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L it Mni'iii o t. i A .ioj j i i.
V fi'ililnlinj iiay ii r iw i". , a'fl
mwrtt from llu I robyisiii'i 1 1 - r 1 1, giving mi
aecoiJnt nf lli'i latl inomcni ( Oil. A rm
Burr , nnd showing ilmt h pmil from Time
imo lawfully without any tihibitioii nf run-
rrrn (t iu In fuliir" iiim. Tni lollnwing
n In i n f la ill .National Intelie ncrr, from II
iUv Dr. J, J. imp 'll, win ' tended luni
hit death. Tim Itfilrt ii (Jirii December Id
..1- .1 v . . ,.,. . 1,1
in UIB tllllllllCr, SOOUI HIP Slltl JUI1, IT.IU,
1 4 0 ,1 ri 1
-oi, a. uiirr i'iiiii to run mcninomi iiuici,
(Suien Ia'aud,) wherf h look boarj, near
which 1 lli:i resided, ni ulo did the relntiro i
nnd frit'nJ of Col
B r 1 r- 1
ward 1. Till I'uiuiitf I ( IJijrr) beiiiif valeludo
imriaii, in t't-bte health, Ju Jtft Edward so
licited me, 111 ul'tf n a I conveniently could, la
visit him unl i Jniniilcr tlip rAnnnlhtinii 01
iolit;ion to him, which, lie tuid. wa desired by
Cel. Uurr and would It agn-vahle to him.
AocorJinplv Troui Hint tun until Hie JJih
Sepu-iiilwr, 3G, the day on which ho died
at the .iid Port Rirhiumid I Ions'. I tailed
h m a a mmiaicr nf the b-iivl on.-a or n t c u
Wii.-k. At tiie- c Mve line intcrvimva I wis
uniinrmly rweivi-d n'id t-nu-tt inel by him
with his arciKiomcd p'lliicii''. nnJ m lm -. i 1 y
jf tuinner. Tho time p.'nt with him ut each
interview, which va a:i hour, more or los,
wachieflv enit!ovJ in relijious muvrs ition
lidapled 10 Ilia d 'clinin ' hi'lltll, his lcebl t He
iii linn ? . anil lim nilvHiiicd iiitm. c ii.'lil.lcd h.
pmver to AliaightV Rod for the CXeiCUC of III"
crentmcrcv, th" influence .f his holy spirit
and divine' blewiue: in all which ho appeared
. . 0 ,, . . ' ...
.' - - .
to wu nn iniorni ami iN. Vm-m, nna I', necklu-ea. I,,de. c..V.Koe. alm
ttlarly wouln thank ins for rav prayer 1 otter- 8llilllr ,, villlill tlrUH,n u,Hti,rtl (
cd up in his b-.'hnlf, fur my ki i.i oili x-s, and , mirrg, An-, ,Ve.
the interest I look in his spiritual welfare, hay
ing it gave him pleasure to M'c nie utid hear
my voice.
"When I reminded him of the advantages he
had enjoyed, of hia honored and piou iince
try, viz: hia father, n iniiiiatrr ot ihu pospi-l
nnd President of the Cnlle;e nt l'riiu'eton, .
J., nnd his inoilier a descendant nf the lenrni d I
and colebmted divine, Jonat'naii I!)iwards, ami j
that doubtless inany pravcrs had gone up to j
heaven from thi? heuriv of his parents f.ir his .
well-beini; and linjpiiir-, it .seemed 10 nflect j
him: and wh-u I asked him as In his vevs of.
the liolv Serinlures, he resnnivl"d '1,'irii were
the vnst p-rjr.r.t sjsrrm irv'i int worm t.yer
saw." bo that, jnilim; from Ins own U'Clar -
ntion nnd his behavior to me at his spiritual
nuvuer, lm was nut an a'k'isl ir u ief. 1
did not tulilii'iistnr the H!y Si.:r.unent to him
nor did hi: sngijit nnd reiinest me in do it.
In reifard to other lopi.-s, 111 li:e course ol
repeated conversations, he reniar'.eil I list he
was tieartien. Alonliromery when lie fell ai
Q'jubec; nnd that, notwithstanding that disas
ter, if the army had pushed on tin y would
have succeeded.
At mv last iotervteiv with bin:, -about 12
o'clock nt noon, the day he departed thi life,
nbout 2 o'clock P. .M. ii aforesaid, September
13, 1SD6, 1 found him, as usual, pleased to see
ine, tranquil in iminl.niu not i!iturned hvuoclilv
pain. Utisen mtr pneness and cnange in n:s
countenance and hts pnlo tremu ous, llutler-
in e, nnd erratic, I asi;ed him how he felt? Me
replied, not so well as when 1 Inst saw him.
1 then said. Cnlinel. I di not wish to alarm
Von, but juiljioe froiii tin- atn'eof your pue
your time with us i.s short. He replied, "lam
cmare of it." It was iicht 1 o'clock P. M.,
and his mind and memory xwnird perfect. I
said to him, in this soleiun hour of your ap
parent dissolution, helii'vini: ns you do in the
sacred Scripture, your ae -ountuhiliu to God,
lot ine ask you how yu feci in view of ap
proachintr eternity: whether yo i have c"d
hope through ff -v t'nt itil vour sins will be
pardoned, and iii.ii tl-ai will in mercy pardon
von for tho snko of the ineritM ami righteous
tiess of his beloved Son, our Lord jesus Christ,
who in love stilfcred and died for us the nion
i?.ig bitter death of ihe Cross, by whom alone
we can have the nnlv sure hope of salvation?
To which he said, wilh deep nnd evident emo
tion. "On that subject 1 am coy." By which
I understood him in mean that on a subject of
such ninjjnitiide and momentous interest, touch
ini the assurance of his salvation, he felt coy
(cautious, n the word denotes) to express him
self in full confidence.
With his usual cordial concurrence nnd
manifest desire we kneeled in prayer before
the throre of henrcnly trraee, imploring God's
mercy and blessing. lie turned iu his bed
nnd put himself in nn humble nevotional pos
ture, and seemed deeply engnoed in the reli
gious 8?rvice, 'hanking mc, ns usual, for the
praver made for hi n. Cnliji nnd composed I
recommended him to the mercy of God nnd 0
the word of his jirnce with n hist fnrewell.
At nbout 2 o'clock P. M., without a sronn or
btraggle, ho breathed his last. His death was
easy and neiitle as a tnper in the socket nnd
as the summer's wave that dies upon the shore.
Thus died Cel. Aaron Burr.
His first funeral service wns performed by
tne in the Port Richmond Uone, where he
died. "Thence we took his remains to the C'.a
pel of Princeton Colleee, N Jersey, where
Dr. Carnahan, tho President, nnd layself per
formed hia last funenil service before the stu
dents, the faculty, the military, a nd a numer
ous assemblage, nnd he was buried, ns he re
quested, in the supulchre ol his ancestors."
The Great Central Sea in Africa.
We have already noticed the discovery of a
vast aea in the interior of Africa, hut we do
not remember to have seen till now a statement
of its extent nnd locality. If the boundaries
fixed in the following extract me correct, t'ais
sea is about fcix hundred miles lonirfrom north
to south, nnd over four hundred miles broad
from east to west. We hnv seen it stated
that the water of this vast inhitul sea is salt.
The existence of such a sea 'has long ben a
matter of belief, from the fact that, with the
exception of the Nile and ihe Niger, no great
rivers flow from Central Africa to the ocean.
LonistiUc Journal.
In the Calwer Missionsblatt we find, with
some letters from Dr. fiebmnn dated the 13th
and 30th of April, a map which is communi
cated by the learned missionary. On this map.
Iietween the Equator nnd 10 decrees of south
latitude, and between the C3d and 30(h mari
dian, lie an . immense sea, without outlet,
nvice as Inine the Black Sea, including the
Sea of AzofT. It is designated Ukerewe, or
Inner Sea, and the veil known Nijassn Sea
nmx-nr as a small bay on the southeast." Pr
Kcbmatl refers to a map in detail, which his j
rnmuaninn. Dr. Erhardt, is brinpine to Europe,
This preai discovert', tho consequtnses of
which an hardly be estimated, has rested,
hitherto, on the fostimonj- of the natives of
both shores ol" ihe Inner Sea, with whom the
ctiionaries came in contact. Dr. A. Peter
man remark?, in a letter in fhe Atiieneurn,
lint the Africnn inrapher. Mr. Cooicy, sr
pued lony nro fur ihe esistpfici? of a single
crcat aea in) tlie centre of Equatorial Afnca ;
and this opinion was preve nted from becoming
gvncral onlr by the opposition of the mission
ric of EaaciTn Africa; who now confess their
It is nid tbat ten thousand copies of Long--frl!r-t
---.r jwjfMTi htT n!rrdr Wn scM.
I i.ll mill l lull" Uom
(.OM Mild ! IMIftON'M.
r 'IIK wU('rll-rt ir rrlvii, 111 addition In
, 1 n rif ii'rni' r li'M , I'pk iiii cimiimhiii
ii iirit tarlnlv ! r nl 1 11 il..iri.'l witHH'tta.
" ,.: . .... . .., ..
I . llop"S.lll.iiillli '"I HMTIin".ipili-ma. innur
T:.. J,. I.f ..1....I, ...... Il.......i 1. 1....'....!.
'i -
iIiamU. uIiuhi. viM.'it. n)lk. 1".. an
I'RIX I S a iirK KiiH'k of n"w mjl-a. saortrd ,
: miner . k "ir, mt-i immhiiii,!., ,,.i-.vm, .-
. .. ..i... .1....- ..1 1. -.1,1 t...i
I'LO'riHMinfw nijli'n. Rod irtment,
eoti. imntn. vehlii. hii i, i!r.ii)r.o'Lrinal, Ac
ll.Vr.S AN l C.M'S ilif lurg.nt and lt
uriuinnt evr in tlii iniirkot
IIO.NMMS buliin' ailk. irlintrcil, iirw itvlei.
HOOTS and SHOES A lurgsund well i'loct
fd mook
STATION EH Y School hooka, roolump and
!,r fr, lutci, jicna. ink, liUtorital worki.
1 rn.iiiiirl liiirutiirc. Ac.
1 II IilV AI'K A larec and full ai-ortnicnt.
rrbrtTt--3'lui'r. coll. m ilt, in. inula.
E R I ES.J-.iln'nit. 11 a k- r-l , drid ui
.., ikv. imo n.iiiiy otl iTurln li-a.
S.III.KKY A Veil elwlrd lock of aaddlea,
Hiiiti'd to tlii iiiur'Kiit, toi'llier witli liridlea t'mr -
l'iiiiral', wliipa. aiirrupa, lior and itiule c illura,
' ,uL'ev luirni'm. hnmw e!ri!. carriaiD IriuiiuiiiLrn,
j wiuron lines, Ihicl'v reina, wiihldng, .tc.
Wlnle craiiite und i)elf ware,
T a f TTrsaja
m y l"v i; k r D V-.1i . .. ..1 11 ,..
liir---i'iooKInKKm.v,. .u,.....rr, inn-
eetta. ca!.tra, c
FANO ou.)l)-A KTt wlry,
tuva. cuilnra. itccorocona. vm line, imrte innmiHiea
Tuba, puil, well hucketk.
11 hucketii,
t'ga, Matt.
w.i.M i:arai, nrunuia, cliurns, water t
STOVES Cnekinsr nnd j nrlor alovea.
TIN'-V.I!K A lull uasnrliiieiit.
Now receiviiiij ind for e.ile liv
Diillaa. Nov. 24, 1S53 3J:tf
y mamma: nivvi
iiA.t roj: sua'..
)f Afl'.ES, the he:niris;lit of diaries (i.
).' J NeH tiin.i?f'iifirf. itiiHtetlH mil, N'nrlli
nf Dallas, iiilinn'iii the Nnrlh hull' of e:ctiiin
No. '!!. 111 towiml.iii .!, on tli waters f llrown-
incs liraiic'i ; together with HM aerea of tiiu'icr
,,j ,,, 01 K!lll l..orti ,,,, o!- . u m(lflt ,,.Kirrt,,
1 ,.tion in point ol land nnd situation for a
liiniu-r in Pallas county, l'ur terms, Ac., apj,!y
. !:rf.
.lone 2'.
Historical Soricti'.
rillin stated meetings nf t',o Dallas llistnrienl
1. Siciety are held at its Hull, on the 3d '1'burs'
dav in eucii moiitli, at earlv eamile 1 iuli t .
N. M.'l;t:i!K()ltD JW.
E. P. Nlfiiot.snv. Srr'i. ll tf
rpiIK l.'NDKRSKiNKO hnvineaasRi-iateiltheia-X
i,..lvfa lugi'tlier in tho ttiiiibc.ritip Uiainess.
!iavo erected their mill ill the crossing of the
I r pin nn oiuiifii 111 lianas eouniv. seven
, F.lHt ,.lll(.aHtl,ri a, a.t o(1 mii,., from Dal
j UH an, Wajahaehio, where, from tha ahimdance
jimd superior quality of the timber, th'ey hope to
givi lull sutisluction to all who may call upon
them for lumber. Our mill iH easy of neccs ut
all times, it naing situated on a poat-oak rid :,'
entirely out from the Trinitv bottom.
September 23. If 5.1 24:tim
fllHE West half of lyjt nuiuhci 2 ill Block n lim
it, her 7, ulso the .South half of tha I'
of tho eaimi lot. together with the
last lull
thereon, and tha building adjacent thereto, and
situated conveniently for u store ami vnro-rooin.
fronting tho square, in the town of Dallas.
AI.SU, Lots .Vo.?. 7 and 8 in ?o A 03, with the
dwelling house and improvements,
ALSO Lots -Vu. 1. in BlnkcXa. 11.
ALSO Lots No 1 2 .1 ,lmi 4 in lJjt;k No. 40
vry desirable for n residence or for business.
ALSO Lot .No n, III block o, !u, unproved,
with a good building suitable for a muuhunic,
now used us a carpenter's shop.
The above proiiurlv situntwl in the town of
Dallas, oilers great inducements to purchasers
For particulars upplv to
Jnne.lSV1.-tf JOM ,fc DOY W.DSOV.
IjXMS foss n.ili:.
IOFFEJt for sale tho following tructa of land
at the very lowest cash prices :
ftIO JltTCsi, patented in the tisitie of Ann
Stnkvs, situated in the south-oast corner of Dal
las county, adjoining the Steam S;iw Mill of Mas
ton & Wheeler. This is one of the richest sec
tions of prairie laud in Dallas county, and is well
supplied with water and ihe-wuuti. For terms.
npiny to Robert Ouv, Esq., ut Lancaster, or the
undersigned at Dallas.
230 nci'Osj, part of the hcadright nf
B.dehmyer. situated on the West Fork of Trinity,
in Dallas tounty an excelli nt tract of land.
610 atrt'sj, patented in the name of Josh
ua ft. lliinley, on Onion creek, in Ellis enmity.
Any nr nil of these lands will bo aold very
ehean for cash or young negroes.
Dallas. Dee. S. 18.1.1 34:tf.
SAVKE's A.Yil.tlUOl.S Asi) FA.MIL I'll.l.S
have been found eminently useful in tho fol
lowing (lisi'iites : bilious remitting and intermit
ting fevers, diseases of tho liver, jaundice, indi
gestion, constipation, nnlious cliolifl, nxeu pains
in the bead, chest, side. &:c, &. I'reparcU ami
I sold only by F. A SAYKE.
ap i:tt Krugist ami Liieimst.
Pl'RE French firnndy. Wines and Holland (lin
for rucdicinal purposeu, for mile at the Drug
tore of F- A. .MYIIK. Druggist .
Jissit tkorcivcit,
V LARGE supply of Linseed Oil, Turpentine,
White Lend. Bull's .Sarsaparillr.. ,te.. icv..
all of which I will sell low F. A. SAYRK,
2S:tf Druggist. Dvllas, Tu
cure of Diarrhoea, Cholcni Xforbus. Summer
I Complaint, griping pains in the Stomach or bow
els, anil all huwel a flections 1 all anil get a not
tic. Prepared and sold only bv
F. A. SAYRK. Druggist
Job printing (Ppff."
We would reapoe'fully inform the citizens of
l)llas ami tlio surrounding com :cs, Hint liitvirj
recently mad", large accessions to our iiiaterial, in
the way of
To which we design making further additions, we
aro now prepared to oxecute all orders for
Such as Pamphlets, for Masons, Odd Fellows,
Sons of Temjierunce and other societies,
BLANKS, or all kinds.
CAJLTJS. fer ProOissional Men, &c,
And other work in our lin. nil of which wis will
excnte in tho let stylo of toe art, atid on reason
able terms.
Having rone to a considerable expense in our
selection of m aerial, nnd i-;igDiiig to sanka Con
tinual addition' thereto, us circurostinces wst
require, we w.ulJ mtlicit fromoe.r friends and the
public generally a continunncetf their patronage,
so generously bestowed on onr efforts so far. and
beg to asanre them that wc will apars no time or
expense to make oar work vie with the best. Our
prices shall bf a reasonable as potible, and onr
work Jons fr nrp'Jy.
time is liior 'By.
fpilK undersigned would rmpcetfu f In
I form lh rlllutm nf Pallas aid ihaYVlL
surrounding wuinlrt, thai lm lon.,)IN..ul
Hi pin.atintly In II, It yn, ,,j ) (-.
I r, . - --- ---r
I. 1 i. i . ... i . .1 ... .. v. ..
"! ruiw',i n..u,
up Hi II In. 11 1 IO IM III K n ltd I II
I '.. .1 ... . . ... ' " cO'vi'l'
imim. t.
IV111., July 21. IM.V1H.ij
A (tcoxiiiici-liuii in Sine.
J fen Hi On 1 11 1' v. 1
ijiiurui,in,i (imiikiul lur iut rktroiUE
j l oml Kiipport, the iinitrrlKnil fff.t fully
iul'iiriii (licir old cimtnniKrn nai lIhuIhiIv. n,l il.'.
i nuuniof DiiIIik and Kllia pouiitiim oncrullv.
Ilmt from tho aaliei of the old flthrio.1 thoy liuv
ruUed una new andhiittcr concern. anil tl,i.t il
ura now in recvint of tlia h., nnd moat roiiiiilvt'n
iia..nrtni..nt of INTKH (iOODS ever Vrourlil to
llila v'"1". onalHlhiff. In mirl. ol a well clm-iml
mM k of limdv Mmle (,'lotiiiiiR. .SHtim tt.,
iiim-a, Jcmii, Kcr-iey. Tcila, a 'f.nitil'ul an
aoi lmenl of I'rmta mid t iincliuma ; j)iiinvatii'a.
Orillinira. iinnta. SI'nca and Hula . nla.i im !..
; "ivo tnck of (iroisM'icH, li inlwurc, (JiMinawurc
ivuiifry, iiiki in iwt every I'linp tlnit la needed
I to iiiitku up 11 full nnd eimiplo'e uaaurtifnnt.
1 A wo Imvu tiikxn cri'iit puina in t!i ai'levlion
mi'l purchiian ol tlinac unila, wo fliittt't ouraidri
, that we will lie uMu to offer tlicni to our cuatoni
jera ut anrli prh-ea ua will iimke it to their inter
'est to iuirv!m. of ua.
iy lull and aea lor youraelveaaa it ii no trou
'de to ahow guoila.
fj.nc.iler. Texua. Nov. HI, lXS.1 ao:if
jrplIE undrii;ned would offer for
a rile lot) truct of land noar neen.
I pi,., I ,v (JiMirge laiwa, lyinj; adiacent
,. SpriRa Steam Mill, thr
niilek frmn tho town of Miillaa. Said truet mm.
sista of 011 ncvea. ono half prnrie ami the hulnnce
tine timber; 8(1 aerea uf it lain cultivation. An
one wuliiiic Kood home farm would do well to
cull and examine this place befora purclmsiiig
iInuw here.
ALSO MO uerea prairie hind, lying on Moun
tain Crenk, S uiiler West of Cedar 11 ill l. I).. 1.1
laevea iif wbieh ik under euliiiutiiin, l.aa coml'ort-
jti'de i-ii'iins on the preminea
i At-SO 't'iO acru of prairie and timlir land,
Iving in Johnson county. Ii luilesH eat of Ward,
ville. the county seat ;i g,md cabin on it and l-'i
nrUII uerea under cultivation.
Any further information desired will he ciren
(by upplleatiou to p. W. Punuwar, at Cedar Hill
j or to the undersigned ut the store of (odd
4 Donuldsun in Dallas. SAM'I,. S. JONES.
Nuiemher 21, 155-. :;2:.'lm
Ni:V STOCK and N 15 W GOODS!
Khl.V.T'r nitd ill) A?)
I!K now receivion nod openini; their new
stock of FALL cf Wiyrrit GOODS ami
At their new bunding on the .North side of Main
street, three doors East, of Jiifterson street, where
their friends nnd tho public generally will find
ry anient usually kept 111 store lor Una niar-
would do well to call mid e'en their ffoods.as tl.ev
nisriiiiirio nuv l lirtAl Jiit I rtoj.
' are ileleriuineil to ?ive 11a i-und biiriruina km anv
1... 1 ... .. . " " '
imhim,. 111 me piiiee.
'Ihe I.ADIKS are e.-.ei'ially invited tocoino nnd
exauiitie our goods before purchasing elsewhere.
Vt ! tender to our patrons nnd friends our
thanks for their very liberal patronage, arid hope
that bv strict attention to their wants to ificnt a
continuance of the same.
tar Any COUNTRY PRODUCE that we can
-ll will 1 e taken in exchange, for goods, and a
liberal price allowed.
Dallas, November 3, 1S.W 2!:tf
Blomtlt l.'taid i:i:iimi
HE net of Congress. March 3d, IS.1,1, grants
I toall thoao who have been engaged in the
.Military service of tho United Stutes, since the
year l'S'O, Ruimty bunds s follows, ti-wit: To
all those who have received 411 acres, 120 more;
to those who have received SO acres, HO more:
and to those who have not received land and who
have served 14 days, or Icfs if in battle. lliOacree.
The undersigned assisted by J II. MeCutvhun,
Attv.at Law. of Washington City, will attend
10 ine procuring 01 liounry uma ti arrunts, on
the moat reasonable terms! for all those who nitty
favor him with their patronoge.
lie constantly keens on hand the best forms,
and will attend to calls promptly.
Dallas, Tex.. April 7. lSI .12: ly.
A B.Tfl A A A I DllJitS
Fusil' ISvrsc Ccniiaes.
LEAVES Halms on Mond
ays. W 01 nesrinvs and rridaTn
if'l'hrougl) in three days.
iiuveneis in' 1111s one wi
tinil good teams, comfortable coaches, and safe
drivers, nnd can rely upon being carried through
It connects at Pallas with the Clarkesville
Stages, and at Austin with the Houston line.
Dallas.. July 1st, 1S.14 2():tf
frrayX0RTI1 JJEyD'
SfST n.M.HS ( (U VTT, 'NXnST'
fi-SxtJe?. TEXAS. aMSawSKiSSBBc.
'S HE underNigiicd l.ine erected, and have now
t in full operation, a N1EAM SAW AND
MERCHANT 015 1ST MILL, adapted totle wants
ot the country. Our machinery is git up on
the principle of the Northern flouring mills,
with largo French burr vocks; and the undersign
ed buiing counsideraMe experience in milling.
and being among the first to tramp tho stuhlilea
down in the Upper Trinity country, hojie to re
ceive a, liberal patronago from their old patrons
and the public in reuerul.
CJT Wo have at all times en hand, a supply of
u 1... 1....1 : . .:. . & . .. ..
i.onr, -niiii-o cum on nau 111 i, lunwtics (oailK pur
chasers. Corn ground for one-fifth.
W. II ft I'. WITT.
Nov. 2'.). 114 :',G:tf
A 1 l 11 1, w
arftettti&iaiak Dalits Co. i
rriHESE Mills are situate ut tho main Cetlar
Springs, 2A miles North from Dallas, and
are now in successful operation, and will be
able to lurnish Flour in ouantitios to suit pur
chasers on short notice, corn ground for the fifth.
A store is also situated cotivenientto the Mill,
under tho charge of W. K. MASTEN, who
will sell goods on as favorable- ' terms and
prices as aro given in Dallas.
Wheat bought fur at our store in Dallas, and
at the Cedar Snring storo.
Dallas, Texas, April 7, 1S55 52:tl"
, . TEXAS. , '
The undersigned would most rcspect-j;
fully inform their friends and thejE$
puldic generally, that they have just completed
and now have in complete running order, a SAW
AND O'RISr MILL, for sawing, and grinding
corn, and that they rvill Iss in readiness to grnd
wheat, also. 111 a lew weeks. Ibeir mill is situ
ated on the Kill Fork of Trinity, about four and!
a half miles Nnr:b West of Dallas, on tho ruain '
road leadms t IJirJville.
Thev will md corn for toll, for one eighth.
snd wheat at the same rate as sounna their wheat
mill is ?Midy;
Having hwn at omsiderable expense in fitting
up their milk in the lest manner, ami being de
termined to n justice to their patrons, tliey res
pectfully aolcit a ahar ot fn'ilic tavor.
1 ur.un.ui. i. xsiKLtsiu
T Ii e o iTiiTr iT'llVrT"
WI I.I. bur and sell land or la id caft'rValsi
on auiiiuilaaluii, proeur Ikii nly lamia to
thitt sntltlad to lb sums, and local lands lie
lie; ,l,t, rough!) acquainted with tha country and
ll tucunl lands on Ihe upper liraro and tha
headwaters id tha l iliiily. Inn lug i.ul a great
rarl of tha Ua! three yenra In Ilmt id alible jr
lion of Texas, h can aarrunt liral nil locaiinns.
All biialuefaentruated to Ma cure will be prompt,
ly ami Inithfully attended to. Terms lur Iocs
ting, surveying 'and patenting : ;on sores, .lli)
04O acres, lull, or hull the hind : larger certitb
eales one third of ills land, or 12 cents per acre.
Patents delivered on auncnl ol the lue, Itiifers
to the nfliicrs of the (n n l. IjiikI Olliue, umaoi
ft Henrichs anil II O llcdgecoxe, Austin City ;
Col D Montague, (iuineaillln, Ciaika county, W
T U Weuver, Esq., Alton, Denton county, Teiua
Mnlier 2(1. Iho5 27:3m
tiio. j. jkvmmis. ui.o. , aouax.
Jf lining nml Moore,
A't in, Ttxat,
Will attend Ihe Supreme and Federal Courts, at
Auatiu (itilvesion and Tyler, and tho District
Court of Trillin County, und limy bn especially
retained to attend audi' other District Courts us
may he coinsiti',le w ith their prior engagements
I hey may bo found at the Attorney Uuiicial's of
fice, old Trcusury buildings. 52: ly
Willis I-. Klnrl,
42: ly TEN AS.
.i 1110111I, Frrrinan A: Co.,
Austin, Terat,
I AND and land eertificntes bought snd sold on
1 j commission. Fidelity to the interests of
lion resulents laxes paid on lands situated any
where in the State Special attention paid to
examinations or any other business in the (iov
eminent office. Persons at s distance having
business in Austin, will find this agency a great
convenience. Fees, in all cases, emphatically
moderate. ndv4:ly
It. O. HAKT. . Ws. VKAI.K
Hart A Vrnlr,
Hilhfioro ', Hill Vmtuty, Te.ras,
1II.L give their join iittention to nil husi
f I nets intrusted to their cure. They will
also act as LAND AOKNTS. Prompt attention
will be given to collections in any part of tho
State KKtT.RKN'1'KS.
Ilotis. S.m. IIoi ston and T. J. KlfK, U. S.S'nate.
Hon. (. P. Scakiii ro. Prof. Win. & Mnry College,
lien. It. Davis, Aberdeen Miss.
Wn.i.i.iji Al.KXANDr.s, Esq.. (ialvestoft, Texas.
Oov. J. W. Hknotrson, Houston, Texas.
Hon. J. Wim o.t. San Antonio. Tex.
Febrnarv lib Jsi.15 44-1 v.
1 1. iXKil A VKAT15ir
WILL practice their profession in the courts
uf th- Sth Jiidiciitl District, and adjoining;
counties in the 9th. Strict uttutitiirh will begii
en to all business entrusted to their care, and all
money collected will be promptly remitted to the
proper persons. Address
S- S. Wravkr. W. T (5. Wkavfr.
Gaiiftoile, 'Vro.t, Alton, Tixav,
John A St MMfRS and John Jackson, Clnrksville;
Johnson & O'ray. Mt Pleasant : M W Matthuvs.
Kockwull : Jahks Rkilv, Houston; Du,l..inD .V Co.
Sbreieport. La.; Ai.Lhx l'aji hart, Diiingcrficld:
llioiis ft Itl.AiK, Austin: (;rekn & Vansicklk.
Tarrant; IIarrv lioc.r.RS, Esq. Cass eo 11 nly.
September 22. 1 8.15 2 : 1 f.
McKinney, Testis,
"W ILL practice in tha District Courts or Hunt
it Collin, Kaufinan,' Ellis, Tarrant, Dallas
and Navarro. 10: ly
IS i i iL-S pal:;ilii7 aVnil Co7,
97 Pearl and 60 Stone Streets,
no 40:1V NEW YORK.
'osl nml Piert'c,
Fur, Sift and Wool IMs, by the rate or dd:en,)
Straw Guilds, Furs, Umlrellai, Purasnh, f c.
No. 98 Maiden Lano, New YuTk.
1 Orders promptly and carefully attended to
v. h. iiawks. 8 :ly
Pt'estiie, A'llcrsm Cointii, Texas,
1T ESPECL'FULLY tenders his professional sor
S vices to the ladies and gentlemen of Dallas
and the adjacent counties. He will visit Dallas
at. least twice during the year, and oltener if his
attendance is required, and is fully prepared to
perform ull operations in the various branches of
Dentistry in the best and most approved stylo, at
moderate prices. All work warranted.
March 31, lS55-51:ly
ClttVF. (.'OOCII,
Palestine. Anderson County, Texas.
All hushics entrusted to their care will be
promptly attended to.
May i'M. 1.H.14 IM ly
IN. Strinlr in nnd .,
Dry Goods, Clcthiptr, Hats, Boots, Shoes.
Qutcnsware, Woodware. Hard
war, and Groceries,
No. 10 Mars'iall St., Jefferson, Texas.
HAVING two large commodious Warehouse,
we are prepared to store and make liljeral
advances on cotton and nil goods consigned to us.
Ward A Jones, and Goodrich ft Co. , Now Orleans.
Walter ft Steim.kin, New York,
H Rhine ft Brother, Clarkesville, Texas,
OruLEsiiT ft Griswom), Shreveport, La..
Fkkgi-son, Neil & Sheldon, Memphis, Tenn.
tVni. . Ilng-nori,
Magnolia, Anderson Co.. Texas.
Magi olia Hotel.
W. A. H. has just completed a large hotel at
Magnolia, and is now prepared to accommodate,
the travelling public in the best manner, anil
pledgee himself to provide for Ida guests as good
fare as can he found anv where in Texas.
March 31. 1X5.1 Sl:ly
Norlh-East Corner of the Public Square
S. SCRUGGS. Proprietor.
riMIIS well known house hsrine re-
Ant1 liAAn .n..il...il k If
PT1 1 lirnni ll'tnV i . nnw nnn fnw tltm nv,nmillldlfc
tion of the public. The proprietor hope, by
strict nttentio to the wants of his guests, to
merit a libern share of patronage, being deter
mined in ana.'ilnn Mini ..r pinmip to render II
in all respects a pleasant place of sojourn.
jr uikmi siinies are aiTacnea 10 in premiaw
well provided and attended.
Spridgfield. Trias, 1X5.1 :tf
sowisn monrsox.
Thompson, Allen A Co.
QUORS, Noa. 21 and 23 Common Street.
New Orlens L.
Gnds at tht lovttt market prirt end puarantetj is
1 errry prrHrultr.
I. "Bise. ly
11 OlXhhlONAh OA IlUfl.
1 a
taut lilt, o. Sr. vi tal,
Froiurlt V (Juraa
ATI OH N hi AI I.AW-Vtulut, TVim.
MAVINO formed art association, will dill
gently and llgornuly pi uille their pro
lession In Dallsa, snd the a, Limit rounlies, snd
in lh Supreme Court of Ih Male, and ll
il lcl Court of Ihe I . H.
fiT I'hey will jiromptly attend i lbs oollect
ing of deb'is.aiid lnitiiliug laud titles.
John 1 1, mill III, Chief Jiiallea N. C. Texaa,
Ihna. J. Jeniilnea, Attorney General, Teiua,
lima. J, Kusk, L . ft Senator, lejua, M. W
K. I ai lor, Mata Senatur, Jcll'erson, 1'rxua, O C.
Il.irilv, Guliealon, Texns, lloet.D. Jane, Phils
diljihia, I'eun,, DeKasact ft Brown, New York,
Keid. Spragueft Co., Now York,
Olficu over Suire a Drug store.
June 2:i. l.1.V--milltf
Ii r. 4'ai roll n. rnk,
KEM'ECTFl I.I.Y iufoniii his old friends, and
lbs public generally, that having icrma
nautly loiatod iu Dallas, he ia prepared to prac
tice his iirolVtsion, iu its uirlnua branches Med
icine, Oiistetiiia mid Surgery.
Olliee at Su re a Drug More.
.March Sll.H.VWMrly
HAVlNii usMici.ueil ourselves in thu praeth-e
of Medicine, we very respectfully oiler our
professional sen Ices to the public generally, and
will give strict attention to all cases entrust
ed to our care. S. Ii. PRYOIt. M. P..
JL3:lf fHAS.lt. PIIVOR. M. P.
.1. II. XiM illllcllH, .71. I).,
OFFERS his services to thocitixnns of Dallas
and Ellis Counties. Olliee 011 Crawford St.
ancasttr, Dallas co. jan 1 ly
Rlll'fOI'll ii (aOOll,
RxiiR to Burnett, Swing, ft Harwood. J. W.
Smith ft Co., Gold ft Donaldson, V. Caruth ft
Pro., Merchants, and Pryor. Smith ft Murphy,
Druggists, Dallas, Trias; II. J. Curd ft Co,, ,cih
i ic . A'y . Pierce ft Brown and J . M . IScbee ft Co. ,
Huston ', Mass.; Eli Mygntt Jr. ft Co., J. II. Brow
cr ft Co.. Harm!!, Sprouls A Co. and Thomas E.
Pis' on. .Vne York; Sitor, PriecftCo., Lippincott,
Gramiio ft Co and Win. 11. Brown ft Co., Phila
de'jihia. Llr
Er. tVarrcn Monr,
Tl,r I LL practice in tho counties of Kaufman.
TV Collin, Denton, Kllia, and Dallas, also in
the Supreme Court nt Tyler, and in the Prohato
1 ourta ol Dulles ami adjoining oounucs.
Special attention will be given to collection!
am! the perfecting of titles to hind.
iii., Pre. SHI, IS-13. (nl:ly)
JOII.. - M lOl, Nil'IIOl-SuN.
ITIil'ov mail Ii'hlso.
Dallas, Texas.
l"r ILL practice in the Supreme nnd District
M Courts of this State, and in the Federal
Court for the Disirict of Texas. Any busines
confded to them shall lm attended to with prompt
ness and fidelity.
Dallas. March SiLJS.I.) 47: 1..
ol I AT EWiiiaTiiMon .
BAVE IN STORK and are constantly receiving
iidditions to their stock, of
ifcc., tec, &C.
Which they offer on ns accommodating terms as
any other house, (.'all nnd examine.
Dalliis. Dec. 2S, 1S.13. l:Iy .
(s'txisr AV. IS.-itnl,
l ILL give prompt attention toall business
tV entrnsteil to bis care, particularly to !!'
sale and purchase of litnds, paying; of taxes and
conveyuneing generally, lie is a Notary Public
for Dallas County, nnd'nll papers passing through
' is bands will bn duly authenticated.
Address, Dallas, l' a las County, Texas.
W I T T ,
Dec. 2S--39 : tf
V.. Iloveitltamp,
Pin'rillr, Tnrrntl Cn . Terns. M:y
il SiS'll'l".
RirdviPex Tarravt County, Texas,
TS7 IL'- f5'T0 liron,rt attention to all busi-
H ness entrusted to him, in the Courts of
the 9th Judicial District, and in the Superior nnd
Federal Courts at Tyler. Address, Birdvillo,
Tarrant County. Texas. Hhly
Walker A Fairly,
1TTILL attend promptly to tho location ot
Ijind Certificates, perfecting titles, ftc.
References of tho highest respectability can he
given if desired.
Address, Birdville. Tarrant County, Ts'xas.
January 20, 1S55 42:tf
A. M. KEE'Siirveyorj
WILL locate and survey lands in the Upper
Trinity and Brazos country, north of the
Paoifio Railroad reservo, on reasonable terms.
Address, Fort Worth, Tarrant coiinty.l'cxns.
Rkfers to John E. Cravons, Palestine; Bur
net, Swing ft Harwood, Dallas.
Y1I It II.efIIIiTO!V, 51. I.
HAS located in Birdville Tarrant county,
Texas, and respectfully offers his profes
sional services to the citizens of Tarrant and the
surrounding country. Ho hopes by strict atten
tion to business, to merit a share ot public pat
ronage. Residence and office at the Birdville
Birdvillo. March 17, l55 49:tf.
Dental Surgeon, Corsicana, Texas.
7"OULD inform the citizens of
T Dallas, and the surrounding;'
counties, that be will make reirlllar
visits to Dallas, for the purpose or practicing his
profession in nil its various branches. Refers to
l ol. John M Crockett, vol a urrcn cwnr. uou
T 0 Hawpe, Esq. of PlaUns; also, to h. W . Ho-
.. 1 . A .... .nr I I
gers, Keq, nnd lr Ij M iiemon. 01 eiijumtiiit.
NoveroHT 17, 1S55 31:ly
John XV. Berry,
Waxaharhie, Ellis Co., Texas. 2:ly
ChnrleH C. finincn.
l HARDWARE, 28 Magazine and 40 Gravicr
treeta. New Orleans. I. :y
PirrsiOR, Harritton A- Co.
J ANl FA(TURERft and dealers in FASn
INQ GOODS, No. I Magaxine. corner Canal
street, New Orleans, Ia. Manufactory. A. B.
Baldwin ft Co.. 135 Market St., Newark.'N. i.
Sept 9, 27:ly
S. mid A. Hrntlrrftcn and Co
rccT-asn to
No, 66 Magazine St. Corner of Notches,
a. c. oclesbt,' c. a ckiswold.
LIBERAL cash adTanies aiade on cotton and
otiidT produce consigned to their carr.
Palis. T'X .D'e.- 8, lSS-31:ly
; iiAnrmi
VfW ,T o 11 1 Ii I .H n f a 1 1 ti r .
I A new 1i.umi..
nrsiso lbs last an nionlb there hat hn ii
ailed of llaarta a iw MostsLr Maaasxa
, oier Ell, III III N DIllD AM) Ml II THOU At II
Nuuilieri. Ths Publiabsra riiay aslelr appeal to
i Ihia fuel ss rinUnra of lbs aiiuaraileled aad n
j aUully incrcaaing siicosm Willi ahlell llirir ef
, fori t to publish a i'lip,liilruvlitjind enUrUoi
j lug monthly hats bono attended. They renew th
I expression of lhir thanks to Hi publit fur tb'ir
isiii.taot confi h ni'e and aupHirl, and vsciailf
j In tee I'ren fur Ihe subalaulial aid il lis afford
'ed In making their ilforts and publiiMtions known
lu Hie Amerliau I'vople.
It can scarcely Is) necessary to add Ilia assur
ance, that Ihe plan of conducting the Mngailn.
which has proud so succaaful, will beitntinuel
w ith assiduity and cure, The wants and taste of
tbireut maasuf the people will ismlinue to le
consulted ; and no lubur or expense ill lie spai.d
to give them, etery month, tho largest amoviit
of llm moat interektinir and inatruetlie literary
miltter, original and selected, in tha heat form
and at Ihu eheaieat price, bpeclal and Increas
ed attention will le given to tne series of original
illustrated a-ticlcs, descriptive uf American
j scenes and historical Incidents, preiared by h
must popular Writcra, and accouipanied ny ngru.
viuga by tho )ett artist in the I nilod Slates. In
every department uf thu Magiuino renewed efforts
will' lie made to inereuso its ability, its utility,
and iia attractiveness for general readers
Though it has not yet completed tha sixth
year ol its existence, II ARi'Ka's Maoazins haa a
circulation greater, by many thousands, tl in
was over attained by any other similar produc
tion ever issued in any part of the world. It is
the determination of the Publishers that it 1 ull
continue to merit this unparalleled and still In
creasing prusis-rity.
Each Number of the Mugaxine will contain 111
oetuvo pages, iii double columns, caun year tho
comprising nearly two thousand pages' 6f the
choicest Miscellu'niHiiis Literature uf tha day.
Every NuiiiIht will contain numerous l'ictot iVt
Illustrations, accurate Plates of tho Fashions, a
copious Chronicle of Current Events, and jmpr
tiul Notices ol'lhe iiuioi'tuut Bonks of the Moni'i.
Tho 'I'oliimes t-oiiiineni-e with thu Numlsirs for
7wcand Durmhr ; but Subscriptions may Com
inencu with any Nomler.
Turks Tin! Mugaxine may lie ohtuinefl of
Booksellers. Periodical Agents, or from the 1'eIj
lihliers. at Three Dollars a year, or Twcnty-fiyo
Cents a Niimls-r. The Seiui-aunual Vulumes,
completed, neatly bound in Cloth, aro sold at
Two Dollars each', and Muslin Covers are furnish
ed to those who wiah to have their hack Numbers
uniformly hound, at Twenty-live Cents each.
Eleven Volume aro now ready, bound. "Har
per's Story Hooka"' und "Harper's Magiuine"
will be sent to 0110 Address, for one year, for
i'ii'c Dollars.
The Publishers will supply specimen Numbers
gratuitously to Agents iimjPostuiustcrs, and
will make liberal iirrangeinfoits with them for
'ireuluting the Maga.iiie. They will also aiipj !y
( tubs, of two persons at. Five Dollars a year, or
fivo persons at Ten Dollars. Clergymen supplied
ur. I'wo Dollars 11 vear.
HARPER ft BROTHERS, Publishers.
fjf Scientific mrriran.
Fit'veiitlt Year.
I'StHE Eleventh Annual Volume ol this iisilc.l
S puMie.ition cotfimenccs 011 the 17th day of
e'em,er next
I lm " Ml '.. II r It A.Mr.KIC.A an 11.
L'STRATEI) PERIODICAL, devoted chielly in
tiio promulgation of iolVu-imilion relating tu tlm
lurioos Mechanic and ('hemic, Arts. Industrial
Manufactures. Agriculture. Patents, Inientio",
!',ninccring. Millwork, and all interests which
the light ol practical science is calculated to kd
1 111,'c.
Reports of U. S Patents grunted urciilsn pub
lished every week, including Ulfiuiiil Copies of elV
the PatentVluiina. together with news anil in'Jr
uiution upon thousands of other subjects.
The contributors to the Siietitifiu Aineri:'an'
are aiming the most eminent a'cientific and pr ,c
tienl men of the times. Tha Edftorial Depr.rt
niciit is niiii-crsally acknowledged to;h6 conduct
ed with greet obilily. and to b" distinguished,
not only for tlie excellence and trndifoliiessol its
discussions, but for the fearlessness with which
error is combated and false theories are exploded.
Mechanics, Inventors, Engineers, Chemists,
Maniifacturers, Agriculturnlists', and people of
every profession in life, will find the Sficntijic
Amrrican to be of great value in their rcspet live
callings. Its counsels nnd suggestions will svn
them hundreds of DOLLARS annually, bcnides af
fording them a continual source of knowledge
the experience, of which is beyond pecuniary es
timate '
Tho Srienlijic Amtrican is published one a
week ; every number contains eight large quart
pages, forming annually a complete and splendid
volume, illustnvtod with several HiNDiiEi) ori--oinal
TT Specimen copies sent gratis.
TERMS. Singlo subscriptions, $2 a year, u
$1 for six months. Five copies for aix munthe 4;
for a year, Jj;8.
For further club rates and for sfatenieiit of the
fourteen largo CASH PRIZES, offered by the pub
lishers, see Scientific American.
Southern, Western and Canadian money, or
Post Olliee Stumps, taken at par for subscriptions.
Lot tors should bu directed (post-paid) to
Ml'NN ft CO.,
123 Fulton Street, New l'urv.
Messrs Munn ft Co have been, for many ycari,
extensively engaged in procuring patents for now
inventions, and will advise inventors, without
charge, in regard to tho novolty of their improve
ments. BnllouS lirforial llrawiiU';
Kooin Companion.
(latb oleason's.) ' .
A Record of the Brautiful and Useful in Art. , . . '.
riMIE object of this paper is to prcsont, in th
I moet'elegant and available form, a weekly
literary melange of notable events of tho day. ;
Its columns urn devoted to original tales, sketch-j-es.
nnd poems, by the ablest American authors;--. '
and a cream of domestic nnd foreign news': th,-
wholo well spiced with wit and humor.' Ijicb
paper is beautifully illustrated with numerous1
accurate engravings, ny eminent artists, ol nota- ..
bio objects, current events in all parts of the
world, and of men and manners, altogether ma- .
king a paper entirely original in its designs, in
this country. Its pages contain views of every
populous city in the known world, of all build,
ings of note in tho Eastern or Wcstorn Hemis
phere, of all tho principle ships am', steamers of,
tho navy and merchant service, with fine and e-' -curate
portraits of every noted character in tha '
world, notb male and female ; sketches of fcean-' '
tiful scenery, taken from life, will also be given, , i,
with numerous specimens from the animal ling
dom. the birds of the air, and the fish of the ses. . .
i It is printed oh fine white paper, with new and
1 , . - r 1 . . : :K : . i : , . .
neauuiui iypu, ercDniomn m ite iiiuviitiiiii-iii exe
cution an elegant specimen nf art. The sire of
tho j-ipcr is 1564 square inches, giving A great
amount of reading matter and illustrations
mammoth weekly paper of 16 octavo pages - Each .
six months will make a volume uf 410 turns.
with 1,(1011 splendid engraving.
Terms (Invariably in advance,) 1 suhscri.
bcr, one ycar,$3 ; 4 subscribers, one year, f.n ;
10 subscribers, one year, $ 20. . One copy of ihe 1
Flag of our Union and one uopy of Bctirn's
Pictorial, when taken h one person, one j.ir,
.f'4. The Pictorial Draxoina-Room Compe ucJi
may bo had at any of the periodical dep.,- .
throughout he country. ,idJ of newsmen, at six
cents pier single ocpy. Any person sending us ..
16 subscribers at the last rate, thai I receive
17th copy gratis. Publiklw-d every Saturday t.y
Cor. Tremont ond Broai field sts.t Bsston, Mm f: 5 '
We bave no besitanev in snyirg that Pi -t-,r.Tr
Pictorial is one of tbe "best publvationr' -age,
and do cheerfully recommend it as:
sctiuj companion, and ornsment to are. t
and then,ium ii Air-Tici, -21" ','

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