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The Waco daily examiner. [volume] (Waco, Tex.) 187?-1888, May 27, 1885, Image 2

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rif'! ,l
5r.)l f'.iM
i i in
mm. 4
D m I
m Kxxr khm
W-h-e-u-g-h My!
There i- no di-putiiiir tlii- The
time has ionic v.licii pi nllemeii mu-t
look up -oinetliiiijf light Mid nirv In
the vvnv ot h Summer ult, or if noth
ing mn're, :i Thin font. It I no liioro
thati iictual truth to Hint I lmve
the tine-t mill In -l t'" I ever di-pluy-ed
in Wnro ot
Men's & Boys'
riiuvbot Cloths,
And suili mi u urlim-nt ol
Straw Hats. Light Weiyht Un
derwear, Neckwear. Etc.,
That no Man or Km inn fail to be
Milted, 1'inc-uie i-implv within tlie
re.iub ot all liuu-titill -pciliil ntleii
tiontnuiv now iuleliiate.1
Whii li I iicnrd tin bi I ami iht iipot (
Mimuier "-uit i er pioduieil.
t .... ti: is.
lll( I'fiMlMlllr . hi Win It,
,iiiniil ln- mull nwilti r
,ll IIiIiIIIIIIIiIihUmIII Wlltlltl lltl Llttll hi1('K
Ol till' I'ttl'lT Will niltVl hllllltllHI Hi llll.
s to a m B ma sea SI n
Hull il silh-i I IiIIiiii.
ONKMUNfir 1 Ul
ill MIINTHH 7'
roiih miintiium H)
AilvrrlllliK mul furiiNliol un hi'IIi hIIuii.
limlcni iillirr. HTrU.iihi linll.lliii; N'fiv Vork.
h. c. in 1'kniril, .MHiiHuir
lliitirlltiil ,iul, ,,.
Tlie KXAtilNricMlll ilia l,o I, (I, I ri'iipniinlMii
Inrnli) IIIImii,iiUii(IiI t) t'iii1n)cH of UiIn
iinirc. riiit iiii h urlltL'u uriloriilKiiu'l t,y llu
bilfctm hihuhki r
Si i i.i it i.iin-.
U pipc-lnjini,' in noilh
Tut. northeast ronier of the ntnle
18 hetfimiii',' trip-hfn; v.
Wai o will ell ihv eottou, no matter
if the ram does rome down.
Waco ha had all excellent lesson
r.i thr-ucif.-ity of drainnye.w ilhin tlie
't.- fiw dav-
1 ur. weekly I.'xamivi k this week
s h fhirly reiiixsi'Ulntivc paper, and
ititirilv worthx of Wheo.
Wmai but beioihc of Jol'ti II, Ilea-rxi't-
iruberuaioriul ambitions. The)
I.uvi not -urel) dn.nolvorJ into thin at
iuopj hire JImi tliej '
'J ita it certain!) not u dr) cotiii
t tt tli- wrmuj; There ii water
'iiah (or eveu tue jT'ilnimioiiti-,
Ei"J tLil it miv 'ij a t'oml deul
Mii'S rii.l A: I'.rcusledt, the
j.t' st linrdwuri iinn nre mouut; to
t'. .r phUiit ' f.'.-r- fan her up the av.
'nut it h ' . atlair and these gcu-t.-
n,i n richly .- w 1J the 4Ueccfc
the) hae nrhined.
The urt truly on the Arautat Vakk
r.,.J will K-t ,-n Autcuio w"d. Tlie
'&'. i- the thovcl-i" of the firn dirt
'b I H,t. Jly the time the ;od it
budt. however, they will have gotten
tu' riitriM '-ito better khape.
Tin Apaihei, under old Gerouimo,
arc ai'sin tak'Tf an airins. Mr. 1&
mar ought to gut la wotk iu now
very promptly. It it a ood time,
and the opportunity ought not to be
Liiti.k projjrew. has hitherto been
iiiado in pu.hiuj,' u the Ciuciiinatl
lattloMheine,. I'erhapii it in maiiil)
herausethc narrow gauge U to W
fcolii thU hiiiiiincr. It in a great pity
that m fair a rhuine nhoiild have
been interfered with in thin way.
Ami now oiiiie the eipoitiou U
over, what deposition will Texas be
ablo to make of the vat brain lone
fcho has had emplojed at Xow ()r
leauB. If it should all eomo home at
ouie, tlie market would be glutted,
ami great injur) anil luioiivenleiieo
1 falllt.
KaktWaioIuui liad a (.light wash
ing. Tho rains vKitcd our eastern
suburb iu all their unveiled iurj. We
aro glad, however, to 1)0 able to an
iiounco tlicir subsidence, at least, in
tho extent that people can get about
inllii! lrcols again without nwiin
iniiig. It U a good locution mid a
good tinio for young iluikn.
have a full and
Till' .Sew- .Mine.
If the News rci pirk up mul oinl a
lirntirli paper to I din- by trnu-mit-liliK
ll" teh'Kf'iphie uintter liv pri
vate wire fioni (nilve-tiin, it rim eomn
lo Waro, (,'o to Austin, nan Antonio,
or even l'ort Worth, on the mime
prmriple The (net Unit It lr a mem-
beruf the western iis-ori-iled pteti 1
not -11111110111, we think. In enable it
In tear iliuvu ami hiillil up other pa-
ner- in lid- vvnv. The Herald, l.;i
elle ami I'aamimh Iiii inti-ieid-;
vvli'uli, to Milne extent ale to be urn
travelled by tlii- new mine ot the
N'uwk, iitnl II leinuiu- now lo be een
it tlie protei linn they have been piiv
fi for at so lieuvv a lulu will protei I
when the lime coiiick that we m eil it.
Willi a Ni'Wh' branih at Dalian on the
1 i-,is pinin.i'il, the Dnlln- lleiabl
will not bn wot tn tlie paper it i
printed on, mill the (iuelle will be
but little better, while t ll 0 IA MIM:u
will 11 mi civ feel Hie elli'tl. In it m
ntvliil Mingle with the l'o-l a vein
-nice, the .News untied with it the
lull - ill )itli ol Hie piexH ot Hie ntnle,
I bi'i'iiu-e lllidei the leikleiM mid ill
Iioiich! mniuigemenl ol Ihat paper, it
. in v ilril ho-lilii) rnllii'l than liiend-
-hip. and Hie nieniiH it used lo diic
ll- rlaligeiiius loiiipelilol to the wall
weie most repii'lii'iisible and lin-prolo-ional.
In Us new iiiom'
the News emouutrix ipi'ile au
other htalo ol things. (ahe-lon
i e.i-i'M longer lo be eitliel a plolitablr
or a cli'-ii ulile llrlil ami liein'e tin'
.NeWN must iiiMiiln tin) tei lit ol) ol au
olhei papri, -impl) linil il-own exisi
eine inn) lieploluiigi'il. It -aid the lli'l
aid ban uinile it-ell ww) uupopulnr m
I lid l.i- li) il- louiKii iu the l.ite iiiiiiiu
ipid eli'i lion. He Hint a- il uii).yel
its li'.iuehise under the Tex i- pii'-n
a-soi iatioii ha- not been lot lulled,
lis loe.il iniii-e i-a in itier ln'lween
Itxelf ami il- loi d pilious and we
have no illlrlilimi to inli'lleiii wilb
eilhei iu this ea-e, but eeiiainly Hie
News ha-no light either lo I'ome Inr
W'aul as the espeeiid i hauiilon ol a
local I lalia- pail).
The .Ni'in. is a -(long p'iper. Il li is
ail) amount ol money nl iu di-posnl
and it it i .in move aboiil ovei the
stale in this wa) , it will iu time i iii-Ii
out or xeiioiisly cripple eer) lixnl
daily papei iu the Hlate. Us iniir-e
bilheilii has been ho-li'e iu ever) wn)
lo all oilier pipei- taking lheao
eiated pie, wldleil has s -leiuali-eall)
liiiiilli'il, llalleieil ami cnioled the
weekly papeis, so that ill tu.iti dis
tricts ol 'IVxes I'm weekly pies-mi-.-tailis
Hie News agaill-t ils lot i'l dail)
pre-s. ( ) ing to the practical monnp
ol) hi lougenjoM'il its revenues lime
enabled it to pa till cents perlhoiis-audoucouipo-ilioii.Tlii-
Inct alone In
kept the pi ice of couipo-ilion up lo
an uuhe.'dth) slr'id'iiil all over Tcxii-.
The ie-uli has been lailure alter (all
ure, and the unbroken leiord of l.i, I.
ol piogre-s iiitule b) the other papei
ol the Htatu.
We tin not deny tho inei ils of the
paper, ihmh.Ii. We only cavil becaue
It has llxed couditlons which, if lliev
remain, (.line--is pos-ililn only fur
il-elf. Mark ou, iidoes mil propo-e
to piirchn-e the IIitiiM'k lights and
fralichi-es at Dalla-, but It propo-es.
neverlheles-, to sit down upon them
and-linpl) bccall-eit ci"i do so Miielch
it out ot existence it il can do this
for tho Herald, it can also do H l'nrlhc
blalCMiuui, the P.xpres, (he l'o-t ami
the (.'selle. This is no day for mo
nopoly in Texn-, e-pcciull) newspaper
uiouojioly. The public, and e&pcci-
idl) the political hciitiinont ol the state
cannot he bound mi tin- wy. At llr-t
tho people of Dnllas who are tli-o
hliged by tho lleiald, will applautl.
but when they linil, a the) oiirely
will, Galveston dictating a bu-iue-s
policy to the metropolis of ninth
Texas iminiral iu oer wa to Dallas
ami favoring or') Calu'ston the)
will become not only heartily sick
of il, hut very lio-lile to it.
lint iu the meantime the Her
ald will ho crushed out
ami she will bo chained
and liulples- iu thegra-pof a monop
oly of which the sinister and onerous
wharf moiiopol) is a lilting type.
It i MiggoMed that the Ileiald's
eonre with regard lo the liul hill
is tho exciting came of the move
It is a matter of revenge. This ian
hardly ho tlie moving cause but il is
doubtless one of the hints to be
The state will watch the unloh'Mig
of thin scliomo with great interest
and various ami discordant will he
the emotions ami comments excited
'Die fait however that the News can
do il will remain and thi- will he
ahoul tho only roanm vouchsafed In
the end, or at least il will be (ho he-t
however It wi'l be veiy skillfull) ami
deftly iiivered up by language as
sweet as ever was distilled fioiu mor
tal lips.
The I'ublii: Domain,
. j
Wliul little of the above i loiulv mid
now verv iudclli.ite proi.erty theie is
., ,.,,.,. , , . , ,,
jet reuialtiliig lo livas, sl.e should ,
hold on lo Willi a death Klip Ufnll tliej
complete line uf Rensonalile J")ry
I'irlily cniliivvcil ((iiiiiuiiiivvciiltli-.Texti-wn,
at tin' lime nlie entered the Inl
et ill union, tlie ritlie-t. f-lie hail a
liulilir ilniiiaiii, refill ami moat im
perial in il titli vvoilli. not onl to
licr-cll, hoi to the world, she linil
two hmiiliei! ami seveiitv-four tlion-
- Mid inpinre mile ot territory, not
ime-tdxtli ot wlilrli an eoreied li
11115 soil of claim to oneihip of any
kind, ami the i-l ol'tliiit un- in the
undue of elomly p'liiiih cliilius tin
justly and loiiiipli) obtained, and
xx' I j i I'll should have been icplliliatcd
Hie moment the lepiiblirof Texas be
cilue independent or lulling iu llml.
the moment that Texas became one
of the sovcieiiMi -tales of tho union
Hut it sim'ius lo liae been the iiolii
ol Hie slate lo gel lid ol her public
ilomniii at the leasl po-sibli' nulla) of
lime. We have given aw n out laiiil-
upou all soils ot pretexts mid foi all
-oils ol piiipn-i's. The slate was like
a callow -ihool-bo) with Ids poi Lets
-lulled by a loo liberal allowance of
inline). He bus no thought as to the
good Hint might be purcha-ed
li) il. His only caie is to gel till ol
it. And Invi-hl). iudeeil, is it seal
leied biouilia-l. ami both hnliils ale
bus) with the wink ol -caltel uieiit
Tlii-lia-been Hie polic of Hie slate
evi'i sim e -lie cuuii' mil hum under
the) oke ol Mpiiu, or Mexico. We
Kive liiuil luvishh I'm everything. A
i loud) and iliiiilnfiil i o,i-l laiiul, an
insiguilii ml i ios- niiiuti) iiiilioail.
mul iu selllcmeul ofnii) suit of limn.
Millions ami millions ol uctcs lo -,ii
iily Ihe Iiilei iiulii'iml i liiim, mul Unci
milline- ol Iniiil, win Hi now siiii
1 1 ol In I s an aci e, lo build i -lute hull-"
mid a (Inn Hid Hint we cn cmlil
bundled Ihiiu-aiid dollar- addiluiu'il
tor Ibis same all dr.
We liaM' in riled in.w al
when mil a -ingleacie ol Hie
a nun
ilotil'iiii should be given lo I In- pin
pose, or loaiiv oilier, they should be
lield by Iho slilii exclusivel), and
alone, lol the actual sclller, upon
evel) -ingle six lml ol' il leuiain
ing. In this iav . peili'ips, ive m i In
able I o undo pall of the ev il- ulicidi
iullicled by Ihe iluugeioiisauil iiii.ui
Mil I ii .ill- lilieialily ol Hie sjale. We h tie
lniill up midcr Ihe polic) mcutiomd
gleut colpol.iliou- illillliial ill
every way to the rapid dcvelopou ul
oflhe -late iiuil piiuielv ilomiin-. uinl
we w 111 at lea-t be acouplcof bundled
ot villi's iu vvoil. ing Hie couimuii
wealth out nt Ihe -i rapes iulowlmli
this most vv letcheil poliev liu- pluni ,1
Now let the fixed pobev nl'Texu
be, not another acin of the public do
main for an) iuiioe whatever, is
icpl lo the actual sclller, and lie not
an uii i' iiioii' Hum six bundled and
loiiv. II Ibi-l-pursued iigidh,iei
hups we ma) iu lime woik dear old
I'ex'i- mil ol' -nine pait of the dili in
ui'i, into which she h-i- been plunged
Tim: mill lia ol Texas is very pininl
ol Hie victory ol the Light (itianl
The stale encampment a I l.'iiupi a
vvill Iu i on-eiiieiice exhibit munv ui
leiestiug ieatilie-, anil it i- to in
hoped will le-ult in a vein I) meeting
which w ill lend to encourage the oi-
gaiiiiiliou, Induing ami discipline ol
the state militia.
Tin: lain is still leady to fall. All
it wants i-, -ome small piovocation in
the wav ot a -hake up bv the light
tiiug and thunder. Toward the end
ot Hie sea-on Hiiiudei and lightning
iiiiililii't scale up a dioi il it weie ti
wink a week at it.
Sii.xn the vveekl) Lx.v vnvi u in
your Irieiids '! other -lates. It is the
he-t immigration scheme ever vet dc-vi-etl.
Trv it.
Tim: 'rt-igiiatiou" of Judge Axtt II.
ol New Mexico, in not a very tlccpl
tegletteil clrclluitaiici.
Waco will till any ilemaud Mi
llnuey mav make for heli on the cot
ton mill piojcct.
Tin: recent heavy lain- have verv
seriously iuleifered with cattle ship
ments by mil.
W.vi ii will he found all right on the
.Midland proposition vv hen the time
Tin: tlilcli gang ilo-eu'l iii.d.e tj 1 1 -
unite enough, a- yet;
Tin: people don't want an extii -e--
siim of the nineteenth.
It is a wet rain so far,
I'he most popular I'igaietteH at liu
popular price are Opera l'lille.
Jar listings rt llmpori inn.
Times are tight 'tis true, hut tlie
craving for the beautiful i- ju-t as
strong as ever. Itcioeiii.iug the-e
tacts, .Mr. W. D. .lacksou appears In
lo to Ihe public iu Hie role ot a iiliilun-
Ihropist, mill a praclical phllanlhio-
iisi at tliui. lie liu- gone over tils
arL'O stock ol bric-a-brac ami obiect
of verlu, iipjilv ing the pruiiiiing knife
in iriitun v iiii a lice iiiiiiu, aitii n i-u
'" I'i emuoiium on Austin sheet
J..1.11 I""!1 BraHfy and ii,lonl-l. inn
Why not reiiilei-bleak walls, and iiu-
i,,,!,.,, ,,lnU.8 ),),.,., ,,,- .uh, .
it can bo tlone also trilling a to-t
(roods, ('lutliinir, I'oot?, Shoes nnri Jl.its. Call ai.il Fsnniiiip tun MoeKoi' Spring Dry liomls, white fSoods, lancv
Our Prices are as Low as the Lowest.
I'.opoMlin,.. to dimat" a suitable
ite o I no; , than -jiki am M.f land
ion in w lllfli -mill lie tlll'ililr. Ill Mini'
health), thriving eninmuiiitv ol
hi licols and i hilii'lien, lor a pel inaueiii
widow -' and orphan-' home in Texn
tua) be -uliiiiilteil lo .Inn. I'. Walton,
jirainl nm-tcr, at Wain, lexii-. (in
III' 'HI IM .1111), IK'M. till' -llll-llllll
miller' win per-oimlli examine ill
oiler-'ind d.'lennine the -he ol -aid
M. U. llimuiMi,
Uli'r. .Sub. Com
Whiii, Texas. Match Its, lss.'i.
VV li I K 111 u Slti'iellill.
Mi 1. Springer, nt .Meihanie-biirg
I'a, wriles: - wa- alllieleil with Inn,;
Iner and ab-n- on lung-, and re
timed lo n walking skeleton dot a
I tlial bottle ol Dr. King's New I
Discoveiv (or ('iinsiimpliiiii. vvliiih
did me so in in i good Unit I bought a
dollar buttle Alter u-ing lluee bol-,
tie-. I'oiiiiiI liiv sell nine more u mall.
complete') re-tined lo heallli, with a
heiiil) appetite ami n gain in lle-b ol I
H,..'" Call at Calles,x Moni-on'-j
drug -tore and gi I a In e dial bottle ,
of this r fi niiii cure for (i'l lungdi--
-ii-i -. Naige bottles 1 (HI. I
ll'l... 1,.. .... t. ........... :. .I.,,..,!,. I,.,,
i. ri j i,;iti)
" "" """ "," "'" " """ yf- '"
lull In ll lileelv, should call on Lew me
i. i '...I i i. ....,., i. i
" " "'"' ".". '. "" ''"' "'
winii" rniiiMinu'irii i i-iiu -iiiinn- mi-i-1-
lilt ll till) ilUlT M) (IllMlp till"
X Mil 111(111 1 1 II". HI Ul ' IIIHII) II 111 llll
. . , i -ii .. . . ..
a i liiim e lo but a ! I. cheali suit of
, , . ' , . hi
i liilhe-, IH pllee- have all been llll
low to reduce -lock and make loom
Iiii' nil, null, ill- ,il Saliirnl' IIiii-
no nileialioli-. al r-angei l.io.
- -
i , ,i ri,. ... u'.iii.i,.. ..I. i ',,'
( III ill'illghl ul V illi'im-nii .V. In-.
r.nih Ihii, uitigi r all. Deep Hm k
walei. ii hv water
o,mtjasi.iiii.ii ....,...
'I 2
t I ri- III milium. Hi liinu 1 n-liiiu Hie
ii s ur 1 r
i.l. I r - . tl
I... r , . (,, f.
I(.x I J M li ,
I .. t 1, f n li ir It M i
II. v int. i--' I III '"i - Ir It, 11
mul I In. -ti i I lik vn il l I
i .nt ir It)
Si i .
i in i I-.
hi i li tftthurMx l-. i.-i.l.r it i -i I. I. M t nu
mul i virf mt ir.nn 1. r tn n,il r tut .
Cm m iiA nlMtvc trnilt tnrk an 1 1 r - r-.l mt
on wn tiH r I'll U i' ) nl In r. Mml ntt t '
Htm l Ml till l. i. It M I I Mn It I . Ml I
I IMIh llsi ItihiK h . ful nn I aiiM ttv it ,
tniiinii: li-l f w.f ri ..-- i-if nit ' i n !- ul i
. ii.- .1. tn. .i v.Mh nil I il r- in .. I ti. ..r
liail.-t l i i t Iri-.- i ti r it i i I
wgpmavv&n''rj' isyrr
sir, "i " ' im I'i'i'in'l
Is pronouuci il by c. an ? of phy
siciana, ami t!.ou -uuh of iicojilo
wlio havo uscil it, to lia tho bost
known roinotly for Dubility, Dy3
pcjisia, Iiuligostion, Loss of Ap
potito, Loss of Flesh, Lung Com
plaints, Fomalo Voakness, Gas
trio Irritability, Nervousness,
Malarial rover ami many other
disoasps where tonics aro retiuircil
differing essentially from all
othoi Beef roods and Tonics.'
T Ills Krent 5uv I xiir:t,.ircnnlst of tins
Jill rth lliUMitu-li I., r-lyllarmi Vll
J.li lii' - I r." -- i it "i i wuli lmii,iiilnlin
fllltt I .!-. ul I In ll - k i "'it f,ir their toniu
nn I h-'iilili kivIiih i"i it-- nn I ntrnnti
I Ult'llllKlll'ili rl ll f !' I" 111 In rn ntl'l IUIld.'l
All litlHlv-iB I.) Itm I'uiltn lit ,'lu mist, All
THt'l. llll I. IIV-HVIT. Jl 1) rnn.il loll
il'.u. r.iiKhiti't: iiii I ii'- tin cii'liir-i nn ul 1
the ,s 1. 1 riii-l ih-'.liii. I'l'ti-i-.r Rllt
1 ItVSMI S WI! Si IX. V I. - . LL 11, Ut LoU
tliill, l.l.'lal'i 1 'It'll I I II h'ttlo.
nis ll enifilif mlr, iriluirktllil CIO.
Of tilt iliinifili lihhlt iij'n I ,'ii,ii,i.i ;hi-
muuitii tlmt il rim I- lull i rttltttt
COLDEN'S Liquid Boot Tonlo.
Sold by leading wholesale druggists and
retailed ty druggists generally.
Price, $l)rri,o't:, i 0 fur So.
iP ,r.vs? i ' "" ' i "
1 - j,V .vt -. . n - .. - nl I I I
x t .'M
, y s? ii. n , ii 1 1 .i n
-ST ' 1 .v1 I "ll - II 'i nl,- i.iunt. r.
r',-.vy ' v k i r i . . i .x
.('tNis.5Ai ii- -'" i em i."
iWi ml)
V PT7' ''I - '- i-il"'.
A' ,6 V , ' ' ,r , " "' '"' "'
y ? i i i, i ,t
Tie Pest k Clearest.
Hair and Whisker
IT A ft XxtHTiJ-1 ruil
- x.
P'M tM
f aWBl' iTJ'& A-i. llluikui llionn
iLCtinSv v5l' ft x i N i inrvTcsr.
irfJ.VTSSiiK- I', n.n.i r
lllm k ui ltiun
i y mii i im "Mm vi i uruoMi ons
. . n u a I i .. . i i .. -i l(MS
N I i M lit -a. i a. i b 1 it i t, in-
r i u x i
I I It.!
( i v ltrtwfit
1..-I I.l ItM .S
u in Mi'M II i N u;liilMu li
1 , 'ri I t n N fc
LLtNni i tuintuuf nAPiMW.ovts Twr sku
l , - , - l - t In i I
t If j in li itn ll i t
i ' i t ii "-( iu, I in'pr tin v o
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-lrk Vffe (f
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'an invAi I' Mil I fAMlLlr' MFDlelNH.
Tli oiefi nil lodpHtimnn in m prove It merit.
, i 1 111 i.lllUIII llll l I I l Ul I I lAll'i-
A Remarkable Cure of a Horse.
I "H I' limit ll un in!., I ul tilt linil of ll,mun:X
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hi tin tii.isi fi mini iii of "Itliiml i'.i- ii
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inn ii y ii ,n. hum uinl mi it m, r Inrt l nu
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,lil" Ani-r nukliiit my hrnlii la -. ur. I.
,,il.rrciiii.h in,,ri' I'ininliiii.. I I m n r
' -uln - -pi-nii I knew it whs Iiiv . mil
i Un-liiiiiiiia fiijiilH ii-iiI,I,ii,. purllli r ml.
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, ,,, ,, tllUf lMlt ,,( InvlJulj All mill . i
, lli nil tlie tri'ulini'iit Witll In 1 - -illi
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i iu ti t fur n wiek. 'I'lii'ii I Inir .-.,1
I i " ". uf i m h. unit I'luitlnik'il fi iu
I ii I liu reiiMil lo s i, mul run It s w
nil 1, I went lull k lull 117 IICMlll !! li
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u iill ilniil 1 1 l.iiilk- ill -wills H1.11II11. 111 I
I iiii. ii I -iiilt It- ii-.- the hnr-e Innl mil; r. . . i r I
I sin ill -.ire- left un liiui, met llu-y Innl, I up
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1' " 'I Un Iriiiibli liiui' iinnl, Hi, it hi i ir i
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i Mill i tin t I 1 I Ml-'
I- I .11 -I
.It., nl "ll I U 1 - , - i ,-
It! Ill -II I I I.
l iii i nun on
&m& XM UBM J m
Headquarters for Apiarian Supplies,
Smokers, r.xIriieiers.Mit'iioii lioxe-,
( mil riuiudaliiin, Cniuli I'liuiidalitiu
M n lime-, and all other Apiiiiiiii Mip-I'lie-
in lnre -lock. We iiiuuul u line
I In- 1 1 lebiated
Common Sense
the i lie'ipel mil be-l hive in the m lr
kel. Wehav, liullll d ,li,lluel-lilp iu
l lie uianului line ol eveivthinn tur I lie
tlpiarv. vvilh Mi ll-irue-. one id ihe
velerun liee-keepi rs of the I nited
-lale-. who will -iipenntend ihe man-i
ulniluieid -iippli.-aud jfive pcr-iunl
alleiitiuii lo the liu-ines-. Unr tin ih-
tie- I'ur inaniitaetuie are nn a buye
-etde. Oiilrrs will reieive piomptl
iuiv;iiiii,ii. heiiil nil i Hi null s.
Barton, Forsfjrd & Barnes,
Fin I ii rv and ulliie, .'-evenlh and Man
w.( (i. n:.s.
Congress Avenue, Austin, Tex,
,o -
Largest, Best and Most Central Ho
tel In JwCily.
.-I'linple linoiii- tnr ( uiuineri nil Men.
D. M. VVILS0N7 FVopriolor.
New MiuukviniMit Mtnti rati (harwi'H.
Real tate and Financial Agent
OiUiv In rear u( tliu.VVmsi suu Hunk.
xv.n'n, . - . . - i i.x vs.
- I
101 hi n - .ihmti 1 2 mil. - tn-st l(f It
i . MiiLlwiiM j!i.n. ti-i-tn i io i1
I s h ii "itniii. : : ii il. - vw m i.(
li Ml l It ll 111' l. ll ItM ' I
tl M I" I -v J I til Ml I
il- I . v I tlh 1 - - f .m Ml
i - i 'i i I li tl ,,,, . ft
yLrfT W
Piano Classics by the Best Composers
Ml il it bo tk .'turn n I- it, u t p m i mi
in 1 t hi-i ii! tit'i i- it ilt i ti i ! n i '
. i i un 1 n u ii i i tt I. i! n-ti iM
' M-J,I l ll 11 ItMllll 11 I 111 I H
i i ll ni-t i ; i . I. ii SI . . 1 Miinl
' e
1 "k'i
Tlie Four-Hand Troasiirc''',"i'l:1
11. , linn el I'lillin lln. 1- i I .1 J 1-1 llll
i i IokI I ,i.iii I., iu. Inn imi-i. ul
1 'in i ' , I," hii, ii i i 1 le-.tli.r Mii-k i
n, 'I ' II ' ml S' i " ' mil- 8- ii i hull
Mi Ml il VLIU'M with ll w.ml
iN ith ii inttth' ith1 tunl in-ltillU' nl il i
i hi u Imuif lj tli viHtmlini; wnxci'i'ln
- riUoJW)
! VR-nNS, (VtclH) fn"Milhili(tr isxsl"i
i mul v. n ("
ol I, Mil lOXU fW rtt) oiir- i 1 th n
, i"-i l i ihhK r iii.Xfl vuli cs.
I MIV lKH-'UNxit,OMini'tiii',
j l In ih no lmik hnM' a i t Uiu n
j.'tilu r l.riiiltli'il ncnl imti
, Ki iiKiul.tr lln Mill iri-ti Mltli'n in-i r I
-nui r- i ts ii t hiirniliin piiiuri
1 1 1 "h I lm. i- i'kIm mi i ipi'tllx ti '
ul -utilii . liu il ittiit-v tut tl it- miti
ii Mini -niit; Wnthip, t.'i t n ui.i
(llKi'l ullj, lifmlv h KllKTMiil llti'l -I
I Mi) Itm.k Mail, il fur !: tml I ru
i II hi I mi v i) -" Hi mi y i s v .
I 1- M i - S v i o 1 - 'i I i it -' 1
Wholi i a id lb ta I ll' It i m
Houseful-nishing Goos
Tin and Wooden Willow Ware
'l'i:R'M.i:V dl.AS AND ML Ll!
j waiii:.
1 New Miapciniiil I'niterno.
Dinner and Toilet !-elts
s; v
" Cii., Net l'.";i,'s and 1 nL'lam1-
I'.I i;n CWtiKS, HID NIC I'S, KT(
A , , a -r r M rTtlP'TIc
ALL A1 C. M . OUKllt
" liiJ (!(! Au-tlit Avenue
I fcrlVfl pnttlM mi
oe tr utu In. mtHA
ain lnih Um tftii i I Ii t. i .tt i r fnl
Ij it! . r
't 4Uj laif i
1 i il tp. i iinotiriiiirHrK
V t VHI K lt i tsK Jiaiita
r I. mi - I I' I) .
UK f A aLuCLll.Wl lr.ai . Vork
Tom Padgitt
Saddles and Harness
Stirrups, Girths, etc.
K'T p. . iii, 1. imf;i.i..,Miiili
.-"i 'I .in ki X ll. I . i
WI "K . 'I ! In V ,
1 ""A,Ow
Wffir-rar wxatarvf.'w.iiuirxi. 'nw-
sf itBCEffiassS9S'
-' -itfT" - jniTi xj "i,v
Lamp Chandaliers,
miTT. nr a ni
Speeiil itti'iitinu iriven tti Cnllei linn-
nl tin I in
.1. W MANN. I'n-ide nl.
no wiuu
Collections Made
T W llOt s I If.iiia.ii. I ( (HM'.IN 1! M1N(. CO f Yoi
-I A II A l(..-- .s -( I.,,U IwilllWI '!K IS'im eivYl
liAI.I III l( IIIN--,V ( (i.dvi-li.ii. -1 N. 1 I SMI. lie' Sew Ork't
.MI.IllllAMh I.OAS AMI IIII si .1 I : M 1 1 N I ) A. ( Au-tm
C. M. SELEY, President.
K. H. & J. J. McKAY,
Carriages and Buggies,
Phaetons, Giys, Platforms, Three Spring anil General
Wi- Ki'i'imu hniiil ml I. nil. I tn iinti-r nil lliiiliuf rnrrlnL-ei. l.iu-ulo- mt wtin. rlnll "
roimlrtui; liy tliu must cx rli'liti-'l nurkunli
z. w:s,
,bl I'llll'MfO- f
No 403 Auatlu Avenue,
Where ) on -an Hint n minpl, t. aaanrlnn nt nf llnu- MmIIUiiov I'li.'inli ','" '"' ,'i'! ,frl
Our ITwrii.tuin IU.rlm. nt nn.- nf Uu' inn-t i ..iniui'ti' ill i've' '! t11 "',, an
in--Hi'tTi II.1HI1 in ino-i uiiinuiKii rr. -i rii.iii.iii.i. .if Imn; mul iiriutuiii '
livviry beat un.l purist ot nuiu rial, nn 11-. .1 In ,li-i.i'tl.lllK i""l
pulallv Mulil ,'li.rl Hlav I,., t nn i.l ililr I ll.i.ir iiicr inl In r. nr.if
Gulf, Colorado and Santa Fe
ijyTiii'. I'As'i i:oiTi:.;ii
2S; UU J&. O 0 --
To and Irom D.-illa, rt Worth, DrcnU.iin, Galvcutou and all lutcruiclUt
I itivi'i Miw'o, vin I'm 111, 1;
I tiili'i. VltMrmtu. II I .1 -
. .-
lialnVliarailiUII .. ; I I, '. ,?..'
Arritu Unlla., II I' nml M i- j; j
lu il
I care VVra Mo l'. iflr n y . .1.' i: ,, ni Arrive nrrnhnni n "! J. g jl $
k'rZMn '".' '""'s r "' 1 Hi I'm Airie le.Kii i.-i ' "'' 'rwi""1"
A T Mll.KbotlK Hie i. r nu.) s p nnrlli lniiin.l iximd coumtU U1' !"' 1"1 w ,u,
.,, I'.t.' ""'Vl"-'li'HVlnKVViuatli,,, ,l,oilttl"1T'
bi l.oul. loiul ..Mtiivr loa liiK MibrvRur
TO AXI) I'llOM KlliOl'I'.' AT i.OWr'l' 1IATKS,
Sroti.il Ad vantages to rartu tWiililucto DriBE their Tjk
Tllr-ni o-h Tir-1oe
:to all points
Coods, A'otiniift r, .
f i -ir.LJj - . .i.
Kerosenfi Fixtures, Etc
MflBii II
Ixili:ui".i lion lit nul-iililo'i iiiimi
I t'ili'- ami l.uii i
.1 Iv IK)-l.,Oli!tr
and Promptly Romi
W. VL SELEY. Cashier
vv iioi.r.'iAi.i: iu Ai-i'J! l.x-
Anheuser's Celebrated
fnrlviilc.I i RlirriTtliriiliinl I'Icmi"'1
Northern Lake Ice I
Hard and Soft Coal
. ... i ii"e
Plll'Plli-l in lln' trmlc li) tin ur ' - ".,,ir
.,i,;,!,l,U.- II.. r. I, ,'.., nl.. l V'VilwcnL "'
In Un i ll) nr ul tint ili'i" i- f r ''"I"? CMtrl
jr.. l.i lr vbiiIi.hii.I i.ili. '" "l"-" w
I'lil lie fc'iuuro. vvuui. itxh-
Ul-I a uT.n'
L ItVllillJi1-' ' -i.
& CO.. PROPKIt. I un-
Dct. Tourtli anJ fifth.
. i3
. ......... ...II1
i f nr Jii
' h, ,, l "
in Arrll 0 VV MO. MO. I'M "' " '
llll.l' .llinmi"! . ... . ,
fur VVmo al 'j. hi I1 m-
nnrl R-nwaffe GheC5. ., it
reached by ;W'

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