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" Our Country May ihe nlwuyi b riffht i btit right or mn Our Country.
NO. 34.
1) K C K M It K U vS , 18 5 ,
nii, it wasaimlterin aiw, which, ho m,v,! Etd River Ilaft, I The Cleveland Herald lolN ihe following f
proven that I must have knocked oil" a piece, j U w II hfc seen from the following, which we Mkritko CompuMknt--Cat Pttttntotion.
ho can iwat tlu extrsordmiry sudotmr clip from the Caddo (.irette, thnt the work of On I riday wee!,-, the rrew And coot of the
i i fl n "V I' T T (i fl !l 1 C D ' fnm - '" t row Ik V O. l1J-
' ",v"""..r.7.. ' ! Defence of the Frontlar. I A Firo Hunt-Ths lonirost 81ut oa Record.
,'iimi'i. i-. uu'ivni.'t 1 The Washington correspondents for the We know that mnuv of onr render under
v. ufiuiui. j.i .rwiNi.r.i.Mjnro our own among thom snenk with u , slnnd what is culled "linMiuiitiitg." Some of. jremoving tin formidnble obstruction to Rod ,'Ohio Canal coal boat lVlvanthiii nreiented
ntnv not; theroiore, we win oriony rv Ys.anuj,' svoTcr.r.. o: voppcr ire in wib Mver naviratmn l pTogrvssmi- rapidly under tnetr eapmin with s. cane. The folhwinir it
On dark nit'lits when there is no. CailiiiU Ternter?. I the rno.-veiic efforts nnd scii-nufip skill m' . the cirresnoiiJ-.'i!,-i :
moon the deer hunter who wishes to knock We had ctliii itcd to it ti vvstotdav n line ! Fuller mid hi assistants. The editor of the j ' Wa I .ok, Oio KanaI,
i. ii in ' tone of confidence of the diaapprnvnl by the them ni
flm j.iu 1 Administration of tho crossing of the Kio fnlnin it
,'inT-iiwutuumiMi ... i iit he jOrnndo by Lapt. Callahan and hi party, nnd
uhv.iiu.i,.r ,,..',.rnii.1-ri-w. unit.. u :jn,jm(lte ,!,, proceedings will he instituted
ii .i.u-nH"u " ''" immm. 'nniini iiioiii ny uiut-r oi inn vuvniiiiriii,
vic..,.-..- .i 4 VTVJ.i'!' for a violation of the r.eutralitv laws. Sum
i. ,. t . . j.v.f.i. j r ii i .tu nm ' repot ta from lexss called oiiieinl, but wliien
I.' FZZ mr'rM ,N -' we hope are not entitled to that desi?nntion
tKcMJsu s w ua.vrf -,mc. it; t tuKri: -. re snid tocall for these proceedings, and to
-!TLMirf r,ui. , t u,. w uiitti ot.w, f 'characterize the Rangers aa engaged in a fili
. , .-ux.,Mt 4i!r: i !iijte ine enterprise. This is in the tone of
.Va'L'Sr - 1 ihe olficial bulletin of the Mexican generals,
, i ! iuif i .i,jiko mMditi ji cnt m inj t' ivlio, on the first intelligence of the crossing
. ..i"ihMm.ttow.BM.brWriof thia party, imagined they saw the van
i . i i. .n.,t. . . . m leuard of an invading army, and issued procla
;...,ia u .ui ,ih-,i dvrud, uj trgtt .-oniiio. 1 niatinns Tor a concentration of nil the ovaila-
."f". "J mM"M !b!e forceor both contending factions, for the
.iu tnjwv;:..-iuajiA.. i!ct-tvj in kk iJuitK.- oeienca oi int wnoie line ironi cagie ms
over an old buck, takes with him a companion! specimen of oo;yer ere, wlii-U to ail appear : CV.v.e, in an ncco;mt of a trp to Iwht Kt.rvsi.R.v, April 1, 18i3.
wno carries over tits noiiim-r mn mh ori mice coii.siikj a inre portion v: tile , iT.r;;i. cuts wo losiowmijcneenn! ite!i!'nr. fi'ti. .,-.. XiiH, J-.n.:
basket, attacln-d to a lonir wooden handle, a
hati-het, and a sack filled with short pieces of
"lightwood" straprHvl to his back, and with
his gun tlio hunter st Hies forth into the for
est. " l'iece of the "light wood" are kindled in
the pan, which eives out a great blaze and
Lthrows a bright light f.ir into the woodsaround.
Deer Red at niglit quite as mnctt a ty day,
perhaps more: and their eyes have a peculiar
"shine" by firelight. When they are so feed
ing, am! the flare ofKffht from the pan "shines'
their o; es, the man with the gun fires in the
pure metal as is visible a',1 o.-tr the sutfaoe of , in re tard to the speedy n;n-.o-a! oi th n:t . ! The undented in It-hnf of i'ie Knj snd
the sprcicien. The mie irom whtoh it i "e were rlad t-i sn that tlie preparatio'is ; '' of the lHiti PI'y-Ann-thus, present yu
extracted, is situated in the Cad juen purchase, for its removal had ppr-resAl so rapidly, nnj ! with a basweod Kain "rar-.-d upon the Team
and as will Ve seen b- the subjoined aKitract to leant that they wtre so near rotnp'eti.tu. 's'ila. that spot maid klassic ground by being
of a letter wfitten to Mr. Corv, member of the The !o, and trees, formerly interlocfced am! the home ot Joems IJtoo n, K., author cf the
Assembly of this State, premises to prove of j bedded together In the channel, have all Keu coiners ad. Note by the weih, Altered Bills,"
incalculable a!ue. isavcej or chopped, and svpsratcd ; so that they and oihvr work; of gcneFal i?oo and circeia
The letter referred to is tsted at Cane Arua now loose! v upon the surface, ollerini no ; !'un. After Ix-inp kot, the stick was taken to
Calient), Arirona. Mountains, January IV, INH. i Kspeuiinent to tne MU-es.
TVr '-IlrtrJ Chclt Baptists' are a wall-known
.-, in the Su;h and Southwest. They are
.: rilated. "rat we know of, to the Hard
II DTicriis in this Si-.te, though their
..-"' r.nie is the siune. Thev go dead
Most ;!i Bible, teinrxrance. and education
vritler ; bate missions to tin? heathen, and
'down to Matainoins, airainst an armv of terri
i tie Texan. Mexican terror appear to have
infeeted some loval pfrsontiires on thi side
of the line, who have hastened to impart their
imagining to Washington, and hold up Capt.
Callahan and his Texnns as lawless invaders
of a peaceful neighboring country. The word
selected to stigmatize the party' is that they
are liliuusters a word winch has come
.es-tful emnlovineat of 1 "Tinkers Crik" ami tvaled. and then lo "Jonnr
Th A tfc-rit.r cnmA inAnlk, kmki.mi p' ! ttdft tk(-.w il'liAn i'.mmI.!. ' f . . t '' ' IaI i, ..-da I. ... ..).. . . J J
to fall in wi pc.ny who were preparing to enables them to bein operatinc. ;a boss and toe lit e karved on topol it. Sutch
expbre that portion of Sonora acquired bv the j '-Co!. Fuller w:il he on with" two lvct boil. ! the simple yet affectiu historj- of the wep
Gad'den treaty, and to take possession of wl en-es.y for the pupose, with new machinerc :n whi.-h j-s preseiurd to yn aS a rtlirk of the
uable mine should thev be so fortunate as to-'adtnimbiv adaptesi to the ob'.-vt in view, a 'asiecshun which will follow vu wherever tlie
distance at which the eyes are judied to be. ( discover su i. The party in time fooml a soon as a r;se in the river er.aUes him tooros arjoo-n- d'vtiei of a wier Hie ma kail vu
lhis brief explanatun of "tire-tiunting we: copper nur which has proved to be rvh and .the hi, at A!evaiv.r.a.
presume is sufficient. Now for 0"r story ! extensive. The ore has been a-ssayeAl. and" '-Frvxa what we saw orif and could learn
for we have one to tell. j found to co ntain seventy-t.v per cent, of cop- from others, we in.-line to t!;e cpinion that the
A few weeks since, in n part of Alabama j por, in addisen to which :l.t re are tW. one to 'prospect of thi impttant work lcie fnallv
whero there is an abundance of almost all lone and a half ourees ct" gold per hundred ' siwessful in the permanent removal of ilV
direction of the eyes, ccnerally aiming two or
three inches below them, according to the
Tor the Kn an j Cuk
kinds ol gptne. a friend of ours had the good weicht,
l'uvt.Mi, April 4. IS."3.
Wi;h a hesrt Uiiiing over with burning emo
to lortuno to no out on a lire hunt atter deer with i 1 his i:une is within one ti'ir.drej miles o! .be.one: tor tosav n.!lnoi the enerc-v snd . ,...! n. i
, some in party well posted as ro tlie woxuis, the best, sicamloat naviiratioa on thv ColoraJo river. .scier.t:!;c skid wh;c:i have K-en d:PHved hv ;. fi..:.. . j
on J ranges, "shining." shooting, &'c. Athalf-pastjThe writer, however, ssys th-.t ridn of the Col. Fniier sn his askrants, they hav. lh'e 0vin--" to-vilu-r, m the inspired lancoa.pt of
en-e ol ,ho t.
,:,',h..,i1,T,nvtiii-ihe rest of !ipni!y. in the newspaper vocabulary
mXkmd. Of cou -s they ate opposed to "? "Wn toh0" la,,d and Pira'6
l-.r.vnT nJ -JiiMk is tl ev oresuddonlv moved. sca uul empioyca ciueiiy ior tne purpose ot e o ctocic "oavvnev, witn ni- young mascer, company wereiett at tne m:ses rooaiia ron"vs even: r.:-.:itage oj the combine!! osptti
V Ue,r"ia correspondent" writes to the Drawer, casting odium without any definite idea of the I and our friend, set out for a hunt in which I and hold possession of their claim, while the a.l other operators who had heon preciously
itnd rol;?tes the fallowing of otie of their preach- Partiulnr ofTence intended to le charged. they were sure of success. The guest, whe: remainder are engaged in matin; explorations encased ia the sa-,n nn.'ertnking."
' (Filibustering, in its usual sirnificition of these i has a great passion for all sorts of hunting, ; far silver. Several mines containing Irji, ' Our neighbor of tile rr.Vgrrni has also
"Two of them were in
cether. While one was
penfd to soy, "When Abraham
" I he one Mnnd turn
hluiuler bv snying out loud,
me same puipii iu-, - .... .... ........ . ...... ; j. , , ;.. ............. ... ... -mm i;i nowjmg wii.terness, and darl
preaching he hap- otner country, wmi uesigns against us uov- yjiorting, was eiatea a. me mea oi unuug : ueen uiscovereu. ine ncnuess oi me sprci-.or ran - carrjed on m tr.f! rep'ion oi tne r.iti, :f ihe interior tu the metropili of the
built the ark. " jtnimeni, io u.cnnrow 11 uy loreitrn invasion, i nun 11 a line outs, proposeu au, uu itiru tuiicvicu nn jc; : i-T-n js-::;ra. 1 iirrc ,i rry KiugiJ.n .1) tj;e suuvs o: how, amid the liarknes and dxtnrers
Strove tO Correct hlS jl'r iu umc uuiikniv liiiirgi-m in a i-it i oi nisi vniucu uir mr-juu, liii ii -TiU iiiuiu vi luc ni..c, i.;r.w. . i. wiiai'i jvail, ;,,ia is MNir. -.Tf ,t (!. xv:chill ' hour Ol llirht " Sllrro
braham icarnl " connict ngTimsi tne regular nutnonties. ; oi eyes --sninea in me nuns uv, o.v i- m j great i.-easun? tiw.iit-.mBi, ne cpp!jr.-5 i.i cntfrrain no .l.mm ,, nvi,T;,. j,,,, imve 1 looked to vou
i i ii? a .wiittia ii. , c iiu uiii inu iipsr . amfutu iiu.c- iuui ui.s. -j - .. , ... a.i v. ... ....... j .,,iv.i a,,vi .. I,'
-Dut the speaker pushed on, hendless of 'neither directly nor indirenly did they hove
th interruption, and only took occasion short "ny revolutionary mirposes agniust any one
This was something Sawney bad not anti
cipated, and the poor darkey was ouite elated
ly to n-iH-nt. still more decidedly, 'I say, when (claiming authority in Mexico ; nor did they by it.
Abraham built the ark. " jhave any understanding or complicity with! "W ell, massa, I gwino to shine do eyes.
"'And I s::V cried out the bther, Alrcham anY pf ''le factions which nre contending with j sure, and 1 'spect you h-ive to give me a dol
irqm't r.var.' " ' leach other in that distracted co-intry. Noth I lnllar nnd half provided you does what you
The Hard Shell was too hard to be beaten I ing in their proceedings countenances such ! says. I shine de eyes certain. But Vpose
jt.im-n in iii wnv nii.l n,i,lr..infr ihe nonie. an imnutation ; and the absurdity of it be! von miss urn? How will dat her
3 -e
. , , ...... r i "... . . ,
senriu as me poorest o: a;;. :.-iur..v :ac-,(siT..,5, atw we nv eriy hope rucn
id mines appear as if they , may $- the case. iV t unless jheie is v ater
fty or more years ago. jinore a;i:nJant than there has lieen in tins re
ing aHandoncxi was the ;gioa for the asi year nr two. we oaimot count
us, which cvHi5,;ir r.. -, .i nom liiis source Ol com- i., , h.r " t . I...... .. ;.l,:.; .V.
Ity the MexK-a:i race. . mi::.:cu;ioi v.uh the res; onhe v.ond il,t miu r ,i, i.i- ...i.. f. i
the l't.
J n.irlt .h' rll"r
An. V.v T. oil,.. Ifar.'
When transporting the "black diamonds"
for sup-
por:. Jlovv tilirn have von, lioh, without
chart or compass t. guide. steeTod our gallatt
canf: ihroiit;;i the thickening gloom which
Soiled temjHt and disasier, while I, and I write
it without vanity, stood nt tie? bow, prepared
' . country are s'.d cheap. ' fao: is, we m-jit have railroads, or onr eennity
but toreign goods are held at exorbitant rates. : is worse than useless 10 onr priisrHrit"; and
pYrlninim' with Vrini inicrnntinn ! av Abr.i ' comes more transparent when we see that nil! "Miss them!" retorted the hunter. "I dot;t i The writer savs that he would like no ktter it'ie expcriea.v of the pasi two years has tauj-ht
ham was (Atir or thar Aeotrrs!'" parties in Mexico denounce the expedition ; j often do such a thing; with this shooting iror.'.j business than that of merchandising within ,us the :er fol.y depend -ig upon our i.iis
To the same Southern correspondent ve nnd the anti Government party, to which only j I'll hit even pair of eyes 1 shoat at to night ; the American territory adjacent to the new j erabie river na.gr.::on. U's.;j?rV'.-J i-'-'v.)
arc indebted for another reading of a passage 'hp,r services could be valuable, was the hrst no matter how tar oil.
.... . . v.. i i r. :.. i 1 . uit . i ..... . i 1 1 i .l-
iiiifi ii,r('.M in lii'ii ii iii-iii I mil. mm mil,, i.iihii iiiti ?.iihii iiiivi' I ip iimni-. I ai.iiii'.ii i;,. "ii . .1:11,-7. i . , ..i;iii: . u 11 1 iii .
Let Ui aovv pii up the bock of clecii. ns in
r.s . w 1, .1 . .
1 ne io;,ovi! states cave reen carried
numner vf
ITesiden: to
Whether I door noti loundarv line. Drv coeds, en which the ; V.-rrcr,;,'.
...i : 1 1 .. 1 . ...:ll nn,l ImrrlXit in 1 nllliniMnlinli. nilii mnr n Mil l-oil hnl hfirp h mni.ai " I irin.PArr;ltlkl ,.-l:l'ns nT !nl tri T":l Vli..tl :
wnicii nns oeen MinoHsiv eoiiMrueu. n wm - - ... , .- ... . t ,
he recollected that in our July number we 1 Wlt' terror as well as wrath. On the baser; And oil the party started into the midst of an average jro!.: ci one hundred pr cent,
.-i 1 .1... .r.u. . -i. i -.J ! rrtnind of mere olunder the nartv is eaunllv I the dense woods. The liVSt from the nam Shares in the corr.ianvV mineralprooertv
the passage, a he heard it read, "Now these above suspicion, f he freebooting side of fill-' gleamed far and wide through the wild forest . are valued a. irom S-?,000 to fcoO.OOO. The j by the democrats. We give the
eight did Milc.ah ber," to mean, "Now these (blistering, in its obsolete sense, is utterly alien i Onward nnd still onward trudged the night writvr says that although thee prices may electors for Fresident and Vice I
.,ml .li.l ...ilL -o K.r" f,ir fnonH mvsi to tne cnaracter oi
the men or their leader. hunters; over huge logs, through thickets of '. seem visiomrv, it should be considered that j w-hich each State is entitled, together with the .
This broiifht to mind the story of the I He 's not a roystering blade, as many have i brushwood, vines, brambles tad briars; up hill I twenty -four men only tie an inexhaustible I popular majorities:
, iiiuuiiu ju.iiii pniirn-, unu uuwu inu, acro3K vei cxiiiomH anu aioni mouniaiii o uif, iiiiTr.i,niiiiK ii, niitxu wijj kvk, t...-. j ujiTir.irixy.
rrnmt k1il ftilniu ll'Tll ivnc tiUriiKr hp'r distaff, (hastily conjectured,
and listening devoutly to lior daughter read-s"s nt the head ol mere adventurers, but a
inn-ti e I5.M at her side. She was reading (citizen of solid character and substance, lead
iifthe hook of Genesis, end being not yet per- i '" a citizen force on a duty which he and
feet in (he art, she would now and thi-n mis-' lley believe to be demanded by the iinmecli
e.M.a--a SnJt.xlMl .W-.-wwiatfi-fiWTences.of 8e!.Welw-v ni -iwwfied by
sininmoripnle. liieso words: 'Xra- these ei'ht I national and natural law.
did Mil ".hliore ' ! The ground which they take, and which
drv ridpes: now inonist the "tnrnrntinp or- ner oitv and eontainir.ir also o!d enon?h tosViresnia
chards," and rlien amidst onk, beech and gum; pay all exptise of digging and transportmg ' ji;11. Cr!ina..
through fields and around fencrs. j the ore to Europe. "t'J"9"
More than one hour was thus spent, during! Fromthe tenor of uis letter, it may rea- i xuSmmi'
which our fticnvl tot his lint a tttwii times ' sonably te fci inferred, lhat this country wi;i "Tejaw,...""
to say nothing of tivo or three fall-downs, sun- soon get hei "pmvhase" money beck in cash J Maine. ."."."....,
dry seratebea of his hands and !ace,and being out of the O.idsden territory itself Svnrea- (,?orsia
' IVnnsyJvunia
- !i.i.iam
New Jeroey
W isoiiaism
is Xansa?.
We clip i'tf f,iI!owirg frwa t5ie Men-.ph-s
W hig ef the :h insran; :
Seme days sis; we y'v
si a iiis-fcivh '
"What, what's thai?' said the old lady, : the 5,i,,p 01 1 exas ,nle ,or them, as we ! nlmost out ol breath from the biisk exercise he : to I mot.
read that ce-aiu.' j understand, is that they were in pursuit of j had to undei-go in keeping up with Sawney.! - -
"The cood daughter complied, and looking 'Indians who had crossed from the Mexican now more than ever intent on '-shining" for Secret Military Orpraiiatioix o Frcs i?cil?r
more rtmmlly, read, -did Milcah hear.' !s'de, and were in the constant linoir ol cross-i the fnlce ot the promised "shiners.
h. that will do,' said the mother, 'they ! ig 1 committing fearful mvntres in the Amcri-. R;.r in all rhis time no eyes were discovered,
might milk a lar. but to milk a boar. my!ca ."-'ttlements; burning their houses, dc-j The party halted, and Sawney applied him-
daughier, is impossible.' " istroying their stoci.- anu murdering their mm-; sell to relroshmg Ins tire-pan and sick.
v , ' .1.1.. .i. lilies. It will he contended that the Mexican' This gave opDortunitv to ret whii'
Nothing is more common than to hear the; .... ... ,.,... 1 1 .i. ' i , s i .-""' lli
foreisners in this couutrv boasting of the vast- . . , ., r . . ' ,, : , , ....
ly better and cheaoer things thevWd to have : ""jona from their side of the. nver ; that -Am yon lost Sawneyr asked his youg
t . ,i,.,, t.!.,...il i,n ,!.. . t,t tlio ' "" "-"i"":i-; vu., iinmin m n ui:iMfr, unihiiig noout ratncr anstou;v
, . 3 , . .. . ' w 'were unable to control the fierce hordes that "Where are the seven stars?
truth comes out very neatly in law rtnversa- found ,heirte,ri(orv. aiuI trom ,heir we?
uui j-.. -1u ... .... . ai)tipiIthvt0 Americans, rather favored nnd
At, IrivliM.nn nL-c n l.onnr llnnil woninn . . .
hi!e and fnm ; Jih. taken fr.m a S:. Louis par
Where are
stating tne
secret miht:
discovery of th
Y!ie at vliti.-n and know-not!-!
, c.irrjni ia fitilowin Static ;
upon us like the crimililing remains of some
deserted ruin, the relic of Koiuai) or of Gre
cian pride and grandeur how often at that
fearful hour, when the n'?h of many '.vatetV
w.ispouiii-g through the gates, throf.tenini?
to whelm rs, has our genile yet lion-hearted
eeoh, i'olly, prep-ivd ior our solace and re
freshment ft pot full of the fragrant extract of
the berry of Kio, cr a tnbler full of Smith's
extiacl of tVc.
lMon my emoiion, for the "old time coined
o'er mo now," and forhid mo to say more thch
that 1 am, whether ir. command or reiirement.
Tu lVii Jiim's, ciitftmn.'ce, ire.
the pii:e of a pair of fowls, and is told,
-A dollar. '
!,(! Ill
eN'.sT.nv-e r-t a
- ,
;ir"-tli:r;t!o:i Ivli., !-
signet! io coe'.iol the a'.Birs ct that TerrsvTy. - iventi-.. fcy
and to resist iha exeention cf anv lave passe i . 'F"11"
! fcv the Terrirorial LedsVure. Yesterday we . ;"'';' ' V ' " " '
ni.swnw.,1 the ,t,rl ,. . J t o ., '. ' . . ., ,. , , . .. USMOaS
, u.i.. i mi, ...... ine promisee oisciosnres. tr..e ms-mwir.
I knows where we is good enough: we is m de ,' aro llla je (,., Lanjhlin, a eitirea of Xan-'
hiss.ioM ncneij. known ctt.is o t..e Torntory. He was a j w 5;, ' . ; , .
"And is that all you know about it?" m,.,Ker r .1 a..! acted with 1 wi.-".'? "" '
res, Massa Bn. Dis nigger is lost, sure. fhMn. ,mt i.M nf the treason- "T r'wV s
'the Hind, oonnir?iior! fiid ",S'r,i. -...i.-li.
"Well, r.-.assa Ben. 1 iust he look for mvself.
protected tneim it win ue snown tnattney
even shared in these forays ; that Mexicans
1: : 1 i.i. "1 1
, , , ,, . . , , . . 1 uisuu.acu iiiuinus lie lieu iu i.i.iu uuu iuui
" . , . '.. ' J der; and it will be urged on in further evi
com.try you might buy them lor sixpence j(ence .lflf t,e jwo fact0ns, Mexicans and In-
a 1 1 : 1 . t. . . u - - " . & t .- tii. 17 s 11 i' 1 1 1 k , 1. x n.T.tiv ,. - otw to 1 ri nn rn"iev.-ir .1 ,
-Aiwuiij uuraiyouMBj ... um. ,,1P AmiHpas. who had crossed c.nlv to nnn-! .l nmlrikJ. i.. k if!' V " I hm.:rvi. and lor;y-eiglit elecmral vet
ciean country J" 1 i , . i- .n .1 '1 i;....".... ..w..D,e nature 01 tne orsanna:ton. .n'
. . . . . iK i ik Indmii rrt dirrs. I hese are the i p. ii ho rrt .1.. J , n . .. , .
"vcn. limn, ami Tnercwnsnon-rprrcci.trrr, :r , . , . r . . ,.iii, a n .1 , ' , .. iiwiin.ouu.ms .m 111... v-o. ,anes have carried live States, with li:iv-o;.-ii
r . lences to be out 11 for Lant. Ual nliau and his! I ho npntipmnn infr,, e ,nm-i!ti. u , , ...1-.1. i. .1 - ' wnmu ........jv, .u-.,g.u
to be sure: , .i- . -r ... . ,1 ,. " , ; e'l an ne kivw-s nwmi u, niiica .- u- irkvtoral
party, and tliey will be sufhcient if established, : dmjr his nern!exit-i-at th s 'incture. he was i..--. ... .k 1.:;.. cnx.orai
n...TTB;.. ine hplirv tVinv ran bn to rpKi-np ilipm from I fnraA in t..i..,k 1.'. ,:i i "- r-1:?" . . ... , s"w tne eimvr;;c lvarty to oe m a prosm-
HUCl lllUt imjt.wv-.i.. , ... -, 1 lUll'.vi l" Itl H ' II ill-Ill I II l . U . A - n A vrk.-v. rt " .
If von wa,l,o make the flood of bliss melt the charge .filibustering in nnysense. Wej "Well said Massa Ben. "this won't do ' fe Kans freeW IXlrW ' ' ""
over a lady's head, give her a down of Alex- (presume it will not be disputed that it is law- ; I'm going to got out of this fix. at nnv rate bv fori.e of if ,h,.v fail , s),cir : ' -
nnuors g:ov(-9, iwu camuy uiiun nun u uuu , .... ... ....... .... ..u.m, t,,,! iv oji means, lo ciitvc lais iarv 'rK r-cvn,,NVl iVltVsN rrr,-c.
r ii. V- - ,v.u. i.v .....I.:r.rU ,uc jati mm iook - ; haw orgiuisitd a societv. or secret anov. w.-.o nwdent rm YahinTn ,krr,- wi'l in-
: fetrA . k, Jarep.vidithSharp'srine
,u ,.,cu, -.i- "c ;ir. l. saw lianv ot those ruses, ami mmxu j,,, , i,
MtHMmn ni-La llio hnwrr to rfStrsill t IP mn. ,v ik iki, Unht .....I t.l. .1 C- .. TJ . . 1 - - - -- ... J-i- J law sn miglDRI HUM.-lilX I-
""'V. : . . -. '. 1 s . r, ,. 1 - etjmtnnents, p Lawrenee.i tv a n-gantn-ion ,., ;4V(, 0r .j,,. fls.0,:;.
s -- -it.... ..v. .-..v.. , uuu,. me. , lii-to,,. iKssnoMisetfs. rit uj r t;se pr- i
- Tur. rnr.r Son. l-ir.cnnv We nr. toid
that the Free Sailor, with -'leir .-lfappaifttdj
judges of the election, were permitted to vow
for Recder as many tunes a- thev desired.
e no-also informed that some of the more
enthusiastic voted a often as ten times! Ver
ily, this is a prrvtr.-sive age. Wo do not
know wheti:tr ilieir ten vote apiece, throwing
ir. t!ie old woi j- :: .".'- i lMs. iho v.e tire cs
si.Kil to. k p.m. in ri. .-ilon. ii:cv succeeded
in piiiing : s 1 1 r:-.r- -.- ot. s r.s wa.- g-.-.-c.i by :h
pro-siai ery p arc- :it iegal i i-.vtioi oi" the
1st iu;.;n'. ii l- a matter of small conse
.;s::ee ii thev c'd. l'ai.s the coii.-tiauiorv
i- t,-an ..-.! iiu.ier foul. IJe? dor's riirtu to
s.m; in l'ongre.- wi'i no; even k cutertatned
by that Kvlv.- Syr iUfr .S..e.rw.
The recent Legislature of Kansas appointed
the 1st of October as the day of election for a
Congressional lie presentati.e. At this c!e.--tioti,
Whitfnld (pr.lavery,) and l,ec,!er iAb
tilitionisi.) the r.vent Hovornor of Kansas,
;v.rre -he opposing candidates. Whimi-M ro
ccived Ootlii votes an 1 K edi-r .56, leaving a
majority of ijv.l in favor of Whitfield. The
; free, seller, being- (iis:iti-'!-d with the n-s-tJt
of tl:e election, now deny the legality of the
ioral votes! Thus, rhe -lillcai" biwks Legislature, have pu: their fdend Keeder in
the deimvratic rarty to be in a nrosiier- ,'J'"''"" and run huo over the track with
of moonbeams, twelve yards of silk, an ice
cream, a rose-bud. a squeeze ol the hand, and
the promise of a new bonnet. If she don't
melt, it will be because she can't. Maine
Water Ldly.
If you w.in'l to make a young buck feel as
if he were walking on thrones, tell him that
Julia called him the handsomest man in town
that Clan adores his moustache and that
Annabella sys that well she hadn't ought
to till oh! but she really thinks he's irre
sismble. Chibytink Register.
Ii you want to rejoice the internal soul of a
reporter, toil him that six women nnd seven
children have just been torn assunder, limb
out. any competitor, i here can ft but one
opinion as to the people's chice in this election,
and eonseipicn.Iy iiu ieg-.i! Kepreseulntivr.
h'f .-.jo'.- JVi'j crr:pi.
a national ngnt oi sen-protection wtucn no
Govornment can renounce.
Texas has suflered too long nnd terribly
The pace quick-prtj.1, and th
i of the Missouri
t,1l.,.'-.lllM.'l t-, f .M, AIM,
me ivtitv mm i lv. .'.f ,;.); ,ko nKiIiiionists isi Kasisas to ;-i i. u. i ;.. ' , . .,
found themselves in Ihe mids, of a dense, dark ; iake it a (rA Srate. Frosa this iti, rf s"Z '3 '
from thn wpiLopss orm .l.Vio..snp of Mevi. ' ,.;il. ' . . .. "e, cannot .mite m any measure. Acw,
ran HhnW, t , ., U ,,, . M o ,h k ,, ,0 W.T T w " it'ons will hare to W formed to aceomjV
r l j f l ' "'-f-fru .u.. uc... r state organtation. a movement wnicn ison;anv ,,;, n. .w-n-i- ,-,5;.U-pc
U( ,r- .i.w.uo U( c quifK, uui pns-v. i ncre are tno cyvs. Aim fru; hr th KWn I AVJition raTtr. v- , a
.... - - "'-iii nn.i.iayriuw l ITIIU HIIU lire. ' Ir Ijtlhlin TllTthrt !aiCr 1131 lil ' v; L. t l i
side of the river, much stronger than that Our friend cooked his triraer. and oreoared .'l-". v." ' V'?! of ..inland how,
which served to justify General Jackson in his! , Ho s l,ew, KrA HJTeet ',.! "J " "m " l v! '7.i .n -..' -'u Urr is sappv-?..
w-m co usee e.s i;e is rne.-ien n r
pursuit and punishment of the Seminole and
tliPir abettors within the torritor-.es of Spain
from limb, in a house around the next corner; The only ground of complaint against the
,i .".uii.t ...u in me mum, i nrnrpco nrs. as auin.irinto nnu sanrnonea nv
ttnd a'cors that stcambot has just "burst" (Texas, will turn upon he point whether Tex
I nn'..-A.i.:.. ... I ...1.. ... .1.- V
- , il.t". -.'-. uiH- H.I.4 W...li ...- .-L'l 1.1
t-irana i ... ,i,. . -. ,k - ,i , ..
..r ivum-asi- The eentcs: K-r.reen WhiuMd and
d wli
Hi;- ol
iillmjrali oi fioard that the Kev. Dr. Exo.
-gesis fcas just cut his own throat and that nn
wfu! aud impenetrable mystery surrounds
uvery'lhing. Alabama Skeeter.
If you want to rejoice an editor, tell him
that his last great article the crosscut and tip
and sifter questions has been copied and se
verely commented on by the London Times,
and greatly praised in the Allgememe Zeitung.
If you add .nat a club has been made up in
your ward to take his paper, and that you
heard that a new patent medicine man recent
ly inquired his address, you will greatly add
to the effect. X. V. Times.
If yon want to delight a young matron, tell
her that her child is perfection, that her hus
band must live in a duck pond of bliss. lfj
this don't fetch her, nothing wen I. J'urifan
Kc'order.' 5 ' . '- '
as has a right to defend heref, or the Texansj
a right to prntet and defend themselves, ori ,eA wav:" oiiJ thinl-int the
must wait for the United States io do it fori hm;, ransrr. sent ofrnmTnfF.l
them t and forbear the exercise of these rights j s. G. sliot which he had in his lefthand bar
ly and almost choking in the direction of the ; the Tmitery, all of whvh are gcreroed y . T ,!, ;nr
eyes. He Saw them; but they didn't look . .hc "Constitution and Kitual of the Gradi
like eyes, and he hesitated to fire. I Encan.-vr.ent and Regiments of
Make haste, nnd shoot hetbre he runs-he i l;0tt:. anJ. sWrtl:ng as it may seem to mr;Rcjor lWl K, , rH,, WCMJWS. ,llt. igrmdfvher-the Marquis McMahon. was Di-
i j i. . ..n ! . iM vwiuri.. .....- -:flr;i(s; enemies of the House. hiifield P'cmatic Agent or lommissioner to me tirst
McM on, or Mahvo'.t. The Fn-nch (len
oral of Kngineers, Neill, reports oiliclally oti
the cap;;:re of Southern SeUastopol:
"The defence was en'.rgetic.- or. several
points onr atsack's were renuisel, but the
priin-ijV.! th a! which insured to us tu'iituaf
success never remained a moment doubtful.
The frst division of the first rnnv. nt pre?-
,-.,r mt cor.imanded by t.cneral McMahon. carried
.iro- the MalatmlTst the very first rush, nnd main
tained ihemeives there, comprehending clear
ly that it held in its position the key of tt.e
Gen. ?dcManon, is of the old Oriel stock,
his ancestor having followed James If. into
evijp. 1 ,iTim.ilinte nn..tnr.rii!lirr terw'
k . tu ... ,,H. . . . . , . ''v.;jtoa w u:c noitsc. ijtu:e.i. c
,1 fvi this Ciistituion of the Graod Lncaopnent, o:i'y t rexvtd on the gronnd iha: the Co
wlf!?T(!,',hc CoBrt,,,.tl 01,b s,ihofJ:!w!c 'k,or.!rri;,gti:e ration was void. d :: "
iVi . tniVW' ,hc !,Ket sa'n i.ea how Keeder n take ;,:
ongress ol the United urates. Ms was one
the orir ina! mrmlicrs admitted inw Wash-
inrton's rir-!rr nf the 4f,.nriniviti.,,iinil i men.
or self-protection, whatever may be the em- .) The red lire -hot forth from the muzzle N - k , " "7L F-v . ?'"' !- wasrnc!i as he himseli as Governor. tnM m Hood "t nendly Sons ot St. I'at-
ergenej', waiting for the interposition of the . mo f gnmtcl ccnificaJ, ef e.ioa to m. rt ef the ; nek." as Ivmg Present at the memomble cel-
Uni.ed3S,ates.gThenice poised legal con- , X Tnot lW. ,h,nl y e nton of the Vcish apn-ry B, Thiladed,
struction we are not disnosed to discuss: hut " .VJ'I.k Iv V" i ""n f '" "-" '- w;-..-. . - 5 Wv V,c antk-mate lhat :T. m 1 with WasMRgton, Lalavetie.
. . . . 111 i.ii.n .i-iiwo iuii'u:ti nit; mi, mi
Prouuciioji efCalif3Tr:i Goll Xiaev
it is very clear that the weakness or neglect of avvayoverhillandvalley,startlingthesoberowi;
. j ; f.":,-1s ! "om nis propriety: Hut tnere stood tne eves. TbeSiii rimacis- lia.-aia puaes i v.
tier defences is but an additional grievance to : ...ore intentlv th..n hefore not ..! J .;., mnek A-n,ili. tl m.m.t . agams. each otbe.. .rir.
,k tiTo;o... ;n i...k-..i 1 i? . . .. ' iv . . . .. .. . . . . 1
iutn,niw ... iiMiuuini- iuu lUllVLllll'il mirprM vintM'
wim me roouer gangs; ana mat sucn an 111-1
Count Dillon, General Hand, Movlan, ire. Ix
' Tlie Senior editor of the Louisville JtlUritaU
gratified hiscuriosity by Visiting the free Love
PiMamin o ttl aim m lattli 1au-avlI tKtnlr
creased demand upon the energy and prompt-1 you nyer ym. 'ow is y0Br t;1Be ; I saw
ncss 01 ie.HK iieraen, to employ tier own ' him move
means for her own defence, make an addition Th9 dei dv wca, ,5 B?,-n lcvcled the
,1 con e rnrrepu, sing the imputatmn that thcvja;m talwn-t'he fmger beginnming to press the
who were sn en ployed are filhbusters or roh-' k " "
. bers, whom !, t nitt-d 1 States is bound to pur- ..Stop! stop! dm't fire! it's the xoox, I
i sue with she r.i; .r ol the law, in compliment .. kr tv,.., h'- nl M.i,'
Shooting at tne niton! and that, too, with
tni eiiriii.vi wi'l hnn- r:i f. learlili .rii
ea-Jvin thestski. amving the North a:;d ! wa on that o.cjsioti ashmton was "adop
' ted" as a "Son ctf St. Patrick." Strang? remin
! iscer;ei these! Antrican CrttOct. DiV4.
0 Mexico. We tust no such attempt will
be made wiilioi.t the proof of an entirely dif-
tcrent state ol U ta'trum that which we have
of trwMre shirred froai Sua Froc--o durinel . . . . ...
the but Air rwoUu. Iroa which rt arr-tva t,ui j A Lady was requested oy a lucCelor, some (
the toal -.raouou shiprv-d were aa foiljwe : w iat advanced in rears, to take a scat o; hi
To Cbiaa
. 1- t
, q riwi irawnv. ................... . . . i , .- . .
ToSmili Aiaerk. 41.TI?lwen!d break down with me."
T Isitd- ia t'ue IVcic 41.TIt
To Australia t,
IW Miuni.
. -ni.:i. .v: iii;;.vMiu-uN 4rr 5:oate -lesters 4tnitoaJy -ttiivine-
inuit, u .Ma N.IVI" , , . i
tiptnt.t Bt tine (nine .wt :terss, -m.y 43oe i:y -lmidaNc : f ,r
1 .. . loll ..- IT. , I .1.. l.wi. l.lMiw.
OnOSI 1CK... ............ -..-ivl.t It I "J4e .kuii; . to .tuKIlniiM,i
gun of the Allies in the Crimea! It's pret nni ... .tj A RyASS.t!ir Ctti-aprartxiii. V no:re 'shir" Jumes AJr r!
ty gooajoKe.weminK. - imi-... 'of, recrM steam tvet explosion ends as W-Mand was i u-:w:
The party got safely out of the labyrinth in-: Th. HoraW reaiatb tN.t tha roW ev. . .The eajvain swm asheie. So did ' r.
to which they had wound themselves by troingifroB Oat ttrnte iurirc the last tre j , chan-hcraid. She was insrred for Sl.V w...- r-.-i t"-i
and loaded with trrw.' t- ., i.-4-. -t
j any thing less than ore of the Lancasterian
1 V2i.rS ! krjee while in a erewded sVeiglj. "No. I thank
1 1 1.Ss ! Vim," said she, "I tm afraid soch an old seat ;
vn!d breik down with me."
A -hrieivd oherlio; ivhnr:!v rdiigiiraf. t fur-
.- t, M. I .-.'..- ... . .
. , . 51,.7.i j ,J,e ftkiowmg:
i;nJ.Ki.;t lS.i t:i?lii ?4. R-! 'Irr 5:nate desters
Good Advice.
If yen vtlnr lip
W.miM knep from rlip.
Five t!.inp oVc rve with Car?
t V" rv v p-l:.
To v&aix yi t uprak.
r.rl pr, an! ;-irr-, rni rw
I. .M. I
y...l. X 1. L : ' . . ...... .- , A ..ii 1 I - -. .1 aI ... mnun anrl nlhnr mm, I J ... ...
.n icf X UIH, ,m a IW-c.n i t iu j (tull.v.u uwi jvj..u, ouuw
that city. It happeoed to be the night upon jwe deem authen;ict of the state of the frontier,
which the police made their descent upon the'
free lovers, and oar friend Prenli.-e narrowly i J ha. are yoa: askea a railway passen j ron d A Vo.rml " like the -hile when i' uit t tbeetttwmoua sm, in ronnd ns
esMiied bein? incarcerated in the Tombs, as a icer of an ot:yso ntticiai. 1l.ii k . , : h. r s2x.V.
der of Mat resectable m,on. -'Tr i fonunafe rising of the n,.on. then in the wane , , . ""77" V r- , J Mr,deany
- friend wnnr.rr from that citv savs that, at the! nalsjrcur namcr ..t.,. ..j .tu. 1-1 .k Ore ot onr cwhanres ret.ta.iia t K..vwing -w.u:hv for, cr eonrieetMvi with the I o-
o.T-nt of the descent be was Tnakut" a "fed- r ood. , , 1 . u... .... . .1.-. .. , adretwerreut : Uo-rers niNcw ork. lie vs he ia a two
Tr:.r .moh-J tl.c
mkt on hm1! jNj t'xn
at St.
i . r,i..-r.r - : .... .
. fi ; .0 ,n : v. ' ...i,3i in tne ffinc..
ti&jt.-m-ZTeytttfle' Erjiresf.
; 'Toohr t-iclai)nsd the queriit, 'mat cannet
Ibe. Woo l is a jioa-conduclor.
k... .... .L; 1 . .1... 1. ladretwerreut: ' ! Lowers m New 1
i.:i. 1 v, ji j Lst a hr-j-e c ten uaV;,j, Ir!ec;,lV 'a sand dvsft KeiK-re thrre r v-kVct
in uiuuii, manse, iifci; a ycci l tuv u . , - . u - i , , , 1 , -
. . - i , ,- , a -e t j-man i!t a cttr---p-'v ervrx: read. ;.-,-sor !r!t.
it "'of up an-rl ing .hot at .v w;ei mt . Sr -4r" -
Tuc toiil n -iila.it n uf Nrl r."a. a -r-Ji-
of t'.K,'t tc risj. w i-ch hi. i.'nS !
o"'V r -.e f-'. .1 MW

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