.-i-lioii
ofthe bible, or any alteration of
Hie language, except where in Ihe
judgment ofiuost competsnt scholars
such change is deemed necessary.
I. That in such necessarv change in
lyle of bilisruage, that emplnved ill
l lie existing version be closely fol
low ed
V That it is desirable that the con
vocation should nominate a body 1 1
Its own ineiubeis to undertake the
work ol revision, who shall be at lib
erty lo invito the co-operaflon ol any
eminent lorcign scholarship, to what
ever nation or religioui body they
may belong.
In August, 1H.0, Dr. Angus sent
letters to various American scholars,
in which he explained the plan oftlie
Lnglish work, and suggested the for
mation of an American committee ol
twelve or eighteen, In which the
work of the Lnglish revisors could
lie submitted for erilleisius nnd sug
gestions. The final arrangements for the
American committee were made in
the summer of 17'J. These arrange
ments weio concluded by Dr. Si half,
who visited Hnghiiid that summer for
that purpose. On Ids return in the
autumn Ihe commillee began work.
Though nearly two years later I ban
the Luglish committees in beginning
work, they pressed forward with such
activity that they were enabled to
complete it contemporaneously with
tlie i.ngusii version.
The meeting of Iho two American
cnmpanles wero held urerv month
Irom September lo .May Inclusive
each year, at rooms TJ ami II llilile
House, New York. A summer meet
nig was held in tho month of .Inlv,
usually at New Haven, Audover or
1'rincetoii The Hummer meetings
cnutinit.-il for a week, the other meet
ings lor two days. The members sat
around n common table mid freely
mid fully diseusoed such passages or
chapters n had been previously a-
signeil lor the particular infilling.
each member having already cx
nmlued and investigated them for
hiiu-olf. In this way the whole of
the Now Testament ami the Old was
minutely considered and discussed.
IheworK was reviewed in this care
ful manner tvviro from beginning to
In the lirst revision, changes in the
authorized version were recorded for
further consideration, in case thev
wero I'uvored by a majority of votes,
but in tho second rovioir tiie rule de
manded a vote of two-thirds in order
to adopt tho proposed change, filial
ly all pas-ages were examined a third
tiino, and in which illll'eronces still
remained in the views ofthe f.ngliah
and American coiiirianies. It may be
safely said that no criticism has been
made on the New leslaimint portion
of the work already miblished which
wit- U"t anticipated ami accorded a
Two Itiillam. muses.
Osgood, Inil., Mav lii.--K ll.Iiowe's
store was burned yesterday. Loss.
f'l'-'.iKiO; insuiance, s.s,(Kl(l.
Killing ,t Wooley's fiirniluie fac
tory nl (ireeiisburg, was wholly de
stroyed by lire vi'sicnlav. Loss' ,.l!,,-
O0O, insurant!', f;iiotl.
M-n oil llin. Illuln,
t'tica, N. Y.. Mav Hk-IInedi liilov.
of lloslon, who married a young hid)
of Lee Ceter, Oneida fount v. was
Inrrcd nnd feathered on Thiir-dav
night for extreme cruel!) to his young
sum II) c r Co enured.
Itoiili'im, Tex., Mav Hi. Ycstciday
.'itleriiooii Depuly Sberill' Win. Ilam'
iltoiiaud his posse arrested Sam Dver.
lie was found secreted under the
corn crib near Hie place where he and
his brother Lli killed Sherilf liags-d.-ile
lasi Momhy. ihe reward ol
ij.lt mil tillered b.r Ihe arrest of Dyer,
Deputy sherilf Hamilton says' he
wishes divided between Ihe willow s
of Mierill's lint'silale nnd lliichaiiau.
aiu Dver was plated in lull jusi
awhile ago ami seemed greatly re
V I rllillle In .1 el Icrsoll llll Is,
fferring to Ihe probable earlv exit
ol .letlers.iii Davis Irom the singe of
liii 111:111 life the llostoit Kvprecss pays
the following generous to the fallen
chief lain. II says :
It is (rue that he was l'resideiit of
Ihe Conleileracy, anil that he did all
in his power lo serv.! the cause which
he represented, but should be cieililetl
with high patriotic purpose, nnd 11K.,
vv ith an honest desire to do his I. .'-I
for Ihe South. That Ihe Soiilu
believed their cause to lie jiisl has
never been doubled liy broad and
thoughtful minds. The'peoplu in that
secliou acted accordingly, ami poured
mil their blood a freely as if it was
w iter. It is twenty years since fids
war was over, anil we can nil nlfortl
to charitably view Ihe situation as il
is -both north ami south. As a
fulled Slates senator, Mr. Davis was
high and deserved reputation, lie
vv as the peer of Chi), Webster anil
Calhoun. That he clung lo Ihe re
bellion was until tut and iuevtable.
1 1. .'.nil. I not have dune olhervvise
and have been an honest patriot anil
a sincere man. It is not only well,
but a duly, to bear thcsii things ear
nestly ill mind, as the hero is passing
his hour 011 earth. Allot' us ought
lo be fair ami generous ami tliiullilill
enough to admit his great talents, his
inherent patriotism and Ids sin. me
devotion to w hat lie believed to lie
the true interests ot the people.
The l.'iiii'iiinr Olleisn Itenuiil
of s.-'OU I'.aih I'm- ihe l.ibei-
ntois Their llesei iifiim.
I M'tt'ic S(ii in Plays Ilium:
With Ihe IViies nml ills Oil
Vein ly nil IHspiitfhcs.
Moi'ii.tni.vs rurv v i;.vi in.s,.
Listen to What We Say :
1 N
.1. .11. Moipsiili Mm Ins Ilic llpiol.u.-
.lililrcss-.CiinliTi'.lf .' I 'on. lit 1 1 1. hi
t'ollshlf rlnu tlm 'I rail
t iiesin.il.
Dallas, May Hi. Tho Stockmen's
convention, ninety -six- members pres
ent, was cnllcil !o onler In the Mer
chants exchange nt 111 o'clock a, 111.
yeslertlav by Mr. l. M. Simpson, ol
Dallas, president of the Texas Live
Stock nssoeintioii, who proceeded In
coiinleimnce moderation, saying:
"Do not forget Ihe fact Ih'af the ab
sence ol several cattlemen from this
iiioyemenl dues not illicit their stand
ing. When il comes ft, the cow the)
probnblv have as much right lo drive
over the public highway all Ihe width
of Texas, as y on have lo go to graze
voiir cattle on ihe lauds thereof. I do
mil know of any law that ell'eclH lis
which tines not ell'ecl the men ol
--011th Texas. I do not know ol nil)
law Hint gives us men of mirth Texas
control of that entire country to the
exclusion n everybody else. This
.iicstiou, tn my mill. I. is one of the
more st lit. us that has ever come up,
and the prosperity of Ihe live slock
business of Texas depends largely on
whaty 11 ilc. iilc to il.. in regard lo it.
I would adv ise that you go to work
in a dispassionate way mid, if possi
ble, agree upon a rule. If you do mil
do tills, the stockmen of south Texas
will wink out a loud nml you will
have in siibmll. You shoidtl avoid
trouble. Trouble in the slock liu-i-iiesi.
menus money out ot your pock
ets. A Illlle I.!. Ml dpes not 11 1 noil 11 1
in much, but when it comes to loss ot
money you know all nhnul it."
The p'residenl concluded by reiuind-
l In- couveuiioti mat a uecessitv
Come One, Come Ali and Save
Big Money.
I. P. STURlrlS & CO.
W.ir llrlies 'I'l.fi.i li. Aliifriin.
(1.1. 11K.1 II.. ill I.
The war threateniugs in Kurope
have caused a stampede of emigrants,
toward America. Not only are peo
ple leaving (ileal liritaiu, Ireland ami
liiissin by thou-iuiil-.liut Norway and
Sweden, "which are not diieclly men
aced, nit! contributing hundreds of
families to the throng bound Ameri-rn-ward.
No stronger indication of
the real situation in tho Old
World could bo given. The
people do not waul vvaie
It is now, as It lias always been, the
kings, loiils ami princes wiio long for
bloodshed, ami who hope to ndvaiicr
their sellisli schemes by turmoil
America has room for millions more
of flie lipcrlv-loving people of Kurope
who do not fancy being made targets
existed for iiumeiliate ncliou looking
In the li'lief of several herds of entile
that had been slnppetl, including the
cattle 111 Aimer Tn)lor .t Co.
Mr. .1. It. Ciinninghniii was elected
secretin y .
The following eotnmillci! oil ere
dcntials was appointed: W. li. Cavil,
I. C. Loving, (ieorge. West, W. I'-.
Lewis nml .1. li. Hamilton, who, after
a leecss nf ten minutes, reported the
associations represented as follows:
The Slale Live Slock association, Hie
Soiilhwesl I ivc Stock association, the
San Anl. .111. 1 nnd I iuaileliipe nssoein
tioii. Ihe Last Texas Live Slock asso
ciation, the Central Texas Live Slock
association, ihe Colorado ami Concho
Live Slock association, the I'niihaudle
nssociiilinn, 'lie Cheyenne ami A ra
pine Live .stock nssoeintioii, ol the In
dian Territoiy.
The committee re. oininenile I that a
number ol cuttle-owner present, not
representing associations but i iler
esteil in shipping and driving, bo in
vited tn participate. The. report was
adopted, aiiil,suhsciiicntly, oil motion
Mr. Ledforil, of the I . and 1. associa
tion, was adinllleil as a delegafe.
Col. Hughes, of Dallas, lutrodiiccil
the following lesolufioii: That a com
mittee nf eight in: appointed tn con
sider nnd report to the convention
whether it is practicable to lay out a
I rail lroiu llnr.old mid other points
to flie capital lauds in the iioilhwest,
over which cattle can pus from south
ern Texas to the northwest, and, If
practicable, tn report and recommend
a trail that in their opinion will not
prove injurious to tho cattle luterusts.
The resolution was adopted, hut re.
cousitleied on the objection being
raised that each association should be
represented on the committee.
A resolution was then nll'ered bv
Mr. favitt Hint the number of the
inmniiticc lie increased lo twelve
one lroiu the representation nf over)
association present--led to 11 protracted
controveis), In lliu course of which
the issue at stake was ilellued.
Mr. W. A. 'I ovvcrs, of Colorado Citv
The eoiiyenlioii look a recess until
:l p. in , to give the cominillet! time to
At fi::l() p. 111. Mr. Lindsay, from the
fommlltee, appeared and staled that
Ihe committee had mil come to nil
agreement, but hoped to be able to
re;.orl bv U o'clock In-morrovv morn
ing. A ctimniittee was appniutetl tn
wail 1111 Lieulenanl-tiuveinnr liilibs,
with an iiivilaliiin In address Ihe eon
vcnlinu. Adjuiirneil In 10 a. in. to-morrow.
Adji. taut-general King arrived at
noon as n looker-oil, but is reported
tn have given much moral ami doc
trinal aid toward securing an atljust
111.nl ofthe dilllcully.
Two propnsitious were brought up
nt the meeting; nf the eommlltei) at
night, one proposes a trail through
I . reer enmity, and thence due ninth
In the neutral ground and thence lo
Kansas or Colorado. The other pro
posed trail leads through Ihe Slake
I'lains, close to the. New Mexico line.
The latter, owing to tho total absence
ol vvnler, is considered iiupraclicable,
ami il is ptolmhlc Hint the foruier
will be recommended to Ihe conven
tion lo-morrow.
Southern Texas had only a lew
representatives present.
of for kings and emperors, hut one of representing the Cheyenne nnd Ar
thesi, dnys tho.e who remain on that rupahoe association ol the Indian ter-
J . .... .!... .I.L tllll llll.l nil 1... tl
I I I'M ) f tiMJt liu (""I I II 111 I Mill UHJ rum
continent will change their tactics
They will remain at home and it will
I i(',t he kings, princes, dukes and lords
who will emigrate.
.1 Ill's U) .itirl.iii. Ilcnlli,
St. Louis Mav IC (irrtruile Seibort.
living at '.',:!7 McN'alr avenue, was
shot and killed mysteriously at an
early hour this morning while in bed.
The hiisbaml was arrested on suspi
cion, but he claims that his wile shot
herself accidentally. Her life was in
sured for .'i,()(si. Tho neighbors say
the coujilo lived very happily together.
mittcc should lie appointed from tlie
territory through which it; was pro
posed to drive the cattle, he coiiloning
that stock-rnisers in southern Texas
were not familiar with the ranges,
water courses ami other features 01
tho northwest.
Mr. M. C Cavilt, of Ilryan, dissent
ed flout this view, sit) ing it was ofthe
utmost importance that the matter
should be looketl nt from the broad
standpoint ol Texas Interest, to which
end he contended the committee
should be drawn from every portion
of the state.
Alter sonic further discussion, de
void of Interest, an aiiicmlmeutby Mr
Lindsay, of Sherman, was Adopted
that a conference ciinmlttee of live
Dr. l'iorro's "favorite I'rescrlption"
is not extolled as a "cure-all." but ad
mirably munis a singleness ol pur-, each troui northwest and southwest
pose, being a mint potent spccilic in Texas lie appointed lo consider tin
tlioso clirouic weaknesses peculiar lo practicability ol 11 trail.
women Particulars in Dr. I'ierccV Tho president appointed the follow-
Urn.. Is...,lt... .... lit, - . H..11 . . '...
largo treatise on Diseases I'eculiar
to Women, mo iingcs.sent for 10 cents
in stamps. Address Wom.ii's. )i.
I'hSHAitv Mi. mi a 1, Assui i.viins fifi.t
.Maltt stieel llulliilo, N ',,
ing as such touiniltlce: Northwest
Texas Mes-rs. Lindsay, Tuvvers, Sel
sou, Slaughter and (.iintcr. isotith
wet Texas Messrs Wist, Hamilton
Cavitt Wood and Nevvsoiu
l!M).t IMill !ll Vitus,
llnwrlii.r Irilnii.l inters 11 Itcwimt
Inr llin l.theriitnrs.
Austin, Mav Hi The governor yes
terday issue. I his proclamation, recit
ing thai it has been made known that
nil Ihe 1 llh day nf May, in Ihe county
nf llrans, unkiinw n persons did re
lease a number of convicts in Ihe law
ful custody nf Ihe slate, at Clay camp,
and that said unknown pep suns are
now at large, nml at e fugitives from
justice, lie theielnre oilers a reward
of r-(H) each for Ihe arrest and deliv
ery ol the hiii.I unknown persons to
the sherill ot Minzns county, inside
the jull-door of said iimiily; ami,
I111 ther, oilers full pardon to anyone
or two nt said ennvicis wliu will" put
(he slnle ill possession ot sullli ienl ;v-
idenci) toseciire the conviction of the
parlies planning am! engaging in said
'J 111: i.iiutUA'itiit.s.
The two strangers who leleascd the
coiivieln were riding good horse, one
a black horse branded Spanish brand,
ami Iho other a bay. I'.hiIi wore light
wool hats ofthe cowboy style, Willi a
leather baud mound them. One of
the men Is about live feet ten inches
high, light complexion, about '. years
old. The other is a young man, very
badly sunburnt, nml about live feel
six inches high, with a very small
moustache. The other one is smooth
shaven. I'liey rntlo cowboy saddles.
TiiK.MKi'11011 or kscai'i:.
The follow ing dispatch from Allen
farm gives a minute account of the es
cape: Thursday afternoon about '.'
o'clock two men, tinned with Winches
ter rilles, surprised, or, as they call it,
'mugged" one ofthe guards having
charge of seven cunvicls vvldto men
nnd .Mexicans on the farm of (,'apt.
Tom Clay, three miles from here. The
two slrnngers then armed the con
victs wllh Iguiis and large-calibre re
volvers Alter arming them, they
marched to another part of the field
and repented the same game with tlie
other guards, who each had eight con
victs, nnd armed the latter with six
shooters. The coiivii Is then mounted the best
mules, alter being armed, when they
filed several shots at sumo ofthe
guards, who retreated in a demoral
ized condition. There Were two hon
orable, exceptions, Assistant Sergeant
Wiisscr, who showed remarkable
bravery, ami whose horse was shot
from under him; ami no h-bs a coiii-
pliment could he paid (iuar.l It, f.
Lee, who, alter having twenty six
shooters ami 11 Winchester put in Ids
lace, gave ttietii 10 tiuilersttimt mat lie
wus not going to back from them, ami
then one of the convicts wanted to
kill Iiim 011 tiie spot, when another ol
.Suigenut lloydlu had charge of Ihe
camp when Ihe raid was made, lie
was in another field with twenty
more convicts, nml as soon as ho
found out what was going 011 ho beat
a hasty retreat wilh his gnng to John
I). lioger's convict prison and kepi
them there nil night, while ho hurried
alter Ihe escaped ones, lie is still nf
ler them. Snnie nt Iho ennvicis were
plowing ami others hoeing at the
liui" ot the raid.
'I'he leporls in flie dally paper to
day sa) thai the guards were prison
ers and being marched in trimt oftlie
outlaws is not tine. Several of the
ennvicis surrendered last night and
I wo this afternoon, ami probably
more will come In.
coxviiT.s KirrmtMXd.
Millicau, Mav Hi. Several
ennvicis that "escaped fiiim
1111 111 nave leiiirneti to tlio camps.
Two were captured in the llrn.us bot
tom ami 0110 is reported captured at
Ilryan, leaving twenty-live still at
large. Tlie properly taken with llicm
from the camps consisted of seven
mules, two horses, two saddles, live
pistols anil seven guns. It seems thai
the whole plan was executed by a
biolher ami brother-in-law of lieie
liart Schneider, sentenced for ten
years for horso-stealliig, from Do Witt
count v.
of tho
(iforKclou 11 fS .III 1 1 1:111 till fit.
(ieorgetown, May 10. Yesterday
morning, between 1 o'clock and day
light, tlie prisoners In this jail broke
nut ami escaped. There wore seven
In Jail In all, but two, who are await
ing a bund front Lee county, refused
to go nwav .
They had secured a tile made of a
clock-spring and sawed the main bolt
or liar on the cell-door, ami then used
it for 11 crow-liar and pried the door
open enough tor them to get out into
the main room. They then tiled ami
wrenched Ihe bolts oll'tho door lead
ing to the riiu-arouud ami got mil
in the hall. They went down stairs,
and, wilh the liar that they cut oil' in
the cell, they twisted the Utile Iron
bars oil which wero in the router of
Iho main dour, mukliig an opoidng of
about eight by ten inches, greased
tlieiuelves, ami slipped ilirough.
1 lie siierlll ami posse are out scour
ing Hie country lor H10111, nml they
are likely to be captured. At noon
to-ilav Will ( 1 lb-. in, one of the es
caped prisoners, came back ami sur
reudeicd. He said lie just, wauled a
chaliige ol air for a liltio while.
Sherill' Olive lias ollered a reward of
.'.'.' for the capture of each or either
of them, delivered in any jail in tlio
II1.1I Inr the In v I'sti.ient Coinpiiii-,
fort Worth, May Hi. In tho cao
now pending in the district court of
W. It. Wouiack St. Sou, who suo tho
old Texas Investment company, lim-
itcu, as a corporation, co-partners ami
individual, u recover $l(i,iiKA. luitgo
N. A. Steaiininii yesterday sustained
the plidutilfs demurrer to defend
ant's plea Hint the Investment compa
ny could not bo sued as co-parluers.
Ho declared the character of tlio In
vestment company to be mill and
void, if this decision is sustained by
the supreme court, tho members of
tho old Investment eompiiny will bo
como individually liable for the old
debts, which amount to ii-JDO.COO.
The case excites great interest hero
nnd is only 0110 of the many suits now
pending agatiist the old Texas Invest
ment company.
the convicts, named Snyder, told him
tutu lie vvutilil kill lilm II lie iint so.
Tlie rescuers are said to bo friends
ol'ssnyder, who was scuf up from D
1 Will county
'IT.n I'rcslilfiit nml Ills I'ubiiu't.
From tliu t'lilU.lt.'l0ilit Tluu'a.
The president is agreeable to every
body. Manning, while illgnilled, is
never austere; Lamar, Whitney, Vilas
and KndicoU are extremely pleasant
men in all the relations of life, while
(iarlaud, who prides himself on bis
.Ii'll'ersoiilan simplicity, is 0110 of the
most approachable men in tlio worm.
Cigarette smokers prefer Opera
fulU because they dot slick to the lips.
for All .Nervous Troubles.
"Itciisim' Capsinu I'mirous flus
ters releived my sciatica." Congress
man tittoutlier, of Wisconsin. '.'Se.
n v.i

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