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Santa Fe weekly gazette. [volume] (Santa Fe, N.M.) 1864-1869, November 26, 1864, Image 4

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fPraMC So. 180.1 "
As la maiiuj appropriatioinfor th. orí-'
.traotion. Drraervaiion. nuil runairi of'Hio ui li-nnon ut aunu pmon. warn not
curtain furtitioatiun nuil other worki of ichartr'ablf to th? procacd. of prii, or
ufno for toa tear ridin lh thirtieth other fund, (hull be paid out of thu np
of Jull,eishtclhIldOlJ4uUiII)-uvo,iPr,,P'''ll'l", for defraying lh peruei of
and for olh.r parpo,... uit in wliieh th United Mulé are ton-
lie II enwted br thS.nmt and liana.!? "í 'hal ."! "P""-'' ' F''"
ofRprcentatUei of the United Stntw ofi' " "V -1 , 7
a i., ,' ....m.mI. Nial lb0ifit,m,t ! a P'"itwu,iry b:Ui bo d-Uny-
following runs br.nud they are hereby,
appropriate!, oui oí any money in i'"
Treasury nut otherwise appropriated, for
the construction, preservation, and re
pair! of certain fortifications and Olher
works of defence for the year ending the
thirtieth of Juiitf, eighteen uuadted and
for Fort Montgotiiery. ut ouilot of Lak"
('ban-plain, Now Voris, üfiy th'nuund dol
lar. For Fort Knox, at narrow Penobscot
river, Muitu1, one bundrrd tbuuiaud dol
lars. -
For fort on Il-I-diind lfdjr-, (Fort
fieorg'.-s,) P'Jrilfind Harbor, Main?, one
hundred una nity thousand dollars.
For Fort Probi'ir, I'ortlnnd hariiOT.M'iin
on? hundred nd tiftv ilmmmd d!Un.
Fr Fort bwmincl. ronlno I harbor,
Maine, one bmi'lrcd th"ii!inl Iuihim.
ForN- w Fort Constitution, I'ortoinoutb
harbor, Nw Hnmpshir..', ono bundrfd thou
sand doüarfi.
For Fort MoCInry, Portsmouth hnrW,
--w lI:iuipMiir. flftv th'iuinnd d-diart,
For Fnrt Wintbrop, (iiVi,riior' il ind,
Boston InrfiOr, Massactium'tti, fifty tbou
cand dolinr.
For Fort Wnrrcn, hn harbor, M,m
yarliuNi'tta, tw.'iitv ihuuutid d Uftr.
For sta wiill oí (íruat lirowniur ' iilund
fort? thtufrtiid d ;llnr.
For p piir of DL-a-walU on Peer nud on
to veil t.aiiLi') tfii tliouiaiid dolmr.
For p'Tiniin nt furti nt S.-w li 'dforil
iiiirlíor, M iitic1iaiettf, 0114 bunJrrd thou
sand i.iilur(t.
For Fort Schuyler, Fast rivf-r, St-w York
twr.Mitv-tivo tlioiHimd dullar.
Forfort nt tViliei1! I'uint, opposite Fort
Schuyler, New Fork, one hundred iiri'i fifty
, For rf iiairs of Fort Cold tiiKu Catl
Wil!ifim, South llntt.'rv.Fort Wood, and
Fort tijli.xun, N'.w York barbar, vi.e hun'
ured thonsaii' ilollarK.
For new battery near Fort Hamilton, at
Vio .Narro, .Vw; 1 ontylcvonty-uvc thou
land dlUri).
For Fort Kiohmuod. 9'nicn Ulntid. N'-w
York, tw. iiiy iIiuomimJ d j!Ur.
i'or fort on lite of Fort Tompkins, Stnt
cn island, N-w York, oin hundred and
fifty thouinnd dollar.
For can-mnttfd buttery on .Sliiten M.ind,
S-w York, ii'Vuiity-livo tlioutund dullart.
For repair wml completion of eawall
nt Buffalo, thirty -V-veji thou-miid live hun
dred dni I a rs.
For fort at Sandy Hook, N'-w Jersey,
ono hundred and tiretity-tivoilioiinind dul
Ur. I
For Fort Mifflin, near Philadelphia, Pen
Dsvlvani, iweniy thutiun I dollars. r
For p'Tuiuni'iit work for Pelawan break-i
water ii;irbor,oue bundrvd thuunniid dol-
For Fort Carroll, Baltimore hnrbor,Mary
'laud, ono hundri'd thoutaud dullarit. . '
For Fort Monroe, Hnmpvon road, Virgi
nía, ñ fry thouitaud dollar.
For i ort Wool, Ilnmpton ronds, Virginia,
two hundred thousand dollar.
For Fort Clinch, (.-ntraiice to Cuinber
lund sound, Florida, oua haudct'd thou
land dollar.
Forfort atJShip iilaud, otntt of Missia
ippi, one hundred thouani dollar.
í or fort at Fort Point, .San Francisco
hay, California, fifty theusaud doiiarn.
For fort at Alcatraz inland, San Frnneis
oo bay, California, ninety thoiíand dol
bir. . . - . ,
For Unil d-ifanc a Sun Franriitoo, on-'
hundred and fcvi'tity-sevrn tlioii" and dol
lars: Proridfd, Tli'at no portion "f the
name hail bo t-tpcuded on o;h.r fortifica
tion now in prt'r-" turre,
For deft uvu in Oregon ami Wa-hintoii
Territory, at or near the mjtith uf ChIiiiii-
hia river, one iiiinflr-'d thoinanil d'll:irrt.
For repairs and nltoratioiin of hirraeks,
qunrlur, hoipital., hreruums, ani ímce-
nt permaneiit forts not occupied by troop
I V I nillttfilwi 1 1 1 I 'i rd
Fur ciin'riieti,.!! of i .rm-itwMit t,'.iir.,r.pr.'iiliucnt on the prirt uf Mitiil railroad com
for mod. ru cannon- of lar -e ealible in ex-
iwtiii fortdications of important harbors
one hundred and thirty thousand d!lars
For tool and si. ir.tias for nrmi'-s it
tbe lb:!d, two hundred l!Huand dollars.
r or urnie irai.u una e juip i'.: lor ar
mies in the tluld, five li'iadri il tbouaod
doh irj.
For L'oiitiii"iii'!ea of fortiijcaiion
Ctiulin; Ii -Id works and In IJ operatuiiH,
eren uuinirf-u tiiouaüd dudara.
For nrovidiiu obiiruetioin tobo moored
in tbj Potumac river to reii."r the shore
nai;erie inure fil.eietit lor tin proteetiou
of Wanhinton aeaint nnritim1; attack,
tur bundri'l itiounuid iluhn-s, ,
Forcoinpteline iini rendering more pjr
, UiAiiciU th-i U;fiici of AV.iahiiitan, tnree
bun. Ire I thousand d-üaN.
For survey of the notin-rn and in.rih
W'Mern hikes, iue'.u liii Like Superior,
one buhlfl lituio duiird.
Fort n;rávío ami piiuthi - hurl of l.Je
urrays, nil iho-ifund doilart.
For p irehi-i,. and r nir of iintruments,
G ft '! titomund doii.irx.
Fur nurveys form litary d-fenee, and
r for pu:e!n4 uf eam:,ié:u imps, m.inilt
erip; noteS and mijM oiarvev oí rail
road and cuHN, one huudrci and fifty
thoin.'.u I d'dl.irs.
Apprtfuil, .Iu! 2.
I IW-No. 14.1
Av i7 tóuutlnriic üMimulated ' rank to
J' 'ir"ii to tho warrant oilers oC tin
( nit-d States navv, and for other pur-
It-U eun.sl by the Seinto and ll v
of ltepreeiitutiri- of the United State of
America in Con:r n-( mlded, Tint ihv
t i'reíideílt uf uie United State is berebv
; mUhoriiM, if in iiif jadjm'iit it nhnll be
conducive to Uie ii,t.-reM of tho service to
give nfmnhted rank to the warrant olli
Crr of the navy, vü: bo it wains, fran
.. h ts, eitrp-utern, and ai!iduk"rsf a fob
lows; After five years of service to rank
M Willi ruitiicnsj autl after Uu years', aurviy
.( rlo uiik with meters. ...
,i. , Sec 2. And be it further enacted,, That,
( from aud after the paao of this t, the
ouicers oatDi-a in Um preceding se.-tloi
hall be Vnown as "warrant officers In tin
naval Auryic of tho United State, aud
shall be io ente red uptm Uw Sxnl ttegia
ter. -H j
Sec. 3. And be it further enaeted, That
In all eueea whore it ha been, or may tie,
found necoscary duiing the pruitut war to
Id. - tuia in confinement ñurumí, f mind mi!
Imurd of captuml vruou, tlio upiuxe of
ed from ib sam-t fund."
See, 4. And be it further enaeted, That
thu following addition bit inado to lh:
olertcal foro-! now nuthoriiod by law iu
dio Nttry Dpirtmnt:
Bureau of ProvUiona and Clothing, two
tuVrki of thu third uIihh and two oí thu
llrtt dais.
Bureau of Ofdnance. 0110
, . . .
tuiru chwj,
U'ireau 01 tnnnment and iwcruitinz,'
on cleric uf th mjoond clusa and onoclcrk!,
of th" itrt eltio.
Approved, July 2,
Pern ic-No.1jí9.J
As act for incrcanfd facililieH uf iIraph
ronimunieittion between th" Atlantic nnd
Pacific -State ami the Territory uf Mabu.
Be it enart' d by th'i S'it'itn and Hut""
(f Hepresctitntive uf tiie United SatM of
America in Con-ir-H i-euil.ed, That th"
Ciiited Sute Trlv-raph Company and
their asocíate aro hereby auinoruej to
ereet a line or linen .f m:ienetie telegraph
between tlie Miuiiri river and th" 1 iy td
San r'raiK'ifeo, in the Siato of Califnrni-i,
on such rou to at tliey may tíi leet, to con
nect ttifh tlio line of tlio sind Foiled
Sfite Teleirrnph t'umpany now cotnttruct
ed ami b-in ouiisiructed ihroiiL'h lb"
St it'w of the C nion. Tlie aid tMinpatiy
slni ii have tbe iimo of fucli u nucen -pi'-d
laud of the I'nitetl State a inay be
iwceMnry forthriht of way, and m ite
riaU, ftud f'r tlm etablihiti; f Hiatium
abnig ffaid linn for repair, not exceeding
at any station fne fpiarter-Nivtion of land;
and witch xt.-itiom nnt to e.tfeed ono in (if-
teen mih"i on the nrerHo of the wlede line. !
uiiles unid lanHs flhalt ho refuired by the!
liovernuierit of the Ciiited State for rail
road or other purpose: And provid-d,!
That no r'íit t'i pre-eiupt any uf naid
landi under the lawn of the I'm'tnl States
shall enure to HaidcMinpaiiy or their anti,
or any üf rp "raon orpernuiia whatsoever.
Sec. Ü. And be it further enacted, That
tlio ;ul luii'.d Stat" Triumph I'om
panv, under th-i direction of tiie rreslih nt
uf tlio I nited Staten, in hereby mi thori.ed
hi er ei a int. of te "iir'tr'h tnou h)it II ill.
hv Wfilbi-Wnlia and the D:tlies mid San
Frnn.'iw, to Portlnnd, in tho State id
On -on, !ti:d from Fort Hail to Banuoek
and" Virginia (Ütf, in tho -Torritorv of
lilaho, with the trame privileges as to
rii'tit oi wav, and so lortn, n .. iimvitien
in the. firn eetiun of this net: the Unm-dlor
Mates to have priority in tlw use of nid
linns of telt'trraiih to Oregon and Idaho.
See. X And be it further enacted, That
the aforesaid rom patty is authorized by,
this net to send and receive despatch" on
payment of the regular charges for trans-'
mission of ilcpatclies over any line that
may now or hereafter be constructed by
the authority or nid of Centres, to con
nect with any line or luí0 autlioriioil or
erected by the Huelan or Kn;;lifti (overu
iiuuIm; uiíd that nil despatches reeeived
by S'lid line or linen shall be tran-miticd
in the onie.ror tii'.or reception, uie tui
sworn thereto shall be
d In ered tu hilmI
United State
s Teb-ruph Compunv for iof the director of the mint at PhiUd.dphia.loijur ulilj,. ,'t
over thit' line to tho' olüijcijíClothfínppi-obation of tbeSecretari !,ul!l of ai,y Vr-ipi-íy ' y
traimiiiiíMion ov
ulienee the nriiriual me-ia"ti was sent.
wl.eueverso directed hy the sender tlierj -
ulv . , ,, ' , ? ,, , 1 .u.i r.i.i-.' hti.ij) i.j ivu.-iru-'Liu hUIíu.'
S'c. i. 1 1.- it funiHT I'lia.'t. .t, Tlwt"l ", piTiodically and wwi.wt.viw,J.,1 .4;,;U,1I,J.1 kai w
tbe V.T..I Milroad c-nminiii auttol nijlly, w.d to uawbliah h .barg-ia for pf-'t v ',',.'. l'i ",'' l- I
l.y,-UfCoiin.1.,Julyu.H-,CW.t ubua- tirnr. ""-ayiiy, tílinliiy, and coining m' j, U1 m,',,,;,,,, ',1" tu,
deed aud uiylwo, ar autliviizcd tu ui-j-wll Hi" W atm 19 U iMewwiy lr'.StMr ttf ,,fl(,w " ' ' '
t-T inn. omuisMivni wiih tlr l'hli'l'e P-nwvM.f earriing inlo effect t!iu in-1 v. ,i i, ' "'. ; V-',
c t. i ...1 ,. i... i:...,,,.,,t .,,,' ,i.i. ...o ;,. ...i.,i.i;j,;.. ue . Al,J " '" ''! :
liloui die lin.. of iid railroad ami branch-
.w an'fa-l a aid r..a. and l.r.tii.-nr..
built; and if said (irrani'iU 'iiLS
intu and the transí- r ol iaid tebraph line
(he made in accordance thorewilu tu the
1 lin of haul railroads nuil branches, such
.triiunfi'r hall, for all ptnpoVe Of lite act
referred to, be held mid considered a ful
of lh,? l,r:,vUi" oi t,V ll,!t r'?lfl1
to thi pontnntinn of a tele'rnnli line
and, in ease of diiareenieiit, said tele
Taph coinpiiiv are authorized to remove
l he ir line uf kVr iph aloii and upon the
line ul railroad tlcrem enrit-iiiplated, with
o'jl piejiidie-j to Üie riitts uf huí J nuliuad
Approved, July 2, bo'i.
IVtiui-No. 170.
An at prescribing the punishment for n
ticin or aiding sea men to desert the
iuv.il service uf the United tt'ties.
It - t enacted bv the Senile and tlotipe
of pf.MenutiTe of til Unlti-d Stafs of'
Amei nm ui 1 uare ansoinlilii, 'I hat ally
peruu who filial I entiee or procure, or at
tempt or endeavor to entici or procure any
seaman oro.h'r p T'on in the naval ser
vice ft C the Uniti d States, or who has lvn
recruited for sneii "ervie", lo desert there
front, or who (dull iu any win o aid or its-
tnnv bU 'h seaman or oilier t, -riun in
deserting, or in atlvmptiuj; to dsert fiom
sai l iniwl lerv-'ce, ur vvlw shiji harbor,,
meo.il, protect, of ui nny Wise jisiH apyt
ucJi oiman or other p msoii who miiy
h ive de-iertfd fimn finid naval servij ',
knowing him to h ive d 'erted l r. from,
or who shall refuse to c'ic. tip and d river
ueii p r.on on ill" deinau l oi any oiiiiier
fiinhorlzed to receive hi in, stiuli te luuds-
Ir d by imprisoitmcnt not less than six
months, nor more than thee years, and bj
fine of not more than two tlwuand dollar,
lo be enforced in niiv court of the United
States Imririi jurisdiction.
Approved, July 1, lNil.
Pnn-ic-.V). 175.
Av Aft to compensate the nlficers nnd cPew
of tho iroij' liidgunboutihVJL for the re
bel rain Arkansas.
1íe t enacted by the Senate and Hoti
uf UtfpriMeulalivt uf the Unilwd Stales id'
A in "ilea in Cuin;reM nmomUrd That tile
'inn of iweiitv-tive thousand dollars be and
ihe Mint U IrMii appropriated, out ot
JiiMHV ij the 'IVeaMiry v uii';rwise
:iipnpritiied, i t'üUíie ihi, iikCivtary ui
thu Navv to the oili.-i-rs and crew ol ih.i
etion of the rebel ram Arkansas, th- boiin-
it provided by the fourth seetfen of the
not uuiltL a" An act for tbé M-tter-(ler.Urtrlds liiWnlnilíMn
nment of the navy f the l'niie.1 States,Statea and thouid city, and thereupon to;inMRn.er. hn'VMnfo W Vt'hmty
approvotl July evt-nteen o.guteon bundrid
nfid sixty-two.
Approved, July 1,
fPcBI ICN'o. 156.1 I
As ait lo authorUe Ihe I'fusiJnt of the
lulled Statu to nootiato wiih certain
IiiJinii ot .Muidlo Orison for a nrlin
quiihini nt of certain rights secured to
llicui by treaty
B'Mt unacted by the Senate and Housoitbo trial uf imy isuo jomed, or of any
l.f v i.., i-,.. .f ,1,,. '.1ir,i v...t..uf
W-riea in Con-re awrob od, That ilio imams in any suit, action, or otnor wro-
1. . , lt ()f lli;.;nle., SmtPfl :llld üüícoud.n2 in uny court of justice in tbe t)ia-
Ant honii.1 to IlOL'Otluta w.tU
tho tntx-a known a-t t hs Confederated,
ilndian trib--a ot Middle tlreyou, for tlo-i
jri'linqtiMiment of c.jr.am rilit riiuran
itecd to th'.-m by the tirt artiei- of Hie f r -n-
tv made with them April iJhtei'inh,
eijihteea huudn:d and iit'ty-niiie. by v.iieii
thfytire p'.riuitu:d to ii-L, hunt, fuh-
t roots una urr
roots and hi'rrivs, and paHLuru stuck in
I common with ciiumií d" üic l.'nittil á: u;
,i. 1 i, 1 t..-; r .i,., r
I ted States tmtsidu their reservation, nndtlw practice of the euurt, 0:1 b
'1 ,.fa;(i(, thrdi rifrvntinn n
lo defray thu eipne.s of said treaty and
in nur ;d Indian for the reliiioiiiMhinciit
of H.'iid riirhtH, that the sum of five thou-ling
lain! dollar- i hereby appropriated, out ufon who in charged with nuy oifice olfencc',). J'
uiij iu"m7 in ie 1 n 'i j uiu-.i
appropriate'!, lor mat purno?.
Approved, June -i1, IH'il.
i'lin.ic No, 201.
Av AfT to cstabÜsh a branch of the mint
of th" L'nited Suites at Dalles City, in
the Statu uf tírelo.!.
B" it enacted by the S. nat" nmd'JI')Ui"j
lof ne're-ellt.ltive'o of tilt) I'll I ted Ht.lt -S of
Ami-rica in Coui-e') ns"iiiliK'i!; Tiiat a
bnuch of tin mint of thi United States j
be looted ami fstahlish-d at Dalles City,
in the Sute of Oregon, for the coiii;tf:e of!
ú and ilver. i
S c. 2. Ami be it further cnuetei, Tbit.l
forearryinon tin.' buiine.sH of said branch
th" foü'iwiii;; ortic.Tf fihall bo api'inted;
a H'H n tbe public intcrerU tliall re'jiiire
their S'-niee, upon the nomination of the
President, by mid with thj advice and.
coinenf of Un; S"imtii, naiaely: one Hiipcr
iii"iejeiit, uno íif)Saycr, one ni'.'lter and
refill or, urn! uric cumm. And tie' superin
tendent ehall ciiipl.iy m many clerks,
siibordinatownrkmeii. and laborers, under
thu direction of the Secretary uf the Trea
sun, ad may be ri fiuire!, Tiirs talari"j
,,f ,",r . 1 . .. 11 1 r .M 'IV. r
01 ui" mi in uiii'jcrK eh. 1 11 iu tin 1 mi hit ft .
llie Mfperii!ieuuejii,.liic Nina 01 iwu uroi- 1
sand dollars : to tin) itvsayer, lie sam oi
eighteen h'tudred dollar; to ttia inciter
and reíincr, eighteen hundred duilar; tu
the clerk, subordinate wo knieu and la
borifrs, such wa"e and allowance as are
Icisiuinai , ncoordniL' to
;stiitions and occupation.
Sec. Ami be it furlh-r onae"d, Thai
ibe oiheers and clerks to be appointed iin-
der thi-5 net, lielor- cutentr up m too :
iuiiyn mui uiiu, n.ui l.im. '.u..
ftn oath
nt lniuatioii b'doro soino judtie ol the
UutfU htutas or oi the uprMn. cnurt oí i
5.Wt.., faithlu. y and dd.Kent.y to p ;rlorm
the duties of their o beer, and shall each
y,..,v U ...o
IV.ItMlt, TlltU WIV Ut UlOll, BUM tKF, tu Hl
satisfaction of the director of the mint or
', 7 ,"J!U"V , " u iroilieo1 BJid road tin ou:.i the same, in
the district ot UroKon and of the Secretary wilich ca.o the riat uf.wa? i. r.u.ud.
of thj freosury, with the condition Sec. 2. And be it fu.iiuruetnd, That
faitliiul perfonuauce of the dut.ui Ue said Un.U beivby gran; ;d to. mid Suite
thr o.l.o shall bod;poMof bv .'lie "La.-iBlaure
Sec. 4. And 1 bolt further enacted, 1 Jm 'hereof fur ihe purple " aforesaid and lor
the ....era d.reei.on of tho bus.nesri of;,,, Mtl0V: AlxiV 1 ril(lj imJ
said bran cli mine ol the luit"d Siate-s ., ; , ,,. , ' , ... .,; ,
i shall be under the euutrul and reirnlution
'of tl
lW-urv;aud for that ijiirte it
j - ' - '' ' u.e uiuv ui ino a.u uneeioi
I nrrji'l-i if Kiir'h r...'!i hitinnit. nuil nt riN.iitr..
i, ,n 1... ii,,. ,i f ,t... ..;,! .i,-,...,p ...
'"in ts-d at ,iid hninoli.
Sj".. mi l!ÍtírtlKr fa.:tl.
1 11 ' t.i'.rucli mint Hi.üi n pl;.ci. uf ilt'-
ury uf ihe T.
sniterin; 'ini'-iif -
if teud bruñe
e duli.M of tl'e
CUilo IV Ol lib:
I. mint, w
:i -nr. r ti
.-;i.;. t
-if-: ni- ii
shall p.
a!fo perform ihi' du.i1" of
surer ; and for that purpose i-e
jeettoml th-! provisions couiamed in it.
act entitled ''An net to provide lor io
beltef organization of the treasury, and
for the collection, Hafekecpin;. tntio."i'.
and diifbuvseiuelii of the public revenue,
approved Auyust six, eiihiecu hundied
d lortv-Mx wliK'lirelat.stottie trcadirv
of the branch mint at Nt;W Orleme.
S-c. (j. And be it further enacted, That
the Mihrriutuiident of said branch mint
be authorized, under ihe direction uf the
rteoreturv o thi! I reasnvv, and on term to
of the irold diisi and bulliun dctiüMicd fori1
lio.in.j or b.irs, drafts or cerum-ates ct
d"pinit, payaijle at the treasuay
su!itreaury ol the lintel Mai
i0 .ll)V
I !t..r - ...o.i,.., ,..,.., lrt .ft.v,,,,.!,! ;
ihat form.
. - . .v i j--
" nij, Í. Ainboit fui'tber tniaoiod, 7'hat
iiii the laws and parts ot law? now id tor
,.r l.i. unit' In fnr-11'"
ee lor lUe
i-e-uliiou of the mint f t,,!r"Mle ni-iaoh of sai.l ports who nle
U uited Struo-, nnd for the srmrmi,-ur of'PBr- o reeji tne oom-,
" i, .. .i '. . (
th- oliieors and persons employed therein, n110 oiumcn firnriwa n
and fortlienuni'luuent ofallüiíencescoiH,h(5 "c, ül. Congm iipw.od Maroli the
necteil with themititor coinage of the lul-'
ted Stat-jB rdtall be. and tlievnre hereby,
di'chnvd' h bo ia fail force tii tclation to
ihe hraneh of the mint 1-y thin act estnbjt
di''d, iid fur us the same may bo applicable
thereto. . ,
Sec- 8. And bo it furtned enaet' d, That
the sum of one hundred thousand ilolhif
bo, nnd tU same is hereby., appropriated,
out of any money in the (reas ury' not nUl
itwUo appropriate I, to carry into ell'oct
the provisions of ibis net, and to meM
the ivprtise of'thc rttrrent yearnd for
tie tieal year ending tei 1liilKt.h day of
JltlH-, Iftd.'i.
A-j,roTcd, Jnly4, IttfjJj v
PriiMC-No. bl.
A:: a(t Vi auil.urif Oi-yiijicdigi-'i
fiuire land in t anai.oui oav, n.-e
tu inn e.uy oi nraoaiyn, auuao n'j ii 'e
th Wluije,ut;uUjr Jirí t
Dp it enacted, bv the Vp.ii,'
of Iteh!'e.seliUllVvis- of rli
! .'lu broti
t r.i
Aiuevioa in
Secretary of tho Navy
vVith tlie eitv i.f Brooklyn, ih tníato 'of
11 i 4tww asonMbtt;d, .,ut ih'íjonírV titii!caie''of ivCifle'iti'StithMlr.
of tho Navy in' amine i..bf ü'-n-WJlM VfTi.4nf-illl;1.Vulil'mi-- of (lie
Sew Fork, aud to ejl'eej nu ex-hing.i bfSv.rlng: A fk;-and th'hiK-vtitrfK w itnl
make, exuctltsj and d -ill Tor gnodnud sul-
Ificieut deeds aud releases therefor.
Approved, July 2, 1HC4.
fl'CBLrc So. l'J.
As act rclatin to th law of iTÍJeni' .u
tlia Diitrifct of t;.i!imliiii.
11,. it unacted tiv the &W. and'U i.i"
of KanreaaotatiYca of Ac Vi.Ü.l S't.it
America in Congress asembl.-d, ThAt on
itñuttur nr fiiicHtiun. or mi itiiT liintufv
incluí omnium-, ur ueiuiu
niiv tiers 011
iiiivin oy law, or liy conseiu 01 parties,
.ty to hear, receive, and examine
.e within said, district, the
, f.Lid ih'.- pursous iy wli'ii
;h aeiiun orotb-r pvo'L'i
d. J' nd -d
.-.:t- ot.-d hi ib;
c-.-oi, '
and c uopiiiiiijly to jy.; ,. !:!,. : -. ,
vive voce ur by Ucpoaií'uri. -v v:u iu
I ot titi
Kt or any of the parties to the n-m action
! or other iirocctdiiw: Provided, That 110th-
herein contained nlnill rendor any per-
n .--...( -.f -
compelíame topyo eviuence lor or n-ainn
lum3elJ or lHwlf, or hall render any per- o Am bc ,t f(jrtber cnaoA.d XIUt
,on coiupulabb; to aivver uny quest. un ttU uUili of lJVJll chl . in StlUe8 not
lein hn to cruuiua hjin-elf or here!f, urjjn nlj,,,hu für7n,Urterinftsters' a torca nc
Khul in anv onwinnl proeeedm-1 rendertUidl y furni,hod to tho Army of the United
any husband competent or comp dljble toSu uml nu)U: for bj the proper of
vocvKienc., for or against his wife, or rul.oivi , u'1() Huf Jor hh
any wilo compelía or eomnellablu to giy luvu hmi tllj?4íU b,. m ülBceM wtilüU't
evideuee furor aaiii.t by.; bu.-h ,nd. or iUj . r00t,:tlt;; m;iv i)fl Hmútod to
iny proce-edwinciiLi'ivdui S0'1'
of ftdultery; iiur'hlall anv hu-bajei be
eomp-JlaUe to dirícbinu unJ oominuincii
tiun majij LuJUiiu by hi wifo during tin'1
nmrrnc, nor hall any husband b:i cuin
pellabie to diis:l(Ho any lommunicatíoti
made ío her by . her huaband during the
Ajipruvcdj July 2, UjOI, .
Ax act rrnnl Jtij lands to the .State of Ore
gon, to aid iu the construction, of a mi
litary road from KucneCify tro the eas
tern boundary of said Statu" " 1
lb it enacted by the Senate tin d Il-mso
of ilcpresejitatives of ihe United Sutes of
America in Congress u-sembi"d, That there
be, and hereby i.t, j;rinied to the Slate of
l)r""iill, to III
iu ta" oibinution oí a rui-
1 j 1 1 1 r V (Viiil'Oi
1 fi'iKii KtiL'.-ne City, by
'.va;. 01 .u.ildie lui'K td itn.tmette river
mid ll: : most 1 Mr,iwy n is in Cathead
IMIIL'e Ol IllOOII'.Oins, le'U' i il l IlHUld 1'cak,
.-o biJiii.dü.'V of iln: Slulo al-
tiTiiatj heel,
i'e odd IIDiil
nil ctcli nidi
th- lands h-
'u of publ.t' i.iiii-? d'..,:r:u.iLed
or. fo!-j.v,.'(joii- i.j width
1,1 ,LJ' ".":in.-n to r-pun eacii case Jul payment li.
velv aj'piicd
to iii j cou-uncii.jii ul flam
.w,rL ,,lr,.,.,l. nnii ., ,11 i,,
i'oa'.i. ana ,iUaiL ue iü-useu ui mi v us L ie
.ippjicu np oiuer..purnj40 wmuvcr;
Vuii bl,iviai.d funb,; Til,lt . fmv ,mU tt1
Uniji itt0h. r,.,,ry,d t0 tJ;c i;u;t,d
, sUie.i bv net of tVfe of ylher co.t.pe-
aem auiiiunty lie, unu llie h.uiu aie, reiser
yt, rilJJ. Ih,. ,OHJlU.;IUl id Í ll ! Pi net. isxe.-ut
Jsu far as it m.iy be necessary lo locate
liovuiiiji.'uji ,.i LiL.ji SL:tu,.i. froui'i-om
lie tumsporla-
:,;,, f ' . " JJ w M4MO'lM
;; v a tfuvlU(,r i xhat
. r. . . ...
llUO Inlldn UMMiV Mailt, ii I..
s)lU! J0 (1, .j,,,,,,,;' 0f un ; v j,,',
manner, llwci, to any.: ih.itaqá.mtuy
That!."!, I1Ut fW 'IU,1 t,1Vt-v.Hct'1J1u,Joi'','lHl
!-... ii. o,,.,, weuV"vvmur
1 V'-1 '"s11 1 lha bewt'tary
I" :M ';iu: r, any ien cou mum.
- -M. uir.ii;M, . t-u-
ui, , 4Md.au, ui, tiinu unreoy raai. i
nit tnuu lime ii'jti. r., tl
(.i;.uid il rf.tid q,. ihs;.v:.h '
n im v uars no Ir.ru, o t-i:,
lioiii I'evni'li to Met lli.lno, ;ji lot j, .
Approval, Juiy 2. icid. ,,
Pl-iiuc-Xo, 174. ' ' " ;
AsAá toKlablish Portland, In tho Shit"
of Oregon, and Leavenworth, in the . Sta
tu of Kansas, ports of delivery.- -lie
it enacted by tlio Sennu-'nnd Hawse'
of K 'preeentuUves of tho UniMSi-ur.-H of
'- t-?s "H'ttíil, 'Ih.it
Mt of Oregon. -and
within tiift mdlcction dibtrie-ti ni Oresron
hp finvMll'o MiiHi-iiwuuii. iii no- ill' millSlLS,
un wiuiiti umj ooiieeti'in qigirieDonr on
.uis.lM ' o r
and hurrnv are. flenrcd
, , i i. .;.,; ,1, ...
tivo eullcution díifiriew.'- And them wbaH
appoiitioii ft HtiTi'íHMf oi. eitHtnms tu
nt'i'ti i ion itf flutta
aeconii, oihtoon hundred and thirty-aciq,
neiu" An act nuowmtrnno uunss imvn
iirii merchandise imnorttid into Pitlaburc
Whotillnp, Cinoinnatij f.ouisvill'', St lo-,
uis, nnd Nashville, and Natcbi-a to-' La'
scoured and paid at thou plaoes." -."'
Approved, July 1, U-til. J ' '
As act pri'scribhi liny' te'rtn' Qri ''.Wíych.
exempllíieiitiniis fhall bo funiIi'dbv
' the General laud ''.T'
lie it enacted by tbj íSeiaíninsi4líi'ijiu!t of
Jl'-prienUHiyed of, ho iCiiih iat-,a of'
Am-r.ca m Ooiufais ne-'iuib c-d,. Thtit;-
Trom and aft-T tho first daV of Jitlv next.í
rtv,.i,ii, .(t.--il !nnn -nt-i itvnN on ft e. WT
of reivn-i in vhe-i-riwral'Mud Office, wbi.'tp'nt'iiivvii uf the United States of
UMY bj riiioiied bv mrlie.i ÍuU'restot(OV-'jricn Mt tongrti-i ussemhed, 'iijat the
j ...'ii i, . r ir.o.'ti,..! u'v ilie iii.Vi..!) o- .jiiiurpoirtjiion uf the city of W.isliinittun , bt
'.i . r; , ,.v-i'-.,i 't,: KO.--Í o ipiiand tioii aro hereby authorined lo assess
ei riiiv rut- 'iftiF.'i-;nte n V ' -r biitVlriiO"jL e)híet a tax not oXeaeding the rate of,
1 two d i.I i' i for cop. 5 f) otr
(Ma-rrams', 'w.Tit n and. 117
sur,i of on
dkr fW'fhrM'piHlfihsh
'li - ilfe tt.V "hKM Tiftliír rtiN'l-ruvnd Armt tlveightoenliundriid and
mi. twm S Vr11 tm V
the United Stat-ff cffi-et iri'Fííh'i'n to'fbUp'
act according th huHi Vegulatió muy
he proscribed liy the eoretary 01 tus ln-
torior not inconsistent with the law, of tlio
Unit -d 6ian.nr. I'rovidod, That tin fee.
ifl.piilatiMl mtuo ion-guiag provision, shall
I""1 W lu h "uttwutioatud oopio. a
f!"" ",'! i'V "y uUl0OT" V
branch of the Coyenimeut, or to tmcu ua-.i
V'jnücd copies un tüu CommiKioner in his
UiücreUuo may deem proper to lurniBh
.Approved. July 2, l$(j4. ...
PtuMC No. V))
An act to retitriel tho juriddiction of the
Court of Claims, and to provide for thu
payment of certain demanda for quar
torimw tuns' toro and Hubsitencesupplies
furnished to tho army of the liuitcd
lie it enacted by the Senate and House
of B'!preseutativC8 of the United States of
America m Congiiws assent hted, Unit the
jurisdiction of the Court oft Claim it shall
not cxttud to or include uftv claim nninM
the United States growing out of the des
truction or appropriation of, or Jamuce to.
! property of the army oi n ivy, or any part
KtIoii 01 in,., roofiiiyn, l.om Ue comm :ii
. ,j , , f
1 the Oiiaitte.rma.st,r (ieherai of the United
Stated aeuompanied, wiih such proofs n
acji claimant can present of ttie Jacta iu
his case : and it shall be tho dutv uf th
Quartermaster Heuehil to cause such claim
to be examined, and, if convinct'd rh.it it
is just, and of the loyalty of the claimant,
and that the atores have been actually re
ceived or taken for the usu of and used by
said army, then to report ouch case to the
Third Aiiditowif the Treasury, with a re
commendation for Settlement.
See. 3. And be It further unacted. That
all claims oí loyal ciluciu, iu Suites not
iu n b. dliou, for eubM&te.ico actually t'urn
isbcdlosuidarnnyind receipted for by the
proper ollicer receiving the sume, ur which
may have been taken by such oilieors with
out giving ftuih receipt, may be submited
to i he Commissary (.iioicral (jf Subkistuiice
aecomp inied with such proof as each clai
mant may have to nlVcr; and It shall be
tho duty of the ConimiNary (jenerul of
Subsistence to cause each claim to be exa
mined, and, if oimvineed that it is just,
ind of the loy.ilty oi' the claimant, and that
do1 íúoivs have been actually received or
( tL'ii fur lli, i if :md ii -i'd lit' ti;iiil iifinv.
the ThirJ Auditor of the Treasury with u
- ..., .!.. r.... Ui,nin,n..iif
lOlilUli'luJ;Uon un- setuei.
App.ovul, July 4, im.
r . . PnM.ir-.No. 102.
Av act iiuthorl.iiiiir the erection of buil-
ding's for the branch mint nt San Fran
cisco. ; ,
He it enacted by Üie Senate and House
of lie presentan vea of the UuiUid States of
Am rieii in Cougre.su assumbied, That the
otiuj of tlii'ou hundred thousand dollars be,
and the suine, is hen bv, apjiroprintod, out
oí any maiiey in tho 'f iwury not other
wise appropriated, to be expended, under
tlit) direetiou uf tho Scerelnvyof the Trea
sury, iu thu purchase of u site if neces
sary, u.iid the oreetiou of a suitable buil
diuíí or buildins for thu use of the branch
lUiiil at Sau Fraueisci), in the State uf
L'auioraia. . , ,
, Approved, July 2, 2G4.
IVm-tc-No. U'7.1
As act to repeal a joint resulutiuii entitled .
,kl Joint 'soiuüon to rant additional :
rooms to the Ariciuiural lii-paftment,
' jitud lor oilier purposed.
I! -it cune tod by th" Senate and IUuisc
uf Keji'o.1(:utittiveri of the United States of
America 'in Congress iissi;uilijed, That.
ofL, , ihMWo'luiiin 'entitled Joint res..
lutiSt. to -rani additional room to the
Ajirieullural Department be. imd the
berehv. repealed. ' "
Stc-2. And be li furü.er enacted, That
,Iw s,CretarvoT the Interior be, and ho is
j f.ro1,y iUltjhorued and directed to nssl-n
for tiie leiuperitry its 6 of the Commissio-
,Jli '"jiier uf Agriculture, such rooms la the In
I'p-et- ,.ritir iXpartment suitable for the busi
ileus of said commissioner, and neeesserv
tuuiablo him to peiloim olliemlly the
business of said oihee,ns can bo so appro
priated with (he least inconvenience tu the
truncation uf other public business.
Sec. 3. And -be it further enacted, That
ihe C'-uiiiiissionor id' Ai culture is autho
vlm lo rent suitaldc rooms for tho accom
modation of his office, and to make neoc
ssa ry iiiiproveiue.nts,nud, to pay the rent
of ihu ame for one year, the a.un of three
thousand live hundred dullard is hereby
uppopriuted out. uf any money in the Tren
uiy not ptherwseappopriitU'd Provided,
Such Moms td.ull not bo rented for a pe
riud longer than tliree veurs, '
( Approved, July 4, 1H4-
-Rue-No. 2oo.
t(. act to' correct a clerical error in the
aw of.Tuun thirtieth, eighteen hundred
' .and sUty fuur, rclaiing to the Post Ofli-
, ; eó Uvji utineut. . ,
' Be I enacted by the Senate and House
.of en resent uti Yea of the Unitud States of
.jtmenca In touress assembled, That so
mucli ul muiiet ot tnirtiolli juue, eigtileen
hundred and sixty four, as repeals the
.WeuUmith, eiiihteeiith, tbiry filth, thirty
nuitlijUiid furty-drst Hectiona of the act of
Maieii i.itru, eiiuccu nuuureu i nu swty
lliive, tulilleil "An not t i umeiid tho laws
Aitina iu thu Post Oilice L) e part men t."
:, uúii.ihe, saine s hereb repealed. ,
Vppi'uTeil, tuly'4, Uiií,-
. Purine ,o, luVi. . ..
AnAJí ' tiihorizn lb Corporation of
WushliiJtoa to U'Vy and uolievt tiie di-
J rect. hai imposed by act. approved, Ai-
uit tivf, eighteen imitated and suty-oui),
Jl Ho'nauted by tiie be nato and House
- Ul"'l,.3,JI ' vverv uuu uuuureu uuuuro
lAtu as made and returned by tho Board of
nu.iittt- ui uit
Aísesí.íru ol said city, to enaiiie tiie aid
L'y . pci auon to pay to the Un eminent of
uie tmti-4 iiutes mo tax unnoou ny .net
" r J w pj
filtitax As kwm provitlcil kUH oeüeposi-
- -nd applied to the use of tho Rmieral
fand oí the aaid e,Uy of Washington.
i'PIU-'l uaiJ '
PtOLíc-Xo. 1D5.J ;
An act providing for satisfy:
, bounty latid aud for o tier purpobe.'
Ii" it enaoted by the Senate and House
of Repreientatives of the United States of
America in Coiigrai iwiieiabled, That the
act entitled "Au act te provide for satis
fying claims for bounty lands for military
horvieof in tho hue war with Urent Bri
tain, andfor other nurposoit,"" approved
July tweutv-ievouth, in the year one thou
sand ei(ntnundreuuna tony-two, auu tne
two net approved January twenty-sor-unth,
in the year one thousand eight hun
dred and thirty-fivo, therein and thereby
revived, aud also the two acts to the same '
intent and purpose, respectively, approved
the twenty sixth day of June, in the year
eighteen hundred and forty-eight, and the
eighthédav of February, in the year oijb
teea hundred and forty-four, be, and tho
sume are hereby, renewed and continued
iu force and effect, without restriction or
limitation as to the time of locution of
said warrants issued iu virtue thereof.
S,o. 2. And be it further enacted, That
all w iiiants for bounty lands heretofore
M'.oj.ul ui yiriu..- of any of the several acts
b',iviiibrío.v uam-.-d. may be located at
any huk oUíjv uelit lo the pass ige of this
act, iu conformity wiihihe iroueralluws
in force ut the time uf each location ; and
that ull entries aud locations heretofore
mude with such warrants ohall be us valid
and effectual as if the the, several acts ufo
resuid'had not expired at the time of such
entry and locatiuu, any' law to the contra
ry notwithstanding.
Sec. 3. And be it further enacted, That
all acts and part of acts inconsistent with
the provisiuu.i of this act be. uud the same
am hereby, repealed.
Approved, July 2, lBu'4. ,
Additional Article to the Treaty for the Su
ppression of Afric in Shive-Trade, bet
ween the Unit eii Stales of America and
her Britanic Mij 'sty, of the 7th of April,
1H(J2: concluded February 17, IMii; ra
tili'd by tli-Unti"d IS tales, March 5,
rtitiliention exchanged, April 1,
Wy.; and proclaimed by tho President
of the United States, April 22, ltfu3.
Wiikukas an additional article to thetro-
aty for tho sujiprossion of tho African
dave-trade, netween ttie Lniteü otates ot
America and borjfritanio Majesty, of tho
i"th uf April, 1862, was concluded and sin
ned at Washington by their respectivo ple
nipotentiaries, on the 17th day of Februa-
, 10,1. wnicn additional article, is word
for word, as follows :
Additional Article to tho Treaty between
tlio L tilted .States of America and nor
Britanti! Majesty for the Suppression of
the African Slave Trade, Íuod nt Wash
ington April 7, lc'G2.
Wiikkeas, by the first article of tho tre
aty between the United States of America
and Majesty th ? uoen uf the United kin
gdom of Creat Britain nnd Ireland, fur tho
suppression .of tho African slave-trade,
signed at Wnhitirrtun on tho 7th of April,
lhb'2, it was stipulated and agreed that
thoe ships of tho respective navies of tho
two Iii Lh contracting parties which shall
be provided with special instructions for
that purpose as thereinafter mentioned,
may vbitMich nuirehant-vesselsof the two
nations as may, upon reasonable ground,
bo suspected of being en jinked in tho rtfri
cau slave-trade, or of having been Üttrd
out fortliat purpose, or of having, during
the voyage on which they uro met by tho
did eruis -ra, been onaed in tho African
lavo-traite contrary to the pioyisions ui
nid tiealy; and that utich cruisers muv
detain and sendoroarry awny suuhves-
sels in order that they may bo brought to,
trial in the manner thereafter tiroed upon;
and' whereas it wits by the said nrticle
further stipulated and agreed that the re
ciprocal riht of search nnd detention
should be exercised only within thu dis
tance of two hundred niib-sfrom the coast
of Africa, and to tho southward of tho
thirty-second parallel of north latitude,
and within thirty leagues from the coast
of the island of Cnbn; and whereas tho '
two hil. contracting parties are desiroui
of rendering the said treaty still more ef
ficacious for its purpose, the plenipoten
tiaries whoigncd the said treaty have, in
virtue of their full powers, agreed that the
reciprocal right of visit and detention, as
denned in tho article aforesaid, way be
exercised also within thirty leagues of tho
island of Madagnsear, within thirty lea
gues of the island of Puerto liieo, and with
in thirty leagues of the island of Sun Do
ming. The present additional articlo shnll havo
the Bume force and va! dl v as if it bad
been inserted word fui W rd in tho treaty
coiieludefl between the wo high contract
ing parties on the 7th of April, lHti2, and
shall have tho same duration as that trea
ty. It shnll bo ratified, and tho ratifica-
tlons shall he exclnuiged ut London m six
months from this date, or sooner if possi
ble. -.
lu witness whereof tho rospoctivo plcni
notentiaries have signed the same, nnd
have thereunto affixed Ihe Bual of their
Done nt Washington, the 17th 'day of
February, in the year of our Lord one thou
sand eiht hundred aud sixij-tlirce, , ,.
: LYONS. i . i ! . u, a.
And whereas thetsaid additional article
has been duly ratified on both parts, nnd
the respective rutiticatlons of the same
were exchanged at London on the 1st ins
tant, by Charles Francis Adams, Esq.,
Knvoy Extraordinary and Minister Pleni
notcmiary of the United States, at tho
Court, of St Jam us, nnd Earl Kusscll, her
iiritannic Alatesly-s principal Scorotary ot
State for foreign affairs, on tho part oil'
their respective governments : ,
Now, therefore, bo it known, that I
ABB All AM LINCOLN, President of tho
Unitud States of America, have canned the
said addiUonal articlo to bo made public
to the end that the same, and every clnusu
and part thereof, may brs observed and
fulfilled with good faith by tho United
States nnd the citizens thereof. " '
; lu witness whereof, 1 have hereunto neb
my "hand, find caused the seal of the United
Slates to he affixed.
Dono at tho City of Washington
, this twrnty-fleeond day of April
in tlio year or ourora one
thousand eight hundred and
sixtV-three. and of thelndepon-
ujihoo of the United íátutos tho
eighty-seventy. ' ' '
l!y tho Pranljunl .. .. . '
n ILLIAH II. stwtun, trary oí oían,

" l ! .j , , , . , '" , "
.,f t.-. V-n...!. ü,lit ,i, .ll..i1,,.i,llv r,.:,.l!l..ii'-li,l-' f.,r Vilvpo-o uf prc - Jurvn. -

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