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The Dallas weekly herald. [volume] (Dallas, Tex.) 1873-1885, June 19, 1884, Image 4

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Tf II T'
. s.. -
I I Ml (-, M I IM r mui .
t l,li - l Ml !' C.-l lini'f nl inllti n. r.
mnl I lit. t-tlltr,
1 I MM Ol' "I lw llll' I KIN,
I't-r pr ... n
am l,.nlli . . 0 . mi
1 1nrx M.. Hi In 'I. Ml
M llniilll. D IM!
lit ir III. ml
y r. mi: t i iiniiiMi ii w-
I I I lil"!- Mr, I , 1 1. I'll I 1 ' ' 1 1 . .i i
Ill, I:, I, h ,r li l 1 i i ! i i lii mil. ul I ...i. IV
I nil. -. I..!.
H'K Alii. VI' I Hi MilI li m" Ax
il iioiini i Mr. I 1 1. .si.l.l i- u i-.iii-llli
I' it i Inr I iti u I 111 ,i ill i I Ml I Li I III run hi ,
l .ll i Mull III .N , t . , 1 1 1 1 m r,
W :: via: i;i.i;i i -1 i.it in iamu m i.
It l i . Mri ,i ii i .ui.li.lnl. Inr I nn
H.ii.lf iii I'l i iii i Nil, I.
'K MtC Ml ijl I -I I 1 1 In AN MH SI i-.
It ,ll,l I l I'li H ;. ,1 I ,llilllilt' nl
m,i I, in rni-nii '
W k i : i : hi ii mi iu"N Nui i.
U . M.i , ilii. I. ii iiiiuliil.il,' in, i,.
I'll. "I. nil l. III!' ntli. I tniUHl, Til-Ik.
Mill l.l.iil I.V Mi In A N MM Nt i.
ii r. i m .1 i ii i iniiiiihihi i. ir if
I In I i. ii Iii I li.' , l lu.tr i'li I. ill.
'K VIU. liKsfl t ri-l l.n i;i.i,i
II i. Ill iilil'iilili,'!- I hi' linl.u- ill . II. Vt.
SMI I II IK n r hi. in lull' 'nr hln nil nl I'ull.i.
iiiillil v, ul Ilii' i ii.i.in Nni i,iiN r I'livliiin.
AKAIIK M I ll'U.i.i.li HI A.NMU M K
VI .llnl-li-li, V I l.li :: I In, I. in II i'. Hull'!.
Mr ri Iii l nil. In .'i. nl'l,.'!' i, '.,j,' n llu'
Kli'M'iiih .I...... i.il I i-i . ii'i.
W !: A It!. Al I II 1 1 1; I . I'. 1 1 1'( I A N S 1 1 1 .M 1
II I Vlilll.'. J. I i. 'ii.viai Hi II I I llii!il.;l.
Inr, I iii li-i' ul ill.- IVt I I'ri-i-iiii't ,n. I.
W ! a i c i : ArriinKii:ii inANMiiM i:
I) I..HN I'. I 1 1 I I -l'l I I-.1 I Mhillil.ili' till
Jl:.';i .'it! I'll' l'l.!,'.', I'rrrlllrt Nn. I, Ililllll
I'uiiiiiy, Trii.. Ml Hi'1 riiiiiii; Nn. i-iuU-i
i-li-i-t .nn.
nini!ii:inii anmh .m k
II .lliil!' li. K. Ill I. hi: II II rillnllilllli' Inr
!i. .),'. . -:i . itl IIiN.Iii.Ih ill. ul llll
t'lfllliiU Nni IlllH-r rli'i ll.ill.
i:"AI!K.l Tin HI l.l-.li I'll. .S .Mil Vi'K
M I III' Mil i l.ll. I.. I.HV.I I.K IN II I'lllllllll.lll'
Inr llu. hiI.it n; i 'ii ", : v ..' .n'.i- i;l I lie rii-iniii:
Ii'i il.iii l'i N . r.
m: iiKii i. -i Mi in anmii sri;
I I H . 1 1. 'I'll. Vi Kill Inr I '.unit y t 'li rk.
y'i- vi:i: i;i;iii iti:ii'ih anshI'Ni i;
II i,l i.:i.k li. I'I'VIIN l.'l' .h.-llri' l.l' llu
l'i :i i n I'n I'llii't Nn. I.
'i: Ai iiiiiiii.i iiiiiAXNui m i:
II Mr. li. s. hnmii n H. ii i iiiiiiiiiiiii'
lnilt:i. lrf'Ui.lnlli-i' hi iiuMiN I'lillMl.v, F.lii-t'(
tu l,i' in-1 !iu nl I Iii I li'iiitH i'tirv.
' K" AKK II Mii;iU l Tlh UCI.l-.li Hi
II ii n i ii iti i in. l . .lulu . .M. :iiu.i:iis u
n iMiiilliliiti. inr I ihiiii .liiilc nl tin i-iNuIiik; '
Ni.innli.r '
l:l)MIIAV, .11 NK 1 H. I.S8I. '
Tin: Mkii.vi.ii ihis 1 1 1 t i niipi'ius in '
ii new (Ire)-, a miimiiici huil, the nI.vIi'
hiii! i:i!ikc-iii ii!' n liii-li, wi- u ilst, will nl- j
trai-t tin tyn iiml un i t lln apii'iiv ill nl'
its I'licnilM ami iiiU'iiin. This is -in iiu- i
ii l im n t tin1 inin ii ims ol' llu' lli:i:-
ami lmvi' Inns i it 1 1 1 1 lu iii I , iiml niily I
vviiiti'il ii irii'i'.imis m-usiiii in iii'scnl il
to tin1 piii r,.; . ii,' tliu )iin'r. I'm-siiiihi
time jNint the (ii iiiTii! IViitiircs o!" tin- :
lli:ii.i.i lmvi! lint Itch ntti'iii-tivc, the!
t.Vie lirriiinc wnni, tlic iini!iiy nl'
tho jiiijiit iiiiiin wliirh it was
I'n'intcil whs In-low i he stiindiii'il,
the ruins nf tin season nvi i llnwc il
tho press I'oiini iiml freiU'ral ili'iniirali.a
tion was tho rotilt. All llii'sp alnnist iiii
aviiiilalilo ilisroinlitiu'cs came lipnli us at
(nice, mui no nn,' ri'Ki'i'ts thi in nun c Hum
the irojii'ii'turs ol'thf paper theinselves.
Wu tru--t in the future a mine propitious
mid satisfactory .state of all'nirs awaits
usj ami that the Hkualu in appearance
.'inil general uiake-up, as well as its news
matter, will meet tho appreciation of its
renders, to whoso interests it is particu
larly devoted. To tho niemliers of the
jiress and tho newspaper fraternity ten
e rally, wo sulmiit tho judgment- dis
played in the selection of tho typo up
on which it is printed, and tho taste dis
played in the general arraiiseiiient and
appearance of the li:uAi.ii in its new
clothes. '
WinTKsni'Uo, for a year past, has lioeu
u local-option town. On last Saturday
a new election occurred on the question,
mid local optiofi was defeated. Tho tee
totalers iiro indignant, and the imti
temperance men jubilant.
Tn: K (iazetto usks, would tho IIkuai.I)
know an issue if it met one on the roads?
Ucforo it gets through with its free-grass
problem in favor of keeping Imckeinmi-
gration to western Texas, it will think
tho Hkh.vi.ii knows nn issue, and will
also think what the Dutchman's son
Col. J. W. liooTii lias not yet taken
any active steps in Ills district, so
far as can ho learned, to bo represented
in tho World's Exposition. It is about
time every one interested should lie
exerting themselves in tho cause, and it
is to lio hopod Booth will not bo left in
the big show.
As exchange asks how lead pencils
., uro made. f'liANi-'li.i., of tho (iatesville
Advance, answers by saying, by bor
rowing tliein and not giving them back
to tho follow, and then says it is true
journalism, lie ought to be expelled
from tho I'ress Association for willful
Yestkk.n Texas is now open to settle
ment -by farmers and small stockmen.
There is nn nbundaneo of lands for all,
that can bo purchased at low prices. In
uddition to this, enough of tho school
lands will bo leased to afford tho grow
ing children a good education without
their daddies being borne down Willi
taxes for that purpose.
Fon tho boncflt of tho Waco Kxaininor,
the Hehald will stato that thero is not
tho slightest probability or any opposi
tion to Mr. Welluohn in this congros
Hional district. Mb. Welldorn'h popu
larity is unbounded all over this coun
try, and the holding of a convention is
merely a matter of form, for ho will bo
nominated by acclamation.
With all his coyness, I won't and I
can't and I shan't. Wash Jones will
' b a candidate for Governor of Texas.
Colonel Bob Taylor should nnito his
fortunes with Jones for Lieutonnnt
, Governor, and they would constitute a
ticket tho Republicans themselves
would be ashamed of. Cuney ' and
Georoe Hawkins will be ' left out
': ngain. , '
The Balrd Clarendon says the grain
prospect is said to bo fifty p" cent.
better in Callahnn County than any
where between that place and Tarrant
County. How is this for a county where
'it never rains," and whore "nothing
but cattlo will growT" And yet tho freo
grass organs aro adopting tho most
potent means known to themselves to
prevent tho man with tho hoe and the
plow from occupying tho country, when
thoy assert that no good lands can be
obtained in the Western counties. j
i ' i M V "i I i I M fil.'
, . i , t i . i'li ! ii If i
I I i I I , I ' N i I in h
im I I I ii i I I I mi 1 1 ' I I r III
1 1 - i i .iill l li' I i'.ii .
-I I I I.
.:. ,l.i I.I
Il I, I.
1 1,
I I'
,i nl i.l ii t - ii ii i mil I
ill n il I ,i nn l, i I
I I I 'IN I II llll
-.1 i ii I , 1 1 .1
... .1 i.
I mil i I. Iln II
; I. I I . I II
i Jill itl.'.
I .1." I" "I III' II I f ill
y ii -. In Hie Siate
ii'"iil I i ii- i nil Ic ,'t "ill l!
I lin i Ilii i.ilillli llt nf llu-
Hi I'lin, mil III' IN, UMii.ll, lli'l ll. ilijl il
.l.ll' I III, II. ni - I'lillll.-, Illiltpll
l.illnll i I'HIIiili.l I'll lilli' in I I. nl II
Nllli.ill.il nln tllnli f. II i.fW, V, -nl
Inr I'lillLH . ill II 1.1 11.114 I.l plllillrilll lli
lii. iii i York tilv. lb-iln iili
H itll I I ' I I Vi llll- ill li M ill l'l llll'
S i r . 1 1 i 1'i.ini iili.iii. I I I v i I vmi hu
li.i vi ul'li, but lii'iniht llic il l-mil nl a
i. ;m iin r ii. M.ivi.r i'l Hull. iln In llu Iili-l-t
rii.itiu i.il i litii r. I.i he i ni.i;iiiil
Ilii" ii-i-mi, ami ii.iii., In lil the wall nf
Ju-lic . iilnll in iill tliu varied qui tlinii-
tl.it cum- up It Iili nppr.iv al
in i liii-f cM-cciilh or Niv York.
Il Is apparent lluil llic umk
aiming the Ihivk ill lin i "MM iilimi Iiin
been limsl liclive Inr Kl.iiVVI.il. 'I 111"
ic-iiii-K a h iii in i miti si U ivticii I'i.iiu t it
iiiid I ".; i:i. v.vii Inr the i-iii.iri-iiii-m nf
llic I nil veil' .' i'l a 1 1 i Imlie of New
; Ym l; i'nr I'n -lilciitial imiuiiii c. Mir
ili-paii h( -Imw llic uravityiif llic ilu
at Imi as le'-'anK lliN .in-siinn nf i mlm -i-iin
nl. There Is an cleiiieut ill Tanilii uiy
i .i ..-i i I l.i 1 In unit rule In llic ciuim-in
liniii 'I lii inc. ins the Ili i iliini mi Iln
part nl'ilclegateN to the I 'hli li'.-ii I'lHiveli.
ii ill In Mlpnl l liny iiiau, lint the nbv '.
. us clinlco i if llu Slate I'onvciilloli, fur
I'n slid hi. Ii means, if nil hlgus are
Inn , that I'l.ow Kit ibies tint Impe for the
I'tiilm wliii'iil of the ii Hi i'li! ii Hi, but Im
lavin,' plans In carry wilh 111 tit u ccii.iln
-in nlli In the rlilcago I'onveiitinli.
'I'ln ii he will cniiliiiue his wink mining
all tin ilrlcpitcs. Tim Impending div is
Imi in ilin New York Stiile Convcn
I ii hi can nnly bo obviated by a
si Icctimi nf a 1'iiinlidate aureeable lo
all the rum-Eli ami Ci.evi.i.ami men.
As the Mrenvrth of (i.kvi:i..m m'ciiis
greater with the people at large Ihiin
that of I'l.owi.lt, anil lis ( ', i: KI. VMi is
ai'ci'ptabli' lo the Iinlependeiils, il would
appear that the New York MateConven
tinii has it in its power to lay the fouiiila
linn of lieiiiocrntle Mieeess ill this I'resl
dculial vein. Among Ihose v ho lisik to
I i.kv i:i. VMi as the only nviiilable man
for the lieuioi-ratie rresideiitial uoiiiimi
I ion it is doubtless a moment of supreme
niixiety. New York State must either
name or endorse the Jieliioerntic nomi
nee for llic Presidency. This Is Ihe llrst
step toward I leinoeratie. success.
Tho visit made by SknatoIi I.hii.vn to
Mil. IIi. vixk, at the home of the hitter,
at Augusta, Maine, is significant. Hut
recently Mil. W.vikku Hi. .vine, son of
the Republican nominee for President,
was summoned by his father to Autziista.
It is no prediction to state that other
visitors, of greater or less prominence,
will In-invited to the home of thoHepub
limn nominee. These pilgrimages are
the beginning of tho systematic plan
Mtt. Hi.aixe will adopt in his canvass.
.So far lie has shown that he will conduct
his own campaign. If this in tho end,
proves to be a fact,thero will be such vigor
and brilliant movement injected into
tho llopublicnn ranks that tho country
will bo kept in n ferment of excitement
until itho day of ileesion. Tho Maino
leader will bring to tho work before him
all thoso finalities of gallant courage uiul
bold iidvciituro that liavo won for him
tho famous title ho bears. Ho will make
up in aggressive, brilliant movements
what he lacks in personal reputation.
Ho will calculate on no easy task, for his
political shrewdness will read correctly
tho combined strength of tho Independ
ents mid Hemoerats. Mn. Blaine's can
vass will actively engage the attention
of the nation, Just as his Congressional
career mado him tho head of his
party, and forced tho ndmiration of his
adversaries. Thero Is no room for u
dull policy, or for dull leaders, in the
Dcuiocratic party in the coining cam
paign W illi such an opponent us iiii,i-i..
Thero must bo harmony, wisdom and n
platform that rolleets the sentiment of
the wholo people.
Very owl.v republicans shako their
heii'ls slowly and with half-shut eyes
whisper softly "the Irish aro nil for
HiiAiNi:." They may be if they possess
thodivlno attributo of forgiveness to n
degree with which they have never as yet
been credited. But the 1 1 i:u ALU cannot
believe tho Americanized sons of the
Kmoruld Isle will ever love tho man
who, in his oration of Garlleld's obse
quies, speaks of their implacable enemy,
GLAi'STONK, us "that grout English
statesman of to-day who, confronted
with obstacles that would daunt any bill
the dauntless, reviled by those whom he
would relievo as bitterly as by those
whose supposed rights ho is forced to
invade, still labors with screno courage
for tho amelioration of Ireland mid for
the honor of tho English nniiio," This
niorceau, rend to a crowd of Irishmen
who sympathize with their country's
woes, would not bo calculated lo arouso
that boisterous enthusiasm for which tho
iniiriotic sons of Erin aro proverbial. If
such bo Blaine's idea of how a pcoplo
should bo ruled, how would Pat liko him
for their president?
The Waco Examiner Is in error in
stating that Mr. Wellborn is keeping a
Republican clerk for his committee Tho
last Congress was Republican and a llo
publicnn clerk was attached to Mr.
Wellborn's committee, whom ho re
tained until tho gentleman appointed
could reach Washington. Mn. Robert
P. Toole, of this city, received the ap
pointment, and hastened to Washington
on tho earliest day his private affairs
would admit of. Mr. Toole is a staunch
democrat and a worthy gentleman in
every particular.
The editor of theGatosvillo Advance,
Cranfill, says: "An unclo of ours
used to want to kill us for being so in
dividually and originally ugly, Lator
on in life we used to go before the look-lnir-irlnHs
and crv for hours at a time
because of our homely appearance."
Poor fellow if ho would resort to rouge,
lilly-white, pnrt his hair in the middle,
oet a swallow-tail coat and go west, he
might pass himself off for a city dudo.
Try it. , .
The thirtv-llvo millions of acres of
school lands wero dedicated to educa
tional purposes to save tho people from
taxation for that purpose. Why should
fovoB lm w-runir from the people to
accomplish that which can be ilono with-
I'. (i i' li i nil. I
i,, 1 1 i. i ii " iii i.. 1 1 1 1 hi nl i f
i, i ... i , i- i H i I . i ii 1 1 ,i if, i ' i-i i
'l l Mil lit l'l. i I Hill, '
I l- ". I'll I , l!'tl'l' l'l
V -I III I'll I . il . I II I I i fl'illl II I' ' bl
I H i .. II I I .i i' I , I I.l M' I IMI I 'i 1 1 I' I
.li ii i.i tut h-r 1 1 .ii s I i i i.i ii 'I In I i.
.-; in i mi l nil. in !' vi iili Ihe mtili -n,i
nl '. I l.i i miiilrv . Il 1 imi null In
llu inli ri -I nf llu I .i nvrri mnl m li'-'l
i Iill. In li i f Hie sil.ili-, l ilt In llu- lull n -I
l,f llll -llllill sm kill. Ill ImlV I M ill. ll ll
In. Ill llll I Il U"
St vil li I'W Is, i. 1'iM.ki, In. hi. nvi-r
I'nr IWii vim limre in Ilii' Senate.
! U In n lie nN lis up on the In e-gi iii.it m'Ii
j ni.r nl Iln nexl si ssimi i In- lur m ill ily,
I Iln iiml si N mil I. mils i ie ilienrig
1 ill.ll adv iH illi ill I lie S, li. Ill of u ri-V I lille
liniii I lin m hi ml liiinl, mnl liny me as
'capable liny lun llu II we klm nf In
ili li n.l llli ii' Misiiini. We Vli. III. I like
in ims the i-iluilnr irmil I'mikti Imli
j lii,ri, viiili Ihe I'lie-iiiiiss men In Ihe
I I lull-lull I'miMlltinU. lie mnl illlllK
I fiiiluhl llll herd law llli ,lllli', but stisul
solid fur n viiluiiliiry liiisn sv sicm sub.
Iih'I In in tll ll si llli nil'll!.
A s rllnrl is likely ( Ik liuule lo array
.i ... ii i. ...i .1... . i.i..
l!ie llllll-l.llptusll will lllll'lll nil llie nine
nf Hi.ai x K. the Ki'piiblieiiu press nl-
reaily 'liipliasiy.liig his inilnll us In ills,
i pllteil llsherles, mnl nn the I'eril cm
I blir.'llil nr ss.'. Kimlish gold, It Is
iis-crteil, will be used to elect the ileiins
crat. The fuel Is llnil IIi.vink's frleml-
ship for railway Insures lliitlsli cmiu
, n in nee. The iiuiterhil liiiulisli lnlirel
in Ihe t'lillnl Slates Is rail way shares,
! then fore Ill.MNi: is the Knglisliiiiaii'H
j oi'it Washlugimi sm cIiiI, printed cls-
vvlicre, iiuuniiliei s.iloubllesM nn nilliinr-
itynfihe i.iiicr.il Ailnruey nf llic Hull',
ColiU'iulu A' Saiila I'e railway, now in
Washington, that this road will be built
through Ihe Indian Ti-rrliory, tliereu's
to ihe contrary notwithstanding.
A Galveston special to the Ili liAl.n,
published in tho issue of Saturday, nn
iimiuecil that Ihe directory of (he road
would imi build any more nt present.
The iticstioii is, what is the road going
A rio.Misi'NT eili.eii nf Wise county
was In the city yesterday, lie has lieon
a resident of Texas for forty years. Ills
only objection to Ihe lease law Is that it
don't require lit least twcnty-llvo rents
to be paid annually for each acre of laud
occupied, 'and thinks non-residents
ought to pay nt least fifty cents per acre.
From present npi-caninecs the free-grass
journals will Iill the rnttlemen s cup of
mlserv lo overllovvlng.
.Mlnurll l.li ancil liy Iln llirnlil' Spt-
rlnl Stair.
Light showers fell Monday night anil
yesterday morning at MeKi'niiey.
The sale of privileges for Waco driv
ing Park yesterday netted ini.
The weather continues hot and dry at
The shiniiinir from K vie Is being in
creased daily, and n larger freight depot
Is necessary lo prove riiiai lo ine in
crease. .
Sheriff Kield. of Caldwell county, and
several of his deputies, wero ill Kyle
last ulglil on important iiiisincss.
Superintendent Herrin informed
the llKUAl.n's Kyle reporter
vesterday that the freight depot at this
town woiild soon be enlarged and a new
passenger iteiHil hunt, lliresiilng in
thai vicinity Is about ready lo begin.
Orrin Robertson, editor of tho McKin
ncv Democrat, and lr. Iloskins, jailer,
wero arrested yesterday upon indict
ments hv the grand jury, llobertson is
charged' with assault and carrying pis
tol; Iloskins witli aggravated assault.
The dillicultv originated in an article ro
lleetingoil tile iiiaiiageliielitof the jail.
The spring session of tho Karmersville
Acaileinv, closed on Friday night with n
public examination, which was a grand
success and reflected great credit on Pro
fessors Dovvlin and Harris, as well as
students competing for tho prizes. Kor
beautiful and healthy location, quiet,
orderly citizens, good society, nice
churches and excellent schools, Earin
ersville, tho citizens claim, is unex
celled. A German wedding in high life oc
curred at Plum Creek, near Kyle ves
terday. Tho event was cclobrated in
true (ionium stylo.
A pleasant social party was given nt
the residence of Mrs. Davis, atKylo, last
Tim Much for llio lluekcye Jni'lsta The
Mutter ill Statu Olio.
t'oi.LM in s, O., Juno 17. Tho .Supremo
Court announced decisions to-day in tho
Scott liijuor-tax-law eases. In that of
King vs. Capellar, judgment was con
firmed; in that of Leiitzinan vs. AVayt
beek, judgment was reversed. This de
clares the second section of tho law, per
taining to the first lion on premises, un
constitutional, and leaves tho rest of tho
law valid and operative, as heretofore.
Tho ouestiou of the constitutionality of
the wholo law is held not to be raised in
easo and court, stops with tho record.
Tholi(iior dealers will, therefore, bo re
quested to pay tho Juno collection tax
under tho law, leaving tho matter open
for further test beforo tho semi-annual
payment In Dccciniier.
lilUMiiock Manlovc. .
Kvi.e, Juno 17. Special. Yesterday
morning nt tho rosidonco of tho brido's
inothor, Mr. S. C. Glasscock was unitod
in marriago to Miss Maggio Manlovo,
Rov. Thomas II. Staets officiating. Tho
contracting parties aro among our llrst
r !.. .. :7. ..Ill .....1, I.,rln 11,.,!-- I'llf ,,,-n
lllllllllUS, 111111 i 111 unlaw j.j-.v
homo. They departed Immediately tor
it . .i.'.l ... -...I n,l,ii. -nninf u nf
interest on a bridal tour.
How the Ingenious Mexican Customs Offl
clal Swindles the Blind and rockets the
Eagle Pass, June 17. Special. Ac
cording to tho rulings of Moxlcan cus
toms olllcinls in Piodrns Negras, just
nnnnsitn this nlace. no goods are admis-
snblo under' flie privileges of tho Zona
Libre except such as aro crossed on the
railroad, and goods imported in any
other manner are contraband and subjoet
to conflscatlon.
A Wild Reign of Terror Abruptly Ended.
Kylk, Juno 17. Special. A madman
by the name of Dan Neily wns arrested
near horo by Sheriff Field and deputy,
of Caldwell county. Tho madman
claimed to bo tho high sheriff of Hayes
county, and had been frightening pooplo
nearly to death in Caldwell county Tor
iome timo past. Tho strategom dis
played in his arrest was worthy tho skill
of any otliciiil or ollieors.
"Little Jokor" is tho bost smoking to
bacco. The Blaine Huppy Family.
Aitousta. Juno 17. James G. Blnino,
Mrs. Blalno, John A. Logan, Senator
Halo, and Miss Hodge, left for Ellsworth
this morning. They remain at Ells
worth to-night as guests of Sonator
Halo, returning to Augusta to-morrow.
mh i I I h IMiWI.i:.
MJ"IM. f(l Ml OCJM Ml III Af mi,
llu ',- l.i. Ilia. I.l ll.x Wl.il. II. in.
Iln lliiilo.il I In 1 1 r l.nn.l hi
i,ii:i liN,'rit' I. in-Ill
I'. in r l'i i'l l nii
I - -
j llir Sid ttiU lmi. Iirinm rnllr I li-rllmi.
, Ni.m mil., .li.i.c 17. I nur 1 1 1 a 1 1 1 1 1 I
I mnl lifiv liiciiilii rs nf iln-1 mini v Ih-iiinr.
' r.n-v siui int ! r s.iiiiiii.' i ll.is iniii iiiiig
'mnl ii I si. live lini'ilriil 'I, minimi v Hull
ii. li u.iti-. Jnliii ht'.l v inl lie r s it ci a
tpiii l, s mcal l lion. Tauiiii.tny Hull
. Ikius siii-i.i id Ihe iininiiice nt llie
NiilH. nil I I mi Vein Inn, nun il I vi n v nun l,
t me Iminlri il i.l I In living Hull iIi'Ichh
llnll also It'll nil the smut' Ir.illl,
svnuiMiv, June 17. I ine hundred unit
liilv nl llu. :;xl il. Iiu iti nf llie Ileum.
i-rulie Slale I'nliM lilliHI lire belt". All
li'li'inites urn a-x m--i , il this iiln riinmi.
i'lie result nl Ilii" liii i-liu'-l nf lilt" Slale
I i.limillln. In-liinlit is niiviiillslv looked
lm mil In. 'Hie trii inls i.f Is. Ill tic vi
blllil iiml I'l iwi r lireiilliillv msilivti III
cxpiessliiiik nf l i lu f in tliu silrei ss nf
llu ircaiiilidali". The innin hiIu nf ihe
Ilii mis of Clevt'laiiil i- lo sii lire a vole
nl llie mov ent inn lm' him n a Slute
llmlliniK kia lis In srml a sill id
nleiluitl Vote lor Idtil In Clileiiun.
This ci in Id lm tluui" if llie imll rule Is
adnpteil by the emiM iilimi. The Tnln
liiniiv men' licit" arc imi III lav or of that
rule.' and unless Kellv's lulliieliet" Is' lor
il tin y are likely in npNisti i. The
iiicsti'iin Is likely In I'm in one nf llie
prim huil miIiiIs i.f the Slnti" Coliilull
tce's di lilu riilimis ii-iiiulit.
Ip In llie present lime, Klower lias a
larger nuinlHT nl' t'rlcii.ls win king In his
lull rest than Clevt'laiiil. but ihe majority
Is mil nf llie delegates. Already the time
of the supMiitel s i.i' I ii .III parlies lias
changed imisiili iiiMv. It srcnis lo Is
unilersiooil thai tpiiil work, but not
I masting, Is Ihenrili r nl the day.
Tim ItelHMurf lli iiini mry.
Wii.viimitoX, Im i.., .lime 17. The fol
lowing resolution was inloplcd by the
lieiiiiM-ratic Slntr Convenilon to-dny :
"The lieniiM'i atic nmly onieliiwarcile
claru Ntenill'iisl iidiiereiiee tu Ihe iloc
I l ines of the luii ly principles mid nilicy
avowed in tliu phiil'min al St. l-nuis. In
s;i repealed lit lui lnniili in Isso,
and vv hleli have been aiiproveil by time
and e.M'ili.nce! anil we trust our
ili'li'Hales in Iheiippi'iiai'hiugeonvriilliin
at Chicago will en-upci'Mte in adapting
them tn the present needs of the coun
try. We present to the wholo country
mir fellow-cltixeu. TliomaH Krauels
Itavnrd, us u sliiti siiian, who, through a
liuig publie career had eiiiiiielateil mid
llliistratcil the enduring principles of
He iiiiicriitir facts; whose nnniiiiiilimi lis
President will furnish at oueeii platform
anil a can. ild He, s::n. v-imse election will
satisfy the highest i.spiriitiou of the
American K'ople."
The llemiM'ratie Slate Convention was
culled to order nt 1:H' p. in. Chairman
Reynolds, of the Slate Committee,
in his remarks, mentioned
Itavnrd. This was greeted with
tremendous applause. The Convention
organized with Dr. K.W.Cooper us Chair
man. Tho Committee on Res
olutions reported. John W. Causey,
lu moving tlie adoption of Ihe resolutions,
iniiilu a short speech, saying that like
Webster, llayiird was enough for Isith
eautlidato anil platform. The resolutions
were adopted iiniid cheering. Tho
convention iiillmnncd amid much
enthusiasm. 'The following dele
gates to Chicago were chosen:
Newcastle roimty - AltorncyGciierul,
GeorsieGriiv, G. II. Hales; Kent count v
J. Williams, J. Walleolt; Sussex county
I.. s. Martin, J. H.i ausey.
Where Our llelPKiitlou Will OiihiIit.
Maiisiiai.l, Juno 17. ; Special. Maj.
ilerinau Kretz, delegate to the Chicago
Convention from this district, appointed
to arrange for hotel aeeoniuioilations,
lias secured rooms for the Texas dele
gates at tho Grand 1'arilir. He has also
seeureil nil ciegam, sun oi pariois im
eommilten work.
The Inilt'peititt'iil tltnitillt'aii Movement.
New Yoi:i, June 17. Tho Independ
ent Republican Committee, appointed at
Itoston to confer with the New York
independents, arrived this morning.
Thi'v hold a private meeting this after
noon to iirritngo preliininarieafor a gen
eral conference lu the evening.
All Old Typo ""Humps."
Wkathkhfokii, Juno 17. S)ioclal.J
Mr. Georgo li. Harris, who for several
years has been engaged In the different
printing ofllces In Weatherford, died
last evening, utter an illness of loss Hutu
twenty-four hours, of cholera morbus.
M r. Harris was mi honorable, industri
ous, upright citizen mid member of the
Knights of Pythias, by whom ho wns
buried this afternoon.
Col. Edward l'lnlt.
Kansas City, June 17. A privato dis
patch states Col. Edward R. Piatt, of tho
IT. S. A., Adjutant-General of tho depart
ment of tho Missouri, diod at Fort Leav
enworth, Kansas, this morning, after a
brief Illness.
Coming Into the Fold.
Kt. Louis, Juno 17. Special. The
Civil Sorvico Reform association of St.
Louis, composed of Republican reform
ers, have resolved to send a committee
to tho Pomocrntie Convention at Chi
cago. Tho Maine lleinomicy.
ISangoii, Me., Juno 17. Tho Demo
cratic Stato Convention met nt 11 o'clock
with A. Lovcnsdor as temporary chair
man. In his opening address the names
of Tilden and Cleveland wero enthusi
astically received. '
Tho-l 'oinmittoe on Credentials reported
8S!) delegates present. Tho Convention
ndjournod this afternoon, lieforo ad
journment three cheers for Cloveland
'were given with enthusiasm.
Delegates to Chicago wero chosen, and
John llroodman nominated for Gov
ernor. KKCr.OT.OGICAL.
General MeCauilless.
Philadelphia, Pa., Juno 17. Gon.
William McCnndloss diod this morning.
Ho had boon in poor health for years
and troublod with a wound reeeivod
during the war. (ion. McCandloss was
born in 1833; after tho war ho was nomi
nated by the Democratic party for Secre
tary of Internal Affairs and eloctod after
a spiruou euiiwsi.
Milwaukee, Wis., Juno 17. George
P. Sanborn, recoiver of tho Manufactur
ers' bank, has failed. His liabilities aro
about $400,000; assets, nominally $500,000,
but he cannot roalizo on thorn. Out
siders Bay thoy will scarcely pay 6 conts
on tho ifollar, unless President Conro
holds to his promiso to seo that all debts
are paid. No other banks are aftoctod,
and no business houses are troublod.
Only hoavy depositors were fortunato in
having drawn out their funds, rumors
having boon rife for some time that the
bank was shaky. Tho Lake Shore fc
Western railroad company had Just
withdrawn $70,000 in socuritios.
Waco, Juno 17. Special. Nichols &
Robortson, dealers in general mer
chandise at Crawford, this county,
mado an assignment to-day for tho ben
otlt of creditors. Liabilities, $03,850. Tho
full schedule of assets has not been pre
pared vet, but they aro said to nearly
equal "tho liabilities. The principal
creditors aro In Waco, Galveston, Dallas,
Fort Worth and St. Louis. C. A.
Sturgos, of Waco, is assignee.
The Newsome Attachment Collin Coun
ty's Crack liunk.
McKinney, Juno 17. Spocial. The
sympathy which was folt In this commit-
. , t -n X-....... , .Ir I 'r rC I ! 1 i U
Illiy lOr l. I. iiuiiwiiim iv "M ""
place, lately attached on process from
Cm f iili rsl I niifi, l il i a i 1 1 1 1 . m . I I (
In. i n i i" - I, Hml l' . l .ill I . . .. . ,.iii j
llll l ,11 l I n-Ill . . I l,. U'l l nil i. In .)
' I III il I I." I I I ' U'l, llll 'I . I Ii l 1 1, 1, tl i
. i. i nl.. nl fn urn II I. tl Hi .1 il. ,1 n I
I il ii l,lt w III be ilin liniii , tli in' i-r,
1 t ml mi I In I n l i f V i 'I iiue , I ii , Hi i
! I lil H4 l,Uii l.i"n i,r U'-'l
''!-.. All I Vii, Ill-i ll llll I, .till M liii It
miv nr iimv ml Ik Inn, Hat
I'li-.iiii-'is lt tit slim til, U'i" 'Is sitciiiti i
' i ml llu linn's im ii mil ilr t icilii riniii d.
j 'i lie lllst li'Ulslllllllt. puss, t Hll it -I bv
' V liii li 1111111111111111 liiiin.s 1 1 v sitinu
mil mliilil be nl.iiti'il bv pli . i, mnl llm
I lililltlll milleli',1 III iliiln.lgcs, I inlii
s um eitllse il Haa imi pri st litasl In Ilin
I I hiv ariinr I'nr iinprnv al, '' he sis 'iter ut li
j H bttv Is l'l liii am till' stulllli' lusika Ilin
I I . lit r.
Iinprnv eineiiti me Ihe order nf llietlnv
I lit ii'. Tliebiiililiiiuiil Ihe Kirsl NiiiiiuiiiI
: l ank, mi iiisiiiniiiin nf which amrritv
lliav Ihi prnilil, will Imi cMilnli i In
eighty liii uiul H sci-mul simy will ls
iniili d.
A rtirrt-siiiiailaitl ttcllevt-s lltat lMta
l urk Iiml Kurully Ills lti .iilia fur II
DaI-i vs, June 17. - Killinr Hkii vi.ii.1
luti"lllgeiieii s a greal luisl'iiiiune of the
masses ol llie people the w aul nf it taste,
M desire fur It. It Is Indifferent In llli'
most liuiHirliilil uintlers eiililleetetl with
Iln ir well-beiuu. their siii-cchs, their
happiness Ignorance nl llie sill.Jerls
I linn urn the very foundation nf ilielr
I riullls, their demi st interests, their civ il
llilieriv. Kvcr.v lliing is ul stnki't llnlr
religion, I lit-ir KiH-iii I niili r, iheir I'ivillcu-
lion, mm yet lliey lake nn umugiit, nicy
tin mil k'unvr, liiey make no iiiilii'.v.
And wlial Is il? .Ilin lllaiiieis Ihe iimiil
lieetif llie Republican parly fur president
nl the I'nltcif suites, ileiii're this writing
lliere Is senreely a hoiiseliolil in Ihe
Stales of this I iiinn but hits heard Hit'
vvnrtl: "lllainit Is iioiuiiiateil - ISIaliit' is
the eaiuliilatc nf the Republican pni'lv
lor president." This Is said ami thai Is
all. It is Just merely suld, only an Idle
announcement; Il elicits no thought, no
n III elliins. No iiicsliniis nre iiski d, no
bisly t ares. The vv lie Is silent, thi'daugh
ter ' savs iinlhlug, the boy is In
diU'ereiil, mnl sueli iiitlillereliee H-r-vndes,
Hrhiips, lliree-liiiirtlis, or more,
of the masses of Ihe people. They do
not 1 in il I r who Mr. Illaiue is, w lure lm
resides, or w hut his cliariiftf risiicM are.
They lake no thought vvhelheror uol ho
w III make n good jii cslili'iil ; w bi t her nr
uol he is capable ol milking a good prcs
iilelil ; what his ninl al eliiirncter is; what
Ills talents; vv hat his learning; vv hal his
worth ns a mail consists in, that he
should lie placed in the Hisliioii of presi
dent of the Culled Siates-iimtlii the
supremo magistrate ofnll this great people-
this .'-ii.iss'.iski inhabitants of this
greal country, nearly every one of
whom is us good us he. At least seven
tenthsiif Ilin masses are, and no doubt
one-hall' of ihoso whom Mr. lilaine and
his coailiulers have elevated above Ihe
masses liy their unfair, unjust and cor
rupt pracl ices ill the capacity of public
servants, nre as good, if not better, than
he, and yet they will make no impury
into his private or public history. Ily
Ihe want of intelligence a coplc
loso their liberties. Tho ilesiro of
power hi ambitious demagogues is Insa
tiate. Those who have gained a footing
li I hiii the ladder Unit lends to despotism
becomes wholly unscrupulous. Corrui
liou, inordinate wealth and mouoHiy
nre the three powers Unit legislation enn
iii it resist. They nre Invincible in all
Mileliiie contests. They loso nil sense of
self-preservation in etlorts to destroy tho
elements of their own existence.
The musses of the ieoilo erento tho
wealth, ami they do il without the aid or
benefit of legislation in a great meas
ure without tho necessary defense of
their riithts. A few people amass the
wealth nv tho aid nnd tienellts of legisla
tion iind'tliey innko it a means, through
legislation, t'o oppress, distress and har
rass the masses by unjust burthens of
taxation that no directly into their own
pockets to inerense their power to op
press. And the people will not take n
single step to inform theinselves on
which side of this contest Mr. lilaine has
been arrayed and now stands. Liberty
is tho dearest right of iiian, and yet
so few, so very few, understand the
value of it, or will inform themselves of
the character of material thoy employ to
preserve it.
l'Veo grass is its bud as tho deadly
upus; many a raudidnlo will discover
this to his sorrow ..Port Worth Demo
crat. Some of the Fort Worth establish
ments luive luo'-e space in tho I iazetto
than thoy have in their store rooms.
Waco I'.xaininer.
Tho Fort Worth Gazette, tho organ of
thobiilliounlro cattlemen, stands almost
alone in its "freo grass" heresy and in its
opposition to liarnct Gihbs for Lieutenant-Governor.
It is amusing to seo how
it raves because none of the other papers
will follow in its wake. San Antonio
Hon. C. K. ltotl, of Hamilton, has
views which command tho respect of tho
peoplo and should bo embodied in our
laws. Ho favors a reformatory institu
tion for young criminals, so that they
may bo separated from tho hardened
class. This is ono of tho many points ho
makes in tho canvass for the Stato.
1 Meridian Blado.
Thero is hardly n doubt that tho Hous
ton Convention will follow tho Fort
Worth Convention in abrogating tho
two-thirds rule, and if so it will bo fur
over floiid in Toxac, Tho days of moss
backism aro numbered. IRronhnin
Tho organization of a joint stock com
pany for tho purpose of building a largo
wool warehouse with separating and
scouring attachments will bo perfoctod
this week, and work on tho building
will bo coniiuonccd nt an early date.
Abilene Reporter.
Tho feneo-cuttors have a now dodgo in
Atascosa county. Thoy pull the posts
out of tho ground and place long forks
under tho wire, nnd by proping a fence
post, a n ambulance can pass under tho
wires. This is done to oviulo tho law.
Tho Mnrienfold farmers nro hnrvest
ing their wheat crop this week; ana not
withstanding that tho recent hail
storms damaged the crop nearly 50 per
cent., it is yielding an averago of tvvelvo
bushels per aero, and wheat of most ex
cellent oualitv. Tho result is most satis-
fntory to thoso engaged in that business
mere, ana nigniy encouraging 10 mo
agricultural interests of this section.
llliir Snrimrs Pantagranh.
A tax of four bits on each lio that will
be told botwoon now and tho end of tho
cnmnaiirn in Texas would tit un the Al
amo and run tho free schools for three
years. This thing has been closely cal
culated. Arlington World.
' Tho Pittsburg Gazotto asks "when
will jealousy between rivnl newspapers
cease?" It will cease, friond Gazetto,
wlion all tho men engagou in tho nows
nanor business are true iournaltsts.
This jealousy that you speak of orig
inates botweon the blacksmiths that
happen to got charge of printing ofllces.
Envy is born of ignorance. Gatosville
Aaviinco. '
Cuba is an island of volcanic proclivi
ties, in political inattors. It never has
boon governed, and never can be gov
ornod, and never will bo until it is an
nexed to the Unitod States. It takes
$.10,000,000 to run its governmental ma
chinery. 1 Ills enormous sum is ramuu
by hoa'vy taxes on the producors. The
fircsont stato of affairs cannot long con
inuo. If the United States can get .the
island for a merely nominal sum, it
would.do well to buy, but It can't afford
to pay much for a rotten borough. San
Antonio Times.
Tho free grass idea rightly intorprotod
moans tho right of might, or freedom to
fence In, or linc-rido and hold, adversely
to all tlio world, as much territory as
ono has monoy, greed and audacity to
appropriate. Austin Capitol.
The render is asked to read what Rnr
nott Gihbs has to say on tho "froe-grass"
question, in an articlo on tho outside of
lo-uay S paper, inr. uiuun is h ihijuh
nent candidate for Lieutenant-Governor,
and it is important that tho people
should know what he thinks on the sub
ject. His talk has no uncertain sound,
and it will provo a pleasing ono to the
people of Texas, for it has tho ring of
right and good common sonso about It.
l Denton Chronicle.
iiiivs' i;i!M;.ui:,
til lairltlriil Im II lll.liitf, IVinifl !
in In Hint - Tiliiiili" lit Urmia
Urn at Hrnve Hmii lit,
jrltd ail m I railitii.
'I lie renders nf llie I. v.iiniiier will rt
iiiimbcr llic rliin nl 1 1 1 1 hi I puiil ll'iss"
liriumltt bv Ihe nrnlnr nf llie ilit.V,
ul tliu reunion nr Hit' I'tilerul "Army
of llm Tennessee" In I Ic wlnlnl, in.
IiiIh r ss., I'nr lis imIIhiiI dim Ul' Mllll
priiiiiiiieiil heroism a I llm Imitle of
I oniilli, vv hli li wits republished in Ihi
Itis-enlv n writer lu Ihe Ik lrnil I'nt'
Press, s-iiklng nf the Alhililil eitlil-
luilgll, When tills I'llg.iile, Iresli liniii
Idilllo, licnruill, where il bail held
Ihe pliiee iigai list the assaulting division
nf Gen. Davis, having its iiiiiiiImtm
iliH'llllilletl, joined IIimhI when Itnss' In I
giuli" covered the cMrciiio riuht wing ul'
llie I nnli ilci.ite army, vv lileli was i nlii.
t imh I nf lu corps ile'iirince nf lien.
IIihmI. nil lu ret rent. lien. Itnss lisik
iHisiiinu near New lnH'i'hiircli,lheuii'ii
Is lng ilisuiiiiiiileil, mnl liiruitsl a line nf
battle jemsM Ihe highway lending In
Allaiilit, Ilin Sixth Regiment being ale
plnvetl us skirmishers, lieu, lieary
was ailyanelng iihui this Miiilnii Willi
his division, savs this writer in Ihe
Met roil I 'roe Press, lu regard tnihe stand
lliaile by Gen, Itnss ngaliiht such
uvervv heluilng niiinlM'rs.
"Nell her IIihhI, nor Davis, nor John
son ilevnlcs Hue lines to this Inelileiil,
and vet il Is nun that should hav e had a
lull page In Cmilcili iiile history, .lust
as lieary rose llm hill across Pumpkin
Vine creek he found these men in line.
Thero were not over Ono nl tlieui, all Inlii,
and lliey were In the path of n full divi
sion. iWiucil In two lilies nf luittle, and
IiIim king the highway, lliey opened lire
the Iii si instant thelVilcrals raiiiii vv lihiu
range. Right w here lliey liuule thill llrst
land Is a live scarred by il dozen bullets,
and it hundred t-.liow liig from three in
leu bullet murks. Gen. Gem V pushed
forward a regiment, but II could
not gain a fool of ground. He re-l ti
ll irecd it with I Iher. uiul Ihe noise of
battle grew louder. He sent In I wo more
regiments, making a full brigade, bill it
was only when eilher llnuk Iiml passed
the Texan Hisilioii and secured n cross
lire, that Ross fell back. The retreat
was on I v to a new position not thirty
rods in the rear. Here a hit of swamp
covered the right llnuk, nnd the lell
stretched iivvav into a heavy forest to a
hill roverctf wilh dense under
growth. Six hu in I rci I men in double
lino of battle here made Mich an obsti
nate defense that Sherman, two miles
away, thought that Geary had found
Johnson's lino of battle, and Immedi
ately rode to Ihe front. The
l-'cd'erul brigade pushed into the
woods, advancing from trco to tree,
mid bringing a bulterv to aid them.
The (km hail been reduced to 500, but tho
command fell back to rally in u bend
of llic highway for tho third time. The
Federals could deploy here and more by
the llnuk, but wero reduced by 50 before
the command fell buck. The last stand
was made In full view nf 5,000 Confed
erates in battle line. How stubbornly
they held that last lino will be shown
when the statement Is made that over
forty prisoners were taken with smok
ing gnus in their hands, anil at least
I Inn v were killed w hile erossinir tho
otic lung. Tho lioo had been reduced to
.170, and vet il has been left to u Federal
to tell of the gallant nght. 'l liey delayed
Geary a full hour, anil when ho Dually
hrusficd them aside; Hood's entire froiil
had been covered with a breastwork of
logs, rocks, and dirt, and his men wero
ready for tliu expected assault." Waco
Thompson', G.v.
Dn. J. lIitAKl-'iKi.n; Dear Sir Your
Female Regulator has been n success in
my hands. As a druggist I have sold it
tor several years and as it becomes
known it increases in popularity, until
now I regard it as a standard remedy. I
have also used it in my nraetieeas a'lihv-
sician, and always witli tho most gratify
ing success. l ours iruiy,
W.M. llAiiroN, druggist au'd physician.
Treatise on the health and happiness of
woman mailed free. ll!tAirii'i.i lli:uu
l.vtoh Co., box lis, Atlanta, Georgia.
Tho Galveston News cigar for salo at
J. Ij. Williams' drugstore
tor PS 13 ;,
DISORD E w s? . - E t .
and Ai.,1. .-. -
From tlioso iiiurei-s in - , uii.rrn
tbe UlHOiumi of net '"to.:..,, i .. Iwa
symptoms im I lento uu , .... , . i ,- Ia at
Appett'ui, lutv-U i'.t.ii. , V'i'k iam&
actio, fiUlut-Rii tutttt t,.i,i-,, ,,vfrnlont
xertloti ot mnly or "in. i, l.mctattna
nf food, lvi2--iillilt ' li'ti.iitrr, Iaiw
(lirlts, trvu lit' U..i'.f.s; j (; It-cted
mmii dttt-f f JIlK'.l ie. 1 l -.ii, i lssg at tha
Hi-art, lints ln'ioic in.- .)"" - ltl-l,ty ool
ord 11,'l'ti'. ou.VMTll',-. .'it,...' tiiv tl
tn:mil tlu uw of a reineily ; i,, i h fs dueo'lj
ontU" IJver. Asablv i'.;., ...!,. TtlTT'
PfkLS navn no K r ml. 'l in r uttiiou on the
Kiilneys hih1.su n .-.mi:--! nr-ieipi; iei..ovtni;
all iinpurftlcs !Lio,jr!i if,.-- iineo " '"
npirr of liitt mhuj..,'' ii.oiiiioim-" iippo
titH.somul I't ri'ii'lnn, ri'v.'l'''- -"is, clear
kin mill a viiroioHM hoi;,'. TC'C'f'l t'lILH
jiiomi no ii.c- i r.v ).rrii.".u ut;v lui"iHH
witli iiailv v oil: ,:n . 'i i". o. rii i.'t
nn yv.v.:..
"I h'avi- i.i.i ij..-i-tlor.,Twr-
"-n. ,i.'-i
kinds of pli . .r..
"hat have i.oiie en
Gleaned ni- of n
splendid, lo -C. 1::"
have nutuiui m-
man." V. a.
Soldwrrt-lii ri,'I"i .
i- h u. KivW 51-4 K. :
'' U.'.,l VtC.'l COHHI 1'
v tti'.,i rc?i ii'iircveni
1 rii ai- iiirf lirsi
V vooi. "".Iipy havi,
.. ','. -V.v Blipetltfi U
i renuilv, tun! 1 nnvt
I f.xl DUi? u
U ViVIS, ralniyra.O.
' v ,J 1 JiurrnyS'-.N'.V
MMM-umn iwi---ii at w i-iiiw n mi i
GHAT II.-.I11 on ",V lovUHUS changed In
ttantly 1oaii.oaSv" !;i.,,i u !y a slugle it'r
plication of Hit:- i'"i !M hy DrugBlviii
Or Peat by I'IVIcp-i-j i-u-i'"f!i'i;ir. or 1.
Office. Joirmy Btnii u v. Vnr
IKtfT" ttufcl Snfl.- atr-titn
Fortify tho Rye-
teni. All who
have cxpcnlono
cd and witnessed
the effect of Hos
tel ter's Htomoch
liltters upon the
weak, broken
down, dennond-
lllff vlollius of
?5i dyBpensia, liver
compinim, lever
nnu ague, rnou
matlfini. nervous
3 debility or prem
ature decay Know
that In thin su
preme tonic nnd
alterative there
exists a specific
principle which
reaches the very
source of the
trouble, and ef
fects nn absolute and nermnnent cure. For
snlo by nil Druggists and llenlcrs generally.
Retieiubte fine leather; for Roofs, Outride
walla, and Iualde lu place of planter. Very
Ftroiijf and durable. CaUlogue with teattmo
nlala and aamiilea FRKK, EatabUabed ltm
W. II. FAY d; CO., Cnpidm, N. J.
J. L J0H5S0K, Propriltor,
The largest stook of
home grown nnd rc
rllmnted Fruit Trees,
Vinea and Shrubs In
the state. Wholesale
and retail orden so-
Rheumatism, Veurala, Sciatica,
LuatMt Pacaam. ntaatuia, laeaaacna.
rTHrHl,k'iirlltna.fctralMa, HratoM,
Mtartt. krHltl. rl Hair,
ii u, in it is fiBiti rtiv tva tasn,
14 fcj MfnaaitM .! tteit."i'art. ruatatiia,
iu.ii-t ia II Im."
THK I HIIII.Ia A. liHil M-U '. .
- in i 1 ' - - ' - ultMra,SaMt.A.
T!5 Cau sncaf of tlit3 diemlst's M
Thli Ri mcily hat itnod the test of time, bd
keen weighed In tho iralc ot publie opinion,
nd to day hai an army of man, women and
ilillilri'ii, who over their own tlgnaturei beat
testimony to lu cunitlvo propertlei. Some
linvo t-eeii cured of Iilabctca, aonieuf Bright'!
IilMMiie, wine of lnOuintniMton of the Bladder,
tome of Cabirrh ot the Bladder, como of Inoon
tlnenre of tho Urine, Homo of Leucorrhira, or
Wliltei, mmo of pnlnt In ttio Back and Loina,
omo of dlieoEca of the Prostate Gland.
For all Diseases arising
from a diseased state of the
Bladder and Kidneys, this
Remedy stands -without a
Without a rival In tho number ot cure
effected! without a rival In tho purity of Ita
compoiitions without a rival In number of
bottlca Kld. Tho annual ulo of Smith's Ex
tract of May Flower exceeds tho aalo of ftU
other Kidney Remedies combined.
DR. ELI IVES, aoya: "That lu many aggra
vated cases, when Buchu had failed to product
any benefit, May Flower has effected t ipeedy
DR. J. It BIRD, inys: " I bavo found May
Flower to bo a remedy for all Kidney com
plaints, far superior to Buchu or Jlmlpcr."
DR. H. F. MARTIN, snys: "May Flower acta
moro promptly In all diseases of tho Bladder
and Kidneys than any remedy which has coma
under my notice."
Ii n, DESJ. II. I.ON'O. says; "I have found
May Flower exceedingly beneficial In my treat
ment of females."
DR. VINC. D. IIU WETTER, says; " Without
doubt May Flower ia destined to work a reso
lution in tho treatment of diseases peculiar to
tho urinary organs."
DR. KINO, In compiling Ills dispensatory,
has paid a merited tributo to this remedy, fice
page 390 King's Dispensatory.
;.iumbcr of authorities might be quoted, V3
there uro none moro eminent than the name
above. In addition to tlieso authorities, a liv
ing host ot 60,000, whoso certificates aro on file
In the office of the proprietors ol this remedy,
bear testimony to Its virtue.
Manufactured only by 8. B. 8MIXB af
Mt., Covington, Ky.,
If you are afflicted, send your address to
8. B. Smith it Bro., Covington, Ky for a treat
i Titanbna nt tliu nln ild or and Kidneys. 4
makes Ladles vivaeloo),!
cbcerftal, nnd fascinating In
society. It converts scolding ,
wiTes,crosssisters,and home I
!y girls into loving mothers,
amiable daughters, and bean- .
tlfnl women.
corrects all derangements
. peculiar to ladles, relieves
I the pains to which they are
I subject, quiets the nerves,
' purifies the blood, and re
stores health. It imparts vi
tality, tuna Insures clear com
plezlons. McElree's WINE OF CARDUI
Is more stimulating than :
wine made from grapes, moro (
strengthening Uiatn any prep- ,
aratton of Iron, yet It does not I
Intoxicate, but ta as harmless
as pure water to tho moat
delicate Idy.
(Sand forour sizty-flaar pags
pamphlet, telUng all about
It. Address
The Chattanooga Medicine Co
Chattanooga, Tena,
for wT,g w nuTTowTtrra
66o. SPECIU OFFER. 6661
Kithero theiiehiiiiv'r solid HolleJTfiold
1- ::'iiS!,l!.iil
Rinc" only 6e. in coin or stamps, provided
yon cut out this advortieement and (tend it with
your order at once, Anv Initials desired,
enpreved on Innide of IUm? wilhont charge,
plendld Illustrated Catalogue of flne .
Jewelry, Watches, dec, sent with each
order. Send netware of finder, and state which
ring yoa desire. Addmt, K. CRUGB,y 4 J
25 Maiden Lane. KewJprkK

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