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FRIDAY, MARCH 30, 1877.
Fosloflice Hours.
During week a.iys, until further notice,
the Postoffice will he kept open from seven
A. M. until nine P. M.
Sundays from half-past twelve to one,
and from four until six P. M.
The Money Order office will not be
opened at all on Sundays; and no Money
Order business will be transacted on Sat
urdays after four o'clock P. M.
Idaho City, Dec. 3,1875. Postmaster.
A good
Newspaper Office
of extra material in the World office is
for sale cheap; a Washington No. 4 hand
press and one 8th-medium Gordon press.
Local News.
Just received at J B. Emery's a
new lot of summer calicoes.
We return thanks to Silsby for a
copy of Leslie's Lady's Magazine.
The World office will accept pro
duce from the farmers in payment for
subscriptions or other debts.
C. S. Kingsley is putting in flower
seeds around his residence, and fixing
up his beautiful place generally.
The Alderson ditch is being extend
ed by the Buena Vista Company so as
to cover their ground on Buena Vista
Cowan & Co. have on hand a large
supply of horse shoes. They can shoe
you/ horse in first-class style on short
Showers of rain have fallen at in
tervals during all this week. The
heaviest shower of the season fell
Wednesday night.
Harvey Lester came down from
Banner Tuesday. He reports four feet
of snow on the north hill sides, and
but little on the south sides.
■Warren Taylor has built a new
[fence around his residence at the up
per end of, Wall street, and is plant
ling garden and flower seeds.
Next Monday is the day for elect
ling School Trustees for the different
districts. The polls will be open in
[this place from 1 to 5 o'clock P. M.
John Emery killed a ten-pound goose
>n More creek last Sunday morning.
Tohn says it was the first large game
he ever killed, and was, of course, a
little excited.
Hon. W. A. Goclder, the able trav
eling correspondent of the Statesman,
tnd a jolly, whole-souled old gentle
[man, arrived here last Tuesday even
ing. He made several very pleasant
sails on tho World.
J. Irwin, II. Lester and J» B. Miller
nil soon begin work on a ledge lo
cated by them last summer on the di
nde between Crooked and Bear riv
ir8. It is from eight to ten feet wide
ind prospects well.
We were shown a tire-shrinker at
the blacksmith shop of Cowan & Mitch
fl, a day or two ago. It is one of
the handiest machines we have ever
keen used in a shop. A tire can in a
ïw moments be reduced in size to fit
smaller wheel. They have in their
Imploy Samuel Nicholls, who is pro
jounced one of the best horse-shoers
the Territory.
In a letter to M. G. Luney, F. G.
Farris, of Boise City, gives a full de
scription of the country between
forth Boise river and Atlanta, of
fhich lie is as well acquainted as any
thcr man in the Territory. He has
! ways thought that to be the most
jasible route, and being convinced
|at the road would be through Boise
|unty, paid particular attention to
[at section when traveling through
He estimates the cost from North
)lse to Atlanta at from $5,000 to
1 , 000 .
The sun has crossed the vernal
equinox and all nature is arrayed in
the garb of spring, which has been
brought forth by the warm and enliven
ing solar rays. The vegetable world
in germinating into beauty, and all na
ture is assuming an appearance of
loveliness. The foot hills and mead
ows are spread with a canopy of
green, which is embellished by flow
ers of various hues. Such scenes are
pleasing to our eyes and animating to
onr nature. How excessively happy
we feel as we ramble leisurely along
the banks of a pallucid stream, stoop
ing occasionally to pluck a butter cup
or violet that chanced to lie in our
pathway. In this season of the year
our hearts are cheered, and a new life
seems to spring up within us. When
we behold the beauties around us we
feel thankful that we are again privi
leged to inhale the sweet fragrance
of the flowers, listen to the musical
warblings of the birds, drink of the
refreshing fountains and breathe the
pure and invigorating air öf spring.
Invalids extend an unutterable wel
come to this season, which brings
with it so much that is novel and in
viting. During the long and dreary
winter months they look forward to its
advent with anxiety and eagerness.
They long to see the forest dense with
foliage, and hear the woods ringing
with the joyous notes of birds.
Z. Z.
The following extract is from a let
ter from "Sidrad" to the Boise States
"Superintendent Einsfeldt was loudly
called for, and after an introduction, gave
the history of his company, and spoke
very flatteringly of the richness of the At
lanta lode; promising that in the future,
as in the past, the Buffalo Company would'
endeavor to advance the mining interests
of our camp, and that during the coining
summer his company would give money
to build up and open roads to connect us
with the outside world, and that the com
pany would add ten stamps to the new
mill, together with erecting a furnace,
which would betaken charge of by a com
petent California mill man, and that the
day was close at hand when his company
would astonish the world by shipping out
from here tons of bullion monthly.
The speech of Mr. Einsfeldt was
delivered at the starting up of the
Buffalo Company's new 10 stamp mill
at Atlanta, a few days ago. As he
expresses himself in favor of a good
wagon road to Atlanta, and that the
company he represents will lend as
sistance, the committee on behalf of
Boise county would do well to open a
correspondence with him. Tho road
over the Banner route will not cost as
much as we have formerly stated, and
the general estimate now is from $8,
000 to $10,000. This county will lend
considerable aid, which will make the
cost to the people of Alturas county
but little in opening a good road that
can be traveled the year round.
Dennis Crowlet met with a serious
accident at Granite Creek last Tues
day, so we learn from Mr. Thomas, the
Basin stage driver. While working
undei a hank a large piece of frozen
ground caved down, caught his leg
and mashed the thigh very badly.
The bone is not broken, however. He
is under the care of Dr. Rothwell.
Joe Robbins is getting along at a
rapid rate piping on the face of the
Mourot ground. He has a good
dump and plenty of grade for the
flume. The ground has been thorough
ly prospected and proves to be good.
The amount of work done last year
was just enough to get the claim in
proper shape for working the best
Beardsley Go. have a large sup
ply of rock on the dump at the Lu
Bennett mine, near the Plowman mill,
ready for crushing as soon as tho mill
can start up. They are building the
road, which will be completed by the
first of next week, when crushing will
be commenced.
A force of men went up Wednes
day morning to commence work clean
ing ou Gthe Plowma ditch,.
John Emery is the victim of a pret
ty rough joke. Here it is:
Tonky Suntay ten ass sun cl on ass
quinem tintin conche John Emery
okeoke hyass close chickum iscom man
closke mitlite kopa Mr. Fulmer's mo
coke house. Yockky cumtux wawa
cockwa tintin kopa yoehky quallan,
pe yoehky cumtux okeoke lemorow
cullaculla. Pe wake siyah mimoluce
kopa iscom. John yoehky hyac get up
pe mitlite polalay copy yoehky mus
cuit, pe clatawa mimoluce okeoke cul
laculla, closka mitlite kopy More ten
ass chuck, pe okeoke hyass cullaculla
ticky mornke hyu teehe copa chuck
pe okeoke tenass man clatawa kopa
chuck cope yoehky toeweit. Spose
cumtux cah yoehky mitlite, pe yoehky
mitlite rnuscuit copa yoehky lema, pe
momoke poo pe memoluce ict hyass
cullaculla, pe yoehky charco copa
town. Yoehky tumtum hyass close
wake cockwa ict man copa town. Cul
laculla mitlite tatlum pound. Hyass
close copa okeoke tenass man. Now
witka six! *
From a private letter from Davis
Bunch, who lives ou Wash creek, near
Jerusalem, this county, we glean the
following items:
I have caught 18 red foxes, 5 cross
between the red and black, or red and
gray, I do not know which; and 1
black, making 24 in all; 5 martins, 1
fisher, 3 skunks, 2 large gray eagles,
2 hawks, and birds I never kept ac
count of.
We are having beautiful spring
weather over here. Grass is three or
four Inches high.
The mining season will be slim this
year. Water has already began to
Mr*. Bright will give a grand bali
in this city on the eveuing of July
4th. Particulars in due time.
A couple of the boys getting pretty
well corned, had a little knock down a
few evenings ago.
The Plowman mill will probably
commence crushing next week.
Mrs. Rothwell is over from Placcr
villc on a vi*it.
In the United States Senate, on
March 9th, Senator Grover submitted
the following resolution, which passed
without a dissenting voice:
Grover submitted the following*:
Resolved, That the memorials here
presented by Hon. J. II. Mitchell, pur
porting to be signed by 369 citizens
of Oregon, reciting that it was cur
rently reported and generally believed
that the election of L. F. Grover as a
Senator of the United States was pro
cured l*y bribery, corruption and oth
er unlawful means, in the Legislature
in the State of Oregon, and that said
L. F. Grover did corruptly and fraud
ulently issue a certificate of election
to one E. A. Cronin, as Presidential
elector, on December G, 1876, and said
L. F. Grover did bear false witness
before the committee on or about Jan
uary 6, 1877, be now referred to the
committee on privileges and elections,
who shall thoroughly investigate and
report upon the foregoing charges,
with power to send for persons and
papers; agreed to without division.
In this city, March 20, 1877, to the wife
of J. G. Robbins, a 8on.
In Boise City, March 26, 1877, by Judge
Glidden, H. C. Shepherd, of the Bedrock
Democrat, to Miss Rhod* E. Levens, of
Boise City.
Harry was formerly a school mate
of ours in this city, and well acquaint
ed with our citizens. We congratu
late the happy couple and wish heaven
may bestow upon them many bless
clT^'oS WfiiWSJSfti 85 -
L T.. on" ita M«ch "wS'
" "
J Newton, Wefsley SmithGeoStfnTZ'
Peter Wagner, J J Walker. ' 1 '
s. C. aiunit, p. u.
100 Photo Visiting Cards, all for $7.
The latest thing out in the line of nov
elties. New, neat and attractive.
This beautiful style of card has been
placed within the reach of all. Don't
fail to leave your order , and leave it im
They will be furnished in any style of
type or color, at prices as follows:
50 for $5, 100 for $7. When nega
tive has to be taken $1 'extra will be
charged. '
Business Cards, Letter or Bill Heads
furnished on the same plan, at prices ac
cording to amount of work ihei'eon.
Feeling confident we can give entire
satisfaction, we most respectfully solicit
a trial order.
m iiuui
wholesale and retail dealer in
* -and
Miners' Supplies.
Very Liow For Cash.
Idaho City, Feb. 20, 1877-tf.
*'I ere Advertising Contracte boDUulc.
Use no more Metallic
Tucmes! mere suffer
from Iron Hoops or
Steel Spring*I The Patent Magnetic Elastic
Truaa is worn with ease and comfort, moht and
dat, and will perform radical cures when all
otuers fail. Reader, if you are ruptured, try ono
of our Comfortable Elastic Appliances. You will
Send for Illustrated Circular and Price List
609 Sacramento Street, San Francia«»,
Subscribe lor the
Price, $5 to subscribers in the Territory
and $3.25 when sent out of the Territory.
Particular attention paid to
Territorial News.
If you want a live and cheap paper sub
scribe immediately.
Redemption of Boise County War
AU 1H77 °", 22d ^ ° f Msrc1 »'
ifU.erefor In county warrants
"J. * Ed ree ' stered P ri -
Idaho City, Match 13,187?. er '
Keep constantly on hand a carefully »elected stocko »
Drugs, Medicines and Chemicals,
Picture Frames & Willow -
The finest brands of
Lamps and Lamp Fiitnras.
And numerous other articles pertaining -
to a first-class
Prescriptions carefully compounded.
All orders for goods in our line will be
filled with promptness and at the
Dec. 13, 7G-m3.
( Agents ; best of th« *
. . "- 1 * Vi,Ä VC3 * season; all the new
and taking Chromos— Falls of the Rhine, On the
Susquehanna, Off Boston Light, Old Oaken Bucket
White Mountains, Niagara Falls, Newport, Saratoga'
'? rs : , "7 e8t *'' Beatrice, Snow Storm, American
I mit, I ier at Calais, Passau on the Danube; also
brilliant 9x11 Chi'omos, on black or white mounts
floral buaineas cards, Sunday school cards, statua
ry, mottoes, black ground panels; also, frames an.
*R en t'* supplies at very bottom prices. Particulars
free; Illustrated catalogue on receipt of stamp
Scud for $3.00 outfit. J. LATHAM & CO, 41»
Washington St., Boston, headquarters for forsigu ,
and American Chromos.
Idaho Citt, Dec. 1», 1870-7m.
Read. This!
I have for sale a splendid quality of
Hams, Shouldern, Lard,.
Fresh Butter, and Eggs,
Oats, Wheat
Barley and. Hay.
Oregon flour and Apples.
Give me a call.
Idaho City, Oct. IS, 1176.
CïîOÔÏ) F * nd Bteat, y w °rk for •
one or two enter- -
prising men or women in each county. Address
Mas* AfIlAM * CO., 419 Washington St., Boston,
Idaho Citt, Dec. 19, l*76-7m.
Summons. ..
Trrritort of Idaho, 1
County of Boise. I In tho District Court for
toT l ot Idaho * Second Judicial District.
Davld cf ^"^ t auour ' Pl*i*»MlT, vs. Marks Schmidt,
To marks Schmidt.* in the
X name of the people of the United States in the
Territory of Idaho: You are hereby notified that
there is now on file in the office of the Clerk of the
Bi.tric 1 Court of the Second Judicial District of
said Territory in Idaho City, coaaty of Boise, the
complaint of David Coughauour, deman .ing judg
ment against you iu the «mu of $2 507.00 Ü.S. Cur
rency, and iuteaeat on $2,000 from the oommence
ment of this suit at the rate of 1% per month on a
certain promissory note made by you to I. 8. Weiler
and Louis Fuld, for the amount, of $2,000.00, dated
at P a«*erville, September 24, 1876, the particulars
beiug more fully set forth in copv of complaint
served herewith. And that unless yon appearand
answer to said complaint wituin ten days after the
service hereof if served within Boise countv,
and within twenty days if served out of said county,
but within said Judicial District, and within thirty
days if served out of said District (exclusive of the
day of service) judgment will.be taken against you
by defa ult in the sum of $2.507.00 and coats of suit.
... ..... In testimony whereof I. A. L. Richard
son, Cjerk of said District. Court, huvr
hereunto S3t iny hand* and affixed the seal*
of SAid Court at Idaho City, tills. 21st day of Febru * .
ary. A. D. 1877. , A. L. RICHARDSON.
Clerk of the District CoittL^,
By Gxo. W. Richards, Deputy.
Jonas W, Browu, attorney utotilL—
March U..77-60. „
^ . - - 4 " V -i*j

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