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Santa fc lUccklij alette
'Inclpesdent in H thlnjjiNeutrsl in nothing.'
fTT We dtf i(tithirisI to announce
.TOTIN G. JONKS as a candidate for
tho ftf!eo$herilf,;of Sunt Té county,
k'tU ensmncr election in September.
Xh letter of Cardenal to Callejos.
We publish to-ijay; this remarkable
letter, in order to furnish to our rea lora
further evidence, if any .vero necileil, of
the fact that Gallegos. Cardenas, and a
few oilier disaffected prints f Now Mcx
ieo.'are now the head and leader of what
lia laterly taken tho name of tho ''Doni
wtic Organization." , It is in reality.
everyone must lv this timo, know,
nothing , more nor ios than an Anti
Church faction, existing and working un
dor tho name of Democracy. 1
.It will be oeen on ruling this famous
letter, written from London by "aire
Cardenas to Padre Gallego, that these
tA men have long entertained ideas an 1
and feelings adverse to their relion, an 1
that (he former no longer takes any trouh
la to conceal hid hostility to the Catliolie
Cltnreh., , , , . . ' ;
.On the contrarv he boldly renntwea
the Roman Catholic Religion, and do-
ciares himself to 1k a Protestant
We would nut assist padre Cardenas in
g ying publicity to Ids suspicious npos
lacy, if he were not plainly one of that
faction atti-mptinii to maku tho breach
wider among the faithful.
, I'adre Cardenas has changed his reli
gion, but the change has neither been i
gain to Protestantism nor a bus to Ca
tholicism. , The same remark will heap
plicablc to padre Gallegos win n ever In
ia ready to publish to the woild his coir
version to Protestantism as pudre Carde
nas has dono.
. We would lx mora lenient with padre
Cardenas if we did not believe that In
hat added falsehood to bis other vices
Tie asser'i in his letter that he has seen
the I'ope, and has been reinstated by
him in the enjoyment of all his former
eelesiastical privileges. Now, this is
what we believe to be a barefaced falsi',
hood, as it is evident that the I'ope would
not reinstate a man who has not 'lie con
fidence of hia Bishop, whose business i?
is to remove unworthy and vicious men
from the ministry. If howevo, padre
Cardenas, on his arrival in New Mexico,
can convince Bishop I.ainy of the truth
of what he has asscrte I in his letter, then
we promise to withdraw the charge we
have made "against him. We publish
this letter of pad n'' Cardenas, in which
he renounces his allegiance to the Church
of Rome, also to confirm tho truth of
what we have heretofore said about Gal
legos, and to show our readers w hat bad
company tint man is in who now asks the
people of Jiew Mexico to honor linn a
hove every other person in New Mexico,
by tending him to tho Congress of tho
United States
We are fully satisfied that if the people
of New Mexico were thoroughly acquain
ted with the character of Gallegos be
would be about the last man in the T rf
ritory whom they would consider tit to
lie honored with the charge of their in
tenida in Congress.
The nnworthey manner in which he
lias discharged the dnlies of a priest
ought to be enough to bring down upon
him the contempt of all good chiistans;
and we were alxmt to say. the unfaithful
manner in which ho met his (nditieal ob
ligations, wheu elected toa seat in the
Legislature last winter, should bo en
ongh to bring upon him the suspieion and
aversion of every patriotic citizen.
i But so far from discluirging tlmso du
ties even in a bad manner, what is worse
than all he did not attempt to diseliar;
them at all. We sniioso that from this
forward he and Cardenas will devote
their public energies to the cause of An-
li-Christ, and Democracy
if tho talent of Gallegos cannot render
fHittcr service to IKniocracy than thev
have rendered' to Christianity, not even j
tho ''Trim Democrats" of Santa Fu can
jind cause to n-joico at his conversion to
their party. The truth is, th -y have as
little grounds for faith in Galieg is' con
Yursint, to Democracy, as wo have for
i'onfidoncu in that of Cardenas to Protes
tantism. Neither being worth th-namu
d Priest, in tho opinion of the Bishop,
... i . .i . . .i .. i.
who oii'Mit to Know in 'in mougu one
turnos Democrat, and the other turns
nd to45ishop Lamv who is the head of 9 " I,ur day
.i . ri...-..L :L v.' if fi ..rl W
Hi Church in Nwlíiico; and one of I
th-ni, Galegos, expect tho people of manly and enlightened conduct with the' numbering in all about one hundred
New Mexico to elect hint from tho depth ' course of Col. Sunnier which was always souls, including among them several fe
oí degradation, into which his view, have censistenly narrow winded, and inimical males.
.. .
Delegate to Uonresa.
We will notdo the people of New Mex-
ico the injustice to suppose that they can derectlv, and without injury to itself pro ; tunee ol Gov. M criwethcr whom they had . delegate to tonirress it is well known
liive their confidence to Galley' by e. ! mote tiVsnccess an 1 welfare of another, not seen since his urrival in tho Terr,- bv mv rnvfii nds in Santa Fé that I re
lectins him to an office for which he is i .t . i i i- 4 ., L . t .. lused to sirn that Utti r, ami that I aia
We cannot see how any man who loves
his Religion can vote for a man, wlionij
the Bishop thinks too vicious to practice
1 . I
tta rites; nor can we see How any one,
wlnt cut rtaina a becotnitiL' resnect for
his excellency can honor a man win mho
has justly driven from the Church.
He who is for Galleaos is artist the ;
Bishop. Who is there that can bring
forward realms guffieietit to justify such
conduct : We confess that we have not
no to tins time heard from the tnemlsot
. . . . ... ....
Gallegos a single becoming and sufficient
motive for giving him their sii port, lie
is not in tavorot anv thing that is gooii.
on the contrary ho is against everything
against the Church, against tho Bish
op, and will no doubt, if he is sent to
Waidi'mrton. do as Cardenas has done,
return Protest-tit. un I set himself about
ovei timiiiy tho Catholic Religion.
Colonel STansfield; Inspector General
This officer, who arrived from the
States in company with Gen. Garlan I,
after hav'ng inspected the posts at Fort
Union. Fort Massachusetts, and Canton
ment Burgwin. passed through this city,
and inspectud the troops stationed here,
this week on his wav below.
Colonel Mansfield has but recently re
ceived tho commission of Inspector Gih
eral, in place of Colonel MeCall. who will
be rccolleeteil by most of our readers as
having been in this department on duty
in lNSO, and who has since resiirned.
Col. Mansfield was formerly an offi-erof
the Kngineer Corps, and well an I favor
ably known throughout tho (imintry for
his extensive and valuable scientific at
tainments, and his great knowledge of
the internal resources, ami the means of
making them available, of our country.
At the battle of Monterey he distinguish
ed himself highly by his cool and accu
rate reconnoissanee of the enemy's posi
tions, in tho cour e of which be was se
verely wounded in the leg.
The Colonel seems to be giving to the
military affairs of this department a most
thorough investigation, an 1 we antiei
pato no little benefit to all parties from
li's tour of inspection. And as w are
given to understand that his inquiries
and examinations aro not confined to
mero technicalities, but extend to every
thing in which the economy a3 well as
tho efficiency of the service is concerned.
We trust that he will take into serious
consideration tho plan which was par
tinlly adoptw here with so much success
a few years since, wo mean that of sup
plying the troops as far as practicable,
from this Territory.
Should proper inducements be hell out,
wo venture to predict that withm two
years from this date, every single item of
the soldier's regular ration, with the ex
ception of sugar, cotTee, and rice, could
bo furnished in this Territory, and at a
saving to tho General Government of
from twenty-five to seventy-five per cent.',
in some articles even greater. V hen we
tako into, consideration that tho fiehjM
n'one (in a barrel of pork, from Fort
LcavenWorth to this point, is from $3n
no to 35 DO, this statement will not
seem exagerated.
This is tho kind of "economy" we
would liko to seo practiced, by which,
while money is saved to the Government,
the industrial lesourees of our Territory
aro fostered and encouraged.
After digging tho foundation for this
building, an I making other prepcrations
to commence the erection of walls, the
contractor met with difficulties, apparen
tly insurmountable, in obtaining a suffi
cient number of competent Stone-masons,
as a Hornier resorr. no n l ine i ior am u
. . i ... i. . -....o .1 i.- l ...
; 0(, o,v,-,m I. the Commandant of this
Military Department, who responled in
a manner so polite, and liberal that wo
think ho deserves, and will receive, tho
thanks, not only of tho contractor, but of
every person who feels an interest in that,
work, and tho prosperity of the Terri
tory. -The
General allows Six Masons to be
selected from tho Army, and put on fur
t,,l,, in order that the 'work niay be
continueil. They are paid at the rate of
We cannot but -contrast this gentle-
t ..en- uiK.nHif of thn rurritortf Wlu.n
rv" ' - -v '
lone branch ot tiie puunc service can m-
" """ I
Wethmk tlte K'ople of New Mexico
have cause to reioicc. that thev have a-
..nnff ,i. n ,n.imi r,:irUn 1 in óbice cf
.. , . . . m .
the mnn whose mind win not sufficiently
l(!.v to
comer lciHÍve to give own an v.
morn than one Idea nt a tune.
ty In our comments upon the famous
letter of na-lre' Cardenas, that will bo
fi,nnJ : flnother eoln.nn we may have
conveyed the idea that Cur lenas wn
Sllspen led liv HiSliop I.Hlliv. th: nw n"l
the cas, hi! was snpnded IVb e,
Zubir'a of Durungo. In th' w wVh to
call th 1 atteiit'oii of our r a ! -rs ! th.
remarkable fact that Cm 1 ins n i fin!.
leos were both susp u led for the "Mine
reasons; iiinii"iiil ty, an I disobedu nee
Cardenas by Bishop Zuhiria. an I Galle
gos by Bhop Limy,
Now wh n we notice the int'uiacy that
cxitH hitweth ;these two suspi n led
prichfs. mid tlw Mnarlable liost.litv
that they have iv'tin-d towards their
Bishop, 'we caniiot doiilt their hostility
to the Catholic Church. One of these
factious spirits has already turned Pro
testant an I denounced the Unman ( nth- i V.. ref r our readers to a conimuni
olie religion, an I if the oth-r should be Patimi nign.-l Fernán lez de Tims for in
elected to Congress he will no doubt i nt format', ,n in reference to one of the sur
on the protestnnt robes, un I return to the veyltiu' parties now examining the difivr-
lerntory to aid Ins trawl InriMias in
his assaults iqioii the Cailmlic Cliuivb.
an I the cbtablUlied religion of the conn-
w il,!i !u n,. Bt!,,n ,-,, lie ,
Mexicans tins is no nction. on have
only to examine the conduct of th se two
disobedient priests, to see that they are
actuated by the same motives, an I that
thev are aiming at the same object, the
overthrow of the Catholic Religion I
Pause th. n before yon. by any Bet ol
yours, i nt it in their iowcr to acti.ni-
plieh ths wicked design against the reli-
gion of your fathers. j
The next Legislature.
The voters of the different eonntiua in
tho Territory should not allow tho ex
citement occasion.) I by the approaching
Congressional election to cause them to
overlook the importance of aeleeting
suitable and competent men to represent
them in the next Territorial Legislature,
a duty gecnn-1 only in importance to tho
selection of an able man to represent tho
Territory in Congress.
We nnblish to dav tho T ok 't for tho
County of Santa Fo, pres nted by the
friends of Gov. Lane. Wo th'nk the
Ti kit is otic that i-honhl givesatislaetion
to all parties.
For tho S-nato is the mimes i f Ifona
ciano Vigil, Jose Guadalupe Gallegos
and W. II. Moore, who are all citi ns.
identified with the interests of the Ter
ritory, an I in every way qualified for the
important duties.
For the House of Representatives, there
is two Mexican g titleim n of un- xeep
tionable characters who are w II -qua!-
mm. an i worthy the conn mi -e o: in -people.
TIm two American gent' tneii on the
Ticket.. Messrs. A-liiir,t an I T"iiipl;inj
ara both lawyeis, an I ar in ev-n way
qualified to repr. Sviit us ably an I u-e-hilly.
The can lidate for Pivfoit, Fiiineisen
Ortiz y Dolgado, is one of our most wor
thy an r- spectod Citizens, ha' previouv
!y served as Prefect for a term of
years, and is admitcd to have made one
of the best officers that has tilled that
respectable position.
The name presented for sheriff, Mr.
Jolm G. dones, lato Marshal ot tho T. r f,,, n, p,.priutoin o! the Gazette, same number of Quakers would have ef
ritory, is iiu very way unexceptionable; on the subject ol'sbiwrv, are too w II u cted uinre, because the amount which
he made a good' Marshal, and will no k.iown. mid have beh rór the hist thirty has been spent in support of the priest
doubt make as goo I a Sheriff. ' - I yir. to be now efie, ted. by any th ug '"' tlr harem would i have gone
We lK-speaK tor tins ticket tic avoru
I.I.. ......ot, ..,... ..I' tl... ..r
liiue-iini-iiiniiiui wi iiiu vmi'iq hi oioilll
Fo county, feeling confident that they
cannot do better than to elect tho whole
Cnpt. II. L. Dodge, aiient for tho Na-
vajos. arrived hereon Wedensday last
with a deputation of these Indians, head -
,, , ' . , , .... ... T
ed by tho principal chief Zarcillos Ur-
go, with several other chiefs, and In-
diana from the diflercnt settlements,
T 10 visit ni inten.lral n n frmnillvii
, " J
ilenioiistrarion ani to make the acqnain-.
' ' , , ,
agent, t apt. iio-igc. nn r.ov .Yienw. in-
er in coim.-il, th- v expresed tbeiiis.'hvs
I . . i '.I .IT: I
oes ron m Miia;u ar w in uk-ier-
r'torv. an I Hliionir other protiitses lua
to ev'n -e their good l'a:tli. .wl to do-
l'v r th iii'U'ler er of Mait'n who fhev ,
Mat d. vas at this t 'me
the" Utah
,They n!o promised to c iiipleto the
deliv re of all the prop rt.v lately MoKu
. T I I t i i".
V'"'T lMC 1 r"
n su it--a sur ni.,nr ol. h-s r. einr rrtp
n'!i tic V iv.iio '! oiel'ta ing
9 -ri..'-.ll ' '' vitoev o, the ' Sal)
f"i.i V),4- h K- ! Vt" I II .wn o tb
Aim I'iiiins W, r. ei, t 1 itul' reiiuinw
We eaiilin!"
si,t -in iH,
up x T'l
tin l
I'ooiii I'or th: Mil r st ii
M !ip eir n t . i : i- n t
rennifs h r- t-'f't'e r.-' e'ved with
;if ! t,,
th 'arii am Mint ol' -to-k vn ! bv
til s. !ii4 III- to lll.V II no x-
ag rat. on. t'ujt T'o'i!',- i?n.i,ti tin
iiiuiib r o! hoi- s it it-1 ii. ni. s at tw nty
thoiisjin I. i-i I tl .dr .'i v 1 v ' b!,-dr-l
an I fi t l!ioii-nn l
He thinks the Nava os in !u I'n a'l
th d iff! .n ut x til mints ni:m'.er u'"ut
eight thnii-nnd sou's niel that th v have
now in cult'vation at hast two tlnui-iiii I
acres of corn.
(.nr routm for the grAt Pacific Railnwd.
It will be sc. n from tho information re-
eii'Ved by the writer of Finían le!', de
Taos, that the route, known as BetitonV
i- .ii i i
route, so lar as it has been examined!
.llw nN n,, ,1 fiii-nlty for tho lo ation of a i
R,iilr,.n. As the parte travels w.ist,
bowvver. we presum .' greater difll 'iilties
will be tu t with " I
M r. R;,,.,, !, !,,, fr States in '
the staje on the first of the mouth, was
one of the party that pase I through with
Lieut. Bud about the first of June,
Mi . Itygs r oiN the toiitc im rat ti
calilo, un I will su re
val at Washington,
res nt on Ins am-
Wo are b-coining neuv thoroughly
ci-nv;nced ,.v ry day that tin most prae-
tieabl i"inl.'. an I :h. mie tii.it must in
the n ; h i a l-ijit.' 1 i's f!i A'luir -pioi'i'L'
or X w Mvxico lout -. ()' the cut iv
practical" I ty ol that loiit.i th i urn b.-
no doubt, it will b free IV"Ui h ..iiows
of winter ; will be th most centre! as r-'
fhi. ;,, . in. ,(,.. u.et,h!.
ciliated to l-i n.' nto notice, the mili, ral
an I arii uliiiiai r-manees oi that vast
country n iwe, n .vw .vi .x.eo un í cali
fornia, that is now almost tir tvly un
known. I. A Ca'-U'.nSa llH'toi lnl'J l')( 'A
A paper un I, r th above t-ll . bus,
with n the lust I w -lues ma !e its up-'
piaiine-e niiieu--t ns, Aillieii.h iliis!a !
Ilious hlleet ll is II t!.-r th tl h'l'-CUiellt ;
of K I 'for nor iil-l -h -r un ! 'h i lore is
not i ntitled to our n -t -e t :t - it v .
ih-ntly b a's ih- - .-o- u!p!É . oi' 'in v
Weielltlllall W'. Ii .el ! .v I
IIIUV lie expect - Mij.i u -Ii-iiiI I v.- .1
soli i ' li'-liee Ti. - - n ' ! '..
Hot i. f .r ii ' I; i i N.,v - le w.
otlii r matt r.-. "! mor :m oii.,iie tlml
i! luán U icir t in -
It Will Ii se II i t i li
to a .in-'
N im th "
Illlill'entelll IV til ll"ll II
In an "th -i' column tiin a i Ii .
has fixed th er ni o:' foig n n, on die
authors of that beautiful oheet This is
iimkiii a pr.ttv fair stmt, le.it it w 11 n-1 ,
surprise those who have niado the a-
qunmtunce of the gi nthinaii in question
Tho fling they have made at the Ga-
zette, asan abolition sheet, does not reach
its object. the opinions ol the present ed
1 Vi... ...o. L. l.e s M iiu in I A-r.,
i ,,, ..', i
II u-oii 1-1 Im mutter o sni-nnao how-Ver.
" ' . . I . '
OW- Vt
to anv one who would examine the iW
ounoiuv of Putir l to find him wanting
s mpathy for the Sgni
Many come to bring their clothes to
cluireh'ruther than themselves. . ; (
An exchange pa.OT has this adv rtiso
111 1 . " "
' ... . kin 1 W..
1 ' 1 . ' it
The less a man netils nioncv, the more
U won,il-iti Misereare always peo -
U,0 wtu IIUU appetites and no' child-
I reo. y:. i. . . . . i- w., .:
Editor rflh Santa Fé Gazette:
' I observe in a sheet of paer published
at Allmqnerqe; and called the "Cam paña.
Demócrata," that roy name appears as
... ... i i ...
wing signen io a leuer requesting aiu-
hrosio Artmio to become a candidate for
Usher ot tne lerrer m rne i.itn i -
,K.mn yWv that he was pni-iistimtra
Jit at the t'ine he pnblbed if. ' Aftlmt
l ..U.I.. .,K
jmiier ims imnT111":
, lishi r or editor attached to it, resa
nieselt'to von for the piirponeui" ffug
publicity to th's deti'al.
liesi'ect'nllv voum.
Santa Fé, Sept 2, 1853.
' Taos, August .'2, 185.T.
A1 1? Eockk:
The party under Cupt Gunnici n. now
enua e'l in iirvevintone o1' the proposi-i
nnitet. for tin: IVifle Hailroml. are ut
F"vt Massa'huetts. and will I'.-hv th-re
per!nps to-hiv. From Mr, Wil'Imns,
bu iiiiiv d from Fort Vassnchnsetts on
v vt, i- 'nv. un I fiotn l.t. Beckw'th of the.
Artillery an l l.t. I'mker of the Rifles,
who wi rc here a few dnvs since to pro
enre th" services of Mr Antonio Letoiir
as mi i le to the party we gather the fol
h v 'ug items:
('apt Ounnisin has w:tb his party
eitihte, ii or twenty wag'-n. ati-1 some
sixtv men Th-v i iissed up th" Arkan
sas and intended to leave it at the-mouth
of the Iliierpbuno. hut from an error in
th- iniiti the party went up th" I'ish-a-pah:
th- nee ci'ims'-d over to the Cii' liarcs
an I from the Cuchares to the Ilnerplmiio,
and thence thev crossed over the moun
tain to the hea of the Sandro d" Cristo
bv a new route which has been christen
ed Gunnison's Pass. thence they pnseed
dow n the valley of tin Snnirre de Cristo
to within a few miles of Fort Massachu
setts. It is the intention of the party to
proceed to the die hatopo pass of tho
tt,'lin'1 I'-r Mountains, and on n-h.
in t he o bpaius i trai to low it as lar
. y . M ', . ,,i : ,i, ,in;n
. i. ... ,.x.,, t(, ,;. )?,,' IH,tv frm (Ji.
foriVa. The imr'v under ('apt. Gunni-
son will then return by the way of the
S"n,h Pn'9 Fort
U,,i,"'1 S,,,flS-. int?,ir oi thl!
if found equally practicable, that pass
will m rhaps be adopted as morn direct
than the one followed by them. The en
tire practicability of the route thus far is
n....i..... ..r:.. i... U.,ft..nti,i- (,,,, I,,
,' , r....... i., ..
I.l u.-ckwiiii lio lilier him. imiii on n
I'uili'oal. but for a good wagon road. -The
party was in good health found
plenty of wood, water, and grass on tho
rout '. an I express the opinion that next
year the California emigrants will take
this route as far Utter than the Fort
Laramie route, and from three to four
hnnlivJ mill's nearer. M r b ronx left
soiim two days since, to go to Fort
j.. .I.i.u.aiu I,, ii-.f aj iv,mI.i tlti.in t.llf
j n1 il',- "J- n- i n- (.'."-IV 'v-i mi- .-.,
I wh th r Ii-. will T" w.th tin m or not. has
! not yi t be n finally ( ttl. d. lie will
probably spend some Mi 'lays with tin in
and tlf'-n iv turn, as he is unvons to go
with Lt. Whipple on the Albuquerque
1 rcf r you to the report of dipt. K.
A. Graves. In lliin Ag-'tit. lor tin-past
an 1 prospective nn v- tueiits oftlie Utuhs,
whii h will reach the Gov. at. the same
Uue M'u tret ties letter, Capt. Graves
leave- to-lay for Ahiqniu. ,
The party of Mv lüggs, oh their way'
to Foit i.iiritmie is rumored as ibtaiiied
l tii-- a i-l.li. ss of Mr Riggs, pome "!x
lii' s naif h li.vi.ii-l the Arki;n-as. und
III- fc'li de to t'lo iioty bus iiühÍi- h's np-
ai'iiliee i;r ii " Arrili.i W ill II llilde l'i-
t!". ptnl. Illl ', Ulllel' lli'til'bs l-lll-VII to
I; -'olí- lo Mr liigs. and which he i
-:i: j i-. i to i,v sto'. n iivm h'tu i 11 1
:!i ii '-','t the party.
V" 1 1 at, corn, beans, arei red-jK-ppi r
look .-I.
Yours &e.
Fkrnahuez me Tai .
Salt Lakh Cuy. A corres; ond. nee t
ot the N.w York Tunes, wr.t.ng fn in
r-a!f Lake City, the s -at of Mormcn pow
er of the growth of that place says :
Without detraction in the hart from fh
- ent rprie of the saints in this respect. 1
will say. that any oth-r body of Anglo-
Saxon liii'iiiel'.. mechanics, nrfiuii Mid
i., i .......... ...,nl i, ,. I.I t
i .,;,, ... ,.,,,,,1, ;r , :
- the same hii-th of time. 1 ilude' the
in a more usi lul
lirtH-tion. The whole
' ni ,1 lies in two facts-
lllllMei in in ivvo lai.m-
T Hl'ovei lien in in" luviiu ' uni, uiut lilt
entire comniumry were truiisterred here
in at oiieo. without waiting tor tho tedious
process of a gradual settlement.' And,
sicond, all their euergies, stiinulated by
r Iil'ioiis enthusiasm, have heeii measur
ably directed by a single will. Tho real
"" "'' ' Z
.:. : i . i i. .i
".tl,iv, ,,!n poverne,! and controlled by
iiu ia v-"-", in, uimuvmii vv i-
1 such gross religious imposture. '
i '
1 The Uev. Dr Atkinson, of Boltiiimre,
accepted the vice of Bishop of HotMa
,IJíoIíü,.v ... n yi :,-v t v

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