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Daily press and Dakotaian. [volume] (Yankton, Dakota Territory [S.D.]) 1875-1880, January 05, 1878, Image 4

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®he fatty greiw and gafeotaiaa
r- ...
Saturday Evening, January 5, 187#
I.TllRltAI. CHRISTIAN CH^'F.i^Coart Hollfe.
Rev. Karl Ucriior, pastor. Service* at ft p. iu.
CONGRROATIONAL—('omur of 5th and Walnut
street? Kev. Joseph Want, pastor. Services at
11 n. in. anil 8 p. HI.
CHRIST CHUKCII(Episcopal)—Corner of Sd and
Walnut streets. Kev. Gilbert Higgs, rector. Ser
vices at 11 a. in. and 8 p. m. •.:«••
METHODIST liriscorAL—Corner of 4th and
Douglas streets Iter. J. A..Hotter, pastor. Ser
vices at it a. i«,.and 8 p. in. if
CATHOLIC—Corner of stli aiid Capital streets
Kev. I.. A. Lliiver, priest. Services at 10:30 a.
in. Vespers and Sund scliool at 2 p. m.
BAPTIST CHAPEU—Second street, I between
Walnut and Douglas. Services tn-momiwrtott)
.i. in. amir m. preachlng'b.v Elder J. P.'Cotl
A. F. fc'A/M.
Yankton cha^tv-r. No. IKeirular meeting
on tirsi and third Wednesdays ot each inontii.al
Masonic Hall, Sawyer's block.- Sojourniug com
panions cordially iiivited.J
M. .John's Lodge, No. lRegular communi
cations on Tuesday evening. oil,or liefore full
moon of each month, at Masonic -nil. Sawyer's
bioeii. Sojourners cordially invited.
I. O. O. F.
Dikota Lodge, No. t.—Regular meetings on
Thursday evening of each week, at Odd Fellows
Hall, Sawyw's block.
Humboldt Lodge, (German) No. 5.—
meetings on Wednesday evening of each week,
at Odd Fellows Hall. Sawver's tfloek. f-
Yankton Encampment, No. •}.—Regular meet
ings on 1st. and aid. Monday evening of each
month, at Odd Fellows Hall, Sawyer's block.
Ti ice bridge is nuw said to be safe for
font passengers.,
Gen. Kilpatrick-will lecture at the Con
gregational church this evening, beginning
at eight o'clock.
To-day's weather has been squal'v and
blizzirdy an-1 about, eight above zero with
a stiff notthwesler blowing.
Marshal Raymond, who left yesterday
for the lis, took with liira "Laughing
Sam," who will be tried next spring on a
charge of highway robbery.
Tbe 1st National bank of this city pays
taxes at the rate of six dollars per day, of
which two dollars per dav is local tix, and
the balance goveinnent This bank is
probably the heaviest tax payer in the
The indications of the weather for tbe
upper Mississippi and lower Missouri val
leys are falling barometer, warmer, sou'h
west wnds followed by rising barometer
and colder, northwest wjflds and cloudy
weather w!th snow. v~ iffy
The inside doors of ih° 1st. National
bank Bre guarded by a stuffed mountain
lion, loaned to ihe in?l'tHtioq by Dr. Bur
le'gh. Th aequ's'tion tocether wi'h the
new carpet behind the C"U' tnr »nd the Iron
railing on top gives the ett iblishment a
biehly luxurious appearance.
Judge Bennett is making an effort to
have cneress change the time of holding
United States court in the Black Hills from
the 4th of Ma* to the 4th of April. Under
present arrangements it conflicts with sev
eral other 'urt terms at which Judge Ben
nett's presence is necessa'"' ..
One of Dr. Bnrletfh's Sno't'd Tall
freigl wagons broke throneh t'^e ice of the
Missouri opposite the agency ys'erdu',
and w»s precipitated, with its load of com
and onK into twelve feel, of water There
were no horses ttiched to the wagon at the
time of the disaster, and the'men who were
running it over escaped a cold ha'h by the
airilitv with which they'lit out when thp
Ice began to crack. A rarty has eone up
to-day to flsh the waeon out and try and
B»ve its cargo.
A stabbing affray occurred at Canton,
Lincoln county, about four o'c'ock an
Thursday mornine, which may result fatal.
Iv. George Brvndleson is the person stab
bed and W. Robinson the perpetratir of
the bloody deed. An ugly wound was
made witb'a large knife ic Bryndleson's
left shoulder. Robinson was.drunk at the
time, and, so far as we can learn, liis condi
tion was ihe only Incentive to the act At
noon on Thursday, the."wounded man's
symptoms were more favorable than tbe
nature of bis hurts led bis physician to ex
pect, and there is a possibility that he may
cans A. Booth's sflect oysters re
vived at Jendinson's direct frolm
Another free lunch will be given at An
derson & Try's Saturday evening,: the 5'h
ina, to which tbe public.is invited. The
popularity of these gentlemen "as caterers
renders their place one of general resort.
6}4 coffee A sugar for.. .'. .$1.06
9% lbs extra sugar for 100
8 lbs crashed sngar for. 100
8 lts granulated sugar for 1.00
5 lb3 godd tea for:..... 1.00
25 bars good soap for 1 00
6 cans'31t toinatoea forr. .- 100
5 cans 3tt peaches for 100
twill sell any aiticle in tbe grocery line
a cheap or cheaper than any other house
in the city, aog deliver .all gpods *0 jitiy
part of the city. U. A. KETCHC.M.
Emtirnliiery Exhthltlon.
At Congleton's dry goods house, cc^n
mcncing to-morrow, New Vean d»y, there
will ^e ten picces of embroidery on exhibi
tion, Including one carpet, two or three soU
cushions, &c., the properly of Mrs. IVter
Spannngel. The exhibition will" continue
until further notice. The public generally
are Invited to call and inspect them. ..
Wlntrjr Vulhtr for thr Gulch-Christ*
mil In thr Mining Metropolis—MU« Trlz
on a Holiday Frolic-Impernnloua Bum
nam wbo Forafe on Wealthy Spend
thrifts—Dan Scott Oprna hi* Budget of
Ent+rtalnlng Goaalp.
i-j! DBADWoon. D. T, Dec. 2S.1977
continued sunshine which has been spread
ing ltelf over the Hills Is now shut out, and
he soft southern winds are g»ne, too. A
northern bllzzird came up the gulch Mrs
morning, and got away wit:i them, and now
til is dark and dreary.
The "oldest inhabitant" in these diggings
says wc are now in for It until spring."
.winter It snowel twent- iaht nseentive
divs in this section, and (his oldest IIIIIHI
'tint assurrd me that the presert blizztrd
betiayed evidences of bet'er staying quali
es than,the one referred ti. 'But.Ihupe
he may be wrong in his predictions. A
large number of people in the Hills are Illy
fixed for a long siege of co,)d and snow.
But Christmas was one of ilie nicest
'lavs that ever laid out. of doorv," and
veryhinty was in town. Il was estimated
that .5.000 gold hunters were here looking
nfler a little fnn, and judging from the way
thiyp'tched in, a great msjorhy got it
O. mvl such a time. It. was fun alive
stand on the outside and look on.
Tom"and j»rty, that old Chris-tm bever
*Re, out early in the day. and Ilie fes
tive crowd was compelled to take it straight:
and straight it went—straight to the beads
of many—and hundreds fell bv the road,
side before the approach of night. Not
withstanding the demoralizing cond'tion of
things, remarkab'e quiet was maintained
throughout. Nil fights or depredations of
anv moment occurred. TUR dance houses
and saloons were crowded until daylight in
the morning, by miners, merchants, mil
lionaires and paupers, who mingled on
"common social level."
To give detiils of tbe various ways in
wh'ch this mixed throne enjoved itself
would require too much spice. The wider
can readily imagine them when I sv "budge'
was the exhiieraling element, which im
pelled tbe celebraters in their search for
Bit' upon the following morning there
was li—1 to pay all round. Nearlv everv
bodv had a bead on him." and a'l were
sick, and ug'v, and right on ilie cut an
shoot." A female sinner, known bv tt-e
name of Trix, relieved her pen'-'ip ngl:
ness bv tryine to snuff out the light of
a loifing hul'v wlt'i her little gun. The
fellow still liveth, '»ut. I guess li-s earth
horn turbulence will soon he over. The
ball entered just beneath the right eve, and
lodged in the back of his nerk, at the hase
of the brain, and if he pulls through under
the circumstances there must be lots of
good leither in him.
Tlvs girl Trix is an old timer. She lias
been in about everv m'ning camp beMveen
here and the Pacific ocean. Yet she is
young and rotwith-tanding her long dissipa
tion her personal beauty is remarkably well
preserved. S -me time ago she declared tlint
she find baen pounded for the last time, and
that the next man who attempted to poun 1
iierwould die on the spot and she made a
strong effort to keep her word.
This week is a big one for the boys who
are ohiiged to "put up their finger's" for
drinks. Many of the big gnns, who carry
'full %cks" got on it right before Christ
mas and some of them are intending to make
a rk of it, and the impecunious immers
k'ep an eye on them and never fail to drop
into a drinking place whf re be sees one of
these lucky full sack fellows enter. Thus
the strapped band of bummers succeed in
filling up their kegs evry day. And I
never have, during all my peregrinations
through 1'fe, looked upon so many whiskv
disfigured mugs as are seen here at present.
One of this band—and by the way he is a
Yankton mat:—got a little muddled last
evening. He stationed himsi-lf in front of
Billing's place, and owing to his pervert)
vision mistook a stranger ...for an acquain
ance and shook hands with him. Upon
learning the mistake he rushed b°ck and ex
claimed, "There, that's what a man gets for
leaving the bar—I shook hands with the
wrong man." Thereafter he stuck close to
the bar until he got tired standing up when
he took a seat near the door and went to
sleep. .. After slumbering an hour or two he
become chilled, and half recovering from
his drowsiness be hitched his chair up to
a well known Sioux City man—mistaking
him for the stove, and placing his elbows
upon his knees—like you have seen drunk
en men do—be began moving himself and
expressing bis agony in a slobbering, in
coherent fashion. The Sioux City man
to the utter surprise of the Yankton man,
moved away.i Whereupon the "old bum"
lookrd about him in most foolish manner
And exclaimed that he never before seen a
stove get up and walk. He was completely
I met Charley Wambole a few hours ago.
He cornea down from Lead once in a while
to see his friends and transact his business—
for the business center of the Hills is Dead
wood, and'the citizen* of other camps may
kick and back as much as they please, it
will remain do. Charley is doing as well as
anybody. He expects to add ten additional
stamps soon, giving him 20 stamps.
Col. John Lawrence has been having a se
ries of bad spells of late, and his heart is on
the ground. He has been choked down sever
al times during the past coupls of weeks by
a swelling in his throat.
"Old ABII," as be is called is here, is ju*t
tiie same old sljt-pencer. He smokes bis pipe
regularly and takes the world like a phil
Major Lyman is at Lead City, doing well
I am told. He is dealing in cord*ood,and is
working like a beaver. The major is bouod
to come out on top of the pile if he don't let
go his irip. j. ...
Jim Allen is in this section looking up a
site to erect a quartz mill in the spring.
He will probably locate at Lead.
Doc. Dix was iver from Castleton yester
day. The populaion of this camp lias been
somewhat reduced since last summer. There
are now only two men in all that town—Doc
and another fellow. Doc you know', is run
ning a store over there and the other fellow
is loafing. I reckon Doc's trade is not what
lie would like it. 'o be. But the store of
Dix Bios., in this city is njoying a good
John E'gar is rnsiicating in Central
—running a liverv and feed stab'e, nd haul
ing ore. He m*t a little bad luck this week.
The brake on one of 1'is ore wauons gave
away as tlie nuilit was descending a hill, and
shot the wheel tiaiu clear through a small
barn at the roadside, breaking their legs and
otherwise injuring them. Both animals
were killed.
"Old Mi'T.ee»," "Old I'uckhardt," Ben
Hart, and Hank Roy-ter, an- wel'-lnvwu
Yank on men, and seemingly contented with
their solution*.
Yankton is not verv iargelv represe' ted
in the commercial circles of Dead wood,
Mr. Baer and the Dix Brothers are the only
patlii 1 know of from Yankton who are en
gaged in trade here. Mr. cr is still a
member of the firm of McKinnia Baer
who^salc liquor de.ilers, and is doing a
prosperous hu'ine.vu.
The mining in erests of the Hills are be
ginning to get way up. The father Define'
mine lias been -old for 8'00,000. Dan Har
nett tias been oflered a hig price for h-'s
mine, the'ri |e, but refused HI soli. lie
has made arrangements for ilie ereclion of
•10-sinmp mill on his ground in tlie spring-
And still it storms. 'Tbe great snow-cov
ered pines on the mountain tops flood out
against the leaden sky like melancholy
ghosts, casting gloom into the liearis of
many a poor hungry devil of a traup in
this gulch. D. S.
J. G. Mead, of Springfield, is in town to
Joseph Sanborn left this morning for the
Black Hills, via. Sidnev.
Charley Dening came in i~t night from
ihe Sioux Falls direction, by sia»».
D-'leg-1 K'dder has gone to \V ishin'
'on. Ponun-gs resumes on the lOt'i inst.
Mrs. \V. S. Bowen and Mis« Ma'tic Bo\ven
went down to Sioux Cifv tr-dav To meet
Mrs. Boiven's mother, who is xiiecle' from
I he easl.
Judge Brookings h.is gone to Chicago.
Before his departure he remarked that lie
was of the opinion that he didn't slatnl a
ghost of a show for the appointment of gov
ernor of Dakota.
IJro'her I'oore, of the SpriiiKlield Times,
cail-d in to-dav jiHl to remark that lie is
not one of the fellows who is hoMing up his
coat tails with a view lo ceivirga friendh
gubernatorial kick from President Have
Mr--. .1. C. McYav has hem in v--ry pi or
health Mnoe the ii'-ws of the dealh of her
si-eer was received, and while she is not
confined to er btd, she is siifii-r• ns from
nervous pr stration of an aggravated char
A telegram was received ye-terdav by
Ma j. James Lawrence,
at Springfield, inform
ing him that his briber, Coi. .lohn Law
rence, was lying at the point of death in
Deadwood. Col. Lawrence is subject to a'
tacks of heart di ease and this is pioh-ih
the cause of his sudden am! seriou illness.
Council Binds panel: Irilo-nini on
was received in this city ye t-rd that M-.
l*\ Hills, formerly ticket agent of the
Sioux tv and Pacific railroad, has b. en
promoted to the superintendencv of tint
bne. This is a good appointment and one
which has heen earned hy long aiui fai'li
fill service with (lie company, with which
Mr. Tlill has heen identified during the pas'
ten or twelve .wars His large experience
in railroad matters and his excellent execu
ve abilities will now be brought into a
wider field and cannot fail to prove of great
advantage in ihe fuMire workings of ihe
ro d, and of the building up of a largely
increased business.
At a meeting of the stockholders of the
National tiank, held Jan. 4, 1873, the
following directors were elected to serve
during Ihe --nsuingyear:
J. C. McVay.
S B. Coulsoo.
M. T. Woolley.
D. T. Bramble.
Wm. Miner.
Mark M. Parmer.
VV. II. McVav
A dividend of five per cent was declared
out of the earnings of the last six months
From this it will lie seen that the 1st Nn
tiona! is in excellent condition, and the fact
is particularly gratifying during these limes
of foancial trouble. The Yankton Nation
al bank may be put on the list as o„ of the
most reliable banking institution? in the
country. Its affairj are carefully tilling :d
and tU semi yearly dividends attest its
prosperity and sounduexs.
Js'-i other medicine in tbe wo: Id was
e\el given such a- lest i|, ("native
qualitic as Hose,ben's (Jetinun Syti: i.- In
three years two million futu- litiiv'tcd
thousand sinali li.ittSc* of this in^tlieine
were distributed Iree o! charg" !-. Drug
gists in this country, to alUi ted
with Consumption, Asthma, Crnup, sev
ere Coughs, Pneumonia and other diseas
es ot the Throat and Lungs, giving the
American people undeniable proof that
German Syrup will cure them. Tbe result
has been that Druggi-ts in every town
and village in the T'nited atcs are re
commending it to their customers. Go
to your Druggis', and nsk what they
know abut it. Sample Uottle* 10 cents.
Ki-gular size 75 cents. Three doscc will
relieve any case.
At a special meeting of the stockholders
of the Dakota Southern railioad, held at
the general office in tliia city on Ihe 3d inst,
the following directors were elected to fill
,1. C. McVav.
J. K. II
D. T. Bramble.
The board of directors as reorganized now
Charles Ci. Wicker, president.
Dr \V. A. Builcigh, secretary.
\V. W. Brooking'.
J. M. Stone.
,1. '. McVay.
J. R. Il.tti-oti.
D. T. Bramble.
There is no change in the superinlendency
or ilie general management. George E.
Mtreliant, who has proven his capacity for
the position by bis past operations, still
occupies the po iiion of superintendent ol
the ro.nl, an I it ,s the wish of all who trans
act business with tnis line that he may for
ever remain in a p'ace be is sn eminently
qualified to till. Theall'iirs of tbe r.iad are
in good condition and prospects encoura
Bargains ill Tics, Corsets, Culls, Collars,
Rtiching, Laces, Silks, Yelee s. Satin Plush
es Ribbons and lla'.s. Children's Kur Caps,
Hoods ami Bonnets. Will be Id for one
half of eo't price. Switches worth from SS
to $10 will b^ sold for$3 to 5-3. 1 oiler these
bargains for ihe next ihir'y days as I will
el-'se out all my old stock before buying new.
All goods strictly cash.
Mt:s. C. A. LYONS,
Rooms over Coates Dru^ Store.
The committee in charge of the late ball
for the benefit of the'Catholic church, in
Stone's hall, desire to r. mm their sine re
thanks to the public and personal friends
who so heartily assisted in making it the
evnit of the season ill Yankton. Ill a pecu
niary sense the ball was an unexpected suc
cess and the conimires- feel themselves
deeply in.h'b-el to all who a"?i-ted them ft)
that end. A di l'mile report :ts to what lias
h.-eti atvomplishi-d tuw irds e'ea-ing otl' the
debt of the cliur'h an I defraying liter ob
ligations will be given in few iiay. li
the in anlime the eouimiUce canonlv pea'
their e-ni.'S' thanks mall who so etH'roiH
Iv assisteil lowa ds making the late nuei
tainmellt nil uupreccili lilod success, and is
peciailv to those who, not being idint'tinl
with the chinch, lallied giving it then
generous support.
TAK !•'. NOTlrr.
(irand closing out sale of Dry Goods,
Notions, Ilats, Caps, Boots, Shoes and
Groceries at less than auction at Bankrupt
Prices, during next thirty days for cash.
Special ^otircsi.
Jlouse. ami lot 22xl5o feel, on Kroiulway, for
-?U00. IVrfect title given. F. Wixsox.
One first-class four or six horse Concord coaeli
in «ood running order. A fir?t-elass vehicle in
every respect. Will be sold cheap. Apply at
this office.
The dwelling house with two lots, corner 5th
and Mulberry streets, will be sold at reasonable
figures and on favorable terms. The house is
provided with a good cellar and line well of
water. Apply to
•T. PA It Kit IlAYWAltD.
The partnership heretofore existing between
G. H. Hudsinith. L. L. Tyler and J. Nissin, do
ing business under the firm name of Hudsinith.
Tyler A Co., is hereby dissolved by mutual con
sent. L. I- Tyler and Nis-in will eontinuc
the said business, and iv U. lludsmith will con
tinue in the employ of K. L. Tyler and J. Nissin
Vankton. I). T., Dec. 1#. 1877.
The partnershi| heretofore existing under the
firm name of Uarvey iS: MrinkeihofT, is this dav
disso»ved by mutual consent. H. A. Harvey
will pay all debts contracted by the said firm,
and receive all moneys due, and will carry on
the business of the Merchants Hotel. J. Brink
erhofff will carry on the business of tiie livery
stable heretofore connected with said hotel.
The largest assortiiieni of ocket cutlery
west of Chicago, at Mills & Piirdv'e.
Yankton, I). T., Dec. 22,1877.
The partnership heretofore existing under the
firm name of Wynn. Ruck waiter & 'o ., is this
day dissolved by mutual consent. J. It. Wynn
and S. S. Buckwalter will continue the business
under the firm name of Wynn & Huckwaltcr.
AH persons indebted to the firm will please call
and settle their accounts with Wynn & Huckwal
ter. H. B.
.T. 13. WVNN.
Yankton, 1. T., Jan. :I, 1878.
JVTOTIOK IS IlKltKUY C,\VKN. That bv virtue
of a.special execution to me directed and
delivered, and now in my builds, Issued out of
the office of ii. W. Roberts, one of the justices
of the peaefc In and for the couMv of Yankton,
Territory of akota, upon a Judmnent rendeied
In *aid court, hi favor of auiuej Merrill and
against Jacob Van Yelsor, I have levied upon
the following described personal property of .said
defendant, to-wit: One top buggy. And that
1 shall, on
l"78, at the hour of two o'clock, m., of said
day. at the front door of the eourt house in said
county and temtory, proceed losell a'l the right,
title and lutccst of the above usttiied .(.n-of- H.
an Yel*or, in and to the above deneiittcd prop
ert.v to satiKfv said jiidmneai Hinount'iig to
twenty-cl^bl dollars and fifty ronU. and ctwt«
ainouiitliitf to t^o dolliii^ and ninety five cent*
louetticrwith all nceruinjr of ^dc. mid in
terest on the vuim from Uic2itli day of Decern
Iwr. is 7. at the rnt^of wen iwr ceni. imt an- I
num. at public auction, to the M^IkM tnddet fur
A HAKF.IL Sheriff. I
I It) L. ICt IOT. Deputy
I»aud. Vanklon. I». T, lrc«mbrf tti, i»7.. I
Our 8tock
-cn'jriiit^ U|j»^p*yasrI' .:^W:^''p ."-b
Men's, Boys' Youths'& Children's
For Ilie Imliino- of ilv vrnr we. ivill n|V.-r Xlr»or«lliiury ImlucfllH'Ills
nurchnsi-rs, w« will 1 INCHnn» |uvvii»us l.«iv I'rii'wi. 1
inive li ul tlits lull h'is ml lu't I'nvnnilVi! I'-ir ltic snlf of in-..vy miods, in c(ioi.ri'i-nrc ,,[•
whli-h wc find nurseivvs ovurstnrki-il with that class of goods, and LLICY IIIIIM |TC
Every Prudent,Economical Purchaser
vlmnM (-ill ntvl I'xniniiiu our iiiiiiionsi- stuck of linoris nml Ihu EX I'UAORDTN Mtv
ItAUtiAINS "llVirid in Ilie
Now About to be Inaugurated in Our House.
Extraordinary Bargains!!
Hen's, Boys', Youths' and Children's
Hi'iivy Grav Ovcrcniits, L'nion Ik'i'vci Ovcrcnnlp, liliicl 15 awr Ovcrcnnis. p.-n-ish'.'iii
Br»vcr Overcmiis, ('li ncli 11 111 li'-nvi-r OVCICOHIS, FIK I)"NV» Ovi-ifoms, Mc (IV
couts, Worsted Overcoats, Dlainand limey pittera-, BUFFALO OVKUUOA Tf-,
WorkinR hiiilg, Kiisinops Suit?, Jenns Puils, Ciifslmcrc Suite, Worsted Suits, l)n»
Suits In Inrui vnrinty. W« have mi Kleitltlll Sineli of Orcss Sili|s, Dn-ss
Vi-8ts, Fill and Winter Overcoats innde bv CUSTOM TAILORS, which wnwill si-lla1
about livlf tlip.print Hint inc-rchtint tiilms clmriic for ilie BIMIIC quality of iroods.
OUK HOYS', Youths' imd (.hi'.dri-n'sstock of OvncoHts, Ulsters, Dress anv) iylij"'
Suits is unMirpiissed in quality, iissortnicnt and low price.
No liiracr iis«ortmcnl of llicsc «oods was ever hroucht wrst of Chicago, our cxti t^iv,
WIIOLIC.SALE BUSINESS in this line ncci ssilniinjj the cai rylnir of Lu c1' S'ock
White SliirtK, Colurrd Stiirls, Woiking Shirts, Blue Flannel Shirts, Cns-iim-re Sliiil-'
Pluin Underslilit-i and Drawers, Fine Wool, Merino and Silk Underwear, Kid 1'"
and Red Merino Undershir's and Drawers Cotton, Genuine Brilit-h, Merino, V.r'"
Silk, and fancy striped HALF IIOSK Four-ply linen COLLARS & CUFFS O't
Linen and Cambric 1IANDKEKC1IIEFS. fnncy and plain—all Ihe la'est pntn-tns
Good hand knit and machine knii CARDIGAN JACKETS. Kid. Buckskin, Dec-1-1"'
Custer, Cloth and Wool GLOVES and MITTS
An Elegant Holiday Present
A Beautiful Assoit:nei.t—Latest New York Styles,
Gents' Silk Neck Wear, Silk Handk'fs
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fect safety, as we guarantee satisfaction.
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