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Cel lientr4oa(HlhaKrrkkRC11
Til pi II (( III 1 J.-1 n''-f 1 1. mitili llir I" '
Mps.kf of HmiM of li'i'f' wminimx, m
support of lli Knnft nnd .NrlMln I hi, dr
lired oti ihe VOih of My, n now l -fur
ui, and I lie following pi'sapes nrc n pen.
incnl and in manly and .i patriotic, ilmi we
rannol resist laying thrm beioro nur re..1r :
"Sinre (lie intrcdtit:f.M of lliii bill . v. ry
csnrJMffit U hern reorted lo. in iiiiiiiiuUio
members from ifiviinr it their s.ir.m.ri. The
pnliil has undertaken to hpnk, in the nnino
.iiu;.!, i!J i, 'ii.. .i,
v. ii.eiii, nKr,i-. ii i
press have placed the mimes of mendier in
what lln-y aro pleaaed lo . nil the roll of i.iinmv.
who havo voted for the bill. Srn-h iilu-tf u
courted rather than avoided.
"The opponent of the bill nay the people i
will condemn us forever. I have heard llie
nine aort of talk Ufore, Why, they hnve
told me, some yean ago here, thnt I illicit
look for onte green rnot by lli niilo of oine
gentle etreaiu, where I miijht find my pnlitical
crave. Sir, inntead of thin, they have found
their political ifravc, ami I have been cnniin.
ued here by the wish of my constituents nml
agaiiut my own ilcire,
"But. nr. pentlenian of Prpecnil nnil Alwli.
tion procliviiien tell us, if we perint in urgtnfr
ttin measure, tliey will k-ove tlio Democmtw ,L,,, I "'') ,llul mf "u,no appeoreu as a mom.
pirty. 1 hope they will; for in tho hour 0f 'r of the cmnmitU'e of pUtform. I was not
danger and trial they ore opposed to us, and ia n"""1' of hnt convention, not having re
hnve ever been: mid it is onlv when itvi.-in. iceived authoriiy fiom any quarter whatever ta
ry is certnin, and the spoils to be divided, thnt
thev aet with u. Thev hnve marred llie ninr.
nl of the victory Iv their clumor lor the Mioiln
1 t ii-iui uicir iiuiniir or iur hninj,
For one, I hnve no desire to prntiitnte tliem.-
... ... .......
wii, " V LF' - J lit. .'Ill, nrilir U -.-t(.
... .ha H.d. ih.i i.i ... .
ciDle. and so settle it Ihnt in nil future lime we
enn sustain it; the country
Will npprovo If,
ana inese gentlemen, now so crnnorou, w ill
.-niiiee ves. lir. 1 h!ipi'w tlmt i ilia wnnl
I,. i ,h. .1 r. .k.
pie, but opposed to its application to thee Ten
..... ...tj ,u, ui.
pilnrins nn.l KronA nT ttipin uill dni.Kfli k. I..
nblo t go bck to some spee h nr eiy
where they maintained tho do.-irine. that we
now apply.
"I wont to say a word or. two in our friend
before I conclude, t want to ny lo them that
nur diillfTpr. ftlir m.h i!:nfii.r pniici.l. it. .iur ili.
viions. 1 wont lo snv right here to our .North. i" "ls !".'"" m connex.on witn t.ne great fpies
ern friends, thnt onr fonunes nre linked i "on of slavery. In times like the pre.sL'nt,
with this bill. The assault is made upon you.
Your names nre in cvry Abolition heet in i
the land, in what they call the 'roll of infamy.'
If we fuller under such n tiro as ibis, there' is
no arm but that of resurrection ihnt can reach
n. Tiiki me ivnnl fur ii. vnn udll tin.l d.ni
o l. tr.l.v Vmi IH.vrr mr.l'.-P n.-ti,i,icr in ,,o
of these political liirhl" by yielding. Fight it
out, und light it over. Our safety consists in
Mnnding tocetln-r,. If we fill, ..t us tall to.
t'other, nnd fall lighting. I,et us nsl; noqnitr
tcr, nod give none.
"I hnve n word to sny, too, lo our Souilirr.i
friends, nnd whnt I submit to them is applica
ble to our Northern friend, too. In the tie
tnils of the hill, there nre n rrrent many thing?
nhout which iv'e ilifl.r; there nre n i;rrf. maiiv
thingf that we Would prefer to hnve otherwise
t..i ... .or.il Uv .,. r,i,..i,....;.i,. n,n...
V '" f-'-- -V"'" "l'
those (lel.ul. lof The sake of cre.U principles I
ii'vi"-u iii nixr x'ih. tt r-i.inii iitin, .iiui .
,,1W ,;n ir... U(1I.,t ftlP ;!,.,, v..t-. '
t i k.-iI.i, l i ii 1 1, a I., 1 It ii... .-.,..! I. ... A..I 1
men! that has been ioni.uf:i.'tiii-..,l nt tho Xm-il.
i 1 1 1 1 1 i iii" ri lie- .
will blow over before the elections next fall, or,
ot nil evf.it. just alter lliem. Wo appeal to j
von in n sniWt ol rr,.i.i'osit v f.. vinld sri.iir..
ihing in detail to stand by the friends who I
have stood bv ion because we violded io you,
but beemiM? wA belie ved u-c iww dninfr intien I
iiml rir;ht.
"The principle will triumph from this iime
forward, nnd the dny will soon pass by when
no more di-criminations shall be drawn hp.
nveii the different Siatef of this Union dis
criminations that ou'ht liever to have been
drawn under any circuuislniices, nnd which
were not inad ? ac the fo'lnilalion of this Gov
Let me snv lo (lie friV-inl
oi ln;s In
the best course we can pursue is lo vote down
nil iiuiendiiienl.s. there can be nn ti iiiejr where
we shall land. I have no doubt a 'frcat ninny
genlleineu here desire to oiler nmeiidi'ieii
sincerely; and 1 nave no oo-iiit, n
. ... 1 .
had n a'ood opportunity, that l!i.v couhl pass j
n bill which would suitiheni exactly, but which
would not suit ns a! nil,
"Our safety; I repeat, is in sinntiing by
,hc i
substitute os it js Gentlemen need have no
apprehensions -about the storm thnt wiil be
raised nt i he 'nriii. I have passed through
Mich storms more tlinnonee. I stood here nnd
voted ngninst the AVilmot proviso with only
eleven men supporting me. I voted against it
becnuse I considered it to ho wronrr. flow
many of you, tentleinen. would be wi
vote for it to-day ? Some gentlemen
Demo.'rolic. parly tell us that they have thus
far gone with tie, but cannot go any further
with us. . For one, 1 nin glnd to c-i rid of you.
if you ennnot stiihd up to the principles o' ju
tiee nml equality 'among the Suites the abil
ity of man to govern himself."
Did Gen. Jackson 'Vr'rite his Ketsngat:.?
Not long since, the Herald cave currency to
n statement that every message or other pub
lic paper bearing Gen. Jackson's signature,
while he wns President, with one exception
only, was written hy Amos Kendall. The
exception wns the celebrated "Proelaiinaiion,"
which was from the pen of Edward Livings
ton. Such n sweeping charge as this scarce
ly needed contradiction, if persons would for a
moment take into considernlion the irong,
positive character of General Jt ckson himself.
A mnn who possessed such nn unbounded in
fluence over the inindsand nclions of others,
would not be likely to allow any one to write
out his opinions for him.
The New York literary correspondent of the
Boston Traveller first referred to this matter
and gives the following interesting particulars
in regard to it. He says :
"A literary licm hns recently been going
the rounds of the press, which I nm satisfied
conveys a. very erroneous impression. In the
announcement of the memoirs and confessions
of Amos Kendall, which it is said will be a
posthumous work from ibis somewhnt extra
ordinary man, it is stated that it is susceptible
of proof, that-, with but a single exception, ev
Ifry message, or other public paper, bearing
General Jackson's signuture, while he was
President,-was written by Mr. Kendall. The
exception, it is avowed, was his celebrated
"Proclamation, which was from the pen of
Edward Livingston. This is a sweeping as
sertion, arid I have the best ol authority to ns
aert thnt there is no foundation whnicver for
the statement. Mr. John C. Kives was prin
ter to conrjrress during the whole term of Jack
son's administration, and he was repeatedly
fated to nublic men nt Washington, and in
the presence of many listeners, that every doc- j
a- L.:.L r!...Ml r..L-vn' tirrnnrur
onwnt to which General Jackson s signature
was attached, was written by the General him
self, with the exception of one important p.t
tnr. ; Mr. Rives states this from the fact that
wheo Jackson had anything to be published
lie apA-avs sent lor him to come 10 tn n nue
House, and t'nat ho uniformly received the
iiiuir'-tipt from J.icks.Tli r O'vn nl, sti-i i!f ' ,t i?
III- IV , ii f lllll.l 1 W illl i lllgliillt t . 1 1 1 1
I .i in, i,. i .,' !.,r I 1 1 ii in ( - t n , I.
"Iii'lnofl, I .' inciin lint JirUoii w
y ill illy riiiiivi' mi I li i ii iini, rt 1 1 I vtoui.l
not n l'v yrii ii Nei-relufy, Mi-jof )oie-.0'i,
1 1 .!: ;!.. m n ni'i i tin? incut I'iIiiml'
inn. nur. On ot.c m i hmihi. hi iliu iinm of dm
. menace in iiqnrd to ilir French il.Uiculiic.,
i ''"J',r ,'"n '""I, 1,1 l'10 'ugucsiuiii of some
members ul llu t-uhinei, ii ..diged il, heme,
l'."" ,ntiv " h" "'" "' "" "
'. No oiim r mis il div-overed by Jsrkson lln
I if How nun en-nt excitement, anil whon .Mr.
i '"" " " "'" I"""" " umin u iur
, l'r""V'-' l,u f"1""1 U'A (il'trl huxily .,.
?B,'"(1 1,1 f'vriiin- it awuriinjr lo the origin,
l cipy, WIiiiuut m:iy be one'a rurniml
opinion oi Jiu'k-on, 'ihi integrity oi morv'
sliouM If pre'rrved. At the snnio tiino. the
msiory in itM-it wins imprntuiiiie, ir wh may
jiidjjo it by therhnraiMer (or derision mid ener
t'V which i uiiifemnlly aocerded to the hero
of New Orleans."
letter of Gen. Chamber in l-etrard tb the
American Party,
To the EJitvrx of the State Ga:rtte.
Gunti.emk : I observe in the published
; proceedings of tho lute convention of tho Amt r
: lul,'fl n nt '" ,lll,t vory intelligent nml highly j
i retpe. iahle body. I do not approve of the
! pru.-t ic-e thnt ha too inu Ii prevailed in our
i r
5,,,If. " wnun gentlemen hove nssiiinod to
. -I. I . ..-.t I
ri'iiri'riii iii!iririH miu ciiuiii ph. w i iniic nil v
if'U been elerl.'d by llie people for stnh pur-
nnta I lno ti it . iiiiirnniiu u n.i n.ih mtrl.
I' K """i 8,M
... i-. ,i i... . i
I ublf n lew deiiiiiiL' politico! hack to tnnn
i ic n o j o ro me neo n e in I nil tree e in co
. . w j ... .......
; tlOnS
I regret that an impression has bVen mode
upon my mind, and 1 think it I) in become ?.-n
er.il niiiong llie eoplc, by the aciion of the j
Ainericnii party nt Anslin this winter, tliat it
lias placed ill its head n remnrkiible imlividunl, J
who has forfeited the confidence of llie S'oulh
tin! betmval of n public trust by n Southron
in regard to the peculiar institutions ol the i
, .Vniili, and tbu constitutions by wind. Iliey
!,rt-' protected, must incur not only the execra-!
: ,io" nf ll,p wllfllu S""lh' bl,t contempt of
i northern abolitionism itself. The American
, l:""'.V of Tc.VlS Will tjlld it Utterly illl
I to paint llie oronzoil clieeus ol that ladeil
llitical cntptetle with lancy colors bright enough
lo win the admiration of nny considerable por
tions of our broad and glorious Union. Mow
jever vigorous nnd ample the youthful
I shoulders or thnt parly may be, it cannot car
ry upon them that .li.ad mass of swollen putrid
iiy. It would crush the party to the earth.
j Let the party enst from iis already galled
slionld"rs tho olfensivo burden. It can never
nnin he galvanized even into spasmodic life.
U olrendv rnnks in the nostrils ol the nation, i
. ..... .... ....... , . ..... I
1 ""'? l"e uoLirmes upon ui mars
ii I 'ii.i,.iiimi in iia- itr.v I . fKL'C Ul A. I II 1 1 n I 1 1 1 I
- t . ,
I Vrce lo Um Cffnp.rcsrf of the United Statos. ;
l , -' . ...
" 's uu'est and most lurid production which
1,118 Pnmnaip.l from the Presidential chair for
American people.
At present I do not give an unqiialifiod ad-
llpsio11 10 el,,R'r of tlie llnliliral Pnrties of Tex
Ulft ll,llt.uiil? lll'y how Hold low
rds each I
Other. J.'.acll IS QilorilCil With men
of hich
character and eminent ability. Each has pro
claimed principles and sentiments breathing n
lofty patriotism. And in the uppron-'hiiifr con
test we thus have a gunmniee that When
'(jrei k meet Greek in the tug of war." the
butcher's nxe of political slang will be entirely
cast away, nnd tiie keener and more polished
weapons of n dignified logic nnd exalted elo
quence, wliicn some ol the r-sp active cham
thnt '''"s know well hov to wield, will nt one en
lighten the people, warm them into n pntrtotic
eiit!iiiyiasm, nnd elevate the character of our
I Statu.
I I sluill probably co-operate in the approach-
luiir cnmnaign with the party nursuinga course
;vllicn ' ,nay consider the soundest and safest
io rearu 10 me moioeiitooiis (juestions nueci
ing llie institutions of the South, upon which,
I conceive, may depend the future integrity
anil perpetuity, nl ourgloriols Luion.
To llie many friends that it is my good for
tune to number in bo: h the parties who have
from time to time during the past year called
upon me from various quarters, either individ
ually or collectively, for a full nnd public ex
pression of my opinions up in the greil p dit-
linrr to ! Ic:l' T'"stions ngun mi the public mind, 1 ten
nf'the jder my sincere llianks for ( lie honor ihey hnve
done me in supposing that my opinions might
jbe of any importance to the country. Hith
erlo, privatt duties hnve prevented me from
I complying with their wishes ; but ere long I
shall respond fully to the numerous mils thnt
have been made upon me, nnd ns I do not in-
lend to ensrnge in ''the wild hunt after office,"
I I can afford in he frank and independent in the
'expression nl my opinions. Indeed, this is n
necessity of my nature. I cannot ''bend the
nple hinges of mv knee that thrift may fol-
hinges of my knee that thrift may
low fawniuc-." 1 cannot become the since of
anv party. I would rather not surrender tiiat j
nerf-ct freedom of thought and action de.iinnd- i
ed bv Ihe stronc nnd irrepressible impulses of ,
my nature, to occupy tho proudest positioh of
enrthly power. In nil my investitrations I have
dillitrenlly sought the triple shrine of truth ,
justice nnd integrity ; and whenever I bend
the knee it will bj before thnt nugustnllar, in
a spirit of sit.cere nnd perfect devotion; nnd
whem I address the people, 1 will deliver to
them the revelntions which I have there re
ceived. ' T. J. CHAMBERS.
Austin, Jan. 30th, leoG.
There is a mysterious connection between
llie Southern Know Nothings and the North
ern Republicans Sen how they hang togeth
er. .Ilenninclon, or iNew Jersey, votes lor
Eantts, for Speaker; Fuller, of Pehnsylvdnin,
votes for Pennincton;nnd Humphrey Marshall,
of Kentucky nnd the rest, of the Southern
Know Nothttics, vote for Fuller.
Luller is sound enough for Marsnall, Pen
ninaton is sound enough for Fuller, and Banks
is sound enough for Pennington. Why is
Banks, then, not sound enough for the South
ern Know Noihinjt? We should see inter-
' J 1 . ...... !, ... fn. it., nannt. I
est ng r.evpr . ... ...v ,r.
at Hou.r. ..c w.. !
l 1 n..... ilia niilrmr i Mn.irtoil f ( lift i
ror, and in menlionine ihe circumstance a I
writer for the London Daily News remarks
that Dumas "inl-nds to remain in Paris but a
1 v '
short time in order to bnnj out tico dramas
snort ninr; in luc. - I
I :.ft. A mih iraimn Al n O TV Orlt '
nna sujwr.nicnu u . - - 1
tion. in 300, tcnmet, of all bi productions, j
..I ikan tA trv! ictt several VCaTS.- VlSltifltT 1
China before be comes home."
The Indian war in Oregon rontinues with
rrrent violence. Numbers have been killed.
both on the sides of the whites and of the In-
j:.,., i ome lowos imsinoss was iupcnad
i,nf t,c arl sll depunc l V tike pur in j
'III H- I llitff litiiilrM nilliilirf IWn lliMI'
mid lorn. 'I'licir wnilif il hihI rlliMrsn hilill
lief llifec lli'i'ii iii. mnili. 'I licy luff 1 ,H1K1
mil, and Mlli'ii illl llii'lll from I'lM M ('!!
Km f Valley lo llm lied firrrof lh liorill 111(1
each year in Juon nod July, and 'talil In Or
lolwr nml Novaiubtr, carry od'lj llio settle-
uo nia at lVmhinn, ami in the tfngusli toriito
ry, al least ii.MQ.Offlj pounds f bull'ulo inrst,
Una ur in lha lorm id peiili-iui. 1 lie w pen.
pi era siinple-hoHrtud, lionm ami indiiMri
i (.(. o . v.... t . i,:.. r .k. f..
nr amn
lure of Sam, the Louiiiaim Uuntr ayi I
i "We are aliogciher in the dark at l.i what
j '.Sum' will be next year. That a conteit will
; uu oil u red us on till) native American oaait
! none need doubt, lha nominating conven
tion of tho laiitemitctt will meet, and they n il
nninitmlo a candidate ; but who or whut he
will be, or what principles he will profess, none
can tell. 'Sam' hns shown himself in such a
! variety of shapes, is so abolitioniieed in some
1 sections, so onti-Cntholicizcd in others, so lie
rid with political prenchera in all portions of
j tho country, and bus been compromised in so
I" h0"?ni- wy". 1,0 "l'w ,orm mn
In Mil uulnnun II a "
The subjoined ccrruspondeuce will explain
! itielf.
Atanx Jw. Mill, Hid.
J. IV I.tTiw.-i :i.t...
lrtr Mr .-Tin. u,lrrlll(nl who r Biilliial frlcn.li lxtli
;pmi pniitio,t..i y..iirKir.iKte.:ntw w.u.rn,.r.i,i
! wiih mm h resrn ihi unIm.il frltin ! ipmnj ui
m,,,,,,,,,, wiuioiuhIvitiiiik toths tcU iiint ii.no ,,r,w
.I..-...! .1.:- ........ .l.i....a u-. .1.. ll.l.ilr (l...rM is n w.ll
inmp'i - . - - - - -
i f,,,, mi. u.'KntinS r.urMf ..,.1 Mr ivu,Mra iwii,
niniirnir KvniivuiPU iiih iuimi i"
iuucrti,wb..tti.i iMme
lUm .u will ihr.,UKh iiott Mn.-l t wi r tin umifr-
i . . . .. ... . ...
- ! "'!.'" w '?r.,?i",V"r. !lt'.,fiJ ". '.yH!1.,!.'"
Hi.lM.-r .I'M ,r. m lu '.w v mnuv .b.u. . . . an..-
dmuui .iiuteiojou wenm nii intia-nct.i imu .'yicimii.
j , d,hl1 fr ,cho...u, iid ft drain lo prouow tht har.
, i.miiy anil mucum .ir uit n.'muoruuo p:irty. we aummumu!.
! with rn lit our own uuvtatoa nml wu fal cmfiUiit trim ur
j uffl, S2ZX
oon io tint Mitfr, we w.uiaru.ptKiriinj 11.110. in. wuiiic
rviily tu it at ah eiirly u tlur . p.iaiii.l.:
y. roiir.il,
MATT. Willi',
1). ECTOIl,
ISO. llli.NKV lUtOW.V,
II. II. lll'NNKLS,
P.ll.l.i!, J.m. 'J3, lSJii.
r.'.nfi r lrav iflrtn ynurnuie of tfie UOtli ii"l ir,.jhii
n n.iiuniniuiG or ini' lKTduuni hmiitcii..-. v.?.ik
f!..mi.,r w.Mb r..m una m..if, miiuirc r.ik.ii.ini nml fcc:
f ui.iutmi-.t ami muiuiii rrinuuiiip tummtii Snmior w eutiier -
r.ir.l ii.l infM'tr, ,.ul.l not iwmlt me l. ili-ctlno tlio pri.poml
iii.'iluiluii. w.blht I Iiim' not felt rnll'1 iii".ii i Uihe tlio liiiiln
liv I n tin arrunjt ifinwil . 1 tlmt kiuil, 1 .lo not f-l ut lilMTty to
fuj n (rlcnUly iiit'TViiilloa llit propota to iiiljujt (be illirtrcncej
ucoy.tii ii liur 'ornbiu rA'ini
that iiiciimiiiir to thin 'ro.iel union
I hiviinx'ii ncmm-sl in m ttinnM tltiia-i, by rciranl for Om
rinr jui'f niL'iit mul high st nMnz of tlitfjjuiitlfnicu whoje lmmw
friiiui-, ...nn. ii. i'.ii.f, j. .,J'ii,x'itm...-iniiiiiki a..i. wiit. to
,i. win. io
m,i imiiiBe
cii.rnitliy!ii uuotl!4 rii: ij.ct nn.l m'e Atioii.rin:.i
ni(.t.iii.'li rrjetiils us Mr. W Htlii'rf'.nt limy s.lwt, nn.l
the iittl.ii.iiit .r tliidllTerei to) Intwc'ii us on nm:b trliiit as
tiicy uiuy ilctiu tionorulilc.
I am very truly,
Voiirob't aer.,Tl,
j. w. LATinnn.
IIom. 31. M. Pottcr, M. 1. 1 1. TAti.os. SIatt. WillU, M. D.
HtT,)li,.l. II. Jinoivs. II. U. Ht'SKU, K. A. 1'ii.vmi, mill Win.
I It. frttKr. Austiu'Cuxa.
Al lTIS, Veil, illl 1813.
ihJ nimuiii
Tim underlpnpU tiuvlog be n rc.UiUtl to net
fvk-mtaof Ju.leJ.W. Iuimer,, viul Hon J. Winthtrfurd for ihej
mimnw rf ft-lltiBtinti' nil ur unit tl i IfiTfitiCPil titinir hcttrwn
. . . .. . . , ... .
purple cr ft'ijimtng ail pr vmi murrencch riciinr nciirmii... , ,,, . ..r . , . , .
them, hm-p carenitiv couaidcrwi i!io facts out of which their pres. Wilson 1 luintill, that the Naid heirs
exit relation., hnve ir'"! nnd I leve to atnt thnt they lire lu-
niiil misilii'l'TsLiiutiiiii; of the ia otlve, fiwlliiKa, 1111.I net of enohltO him
j other, tiii.1 that there exirttf no r till cuute lor Hiiy pernonal auiu
! renee lii-tween ihose Kontlinen.
They therei'oro recommend thtu ; tliey cauh vitlidruvr ny p.'n...n
nl Iiiipiitution hrretofore made iirnfitnt the other ttiroitcli the
Bres. or otherwise, and thi't the frleiully relntioim hereto!. .re ex.
Mi"X between them lw airain rei lured Hithout further explain.
t. W TltOKCKMORTOM, 11 K. r.t'NNKLS,
The uiiderlRned lmvlur. submit led to certain friends thr ad-
ire.l.iiise.nitnliied in ihenhorn ; ttenirntand hereby withdraw
all peritt.mil imputation.! heretor.ir l mime ut;nint earn otner aim
airree lo reHi.tuliliili the friendly r. utimi heretotort erUtliip lie.
tweenthea. Jt.Yf. K Tlti:BV0BI.
T e friends of the Ho n. Nat. M. Burford,
District Judge elect of tl in 16lli Judicial Dis
trict, will give u dinner in the town of Sher
mnn, Grnvsnn county, on the oth day of March,
1 50, in honor of his elect ion. His friends and
the public generally are invited to attend nnd
pnrticipate in the festiviti ls of the ocension.
superintew dents.
Jonathan Thompson,
E. M. Jones,
J. P. DlMAS.
Henky B. Mann,
Nathan Coffbv.
A. M. Alf.xanpeii,
H. C. Hendricks,
William D. Fitch,
John P. Hutchison,
Wm.C Saunders,
N. W. Towns,
'William C. Young,
13. W. Bkaplkv,
Frank Richards,
Thomas J. Shannon,
Thos. V. Bandolpii,
Bouert E. Ckf.el,
Calvin Jackson.
Al.l.i:, IMCMalT & Co.,
Wo would respectfully say to vur correspon
dents, that we do exclusively a c'Iimission hi si
.r.ss. nevar entering into apuculutiou by purchase
ol' their products:
Orders for i.hltitittion supplies promptly res-
I iionded to when flccomiiaiiied with task or pro-
Merchandize nnd Cot toil received aid forwar-
'fed with despatch.
V1';'- .rrs higldy celebrate, Co.tok (.ins
"!e " P' " """"
for sub'
V'n will also receive and forward nt tho tormi
nus of the Ktiili-oad.
Feb Hi, lS5(j vdn43:ly
nr infrrmed that n new line tii!ii
of FOLK HOIiSK b'J'AUKS has bten established
from Clnrkesville throujr.li to tUireVcport, via
WnshiiiKton, Ark., whereby pasrenpVrs will be
conveyed without delay, nnd tlirou eli tirkots piv
en fnim ('larkcsvlllo tti iSlireveport nt wltll
a preference Uf seats. The trip is iiaOe in four
days, nnd ririne but sober nnd experienced drivers
tire employed on the lino.
PaFsenp-crs taking the stage at Dnlla for Bon
ham, will he landed nt Shrcveport ia ciht diiys
through fare, 29.
Dallas. Texus, Feb. 1G, 1850 v4MC:ly
AO TI( i: TO KAIWLllS. j.
TIIK undersigned, appointed by the Gov-Jjl
ernor in accordance with " an aet ti jM
provide for th Tvment of six companies of' l
i ... j i... .i.-. l r
il0 TOantfCT,. that were mustered in-Jt
to the service ofthn state of Texas on the 1st
. i trt' a 1 r
.. Tt4rt Mnior (icnor.1 Ppr.ifcr F. 'Smith. And!
to ray the expenses incured by said companies."
approved 14th January. 85C.nd anact toam.wd
tho seventh section ofsaid act. approved 1st Feb-
.n..v m-.li ..II m I nti .1 a . th. tn nf 1 . K r
"'J. ' , ' ' j -i j
ncv. in Oillin coontv, on MontUv. the 10th d
. . . . .
f jiBrch next, and continue until i?atrirdv. tl
15th ( the MrDe tnontli. for the purpme of pay-
.nfl. rttf lYmMIlT D. fr.minA.ndM hr f-ftnt. M'm
By the provisions of the act above referred to,
the members of jths company are entitled to pay
for three months rvice.
Feb. 15. 185f 43:4t
iyarIltvineMf-ssnjrT pnMWi 41, ard for-
l 'Oat ta thu ooe.
I'l'IMM I'M.I'M' N j I ;n;-
1 1 1 1 I .. . Tim l,i iiiHrki' I'rio.
fi.r I'nltrv III lislr no I Wf llrlin ii l. y, ni, ,ur,i mi l lnul in nny lni'iii" tC-- I
at llm liirii'lioiitii of ill, i ta.it rn'riUri), iMif nun. ft Aimlmi Hon I' mi' I'ltilcr, Hi. JviMn,
trod bi fiifu llm til Jav of April nt. Tn , l'n .M 'I' ilulinnni, .IhIiik ui Mt.iili n ,
'linl.lM liMS AI.UnS'. j. iv. Utinicr. Kn., II;ih. ,. i 10 ly
Unllim. Te'i. I.'. l"iii II if ....
- ''. Snlootl lor SlllfOI'ICffJl.
1N'Xi;r COIKO.' f..r Ml.-. . l t t,B :fni:lSlinu,.litliu-i vi'..iiiii..iili..ii.liiiil.i.k-..
I" reaiih-nee of llm mil-vril'i r. iu mll.si "Uiwletl In l(i mo.l iK-iiulifiil nml I.uhhum,
north of Dalian.
Jiinuar I'.itli. H'iG ;
i '.I II'
To the Sheriff uf Crawm County. ('reeling :
Whereas, John II. Wilson, on tho llih d.iy
of Februry lSTirt, filed hin peiitt.m in the oi'.
lice of the Clerk of tho District Court, of fSmy
son Coiimy, ugniiitt the iiuknnwn heirs of
James M. Iteynold", nlledsing thnt on the 4 ill
dny of May, A. D. 1S52, lie purchased of one
Algprndn Tliomnson, PSiJncrusof land locnt-
led by virtue of a Bounty l.nnd Warrant for
lasu ricrtM, ifiin.'il to Juincs r, Wmnuck, by
Barnard E, Boe, Sucrotury of Wnr. Said
DSO acres, of hind is situated in Orayson Coun-
ty, nml Slate of Tcx.i. on the wn'ters of Pi
lot nml Sinter grove Creeks.
Petition charges, thnt mid Wilson, paid for
said land nine hundred and eight dollars took
a deed therefor, mid had the same duly record
ed in the County Clerk's olfice, of Gmvson
County, on the llith day of .May, which
deed is inude on e.rhibit. Petition further
charges thnt said Thompson, held fa id cenili-
i . I r r - r 1 tl'
cnte, by n chain nl trnnsler.s Irnm said w o-
nK ccrtuicu copies oi wiicnnre tn.i.e ex
mack, certified copie of whi
lubit in pciilioii, the orirrinals ol wlurh linvmir
i . . . i ... .... L uZ i tm.?
tiMiin ii iriiMii in iiim fMiiii:iiir it iHrn inirf
nt ui,y of Austin. Petition further charge
. ., nw. , n , . ..... .1
inai on me -.in uay oi jeceinuvr n-u, me
said Thompson ronveyed the aforesaid certifi
. . . .1 ' ! ..1. .1 . .1.1 1. .
cnte to.'eilivr with the land secured thereby to
JntnesiH. Reynolds, lor the pretended co.
MiirrHiion oi o.jou. . .Aim in;u ine nam ievn
old on thfiday of i-lS,-i-npp!icd to the j
Commissioner of the fleneral Lund Office, j
and procured a patent to be issued to him as I
assignee for the aforesaid 9S0 acres of land, j
i eiiiion lurtner cuarires iimt sain transier
from said Thompson, to said Reynolds, nor
the said Putent was ever recorded nor filed for
Itecoru in llie lOtinl" ol uravson, wliere llie
.... . r. . . .'
said land lay. Petition further charges, thnt
Plainilf never had anvnoti.ee ofnny trnnsferfrom
1 snjj Thompson to said lieyiiolds. Petitioner
i , . ,l.. ,,, , .,. .,l .:.l
peaceable possession of sh id land ever since
his paid puHi:ise,and hrisiimde iiuprovcments
on ilifa fame to the value of MOO.
Petitioner funher chnrgch, that said transfer
id Patent, aforesaid, cast n cloud upon hi
i nml Patent, aforesaid, cast a cloud upon his
title, he further charges, tlmt said James .M.
title, lie further charges, tlmt said James .M.
I Kovuolds departed this life on the dny
: of lb , nnd thnt Ins heirs nnd their
I names nre unknown to him. Said unknown
heirs are made defendents, to said Petiiion.
Petition prays that said cloud be removed
nnd that he have u decree against said defend
ants, for said land, nnd that he be forever qui-
I eted in his title, and possession lo the same.
w nfllda Vlt lldvint? been Hliult; lV
... . ... . ..w . 3 . . . .
John II.
of James
J'!. Keynolds, and iheif names, nre unknown
These nre therefore fo rdiiimand you to cite
the said unknown heirs of Jn'hies M. Reynolds
by publishing this citation in the "Dallas Her
ald" a newspaper published ill Dallas, Dallas
County, for eight successive weeks, prior io
the return day lieseof; to be nnd personally ap
pear at the next term of the District Court of
(jkrayson County, to bo holdeii nt llie Court
i house thereof in tile tOWU of Sherman, Oil the
fifth Monday after the fourth Monday in March
1S50, then and there to answer Plaintiffs pe-
r ...i.:.t. .1... r :. .. i..:.r
lltiuil ui wuii-ii 111c iwiirewiiiM 15 u uuei omit:- .... r. ... . ... . -. . , ,. .
ment. Herein fail not but make due return .flSlM
this wntns the law requires.
r-i--3ss. Witness inv hand nnd sen or our
saitl Lourt hereon impressed nt
Sherman this February, 7th 1S56.
D. C, G. C-, Texns.
Citation issued this February the 7th 1S36,
a. M. BRADLEY, Clk., D. C, G. C,
Come to hand February the 7th 1S36. The
defendants will take notice of the nbove cita
tion oud appear accordingly this February 7th
Feb. 1C, 1353 43:Sw Shir. G. C,
Grayson County,
herens John Pope, nnd Hannah his wife,
William L. Parish, and Fraueishis wife,
having filed their petition in this Court, against
N. W. Td'.vms, ndministrator, Temple Car
penter, Hdwnrd J. De Witt, guardian of the
person nnd Estate of the minor Amanda D
W itt, Johri K. De Gruffenrced, niid Owen Car
penter, heir nt law of the Eslnte of Francis
carpenter ceceaseil, praying lor a
nnd distribution of snid Estate; and it appear
ing tn at John tt. Ue Uratlenreed ami Owen
Carpenter, are not residents of this State.
These n-e therefore :o notify the snid John K.
D; Graffenreed, and Owen Carpenter and nil
persons interested to be and appear nt the
March Term 1S56 or this Court and show
cause if any thev enn, why snid partition nnd
distribution should not take place riccordin tn
law. 3
Witness S. Bosiicli clerk of the
said County Court, nnd the seal
impressed of said Court hereon
January 31st 1S36.
S. BOSTICK, Clerk.
Feb. 0. 1S3G 42: 4t.
County of Geayson.
In County Court teutainino to the Estites
of deceased persons, March Term, 1856.
Yhpreas' Jo,,n "V0' ar"' ",lnnah hi" wife,
T T William L. Parish nnd Fmnris his wife,
hnvinir filed their petiiion in this Court, against
N. W. Townes. administrator. Temple Car
penter. Howard J. De Witt guardinn of the
person and Estate of the linor Amnnda De
Witt, Jno. K. De Graffenreed, nnd Owen Car
penter, heirs nt law of the Estate of Oliver H.
P. Crpenter deceased, pray in? for a partition
and distribution of said Estate, and it appear,
ing thnt John K. De Graflenreed nnd Owen
arpcnier ape not res.uents ol this atafc.
These are therefore to notify snid John K. Tip
Graffenreed nnd Owen Carenter, and all oth
er persons interested in said Estnte. to lie and
appear at rhe March Term 1S58. of this court.
then and there to show cause if any thev hnve i
wny sum panuion ana atstrioutinn should not
take place as prayed for in said petition and in
accordant" with law.
, Given under my hand and the seal I
ot said County Court hereon im
pressed at office in Sherman this
the 31st January 1S56.
S. BOSTICK. Clk.. C. C, G. C,
F,cb ?. 1S7- 4?: 4t.
X: V. I'oi.li t.
, T T Oil is .' .1 '' I. A II',
, I'tlUT niUt'lll.TAIlMAM'l I'l". I . Tr.X
. purl r. I Ml" lowiun lall,ii. n li.nv l..r "il
'the imt mmiiiiihltt ti'iiiiH. Iur puriiinliirrf in -
inirn ol Yu.'lii'lt A liu.'.s. Atlorii.',vs ai-la ,
Hiilim, Tc:i or of ilie miI.-i'hI,.t, i:f I'.rt
Worth, 'larrsiii couniv, "IVjus
.MlOl.l'IU; liOl lir.N.Wr.
Ijlir.ury V, ISjii -4 1 : 1 i
iilllil aliail .Ii ill IOI
t a... .v.. ' -. t .-
JoflVr for nl.' a niluiililo tru.'t ol' Imii I in Tills
county. e...iitii!ti!iij IdlMI m r."., w 1th .".0 iirri'H
in rood c'ltlrj mtiiin and two eidiins, 'l iiin land
is aituute on t'e slap) rofl'l.nlniut two miles from
(.'liumliers' Cn ik, on tliu West niile, liml i ilc
liirlitfnlly fu'uitt.vl, eoiivenii'iit lo water, .le. 1
will si-H at. n reduced prieo for en.di. Tho land
in patented. 1'orrons wislilii .i inir,-!i:i" nru
Miliuited to come and e.vamin Ilia land and til.'j
beforx luiyin elsetherv.
- i :w IUI'IIAIM) Virn.
I I fl-... p ....,.. I i-..... i. .... :. .......
Is now
prepared to conduct n business on his own ren -
pimnibilitjr, ivlutli will present nil the facilitiiM
of tho Into lirr;i. Pnrtieular ultniition jriveii in
the proenrenit'iit ol'imti'titK and the invent iu tion
of elniiiiH in Che. .lifl'urunt deiiartuii'iitH of tint
j State Ibivcrnmeiit. Dee IS.'i.l "(1:1 v
Ho! Vol iUl liib I'll in.
E i would htvnby iulbriii all tho.--ii having an
inelinatinn to niovo to t'alii'.iniiu nest
nprin, that wo tlmll ttart an kuo:i t. tiie jr.'io.
is sufficiently high to travel upon with stock.
wnuld KiigsoHt fiat the hoad of Village creek
in Jolins.iii county, ho the plaen of rnndnxvm:,
as thero uro Mvoriil families in thnt vicinity v!.n
expect to jij.
j:oierici.a. i?A7r.:xs,
Lavastm. .fanunrv 1-t'h l'A W.f.
I.f, persons imhiht. -d to tho firm of GOLD it
j XA
Ul iJlJAAI.IIStJA hl-niitn nr Imok neeii'int. fh
j the year lM.'i. und pri'vionslv, nre rntinestefl to
! inaKe payment iieioro tne tir.it uav ol .llareli,
'...;. .1 mi i . . .
proximo ; otherwise pa) -me it will bo enforced by
I luw' '"'is being deemed .1 jflifinnt riotieo.
Dallas, February Ptli, l.SfiG.-I2:tf
Tor S:i3e.
JJl.AVK a )are, lino J At !K for sale ; hu is five
years old nnd 14 hands hii;li, and is a jjood
breeder and well formed. Any one wishing to
see said Jack will please, ca'il on tlm iinderineil
nt Corsieana, or Mr. Win . 1 Irihr, '.I mile. smith
cast ol Corsicana, where ho Jack can lie seim nr.
tiny liuie.
!. Mi AVE.
l-ebrnarv II, IS.iO. 12:..it
Coi.lin County, j'
Countv Couht ri;i'.T.iiii o to Estati:
Attv lEt:?t A. V. liob.
hcreas Mary Gainhlo. Guardian of the
minors J. A. Gnnil ile. Win. Gamble,
E. A. Gamble. Y. J. Gamble. mid 0. A. Gam
ble, hits filed her petition in the oi'ice of the
Clerk of the County Court of Collin, in which
she represents that it is necessary to sell a
portion of the real Estate of said minors, for
their support, mnintninn nee, education nnd
debts, and asks thnt an on ler of sale be granted
her, to sell fifty acres of Lind situated in Col-
iin county Slnte of Texas, out of a tract pat- j
ented to Win. Davis, nlsn or.t- house and half i
lot No. 42 in Block No. 5 io the town of:
McKinney, nnd whereas t.he County Court of i
said County nt its Janua ry Term l5fi, tnndej
the following order touit: "It it ordered bv
Of mnrlf. in top lln n.-q Horn r l.i l ln nmOe
J "of Dnllas for four successive weeks, notifying
"all persons interested in the welfare, of said
I ,"" U ,A" M'H'-t1 l i
"nilimra in Iin n tirl n r .nn w . I 1
I I urm ii ii m tool t :oiiniir I nit
..... ... .,...,,. v....u;.,, u,.,.
"be lioldei. nt the Coiii.'t House, m the town of
"McKinney County of Collin, on the lastMon-,C(
"day in said month n,,d show cause why !ud
ifuh;i .ur s tie suan not uu muuc ns npnneo
Witness my official siirnature nnd
soul of 'office in McKinney this
the 30th. day of January A. D.
LOVE JOY, Clk. C. C,
C. C. Texas.
Feb, 9, ISoli d iMt
County of Denton,
Ik Distric t Couht, Spring Teum i?5C.
To the Sheriff ;" Vaiton County, Grxtinf'.
"NSTorj are hereby cninmnnded to suiniiion by
! publication in the Dallas Herald, (ii news
Jin per published in the town of Dallas,) for
four successive weeks Samuel Coiniy, nnd
John Coiniy, to be nnd appear before ihe Hon
orable the District Court of Denton County
Texts, to be held .it the Court House of said
f-VMrt,.. In ,1... f.iii.t ,f Altnti nt, 'tti'.. m.ll
..... u. ....... .. .. .,..
iMnnilnv after the fourth Monday in March.
A. D. 1S56, to answer to the complaint of
Thomas B. Heuling, n citizen of Coryelhi
County in said State, now on (ilo in my office.
Said complaint represents that on the i3ii day
of October, A. D. Ifsu2, tho said Thomas B.
Heuling, then in the city of New Yorlr sold o
Samuel Comly a vcHdent citizen of tiie city
and State of Nev York, for the use of his son
John Comly, one league of land, situated in
Denton County, Texas : for the su;;i of five
thousand dollars, two hundred pud nt tne
time of the purc'iiue. And tho said Samuel
Comly executed his promissory note payable
two yenrs after ,ite, lor lour thousand eight
hun.lrcd dollars, whtcn said note the said sam
uel Con.lv nnd John Cbmly pledged themselves
to pay when the same became due, nnd thnt
said note has Ion.? since tnllen due nnd is vet
nnnaid. Petitioner tl'mvs for iudrrment for the
amount of snid, hole and interest, nnd costs of
suit, nod for a decree for the sale of aid land
tn sat'sfy the same. Petitioner further avers
that snid Snrhuel Comly and John Comly are
non-residents' of the State of Texns.
Herein fntl not but make your due return of
this writ with voor nction thereon.
. t?-;"E5v Witness Silas Pinckiey. Clerk of
MtT District Court "of Denton
fci5 County Texas, with his seal of
2zaS 0fl5,.e affixed nt office in the town
of Alton this the 31st dny Jnminrv A. D. 1S5(5.
By A. P. Lloyp. Deputy, j
Sainnel Comly aud John Comly -will take
noticb and attend ot the time and place as in i
the above writ commanded. j
F. H. Williams, Sheriff D. C Texas; ,
By C. A. Williams'; Deputy;
Lsu'cd Jan.. 3ist lS5o.
A. P. Llovo, Deputy, Clk.,
D- C.. D. C, Texas.
Come to hand Jan. 31st. 1S5G, nnd executed
on the same day by forwarding a true copy fo
the Dallas Herald for fniblication.
F. H. WILLIAMS, SheriffD. C, Tex.
- . Be C. A.Wtu.tA.v4, D'pmy.'
IVh 3 l 'l-: 1'.
i.JlT.-lAk' .N'OTXOi.'.l.
IMl'l.H ll .1 V. ' "
' TAKI. II' l i..,fc.. I'M. m.d flf;. !
A. , lilrri A. .Vsrl.' Jiitm t ll.u l'w, in ntnl
I'nll.i .eliiil i, olni Jil.l.M MTU I. l.kl.l.
.Ml 'I. II, nml up iiilmil liy K. .1 . j'sul nml iiioi i
t Ii, rtinnlur.l I . l , 1"V1 4:' ..I
W t'KAK, t I k I o II I' I , 'ii..
ruM.IN' U'l'NTV
riUM:!, TP l,v .1., JJ.imiiiiiumlrirv.t
I I l. n I, JJ '.Miiriln, .I ' a .i.l Lollin enun'lr.
hr.i' ,im'. i ; ii. HAY V. I.,
. I, 1 I.J Inn :l I lli, h hiiiuII i:iiI.iii iimf; on ,rv
' ,u, li ,ipir.iiii'i i.iiO; Hi.o ."'Uil.l.i. M A( I.
:t v.irn olil, On.-.' in Iu r lorliead, fit l n l'sm.
: m;;;,, l.nunl. J with llie litl.-r II on ll.u nte
, .i.otil.lrr aoprniti'l lo 'i'l.o otlur, n .Soli-
; It;, ,M1:M: o!.. vrur l, lilnr in ihethrhrnd-.
.ii.pni'.'J M . il).' tuigii.u! j..iovrs lilu iyLrjii.-
,iy i
T.i:i: I P by M M Martin and trayd I,
f nn I. J .Mai iin.'j I', lullin vounty, on big
.Dlt'tilf. M.l:K lil eurs old, C.ix mane an i
tail, tiht hind l-xit Hliitn up to punti r j.iint,
miiitll star in thu forliend appraised lo M.
Uri'iiml put cr tiled in my oQiec Fob. 1t Ii .
doux l. Loviyyy, ciwk
C I', C C, Irani.
rcl.T'isryC'th, l.'jO i?..?,t
J, Kl.l.rhlOLNJV.
riVVKKX 'P t.y T. J. i'.r.t!i Mid vtiayi-l
.1. hel'ori! V, fioveir, J 1' in and fur k'llU noun
ty, mi" yoK'i of (i.KX, both hlnek, otm 7 jenrs
old, murlu'd w illl u HHllir fork in tli riht mr
, and nn inulerl it in tho lel't, lirunded !S J, tint
I oi.i'T iinoiu o years inn, whii wiuie ou trio ueiiv,
; nuirkei'. uitli n fiwullnw fork in eaeli ear, brundud
j M l;. A!w, ono 11HUWN JJl I.L, without bonis,
' marks or 'irainls. -J yeuiu ol.lj oxen appraiitd lit
' tin) hull nt by J iv Iluudorsou mid J
!.M HiJU'I'. I'eu. .", lS.i.'i.
' TAKKX 11 by N" 11 Hunkin ini.i estrnred
lore . l.'!ireiitr.. ,1 P of Ulis eountv, TWU
.MAHK.S. one n j;;rl.t B..rl!, supposed to bo I'-i
(jvars old. Hi l.u.-.'dii hih. bianded on the Icf;
I i.houliicr M i tlia nther n duii eolored Sl'AXFSII
.MAKI., ulniut 7 uui u old, Hi hund. Iiivli, briv
ded with three iSjatdh briindu; tho n iirtd uiuro
ii.prulK'd to ;(.', umi t!io liun Spanish tnaru nt
iJ.'i, l:v A A i.'osir und It il C Cai tin. Junua-.-v
I. lS':(i.
TAKKX UP by ilurtin J Pouue snd cstrnyed
I Vlbro W I' Kwcmt. J P vt Kllis inuuty, one
DAIilw ii-'.OH . lUUIijl., a,iul lllyoiii old naxt
run;, rniijio raddle uiai'l-.s on Ins buck, and
branded U on th'u leli shoulder, and uppraisod hp
diispci' AtavuiiM'.iihi nnd Joseph Mundon at GU;
I eo. 1. leiiu. f . 1 i .V Kl.NJ-, tiers
43:35. I'o Ct, Tllis ejuntv, Toxa.
cook coi'-Ntr. - "
rpAunV I-'Pbv T t Birdwdi and ctrared lie '
1 foro W 11 ijtngKton. J P, one iP.ON'liRAJf
UUllSK, mt'Oosed lo ho live years old last spring, .
uiul about i Li lunula high, with wliita Bjw.'ti oil
thu l.tiok suj'j , sod to lit' saddle murks, . i randcd
on the !et, uliunKiur ufid ri-ht. hip hut cannot bo
tolil ; iii;,niisml to $.00 bv J Koberkon and ii
Bennett ovcmlr 8, kSoO. ti. Y. JilKD,
i;!:."!! Cl'k Co ft, Cooke county.
ACTS 4::',.
rtnUI'l liU'i.'i'iss of .lulni W Merriilttld JiHving
.8. been lilucci in mi Imiuls ler sett!iiibnt, all
i jivraons .iridehtyd tu l:im eitSier by note ur avroUBH
nre iiv';-utly T'.-Juentcd to couie lorwnru JJISia-
. iDIATLI.Y und nettle. Thic indebted by no
'count will ph'uso eowo fonviird nml settle at
least by giving tb.iir noteo. f-l.ould tins cull fnil
.Ta if-' '"oeeivH ittttMitioe, , thono w'eo neji-b '-t it may tt
' potiticd in another mumier. us .liscirvci'iibie tu
iht.'in us it will hn nni.kiiaaiit to i::c. " A word
to tho wiw'," Jte. " A. ,l hJiANKS.
;-;::tf jiatof J. :v. Mm-miU.
Ail s:i i n i t ra S u v ' !X o i ice.
T the November Term of llm County
1 4 county uourr oi uaims nnd &tate ot
Texas, the under.si.;iicd was aiipoinlpd Admin
istratyr of the Estnte of Mary Jlnrgroder, de
censed. All persons having claims against, or
indebted to said Estate, firo hereby notified t
come forward and present them, duly authen
ticated within the time prescribed bv law.
Admini'tis'oi', de bonis rc.
Dullns, Tea, Docc. L3th, 1S55.
A l m J ii s t s- ; S iii l' IV ot ice.
7"HK1!EAS, the uiidetiirned was ap..
pointed Adiniiiiitiator of the estate of
m. ' n a .
lliomas . Ijamble, (lerense. nt the
(lerense. nt tiie October
.ler,,, ot ,(,,. rmiy V cur: o! ;iiju:ti,mi county,
,lese aK therefore, to notify nil prrsonv indibf.
,0 mA estate , mMf :l,uwi-mK nnvmcnt;
jitifrJ nil those liavinij- clnin.s nKuitist aid cs-
, ... - .
I tti tt? to present tliem within tlm littn: prescribed
ny law.
Kaufman, January 2, 1S3G 3S:6t
LokJ Cei'tistcafc.
TR biuti hist, the h.'iulriaht ccrtiiicfttn of
Thonr-rtS Ji. Garvin, isaned bv Thomas
Win. Ward. Coiiuni.vioner of Pettis t.'olony ;
mimiier und iliit.; not recollect 'd K not found
within tho time prescribed by Itnv, v. a wiil apply
to tho proper dej artineut for a (luplieate.
. W. U. & P. WITT.
P-.tll.is. Fob. 1. iy.-,.3 41:pt .
H'ollit'ts Jo Bi"blor$.
A f.L PElhSONS indented to the undersign.,
A eiMicr by note or open account, nre hereby
requested to come forward nnd settle, l'ou nfl
know thnt we want lnoi-ry to meet our engage,
uients, so please come promptly and "fork."
I.ancai;cr Tc'Sr.s, January SI, 1856 41:3t
Whereas, Letters of administration were
granted to ihe undersigned, as ndminisirnlor of
the estate of J. W. Yenrv, deceased, by the
Honorable County Court, of Collin County, at
its December term, 1S56, these are therefore
to notily all persons having claims ngainstsaid
estate, to present them, duly authenticated,
within the ti'Tie prescribed by .law, and nil
those indebted will make immediate payment,
McKinney, Coliin Co.Texoe,
Feb. 9. IS5G ii: Gt.
IETTERS of administration - upon ih
,'cstale of Nancy Borin, deceased having
been cran'ed to the undorsijned bv ihe Hone
nnihle the County Court of Ellis County, a't
its December Teim, 1S56 :
Notice is hereby given to all persons hviiif
laims aeainst snid e6tnte to present them duiv
authenticated within ths time prescribed by .
the low. And nil persons . indebted to said
estnte nrc hereby requested to make imrac diatc
ami KK.Vi5tI.'iW, Afjmr.
Feb. 9. 1S56 42: 6t
hut Certtfifate,
III AVE lost th lieadright certificttc or James
V r.ve. fur .1?i1 iT. M nf l&nrl. issued bv
Johii M. Creckctt, Coinuiisr'iiii.'cr of Mercer's Col
ony. t:i ted. April 30th. ISoO. Xo. 541. ! If not
found wi'ibih ths time t.rescribed hy law. 1 shall
i anplv to the proper der-artuicnt for a dnplicato ,
i for the Msje A. A. TERltEL.
n.-c. 13. 3,1:01. '
1 '
A Gcu!c SEtnt.
HAVING doted y busini.s8 for the present,
oil those Indebted to me Till find m or Mr.:
J. Peak, Jr . nt the Clerks .'flee, at all tinut;
where ihey will pleusi cull and ett?e their ac
t I. S'TpC'l.

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