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JJHp' I-*-
rMnekr Paper or Wyoming.
On* rear.l.V*. *?. .r.'h .it *20.00
Six month a 10.00
Three months . &.00
On* month 8,50
Per week, supplied by carrier, 00
Single copy 15
Unexpired Term , XL let Congress- lion. 8. F.
Forty-Second Congress—U on. W. T. Jones.
Territorial Officer*.
Governor— Jno. A. Campbell.
Secretary— Hermun Glafcke.
Marshal —Church llowe.
IHstricLjLUonity—Jwevk M. Carey.
SurveW? (hn}rdt—s. Reed.
United States Collector— Thomas Harlan.
United States Assessor— E. P. Snow.
United States Commissioner —W. A. Campbell.
Territorial Auditor —J. U. Hay ford.
WsrritdHal Treasitrer—J. W. Donnellan.
Jus&i\sA*&upreme Court— J. H. Uovtro; J. H.
■ Crai**** w.r. janes.
Clerk of let Judicial District— J. W. Hutchinson.
County Officer*.
Bhsriff-T. Jeff Carr.
Clerk and Jtecorder—L. Kubis.
Treasurer— W. L. Kuykendall.
Probate Judge —W. L. Kuykendall.
County Attorney— l. W. Cook.
T. Chutlin.
Coroner— L'. L. Bedell.
School Superintendent —W. J. Stanton.
County Surveyor— L. L. Bedell.
Commissioners-J. 11. Nichols, M. E. Post, J.
City tioverunaent.
TfWrtaja of the Town 'iVusteea. Thursday even
l*g«n each week, at the City Hall.
President of Board —J. H. Marti u.
Marshal— S. M. Preahaw.
City Clerk— F. E. Addom*.
City Attorney— I. W. Cook.
Treasurer— C. D. Sherman.
CUy Assessor —F. E. Addoras.
Board of Trustees—J. If. Martin ;G. W. Corey ;IL
jVMM: B.ttVix*: B. P. Joluieon.
Justices of the Peace— C. F. Altar, Win. Rowlands.
fit. Mark's church, Episcopal. Services, from
April Ist to September Ist, at 11 a. m.. and at 8 p.
in. From September It*t to April Ist, at 11 a. m.
and 7% p. m. Rev. F. O. Bart-tow, minister.
Congregational, Rev. J. D. Davis, Pastor, church
corner Niueteeatli and Hill streets. Preaching
Sabbath at 11 a. *., aftd 7r.
Sabbath School and Bible Class after morning
service; Social Prayer Mectiug Wedneseay even
ing, at 7 o'clock. Seals free.
Roman Catholic, Revs. P. J. Erlach, Pastor,
« 4hqgpl|<¥\i>'Ntil street, abovoTwentieth;
Preobyterfa* church, corner Ferguson and
Eighteenth streets. Rev. W. G. Kephart, pastor.
Preaching every Sabbath atll a. m. and 7:3 ) p. m.
Sabbath school at 10 a. m. Seat* all free, anu ev
erybody welcomed.
Methodist Episcopal, Rev. G. H. Adams, pas
tor. Preaching every Sabbath evening at 7*4
o'clock, at the new church. Eighteenth street
Sabbath school and B(1>4« class at 34 p. m. Week
tdoetlug Thursday evening.
Wyoming R. A. Chapter, U. D., meets at Hall
•n the Ar*t and third Tuesday evenings in each
innpth. at 8 o'clock r. ■»,
M. A. Maker, Ssc'y. CL D. Foglcsong, 11. P.
Cheyenne I/odge, Ko. H», meets first and third
Saturday night*, in each mouth, at Masonic Hull.
Odd Fellow*.
Cheyenne Lodge, No. O. O. F_, meets every
cuing at Odd Follows llall.
Life Assurance Society,
Sam assured, new business during thv year 18G9,
Being over Thirteen Million Dollars greater than
tho new bur Wuss of auy oUier Life insurance com
pafiy ln the tiorid.
Cash Income,
4, H. NICnOLS, Agent, Cheyenne. auglStf
ASSETS, OVER *35,000,000. CASH.
Parnldhea Life Insurance, combining tbe advan
tages offered by ALL OTHER COMPANIES, with
E. P. S2VOW, State Agent,
marlO-ly Cheyenne, Wyoming Territory.
Buy Me an 1 I’ll do You Good.
® By clennslug the blood and arousing the I U
liver aud secretive organs to a healthy ac- | TJ
•r lion, these I*lll s cure many complaints lj
* which it would not be supposed they could [J
S reach, such as Headache, Pain in the side. | M
P Numbness of the hands and feet. Dullness ■
S Chilliness, Rlieiiinatisin, Neuralgia. Loss H
,2 of appetite. Billion* Dysentery, Kidney j »
ft affections, Constipation,' Debility Fevers , /f
■fit AkH kinds,' Dyspepsia, .lanudice. and | ,
other kindred complaints arising from alow state
of the body or obstructions of its functions. Being
free from mercury qnd other poisons, they can i>«
taken at all times and under all circumstances
without rmard to diet or business. IMce 85 cents
a box. Prepared by the Grafton Medicine Co., St.
Louis, Mo. Sold by druggists aud dealem in med
icine everywhere jy2od£wly
Issued each day, except Suudny,and containing
a large amount of interesting aiews, general nuu
local, and circulating widely throughout Wvo
aaftng and the adjacent sections of the Rocky
renders It the
nrat A overtiming Medium
£>nu>e west side of Ferguson street, Cheyenne,
licocKssons to koitntZb ukos. * co.j
Clieymuie, Wyoming.
■2K<OKa.N-&£l, COIN
.11 i
WhMfoMidtifc made ou all points, with prompt re
turns. Interest paid on time deposits. Drafts on
•II the principal cities of Europe sold at the
•west rates
Atj f. i.Coßtt, m. o. ~
• Office Rollins House, op
•site PuPd s Hotel. Residence corner of Tim
i a Sixteenth streets, ono block north or U. P,R.
♦ Depot, Vbwyeuue, W- T,
■ 3r "'’ 35 *0 .OT3 ,i2TO.:OIJ .V. 0 ,,r! C
diepcitnc JMwtjf Hjc a&or.
Official Paper of the United State*.
A- IR,
Editor and Proprietor.
By J. A. Campbell. Governor of Wyoming.
To the I'eoim.e or Wyoming
Th« President 6t the United States linvlng
designated Thursday the :Mth dny of Novem
ber, u.s a day <*f thanksgiving and pr-yer, I
recommend that the people of the Territory
of Wyoming observe that dny. In accordance
with the usuul custom, by ulnjlulnlng lroin all
worldy pursuits, and rendering thunks to al
mighty God for the many blessings vouch
safed to us individually uud us a people, dur
ing the past year.
In testimony where f I have hereunto sot
my hand, and caused the great seal of the
Territory to be affixed. ,— * —
Done at the city of Cheyenne, S r a \
this sth day of November, in tho ( L> .‘)
year of our Ixjrd, ono thousand v —'
eight hundred and seventy and of the Inde
pendence of the United Ktates, the nlnety
fffth. J. A. CAMPBELL.
By the Governor;
Hickman Glafcke, Scc’y of the Territory.
General News.
A Cleveland paper cooly perpe
trates “Feminary.” It means fe
male seminary.
California is building horse cars on
a new plan—the horse is covered by
the roof.
In Baltimore, u*der the paid de
partment system, the life of every
fireman is insured by the city.
Nilsson has obscure relatives in
Vasa, Minn., and will visit them and
sing in their little church.
Miss Smith, colored, lues been con
finned a teacher in the Boston gram
mar schools. She is the first colored
woman who ever readied that post-
Mrs. Mary Dickinson,of New York,
who “attended to” Mary tieary,
murdered by malpractice of a qta -k,
has a good show for a murder trial.
A nervous burglar in Michigan
was prevented from ransacking a
lady’s trunk, the other night, by
coming into sudden with an
artificial snake.
Chewers and smokers of tobacco
can take comfort in the tact that
ther is a glute in the tobacco market.
Tobacco will soon be so cheap tiiat
they can smoke as much as they
chews. ■ •
—The New York Workl is in a state
of awful agony because a seoesh tavern
keeper in Washington was obliged to
put his flag to the top of the staff
when lie wanted to half-mast it for
—Mrs. 11. F. Allen writes to the
Des Moines Rryislcr to say that she
was elected President of the I’oik
County Woman Suffrage Association
without her knowledge or consent;
and tiiat site cannot accept, as she is
not in sympathy with the movement.
—ln a suit by G. W. Frost, former
ly purchasing agent of the Union
Pacific It. It., against tho company,
for forty thousand dollars additional
pay Cor services rendered, and an
Omaha jury has just rendered a ver
dict.in liis favor for eleven thousand
dollars. Tho verdict was set aside bv
the judge. '
A Rogiment of Amiuoiu.
The London Daily Rews expresses !
tlie belief that tlie female citizens of,
Paris are apparently weary of tlie
monotony of a besieged existence.
They are enlisting in a body called
“ Amazons of the Seine.” Their cos
tume will consist of a pair of black
trousers, with an orange-colored
stripe, a blouse of woolen stuff, with
a cap. and a black kepi, with an or
ange band, together with a cartridge
box fastening to a shoulder belt. Only j
women of unexceptionable character
will be permitted to join this corps,
all candidates having not only to be
accompanied by husband, ‘father
or brother, but to bring with
them u certificate from tho
Commissary of Police, attesting
their character, position, etc. The
officers will all ho ladies, mostly
wives and tlaughters of officers in the
army, or at any rate possessing suin' !
knowledge of military affairs, A
special, patriotic and most spirit-stir
( ring song lias been composed for the I
corps ‘‘.The Marseillaise of tlie Amu- !
! zons of the Seine.” In addition to
l tending the wounded they are ox- i
j nected to defend the ramparts and
| barricades, jointly with the station
ary national guard, and to‘‘render
the combatants, in whose) ranks they
would be distributed by companies,
all such domestic and fraternal ser
vices as are compatible with moral,
order and military discipline,”
Some Indiaiui youths, returning
from a ball,compelled everyone they
met to dance for their amusemeni,
till they met a kindred spirit, who
pulled a revolver and made thou
dance for his amusement for up hour
or more.
Mrs. Bolles lias knocked oije “ob
jection” entirely out of sight by the
statement that an invention has boon
perfected in Boston by which tlie
cradle ran lie satisfactorily, seqim4y, J
and continuously rocked while the J
women go to vote.
Army of the Loire Advancing
. . T
French Arms Manufacture
noni:nxii; intelligence.
Further Election Returns.
Interesting General News.
London, Nov. 11.—A special from
Ixmdon states that well informed po
litical circles believe that a new ar
rangement for arbitration has been
effected by the four neutral jiowers,
for preliminaries for conditions of
nn equitable peace, acceptable alike
to France and Prussia, has been
concluded. The Initiative is already
taken by Russia for the assembling of
a congress. A heavy fall of snow
occurred to-day at Rouen.
Tours, Nov. 11.—Journals report
tiiat tlie Prussians have lost over
! 1,000 in killed and woufided and
1,800 prisoners in the battles around
Orleans, and are retreating toward
Chartres and Ktnmps. A large num
ber of guns thrown away by the en
emy, have betn picked up and dis
tributed among toss national guard at
Orleans. The entirO army of the
Loire is moving forwarJ- The mili
tary department of the east lias been
abolish**! and Gen. Michel, who held
chief command there, is assigned to
other duty.
A dispatch from Cliagny reports a
large French force there, well sup
plied with artillery, and sufficient to
resist the advance of the enemy.
Troops from Lyons are marching
to meet the Prussians.
Italiau volunteers continue to join
| Garibaldi's command in large num
London, Nov. 11.— A cable dis
patch to the Herald lias the follow
ing: A corresixindent writes from
Lille, under date of the 10th, tiiat in
view of the anticipated bombard
ment, military organizations here are
most*complete. Civil and military
engineers, mechanics, constructors,
iron iounders and copper founders
have been set to work in the manu
facture of cannon, mortars, mitrail
leurs and ehassopots, which, ns fast
; as made, are distributed to troojis.
10,000 workmen are employed in
the exterior and interior fortifl
| cations.
New York, Nov. 11. —A I'a Ma
in a paper just received, contains hut
little news. CJiiJi has Issued a proc
! Inmation in regard to the Frencli and
i German war, and notified French
vessels of war that they would not
be permitted to take supplies of coai
at Chilian ports.
New Orleans, Nov. a.—The
revenue) cutter Wilderness lias gone
to Baton Kongo to remove the riot
prisoners to a place of security.
Doualdsonville is quiet. Little dam
age was done by tho tiro.
Sai,t Lake, Nov. 11.—Some forty
Mormons who raptured two men sup
posed to be connected with the C. P.
ft. R. roblKTy, after hilnging the
prisoners into the city went out again
after others, and brought two men in
to-day. While tli« rubbers were being
pursued, they threw away both their
saddle-bags, which have since been
found,mid which contained a large
amount of greenbacks and Boise gold
dusi, and some Jesyqhpf, Which Will
eonvlet them also of tho Boise, Idaho,
stage robbery of August tith.
Boston, Nov. 1 L—A storage pas
senger by the steamer (Ity of Cork,
whicli arrived yesterday, was relieved
of four thousand dollars’ worli of
diamonds by the revenue officer,
whicli he attempted to smuggle in a
tobacco box.
■ W lt kei.i no, Va., Nov. IJ,—Tile
trial of Miss Mollio But ham, for the
murder of W. J. McXnsh, was con
cluded to-dnjv, Tho jury brrfught in u
verdict of not guilty, Abput/v yuar
ago, Aflss Jtntluua, who had been
seduced by McNash, visited his board
ing house and demanded a fulftb
merit of ills promise to marry fibr,
and upon he refusing to do so, she
deliberately drew a pistol and shot
him dead. The rase has excited a
great deal of interest, and the court
rootp for days has bpe# crowded.
Washington, D.C., Nov. 11.—The
friends of tjie Slim Whd was sent to
an insane asylum a year ago, for
threatening the life of the President,
are now seeking his release, but the
supd-id&nden jj,_wilEnot unless
wrth the appftmrt of the Presiilen t. j
Chicago, Nov. 11.—Complete re
turns from tho4th Congressional Dist.
State show that Hawley, Rep.,
is re-elected by about 4,000 majority.
No certain information from the 7th
Dist.; it is believed that Hunter,Dem.,
is elected. ' ,
Sc. Loujs, Npv. jf. —Returns from
11 10 State indicate Brown’s majority I
to be 3-5,000, and may reach 40,000.
Havens, regular Republican, is elect
ed in the 4th Dist. by a small majori
ty. The other Districts remain as
previously, reported.
Leavenworth, Nov. 11,—The |
Republican majority in this State
seems to be not less than 18,000. In
the Senate there will probably be only
one Democrat, and lie Is anti-Clark.
Only two counties, Cherokee and
Crawford, are known to have gone
Democratic. The Legislature is four
fiftln Republican. Ou the local tickets
there has' been much scratching
The election indicates that Clark will
have no show for the election to the
Senate. The result in the counties
which have gone Democratic is due
to tiie question relating to federal
lands, iu which they are botli sit
N/Vsiivu.r.K, Nov. 11.—Thomas H.
i Pewlcs, Senator elect from Maurice
was shot and killed yesterday near
Spring Hill by L. A. Painter.
The difficulty was of a private char
acter. Painter acted in self-defense.
The Representative.! elect to Con
gress from Tennessee are, It. R. But
i ler and Horace Maynard, Reps.; A.
j li. Garret, J. M. Bright, E. J. Gal-
I lady, W. C. Whittcthomc, R. Caldwell
atid W. W. Vaughan, Dcms.
Montgomery, Nov. 11.—About
five counties are heard from. In theso
the Deuuierats have 1,500 uiaj. The re
maining fourteen counties will givo
1 500 more Democratic majority. The
Democrats elect 60 members of the
Legislature of a hundred,and proba
bly five more. The following have
been elected to Congress: Ist Dist.,
Turner, negro, Radical; 2d Dist,,
Buckley, Radical; 31 Diet., Handley,
Dem.; 4th Dist., Hayes, Radical; sth
; Dist., Fox, Dem.; Oth Dist., Sloss,
Lake City, Fla., Nov. 11.—There
i was a riot here on tho night before tho
election, caused by negroes with arms
parading the streets. Thirty or forty
| shots were fired and two negroes
were wounded. None of the whites
were hurt. The negroes had shot
guns and muskets, and the whites
had pistols. After firing a volley into
the whites tile negroes scattered.
The election throughout the State
passed off quietly. Both parties
worked hard. The returns to-day in
dicate that the Conservatives carried
tho State, electing their Congressmen
and Lieutenant Governor. Seven
strong Republican counties give
them three majority. Ten Conserva
tive counties give the Conservatives
a majority of 2,000, and sixteen Con-
counties to hear from will
place them aficad of the Republicans,
j Both houses of the Legislature are
I Conservative.
a., n «
Drawer of
And Wholesale dealer* In
Browers Supplies
&C., &Ca,
Which they offer to the Trade at the lowest
jWuvrkM raid.' Tho a trillion of Brower** Is enllttd
1«» fhelf font|»lcl« slock of All the uiatrrlals nec
essary for the br«wlyg bualues*. Orders fmm
abroad solicited. lyiMv
Con»taui)y ou hand o.t
»pt2fi(jßnj *trect
The Very Latest.
• •
— ' I
Washington-, Nov. 12.—1 tis re
ported that tho Chief Judgeship of
the United States Court, of Claims,
recently resigned by Judge Casey,
will he tendered to Senator Williams,
of Oregon.
New York, Nov. 12.—Latest re
turns indicate that the assembly will
be a tie. This is in supposition that
a Republican is elected in Fulton
mid Hamilton counties. Tiiat Dis
trict is still doubtful, if a Democrat
is elected then the Democrats have a
majority of two, otherwise there will
be a tie.
A country paper says: “ There is a
graveyard in the neighborhood where
may be seen the impressive picture
of a man sleeping peacefully by the
side of his six wives.”
A Connecti :ut fisherman one day
j baited his hook with a live frog.
Astor patiently waiting for some
i time for a bite, as lie chatted with a
found, he ffmnd that his lively bait
ijiad swum ashore, and wu" sitting
quietly on the rock by his side, lie
wound up his line and went home.
FOIi reference:
Wc have tho Stock of C’hoico
Imported Woolen
Fur Men’s Wear,
In our lino, iu Aukuica. We make them to
measure in the w<vt Thorough and artintic
style, at the LOWKHT FKIC’ES possible for the
Extra, durable, and perfect in fit.
Tailor, Draper, nnd Importer of Fine Woolens
for Men s Wear.
! ASD I IHMM SIKH, ttllilid.
II Fill IMPffifflS IS II
Clergymen will be allowed six per cent, discount.
Estausiikd, 1854. oct4 dim
Will he received at camp Brown. Wyoming
Territory, until the o'clock p. m. mi At outlay,
the lOHrlowuth fl4lb) day of November. 187*1. for
tbe e reel lon oT the following described building*:
First, one dwelling liou*c thir'y-two (3*3) feet
long by sixteen lIUI feet wide, and ten feet
high,-with parti lieu through iho mine, at such
place at* the agent may direct, and to have a . lied
room twelve(lß l feet wide in rear of main build
ing, aud of equal length with It, to be divided by
one partition iuto lyo rqgpxn. There are to Iw
hoveii t7) doors, six (0) fuvt ten C 10» Inches loug.
by two (8) feet ten (lOj Inches wide, to he hung to
the jams or facing!* by t*ubt*ianiial irou hunt*,
each to be provided witli lock and key. There
will be nbo six iti) window* of twelve t'lg; light*
each, of size 10x11 inches. The floor* to be of
sound plank, oue (1 • inch thick, and to be nulled
to firm alcepor*. with eight i.Sj ’* d.” ntU.’i*. the
bleeper* to be of sound limber, uuu to be placed
KOt IQ exceed two feet apart. Tin* celling Joists f..
be of Mifticlent strong!l> to *upp<>rl a ceiling of
? 4 inch lumber, which is to bo untied to tlie jol>*t«
with 8 *’d.” naili*. The roof to be of shingles.
The wall* of the building to be of hewed log*,
notched together at the corner*. The space* qr
crevices between tho logs to be dosed by chink
ing on the inside of the room, with pieces of tim
ber, and daubing pp the outside with clay tportar,
tfcco+il. Also, six buildings, to be ‘same as
the above described building*, except that they
will be twenty-four (84) l>v twenty-six (20) fee',
with three (8> rooms, four (4) doors, and (3)
window* each.
Third , Also, one building, sixteen (16) bv
twenty*four (84) fret, with one douhlu door 6x6
feet, One door J ;6 feet, upd oue vvipdow.
Fourth. Also., one building, jjxlcen (16) by
thirty-two (82) f*-*!t. Two (2) door* three (8) t»y
seven (7) feel, and live (5) windows of twelve (l*i;
lights, M by 14 iuchcji. These buildings to be
or same material audtUiuix* the building flrsi
ulxive described.
Fkwh of the aforementioned buildings to have
a chimney and tire place of proper dimensions, or
in lieu tnertwif. a nettling stove of proper size,
with stove flue, and sufllcient length of pipe.
Fi/th , Also, a frame building for saw mill,
tw.dnty iSip by forty (40) feet, niul twelve (13) f. ~t
high. Also, a frame building for grist >n jjj
UtAVJty (90) by twenty-four (94) feet, nr* * two
stories high. I’he llr*t nine (it) nnd 'Lo second
eight (8) feet to be sided with inch plank, aud
roofed with shingle*. The whole to. built of good
tnaierial, and in a substantial a u d workmanlike
nuoncr. J tin whole bf the above mcntloinJ
bmldiugs ro be locatud on U.o Shoshone Kt serxa
lion, tin Lillie W ind rive,. »t or near ill" mouth
of Trout creek, in »V\ jmiug T rtlior;. u*<l to tm
built «»f g«M>d material ibrpyalicpt «ud to be
Completed on or before the ff.ul/ day of June,
1871, (o be paid for when coilinlotbd.
All proposals must be wjrluien oh quarto poi-t
paper. And be accompanied by the name* of
ut least two responsible persons us rureiles for
Ills jjUili/ul performance of the com met. If award
ed tq him, and unclosed in an official envelope.
And etubi/sed : •• UropM-uls lor erecting buildings
Vb * s Jfcy*hoDv Ucaervailou," and addressud i»*7l.
vv. \\hatri. U. S. Indian Agent, (.’amp Brown,
nyontlng TotrUvr),
J W. Wham.
U- S. Indian A »ent
South Farantr, W’. T.. *
N«(«iobvr 1,:, 1870, no\».!l9t
NO. 48.
m OAK |
* / // / /, V ,5, V‘‘V x
.I LENGK nnd EVENIN'!) STAR Stove* has
grown so rapidly of late that we have not filled
orders a* promptly as desirable; but having now
secured tho assistance of another Stove Foundry,
we shall hereafter con tine uomdy the entire force
of our own establishment to the production of
tlie Stove* uhovo named aud hope to fill all orders
without delay.
We would call the attention of those about
p«ichasing, to the SUfVJEPS and POPULARITY
of all THESE STOVES. No better evidence of
their intrinsic merit can be offered than a state
ment of the fret, that after 18 years’ nse nnd be
I ing subject to severe test* |n all kinds of locnll
i!««. and to the most bittor and duiormined oppo
, *1?Ion .. v ? a i could be Invented, that they are !;>-day.
i tlie MOST POPULAR STOVES in the market, unit
i have given such puiversnl satisfaction that thu
Ts too wnnt the Best Cooking SWT* for Wood,
buy the CHARTED OAK .
If Ton want the Best Cooking Store for C(Xll, buy
If yofl want the neatest and best sheet iron jxirlor
I store ever made, buy the EVENING STAR.
Excelsior Manufacturing Go.,
612 and 014 North Main Street.
Live Store Dealers,
11. ROfiTTCIIER A C 0.,
| aulldAwly Cbeyennr, iV)anilng.
L. T). Bine’s
Gift Enterprises!
Gift Distributions in tfco Country !
145th Regular Monthly
To be Drawn Thuradiiy, Dor. l. 1870.
0 bc j
Capital friii .SS,O(H) in Greenbacks!
Agent* wanted to sell Tickets, to whom Liberal
Premiums will be paid.
Single Ticket*. 81; f» Ticket;, 25
Ticket*. S'iD.
A circular containing full lii*i of prizes, in an*
nc of drawing. Ac . sent to any oue ordering it. •
All letter* must be addressed
L P.- SINE. Box BC. Cincinnati. O. I
To the Newspaper Press.
The iftiiiAoo Nkwm'al’kk Union, owned and
mnnnged by Cramer. Aiken* .V Cramer, Milwau- i
kee, and Rounds .t Kiuc. Chicago, are now nr -
pared to furi ish Outside and Inside priated
1 nper. in all sizes. New type, tM/e puuer. A«l
--dre*s. Chicago Nem *paper l iiion. onteazo. 111.
Messrs. Cramer, Aiken-* A Crainer. of Milwau
kee. continue io Tarnish Outsides and Inside* to
newspaper*. New type, tine piper, and no oh-
Jecilonnblc ad»« rtlsementß hereafter retched iu
ulttier Up. Address.
Craiuer, Aikens A rramer, Milwaukee, Wi*.
WANTED AOENIS. 820 mr day k. s, !
the celebrated HOME SIIrTTI.L SKWINU
MAC-HINK, Has the underfeed, makes rim
"lockstitch " tnlike on both sides.) and is
fully licensed. The best and cheapesi family S’, w
ing Miiehiite in the market. \(Uli«*x. 4-«HNS<>N',
('LARK »Y CO.. Boston. M*;.-**., Pittatfurrii Pi.,
Chicago. HI., or S: Louis, Mo.
. " " - ' ]
_ "i
It affords to the poor and the rich alike the first
»»)d only relief ever offered from the Tedhr
TrouhleaoinO, Jiiice-Eva|»»ira)lug. and Dy-n, **’
prjxJneiug Broilers of the past, and fro- tV' 1 1 ‘
'ooking Abominations of all Degree*. „**
no Preparation of Fire; no Coke *\ < B'-quirea
Pounding of Steak ; Renders Tr ue' :
by its Action: does awav w’.it- .*' Tender
Smell of Groase; Broil* F.,,, • *'• * ,n °ke nnd
or Wood; answers for e’,| . -'O’''oil over Co.-U
Openings. We gnaraut- ,o ', e ur !t « n -e
any not satlslfrd. nf.er ?h ~n* Hn ' l
be refunded, wi*’u e' . ‘iTLm K ‘ mo " e >;
Price. $9.tM. -targe* both ways. Retail
69 IfroadTSf 1 V° ‘ 1 »/" n fACt tiring Co., Office*
nati' Frank* u '*' v Tork. uud lfiy hace bt.. t’lncln-
Shetiard & n u Co • 1 hicugo; ( larem .
Co St ? • MBwaukMj Cheever, Uurchurd .t
'• Wholesale Age^J*.
Kit Pickles
Qur l>,,(ciil VUerous I.lik-,1 111,, ,
nj'» plukage for all houn k. p. r .» nn 1
*lUup>'d to any part of the Uni d Sin',, xvill . .
leak ago. and are fn-i superceding
family use. Side d and I’re-.r ,i i ... • r
celebrated W k p. Wine Vinegar rusoing *
Archdeacon A n .i„ n _..
Httld by nil Wholesale at u Reiail Gr e ers."* *
Seventeenth atrecL nev, *l«j*)r to thb Mutropolitan
Billiard Well.
ITNDRRMTANDB thoronghW i h* art -if n»tliig
nhr feet, deformed or uTlMocwiso. twoordlug to
anatomical Principle*. None but the best mater
hils are nsod and tinn gtmrantefed- Give
him a c*U. • #7 ly
WYOMING rent im,
I»sU«-d et-efy V*a; cli*«l ••
TERMS ; s.l A YEAR. *IOO if, \ : v’ \
:i: r *
I* one of Uk‘ ,
i T,urgent I’niM-rs iu (be -\i c-vl.
cojoi'-naiL jots fiCMkr
or inmr Ktvrr
Neatly, chcaplv and expedition*!* stoewu Ui4*
of even shape and tltid. Bilf He I-'Vf
nnd Norp iMn.uk* oC «jv,fj !-4«d. 4
era, etc., printed on short ordo.. Tit t'l.' ru
lot *>f Typo and Prosses, wo can u• h d. ■
work at low prlcu^.
Ta *. m
Business Men
Li • r - • :
Mali noapswerable claim* for ,
lon’ded circinn'inii. ' *1
'the EVENING POST contain-* - 1
each day's business in thv tu.-' rn
while men are n-U«-p the nap* r tr.u
300 miles from Chicago, \lu.ttin-_ .
/»<// reports r,» later, take h lav •
anxious reader, and iq 11, i • i
York quotations that hem s .:!
mwbiag by taking :li*i I
commercial and fln.inci.il d< ;> ;
POST are undergoing a change'. Q*»:r lieiCitcr
Ifavo no equal In tho press <>f i ».t.•
The Satvuday laai'i: of the I*e.s : . . • •>.•
boon Enlarged aud Improved. !• i -. •, i ..
forty column literary, fin ■•. until nt i•* i A
per, having no snperi ie lor Sil,; .
Those who take thu POST get. a p i.,f Su-ui*v
! mornipg that is universally - (
l overy way proper to enter the fain*i» Tin* P/iSti’
is offered at tLo very low pric«: ot Ijf.thU) a s cat or
$5 0) for -lx men'll*
I proved. It ia read bv so m.tnv :b . ’ : i i
i there are only a few people Jeff to Iwm l’H xri
, i's We give
jA* pn*.!’hints for Clnbs. ’1 \.n , ■ .j,,xr,
cognized as ,'! M ‘ b***t now known to lo.* r- of <-,,r
ruct time. We give watches w>ir h irjtn *!irt
us nreuiiiim* to thoe* '' »-i :> . ; ‘ .
Send for list of prices and sample cn T ,.'.s *)f fhtliy
or vVcokly POST. Sent free to ,:ii n;. v
. POST PI.MN ' ING ' ' ).,
104 Madison sire-.t, t iiic.e-o.
A BENTS W ANTED -'» A »v ■ :I,
CO., Boston. Mas?., *»r St. Loul«, Mo.,
Warranted pure, uUu'ublo. -ml io ; -
Picklea. First ore ml uM~ nwerded at Ik- V. s.
tuir, * lie Illiuots Stulu Lair. uijd < lii ng»» (if'
" r Largest works »f itt Uud In the Vußed
• ates. Eetubllshed 18-11.
330 * 311 Sind- -troct, < lilrua...
U A. B.W. TAYLOR & CO.'S ff
T23d Regular Monthly m
OI XT’ *37 J
L Dlstributioif in tho CCuhl;,- j. a.
fiO.OOulii t •'ll niltl V'nluat)!-- U - °
Pto l»e dlstrlbuteil Decembei o,
Capital Prize, - - - $5,000 A’
Siuglo Tlckc-t*. si: t ■ i At)
IS). Agents U ,rti -.1 to - U ti I i\ -
(■irctilnra rsuiinluing full
htna will Ik; m-iU ic :.»)»• i.o.
lUitlhem. AJ.!» -
V A.B. W T WI • ' ' .
O !:■!. ' ‘ !• ■ O .'•«
7 TvTmw T> 13 To T c T '
J KfH 4 Tj ii r
rt\-\X \ ’R\
S?S?®* I W< P, lti:<> <
~” I,DS ' ' •Tim. inh.it
•iOAiisj'v sv ivi>i\< >:'
M I»■ l'l<»\.
>«"> PalDltt ~Kl!xuT li:i- r l\-„
1 ~‘«.V r ‘ * patleuta who ha.c •r:-d i . ml t<
? jtin ;<* of the m l; . la .
' i!h* country wh.T '|l ht' l j l;; ■
.etuedy fur ihu lung* and tkiout cv ■ : -
i Htund* popular at «-r mi'v n -id »•> •hi- pr ;»»
! il »n. It is tuudr und.r i :ui »up . t i~i .. .».
11. Barr, one of tin- 1> 1 1 . •
Stall* Thu succcb. m li.• it ha*. ).• r •!. ,■ u
of this remedy for the pm,. riMmi \.■..i
known, bun induced u.>» to i.iake it n, ... md • .
known for Hu* bcm-tlf of th«* «nti ■ »•••' } . .
nftllctcd irl'•• it n fairtr i-
relief ami perui.m nr . .
Sol* v all drutj-L «« in ! - ! u • . V*
advLrilßCtnrnt N published.
N* B.—(’lrcularn •rlvjii _■ r r
ble curce of the uitllei.d w»i 1 in’ i, U :> .
turn, or they will b»- found ;i«c in . Ir»« :»
, bottle of Lhe I*. ■ T oral Kilxlr.
| The &u\m U pleat* nni to tid «• il. uii
, and ulcguntly put up in I. .• r o
T. H. BARtI & GO.,
Sold In rblcu 'o a* Wtede. 1 t
' FILLER. FINCH * PCI 1/ ■( |.(» 1- \j| ■1 r
VAN Sill AA' U, sii\i;-o\ , v f .1* ;n
BUT* KOSNM.: |*: |Ui*\'li\M - v. , f,;, •
*t (’(» TOia.VN .V K•N < • (;* •• M MU.II
Tn .
.RICE A Ulll >IN t. * Ih d j '/1 .
(JUEKN A Ist noA.
In st. Louie 1»,
lUt‘llAK|)SO\| A«( ». < (t|. r
, Ajnl throughout the Northn*-t , :> j";,
aWW R-r.
Illffl For any cm ; 1
UUU Hellin ', ur 1
«** lllnie*« Pile Itemed)
prepared expreraly to rum tin I'!
• Ire. and hm* cured rarer of ..
, hits. SylU t»y ail I)rn. t,
1 PtuxKLis st . Baj iimm : \

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