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tilt; III.I.Al.f). DAhliAB, TKXAH, ..HJ..S.MV, WUVMV.M W.
Hie eiileniral r Ik laaaea Ta Lead
In II. hlina, Tilkt Sena
4rllU itfattl efAll Tkat
fte erred Bsfera Bed Af
tar Ik Tsaely.
Yesterday tiioriilntt'c .looe-bOiii
Teiaidt JVIdo train eaaao aoorlluK
and utnoR Into tbe dowa-towo depot
about on tins. Bbcrif. Smith and wity
Marshal Arnold ailAhles" nn tue lv
form aoauMipanled bj a men of slender
build, about 5 foot 10 Inches tall, dark
balraod utustaeue aud dark grey eye
Tbla waa Jeuiea 8olt, tba layer of
H! Maok" iha haukmanon tba even
log of the 17tu Instant. Scon
aa baa already been published
in Tiiu HaaaLu, waa captured In a,
Pun lm 'll.ura.lavevanloif.
Huittwaa iniuieillclely conveyed to
tho county Jail, where ba waa visited
by quit a nuaakar of lie friends dur
inic me uay. .aiu iu ma
Hkhald representative culled loafs
bun aud waa readily grautst an aud
ience In tb jailer' apartment, Into
Wntt'U AIT. POOH was uruuguv. iui
general appt-aranoe of tba prisoner
allowed that bla truuble bora heavily
unon him. He raillly consented to
Biva bla verblou ot the faota and elr
ouinxtaiice ( Ike shooltuir whon ao
rciiueeted, and told bin aiory in a
open, frank way.
Tba loilowm. la tho sabatanoe
wbat be said: "Uu tne Nunday before
tbeatiooitogl took tuy wire and two
little cuiluren and went oat in the
country a short distance pecan hUal
In it. 1 took mt platul alone, thinking
perbapa, I might ape a iqalrrel or some
blng tike tbat. When we retnrned J
hail to en to the till oa aouie business
and uiy wife look the per-ana and the
rlstol and went to "Bi Mack'a" house
to aue bar mother. When ahe won
hnma aba fercot the Dlslol and left
there, and that la ksw ray platol aame
'Monday I went aa naval
o snard lbs eouuty convicts
w bo were at woik on tae roada.
name back to town au usual that even
inirandlett the convicts at the jail.
Ou uiy way home I met a eoapieof
friends and we wentluto a saloon near
the square and had several annua, i
atald ibere qaito a little while, and
averv time 1 alerted to BO they kotn
lnalaied that I bbeuld atar a little
'When I got borne I fsund my wife
mad beaanae I bad not come In time
for aupper, and aba rotusod to Rive me
anything: to eat. I went to bed with
out auDoer and anld nothing more
abontit. On the following morning,
which waa Tueedsv. my wife waa
till mad. end at flri-t rolused to cook
breakfast. I finally persuaded bar to
get me something to eat, but aheweald
not tlx me up a aaae k tor dinner, a
ahe bad rtxon la the habit of doioa; an
I went off without it. While we were
eating breakfast that morning my wife
kept making threats to mo, being still
iu a very uly humor."
What da von mean bv making
threat?," interrogated Tub Hbbald
"Bbe threatened that I would be
killed, and tbut 'Bill Maok' would do
It: thai 1 would be hauled out lust as
Rle Mack' had hauled that man back
of Bobnelder'a house. Bbe kept
id this kind of talk until 1 started
toward her, when ahe went out of the
oeor and left the house, going to 'Big
Mack's,' i suppose.
1 than nut the babv to sleep and
went to my work, leaving my little
fonr-vear-old bov playing wun Mr,
llin ' lir.tla ttfl-. ttl IV hflHA Vard
live, between Camp street and Patter
son avenue.
I nama back with the eonvleta that
evening, and sot to tbe jail abont 6
o clock. Mr. -tnuaes, .uojaiifr, hieu
me alter I bad put the convicts in
their cells ir I had bad a
fuss of any kind, a Mr. Petty'a
aon had tola hlui that 'Bill Maok' and
my wife bad been to tbe oourt-house
ana maan a natnpiaiuv BKaiuni, uiu. j
tnld him I had had no fuss wltb any
body that would warrant a complaint
belna: made against me."
"I then put my gun aorosa my
shoulder and started out of the door.
Mr. Khodes netted me what I was going
to do with the gon, that I had better
leave it at tbe jail. I 'old him that I
had irotu-u it wet several timer, and
that I waa oiuir to take it home with
mo and oil it np, this beinr tbe gun I
used in guarding oonvlots."
"After Ileftthojatll went by 'Big
Mank'a' homo to not D)V pistol, wbioh
had been lett there on the Sunday be
lore by my wile.
"As I oani9 np Jackson street
towards tba honse 1 saw Mrs. 'Maoav
standing in bor back door. I asked
her H Mattie, meaning my wife, was
iherf, and ahe culled 'Big Maok.' He
curue out and I a iked hiin if my wife
-wan thorn, that I wanted to use her.
Hs went back into the konae, told her
' urH fnllnnrod hrrout.
"1 said to her: 'Oome on Mattie, go
home with me and lei'n have no more
r,f thla fnoliahnCBi.' "
,8o, I'll not go; I don't intend to
live wlih you any lougor.'Jshe eaid.
"I prevailed and kept perauad'ng
her to return aoine, when aig
Mack' chipped in and wanted to know
nrhnt tha trouble was."
'I said: 'My wife baa threatened my
life with you aad that I would yet be
hauled out behind Sjhnolder'a bouse
dnarl '" r.
" 'I understand that yen say that If
Mattie cornea to my bouse, you win
hum It."'
r Raid this waa' a mistake, that I
had never aalJ ir. I then asked wbo
told him this, and ho eald my wile
"'Big Maok' then said: To-morrow
when this caie against yon is over, I
am going to make your wne go up ana
make complaint againai you oi mreai
flntiie to burn inv houne.' "
"I tola him he would do wrong if he
did that, aa I had never made any
snob, threat. I then asked where my
little boy was, he having alwaya been
fonder of me than of his mother. My
-..(... ..1 i .... ih.f ha wualn tha tillln. ''
Ttlv Msak' then said: 'Tea. by
" 'I will aes about that,' I replied."
'"You are an effloer," ain't yon
naked Biir Mank.' addrfsslmt me."
"T remind. 'I am no o muniseiened
officar, but Mr. Hmltb, the Bberifl, haa
given me tue rigm io orry a gun, ai x
guar-i the oonviow.-"
"Yon have two guna on now,
havHi.'c vtjuT' aaked 'BiK Maok.' "
. ! told him 1 had, aa my wife
baa brought my pistol oat and handed
t to me when ahe came out of the
" 'You O dd n a n ot a o n, i win
make yon eat them too,' replied 'Big
Mack,' at tbe same time tnrowmgni.
right band on bis bip pocicet, ana aa
. "I made a sU() back and threw up
my gun as he advanced upon me, aa I
h1 my gnn witb the Mtouk resting on
the ground beside me when he first
made tbe movement. Aa I threw up
. my gnn 'Mack whirled on his heels
and ihatla how it waa ha was shot iu
the rear of tba shoulder. The gun
AmiI mil T heard something fall."
'Had there been- any, previous difj
ficul y between you two?" asked Thb
UKRAliDman. '
-'He baa been trying to separate my
Wife from me for long time and I sua
periled and I have good reasons for it
mat ne wauiea to yrmmura
wl'e for the purpose of making money
ict himself."
"Has your wife been to see you to
day T"
. "Ko; but "ho ent our little boy oyer
to see me. Though, abe aent me no
message. I think she will yet come to
see me," he replied. . .
"The reason I left after the shoot
tag," put la tbe prisoner of Ale own
acourd, "wss btoauee Blg Mack'
turned Just a the gun west off sad I
-iirlende there who saw tha si-
M. f Iiim ahiHiili'l." anka.1 luii.'f-
Mrf h I efn I la
,lf e ... ilia ) itit If 1 1 r) ttt, "i 4 wel
i.i Mr tmf. 'ViUk' ! l lli
Ir m ilia eiif, Sf I pant I'lf kt.
I I., il Mr. t rlriit al a at ta i.,M-
Ina. l"fae. I navef aa... to
ap. f f'l.lr waniad stay aar
uuill me irse facts ef the eaae were
m ha nail dav f went te Cellar Kill
and tried to aal a J k of "'"' kind of
wirk. but rainna-fu thla. I atrack o
toward Arllnaton, and acenl. the nasi
nta-lit at a Ur. Harier's, Iu Tarrant
aouuty. I than want to llaiilay aai to
Fori "forth, where I uses' as
ba ernpln-e4 at tha depot by tha Tea a
A PuiAi railroad. 1 atald here tba
rrealar part of tne eight. At Henley
wrote my hreihnr In this eity to aead
valtaa til Gordon to Jauias T.
Wells, wbiab nama I aesumed. Whi n
1 reaahed liordon I ex pressed uiy
valtaa aaala to El l'xan. I then
riula ua the train soma and walked nn'
til 1 reaebed 1CI l'aao at 8 o'clock last
Thnrsilav mornlus. I then went to
tha l'aoino kouaa la tbati'ily aad took
a room and went te bed. Idlduotget
ua aaill Mvnainir. when I went to tue
xnraaaorUse for my valtaa. 1 had some
tmutila uaLtiiia' mv valise, but anally
got it. I then Inquired ahont a ticket
to Tucaon. Ariaoua, went back to the
hotel, when three poiieemen came In
and arrested me. 1 saw them coming
through the wludow and knew that
thev were after me.
"Uelore I waa arrested, I wrote a let
ter to Mr. Itboiios, klvlug a fall so
nmint ni tha wtiole aflair. wbliMi f re
qneaurf him to give to Tan Hkrald
for puhlioatlon, but Mr. Ubodna tells
me lie ha net received this yat."
After Tiiu HsaAki Man had left
Aarl uuu 1.11111 aaL of the sate. Mr.
Naott eslled him bank and banded blm
the fullovilng on a cara, wninu waa
handed the uriannor tbroagh the bus
or the Kt faao 1st::
Fais.vu Mcorrt-iryou wautiogei
color (all. ay tbe word end you go
scott free. Year friend,
Sheriff Smith spent $109 iu the eap
lure or Heof, pnyUgT. B. Tf bite, ei.y
murihJ nf ri Vaso. SIM reward he had
nrfrraa for the eauture or me
fun I Live and Stt for expenses. Al this
ouiesoutothlsewn pocket it is com
mend able I bough expensive.
Testarday's Quiet.
The beautiful Babbath asoeeedlng
the ditnt) and feirgy two preoedlng
days, brought' out the full volume of
our obureh-golng people. Tbe antlel'
pattc. norther failed to pnt in its rp-
searance, and the ehmreu ehlmcs were
rang oat as merrily aa though wed
ding belli were being rung. Tbe few
farmers wbo eaine In to bear Professor
BUok and their own preaoheraoheer
fully acesded tbe faot that enoags
moisture bad bean deposited oa tbe
wheat to give tbe aeed s chimes to
show its blades above the mouldy
r'b. . j
The vordictor tho laryon namraay
giving young Lieggott five years in the
penitentiary was very a"""""
cussed yesterday. Many pernons think
be was so eatirely unoouo:ous of his
Rmiaun at the time the killing was
done that be was not legally reaponsl-
bio. Tho law, however, 13 positive,
and without exeeutivo iuterfareuoe it
would seam that he must suffer the
penalty itnpoaed.
As the time 'or tbo assembling of
Oongrexs approaches, the nervousness
of lately appointed Domoorats wbo
have taken me piao oi --uueuBiyr.
tlnsna" proportionately iooreaeB.
Bomotimea nonftrmation doos not fol
low appointment.
Vrnnins is an onnrAtion intendod to
Increase fralt prodaotion, and is re
garded as n ueoiaea saoosss. xnn uog
tax seems to have tbe same effcol.
Never in tho history of Dallas has
there been as large a congregation oi
monarol curs aaouraireets daily afford
an asyinm for. So far from standing
In dread of the Mexican or the polio,
thnv are emboldened br the first frest,
and have imitated the example of their
blned neighbors by collecving in
squads aua aaaerting their eommun
Istlo rigbts. It was formerly tbe oase
that nights were n g le hideoas by their
howling, but now night and aay are
desecrated by their vile noiae. why is it
that only three months of tbe year are
given to tbe people and tbe other nine
to t he dogs.
The county eourt will be resolved
into a surrogate a probate form this
week, and there is a"heas"or business
to be transacted. Judge Bower has
hn vnrv eneraretio with his docket
heretofore, and the same zeal applied
to the probate affairs will work won
ders ou that branch of his jurisdiction.
To-morrow will be devoted in In
dianapolis to the funeral obsequies of
the late vice-president. All over tbe
union pnblio demonstrations of sym
pathy and respect aro Demg maue, sua
it is to be hoped that Dallas will to-day
manifest her honorable esteem for the
departed statesman.
Hotel Arrivals.
At the t. George: J J Blmmons,
Pilot Peint; 0 Mo "VTblrton and family,
Hartford, Kan; E R Logan, Terrell;
M B Swanaon and family, Abilene;
PA Jordan, K ants; Charles E Hieks,
Dallas; J II Maokleroy and son, Ter
rell; John Hicksen, Domapolis; W L
ttrlfleth, L M Qrinetb, Greenville; YT
Patohell, 8t Loais; B J Waldron,
Terrell; J 0 Wilkinson, St Louis; W R
Jones, Dallas; Alfrsd Tbeakston, Chi
cago; C 8 Battle. McKlnney ; W J Fos
line, St Lnuls; JS H Hood, Jerrlsj E 0
Hmitb, Denton; Uenry Beaumont,
cltv; John 8 ADdrewa, I'ort Worth; J
C Parley, Waxahaohto; A J P Jgarnei,
Knoxvtllo, Iowa; O M Roberta, Chi
cago; O Halliburton, Hi Loaia; W A
Mash, llallss county; rr iv jroweu,
Fort Worth; J M Brown, New Albany;
Lee Head, Mexia; Augnst Blltaa!),
Clucinnstt; S P Wilson, Waxaharlble;
yv A Harper, avuok creex; x j war
ren, Texas & Paoirlfl railway; H F
Hpear, Baltimore; U Ii Robertson,
Tvler: Hick Nmith, Pane: W h
H enter, J V Ryou, Duck Greet.
Shot la the Hand
While oat guunlng Siturday, Ben
Taber, a young man, son of Mr. John
Tabor, the Jeweler, met with a serious
accident by shooting himself in the
left hand. The charge, which wss
from ft r' st-tfun loaded with bird shot,
lacerated the palm of tbe hand and the
tiugers. The young mau enuero in
tense pain, though bis icjarios are not
or a serious nature. '
Religions Kxarelaaa at the Jail.
Several members oi the Young Men's
Christian association held religious ex
ercises with the 63 prisoners in the
county jail yesterday. Tbey talked
to the Drlsoners and sane with them.
One nrlaoner orofeused nenltenoe and
declared that as soon as he got out of
bis horse case he would turn over a
new, leaf and Use from the wrath to
come, i
" '! Ihc Weather. ; -Yesterday
waa a beautiful, lovely,
sunshiny day. Old Sol ebons out for
the first time after several days of
gloomy, rainy weather, and his pleas
ing prenenoe brought ont the people.
In tbe moraine: the ohnrcbes were
crowded and tbe streets were thronged
throughout the day by those who love
the sunshine.
' The Lead League. . V
The Irish Land league met yester
day afternoon and transacted a lot of
routine business. The league is doing
great good for tbe Irish eaese, and
Americans are taking adeal of internet
towards helping their Uberty-Iovlog
fellowman. lhe league Is iu flrmriab-
(INSftajpt ll,
Import! A lbs Panda a wtll as
the airaleal ala"alea,
Hill's Journal if llaeitfi, referring
leciiaftrap Ion, laakec le fullowlng
liiiperisnl aiaiementl
"Censumpil'in aiually igina with a
alight, dry eouitb Iu the morn
log, then en gdng le bad. KHng
aaote an.i im re freqeent, with wore
and mere phlegm, laereaaing debility,
thinness of ttteli, ihorlna or bream
and c,ol(5k nesa of pulse. In ftal eases
Haaverageeeursela about two years;
beaoe the Importance of arresting the
dlasace l fcs early a stage as possible,
...i tha aoonar rational means are
employed fer this purpoaa the gremer
the chance or suoeoae. Tbe disease la
owing to an Irritation comuieoo lug la
ihs throat and emteudlngto the luiiira,
ao that their action le Inteiferred with,
and the blood doea not receive sur
fl.n.ni nivaen to Darlfy It. The moat
.....kxt tumor luna-diaease isemacl
allon, and the most positive Indlcatlou
nf returning, neaitu is
K.V.i.cKks Hall' Journal or Health,
and we may add that In despera'e
eaacs.and, In fact, In all oast", of oon-
niupllon, or troubleaot tbe throat and
Iniiics, tmniedlate relief may he oh-
tain, d and a permanent cure aiicsieu
by the uae of Dr. Win. Hall' Utleam
for the Lunas, a inedlolne known for
more than Si years aa an uulaillnK
rmnedyfor coughs, coldn, broniihina
and all nnlmotiary and puitoral dis
cuses. That the worst case of con
sumption have been cured by tha uno
of Halt's Balaam ba been aueated to
by the thousands who have use.1 it, or
have been cognisant ot its weuderlul
remedial ctuaey.
nowtheOroatlattdel llvad at the Na
tional Caplial-Soate af Mis WUlms.
New York bas gained anelher con-
.ni..nnii nitiann ut the expense of
Washlagton. This time, writes a
Washington correspondent to tbe
New York Mail sua axpresa,
It is Colonel Robert Q. In
gsrsoll. Ho hRS sold R floe bouse
be built horo a short time sgo to Mr.
MeOreery, of San Franolsco. air.
McCreeryica hrother-in-law to Jus
iloe Field. Colonel Ingersoll will
hereafter live in New York.
Uls oareer hero haa not been
l.l.n.,t Inlarnat. Tie WAS in the
full tide of bis prosperity about five
years ago, and coined money by lect
uring, oooK-wrmusT u im
ported to be the practice of law. He
waa extremely oonsplouous in Wash
lnsrien as. indeed, be le under all cir
cumstances, being loud of ynlBBBna
florid in manner, to ssy nothing of a
face and form wormy oi wamunuaa
himself. He gave weekly receptions
to a miscellaneous crowd of cranks,
politicians and the multltute ot peo
ple who are willing to go where they
Ln.in.iiui. I r oromul sated bis the
ories regarding seolal bs well as the
ological matters with a gar
raloas simplicity that waa ab
solutely delioloui. He wanted ev
erybody to bring up children an he
had brocjbt up his, allying that be
had made them generous, prudent, un-
elflah and fall or Integrity. Dy leaving
untold sums or money in au "i'e
bnreau drawer, where inoy went biiu
i,., o.i ti.araafllvns witheat let or
hindrance. OI eonrse, tne results oj
ibis system as empnaaisea in tuiuuw
i. or.ii' rumilv were matters or
opinion, but it wss generally thought
that the restraining uau B
breeding and good taata was pniuiuuy
seeded for those young persons. As
it turns ont in the late sale or n a
house to Mr. MeCroery that It Wfi
mortgaged for more man uu ns
value, this princely method oframlly
expenditure cannot be considered
pronounced ouooess.
i i r . ..M A..,alnnanv an.
uoionei j.nneiaiji wo... .... j -t-
peered before the supreme court,
urh.i.. hi trnnny urid mfttaohors used
to annoy the old gentlemen dreadfully.
They desired a oonoiae and ltwyer
I Ike slat men t from counsel Instead ora
Uowery deeiamatlou bellowed at tbem
by a gentleman who loosened his neck
tie and uubottoned his eoat before be
ginning an argument. It was oomloal to
ivatnh tkn annntonanOrS of tbe.lURtioes
ontbe supremo bench whon tueseoiious
Kerformances occasionally iowa piaue
efore them. Tliey always looked as
black as night, and their endeavor to
make Colonel Ingersoll feol a digni
fied rebuke was like tiring bird shot at
a rhlnnr-eros. At last the star-route
trials finished Colonel Ingersoll up a
a lawyer iu Washington. Since then
ha ban virtually ceased to consiaer
Washington his home, although lie
still owns property here. But he bas
finally rcmovea to new iomwnume
intention of spending hie time there
when he is not on hie New Mexioan
ranch. This last has proved a profita
ble investment to Mm, and although
his leotures and books no longer bring
him in the money they lormeny oia,
be is still a rioh man.
. You are allowed a Iree trial of 80
days of the use or Dr. Dye's Celebrated
Voltaic Belt with Electrical Suspenso
m anniinnnfln. for the soeedvreliel and
permanent cure of Nervous De
bility. Lobs of Vitality and Man
hood, and all kindred troubles. Also,
for many other diseases. Complete
res toratlon to health, vigor and man
hood guaranteed. No riBk is incurred,
ti iiiHt.mtnr! namnhlet with full infor
mation, terms, etc., mailed freo by ad
dressing VOItalO iieis company, mar
Shall, Michigan.
Every lady uses Pozzonl's medi
nmuil nnmnlexlnn nowder. It is
household treanure. The madame
linria It. tmnnsHible to tro down town
without first rubbing it on. If the
habv cries, she goes lor the puff-box
If the the "old "man" corner home
ruflled or chafed, beoause buslnexs Is
dull, etc., fozzonl's powaer coois aua
niiuvB his troubles. Then nil is glad
some Joy. No family should be with
out it.
A Foilng Machine.
Our enterprising photographer, J. H.
Wnhatnr. haa Inst reoeived from Chi
cago a new invention called tho Poser,
by tbe aid of wbioh any one can assume
au easy and graoeful position before
haviug their photos taken, without
the assistance of the artist. Note the
advantage bv the uie of the poser,
You oan aea before you are photo
graphed lust how your plotuie will
look when finished. Call on J. u.
Webster, the high-prloed photogra
pher, and see for yourself.
Jut As Goort-
. ..Many unscrupulous dealers may teli
you they have remediea for Coughl
and Colds equal iu merit and in every
respect just oa good as tbe old reliable
Dr. Bosanko Ccmgh and Lung Syrup.
Unless you insitit upon this remedy
and will take noothor, you are liable
to be greatly deceived. Prloea, BO
cento and 1. Sold by ail druggists.
Jnhnatnn fe Mnrnhv'a Best Hand-
sewed Walkenphast, Button Holes and
Congress, $8.50; former price, $8. Block
Bros., 704 .uim street,
rtnn't sqIt ii a for oradlt but brine: 10
cents and buy one-fourth pound ot
our 40-cent tea, such as you have been
paying 80 oents ror. - "
Iron-clad Cash Grocers.
Tycoon Chop,2S and 50 cents per pack
age. . B. O. WellkbACo., ,
'.- Caeh Orooers.
Hosiery, collars, cutis, gents fur
bishing goods at Burr Bro., 608 Main
Just try a bottle of Dr. Scott's Coooa
Iron and Phosphorus. For sale by all
druggists. '
The fin eat assortment of si
and eya-arl asses la the city.
cdjjjnmr of
iiHWii . unties.
1 K, I'urlla, the wslef,
I R. Curtis, the Je weler.
Fresh oyalara DelmonleOa
Ths riahsr pianos. tV II A. W alk III
A t o., Has Hi liolldlng.
Latest style o'l'iien A Co. rvdlsra at
Burr Bros., Urn Main atrset,
KM Main street. AM kind of fruits
and vegetable at A. K. llmiiilie's.
Coal and aoke a. bottom figure.
lame and aniall oiiantltea. Dalian
City (laa LI h lit 'niMny.
Ileunhe,the Malu street grocer, keep
be Aldeu eompruiaed yeast. Always
Juat try a bottle of Dr. Noott's Coooa
Iron ami l'o.ihoru. For sale by all
If yon want t save money no and
see J. K. Ilawe-, luriiltiire dealer, i
and 7-7 Kim atiuui.
If you want to huy furniture on In.
atalliUHnts, see J. K. lUwen.Ti and 7-7
hint street.
Orr guarantees to sell a better buggy
for lea money in-iti any uouiasoutu
or Nt. umilx.
Klegaul now h.m h ot Jewelry .jus
reneived. t'ornnr Main and Poydras
"tree la. L. K. (lurtia, leweler.
AU we aHk la a trial of our 40-cent
toa. W KI.I.KU lV l (I.,
Corner llarwood aud Klin.
The latnat ktrlea tat ladies', cetus and
children's Muni ' Hie K. Ilunaiable
Boot and Mlum ib ror t , 'ii h'.m street
To have vour wrfieiies, oltaik and
jewelry repaired, k to l l. Curtis,
corner f Alum and lJo varan almeia.
Wihlaiu' If. Cirret-on, general ai-ent
Dlehold Nate ami J.oek coiiipkr-y,
Grand Wluilsor Ikhm!, DalUa, Texas.
Orr, the old reliable, to tbe front
with the Ure-t ami inot complete
atouk of buggies nod o-trriages iu tbe
Orr has iuat niirclia-ted 400 bucyles
from the oelnhraled firm of Sochlor A
Co,, with which bo will down all com
petition on prlco nnu etyies.
Buffalo meat aud venison, ami giuie
of all kind, eau no had everyday al
the Old Kedablu meat and game mar
keter H. UarrK Klin street.
Storage riMiin otn le had at the auc
tion aud voiiimikslon bouse for all
kinds or goods at low ratea by the
month or year. Fine Very IFIne, C13
aud 015 Kim street.
The Weir Plow company having se
cured the State on the Cook Manufac
turing company's Standard and "A"
grade work, and having given an or
der lor 1,ihiu j.iim to on niacin evpeuiau v
lor their trade, have uat received the
third oar-load. Prices have been
marked down to suit tbe times.
Dallas has at last secured a first-
clans restaurant. It is kept at No. ii
Main street, by tho popular aud gon
tlemauly Lang Brothers. It is patron
ized by tboe wbo are connoisseurs of
wbat belongs to a ku per lor cuisine and
eating salon, vix: Tbe very beat
material In the market, nuurpaiised
cooking, and skilled and courteoua
waiters, no wonuer me tauten m
Dallas, as well aa the gentlemen, are
giving it their hearty patronage.
We take pleaeuro in nailing altontfnn
to the hooce of Mra. K. Cananut, No.
612 Kim Hireer, dealer in millinery
goods and notions, i'hig Is one ol the
oldest bontes In our city, having
opened here in 1873. tireat eredlt ia
due the proprietress for the skillful
mnnaxeuientfit ber buulnoaa, which
baa grown from small beginning to be
one of the largest In the city, mm: bor
ing among i:n patrons tbe I'oxt families
In the oily and country. No- hing but
the best Is ottered lornaleat this bourn
No second-hand or darnagad goods
ever found bn -tier shelva. TbU met
bas oontributod largely o her snocess
inmaloiainlng tho best trivle in the
-OT JLm 3L E3 X 30V
Tha iwert ipira. m ffnthpred from a tr of the oiim,
tro win a ittox thn inull treftioi to the) Southern Stt,
-ontini timiiUUng eipeetorant principle thcit It mri
,ht phlliim pfxtuflioj trio omIt tnomliif eonh. fo4 stimii
ltta the ehiM i throw tff th-j fitl mfimKrr-t? in rr-p nrd
whooninc eauiL. Wbsn oomMnctl with tlx lt-'iW wuo
.Kinoji iTia-l;!! In rtv inV- in ilint rf -b-M
imU In Tatloii's Ckiadxib Rii in y or PwnirrGu-i n
Ufftxtm tba fin-it known remedy for Couph-, Croup,
Whooptnit-CoQKh Atxl Consumption tod to pnUtable, anj
flhttd (a nltfiiod Ut UVi It. Aik vour rlruartilat far it, Prlo,
UM Uil rt nBW atiiBunoumi a
Dtarrfams, DyMDltcj ftDd Chlklrw tfltdat. fat uU b
Km. 81 & SS Park TOW. I
New York. 8opU S3, 1&U5. $
Gentlemen Having noticed in thla mcrninf
Cunyouradvertinemeut oonoominff the Hanan'fl
Wflukenphast shoe old by you, I cannot refrain
from oxprcGHinff. unsolicited, my aatlBlaotiomviUi
pair whioh avfter a year' almoet continuous
wear, I am Juat about discarding. I had been ao-
fliiatnmerl tn fiairinff mv aihnN mada to order. TJAV"
tnjr from $9 to $13 a pair for the name. Last ium.
jnor I mean a year naro wishing for palr of
ahoea at short notice fnr a trip to tho mountains, X
stepped into your osLSDUsmnons ana purciwawi
pair of HanAn's. I'or oase and oomfort on long
EramDS in tho oonntrv I have never had their
equal on my feett while for durability tliey
come about as near to the Irishman's Ideal as any
thing I ever saw. Ue said ho " didn't care what
kind of shoes he hod bo Ions; m the uppers were
Indestructible and the soles were made of cter
nity.". Thay have worn out theseoond sole and
the uppers are still perfectly sound and whole.
, I am clod to add my testimony to their exoel
lenoSa though, a total stranarer to the Hanan's or
to any member of your firm, and you are at
liberty to make any use of this communication
ou may seo nt,
. t Besrpectfully Yours,
Agent for I Ua8, lEON KAHN.
Hokhs will of Como, Dot or Ujho R
ten, It Foutz'd Poivdrri (vre Mid In time.
FonttTi rowilpre will mire una prevent oe moLmw.
Koutt', Powflfrt will arnvent Gapkb Tit Kowr
FfMitz't Powik'n will IncroAM tho nunntltT of Di1
and crcum twentr per emu and niaka Um botiat tun'
Linrt nmiL
Fonts Pnwrlpm will mr fir'nrpvmt almoat
Uiiuu to which Hort-s mi'l .tttloare anhtaet
'Kotrri-a Pownrsa w(U uivi HATiaraonoS. ,
sou farywDofC
yrs rir j or artf
'.IwhUtftutlfnllf tllaiuatcd Cntftinffv of
Vl4SP t'Tttu Ootira Uifomii. ?t
T r-.I.Ltn nUtM. IllMtrauiana anil
L ii ...lutl fllnatraf,! ral.lMM af lliu.f '
of Hata,Himtt, Cat,
r u.w ftfit4? it
V. UtNaa Rhntllriav 1111,
Lwd, imturv ornsmtBU,
ota On 1,1 fior.l ino 1
1. :- r. . I
or liiilii iimi U Um iiiiiisi'ii'a pmivti
si'nIikI iiiiiiI(iiI)I(i fixMl, Ilia t vtnlve tue
nf sli'iilml or loliiwcn, Imaiy i.i'ln'i mil
ilrllikltiff, Ami Sll Irrulliiliil liiil'il '
llvliwi sml Ayfrs iiriiiiirlllu U Ilia
ioiiiiicir Im'.I frli nil, ri lli In-t It of ill.
Irc.H, nml nlillnK lis rvluru to lii-allliful
nfllim. C. Cantcrlmry, ill t'mukHn at.
I)oluu, Mass., a conllnmil d) ikiIIc, wn
Cured By
tbo una of Oyer's Buraupurlllu. JIo aiiyst
'I sufTrruil acvoruly from Dyspepsia tuV
ovt-nil ycun. I ronmilu j flvo or Ix
!lijkliiii, who kuvo mo no lvllif. At
last I was Induced tu try Ayor's Bursiipv
rllln., ami by lis uo I um ciillrx-ly cured."
0. T. Admits. Spencer, O., says : "I bavo
for years sufluri-d acutely from Dynrwiislii,
icarvely taking a inetil, until within tlio
lust four moiitlis, without enduring Ilia
most dhtrvulug pnlu of iudlguntloo.
bus restored mo to perfect health."
Prepared by Pr. J. C. Aver & Co., Lowell,
iUs., V. ti. A.
Sold by nil Prugjjtsts.
Frlco $1 6lx bottles, $5.
lilt SKI.f CA.SCICH.
..... ...m... .Aa.M I hufr..i.Mil wll.li a nanaar
oil mv Tnce. All lh alnil n-inrillei war
apiiliail toallrvlaiD I lie pain. lm plana
cdiit.lniieil to grow, finally exlemllns; into
my mike, I nun whleli came a yeilowUli dia
eliaraa vary otleualva In cliaraclcr. It wan
aln lullaniHl, ami annoyed mo a ureal
deal. Alionl aliilil lunuilia a;-o I waa in
Allanta, al Ilia limine of a filaud, who so
Nlronitiy repoinineiuled lha uo of Hwlfl
Kiiecilic thai I determined to nialte ao ef
fort to procure II. Inlh'slwna anccokifol
and brcHii ll tiae. The iDllueuee of lhe
mi'diomuKt Aral was to somewhat aKKia
vale the inre; hut toon tne Itiflammailon
watallaved, aud I bOKsnto Improve aner
the Drat fear bolt las. Jdy Kuun al health
..-.uiittiiiinrnv.d. I mn al ronner. and
auie io no 1117 aiuu wi
on my face begau to deerest-earnl the ulcer
IO lieaii lllllll mere m iofc c.i wi
mil v n 1 ii t la at?ar marka the ulaca where
llhHiiheeu. 1 am remly to auawer all
queatioua relnl I ve lo I nia cure.
n an. J viiiii .
AllauUt, On., Aimuat 11, liiaS.
1 linva hail a (Aiit?arnn mv faro for aoino
yeara, exieiullDg from ouo cheek hone
arroaathe nose lo the other. It- list given
me a Kieatdeal ofpaln, al times burnlnc
and ilruliiK lo sues ail extent that it inn
Hi most imbeaiiihl. 1 rommenced liali-B
Hwlfi'a Hiiecltlc In May, lsiii. and have Uked
elithl bolilea. lthna giveu the Kieaiem ie
lief by removing the inllaiiimntion and rei
torlnit mv neoeral heaiih. W. HAR.ssa,
Kuoxvlllo, lowa, isepiemoer b, iioa.
Fur mmv Tnara I wnaa BllITprcr with can-
cerorihe Done, and having been cured by
lhe UheofS. 8. 8., I feel constrained by a
sense ofduiy tosullurlngliumaulty toinase
tills aiHiement of my cane. ith lhe
fourteenth boltlethe cancer bepnn to heal
ranlill v aud loon disappeared, and for sev
eral niotit ha ihere ha been no anpeaianoe
oi naoreof any kind oa my none or lace,
ii. H her la my noe ni an leuuer to um
loiirh. I have taken aboi tt wodnxen bot
tles Is. 8. H ,and am soiinujy cured, and I
know thai!-). 8. 8. ellectedtho. cure after
t-verv known roinedy win tried and had
III 1 1011. ruinr.
i'ort GRlnor, ua., way i, isoj.
't iiari henrd of too wonderful enres of
Swilt'a Bpe iflc. and resolved to try It. 1
commenced lnkiu It in April, ISM. My
eueral healih waa mucu inipniiiu, i
the cancer wcich wn la my breast coutln
uea to grow nlowly but surely. The bnnon
frew aud became qullo heavy. 1 felt that
must either hnve it cut or die. But it
commenced discharging quantities of al
most black, thick hood. It continued
hi-niion around the o;lije until Kelirnary
when ii wasenilrcly healed up and well.
Bktsv Wood.
Coclierell.riymouthco.,Mns.,July in, 185.
swllt's Specific i entirely veelai le, and
seems to cure cunceri by forcing out the
Impurities iroin the blood.
Treatise on Blood and Skin Diseases
mailed free. ...
Tub Kwirr Specific Co., Drawer 8, At
lanta, Oa.. N. Y., 147 W. SKJd bt.
OfDje,711 Kim street.
Kesldecce, corner of Ban Jacinto and Pa
vilion streets. Hesidenco telephone No.
8:1: otttco telephone Mo. 1.
DU. 8. DA VI 8,
Homeopathic Physician.
Special attention given to diseases of
women and children. Granulated sore eyes
cured. Olllce u6 Kim street, PoDtolHce
HI jek, Dallas, Texas
After taking a thorough conrse of 1n
strnotlon at the Eye Infirmary in New
York, offers to treat diseases of the aye,
and males especially. Address Wortham.
aid soft coal. Also the celebrated
IMedmont smithing coal. Office corner
.Tnckson and Lamar street.
We are now prepared to sell and deliver
the best quality of Indian Territory, Black
smith end Antnraolte Coal, In large and
small Quantities, and at lowest figures.
Send tu your orders. Telephone offloc of
Dallas City. Gaslight On.
Established 1810. Incorporated 1884
The Celebrated
Bit i.DFttU
Portable Mills
Corn, Wheat & Feed
Flour Mill Ma
chinery. Bend for descriptive
circular, kiirm Plain?
174, 176, 178 W. 'in St. p
Wholesale and Retail Dealers In
' CIGABS and TOBACCOS. "' , .
413 Elm Street. ....Pallas, Tcss
'. ISO Camp and 1665 Blm (5 treat.
Consignments solicited. Best of refer
enoes. .
icra ci cry csi C ct
IU.IA A I Ii It X Hi V ,
Altarnur a-al. I.nm,
lull Imi
(I natal I'rsetlMnliarg Corra-p illilaiier
.i. .! ..,1
j W. I HUM
' Altorna.iil-Lsir end Land Agant,
Nan eaha, Tasaa.
I i llfVUIlU
life tt 1 rnnni
Kp AtUntlou Mtvfii lo K.lrl Court
p runic. jinf Min wm, iiim,
t'larkavllla. Rail Itlvar I'minlv. Taxaa.
Ualiaa rafvrenrrai K. M. 'llllmuu and
,V aj.n- W. II. Wrlitlit.
JOHUAN.UiBllhl rit.KalAN,
Dallas, Taiaa,
Practice In Hlate and Federal f onria.
Oirtac tto. 7:U Main trout.
M. 1. C"wroKi.
W. T,.0rawfoh
Wichita Falls, Texas.
No. ns Main atreot, np stairs, Dallas
8. H.MITU,
Special attentlou Riven to commercial
law and Investigation of land titles.
rl (I'ounly Attorney BsylorConnty),
Allorney-al-l.aw and Real Kit ate Agent,
Seymour, Texaa.
H. HKLl; (Connty Attorney)
AKuruey-al-l.aw and Land Agen
Halnl, Callahan Coun'y, Texaa.
Land and Collecting Aneut, No'ary Public
110 W I K ( M ontii K" e Uo . ), T K X A H.
Depnsltlonscarefully and properly taken.
Business attended to In any of the neigh
boring counties. Correspondence promptly
answered. inay25-tf
McKlnney, Texas.
W. M. AngnWATHT, M. O. A nkRWATnT.
, , L. KUSSELL, ,
Um Attorney and Cnunsouor-at-Law,
a-oil-Hncclftl attention to commercial and
laud bnslness.
Attorney-at-. ,
fay-BpecUl attention given lo collections.
Attorneys-aw. aw,
Graham, Texas,
Office in ymierai uonn nuimiug, wesi
side puhllo square. Will practice In the
Hiaie una r etierm tuiumi
Ban Angaln, Texas.
Lawyers, Land aud Collecting Agents,
ttweel wal er, j'e nas.
Job. BooSk. j. b. Suarhorouoh,
ciotary ruuno.
Henriella, Clay County Te.aa,
, AMorney-at-Lawand Banker,
Beymour, uayior uouuiy, j.exas.
Rxnhan.e bouirht and sold to nil tne
principal points.
Btephenvtlle, Erath County, Toxns.
L A ueatly-prluled 7-oolnmn paper,
published at Uvalde, Texas, in me mieresi
ol West Texas Subscription price, 11.60 a
year. Advertislngrales low and olroula
tloullarto. Hnmple copies free.
i;itnr (liyi., rmim win, r mi".
This Is the Only Chartered liottery of. any
oiaic. -
T-cnmnrntniilin 1KB 8 for 26 years by the
Lenlslature for educational and ohRrltable
pm-poses-wlth a capital of ll,00,00O-to
which a reserve fund of over 550,000 has
since been added.
By an overwhelming popular yote Its
franchise was made a part of the present
Stale Constitution adopted December 3, A.
Its Grand Single Number Drawings will
take nlace monthly. It never scales or
nosl pones.
Look at the following Dlstrl-
Extraortoy Semi-Annnal Drawin.
At Kiw Orkit, DECEMBER 15ih, 1885
Under tbe Supervision and management ot
Gen. G. T. Beanregard, of Louisiana,
and Gen. Jnbal A. marly, or Virginia.
CAPITAL PlllZE 8150,000
Notice TIcketsareJIO only. Halves, 5j
Fifths, $2; Tenths, SI. .
iilBi ud rniBikQi
1 Capital Prize of iluO.iHK).: -...tlBO.OOO
1 Grand Prize or 50,000 50,000
1 Grand Prize of 20,000.... 2c,000
2 Largo Prizes of 10,000 20,000
4 Large Prizes of 6,000 2'J,000
27 prizes, amounting to ..t5'22,500
Application for rates to ciuds snonia oe
made only to tbeofllca of the Company In
kj... c.iMnu fir fnrl.hAT1 Information.
write' clearly, giving rull address.
Bgr-KemltbyPOSTAI. HOM, Money
:press Order, New York Exchange or
rency lavariahiy by express. ( we pay Ex
press chHrges on U sums of ?B and upward.)
isi leaiiii. La.
A.i,i.a-i n.,aiut nrAd rnUerf. and make
PoHtottlce Mouey Order payable to
' ' ' New Orleans. T,
DeSlefaoo Bros. ComTTtlssIaln ferchants
RFor Western Protlnco.Frnlts and all kinds
of Nnts by wholesale, goto DhStefAkoA
Bho.,4"5 Malil. Hell Telephone 180,
, Mannfactnrers and Dealers In
: AndJWholesaleiDealers'An
Ulfot, SSH TV &P I SUaliTf Earff HI
V ; ' HAI.LAB. TF.XAB.' ' - "
TT. L. M00DT CO.
"Parties wlahlt monevi In advanoe or
nmcntr raquaaiwij raatoorri'-"r
. 4 SC.. at -. , - J
Trinity University
'l'olllliKt-llit, T )l
Has haald.a a graced praparalary As
partinaat, la eiieeeaifiil oparallac
sehoeis nf ,
Elocution kuiI Orelery,.
Aaelent Lgnicanxes,
Xodera Laanrei(
Natural Hcleucf,
Literal ore, UUtory.
Matbematlos, PhllJophy
Art, Music and Business,
Methods of JInHtrucUotr.IlnyaU d
partmepUi the best. NiJ better work
done anywhere In Texas. Address
for farther Information,
L. A. J0UN80JI,
Preildent pro tern.
Dallas Business College.
Mo. 131 Halo St., op stairs.
New practical mot hods. The business or
Ilia Coils elaauluallu all transact ion; In
the school money aud merchandise are
used that have actual value. Ailvauta.es
en it id to any Kataruor Northern collage.
euon-uauu anu opaniso. Aoaresa
W.. X.AMOS. .
Bhort-haud.Type-wrltlng and Telegraph
Has facilities ror Imparting a Bnslneae
Kduoatlon enual to the best In Kaslern or
Northern cities. Address for circular,
W.O. BOOKMAN, President,
Ban Antonio, Texas.
School, Bt.Lonis, Mo. This Instltntlon has
a larger attendance than all other eoin
niercial schools In the city combined, and
oilers the best facilities for giving thorough
Instruction In tha commercial and Eng
lish branohes and short-hand. Bend for
Chas. M. V tf rr nr. E . B. Laboh as.
m.. liAROBABt.
SI Nassau Street, New Tork.
Deposits received subjeot to sight draft.
ExchRDL'8 issued ou correspondents
throughout the United Stales. Interest
allowed on daily balances.
Correspondents oi tue wnuney nanonai
Bank, of New Orleans.
1 resiuenfc v ice-rresiuuui.
Eoyaj. A. Feeris, . John H. G a stow,
uasnier. Assistant uasnior.
National Tark Bank. New York; First.
National Bans. Chlcaeo: Hank of Com
merce, Bt. LfOiils;.itlzeu's Bank of Louis
iana, New Orleaus; Louisville B nkjng
Company, Louisville.
This bank has superior facilities for mak
ing collections on all points In Texas. Lib
eral terms extended to accounts of Bankers
and Merchants. DALLAS, TEXAS.
President, Vice-President.
Elr J. GANNON, Cashier.
American Ml Bai
Paid Cp Capital..., .
,. 15,000
Banks- Corporations and MvidualaSolicitii
Directors; W.H. Thomas, O. C. Blangh-.
ter, W. H; Gaston, J. Ii. Wilson, Vf. A.
Mr Entire, w. J. aaii. is ..wannon. ..
Corner Elm and Poydras Streets.
70,000 STOCK
Good Parlor Suitg,
Good CbamberSnit.
$20. v.;
All fine goodB in proportion. ... u :
6S and Ml ElmjjStreet. Dallas, Texas. ' '
, Importers and Wholesale Dealers la '- .
Kats. Boots and Shoes, "
nPlIvvU of private disease Wpermator ,
rhea, Nervous Debility, Rheumatism
Byphills, Scrofula, eto.,whlcli - ,
HnUa-nnrr.an rastrlctlon of diet. Cir
culars sent, Correspondence answered
promptly. Address DR. D. B RICH
ARD, No. 228 Varick street, N. Y. 1 - ;
. xi. 3IcI3IIEB,
1818 Kim Street.
AgeatforSno, ofgan Frandaoo.
- Svccesser to Frank Wheat's Insurance; -Agency.
-E. B. XjEJiLS-S,'
8S1 aad8f HalalBtreet,
BTtairant Haeks, Oanlates. BnrleW
ao.i i nraea, and special attenuon.I I '
Ifbvomaif horsee. .
- e -
. . "! r t trcct your trip to El Tiso
1. juondih.ou. Z
lain and toydras streets.

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