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ll'KlUB ZIYI Ll.lla,
faiisitiii.ll', ill WITH
Mint Difuinciid.
Those iiitenilinit a thanno of Carpel m, or Hie ptiiilinso of
new Hit laying;"!' Hexl-icmir.H Willi ttirnw MuiiitiK Cor (he
Knuinu-r, or In fuot iinvililng; new in tlio way ol' liouso
Decoration, sliould visit u
BOUT BEUSaEL3, of nhich w have too many,
wo have Reduced from $1.60 to 11.25, and
Jrom $1.75 to $1.60,
1APESTEY EKUSSELLS, an elegant lint of
Pattorns, now tolling at 76o, 85o md $1.00,
worth from 15o to 25o move.
EXTRA SUPERS, Reduced from $1.00 to 85c,
ond from 85o to 75o, and from 75o to 60c,
INGRAIN CARPETS, onr lino begins at 30c,
and is without doubt the best value for the
money ever offered.
STRAW MATTINGS, our line was never to
" complete and our prlce3 never o low, It is
established fact that, in spite of the decided
advanoe in all floor coveringE, onr prlcos havo
not changed one lota. Straw Mattings we aro
Selling at from 12Xo to 50o,
'OIL CLOTHS, from 1 to 6 yards wide, in various
qualities, and lowest prices.
Screen Netting,
The Finest Assortment of Styles
Made, to Order
In the face of recent events, but come early and you will see
it practically demons) rated.
We will sell a full line of
- AT
Our Regular Bargain Day
A full line of Ribbons, Fancy,
Wittered, Ombre, Gros
Grain, Satin, all at 10c a
yard, fully worth double.
A full line of Fine French
Flowers, In Sprays, Mon-
teurs and Wreaths, all at!
25c a Spray, worth f.om;
50c tot l.OO.
Aline of. Trimmed Haif.cll at
25c each; regular r-rice, $1
m: i. -
7U Urn Street and 713 Hain Street
IiINEOLEUM, a full lino of Choke Patterns.
UPHOLSTERY Q00DS, such as Jutes, Raw
Bilks, Plushes, Furniture Trimmings, Cret
tones, Doublo-fuccd flannels and 1'unitnre
CORNICE POLES and Extension Cornices, in a
full variety of styles. An excellent Walnut
Pole at $1 25.
WINDOW SHADE3, In Rustic, Holland and
Opaque, all colors, sizes and stylos, made to
order. Just received a fall lino of Opaque
Shades in latent style of Dados, Bands, and
Artistio Prints of various designs.
LACE CURTAINS, Nottingham and Antique
Curtains, & Netts in Cream & White.
and Colors Kvcr Seen in Dallas.
and Fitted Up.
A fall line of Untrimmed Hats
and Bonnets, in Lace, Straw,
Tuscans, MUans, and Fancy
StrawB, all at 60c each,
wo ah from SI to $2.
I A large line of Children's and
1 Misses' Sailor Eats, all
shapes and colors, at only
25c f-ach, worth from 50c
to 75c
. 1 thse goods at these prices
po- tiveiy f r this day only
riMi - :,
l.' 'I ll I.1 U'llMiX Vnrh mill Hinlth or Now Turn (rcpiitiil
III I I in m IhliOi I fiitin, ) were also excused for ad.ty (III MlH
Knrtjr-HoveiitN C'iitiTsa.
Wasiiiniitom, May 20, n motion ol
Kusson, of Iowa, senate utiiiuiilmoiit lo
limine bill authorizing lli' receipt nl Culled
Stales gold coin in exchange for gold barn
wan ugr(sd In.
Calkins, of Indiana, t licit called up tbe
contested election cuso of Muckey vs.
"nr. from tho sixth district ot Houtn
Ituii.,.'" i 'ennsvlvania. stated that
there were reasons why Ilia ailn did not do
sire to consider that case to-dny, und raised
tlio tine-lion of considoiiition. On division,
the democrats refrained from voting.
A mil ol tnu liouso was ordered nnd
disclosed tlio presence of 211 intimberH. 1 he
doors wern then closed and un order was
oasscd directing the sergeunt-tt-arms to
taku into custody iihsent members und
bring them to tlio bur of house. In the
non r. a nf Im It' nil Imiir Gates, ol Alubatmi.
Vim ' VnnrlilH. of New York and Youiiu. of
Ohio, were brought to tlie bar. Alter pre
senting their excuses, timid much merri
ment, they were discharged from custody.
Culkins, of Indiana, giving th.'in notice,
however, that alter to-duy h would, unless
bona lide excuses were ollered, insist that
some punishment should be visited upon
ihexc members.
Mailers tuen remained nt a stiuidstill
until t p. u-,., when Culkins suggested that
discussion of the ease be proceeded with.
Sparks, of Illinois, said that it was
chaigcd Ihpt purt of tuo record was a for
gery. He desired that the wholo matter be
sent back to the committee on elections.
The next members brought in were it'Ch
urdson, ot South Carolina, and ilruium, ol
Pennsylvania, the latter being a green
hacker. Various propositions were made
that be be lined a fiat, a island, or a trade
dollar. Uotb were excused.
Ai2:;i0 p. in. .further proceedings under the
call were dispensed with, und the vote ogam
recurring on question of consideration re
sulted veas, lltl nays, '1, 1'lielps, ot Con
ncciicut", and Springer, of Illinois, voting
no. Xo quorum. .
Hiscock, chairman of tbe committee on
an .ropriations, reported the general de
ficiency bill printed and recommitted. It
recommends an appropriation of $(UA,31i).
Another call of the house was then or-
otdered. At conclusion of mil-cull, Calkins
remarked that it was impossible to get a
voting quorum present to-day, onu moveu
to adjourn. ,. ,
The house then at 3:30 p. m. adourned.
W.RiirNiiTiiN. Mav2J Mr. lirown pre
sented resolutions ol the Georgia legislature
asking for an appropriation in aid ol educa
tion in that state.
Mr. Garland reported favorably, as
o.,,u,,,i.i fr,,m thf imliciarv conuoittee.
senate bill to attach the county ot Dade,
Honda, to tlie suutuern uisinui, ui ui
state. . . , , ,
Mr. Miller, of Colorado, lnirouuceu a
twint resolution to authorize the president
to declare martial law in the territory o(
Alaska. Referred to the juuiciury com
mittee. .... ,
Tlie calendar was proceeded with and
senate bill to secure sale keeping of money
paid into the courts, was passed. It directs
that deposits of all motives paid into any
court of tlie United Slates in a oending
cause with the treasurer or assistant
treasurer, or somo designated depository of
thn I'liited Stales, and where there is none
such Willi a bank, to be designated bv the
courl. l'rovision is made for bond and
sureties for the salo Keeping
of money and for judgment with
ilnnuiL'es oil failure to make payment,
Senate bill to provide lor payment of the
claim ot Joseph li. hiianon ior a sieaiuuoai
imnref-sed into tlie u nion service oy uenerai
Butler, at New Orleans, in 1-, and de
si roved hv the Confederates while in that
service, was passed, the roiutnii tec's report
fttspriine me loyally oi uie t:iuuuum unu
the liability of tlie jovernnicnt.
After an executive session, tlie senate
Boon after the house met this morning an
attempt was made to take no the Maekey
U til) o election case. r liuiiisu'ring on
part of the democrats begun and still con
Culkins called up the contested election
cusii as a privileged question.
U-jndall antagonized it witu a rail ol tue
talcs ami subsequently with .Monday s
tpeciul order for business.
Heveral voles tuiien suowea no i iioruni,
while a call ot the house showed 2i mem
bers present. The doors wore tnen closed
and the eergcant-at arms was directed to
take absent members into custody.
Van Voohis. of Vew Y'ork, was tlie only
member captured, and he was excused.
Several votes, resulting m no quorum,
and calls of states, showing the presence
of more than a quorum, were bad. Tlie
remainder ol fie time was consumed in
disputes amoti'r member. Kirully the
liouso at .v uujourneu, navnv-; accom
plished nothing.
The senate to-dav onilinned tlie nomina
tion id- H. 1.. Gosling fur the western dis
trict of Texas; James H. Houston, post
master, I'niontown. Alntmma; W, (i. Stew
art, postmaster, Tallahassee, Florida, and
Georgo F. Arnow, Gainesville, Florida.
Wamiixotux, May L'.i. Mr. Tugli moved
to reconsider the linul vote on tlie pansuue
of tlie llvo per rntt hind bi'l, nrid n lh"
nietsnre had been sent to the house, he
coupled with the motion a request for tbe
return of the bill to the senate. The motion
pasd yeas, nays, 2.
I' pun moiion to retnnsider the vote, tbe
teiiaie became badly tangled among points
ol order.
A question Was asked l'resident pro tern.
Davis, in reply tu which he began: "The
court would say " Itcinc appriil of ln
error by a hearty hurst ol laughter, the
etiair answered the query. Finally the mo
tion to reeoiifider was voted down.
sieiiate bill rWerrinir to the court of
claims, Ihe claim of the Slate National bank
of Louisiana, tor cot ton taken by the I'mlrd
hutei alter the close of the war, was patned
At if o'clock the senate pruceeiled Willi
the unlililslied businrM, house bill 6rthe
disinnuiton of the Genera aaari, ami Mr.
tall addreatrd the senate.
The disrussion sra eoiilinned by Newt.
HavarJ Jonet, of Florida, ilnle. Fry and
Tim pending amendment providing for
the rlaiint of inturauee couipaniea. Was re
jected ayes. : n.vi, 40. !
Mr. Garland moved as an amendment tbe
bill reKrted by tbe minority ol the senate
comroiitxe. recognizing tbe claims of ulTcr
ers bf rli al paled iTuiters. K jeted.
Tbe bill thro passed. Foiioainf it tbe
vols in detail:
Yeas A Id rich. Allison. Blair. Brown.
Call I ameroo, of I'eiuj Irania. amrron. of
Wisconsin, Cbilrot, t'orkiell, t'otiirr,
liasrs. Farler, Frye, Georr. Gorman. Gro
tt. Hall. Haalry, Hoar, Jonas, Jones, of
K i. nils. Joih-s. of rada, l.apham, Mr
11,11. krVd an. M I txr-.n. M ul-r. of ( all
firm a, Mil-r. of N York, Momll, I'lail,
Rollui. Isaunders. faye!. hwn-etl, Sher
man, Mar. Yet an,J Winriom -V.
.Savt bnk, n,.t-n ok. lari. of II
l iH.is. 4iTi. of ilft irrmia. Garland.
Or nn. Ham. Jackson, Maxey. Murirau ,
and Wiinatn I J. .
iUraM, llansom. Vance and Hampton I
rerr f-aire1 nh llnmb. Ixurmn. K-nor I
and r air. Tte ni.l passrH as & canse froiu ;
tl-r l.on-. aitboiitalicral.ua. j
n r.
Tbe rkr Iai4 W-lore the hn ri
os ei u're eommunirations 'already i
inliii'M abkh were approfiriairif re-
I ,r "'IT- r i " " i 1 r rtfri-mir w.rm-i win j
e y m -y vs. !!. aa ktrn pr-rmni
iih. Iff1!. nt rrnnyrrania. m. uc n .
oue.niof rmu'li-t' '"n to atrar"'at to
iheeff-n y a krr. nl Itximim. to
eail or thai ca fof d snnvn and aoi khi
. 1 b r.i!t teas ."s. nart. 1
rh'i-. "f ' winsn. IT lf- Ln a
Ti'-.ro. and a cad of til b'o sraa or
V-j- . of !". 'r rSkeri ss4 f'r
it)-l.ciie ! of arterv n rr3'A tH
"tnesi. T tjtt ftM1 r tue r !'" ,
IfsH 1t, ffris wa 't e, I .
natt 1 kioTh a turn eiraM f- a.
tet U Xana-'a3srfs, kavss at 3t(.
I same KruiiiiilH. I ho doors were run closed
ii tn I the scrgimiit-iit-urm directed to bring
III Ihn tlhselitnes.
Tucker of Virginia, was the only men her
brought in under duress and lie was cens
ed upon giving a tatislactory eit-laii'ition.
Meiiiliers nil round in groupescnal'.ing or
rending papers, patiently awaiting, further
proceedings. Alter another cull of the
.lioii.se the session for this evening was (lis
pensedwith und the liouso at;i:AviJjourned. j
The president to day nomlnatoil as col
lector ofcnstoins.Fruncis K. Whitesell, dis
trict of Saint Augustine, t'londa; John
Tibler, district of IViisiicola, Florida.
Tbo star routo cases came up flgaiii to
day and all of the defendants gave the
same bonds under tlie new indictments
which hud been required under the old in
dictments. The cases then were sot for Fri
day. Across the Oeeuu.
London, May 2-. A vessel arrived at
Queenstown reports having pkked up u
boat marked City of Limerick.
Colonel Bruce has been appointed inspector-general
of the Irish constabulary.
A dispatch to the Central ' ivs, froin
Tilsit.slalesat the council of the Kussian im
perial family at I'etcrhorf palace it was de
cideif because of the receipt of alarming in
formation touching projects of Nihilists, to
deter tne coroiiuuuti ot tne czar lor one
In tlie iiouse of commons, to-day, Mr.
Gladstone, replying to Patrick Martin,
member lor county Kilkenny, staled that
he has seen ihe resolution of the Irish
judges against suppression of trial by jury,
but ho was bound to say thut the govern
ment hud carefully considered the matter
belore the resolution was framed, and that
tlie repression bill contains their deliberate
Trevelyan, chief secretary for Ireland,
replying to Kedmond, member for New
Roscommon, said O'Mahoney, suspect, is
nut an American citizen, and had not been
prevented from writing to Minister Lowell,
of the United Stutes government. He de
clared to have not oil'cred O' Mulioney , or any
American citizen, money to quit the coun
try. Gladstono announced that to-morrow be
would move that the repression bill have
precedence over all other business until its
consideration is concluded. He said it he
finds it is necessary he will afterward ask
precedence for the arrears of rent bill.
I'aruell gave notice he would move to
morrow Gladstone's resolution in regardto
the repression bill and shall also reply to
the arrears bill.
Gladstone moved the second reading of
the arrears bill. ihe liouso was very
crowded when he made his motion. Glad
stone said it is impossible to compel people
to borrow; therefore money supplied by
the government must be a gift. ' He stated
that there are oNo.OiXI tenants in Ireland
paying under Jt.'KI rent, on the Grilllths
valuation, and of these '200,000 are ex
cluded from the bcnelits of the land act
by being in arrears; this be said
must be remedied. He admitted the pro
nosal was extraordinary, but so was tbo
state of Ireland.
Mr. Schlatter Booth (conservative) moved
an amendment declaring it is inexpedient
to charge the consolidated fund with any
payment of arrears, except in form of a
loan. Ho described tlie government's plan
as comiuunisiic and demoralizing, lie
said it was an evil precedent and most ob
jectionable, in view of Ucotch and English
farmers who suffered as much as Irish
A despatch from lierlm to tl. a Uaiiy Tel
egraph states tfiat (lie Jewish committee
have resolved that they will only heip those
whom the action ot the llussian authori
ties or the destruction ol their piopcrly
obliges them to emigrate, us they are no
longer able to assist voluntary emigrants.
A despatch to.the News from Berlin states
that negotiations between l'russiit and Ihe
Vatican have advanced rapidly during tlie
last lew days with every hope of satisfac
tory settlement by the middle of Juno. Bis
marck is si ill a great invalid, hut be is de
termined to intend the second reading of
tlie tobacco mouoply bill in the Keichstug
ii he bus to be carried to tile house.
Bi:iimn, .May 22. The Berlin T.igsblatt
stales that the German embassy at St. l'e
ti rsbtirL', has warned tlie German Crown,
l'nniv Frederick William that be will run
great danger II ho attends tlie coronation
ol the czar at Moscow, as there is a deep,
but not lully undiscovered conspiracy
against the czar and his guests.
Til RKATE.N 1 Nil Til E CA It ill VA I,.
Dfni.iN, .May 22. Camilla! McCube has
received a number ol threatening loiters.
He is guarded by tne police.
The Freemar's Journal denies that Mr.
I'urnell is about to resign his seat in tlie
home of commons.
Vienna, May 22. The I'resse correspon
dent at Brady says ihe condition of the
Jews there is more terrible than a previous
telegram led the public to tnipnoee. Com
plaint has te en iiiinle against I lie I.ivitihhiI
reliel committee. They only transport the
strong and young to America, while men
nnd women 'with large tmnilies are left at
Brady. Starvation is increasing and sick
ness is a ide-spread. Kmigratioti from Kits
sia is still progressing and the Jews are
selling i he whole of their pnqierty at any
cost and hnrrving to lh frontier. A lairr
telegram states the mayor of l.imhiirg has
directed the relief committee of thai town
to commence disbursing a tuoj hitherto
held back.
Oittisji, May 22. The Crivoscians. be
ing destitute of all means of carrying on
revolt, have crossed the Montenegrin fron
tier and surrendered their arms to Monte
negrin troops, the revolt ii thus ended.
A msASTROl'S riRS.
St. I'et(khi iiu. Mav tl A fire In tbe
Jssrish quarter of Knvi.o destroyed h5
bouses. Humane is (Mi.imj roubles.
(oillaau'a I ast Straw.
Washisi.tos, May 22. Tbe announce
ment t hat the decision of the court in banc
niion exceptions in Guiteau's rase would
lie resd this morning attracted an unusual
rattieringal the r.rcait court-room. At
M l. the )ndges filed into court and took
their places upon the hencb. Soon after
tbe formal oii,in of cvMirt. Jostice James
Mid: "I am inetrm-ied oy tbe court to an
nounce the decision rn the cae fit the
I lilted Hates vs. bsrlet J Goitean.
upon ipiion to the judgment
of the en mi pal c an." lie then
read front tnanavnpt the dertsion
ot the court. At its ronclasion. Judge
Jsiies mii that although tbe onrt mas
ntian'niona in the views set forth, there
e. .nestiana l,i.h ii He.,,.i. I
indM stf .....r. iiit il.ui mulJ .,i .
Jn.ti. 11. njj !.. eor.-..,i,l t .- I
tone in the opinion he had jnst re1.
tbres. qoei.m in a e-narate opiiiion I
Jnstiee Hsrner then read his opinion, and '
-h.ef Jntue tlart-e fnie tlie w.llowjnc '
tsnnnnreits-nl: Ttie opinions wbir b lurr 1
Ihs heen ntlered are tlss nnanimoo. sets-1
Wwsi f tbe eonn that a new trial is der,.ed 1
and the judgment below ofl-rmed in tbi '
,ae " i
rbe eotirt then aljnrned. i
Th tieam u fiapi 1 1. I
Krw Yoi. May E -Tbe partitiow tale
... 1
.rsiiTiMuui ai. wnra r-n- ira.
dert!d -rer-tKHi rt I be rueree. i.iddinr
wPeetTfY'7.""' ' easa pro,e
e-if k led dosrn in Jarne. Cdon ,
funne-t Ttje peooee"y is Ws'f 1 at fiie
f k of WsV ier-TO. -Stii aee.oe. T'et. ?-h.
Jeh eer aid ai "eet. Thhoe
C-nfT re:-ied $l.1'.r tbe fv-tt,e-t
ind wr in . assail sre-t rea.u.ng -,',i..i
at the amount.
rro ttrr.
Krw Tors Mar C-Tbe w.nrk narwet
'ipenril r'ncrully strong and i higher , lo (rive to the ptihln;tliroim'li thn prnnt. the
Hum It closed Saturday, Ihe latter for Wa- documents which Ihe committed had. de
bits!! preferred. In lint early dealings an dined lo receive upon his terms. Shlpheril
advance of iln i took phii ". In w hich liich- leaves Ihe city this afternoon but expects to
tiiond ifc liiinvillu and Northern Purine return Monday, when hu will make ar-
referred were prominent, while ht.
,....1 ..II.. l. II.. ...I.I ,.n t'L 1
l.'dj. 'Ibis whs followed oy a reaction of
'( (, the latter TacHie Mai!, while St. i'util.
Miiiiieupolis ilc .Manitoba sold off 1J. At 1
i ii ii I. ..I I ii inn I ii ii m iv, .tl uniioim in 11 11 1, 3 o '
o'clock there was a slight recovery In the
mineral list and i In St. J'atil, Minneapolis
it iManiloha.
Htocks strong; clo.icd i H 3 higher than
yesieriluv. ( nicago A Northwestern,
Mot; tin, prelered, H2j; Krio, .'Jo4;
Knst Tennesse railroad, loi; Gcor
rgiu railroad, J0; Illinois Con
tial iXyj: Lake Shore it Michigan
Southern 102J; Louisville it Nashville 7-1 ij;
Mempliis it Charleston AO; Nashville it
Cliattanoogatiu; New York Central iV. Hud
son River 127; J'ittsburg it Cleveland
guaranteed 13114; Richmond it Alleghany
lot; itichmond it Hanville 11 1; Rock island
12H, H'aliash, St. Louis it I'.icilic 30J; Wa
bash preferred. 531; Western L'nion tele
graph Mi; South Carolina Brown consols,
New Y'okk, May 22. The Post's cotton
market report says tin tire deliveries con
tinue to bo froely ollered. Stop-orders
have again been acted on to some extent.
Tlie first call showed a decline of (J to In
points, and subsequently prices fell !J to 10
points; reacted hut fell oil u second time,
oilers at the advance proving too large.
Then came another advance which was bet
ter maintained, and the third call disclosed
an improvement of 7 to ii points over the
Ion est point of to-day. Hammering tbe
market has ceased tor t lio present.
Boston, Mass., May 22. The Pacific
National bank, which suspended some
mouths ago ami resumed but a few weeks
since, stopped payment to-day and will
wind up business. Its directors have voted
to go into liquidation, und have applied for
a receiver. Suspension is considered duo
to luck of business since resumption, pub
lic confidence not having been great enough
to wurrunt any large dealings with the con
The immediate cause ol the suspension of
the bank was the maturing of $000,000 of
paper on Saturday, which tlie bank was un
able to pay and which went to protest. It
is understood all depositors will be paid in
full, but that original stockholders will
have their investment of $2,0CJ.OJJ wiped
Lintens M. Price, of the treasury depart
ment, has been appointed receiver of the
Pacific bank.
shutting down the mills.
Philadelphia, May 22. An agreement
entered into by tiie manufacturers of cotton
goods, cottonudes, jeans and other low
grades of textile fabrics, looking to the re
duction of quuntity produced in Philadel
phia and vicinity, went into effect to-day
and many of the mills wcro shut down ii)
Ciik'Aoo. May 22. By a viva voice vote,
witli scarely a dissenting voice, the 'board ot
trade to-day adopted a rule making winter
and spring wheat of any higher grade good
tender on all future contracts. The rule
goes into effect Juno 1st.
Celoliration of the lleckleulmr;; JJechiru
tlon. Charlotte, X. C, May 20. The 107th
anniversary ot the declaration of indepen
dence by the peopje of Mecklenburg coun
ty, on the 30th day of May, 1775, was cele
brated here to-day witli great eclat. Sen
ator Vance made tlie welcoming speech,
Senator Ransom read tlie declaration, ami
Senator Bayard, of Delaware, was the ora
tor of the occasion. The two senators from
South Carolina, Butler and Hampton, Con
gressmen Scales, Cox, and Armlield, ofthis
state: Robinson, of New York: Berrv.
of California; Governor Jams and stall',
wc-e present, tno review ot the North
Carolina State Guards by the governor unit
adjutant general of the state took place in
Independence square, the snot on which
the declaration was said to have been uiude,
and the tire companies from Aui-Mista. Col
umbia. Greenville, isnartutisliuri.'. South
Carolina, and Panville, Virginia, iook part
with tiie i iiarintto nremen in tins parade.
-Military companies were present from Car
olina, and the military parade, while not
large, was imposing. Tlie number of per
sons present was variously estimated at
from 10.00J to lixjJ.
Vt Miiiierchil Notes.
( l.OSINIl Ol'T.
New York, May 20. A Chicago specia
stales that the branch house of A. T.
Stewart it Co., in this city, dischaiged ail
of their employes, ljd in number, yester
day, and will close ihe slore al once.
New York. May 2o. In fho ration
brought in the supreme conit by Kidder,
lVabody it Co., against the people's Sav
ings bunk, of Mobile, Alabama,
an attachment was grunted today
against property of ilctendaiits in this city
for jl l,7'.il.7ii. llel'etiilants claim that oil
the -tth of last April they cashed two
drafts drawn upon then l,y L.
Green it Co. to the order m cashier of iie
fendaul's and that those drufts were paid lo
them by bank accompanied by
what purported to be bills of
ludio Jot 2jA! bans of colloll.
which they assert has never been
1 liev alieee that the bank warrautc
hills of liidimr, and ulaiiititl's now sav tliai
they uie fraudulent, and that Green ,t Co.
have become insolvent, and that L. Greu
has lelt the state.
Washlngion Notes. "li:"n"";r, "V" cfm .''is client's mine
was not 1 buries H. Smith. An adjourn-
Till HTAr.-RoiTKRS. 1 tnent was th.n taken. Smith savs he bus
WashincTok, Mav ?). The gran J jury of I not been in 'ahlinrton since ls7." and is
the criminal court of the district to-day rc- j l'""-'"- Brockway is yet at large,
turned new presentments against Thomas j Phium i nil. May 22. When the
J. Brady. John W. Horsey, Stephen W. steamer British King arrived here from
Horsey, Monlfort C. itcedcll, Henry M.Tur-! Liverpool to-day Jainci Keimipaii was ar
ner J II Miner J M Peck an l Hirr.ii 1 re',rl1 i11"1"""'!'" British consul
Sf. V."il. . Urging them wh co"," ..", I " Z$r1?'A H1""" .rW'
d. fraud the L ulled States, in cWtiec-: 1 ' ' mr '', 7 'T,1 ' v",,,,li1' ' Jlr'
tion with tbe awards of star tout. , :!: " J?ve'1 bt.0',1V a poor stow-
contracts. The mimes of lnlelen.
between these presentments and the old
iiidii tineim are given as follows: The
name ol 1. L. tiatiderson is omilte.1: Vaile '
is ilescriuei! as Hsrvey Vail, olln-rsisc,
ca.led H. M. Vail; Rer.lell is dcscniM-d as I
MoiKlori C. Rerdell, oilo-rnise called M. C. I
R-nlell, oihera ise called Monltort C. lUe-!
dell; tb allegations of overt acts com
mit led outline of the statute ol
limitation have been ..milled; twelve !
rt acta have lieen mserte.1. atwui '
new ovi
mr uimk i K ui in I lull-nil iniiMir.iiiiiL iim
. . i ...i. ; ,
government, based on fraudulent alio nu
..... .7. k. i .... iv.. ,.i. .i... .ii........ 1
ance. A number of letters and eytious
are irH-orporaled and lina.lv the Hale of
enspiray is brought forward to May
2.(r.i. ls7M. The ilidu-tnievits aneollieri
suImImiii imil V the lutine ui tl,oe ftt,i (u.,,. i
tried, abich ill be di.misse.1 .;,i '
rive place to 1 lie new ii,d,ctn.,i.ia. !
Tnrv c-trer I closely written
. i .....i. .oi .i i ... . 1
l.sji-cp paire and it is thought by I lie ,
t.r.sseoii lug o;hir that they Uue uu sev- i
eri .tioles wlucu were left onen in tne
nMjinoieois. i mineoi neiy anrr pre-1
eenlatioo L'tflrMl Allorner orkhih ased
court tu issue bench warrants lor the ar-
d. le.Hlaiits. explaining that as they I
airea.ly onder band in other cava he j
sboin.l red serve them wnie-s it apneare. to
e te.s-ary. Bn-s staled that deieudants
lurinsbed a un printed copies of
indictment el.rr JHon.lay. Judge H lie
tnen ieuei an onler making Warrants re-
tori.aote next Toes.iay.
f5- plierd was asked tbi afternoon what
"'' ,ro""-4 ' maketoU a.timatant
ol me i.re!Ln atfairemnittee. and refrie.1
,,,, M M HW bother wita ttie '
e,mie any further: that tbev ma le
. .. ,, mbUi) T dp. ,
,. - ,i, n n, ..,-'. n. ..h i
em.ld eon.nel lorn to frodnea I... I
dommetiU bef rre the cotnmittee- tna- I
he had wat i three mouths' time
and epeoded several thousand oolUr in
eoiirrsH fc-e. ir.T.p.r to please tbe eomnnt-
' mi il- a fisiiiia . that toe eommd'oe be l
" nr, iMev t.r ,mie-i biiiAnt was well awarw
, nt ti. t.ua ia ttH i-narc be wooid rot er-n I
iisss a eena Iroa Oiem. He,
fanoer n.timad be rop.ed in a tew days
raiifmeiits lor tlio publication of Jin docu-
WAsitixtiTox, May 23. Tlio reasons nl
the democrats for declining to discuss in the
Iiouse tho Mackey-O'CYinnor election con
test are stated by leading members of fho
party, among thciu Representatives Ran
dall and Carlisle, in the following words:
'There are two questions involved; first,
the forging ol the testimony; and, second,
the right to a seat under tho rules of the
house. If tlie democrats consent to a con
sideration of the case tlie republicans
will seat Mackey bv a part v vote without!
investigating tlie forgery. Tlio democrats are
ready to consider appropriation bills and
other public business, hut wi:l not consent
to try this case until a full investigation of
the lorgery is had.
Stiliwell H. Russell, ex-l'nited Stales
marshal for the western district of Texas,
wlu was nrrrcstcil on tbe charge of misap
propriation of government funds, .wus ur
ruigued in the criminal court and placed
mailer $4,000 b ind to appear before tiie
I'liited States circuit court ttt San Antonio,
Texas, at the June term.
The house foreign iillairs committee again
to-day took up tho investigation of the Pe
ruvian company. Tho ex-ussistunt-secre-tary
of state was the only witness but all
of his knowledge had been obtained
while acting as interpreter between Blame
and tlie ugent of the Credit Industrial com
pany, when the latter gentleman visited
the state department in tlie ell'nrt to secure
the intervention of the United States in be
half of Peru. The gentleman, though rep
resenting tlie Credit Industrial company as
its agent, bad only sought intervention in
the interest of humanity, not of his c.oin
tiuny I' pon all other points Mr Hill was
proluuudly ignorant, lie had first heard
of the missing jftipers alter ho left the de
partment: never saw them; cer
tainly would huve remembered the
same if he had ever seen thorn;
it was hardly probable that they would
come direct to the department without his
seeing them. Witness was asked in rela
tion to the status of of Trescott in the state
department at the tune he was annarentlv
employed by the department in connection
with the preparation of dispatches touching
Chili-Peruvian mutters, and replied that
irescou nan just returned Ironi China,
where he bad been one of the commission
ers. Pending the settlement of that matter
he was consulted in regard to the
Chili-Peruvian matter and mado a
thorough investigation und pre
pared a statement of the facts
upon which the secretary could uct. He
was specially charged with this matter in
connection with the preparation ol dis
patches, and with exception of tho secretary
was the most competent person to expl ai'n
the meaning of every word in those dis
patches. Ho was very highly esteemed in
the department, and on account cf his high
stunning anil experience as u diplomat, was
selected as commissioner to visit the .South
American states. The chairman aimotini eii
that Blaiho would again come befnre them
to-morrow morning at 10 o'clock, and tiie
com mil fee adjourned.
to iie'i:ei'iii:ti:ii kavoraiii.v.
The house committee on war claims, to-"
nay instructed -representative JlouH, ot
Tennessee, to report favorably the hill for
pavinent ol il.2oll to -Mitchell it Childres,
ol Ivnox enmity, I ennessee, m payment for
supplies furnished Burnsidt's urn'iy in lsHI.
Crimes unit Casualties
jikxii an ji -t.ci:.
CtTVoF Mexico, May 22. Five men who
attempted to destroy a bridge on the Mex
ican National railway on Friday last were
caught yesterday, and, by order of the gov
ernor of Ihe state of Mexico, were imme
diately shot.
Knovvii.ii:, Te.vx., May 22. Judge
Matthews, of the United S'tafes supieme
court, to-day convened the United States
circuit court for the eastern district ot Ten
nessee in Miecial session lo trv the case nl
the State of Tennessee vs. Geo." L. I.arkins.
for murder about a year airo. I.arkins was
a deputy United States marshal, und killed
his cousin. The ca-e uttiacts min h atten
tion, as this is the only case of the kind
"Ver tried in a United Suites court. Judges
Baxter nnd Key sit witli Judge .Matthews.
A jury wus compieied this afternoon, and
the cotr.'t adjourned until ! o'clock to
morrow. A f-TAKTLIM, oiVri-M.
Mrsi'tTiNE, I i., -May 22. Notice was (el
egrai lied Saturday nl 'ihe murder of u man
named MrMiinoi by his children. The
girl, Mary, who on Satu.day de
clared that she. shot her 'father
in self iicleiisc, her brother and older
lii.lpr n-M IimI-a ,"o i-.il '''....I.,- tl,, . li.il..
I journal has a full confession ti-oiu the t wo
'tills, showing' that the murder was com
mitted by the brother in order that the
I children might have things their own way
at home, and it was urranged that the
i youtiL'er Sis'er should acknowledge the
shooting with the idea that a
plea o: se.fdelense and her extreme
1 youth would save her Ironi punishment..
A I.' nl'llol.IT.
I Nfw Yot-r M-tv chpr're If S'-nt,
si, int.., I ..... j uir fmii.ijiuj on in,-
ri'ii charge of stealing Irom the treasury de
'.,,, I partmeiil certain plates and material of tue
0 percent, issue of bonds on January l"i,
1"sii, was arraigned belore United States
CninrniNii;cr Benedict in Brooklyn tie
dav His council raised the objection of
' . " ---.s-..
iMdi Trti
riitl.tvr.i.rit't. May 22 The May term
ot the United Mates district court for jury
triit!. which was ib-lave j for a week on ac
count of the aim nee of J -ii! e Bu'lt-r. heean
to-day. AnioTiir the bi!: presented to
tbe grand jury for action were new
indictment in the ca-e ol the s'ar-route
defendants arret,sl in ibis cuv. hesc in
rtir'"""'" imilr h , re !
'"IV,' ln .,im''r J Washington.
i tne
. ' i
rimckie, illiam i: ( ash a id Joseph 11. t
1 Black, and the third Is ai:aiiist lietiismin
It Wiley, 'hri-ian Tri.e and Lcg.and
' F.nsign. Blackmail. Funk and Wiley were
' contnictnrs. Tlie two former iiidicuoeiita
I si paces of '.e-;:l c-p and the other ,
eihly tge.
'-V', . . , . ,
an t 5T. mL wotbitb. j
w York. Msy A Sun special from
RI'P hami k- Virginia, narrales t tnur'er '
cr.mrniMcd by Mrs. Mar. a I'.ruce. vetim e-
in her Mep-danahti r, v-ed Id year. Hit
had conceived a I. atreJ f,.r the yirl bf anse i
"ftbe latter dis; i rnl of b. r fai
ber s.
marnage. I.uter.ng the house In
bad hrtroor she ' el a ookt r tnt le-at tl e
'"ad to a s:,f t' ..n csmed the
J"dy r,!, n n the foi 1 ari l louring
ker.ei.ne ott it. erd'-arrrfvl 'o burn it
ne'.lK.-s ha; p uH on the scent and
rresiei uje mn.
t r' Ti-rt'TonT.
Cot.Lrsv.w.-eiri, i.t.. MT '.'; Tiie lated
J advi-es fiorn tfe
ft..e eamer of
ss bemt near
plan- the tuiin-
' the Mnnitou line -
' K i.lar ley on fri Is-
' ber f l-e-"7s !.et
in twin'j to twen
t isr.y who were lo
ty - tve. lim
T ' "' ""r
of al! of the yi-t
-bo!r tbe nsmes
wirl never lie known.
rn at ii'T.
l :T lt ,!. Al.. May T! W. T.
!"' :nn kiii-d bv F i r ar 1 Vi I'iierw-n.
a' t:i-iri , tti-.n to-dav. a
! t.-e n-ira,e off.se .ie-
-r leanrr
.V- I'be--n i
I bad .e-i
ior rurt:;:ig away '
witi !.-. Mrf'berson.
FwTi"t:Ts:, TsJIsy Jri. An erplomoa d
tnlpbnr orrarred in tb Eyit colljery, '
near this place, to-day, causing Instant
death lo 'furies Lawrence and Frank Os
tium, ami fatally burning David Green
and Frank Hoffman. Green lias
since died. Hoffman had entered lbs
breust with a linked lamp, while the other
men remained behind the buttery. An tin
enpecteil body of sulphur was met which
ignited from tlie luniii. causini a terriliu
explosion and hiirINg tho gangway timbers.
About 2i tons of top coiii were destroyed,
men ien on i.awrence aim okoiio, rrunit
Hollmiin was terrinly burned.
Xohfolk, May 20. The Episcopal coun
cil to-day appointed it committee of three
clergymen and three laymen to examine
the whole question of division and report
at (lie next council whether the claim of
Bishop V hittle to exclusive right of incit
ing a movement looking thereto is author
ized by the constitution or canons of the
church. The Bishop consented to serve art
cliaira an of tlio committee. Adjourned.
Atlanta, Ga May LU The assembly of
southern Presbyterians developed into a
very full one. In to-day's ses-
sio.i telegrams of Christian greetijig .
were received from the Cumberland Presby
terian Assembly and from the Northern
Presbyterian Assembly, ond cordial res
ponses were sent. Tbe Assembly
uccided not to take action
approving the revised New Testament at
presenet Next year's meeting of tbe as
sembly will be held at Lexington, Ken
tucky. A delegate from the lleformed
Dot ..-li church was heard to-day, and the
moderator responded.
Labor Troubles.
THE boiler makers.
New York, May 22. All boiler makers
employed in this city, Brooklyn and Green
noint, who are members of the Boiler
Makers union, uiiKte a demand this morn
ing for an increase of 10 per cent in their
wages. The demand wus rejected and the
men at once quit work and were followed
by non-union men. They bold a meeting
to-dav and reports showed that riveters
have been receiving $2.C0 a day, and litters-
Journeymen plumbers of this city ogain
went on a strike to-day, by order of the
union, and will remain out until all of tlie
members of Boss Plumbers' association
pay their men $4 per day.
A Had Job.
PitoviDE.vcE, K. I., May 20. An attempt
was made at 3 o'clock this morning to blow
o'.eii the safe of the national hank of Hop
kuiton at Hope Valley. Pow
der had been ' blown in about
the safe door. The explosion blew
oil' the outer fastening and destroyed the
'ock, but entrance to tue safe could not be
made. The thieves escaped, leaving a
lino lot of burglars'- tools. They were
traced only a few miles through the coun
try. This is tho fourth attempt thut has
hiii n made to rob this bank within the past
eight or ten years.
The Lainl Sharks.
Yankton, D. T., May 20. The Western
Union telegraph company were compelled
by the supreme court yesterday to produce
telegrams relative to tbe Santa Fe land
scrip frauds. Their telegrams show that
John I). Cameron, W. D. Russell and 11. K.
Carpenter, the latter of Beloit, Iowa, were
implicated in the manufacture of bogus
scrip. Carpenter has been indicted, and
will be tried with tho others it he can be
found. Cameron is coming with an officer
from St. Louis, lie and Russell having been
arrested some time ago. Carpenter is a
very prominent man and property-holder.
The I'lre Record.
Lr.AbVii.LE, Col., May 20. The loss by
yesterday's fire is to-duy estimated at $300,
(W0, generally covered by insurance in
eight companies. Tlie proprietors of tlie
Windsor hotel and other buddings used as
lodpings, fear that lilieen lives were Inst, al
though so tar only one body has been re
covered. The dead body found has been recognize
as that of J. 11. Ballon, of Colorado
Springs. I ne titimncr ol nr.ssing lias Oien
re luced lo three firemen. The lire ai
inceiidiurv. - s "v
To tie ('oniiiteiiced liiiiueilia
Aro: sta. Ga Msy 2u. Wor' on tho
Savannah Valley railroad from Amlerjon '
courthouse, southwest South Caro
lina, to Horns mines on the Au
gusta -t Konxvi'le mad, will t
commenced immediately. The Grei irvn jd
L iurens it Spiirtaiishurg railroad is being
graded. Tiie Augusta it Knoxville dirvct
ors subscribed $3.i.C Jii of stock in tlie roads
named to-dav. These rou Is w ill he con
trolled in Augusta, and, it is thou.-ht. con
Mi'scATiNE, Iowa, May 20. John McMin-
einar, a farmer living twelve miles west of
Muscatine, aged ' i, was shot and ki.le.l by
bis lovcar-old dailghtc- yetteiday.
The lather and duiHiter. wire
quarreling when the girl's brother
,i' 1 liau.hil ocr a li.ol.ci
with wh'ch she shot her father through
the heart. It is sup nosed the children de
cided lo eet possession of their fat tier's pro
perty. The mother is in-an insane asylum.
1 Illicit.
New York, Msy 20. A Nasbvi'ie special
says the house of representatives this even
ing passed by a vote of 42 to 21 the state
dent bill submitted by the committee who
recently visited New York to confer with
the holders of Tennessee bonds. The bill
lias been signed by Governor Hawkins.
The extra session of the general assembly,
called to consider tbe selilement of tbe
debt, will end Monday.
roitr or (KIT TOSK.
Xew York, May 20. Arrived : Assyrian
Monarch, City of Rome. Bristol. Arrived
out: Bulgarian, Crest, KoiiKbad, Swa-iow.
TH rakl VIA MTE.
IT. Jon, N. II., May 2o Tbe steamer
which arrive, 1 here to-day with t boat tiam
a?el by a collision with an iceberg was the
I niftsian. ihe rer.ivian was spoken on
Thursday tiuder sail, steering north to fi t
out of tu", AU wHl llo u.
x-, -m ti.. p.-i-. i
N ok. May .U-Tbe Tost t cotto.
report aart: Future deliveries 2 poin't
lower: at first rail aesin 2 to 4 points lower.
After the rati a si chf advance did not
,i usie sun .nos ira io.it iuii ts-n
Toward the elo-e tW wa a con ,et
break, and a decline of , to n sinls. ,th a
. slight ream in. but tor market closed we.k.
Cni' soo. May 30. The Evening Jour-
r.a!' Little llnck special ies that a eom-
tiiitine ssbiih lis been inve-t.eannz t.
lo.ksol me e x-s'-ata treasurer, now t.orer
Tor liurcoill. I't the past lounecn m-T 'i
f ie.i a reirt-t lii rBoniihg. Ibe demit
loots p 1! 4-2 ".
Phi nrttaa,
Nrw Y'oas, May ?. rnl rcTtn.
aonatievoyarT. ret.-rde artevo-i re.
I'.rnied the bets-tolore tjt.arc.iri.i ,r-d
i of siiooGnc the ra is of the J-ne ror
' from one mile tel"W the tn n,,ia ,..
. aater, a tjescent of tiearty ality feet.
I AeajaitaM. t
rw OutKi, May 2ft. Thr irf ia ti
! of Cawaia Ararisb F. Wilde. I's "!
Plate secret "e-TK-e. charge 1 w,:b nn-
a'anel,tey for lo.rt,re mnd k:; n A .4
a. W eek. a red twelve, returned a er.l j
D0t roiity.
Tkss t-erwsiwaw
FtTwra Fmi, ; twrr. Xxf 22 Tka
i "ard1 wean-'his) fw-weiaa bat teavied
te - e ia tow of tt Ts'

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