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n Nciy.N KM I '
.l ilkk ' . iul..iji l.l Ujietuw, 1 ' '
l.vb I't AUUit fa al.
410 ll-h 'I'ir I 10 VtllUtl-t I-.-. 'T '
ill UK. It i-'ru.i t Hi' Sun.
a-wV-aM eVboin-d to uunonu'e 'I ' t j
l-H t.ll I J . ! h..uim iuUf.li, - ,';
,i .in "! ll' I'.rlrM, "UI" ' 1 ' '
. ., '. MtM l tlk, l Ml't4a auu iiiiwt '.
tr 11 re a'i il ill vKoait "! 1 1 '"
I f.itlr ,.u.l,Mali,eraiitli.itl.U i ."-'
..j. W Vf,.Hi. l-''h r t'vlrvi ' ' i '
u- fir l.ifii'ru.hi lijivrnr ul lcei ' !'-'' ,,u
,t IHil tfllMIitl.
Hiibimiitlun i" ill" "all Hera1 l. 'it Hi'
1 1 no hiiahi'li ..r tit m.in'u, it.-hv.-rM ill tniaulh.'o,
... ,t iim fllo'iii mllia, and Ibe nilliiT t to-
ipi out In il. vlr :
ManafwM Milli, Tumult roiinly Nliorw,nd'. Its
rj Klltt, i'.lir .".rlra, ll-ii-t.m A NYnt.nn.
I'.'iggiMiMi'v ai.il Pukii'i M.!U, In lulUt niiniy,
. M Powell'. Mill, ti er McKmnoy, C'jllln county.
ertnl-. -rliiii.il U, lli Houston T.'l.-i;rii-li atnl t liu
ail in Ivitollu re,ulv..-.l ul llila olllcc. at Hie llUlilllll
- I felra.
r,Otrtt'e uru unJir many oWUnl'nu' to F.
I InLr, Ijr.j., of the llulvosion Uwielin, fur
. Mwoilc Nes or tue Mill u!t. Wc In T2
!(( tucH fuiors.
tTTlitiiiXs to our friend anJ tow.sraiin,
. .miotic, just returned from Hoditoii, for
Tvligrar,li ami News of 'it'
1 Wert rcccivi-J.
WfTb Suuihcra mail, Willi Houston la
wis of'lie i!lst ull., wii lirought lo tliis
'df ..n Wr-ilnesJA.v lust, by j.rivuto con-
riancf. Wc cttract largely fmru tbeso
BKjfSi-e t-'uo u(lorlisfaii,iit of 1. U. Tlioui
.ii, I'lfn iug brick for mito.
fciJ'KcT. C'hurlva C'aiK'toii adcriiscs a
Yuluuble true I of lund adjiiniug I hi' North
f.nd of lnlla3 for rale.
ttjT'A glorioucrnin Ml hereon Thursday
!nM, uccnmriinicd by a cool North V.ifl
'uid. This vain, if wo nru not mUtalvon,
wi',1 iiiguro n gi.od corn crop iu this vieiui
y. Itwas a bliasing mid wc arc thuiik
:ul for it.
Jf'We H-aiu fiom a (eutlcman just
froia Shrovoporf, via, Mnvsh.ill and Tyler,
that the brigade of negro troops which were
brought to Hhrevrport whi-n the 1'odenils
tnok jioi-seMion of that place have returned
down Kcd Ilivtv. JIc ! informt us that
ihcro was n rpgiincut of infantry at Mar
;lmU and ou company of cavalry at Tyler.
Kvcry thing was yuiot t each of tho above
places, and no intcrfcrunco by the troops
titli the citizen iu any manner.
eKtyl.ieut. Ueu. S. B. liutkutr infiieJ a
farewell addresis to tho eoldicis at Shrevc
yort on th 8th of June, advising ihera to
l'o peaccubly to thoir ho lies, and abstain
from all hostile acl?, and lo discountenance
fvcry atteinp! at disorder. Ho pays e pecial
c.imoientUlion to the Mia.souri trocps of his
- irpit, for their orderly deportment nrnl firm
.liscipline rrlucb they haro thown in the
joat trying emergcnelvg..
BQThc Houston ujn:rii nu.y that fine
laixia bare fallen in that vicinity recently,
insuring an abundant corn crop and filling
''i?tertinrrh had become low.
It may cot be geuorally known that
: ieu. J. W. Tnrockmotton, of Collin county,
rtarted to the Indian country about tho last
f April, to make a treaty with the wild
tribes. Gen. T. returned home about three
rrcclis ago,having been quite as successful
in hie miariou as he anticipated. Ho also
reoovcred nine prisoners, & whites (two
girls and throe boys) and a negro woman
and three children. One of the whito chil
dren is a little German girl about 12 or 13
ycare of age, taken from or near Fredericks
tiurg, Oillcfjde county. This little girl is
now witn tlie family of Major Campbell L'
ilnre, at Armstrong Academy, Choetaw Na-
ion, where che desires to remain uutil tier
relatives could send for her, and where eiio
very kindly carod for. Cur informant
l.as forgotten her name.
The other prisoners reclaimed belong to
. nr own frontier, and have been sent home.
There is yet one white woman a prieonor
.'.motig tho Indians, captured by them near
I'elknap. There are sonic ludians prisonera
among our people, and it is thought that the
rbite wi.'inan'ia retaiucd by tl.o ludians
with the viow of getting back their people,
'.en. Throckmorton promised them that
il e prifonera ehould be returned, provided
ley wished to go, and. he desires inform
ti iu es to the locality tfuny of these jris-
(ieu. T. treated iih tli1 Comanclics, all
i it one baud, and with the Lipons, Obey
rnes, Anapahocs and Kioways, and V.
ii-ves that with proper management these
vfj,le can be kept en Rood terms, which J
11 greatly relieve our frontier,
XJ-Tbe steamship Hu?ar, which arrived
..t Galveeion rn the lfith, with army stores
..nd about 100 paroled saldicrs fpm Loo's !
. dJ Jahssan's amies, rprung aleak on (he
t ivsgc, and came near going down with all
'i board, as she had six feet water in her
Said before the leak was diivovered. By
i-reat exertions the was kept- afloat, and
finally arrived safely in port.
Ibajr The attention of all officers and sol
diers in the Nona Sub-District, of Texas
is directed to the circular of Col. James
.'tourland. Commissioner for tellccting men
e., in raid District, which will be found in
our paper to-day.
tesTrhe f' liowiug are the officers of ft
Grand LJg of Tree Masons, for the ?st
.f Texas, for the rssuin g Mspcsic year,
circled at the Annual Convention, at Hout
tin, ea the lJ'h Juae, rit: R. M. Elgin,
Grsad Master; Richard Puglass, Deputy
Vraiid Master: A. M. Gentry, Giajid Senior
Warden ; C. Tucker, Gra ad Junior TTar
da, James Sorley, Graad Treasurer, Geo.
H. trirghnrs'. Grand Secretary.
The Mobile Trilnne bae remm i publi- :
. atten. T r-i.r-r rzt-r.t s j's '
i?hf -nullah '3)t
fit I'..
,.i tilth Uu,.- ui,J n'MH ,i (iiiv i,i.
,1'. I h.u;rLg!t.tiiiiK iu t -e 'j.ii'e ivt i
,la j,n"i;.'t.i tlie e: iu-. il if ii':.v tin b
.Iu I" i it'ly, un 1 (i.h thi.1 'he duiii-iiid
I'vl I aliliij It 11 vi i y a id
li.(-'.i j. i-.vii e.'.n 'i" nb'a.ii'd Ij h r iv'e
l auj fi'f woiU.
'il.;fj Werj I.-)'. If. i thul' J.COJ V. i1
it, ii. . in tho t l'v, U...1 h.oro were upiet.' 1
Tl.f .ul.';e .nimie ml uiii-r :-s
tl,-.ji..'i'.l wiiii tb-fi, but tlir Jei.y j
i. n 1 ' i."'. '
Tl.i' city p it "jf.lrn tskeo j 'i.'i'i' i 'ii
!' l ti e I', i' i.tfiePiS oil Iliu )M)i. ' 1 '
wi i:' l be ii-i.Mln ly ivii-ucd fur Lusiuca in
a few dy, umlor a newly appointed post
maetor, auf.the V. S. fcta regulations eu-
Tho lVOTokt Mw"ll Geiicrul for this
Stntf, Lt. CoLMttghlin, l;lth Army Corps,
Jjdd arrived and opened his ullico, and had
scut woid to tho .Mayor that ho was iu
struoicd by Gen. (Imager lo say thai the V.
S. 'urct s came us friends, uoi us enemies;
(hut ;hiy had no desire lo intcrfern with tho
.Mayor in the discharge of his munieipM
duties, and desired to co-nperuto vith him
In the promotion of good older in tho city.
Negroes fleeing from the country to tho city
would not be permitted lo live in idleness,
they would he arrested as they arrived,
and forced to voik on the f'rtiCiMlloti?, or
be put lo other lnb"r.
Tun Tlss title JJir.cnrr. Fka.vchisi;
Kitt.. The fullowiug uvo the provisions i.f
the liancbi3o bill, now before the Teuncssje
Legislature. It has panned the S?nul by
a vote of "1 lo 5, uud ha? also passed its
second reading iu the Iluuse, by tho decisive
vote of 33 to 26:
1. livery frco white ntan Iwcnly-onu
years of ige, a citizen of the United States
iiud publicly known to have entertained
unconditional b'nion aentiineiilj from tho
bvcuktng out of the tobelliou until the pres
ent time.
2. Every while young man, and Inhabi
lantof the Slate and a citlieu of tho United
States, arriving at the age of twenly-oue
since March 4, 18U5, provided ho has not
engaged in armed rebellion against the
United States.
Section 4 provides for tho registration
of voters.
Section C provides for challenging vo
ters, and the administration of nn oath to
support the Constitution of tho United States
and laws and proclamations made in pur
suance thereof, and the ameded Constitu
tion of Tennessee, with tho acts of the Leg
islature in accordance therewith.
We lake the following itotna from the
Houeton Telegraph of tno L'lat:
The tolograp ic dispatches Bta'o that Lt.
Fareons has been appointed Provisional
Governor of Alabama;" tho English of which
is that Hon. Lewis K. I'uiuoiis has been so
appointed. Judge 1'arHons has been for
the last twenty-five years or more, a resi
dent of Talladega, Ala., and one of tho
moat distingiiithed lawyers oonneoted with
tho able bar of that Stato, associated, as a
poor, with such men as Hon. Vim. P. Chil
ton, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court,
lion. Samuel F. Rico, his successor wo bo
liovc, Hon. Wm. L. Yancey, Hon Goo. Gold
tnwuitc, Hon, Franc is W. Bowdcn, and a
host of others, of different political parties
and shades of opinion. On the national
questions of tho last forty years. Judgo
Parsons, wo believo, was always a whig,
oud conservative, if not union man in the
secession controversy. Ho is a man of high
ability, ripe loal acquirements, long pub
Hio e:
experience, and is endowed with fine
judgment and great force of character. Ilia
appointment is indicative of a liberal poli
cy in the government towards tho Stato, for
wo bavo no doubt that, regardless of all
past political difference, the people of Al
nbaraa will look upon him as the friend of
the State. It is to be hoped that in all such
Presidential appointment), uutil regular
elections take place, the people aud Exccti
tivca of tn-s iJvt(!3 may bs able to harmon
ize in tho feeling and lavum fur- u oond
of the country, however diverse in politic
We hear that tho Federal authoritici at
Galveston are bringing tho negroes to com
mon sense in a pummary manner. They
call them up one by ono, and aek who they
belong to. Those who tell the truth lire
neat heme at once, rvlulu those who aokiiun l
edgo no home or master are put lo to work
on thestreots, and ou otherlabor, under the
control of tho military authorities. Negroes
who flatter themselves that the new rtpimt
haa no labor connected nith It will make o
grcvious mistake.
Hon. Vim. L. Shnikey linabcen appointed
niilitnry or vrnvitinnsl Governor of th?
Stato of Mississippi. Judge Sliavkoy w as
tho President cf the celebrated "Nashville
Convention." lie has long been considered
one of the met eminent and accompliahcd
jurists of the South. Ho was, wo believe,
Chief Justice of the Supreme Court ef I he
State at the time Minsicsippi seceded. Ho
was oricintilly what was called a Southern
rights man, but would not forHako the U'n-
mil. lie is ntgniy quantiei lor bis posi
tion. The following are from the tame paper
f it 2Qnd iust
General Ordors No. 1, from General
firanfir's headquarters, reqtiiro that "all
c't'.I uud uilitarv officer-: and agents of the
State of Texas, and ull persons formerly
connected with the Confederate States ar
niy ia Texas," report at nice for pirole at
tlie ilai.es named : Houston, Galveston,
an Antonio, Marshall and
Brownfvi h. This includes pnvstes as
well as officers, aad is contrary ta the im
precision created by the terms of the sur
render, which require that officers giva
their Individual pirole and sign a like pa
role for the men of their commands. Al
though this was Ibe statement in the pub
lished terms, it nevertheless left a doubt as
to its praeticabillity, lor it scemsclear that
a soldier cannot be paroled by proxy. But
the matter is now plain; the order is pub
lished, sn I officers and soldiers are required
to report hromptly and give their paroles.
The order also requires that all "public
propcriy of sny description whatever, as
arms, bones, munitions, 4c, formerly be
longing to the so-called Confederate States,
or tbe State of Texas," bs turned over to
the United Siatrs' officers at the places
abo.nientioned. H e have heretofore ad
vised oirr readers that this would be the
case, and th advice has bees in some cases
ill-naturedly revived; but in this, as ia
other cases, we bar judged correctly, and
have advised the p trues concerned for their
own good. All who Begin this order will
be at at North for imprisonment, and their
property confiscated.
All gu'rillss and jayhawkers are out
lawed, and will be dealt with accordingly.
as tbe good citizens ef tbe State, toany of
wheat lave, t';'.ri st 'Lfir tat Is w.Iltie
J-aTMaJj' Gun. Gordon Granger arrived
at Galveston on ihs lth Inst., aud has as
sums I command of "0 Mllitarjr L-islrkt or
Texas. Ths following are the first Uvs or
ders Usued by him, all of lbs same date.
They are published officially in the Houston
llE.iPQi'Aiwrn.i, Pisrait T or Trxs,
Galveston, Texas, June I'J, lSDj.
Pursuant to ordors from the Headquarters
Military Division of the flunlli-west, dated
Now Orliifiuj, June llllh, 1K0.1, the under
signed assumes cemiuand of all troops lih
iu the Slate of Texas.
Second, No pahses or permits will bo re
engiiiied on tho coast of Texas, exocpt by
authority from Headquarters Military Divi
sion of the Southwest, or from theae Head
quarters. 0. GKANGKK,
(Signed) Maj. Gen. Commanding.
General Order.', Xo. 2.
Tho Staff of the District Is announced as
fi.llowst Maj. F. W. Kmsry, V. 8. Vol., As
siMnnt. Adjutant General; Lieut. Col. J. C.
l'Alfrev, U.S. Vol., Assiitaul lusp.'clnr Gen
eral; Lieut. 'ol. Liiiclilln, With llliimis
Vol., Provost MhimIirII tloner il; Lieut. Col.
J. (5. Ch'iiidler, U. S. Vol., Chief Quurtor
imistiir ; Cnpl. I'. G. Noytis, U. S. Vol., Chief
(lominissary of Submit loneej Surgeon C. H.
White, V. ri. Vol., Medical Director; Cnpl.
G. IV. Fov, tith New York Ftntii-ry, Chief
uf Artillery ; Capt.S. Howull, Olh Michigan
Heavy Artillery, Chief of Ordnance j I'iml
Lieu'! J. L. IUkVr,'JtJI Wi.oonsiu Vol., Com.
missary nf Mustors ; Maj. W. L. Avery, U.
S. Vol.., Aide de Cum).; Capl. C.S. Sargcanl,
V. S. Volitntueir-, A. I.
(S gaed.i ti fiHANGKIi,
Muj.T (mineral Commanding.
dcntral Ori'uri, .V".
The people are informed that, in accord
anco with a proclamation from the Kx"cu
livo of tho l;nited States, all slaves nro free.
This involves an absolute equality t.f per
sonal rights and l ights of property, between
former masters and alavcs, and tho caunco
tion hevctefove existing between thorn, be
comes that betwoen employer and hired la
bor. The Frcedmen nro advised lo remain
at their present homosnd work for wages.
They ave informed that Ihoy will not be al
Inwed to colleot at military posls; and that
thev W'ill not be aujiportod iu idUuuso oither
there or olsewhoro. By order of
Major General GUANGKH.
(Sigucd) F. W. F.mi:ky, Maj k A. A. G.
General Orders, A'o. 1.
All aots of tho Governor and Legislature
of Texas sineo tho Ordinance of Secession
I hurouy declare illegitimate all civil and
military officers and agents of tho so-called
Confederate States, or of tho Stale or Texas,
and all persons formerly connected with
the Confederate States army in Texas, will
at once report for parole at the following
places, or such a-i may bo designated here
after, to the proper U. S. officers to be ap
pointed: Houston, Galveston, Bonham, San
Antonio, Marshall and Brownsville.
Although their long absence from their
hom?s, nnd tho peculiar circuroslanoes of
this State may palliate the desertion from
their orgaaization, this order will strictly
and promptly be complied with.
The above'mentioned and all other per
sons having in their possession public
property of any description whatever, as
arms, horses, munitions, &c, formerly bo
longing to the so-called Confederate States
or Texas, will Immediately deliver it to tho
proper United States officers, nt the nearest
of the above mentioned places. When they
cannot carry it and havo not the means of
transporting it, they will make to tho same
office.i a full description of its charaotor,
quantity, location and security, &c. All
persons not complying promptly to this
order, will bo arreBtcd as prisoners of war,
and sent North for imprisonment, and thoir
properly forfeited. All biwless persons,
committing nets of violence, such as bandit
ti, guerillas, jayhawkers, horso thicvoB, &c,
aro hereby declared outlaws and enemies
to tho human race, and will bo dealt with
accordingly. By order of
Major General GRANGER.
F. W. Emery, Major & A. A. G.
Gourd Orderi, A'o. 5.
Until the arrival of the proper Treasury
Agents in this District, all cotton may be
turnod into tho Quartermaster's Department
for shipment to New Orleans or New York,
there to be sold ta the United States Pur
chasing Agents. No cotton or other pro
ducts of insurrectionary States, can bo
shipped on other conditions. By commaud
of Mnjvci caiLtiauu
(Signed) F. W. Emery, Maj. & A. A.G.
We liud in tho Galvoston News of the 19th,
the following orders from Gon. K. K. Smith:
IIlatiqhs. Traks-Miss. Di:p't.,
Shroveport, June 9, 1S5.
Gmeaal Orders, No.
Ei ig. Can. E. Gic-cr, T. A. C. S., is hereby
uppoiutcd as Supervising Commissioner for
the purpose of paroling the troops iu that
portion of the District of Texas lying north
of tho Trinity river.
Such officers as may bo required by Brig.
Gen. Greer, to assist hint in tho performance
of his duties, will be designated by him and
assigned lo such points as he may deem fit.
Such officers to act in connection with the
Commissioners designated by the V. S. au
thorities. By command of
General E. Kibby Smith,
S. B. BfCHNKK, Lieut. Gen. & Chicr of Staff.
General Orders, Ao.
The following; named officers aro hereby
appointed us Supervising Commissioners at
the places set opposite to their respective
names, for paroling this command, lo act
in connection with such Commissioners as
may be designated hy the U. S, authorities,
Col. S. A. Roberts, Bonham, Texas.
Maj. Wm. A. Slcndroan, Marshall, Texas.
Mai. J. A. Arnold, Nacogdoches, Texas.
By command of Gen. 2. Kiriiy Smitsi,
S. B. Bvck.ner, Lieut. Gen. & Chief of Staff.
The fallowing circular from Col. James
Bourland, has been handed to us for publi
cation :
June, 18C5. )
By ordora from District Head
quarters the duty of collecting all
ofliccrs nnd men of tbe C. S. army in
this Sub-District, in order that they
may bo paroled, and collecting and
turning over to the U. States author
itics all property in this Sub-District
in which the C. S. Government has
any interest whatever, has been im
posed upon me.
The commanders of Regiments,
Battalions, Companies and Detach
ments, aro therefore ordered to pro
ceed, without delay, to collect their
commands and report with them to
me, at Bonham, at the earliest prac
ticable period, in order that they
may be paroled, and prepared to take
such other steps as may be necessa
ry :o enable them to resume the civil
relations of life as early as possible.
Transportion and subsistence will
firnicV.el pi'?''? c?c for tti
ullk'tT ami men, al lit Iiuiiij; purol !
ul, to the iiitiiri'sl I'rnetic libit) point
to thoir homes, in coiiiin to be
pttrolutl, both ollk'Cis uud inon muxt
nuiko tho bust provision they run
ftir theiimolvos In tho way of Hubnia
tonto, using nil Oovoi iiTnont trans
portation that Ihoy cua find in tho
Tho importance of bringing up
nnd turning over to sut'li olMccm in
I shull ik'hign.to lit Bonham, ull
tirms, ammunition, ami Qr. MuNtor
and ('ommHstuy stores, together
with every ot horVpoulos of property
of every description or Kind what
soever,' in which tho Government of
tho C. S. is cither directly or indi
roctly interested, isettpouiiilly enjoin
ed upon all citizens, ofllcer and mon.
A lailuro to bring up thin property
iu good faith, will doubtless bo fal
lowed by it visit ami a noavch to ev
ery neiylib'irhooil throughout tho
whole country by Federal cavalry,
us ha1 been the euso already, in N.
V. and other slates.
Commanders of com panics will
mako out duplicate rolls of their
companies, and return them to this
Tho willing compliance and active
co-operation of nil good citizens and
soldiers is expected, in the execution
of tlie terms surrendering this De
partment. Hy thus submitting, wo
will show that in losing our cause,
wo havo not abandoned our honor,
and that wc can j'lold as honestly
;ih wc wo have struggled earnestly,
and thcroby give an earnest of our
desire to ho reinstated in our rela
tions of citizenship with the Fede
ral Government.
Col. and Com'r. for Collecting Men.
&c, in Northern flub-DisI, Texas.
i m m '
Tlio Galvostonf Houston) News of thellOih
"A portion of tho 111th Ohio regiment.
Col. Kelly, and tho iilih Iowa, Col. Clark,
arrived by a special train from Galvoston
vestorday muriiing. The babinco of the
illth Ohio came by a steamer with supplies
last nieht. The whole number of troops in
tho two regiments is said to bo about loUO.
Col. Clark takes command at this post. It
is-statod that these two regiments will re
main permanently hore. An unfortunate
event took place soon after the arrival of
the troops yesterday morning. Two negros,
one acting as cook aud the other a servant
of Major Beebe, of tho 31th Iowa, wore going
up tho street, when somo difficulty took
placo between ouc of the negros and a whito
man, the nature of which is not fully ex
plained, but it resulted in tho negro being
shot through the neck, the wound causing
his death in about ton minutes. It i sup
posed that the negro usod somo violent lan
guago provoking tho fatal Bhot. Somo re
port that the negro took up a brickbat to
throw it at tho white man, which provoked
him to shoot. It is said that the white man
suddoiily disappeared.
Since writiug the above, wo havo scon
tho evidence before the Coronor's inquest,
which is to the effect that tho negro caino
in contact with a whito man on tho side
walk, when, a moment after, the negro
jumped off into tho street and took up a
brickbat, raising it iu his hand as if lo
throw it, whereupon young Mr. Cotton shot
a pistol, the negro falling at the same timo.
The evidence of tho physician was, howover,
positive that tho negro wa3 killed with a
knife, which entorcd the front part of the
neck near tho collar bone, and passed
entirely through, coming out on the opposite
sido, to the left of tho spinal bone. This
knife wound caused his death, and there
was no other wound on his body. How
Ibis wound was inllicted, was not shown by
Iho rvidence. Tho Mayor himself officiated
as Coroner.
Ycstovday was a busy day with the Fed
eral troops, who were engaged in preparing
their quarters in the court house square.
Thev took possession of the new e.nnrt bouse,
naacuuei-teu u mil) oarracks for the time
beiug. Col. Kelly and Col. Clark both
called on the Mayor, expressing a desire to
act in conjunction with him in sustaining
order, should their sorviccs be needed, and
assuring him that they enmo as friends and
fellow citizens of the same govornmcnt.
They desired the Mayor to show them such
public buildings as would answor their
purpose for public offices, such as head
quarters, I'rovost Marshal's office, &c.
This was accordingly done. We understand
that Major i.emis is I'rovost Marshal, and
bus his office at the late headquarters of
Gen. Magrudor, and will commence paroling
prisonors to-morrow,
We learn from a friend just from Florida
that he saw Ccu. Breckcnridgc and Mr. J.
P. Benjamin passed through Madison, FU.,
on thoir way to Havana, where lator ac
counts say they have both arrived.
Com. Vauderbilt, wo learn, through Mr.
Price, is about establishing a line of first
class steamers, lo ruu between Galveston
and BerwioUs Bay, connecting with the
railroad at the latter point for NcwOrleane;
also a line of heavy Bteamers, from New
Orleans, touching at Galvcetou, Matagorda,
and Biases Santiago.
Speaking of Gen. Granger, who has taken
command of the District of Texas, the Mo
bile News of the 1-ith ult. remarks:
"Ono common foellng of regret was
manifested that Ucn. Uranger is soon to
leave us. His habit of clear and broad
practical thinking, and his great adminis
trative ability, would have helped us sig
nally in readjusting onr political relations.
He is a roan, however, who by force of his
genius will create opportunities, and wheth
er in Texas or Alabama, will be as influen
tial in giving a right direction aud tone to
political ideas as hs will be Invincible in
oampaigns and battles. In Lis high future
career which awaits him, and which will
I untold itseir slowly orswirtiv, according as
t -, : il r . l. 111
me emergencies nrv bwbii oi grralt "
carry wiih him the abiding confidence and
esteem of our whole community."
IIocstos Ttx, Joss 21, 18G5.
All OBicem f th CsiMmti Stti Army la the
T)iMrtct ef Tnu will, without drUv, forward- to Bay
addroM, at ihr City of Hooatoa, fall aad accarata re
port , in writtftg. of all public property ia tlielr poa
aewion. Tbeee report! will be mayto in dar-Heate, and
will deacribe tlio i.roparty partiinlarly and tlala itt
loraiily. All rack pror-irty will a proaplly tamed
trrer by tha aflicere tif Titiff it In charge, to' roc h offi
cer nay be appoiotrd by Mor-oenrl Granf er,
f( Cirll Officer aad Ageata of tbe lata Confederate
Stales Oorernatent, ia the State of T.-ua, are roooee.
led to stake eiaiilar report, aad deliver tha pablic
property ta thHr poeeeeeioa, or aader tbrtr control,
to tbe proper officcra of Iba I'ailad Slatea Garera-
Officer are to be appoiTitad at aa early day ry tha
If e)or-Bral Coaimandtag. for tbe pvrpoae of aa
rollar aflloen and saetl of tbe lata ArtaT, at eoaeai-
aat poiata tarfaghevt tha fctata. All each efflcer I
aad mi ehoald repair pfP'ly ra tha potota whk-h
wiay he dee:gniad, aad recerre their parolee froaj
proper aatheri'v.
J. . HA1RI90, Jtripadie--Oenera!.
Ur S A . on-fy Tt-f r,Tr'iit?"?.'T.
9 I xa? rr-r ''?
Tiie Lot of Hie V8n"P'"'t Kniilarky.
We sie indebted to a gentleman just ar
rived fi m rhrveiori, and who was a pas-
suiigo-r on II Ill-filed trampert Kentucky
at the time of the terrlblo oataatrophr, fur
some additional items (if interest concern
ing tlu.l affair.
Wo are informed that it was fully one
half iiu hour alter Iba snug was struck be
f,ii9 the stomiK-r wont duwn. Mhe tun
about luiir miles after -oiiiinnncing lo k-uk,
p inning a imo three miles beyond the Clin
pin, whieh was tied up for tlie tiiglu, befuie
the final disaster occur od. The Chupin
started for her as soon ns porsible, and
rendered a groat deal of timely assistance
In rescuing and saving the unfortunate
passengers, struggling in the currreut,
which was very struuK, and olinging to
those portions of the wreck remaining
above water. It waa thought by many
among the passengers and those on board
tho Chupin that tho great loss of life might
have been prevented, had nn effort been
mado It. effect a lauding ut an earlier mo
Tho Captain finding that the water was
gaining very rapidly on tho alnamnr, made
for the shore at last, hut found that sho
had sullied ton much to ennblo him to got
near enough to the bank to put out the
Htitgo. A stem line was got to tho shorn,
but il (snapped immediately. Tho boat
thou careened nnd sunk instantly, tho Mil
ler washing over the hurricane deok fir
ward. The stern remained above water.
As the boat careened a great rush took
place lo tho hurricane deck. Many of the
passengers were in their berths, and were
saved iilmont wholly destitute of clothing.
A largo number weio caught bolween docks
and drowned. Tho ladies g nerally suc
ceeded in gaining the hurricane deck, nnd
were, says our informant, all saved. Somo
children wero lost. Somo of the passengers
gained the nearest bank, and others reach
ed the opposite side in safety.
To render the disaster moro appalling.
the Texas took fno after tho stoamer had
careened. It was supposed that the coal
oil lamps we io upset by the shock, and that
thuir intlainable contents were spilled upon
tho beds. This tire was fortunately quick
ly extinguished, otherwise a very largo nutn
bcr would have been added to tho mournful
list of the lost.
The paroled prisoners were principally
members of Missouri regiments. Thcro
were some Arkansas soldiers onboard, and
a small number of I.ouisiatiians. There
were no Federal soldiers among tho num
ber. The officers of tho Kentucky, were, it is
believed, all saved. A". 0. Times.
Fkoh tiir Hio Guandb. Tho arrival at
Galveston brings Iho Matamoras Monitor
of tho 10th:
It says the last body of tho Austrian
Legion, consisting of COOO men on their way
from Europe, havo received orders to dis
embark at Matnmo.os. The villages of the
North, which for a few months havo been
deprived of their intercourse with Matn
moros, will now soon be re-opened with the
notice of reviving the cotton trado with
Texas, and also the trade with Matamoros
and Saltillo, tho latter places having suf
fered severely under the rulo of Juarez.
Geus. Lopez and Olvara, who left Mata
moras obout ten days ago with a column of
infantry and cavalry to assume offensive
operations against the Liberals, havo suc
ceeded in cleaning out this department,
driving tbe enemy beyond tho San Juan
river nnd capturing many prisoners, arms
and horses. A party of desperadoes be
longing to the force of Juarez, a few days
ago atlackod tho elago of Cuornadricn, rob
bing tho passengers of everything they pos
sessed, nnd taking threo of them prisoners.
Soon afterwards a detachment of soidiors
hearing of the affair, immediately started
in pursuit of the robbers, overtook them,
liberated the captives, capture 1 several of
Ihe band, nnd shot thorn instantly.
Lower California is completoiy under
tho rulo of tho Juarez faction, everything
there being in a disordered state. We are
fully convinced that the pecplo of this
section will rejoice in tho day when the
Empire shall extend its powor over said
region, and establish law, order, &c which
aro now being utterly neglected and dis
regarded by tlie Liberals.
Oaxaca. The general belief here is that
this Department will submit to the Enipiro
without resistance.
Guebilias, Xinihio Maei it !
commanders of his force, noted for their
audacity in tho woods of San Luis, have
surrendered to the Imperialists.
The Boletin de Oajaoa has received in
formation that Gen. Lopez, commander of
the Juarez forces in the state of Guorrcro,
had disarmed and ordered the imprison
ment of the old band of Chalo Bias, who
heretofore have been exercising their habit
of plundering the inhabitants of that le
gion by order of Pareveles.
The Bulletin adds that this example ought
to be imitated by all other Generals who
are fightinc for the same cause in vindicat
ing its honor. This system, howevor, if
adoptod, and promptly carried out, would
soon reduce the forces of Juarez toinsignif-
icant numbers. The official journal of
Qucrctaro announces the occupation of Chi
huahua by Ihe Imperialists.
A Talk with STEPnuxs. A friond, who
saw and conversed with Alexander H. Ste
phens on board the steamer at Port Royal,
writes as follows in a private lettor :
'He looks much older than when I saw
him in the House iu '57. He converses
froely, and does not appear at all like a
prisoner of war. He says he never saw so
marked a change in four years, in any two
men, as in Abraham Linolon and Jefferson
Davis. He expressed great regret at the
President's assassination, admitted that the
Confederacy was played out, and teemed
anxious to have peace declared, and the
matter settled as speedily as possible. His
idoa is to have the different rebel States re
peal the ordinance of secession and accept
ths Constitutional amendment. He ox
pressed the opinion that seceding States
will net pat,s it. lit acknowledged that
his Milledgcville speech was almost pro
phetic, and that be went with the popular
current to prevent any clash between him
self and Toombs. He appears to have do
concern for himself : say he is oaly anx
ious to secure as honorable terms aa possi
ble for his State and people, the majority
of whom he Bays never were aocesstonistf.
He is bent over very much; hie hair ia near
ly white, his voice is lower and not to thrill
as formerly, and bis hand trembles when
he o;es it j but he talks at smoothly at ever
and hit eyes flash at in days gone by."
A'. Y. Timti.
From all that we can learn, the feart ex
pressed by many offieert and soldiers, that
tbe parole will disqualify them for busi
ness, aro groundless. Such a disability
would be a great hardship under present
circumstances, at person al efforti aro nec
essary to procure subsistence, at they are
nearly all destitute.
A fni-tfiio-htlv line of itetmen ta ejlrer-
tised soon to commence fanning betwoen
Liverpool and New Orleans. Some Liver- i
pool firms also announce tno early mump-
lion of baxinepe r!atit with 5w Or- 1
The Boston Post sayi i
n't may think as poor of rebellion at we
ideas wt may detpise lue rebel at relig
iously at good teute will permit ; but
the considers! man can never forget
that tho Bfiulli la a part and parole of our
common country, and that the recent rebelt
are now our countrymen. Wt shall aerve
ourjolvs hy serving thorn, . Wt thallbuild
up our Interetti by sustaining and tncour
aging their inleiu.U. In the exorcise of
tho iiluioa. leuieney, our Government will,
of neoeisiiy, trench tooiewhal upon tho
striot constitutional Iratnunillesoftht South
ern States j iho study should be to do at
little Instead of at much at possible, The
leading consideration it to restort tht late
rebellious States, at eaaily and at quickly
at possible, to tbolr normal, practical rela
tions to Ihe Federal Govornmeut, Wt must
takt for granted that the South will batt ut
until we demonstrate to them by genorout
eonduat and liboral forbearance that we art
dntermlued tabe their friond, whether they
will hare us so ur not. The moral rclal iont
of a fraternal brotherhood it yet to be es
tablished ; it m ust be the work of time, and
the result of honorable and just treatment.
We eannol force the operations f nature.
The human heart may be coaxed, it cannot
be driven. We shall make the most serious
mistake in Ihe world by apoing the ven
geance of European despotism. We are not
of them in sentimont or principle. Tht
world expeot something better of tho United
States Iu the hour of its triumph that a stale
imitation oftherocont fioudisu severity of
Russia tnwurds Poland."
The Springfield (MaBS.) Republican says:
"There aro three men of whom we don't
see how they can he hung under any cir
cumstances. The three negotiators whom
President Lincolu met at Fortress Monroe
aud talked with for hours, fully and frank
ly, he at any ra re never could have hung.
'King's faeo brings grace.' And wo iraag
iuo no ono will bo found ambitious to inter
fere with his legacy of mercy. They are
among the chief officers. There is onley
one auovo them. With Stophens, Hunter,
and Campbell spared, the balance must be
nice that sink with Davit.
"Do we wish to finish the rebellion, to
turn out its vory nshes? Then make no
martyrs. The wounds inflicted in oold
blood aro what keep animosities alivo. At
this moment there are a milliou of women
nt the South who would give all they have
lo savo Jeff. Davis's life; who would conduct
and shelter him as Flora McDonald did tbe
fugitive Charles Edward. If hit life is ta
ken, they aro ready to dip thoir handker
chiefs in his blood, to beg locks of hoir, and
to perpetuate for a hundrorl 'lie sen
timont of vengoance. Unless we present
them this grievance, in five years he will
be rcmouibored only as the author of innu
morablo woes.
The Now York Times, endorsing President
Johnson's reconstruction polioy, says:
"Nearly all of tho Southern States bold
their elcotion under tho old laws in early
August. There is no good roason why they
may not prcpar themselves, by that time, to
exercise the franchise as of old, and toeleet
Governors, members of Legislature and mem
bers of Congress. To accomplish this, they
have only to co-operato in a good faith with
the initiatory movements now made by the
National authorities.
"This plan of treating as absolutely void
the ordinances of secession, and everything
done by the legislators and all public func
tionaries acting under them' is tho only
logical sequence of tho original principlo
that no Stato has a right to secede. It is
tho only plan which saves tho supremacy
and dignity of the Constilution, and whioh
is frco from all mischievous precedent. To
admit that all Southern States have been
out of the Union, is to admit their power to
put themselves out. It is to say that an act
may be done counter to the Constitution,
and yet havo a logal effect. If this be pos
sible on a large scale, it must be no less
possible an a small scale. If States can
act with legal effect against the Constitu
tion, so can individuals."
The Houston Telegraph states erroneous
ly that tho call for three cheers at the rais
ing of the United States flagon the Custom
House at Galveston, whlon mot with no re
sponse from the crowd, was made by a Fed
eral officer. The call was made by Mr. C.
Fox, a citizen of this place, and it appeared
to us it was done in a conversational tone,
not expecting a response. The Federal ofh
curs preaent bad the flag raisod in a busi
ness manner, and exhibited no feeling and
invited no demon stratio I whatcvor. Gal
vttton Jlulletin.
A drunken soldier in the army of India,
having been lately confined in thoblackhole
for intoxioati3n, felt something orawiing
over him. Knowing it to be a serpent, and
fearing its deadly lute, he kept quite still,
while the reptile crawled inside of his jacket
and coiled himself up for a nap. vrnen me
guard came to release him some hours after,
a snake a cobra quickly glided away.
The guard noticed with surprise that the
prisoner's head had turned whito, and he
died a few hours after telling hit story.
At the retWt-ncc of the bride's father, near Lancas
ter, Dallae couutv, Texa, on Tuoffday evening, Jnne
.lh, 18.1.1, by hav. Mr. Martis, Mr. ROBERT
BHOTIIKKTOS and Maea LUCY, daughter of Kino
Kawlins, Eiq., ail of thla comity.
tJUIED at Johnaan'i Station, Tarrant County Ter
a, on the lHlh luat. , of Conaumption, Capt, BENJ.
Tbe auhject of thia notice wat born In the State of
Alabama, the Vdtn aot. ioj., immigraiea wua
hit father toTexaa whrn quiteajouth, where he waa
rearvd into manhood.
Iu the diaaatroua etrngsle through which we bare
Jnst pamed, be promptly took hia atand for the South,
lie volunteered ae a private in the enmmer of 1961
aad waa elected let Lieut, of Capt. Brinaon'e Com
paav, th Toxaa Cavalry reeigned, raiead a Company
and'jntned the 14th Texae Cavalry, commanded by
bie lather Ool. M. T. Jobnatm. He croeecd tbe Miae.
Kiver la May 1M. with hhf llg't, where he proved
hlmeelf a eoldler and an officer, he paaeed through tha
Kentucky campaign with Oea. Bra,- in the fall and
winter of tibJ, tba (fiacta of which brought him to
hla antlmnly death.
On the retreat, near Omharland Gap, hla Comne
ny waa eent out on packet, during tba night a eerera
rleat, and enow etorm came apon them, their relief
waa not eeot the next ueorning, nor t h- next evening,
and for 36 keara, without food er blanket, tbey were
aoMected ta theaa Intolerable eeTeraliM before relief
Like true eoldi.re, they would not dearrt
...... wmIi. thoaeh II coat then their Uvea. FaeW'
BMnia wae the reault af thla long aad eratioaed ex
rae the reault el thla long '"""""IT the May Term af the t'ouatv toart perta.n.ai ta aa
and among tha victims wae Opt- uto, JUMmMi perti . upon tha ealate t,f Jackaea
rbctmld not be rmovad-oaaumpilm fcl- wtam4 4i, f. Couaty. Tetaa. All
f h Mineli
lowed. He continued oa duty during J-"""'' j
bwt lading hie health- eteadily roi"f. ..""TiVi 1
raaigneal oa aurgeow'e sen Ideate i """""."T
aad retnrned home, where hia bealtk etillh cant inued
declining, gradually aud eleedilv. naUl the lew in
hi. prwrldinc di.thr.IM J'ril
and rated Mm Ibe ""'.'l?! M
Ukj remaiae ware attaoded by a largw cnooarn of
rr'atl.- frie.de to tba fcmily bmrylng ground.
In. ehlMrea. Illtla Tommie aad little Helen, te mowra
hZwZZSmT-k 1. them. Indeed, thle vlaita-
iJlTaffrctexnata aad tetidw aa a talker. Ke
b hi. rheerlng pi lie era and aoad eareaa. aa mora
iiah. hearth atm will hie nocaataaaad place he til
L fjat ta tha be reeved una., lamimbar that awr
Ku te ammiead Is aomvirt tba wtdaw ta hat afflic-
tina. aad be a mtbat U Ibe fatherleaa. I
Be waa not only a waa ta kM maaily. Vst to kin
MvaltyaaaNBairevm iraw hiitm -
tamilv. aaaally aa la k. canntry and trieada, aad
earnni be waa known be waa Uvea. And t bie
relattvaa aad moan-wing frlanda, ecneel. yewieeliea
wtth tha happy those ht that the h naomaam af hia
ht ware tha a-vl trramfhaait. When tattenaf ew
tbe brink af eteralta. he waa ewk ed If be ra)iied bie
attaatm, and wae Hjard vr tha terrlMe laaai be
area aaaejt ha make? ha ekkamd aM hi wen I nod
wnhant n mnrmw ar greea tU .aa'ly ta elver-
r-iM Jav.a ri vi-
"Last iriday lluattvillt wat allvt wi -eseliement.
A praly of armed men eat
up from Trinity enouty, to help thtmsth - a
to penitentiary elotb. Tht institution
olustd and fortified, and arranjemn
made to defend the town if needed.--tt-n
of tht raidtrt Were obstinate, ana talk .
at though Ihoy would fight rather than ta -
Hit elotb. But generally tht mob wat f
tonable, said they had not got cloth wh
othert had, and claimed their rights. TI -'
ootii bat been furnubed It true, but it
depriving the eountei cf their legal thai
and wat Hopped on tht lit tntt, Thit d .
potition to Uiiturb Iho quiet of a ton, I
plundering jmrposet, Is no better than j
bawkiug, and uivut be Hopped. There wi .
plenty of returned soldi,rs, who were prompt
ly organised, aud the ataotUntt taw me; .
chanot of losing blood than getting els H
So they remaind till next day, to im
their erowd would grow, and finding ltd I
not, left, with a threat of returning in .:
filolent numbert to pav down all oppotitit r
The agent called for UUO men as a pern i
n'eut guard for Ihe time, and we thluk thi- -will
be no more trouble from lawless tqua.i :
whon It it generally known thai defonee
earnest, and no joke. It It putting tht Sti -to
some exponce, but tht will be tho ulUim..
gainer. Such occurrences art not commt u .
and are ehargable to tht tudden rapture
all our State organizations." auntmi '
Item, 10M nt.
C. A. Dana, formor Assistant Secretary
of war, now of tha Chicago Republic,
prouounocs the sensation story that Jefft.
son Davis had been placed in irons, at :
otherwise humiliatod to be "a lie in all i
parti." IU further says, that beyond t
precaution necessary to prevent eifcape, V
Davis is unquestionably treated with t! .
Bame consideration, sympathy and humai
ty that are extended to other prisoners :
Belle Boyd It it said that Mr. G.
Sala will introduce to the English readt i
the noted ''Confederate heroine,'1 Belle Be; ,
whose marriage and romantio 'adventui .i
have already supplied paragraphs te t v
newspapers. Tbe work to which Mr. St
contributes an introduction, will boar t
titlo of " Belle Boyd in Camp and Frisoi
written by herself,
The Marshall Republican learns tl. '
Governor Allen of Louisiana was robbr t,
within CO miles of Shreveport, on hit w-.v
to Moxico. Tho robbers took his monoy
$150 in gold and ambulance, and lef h'.i.i
but one mule.
A 1'aliinlla Traet rf Land,
lyfEAB the town of DalTus.'iiSr brI,-.
i-1 For farther informstloa, apply lo 1
Dallim, July 1, 18G5 42;tt
4 nn non No 1 Brick for sa'
xY'JyJJVJ furcih,or in exchange ,' i
cood wheat. Apply to Ed. C. Baowsri, or to
Dellai, July 1,186512:2 w.
I "WILL open a male bcUooI in tl.i
Uaionlc Hall, on Monday, Jnne tha 2bth, 18' ;
Terms, per Hchalaallc n enth
Primary Clan, fl
Intermtdlato CI n 2 .1
AdYAncfd " 3 '
Higher branchte of Matbmnatlci 3 V
Claeiilcf. 4
b'ttaaiou fire munthi. '
Pallas, June 21th 18CS 41:t.
wool cardiac;.
rpiIE undersigned would respoc
JL fully inform tho cltlieni of Dallai and the pi
pie gonrrnlly, that thoir Cardiug Mucbloo iu t
North part of tha town ofPallu, ia again In opi-i .
lion, where wa will be pleaaod to moat aam&ny of o .r
old friends aad cuitomora aa w are able ta accomu
Wool miiat bo waahoil clean and fnw from b;i
One ponnd of ur.iajo to,uvory eight pounds of "- i
muxt b lumliiliud.
Oar torma a a one-fourth of the wool, or cat
pnr poanil for whito, 15 nmta for colored, and 20 f -tntipd.
Bacon, Lard, Chirkena, Butter and Eg;, i'
the market price, taken In eichange for carding.
Tbo produce niuat in allcaiea bo delivered before IV
work ia dono.
aw-Wanl roll! alwaya on hand at FIFTY CENT?
llallae, Taa. June ?lth, 16S. l:tf.
J OFFER my acrvicos aB a
Commission, Reoelvv
warding Herchakt,
la the City of Houston.
nnnaton, June Bth, lH'o.
Far Sale or Tra
4 TliUESlilNGMACHME.with
J. a. fonr borae lever power attached, la gaod work -inc;
order, and capable of threahing one hu&trea an-!
fifty buahele par day. It will be aold low fir caah o
trade. Alao,one two borae hack, in goodlroDnli-g
order. For further particulars, apply tn j
Daltaa, Jnna lith, ISM 0:tw.
HAVING returned from the army,
reapeetfulty notifies the eltitenaof Dallas conn
tr, that he haa located at Lancaaler, where he will !.
found ready to attend ta all profeaaiooal calle. Bawl);
devote particular attention to aurglcat raeea. and to
rhrenic dteeaeea reaulting from service ia the army
He eolicite patronage, and hopea, hy attention aad
moderate chargea, to mem tne puouc lavor.
June let, 1805 40: tf.
THE undersigned respectfully in
form their frienda and eld cnatomara and thi
pnblic generally, that they have their Mille In aue
ceaaful operation, capable of grinding ono bsihell of
grain per da, and will grind wheat at the neuelrat,
(one-fifth toll,) and promlae to make ae good font
and aa much of it aa any mill ia Northern Tana
t'ontracta filled at abort notice.
nallae. Txee, June 15, 18C5. 40:tf.
CoL J. H. MURRAY, Proprietor.
THIS wall known honao w now open for the rcp
tion of elaitora and travelers K "ary
tioo will pa pud to secure tt-"lfc" ".'J ".TV
Olre ma a aall. I-6 " !
-Letters of Administra-
XI Uon '
. , . I .-I U. k hwtl.
Ctch, IS", he eetaU ef Kancy W. Spear, late of
raid county, dereaeed, bow thla ia lo notify all pereoae
baring dlaime againet aaia eeiata to preeenb iw
within tho time preecribed hy law; and all thoaeow.
Ida aatd aetata will nuke immediate payment. This
Suib day ef April, A.I). 1866. L. HANCOCK,
39 6w ) Admlnlatratar.
"V"OTICE. Letters of Administra-
IA tlo harlag keen graated ta the andereigued at
penona ara therefore Ixr.uv notified, baring clalme
aca.aat eaid eatata, to praaent tha tama within Ue
againat eaid aetata, to praaent
time areccribed by law.
Admlaletratrlx Eiala of Jacaee Bowlaad.
tl tw Priater a fee tt )
XTOTICE. Letters of Administra -
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