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The Dallas weekly herald. [volume] (Dallas, Tex.) 1873-1885, December 03, 1885, Image 4

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Till: IIKIIAM): 1AU,AB. TKXAE. TTHMPAV. Pl'Cr MfU'll ,'1, W'
nt ii m ii r hi i i i" "
I'A I l.Y.
r ... .
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w.. I,. S.M'
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to mi
I.YIMi iM.'A
MONOAf. f IITKMHt ll ao, ISH6.
. ..AtfUuthU Uano Tita DaixasHku-
ALioeaosloexl'. ThlsH, lu many
reipaots, a J sentence for us to write)
It will I sadder shutonej for tnenj
to read. Tho psrnianont dissolution
of plessanl asaocletloua U always a
oaue for sorrow, avu wllulli Juuuiii
thasyaranoaof ral'-tousiIi Iron) an
iuaJlutloutustono baa caretl for !n
adveifclty ani in jiroapfcrlty and
tbrojRh long yoM fif ohaura ai:U
change U to th'i pr.8ln ii;'' "
rldlau peculiarly a ous9 for oouteiit
fuollnK. Bltotf 1M9, through ptiam
tlmei, civil w.ir, a id ieoo anal i,
tUlu IIKHAI.D ha been tin
rwt laltuful nportir of the
birtba, marriages and deaths tit timu
' Bunds of these c'Ainns, of tbo kaliM-i-aoonlo
evouts, politic!, ootuuwroul,
social, doinetio, orlralnal and otb'irc,
tbat have transpired lu oil titr variid
abat es for tbo psal 20 years. It urn!
came to Dallas as a woukly wbk1!ii',
on a llttto ox-cart from rrls, Lamar
. county, wllU tbo popular, ablu aid
beloved Mark liATinart. In 1874, afur
quarter of a contnry of bouortb'e
ex'.sUnco, Iff blosforued into a dsly,
uuder tbateatoe:iitd oltiaon, Joun W.
meu bava gone boforo, and tbo cria
turo cf tbelr tff.jrta baa cbautad tbelr
rcquiuKiS. Afur acbeckertd car6ur, it
passed into the pousissioii of thceo,
Its lust proprietors, la 1879. Aud tboy,
nearly through tha proverbial sovon
years of lallbiul devotion, ur.ceai-lng
labor through the days and throuisu
tbo tights, with heavy expeucil'.uroa of
money a Its total annual earnlnpu
carried it tbrouh the grading and
grunbiuK porijiJ, by Eelf-saotlflo!ng
proctgaea int tin broad, rioh llfcld ol
anoli usefulness and hm vests for theso
olticsDS as the WAor may see nt, to
cstimats for It. That we have loft
undono inocb, very mnob that we
might have done, and done some
things we should not, lot ua fratilsJy
and freely conotda. But tbt
. wo have conscientiously and per
t eiaienUy purDUOd a e iurx.o that bad.
ita Aiiiuiu, iia innpiring seniiineui
la tbo deei-roD!ed love for Dallas, and
' ail this section of the Slate, whose tru
est welfare we dlUKently studied, lot
us ask this genorous publlo to believe
even while we rofar t the record.
What if there were an oeoaslonal
crack or crevice la the walls of our
structure? Whit if tbore Were a
fewsliRht Bcrotchvs on the class that
proteoUid the morning light? Or,
what if a HttlertUHt had settlolonthe
corniof.? Yet, the lighthouse we
soPi;ht to tend never flickered in its
ilumo ior flashed a false blgnul to mis
lead a Daliasite or a Texan.
This paper has witnessed the growth
of Dallas from a fow hundred souls to
Ha present populousneBi and grandeur
and glory. While boyhood's blaok
beard was growing gray, it has seen
tlx rlaca transformed from a H'tle
, WBgon-yard headquartors into the im
portaat railway center It now is. From
tbe ephemeral one-story, rough frame
house, it has recounted with delight
tho progress toward its now aubstan
tial utatus with splendid investitures
T,ri hrlnk and marble. From
Vi a tvuw
an almost unknown village two de
cades ainco, it has n-jolced in tho
echoes from sounds that syllabled the
fame ot this marvelous metropolis, an
Aloddln-like phenomenon.
In all those gar-horlna glories, those
pleasing, and to others profitable,
transformations, Thb Dallas Her
ald hasatruRglod aud striven through
ail the asasoas, in stormy weather
and nmoolb, to be as potent a factor
and contributor as it conld, however
fur in f,iot it may have fallen short of
: its oxalbod aim. ,
AnJ?iow, to further evince tho fe
alty of fta proprietors, and to extend
th fame and fortune of thiJCi y and
' si'Ctton, they ti-day enter In'o com
bination and hearty co-ope'ln
with the new-comer in our midst
"With it they trust their own fate
under the conviction that a harmony
- of fflellng and the general effort in the
direction named can the better bo se
cured .throughout this oommnnliy
Uian by possible antagonisma that
mlghtensuowith two Birhmondi in
the field. And we now prefer the ap
nea! tliat the friends of the old Hbb-
ald will come, like ourselves, with
their good will and aid to tbe new
ZTows, txtendiug to it the oourteaie
. aud the patronaKO in the past ao gener
ouily aorded to us. ' '
- ENTS. . .
norresDondents and agents of The
&KBALD at the variotwpoltUtbrougn-
mt this Stale, will ooaae ena nB
ther reports to tbe paper, atd wiU eon-
le, a favor by sending lo u eir
joaBti, eto . a. rapUly poaslbbj.
. , , ,,, i n II !'. II I II l I'
l l I M, I Ml , N 1 . ', I' -'
f' II ft nl II v IHi' Hi ! ' '
'i.-. I r a a i 1. 1 r th's ' -I' !i, j I !
. ,i tlml It ll n IM' I p'llillO'!'"'. "'
t'm ImllvliluM pii( rluti ia and onir
of ti e IIthali bavebaomnesUjeklii.M
urn lu tliuNuWa, publUlie I at Oilvt
u.ii and liAliaa. Wo havn nid ar
raiiKuiitU with the D)U News
to eu4 you apeoltnau implea
u thai j on can have the opMrlunliy
1 1 examine it. ar.dbope ibatyou will
tramfi-ryotir ptiouno to that pa pur,
with which we are now ldeullflt.i.
Thinking you for jour patronage in
Urn iut, au4 hoplHgtoreoelveaneiirly
rtrponna, we remain, '
Youn very truly,
as Tim HKnAi.ii cics vl: rhlsi
I .. i.i. ;. .u ur-f:ir.. stiy urged to Bend
i milium Ui l Donuber 1, 18S5, at
ii.o tiirSUnt ixwNibl ummont, kh
ii- (Urnlgtin! mi!!i't: all aubstrlpti'"ii.
p.irtdu. Vobv- al: lurdo an ur-
rnyi'mont with t I)llus Ns to
oiry out our siib-onptiouH that an
piM ii. i:ilvuoc, aud have ro
,lUJ.a tbiii t 'Hid to all Hub
..rjijl'tr Bixuiplu co;!l of tho Nam,
..i tUu. none may bo without a g.iod
puj or. Yott cun, tberofore, renU u
f.ir aumur.U lu , and wbi-n tbo Kavn
1 diHlrod eonti J1.55 fur the yeiir, hud
we wiilsfetoitthhtyou do not mlim
an ihbui. TbaMiiug y;ii for past fa
vors, wo aroyourii,
The Dalt.as Ukrali) having oeam"!
pnbltcatlosi, arraugemenls havo been
perfected t.) eupply He aub.oribers
i'.U tbo D ilKn N ' ' Tj any who
m iy buve pHid in udvawoJ it is hoped
this course may b; 8Atlftory.
Tub UauAi-BJub Offlue will b e:in
tinned at tim old stand, oorner Malu
and Murphy streets, where all kinds
ot ;ob work will bo doue in tho neatsst
and promptest maimer and at the
usual low prlcus.
Hli,n ih limly ft MiHii'
iila- lh I'mvris im-llxi"!-aiu
llurl OH.r uia-lhn
l-ritldanl UlilNut llo
iMIilAMAI'Ol.ia. Nov. JO. UulfiTUlKd
auldlurs ken: up tin I' lonnlr waWti all
last night In Iroiitof ttia raiilna of
the lata viae rrelnai imnurinm.
The lUvdaerm.U K'nninHy andlbenuo
was aoAriiuly vlmbli bi'fnm eurl'mi
people im-kI' euigrt.gmiu " '
K4iey, itiuattHui. walla aud lul,(ni
of iiii.iirnlUK aiiiiHrniilly havmif
AMUiN.i rA i"ArioJi voariiaM.
By a o'ul'i'k itimi wi'te m ihuu.aml
rii pri'Mii.t, iii'Mtly workiua p
nit, ku.1 uoya. All hour I1"
orowl fart iiiorniil to euoli pro
iHirtioiia liiut it wm louml iiMii'ry
lor Uie p ilire to kp h p iH'way
eior for luwi wtmui ituiy enlisd to
H o Iiouh. , .
Mrs. ileidrli-ka riwi onily an.l
with tp uimly aud lr. Jiinko, rtoior
ol St. 1'aui' nhiirh, U"i a iu tl
volional X"io ana. N' 04llfra
f.re adinlitod vxci.pt ihiWB wuo
woie to umkn ihe nfcianify arrnkt
iiimiiii for Hih reuiovhl ol ttie b'ly to
it), court hoiimi.
I i,y in tue ilarkoued rarlor, tbe
e..klltll'l tl'ior ariurnt it buiim ov
in. I vuti llirul diwirf'i- On tui ou:--ti'e
ii'i'il l'. r-aimml a WoK fty from the
iiuiiv, in. kcU iimiit'i.ii. All the atrenta
,tii. towr. airn 111 luil with peoolo,
Alio IsuritfJ Kbi'ii" l-.ir iilii-ibloloc-t
inn to ifi p-oc-.'loii, while
o oroii iiini ll b i!k't'. pail"b
iii tolili.u. t'lio niwi" werx
II ! l wlin orriHui?, "d ttie unia! I-HKii-ii
oDa-t V.'iKi ih ol i;in iiv worn
I, ii U -uroxt1' o.iri ii'it Htini.itfld.
t'r in mo family ri.M'm to the
ci,url nmi-o, wihth tu. b.idy mi Hm
iiihuiU, Ma oi-iH On! m si!iarr,
Mini llm iii)OU:l"'iU "it thai, ttie llUrt ol
mrrU would b . ulonji vVkhUIukkui
ml, ibi null -h -nuisliluM of l
iillv, hi utB;l"it t" l!iiui; It M b
ur'wiled liK '"' l ho i.rK!sloii
mrnifd. Htrt i'r und oMii r vebl'jln
a em uoble to ki- : tirout tne crowd,
ami tlaal'v, by llinnrd.!-t i lit piln-e,
uny were kept tt ih slri-ul. all')
goiher. At 10:l) o'clock, the imwl
iuit!(.rvo iiiiini'",u"dero mimaudol
and too guvenuit'a n.uli, f.irinud In
linn. mnrotiHii to tlie Ueuilrici rei.1
ilKmta Hull wi're drawn Uj la lliiel'i
rontof ibe gi t, ttie crod prt(,.-iii
iMi-k on ttie i-ldo slreois. Tin
beirii bad preceded ihem );
ii, with aiUuliMi four black
iiorHi?, naparisoiiiid in euib'.etiiH oi
h i urolotf, wltu liUck plntne nodiltun
tr.ofi ilieir had, at which stood urn
i,rma;t foldlur'". 1 1' hote wa-j
oivnrvd with silkou ll igs, Tt'Slooi'td
wth oratie.
iVdinplly hi 11 o'l'loca tho bnrlnl
o-i-kt t whm plaoeii i'i ttie hi'arai', aud
Uic pnicuesloii ih ly movi-d ioaru
tou Mmibi)us'. i'.annlur waa ts fol
lows: Metropolltna Police l'oroe, In Full Ureal
Uiiltorro, W'eiirln,.' Orupo o jl
Mi K'lMHiid A'Ui.
The A'Jutaut Heiiurai of titats and the
Mlllta y SiafT lu I'oH Uunlfomi ami
i runted.
311!ltry Jiand from Coinnibus, Ohio,
B,i rucks.
l,r.ol mlltt irt; 0jU)iv.1s with guns
..r.ii ririniM iiu.lllKil and wearing
euib'inn Oi mnurntiix in tao following
oriiei :
Indlauspo'.U Light Infantry, 3? Men In
Line. ...
The Fmmntt Guards, 32 Men In Line.
The HI03 Znu ive, Heo In Line
Ths Bt'clslit hllllK-, Y u ig toluici Meu,
41 IUQU 'll i-iur.
ElclmrdK n Zj nv is M Mou In Lino.
TUreoC'ompnlo- ol llio In H.inapoiH ulBUt
All persons lndeMed to TnK Heu-
Ald will ptons3 04II promptly at the Tll0 j(ian6 wltbPall Hearers a-.d a Diliich.
..... ii.o, iiia. I m nmiiuii"'" -v- -- --, -tu.
ollioo and settle a. me "'
out. P.r!l"s havlsg accounts Rgdli;st
I in Hkbadd will please present tbe
same for settlement.
Ihr 1 1. "i ' !
You can got the Dallas News, a
twelve-pago weekly, for $1.0 per year
n r-ilvanco.
lnibors of the House with Plethoric
Fm-ies and Pockots that Bulge.
Tho ricbOHt man in the next House
1 now hero at Washington. His name
in William li. Siott. Ho is a JDoinocrai.
irotn Erie, Pennsylvania, and he is
. J(,i m h worth $12,030,000. i saw mm
a tim holm to niun. n
,..-..,0,1 f,.n,.OTnf inniilum size, notovi-.r
tors of ago, aud he. oi-.rris a'.tout
hiin tbe general air of a good, coui-
IllOU HOliHrt DUBIUTOB limu. "v.
m :o IiIh owu money, ami it ha-i not.
,.,..,inm int.n b. snob. HelHVury
Tiiuiulur amoiiK. bii friendf, aud is
Known a especially wu oi aiinwu.
r.tt tt..n.i- .run h.VA AH A DUCTO HeDTV
(tlnywas still id the Senate, Dnhl
Webster was in Uls prime, anu joun
it ic.ihr.Tin hull vacmanvveara to live.
'fripsakiiig of the rich men ot the
nt'XIi UODKroao, -
...ini..,uo,.ymiini! tuu now memtmr,
and eomeot tUe old millionfirts have
been returned. Now York, as usuhI,
iwads tho lisi. I'orry Belmont has a
fortune in hi own right and has
...ininnainnrmniiiii. Abe ilewitt re-
Crtived Boveral milltocB through the
reath of his l.ither-ln-law, Patflr
Cooper, and Archie Bliss is said to b
MtiviTral tirnos a millionaire, though 1
understand he bus lost money lately.
ri.,..rua WfiKt. tha new congreB.smn
tr.ii Ballatou, in ti great paper
faoior. and nas i,uuu.uuu iu
I'A Divenport, wuo was aeiea-ia by
nncumnr Hill, is in the neat House,
... ?,... It.llmr PulllKHr owns a
f rtunnas the proorittor of the Nw
York World, uu.l John Arnoc, or fci
uiiiv, i a nxnaer with a fortune ol
a ,k ., lJ.o,rmvivanlamlllionttrien
thoro are Huoit, wi h his dozen mil-lioiis;ToinB-.yne,
of Pi"""?.
is about a ui'Hion tbrouh his wifn,
uu.l ilarmer.of Pi ilndelpt-is, who Ua
two or tline nn llovs invecied lu
mlnei. A; new itepuoncan ws""
mi l irouj reiin.viva'i "'.""
wn,il...n. tho ureat oobI t in wt ioh la
dhuii d auer UIh Jaml.y, and Coniess
miin Scanton ii wonlt a fortune iu
ool a .id railroads. One or ni Muoe-s
tora w in Coare8a lata In the n.'tKS
id I cm told bo was a member aaver
' 'Die ob w mlllioEalros are soittered
.?,..,,.,., nun. Mr. SteDbouaou,
....... n ivirfnn la salt and real
peta-ft, and North Carolina has another
named Ureeu, wnose motiey is In
vested In grapes ana w" "w' "
i... i.. . . urit vinnvurd east ot tni
Becky Mouuia-ns. trio """j,"- '
William Walter Phelps, of New
Jorbev, " is good lor several
millions any day, aud bts son is now
aoliiK around tho world in bia own
vaolii. Oouuootlout has twioeanait
llonHireln Ctiarles I Mitchell, otkevr
Haven, who is a direotor inialdiff rent
corporations, find there is a new nioiri
bur from Ban Maleo, California, who is
said to bs wortli ball as much s S joit
and h&s mada hla money in apeimlac
iua in oil and mines. His name is
Ctiarity Feltom He Is a youna; ' Re
publican aud a rollicking good fellow.
I'bci Itllnola Ueiegation Is said to have
everal millionaires. IOUisianalns a
Hisar niiilioualre in one ot ita new
u.Hu.lx-rs, Mr., Gay, and ti,ere are a
numbur cf other States which havr
conitteMmon who are worth In tne
p-iKUborhood of $100,000 -ud mcre.
j Washington letter Id Chicago Tri
bune. , . . " ' .:''' .'
Bnbser;bererieqtteetedtosend la
their sabacrlptlons at once, as we have
been very indulgent.
The Mayor . llio C't , .oinlifrs or tno
Common uiun 'it hhu u,u ...
1UO VHruustuiuiuidHK
Clt rena i ne alU. .
Tho TSevro, wi h Pall-bearers ana
taClimOUtOI l-ollca, llinuum-"
Tho Mayor of the Clt, 'Membsra of the
Coininoii uoucn aim iu( "
inO RriOUB LUiiiiiiinuBq.
Citizens generally.
AU along vVkmiu cou atreftt tne
sidewalks wore lined wnn P"l'
who with diiU 'tilty wre ki. u ju..
irft. The windows nod even tbo
roofs of the various buildings ware
Bllbd. The houses on tne lino oi msruu
.n hMV V ClrttDBU in IllouruiOK.
WhBti tim nrncoaston maroho'l to the
oourt hous", it was found necessary to
stop nearly 10 minutes until the streets
could be cleared for it to prooeed. This
cit u nn it ii k.
n.A.nnici anLriklnQr aooaar Anc9. Hie
entire front was covered wltU black,
unit the mnrme coinmna enoirmuo
wi'h Htrenmers or buioa ana wmm m.-u
th national colo.s. The entrances were
1 0.ti n ifunoi. uni rroui iuu bonus
out. IT - "I- -. -... . ,...!JH...
11 steua nag at uuu-o.iB"k. juowo . '"
duiv wan vorf iinuomuB j
Mm prtnndlrtr tile-
length of the block, was draped
ihr..HLr bout WHO leaiouno o.
black tud white. The gallery wa"
covered with nyergri-en inter wovon
..ilih Ihnfnlrlu ft LilM I1XVE1. XUD
nroaciipn, stuirwayn and Bide corridor
n i vxi iiiii in nviii Kirniia aanu -r
i Iahiu and 11 iwors, from which a fra-
(,'ivint icoai b croi-e.
ri-Ll l. ii n'l a n H 11 u n
direotlv in
H, P.mtrn of tbe buildluu, stands the
u,f,.lnnn. n vprv eluborato BtlUOtnre.
. . ! !,..,
'i'ii .oioio.eu Buiun i 'Jw"v
12x15 feet, the approaches be
i hv urentll lLCtluue.. Jn
n.7. ,.', Q m if ia Mm bmr. raiasd
about thres feet from the 11 or and
ontruroH witli hroadiil'jtti. "fho can-
oyy ol blaok tiiJk, acd t-rapo uud silk
fl.ii'M is i-upporteil by lour
column, wrapiou w;tn evergreoo"
andcrauH. At Ibi) ertrt.OB ai-d on
all sides are plant, so that tbe struct
ure aeemH to hnvo bi.tu built in
a lioauliftil ooisssrvatory, aud the
whole efl'oOf is , striking and
imposing. Bwfnre tho oasket
wu taken from th h3ttrn the mitl
tury couipunios ami polion were
mwrched into the bn'ldiair, an I Wire
stationed so a to pro;rly dirret the
exp'Ottd crowd. At 11:80 the
cnxkoo was brought, In and
pinood in the eatifilque, after
which the 11 iral efl'-rn.'KH weie
iirrHiiKod . At tho bend and foot Ihuo
brokou columns, Hurmounted y wht;e
doves and sheaves or ranbi!d?,aiiiUx,
ferns aud oornaiious were pl'icod. Di
recly at the head of tbe ooflla a vary
elaborate ofl'erinpr, ssiit by
pre.ildentof me Irith Liand L'sgueoi
America, wai placed. It is five iooi in
beiht, with a ciroa'.ar top, theground-
? 'h..in., of IW Olid BlUlloX.
Mil. a Jariro harp of
t.it.a Marshal Ne'l rose-buds,
colia lilies and hyacinths. Above are
Ihowordi-: "Kriu oiourna nr tr
lees AnvooftW Ri tne base tue
fnllowJiifit htaraa: " ' ' ' .
..n i. T,f ili tear at Ih moment Bhed.
Wlien theoold turf basjusl been lam o'er
Thatoan'ioll how beloved was the friend
that basiled, ' ,
Or how deep in our hearts we deplo:e
n . fit n there was Disced a beau
MM! 11 ral pillow of roses andsmilux,
oi Which rents a broken , gavel,
.w, of oflioe. made
of violets," and telow this anoth t
piUow ofwiilte, wltn ihe letter "a"
in blueimmor'eif-s in tno .
.u- tiiianniher verv elabor-
ate design, sent here by citizens of
Madison county, oeinn
of white roa and llilee, arising
n . K.ri nt violxnta. wblle another
ittledeeign bad on it "At Rest at
i ... u. H.tirirtnka' laat words.
Many other floral offerings, elaborate
and beautiful, were, placed ia tbe
'"oniy'the but end lacs yt the dead
HalllMln '1 ll l I
. , , ,. , i . ii - ' l"i l ' ' I "
' in '! H lM.l I'f lo'
tiff.,. I .' -I.., I.I 1 I 'i'f '' l l'll ' "
I'l. ,e. p io tin t lf ',
.i I, ,, ll a i. i rii" I "'
r ink I. ib' ' ! "al and I'l - if", "I"'
Id. i i pi I' of a ail il l 'll " 'I"' ai
ji,t imlir loi '. Tli'ii W4 ii'i
look ot c 'ii.r auili rloij, but rauu r
ii'liat i. II f mi t'
V SIMI t r H THI I'll Ml
Th lir peroi. tunillKh
tliu rat!. ' ami In' h npon lu'.
eounti iiaivv, "lt'i wblon In Ilia lbi
bad Ii'i n " i l eiilne, wnm tt taimim
eoiiiinlitii"! and ortiiiautiaa thai
partlelpai'.l In t'' I'"'1".
Atunng the llr ei Mr. Ileiidrl.'ka'
iw, in.ihtiB, Tu'ii and ilriy Mur
gau.llie latter beliiK Ibn erioo who
v wliu I im Juki beliiitt hladoatti,
and to li'ni be laat Bpoke.
I m ml I I went 1.11 ioiiiiI In lines
i aiomJIid tbe entire ler'b of th oor.
lidiir, and MratigJuiMii's were
mali, lor the crowd to
eiii.r at thn aant it f the
biillillm,, and alter revlewtnn ibe
remains paaa out lir(iul the west
mil, iheia being two Urea, one on
men elde of tbe Collin, At HU.r. o'clock
ilm ooora were ptmcd and Ibe
bi'iiao, viojolroiii h niuiiil abi-ve, win
owoied by plains at.d ever(rriia,
oatnn Ihti di'leiul atralnh of ihe Hi
liar. I uiaii'h fiom Kra Dlavol i. Tlia
rrniuiiita bad boo i in wlo so pr
leotly mil ibrNiielihruoutilii!
nor ileljy. ami I"" crowd pai'i
qil'otiy un.l rJeiiy tliroiiK'i
tnu iiulllini,-. T'mio who had
kept iiinir pUci-a neiirent lbs
nuiranrs bv p.-.tiwi'iy e'aiiiiii g tiiwra
lor several 'hours, aii.i wtui wme, oon
aeipleiitij, tbe nrV t V.bl In, were
w.iikit u men, ilioir 1 and oh'l
tiro ,' lul y tlrei.f d, and liuudiidM
ol ilium Woarlii tnibiciu-! of uiouru
ii! A. Allot tboiw ohuiii
hioi:ams or riiibuitax,
ell HUI"lUiul w,!l til baveii, and BOV
Mat Ol'glllltatli fcOlliU'l'S iu h body.
Ciiiir. n ptupiii C.UI.O tlon utter hmi-.
vwi.h Wcr oor, and out
ln l'ji alUri.onu and tvon
li!';aloiOHt the ooilrn population wa
tlitre. Th!v worn not auowed lo im
er tiv tlon rilliu, blf.Ooiild catonoulv
j liuirleU j;lluii ol Ibe fnal'.i'ea o!
i Hi U ad man a j they p mnid. for tbo
H m nour ab ui. 0J p pl a
in i n Hi" pitted by tbo coiao, hut
-a ilia crowd h- pi leoreasing on tbu
oulsu'ii It beo.uiio ovidabt tbat
b. uiii ini'K mu'.t t o doito to
Iimk'hii the pioor.HHion. Accord
iuii'ly the Kuarda wero lr.atruoted
io Mt-p tbu ci.luu ni iiiovhirf faater,
and duriuu the rouiaiudor of tue aftei
uoou about ft) peo il:. vt"eil tho o
lUiilus every liiluu e. This averj
wai kepi uji umll nearly t
oisiiek, bit ltietft:el i.'t ibe expected
j.muauliu oi tuntir.wl oi Ibn u
Kiue, i.uui tloiit.l to tn.'i-onJi'. It a..U
u i,n.l:iul' ii 'ej.oiH to keci.
.10 lioois ofii lroiu uooa unt.lt 8
u'clor.k iii B eveiili i;, t u long bstore.
thut moo it btotnio v.v.ile:t mat other
r.' rai'tjeuieuu w. uiu h ive to b-i fiadi.
Tiio strocts irotin l th'i nmliliorf were
Hu' CllKU Wi l li I'EOPI.B,
aud th Hoes ao, r 'u.:bl Vto door
leiclied ei.vuhl tipt-iiB aw.iy. Ao
e.iiuitiKiy av6:3u-' iojk i: wbb decided
tJ cIoho the tioi ra until 0, as tUere
.i.H apprehension that iu the
cri-iit ruoh some accldn-.it i
mibt occur, aad tim anniuuojmont
wui wai:o to tho orowd. Tuomotuls o
tbeui, Liowever, ins'.e-id of olug home.
rmimiiK'd iu liu... :ioro tnau V5.UO0
poopls pa.sud throu ;h tui baildtiig
auii.K ihu afternoon.
Tno court houno doon woio opened
uuaiuHt 0 o'ul'juk, Hb tio upparont
d mlnutlonot tha orod. outiide, and
tho niourutul proco-aI'u was con
oi i:l ulUbiiKS and oondiliouaol aocioly
were hurried ibroUKU at, th rate ol 80 a
...inute, and una a k pv u(i u...o
midnight, when the buildlug was olo
eifuriue nigur, n de.hO iuiO'H of pu
ii' O aud milula b-.-inir lJ't on guard.
Up t this tiiuo Iho crowd
jr .nnil tbe bul Olllf 0U the
tioiBido wis v-ef? roat, but cxoollent
rdor pieVAilen, ou ino p.iiuo uuu
ittle d Uioulty iu CArrjiogout the ar-
riki'KiiipiH. , thn
At 7 O'010'.'K. IH WV tii-.iu.ua -
buii'itug will onae u.oro be thrown
ii'i. a to tne pai'iiu o iu
a'.ol will bo kpt open uuill o
o'clock in i ho eveuini;, when the re
mains of Mr. Unidrie-ka will b re
turne'1 to tue family residence. Prob
u.y 60,100 ptopie viewou umramuuii
ivluir exprodsd a
desire lo vlt.it the o iurt-house where
tho body ot ner nuaoaao
lying in Btate, Geubral Kiuller
i.i.. ..u.v..inir bi nr. iinr n uiL'Mau-i . .
nc her to noHinuu'e m ump
woulu coiue ao
I..,, mi i, he hi eloKrtil. Blie tiuiuoa
a ,.iiif. nnrl at tliat hour tho
" " . - , I nk.dn
ooora wt.re oiopeo, uuu ""jji
muKiclauB, guards aim ouiuo, i
tlred from tho corridors. Mr?,
ti ii,..u .In.li.-. and Mrs,
tr" .fa.?:w. Tt and Mm.
V. K. HeMdnoKBcauie lu a carnage,
aud were aduiiited by a
nvivjito entrance. She wore deep
mourning and a heavy crape
veil. Her fco snowed evidence ol
weoplniT, but ehd bore hersolf with
rntteri cnmpoBuro, Kivlr-r: nry
to bar emotions only onoi. he
expiessed suprlae and griuillcation at.
.oo elaborateness oi the drpery
t rti diHiilav and while tho
remainder of tne party waited In a
, id o corridor, she, le-nii g.on tho arm
ot one of tho gontluinen, went
to E,th "do oi iu" "
ontliol'uoo ol inr huabaiid, iind. was
finally ld awuj, nppaiently b"
lnK roluotaut to leave the
.K.r. Altor ihi had retired
from tbo builtliug the doors were once
mora opened aud tue crowd l
lownl to ro through until mldaiaht.
One rl tno most t ucniu i
lis-, ttiat wnu icut ia reached tbe
fi-miiy refldence lb!s afternoon. , It
wM from tbo
and tne nr t inr.imntion mat wbb
bsd cf tbtir lineniion o make
such in expression of, sympathy
was this aiiemiion weou uui
the Sunday a-hool whioh tne.y
ri'KuUtli- attend, that, of tbo
St oond Pri-HoyturiiM) churoh, narryicg
it with them Mini a.'.nouuced thair K
r, ntioii of swdinut it to tin houso.
I. li u . very large and
bi.udaoiiio dosigu, iu the shape
of two pillars, four lost high, colc
nctea hi me top "
Fioai heso pillars banp beaut-i
" t II 11 f !. Ic-' ll I, 1 "'I'el I l'l
I t I e i' . I " I '
10. i. I , I-1 ,' . l t
I 'I - , i . C U 'I' I'l" " '' i
I ii i, .1 ,, in,', i.i vi w a '"f on.' ,i i
. . J. I 'I l.'Kl I ' , t I
Ii . i I '. i.i. I'i I I'l l-i.li i'i r . le " l I
10 , i, 1. 1 'o llo " 'b . I " I'll '"'
In. tue I ll. uulii I I' 'ii'il lllHi. i I
11 ii'iii'i'ii' "l a, .eh li . a-i I M'O'i
I itli' vint:, ai ll J o . li 'l I' I
lw li'V di 'V lo H e I ' l'i'l" t i n 1 r
A IB-I'l 'I MTI M h I' ry HH'fSI'r
mm all. iH ii'i lo ibe i'.eil Via -pii.ni
ileel wt.irli iloaa I lit im r'l lini'iir. 1
.11, HJtlhtl.ll I. OA tlO.l I V, kt fllll' III
e,.i,(lio 1 'i, I HH llntilli I'l t'lilt
1 Old not tasii a- i-oinpri henaiVo a
vie ot tbedutyluao ti. pnli'in in I
btiulil, it, l In, I Oil uot I. oK Bievoiy
plifa.oot it, and I am iilrH'.d m.v ktrong
lerionul iif aire kiiiun bat ol'.u'led my
jiidgiueol. i am now roiii'iliul by
aMiieof tnu htnl aid iio' lalili tio
nil clii ur. I lit ol our rlt'"ll Ibat the
leal and aieeiuu diuUu of my etIUe
IV at tbe itaU.iiiUl Oidtat, anil ll aloll
llo. I reent t'llllal' ami elim
iiiialtuu, 1 ouiht not o tiiko even
ti e reunite ubaure of aoel lent Inoldoul
io liavi to aratliy a avunun nt ao gon
er) Mini " cbai antciiniiu aa U.ul iu
volvutl In till" am Jiot. X have lin n
moyoUMiLY IMPHKbB. u
bv tlie-o nui aiili r.illoi.il, but most ot
all, inllUHi-oed by their strong mid
unanimous presentation by lbs de
vote.t liiniiila of tt.e lute vlt'O-pruai-ilnnt,
living lu bis S'-aie ami oity, anrt
tbelr en l. raMinniit, by Hie liolun and
P rl'i'in wmiiaii, wliu, lu tlui infinun
-oiiu.v of tier w i'iwn''.d, re-11-ijla
the spirit ami' olmrai 'jr ol
Iter honored liunbiind mi her kolleliinle
for tue nili!li) ijm. . I um inn' c-riat'i
Mint neliber my ileelre, nor tbo eonti
iiient roionul t , nor tbo oifiloulry
mat allemt i in th a hum. a uoAtige ol
dn-i,i.i, nor any B'.i'bbrn ul.ii el
liero!in, will JiiHliiy tne m kbjel!iig
ttie C UljIiy to i.nv ti . er I'll .rw el
dNiiniei 'tiV:i 8'.'n.! isiv pe!l'nri.'i-"tee
of e riet d-JtV til l e, and T.bat I ouulil
un' to tit ll e; upou my o tiioir.i uu u evt u
ili i iiuieat and aoAtoiy a'.teudliin my
ti pi. i lur, abionco and ifcliii " Hi M
tei.daue" up.iu tho fmoral eore-
Jjon now, Nov. Ml. TJ.o IJbdrala were
tiiKddiiid by Vincmiut Ciii-(.miih' Con
servu'.ivn vin'.i ry in tbo Wyontnbe ili
vli'jn of BuokinghuiusUirii, i:ed pelt' d
blm and bia wife wilh aiud atid other
wlttO uialtretited Ibcm. Tito hitter ih
naitn.1 bv cdluiblmr p. wall iti'.i an ad-
jnlnini,' vani. Bau lost tier back hMr
m ner nirt.
A tr;ul barqnet was given lust
ni;lit t' Count Vou Munitur, late Oer
niun Huibaasailnr tri L'uiuoo. The
Mniiui-i of Slisburj- and u ltiiKe
nuni'.:nr t.f clukt'K aod lords were
pret.il'. '
Mr. Ci adAtnuH Uli XMiiibur;;" on the
evr.loj.r m.ill traia itud a toicn light
prco ssion csoortt d bltn to tno depot.
Wmii the train reached JLuckerby n
uiob gui bored around tbo ntation and
ImilnUd tbat tho nx-promior deliver a
speech. Herospouiuid to tho demsnd
In a plaintive votco, nayinjt tiiat' Hcot
1 ind was doluf her o'U' y nobly and the
Koglifh cciuutie-i were certwiu to do
the same.
A FATA b KAItt,.
Loxlon, Nov. 9 A banquet w.is
given t Birmingham last nigu'. to
celebrate tno opening by tho Princo of
Wales of tha muieum' In that tity.
When tho prlLo?, who was a guesl,
and his party were about to retire, a
number of other guests rusbed to the
buleony to witneas their departure, f u
the ciovvuing that ousu-.d Mr. Bennett,
a magistrate and bank director, aud a
lauitius local . philanthropist, was
puiherl bft'tbebnlo:,ny and fell lo the
navnmont. a distance ot 50 lent. Hifc
body was llierally dashed topieaea
TIih scoidont wan wit.noasKU by ttie
Prino of. Wales and au onormous
o:owd ot people.
Thn llnkn of H imereot. WHO was a
Liberal only recently, although aD
aihoiat, Binned au appal to the oleo
tors to support the oanrcb,
London, Kov. 9. Six thousand five
hundred electors utmtuined from
voting in Coik.
i,.v..hir thn iit.Ki. wav to Bscrtain
wha.tnirtimilarB.one will withs-.iind
(posuro to tre iiuu.i)oi" "j
particular meanty i to
graveyards t the diatrlot and o'jsorvti
thecunduionoi tbo atonea employed
lor monumomal purposes.
n iviti.rf.mnt. Hm!s thnt among thf
elomauiB ine dbbi irnumoixuia ' -
logons ara loaine ana Bimuiuum.
M?.iuiiln iron ini its oxldoa srd well
adapted lor trsusferrlns ohloriue nnrl
kmn.in. and Hiiiiiuonv. tin and
their oxides have been used with suc
cess. Bismuth, sulphur, nrsenio and
amorphorns phosphorus have farleBs
trftusrerrinif power.
The king- of Sweden bus informed
.1,.. a .ui t,t Ki'.lenees. Paris, thai
n...o. i.tu u't.nininir bia 60th vear.iu
January, 18S9, he Int-nds ti offer
Pl'iZJ Ol i.UUi, ill UUUiuiuu w .......
. i j , AAro In 11. a nnlhtiVAl
u.euai vaiueu ai. i,wwi.,vo
tho moht Important disoovory in inaih
uma'.i .ul scionco. Alrenoy three
iud;eo bovo been selected. There Is
one iroin tswuaoimu",
Geimiiny. and the third from Franca.
It tooii 13 years or hard wora: to oon
struct the Severn tunnel. A special
traio, the first that crosssd from shore
shore at thai point., passed through the
two aud one-qnartor miles under the
rv-rthe outire length ot Iho tunnel
is7 664 ynrds on Hfttorday, September
6. As all representatives of the prens
nr. ovninrieri triuii tbe onenlnu f X-
p- rluiental trip, the notica taken ot the
vent was very brief. . '
In nis lecture on tno no a booioo
explosive", delivered to the insMtu'-ion
l CIVll euglueijrM, uouuuo, vi','"
Noblo eaid: "Tw.-ut.y-liV'i yours zo
our most powerful piece cf ar:lllary
wn m fiS-miiinder.' throwlnu a pro-
J -oiile witti a velocity oi' 1,670 feer. a
80conu mow ui" "tin '',.,
in inertated riO'n 0 voni io iuu, wro ve
loo !.le from 1.C0U to Z.UUU ieoi, nuu tne
e ei-ziesf.-om 1,100 looi-tons to over
0,000 root-tons." ,
T Is a eet. of feetiiros-Poomplexion,
Tbe tincture oi a iKinrnui i namim
uu ln P' r?.oiil'complex'en powderf
Fairest ) "ms iu will arqalre
' ""-)
New Yoik manufacturers ato. unloading now.
Thc-yaro already getting re j,dy for Spricg Trade,
and any caah they can et for the baU.not of Win .
ter goods is accepted. Last wook wo. op.ixsod be- '
txceea 500 and 600 IMPORTED and DOMESTIC
MISSES' CLOAKS in various desirouts styl a that
were bought at Fifty Cents on tho dollar. This
week ve shall sell thorn at the S'im proportionate
rictfa. We makehtclo money or. them evan at
tUr so lowpriofjs. M.2iufa,C:ur3r3 atood thi loss. -
$8050 TO
Are tlie prices per cloak that we ask for choice of a lot of
imported styles, ranging ia size3 from 4 to 16 years. Four
year size is $3,50 and each size larger 25c more, making the
1G year size $5. They are worth just' double.-
50 TQ $4O0O
The next assorted lot are an excellent grade of American
made goods in assorted styles at $2.50 for 4 years and ad
vancing to' $4 for 36 years. Our regular stock of all
Misses' Cloaks have also been marked down.
In addition to the reduction already , made in this line
we have added for this week's bargains all our Fine Cloth
Ml 'floral gates, halfsjir, tho
whole betas made ol wluco roses,
a, l,x and calln illive. Th word,,
"G tie Ajar" and Mr. Hendricks' Ini
tials in blue violets are tlio oulyim
norip'lona on it. '
visitors AimiYisa
ISxeursion iritiiin, J0ded down,
o,.,.,ln.r Into lh OttV tlllS OVOU-
....7. Hiul all tne ruilroadB centering
taew nro vreparlntt to run extra
trains very irequenisjy -.u-uioio",
and thev report to-niaht that they will
urobably be unable to get ours enough
f.. tramiiMt .i the oeotlo wno
-ioi, tr, W All the' rooms
t . tim learllne hotels have
...-. uaatiA Ov lelearsob. ami it ls'
timuttid Miai .30,000 slrargera will be lu
tt eciiy by ' uestiaymornirK.
n.t.r ViHirhewi and lion, B. J
ti.,.,i o-tIt-o.i t'riim Wishinctou at
nooti, and to-nlubt Muyor O'Brien and
mrmoers oi tue vuy uuuuuo vi
reached here." ',.'"
. m Rndvlnkn. with the exnonUon
of her visit to tha court house, re-
mAlnnil I. nillAtlV ' Bt ' 1IU1UO n.A
,i .nit air our? a few
i... n.i. fviAiiri.. Within the last two
davsstie has reoelvtd a hundred or
more pnv iem,ro jtuu
irlentls .Oaring thuir aympathy and
ooudoienoe. -1 . .
"' Will pot Attend the Funeral.
Washington, STov. 29. The presi
dent this afternoon determined not to
niaka tha trip to Indianapolis, xo
representative of the Associated Frees
Mia tha fiiat motttavof tha rtioak oi
Kei'ucad from $20 t3 $16.50.
Our finest beaver Newmarkets, full tailor made',', and
neatly edged, with Astrachan, a garment fully worth
$22.50, and now reduced to $16.50. '.'.'
Ratluced from 22 to $17.50.
Black or Brown Berlin Twill Newmarkets, wide braid ,
binding, entire front revers of Astrachan, . Accordeon, - Plait
Back of Beaver, Astrachan surmounted by braid ornaments,
a most uncommon and stylish Trrap sold for $22, novr v17.50
educed from $25 to $20.
A very fine Imported Bouele, faced with satin and full
ailor made, trimmed with handsome fouragee; also a New- ,
market of a fine ttench Worsted Cord with soft woolen
back, satin faced and satin sleeve linings, both of these gar
ments, reduced from $25 to $20 each. ,
For other Bargains see the stock.
KxtmorUInaity Attraction Two l(!htI
December 3 and. 3.
The Grontcst; Grnndet and Cue Speetai
Inr uuecess orthe Season,
z o z o
tr. Aa.1n.tl. nf Mairnlfll-Ant fiCenerV,
T.. ..44T..1 f n Inmal Ami lnruOUS Pura-
nuernaiin, makln! aa array of jlaMlluB
iiplen .or unprecedented In the anna's of
tue s'age. Trio celebrated PantounuilBt
and Comedian,
8n pportcd bv the acknowledged queen
. American Btoge BeiiuUeH, . t
tt' a mn ' DU V LT"E'
Andafulllramstleand Comeny Compa
ny, yvnirniy of meu and women apoear
In tins monaiiou prtjuHowou. , ,
Box office now optn.
Friday, Deomb6r4-0'SLY FAEMBB'B
m-iya nvTSTIKfilftn HT HOOM TO
r rntT With bOrd. Apl7 at M Kom
vonna. . - .'
' idniAni nfihAruRh othor denartmonta got on ".
oouZf lmproinentsa.,d bargains and offering! and insist, npon the following addl. ,
tion to lis regular bargiln list. . :
This is all we nHedraytoreoommendthequsllty ofthegaodswe are offering;
i ZeUler Brothfer's jastly celebrated make of goods for wnich we .are ' , .
Flue curacoa Kid Button Shoes-lowest prices efer named-!: we sell them tbtt -
week at 18.15. .2' C:-"-'42 '.' : V 1 ..' 1.1. Ml m salt thn '.'',
Finest Curacoa Kid Button bnoes iowwm. yum
thUweekatlS,66. .'.'": '.''.. .m. . .oil tham thla J
- Eiesant Fine Kid Button BnoeiowesprioB ; 7 ;
rni-t Hand'-sewed French Kid Bhoe-lowest prices oyer named; we sell illMB ' i
this week at t6.80. : ' : . m'n. wn noil tham . - k I
Special Hand-sewed French Kia Bnoe-iowf'i"' r
this week at (6.60. V"..-'.-:
0. ... '.'""'-'--.-:-;-'ii'oBrijAlIIIIilKPABTaENX."-.'''
' Striped Jersey Flannels, best iaUtr made. Mint from $1 U 70
yart. Our entire line of Fancy PUld Flannels reaueed to 60c a yartf.
lid: IS

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