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The Dallas weekly herald. [volume] (Dallas, Tex.) 1873-1885, December 03, 1885, Image 6

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M,,v, f'KXA.H, TfltlKnliAV. a f;l,,lh !,!;, '. I
- 7
it I l ' V ' ' ! i j
( a
ftpaldlni rln'hl from
yesterday wears rm'a
frael !
Jiw York
lMn la stlandanrs upon lbs ftunnU
irantt4 of lbs Gallon e Leagu".
.; ,ii.t:c,pUil,,,h w, "that
tUs.eoii.f.4ibu of lbs circuit for nat
year would ba determined bsfurs wit
artluuriie.l, but as no 0I11U formally
aubniltted It ii luna'-loa, ttid on,
yal, remains Hi lame l, In I vcr,
Tli te will undoubtedly be i tru.rn.
Ji i vxvar, beloraj the Skseuu ul t
ctiuitiinilii, lltlflAlo, li 11 kliua.l ak
ur ,' vi!'. n rnuialu ID the ranks,
unit 17 . lt. a:. In faaiuuujf uHw.uu
ut a.ah.r. :' i'.i lo '.uuuul
"Vbat application . cw avail p
f i in oilier clllea have boon i;i:..'.o '
WaiiMuglon, Judlanapolu aj-l
l'.tlabura; were repn-aoiiieil at tu
B 'kIdu. Tru 'rHt two made applies
U".i iiut tUu nu Tn mat
ter i.f uiiiisldoi...., -I. r. p. Urinous w
an Mii ti.a to pow6; .sitii.iot. or
wiuuti 1 am member, ;3 v-i -
ixu' to ilia league later ou, vJii - J
;urw wbleb, If auy, clubs are to -rr.w
vill thr-ra ba a greater or less num
bar ol oluiw In thallst uvxi year than
'Turn, k i. ...i-.:'.r which li at pro.
nt being Lkcxl'. ' .o-jM'dared. Mr.
l)v 4 vary inuc . . t .t..c, -rovUlin
Hutt tlo ami Proviur. i .c .Oj'.n-i er r
dui'i.iu tUe loairtiH oiroui. I'j i.ft-j ..
Tin- will uuatile lbs reiuaiiL.ii; -.U'-.i', i
under the existing national kkroj
went, to absorb tlm rilavlag elriinxiu
ol Provuluiioe and Uuil'lo, and will
result In making lha cumpelttiK
team niuohair. nift-r aud mure evenly
maietied tliuit If tax taiont ware uls
trioutei Kuictti; a Urgtr nuuibur ol
club. I dnu't know lull what X am in
f avor ol the Idaa uiylf. 1 bdiuvo
tba rfVut'l wtiuid be buuedciul every
void you klru MoCormlcic dnrlog
onr ai'noe?,f
"So. 1 telcjcraphs l hlin to mout in
at 'hw York, but rucaived uo reily
from liiui. I afterwunl loarnod Hint
be waa quite lck at bin home in rl
teroD, N. J."
"I) j you think lie will play with tho
Wli"i'i nul year?"
"Ye, I tblulc he will, I expont to
hor from bun upon the subject
'Wiih any oppoaillon ctrrcd to Do
trull nlKDlntf to 'bin lourT' "
Well, yea. The qutmtlon whb plaeod
In Urn Imntls of a uomoilltee counlnf
lHK if Younc, Dsy anrt myaelf, aud we
n--re lu aenaioa nearly aa entire day
be re dflOldiDK. Dotroit wat there lu
foroii and worked like beavers to ao
o ure the iinrtet, which tbey euooeeded
lndohitf. It km made plain to tbe
coinuUctflu that, while Detroit bad un
doublillv fominlttfd an error lu the
matter of tbe Muflulo doal, the tuan
agomont ha aaied ULdor a inls
nnilnrftandinK or tho Saratoga
Kruouiont, and rcully lnleudod
to violate no Routrant. Tbe
playors tbsnihelvea wanted to xr to
Vel'oU, and we couslilored It bum to
let tlieui have tbeir wieb. Thtiie 1h a
gteat(lel ol' enthusiasm nnioiiu the
Jjetroitera over tbe atrenstth ol their
ten a for next year. They loo! oontl
rtout of giving other leafziio clubs o
hard tUHlti for first honor."
Jp ild 1'frll'e arrived in tbe city Sun
day trnm ly'iuiuvillo and returns there
n-nlcHt. He Inavea next week lor
Kew OrloanH, whero he will Bponil a
Aiontu or two a ODe of tho expoitition
Bice. 'Jbloago Trlbuue.
Tbo Jenri In America.
Tho long progressive step taken by
tbe Hebrew convention at Pittsburg
has stirred up a very considerable op
position. TUe conservative element in
that oburcb, or race, for it is both
church and a people, see in it a process
of disintegration. A little more aud
the great gulf between the Jews and
thi!lr Aryan neignoora wm oe oriogeu
-J - A l III 1. 11 ll..,l 1 .. ..
ovor, nnu. in uui win uo uiwu m au
, grtu.a oovereu, witn notning ion to it
r ihrt nnoe v a will tic chasm.
JkinK at tbe matter from the
stand ooint of coneral welfare, such
jonummation is to be desired rather
than otherwise. There ia in our large
Amerlaan freedom what a oomwuipa
rarv essav'.Bt calla "an aBSceiativfi
tendeuov or tbe Christian tnnsses,1
and It wonld be well il thld Rtatemeut
ooid be truthfully broadened so aa to
include the roivioniata o; too rce
from which Christianity itself was 1&
rived. There is a strong aud irresistt
hie tendency towara uimy, tu
sharp corners being worn off
everv sect, until we may be said
have ia procoss of development u
. Amerioan ohnrch. Not that exlstin
denominations Rre llkolv to absolutely
mereo in a new and comprehensive
national church, but that all have
taken on and are takiiiK on character
iatics uaonllnr to the country and com
mon to them all. The angular ac-
oentnatloimoi the past are belnfr ob
literated. In tbis teDdenoyJno purt oi
our Tiotmlation should be separated.
. and. we may add, none can be. Ho
oonsorvittmui can oe mioug enough to
prevent 11, however muoa it may re
tard It.
It ia no cause of surprise, however,
that the Hebrew race suouiu enng
tenaciously to ita individuality. If any
people have whereof to be proud it is
the Jawr. A pride of ancestry is
coupled with a present power which is
phenomenal, jxo crown lias ine po
tency iu European ailalrs ot the ho age
or iiotnscuiiQ, ana in tuia country we
sooDtroof authority ia not denied them.
On tho contrary, wherever commerce
ia prosperous descenuants oi Abraham
may be found sharing in Its prosperity
Much o' the present yarianoe from
the Ainorloau type is Germ m, Polish,
or Russian, aud not Jewish, and all
that will wear over witu the first gen'
eratlon. The children growing up
among us are being enuoatea in out
public schools and will be truly Amor
lean. There is no good reason why
the Jen a of this country should eling
to any of tbe peculiarities inoident to
tbe h .journ ot tbeir family in any part
of Europe, however tenaciously they
hold on to their primitive Acintto Ideas
and customs. They sheuld rather rec
ognize tbe fact mat lor tneui Europe
sustains to America inuoh the same
relation that for the r ancestors Egypt
rifd to . Palestine. (Chioago Iuter
O.'ean.. .
Be follow i Vp an Iadlan Offender and
Shoot Him Dead.
An Indian was shot at MoBride's
ranch on tbe 4th instant, under the
following circumstances: On that even
li'g Judge Daniels, of Benton, sent his
little boy, aged 13 years, on Horseback
after the eowa,the pasture being about
oae mile from Benton. Ho had just
' entered the pasture and was passing
. through some high sagebrush, when
' be passed an Indian who said "Hallol"
'A ce ooy responaea ana roae on,
' but had gone bnt - a short die
tsuce when the Indian called to him
and taid : "Hive me my rope." Tne
boy replied that he did not have his
rope. The Indian then said: ''Come
ha:k, or I will shoot yon." The poer
boy, half frightened out of his senses,
returned to tne xnaian, wno sam:
-"Yon have stolen ray rope and got it
hid i.i the sagebrush; go and got It, or
I will' kill yon!" at tbe same time
pleklog up a double-barreled shot-gun,
ockim it ana pisting nisnngeron
the trigger, and -then polo ting
It at tne ooy s oreast - ami
still . demanding his rone wltb
cuiand threats. The little fellow
st . l protested bi innocenon, or of b ar
il, any knowledge of it. The Indian
kept him there half or three-quarters
of an hour, natll It was quite dark.
, Ills father, breemlDg unoasy, started
out to see what was detaining hint,
an J root him coming home. , cold and
nearly frightened out of bis wits. He
jlJ his fkher what btd happened, as I
elK.ve f !, A 1lnllll ti rn
i. lit knd a warrant . r Hi i" "-
l4ii fM (Irk ! t'i4 ' ri It,
ij il I I r ' a an Ut a.i il r-
ruii I.ImiiH'. fl " 'ii lnrt 'i
Indian 11 t-ll -r Vllrll't
nit, ' lll ff"
iIkiiUii, to wtiiili a le
lullbwtJ Iiiiii. At Millrida'a li
fnba4 n whitniuaii at boina, tie
wai naniii tn gn alaae It In.
rlian !, wliara l. foaml .
itit'a liarM-, a U'l by !
llii tiiia:rMl wIki v ne t iln '
Initlaii .U ap and 'li 'l- -y ' '
J ha JuivuM atkadl "Wfcr
waat la b jut hit boy lat u:('bi
Inilim rmlloai 4,l luoa -! "
i'iui)"' ii "('or. , - o ;.
V : '. iiiil ii to linuluu w.i
i no .a v ?:t'li't tnat iLdju......
:), I r.. ;4ni wi id
litiana prnjxir, . iii ', !n ve. f ,
Kn.ubi ''io, jir I it Si'.i.;,
I. union," at t raiuetiiae uiuvii..
..in'. ruHbluii lor h.a kbutwup. Viu.. j
-i.i' 1 your I V. l).nilU aaw IUM lie
ulok'.v, r lne lila lift, aube
.j: -o k ('. kiirre'.ed nekdle-ltuii
auu wrjj. 'mi. r..J.3 io oVp, j,:t;
inn the n ..' lli'i'i ..u sa, bit ii t : i J
uiiatU'U'.lon to it urfJ .,-ii
Krlblui( bia ruu Dauleli and
IuatkU aroppud dead. litaila
u i "."lou ol the KUufeariOM ttie
c:i.:ii jUt un It auitlnatbuu, ootu
' L i. -ik ba.i .ny !iuil9d, and oil
Mm .. ..-.. .a.i .t -u'r.ue a.
arrival at i.k.n-u Ut lOilna -i!i.l
mf up jjJrriki'ti,t .t-ak. va.cn'.-la
II Dint Itxius anil Topic.
"All your own fault
"f you r-ri.u.ii icx mieuyourun
t h ", iiltUH lU.xl nnvtir.-ull."
Cl :.i'ie'jt vrouuu, amallest
ou.iu, J .u'.:I. '.n r.llil oan use t""
bltti-ra viiu ia.e'.y r.n c-eot f- ' .'
Old iu-n totto.-.n;; xii'.Uu '
Klii uniatlsui, kidney trouble cr .
wetiknesN will bo mads almoil low ly
ui lug ho bitter?.
jr-My v ir ana daughter wero
mace healthy by tbo ute ol he r Jitters,
and I recommend tboui to my people.
I Method Ut Curgyutan.
AK ai.y Ko mi ilottar !f ln,
iilltfri ure inn ibkbusluiully nicdlclue
uu rarlli ! ! I
Malarial fuvor, Aiiuoand IJIUIouh-
ikihs will Itave evrry neiUborhood B3
iwn as bop blttsrs arrive.
"My mothor drove the paralyslH
ana neuralgia mi out oi tier ayaiom
with hop biitor-." td. Uswego Man.
r-ir-' Kaoi tlio kliKievabuaitby with
h.ip bitters ai.d you uoe.l rot fiiar
The vlirorot youth forthe a;;i.d and
liinrm In bop bitters ! I I
"At Hip rlmnct of lifiinutlilnr tnuaU
linn Hiiiit to u'liiy uU lioiiUlt'S luclileut
"Tuoliiat rorl(i(l!ial for lartlos to
lik'o i:kmi'.iii v, arm lrum wiiicu tuuy
will rMOi iv.i ihc-k'io.U'.'il bouellt is hop
ThouHA ids i? le annually from nome
toriu of kioiiei'. tliMHa-ie taut iiiigni
have been provu.-jf. J by liniyly use ot
u mtlt-rn.
- Indlcfxtici:. weak stomach, Irrpgii'
laritles of the bowels, cannot exist
'n u hop bittors are wed.
A timely nse of hop
Hitlers will aeppa vliolo lainily
lurouusi liuullli a .vmrut.i IIUlo cost.
To rrouuco roul uenulno sluenand
'li'ld-llk rrfpnno ell nifjht, tuko a Jittlo
U:ip bltioM on ruiirirg.
XfUNoiie iiniiluo without a lianch r.f
irn uii Hops on tlin M hHi.' iaiicl. kimih all
i vi'-, prisonous Mull' with "Hop" or
'iops 'ia uiHi uame
brcparins to Knnuuiitvr Dlaoano.
The prevaifincy ot malarial disor
ders beini: rleper.'fxiit urion vitiated
conditions ol annoi phere and water is.
In certain riwoux, t;l course, luovita
blo. Tho nr""d qtififitioii, therefore,
prevents lloll' lo ovni y resident of a
levor mrlcken locality is: "What
means ulisll I a.tonl. to esonpu the
dreaded H-:cuii;eV'' For a third of a
century Jiot:tier'H .Stomach Jlitters
bai" been tho ouiimdied auswor to this
question, in thickly ' populated and
sparsely tiiitiled tllsiricUal'ke, in town
and in oonntry, it has ailbrded con
stant protection iiguiiiNt nialariiil in
ftoliou to those who buve used it. It
eradicates and prevents with equal
cortainty, fuver Bud UKue, bil.ioiiH, re
mittent, dumb aiii.'uand a:iie cnku,aud
r ullities aluo the pernicious Hl'.er tf.
feutscf using iwrslHtentlv the burtlul
alkaloid buliihato of quinine. It also
remedies, with thorouKhnesw, UyeneP'
sia, liver complaint, coumipauou, ao
bility aop ruoumatiMifi.
Forty Tears' Expnrlonce of ao Old Ncre.
Mrs. Wliislow's Kootning Svrun 1e
the prescription of one oi the host fe
male physicians mt nurses; in the
umtea estates, ana nas oeen usen lor
4U years witn nowr-iamng saiety ana
success b.r millions of mothers and
children, from tho feeble infant of one
week old to the adult. It corrects
acidity of the stomach, relievos wind
colio, rogulates the bowels and gives
rest, health and comfort to mother and
child. We believe it tue best and sur
est remedy in tbo world in all cases of
dysentery una amrrucoa in cnuuren,
whether arising lroirt teething or iroui
any other cause, i'uil directions for
using will aoconmany each liottlo.
None genuine unless the fao-almllo of
uurus x .forums is on tno outsiae
wrapper. Sold by all medicine doal
ers. cents a bottxe.
Good Kesultfl In Kvery Case,
i. A. urad'ord, wnoieaaio paper
dealer ot uiiattanooga, rennosse.
writes that he was seriously elllictea
with a severe cold that settled on his
Junes: had triod many remedies with'
out benefit. Being iuduoed to try Dr.
Kmc's JNew Disoovery lor consuinp'
tiou, did so and was entirely cured by
the use ot a lew nouiiis. Mince wnicn
time he has used it ia bin family for
all coughs aud coios witn nest results.
'ibis is the experience oi tuousanas
whose lives have bona saved by this
wonaerlul Discovory.
Trial Dottles tree at w. tt. iiowcil ox
Bro.'s drug store.
KcTnoto to Healtlu
Health is wealth. 'Wealth means in
dnnendenoe. The keynote is Dr,
uosanko's uongn aua jjung yrup, tne
best Concrh SoruD iu the world. Cures
Coughs, CoIub, Paines iu tbe Chest,
Bronchitis and Primary Consumptiou
One dose gives relief in every case,
Take no outer. rioe w cents aua i
Samples tree, bold by l druggisui.
Farmers Aud SI ecban los. "
Have money and Doctor bills. Re
lieve your Mothers, wives and Bisters
by a timely purchase of Dr. Bosanko's
Cough and Lung Syrup, best kuown
remedy for Coughs, Colds, Croup and
Bronchial effections. Kollvea Chil
dren of Croup in one night, may save
you hundreds of dollars. Price 60
cents, and $1. Samples free. Sold by
auarnggists. .
2(50.00 Seal Plash Coat,
.Elegant silk dress and French pat
tern nat to matcn, to ne given away
Every purchaser of o.00 worth of
goods is entitled to a ticket at -
,: How to have a Clear sjtln.
When the skin is yellow with bile.
or thick and muddy from careless liv
ing, less t nan one nottie or Parser's
Tonic will make it look fresh and
dear again.
He had Just returned from Ms sum
mor vacation, and describing tbe
auties ol mountain scenery to a lady
friend, he aiked: "Have yon ever
seen the Cate-Mll-mountalusr" and
she answered: ".No, but I have seen
the Bnirs-cough-syrupl" . - .
Goods sold at all times riurii e tlm
day and night at private saio. furni
ture, glast ware, tinware, boots and
shoes, clothing, notions snd under
wear at the auction bouse of fine.
ry Fine, C13 and 615 Elm street.
Mix I.
. vnn i o
, 'o rr-
,.! lll.ln,
b' tlr.n, bf I.
ui anynu
tot thor
A'o lo four
' produce
..i bowels,
r-l-red lor
i r.Cor try
-p ,t OUO-
-vvr this
. . . .1 '.'!
U.-f-'. ' '
.t: i- i si
and U i . !.!'
Illif 4 '!'. ti' V
UJ-M mi tf-Wl.
Mtfiiy oath.: U.er
bours time, nr:'
DklllH'r g.-. .u. "
lr.V. li '.um,
yuara t!LU . v.n .
injl -.li-..'.. -'
oiiks bua u . v -J
remedy a:. 1 ; .'
luu bis In t.:;l.
publio lor t' .
'."'''laru-rtuiiiu U
' !! illl.M
ru.iinuii t::.
We appo!;.'.
ninulalk o! it . .
ki'own In ','"'
From hr i. I'
of thuThlrtv c :
Miktr-, .1 . i
w: I nit-'
c "f 'oraomo ti-
':. ' .J. r"ed!o!rii
., -'i--ia rt.
.".I t:-:c;
. our
- t 'lrt It
or ''l!c"-
,"-ili. ' f l.l
j. J
ti.... . . : ..-.-jri' .M'aft.Sd-
lug n:y to:t io tj-.oy of
feote of Jieprt- :j)xi1 ..vo. : e;n
tor. I believe It U -i :' 5 i !:nown
roir.i'Ov inr d Iwordor 1 : . 'Iv-anied
liver, and I know it will pr.' .o ?3ne f
o J in dyspepsia, constipation, naaau,
djrr,ln4 .Jd PRrticul-rly , iHrrh . a.
Tn i hoan of aedontarv habits I nm non
vmced a short trial will prove it to be
ludespenhable. No professional man
should bu without IU It exoollH In the
mildness, yot thoroughness, of Its oo
tiou upon tuo syiite-i. f;lvlug lrr3cl
ale rolief, snd its i-cllon ia t:o; O
tonded with grlplnr; pains Of C'.t.'i. t
nr.ce of rtir-r- neT'ftl'- V-7.
IT. lr. At.
Dfaf nnJDinnL A'!l " Ai.st.u, 'it .,I--y
S,Pv.2.-l)s.4 .1.ft W . loin:
Dkaii Huts: 'i o'li Henatocone has
liml n TKLher extended trial in this In
stlttuiou among ollicors and pupils. It
ha proven a sale aua oeriniu remeay
in ull' Ctlons oi tno uvt-r. it ia mo i
v.ii'.i.ihlo and cboau nporlout. It re
innviisnonatlDatlon of the bowels, re
Hovc-n Indigestion, and cun be tnken at
any time without any nsu eueot.
cliiu.rinUv recoinmeud li use in all
oases involving derangement of tbe
f unc.-.lonu of the liver, and in many
cuiios where the stomach aud bowels
am iiirolvod. Truly yours,
John Ford,
Inntllutton for the Blind, Austin. May 10,
JXS3. ur.Toblnt
Yinir iiiumtozone as a gentle curga
tlvH hnii nn xnlial. It moves the bow-
Ala wi'iinnt making the ualiuut feel
sick, weak or luiiKuid. It is often the
case iimt wo feel a little bilious, have
some headache perhaps, and ure leel-
lni li r will I irHIlurull V. Mild OlllV IlCed
an easy purgative to relieve us. Your
Hnnatnzono iM the medicine for that
vnrili inn. Trallflveda caseofdysen
terv with it in a very short time. We
use it largely in this Institution.
Superintendent IuHiitutlon
No. 7W Congress Avonue, Austin, Texas
Mew Exchanso.
13verv city ot au v importance has
kind of ulaue like Homo c" old had i
inr ii mi whore the normle mot and ex
chunked views nnd "gave and received
the news that iloalod thruugu the
citv." liicoro reirarded tuao point
tho great urban, convergent center in
the City of tho Heveu Hills, and the
Bum-remark may be applied to our
rjlttcp. now confessedly tho focus of
Texas intelligence, vvo uuvuuu lutum.
but at the
Patrician and pleblaa minglo, and
over the social glass discuss current
events ami the probable action of tho
people. Tuo liquors there naa stimu
late tbo brain, and their purity for
bid the fuddling of their rational fao
ulties. The Ulen Lea is the head centre
lor news, oolitioal - speculation, and
slato-maklus. No inuu can be
'posted" who frequenta not tho Glen
Genllomen who like nice fitting gar
ments know that tho plnco to get them
H Don clan Bros,, the Merchant Tail
ors of North Texas, 703 Main htreet.
The largest assortment of wooleus in
t!i ftte is probnluly to be found at
his house. You have only to inquire
f your neighbor and you will bo told
'Douglas Bros, is the plaoe."
Mrs. B. Benson, lato of the Clevoland
House, Abileue, has opened aftrBt
class eating house and hotol at Cisco.
Every artlole in her house Is entirely
new aud her table far excels nny ever
borore set in Cisoo. Giyo her a call
and be convinced that oho is runnlog
the only first-class bouse in tne city.
W. W. Orr, the papular buggy
dealer, has and is still receiving tbe
largest shipment oi carriages uuu uug-
gies ever before reoolved by any
deaier in the State, and from tbe most
prominent factories of the United
States. Call and see them and be con
vinced of his low prices,
T.ndlf.a. Tnnr Attention.
I have added a large Bilk department-,
in black and colored silks, in
Khadames, Tricotines, Kbadzlmier,
Lyons aud other qualillos. All 1 ask.
come see vne suits auu price mihui.
E. Baoman.
All Fits stopped free! Dr. Kline's
great nerve restorer. No fits after first
dav'a use. Marvelous cures. Treatise
and 3 trial bottle free to fit cases.
Bond to Dr. Kline. 1)31 Arch street, Phil
adelphia, Pennsylvania.
"Dr. Rrott'a Coooa. Beef. Iron and
Phosphorus, one of tbe best tonics for
1 ' mA HaHIHOiT '1VW I f
Knr Hln hv Hicknx A Hearne. Patter
son. Clower fcCo.. Jeff House and
Howell Bros.
Pal arrh cured, health and swee
breath secured by ShUoh's Catarrh
RAnindv. Price 60 cents, Nasal in
jeotor free. Sola by J. L. Wiuiams a
co. .
A Medicine Cheet In Themselves.
Benson's Capclne Porous Piasters re
main unequalled as a general nouso
hold medicine. Clean, quiok, sure.
Croup, whooping oough and bron
chitis immediately relieved by Shi-
loh'sCure. bold by J.JU w imams e
Uo, " '
Klilloh's Catarrh Bemedy. a positive
cura for catarrh, dlnhtherla end cank
er mouth. Sold by J. L. Williams A
(- IninortantS '
When you visit or leavo-New York
flitv. aavn Bncruaire. Expressago and S3
- 7. n . . ' ,-i n , vri
carriage Hire, auu Biop at luo umiBi
UJNiON Ui li, opposite urauaien
trai DhpoU &0 elegant rooms, fitted
up at a oost of 1 1,000,000, Jlsudnp
s arrtt per day. European pi an,- Ele
vator Beslaarant supplied with the
bent. Horse oar, etageh-and filevated
rallrosd to.; ill depots. Families ;oaa
i 'MMlnlii wf Ida
' t in '. ' r in a
' it I. ii Hi trn lie
i i ''liafnli-ilal'iiraj,
v 141
a rRR4,
. I ' , uKif lof hr r )11 f ',-
. , . i ' 4.11 prove lli Ai.i" '
I if im !I i li'lnual" "f it'ii ihi'h
. I 1 1 1 i a hi k i k'n . Mi .1 4
1 1 "Il our '"i i " I'l io 1 1 i
' .' ' . ra. W IhmIdw" lor i t .. '
' k"M lii aril i-aeapH I'lf . . :'
Ini and thi-iMoii a, Uo.
I'Hi HimiiIiiiiii hvrup ..I
f I. lid trnm iiii ai.d t'ur. . i. ,
n"i! (I.trn . It kuit.iia J ..
r di.rea I' ll iii.k'.lni', i irn wtnu ,.i .
k.nd oarrlea I lie InUi.t a.li ly tliroiij'.
I! (. Iktillilnrf puriiHl, It pui'irniK pto
c.i.ely wliut It pioli'si-ra lu lorfiirui,
ovry pn of It uihiiiiiii li-". yieiiavv
never wii Mri. Wiid.Ii w -kuow hhr
only tt roiiKh tin, iir i.iral im of li'-r
'S .i.Ir Hviup tor I'ail.lreu tiieih
Inn." If wtt bad iln i")ur we Would
make lit r it tilie In, a pliyalnal snvlor
to tun l i'iiut r..ne. H I I by all ttill-
glh'jr. ii't i i'iiH a li' l'. i .
)iaiu ill oki kluu s ut loo Kabu'R.
Jiiinpi M 4ni' culw'ir atod M Khoo at
liuoa Uuuu'a.
l.",1wl'l ir.,t a 1 i, liaa' iMIiuine Oil K
1 !i!J, ii'nij-'.a.-u-outton boots, at Leon
A vC.J,.
Lu4 aaJ
nt pri
;..U Hue ul auhnol shoes fot
:ir.j, inou the best luutoriea
,o ,u:l t.:a times at
Ixaun a.
?3.fO w'lil ,fit vou a geuulne uiea's
hunt i-fAO'l oil! uiiiifs lu button, liicf
or glt.ii.- Tl.o ea-'est, best and eonap
est aiiooi'i tbo luud fur ti: t utouoy, ut
Leon Ki-i.u'i.
M'.in loot-wear dr-pa-tment Is
. t!l '-0-t
u.iijiiintJ lu ino viy, our
Btaok ii, co-u,iiciteiV (fiaiiou, from a
pool iuv-i'r;i'i;d articio, to the bl in
the laud. V.'u bundle g'Kwls for all
rlrc.i, our urlcesnre made to suit the
nnuon. ul Loon ICahu s-
Cur &it,i:l of boot and shoos of gnol'n,
la'.lea, nusses, aud boy's children's
tail. wir, is now ooui-
PljJo. '.V- nvhV'ftadb?nVaTus
, os, o ir ' D"e
toiu-UHu9 evr oold here lifrelofoi-e.
Call at ihe old reliable ohoe bouse of
Loon Ki.lm's and examine i;oodsaud
tal prices.
.. Vrt tfnni nu Tonus,
oJlinr lour was urV. 8na tried Par-
! bor k Idulr llilsaj, and now her hair
I lr ooft aad brown. Ouly 6 aents.
ntman A Koberts, contractor' for J.
J. HchillongHr, patent cetneuH 8td
walks. OlUce at Ord's Plaoe, Ni-. 1H
Lamar street. Orders promptly at
tended to.
Drop in and examine Orr'n buggies.
He pays his salesman and It 1" no
trouble for blm to ithow goods mid to
price them. No. 7 Main sit out.
Will -unn siittrr with dv-fnensUi an'l
ll.A.nl.li.l? Kllll..llU Vlt .Hrfir
guaranteed to cure you. Sola bv i.i.
WilllamB & Co.
Pure and unc ilored, and gu
iiTm ht.M1
I jwckiiyui 1
nnadulterated. .May lilomoi
oent.s a pound in one pound
at Uouuhe'e, b Main utroei.
Sleepless nights iundo iv.iix rK.tilo y
that terrible cough. tShiloh', Cure is
the remedy for you. -'.old by J. L.
WllUams ic Co.
Dr. F. L. Fos-.iie. vmysiolun, mir
goon and oculist. Otlio.i 610 Main
street, tolephonu 07, residence tele
phone 208.
S .00 Purchase
Entitles vou to a ticket iu tbo draw
ing of a l0 seal pluph coat, elie suit
aud bat to match. Drawing to take
place December 24, at E. Bau man's.
TheEsty organs. Will A. Watkln
Jt Co., Uicrald building.
ii nun hi mil a
tlyspepsia, Qenoral ' Dohllltyj
JTaandioo, Habitual Constipa
tion, Liver Complaint, Sick
Hoa.daobe,I)isoasad Kid
uoys, Etc., Etc.
It contains only the Purest Drnga, among
which may bo enumerated EXJIL? ASS SZ
m BZSHS3, umzizz, sccsv, Ezmn, z:o.
It cleaasca the system thoroughly, and as a
Is Uncqnaled.
It ii sot an Intoxicating beverage, nor can
It be nsod us such, lyroa3on of Its Cathartic
Properties. - ' ,
Sole Proprietors, .
ST. i,0H'S ANft gNSS Ctw
tlcs and History. Auntin. Texas, uco-
ber 21. 188i. To All Whom It May Concern:
This Is to certify that the Pelloan Insur
ance Company ol New Orleans, Louisiana,
has In ail respect fully compiled wlta the
laws of Texas as conditions precedent to
It doing Duiness in niiS ntaie, anu niai
said company hold a Certlleate of Author
ity irominisonice emitting it xouo ran
ness In this Btate for three months from
the first day of October. 18S5. to the Slat day
of December, 1886.
lb. B. uiven unaer my nana ana seal.
at ofrlce, in Aust'n, the day and date first
above written . H . P. UEE, Commissioner,
E. It. ARCHINAKO, General Agent for
Texas, uniiaa. xeiraa.
Asy Perion Can Play the Piano or Organ
miuuu, m imvunn
Ifvnndonotbeliove It. Invest II In So
por's Instantaneous Guide to tbe Piano
and Organ, and be convinced.. You re
quire no previous knowledge or Music
whatever. It will teach jou more muslo
In one day than you can learn from a
teacher In a month. Seud for It. It will
not disappoint you. Hvery honse should
have one . A cample copy seat free for is
cents in stamps. n&iMin u a ruo
luuers, in uroanway, w lore.
' fiotoa Want an Organ? , -
Bny the New Home Parlor '. tfftiyfC
iiuiwDin rim -n- .
If Id the latest trlurnoh, the pearl of all tbe
Organs. An unparalleled couiDinauon or
Deauty, simplicity ana emcacy . i oo prioe
of the home circle. I be Huauay Ben ol and
the lodge room. AVarrAi ted for six years
an buy It, you will not lie disappointed,
price, 174. can be paid as follows: t'ii
sk with tbe order, (25 In three months.
J?5 la alx months, tfend for catalogue,
ti en t Ion this paper. Address all corre
nondenoeln bK ARWKldi CO.. Aient. S9
Skv-, E3T?.
if31 , pf . m
& mm
Jbroodway, New York. . . ,.
- i
,ll.nll.. ty.-
f'J ?SEintaRl
?n fnm. Vj'lalft, Xuiidra mat fatten
aAFE. i4;
iM hm fsra a a ii IIrsi
sac i'l w:t i a viM.r iHa .. lurnvu
Is Pay!
The Morrlinnt deal luu c oina' no-
near blood Konawor U limewy author
lead lo lefund tbe money If It dots not cure
tho diseases for wkiab 11 Is recommended,
and when taknn aaoordlng to directions
Ouraa UhaumktUm, Merourlal Poison
8rr"ful.iiia AflVetlona, OlkDilaUr kwell
Iiik. hkln mar, Hurea of all klaita,
lllood I'ul.ou, female Vomplaluta, rto
It. GTINN first mimufaolured and sold
li Ih Mcdii liio lioiu 1'iirrv. Cla . Iu an bum
tile way, u-ln bii orulnary Iron not ror
Imllhiir. 'Hie l)iialnrs was run ondor the
niiriio of Hwllt A Uu nn. rerrv. (i'l, wit
I Ih'C A ti I'll IN nrlntcd on each label : "Mouo
ltmiiiiii without Ih DrlllMi aisnittura of
it i.i'i..i." Aim tna meuiomo was aoiu
,,l 1 ,ir l lt !n.
TUIS co-parinersnip waa ainainvru uj
Mr. :. t. Hwl t rettrlni. aud Mr. K. uuin
nniliinlni! tlia manufacture of this eele'
brul H'l Vegetable mood itonower irora
Mnniiifrr. lortiktH ud to tne eraseut time,
H j has now sold bis right, thureln to the
v. n. -nn Mml inlnfl Unmniinv. Macon. Oft.
J ny 'u H'ood and Skin Dlneaso mailed
! f! -
KKQfiS A.':0:CINE !.. Mneoii. fi
; - - -
, 1 h j irr I
jj I i'jt'
1 1
Now at Wlfl Kim fib-eei.
mm tn coca
Ibo Most Snccesfnl and aiarveloas
Toiilo uf the Ag.
Erbllera'es the Mind and Body, prolongs
Life, brloi's HcaltbnndJov toths ufflicted
wlta menial or A'liysinai nixnausLion.
Has proven aspeclflo In the most obstinate
cases, where all other remedies fall, such (is
Neuralgia, nervousness, waKriuinees,
Hvslerics. nvnochondrla. Loss of Apd-
tlc. Vysuepi-lit, Blues, Clonstlpatlon Liver
vompiaiiu. A.iuaey uieasp, clu. lwa
Wine is pleasant to take, and uuderlts lu
flueuce new strength 1b giadually lulro
dimad Into the svHtem Hko watev Into f
spouties when once tried will always be
remembered as a ' boon and blesslne" need
with wonderful eood mulls in Ihe Opium
anu Morpuine nanus.
Send foraadraod Book ou tho "fenders
ot tho Oooa and Damlaua Plantw, and mar
velous cures made by Pemburton's Wine
coca. jorueDy
WiS'a ta,; flalk Texis
Trnae supplied .y
; Bole Proprietor, Mfg ihemUts,
At.lnnta, Ua.
Wlieu I s.-iv cure I do not mean merely to
top tbeiu fur ailms and thei- have them
return again. I mean a radlcnl cute. I have
made the disease of Fits, Kpllepsy or Fall
iiisr Hinltnessi a Ufa-long study. I warrant
my remedy io cure the wurst eases. Because
other have f 11. d Is no reasou for not sow
receiving a .-ure. Send at once or a treat'se
and a free buttle of my bi'alllb'e remedy.
C4lve Express snd Post Ofllce. Itoosts you
noininiicra rrisi, ana i win ours on.
A.idress Dr. H.G. HOOT, 1st Per Bt. v.Y.
XX a30ai,0 I. 'SS a
Ko. 204 snd SOe West Baltimore St., Baltimore.
To. Ui lixth Avenue, Kew York.
iribitiisKK -Money
Saved it Monev Made.
Do Your Own Printing;
Only perfect self -inking
rubber ilampprMRerer
'offered. Workmanship
mtwtrpastrd. Printu imrcrfl,;. NoWwineMman
should be without ore. Entire tatitf-wtimwiar-antesd.
Catalog" nd tentimonlaU J. to
owarfiwla low. Rpfor by pcrmlsnloii ,t
A. H. uSnulsr., Attorney 6nenil Paited 8la.
I have a positive rorned
for the above
disease; by its use ttumiar
Is 'of oneesof tbe
womt kl d ondoflongsti
dine naveoeen
mv fsiih In it
oorci. lnd -ed, so strong
emcacy, thai 1 will sfnu
h H. h. M t nireUl er w i i.n
W any snfferer.
TR ATIHrion thedlsee
ulveexore ana..pooi
i rn Hiix,' -
i Cure.!
a adores. - uu
rieyY .
T. A. BLOCCM, 1B1 Pear
At ft.
f iaii. .i I
. i" r
at . fUtii
an? ari m . I ... ,
I nn lha Intiailiiikiit t....
I Miiiii. I'.tll uraiilr4 ,
' a .r rvrnrTrz t iin
.-HjImvi'IIH. T -. L - . i
'I Akaa i ! in il r t
ml'. 1. .1 I-
. 'f -i.. ;:."
t: u k 14
I.. I
want; li--
loll Ilia Iwy
rt.lne: W8 are nrepa'i-J -O ... r .1: ri '
ducuni'iiu to men Unit win .ull iuai.it
Apply to J. O. MolUY, Miiua.;or. Uiillns
nrrldiHIlK'iiittreat, or addra bUAiiu:
I Wiiiti. IV O. Ilox MX
wiih Iiouno work i good wu;j, Mas.
Frrr.uitaAi.iM'Ji Hryau air.au
117ANT K l)-A PEW l'EllrtJNH 'I O
YY learn khort-baiid.eltlier p) oiiall' or
l.ylimll. to Uil pnsltloua ut I Ml, 75 and 111 0
pormoutlii pinillous neeured pupil when
ooinpoiaultean 1st learned lu lim e mouth
Mtiorl-hauu writers furnlahed railway ol
fl tii-sand inercaotll bouses 're cf chars.
Two lusHOii five. Adilrw 1'HOKtjai.H, 1',
O. Hox), HnUHton. Texas. novr,-tf
Titan r i-i.l to tki.ki'doxe n1)
VV o. V. I oudon, at 7i8 Kim s'.rco, for
move wagon. Telephone ,U. W. Loudon'
eeconil-liHlid Htore. i!w
llTANTlSD-AOKN'ia. ADUKr.tJS'lll k
W Eluetrlo Lump and Ktuvo Co.. Bu
Loula, lo., for circular, euU and terms ol
fifl-oand te power Mkr-h Eleetrlo ljinn. If
near aud valuable hook for N ivi.ii
and Went Texas Aditrem lit onse Tux
KivKitaius Puni.tsiii.NOCo., No 7. 1 Olle
itrom. rtt. Loula. Mo. n"vl7 i flt
V and line gallery; good cednr and ols
torn; lot U3xl75; line frolt, spland'd bar
mill). WlLb A, Watkim A Co., Herald
Building. acpi lewl-tr
W- an i ED a Few" .moke uooo
meu to sell tho lloynl St, Joliu t'owluj
Machine, addroa UUAULiiS J. Vr'uiri.,
P. O. box 143. iiov8-li
and cut ool;'.'Co to 25c ror cutting
ties at sunup; 11 per cord for cut ting 1-foot
wood. Apply at work at Robert's, il. oi
T. C. K. K., orE. J. WaLUBon, Couttac or,
Terrell. nnvT-s-it
to Cleburne, stop at the Gait House:
ntwly furnished; &U step, from the railroad
depot: a solendid table. 1 and 11.50. aruord-
Ingtoroouis. A J O'BulAN, Proprietor.
1,-OH HALE OK KENT Hestanrant and
V fixtures, good locat'on, steady Irsdn;
also five furnished room above restaur
ant; all new aud el'gnnt fixtures and fur
niture. Address 728 Elm street oct20-tf
"Daisy" Hklrt and Blocking Buppni t
ers, Shoulder Braces, Bosom Forms, Drew
Bhlelds, Rubber Uingbam Bib, Aprons,
Hleaves, Infants' Dlupers, etc. Our 1,H0J
agents are maklntt money fast: so can you.
Addres. with Hump, E. H. Campbell iX
Co., W West Knudoiph street, Chloago.
book, "Dted of Daring by Blue and
Gray." Tbeitreat collection of the most
thrilling personal adventures on b'lth
sides during the groat civil war. No other
book at all like It. Outsells everything.
Address, Txxas Book and Biblx Com
pany, 9iI4 Elm street, Dallas, Texas
Ij for our bust and form dovoloper;
;r: no
liuiiioug; endorsed by physicians, write
for sealed description and terms. Erie
Medicine company, Buffalo. New York.
ltlon,thi se who have positions, bu
ueslro larger 6slrlrH, reitlster without de
lay with the bve Bcuihwettern Hclioo
Agency. Colleges, schools and families
wanting teachers auppll-d. Head stomp to
it for registration blanksat either NoOr
oiins. I.a., Dallas Texa, M ashvllle, Tenn
of seoond -band cases In good or
der; also different sizes of chaser.
To printers desiring the above, they
can obtain real bargains by address
ing or catling on
tbose beautiful suburban four aero
lots 284 feet front by 631) f:et deep; oouoty
load dlreot to the city In front, and l. feet
forsireet In rear; two acres of choice fruit
on each lot; situated Just pout b of the S mta
rt ronno-nouse: tuio perieot. u. a ivki
I'EH, bii Pearl street, Lallas, It
ItmjrbaLE-half block or well
' I mn roved Dronertv. consisting of lour
cottages, ou, large stab'.o, two (Interns ami
p entyofwell wator; always occupied by
groa icnanis: oeaiiny iwunty auu goou
nei. hoot hood; terms reasonable Apply
toW.C hiler, Grand Windsor Hotl.
1 each In East Dallas, on tne extension
of San Jaoluto and Bryan tr..ets, oroased
by broad sveel, maxing eacu uiocx a sepa
rate corner: nlco'v rolllBC around, drain'
lug perfertly and giving a good view of the
surrounding country; pi Ice low; terms
easy. Apply to Simpson A Huffman, 781
ail in street. dov-i
A' uulhornsed to ouor tuvurai Oioullcu
cottages for sale on monthly payments
and small oasn payments sown; special
bargains are onerea m uiese aotiages
H1MPS0N It HUFFMAN, 781 ti m Street.
X' house offonr rooms, new and id beat
condition: lotSexlSS feet; good well, eta
Ihlsnrocaity Is offered at an nnnually
low rlanre. Annlv to Simpson A Huff
man, 731 Elm itreet. It
V House of six rooms) lot 0xl78K foot;
rood wen, no.; iron's soutn; a oargtin 01
rred. Apply to Simpho.x ds Huffman
781 Elm street. 11
r on Cottonwood street: two bouses one
of four room, the other has two rooms ; lot
50x100 feet; will sell on monthly lnntall
meritsof '25: price low down. Apply, to
Simpson A Huffman. 781 Elm st. It
Three lots and two houses for half their
value. 650 only. For particulars, apply
to the fourth bouse, northwest oorner Pol
and Pn.sLon street. No. 1(128. J. JZKN.
vvo i-aui,
of 600 a-res well Improved and wa'ered,
8 miles northeast of Corslcana.
Address D.
W. Brooks, Corslcana, rexaa,
I wood of a 1 varieties, at reasonable
nrloea: also full line of hors feed. A. Dys-
terbacm, 1421 fclid 143& Him STeet, East
Dallas. ooMS-tf
J? numbernf caes and chases of various
alaea: printers In nee l of either will Had It
tn their advantage ,o address u. Dallas
1H HALE A. GU.ili OliLO lO-tlAlMU
' organ at low Drioe, and easy term If
aestreo. wiii,&- WAtiimauoi Aarauu
J? lshed and very large rooms, oorner of
Elm andEivaystreets.up t"lrs. U
1 rooms, cloiets, good olatern water, to
a email lanuiy . Appiy ub mi uumaionjo
treet- nuvmr-j.'
1? bio for offices In the Wlikerson . build
I ne. nnnnalle Harold office. Aon.V toNBAI.
Stakkk. novl8-tf
OR Mb,JN 1 uaan. ivuu.)i run. nani.
814 Elm street, first floor.
Inqulre of
Geosok a. Wxbstxb , -
i.lOH RllNT IWU-BIVSI UtHun.uuB-
f liiouo nnnna.iPx'.iS feet, the southwest
roraorof Main ana Martin streets, seoond
floor divided Into rooms, neit to Tbomp-
ou's theatr-: also a weu rurnisnea i.wo-
tory residence of eight rooms. 1311 Mala
street, cistorn, tble,water works and gast
ctay terms to a reliable tenant. Apply to
v niitpv a flor.AMX. 721 Main atreu
' nvHtAra rwvivea aai r. rounuy or
ders SrUoltl aud promptly fllleU - J, L
BKLHA2E, 'muueiu sireoi.. utuveauin.
it with a lojii'si li'OiartH nwyir fwi hi
mAhvf-111net Hali0flic9 And t)0V-
ingforUiUadvertlien oiiiV, . . .. aovSHf
' ' 4 'I M II k A
4T- :
: j". t ) o. ii . .
i . li tm il 'l;u v!-' .
Uerctir.ui j.,- . i " :. l '.ir,.',
Skin end Bono . ''. '..', t ' : 3ht
5on$ and C.i ., , V. ,
from whatever can. .. ' x ;.tr,
rlran Irom Ilia evaleui. ' . i, i ., , .. .. i i
tsstsd aiasnik. Si i.r i'-u m i.i. . . . . f r
and aiikuMATisM, Ihe rc nil ol 'i.'io l n.ilut.
poaltlvrty cured. Mi polaoa ,u dn' i ,wrj
Catarrh. Throat, Voa, Lvn-i Oiwrms,
ronaillntlonnl and Aeajuired VhI- '
nesse ol bolli xexea, trsau-d inv',,H"
A are and esinrliiM are l'innrlni . lha .
ftrorsrf gooU n-mrttlrt u all a, c. uo cn-nli V. ,'
are nieu,anu snowing wunr. uf ir ivu, o rjr'tfit-.
manr are rasila. Ou arcinint c I the fru'ir ti'A.n-'
ber ol eaaa apnlving, tho chars 4 are keat I n,
flea lower Ibnn la demanflrU by t'th -n. '
nriin i
1 it 1 1 1 1 1
Bli;ant cluth und frtbiniltnur. Sti!Miii rT.lio
In moiiuy or poittBLru fttAinps. C'vi ritl: woji'v
ful pen pictures, showing who ruv ui'nrrv, wKo
not, why. lVopwr air io marry. Vhi)riiir.y
MunhouJ. , Womanhootl, l'hyp'r il Jtciv. V!v
huulii murrv. I4w Itfn und' ' Ns
Jncroiiied. Thono man led or if'n:t W n "
ihouiu read u; wi intnt anu MM.t t vtrji . (f
thinkinit titan htu! v-nman, rcp't'iic . '.i,nK V .
paper enver, tf. W HITI WCHs.
ia trBttUi
Foais year at jj Court l'lace, im
S"2i Market Street,! f.wm lo I
Set. Third and Fourth, UtlllSl lL.U,i
A mnlarlr HmkuS aoA l.mOly qiu iVI ,J.y.ie alalia;
nu, ,iudfdl. mm hU i.nullu, alll lii'f " '
EASES. . . - i
bpei'inotorrnea a a tuij.dieiioy,
ai kicnanll of air-aTua In youth, (iwvl iki.".U)i 1 , ra- .
, liitrrratn, orolkw atuiMa, ami imU.ii,( r. .1 I
l.a.o qomu: n.rrao.uu.1. atminfti I.iii.-i4 . 01 imii.ia
I., Ir ori). pwisni, or blRlil. Pun-tiu -'.' r;'. Vmm
i.-allw,, l'lm.!.oa fff, Av.ra.ri ti.r.it.i) i
CmiluM.B of liloM, itamt of bcioal Vu'i-r lit . .' N4"r.eij '
surhicv lmnrcper or nnh.ppr, mr U'orcu.r!.1 trl tirio
.rU, un.f. SYPHILIS awl'Jl'l) ' ailtt'.
OT KET, Solemn, OralilU., H
)".c- nrir.U 4iim.M nL:hl fi
, in lxym:n
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BTw nlwtitl.n, nlnlnn ,11 iTlVll'Irtll.'.tlt .. Tl-- ' !
dres CHEEVKR KWCTmO.xHX j? 1, ,
103 Washington street, oeiuajru.,'.!.
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ffrwjJiirti'iKl B. B. Tuttle. iV:.ir't,v.i!p -itV.i)
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