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Dallas herald. [volume] (Dallas, Tex.) 1849-1873, December 08, 1855, Image 3

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: ,v, . I mhm I riwl try. I""'' "' n",nfh, hmI hU.h j""" tLo.J Pnl r-i.
, ,1. -.. MiiiHlinn. Tl.e.f I ini-n, Tim i....otia..t I lurid el..,..., ,(,(.,m., ,,f r.n(aila
, i.,.M.M a nmv cm in w W.-M .... tinw , ' I ' '''' ( ,a ,, by
' , ,, ,', ,,,.,... of count, m.il'HMl.-r.i'lo.i. nnd th" a.ttun.,.1,1 h... '"""'P " " forC8 f Amorlc,.,, re.
l,. f ,t. .ncrom of the ...:ininii.cSH.ir.lv. I ! 'I',l,,.n'' " siuni. 'IV I'mi nmi
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mum Ui riwd lry. Hiiiihli."'H'vlt.Mi"l l"l!
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ma lit llmffl rapidly, H v-rMf(i'f fM.ti H'.-iiiy In1 1'
l,,.n u'uiin Inn, I. mir ilnv mill llml lliii mini.! ,
IMI.IT , - -
iiIiii Infined In't llm community, by llm np.
nimiW. nf llm lllirrnlillff Mini. U K'.imIiIv It'll
in ovi'ry rt iniriinciit id tnide," When llu, "l
rinil Is tliKuigh lo the imam, m wliirh ri-ra
ii rvrry pituped 1y llm 1"l f Doccmbfr, we
slmll be i"r Hicliii.i.nd, in point of time,
nn wo nr! to llousioii. What etW iliis
i 1 1 . i .
v miiife wil hnvc on nil iiim we nun ot oun-; v " - ---- i , ,
ly iriliumry lo llnuiioti, n-irittin lo hi proved, j I'11''
1. ...irin (a nil tintL-ul-nr ihut M-A h,lll l...nn'111'lit l't!
rcnliio tlio cdanyc already lull in KiclinimiJ,
ulicn iIicm) iwtwiiy or iliirly wafiuii luads it-i
llfiy or ono liuuiWd per day, ond wl'f.i tin?
votmit conifs rolling over tlie rond to Hnrri
tu m, nnd (ln'tice tiy boat to mir wlmrvcs, con
silird to our iiR'rvhniitH Iiitu.
Smno ol our ciiix'.i !ve openod liranrli
rxinlilislimL'iits in Kiclimoiid, oihi-w linvp
m infl4tiiloii fif lliii ttriiiird riivnl 'md
" " " ' ""' '' . , " , ...i.l ',..,,,,, I in li ii 1 1 V I.I I " ' l'"l !! "Mil will Iirrimmy im r,pi,in,i, n. .
, ;,i ii'iii',, !i,. iM.n, i- r r , v ...,. I cf t , rn t jir fr tlim Imllvidiim nin'1
IKptimllmi for tin Indlvidiml liii.lirc "
wnti l.'ixni S, ii i- . rim i.iiniliiii i
I'imiI iLo.J I'liliiii'ntiiii nri'Hii) i-'Vlv-i. r"'i,l!'j
IWII WMM M'llll tllf I III- p.
'I1114 llib I'liililoy. imnt nfa ' I
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M,""n,ln lll'MIII'l HIV ll'l.-
. .-. . . I........... ..r 1 w , ,1 .. ., .-inn 1,1. iiv i.n , , . , A , .
niMii in ho ami inninui , u;r i iy B' 1 emff lh pmrtifo ol tavni'vi lo I ho ivurliin
iron, U'imj 1.. 1400 H'hd I'I'J'i'ln w.i n.-qmo-u ny mo ""VV . - I litlf of clvilintioii. llu rn ii no doiibl
il.kkiiiM riirtint'.t llm
'J'Iih I'dii ronwirkp ; " Viilinnt inir.id.i- t -
rliiro on ' r.i
niiiriuiy nl
liar 11 .ml'
for -ew
lnirlinli ray,
, I'liU.-U 10
I tlmt liter
.... 1 --. ,-'i'.. wnmi 111 I'lvuK.iiimi, iin-rn 11 nu uimiui 1, .
wlmi 1. now III" !Mio ol I exw . h fi(J , b irrV.ilur troop in L,
0 .huulJ Lo a mMprofo renum ml )m
AUfitln Ully 3U1I. iroin nil urnimius 1111 m:.',iii i. .
The suit of Klin M. Sn.itli . Soml W.bonld mnl n;wft.-..i for tlio wmn to
SiniH, . ah., now pending 111 tlio Unil.'a
own ciliMm U. a,, anuinnt not fxa-odin- l ie , -( (i11(v.ln nfiJ frfa,tl ,vam of
million of dollar,-. But .he hi cIuiim at e - ion woiJ lvc(( - j!ivi0j i( ,!0h
ninth nri.ole providod or ratiiluclion Uv I lie , JuH ,im n bw y nf niJ )tf(,n y ,
the valley of the "IVIicrnuytt during ihe iiiylit.'
fHIIIIIIISnilientll HI Ilicuimiiiu, uiuu. im.v, - 1 " .
n.'enti thme reudy 10 recvive colion, and fiirn-l Smtes District Court, for the riwoyi.ry ol tlio
! 1 .1.' .1 I ..fl.,,l .i.t nliil Mill I AtV
ih tm c. tnd t hero fun now no no i nub oin.-i.iiru u-u-juw m imiu. ,..-. . v , . . . .. ...1, :-. i.u
...? r J.v!' ..I .hi. ,! milinHr.vJof Austin is Hilimted. is ut present in n Curl Ln.ied Mates for miunw. if ny. which. I-V
o" w The eo mnVnc c. ".. of a m!W em In ! way for amicabli, settlement: XI er,. V. S. I nrm-eM of lajv nhould to clnbl wlwU u nv
os will Mine lonmeniLiueiii o, !().mill W .Terrell and H. P. Brewster, iren siiin-wil bv Xmii onieer and nulivid-
,hW?t: S X-o compauv are in need1 2 1 SSi!i and A.J. Ham..- n Span!,., ii,.nbh.,,. by the then He op
of 1' e o S on L '' .'"'liri-ry enitions nl . Amer.c.n nrmy in Ho . ...
can,h.C rPIi!y wlS'is'l .f .'I UM f tliPrIoUSo of HePreSe.ltaive. on 1 U ,,drr . towm tw
much importaneo to our city i and that the en- Thursday eve.rlf? last. b'lore ' L"".rt "r -e r',t 'T"
? i . 7,I.Pn i Galrorto . does not amount ! The conimitw was. by the above, named c anned excevds a million of thm.-on.
to the subscript, ol Qnle county alone. Kon.lemen. apprlxed ol thechntncletol tl.o wit ;r iWfff,r. i w. ,. c. im.v,
n.vi ,! ..nn . .!. it Dresciit ntttudo nod the relief soubht. I he - -- . . ;;leMy mill (riNW
1m HACKB.tv.-io.,.eycani ,ereap,r!u om-KM
;Z ,n I n Pnnbled .0 subscribe, as ibemllv a ness .0 nccept. in lieu of the property cW lined , ... the nHlnona..!,. vm 0. ...moon a jo S
o.heb. t ail can dou li.ile, and all are .nd now cover! by the city; u rea man w u, K m-o "X
v t i'l'i.' i '
- rnn I'tJl'.MlS I'dltk'. Ii,r whi.-li ll.n'l J
it'st market talei' will lie ;iven
11. t. ur.HAi.u utriLR. M
s..am 'fl.,,1. n I ! rlli )itMrnHtn'fl. If Onnynlps cnun
ty ca'n see it to their advantage to bo connected
with us by railroad, surely tho advantage must
aiflcast be reciprocal ; and as wo aro to be the
YecMvers of their produce, and supply them in
to'inm with articles of eot.Mmiptinii, on which a
-prifit is to ho realized, it would seem that our
interest in the speedy coinplolinrt of tho work,
ccimnensation forthoinnd at the dale of Us
condemnation with interest.
The rompls inant Smith biispn his suit 011
tlfo total want of compliance on the part of tho
commissioners appointed under the act of 18
39, with the provisions of that net in condemn
ing the land, and on the further fact, that tho
money paid by the Republic for tlio lartu, nttt.-r
.,1.111 ... uiv -,'ii j 1 - J , ,
.1 .i.:. If .... 1 1 n oi.l nf mi trinmnn t inn. WII9 llOVRr rCCCIVOU
s even (jreaier man inein. 11 u.i i'aiiuiiv-. ., ..
'oftbroadto the Brazos river, is to be pro-' by the rea! pi.rties 1.1 interest.' Without Urn
xlrrtive of sach results as wo already begin to! cussing the merits of cnmplaniants claim, it is
........ .l.o I nffiiMii,i in snv. th.it tho stilt creates 0 cloud
jrxpenence, winn tuny r v.-AiiL-tk ...i... ,.t j , -----
reaches a country where cotton is raised in the
proportion of ton lo one, where 0110 county
alone raises uflOO bales and is settled hp every
Vcar with a rapidity almost unparalleled, even
in viurown State.
This is a subject worthy the ullcmion of
our citizens generally. Not onlv the mcr-
. .1 , ,. 1 G.-J U...
-cliant anil the store Keeper win uc uuncuieu, um
it.,. m.rti.Mil'ii in nnvtliin,-. 11a find a mode
rate fortune, but nothing imrticuiar. JIo bad
a pleasing persou and address, but nothing
particular. Ho smnDieii, crsni., iiet aim u.u
ninny other naughty things equally usual nnd
fashionable, but noihing particular. I lo lost
liis wliolu fortune on a run of ill-luck at tcartc
but tlmt was iiotliinR particular. Yos. though,
to beg pardon, it was the turning point of
this young man's life for, as a gentleman at
his ease, he would never have been heard of
but when driven by necessity arid poverty
to seek a livelihood, ho seized the pen with
ninnly energy, and became William Make
peace Thackery. And thus jt came lo pass
that the author of those well-known and pop-
ularbeings, Jeames Plush and Beery Sharp,
ol '.lie
ri'tw nf her ciii2?ns. We are satisfied that
the honorable gentlemen composing the Judi
ciary Committee,, will properly investigate the
sn i r-rt. nnd ta cpj sue i action as me iiiu-tcsi
iho m.vhiini.-. nnd everv branch of trade
.down to the vender of oysters, must at once
feel tlie change such an amount of business
thrown into our city would produce. It
-should not be a matter of consideration wheth-
..r t.untr ti,.nl,t m, tr lull wlipthnr
II, U OlULI WI llfltll ui r J ---- ,
ithe investment will not pay indirectly ton fold, quires. bi'ate (jazctlr.
and that within a very snort time, we nave
now a sullicient guarantee tlmt the money
will bo applied to the object for which it is in
tended, and tlmt it is no moonshine specula--,ion,
but that tlio road must nnd will be built,
nnd that any aid our citizens may extend will
only help to expedite it so much the more.
Caltcstiii News,
nr. llm lilln nl' llm .'Ilil'IIS. rCtardllKT ttlC
rrmv.li nml nrnstvritv of the Capital, anil jeop
ardizing the Rights of hundred, who hnwo
purchased thoir homes from tho Stale at puh-
I:.. ...I. TL Kne vrtK.nu.iil nt. nrmrmnlis
sum from thn sale, of City lots, nnd sheer jus- sowed his wild oats, and became one
tice de.ranJi! that she should now nppropmt! twin stars of this nineteenth century.
. ... nnr.'hnvintr. if nnCOSsa-i
u Blli'.il iiv.i.,1.. . i i. ... I'"--- b' I . . r e. I itf .
nf hpr Cuniinl uikI the sei'.r.-; A I hahmi-d Irishman Shot ouuN t
. ft... : f . n cliflOfl iKnt
Hit Him. The MVppar Tandy Light A-rtillery
tvonr mil tin ,1 Inrirpl MViMirpMnn. lUnm nv I'ri.
vious to the commencing of tw firing it was j
observed that a person was mowing grass i
eitiimir ni(i inir.P, siirn iiriiini 11a inc iti i i v . . -
r.i, r!nr.;iilnr,,l ilio hnnnr of tho State re-! about one hundred yards in ndvahre of the
. ... ........... . li ,,, ,r, ;.,i ,l,l
I IU.yr-1. IllfU IIIC Ullli; ..- MV.M l.l III 1 V.I..,4U
! to warn linn oil ; hut as ho still per.siste.l in
St.1 aggers in Horse3. ; remaining three men of the compnny were des-1
As is usual r.t this season of tho year, we i patched to inlorm mm ol tne iinngerous post
continue to see nnd hear much of a disease tion he occupied. Ho coolly told them that
HiLinlini. n KnV COD IliriHfY tho lnttor nhrf nf. Tulv. he "wns pimaffod nt iiis iluv's work, nnd tlmt !
August, and the first of "September. The af- he would not stop to accommodate thcin, and
- , i n . ur-n ..u- -.I ... Urt fhfii ilmi. milii rn tilinnf fltelr nlisinpRS fur hp
lecten annnais are iirst pi nu uusnvcu uv -- .
, i.i.. ... i .k... .l.iiMi-tmnnd fn (thiwI luft nvvn. ' I in lirnvr
wenli in tne dick; mu iiuy or i niuiu wj ; P
rPpl irrmitlv w lth the hihd Darts unci seem in i then commenced and the round shot wns seen
.Innr nf fnllinr: ibev are disinclined to lie I to pass on both sides of hmi, nnd to knock the
down nnnurer, ;ly fromYoar of being unable to ! earth up around him, but still he went on with
.. V ' I l., ! I.:.. .....h). .n .l.n iiiaI ..nyfc,.., .'..nl IW.V IV infl.lll
Datt rdly Outrage.
We vesterdav visited Mr. B.J. Lewis,ngen-
tlcinnu from tho vicinity of Austin, J exits, j rjSP, a.ul in lu.cl cases there S consiuerawc u.k ... . . ,.,, .,
who is confined to his bed ut the St. Charles, dullness of eo untenanoe, also a partial loss of j his scythe and mowed away ; but one ol the , uxM..
iron, the effects of a most wanton and vvfont j volentarv pot. 'er in the for.- leg. In the ma'- j riweAefijr bulls hnv.ng hopped ntAt over Ins ,
i .... . . . 1 i l .. -.1 I.:.,. I tw.nrl .in. I ..Ha w.-n,.f nul nnil I1K .',..1 nun In
outrntro tint was nurpetrnteu upon turn on i(rit v olmstii ncos nowever, ir.u loins n,,u innu .. , -- --
... . " , , V . i . .1 - i.:,u,u.'. a , 1 1 ' .. t i i ro.,...,l TIia n. nhre. I he man o the svthe. who had evin-
ppiy ... in t. ur.ifAi.u utriLR.
1 ti
wool (
lur tu
to cigl
Stoke I
las col
ten & I
tions i
nui ma
Tli.l.l J
in Iul
ua I
iiul t
OlltrniTO I inl was icinm-u muu.i . nuiy ui imiu nu-.-, nu"..!'.!, . . ,,, - i
, , ' . -i - i.:,u,.'. Mil i ..i i ro.,...,l 'I'lm nn. i-Phre. ' he man o the svthe. who had evin- Ai
WdP.lliesdaV ni'lMnoon nisi uy nvu iiiimiio... ii-ffs uru iiiuii' si c.i.:iii5ivuiv ...it..M. .. ..r ....... - r in
.i ,,,! rmrnn Press sts. ' naiim i linlc im,iirpd fnr some din's after the I ced such supreme contempt for ennnon balls, - -
V.B';ui.ici ,...... -- , ' "I , r . l j ...I.l I.!... tn rn nn.l l.n ,1 tl.nt .... !.,.. v 31
m "Me third District.
i and Cotton Y ress sts, potito is little- impaired lor some days aner tne ecu u a..,ir..,c L.....,.. .... 'i
Mis end is dreadfully ..nninlnint has become confirmed : the bowels told him to go nnd he d d, that no shot was
fchvised and swollen, and his face all discolor-! nro ra,.r in u-tivo, but there- is not any dis-j ever cast to come up to h.m-he n h.l- c
Wi from the violence he sufiered. He is be- tlllbanre of t nspiratinn. and the pulse, some-! kenny boy from the Ould Sod. 1 . 7 imcr.
'nid'os very weal; froni loss or ulnduTbut wllltc; ti,,K.s ru!lt;r "iminhatdrnl, is seldom quickened, ; " - ' . . ;
; . . . , . .i . .. r i.... I . .,. ,- r..,i rt..r Tur. Uiiinsi:iiii.ns. An article is ('oni:' the A. J,
in-lile to leave nis ueu m u lew un. ami ine uisc use is ruieiv iu..m m.-u . . . , , r 1 T,. A
... . . .... . '.- . ,' . i i - :.. r,...,i,i ..I , U nru vinimiT Ihnt t he w ui e con. M 0 l
Jlr. Lewis intoms us tnnt tie is a su.u.;n.'i
'in the citv, having come here to attend to some
trentmont in emnloved ; in neglected or mis-: rounds oi tne press sin nuS mai '' '"
treated cast s, however, the brain becomes con-
'111 l lie ci.v, mi v inr i-uniu ih-ii; n u n;u iw .-..n. i rreiiifu t iim , iiiiivt?. ui , uiu u, .n. v. wu.. v....
business in one of the Federnl Courls, and that nested, the animals are unable- to stand, get
i . i - ., ...I .1. ...mI. nfitip ! .1 ...hi,,. .......I..,.. r..r;ul. r..... nnfr-p.
I,n linrl nnllliilT wllail'VPr to do Willi ll.IV of the
election excitements nf Momlay, On Wednes
lilay afternoon he went down to the Third Dis
tjict to look lor the home of a man with whom
be had some business. While standing at the
corner above named, being uncertain which di
tectum lo take, his lint Eiiddenly knocked nil"
I.i, timiin nrin Itplliml him. nnd at the sumo in-
vinlpnt blow from n
rl.iwn. ,rrnu.'- nsi ess. feverish, and not 11 11 1 re
quenily die,. This dj3eri.se is almost exclusively
confined t, horses which flrn fed on ripe, green
food, such as seeding rye-grass, vetches in full
pod, or ol 1 runic meadow grass. We have
known ni ne burses On One farm affected nt
once, whilst they were feeding on ripo rye-
o-rnss. Iiu I three other horses stnndtntr in the
em of the Rothschilds is worth S700.000.000 j AT
in money capital, besides. .'100,000,000 more
in real estate, mines, oco. So far from this
being the liu't, (says the National lalellid
er,) we understand that the general estimate
i,i '.iirnno 119 In llm liorirrpfrn H Wealth 1)1 t lie
have 1 whole concern is 200,000,000 francs, or nlmiit
540,000,000. Tho idea is pureiy absurd that
,l.n:. t, .-Ur... 1,1 .mr.iint In wtirli mi pnnr-
wn.,, ..rui.n .-iii.-v.iM - - ,
mous sum as 81.000,000,000, equal nt six perlbeforl
. .- ...... ..: :n: virlswprl
cent, lo nu milium iiii-uuie w, a,.iv iiinin'iir, ui ------
1 town
: to be
i IV. 1
of r.i
one I
IMils;. U i inirt u.i. v.. w... ........
....i. 1 . . I- i . ., r. ,t : I
1 11"" sump Ktu n e. nnu en n l inner louu, ieiuii.in.-u , . , . - ., .
- . . . . rt u.i .. . - .,: i n nr.- elm iv i.r ,. ,11 in n nr a re n lew ; n'
'on the lelt side nt nis nenii. no stagyi:i-u , wen. r iome persons suppose me u.seiisi.- u..k - , .... ,;;..
Morward and fell on his knees, and was just, ,0 atu-ottihcric influences; tliis has never been years, accumulating m a compound num. and C
. ... i .... : '... . t ' In.. I. ii .icnni lu'H 1'i.wnri. u-niil'l rnnrpn. J. al
'about to rise when lie was leruen up oy a coi- ofoven ;w yet, ana we Know, on inc uinn .', . --y "
'ton-hook which was thrust 'into his hack, tear- lnn(l. tlmt change ..rfqod will cure or prevent trate ... their bandsn large, proportion ot the ; r.,
hut not hurtilisr his! ,,n ,i;5f,nsp. lt,nti.rb atmosiTiheric influences ; wealth and properly ot all fcurnpe. -,
.. i . tt ... .!.: .... Ii..,l ..til wvnn ' . nn...l.. tUn t.i.in Tim Irpnt.'
nnnv . ii in ini iiit.iiii.iii i.u ... .u ti. w.v.. iii.iv it- mil... .. iii.au:.. 1 1 v uiv mux,, . .. ....
r.i: . ... . ... ... ... j. ' . 1 ' .
nitbrr of his assailants. Tnrninir rritlml to do
fend himself ns well as possible being tt slen
der man and unarmed both the ruffians made
at him again ; the one with the cotton-hook
struck nt bis face, but Mr. L. watded bfl the
blow with his arm, getting a cut in the buck
of his hand; the one with the club at the same
moment gave him scvernl violent blows on his
forehead and the top of his henH foiling him
to the pavement. Both the villians then turn
ed and fled, nnd all that Mr. Lewis can recol
lect of them is that they were Irishmen of the
laboring class.
As soon as Mr. L. recovered sufficiently to
rise, he staggered up to Greatme'n streets bis
clothes oil torn in the back and hs whole front
covered with blood. He hailed an dinhibus,
but the driver refused to take him in ; lie then
begged a boy to take him in his cart nnd the
vbov refused." He staggered on n short distance,
' and was rnpidly falling when some gentleman
""enine to hio aid nnd supported him to a drug
store, where his bleeding was staunched ; and
. then he was conveyed to his room at the St.
Charles Hotel, where he was properly taken
care of. The mere statement of such all Uut-
, rage ennies with it its own comment. iY. O.
mont must e commenced nv a emu (nun; i - - - . ,, . . . ,.r
cbanuo from food the animals linve been eat-; America,, constellation lioW
. i j: i ii i Michi-riiii has missed an act providing lor the
hit to simple nrnnn u.ei nmi kin,,,, . u,.i,i.c9 . - r . ,., . . Q i .
" ..' ..... , ' . , , i nniintiiiii .if i in now Sia e or In n In l o ou-. A
11, yUU'l .1.11. . I ..... vtuwv. v.. ....... ......
ministered and tepid water is to be used until
. . . I nn i::
tins wis openucn. nncii inc jucuhuiu ..yw
perior. iUicliignn gives part and Wisconsin j any
nnnt i..r linrl tn orm t hp now t-nmuioiiwea I.
'lift-1 " " : :
ntes half ounce doses of sulphate of iron and wlmdi is the seat ol the great mineral wealth
I ng, r may be given twice daily. Along with of the nation. Its mines b copper and iron
i,i ij,,., i iy w v v . , , . I nrn ,,,ininsp, n-anv h the wor d, and s
this medicine the horse may tai.e nan orm. i - r - , .
" . '- ... . : lnaiini.rl in lin nnp nf flip most interest me.
and half oats ti t m! staggering suosiues. 110;""", " .. . ' . . ,. '
bleed ing is needed. I wealthy and important pornoirt of the Imion.
Oiieat Ock.i. Stea.mkks. The Persia; A dispatch from Philadelphia, dated the
' steamship, belonging lo the Curuird line, re-; 2d instant, says : , !
I . 1 . . .. 1 1- u I mi r- 1 f II ... Ir AI TV.ll.... twX.rT
f.n.,,1.. In.ii.r.hnrl nl If ncrrnvIT- flip iliritl( 1C. UU- ' I IIP ir.POflS Ol null. UeniLTV ill. l.lllllf. IIVIU
longinn-to the Collins line, and the New York, in meeting this evening, preliminary to iheln1
Iwlnnc i nrr m C. Vnnderbilt. now building in ; nomination of a candidate for the 1'rcsiUency. ! te
Gulf PrairieSin Bernard. !
Intelligence from the old garden spdt 6f
Texas Gulf Prairie, is or a gratilying charac
ter to all who know its locality, primary settle
ment, the intelligence, energy, enterprise, and
hospitality of its pioneer planters. Ihcse char
acteristics still predominate in the lower sec
tion of old Brazoria. The section of the coun
try has been, for several years, devoted prin
cipally to the cultivation of sugar-cane, lo
Peach lands are admirably adapted. '
- The sugar harvest is now cheerily rolling
rnpidlv on to a highly promising consumma
tion. "The quantity and quality of a saccha
rine product of Iho present season, .leave rig
tores of former years below the mercurial rise
in the saccharomer and the aggregate esti
mates of the amount of previous crops. Such
a result, however, is not astonishing when the
superior adaptation of the sdil and climate of
he coast region is taken in consideration. At
the same time, it is to be regretted that the
.. :. .uc tmal failure: consc-
COIIOH IIV1J , n....v. - -- ,
quentaly an additions' number of planted are j
this city, will be, When completed, the largest
. .... mi. Ml
merchnnt stpamers m the worm, iney win
be about 5,000 tons burthen each, and will af
ford ample opportunity fnr proving 'he quality
of each in the contest for the inaslery of the
Atlantic. The hull of Ihe Persia is of iron,
and her engines are hi be the side lever kind.
The Adriatic and New York are lieing built
of timber.' The former is to have large os
cillating engines; the latter beam .engines.
The keel of tho New York is stt-aight, and
so are nil her water lines) and her centre of
displacement is amidships; the Adriatic has
hn'llnw water lines, and has her centre of dis
placement 20 feet abaft midships. The for
mer is built milch stronger than ti'ie latter,
and has more capacity for cargo. If is believ
ed that the Adriatic has the finest formed hull
for speed, and that it will be tile fastes t steam
er afloat. Time, however, will try them all;
their comparative performances; will be of
great importance to the commercial nnd en
gineering classes of all countries. Set. Amer
ica?!. Disbanding or Know Nothings- -The
Grand Council of the Order of Know Noth
ings of South Carolina has advised the subor
dinate Councils throughout the State to lis
band and release the members fiom all obli
gations. ,
The American party in council at Trent on,
X .T ftiirrpnftprnrl thnir f-Kavinr Anrl nbn.nd)n-
ed their organization, and recommended ot.ier ,
K'nenlminne wpi-p nilnritnd evtollin&r tho career !trl
of Mr. Dallas from his enlistment ns avolun-jut!
iper in the war of 1S12 down to his filling ! thl
the olfice of Vice President, when the pros
perity of the country was poised upon his
single vote, in all which ho evinced tlint his
principle of action was determined by nothing
narrower than the general good.
Knyal Swindling ; or, hpw to obtain a Splerl
did Carpet
It was lately said the King of Naples wat
likely to emhfo',1 himself in a war with F.ng
land. The King hnd committed one of these
netiv acts of menn swindling that a despot can
lawfully practise. The whole plot is thus
clearly developed :
"King f erdmand ol maples, it appears, oi
dered a splendid set of carpets from an line
lish Manufacturer, which were made to sire
and ornamented with the royal arms. The
manufacturer accompanied his goods to Na
ples, which were lefused on the impertinent
(rrnund that thev were never ordered, althoucli
hr. nmdured the order in writing. He wasi
told to sell them ; but that was Impossible, us
they had the royal arms on them. He was
commanded to put them on board ship and
export tnctn. He did ship thorn, and had to pay
export duly. The vessel was then refused a
clearanCCi'nnd the carpets were landed He
was then told io sell them at auction. A very
t.M tiir-lrlinrr writ mldr. Hill 1 nn ndvnncc JoU
' ivi uiuuhi " -f
j lowed ; and he was not allowed to buy ihcm
To v
arc n
councils to do the same. , . , J , ,- . n,npn iss ,.an hc e
Not a En Hit. Mr. J. Biddle. of Boston, i port duty he had paid. But what became of
&;iUCl., nnd ,v,Uing roliocal speech there. , fe-evenir. - catpcts. They -tuat ooui
,.m ilipir aitention to the producnon o sugar i since, spoke ot a certain coaimon oy men m m ' - ;- .
cane which S " liable to inddental injuries hich 'a Legislature had been sent to thej whom none date 10 nPpaVa7bet
Xn'the cot ton plant. Stale House, which proved to be One ht tcro- j floors of the palace for which they had been
.,h'.e,:'in.r." ...nhpnlanters are de- S mass of corruption from teginnin g to fabricated. -The manufacturer complained to
tirminedTo test the permanent practicability j end Some one near the Joot respondo,d I lo ! the British cons,:, who demandcu rearer,;
of tbe navi"ati6n of the San Bernard river, and ' this remark' bva ve rv distinct hiss, to which j but it was reluscd - , .
1 pmSof iniing tbeir shipments by jl!r. Riddf. replied: -IWiselv, that wr.s one -But the tall hc W
hb route instead of hauling, a? heretofore, t' of tbL-lf racmbrw-Hiss.- Wamc fr.gbtened, and has olTered a pctum

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