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Dallas herald. [volume] (Dallas, Tex.) 1849-1873, February 16, 1856, Image 1

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M. X.L
"Our CoiinrrKay !teolwyiba rlcH; but ripht or wrenj Our Countrr. '
1) A i L A S , DA I. 1. A 0 0 I' N T V. T K X'A S, V V. II ll U A It Y 10, 1 S .
NO. 43.
Cl)c p a 1 1 a 5 4) c r a I U .
'l.7VlMKK .VSviNIKl.I.S. lui.u.w
!).!:. GAturdny. Tebruarj 16. 1350.
TTi t,:l,i in- tmii u.wi ur r..iiu.l m ... Afnr ff.r l!i
Ut.AI 0, Hiil u'.llurUv-t Ui Mr mil ronli tut Juhcnp
Uor.., itiiTir!i,v.'-..i, Ate.
H. f. I:ii:ioi., Iit'iixlrr, I'mIIw Cimntr.
UilnR.t 1.H...IS I Ur Hill, lull: e..un.y.
Crv. W. l(ra, lllr-lvlllf. TuTrKiit imulilr.
,'il.H Iiu.ii, K..rl Wnrtli.Turrmitcioiiljf.
f'.' ". I;-. V " "li ' i y'KI,',"'. "'un,'
T. Kiv.i . Iiiilmin, Kn"!.mivuiilr.
. tiura. Week ll.H, ftin !"..
W. K -.. V:uabuU'., l.iili ,
ar.fv't?... . CfCOk'
S. P. Smith, itnr:n, f.ryww c-.-atnv
Cf.pt.. U Abut. iirr evra?.-.
A. llMfin, It !. t.-tJinlnn... N ..-.Tl ....4ty.
,U L'.t. i'. rir' W'-'t. Nvtrrjcou-..
A. P. l.toYi-, Al'.a, li.Mi .-ouiii v. '
' 0 8. Wvor, li .ilnrvl'.l -, I'm X c luniy.
H. II lariMim riurlii.vi:.i. iUil Uir-r rmtnj.
i. M. I !!, ;,nipn.i'i-l.ilc,lv,T-x .i'.
A. T. II .WHtL, Hi i , Oi-ciii' lllo, Hunt emu I-.
iiii. ktcav k Co., Ilumtoa, Uatti c..au:.
BeiirnouB Ifotices.
ttr. A M.rfin III w: cli . Mwntile IIMI. In
- ..... t . ll ,11 :. t
R9. AltM'M'T llimcit liirarii.P iu iac .nem-m ; i in, m ium.
. .... Aiv...iiit riaii.lv 111 CRCll Ill'illth.
Iter ,ln"it A. Mtiilih pnni'lin. n the Miuoulf Hull, In I.li:i,
on th Th rl HiNm'h in . ucli iii iii'.h.
Kev. WilHiuu II. ll.tcli' )rtirl;tM M .lie Utouttic llrtll, In Iul
U, cu th Unirtli SiMwih In on mouth.
r.uxrons roi: tmkstatk at i.AiK.r.
nisriticr ki.ih Ttin.s. '
SUK-EliECTOtt Fdlt Kith .IL'DlCl Al. DlSTIilCT
JOHN J. COOD. ofLalla?,
FOR C().IPTI?OI.l.i:i:,
JAMES B. SHAW, of Travis.
JAMES V7IIIIE. of Vcshiag-tcn.
Top Sttrve.vor of Denton land District.
re uih.iM i.. nnou-m. . o. wai.kkii. i:.q.
-; ' - "'
j; Meau-R-Jinpaietl to t.vaue a ha.l sliest.
The punt winter has been emphatically one of to-
ttii ii iii-intf reoiiruis betwc.ai riiiis county and Iloua
ton. and wo hn.e iV'ttnd t imjiossihlc- as ytt to
get nur paper emm porte.1 Iron, that phtee, where
we have laid a supply for come tune past, It
may he on tne way or it may not. a have Kent
to biirevrf.rt, but it is doubtful wheihur it can
lw pui-ems.;a ti.ere. e ahall remiir.o our uanul
Oiiucslttiirjoat as early as wo ,W.!y can.
EJ" A t.i. Wiilkor, Ksip, oT Tarrant county, is
ft eandiihite for District Surveyor of tho Denton
Land District. Tl is in the largest laud district
in the stab-, and tin. office is it very important and
lucrative one. Seo Mr. Walker 'a aniiouncenient
In to-day's paper.
tt Attention 10 cull-jd t) the card of Messrs.
Allon, liaghy ,fc Co, recoiling and forwarding
i.ii-iui.n.., ikiii.i iria... u uiuo Kn-ai,
pleasure in roeonnuending this excellent house to
xueh of our murvluiiita us may have business in
JluUfctwii. Mieoii Allen, llatEhv A Co. aro uni
rer sully tuiiular with their customers. Thevnro
nrovi ri.ial for their faithfulness, iiromntneas and
r.trict utiention to busiiicts entrusted to them.
The ir customers need fear no iinp.sition or ne-
p,!ect v.hilo Mutt. Ikighy is coiiuet-tcd with tho
bouaiv. t:o curd.
ELyThti tmveliioj; pnhlie tiro referred to tho
ndvertiseiiiimt of a new stage lino from Clarkoit
villu vi Wasliiiigton, Ark., to yhroveport, I.a.
'litis liuo .it lusL renders ennmlete tb line iit'i.niii.
Itiunieation and travel from thi re-ion and West-
em Texas ioShi .ncjx rt.il A..;W1,m Hi.t ,,a.
long ).o:i f it.
E3T"It will he Feui from a notice la to-day 'a
paperi that the friends oi" Judg? Burfurd in tir.iy
in hav-3 tendered hiiu a eunipliuientarv dinner.
lo eome off at Sherman, on tho 5th .March next, j
KrSeriBtor Allen. .ifCllb.. ea.iirt nn nn thn I
lustta"0 ' j
' r, . . j
We are under obligations to President Pierce I
for his annual inobM.gc to the two Houses of j
Conpresa. -
Totljoda.or.out'.frisiids alio want to subscribe !
for a first rate sound eoinervjlive- northern !
jioiitieal newspapur we comuiond tho Xew York
llnv Hook.
An election for county officers comes off in th I
new county of Parker on tho first MuudiiY in
March next. .
Mu'4bf.3 0 the Ucwlati're Uti-8nd Hons ,
J V Throckmorton, of Collin, R Reevea, f ;
Uravson, and li L limes, of l.tus, urr.vrd in
t.,wn on Saturuay n.ght f route lor the.r homes. ;
Ana ontnrner i.ureen. ot iiopku.s, ana M:,iveB. ,w nominuuon ol that isirtv for Commit-'
newly wedded wife, an-t Hon. MDongherty. of
Collin; wrrrm town on TrnWay night Ian, and
le!t tho tiext morning for home.
Wearepahu'dtoannouneo a., Slr..Hr
red distressing accident that hjfe! Hon Turner I. ; "Tr, ".-.,..1..,.. .i.,..-. .i - ,.4. v r...4 . - "' ---
G tn'. ti i Keprea -ntative fro.. H,.pKin eoni.tr. : tI;! 'f'drf w from the known .rb.ng order long ' -y The ilemocratic .State convention of Ten
wi.ilst on hi. wsy fro... the cpi.ol lo liis homo ! Un unJ 1,1 5 "" : nrssee. which met at Xaahvillj on the 8t!i Jan..-
in lie kio. He arrived eifwr ar WusliaUihio ""it1' beia w haterer. lfthi b.n ly:n known he ! ary. nominated W ll Polk, of Man-ay. una
03 tif, inst., appatst'' ' -oll"Bt heultJi 1 would hve hot no vote in IVtors eo'.eny. ex-.fpt Isham Harris, of Mer.iphis, laecters fi.r t'ie
nnd in the p .suction fll bi faenlti. This ' it "7 have !m a few o." the isore raMd know- Slate at large. Tho District Electors are to be
waa Jute iii the aftf rnisa;. JiirlT tbui night, ' nothirga. - i.dei tc.1 by District conventions :
without any of ton nsiiAl prc.tM.ntory fyaiittoiua.
. :. i i.--: i, a . r .........
IMJ WS" mrriVU IHU:. .i, in; ininrj .hp ml miir. '
for lif4
F!iJ .1
'ii lln.f . ,.f .iue of
f the fair dauj.terjyf
P.. hut mo .-i I. .
,1 I'.rctioM. '
tol.r .criui.. il.n ..le.-.i.i.i
Ti.i' return Iwlow i.
.I i . i
lur.I. .Indr, iiml iinltoitio j-rcttv urfly
ofCul. McCoy lit Mi.iriit Al-uiuey.
..Hi.ifnu.'rj.iH.K '
.Mr. Jlurfur.l
' ( enuli-..
.. . j ... ..
.IUI....U. i. Mir. ,..tJJ.
. J:iltti
; t.raol,
! fl'urrant anil Parker
. . i;;
I -J
. . IS.'.
.. M
(Johnson, ,
1311 3('. IfC-J
iii-inrr , iniiiM i,
MtCtj. lkrr. 1-uu.lln,, t krk. h.,-.r.
i ni v non
, f lleliton
i Tarrant hii.1
, I'arker.f
tJohimon,.. . .
i Tho v leof thoso i:oiinti-.-(i lairked lima
'e-.,.:.., ru... .)..,. i... ; i
,vluti,. u..4.a : i-. .-r'- -
'not reliable-.
Tho hill relinquishing tho State Tnxea fur
w t o
ta tho aovoriU couutio. puod hotd, Iioua
had of tho (if.vcrn ir.
n .. ...
uno Ot tha last actH 01 tni. :lnuu vl l.jproMen.
Itativca was to ditelnirjjo al) ifs o.Tiocra elerks,
. ,vrL'.M!lltf! ut !.rms, doOr-keeners, lr.
. ; . ..... ... . 1 er .
frcmiO Ol IIS OJUCiirH ! UlipeU'lU ailll t'lUl'lCIll,
others were ineoiiijiet'-iit or hahitimlly neglected
their duties. Ail werti discharged ia or der to
got clear of the latter elan.
A hill .hamtiiifj ono leii-ue of land M Mrs.
KlizahL-th Crockett, widow efHavy Crockett, one
oftho her.M'1 -f the Alamo, pasncd both IIoun
oi me igittir.
; Egr Bet ween .'.( ami :KI u.-ta and renol
! were passed ut the lata Heft'ioii of the I.i ;islattire.
! Moft of them were of a J'l'ivate and j..'cial tia-
: ture.
:f- -l'l... 11 ... ...if.I ! P..
F3T Tlit lloiiae of lierirestiitativos vetni it Ke-
porter, Mr. Tritchloed, ,1U )tr day. Inn nervines
c" : and pay to continue up to tlia .'list of March.
. . 1 1 f i i' . i .i. .. . .....
i UT uur cnnuio ininm, ' .uovnue, u.ts
, purchased the interest of J W Kwing in tho Pal -
associated with
Mr Dalo as eo-pifpricbr and editor. Wo wel -
,,.,, tn ,i, o.'i,,,'.! r-.l...nkv and t.,
the. ranks of the unterriiiod democraev.
iNTRSAtT or Jcoiivs' S.t.Attti:s. Tho salaried of
i lt6 M of tho .Supwmo Court have been in-
J cr,.,l80d from 2.0110 to 8,0(10; that of District!
Judges from g 1,750 to S2,lViO i.or annum. This
increase cannot, under tho nivivisimtH nf Hie dm.
UtJtution. extend to the benefit of Judges now in
j ,,Dee during their i.rosont term of servioe.
Gin CiusinKiis' TuRit.vgj-Eta-s Maciiini:. The
, . .. . . p J
nsse.1 a eiumer lor ttioheneht oi,
s lorrttnitcou Machine, or vetsel. :
Legislature pissed
n,...,,i, ..-.a r...
' Juilloin!
...v.-,4 u.u..vl:u it, mii ..is niemoi-mivvaaIjU(mor8l.lVCTvillt,eT)ifltl.i,,tort',,
lflforrod, reportod that (.en Chambers had appear I the uduiission iif no future sUtU? into tho Union i
edheforc tho eomwittre and fully and frankly ex-j vitll oonHti.n;ion tel. ratine slavery. So that I
plained tho machine which he claims to 1 ave in- tllU ,,aHv thut Wll(1 1 t.,n tho sec'timial has- !
vented ; that tha machine, as exjilitttiert. is con-
- "
principles of phyaies, and is to bo operated by a
i power or powers in ci.mi.iun use. They decline
exiiressinir. an oiiinion as to tho practicability of
I thn inventiim. Thev reratrt hack tho hill refer -
red to thum with amendments, and recommend
' its inissace. This bill, as . -passed, jnak.is no an -
propriati m of inoimy, and donates a hind bonus
only on the contingency of the suuess of the in-1 Philadelphia, platform was a trap to catch sjiith
vention, when 2"i mihs of the roail is in actual I Prn iu,!geoii.s ; tiur, tiio principles thero eminci
use. uted tere deceitfully made for the purpose of tle-
" ' " j ecivinv; and betraying the southern peoplo. Kow
GT A coiupitiiy of emic;i-ants for California, Uii. cl,(.,lt ,,,. e:i.,u, .j, tho unblushing
was or
.minted at ttitinesv.llo, tonic county, on
I lHt wr rany au start -
I mg .ihout t.io 1st of .May. 1 ursjits IM" '
.... . ... ...... ..I.
lunoimn coiintii-s (iesieni.tiE to visit me coiuou
State, are invited to join tha company. Further;
infoii.mt.on will bo furnish, d by addri-Bsmg Iv
K S..lshury, Cainesville. I
Commissioner Ciiosiiv. We learn that Capt.
J Crosby, of too I.iind-Olli-'e. is ejentn! hiiiisoll to
lu3 . '
Usue patents to the euluii.sta as taat hs tho pa-
pera van bu examined, .dipt Cr.hy deserves the
thanks of tho people everywhere for the faithful!
Und assiduous 'discharge ' the onerous duties ofj bill the (iovernor has appointed lion. .Iiimo,. W.
his office. The aduiirahle order, regularity and : Throekim.no:i, of Collin. Paymaster f..r Cap lain
precision with which the records in bis olf.ee aro Fit.hughV company. This appointment is a
kept, is tho subject uf universal commendation ; most excellent one. Pits'oiir who belonged to
.as is the faithful, prompt, and untiring attention
to business of himself and his excellent an intel-
! ligent corps of clerks, t.'ajit. I.'rosby especially
j merits tho good will oftho citizens of Peters col
lony fir his constant and untirhie eiTnrts in fr-
i warding the Pcft'ectioi! of their titles. A cloud was
throAv.i over him ith s,.mo of his friends in this
j,,,,, Mt saromert jn wPereuce to his ronnex-
, inti vifli tun Irnittr-riiif liim rtfw It a r,.nr,4
fclteJ ,, declinj frnn dentill, .
ifioncr i.r tho t.'en.ral lnd-0ffico', he Ira. rtilL '
Iueu4J,ir r tho order.- This loi,t him laa-
inv vot-e in this country but vc are sa-isfied
ky 7 7 r n r w; -
I fro ,U ",,wU" '"rt.on. that in that
r- 11.. in.,,..i!,;. stain r!
B,- . - " ........ ..j ... vu.ui.iu.. w.
oil.i oaluisd'cl.red Millard Fll-u. Ut frt
. 1 i.i- il... I.-4'. .
Riymonl and Sh; w.
IV. .1 I.I l,L,. i.. L...,.y .... !,, ik.,. . r...
i . .... . . I
what good rravni "lb.. Amen, wi' uf leva, wish!
; P. turn Jummt H !n.w ami Jam Jll'ut ..J '
nu ,.r., IV... It I, true ihi.t Mr Sh-.w ..'a. lu.f !
,,,. .. ,, ..,
tl oinanor lm," '.ut ie iJtlmiuM!
iH-limiitoil ill thin roimtrr. lie uti.
, . .... .
ii.-ri.an iu.uilutu.ns K-rl,u. well J
;o of tho imtivea unj ha iiii.nil. -f.-.l
i rnl'v wxli u(h-I
K-rduiiilii Amu
; (..me J.-vmion to ihm. ! wH ma n.Mi-r,
,di.1uilili-Jl.vi!iemviJei.t of ,U l.irtli tu I J.-iT-
in tilv liiiuNulf with tho KI.M.u.y rortm-...nv4t'
i nor to wrv li.-r ftithfiillv.!
.,r ... . .....
. iiiuiiiiiiv, nun .U..H IU.V, mien Line pvt. iiwiuo
1 1
, . ...... . I
I 'l' " lrilru. . I. .Mr liuyiie'llil.
1 ! lu'en at tlia head of the Treasury ); iirtuient. a
I . .7 .. .... '. . . '
, iQwuioim.simMai.CKiuiiuuin-'ex.im.iutiou
by uoaimittMi, and not a:i tr.-or tho most trivial
- - r .... i i i-
.,. ..ir c-imw i.i. iin-n in mi- .u nj ... law j-iruu-; over j:ii noiiiriuUnun ami lllv -ilil'ia-iiU .if !ie I II K IV.KillliKNT .MKviAi.K IS t.Sr,I.A 11. l"""--1 -v-'!".
..,.1.1... ... 1 . .... ..... I ' lh.M O.M .;.l.ll.f..il. 4.4.I1...I I
II. 1....... . .1... 1 1 .!.:. . , i . . -i.... ... ' 1,u ! 7..' 4.'..'....
' I , r '""'r iiico iiioi.en.ri!ii"iu w. ro or'anixuai ilenmentiie Smte ivunviition av the d.-itale 1 rr",i,',"'t iii"--ai;e lins neeii r etoveil in ; ........ ,
" on the ,.r.-e..t avMeiu. NoUdy d-uhu ihe.rl ... the rineinnati .ven.iun from il,m,t"-,H Kwkni. and wi gtMiewlly very lavoraUy w . tN".' "I'1- "r,! "'J'1' wntniil thu hprued
., ,,0 . . ...I i ... I .- ' . .i . I'm tnti, are, , . i : hut iihso'utelv. am vve enn hardy rehire the
4-J ls;eomPetencv.lmtitir,..H,lc-dthathe...erqaal,.;w,th.he oce, lion of Matt Ward, .canvly ,,J' ; ' fa.-t. the lar;., r.ir(y inthc ..,,,e of Rertrc.
0 o- "' "'Id not ho round nvwh,ro. I knmvn k-y md tl... vein, u r ll.ei:- ieN, tive i '' T'lE I l!i:sllHXT. II . , .,)tnliv,., is .-r,;e Hoi pr(yi nn, the .'r-
I Tl"'ir l"""'rt.v Mi r',i,,l", ',"": rdnty can ; cumi itj,H r lh , ., , '"' '-'-T M Wus !:?'',,v,' '"-'VV ' vt vole for Speaker hi. iier.i'ia-ei.ilv. for the
2.i(. 1 i !..... i.. i.. i.. i .t. r . . .i: .- ... . . ... : Iron I'.v l'-e.-idi'iii, lol.ili').-to KliKit llairi , i ' .... r. . .. . ..
' S"1"" 'l'""". i.'-ry f-eiou m Hie. -..MiiijMiiB.e.i (Mum j.,n. ediil,! laive Iwn limm ii , ,.,..!,, I w . ..; :, ,i.,. ni .r 1 .... 1 ' ",r r w""
' w Leeljlaturo thein IlLmrtmoata have t.W.. t Ht . ,. .. .. .. v. In.!. i MVi.isf I III'. PM' . ' i ,).... Nor is tit t all That Fr.aoi! fanlli:
; ''T T. ""-"-', w -t H f. Icn.fv.no:!..,.. lenll.
in ,t .Li . I..HL.I.I .... VI'.......- r.. I,,... ... ...
- 1 ! . 3 ' ZIZ
error o: iwo mis in iii v.omp-.ron.'r h oy.ee-cti..
lit liehmgins to nnbody, nec-tr.iiti te Mr Sli .wV
I i. .t... .i it :.. . .r.i ...... .!.........'.
""f-". .inn i. miu una im: eoii.,niit.v tiu-t
i invi'dtiptied the Tr.-wury at th htm Heiion "li.l
AVhileM'"'' 'J'0 litBor mx tHoui.and .1 ...iari in .Mr Kay -
III unit tl U ..All mr i ,tf llllil "l 'mt.Jt I... l'...7.. I... I ... .
, BVlJ "'b' " -yv in- u:irti h-mmi;;-
; '' P " -tu"- """"g Vry wn.rc t.ir.t v.v
; proaiiiii-. If them, uv.-n ure rpialili'i'd, ami l.ate. 1
ditrnij; u loin; neri'H f.f years, never '.:.ri.d
hair's hrvadtlt IVoia tho riht path, vh-.-r.) is toe:
; mi or of mitn!? t,.w , , ,.,:-ht
, lon uf tried capacity and Itonetilv give pl,i.M r '
j mM whs ,Uiliilil.u(i,.n, ,u. , ,,... t(.,,i
;and whofe iiit'Kiit.V la not lu-en tried! We;
; (1" ,1,"1,,t ""lt Mr- J"h"r, "' d Tarlt.m
are lmiirst. ood men. We liunr tho former to
I he a worihy cntlcinaii, a taerit'irioiia iiiiin ; nnd
we dotihl out the hitt.-r is n-ually so. Hut we
cannot ;ivi! up lli-yumm and Shaw tin il it is,
shown that puiiie nod rM-in eists f-.r h cluiii-re
: cannot givo up liayuKUid and Shaw tin il it is,
' . I I...- 1 .. .......
1 until ir. is shown that better tjualilied or more
luiiieot men are to ho had, nnd that will ho the
! overwhelming verdict of the people of Texan.
w ..... - ... i . ....... .
1 Profession and Practice. j
l The present self-styled Amorican jmrty profess-, i
l cs to lmvo entered upon tho groat mitsion of it)-!
liod silennnc the slavery agitation pour-1
... ... f . . .... .i i ..i 1
nig oil upon the trouhletl sea ol sectional liostu.
ity, and " Interposing for tit.-, pui paso of giviv.'.-.
j p(,llcu t the ( nion." hilst making this hyp.
o. rititv.l profession at Philadelphia in Jane Ut.
I his very parly was every 'where at the North j
! roalosciinj with tho Sectional lunlutors, heating :
lown the national detuoeracr that hare alwaya ;
Mood nrrnved sirainst those a-etional airitatorfl, i
: and with their unhMv fusion with freu-aoilisa. and
nholitisin, coneontratcd and refined in black-re-
publicamsnij were aendinj; to ConeavM. men ,
j,,, t() l0 rcneil, of Nnbraska-Kimaa i
tho r )0a, (fth(. fll(,;tiv() R,llV(J 111V tl,u ttho-1
j t'llity " uml " Rtve iieneo to tltct Uni
. :
nun has in
ereaseti that sectional Hostility teiiinni. ami i ia-;
: riI d t1(! v(;rv 0.iHt,.cc tlf the Union. Out of-
j fti t10 RepreiJntiMivs which it b a larvlv con- !
: ,-;i,,,i t,,,H f,i r,innri.u rrn-n tbn northern i
1 i.... n. ..!? i.,.., ,i,.,t ... ,i,.f .-.ill, I
j P4ikii:(., 'mi ituvu l'l mm ii.hu ..... .v ... v
,i... 10,1 ... .,. r tin .....ov i
1 ii .i.,, others nre arrant blaek-rcmiblicaii P.anks i
j Inpn. 'n,j8 ract dciionstrates tho truth that the ,
. . . . ..
; , 1 i1Mj. ;t ; .. mVal..rv Co us how patriot-
, ;(. HoU.,1(!rn ,,. Ull j , ,er reconoilo ic with
.,4v ,,f ho:.or to tiswiaic wit h ihc parties to t
i'.i.j.i ii i.. i i
i ,.,,a, ti i. .u ,.;,u ic ,. ,., ,1,4,1 o 1
t,)() gtilteim.nt wi lllve maijtfi l,.t .,im r.-.v-l the do
,,at..g in t)l(1 UmfM 'p.,!i.resentatives tlu.-iog
proL,.1(.t(.a r011tH,t rr 4, al..r mul )l0 eunvin,
the ;
i Pa- 101: F.TWircii's P.axcep.s. The l.eisl.iturc
at its uita H"sinn i,rnideil an nppropr.atio:.
' .' '
the pay of the Hungers culled out by .'icn Smith, j
to oji.'raie on the fitmli.-r iigainat the Indians. ;
''tst ,r. In pursuance of a provision of this'
Captain Fitzhugh's company and others interest
f l. ro referred to Dr Throckmorton's advertise
incut in to-days paper
Mr Fuller, Iho southern know-nuthing enrdi-,
date lor Speaker, withdrew bis liiimo in the '
tl-.c 23.1 nit. I)., tl,.. .1..- v.. I
ltt-hariUin. 1 lie iln,Mn, .,,i:a.. I.I. 1,.... i
and Mr (rr. uf.S.ut)i Carolina, wus uminiiaiuslr ;
"''"" u-u-ocr.no ciacus. lhe mucus j
r"-" . ."T at tun nrs. .
C"Ur"8, 1 Kto-r.'n-.T s: V.vnc Si:.usctt.-A . ,,e fpn-vion wii.S u' directness, ami treats j,
f.x Gov llid'er w-as"trii7i..phant!T"clted V re.Ponc:"!''t frn,:1 .isaiiiptoti, on the J-il' . aith a firmness of tone and distinctness of ..I -
. t'e't . rt .'"',"l""!: ., . , temnce. worthy of the days when Jackson used
NHturl,ytnel5..Biture of Pennsylvania uu , "Rale's ii'me of the President met wi.h i.o,,0 ..,,ie lhe Ve-oon-iUilii v " of savin- bold
tl,c 1(;.tIl llU. . ,.p ; ,,, A,nlM- v,,,,,,,,, fd( ' L' A '.,,' Ve cl u
The deniocratic State inventi m t
' n'1""" 1 " -W-vl I- r I
I 'i ' !.!..' -r I.. .-T-:n
We had the pleasure of a i.it, on Tiiui-.-,! iv ;
h"rnine. from Mr. Jaiaea Swindells id tli l;t
( ') Herald, lie W returning lioiua limn..
fiuuyt tg itijj. vwif ;,..
TI.h will U news to .r . -i.it... h -mm nam,
.. j. i,.),- m.i.i wi... k 1..1...1 !.. .i...
uJolm, an. who hunnvr vt u n h; .. in I n
, ......... . ,.
luxiirv of ''fan. ly." Family whv. ho w .i. .
... ' . .. ,, . ,
into t .xn nt tho Tory M.t A;-l
.mj Minitt.r of (rai, defend iii!"
,.,,,, ". ",,
""- " u.-n. r..m ariM-n mil oi oiuniv .iinrKK ami oenmiom.
. ' '" ''"''J811 'irinu-l.w1.,lc-oiiiMe1.;tionr muJe by )w l.utr in referrenca to n pro.
u,,r "" j ri i-noior. Juut. l,riiiu.l I.a.l tliiirj.-.
"I the llerttl.la.iwe lime am. mil lii,live (.i.
, , , , '
. it. ..I ... .. l I i ... I I. .
.ltd t .h-iit in it wrii-.-r.
Wo w.-l.uie him k...k to
iho f itt.Ttiit v.
Tl... M 'ii'.hnll Koiiuhiii-itn mu.-N lil-humoreillv
i . '''; ".-m, h "ex-.riioroiimry
that Col. ..'en.,;., -I,,,. !,! I...... I...... i.i..
I l.y t!m i ,w y, ,n" th.- irr.miid that lie had ..u.-e
Tl T T " vm'
ivpa no .ut ' : ia'j L i nrt r. it .ri.i iitit c iini.:ii.
'!(JI7 llllt
I - J 1
I .li.nuM.i tttiU Ilavnioi,.!. .-...iuecte.1
US .11 Wait Willi
tho "he mm .let.o.i t t.f V."lker and Kinif
. .
' ln-.ve Ik-.-h iioioin:it...i
Xmr the eoiiij kitits of the Keptihlh-an atrike
; im an a rather nual! alfair. II1 the no.iiiii.sii.uw
' i . i . .
mill ill h i 111 1 1 If: 1 1 1. Ii:t! (1 i U tl) l!M WO
e.-rtainly hav.i .naih' man. ...r tl.uu i-r .::,l'-i-.-;:i,
rpnu t hai the-ur . hut wo r" not ,'. -..si-.l t.
net up oarjii.j.-.o.iiiiit a.i to u. i" vi.-n. u,.i'.:is:
that ol'a ii.-..;.iiiiv ..I" the . nnv.-iUi'in. Tiie !!.-
u' -c.m :.n"s h t cn.uu. of prim-ii.!.'.-
and fullv aj.prow iho platio-.u ul.iaitt. i l.'v the
Ct,m,,,lli",m. 1;- lhl. ,,,;Hmv., I,i,, ,;,n,c i-
(erv.i. oi -j.ui.c.pi. -fcuy . ue t.j .,..!....
i uUiut mn. U e coiifcs,, t. tvo p.., ruicc in the
o'ljcction raised by the lie pul itcan. Wc think
tinia in had i.iste anil who I'v iluucc-s.-.
Psfovs Cclcny ? j-3-cript:r-r.'i.
1 lie fi.ll.i-.--ii!.- I. il.n mJv I .i' I !l . !.;! ill r.M.'-
tiiti to pre-emption righta etthe late sossi m uf
the l.i-;'.islaliuf. It is dor i 'net! to icrant reVi,-'' to
( Ihiifo i re-emiition settler i who a.iitie.l an i r-
imiplioitUt within tlia li l.ita ef Peters' lduiiv
previous to the ei.pira.tio, i of the IJ'.'D pre.eni).t)ou Uepientatlve froin t .arrant comity, to say i
bllt lv!,iK, tl, 0ltl ,)v ro,orvllti,jn W1, i.llltm coiise.pien.:.' of ill-heullh and'tlie press-1
foreu. U lonlirm-t thair yhrhts as tlioii-jh no re.
,.,,.;.. ,ad i ,, i ir .,. t tl.ut lb,,. , when
t ti.-irn in the oldest ircne lino claim.
The bill Hits
j:,ir,!m., , , tho folate hv S-
r Ailiu-
T C.wirr, thr Tills of Ortnhi Vrt-onVfw,:
Setlkrs WiHih, lie i -jmhsnf lVira' Cu,rj.
Si:r. 1. Uh U must tl :' the UahUlurt; l
the State of Tt.M, Tl nil all peisons who set-
'led as piv-emp;ors w i;iin Lie lin,iis ol the
"''."'Y 10 v ' ' '
111).. Mill ...1. I .I'll ' ...... ,..'"'..!.'lli I'l ll l lnwi ll ll v-
I II ...I I .- .1 .1-11.1' .... ....
i? eiitiiieu to til' inmouiit oi laim ornnteii
(0 prP.eimition settler i hv the law in lorcc at
,,e dale of their aitl fet'tleinent, by eomplviotr
with all lhe provision t of the same'; l'rnviied:
that when the hm.lsh ave been surveyed hy n ny
le,nilly authorized Si irveyor, it shall not be tie -
"' ' lm,v( ""' r"Y' j. aad
prdr Jvrthrr. .lit ,l ... all caes of f.mfl.ft .
m e i, i t I. iiiit n i nie-p n ii n i r 1 1 ,i
oldest e.'iiuiue t'luitn flotll have the preference ;
, i 1!lt t , ., u-t ,., , :t. rmn d a t.-r us
Approved, '2G' .lmmiarv, lSofi.
' -
KTMr. Sneak'r 1! ro. before the atliDiiriiini- i,t
--' . . j
the House of liepltisj.r.tiitivos. tlulitorod tho ltd
biwing chaste and i iiltniia'de a ldr sv
Memhers nj the 1 loise tJ Bvprescniatw'S :
T ... I . .a r. ..li.n l .............. I.... ...
L HIT II'MII .1(1. H IIIVI-II, HIHll." IH-II, III' 4'lf.
iilioiirinti 'ut of T. ie House ti. nil lhe firs; ?.inn.
d.ii' in July ne.v.i ; hot hstfure pr:."OMn -iiti; our
.separation, 1 asif- to say 11 word ol Knvwcll in
those who have nii.iich lioi'. ii-d me.
I thaul; vo-i, t'ent'-eir.eii, i. r th: resolutio 1.
npprnvine; of ir.y ofii.'ial course, waii l. you
have nlnci'd on tlie journals of this Ifci.: witli
such uinmi'iHy a nd cordmliiy; it l
rec-.id fa
w 11101 1 snail iti-y 0 uuoii.
1, however, did not r.-nire tins foruvi! maili
'nl"' apprnb.i lum. In; I .lave, upni. ail o.-.Ti-
sioas been snsta iiii d and supported by ;eiie-
ro. is co-opera;. on , a:M the m.r,t (list im:;ii!siii:.i
' courtesy.
1 Quasi kins of the .rravest import hnvs !
b la,-, r h'Hi-'V : I'li'V h ive I jcil i:- ;..-
vvj;, hll n b i I i t v . l .'V.a-hefore eqirilei! in our I
i-ln:ive history ; umi h-'ve been acted on
nasi, in wisdoip., and lor the best interests
r Mate.
Th :1 record o f our pr.v.'e:iiii!s will soon
hefei : our c.-.n1: TiTue.-its, nn.l I anticipate th
cordial niiproh'.tioii
'I have eudr a vt.red, citlleiiien.
ti.e diiiies of niv nlii'e iui)vnially audio the
bi'st of my nl lilitv ; and il in the excitement
of the various scenes through which we have
passed, I have L'.-veo olience t-s nnv one, I liose
in tliis hotir , if nanir.C. he vviil hircl it. 1
filler to each a. id 11'! of you. -..'enthT'ieti. r.i;.'
!'?. wishes fpr your --if" rtu -n to your fain'-
li"S Iill.lmV Cl'lli-. Il'i
- ' 1,1 ' .. l' !:.... I ,,.,'.!,
Mo.!iU. j,,, y WKU
. ... , ,
posy.l to Jofrrnde lii'.is if by ivpivin to t'ie
Miickgua.-ilism of t1 nrro Setia-or. Genen'
- was heard to say. on the adjournm-nt !
-'" Sr'i ite on the dav !f -'.e innde bis sp-irrh. :
u'hai i dcrio-js t'.iofr no Setwtr notice!
"Pinny Fern.' (Mrs. Stirr.h. I'.f'soii
ilndeT. ) fister to N. 1. Yi!iis-, was ii'itrili-d in
. V-!.- .I-, 'b Tel. If. J. J'-. -
:.i-. aut'o-r. i" ii.. .ii". of i;.ta G. .(.I 'V.- -il
i- ' Fsf.nv" tKi!"r :.i.rri',T?.
From Wmhin;to.i.
I'inrs I! lht tti i'iii:i:i.kv 'ti!iit n.
. .... . , ,, ' ". '.. . '
, ' 1 "''' "',M"r 01
( the ll oie,-oN? -pr -'ii'iitivcs fro... ArLni.Ml.
i'"' 1 '!'" ''' 'Sr-'' Jy'' ' frui -u on tlio Are...
". , , ' ,
iri ii-c:ioii on tlii. w.v-ooil, u ht-ivv mill h.
..... ,.,- IVJ !,.,: .,..1 Mr
j ""'"'if u" 'illiit.-il on L.rH-ly.
I ;llM i, :,.pr. ued lohavn h-enad-ompanie-l
,hv JrienJ ni llv iim of ihe oocurrenoe; Oree-
" 1 .' -
II.. .. I..1. 11... I . 1 I I ........ I ll.. IL .... II ml All lllll
'' Tli .lilli -uliy i reporfd to hv
poMtion tmidd in tne Motixo uy Mr. inint. to
'"'t aide nil the eondidnlft hitherto auppurted
;f..-ili n,ib,.rJi
-lortllO OPeilKer.lllll.
"'r ",c T'wn'V-
Sr.N4TK Puisoix i. A Democrat!.' euti.Mi,
held towluv. r"olved on r.'iioitiinalinj; Ni. lio! -
f"i for the p'i"t of Printer to ll'.e Seimt.-.
. , ...Mr. Maio lormatioti. ami li.-.r popn;-
.;.. il. ..,., .,i,i I,,.
m call n ciioveoMon. c.iinpnied of il-iesraK's
.i i . . f .t n
non ,.. ..,,, T . ,r '"',
!,.i.I nrn .11 is, .....,. I iih.vt. nni l.r ra...ii.. iin.itil. .
, Ziu Z Z,ZZ ,
. . . .. . . . . . .
...i. -oii. i.tiAt ut inirtii nvni hi. iti' it Am iirun.
n..f,i... .ii.o,.,.. u.r.oo m:.yo.'iM,,un.io,.r.r
. . . ; .i. I i r . i l i
II , t.n,.!io ..ii.i.iiiiiiiiiiiIw n. i ii iiiirniu'i'l
' " ' 1 ' J...........
,j0,, ,v the (i 'liei-iil (joverniiieiit to d-frav tliu
..viiriisi'ti no 'fKsnrv. to execute Ihe laws mlJ
inaiiitaiii order in the Territory
I ;
.naimu n or. or ,. tue lem.t.r, . , (if ...lUirii,in1.. wnk.,, j,
lTl,n,r.h discission as to tho propriety of V,;,,,,,,,.,,,. , yflU VrUm, Vlrv .,r0!M,rU.
r f.-rrinsr t't Mx-r (' the ,., Ii'-nirv (" m,t,.Um ,0 ,. ..ttll,ltr,i..;- If ri-ht
.n.t.ee.it .e!.- Lo u M.tfw ol llii.teeii. or ! ; ,!Mreii.Wi.i!ri.r',.hr!iso.iii, indeed hn
( -Moiii.t.,. ,, , Icrritarn's. t.w b .,,ato udjourn. !,;.(,, , ,,,;,. ,,, .irnmi,lcl ,..
elmilil ...ouiiy. didnn tor he .'oinmnnd the hiri-est vote
. , if I I .1 1
N.wv;ati"N. A I doubts its lo thru., beino;
i I . i i .i , i
an a aui aoco ol water to etialt e the lirt c la
.... , , ,
Iid.i f; to coiiie lo Jeller-'Oii. seem to nave heen
dispellnp by the hit'.' heavy rains.
.In , c
lhe Jef -
,.r,,, I .., , ..I' I ...
5l!l in-1!., ssales lliat the
,( ( ;U
1 l iion six f i t, which
J,.. (), UmUor swelled by
the rain 1
on Tue-il v ninlii.
Ail the small streams!
up. nii-l th.- (.'hiksville j
nniivv and iK'iow :ir-
tie-i.-eatri-r s.tv-i ma; at .is. aci-on.ii-. iv-n nv
. . . ,,
,-r i n roi'.'i i-i.'.it l".'t at J oieslioro . I ne
, .. ... ,
.-sti'imwrit ..tin. Si-i r. llw. and l u.nui'ier i:ive
. ... . . - ,.
!e-..-e:iLriT savs inn
at last uivo.i.tts iv nv
..... .u'i .. ,4.1 , iill.rllinf .rill,' it 14-lfll llltri1;l
,., ' ' ' ... ','
' W e nr.. ream-sled be the Hon Uaac. Parke,-
ii'tr ('."tins t.f his position as chairmati of th'
.committee on Mate ullairs, bo hut: Iv-n who
Iv uirihle to Rit.4-.vor i'u; iiinii.-?roiis letters of
hia co.isiitneiilK, which would h;vs ot'.i.'uvisL'
Ib.vil Jaiu'. .S'.''.-' fjifUf.
The T.i' t;i'l ii' of i f i i i i:i t'n ,'. (r mi.
il:iistt)ii Is nut e!i;f!'il to tlr.! Pr-s'ilciicy. ir mi
the la ' th tl h ' has n ii i) ,.',! a reM : I' ol ill.)
Unii"d Stales lor 1 J y.-.m, u retpitr..- by tlie
( .oniil.inoii. lhe editor s.ys
Uuiied '.'"' ' ,,r'
returiietl. 1 li Ctiiislitntton sav
, o'p).rt:oii is eligible to that olll'.ti who has
i not Iven 11 vein's n resiiicm tviihin the Uni.
Sialcs." Gal. X.-ws.
! "Souther Hids." In reft ri-'iiet- to
'" ''lm'-" "P .'" :llc I''"-i !''"'
Ins hue w. . ,(,,, .-re w- h.i .-, h
ll'. I
n vi'.re e-..i-i i,iue. vva -n ir i s - i -n
; the best refuuitinn ol the i h ii'ir.'. A uni
ii il
t siinmi s ie. ivrsuiiaiv in o-ir env,
ia s
also o'cunied iuiblie stalians, vet' who ha c
lhe Pr 'shlent with co rdial haired, l-dn-.! i-: that
icnii'litioo when the wine is in lhe tiiito will
.out, shit "I "Soui'iem bi I! S vi hen.
bid b..
. ' . , t f
, 1 11,1 v, "P "' '.K! Plsl. ."r'
;io se.irel.i'is; the rrcord thormiehly, nod I ca'i-
' not find thai the I I rr ;, t n ever cave a
ivote or did a-i net us i p iblic m i.i co ilrary to
: his luessntre!" .V. Y. D tq Ji-mh.
A rori-.-po'id-n' of the :e
s'.'v's ih.it r. !'' v. d-.rin ; ''he
So -.r.e;-s;iii. a-i .1! I D -lo 'Ml
V or.,' pipers
lilo i-ie; lor !i
till a TifTIII:'.-
ihe previ i:i
c, nil, I ..oe t'ie
ho-.-ei'iii;; ot- T
r-v oo i .! -
"e rem:: 1 U al In'
i l h on rs lie
foriu ol ih"
'he a-r'r.!;'
h 11I l'aia-i 'd that h
i-uniorhil ilacksini
c. nnd with nil lie.-
tf iii'b.riiim! :h I furve
xc aia.ii g 'By thv Mt .
-1 r
ii-rix o
j jy Pr-'Md-mt Pi-cn's moss 1-4 ,.'-;e. -ts t'ie .-
. iow.-nr niliictaiu tnhnte Irom the Now tlrl. ans I
! Jji one id' 1 he
i I ii t.'v.-.-t Mjipi.nie.its to'
, nii.tstr.uioii :
" We confer- we were prhna '
'cd tu think i::.l rcii 1 i v ci i:
;'(: lv cli-pos-
I icsiilent's
'.iiess-ie. hut on reviewing 1! r.t I
SlirO .-etfil..-
in iijnany stronjr :md s il nt points ilmt
1 relieve it from the chnri
ii. moaolnuy or ver-
. nOe ;!,,i.siiniesc. I lie portion oi toe ire'ssa
1 in' repird :,) the Nebraska tp.esti.'.n and diifi 'iil
I ties, ihouoh rat'icr too diliase nnd histoiicel.
express lhe views ol u st.itCMin; n of lhe Stalts'
l.il'hts school, and with it candor nni! decision
that comiiieiid them lo the. approbation oja'i
i v!io hold tlo: Cmistitiitioii above unjust iCal
iel.ap:ioeni, at:.l are det-Tmined that the law ui
iiTiii'iit she.il not prev.'.il over rieht, in ;1hj fede
ral ii iations of the Males.
'" Pi. It it i i t!i::t ptrt "I tile messn-e r. '.lti.tj;
'lo the C!:iv!o:i-ul".er Treaty which especially
m-'f s ui'li icir : !;ira --. 'inr.."OI ,.tn It im Free
lrm.il all i::iiie,'cs-arv circu.iihviiiion. IVee iV.,,
all eviisi-n of ihc .-aie, am! tinctured with no
nf :-t(m l. " "7 '
t JL , ... hor-.im:n."! ni hi fori-i.rti
p!i.-y fr iie .lwided w.d ur.iu'iifatit.triiinriii''ri
Aj,ich th President ti:w ili.tvn til-ciu.nt-1
.... ,n i,; y j ,.,,,.. ,!,- i.,..,,., t,. 1
;,., - ,.,. ,i,, ,,,1:,i ,-n.,inv .nvav I'm.n
'irt iny ihe iittle thai it couiaincd lo'ihe cdvao-!
hiruM'ilm fnb.-.l So.i,.s -ml ..ir .-.II ii b.-... i
fti.5 to Great Bril.iin. If hj oniv coo-.
stru - hi own worth '" ''c- '- s-:!l em , '
wi.i ll IS' w,
bi ;i Co l
oto to I.
-4".' Ill tl
nn,, li.--i
a a :: w I
Equality of White and Black Bitot. l&m.'
nent of thepreu upon Mr. Banks 'Abolition
I h.ivA to say. in tlii matter, flint I accept
lIlO llllClril'U llf llil" IV.-llirilil.il nf lu.lonunJ
ueii.-. inni an ini'ii nm iTPnit-n eoimi. in rr.
I . .l'.ll. I
' ' ' mi. in re-
pnrJ in lM auner or iv of rue I m :,..,
! i 1 ' " 1 "'"P""-
ed Willi the i-oiivietioii thnt it n in be determ.
, jei only l.y rapieiiv of endiirnnre. So lar
Jnt ( l:lve studied ihe snl.iect, it M-enin to me
, Ulljvr-l Imv. ifiat iIih weaker it al-
Wav l.inrli.l ami disiipfwirs in the Mroncrr
: Whether the hh.t-k mce of this conti-
nent, or nny oilier part nf the world, n
' , ,,H white rnee. can oiilv he determined hv
. i i i- . . .
tl... i.lidArl.lii... n.ul i ii.nJni.iimni.1. f nn A.
, iho iibor1ii(iu nnd (liipfiirance of ooeorthe
oilier; and I rcost to wait until the respeo
; live nice run lw nrnnerlv filhierled to this
: philfixipliiriil lel Ix'f.ire I eivo H llltlsire an
laii' li'i.i in liie C-ipitnl of ilie ronntrv. and iri
ill.' face of tlio wliiM Americiin nniion, delib-
leraielv declared taut he cannot deride w heth
lr ,!,e ra-e nnd color to vvhicli he belone.
. ... r
! h,M " P-for
or uiit-nnr, or ef uiii, io 'lit nwrti nuv w in
, I snvrue lo this rlo.n.rv. he
'men of ICiit'land it'id men of Nrir Knpianj,
iiml F.-.ld its slaves to th.? So'itlicro eiionie!!.
the M isMichusetts catiilidnti lor thp penk:
C. ..... v;. ...... i. :., ,. ,... : u
.- 'I ii' i' H-iiu-niiiii til nil.- .11,111 li.illl IIIIVI.1C
1 ... 1 . .. . , , ,,
"I l. 'pr."i''iil:ttives, noids nnii hohi!v nvovvs so
; ,' . . .
, inonslioiis n Mil o.notif r. s--iiii.nenl :t niniilira.
I . . .. .. . r...
.iii.iiniii, tir..ii I'Iiiimi, ft iihiii i m-I IMI .Ilia Hlllli
i...i ...... -, ,.. A.
rui. Him inn ri ,i--f', ue; . ci'ti nil.- v.liueuuu Ollictf
Thiilirs l.ave
tvlien a t ilcnte
i come to ;t hi-jli piss;,
cii'.tieat.'tl member nf
'laslie Mali.' of JlasJii
lie' tamyress, for the
Irooi the scl,;i
t:illoili.'es In
c , , . .. . . . . . .
i S K-aherdi";) ol which he i-. :t .ml
i , ' ,. ' . , ., , ,
siereully cani.-.t .h.v.ik' whetlir
' . .. ,
:uanv neonies lire not tui-ir eina
udi late, iha:
or not fv
imv their
Indvil, he cannot teil, until ii i.s
"ili'ierm.iioil by the ul.s irbtiua and uivippear
in.v of 0:1(1 or til" other." e.hicli is the best;
the white or the hi'i.-l; race which is the at:
perior, himsi-li', or liie odnrun bit,' buck neirro.
who.j whole intlhilioii is to scratch his nappy
i.ead. to u'.liM', bin!.. !!' in ih" juii. nnd tu eui,
- 'j,. - '
'.rink mid n-Vs.:
ucli an- th" claims ni' tn. Uiei. .Mr. Uank.s
to lb.. Si Mker-hio of. ih-a Ainericiiii Congress:
What, afiei- Midi scot imenis. wotih! he thou oh t
abn.i.'. id b": . !. , .. V. i bivc our readers'
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with ;rrc;it iiilere.t !.'.' lhe conn il ,
very .-'mi' lout i'to next P.ruial aim t!
j the flepuii'i.-iri
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the hi ie!; lav. (
partv, will be (.; i arrv out eve-i'i-
!';- ro.; ..laveiiohlini; Stales
.Via.-'l' liu-eMs. Those, v;
ev'" :"d iii tliat Stale lor some
i.ln,;ks .if timt f.'oin-
V I . .i ! .iiul polin.-ii! rijlit en-
I inenil, that ha'.'j
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lovi'il bv th-
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luat oi jeann:;
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w 'ia ie ; th"
Ii'.iblic si-hoob;
nod liit-t, thoue'f-i
metis iifia Iohl:
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' With
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I Vol'
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rei.i'.'.nht-r correetlv;
fios while tiutn-irri.")
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I'ltP'tLKNT Pii i.i-t.. I'll.' ''!.:. riefioi. jlcr.
airy thus !.oiiit-i!iv t rub.r.es the re-iioiitinatioii
ol iT' l'i
for Pf'sitletit:
Fi-.ieral I'vlitiis. Our ei rresmin.'.eni from
Wiishhitrtoii js rieiit, w. thi.ik. in anyintr timt
i Pre:
er '(
is the naiui-.ii ami almost
ii..et'-.ai-y e.iii.ii.l ite nf the So'i'li lor lhe next
I IVsi.leii:',-. We I'll'!..' Ii-liev; that suoh is
' 1 if Ljeuer ! I've" ! ,' 11:" tlie soii.lierii people.
! Why iiuli"-:!, -i.oul'i ihey (iesire n rhau"e?
Mr. I'i. i-ci- bus uii'di' eoo-l all his pledges
he has v.,n e:o;i!'. itie lily the 'resident of the
pe ipi,-. iif ih- Ian . :;mI ; the Consiil t.tion.
If wv have a chuti.v 1. 1 getting eoinclhinir, as
ea.i iovhis iiiliiiiiiiMraliiiii, we cm. have 110
lio;i of ohtatuin anythiii"; belter.
In nilmiine; tu the nnove, l!p. Memphis Ap
ji'ul siy.-: We entirely ngeee with the .ler
:::rj. a.id shall (".lore many days take occa
Jsi ii to explain o ir v'ipvr ii. a more explicit
, nnti'ii r.
j .-,.,.. v ....
Ilfvrph. "A'e noticed the
.' s.iCiH.ln.ir, si, ihul nr.eiit nf llll Krpnrh
Gi)V rnim , n,.r nr? purchases of
; vv:u,.1( p (j ii( 0 1Mil wt,lern pncej.
I ne thicaoi. 1) luocrut saysi 1 be party in
this city, Mr. I Irt ldoc',,-, w ho is supposed to
have purchased for French account, and who
paid urn here over Sl,?00,0U(i through the
Marine Haul, n.'ihis city, is still in the mark
et, ami his purchase, no doubt, tend greatly
to keep up p.;,.-- in ti.e present stringent state
of oi,r iii'iii-.-v market. His purchases are
mostly fprii) v.. a. at, and he lias been paying'
? I 3'') ( -rbiLsl'. ' lor o:ne days past." Ro
chrsler i'liion.
- . . H.i . .
K.t-S'N.v roi; Atchison. Accounts trmnMia
i souri si.ite that Mr. Atchison has determined
' ! witlnirri'.v fro n the field of politics. Vc
I lm from n teletrrapbic di.tch published in
j the St. Louis Democrat that the Weston Ar-
1 BOth uilin.o "contains an editorial,
I fvniently written under the supervision of cx-
i ''a'or Atchison, annonncint: to the people of
Missouri lb,, he u no loneer befor them in-
connectien u nil the position a a cnndidate for'
l:,,i,-,J S'"":" onat-'r. or iy other olTice,
3,c nf I'ederil. The Argu is nuthorired
to r.-iiirn hank io his D.-inocmtic friends and
ho those VVl.ir-s v. ho honored him with their
s-.f r.'.l l-alh.rf. for Tniti-d States Sen-
a tor. Mr. A. is itlcdgcd. ! a ciitzen, to a pal-
sappof "f ai! 'r ri-h,! ' the
n-.H m ti." Territories, a.-.sj l.o prrrniise to d-
1 01 p-.'llll.S.
1'1-lt'e I
-t M-v.-J

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