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The Dallas weekly herald. [volume] (Dallas, Tex.) 1873-1885, November 19, 1885, Image 8

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II i if a 1 f ,lA.,s. TKXAH. IIHIUHDAV, NOVKMUKH, lt IK5
Ihinrrrt pain
J :ul,itniv, k ..i.l t u uw unUu it aw If it at-
ii . ;r . ? "v.::., i,,r .i.m..,. i.
itll. d III.. ,. ,:: irtwo ""' LV'1","
ib'A lilUaiia.la u . , E u .i i"
NmnkVmi ,v1; ' J CUi:ti KlIIiUiAA-
dToJ ffy uisny or Urn Loading Pnynnlaus.
f GJtOAUl. ! .1. o J 1 Ml ''"';' H ""V, "I'd
.- ... .......
. r ' v r,
hEWl'ohlf, Nov. 17. Ifpccla .1- Hall
rood b3i.il active and hlg'.wr. r"ort
Worth Denver City 0', M; Ci.:v, ..;on,
llarrlslmtj & Htin Auloul i sco
oud, 1.12; Wstern division, D.l-l
liouttm A "lexa. Central, Uno,
flrits, W 1-4; Missouri 'ucluot'iu''.ii.. 1 01)4;
lion Mnimi.'lo 6'4. H'i Wubish, Chle.
gotllvltton,&'s.S. Closed at lb f Jllowlus pr'.eoi., b!J:
."4 S.-1
Ui- U
i. i'u;'i
IS'. I '.ll
ll:i-4 li:t-
1,1 (.1
llh'i ll.V,
121 121
Ui.iie.ii sum 3ls. ii,iiiur.'j.. .
t'Ult'd ten
Cn.ted Ktai-s vw 4 s
Central Pnclno finds, R il ' .
Thuh. t'niMlla I.. Cf . It'til-l'll 6
Tx-ruc. mi.ii a utviiim,7'.
WlllOII rcnic ixk...............
Union He.' lllc Hn'ng rand 8 a
Nctr Yoiac.Nov. 17.--BpiCl .1 1-fctocUs
olivonnJ ftroti;, clnnlDK' nt nn ndvstnco
ofl-2toS3-l porooDt.
Moufy ncllve at 2 to 3 iicr lei.t. on tall
Miru'haatab.'o ain'outn ore 4 lo 4 1-2 Air
beet d uMo ramrt an 1 5 to 5 l-J for bist
Clofcdat tUeftillowlni; i.rlofK, bid:
It to
Contr.il-l uclflo
Clilcv;; A Aum
Chlcunn & Aitnu, prcfcrr.;il
Clilcuijo, Jiur'liiKionAli'JlLcy...
l'eJiwarc 4 Hudson
' IX, tit A- W
. Denver i Kid Ormd. ..... . i..
Erie, rrcforrcd
Harlem ;
. BoUiiloU & TcXUa Ceuti'Ul
Iltlnol Central
IllMourl, Ki.nsnii A Texas
Lnlt'i (ihoro ailohlgnnttoutaoix
, Ixiuvlllo A NiuUvi.le
. itlcblsf.'U (Joo'rul...:
, Allevouii I'ucUi!
': Now JvrKPV I 'ntral
Jiortbcm Paolilo
Horibf rn I'. olllc, prercnoJ
, 51ilcn" 'or. hvCKtcr.5 ,
Cblcui . it yortliweHrn,.reru..
Wow Vo'k t!ciilrii
Oregnu Tiiiiiscoiitlntutal...
Pncl".!! Slat I
. Puiladi'M'lH. Rciidinir
Clilcuno, Huclc Iitlaud PaUllo..
Chicago, Milwimrfue & HI. taul. .
M. ft f t. P , i.rolerred
- btl'aul A Oniiilin
Ht. Paul AUiniihi., piefoircd
' Texas it Par ill o
Union Puc Ho
' Wahiuh. Hk. Tallin A Pnclflu
1 Vrt
41 '
I;: i ;
121 .
3 a
: Wabi eb, St. Lout A Paclllo, pTd
.WellB-Karuo express
yVestorn Union Te.eijrHph
f I11U. Aeked
r Nv- Youk, Nov. 17.-8pccial.-Tlie
cotton t peculation of to-day waj of a 1 ocal
' character and tlio lli.fstuntion In price
1 wore rjtno time Important, but tue ton
dency wai toward lower iaago of vnlnes,
and closing prl oi were nt a decline of 8 to
S poln'R frcm Utf, night. T;tdU:g WU9
small la volume, nlos havins been only
. S9iJ0 .... bales. Thi cable .rapott
firmer markets at jjivcrpoi, u
thi was regarded ai only being
risponciveto tbe Improvement hrr yea-
f teiday nod, lUorofore. foil flai ontbemar
i Kot BoutUorn advices wero also oncour
' aging, but the war disturbance la the
East exacted a greater Influence on traders
. An lntereatlng queatloa among oporAt rs
Is how far will tho war extend, this natur
ally being en.uunnBwerab!6 query, opera
tors are itsiricled somewhat pending ln
. , dUatloaB of a deOnita oUarJctor, but
: those aro not yet. appearing, even
-' '-with the war cloui hovorlug
' ovor. OuthlCors are reported to be taking
grottor interest lathe market, andlead
, lDghoutes have received numerous re-
'quests lorlulotniatlon and advices, whiuii
, thoy niturally regard as lndioa.lve of a
'. .desire to .speculate; Spots wero In better
request and transactions to-duy were 717
', baies,atnadvancoofl-16. "'"
The wool market continues firm, with
' lair demand. In the case of tho disputed
' apprslscmfcnt of tin Invoice of Donskei
wool, Collector iiedden has deoldcd that
the wooltnust be classed as "icoured" and
mnst therefore pay treble duty, or 15 cents
per pound. TUo docision glvts general
; .dissatlsfaotlon and the cace will be np
i: - pealed to the authoritlea at Washington .
Cattle markot steady.
'' Bides firm. , '" . : ,
' Leather strong. ,
sugar slow of movement and prices
nominal. - - .
'I':,;-: : tiENfcBAli MABKBtS. .;;
Kaksas City, Nov. 17 -Wheat lower;
tish, 1H December, 78; January, lit
Cora quiet; cash, SOJi bid; year, 28; Msy.
80 bid. ' , .
.. oau iwmlnaM S2H aaked.
t The Live Utook Indicator reports: Cattle-Receipts,
10,700, shipment, 16.010;
:.- steady; exporter. 8 05 to 6.25; Rood io
ohoice-hluplng, 4.70 to 5.U; common to
- medium. 4.25 to 4 65; stoekers and feeders,
i 180to8J5; cow, 8.10 to 8.u0j gra.. Texas
' Bte-rs, 2 4U toS 20. , . '
Hogs Baceipl. 13,252; woik and lower
, at820to8 60. .
- , Bheep RecelpU, 259; shipments none;
' ' qnlet fiir t j good, 2 25 to 8.60; common to
, ioedlum,1.6J.to2 00. r
- Br.'lnS, ov, 17. Cattle Receipts,
1.400; stili.ment, audi The supoly of good
" crades It not equal to the demaod, there
Xorebtstqualltte Arm; poor ttuff Is very
dull; shipping steers lanRe. 4.00 to 6 ;
; bntcnersteer)8.6lio4 60;oow and bU-
. or, 8.60 to 8.00; ocker and feeder Arm
and wanted, 3 75 to 8.75: Texas and Indian i
wer, 8 40 t i 8.60; cows 2.25 to 2.75
; - nogs-ReoelpU, 10.4U0; acdve and firmer, I
' ' .4.40 to 8.76.
' Hbep-ReipU.t13r0;hlpment, none;
steed and best crades wanteds good to
; .euoioe mutton 1.76 to 125; common to me
' .cLnm,y.20toa.65.
! Or'loarflrx, but rehnged.
' Wheat generally higher bat qalrt.unset
; -tied; old otTH to early; reoovered on
brlk demand advamed Jhn
, . uedofrgln, and closed -H to
Jrday ; No.J red cash, fo to 9; Ho-
Terober.OiHl December, 4 to 7, ol -
lVgf7H January, 8t- mi, elosln
kilTljo to I. closing .07 to 1.07.
Cora strong and higher under an urgent
demand fro, short a.d warmer weatner;
V, o,B mixed, ca h, 89 to 40; November,
rto3i, c od88: year,8U 85 closing
. ...a. 1;iiay,S4to7H.clolDg87..
. Cifs flrmaodalindo bettflf, but dull;
v0. i mixed, cash, -AKktW. May, 804, lo
i 1-8. i
fammral steiKlT at 1.10. -
I r.,vt,mu quiet and weak.
I r-"ll Id-fola, 8 80; MW,a5.
' , 1 too? oisar, 4.7J
f I"i u 6..; irtiort cIobi',
1 "i ' . t"; "-"rt' ri, 6 :;
f V'v .
' l'4 1 ';;her
lu,iilu., .i.,t u wrt ...a a-ie W '
W. IT. UA4TKU, A', v.. ...rem, .
Inn-YM lrrTn Town Ufa rsiirrwvba 11 rthtf
A U. MuiltBAlf, u. v., mn
nv rVe T"nAt tv t dr Hi). b tbhA H,
ths but ruiuLkXy I u't' '" ulieuimum,
11. Y. Dtvu, btoiBvua, Ma
MIV.U.H..-.'.. til
.T '" I J I Ilfll.l.AK .1.1. ul.ML
bulntronic I-tr, eio-niK t nn dviiin'of
P nvtr yn.ti r.ln.vt h t JtHi. e o. d
n. ....... i ...i" M)-h In u:'.. c oa il in im'.l.'u-
imr) i 'Jii i .-i "
..it coicd firm i h 1 to 8 ,,?",'.
huillv liUlwr at 70 8 7. ! .''"'l'''
7.7JS loH7... Jiiu r i I1.07J, lo
I.ur.l n.od. ml-ly hoiIv- nml l;;; .1
8 lo to f.'2 i-a; D.rcinl'Br, t.il toi!21l-.'i
Jftinary.27 1-ilo u i ....
il..,..; , , iLi-Hdvnnil a trilla lnver
dry .'ulli-l H ulder , 8 74 to 8.1WS liiiijr :,w,
4.hi.o4K.'ii;litit ol'.ar, 6 15 t 6 .0! atl
Alu'rVi'..! U-Jrd-WhMi t' ,'Jlocr:
ro:n!,, n ulier; porK 9 tenia lower, ibiu,
Ul-2i'enlHloVor. .,
Jirovi-r'H Journal it-poiu.. v- .v
cnlpi. 8 t.li.piiifnt . l,i J ww . .m
wo!.U: Kl,l..l.lin;.tw. 8?5 to 5.4( ; r.tocli.
or- and i.e aiB, v.tutol IKi; cow. bolKni.d
mid iiilx. J, l.iW to 4 0: throng le"ti
KUndy, 11 iiU la 8 7ii Wenlern Miit n, liwi
iivilvo.ii.ud half iirrwln. 875 t i 4 0J: rows,
XW Ui .25i wtutoceil '1'cxniia, 8..0 u 3 81
xm ui wiuioicil " -
Hiirt-p- Ktiu li.lK.liiO: dull, 10 lo lii lo
nnllYvn.l JitoUticf WiHtoiu Jf.Oi to
Texmi", 1.75 MStO; IuiiiOm, 82i!D4.00
uuili iw " " iwfwi
it'll. -KecMnti. 6,4 0; laliiy hcuvc.u
lower,a2uto 3 f.u
rtriLAnKLPiiiA. iNnv. i7. Wool quid
hut Htcaiiy; coarse rnwimlivd oouildui: auu
" i.T Nov! r.-Wrnl tfidy wl mod
orato di'in "ii li Mid 1'onro.yiVauU
lleecw..'8 tn:!8i Jlndilicin lluoco.oli pulled
wool, 25 lo2ri.
KkwYoux, Nov. 17. linoven-HoeolpU
OM. I. .....I .ill (j.P f.xiuii-tiitluu: Id
.i...nu,i 'inr o.tlle: drewd boef
wBKBtr n U (flier at U to0 fur common lo
ben', iial ivm uuu 5 1-2 to ti 1-2 (or common lo
r lifi.ii" lit-i-elpt", S,.TK): Blow trndoj price
rntiKHin frnm 3.U0 to 4.il for (beep, end
fto 4.G ' to 6 . 6 lor lamb.
, Klour firm. . ' ,
Wut-at-Caiih, 1 ont bolter; very nulet;
niitl"iiBp.'id lirnv ni'd dtcllurd 1-8 to
butHiKin nil.d eliiiugrr and odvnnccd
1 j-4 lu2 1-4 coidug, liowuvcr, venker; Ao.
2roJ H71-2to0S:eviitor f() 2ed, iioinl
iml; Ilecon.ber.W lo W 1-8, oUislr,, UH 1-8 ;
J ir.iry, lill lo l.nl 1-4. t-loBtng 1.0j 1-8; Way.
l.i'liu 1 uScluktug 1 Iff 1-4.
Coru-Hpot,.iviincod 1-4 to S-4, n
weak wit a slliln roactlon; No 2. 51 1 4 to
-11-2! elevator, 661-1 to 66 1-2; Mloiit, No.
2. N' vnnbir 64 to 6i, C.ediigi5; P.ceinlior,
.WS-4 b MI-2. clohlnij 618-8; January,
47-Sto51 1-8. closing 61 1-2; May, ii 1-8 to
15 7 8,.loflnK 488 4.
CVUoe riiot llr. weak at 8; oi.ti.in a
ulin-lo luwermid moderately uetlve; es,
15 760 Laj; November f 75 Occouibrr, fc..8,
JntiUHiy, 0.8H: February, 6 85.
(sugar sin ,dior u.d In teller demand; fair
tOKoodr.tli.ini; qtiuUd tit 65-10 to 67-it'i
rellueii (iitielan i tleady; yel o, to ' ;
eoiifecllouon.' "a," tl.- to 07-lti; Bianuia
ted, 0 1-2.
iVfi.lmws quiet. ' .
line i.teiidy i.d In modrrale demand.
I'Hllnw Heady t Vti tj iV.
Turpentlesdull at5.
Wo'') HUady and lu fair rf cueit'doinello
fliecen. 27 lo 3ii; pulled, 14 to S3; 1'exa,
If to 81.
Pork n-in; mesHii voHjio.
LBidaBlinile l.li-.ber b(io 8 47 1-2; Di
et mber, U.sl to 6.44; Jauuary, 0 48 to O.ol.
iiy rau
Keclptsto date ;..
Btnclt on lmad
Good Ordinary ....
Low Middling
Utrod Middling
Middling Fair
.. , 747
.... 7 1-10
.... 8 1-18
... 8 7-1(1
tiooil vruinary
Lew MUldllii!;
Oood Jllddllng
Midd.L.g Fair
Ordi a:y '
GoodOidin-ry ,
Low Mldditu
Oood Mlddllig , ....
Middling Fuir...
Mldflling Uplands
Middling Urleuns
.... 8 16-16
.... ,
....1) l-'6
6 8 18
6 7-10
ToNK.-ClosCd: Nnw York, firm; New Or-
leans, flrmi Ualveuton, steady; Liverpool
good business.
corron btaxmknt1
Tills 'J'hls
22 88U
0. 18:1
. 4,0 9
1, (81
' 2,016
601,5 8
- 70,001
New Orleans
Oharlesteu ..
New York...
20,0 if.
413 628
25 018
West polut.
Other Ports.
128,0 2!
Last Year..
Exports from all Onltod States ports thus
rnrt-nis weex: vtreni nnutm, v., tin. rumw,
16,054; Coutlnont, 51,456. Btonit Ktall United
Hiatus port: xms aay, 102,121; tuia uoy
lost year, 764,750. .
" I'UTUBBS. ."
lorn ut'tivaauu nmiuiri yi
i.L.Ylie.-eudM-r:3-lo.1. lo 8 Jo-
uiiry t i' to W. i-Wed ' ji lo 4"! U .
I I.'.'u . iii.i. -..i iv. kiuI frriiii'..r earlv,
Opbulng Closing Cloning
UORTW. io-day" To-day. Yestorduy
January. . 8 61-53 9 6W3 , 9 61-55,
February. 9 03 64 9 03 V. 0 00-67 .;
March.... 9 75 78 .: 9 74-75 9 78 70 r
AprU 9 87-88 . 9 W-87 - 8O1-OI
May 9W-lil gOt-OB"- 10 12-08
June to 10-11 -, 10 0M0 10 U . '
July 10 19-20 10 1K-20 : 10 21-22 7
August.... 10 20-80 10 27-29 10 20-80
SepUimb'r ......
October i';".'.--"
November 9 83-38 . 9 n2-i4 9 87-1:0
December 9 40-41 9 88-SO 8 42 43
ealea ... 89,8:0 02.000
saw oklbanb.
Opening Clewing uloslng
hohth. jfg.ouy, To-day. Yesterdy
Jannary.. 9 04-05 . 9 C0-01 9 07-08
rebrnary. 8 19 20 8 15 , . 9 52 28
March.... 9t8-8t 9 29 . 9 88-87
April. . 8 47-49 9 48-44 ' 9 61-5 ;
May....... 9 62-83 ; 9 61-59 9 66 68 ;
Juno...... V 78-77 9 72-78 9 8"-81 , :
Jnly. ..... 9 84-80 9 84-85 9 92-98
Augnst.. 9 92-95 9 89-9J , 9 98-95
Meplemb'r ...........
October..'. J-
November 8 85-88 ; ............
December 8 90-91 . 8 86-88 &' .
Bale 26.81)0 29,0 0
Opening (Jloslng CloBlng
mouths, Vfgi.yf To-day. Yesierd'y
Jan.-Kebrr 6 10 84 5 11.84 09
Feb, March 6 13.61 5 J4 81 12 64
March-April 6 W 64 J 17.64, J 18 64
prll-May.. 5 3 .64 i 21 flt 5 19 t .
May-Jnn... 6 81 64 . 5 33 64 . 5 Sf.64
June-July... 6 k7.64 5 27 61 .28.64 -
Oot..Nov.... i 09.14 St9.84 5 08 84,
NOV -Dec.... 5 08.61 5(9 84 5 07.81:
Pee -Jan... 5 08.64 5 10.64 W.K4 .
Bid. t Asked. , ,
ToHB-Oiosed: New York, quletf .
Orleans, (teaoy t Liverpool . qn let.
. , . 1 11 11 a ' 11 ;
Off toif t Lonls, 1UW par.lBrre!,
CABI'4Cii!'-rn r,murt,9Mi. :
CHUisrin- ticn 1, 3.00; prlng, .2,50.
K.i.m ifK. i-.r tosi.'a
Bni-rea lust rimde noni".m, w;
Pnl la County, i w; r.itier 1 r. p innly
f in rr r- il'-i flf, .H m "'! )"'? J1
(. Ii: elu . IB, II I" HI lr"r'. 'n'"X'-'"
Oil (fi.lilen lll'i, H4-4I I ' M""7. . ' '? 1
, ltliii. 16 til Vei ln.rll, 4A to
hi iihh- foweered nd en' !'. BlU.im
siBiidxid Kfl"l't"l.8 I'lBl.tiill'iu
l'nl.7nl liil'ii" "lift rlarlfl"!, l to
1 ti.lli.si 1 lrin.l.l'(thiilM I ni li n ,
GU!prlire,;New Yi.t HM '. A 1 7.
Id' iMiniiMfle. new erop, prims, o4, to
e;.'l...Te.,8tto7;f.rilyii, nniis.
Mi.l.Ai.iislli"le "W crop LnnUlana,
K tn tin i.rliii. 45 W5J; rbdlwl,olK.lte,So
fair to fc..l, '.; corn yrup. 88.
CHM KBMS-X M1B, I !ll X X X HodB, 8
hn.'WiJake. 10; Cartoon, 8 Y, l lnuud. Ill
er4iu Boils, D Kellor Oylr, tt X
Bini!i r iiii.s, 8; XXX ginger snap, 0; X
Ikiuwd oieimi, Bt XXX lemon creain, 0;
eHkM atid Jnnihles, 12: anlmals,rj; oliurms,
l2;trwUirrycaltB, i Biisr wafurs, li;
cVou bun, ll Anger tiers, 14; ltie
''u.'.'i'llllliileirlwinatB. in kevs. 4'f to (t bl-
uartiilu chmii, cA lump sui kkTu, in kegs
2 1 -''! jjiraniilMvd sal soda, In tj ponud
U ToHACt'O- Ping, 11-luoh, 30 to 85; twlut,
1 os, 8 os end 4 os, 68 to 4ti; unvy plu, 28 to
4tl; nuii.klngtobBuoo, 26 toiiO.
Cannkr Uoon-llb UiinKtoes, 1.10; 8tb,
I.ili: m mart! I'orrii'n, t., . " . . -.,
1.15; 2t klruwueirtu, 1.5(1; 216 raspt.nTli',
I.4I.I 1Mb whoiUflierrtea, 1.40; 1 poBflltoii,
1 3ib pHaL'lirB,2.2A: 3lb tiring beam., 1 i 2 lb
Lima lau.l.loi4. Hot WluiUuw'a coru.now
21b, l.cni J, WloiU'W Jcmi'S' eom, sin, t. no;
muiiniuin corn, id cuu. u..
iieai, 1.16 NuniHt'ii'd tltio innlly, 1j;
Isuii.n'i. n'lirrowfa, 1.65; Fn.noh peas
perm-si., or p.i e-iiia, iU'0; oytr, lib lull
fu.ltiii.l.r.i'Jlbf. w., 8.15: lib ! W.,7rt;2iti
i. w . l.Ai: lib lnboti-H, 1.85; Itb stlmou,
i lit. ii.Hi.-ti'rnl. 1 .Vti lib corn beef. 1.11
2l tern lie:, 2 (mi; sbrlnip, 8.2j; chll con
enruo, U lv 3tt. apiv.'s, l.h 1 kuU app'e
BKirFF carrotl f, I, or.., i-.u per cow.
ns, ti.;)i 1 os, 8 Wi llalpli's 0 oe, 10.7 .; i r,,
.(.;."; 1-2 os, 4.20; denial, eo, iuo; i n, .uui
1. fix. 4 HI
' uur- Olive. 2.75 H bo si blno ludla, 12
lb nam. 3 i V. lu.xi :i-4 tb barn, 4.10 b.l
i ii hum ' r.t u ht.i: 1 :b niiliu t. H.iil:
.iiiii.i. 'onS tb Iimt e.-iiiiiilt. ol!. o.7.'; 3 I
r.iil viiiin. :i 2:i: wblta K.im Ihii. 4.85; 1 Ik
Handy, 8.2A) 8-4 Dandy, 4.1. . , .
CfiiL.:a Htr.r, full -sxltht. Ii,)i3j.
Chki:bk Full cruam, 14!5a.
KlllM' I.Jfl llBSlMI t'OlJJjn KIJ)'', )?-.
Vaavi h kbinh Uoinid. OTti! s'lnnit, l.i
'wiArriso PAi'iiuttag and straw, 45
PiCKitt-S-Kiti'-on pilln, mlxad Picliles
12'.! f ii.hn pints, I .in; bibhs qlmris, a.liO;
glK-J yalliin, .l; gin 1 gallon, 4.5i;
emu. btx, gnlibn,T.6t. In woi.d, bill, small,
7.;)! V-libi,BUiali,4 .60; bbl, medium, 6.51);
L-lilil, medium. 4 00. . , , ,
v!aiiuki'.ki.-No. 1, barrels, 14.5(1; No. 1,
hi.if barrels, 0 6"; No. 1, quarter barrels,
4.ui; No. 2, buif ImrttiM, 5.6u; No. ;t, quarl'-'i
barrel", 3.50; No. 1, kils, 1.10J No. 2, ltlPl,
l.o:i: No. 3 kits. Wc. . .,..
Jlou and nnBi-o Importaii, 1.15 per
kc :; dried lierilng', par box, 85.
CANiY"bik'!i, iw psr pound- fancy,
KaTbikB" Lnti.ir.ii livyer, Cailforn..'., 8.00;
Q3.2j; Bin'iili,a.75.
.jiiiKit Crabapp.o. 0i Missouri cld'.r,
p.r gnllnn; viiufaT,porgiillou, 18 tv-(K
t-TAKcii i'(.arl,4 l-4c; ro; a) g-osn, 4 8-4e;
1 pi.ut'd pnclcu'-i'. 8c; corn starch,
1 pound pBti.si-K, 7c; 0 ponml wood b..x
kIohs, 6 1-4 to 0 i-ie; 8 jximal gloa.1, Co.
LyK--Cma:eulrviod, 2.76 10 4.0U.
JmrnWe qi:ot.i: Do per ge.llon ior
c'.huaI ; crrx'tr.., I'lcp-r pillou for Klnnou.
JIlliMl V2A0UFS Unp.'-Jllld, OljC.
I'mvihiomj wtiort baecn.7)iv;Kbortdry
salt, (ta; omuKi'iuit b-icoii, Uu; can
vmied Ltams.ia lb nvoraKo. lie; 14 and 10 tt
av at lit-; lard in tieieef,
liiCi 6I1 lb oni!H, TMv.'et menus, 7o: lo ft
codb, TiJo; 6 lt-cu'i". 7o: 8 lbcatn., 80.
VVooijknwake Kali liuatiol ineaauriw
Iron bound, y don u. 2.75; 8 nest tub
2.i: b nest, 2.M; No. 1 tubs, $
dofn, 8.76; No. 2. 7.60; No. 8, 8.2-i; nest
of Swhltecedars. S.ffi; churns, pine, No. 2,
8.50; No. 3,7.6u;No. i,0.0.i; ohurus, otdar,
No. 3, 12.0 ;No. 4, 10.00; Hold csus, 8 quAi't,
8.7,i; KannbicuB, r..ck of 0. 3.25; 5 ul. Iron
bound heiiS, .V:tif:a. 1. 11. 1C, 75; 6 wood
UoovikenH, 80; Heal. W. II. I..,4o; backets.
2 hoop, o. K.,l.(;3hO(, o. g , l.W): well
buckets 8.76; 2 hoop, b. b., whi1 cedar,
4 fXi;3 hoip, white cedar, B.&O; red, 1.60;
paper pails, 8.S5; selves, o.-.b, 1.2I"; tt., b.
b.O ⅈ a boob, red, w b., 7.0C; 8 hoop
red, mixed, b. b., 8.00; wuv hboards,
Pioneer sine, 1.75; Combination, 2. 5;tiweop
HlaiitB, 2.7 -y, double oablo coll, 4.1 ); single,
CO., 3.60; ax haudle:'. No. 1, ro ind, ljo;
No 2, round, 1.25; X shavod. It .00; XX
hHjtd,a.25;clothea pins, round wood, 80;
pairatBprius, 1.25.
Baooiso i5i lb Boston.ll; 1 ft Umpire,
Ties Arrow and Delta, HO , . '
Aoins Acetlo.lOo lb; bensoio, 21o 1 or;
carbollo, 40o$l lb;clirlo, 65o lbjginllc, lho
W os; oxitltc. Ho 11b; Balloyllc, :-2 l fb;
tuunlo,8l.i'5 y lb! fanario, powdored.tiOc jllb.
AT.nu Kl.:.lI;m l lti.
. .sMMoaiA--Bromlde,53e?i lb; carbonate.,
lit . vi lb
An how RooTBermniln 45o ft.
' XJAUbAM--tJsr.alba, 450 't ft; nr. 4301? fti
r, in lift
llABK Ciisslt12o ft; sasrafrns, IZo
jriid cuerry, mc fi n.
uv Itn.-.i.-s.im'2.76 H'I. . i
li saUTU-riunnit alo,2.25 ft. !
IjI.UB MASS"4f'Cjl 16.
HOHAX llOl lb.
t)ALcijir.i."A7ntirican, 75c Ii; EngliGa,
ti tl IN.
v .y " . .. i ..n,,,ancu, q fin
UABTllAltlllb.il t"ei", funw.Bui v-."
Cini:uoni'.dia-P. A V 1-oz vials, 25c a
m: 6-m eiinB itso $i ox; n, mo., i-uit viiub,
210 p os! b-os Cnns, it.o i tia .
per caul, solut ion, ym J 1 oz.
Ciibam TAKTAB-Pure. powdered, 40o lb
Gt,YOiBlNB-182oo fti Price, 753co
Kl lb.
. . ivi. RnnindA 2a Wv. aanfmlLln.
Wlb; opium, 3 85;(,.10 '4tli camphoric ib
Hers Pressed, W ft.
rnfTT--I'emhllt.ied, S4 lb. ' '
LEAVES-Buohu 16c 1? fti sage, pressed,
Vs 12 ' W ft; senna, aio fi id.
iii,v..f,(ki V Ih.
Mobphinb--P. W.,Mi05? pi; P.A
W.,oz, Jil.B!) BnillU's a,a.m oz,w.oa.
Oilb Bergaraot, tsanueisou'e, 2.2o W ft;
cau.ila, 81.10 W tt; castor, I1.45JJ1 65lgal;
cloves, 8l. 5 l ft; cubobs, (9 ib I lemon,
Sanrtorsun's, $2 0 lb; peppermint, M 50 Wlb;
sas.oiruB,6.'ioV ft. .' -4313
PorABnlUMHraniide, 40c 18 ft! Chlorate.
25o i lb; cyanide, fueed, 67 $ 161 Iodide, ii
fp ID. -V
rirtirir.na Pnurnier.R J1.10 W ft.
QOININS-P. A W.,B. 910 Wo 'P. A W.
B.OS eann. me os a. at s..os j i" i.
& 8.6-ozcaus, 8ofloS:. - ,
Dbti pDVni T1T ATM7.Tfl l ft.
HOAP"Uastllc,motUed,XLOo Vft; white,
Contl, 14,'4lc n. ,.,.,.
Iatbyohsimb Crystal, , 81,6011 O.
Uttt uTiini..Rur,:Jifi-cl Ih.
Wax Uksis-Yellow, 8O0 1 ft; whlj.e,60
603 lb. - :;
Axkb Collins, W dosen, 8.00; Gold Dol
lar, W dosen, 8.00; Diamond xidge, '41 dozen,
80; LMiuote bii, w.iw. -
Bkii.lbts akb Llis 4Jio ft; ngar
h?.n,V r, ,.,4 ino.T r,
14x21. box, 8 .00 ; Texno 14 x30, 1ft box , 7 .60 :
rwXt hm. 14.00.
Tinwabk Pieced, dlsoountSO cent.;
-I r. Hlu.nnnt.Ullilluint.
flOLOEB No. 1, 180; I4o. Wand K, 18o tt
DOCK Hoitsa Coi.LABS No. 1, 4.00 n dot.
Hameb-Two loop, 8.60 V dosen; three
loop,8..o waoien.
. ir.Wa-ln hi.xes. 100 Tianers. 2.00l box
Gbub Hokb--' dosen, 7.60; railroad
picks, dosen, 8.50. ' , ; v
' kdbbbk BBtriMO--bioount 60 cent,
N ai 1434 .00, rate . , ,, .,,'
unnvm tun spader Rowland's, dis
count 40 per dent; Ames' list, steel goods,
discount 40 ana lu percent.
Heavy Habdwabm Bhalta, finished,
m: nole. 18.60: singletree, wagons, se-
leal, J.70: ouggy, t.to; ei.io., 1
tongues Jo. 00; hiokorv axles, 10.00; bolsiers,
4.76; ooupnns poies, ..o; jvo, "-ff- ??
1 ' o nr.. V-VV l . m-amA lAllnAB. W.. 1.76
8. iod; Bowden shoes, 6.00; northwestern
r7oTsViJaJl,No.6, 6.00; 7, Sr 8, 6.00; bar
tron,4orate rdow steol, 7o; spring steel,
toirntsGrad B.'and aprlng top, 60.00
to IWWXI; do. open, 40.00 to J0aW; do. Jlde
roWng top, 10o!5) to 186.00; do. aide bar,
tfil.00 to 130 00) do. pbBtona, 125.00 to 160.00;
grade A, side sprln g, 180.00 to 250.00; do.
phtetoni, 150.00 to 80O.U0; bump teat bugg es,
176.00 to 350.00; platform springs, UoWto
130.00:1 bree spring wagons. 90.00 to LSS.
1 HiDss-:
1-N0. 1, dry Wot bides, 20' lbs and
1 Wft;No.i.arr fllut lildes, 20 lbs
r, lie ft; No, 1, dr fl-nt hides,
over, 140
1 nder 20 'lbs, lo tt; 4. dry nlut
hides. nndr30 ft-, 10o ; No. 1. dry
sBltid Uids, lie H tb: No. 2, dry salted hi e
so W tb; ary bulls and bad divmuued, 8e l ft,
dry deerssin, 11 ft: No, l,' 4
b""s7i.C ' HM -0 . f--a ' '
' .,tl,'--il ''
1 , r j, ' ' - .-auiuv,-tl--v
'WooIr-a"'.(:--7e'T"- ...-
, OATn.l6-''l.' to 8' 7"5; tted'ore. y.',C)
ti2 7j "- ' ' ' v'i bol. a, i ( t. 1
. 1, ' ,l.v : 1
tlflf Kfll.,
I'mNf-- MB.rlrr.si.il, fsnef , I l Man
el.i.s.er, Si Ain.H.I, ' A'niei.,
ramil'i, ii-J iiboiiiiiiii. "1 ..'"-'.".
41 " iww r.
I . sref. I Allni, At ion. '1
fun i.ii, (i K.I'lynliiiiB, HIiniMon mn4.,
(1 Allan pink bii.I I'tiri'le,) mi, .).. b n
r Kir, 0) lllel.iiioiid, .li.k aud p. i.l,l
1. 11 11 n ill s ilrlliiK.4 1-2; lUsi.'l liiillns,
l'4l Alln rliwk.'.Vl PlMiy. black, l-t
HIiiipMin, l.lBi'k, llwe-lMl,4 I l.
II how M Hnriu Omwu, J An,
guta,8: t:ttrl.'li 1. 1., 6Vi; Clmrler ()Bk,8'4i
l.lv ()Bk, 4: Inlsrimlliiaal, I -41 ( (jtumue
I.USl l.lendBl, 8': nleri.rliMS , Ulnii
dBie.Vu (limit AL,7I-2 Aonl.um.ll 1-8
liKown hiiibtibo (mt In.n, 8 Karin.
ers, 7 1-4) ltonmit, T 1-4)! Pimnnuta,7 1-4
Allenda), 7; Century (1-2; DwItiil.T l-4j
Lock wood, i 3-4) Mauutol i, 1 1-4; lledlord
Vi.KAVifKn HUUIT15H New Ynrk.l01-J
WamtulW, IUK; Lansdnn.O; U.ntdalr. 8 1
IxiiiKdala tnuii.rln, Ii; Miurnu villa, iiil-2;
Fruit of luu Limin, 8j;Uold adsJ,Tl8
Cream of Crop, Hi. .
l lCkllto AmwKtist, A 0 A, 18; Amu
kirns A. 121 ewia P.lver, 71 Btiiudard
O, 6; KbHion XX, 10!4i Rttstrn A. A, 0;
Oakland fane.v. ActiiB. l,V'il,,,i
ItaU'lvh, 0; -t.in.liir.1 Z, 6!; Ptarl lllvo.-,
li'H; Hibley Awnlnii, 15. ,
f.riiifr.i-ilmllion. lOJi'S Tbiirudyka,
Id; Americj.u, 0; Kimlt Ilive.', H; Kaleleli,
k-i U11I11 own, H-a, V'i; Jewott City, 7;;
lliitrcowri.'i-U, i.
Iiaaiua Aui.M'kea';, Oi! Otis, 13. 1
IforK, Vyarrrn,
Cheuk AJn Pijii ns Mount Pleaiunl,
7; Catruba, 7!i; Old Diimlnl.m, 7; Miiiu
Phis, 7 1-4; Ouwu City, 1-4; August, 7
Tuiinetwo, la; Co'tondale,7; Cumlinrlund,
Clinch, 7; Hlbiov, 7 8-4.
UiNOHAMrt-bates, 1-4: HeUrylUe, H;
WoKtvtlie, 7; Bales' Dress Plaid, 0; Hootob
it. 1'.. 11 1-3; Anioskens, 8 1-4; Bslloylew,
71-2; WashlUKtnn.li, Vlndoiuere,7 1-2
OiirvioTH 'iiik.iu:.l-2: HtorliUK,71-2;
Unknowa. U. H.,8 1-4; WbW, 82-4: leu
ltlddle, 10 1-2; lt urrUbitrK, 8 1-4; Hotter, k;
Kverelt, 7 1-4; Hois, ; Hllvnrdsle, Hi Ar
ilnutun. 8: Victoria, 11; touanla, LI 1-2;
liuies, 13.
AIX'OUOL-I'or gallon, ! 20 to 3 SO.
HiiAMntita Douietdic, rr gulton, 1J0 to
80n; linpnriedCoi;uao. IS77, j.or gallon, 4 80;
lrfra, f.a.; in;o,0 7ti; ivni.ow; ibtio,74u; Ii3,
8 00; 1BH, 10 .'.0; OUird, Iiupiiy A Co's. Coi;
nmn 1k7:1. R Ui: IK7U. 7 On: 1M4. Q Oil: l'.8. 10 2u:
Ulainiet. liubtaiebo A Co's. Cognac, 1878,
4 frti; Ihlt). 5 .; 1818, 0 JW. , m.
IN POIIie.'"Ae1 ;er i-nifri, .J w m w,
liniort Hol;Biid,8Ci to375: Hlr lU.be rt Bnr
uutl'sOld Tjiu, norca.ik.StO loUOo; Hol
land, per caw 7 5o to 15 O-i.
WuisKy HecMrtmi, 85 per cent, proof,
per gallon, 1 8i; Wusturn, 1 20 to 1 iw: Bour
Con, 1 10 to 8 60; rie. 1 60 to 8 .SO; fcololi Itn
port'Xi, 4 W to 4 25; Irish Imported, 425 to
C.'nK-MVAC-ar.l Pln:r Hcldsolok, quarU,
rer doxcu, 28 0; J Krug A Co., quart"., per
uoren, 12 6i; Mocr A Clumd.in, rilllery
niouKKeux, ih', U09..U, i i w. wuwh
.luseu, 28 mi; i H. Mutntn A Co's. Dry
Vorvjuy. 21 73; Exua iJry, 2000; pints, no
AV i n ns-Cr.ll fnrula olarot, per Gallon, 75c ;
KUtilnudcl, No 1, per gallou.l 00 IO 1 7ft; Im
ported olRrc'.e, ordinary, per cask, 70 00 to
&U.0; family olaretn, per eak.JOnO lotto lit);
tluo cWrol, por cuili 100 ui to 115.10; Me
dix:, tier CHe, 6 00; bt Jn.lnn, per case, 9 5a j
Mrinusi per case, 7 00; Ponle Cenet, per
ei.i., lu Otf; Lbiobic, per caae, 13 Oil: Leo
voil, per case, 1J W; Chataau Ijatllte, per
case, 24 011; brdlii'try, per oasa 8 20 to 3 W.
OK.UN ANU ilttfilDSfUFirS.
WltKAT 70 to 8'i for i;ood whelt.
Uyb Kn!sj8,7iv; Micte-i, too.
toiiN Ineur.Sit'iS'o: sacked, 0'o 42c
Oath In bulk. 2lC(.23i.: tacked, 264(s20oi
choice sacked 27o
iiAtiLEY 10 :JI:; SacECU, W I IO U70
KHAH Perowl-tt miiw. 80 : JH60
(JoiiNMAAJb Hue Uilled, !:') "S.1.0
Hominy and Gkits 1.00 i8"I.
KRi,ik lKiimed com. VI ioj ft. l.lll;
chopped ecru cud oats, ' 100 Ibu, 1.0j; oorn
Iran, ijllOi. tea, !loo.
U It All AM DIXJU" -f 1"J II", 4.ao.
Hay Pralrlo, 6.75 to 70.1 "4 ton
MillktHkbii Larue, l.ai: small. 1.00.
Fuiiik Kihst I'al.-nt ll(W to82i: Sec
ond Pat t,2 M to2.ar; Pxlrs Fancy, 2 8)
to 2 60; Fancy, 2.10 tn 2 85; low ri b. lo, l.Hi
u.s.11.. noniiera, pni'iii,, wirt mu
cy, 2.00,f,Jicy. 2.;u; cuolce fumuy, 2,50.
Lttmbek (tough lumber, 17.6j; rough
oclllng, 15.00; nalive pine celling, 17.W;
nittlvn nln'n rrIiIuit. 2l.(,0: native Pine
stdlua-, 17.60; poplar celling, 25.10; poplar
silting, X3.VJ: uretntu nn x mutoueu uuunug,
HHiNQi.ES-noi'O shingles, 4.75: O. K
4.2i: bu-rtnlnB 4.(0: bud nine. 8.00.
Posts- Oodar posts, oBt, lao eaoh; bois
u-aro, tue.
jUATHBrer i,iw, h.ou.
Bitioit Dallas brick, 8.&0vr l,iM. -
Plahteh Paiuh -Now York. 4.00: Mloh-
lgau, 4.6(i por barrel.
CKMKNT--Rofendalo. 2.75; Loulsvitlo,
3.?5: PorilMid, best, 4.75pcr barrel.
F.'AKK l-'I.rjF.8"AIXIUt 8 o nor loot.
L'KAIM Pii'KKrinn lOo por foot, and
higher according to Uxe. . -
heavy, free of brands, 4lc ft; X iiLediurri,
minor irHndii.isa id: a n-.avij. 0110 nranu,
SIM lb; A mediuni, on hratid. 86o ft: B:ll:
more croii. lie: RovKitino Onk sale, 3!i.. Ou.
- UUKWALO UHTKB- 1-rinjti, 10 MJ il If.
sides 0lto8ie lb; good, Mlo 26 Ibldos.iiSfc lb.
c . unlet, u to hid snieu, pur m; ut. 11.,
Matiunoias, -de n; no. i oatt Harness mn,
xXioiila 16: Wo. 2 oak liurncsa lea, 81 to P.2i-
id; jno. i nem narnesa lea, inn: io; a-.o. d ue.n
hiirn.'fiH lea. 2,-0 lb: No. 1 California skirt
Inc. 40to4S: No 1 hemlock sklrtlns. ru-.
S'-t't, 8Dci No. 1 hoinlooa sltlnluK, lea
olled,)5o lb; No. 2 hum Bkinmg lea, 8&
.lb; welt and brldio leethor, 1.00 to b.OU a
Philadelphia CALFBlslra qualll
28loo8 ftsto dozen, 1.0 tt; 68 to 42 lbs Ut
dozen, l.ln n; 4-1 lo w :m ui uozun, i.un; u ui
Orbs o dosen, 1.01Mb; 6J V 70 iba to dosen,
6ulh : -
A oold Is unlike most visitors if you
wrnt lo it, rd. pf H yotj rrini: k'va ft o
war n reosptlon wHh Dr. Ball's Cougb
Syrup, the isrul4rifcaudh romedy vt
oat axe. For tale by ail druggists ai
25 conts a btittlfl. . .
' Dublin Local News.
: Dublin, Nov. 10. Oorrespondenoa.
The evangelist, K. Rtymoud, Is hold
ing a meeting bort, ard bis plain, out
spoken condemnation of evil and
earnost exhortation tooonie to Cbrisi
is meeting tbo bfiarty spproval oi
Cbristisns and arousiug tue ulande:
ous tonifuosol the ivil doors aaiinsi
him. He glvos prumiso of dnlsp; much
(rood here.
Friday last witneaaod the largest
crowd evsr Resembled nt our depot;
ir, was to bid adieu to Mins Mina
Kverett, who goc-u from thN place as
iiaptiat mi8siouary to Brsssil. Hhe 1b s
lady widely known and greatly be
loved. She taught sabool here aud In
Uumsnobe county several yoani, and
made friends wlwrevor she went. No
oue who ever loft tbi place was so
much missed as she-especially by the
vouDfr people.
Rev. Daniels and bride, wish Kav S.
A. Hsiyden, ot Dallas, on rout from
Comanone, where Mr.Daniels hsd been
to wed, with Mr. Hayden to oflloiate,
were on the. train, on their way to
Waoo to attend the State farewell ser
Vices to the ttliuslonarles. Thoy
alighted from the oais and atundlnH.
the three missiiDarlos,' Mls Kvereti,
Rev. Daniels and bride, In a group
surrounded by several hundred peo
ple, the scene was pnowigrapuen. j.noo
tnesonooiH, ooin oay uuu ouiniav,
..nj.llTn it. U I. T4.7A ' unit Hto.1I
rlnnnar which the traiii moved away
bearing its precious burden aud leav-
lnK nisuy aa nt'sris iienmu.
No oessation to the steady boom we
enjoy, both in business ana in traiia
'l Had a Dnaoial Cosg h, '
and raised considerable amomnt of
hiond and matter: besides. I wa very
thin, and so weak I could scarcely to
about tha house. Tbi was tbe oase of
a man with oonaumption arising from
liver complaint.' He recovered hi
hnalth Od.noletelv bf the use of Dr.
Pieioe'a "Oulden Medioal Discovery."
Thousands of others war similar tes
timony.' - -. . -
j '1. - Serf on Fall. 4 . . .
Yesterday Mr. D. F. Reagan, a well-
known carpenter of this city, tell firm
a building upon which he ws at work
bo' n,ir- . '-. f'x, la t'r'iln-
,1- .
I c i. t vii - v
t a ) .
.liiMM,.i'l' 4'
1 ,j :po, Sverat' ot tti' iiiB wore f. tct
ici dttUd oaef hi Ui am ever.'iy
Vru'oii. He wj uouvvd ' ' X vi
.in l :rek"'..-s-- t .v i ' i t'd
llBSBrlpllo r Ik Fax ana Hi lanpedW
lnlitl k Ifl.ve4-dvBl-g
ortblUrfMhr Poils-Ssll-naied
Cetlnf tb JstllM
y'Un riulh41, Kl.
UOI'STON, Nov. if. tSprcUl.l
Knowlng that tho Un. CKirli a H ow
art, tf this city, takcar deep lntf0it
la the all Jmporlftnt qms'.ion of dep
wmt for Oalvevt ui and bud uia44 It a
study, a Ukualu oortasp indent exiled
u(h,u bltn to gel au oxprasslon tit LI
vloaanalbo matter of the ehnuoe fi r
8lilnaP, whtreupou ttiefullowlpg
Udporior Mr. Siowsrt, Tua Dai.lah
IIf.kald wouM baoiwasod for you to
ulva ynur lvaab')Ut tun iintbaMlity
of obialutug df p water at Sablna l'j.
Phrt plsoii la la your o iuKrtaimal
dlstrlolaud 1 knuw you nw wtll )l
furmiMl lo ii'Hard to it.
l'lonol ISiewnrt I am alwaya
wllllntr to talk about 8ljliie V.
Utftn wu'er can bt ubtalued at that
ptilutfor l.ma monoy tba at any o'uor
plaot un th pulf oos.
Rflwrtur Why doyouasyao?
Colonel 8. Woll, urt lot ma plva
Ihmsi.u io u'.i idtrApav. x uuu
whioli 1 a tnitiy cf W4r aim r.iuaa
t.mrf in WldLh. ami JjMIRttOp;!. f
fur it. II thfi WAV ihroU,:ll 1. tllO ff
,.r4..m,.l f.i:,'.fr rtt' lll'TO
uja. nu " r -------
Kr 0,..
M-hert. until rene.ii
n nra lllitll A (ir 0 fl.M
t ,.f water, ami tho
,.l,oim, tl,m to navlt'atl jll is lhl) tr,
wbich in now bMiimuiprovuu ny tit'i
irovotnment. This bar, uulik nil
others on the f;u;f ooaat, west at tue
uiouth of thu Aitautaippi, is a uiuu
bar, ucd can easily Us reuiovod; ami
when onsorotniiveu, i.ui.r.p.u i, i -
ter obtained by its m:novl can lm e.H.
t'y mvnialnoii af.nll atianius and n
derailirotliri'tuoss wiU uut-very
little if ar.y exponsr.
Krpjrt'.t wnars n nw tow" "
CoiOttHl 8 1110 lO.'U K UPUU ur lionr
tho uppor on'l ol mo pans ir-o oou
noartiBt'io the laku.
Reporter la it a fc'ooa hub tor a uity i
Oolom-'l 8. Bau'.iiul; in some plaoss
tbe around Is a Utile low, but there aro
i. ...,.ui.uoh,.li. hinks on bablne lake
near by, aud bus for a very small ex
ponsotttlihslotvp aoei, can b UUrl,
Itideiid, all tho stroma coum no huouhu,
and streets, Bldewallfsaud yards coulfi
be obtained whioh for cleanliness and
beauty could not be exoullod.
Roi oner 14 there any good country
Colonol H. Wit'aia a few mtloi of
.i,.t,.,.i ihnrnht country called the
ridur, where the land is rlob, nud tor
tho production of Sc IsUud cotton
Lunkimnf .nil ki'uiH. cannot bt
...rr.Uuari. On the Ii-iuiaiin sine cr
the lake ii Johnson's byou, wbr
tbe lands aro lino, uruaxus, uis,
grapes and other frum: Krow to per
leouon at Sublne Pa-.i?. !
Reporter-Is it a healtb pisce? i
Colonel S.-Keraavkably so. Iho
peoplo who live therd aro robust iu
their appBaruuos and loot nt well as
do the peopla vho live in th9 uioun
iiris. Tbtro ut no cause lor u.'Cku'iB'j.
FAnned by i-U6 bwc-ziisof tha galf ou
tneore side, end enrrouudi.U by the
h!Kb, dry pi'rtiries ou the oib.ur aide,
slid ull tho w nter aaurices near it beln
tide wntors, it can no ,b oiharwlee
than heiiltliv. Bu', I ttioupi t you
wttitfdwy vjuws ab'.us the niobntitil
:ii of di'f p waier it Sfbtno P-.ufc?
R'portor Il"i Wiut to know ttuim.
float, ir -o r, but UuA noma c'iiilolty 10
know i:B thu plaoti and its i.nrrounu-
'"o'ioiioi S 'Wtll, tho piuoe bM ita
8an'rur.HiH " r,'Gui aud. the.
Mionor vou koJ a oorunr lot ta j batter,
ior de.-i) waifr in usaured, already.
R-iportor No .v tell uia abat th
wtukof harb ir improvotuout at that
P' itktt wbt hA been done, find wUst,
if unv, result l)fttH-t'Uobtaiui-oT
Oo'otitil (. After aoiuo money had
tfc.:nBpoct indreilBiUK tje bar wiih.
outanr appreciable benoilt, a project
win subuiU'-ed in 1S82 to noaatruot iwo
i-lties, f xtondinu froai shore to deep
. . t. 1 .- 1. luttu In h. il Ik.
water in me gun, v:u ...... .. ...
tie lesB iour wiles in leugi u, eatimatd
to conk, when completed, toother wlih
the dredgluir between Hie jstties,
11,177.000 60. ou AUgiifiai xsoa, uuu-
aress uppropriftieu tuu,uuii u
-orS aim t'f cnemr", with what. w
on hand from former apprpritl(ins,
mado about auo,uuu avatiuaie wnn
whioh to commonee opTations. In
1B83 in 177 worklug days, 118,552 cubic
yards ot jattvwera laid, euibMolnga
totwl lenath of J6.074 fee of fonud-itlon
in tbeVest jetty, 0,140 feet of which
f rom tbe shore end-was bullf, nearly or
auito up to the level 01 mean mgu
1 . - T.,i tmQA l"'.in t.rri.iu TntrfA
va.er. tn u u,j i - -.
an appropriation oi i200,000 for the cou
tinuattouof this worn, and wl oh this
money in March, 1885, the coustrno
iattv was oommnuoed,
and about 14,000 foot of tbia Jatf.y haiH
been built troin cue snoro mtu wie
Kulf, nearly all of wtioa, extending;
out from the shore, has been budt up
tomesnbigh wawrlevHl. Ihe appro
priation beiDges;bttUBtf;d, the work
bad to atop. These jetty walla nave
about reached the orest of the bar.
Now I have told you, a briefly as pos
sible, what be been done. :
Reporter But has any benefit re
sulted i'rom the labor doner ,
Colonel 8. it was not expaotea that
any sppreeiabie' benefit wtuld beob
tainctt until tho jetties were built
across the bar into tioop water, but al-i-fca.iyhas
the water Unopened upon
the bar; to what exwut I am not pre
pared to state with aocuraay. A I
told you a little whila ago, befoio the
cousiruotion of tha jetties, thera was
not a depth of more than eight or sine
feet of water on the bsr, and it la now
eid a vessel diawiuj 12 feet of water
,!ito easily come in. 1 am quite sure
the depth upon the bsr, even with the
J ttle in their incomplete atte, Is
steadily Increasing, notwithstanding
the Boouriog power of tne wateraoon
flnediathejettiea is ereatly wast-d,
oecausoorthe walls nt bjdos
pleted acrosa the bar.: When built
across the bar the wh.2?Ji"g
patrerof the water will ,b Wrt"
upon the bar and U IU ooa
?1&SX3m will not t.uotbet bar
form farther out as tha Jttlea are ex-
"uel 8-No, for tw JfwU
...rtu ,r,ri4iD water aou no bar aau
be formed. The w-w, where con
flood bTtween the Jywal,
wiib great rspldny, aod when 1 was at
the p's about tba flrat oi
Mr. Raymond, toe engineer Jn chirge
ot the , works, t" an he bdJ''n:
pteted oaren i :Z
f i ho ware - ) .ween tie mmu,
the lnero'
rfOta oi water w ,titi
16 mob
-o feet. The worts on toa
aat Shalt atr-;--ntiy
c during tb r
, t -H l Ui 'I -
-rtf. TT" - '
t. ari it i
id m jjivli.ltii'"'.,
n.iinud a, Tp r
l1 rtf'T
,r '
many pttrouatnTaaliiorautot tha I,,urf,.Iimtatt npidir ...! iwrnttk itue i ,
tl d. I'llB Bsl.l'.'H and NulUait riTt-rS 'r,lvlnr ll Hie dm f Tm HMt. R,rr t rr ftnm i bwjJ5 T K',,1' ? i".T-.Tu'V' '.'. ,
two very larfr., wW ar.A '.p J'W.r
Btrott-jn-eutn y Into Stoitio Uko, VTri-!A Ai n vlLiiau,j nu oii.yL iiu.'-k.
la form, ud a m'. w , V o
ior, ana ai ou '.. 'f-i"-k ' pniTlrlviJ!Q "Tr.iHv.itij:fiiM sn t pw"
ter and tho woturot i,l:'.il Like pjaua bni I iblwtuo .ee,y aiuiiy of u BitsaZ-tM-to
tho Gulf of Wexl:o tbr'.iwu a ''-,'.;SSi7J;.irtMt. i w,iw,.i,el,is.
nel orcataoma fouror ll-o uuloa io t,rrri).i"ii'vi'rHi(c."-''-.A''.
, Z, V. n,l IHU K.itrir CIir:11ijI Is I " OI ""! nmliinkul n. lwiil)- lli ry fliien
lenirib, and til's !'1,,.or ojiujuui m ,.,-. iii.i..r.'--.r v.r.
1...I ttiV.li.u P4S-. 'HUB OIU. or T1V, I "Tl, oluuui.o nnJ tn.l tuiUlktl Mttorr of
for Infants and
CastorUli o well adapted toeWldien tliat I
IrJHVaTutaanyprcBcrUUle. I
known torn." IL A. Aaonsa, M. D., I
1U Bo, Oxford Bt, Brooltlyn, N. Y.
ll1jaii "h"
. . n..4.
r.uf fur, ft-,! nd
T 1
f f TMPri-IAA .rTTO
PACTA wl.n
API AMI CHARTS tictliln mru
m m mum tz-zxz n.
i"XiXnhJ.Z. - ..!!'.
! n
(5 S
i? 0
y 11
4 i
l..;A .7- -
jTircr, ojT.
llilji-ra Ulurftll SI Jo If onv cbilll 10 yniMnM llillslo rlny
muni .,11a h'.ur ofltr rrwlvliw iliv numlcns Jwl tuenom.
,ilWc:rret-tlr. Kolirr'nlilimil 1 Honor oca nii,.inmri.,.ua
. A IL .7.:. -..-V,, m-..- ti... .n.itMiil',ini- lfttilllcni
rt.lt1Ilill't!lOyPT"ll"'W!llIrH"T.H''M'.V J"
, e Wionavlio ltartsboaBht
u r.i.l4t.H.WinniW,l il-wi 4s Una Krudcrttn- 1
Joan of Mhrr Tuau i uw 4lVc c!aliUor want tt itiulm
Vtoetiocs.f can it. - -K. lUs-U.'.'. O. ItoxQ.
rttvtd, CJtirt CiniWy, OWi.TrwTnil'.'iWS'.
J riirre wlTra my Snnrr'f InitanMivOUi i fiurdP tf rr.- 1Ub4
...,i ... ,ll . aritli ii- 1 lr.riif-fl (a llLlT t:
tveuty iit'CM or iimtri you acm. in, b.iouv oi.c-i.au
:nti i.m tMivmutia ujou vul jcuujuo a sua.'
tPMvc,1 (fis Pil'itt'.i Tr.'tBUtotiooii Culil nnrt nra mwch
ulfMirt It. 7 v.t,uia yon i ten. m twttity (litrtw
;iit-re tnu.lt. KrcloartJ you will I'.i.d llio r-.tnay Wr. aui .Aly
t7(afil - rM, ftoid'SOf jsss. '
Thft Sri4T'f( Tnt-ri!nrifrT GnW" to the PUno bpJ Ifttisf.
wltwh-juu K&t. in cuccds, toy uuiu): stiiLuuLiafitX(iuii: u1
SabluM PiBa and Ibn jvt'o jj th'.. eIf,
u.l tlitu 4Mir.-ii.tnr or i-nniitin'' wa h(s
oat tiso bottom, wbioh U soit mm', 'i
plvea nn ineruasfil duptl). Hri lot rim
call yonr attentlim to-, two. ,n
whlntt tiibine Pasaiizs tlio iulvnTii..;;
over othor pla:ei on tin'' eu'i o -ii :
First, ttto birat 8b!ue Pi.i t r a-lt-tnuif-itud
not quiok stint). Q'licli ? (.',
like wivtor, will sack ifs )';V1, atil con
fitblit fired (ilntf tiiusc bfi d" t kee; "
froat fillins ohatineloi witU mud the
eouriiiof tho j it'.ifis thmtia!v,.a will
tie BHlhoient to iee is ui.i i.u .
Seuoud, Siblue Pass dm s not depend
alone upon- ttie aoiion ot tu Urta to
turnlsb a lourlntt p iwr, ior ithMtiW
only ail the powar nniiiilwd by theebb
and flow of tho .tido Jrom the gUif,
bntithasnleo th (treat. poer of tbe
constant flow or the f o jargs rivers,
the wafers of whloU fl w thruurth io t
Hi. mill, urirl MiHr.i iu no OthlT plflPO
on the gulf coiuit of Texas enj ylng
th.me advant Ke. Ag iiu, thert m hu
olhor advnt,as;at SaUnePsj.- Wnou
a vesael teta iuto the tans io ia "
perfectly . land-looked harbor, aud i
not expoaeil to r.uy dan iter from storms
thatnrflvail.ortBntOt.be detriment 0(
vessels ly log in cpen btiy. And with,
in th pavBtowrfM rnouifor tue navies
of tho world to rido t eafVity, fr
ttiere is sutUJiewt uoptu auu -tu.t.
8a room. , .:,.;,:...,..
Rporwr Will tne oi-tanim w
of thopnalntersbe Ktifflelont to com
plete tho work if harbor improvement
at fSatbina PaesT -u
Colonel . 1 am auto iv. ran .
,0Rar?eie-!what doyoa tbink nbo-t
the ourabllliy of tho work alrtiady
Colonel S.-h'o wost jtty,'ifar aa
it ia completed, was bulls la 1883, aod
since thu the oyst. ra have built now
H until now it ia almost a aolid oyster
bank, ana i may.en.v iiuuo
struoiibie. The o.her wall, o far as it
has been built, la aa well constructed
astbewestwall,audl tloubt not but
It will also be covered with oyeters and
be aa stronft as I ho west ull. The
work w " " "'l done, and I have no ap
pnihanBi m ..bout tne permaoenoy of
it. In this conneetioo, let me tall yn
rhino; Tim teredo, a smsil
a.a.ttmrm wluuU f,,(,roy jetty ,walU
aisBwhora bv iif r r ,rlnir tbe material
a ted in theosuoor orusn mattTeases,
mfTant ttie) walls at Sablno Pas,
and the reason of tnis is that the mt
tressea aoaoon beoome enorustea with,
mud, which 1 dlstaeteful io the teredo,
and they will not penetrate it, hut aand
tsuoobstaole toltsravage.
Rsponer When the j titles are built
aoroM the bar, how uauoh water do
you expect to obtalnT - ' : .
, Colonel 8,-Not ia than 80, and
moat arobably 40 feet,
Reporter. Tue facta you hava given
areoertatnly emirrniraamg. '
Colonel S.-I have stated nothing but
faow, nor have I told you all, for to do
so would oooiioy too much apace tn
yonr paper. I aim very tad thsit TK
"tAaALD matitleaW Hii lowrMtia har
for iitifKVHtortt at Sabine pas. All
t'.apro .teof North lexaa' ""id be lu
t .-tedlu tt. IV wttuid. f i you a
r-B' ;t for your rbe?&
( t. tail tbe
'.be ' '
a bn-
t3T(MTUo flu out dloaul or n nmo wwrj ,
Castaria enrea CVilra. CV'
ration. "
WiUieut uijurlcm i
CsiTAca Courier, S3 Fulton -fuut, .f. T,
lltl lft.41 lit fm '
Lnrffl Profltl'4 S23
mi.. 1 .r a mm ..? ci r. Ar.rtjTs
niltll uur vnnmuni '"- "
OlV "I linw eompld ens
OM I ,NJu- In II. 1 am ttilidf.
fcr.l ,1 f- '
I ,. I f. JWIM t '
" TtiL. luk Kilmif ...al llv I tt' ' 1 . 'Xfltf
oHen in .w i'r "-' I- HuWlM. I . .1 ' -.'i iTl
UOtLBH. Tr.rltCo.. Tf.
" In on. (lay t ranvtt''if I IPB -I t
.. I .n-. In ..nil fu. I On U ,. i., .. .
i '
'jzsx too EWCRiWJWS; iy
mud."W. II. MAUkV. uilin i-it., I 1
Hii'.iii 01 11 10 ante rvmssi it v rw : . 1
o. mmm ?mm cp, si. Lou's, vx-
a- i
. .1 I
VVAVVYji: ' -il
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3 a
ur "not
,'".VJ '"IV":. .. ,7 7:.7,i: - ... .... - , ; ,1
L'nitaUiraii.tiHlsvt iiu iiwi.ub, aiivj m
nTfiuiiiiirvriiiiPrCinoiio iavnnnro;irmi n ir
I.ii4.t'.rf i
... (.aL nfltl T.i t I
Socta laktaucnncooa Caliia r. . ; O
? '"LI" ' r. . .
Trry grftt jilrj.iiw lu J;t)r 1 1".''lM''-l,.I ; (, "r J'i, . Tpi? ' . ' I '.
iKtli a. itn.it Invantfon wn
1,1.1 ili.i ifiini and nicni'r io crtiB.n
o cjt,,:nyl.-,rl. I 0.:t.Vi.4. ? 1
.1:. n u.
Alll.Ma.'lUl WJ.J4V
T tan.' wctrr;! I'm tMr. r'O r.uniRl ','- .HU. 1 1 JiT . .-.,
jtu.trifa.nk. i. t- .Vi..ii.l".i, .. ''.'v,4irfl
l,l,v ,i,i il,,' piuao aulwita tlla.
tii luj, jiwcjiiu.. . . -' (,
e4s9rn WW. (USW ."4ce:., kt'X 1A f i
I tnvtlt .all.Crtl rUHlTirSoi.'.!'". ll.A'--i1' f l
twctitv p'tr r. ol muilP. uni .,-1 1." , l'i ,
Tiirt (.1. Wo li.T' ft i'loe.ir,:.ii .rilirfl in i-..
rcreivod.fmm j w. v.i. .iil l firt ii,1-,"
I' l.d nit cuUiut Vl-ZuU stuktltn- v
W i V Ml
i if lL '
u...m vt..i,!. il -liijfC-.i
ireif adaut-d ,-:r th" 4:.i4--:wh o
.,4-:'."t((. P1
i' wi'.'.i;i.k,'a
lfvti noot au-f iwWe.1 'y ': At'
m .iv means tirn-j eo
An f-ti.
i: Vlllij'.'-JM yr.i
hi t tins UKJi r,.'.ati
.,'r. l. tr.i.l" tro UOUI' .'' :' I I V4J.V
ll'BOT iila'OUS BU I O UUl) : .1'VV. o-i'tilf- v,.
ion1'..: oi, "B 43fi .v-'"".. '. r
.; e.iKl.'il.'nt:'.-!-?- i.lifi
ni;.e-.'H--'ifi,ilim vk
i '.vr.i'lJ-i ri'i-t'lVOii" -1
it n tW r!vvyjr,l;H
to S'b 'io l'BSS 18 UI Itvit
of loiia-l mr Dine wllinli
no id, una ioh e .pairtiotK i vyvw
to Jop wBier-iii atve. , :v,A"Ji,rr4-'i,
IlM4t .a'o:o l'i- w- ..h rr ; 'Vt' ,".-f
nut 'O i)iiu urw sii t ii' vji.ii . ,a ,i
that will to.rt't to yptt.- "s.V0iton SriMB l.''1)
deep wat'tr e.t 'Stbice- P. J.i. aU ftut..W
give kJIiP" of h.iiu-('T.cy 1 ,:
present tuHinw.Mvt" m -." ' :-)"f'"j i, ,, ' v
ihlnktnK pe'i'W'iu. D.' Mrfr-4ttjajh ts'..-
ruluva .;.c'Sity t ir.ii tf'!')'.
'uirl. rthrtfnnlatir Ho aator!tt' r",!t
Tttxsa with ' Brain Bl'.-tiij,' vd. X
repeat ibfct pcrinaneutf: a9i w
be obtxined at 00ft to :,IV xvow.,'.!
lr.oi.t at M ilium tjaa ,ib t .. aus.m; j.
pohm on our tU( coastt ..-.wn t .,.',i,-plMi-,to
II.ii naii P .'or h, iux.lf lUj...' I '
ale. in proourlnij deep i;i'f'i ftatfi.fe'r..
CokiOHl S.-Bf action. . 't.JtviPv.o-
nie ot North -foxua, wv-- ' 'f p.i.t v
N.irtb Texas, HroU3 tilt :mnJti .the p.'
ncessiiie or tbe $itu.!i.-ti 'tfiia iw-w
that thev ere not lnd)lf,i!44t''t-1ith.it
Huojen i iii'.i,ittii",v t-.'ii". 1, ..V. iii
- -v . -i...- .i..i..:k,.,v t , . . t'.ti.i.itr. .-. -.1
p aoii.
UHE VUUC ,l .lfJ-,r',.J't,u'r-,'. .
1... .,.,,.l.:f..i. ,AhrA,:;V,ii
.1... . l.-.r.r... L- ...M X lltltrt UOIl j 'r
Pl.lltKl,. vr. o ,a .',. ij.'-v- -. .?'. - y .
do leei a yreaC lbto-v la'tM )titttW,',.i; ;!
that it la t:r .vital qotvwi-c; lyrtcviw ,.
.tituentir, and when fh..:,'ii,'M.'0. daj,,.;,? 'p
qnato ap?r.uM8tKrrwwi.on.ei
iiHUt. uwp vri ' jw." .'. r-,, t v i ' ,i
e 4- f'tVifV-
' is'-V,';: - -V.
vy I . 4
I' f
,i, 1 . e oi- ,'nt U.)UK " .
m&'i , 1 tvu-' w,; L r ' r

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