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The Dallas weekly herald. [volume] (Dallas, Tex.) 1873-1885, December 03, 1885, Image 5

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T11K ItClfAIJ); f)AMMHt TICXAK TimnsfMY. WfTMWm. X V
Eon! MM Mm
Msliaa frla't ,l hiring ami i1H '
J'llil lamp, Ht .1 li N lidlui I I it
IN. Mil'-' " loan ! It si at(A,i.
tlrt'V. f.V H ."Hllinlr , .-.! 1 , T- .
uo u i in mi"
li.' I UUUU
AND rill.W HrM iHWti iiotlW,
OIIImui and air a u, em ettrtli.illy IpvHmi
to vlull lb Dallas Puh.iu I.iluary and
Froo IteMtlii Hnnini located hi km Ha
treat, Hours 1rt,u,i m. In ) n. m. ami
from Sin III l. m Nana sva fmm 7 Xt. a t. m
T UI-liJE ai o tho DHAWEK3
"id") .!
kx'I About
Throughout Tasat, aa Wrlltaa hjr lbs
HoiaH'a C'iTi uf I'orr.apondenta
v forth tcaurtalnumn t aud In
Unction of th Jtmitcr
of tbo Unit Jiatljr.
Waco, Nov. 2. Sf.oUI. Jnat
MoCormiik aiuni-J U.e mli rtttia il the
- late term or ttui United States court
thin morning and left at -1:20 tlilj after
noun 'for Dalian. Adiopk the In
acts of theo-n-iiii ctmrt m a ileert
- Bbtilnif lot th the n mi nm In Lin n
Out Of too proceed ipf thai H ill nf the
TBX t i'"-. I.OIII-. .:lliomi, cm th(l J
proximo, to the follow) nx parties, who
UHVe roiitloltsl i in VIO-H MUCH Iho M
woltt Into tint hAulae' i roonivi'U W
K. Woodward, x-ro-lve.-, nt it'Mrnirt
oro,00 p, ryc'! s. v l- ordyo, , j.res
. etiarect ivi r, ?0,kiO p,-veer; J. &). Ve
CormluK, n.s--r in ehaneeiy, jJIO.iOO
per yen; ro'inpa p "wuri., i .i
oounMil, sii.OOO in fml (luiUMvii.Maiiu
llHtler, 8 hi mi t Uul'bani. ul N
York, auu CUrK K liver, of W'aoo, f J5,
OcO, lu I'll; c imuonl'tO'i: lieu.
derson & U. li-, nt J y ter-U SiHi; Cniitrl
jnvrnixnriH cuojiihuv, or ntn luni
Uuiltd BlHtt Marnliiil Citirll Jftfn:
Dallas tliici evuMiiii: lu i li-run of Jiuc
A, liiinllti'll, n'ulm.ijfil 10 ilvnyoirn ut
i:unir, iiiiiKim, ami -lonn lirKO, mo
'CiHCOatatci rjCiir. Uan.liton will im
, torwardrd tu lni unntuiHtion at. oue'
while liak wvi li" J illt-il u1, Litllt, to
await trim iiih.uuwii: in iiw iiin'.ior
of MoUitrty, fb-irai'il Willi liunulim
oonniertolt nioutiy, a now it!! -.uti
Krantud, AlfO a imvr triul lu i.lie cn
Ol UiiriHOu vs. Avr ', whiotl wild d
oldfiila f iviirof Avfrrf. I'hM hoocihuIh
of Ucilid !:.'' h AJar.-l'bl McKmwiiru
also epprovd. Fit' yi ling tilnoila Irom
iluberibon coun.y, au.irtiil wnii 'o
ping tbo iiiki. iriu ,i 'Im CorjlrAl, i;i,l
anne oiioo'i am a io.'.muo.
The weatlsiT, uf or i'-vt-rat ditvacf
rain, in bKuln ch-r unci oiml, uncrrtlnyr
cunrou iioiim a ini opporimuiv to
plouci to-dy- Af. Triui:y Mttttindlet
Eplnoopai tfliur.-ti t-niiiK Hurvlnnn
wero Imld in th K n;:diuvlii) tunsiirt,
by Kev. Jbo If cImou. At Hi. 1'muL'h
church tlitj lvciur ununuiicetl cnut
Blbhop Qiueif v.ulii ri ber, oa itia
anuual vihitHt.mil, on tho MM piax
Or. D. E. Wsllaiip, nip.rltitciaiuiit of
lh MiDHUO auxiuiu ut rerrall, tr-le
erarliM thD (inatti n, his only son. Coke.
aged 18 jwtir, ud naincil loriSniiRuir
Cuke. The r, niniim will arrivu libra
to-night J or inurmnut to-morrow
Terrbll, Nov, 29 Special 1 Coke
Wallacs, tbe tui :1 tbo auperiotondent
of the North Ttixaa asylum, died last
night with dengue iovor. Ills rumulue
wero escorted to tbe dopek by hln
ohooluiatim aLQ ruauy friends af tbe
lamiiy, ami taiten ny mo evoutng tram
to Wnoo ior lntenneut.
He was the mily aon of the dootor
by his aecoud wii, and a sprightly,
:. promiBlnR youth. Tueir bereaveineut
- la great, inn "dut tnou art, to dust rc
turuuHt," w&a not until ot tne soul.
The tiny bu been nioi;uilioently
splendid. .Larue congregations wur
abtppufl at i! 'ho churches.
Kev. W. V. 13ntirliiiK tllkid tbo pul
pit of the Methodist, uhurolt. H1h Sfir
mon wasaocouip Miiiid witu tho divine
"spirit and of uuiixual puwert ai j-ro-
Sriate to the day ami tbe ocoaalou of
la visit.
The iota mudn vnoant on Mooro
avenue by' the recent fire w to bo
built up vilh briuk storra. Doubtlrss
thnso lrdffitiw mat escaped tbe iiauit-H
will be removed and tue entire block
re-built ol brick. .
So UN oawrd and upward with
. Terrell enterprise. Ho soon aa'abuUd-
lUK is dlt'pla:;tU atiotber lu vuppliud.
'. Our railwiiV coiupaniun uhuuid unite
: and build uu n v'rmil union di p'it,
- worthy of tiieir.'-Queon City'a" asplrn-
tions, and one that would stimulate
their businr.Ni at thin point.
1 Tbe wndrtlnu bulls are soon to bo
rung. We en ii olmuat hear their tin
. tin tabulttuim., the tune is su near, tl
. know theiritirti 11 ti tier,
Taatrtfe, xTcv. 29. Speoial.j Tho
. tfhree last days of the week just gone
'were cloudy and rainy, and although
the rain brought tho dlsaereeabia
fllusb, its .oumlug wa9 greettd
, gladnesi generally, for the ground waa
4oo dry to cause small r;ralu to sprout.
- good deal of which had bean already
planted. '
The recelpti of cattoi in our msrket
y. do not decreeBo and buiuoss da brink.
. livery body la buey from moraing till
. . night. Iiarso quantities of grain are
now coming ou tue market.
Two new drug stores have jaet beaa
- opened, one by e. IWjfcieirt and one bv
- SlklnstSc MaihliiH. Quite a numbt'rof
new dwelling are K;n up. -
Hogg's exeuxaiou train1 from J3szle--,
hurai, Mi8is,s:pjii, with ci.ht well fil
- eaoonouea, paswe.i oviir tn siiiU
- on 0? rlday uioriiiiiK and droppud
goodly numhr ot paaoUKOrs here.
t Oa Friday . rlht the
lnlaut ot Al r. and Kri. H. e. Elkina,
died af tor only af-iw inouieutslllnoSH,
- v ana neroro meaiOKi eta ouuia dp flaJ.
1 Mr. Elkiua waa ab:nt In Llltle Beck,
Araansan, ou; tub uummouea Dy cu
. . Braph and atuie bv tbe first train.
' An election has been ordered tor Da
oomber8, to fill vwsmil is lu Wards
one an two cauvo 1 by tho resignation
of Aldermen Onrrlnon and Wood.
'...'. Grcoiivliie.
Grbkk vilj.e, Nov. 29. Special.
-This morning at 8 o'oiook fire .broke
out la Kingston and did tbe following
, Aansge:.-
'J. W. PaCtaraon, one building, $1,000;
. Insured lu the Sun Mutual for $000.
. Noruaau fe Q iarles, saloon, loss
$2,000; no ineurance. ...
J. h, Brown, grooery, Ions $1,000; ln
surtd in the folio m lor (350.
- Gamner & Uucst, buiidion;, loan
$4,000; inaurel in the Paliuan f ir $100.
. E. O. r.iter, building, loss $700; in
y surtd in tho Sun Mutual for $3u0.
..- Sboemaxora & Ojvingto.i, Jobs on
. proonHes, $1,000; insured in the Pelican
loztaio. -
Albert Patterson, loss on bnllding,
i $760; nornsuranoe.
Brass & Anderson and Earrell &
Cross snstalced slight loss by r
moval, but are fully injured In tbe
' Liverpool, lotdon and Globe and tho
eon sintuai. , . -.
The are is "suDDOHed to be the resu It
- Of incendiaries. This Is a severe blow
to Kingston, at this time, bather pluck
and energy will soon place her lu etalu
Key. J. W. Hill," recently presented
n nt by the Paris conference, occupied
' die Methodist pulpit to-day and dis
coursed in his naaal able aud original
to fin an'il that tin f inrlno illlntl Jiiiul o tlio
Pi lui-lr nlniln nenro loM of lliorauw-.
Nui. mi 'twas lUu vain oveialrulii iy tli"
Wbeu ho trlrd to bum, Uiiutilo llonj draw
em. w
That in uln lis cru ..m l In a bank of tray
IIIhIoImI hI Ha iiiIimI jn to" Hlclnl
Ami with Ha laat s:irlnk wl.illy ihouual ha
"I i wrarktnl by tho great doudlo
llavHYniii" KliJi'td ani Hrawprx Jfadrt to Order at, ClartrBv'H.
litu'li til. u" I. tot , ,n m, i.i ,ikf ilittM '
IM ih t tm l.w j"t IH f.ltl i Mt . ti. I.ive-l. K
f', t '..fciUI-ttri, liilt.. (....-. i fnU-ii.
llaj.tt' li. llMrllitH l-i uv. I- "VhIi'i .liiitl AU I ft
ilw.-llrtl ft .--I, .1 .... ' , -... .. -,-VsH
, anwjiA..uia'iifU n n i i, i iy v tin i a
Ml imVUif' I
Ladies' Cloaks
Iliuoollt'ga, glvan by llmpiipiU r.f the
puoiiuiniiool, waa wen ai'itnnpi, i on
militia all ai'imflted themMilvns wull.
1 bom pulilio exurrUxs at tho nlosci of
ssoii uiontn am vrnatlng a uvoiy in
t.iret lu the acbools, 'I' lie vnlioolsare
In a U iiiiixbliiir aontlitliiii. Th super-
iiitiMidunt's rttpurt puts the at'endiinoe
alUl ihe bi.bt aolicol tho town has
v. r had.
The McKtnnoy Literary society lioKl
its werkly uieetliiK " thu college laat
Tbe library question was tsIro) and
i5 is paid ami prointBdd by rellsble
parui h. Many volumes or maul uooKa
am hIho prtiniiMid. We think tb li-
I riity la in Hiuhi. A ho'UIiiUiph um
bia liappolnfil towoliull uontrllu'iiMiK
and hooka. May mjocoun ajtend tbnlr
Mllla I'nint.
Wills I'oimt, Nov. 20 Spools!
Onodf tlm most pinanant noolul i ve.ita
seKHrtii In cur llU'e olty wt'i the
oi'Oasionof tbo mnrrl.i.vi of Mr. John
Iluult livni)n'!-i kihI MIhh Ltiilid
Sml'.b, all nt tlu oi,.j , mi tin :voniijg
of i!ioL7!h liut.
O.ilr a fo.v of the ir.oi.t JntlniH'e
(rmrida and rr'niivea of ti n inmilitm
nvera pramiiit at ihe innrr iairn. I'lie
roromuiiy was purforuieil ! thw K v
jur. .Mucuiionuo, ot ino rnw.ovu i i.n
cnnroh, in a Very huauU cl mid uul
on in manner.
Meatra. li. Xi.'Povl.',tto and VV . 11,
Collier, twi ot our oif rpr sing yoituif
Diou, iind i;o'Ifii up a k'i iinl ball ar ihu
opera UuUiu in booor of til's oi o.ml u,
wimhi-r tbo li'MPv iuiu;;lo rupa'rdd
vl:U ttielr fttleeuinutH hf'or supiier,
Bod whrie thtv ere fivorwht 'mod
wliti tho cciigratiiiiitioiis and weli
wjkuim of rlnir inaoy frleiK.s. The
veniniz wc u nio.n tip JovubJn om,, ind
ailoi jised nieiiirtiv. to the ltincat
our youni; piioiiin nover mnl: a
failure lu Haytbinf; itn y tjin-TTiakt-, aa
is evMeuvnd by ti vir HUi.-iio-n ou lliia
ccaslop, tho v.i;,.r pnini' very iu-
oieineut ana ma isnn: very i ;:rK.
Tho fooplo of Froottons WIIIIdc and
Aaxlous to Help Uullil tbo Ituail.
TheClly'sLlvolyTradein Lum
ber and Wlrr I'vraonal
and Othor Points.
The comailtt?e of oitlii'ma who aunoiM'
pimlod M, bsr, Wright a.) J Hyatt ovi,r
the prnnov'd routo of the Co,hIc7i
tt iiiiuno im, rtuwny, ru uram u.
n'ylit, and rii i:,rt thai tlio P'oplo of
rrH.oii tiouii'y wii'i uiut to :o,ili!'r
tliu rjltroad yim rd y ut Fairiluld, ato
uui: V diivlrnoa ol d-iln tUi'lr blium
uvv..ri!n gcruumr iia iHi'.ldln.', nud
hio'rj crA lUnt 1 mrp oiri
r.ilsirur tlio pr, ipo (i aii.tiunt. m ci.!...
Haty to i.Ptaln the e iu.mi,1 n
a a It ! u matUir ! Vlt tl liiij or hiiooHi
Liu, in. Ih it to vii, ovhikf to ttii no;
being lu i til o iimaoii hi, has rotlmr
gone b .ckward t'lau aiivaiiiivd in tiie
pxtit litv veam, oihur towua wiih la
ol!i:lns given by riilnmiis Jiavin,.' in-
ahuMlaoine Pirl-lan in.i'.. The p'.a-
n , uruK were uiiHiiiiiu ly pl.iturnl,
reiirrNeiillnKOulirt Jualera i d thaiVi
oal (inlebrltlHM. lUrJ lam. bona wer
dls'rlbtited which foiu.-lned Joo.a'
CAT'S. Tno omiVHraatbo, u j..,,-i
on entirely In IVeunli. The tlurU ta. A
biftdrslgiiMteil Uorinany, Tho luckr 1f M
,,iii'in wuu w urn ill, li, u l.o iy ,tljle
then triveltiil from rrnece ;j tjMr.
jusr.y. Llk fbo 1ul tni...
everything usod was ih.ir
nob lihtlonf tb uoillltrv, Tl: plavlng
carda were quite p.-'iloii.. Ti.n kuius
end quuKlilio! thi pM 'nii.'ii,-.-.!,. da.
liigarii.-tlu illy exniut,M!'Oi, i h. in. Or
rcmrMi, a ohaiiiri (,l luny,i.i r i wih hi.
ortie.ary, r.uij tl,, n en'. (,,,4l weio
.(inrupi.l.i.J, I ;o liniuy i.o n-1 . ii-a. I,
punt to look. Tlio t .M. , rr u rtnriin,
m ? f?iiiuiu ii-u. i:,,i-l r '.i.i i-iri.i
u.mtij, tug n i not i i :i ii. lUron 'i
HMre',.hMy tiu Him i.ibl-
Satiu Dolmnna and Rus.-iiui
Circulars aro nt least 10 icr
font, below tho price of other
houses. This wk fiu.vnANTKn.
C A. L I
O ffJ
p I
e Is OA l(H
U very hryo, ind our priceg
fin t bi? licat.
Scot'ie linmlsomo Rugsinn Circn'nr that
wo aro Belling thU wook for only Gi); tlio
roguli;r prifo is $10.
Kisubton, Nov. 2J. fSpauial One
of tbo largest Urr ov.jr koon in this
town occurred this inortilnir nt 1:39. It
orlptntik-d in Bron u . rurthoUiinew's
grociiry store from a i; f.n-ilvo lluci.
Tbfl lij8s urn aa i'ulloWa
Norman iftQiurlis.-sii.iooi-, loH3$i,500-.
no liimrane.
llrown ot Bnrlbdlme 's arcoorv. lose
i wuu; insurance juJ.
Covington & Hni;eiaHk!'l" grocerlcf,
jiv; liiNurauce jo.
J oin Jostir, hous, JJKOO,
J. M Cook, houH", $5o0.
(lardnor Uue.ti., houH, 1000.
J. W. Patterson, h uae, f M).
Albart Patterson, house, $QU0.
Wbathkrkoro, Nov. 21). Special.
The Farmers' Alliance association' of
this oounty held a mooting hereyealer-
day, and acted upou -some lmportniit
mattorsconoernlng thoir asaoolatioa.
Dr. N. C. Noer left resterdav on en
extended business trip to Houston and
Mr. J. 1). fcCrtv and Miss Jennie
Jay have been licensed to marry.
Aiirs Anna xtacon, oi Mlouluan, la In
the city visiting her slater, Mrs. Gas
ton Mitahell, who has beeu oukelll for
boiiio time.
S. A. .loilbrv. a prominent oattle-
man of Younu county, has been in the
The Flr.et Frlntlng Offioe and lluok
Bindery In Texas,
Sauntering oa Kim eta out yostnrduy
HnK.ViD represeulhtive droipud Into
tbe establish men ol Messrs A. -X).
Aldrldgeifc Co. No. 622. Uo wassur-
prlaed to flud the iaiurovemeni.s that
had beeu made there within the past
SOdiAys. The firm have found it nec4H-
sary to enlarge thaic space to accom
modate, their vastly tnoreBbiug bus!
neiiB. Thoir nouat) now runo 2u0 feet in
doplii, from Elm street lo Paolfiu avo-
Tho front section is devoted, to tbe
utlonery JJapartiiutut, and hare is to
i louud everything mat boloney
tuerto. iiiuuli iiooiici or everv forn
and" style, Kucorda lor Courts,
buu an nrucioa lleu JO a OOUUt-
lureii most nfiia trmle.
Cantaln llyavt liiavea to-i-bi fi-vr
N.iul' eraiH.SHdoe.iaiii iMr. 1. Wr!.;h
I3r ?ow iijieuiLH, lint win rolnui
in u short UiU", whon our
people will bu remiy to on. piv
yith nil rcquhe neiits, which
will be ram tn n xt two wnek.
The very low pries at which liiiii
bsr, wire and agricultural inipltiiiieuti
p;ivo br-en selling lu our city, and the
iiii.-1i1i.Ioh wiven liaro Dimii luri.l.itiiHl
by our eonu'.y in U iring roada to Cor-
sic-iin put In gonu order b m brought
to our lnnrcot iirrn nu-.nr-.iie.nir cut
to ) whiol; is iriotit ny to Vi,x ,hhiij
and llilliboro, but. which, wab ihe
good prii-os (lven fi r cotton hi t o lias
Oi-on (live: mil fi mill p'aiw,
Cuplam iS irrett ;.ititred hi e.I -ut a
wot-K rgii eix trumps iid b-a tver
since bad Uieut nt vork ou urn srri-eta,
bUttOlhV, 111)111 lilKir uroililai'lwt t(,
loavi town, turnua ttiftui ,ooso. l ii?ro
l-i siiil o niairteratil work iniiiatsary to
pur. inn Miri-.eia in pioo oonuf ion, and
ne wld glvu all goos, uble-bi,di..-il
trampa stoady iiinp'.oyiiiuot iu.d
prison bod ami bn.tru uuriti tliHir
tit ay In ouroi'v.
j.he Ijouise aylveslor CnruuflV com
pany, who capturi.d our p.nopln by l,a
line MfiKiurr ami stdo siili lloir nlav a
snort tune ago, n.f - oueu re eug -a to
play next (Saturday nliut and givo oaf
poopie "A. mil time."
xinv, if. J. Alull na proaohl tin-.
evening at ihe Est Cor ioaun Cum
berlaua PresDyteriuu otiurou, and will
occupy that pulpit evory Sunday evet,
Idsc tu lurtlmr iiotioe.
Mr. Jo no It Minor, who has tj'-en in
Kinbuioiid, Virginia, aitoiioini- too
bedsideol btasickmo her, returned rc
ui,;ht, bus baing much no tjr.
Mrs. rieaio, wild ot Judna 11. C.
Beale, alter an absence of six month.
reiurneu vi joraoaua to-nignt, muiiu
luiproyKu m nsaitn
N I't ; t l l-o:
t'nsiH'i:, who Ht!i'!iiit "i1 l-i n'i-l( ii
sou-eol tl-ein. ca.i losMfi lo-w n'.iur -I
V v.'if, ,x' fill l.i'iv t;.iiMki
crlini-,! tm, i anil In I h,'. 1 i:i:1i, I
Kn'and, t.'.n mi-iiu-i t. 1 -. a im
aK Oird-tll.Io an. I k n'ml,..
U-lclvfU CllllU'1 WilO tl -I U. Ti.'
piavirg oardii wore g. .; ly
inn uriucti. tenrcsont;uj-hiii- .is l-i i .
PiUmi and U,viill:iu can, p-.I'l l . V
seiv.iut waa i it ooui'ant hi.'e.iO u-u.', to
w rry oi. toe nuuiorou i i,'a t'jn; irrt
coiiH'a;ty rtropprd " 'Ar! - n-o
Latins' Utulcrv.var wenro inv.i!!in at
jn'tatly rcdlic.'ii JilKtrt.
Wt have ji:?.t rtwivo la new ain! i-legant
line of .lenvv, nil tin- lutt i-tyli..,.
i -i i J l t- i :. J ,
i : r i-i .. ti 4
t 4 t. t-t if-
iruiopa, avo yon pi-.,:7" in,
ru popuv.r queried. 1',-ri- mo con
voibation v-ni jnimtly ti.om nut J
pariuro or Me i!iuti l,n-Am "., -w
niKiiy were the) rpi:-u.-,ti a u. t
ii;m c HI '10 wou d oi-.i ; , to- vr
"moiim at i.-tstj ' was In aro, v !i-. t Ii-i
iit'iigniuu traveler Had on ,m d th At
icn iu after it rarewi.llto r hl Enulm ,i
n.d tliolr olBKiipoli-K.,1 rp ki. e,it
Auiorl'-a, tho pilssd taiiif, ai in i I
ico bank narlar. wua il-e rntn.1 win.
tue sis.r'1 f.dd strliiHH. n!-l tn e.-inii.
w-era a pictorial ilos-crip i oi i-f the !ln-
oov.-ry o, Aini rica.
At laiit our excited tourists Vr.tiiori
usigii t.r reliel, anil talked 'o 'betr
noarts' content. TIw win.-!' in ulthla
iHOiu wor only too cIailtor.iiiiin. im
tho unfortiinnte li sera werorompi lii-d,
III... .1... , l. - T .'. T
nie iu, v iiiniariirr jnii . 10 ii.ri v
ill." TbOttrie-uu w.Tti lu.willmvil and
ui liiiuMi, iur tuo ii it iiii'i oi i! K-uiu-
hoio porioi- nnti tho , tT-.r, m, .m.
h-ppy. As the jirst uvaun mi tho iioad
tlitblows onaoiuof j, the S. vis ;
ck rhlDiod in v.-ilb "(Vir-Un-.
Cu -itoo," which b'oino ;li" vn-t t.-,'
imirili cry iiuriair t J e- ,,. i , . 'i'i,n
I) nii. n were uic.do of Ij:i en b irk, upon
vniuli rbe 80fs, deuces, tntva ami
loiirswoio worked in u.anv- volored
airawa. Tl:o prlZ'.Ki we.o cnllumed
uum.g a lung trip nui-oa i, .ud were
moat la-jtet'ul souvouira U'i-iel.ni.il.i
-j '3i"i.ie,
lu.'.iic't ;ino !r in VI1K L'tdo to Dn-
iii-i noi i.ra rutin u; bun asked imr-
iiiin-i -ii i'i hjo leoijiai Hove muini.& io
rnivo it-i f'ni):', (.IIP-oh, t,tt , lrom
tin i :r.v to N.I.. , Arisonn Terri
ii tv, i :i i,i-, M- tc omi li rder. The
li.udi ui'i! -nil o! linaviiim huvn hent
ap tic'i:, ti ihe prii'iidei.t ol tli.ini
p.iblii 'cdU-.-K upon him not imiriinit
' is leiiu.Vfl. 'J ho iT,aiil..-i,t, Lai ft
li'l latii.i .t-r viiiheul, Ii. iurliiir tbe
!-,l.-rei tsj i,: Guayiiris. Tun railroad
cum '.p.::y b :s Uoi-n ,--aii!ed piuini..8!'.ij
io r, m-iv-i in.lr ilioi llicri-. i-.i.d tliat :i,r
:.wo in a, '. Homo i no,- .o okih! I
ei.t!r-iy in MrxUnn leu-iii-rv. mid
hic-h n.ir-i iiuotitiv eaiio.n. h.i in
No.;i a, Ti.e coinp,iny in mMlikely to
oi .no ii -v ; hiij iniriiu-Hi- a ar.iiii-d
11 i; ua.,tt! i :,ocont ut f,I . it would
only l) i (iiirmg th Miinui-r niontna
In. til. i t ." i j ioIo'V lever !.(!
ill tm i' iu:t .
Tx.v- si'uciiiiExroutOiia.
v Cilane In England.
Colonel bir Clmuud IT. Ou Cano has
written a history of Ihe puuishme&t
and prevention of crimo iu EoKland,
He must have made a thorough study
of the matter, and have had opportu
nity to test bis statistics, as he is chair
man of cnminlsi-lonera of prisons.
chairman of liireo'.nra of prisons, iu-speotor-geuerai
of military prisons and
surveyof-gerioraiof prlsoiis. His book
is not one t theory, but it is a sum
ming up or. what baa been dono in
Great ilrltiiin for the linprovement of
prisons nud tho prevention or crime.
ihe nrac on ct la to ri-.mova 'he
cauneaof crime; ihe aoeond to cure,
m the moufi t-ffdotual way, !..
crime that exlet". That part ofih
popuiuilon that is between 2o and Si
.tara o! ng HUt pliea a very large pio
DO' lloli oi tne iniu itea ot prllons. This
is tiie "criminal age," aud in woman it
nettles aed i.eon later than iu men.
Tho vrop irdon of men convicted or
eerjuus crimes, as compared with w o
lueu, in Ml -i to out- J in minor crimes
onlv four to one. In rejurd toiuveniie
oH'cndnrs, it in foum-1 bat 68 por cont,
ot criminals beyan to prnOiiOM diaiiou-
t.y w-iieu uu-ler J5, aud nearly all the
others wuen imeer 2, Siltiscleur
thsf. preven-irp mi-;-.-n---, n;ip!!od bo
low theae a :"H, eiitcht reusouati'v
expected to etf-t a great t-tn on in the
development of crime. Colonel Du
ing-room, such a paper, enve oluiS tt? MaM
nmia. ink. iimhs. nnnnlla. A, uli l,.t b'T15 S"? . Plu"8
opus, ink, pons, pencils, etc., all kept
11111LUU& auu ui biiu iai,tib styles aud
jatteriis. Also n full -lino of Texas
l,egal aud Court Iilankii loi: Couutv.
OlUoials, Attorneys, eto.
The aeoona department is approrla
ted to the Kseam Job Printing Orllou.
Here tho idti-st approved presses aud
macuinery is luuua, enabling tho
irialingof tho largest posters ta tbe
smallest carta or uxquiuito and d.-sii-cato
deiigu. Catalogues, .Pamphlets
and goneialofllou supplies aro to be
Had at tne auorto-t notice, with satis
tiou Kunrauteed.
ilu the third seotiou, on second floor.
wo arrive among tb Book-binding ami
Hilling MiCUiiies. Iu this do partineet
ot their busitiesH, ..aesars. Aldrldgeifc
uj. oner uunturpasseu lacuitioir, u in
deed they can bu equalled bv any con
cern la the a.HiDh. All kinds of HI itik
Bocyiit are luaoe lo order, Lnw lioons,
uri.H;u-.iuci?, x,uiputea, eic, etc
Pound lti any s:yie
In sunerioritv of moohauloal make.
p. lu duratiilisrr of matunul ,ued. in
promptnos.i of t.li ig of orders, in the
matter or prio-s.-io.ta arm win duuii
cite any order iu tneir line that will
o taitcn Dy ooniusnuir houses lo the
North or the Went. A i to tbeir cxpa
rience,klll audnoUabiiity there Is no
and regula-
Politica Too Much for IHm.
la.iy on Fltth uvouii?, NVw York,
q i.CKiy Miimmouod a doctor.
"O.i, dcotor, iny but btid is neuvly
dona, lio titleudod a cauous lass niht.
Ho mudo four spjechei and promiaed
to bo with his follow-citizeni. again ti
nny, llut oil, doctor, ho lookn nearly
"Uss he been in politics icing"'
'No; oniv lafct vear. n .vorlie.J
hard lor Jameu McOaulo . 'u election."
"tie win get well, ma-.am. Ho flas
a Htomacn for anv disaaaelt h worked
Political life. Oi' Sb-irt nr lnnir ilari.
lion, is vorv eibnU9iitiir. us is evninuL
from tho Krear, niortalir.s- wbinn urn.
vails umoug piiljlio men. lix-Unued
Dtaus Suuator if. K. Krit e, wuo has
bsen long in pubiio life, eayu;
"The Oihar diy, when SLuuoit.ir into
a car at a orosatiid I loumi lir.
wuuiu, woo eypa tne ud up t down in
a stirprlced Way, reuiars.! o,,J
"'Way. Soiibtor. ., wr.ll von
lnn.ll '
"Well, I feel oreltv well.' 1
J. h flootor liteir-.l no ... ulntniiQ
ropiv wuen iheaoiMtor prouio.ly t-.-id
nu, in auu-er loan l ur iliy, th&t it
varoer a silo core wtiioli aecou.
plivhsd ror bun wom tiie phyaioittn
'alien io no. ts jn itor Jlmci say
u niuuu vtiy n.uct' asciiiiiHtttti
r, ttiia reveihlijn m Ciois Tlio
Overwhclminirly defeated.
ihe '
'. ' ' KeKlnasy,
MoKruMT, Hot. 28. rSp'l.r
Th third monthly entertalnmtnt t
Who Should Deal With loiilnKti.
The Indian reoognicss aa ' honest;
man and good common sense WiWi he
meets with it, and tbe Influence whib
the army oifleor always wields over
M r, Lo la due to the fact that the army
effieer always talks straight to him
and never promises anything he can
not perform. There aro do neoDlo on
the laoe of the earth who dpi-w
"crooked talk" and Orookea! antious
more than tho North American In
dians and tbey lose nil coi.fi ior.ee at
onoo and forever la the uiiu who
breaks s promise made to them or tells
them for a fact anything that is not co.
Ime united raervioa.
pozsonl. '
No name la better and more pleas
antly and widely known than that of
Mr. J. A. PoEzonl. For year he baa
made himself famous by the etogaot
perfumes and complexion powder that
bears bis name. the latter bavins, found
It way to tho belles of Paris, Germany
and ' London.' Everybody admires
beauty In ladles. Nothing ' will do
more to produce or enhance it than m
ne or IV r, r-nnrs preparation.
tions of Eaiillih le'orrnatorloB and
iudUHtrial sunool", cod shown how the
plans work there and in Ireland; be
shows alho the scope if tn work for
the benefit of discharged prisoners,
lie lilHcufses theold system, now al-m-.-Mi
given up, of transportation, and
the preneut systam of poind Herv.ttid",
wiiinii was derived lrnii it, and unli r
which ihi simtoneo i for serious crim ;
have seriously dimiu'siiod. T.he im
provement in prison., and the sllll uu
ieoided questions t,f prison goyeru
Oisut. nro copitiuerod at loopttb; -s-pnuially
the food ol prisoners cud the
Bind o' iustritotion io bi giveuttietu
Kjtpuriettoa has shown that r.;..
Great Brl'.iiio liierary edn'tation
nta not . tne , reformatory in
fluence on prisoners which wa
obcb t'XjJto't-'d fro o it, aud ?bnt Hi"
most, powoi-ful inilUMiiivjs aro mora
ami ir.duHri d etiuo ilion. Vlany per
aona lo the. United -ttaieo hiv o in
totb i futue oonciuslon A s.ihtdul
of id.siruutiou in rt. eiiug, writing an I
antuoioiio naj dwu oamtuMy pro-
parea: tne time ttvt n to it iiue-i oi.
ejccttf-d One hour each wtM, Trie
rnv! reformatoiy syHteoi tai worktrl
wet!,, and tbera is steady decreasa lu
ii.m ft ,,.oii p.ipuiail n, Kuowlog inat !(
h ,a been cher-lfd nr. .Imi Mr.ur,e
ry that ex- c donel Du Canoktivea miii!i inform
ki Mim va, 11.11)11) to tliosM w ill riiMkn a
real, OUtSl- I aneM! n lldv or f-.rl.iu- firiitilfttn un i
. cttaraoter, privona, and he telle curious fa n,
OOl I nt-lf I uhnni. fbn llor-tnallmi ,,rH.,e lit ,llf-
O Of tbi-s, farnut months and y - at-s f aolti nhioh
once to lnd Cite the causes of it and too uiaana
nga with of oimin shing it; I. la not iruu
tbat) tho . Drmon nooula lon
la tho Inrg'tut in inur, v.h n ploy
luet.tts u-sr.ier to it, i and tho o uutort
n pi-mo,. ib dt airalii i. Ttis number.
of rrimiiialR.ts about ihoftame in June
and u -n houa r ;n i,,otoea from June tu
li4ci,-tt.v, . dwsMMM roin I)cem
bur to June. Its hitfheat noirt is
reach d UiCrttober, its lowest in Keb
rasry, and tbe dlffireone between tbo
two extremes is 1,000. Ine-'mni vesr
tho tJulcs of orinie run vary hijib; in
tbF.r. years they run ourioualv low.
There aeem to .bo undiscovered aomal
laws which strt.ngely influence orime,
ii'.u cue iiiviisiigatior s or colonel l)u
cauoantl men like blot will kto iar to
make su.iu laws knowo. To Know
when orlmiiml year or. criminal
months aro t baud would ha on step
towam avoiding their peril'. And a
moral sigoKl service may yen he ar-
ranirsa tn hiii preveit any numan
wreck and a great loss of cbarautor.
Boston Ad veittstr. : ... ',
ii . '..
A Miniature Vosemite VaUcy.
j.i you win iook on tiio rsi:rod map
you will find "Watklns Gluu," not
many niitna ii'um Coining. In is
placo of grnut interest to ttiarigers,
ctof Yotiemlf.e vallr-y i,j m'niaiurp,
Groat rock-H that are aloitiat itrond
picluretquo lookiaj,' onlarMCtn and cav
eruu, precipitous paths, , bridges con
sriwu'ii over portions oi a young
livor that, roared and tumr h-d over
boulduis m a tumuliiicus laahion, M If
determined to mtraot att ntinn to the
part it was playing in this miulntara
sceno of Ki-nodeur: siem oos into r.n
jooky eliiT to ouabla ouoio reao.i tne
n i ii nor points; auolv. s iu pi-'.-c:-
piuus jumi. wiuo enou&n Kir
lion passer, and who is
on ty too eager to grasp Ihe prntectiug
imu i-'inijx ua ue wouia Iriendlv
hHn,i;ae.;p basins wliicu lunced but
tonileis, tbo water as cit.Rr i' crvam
and overliun,; with mosses, feres' and
Hiiruimurv oi u larrjer growt;,, an oean
tiioily rfHyotod in t io mirror ItKo
Oosmu ot cue deep, silent pool ; mio ny
In ih'i tilcn a'.auus a rustic ii-u-e. Imiit
lor ref reshment and rest, ami Kiipj.li i,
o- o-iurae, wiin tno u: um curio-uai a
rjil photographs. In chorr, every.
'iiiog ptirt-aiuiug to our iO'emuec?.M
tu louud here, dwarfted iu a-z , mi all
locludiid in a space ol a mile and a
h dHiid yet too wild and ru -t l lor'
irivt I except on foot, awl n l..t m bed,
miiii iieives and HteaJv i -ot air, sbsti,
loieiy essential to sei-ctt-s Oorr-'N-
poi oouon oi tne c-,ln 'rticlsco liul
.. AJNtjv
Itaoca; n
ml Prog-rtsstve Euohro Party.
,bles were arranged In tbe large
o that there was quite a dls-
tween the head table And the
ers. The baiby tabid repre
ranoe and It wu oovered with
Meslcaa Kallwsr "ew,
The Goirco, of Sau Law Potol,
shaking of thd return ot Edward H
W Ur-ri', Miporkitondarjt of tho Tauiiiico
br n.ou of Uio Cauttal rth-osd to that
city, hays: "We know that work wl l
leoemineuco in November, I85, and
that new plans have been approved lor
10 kilometers, the distiiufo :nclung to
arAve at Tamoeopo. Ap that point tbe
Giu-rrero eauyon conmitinccs, and
costiy work has been dono ih---re. " Ws
ere told that tbe company wnl 311; 1,500
men at work. Arriviicrt; Ti-..9z mi.
80 or 40 kilometers will be MjC-MKiiry u
ui,irif,i--iM biie line i.o Viruynaj." '
Tho 1)1 irio Ul Hogav says thitf. the
Puebla-Matamcros Ju nr railroad,
vvumiii una nut, yen renc-,nu a lixcn,
has beeo mortisgtid to Mr. Ri-siau, to
natlsiy a claim he held ol $14,0.10.
The new r ill'Dg s.octf ordeied some
Huki ago fir the Morelna rtitrsad,
three pasgeager and two freight oars,
arrived November 7, over the M-xionn
Central railroad. Th-y were snipped
direoCly from tbe faotory on platiorm
Sirs, aud furnish the first instance of
rsilwiv cars for narrow eangn roads
coming into this citv fullv mounteil.
Tbv oa-nn throngb from St. L -nls to
El Paso over the Text's A P.oiHn In
Sfvs.idaya, ih tautest time on reeoid.
Max nan Csntral ral lr rl .
drafting pUn ard apeclfloations for a not, foi; tbe most part,
Aoifrj- IJprrsloiu or Lcadiiig Cattle
men on ijuuran tine.
Sav Anio.md, Nov. 1:7.-Tlie cattle
convontio-.i at t-t. Louid excites much
c .lament hero. It in.ofivarllv does
thi'i hsiEUsu souin of lh wealthier
ctil.c-rsict-ri in the Htsto i roIo"atn,! iu
uoo i routit) hero. This frti-'lon i , the
UoiiiooJ ilio bl'n;;cd Toxua le-verjitis
the part or tho Swto thai I t inuiUHlly
dooiowil bv quarunUnii; it litis leut mil
lions r.f dollars In thli way; ic has also
lest iziuoh temper. Vlmu Sou
leXoS Ciltlllimail to t.i.lkl.ll to COLIte.-.t'
iiij.; tlj. myEterlous fovnr a'i-1 tho qu i
Autlno tbf.ro ii;;Mnst, be alwavs
tvlks tarn ntly, and o ihe
M. LriUlK lotlij nn:l iihorc
horn-, have been olosolv wtitchnd. I ho
tun Kiaphio dispalches which brought
ir.e quaraiitieo rt.soiuiion adopt t-U Jt8
lenu.y ttausi u a ftuicauou. At tho va
riou) haunts whore tbo cowmen do
most, coiiKro.tate t'mv were Haihoiod
in un, is ninaussing tun news, and to
man they cond-im od it. John A
Dwweotj is a member o! a lainllvss well
kuo-n as any iu the tilatr . Th v aro
urgeownorw, intelligent breeders in d
progri'ftf-l'-o men. Thoynro posted mi
tne noeus or their indu-irv and have
aiwavs taken a nrominent nart i-i anv
dtacussious looking to tho bottei iin-rii
oi caitio una cattlemen, tie wts talk
ii.g excitedly and was nice tr.ou will-
li, t J i;lve his vie wa. 1 utorviownd. bo
"What I think of tho infernal aa
antluo resolution posacd by tin cm
vnuiion t l icinn ao much or it 1 can't
bogiutopntlt in wordft. ilv ewear
lug vocabuhirv is not txtonnivi-
t tiougn. ItisUHchome ou tho fai n of
it. I-!s tao nroduo; of the unit ul cun
ning of tbw Torrliory meu ami the I'an-
ntinaier.es. mo weakest pnim. iu t;i
1,-x.is poHiti!i 13 that she is divided
wi hi:, hoi-Rolf. Our brethren la tne
northern p.trr, of tho Siato are as uiuou
iuterei ted in breaking uiiur-du-il do
us much to that end as tho d .velioiM in
KansiB or Wyoming. There are men
who Hvo among us whose inrrreata re
Idoutionl vith ours, win; i-yxiK us 1'iir,
who promise, who m tend the conven
tion, end, v!' nero, go Kjuar, ly
ma ou us, auu tnoir uiiermtt v.ews,
Do I charge treacbor o cur iu-
iv;icjai,i I in-; ye-.. Tms nuar-
a:i.tiuo reamu -.:'.! mat x am taiKlng
io you a jam is imply a
f onpiiio between tbo territory men and
ttie I'siibaiidJo men to block cattle
from the m.irket, sell their own at ad-
v ir tiitd prions, and then buy ours at
reiliic d liurijs, and i hay that the
1 iinuandia meu aro Texans onivin
tuvu;;:. not ic spirit,, and are the leaders
in ihii j ih-to rob their Southern bri;th
rnu. Waul do I tniiik of Texas leer?
I oon't tmi..k anything ubiul; it. 1
kn.'iwlw a delusion, and a imi-ho; a
primped u; ailaiont wh.'cii jnie ' i-kii-i
in-rt prlur.tto nn-l thelt lor i s iionii
y. Who ever board of Texas ii,ver
until throe yoora ano? Nob dv. It
d-d not hav-i its origin itisiuo tlio bile
of any Texas beef; i; spraus; loll
grown nud contagious anl epio.,mie
terror irom tbe ouampann hr- i,.s of
nireii horse-killers the vo.oriucrv
Mirijeous wiJO aisoovoro;' iixto
i'lVtii vus a rami, i-i ki
piy of th'eves. Tho fi-sr. oise
ot tti ".ilo -f il din tain v,' ia i..ni
aoro.'.d O'dy wbou tbo 5't.iij sttor nud
c it'.ft trie dominant twstr In ov.'U
iiiiiorcc. I aav it wm a Do i' .'-ir.u
ision t- km mat oommerc.-, mi.t 1 ay
that, aiited by the mass mc-i um.. now
n Hfo.iiou last .Li-mis, It. has do.ic-ir.
am dlsiisled clear down ii the
giounu, i miiis i;io co;ive,,t u.n its
li aiKl, sad I think it ha i killed T- xas.
mere ma cona men am) tra-,ujo
bt.re, una I don't behave the irsoio
uon pussod uiiiuiimousiv, I km,
tiiat some Texaiis were pros-Hit whose
nrauin wero not slaves to 8i. L.i'iia
vvtosKy, and wi-o had sense ,ioun:n
o't io si ') in-j n,'htand g ror it."
Hon. E. K Lttuo. who owns roaov
)i-sd of tbe iioruod oau.-:o of 'tho -on-
tov -ri-y, K-.ild: "Ihey nro stroupsr
j -n i- c, um wfl can't sv-in too ltd:-.
I'hu Tori (tories are Phal-mx- d a unsi
Tjc i-.ie baeked t v k auct ion oi
'uroii-iiSUt. Wo can't Uv:h', th.uu.
Woa.'iould iiif.lce fri-nds wi Ii them.
Di-easeoas ravaged Eur-'p-, (-aid r.-
uvo crig uited Hii.b u.i. I don't be-
-ivoinn n titia, bin ot hi-ra ii,.. i ,i
th y are to stroii-'.r. Our n.ry iiiance
a to po -1 tb 3 is-lles, t i ill a t a eom ar-
rangeiueiitii whereby tmr ii.Mrn-ts
ill not clash, ijo. I don t bstii.ve
th a C iniesa can pins a ausrsitMie
aw, Tiiero are t-a maiiv d tT.rr.nt
pie and lntrst.-5 reorren-i d tunrv.
Wbateff.ict wiil such a aw havfi. suu-
posiug its pn-sage? It will kid us.
That la a 1 tnere Is to it kilt us (lead.
I doVt know anything ab -ut .Vxas
lever, i will nut hazard a Mat -mint
on it, but I do know
thai its alleged existence in oar irno la
has brought tbe whole cnumrv down
on as, aud has seriously uffeo eu E.i
ropan markets in respsot to our
prodacts. Tbe remedy does not (is iu
national legislation. Oo grss oin do
vary Uttie to beln un. Cataca.lou ol
intorerts is tbo on'y salvation lor cs.
A welding of dlvergnnt bus not inoon
graons metals, pesos with our enomies;
that Is the only course." -
The rest of stock-owners stien did
' - v - ,-
I- - . ." - -1 ,
,,-; ?,--:
. ... ;
i -.
n - v J
Over 12,i tXiFil'ssnUl Ihn Hr-l yt-.ii. (ivorHO.V.
br.vi- ills. nr ri tho in -m ponniir o .itner iml.i-s. ',
and ilr.ent t'.thlnel lAilt-.r 'l,i in i-le. Maninao ero
K..T!, i . f . til :m ti-' i T-'P '
l-Vr n I-.- l,v . . I). a l llKln,.).;
'lo ,n row In ni t
'lei V. -'o-i .! Ii lit-, ,
; un i -r O, C. "1 i- .r i
I. II . HslM4,
9 r!'i vtiio
s . n imp! .ito
paltut by
Tin: b:
f'-ir Hi-'e nt K-i'.-if: r.t
(' W IViltSON Si
I ,'.t CiiOWKli OO
Wts&tesak :y -tTTi'-RTCr.-
hOir-0..JO lii'lllflf allJ (.'.
, IWion, UAr.LA . jCAS.
chiii'e ill will, Xl- Lm. vi.-w-. Toey
M D.iwer- ihh, hrst and Ks! a d ail
the timi... 'fai'v sworn le ro- !t umi
drank loud. Soine of i;n iti rufkBrt a
littlo IlciIi'. e it!y, Im.. it aiii-uinied
to the saiipt ti.im: "t-urt-e Um nu u ti -
- with Mis .. ,iiv..-j-.!i,ii '
tiuo ami -
A X- Pitnliimi In llracnU-t.
rbo lu'e .t m.Vi liy in j -v,f l.-y coi:-
BISM Of I! i-ori-it . unii ii:,.rt'vn nntf.
Uti.S heeu i;p
ist. IS i'c: rui le
boYihmir i.t
Eirypt . t u
taado r'' :.'-A
uuiir-.n o;- lirin
0rilVii'.-p':i :-y
proarin in .'in
"oudj -,'
PUSS, a,
frnni v ;
! l
in i.
!v-r .im! i .
I- i-v ladi, s. -i.
. ho um
" ! . l-.il !" !"
!u-k d
'( r,'i- i.o f
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pr.noit-iiia a--t
ret- en -.ot 1 by ii
trtf, by t.'w is-.
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adopted b t- iv.
tocr'acy , ;.id i
0110 I.) R'l
wishes ii-iini
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nil 'I' tl.H ,
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I.I'M, iiu: ...
(Hlll,i!(iil, ,
rvtt'i-. I',:
L-n:n Lot'&o Duties iaa(
.:;ii '.'latK3 nearly $300
iti moTDhershlp $2;
v cffl:! ' r.-l to old Hnej
. T.Kanager,
Waco, Tesj4
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' Mai, H ii-.i..,
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mien nil ex'f. i. tii-.r., iw Clirlstman, net
a Parisian with apartlisl(i..f kout-iI
tion wil-. (Xt-C witlmnt his .r h..r
"outijti." the bsuulo pHi.iianta art.
makool goto and-p.-i-citsiH !,im,. i.i
pnro cold and silver, to accoiriniousln
all aorw aud c.iudi'i-ms r inittos.
In Ltmiicn tie- aro crA-t'iii.. a furor
from t.bfi li'it-iln laet of fimir luiim,.
treni 10. yp , kmI tho c-irintis Insioi-J
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The 'iv-:e- lt--i,.--oif.Mi
dueled upon .i. Irt; hu-.', ,
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bo.J) ill (ln l:i.l-l ss!Jt.-llt r.
nmriuni-y rnn.i 'f.Miir.n-.t
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aim .'11:111 eM.,:, l
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any Ije.o-r- (,:ik. t.
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sc'-huii:iit7..,i1 ;t, .i
IW Oo.elilcit-,' -jl.t . '
tllSt '-Ti --I t...--.,;,
1 '', Agent,
ni-i'n-, Texas;
' .to..)tta
,. ii'ct, i.vu,aa
, uai em
. vi to raise a
my the on!7
i r'tctloal
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i "'-ty. isu . i.tK uiju.v
i .v.", c-x nij.-iu in iv,
' a:i,J pi ,y.-i u, : t. ,
(I i,ni bn.-k .'i;:di!, (!,,.
it l.e VS ol !i',.s ,';.-;..-.'..
1j i .ion lv-nminoern t!u-.-
--o;t;io nmtl retur-i of th"
', r. . ' J: 'vpr,! i n utisman,
-.''a.ituil'i, tiein con itl-
:-l oi.l y a-ri t tliar. Iir.i.
dllO'll I O IffilrCDtf btillilih.' Ihn ,1-n, I
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exti-if - ' n ,r
fjalla ii i.-:!l
with I i- .t- ,'
r-ro I :b re .1
to M'H.
It is ;i o't-n-'niiifr I
th-"o-p! i." -, d o v
Mir v'-x w.c
Ol H Ji-ll ! (I
ley and tj ,.
oao arou-i
troti:! a .' ifiiiod t ,
v'orv member O? Hi-
-1 her w-l ir, f.j yo
; in.i luck, p-o.-.p,,:.
.; io Imr.-eir mm i,;
-fAutnrlo .i Jtj.'.is-
la There a Oaro r,r CoiMiiinml .,,,-
Wo a 't .y.r i.i.ir, or" ilr, vei.!
" T-'il Ut-0 I -,i :ie'-:i-- f,i t m ...
ot Dr. P s .-: "ej .liinn ti !. .1 !.-.' .! ru
,ivry..-- ii;:i ,,-r--r ,I!A H ,,if .r. .... I,
..ii... " ' f ' - J '
ot.owK-i m ru.-i l-H c-iur-41 i Lji.jf si
imtnici i.t -s n.iv.-iiM ioiiiai-iv jj,,
i'l'i-rco" nv... d eaivi-u n'.ti,,,,. i..'
holding i. i i; 1, ,,, 0 fr ,,ie 8k,, ,
P9HU11 .- ;.- till. ;Trin "14 ,l,:n M.,,1.
Cal Uitoi-viry" il -s curttrl tin nsnr? .'.
ali'tuta wiia l tiiir I'imr a-h u,t,...i .
avail. Yo-ir (jro.t-ui, hail it.' Send nr.,
stamps lor Dr. p,Brcr-.i complo e
(roi-iMo on coin unifition with numnr
out t-titl'iiooUV. Address World'-Disp-nsirv
M-iIical Asiouiaiioii. But
tab), New Yoru. . '
i n
Foremost StanciarcJ COT
TON GSfJ of iha I'JSSLD.
ii fe'IB
Better than Quinine.
M. M. Kste.-Kon, Dorsev Cour'rv
Arka-iMS,syf: Iohii certify - to tin
u.8', tu"hrt' Tonl 1 the bfa
ofcllltt.umIt.ver tried. I onnsider i
batter than Quinine. Prepared bv R.
A. Kjbinson fc Co., wholesale drnit-I-n"i",'"',.
Ry- 8old at re
till by ail druggist and dealer! gen-
Ii.ifi Just tp.Uon tho "Tti"!.(..:t
Ool1 Woihi ftnl TJinldnir.,' r-.r " ' i'
1vt Sample nuil (icnral I'fMi1
V'lrld I 'ntitrti f;:-n:inil it Fti-.i-' ;
Orleans, over all t'omp,'titorv
, It (fi nlmiiio ninl iluralilc. r; ;hh
;noroiitfli!y, iroiiiHPs h )
rir'iik!i th,, i-.u in git-tulni: r
''vi-rct. iit. Ailfrr-asi
"Jit Druft,
y."ut tho
Ion, .New.
thi ftoetl .
If', tiver
uihUt tbo
: 111
A VU'tni VtT bv
H iIW CltTVrfMII rv-
tsw Akin rrr.-t'-ii tv
i-UML cr r iwlCH I
rr1o, SOo. told by DruggUJtpJ

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