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The Dallas weekly herald. [volume] (Dallas, Tex.) 1873-1885, November 26, 1885, Image 5

Image and text provided by University of North Texas; Denton, TX

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ttlri . j i M 1 J Imam-mi
Knllli la Ilial (lit frrir4
tit Mm ik nan) in r '
Imi Mm.. . a pirnf MaiaPlen
tli.la fl of "I
Wai a ! I f !".
1 tl'fi, ' V ".'i. I.inl 'l. 'r HI I -!
ir HI''. 'H I i'" ' k"iiaf-
all oii'iiin.i Y'imi'H'.'-'"' i vi '
kntaMiln W..i .. A .-I. public M d
prltt iii i fl! it !., '
bll-, l.itllfll ' !".( l nllli'H-, ifK
ODUrt-,tl bin ' l'l
l.,'l 1.1 I
-t i
,.,.v f.i
Amy 'i i.
.Religion ' '
envur-i .i .
om il.i. t.v
art pi , f
TIlH lo'i'l ' I'f.
Ort-t litvl I 1 i
Dallied L'l i
tb . r - ir.
lull" in ;t n-
thai win ' :'
.. '., .. JiM i.i i ! jy.
Ir i vl 1 li" li'.'ij t
... , ,!( . .. 'i (I . .ii I'..
I ( l.ig . ;' 'K
... I ' li I', i I' '
' i-l . I' iV" ll In
,. k-' ivn-rf it i v over
ml. ru in p."' -1-
I Ull'lr ' IMI I"
I.!) 11 ) IKW.
! rii'im n lu.V ' o'l
ilav. i't .n b i. V Blil l l' ''"
pr uriot." I r ' i ' "'1! ' l'l" r - 1
'' "l'1.'' i;ill'l' !' I M'ii-fc'il
loriit-y f'ii limit! m ii. " I lo-w. I il
no i liii. linn- ifpin many will
be riUn. ''ll '"' "
Thn.ii(;,iv:'.i' HU'i i g'uK '
pre l mT )'i in it-
A ti:il KhAsii- nl'j i.- J !
A. liuiilun l; Mk ' 'I"' l 'i:iiv i
BtRU-0 IK IOIIIU t' . U'rlnU l
Ik vrdlBi "f ij if ii..i. ,.i.'!mih Him
uiiyri.i yfif- i.r (ir:. Dei vltuitH,
Hmnli ea biuh (''.hii-
ternt. Moliriui.r, iIhaMhu.io. .
follovr.whu liutii-VMV'i'iiiM l i-tilllon
blowavay. Hit om')a?.i. l m iiipt
ordem koiI nlimr funiln n iii tuna of
,00O, od 6u f )''! (Mim "'l buud
f (ha pohtuuHibr. Tii jury onn.!
litra RUhiy o:i Iwra l!ii1i.iimi.ii. u'-a 'an
w rMji d-rt. in .)!( in w-i'. win
tonii. iIm u utterly hmkoa down.
A ltiu;v ''fr'IV wi dMituiiU t
Couiai.i'tiu ihl iiioriil t'i I'.o hiht
UiH'i I- .) .11 t.l!sr.. t'ijn :o Mi!iis(l to
b oim f i li'M lilfjUxuv'iu n r il"
beJ t.hiN tur iitm n( vnr ?i;'.i . ;r
thin on v lusl inor.in. Thr 1 no lll
, tmviovr, vrhninr ror m;l thw rltlit
nun nnuM uaul ilia i!1iiw in
brouyni lirro niiii tli frnun-N ') ut
far ii.l Hi .' r hl-.'t hV klui.
AHicoui.irr ilnr.co Ut nlfilit. nir
tks rn f ii if ol Craukfn h'i"dlia
lBTHih'dtr.1- .f' iiiisei mid dtovij tbo
dancers ou ol tiio ro ntt u.it'l tu
farnwr mxt iit. in vt'.'.h :him1 and
atood muni i U' Tli-yiluui tuto
tbo yurd mid d in a pjiinoi fa-
allauo of pinVl ciixi.s N.i urn! Unv
bem uiwli. , ,
Mr. W. M. iNl.ry, of Vcn VvVrla, !
two hrA (hm bfimo'i!! sTD c Ttry
anct;' i.t 'f !'"' Jjk!" H'tocl
Fir Kxil.ifti'l'-a-r, tor v!jiiM iu 1
flutn ifi'iit lim itit publlo mid
aitn lid . ikvt;1.
Alx rtiati, noiored, wu lrid ia
tboiatrioicun. lo-duy l"r i n aaurdar
of bU i-!iir, and wna i.t9ai;l to J)
yearn tu Bl e prlxon.
Adlitiial Ot)'itrU)atio wor milo
vp to-day Jor Iho Uulvajlou llie mf
lerero. . ,
ttotuKi r06ipti to lt, 4i,100 Lalii.
etiv to-day, 8.50 to S.70.
Senator Ooko lofc lbi brnalus for
Waaaiug on.
AlUnttar in Which the Pablio hhoold
Have a Iteal of4 Iatereat.
To the BvadaM of turn HiRiLDi
Wby dDO tue goverumont apuad io
' mnoli munev and rist ao many liros
in trylDR to capture tlio ouutarfftitor?
''Sappofa no dooi eonnterrmi jov
' ornuibul oondu and notes, Hurely tl:o
Bovemuisnii U riob. oiiuiisd tottsad
" any ioua hli ot m7 oonfnr."
i;nHii iudiviaual olvlzftu oaula ill
afford to bo put to uonilnual Monuoinl
loa U suoli rtaprsa-3a.i vrera lyi. o nu
whippi.a ot Ja-ititst".
. ' ' . I( is only tlrn valunbln thinjj that is
oounterfuired; ltii only in tbe HgM of
purity and virtu j that imparity and
vioe cri bo kno .va. ona in ihae.0
. dayg;would ooiimwfolt it 'Contctletate
nnnd'or note, "
k People who commit fraud ilayao
it by plmiila:in(r tno hitfi-toat virtaej
by preying on th oloaneut laoaiualon,
by employing tli o fair nameot rlrtuit
witbwbioti totjjive raapooiabillty to
Iietua explain: Sovoa or eight years
aco, ao we haTO bean inforuiod wany
timoa in pnblio prints, a Nevr Yoru
State gentleman wan prououncod, ci
Many niilliona hnvo been pronounced
boforo, .inoarably eicfe of auexlme
- disorder. By euijoationa whlmi bu
r fccIlcTOd were piovjdontial, he wan 1'J
' to tits 8u of a preparation ivLwh had
been for several yoara emplnyedby a
aelijot fowphyBiolans in KewYoik
' City and " In one or two other
prominent plaoeg. 'Ike result
was tkut he waa ouredj
' lie whom doctors without num
' ber and of ooncodod ability, said waa
Incurable. Having secured posaeaaion
of tbe formula, absolutely and irrevo
cably, he determined to devote' a por
tion of bis acoumulated wealth to the
manufaoturoandBftleof ihlsremady for
V the benefit of the many who nuSer aa
. hosuUrtred, in apparent hopelesanosa.
' In less than three yeara so trruiendona
' beonmotho dbuiand fur tbia remedy
' and 60 exalted the rcpntatioti, that he
waa obllKd for hla purposes to ereot a
' laboratory and warehoase ooutaininK
: four and it quarter aores of flooring and
i filled with the most approved nhemieal
' and mauufaoturing device?. Probably
. there never was a remedy that has won
i anoh a meritorious name, auoli oxtra-
- ordinary aolea and has aooonjpliahcd
muoh good for the raoe. .
" ' Unprincipled parties who flourish,
only upon the ruins of ethers, saw iu
thin reputation and sale an oppor
, tsinuy to reap a golden harvest, (not
'. laniti c.t.tTT vinr. hnnnyflhlv for whlnh
purpose they have made imitations
and substitutions of it In every seo-
' UOn OI tne country, auuiuaujrui nun
" drrjggiata who can make a larpor protit
4 ..... n Imitation ttnflin. Atl.ATI num.
promise their honor by forcing a sale
' Upon tue unposteu ouauuiuer.
' Yes, undoubtedly the manufacturers
- -.,! 1 iai.iI t.f irrnnrtt Rnflh in-
wuiu . u.i w n " " w "
stances of fraud bo far as the aflect
upon thomsolve" is concerned, for tho r
'remedies nave a oousiam uu
-' nnmmlttinir . sale. but they
. leal It l.o b thiitr duty to warn the
v publlo nRtiiMt MHOh imitations and
. substitutions, non secret otiiJ o'hor
" wie. Tii'i individual vrlio b:'. tbom
" and the pnblio who . cr.un '.naanoea
s their salo lom RaiVc.' ;a miad, body
; and estate therei'or.
The authors of some or these fraudn-
lent practices havo been proaecutod
and sent to prison for their crimes, but
' there is soother olass who claim to
know the formula of this remedy, and
' one Sunday achool journal, we are
. told, has prostituted its high and holy
calling ro far as to advertise that for
' 26 oeuta it will Bend all new sub
scribers a transcript of the Warner
; formula! This formula, by the way,
must bo a wonderfully kaleidosoopio
' affair, for there' is hardly a month
. passes when some paper is not issued
; which pretends to give the only eor
.' rect formula I . . '
r The manufacturers inform ns that
they would be porfeotly willing that
Vth publlo should know what the true
r formula of Warner's safe cure is, (none
that have been published are anything
like it) bat even If every man, woman
-ai.II In tVin TrnftniT HkfttAM VATA A
r.m.. .4tv . 1. 1 .. fnvivmla mm with
J TTAbU luia iwiiuui. w "
. . . . i Bll nnt Mnrvinmimrt
ilthe remedy. The method of maim
factmrtia a secret. It is impossible to
obtain the results that are wrought by
& this remedvir one does not have the
I perfect skifl aoquired only by years of
s t praetioe for compounding and asslm
3 ilating the simple elements whloh on
it ter into its composition. '-: ,
! The learned Dr. Foster, the honored
l r tfllirinn Hntitiin aanitMrluvil.
iiuvm ui ; , '
OnOS PBlll .fcOaii IIUKU1J aua-
lyced this remedy he recognized that
ti.m nlwtnwnta that onmiww ft were alm-
ii (( I' . 'in
it'f 1 1 i - i i i i"
ItM'bf, I
1 1 i i .
i ,i i , i . i i
. . H n.nlll I.
III,. .
(1, i nil 'i. I....', r i I i i '
. I I ' ' I . -
i dly.il in i i Hl'u i 1 f .i ill
ill rn'ii'SlM"' " ' i' '"' J 'if "l
I ll'llll
Vfi ' '
., .11. ',
y. "
a ll III I
It till II
Til IM.
ii i i i. y i
f iri H. i . ii
li i I i i -
Air n1 ui.ili
I.I -i M -.l i f. . I , " "! Ii J. I. V t
1 1" vi. ,'i i lu i'. T"U i' . ill'
Ml- i ii " i . " i a '" t- " ' i "r "ii
I'll 111 If) I I ' K- Mm" I J Jl "II'! 0 IHi
'' III la I'll I V 'IT M ' III. Allu'l Mil
.'a I lor W '" ' ' ' I'u." ' I'm
I I.. i M t ',' ' I' ' ' 1 ' 'i ' l 'i 1 1 II I '
i iim I ' Iih rip.ru I mli i 'f hi
i'lHirt.. '. ii' ii'ii l--. ' in i.' K
..i' I n i ' " Ii ii ' ', Uii imi x
ul jl, . 'wll, l ! I n' it ,rlil t 111
f.r. int.' ' i . i.;i m "r llm "nrtf.
Yon O.ll.1' I'.' I l'l' ' ' 'I ii I' "U I Vh 'I ' !
(.IIHtli I'nllt.H i",
'Vo .vii in . i .!.. t-i niin- t f r tli"
i...nl.fV IV, , '.i,v .i.e Uil'.lii-ll I. rt't ttiH
i'in i". iii i I ir i .i it rn. uiiv'.'iiiri r
Ul.ll 11 .' .IH.i t lui, I';.IV .'(lUlDl'lll.l
:biir iil,.,n'.ii i H'd tlilor'.'i toro In
rf'U;i'n I i iiji i. .i .viii. Id 'M.'Iiiau
I In Ir l.tl' .M.IIUM Kf.'l i iii.i i l'l. Imrt ln-l-rri'.ii;
(iif iiiij'Ui In it iimii r f n.
Oirrthn Wnnilviliil 11111011 i,f Uimtiir
('owlet'. IHu I hn'iitili;Ut Ciirliiiiii
y-fLl S'.i.iiti'il 1 1 Ilia fai 1 rl or 1 lnif
l'LNi), Nov. H. s, o -.iil. Osr
peiipin liava been f inom-j it iys, nnd
i.r:iiiil,will wltticiolto'iiuiii, ovorDr,
J. L.. l'jviier, the il-kui?rn psycbol
ouUtaqd phrenologb;. Us hus lee
tiir.id two nti;h'.H alriai.dy lu tlinopora
house to audii".i!iis ar. 1 uy, 11a tho hall
wuuld t.llof , niiiiiv b' lm lun.'id nwuy
l"t WAUi o: I'Olilll. ! li 'l I'.bJll
Dpvi.U(ir, a:i clii(UH!il i.'ttnr; cbiti-t
piiinoi1, tbdubiift'ilo 1.11". 1 aiid irrmid
ai-n 1 ti u. b in n; irniii i-'.n lipa nito 1 ha
r.di.i '.'in v 1 m-iii. fr 1 lUiilHiiuiuicr'a
aui:. An nii:i;t-ii-i 'ir ii ii 1 o :n ('ter
ditllneiilur Lh i.t.imi'. am !. ( 01 t'.'U
lint, tint puaiuo.i l'vi:i: l. 11:1 :,-i-nrdfd
Mm IhrDitniunii. (in i;i.iur.vy.
Aa au illii'iir.it 100 m U'n kiuio-t niipi r
uatural lmiiiUit lulo tot knowli t
wkloh U eopp tod in t"i t'oiiid lroin
humao i:nUt rht'.iiiiUu., 1I10 dnmur
eartfully i.!i linciiUKl I'm cl.'Hi'i'.i'.ti-ra of
two i.f uur cr.iziiiK, mi l liltmi IVi!ilid
ih ci lin- ol u-.tii- hidr und eftw, Mi
.uittd thbir kUOfH-'oi ui.U litiluifs
with inii'.litjiin'.ioal (ircointor ; )i i!ie
Vfluo ol tluir p(ikjhu:i mi owu
lhir very tao'inots. 11 j s.ii i tlnit rue
id tlin suvJdo'.h iiad 11 pont'lii-tv lor
ch iMco namca or ?rlela oilnclt; nuttlifi
iJri'Lur tuld htm bo wi'U.u rave lm
;ood f.irtuuu 111 lottery Uri.w
inj'.. Tlui in.iu uiliiiitKn) ktint lif 'id
tried te baiiiO r.i:d Ic.'.lr.l. Anottiar
fliontldnii'.ri'ii l:o(l wn.i iixiiT.ined, to
wiu.m tho doctor ' !il: "Y'.m bti'i a
rU',iv klilrd, I ibluk n liro'.'jdr,
yniitu at. Yiu airivu to.-'m in c".v
about a irjf.tial who bi'i bi'en In a h ;.
it.gornpo wnori(i tarto pnrM-nii vtt-.rv
0:lf(3jed OU.t 811 Old llHIMIlMOilll'H
tfio j'ourjff nifM. 1 il'.inlr," cduUi.ui d
tim dooinr, "fruni your iu(nd tiiii ld r
was no.MUtd by hh of iho jouiiuf.
and oi'ii ot tbo vuui'Kr niuu kilii 'i."
Tho iliMior Ui goutieiuan iliat be
Imd lort l.ii - I'm. Ali ibis viia told to
Mr. HartM, ti. i.it" T"f our Profesior
i . K Hurt iv, of ijii Pltiun liiMtiWte.
Tn aant.i.it. vis i-iiit'.i.d ti'o fit.rfi.ci
truthfu:nci.i . ft Lib statement.
Oa u'.'i iwi'.u . r. .FowIit U.'.d a
boy who ltfa ;ii !.i!l-i county, via ol
Mr. !i!l ", .1t h wi ui'l luave bonin,
una wnran.l i;'i'u r. Ikj ir.li) a bushivis
o'ruuui"i; o r: ,a ora in-.i niatd l9
killed. ' :kI m uidlenyH lin.'tip, and
lost Jul li'y ''iii o ngai.;od ia ruoning
oun train. But this is not nil tho work
Dr. Kowi'ir in dolus. I.t week he
gave uioro linm ?30 10 niinlslu-a imd
cnurchoa UTiHollu.tcii. He fitvn Mr.
Miiviatiy $6 fjr tlio C'iiristirtvi minlatfir
iliioa'.lir. fic nun an wji.wii.mi)i.ii
to liieturn ft Dtcatur mrx; Monday
nirittt, ur.lf lii'tiie proce'1s to bo dn-vot-'
u to tun pv.ro'iiv e of 'ovn anil
iuiBioTi'Bioii'.h ot tiio buildiTii.'. Dr.
Fowlr.r is hlsU1.7 plooad wl" toe
PIv.jo inatitutf, hiki prjirRf; in tin
highest termn ot Profossnr i flifit-'r ncd
liavina; heard Dr. Fowler'a lnoturfts,
Coluoel i).?loiby and ots-a iwviud
him to leo;.'iro ajrain on !bo fomiatioji
f .cbtiraplrt oa Siiurday ovor.ing;
Novninber '2i, wMoti ho coiiaonte.t w
i and to give half the j-o8ced9 of
i'mo lor a Cnristinas traw, and tu add
fioutof bis own nirte. Muy lea
iurf oltiznn, In fact m1), r tutoreted
in. the tree and will 111 tisorih.) Ji'joi
allv. lie will Ifjcturo Allen Fri i.iy and
Saturday nights, November 18 and 14;
Decatur, M mdy, Novotnbar JO; Mill
wood, Noveuibtir 13; Horrin' school,
houa:', '(.'hursday. Nuyenilior 19; Caddo
M ii In, Friday HU'I Hivurditv, iovein
ber 20 and 21; Plono. Sitnrday aves
i.nr:, November 28. Ailsaccaus to the
doctor in his grsat and f:ood worlf .
Km not Failed.
William Paiwloy, DobyvfO, Arkau-
u. wvit.au Yniir M n : .'it'tli' I iinin Illlv-
!:' been hishly recoturaou!.-!! to me, I
oniereu a nnorv vimu iu-ifi nuc uubvu
bettleH. anon sold evitry iwi i n- nnve
yet to hear of a single loatAivcu of its
failing to effaot a speedy 011 r ol' chill
and fover. Prepared by rt. A. .Robin
son tCo., wboloHalediu3iiiii.a, Louis
ville, Kentucky.
Sold at retail by drusgiHts generally.
Comob ado, Nov. S. Special.
The preleiainary bcnrlng of tho ne
Rro Iiouis, cburaed with attempt to
rape, was had to-(3ay before Judge
MuCollum. The prisouor waivod
examination and wan conoiaittad
in dofault of $2,000 bail. A movement
iaon toot by somspsr.icia to Rive tko
bond so that his body msy be swung
from the bridge, as the sheriff defends
thejaii so cioseiy.
Tiuree lire companies wore organized
last night with aa aggrogate force ot
10 men. Two will be hone companies
and one hook and ladder.
The watar works are & perfect suc
cess and water con be thrown over the
court houae dome.
The alarm of lire wan given this
morning at 'I o'clock, and the office ot
Ball Burney, lawyers, in the
Snyder building, was f.mnd to be on
fire. Some one had thrown a oignr
stump into a bo.- of sawdust, which
was ignited and burned a hols through
the floor. Thetimoly discovery of the
firo prevented what would have been
an extensive conflagration.
The races to-dsy were woll attended
bv Bnortincr men from various portions
of Texas. Tho rase wus half
mile dash for a purse of
$200, Won bv Fopoornj Eursaa eaoond,
Prink FiUey third.
Th nows of the death of Vice-Proni-
dent Hendricks has oai. a gloom over
the city.
Pee as.
Pboos, Nov. 25. Speolal.l Applioa'
tlons are being filed every day on the
publlo school landB and the applicants
are preparing to settle and Improve.
The town is lull of Btrangers prot
pooting, quite a number of whom are
going in business. ni.S
Mr. Rowland, of Mexis; Mr. Crab
tree, of Ellis county, and Mr. 8gal, of
Balrd, are here and intend to com
mence business by the 1st of ntxt
month, , 1 ". ..
The town la Improving rapidly. The
saw and bammen are heard on all
Cloudy and threatening rain.
. 1 . nit1tM with iPniii11n . T
&LU UWIUWM nibu .iun.iuv. a
is the remedy for neuralgia1" Bo says
Waid Howard, M. D., Boonvllle, Mis
souri, and physicians generally have
warmest words or praise for this al-
iiwict Lirm:.!.. mihaHv fnr nflnrRliriA.
KUWH ' J " C .
rheumatism and headache- For la
dles subject to nervous, neuralglo or
sick headache TongaUnw haa no ;nai.
mutAi.r. imlmk tkxaw. TinrnafMV. unvv.muw
THfNIMll Ml I'UMf fiflM ITatM,
A fr ial .I Hi Me ('(Fill 1f a
I Mi.a riHU UnUlf,
Y ''.' Iiy iii'.rnliin .Inaa ili II. Vllrt, 1 m '"' H
m.,... .111. I.I- I.. .II...- I .,...!. ll l.i"i'' ' 1
minri or ir mir i' 'i iitiri'iii i v'niii
t i'i.' 11 lli'i Xmi Ik 'jmi lid ii'M
1 11 1 , 1 1 v i t , mil '.V. a 1 In ili'im. nt
lii.i y '(. il Ii 1, f W 1., I'M,
lis wan I ku l i 'mi niminiH li'iii'ni,
Hi d It Mn un nul ovur l Mariihal
' in) 1 .l. Ij.it.'ii'i r'.f'l lil'il 10 J dl. Af
k- r r.ntiii lui w,i Ijmii the L 1 i'i"1
SilIhn .ii''. :i't o 'Uf, .imi m knpl
i,.i.( tinm i,nriy lli'i li'Uir or mi
J. 1. 11 mi. tut pi .,i n lio -nH '..died ui"'i
ui. .in' IiIk pint ') ilirt
lit I c n fun I ruiijiil 11 i'i 'ik 1 Ii ' 111.
1 ,i..ii i 1 lip iiiiiii infit ii Jii'JK't
hi nnld mi .Il l ii .i fUHl' I 1 1 1 i-KI liuill
'im nil irtv urnveit. Tim ' uri i
H. In: ui. 1.1 i'u. U-rrlm: it l.lly. i.f
tVa.ni, hi up' oiiui'i lo di'frt id hi 11 1 J n.
fi-wUltyx, H.ld Un'l tl.ii' ilir.V.ll 11 1
....'. lort will '.io tiwtt u in 1 L .1 n ,1-1. . I'iiu
111 iliiiiiliiiitk .110 T j .1 " I.i nuiub-r
MCaiunt l'.n 'Viiiti tv.'l l wl'l"U tue
ln'ilt"t.t urn Jii'iifd, aim l ti i ki'Ii lu
inclt tiii'.V lira tndiu'Ml H'lptrnlilv.
Till eotritilti ttlou ludle:iri'iiu ci
i.(.vi'r"d .H:nriliVi . d, I ii 'liin buy
ing plmiit'. d KUtl'.V. a vurd.ct i I ullty
n ni r-'i'indiid t'.H.t r' lliv. In l h m.'
i.ioii ne in, rviit ii u mil . ivliinri will no
ciillrd upo'ia uiPt-.D'' marrtint ol Judg
lontit for Hrjrnmnut. It l.'l oa t'i cmia .1
1 11 . 1 orittl it v ui' iiit'ftv.a'.ii iimlor n.lilh
1 P i ludim uicnu vnm muud. Ji.iph
i'i ts not : .lifn (ilHtomlPiO'i t n calmly ; ;
ll't l.'l ill. I'll lull'.i d III flitfl1. l lll't Uil tils
mi.niit in ior iliM i lioi of csi'.ipo
ir nn '!io i i.ii'.'.nii 111 w!tt!ti lio finds
tiimi:eif. ills iitiurubysj havo ior
wardtd plea to tiiu jurUdtotlou of
the court, wMoU is cow lodged tvicli
iheolork andean not b died umil
thovare ivluiitled t praut.loin the
court. Tiiia plea, whlou oiitlijus tbe
mtiBt substautlivl uroiiudof dotunne,
un.'o's itoau bo eHlabllshed t iat the
law is nnooiiHtltntiunal, roitos mo
na:.tor charged lu tim indleto.uut
tb printing of tint coui;U.rloitii mid
ifcun o li tliiuct :
1 If suoU prinv.ui w d. jn. ar.d ( !:o
i-fl.innei cokrKftd in !Uo irdiutineuv
tbfroby oniiimilled, Iim c vdofon Jtui,
LucUi A. Wbiif, was tho otly npv
in cnu-iiiK tho same to bn d'nin iu H'.'.d
KsHtcm liia.i ict of liH-oun, and wuh
od in ',!ie prinisipKl ia nid ollnic,
and if hli uiici"fi)bnr:t.d 'evidnuct
wbioU ifl jkii ud.nili.1 d, but duutfii
wir truo la eubM'.ni.'On, taut b caNd
aaith prloiinjc to bot.'ono s Ibn ngHUt
of tain eWrutiiiir, niid.pur.iuunt to i.u
artemnnt madii with blm by this J i
Imidantin tbe asid JHortUoi u district of
lX4i, t'AU, ia sueh cane this defond
nut would bo amenable And loictlly
subject to trial iu :iid. ti orthrru dis
tritic or J.'exai, an.l not in
Mlssonrl, us no would in
euoa case be not u wincipi 1,
but an .ceiiKory bo r.re t" i.'it. 'be
oviflHiioi) of U10 o j-d(di.)i i.i- t, lyioiua
4. Whits, wlilahiiw an v .t 't fttiin
n' Ciut ' ocent ..1 this diilin daat in
wising Slid prin i:ig to be iouc; but
that be w.i;i tn'rttin iHonmlniii, it any
isCtmvo wrs coiiitulit.Hi, and wan tho
only piiieipiil in tiio oaminisniou
thereoi: mid .bi if t!!a difaudit. t
bad any 03i)ii';Ctioa ilwtowit!: in ml
visini', procuitn ( mid causing aul
printing to be dou tlio nam" ws by
ui'reeni. ntia tbe XonUeru dintrict of
Tfcx, bf and bnwctm ilii ltfuni:itit
ul liUCiua A. White, anu-i: nuv ju
li.lii v nr.tiinlioa thereto ho is triable ds
an ooeomoiicocr nu oncousory beforn
tlio fAi, In tint Nor'bern diotriot of
iV'xai, and not ia the Eastern district
of Mihsonri."
Whim tho uttoruoys have filed this
plea in c:urt 1111 tJiMr arrival hore nr
Kiiment will do hid on its suflluleucy,
but it is not probtble tbo trial will !)y
rt otiKl befom Marcb.
Joseph H. WMto deol'in?s to iulk
alwut his ca) to any but bis a'.tor-
nuys r.nd fie district attorney. Me
a.ts: "11'Komnbody would take meoui
ni'i niirnt v o I would be thankful."
11 vwiy ilosponiien.1;, nltbousru un
willing to jrivo up. Tho grouting bf
twia the bmtlH'iH w.in out tit a.l f-fi-utmr,
Lucius' rd r ciaiV-H' ion on
eaoture liavmir slltitiiited ' thaui.
Joiifpl is probably 65 yu;-.i old, tud
luslc every Ji:ch u iaroier. le ia vory
lit.'J hnouslorand to ci tioy, and his
moTPruents from tlio r:epo& to the jil
t'.nd euutom ) oune wine miuto in etitlk
inniuro'Hic; mi.stof tlii- time b hits
his arnxu fjldou hs If ha u id Tit knofi'
what eie to do with .V,'ii., wd bis
eeareeet utralglit iipobi'. aplt.
of tbo fi!S t::at ho is 1: n:u! I.i o. 29
years oldor tliH.u his brotYt , i.u s bs
aeoomplisril x:n' tin!; wi n t bedim
eulty of , a 'M.i'iituwt'y i i'. htman.
"How Are Thne Thlnsi Doit! Are
Ella rowers Natural or ISupai'uat
ural?" Foiit Woitra, Oat. 2.3.-'LSp'jcUl C.r
rospot:deoo. The qubs'.ioua preoad
Inf; tbl.i article am those naked by uil,
and in fct the involuntary suggestion
tof'Vttryoao wh i ha had unopportu
nlty to test ot the moat wenderful and
iu fact seductive influence of the mauit:.
like Influence ot tk wonderful truths
that are make known tit all by tint
noted physician, iikMnolalst and
miud-roAOer, Dr. J. L. Fowler.
J u faui, so pronounced hus boon his
sum n"d vo exte"t1a It's practtcr,
that paopla thrimgkout the oouutry
ore uouMtaatly iuqutiing as to whou
the learned gentleman will proiaaHv
visit thir locality profeusieuaily.
Byea in Fort Worth, one of the most
incredulous of communitioa, your oor
resnoaaluut was frequently asked tue
ciueation. It is simply a fuot that his
worts having preceded him, he is
.'uu'Hi'lv sonsnE lor ovorvwbtiro.
It was Dr. J. L. Fowler who, three
years ago, said in the courts or nis lec
tures throughout tbe Stuto that the
country was aeon to experience a terri
ble ilnanoiul depression tho panio of
thu summer of HJ84 followed.
Within the range of the limited
knowledge the duutur has advised
numbers as to thoir prospect of suc
cess or failure, advised changes in
busiue iM. And it is no bare assertion
when I ssy that some of the most ex
tansive siookmen of the fcStute have
come to htm from distances for ad vice
in their business. Numbers of all
classes call up in him daily far consul
tation. Ciipicaltsta coming into the
country want to know first how they
will auoof) .d in various business, and
partiouwrly for advice as to the cattle
Thepuoploofyour city are equally
interested in his promised early Tlsit,
ns is evidenced by tho large number ol
lettera he 13 couti'.cntly receiving irom
yonr citizens inquiring aa to tha prob
able date of hia arrival. Xn connection
with his contemplated early vlir.it to
Dallas your earn upondent is remiuded
af an early reminiscence conneoted
with his professional skill in the
delineation of the character of one
of Dallas' now most wealthy mor
vbanta in the person of Mr. laii -o Sin
ger, of the now famous house of Ban
ger Bros., toot is known throughout
the broad State of Texas. It was many
yoars ago, in ttia town of lMilliken, ou
me Ceuiral roud, when that place was
the terminus theroof, that Messrs.
Banger wor conducting a tasreantilo
buaineas. Mr. Issue Sanger oarae to
tne doctor, aud iu the course of the
rinninr'H rieliuoation he told him that
ts would one day be the leading firm
lu the gr6tt State of Texas, and that
honest and f tiir dealing would charac
terize all tnoir transactions. As to
wnatner or not tne auuiui wumii utvt
beep fully realized the . public
can best judge. As an earnest advo
oatel.of tue principal tuat governs tbe
eutlro professional work of the doctor,
your correspondent will go further and
mention that he, on t ehoit trip to
Dallas7, accidentally met Mr. Itoao, a
gentleman who years before had been
presedt at the doctor's office with Mr.
Bangui: at the time he was examined
by tnelductors the ounvorsation nat
urally Reverted to the event, aud Mr.
Ross aiintltting that while thu dou.or
was oVirreot as to the extent of the
Banger Bros, business, that he did not
believe he could judge as to the hon
tat.T Of th mnliivi nf the firm.
, hkiif 1,1 I aat t'itlr( I'll flu il
jfpi'l '.. I w iii.t t tialift 1"? 4
fl, ,, f.,i M.r f. it li hiimim
In "ii li"'i I m-Iii 1 waa n "1 1 11 r .i
fl - i. 11 ami ' 4 liiiaini pt ' 1
(1 rt Mi4r Bin , 'mid i n i -r
11. ' . l I in- il'iii i'i, 1 f
ir nnv ti f f iiiii In! 1 1 4 I iii. ri' , tii
11 nl' tt'i 1 , 1 11 ' Mil t lui 1 I 1 1 ii' ,r'. w nl
.ui 111 a I, i.i ii . Ii'i'l I n w,i(. ol
'ii II r . I. 'nil a'.iiri wlpi .'ii'iMi von mi
.'.ti ru laiu It tim.yll i.i n a atmr.
clia 't i-il ir, mid If liti 'it I', lit nut
ii.it Ui" imliKtiiiau inpttHtnii 1 li n,
I Will pay fnr ll.
Tim K' iitlH aan proinp'l, uoi ilt'l
'he iliiyHltlO!i Had ill I 11 il'rm'if'l,
mid lii'.in nlng, a-oH Icilo I 1 111 lui.
uf Mm tvnner In nl air fiuin, im bitil
1 tiit v lor tna ol' i'i? bl ..!'. 1, nr
till Ol' I'lf H III I K
Inn ou iutiii'Nii',i 1I11 '.r. Wim v ; -
iiim'.i e l u ; 1 v ii.i t i 1 im n p ixi.a'.iitiiiii.
Anol'iur nniiniiii'i'i' t lllin uost'ir'a
mil un bu t .iu.nl it viur i'iiy ol Hal-l-i
lu itio piirmui ot iir, Au"U". of tbe
"'ill kni',i l.a':iB'; drm nf Kiiip'i.
A Ii iii it I, bit, iu wlniiii 'h'J di nuir'M
.lu la fu'iv ei"Ulu-d. M.itiy
yi'i'tajo, wliru In tim i.iwni.f llrn
iunl,ii nminrweii; h ti 'Itumtio'i of
oaur au.i'i I U. t ml 1 una mi ii.t
r ml in micro n; Unt'. m. rt n '..iitiriie
nun or li.tnknr bit tsouiit hIthk tin
reed, tur (111 w. u inas in lioai pmi-
(lie pittllrj'l y i i.i,hhi o'i' U irtni'.i, Mild
til- lilt tr.ii.!UT.iiir'ur.1 i-'iiirmi vtniild
diuhiuim' 1.-11 d ieiiun. r.KAVtH.
Matliua of a Cliloi'ta Gourmamt.
OliliiM ' oiltory is nut us ntw lu tli 8
country a-i it piu.'O wii, but it i, qulto
a-t uiystnricun m evor. If is ante to
say, Hflt'f '.liof xiiort(nro Kuij'.ish psople
hud of it lit tbe Health exposition litit
yc-ir, U at it i ) i.ot liitoly, lor the )i;es
out at loan, to be popuiar in 1 1 1 i :-s coun
try. SWVit' fins, binla' ncAt, ok.-T'I de-
eouipo.ieil ou mi o'.a'iirMo pystoiti, do
notiulHlloiir notion i.f t.blo dobas.-
oils, ytt tbo Cbltiseii hove tttnlr on
pblloaopby ul .lUim;;, llicir hi1 rlo
chiefs. tui'T phll'intb-oiilo trourmitids,
wbolmto liAtii'o.l Um il 10 piihtnruy
the true pnu:'.i n of diinj. Di'dior
Klvlrg U a saifuo whluu i-t I'mitcilv
cultiva.d in (.'liiu-i, H.ud tint tuulo uah
tin rot as 6lewheri ptayoi aa ianDur
tnnt part i'i p.'.IUtoi. Ji.nr.i
turo f.ud nit, A dh.t iguiabud
noisiio of tbti uU wi'd u iir
trtiu Yiisti ''sti'tjui, viUo i'.'fiJ iu tim
l'lntei'i'-I'.',', Hid tiliii 1 .13 mi to (ic-vo
been th" .v!'.."i:iol Ujjb.h oi iii-adoy, for
iieCiiUiVit.'") Us iini-ow hi a 1l1lf.UAi.lo
l.iHhi in, ui. I ..!" i-.l.'i l"d ai'duiid li s
hoapitablo ' '! f. I i'io celebrities of
tho time, i.t t rlnriutur vv-a jot
wholly li. ;' h.c'uaMb; nut be liv.d
until L w ii SO yiMrs nfi'.,:i', anil lilt
liyblini him a ciulto.-y L&:i i;i whiclv
be disoiisi.i.l tlin M'i'it of food ar.d
drink fro:u a otuuiiflc nnrt urtistio
pj'utof v'ev.
'J'ho loud bnliii; coolii d, the servko ia
thn uextsut jai:'. :!.'fttomnto bit con
sidered. Mid on "bii t.(i-"l i.omii us
oolleiitiiOiriRtl it rfivvn .lii;t'g:nt io.d,
stya tlio vi Hoi', la om .- l:np.r;niit u
tiiA.cniit xtrico. Evoryiou g oa lb .
tuliloolioiril t'o ti'ruimxiui.1 oii'iij,iii:d
tno variotui diaiita nhuM be fn'.t on
in tpe'.rtiro'U'r ciiKo-. F.-.r imiriiucc.Sf.il
Ol HUMUS "ll Hi d prti'ide Hu.o cl h
mihior tvor; 1 hick I'mil ahould pre
cctlo thin oma, l(1 looibi wlvhout
iiravv nbould prete lo thu-e with
rnvy. l' lo coiinocutivo dlanns shouid
not oa ill salt; Una would lax Urn
atRtniteti too novt'uiy. Tlirtft of tbo
ti.' liould contain eitlifr smiatatd or
p P'l'ir torcciver thopalatejuHl auncld
and uiieet ihlsgt nlioulu bo us'jJ
to priivetit tiio palate from hn
lug iluiiod by too miieh wlue. Tble
rtu. in.kiies roiu'hat UriUat-SuvArin's
a!e : x: "In fitting, tlieordor rhouM
be irn tLo henvy to tim ligot; iu
drialiin.', from the llfibt to (;;
hsRvv." Theu the dinner in
eoofced and ai)rvid the rn:tt ?u-
milii'i with rbo diners, imfl to rupso
iJr. i ittin I'avotfis xpvr.ral chni.tars.
Hia Ci-.-. t m'.ria ii, "Dou't e.-.t wir'i
your fx, in o.b-.'r w(i.-cik, oc- 1 ' .
bave T!it itvor ion unvo intra ;i u
ilamty. liriBraiier," iw says, ".ms
well e 'o.'' '.d uean enrd is muon n.str
tluu l;iii f cnj.kpd birdv rifst: und
hat. fit tiii'ii. it not cood. are i"t
equal to t c;.Qil:OU bamboo Biioots. The
IOWI,tnO p', iillll HSU U'l mo uun,
thee aro t! 1 li'roet of te dlunr ta
ble. JOaoh hts its ohawaterUtlo flavur,
and 1'itoii t. riiia a 'school' by itio'.f.
Sou -iai't i'-id blrdi' nonts are but
tbnir riitai:iers, having nolhii.g
of t.'Kir ova, bin, living,
as it cer, iu other men's
houses." Thstt I, flhi IrX mid poul
try form lie bacitboueof tuo banquet;
theoMisr il' !;':fi,iiB ara moroiv to set
en or iini rovo thehOi 'Jo iiUistrsto
tula iiL-.tiui. ho rtdatts thsit bo was
nnu.i ir. v i i-sii 1 1 a j.iofiu,t lav a oirtain
olliciKi i-f h!s t .qitaiuiauoo, wherii the
ricuuii'. ' i1.'!!' mo I'"?,", .vwi.
hnnl bnl.1 about. nil' OUIiOliB ot birdi'
nest, but iU'tB tii; lelets. Homobody be
gan to say rm-.tii'J io p'ftis'e of the
display, but Yuan !:iUi(hi . and satd:
if came hero to i.'iit W r-ti.' liCK', not to
rifinl in It wholetal.i. No you rnlRb
rtfciil in this but von nf uWii'i i-ur. it. S.'o
whatlsthe use 01 it out I:' only to
make a Bhow it would be botir to all
your bowlB with pyuria, wbicb would
cast more saonov. out, thta is not dat
ing," The pbllosopru-r was averse tu
oinpiay; ne levsa luiiouiuuttn,
A nii't.hnr iriaTlrn ie. "Don't eat with
yowr oTes." This is a warning to huv.'.s
BBwtiit providing too py
eii'nriwg. H.0 frcauontly points out
limv the difl'ereiit parts of uuy
ffitfin food are ndaptod and ovon es
.null in nrdfir to nroducetho bast rn-
lt from the whole. "We know," he
'nvB, "that the yolk ol an agg ia rieber
tia'iiti the white, but he is a fool who
ita cinlv vnlks aud throws ttWHV
whltPs." With. . rgard to wine ho is
vttrv bmnhatic: "Den't talio wlnotoo
freelv. Onlv a sober iwnn knows
risrht, from wrooir. nud it i tits same
with food. It ban ben wloelv oh
served thstlariguagfl falls to describe
tho delicate nuaoot'S of fluvor. ilow,
then, shculd a hall-tipsy EOt know
anytbiag about thctu? I have mywil
often saen two men playing afguoua
Cnaersi' and shoveliag in their food
llm whiln. nn though it warn RO much
sawdust, sacriliclug overytblug to the
en ovmentor winif. xno, 1 imy io"u
first and wine afterward. Thui we
can oniov both." He warii'i cooks
ncntnnt uaini? hot-water disbes (whi-ih
have lone bson known In China), for
tbeydeswoy tbo flavor of aay very
delicate dls'n. London Tlmiis.
Btartllni; Kiporlence
Next to eoarlet fevor, there la no dis
ease among ohiltiren more dre.ideal by
nnrmits than whooping cough. It Is
liable to corao at nil aessons of the
year; it exhaasts tbe strength of tbe
tittle ones, and physicians are often
unable to oheck it. Mr. F. W. Hor
baugb, of the Telenram, Baltimore,
Maryland, had six of hisohildrou, aged
from G to 13 yoars, prostrated with this
malady at one nnd tho sarao time. A
complete onre was, howovor, eil'eoted
by Red Star Cough Cure; and Mr.
Harbaugh writes that the vougb, which
generally lasts nine weeks, left in lour
weeks, and he is oontUent it would
have disappeared sooner if be hod
been aware of the exlatenca of such an
invaluable remedy.
Belton. :
Bklton, Nov. S3. Special. Tho
prohibition campaign waa begun last
night by Mrs. E. Ii. Saxon, wno
leotured &t the Methodist church, the
first of a number to be delivered
throughout the county. ,
The election is to be held on the 6th
of December, and was brought about
hTthn nhliliT man. Tha Drobtbition-
iats concede that they expsct to be
defeated, as the issue was foreed on
them, and uoorganlzsd plan has yet
been adoptsd and perhaps will not be.
The weather is cold and oloudy.
After a thorough test W. H.
Howell & Bros, .druggist, most poai
ttvnlv HOHfirt tbat Aoket's English
Remedy U the best medicine for
asthma, oronp, coughH, whooping
cough, and all lang troubles, that can
be found. Atk ' hem about it, for they
fnlly trnarantaed t,
1 I" 1 f .11 HAK li dlf i
an A hi ra tka A an mnhl
Irnm mm af 1 ha l.alnt laaai In a IS
iii I'u 11 ii.- 11 1. iiMm Vlnaaa
van Antwara 111 n lllj.ailaat B Iha
llnralil aa ! HI l inn
ii.iiin..ill Ki I' l.tl !iil' Nw i,
i.in.i4r il , 1 1 .', C , ih.i lOilip.r i l I n a
Im 1.1 ta linn 1. m
A 1 1 it'll I O' your nlty baa In'n i Kti.
ll III 0;,ilJ Of TllH ll Klltl.li, noil J
li-sn an ho li intarci'id In your ed
il'Tlala Roiinl'iiilf( tilt grniwili will
iiHiuta of your an tlnti. J havo t 'ore
we .your nilPerUl ( N ivmnbtr 7. on
"Srou'tty fur Htnk Djpoift," wiinb
un.(iii itnil null f.irlli Ibis t -tlwi.
If evi.rv C.ly Ifl llm Houth l.ii'l ain'h
a live l"i(.nr an Uallaa hat lu Tn K II Nil
a X o, abe would nut bit lonirlu u .inm
liiil a urnat pn apority, wb'cli 11 ui:l
liintiilti hnr tlHHltoy.
I kuow from n 1 erlt.m e ax a Hnutli-
nrni'i, '.'mi t!,,t iri itt nefii 01 fin iiou !i
Im itrt;itiiil. Aiupot I'lponrtoiilt:': 1 rxl-t
HlHti.i l'..r If.-, prnli. nnin l.iviintiliettl. ll
Ii tor ' d ii.i.iiin'tiiiit Noil i ir :.t'i-.t
i.tui 11 ti 1 ua.i, iti tuuy Omni l'lnnit
I r ti .1 jl iioipii'j'iii'.n'.
tlitiv iiait u l.o ir ili'ilnrri") f 1'il.a lit
.;i' iiotiri.l iiaim' in" .ui I .-in nil mini.!.
ol t pt until n! a iliiiii'io
o in&;,.r wiia. 1 no upp !r.ui.i;:i i"
f ii- tint Hi VnHllii i.t if l'll,''K.I lllHV 111",
tu"y .1 id r.'iinini ' " v,,f i,i.i'ii,'.iii.ii,
unit 1.1 liU 'I'M ll .l l'"t 1 II. U i.tl V '11
li.b l'i-. i:au li- lii.ti!.) ' fin m il
lllll 't'l'.ll'i'. .till till' llll
rower. .Cardial H iinvor Iiivi's'. d
miliina oniili if 1100 1.1 lirMi 1 .'inn:ni" j.
CbliJence oiui or.iy lui Ltd w lior-i 11
sense of aaeur'ty f.xi"t'i, ivn '.uin
yi.'vnii of securiiv. un.i 1: mi Kti i.ce
ritpitu' diu.i to 1:10 po' ic HlltiO it 11
L t.it wa:vd.
IteduciuK th-''io v;r,nori!!'t.liM pniu
liciJ A' Iml. If we c.t'.i f .tub III aucH a
Kafioui of ummil iiiii'idiiiu!i throiutii
. iju" medium ol i.r.iiuR'i. b'.i li.-i, undi-r
tim bititxrvliti'in ol '.h'J totiiiai gov
oromni.t, Hit. buii'tn mtuated
ut 'i!.o frorii'y ii-i.iir, wlM, a
,j eti'iorii 01' (Ui'ilnl know Hist
ttii.v i .tn aif' iy iivj iuir "Urplus
tlv 'uul. uati fiiiil b.ttiiti yitiia'.n i who u
tuijfiupurtuiiiiii"J ti.xut for its pivflitilo
jTipIu.vuiant, will ii'il tbo innv.tiit'iij
Kiinloiiuy td to d;vo;t rnptiil Itom
tliiino ioct.y ctit'.U'rn in ibni pj.cij
tvlitio Icon hobquer uuili-d?
Ui, mat ri 1I1O ir jpo-lGioti 111 a nu.:e
UKtttu-ii'-iki,t w.iy, if niouay ii worth
in N " "Teak 4 to 6 pvr cn. and In
IVxus i2t 15 per ceni, and Not Ynrs
knows s I'aan i-uitily nnd btr rai.ny
toTtxai, and hue it s-tiNf.io.ory eou-L-iu',an
tliarn, will not tuo ni.turut ri'
sult totonaiualiZ!! tbo rates of lntttrovt
In iwi'.du the two p'lluls by a transfer
of nunh UivUBy ?
iSitfiire Iuh crl!torti of vittl;i:.'ol
bun li i 1)7 a land r.utJiiieof and Unit)
t hiiut nt of ttieir avictn, in the
iiuula of a tru'Stif.who nbuii bo beyond
a vii a fUip o'.on, Ml nt ence vou
iiiaKi w.Btt nt.lounl batik, in twery
j.lKe .i-h-ite capital is niitt.ied aud tn
ti'i. t Mgti, a roYervolr tor'.ctive
an; 1. islribuio cpital lioni nviiry
othi r pnl.it vf bi re 0 ipititl cunr.r.t b J si
ptuti..ibJ.y en.pinyud, and whtro ii;
ti ri.S. ia low.
You i'.Bm ratkor to olijuot lo the je
aiovt.1 of t : tlx on ctr;:uUt!ou, ov,.r
wild above tuo amount, nrcn-'oarv to
liuui.tii:' the cl.-iinn agaiont iild
i iiii iii.il banks, and urgus tbr bf
crui $317 000.(100 01 elruuiatloti l:iUi-
etA'i .in,; i". i proof that the tax ii r.ot
It you wl!!, liOiVhVci', cou'ililur be1
ttm oivoumvioo in uiailn up, I think
o:j mit'it conalndo that 1; lit moro to
taoliitciostol'tho puolio tbat-thht tax
a (oii'il bo rumored ttiun totae intovofct
of tbo ba:ks thouisvivi-s.
You kmw lhat banks aro nliowou to
issuo 90 per cunt, of iheir canltal in sir-
cula.luiic notun, wntcu mint u soonrea
bvoepssitot givrnmeut bondn to
tb full aiuount of their capital. But
tbay are not rtajuired to leaue artj' tioli-s
wbatover, tbonitU thoy are required to
deposit n mliilinum amouut ot bonds.
If vou will examine, you will had
t.Ufct those backs ia coianniniiies where
cinltal ii si'Arae and lito.-o.t liiKh
ir-'iiiio tte maximum amount of
e!rcu!nloii. and that thorn bunks ii
e.iiumunitiBS witivro capital ia abund-
nut and lntorC'St low, lstiuo inti ua
imum iiuaoiint. In many caKcn bunks
with verv iargo deposits Hsno none at
all. T ak"e. for exaunplo, the lour oitics
ol Now York. Pnlladolphiii. Uorton
and Chicago. NewYoik hus $4G,f,r'0,-
000 of bc.nhlng oapltal nntl issues $13,
iiR.OOO circulation. Philadelphia hua
"iia.O'S.OCO capital and tS,4ai0C0 cir
culation. I'os.on has $51,8)1,000 cap
ital aud $25,324,000 circui:ioti; nnd
Chicago baa $11, 150,000 capital and
$:vifi,0uo circulation. Combiitct), $liT,
60S.UU0 capital end $17,01,000
circulation. Those four eitloa Hioue
might issuo $114,fll7,000 clrfulatinu,
thus shoeing a rliil'aroncs .f li00,91i,0.;0
winch they would initio if psofitublo
fciuploymont was found lor it, ennaid
or!ns both tho preniuiii on tbe necfii
yry bonds to bo deuonited vith tho
government and the lax on circulation
iteulf. Reujovetbli tax aud give the
opportunity for proiUablo employ
ment, with tho wholn cmintry uh the
fluid, ami this oapltal, with in.tuy mi;
lionH more, M ouco cotnos into tbo
mittkot, competing for tho bost obt&iu
abio rate ot interest.
Retain this tax and you make the
oouipetitiou less by reducing tho rate
of nrofir. CnrUlnlv tho tiorrowliii?
pitblio 18 equally, if not moro, iutw
eia'ed in the ropoal of thin tax.
If tbo banking systoin bo bo per
fected as to secure oopBitorH by a
fund contributed by tno banks them
selves, thus produoinfc the cortidonce
which distributes cnpltal, then we
think this last relic of tbe direct war
taxation might be suspended, whether
the benefit falls on the banks or the
public, or both. Yours truly,
W. W. Flaknaqas.
Thousands or women bless the day
ou which Dr. Pierce's "Favorite Pre
cripton" waB made known to thnm.
In till those derangements oanoing
backache, dragging-down sensations,
nervous and gomsral debility, it is a
sovereign remedy. Itn soothing aud
heoling proprieties rouder it of the
utmost value to ladies sufferinf from
'internul fovir," conyef'tlou, inll im-
utlon, or ulcoratlon. By druggists.
A punster, who seemed to hnv.i lost
bin voice, being a-ked what ntlcd him,
replied that ho had beau fighting with
u coiiBh ail night and wus hourso do
combat. A few dosos of Hud (star
Cough Cure would have relieved him.
Its efficacy is wonderful.
A Strange Flower.
Ia the tvofctern part of Jofl'ersoa
coanty, Ficrida, Bays tho Live Oak
crrroapondaut of tho Atlanta Constitu
tion, there crows and blossoms into
curious and magnificent Veauty n rcsj
that teems to bo lntilgenons tu a n.unii
area of country, but which will not
nourish in other latitudea. The bush
is a strong aud vigorous our, and tbe
leaves are a vory littht but glossy
proon. Tho notala ot the ilower curve
slightly inward and are the color ol
bright arterial blocd.
The odor in pungent, but slightly
slekenlBg. The peculiarity of this
flower is that tfce dew that drops there-
irnm In of & i'llnt DinklsU CRHt.H marvel
seen in no other flower, tho bsllllng
wonder ot those who have witnessed it.
It is called the Grant rose, aud hna a
sad and melancholy uistory. Ata on
gin is one of thoso mysteries with
which nature at times delights to as
tonish her devotees.
In 1814 John Grant and Nellie Lowry
were married. Afiorahappy year of
married life they and their baby were
'murdered by Oaoeola's SenilnoleH. A
fan, raD1afiii.i nnmnlnat linnter. one
of the original party thathad found the
bodies, happened ou ido mu lo
cality, and in the little bollow whoro
he blood had gathered ho saw a vigor
ous bush beariug suoh roses as I hve
described. He cut some slips from it
and took them to the settlement, whore
he related bis discovery.
Buoh a romantio and singular 8oiy
excited the curiosity of many in the
adjacent counties, and repeated efforts
were marln to wnra thw growth of the
1 f 1 1 ,t n, Imi l'if r a I f.i ' I
1 ' - 'ii. V.i'i.m mi Ma of lit 1
.' ' iiinii lliit i i.e'iil ffif ii"
"' " I l' ! nl H", ftiMtt .u all I 11
iim', spllllaiii'iinantatiirlra n't,
' 1 .!' at'""!! in' , f liifiirvi.it
lulu ami jm'a'", a'l'l Its I Inoily law,
Mirfi-a si ten' liirlha,
A liiV days an a finally (lrna.nl,
(. r,l, looklriif woman, at 1 1 'it S11 a"B'S
f ,, BPiiMi I I.i ll oiy Ki.att'i', tbe
Krl lli'ki.' xiii itt tnU tilni'f, fnr In
to in '.1 1. n n in 1 .in In nit, 1 ii'. 1 f (m h
1 r lnrHt.11 iiiii iiimily 1.1 Warini,
1 1 niiHVIt ii'. la.
"!l iar iiiaiiy finrttnia?'' u kd tim
"M mi ll in.. 1 111 y U M.'rot'. alio
Aoaiwwi n V'.'n.'it r,-lr rotiM t'ltch
t,ln "1, li' ll lit. Kit ill ill'.'' :
" '': V. II I'lul ir.H. ' (iinnt Hl'itt, III fill
all. ! N.a Hi I oiirf"
"(t'niiliily hli," .-u;.ii d Hit wcnian,
" . '-ui I v .'iirprl m l hi i!i ucnt'.t
ipm-ii.i i mi d nunr.fr. " WtiOiO oiiid
lul l' l.o II i.ot inini ?"
"Jo hii "im nr gi'odrif, llifll, tow
ii'lrl' v .'" inn d th 1 11.'.' 1, t, niop
pci ii.a -ft? .lr l!fl t.M.'ll l.ia loin
u 1
': A'cll, n'r, H '.i i ''m w ,111.111, v.ltor 11
b"i t inBi.t-ii o.il' ul.vlo.i, llj'i a i,f
ti.a 11 in a t). tbrc'ii in lb 111 n'07. iwu r'
limiu fi wild ll ifi ot 'lit 111 mo 3
Ag.iiit Foster drippul ir.t'. u ci'iiii ih
t ioii.') 1.01110 otm ;,uu i.it 1. in vt ii.ii 11
"Mitiiii.'i:," Biviil hp, 'o m d. si rvn to
u" Vo a pF.t lor 12 Con fl in mjm:;i lu u
feiy d'lis iiml I'll n o s'. lint run bo
'i'iio Hi,'crit iu IliO Hi' Hk'.loiH Hi (vr.
luined tilHt tl:e woman's rianni v.' us
Cnllea. Who liyr-d nt Oalrii' 'I' iitiicrj ,
nix inilo'i iroiu iloiirtiliilo. 1 1 1 r l us
bMid Im .1 liiboring niuii, ami nbout
ti.p-M yiara i ij i vtcmt o Warii'Li lo
w 01 It, nnd bud 4 Mbci't tune Ki'lil
fur hia w He and rhilrirnn. Tlio connl't
had b?i'ti inmtd 10 yari. .Mm. Cu'
lor 'rt it 11 tn ir t ks to vim iitiaibor ami
mro of linr c!i:drea waa ub.'.ti.iv !iitt d
by I'tilhborri. She had prtrstuiiod in r
inif li frtif. with 11 c'j'.Mrun at f.'iir
Agnt Fojtur wro't to llmii'rul I' u
Bt: j;t r Airiint John N. Abbn't and vo
bitu a cta'nuieiit of t'i'i can?. Mr. Ab
bott beat buck inliUrtior.ti loii li Mrt
('ul.en a liat.l-far ticket to Waweii,
I'nl fi r hurialf and t:or 11 litttotmea.
Ili'Dininlu Corri'vp.ndor -jo Now
York Hui.'.
C'io.-.IOANA, Nov. S"l. iSp-i'lul. A
SUA- -i mvMlna; ofnur c:li", l;i 001
nvf tlon ". vii Iho llj.rd of Trmic, v 111
be !:i''.d to-:nor.ow uihn tt th'i o(,iia
house to coLelulc airarigtmont." in V e
miUtei ol r.he Cowvaaa A S tois? l'ii-:a.
railtvtv 1 ... .latrccti.i'.t
Tho ot ( - r:iv.Sf,,; coniiai'.o to J:o m
tip, r.ud t r I ii".n. r i.i dity ( l,C-'5
balci', mm.'!? a total of 1,29 halo j
.-t.;r.'i'i to titto. Tli.i roisii i(Sh ii V
Mjutif xed :!j,0 :o hallos and tb yurda a n
Nt;!! iu'i.
The Ti -a-i & Ft. h 'till r .r w iy i'l
'.ii:inr.ci..' n carrying oottnu a.;.ju tho
iii-td a; of thirl Wfi.ii, their ijnodiili
buviiii; iieou ti oppci a ;o' iJys t;o
on ACCKiimtor baviMiriurti-.i'l Ihotr pro
Mia. iinrjordiii'r. to '.be pool l zuI-i.." .1.
.i.t, w. .ii. isiuiioiu ro-.i.iy noil t, 1. 1
li. Frot'lmun it Oi 671 btlot "I cotli'iu
tor Iuh Snlvoi'.ou boil'.-".
UMidftita in tb ntlf.lib "-fi miJ . f
Wliltn'a chiipfi, on iho liuoo tlio ir--10"
genge, Mnro vory mueu rxoiu ii
to diiy oy tho din4i:iTerv to tbo iinth -of-ivav
1 f the roiid ot .'- new iinvn,
RtiA foul play wus .us;.i.c:e(i.
Tie b.iij' was exbiimcu am:
tho I'or.Hior sonc for, who nioo,inlzil
lu the now nubjopt tho oorpe ol 'lie
ni-gro w.'w was killoi nt Powell Sl:i
tlon while stoolin? ft rid.j;lH"t mont,
and on wrjom ho bud tilroady htld urm
A pt-litisa lutmsurim: 101 i cLib
Roio-a tiio '.vi' g-, a:..l 60 Imshuu ront
beak to tail, w attllaid rta'.e?'lsy by
Mr. Vil'iam ClnrkHou acLiB.11 1 htirlcs
on Dr. C. t). M aiae's fnrm.
Tha follow iujf lioenstn t" in "try
wire n anted ix!ay: J. W. Oukcs
Kiiii y.i-ii Rllalvurm?! ; Hkuiu jI Austin
and Miss Elisabeth Wilson.
Allege ! Apparition.
I iiniPTl'jo that tho tendoncyiu tlio
mindnof rot a few among ua is to
ignore eppr.r'ilons utterly nnd noiu
plotoly. Titey aro liiipuirratnral, nud
tbitt in iiilDuL'. Tuoy .1 1 not coofoi-rti
tbtinsiiVtVii to tit.o lecogn.'sted laws of
niiiii!iKi;ii'8, (ipiic.i, rtcJiMt:'; . m o'.io'j.
This i.i a tfbouiifl irom Iho old l-t '.'lb y
of uiiceptiug uiU'.m of (hiiioitoiog? aiid
wilchcr.'fs ni 1-rnM if'.f.lia tn... .', mid
it. It sr. i:iU'th to sj'i 'f ili"il NiV-it-Mh'I.S3
it in 3.oarol i.bn ""i plili.it!,
Sr.d la io "" V.U.M li.'O'i onl by th 1 r
quirt rjirriiH f ,! ,.'. iTv
Cof.liio'Jii of soifii'itio pr'gr.iiit.
A ron iuh.v I - pti-tvi;' .n;h ilix
iu biit ori.viiil criel. and n-. may
admit ttr C'i-:bt'OI'ui 1 jiJt:C" 01 ti.v. r 01
certain nllo;.'i!d ilic!ii.'imM ti-pi..'i will
not npiuro "i.i.-,iou'in' t'tn with ptivBi'S.
HlICI) ,iilis;4d ottt-lii'lllfMil III" ' liill llill-
Ocsarily in coutri-iiie'.loii t pin i.iad
irutn: tlif:.v !i ra'.l'fr m .votbi r piuuu,
They ni'ti iik t vo i'-ini i or curi'i-a i
rpica blob do iioln.-'it't, nr.d tt.oroi'orn
cannot out eiioh utbor. Thero are mat ters
'if !'.9 Mgbii'it :.K..:ri.: ".vi.icb
rnaniloslly tlo lio ottt-iide the dmuulu
of pli.vf.loal siiiont.e. The possibility of
tbe ountintmnce of human existence
iu a npirltual lorrn alter the ttrmica
tion of physical lift is beyond contra
diction one of tho grandest and moat
momentoun of possibilities, but
in tho nature ol tilings it
lies outsido of rihyfeit'H. Yet
there ii. nothing absolutely ubsui"S
nothing which contradicts aay human
instinof, in tbo Huppnsdth'n of Bitch
pOHSibiii.'y ; consequently tiio titudnnt
ot physical trcience, eveti ir lie cannot
find timo or intdlnniion io look into
suoh mattorH himself u:m.v well have
patience with tuoso who ooo. And ho
may easily afford to lio ,'.i-t tjnnit'; thn
field of physical ii'ii'M'.i i snind
enough lor mv ainbiti"o, k-i i share is
room 'fliiuugti In tho wi'io wurid both
lor phjKii'il mid for i".MHiiijjl re-st-aroii.'
I Niuetwnth Ciuiiiry.
B randa ndrorali-ocl us ahFolntcly yr.ro
rift'-aarir! topfiir-TiOn a Uu -tovp nn:ll hffitci5,i.H'i
noro tim conir rk.rrrs sm;-!!. A . :ifiitl-.t will Dot t 11
is lUALTiiruiJkSt UiB NEVE Ft Birs Qi'trnol
In tnlUion homf for a quarter a otntury U tk!
tucd lb consumon reliable tsit.
Tlit i(renttit,ant dllelaBt and ttart1 Dttor kncwa.Mi
?r. Prlca's Lupulin Yeast Qtmi
tat Ugit, nttltti'T Breatl, Tha Beit Dry Bcp
YoMtlJt tha Worlil.
cmcaco. - - ct. uayjrj
ii JD .- -- l
US al-TTlXS.' ' ." . I
Milk ( rn I, lisirlrir, lraa nil
All Mu I (l Mnitiara I orr aj
bf (lib If.
IAT Ni' V a.M MKIi itiy llft'i hir, aval
I inrai' y i ia. In. I .111. 1 . 1,1m n le
li tit hiiimIiik a' it rutiiit iifil, n d rliht
Hin r Hi 'I Im P nSeo' I all urtt li a in n4,
(ni'aaii.l I'll ', I I a I R 1 d ilm t ir, ll-.
, pi Ml'mnl liliii, lull lit a 'l iviiii', ana
III', iltifii.r f.iiniJ mil I'.iru nun 11 1 1 whole
Pi ml, I ifn 1111I left. -ltr w.n is a tearful
k: 1.1.1. in I tn auiliri'ii li'inl '). I i-maUt
l.ia ItHima Irom iiltn aiii l kp't'ttl itll vir
ln f.i" Mini t .- mill titiMi n il li t i inf
'' a N IhmIj tiitmaiil irt wnu it tr.r at
in-itiT t'ulaiira m lyii'ii lifliir it far
in I li. iii'il 1 f tin- Cnlii'ui.t iwni'.ilra, .
itii'l tiriMiniti'i a biitiltt or 11 .1.1 irt ICi.ti.
vi ut, a 11 il nf 1111 imirii, imit m 1 .n.a of I'tt-
liiuir 1 So , p, mill nwil muni ni' l inl y tlay
Mini iiIkii, t r r uhIiik i tn Ii 'I'l'-a ii' lle
loltinii, Iniir bii.i-a ol i'litli'iir't and four
tmki-a of Sni. p, wt, ri it rit'io ' v .'iin tl n 1 1 la
in 1 1 h a nr. M) bn) '. K In U in.tr llm. -kI o.
.'nl (miiiil .1 .ll.tl r. t:i'll.NU.
Jti.fy ivy, r-. J
ii.-o 11 in tn imi in,' (bit '.Tiit dur of
Mitlill !.. I i . 1. lit If f I , Ulll'.l -lON, J P.
TliKHOH-i' stlllK JIKtli.
tli. vo t.ivn In i'i ill il ' nn I iii-illi'liin hua
bit' a'.'t Mi'.r-i iliiv.i lien in ttu yu.ir Hit-I.'-
nr. ll in.Mli' al-M'it i iy n.i,iin wat.
'liit.y :inln l'ili i'.l 1 1 n.-l riit We fun Id
no nr. I n ri'im d ml pilul it'l w li.ive .
)i-ida .1,1 In In v. r ..1 ill t ' 'illi'it'it It 111 a
ili.'i. 11:111 . .1 ' t"o t '1. 1 .'on n't -m 1 111 p
run'.! 1. 1. tli. (."' I I 1 1. 11- '1 11 1 tint worat
Mitt ll.' n W'l I-.li tU,.ill .lit Itvl O'.V.'Ut
mill i'iiU. 11:. 1 1.''.' un.t i- i i-t 11 .- 1. no. if gto
I nun., o' 11 tiro r, M iii- lb I'tiv-i.jinna
nri't.i Pitf to ifiv. It w .p 1 ntc 1. ll ivlil
.,vi lii-i im.. ..td i'i'IIiiiii i.i- bf '. Too
iiiui'h , ion ot !io ulil In uv "r Cliil-nra
li. i.nll-a S. !. .,'.11111 1 IlltO.
IW.iiilim, Iiy.
cmtflt ttlltif 11U J nr. a ioiiIIIto
iiii'i fir fvory '.-r.n nt .-il.' n mid rt'tKiii
lH.'an rr.i .1. Plinp'.-'i In -i r lu ll. Mold
ivo wiiero I'lif': ('I rii'i.'ii, 11 ciniia;
Siiai', '.'.i rMitM: ItiOiO. vtrii. ii.'ti. i',e
pnnd Iiy I'oiiKit liiioo ami HKi(ii'4.ii
1 0., mi, phi. ii' . ill iiii"lluwii('uro Main
Dlai UK.'
HLKMI-inB.-i. Plinnlaa, Illack
lm.i a mho il iby iluiuora, ee
Cl'Tli'l'H.i M11AC
I" 1 1 v f 'wli cli nn lui naa klll
c nm 1. ilt toHliovl t'r, l.lliapou
lilil 'ti ol I'inil.tiiiila won hi yet
liiin v iintniin; of tlmt noir and
t'.ii'!!int nn iilotf 10 liul'l Hint ia-
ft lii.n iillou, Itll) I'l riClUtA ANTI-l'AIBT
ri.tMKH. '."ii
ijof v -I ..' '. H : t.i t. 41
i;.'m;i'iiti' T i Mtinto.t, tvltli t ulitb r, inr
l.virt i''!-: in nr i'a.'att. . A-.U
o.l' .-lilif vra ttitilil 'it iliiro
t-OX Hi?:ut t:o!i!, Wnt-rr
t-..iy'rIf IXstll-l' .1. If in tha
;Wi..t-?I""VK (Mmiai.il :'y, Klng
' ' RisKKl,i! Mi' i a iu the
-v A ,: -f-iv - -,iiii. M'tvptit iroal
llKJyT''iflie ami Fever In-?0-r&
v-rKtmily rflltvii.,1. 1'hok
1 J:2-"$ XjJrJas Moi'iin iPil-Mlcml,
S i, tlonioiMii'.' 1; t"iiiMd
'y-'s.') iy nil. Imi ii-.l lii cat h
I f fT 2 am 3 eim 1, oiiell.tHate
ail'l ho.ir.'riit i'f.;iti.n t-'d mid rut -it.'.'s cin-oJctd.
i'i.uk'1i, Ilroriol' It in, Iipinpliivs 1'itJ the
Ti.i' iiit, Pains 111 too C'i.'W. I); "pi'iialn,
Vai:l"f: of stti'iiKth mid r isli, l.jn.a of
h:o" n, fit . en 11I .
Do hnt'.'iu .. nli nl Cnni, oim h f'ntnr
ri u .-i "iv-. 11', Mid otio !titr.Vil Inlntier,
In ii-.M tw.iirt. ( iimy nni-v Pt tnid of rill ilruti-
pi.l . I., ii.in Ask lor Haki- 11113 I'-Ani-i"Al.
i i'" . t pure dWiiiiittiii'i 01 Vbca
liu : a 1 ilne, fa. JkTr.AlsriKoltl, Clover
I'iio U in.", ' '.
Vol i' .' !. " uiitl Cliemlcut Co.. Boaton.
Kll)JKV PAINS" rml that
.r k nnl'.tinuverrrt-i,''.,tvKh.
piilnlul kid.
t-. roan
iT i.i 1 ..:lt. vwnrkeuor"
hi.i.i .n ', ivniiilug, t r 1
I t; !-:i'-h io- iiiirud 1"'
Anti r
I.t U Ul'H t
dote tn 1 1
It-ista. 2;e..
t Dbuo a.
I'.MJI li'l'l f- fit il
lilHlllll .liti... I ill
i;.li' .-I ll'ff l' l T
OA1. I'll . Hot lull.
3 d
.'-.' ,7..i..t..'.Tt 14.
I 1 frmtnirj'
'25 YEAJ23. WSS-
i9 GreatattMc5icnl triuvtittlt ef tip " ; !
aj-t, OLJKn?XJiJaBtBW-l
I.niB nl nnpetite, Uowclu coat ivc, tain i
tlo ticrtd, wii! a dull ncnanllna fa lit
baelt part, l'aia under Iho Fbonldcr
blade, Vullnoas after ia:iiu;, wlu nia
liic!ltiallouoc::(rtianof bady prnilno,
I.Titi'.bility of tpmpcr, l.o w eolr'i s, will
nfcalinsal'bivriiiB neiicitcd voao duty,
VVcnriuc?), i;i.5;a-l.icsc,ri'.iitr,i -nxnttho
lljarr, Bota befrrctb eye), ilr.iuRilio
over iho rialit nn U.SBite.T.jiicTi with
Sifuldronuii, nisM!;oV..T'. il I'iiMiM
CCHS7!PAT.0:Je , ,
TTDT"".'- VII.1 3 t'-o cspce'ally cenptau
tr bucIi ca:!C!i, 1 'io dneo cliecu snub ft
riinnroofei''i: "" 'JVC ftstoniaiitlu'f.i 'Juror.
'hi;iwireai'i'.hR "1 n,ittite,andcawpatlio
tm'dy i "iVUc .iu : iti.thiut llio rim Is
ihi,ativOt-r: 1 -'VinitarStooUare
nrnil-i'.' t.. I'H
. . rri..rnvM..i'IIa
Win tin.:..
iriMiiuvllitja li.o
nt ron ?! Ikt.h 1 lie v.i
tlio pydV'iu Willi pin
W!ie3 tins mirvona
or.'iiii, nm! ii.osiit 1
it I. Sni ' liyiline'1
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