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itlJTI,AXI, Tttcwttny, Jnminry O, 1830.
. r a w . VI II
)t KHtlaiiU Terrain.
- - flt II'lllllI IT ll'lLin VT. Bf
W I I, I. I A M F A Y.
"Hi MBectsmw cettaiiwxl in the. following iquiil'.e r
r from (he pea cf Iuac Mil.r.u., r , ate to pe
culiarly pertinent to the trtlon, acd accord to well
with our rfltiooi, Out we fir Ihem place,,
Tiin ciiOSK or t 11 1: r 1: a it .
T N'l.r.LLAI, jr. cia.
" Pi 8miui (mi their annual lounjl thall make :
Wbwperinj, tb FiiS fio thall wake Hi flowerr ,
,SuJ gammer thk-ket wtate her leafy robe
While Atamn la liii ample Up
Mutt lotto tojalhtrup Im I.mIj tAU,
t-e (sr Winter eiJt ll Irmpeilt IV-rlb,
To ! lb lovely cxth." 11. I'icskhiku.
T 1m lape rf Time ' liow rapidly tpeedt on,
Tnf'i comtant ! day ftr day-
Yr after ytr arsl reuturiet are J1'"
l.ik mtdoijht dreamt, all lilrotlj Hi;.
We'r t inn the bu.li come forth the -eritlied l f
Vbe tapleet tree we're heard the goutle blnil
Sfinjln Ihr youthful Spring itt happy hymiu
We heard it I'T tbe lonely rirrri raite
lltjoyoui rolce, like on that gireth praits :
AoJ heard ft torrowingat ll hurried ftil
To Jo III work (.f death to galhe r In
The yellow foliage of Ihe wixxW and all
The eeitlti floert, at Auluaio'a burial !
We hear it uovr ! link to tbe hollow dir;e
Ofdftolela Winlrr windi ! Titer moaru
With melancholy round betide the urn
Of weej-ehoked rivulet, or bleakly urge
Their traeklett way o'er plain and fri rea lake
And dreary forett-walk or rudely brtak
Like a wild hott aerort the frozen rpritigl.
On which full loud the rktter't iron rlnjt.
Death halli been o'er llie land J The by.petl Year
Thathith itfn all (he rich and delicate floneri
Spring in the meadow-landi and ditappcar,
When Ihe cold dayi drew on j aud the green leaves
Dtep in thadrmipin; Wood put ofTtheir bloom,
And in a few biicf Antumn dayi decay,
Hath alto wilnettcd Beauty pan away,
Like Krlh't frail lluwer, unto thcduiky tomb.
.Tl i n c c 1 l,a 11 y
Tiib .T voli or tiik tkar. We havo now
fat the lait of the twcho monlhe. Spring, Sum
cncrpml Autumn have departed, and grcyhairrd
Winter hai come. And now let ua look over tho
pagei of memory ,and ece how wo hue jcnt our
In the firel place, hare we atored our ininds well
-with knowledge, or arc we at ignorant as when
tbe year began! Are we belter, that is, are we
kinder oihcart, to all around us! Arc wo more
diipotcd to acek their happincaa, and lc inclined
to indulge rurrnge. malice, and a spirit of mischief?
Do we now really fel the beauty of that glorioua
uinitu,o to a&olXtr ai you wrnW hurt another
daiayout Do wo act in all thingi according to
thia rule 1 Do we endeavor to rue above nlfisli
octt, and act upon tbat grand achernc of benevo
lence, which God bai dcviaed, and whl-h it u hia
Mtth all ahould co-operate in ; that tcheme which
propotea the higbett hippmcii of oil livin thinga
Hate we not in aome initanrea acted contrary to
(hit cLemo5 Ue we not apoken unkindly, orac
led maJicouly towarda others ! Ifwcbave.wc
have violated the com mind of God.
11 u think deeply of thia iintttr. God would
have b;a creation a unnera of harmony. Thoto
who loio him act aa he wubea ; those who lovo
htm not, aet otherwUe ; and they produce die.
cord. This breaks tbe harmony be deairt to
spread over all his work. They are like pertona
wboaing out of tune; tbey mjure themaelrei ;
they injare tbe peace cf others ; tbey spoil the har
mony of society ; and if tbey hereto poea the
ttBC dupoaatlon in heaven, tbey ould spoil tho
Uraoay of that saered and holy place Jet v
tkiok of tho tuattcrs, and if m e bare entd, Jet us
try to err bo wot : asd, a una t fteble ta all hia
1 efforts, to oveicomo this fotee ofbad habile, and be- J
J come lo. when lrf, ha been wedijrd tu follow, !
I let u aik thcaMof Ofjf.nlio rtrcngtli eufT.cicnt
1 to outcome our weeknear. j
1 ' 1
J Tiiouoiits omtiii: AITR04CH oMviTK. Willi i
a Jicary ln-n behold (ho cliftrful auimnvr rap-1
idly decline. No iniro I uati!cr at tho dtun uf ;
day, within the milaril vale, to littcn to tlio fcalli- '
rrcd naibK-r. or adnuro the trciutiet orcrcalion. 1
Dark clouda ubecurc tlio nun. whota dazxliurayi j
were wont to clicrr my hcarl, and chan away the ;
dial ant lull and make all nature wear 0 gluumyaa
I ail u ithin my cottage.lcaidc tho blazing hecrlh,
and littcn to the roaring wind ainnngsl the neighbor
ing gto wis. The lolly tree rcpign llicir withcnng
lcoki'S'to the furious blaal,which dritea them swift
ly otcr I ho spacinu plain.
The cidd rain dcprcr.d upon the grouml, and the
ruitic rwainsf'jr&akc their daily toil. No more they
daiiro upon the lawn,nurnng the pleasures of a rural
life. Arcuetimicd with the village maids to rainbla
to the ehady Lion err, end tell their ottlcttt tales of
love, w hen muling summer reigns; they tic v its
departure with trgtct and dread the near approach
of winter.
Shepherds uil the jojlers plains and lead their
flocks beneath tome fiicndly hut, to shield them
from the storm of the inclement tcaeon. At cve,ns
reniblcd round the cheerful fire, thu superstitious
tale beguiles the tedious liourr, till spring returns
to banish every gloomy thought, and fill each rus
tic's heart with hippincsa and luc.
Voui tfu.S'tw Yvrl.tr.
It has been clearly ascertained that thu grcnt
fire originated, as was supposed, in the store of
Messrs. Comstock li Andrews, V .Merchant
street. Tho occupnnts of mher storcH in the vi
cinity heard an explosion aboul 0 o'clock of tho
fatal evoning ; nnd immediately thereafter the
flamca burst from the firtt and fourth stories of the
building aforciaiu, occupied aa above, while tin:
intermediate elorien, in the poisession of unolher
firm, imnained for Home mimilcs perfectly dark.
Of course, the conllagration must bo attributed to
the explosion of a gas-pipe, and no'blamu can be
attached to any person.
We are aware that our city will rest under the
imputation, from the appalling extuit of this cal
amity, when .viewed in connexion with othor cir
cumstanccp, of being peculiarly exposed to these
iilllictlvu visitations. We ask those at a distance
to reflect that the fire broke out at very worst point
in the whole city that the night was one of the
coldest ever known in this city and over tlio whole
face or Hie country that the "wind was unusually
high throughout the night and tint it was utter
ly impossible to work the engines, after a short
time, owing to the accumulation of ice in the
luifc. Had the lire obtained so Midden and com
plete an ascendency in tho mmt.coinpact portion of
any other of tho largo cities of the Union, wc
firmly believe that it must have been fearfully,
though pcihaps not equally, ditastrous.
Tho spirit with which the very great loss sus
tained is borne by the great body of the sulTcrers
excites universal admiration. Not one in a hun
dred dreams of despondency few seem tu regard
it as any thing more than a Ecrious cheek tu our
career of unrivalled prosperity. Many of the
merchants had sdeured new stores for the continu
ance of their business before their old ones had
fairly fallen victims to tho devouring clement, aud
sonio wc learn, even before it had actually reach
ed then, ! Arthur Toppan & Co. had their goods
fairly in store the morning of the fire, and actuilly
sdvcitiscd at 12 o'clock the resumption of busi
ness at their new stand, and that the contracts had
been completed for rebuilding on their old premis
es '. At this moment, it was probably but just pos
sible to set fool on those same premises. The re
moval of the ruins was in many instances com
menced as soon a the bricks were cooled sulli
cicully to be handled. The Gazette forcibly ru
marka :
"There is one point of view in which this disas
ter, great and serious a it is, has been instrumen
tal in calling forth a cheering and even pleasurable
feeling and that is in tho evidence it furnishes of
the fortitude, and enterprise, ami elastic spirit of
our mcrcantilu community. Even in tho very
height of the conflagration under the first pres
sure of tho impending ruin it was beautiful to
see tho manly composure with which hundreds of
merchants stood looking ripon the destruction of
thrir wealth, and the self-possessed activity with
which they, and indeed all, exerted -themselves
wherever there wan a hopo that exertion might be
useful. Instances were not rare, in which mcr
rhants whore all was in the flames, were laboring
to asaial their neighbors in removal of goods, with
as much energy and spirit as though their own
fortunes were beyond tho iiillucnco of disaster.
And during tho intervening time after the excite
ment had passed away, and there wag leisure fur
reflection upon the magnitude of their lose there
was not a single wcekne a word of unavailing
complaint, jr a moment of yielding to the pres
sure of the evil,''
We believe very general satisfaction was given
by tho efforts of the Ranks, lie. tu relieve tho im
medUto pressure of the calamity. A conference,
of their Presidents was held, and a resolution mu
tually adopted that the note of the eufieiers fall
log due wilhm thirty days should be renewed in
variably, the endorsers remaining tht me. (Ily
a singular good fortune or rather by the excel
lence of tboir construction -not a single Rank
was destroyed, though nearly all were in the im
mediate vicinity, aud aeveml were in imminent
dinger from the Haines.) Individual liborality
and pubjic spirit were looapicuoualy displayed.
Scrcral of our first businesa boum, U, ,ymar li
Co. S. V. R. Wilder, Ilowland li Aapmwall, (ibe
latter tbemselve uOrer to the -amount of $50,
000,) promptly offered tu caib all their outstand
ing paper, at tho legal rate of interest, as a to
lief to the money market.
The Coor erdea Ltats t-nu fays :
"The lor sustained by Frcseh. ccunmerec ia
ituneri.e. Jt u stated that but three French itn- '
pcrter' of Lyons goods Uvs eKped, We hv (
"id that the oa sustained by French eommcrce ia
Immense but nil hue fallen, entirely upon nch
liouro, llicir-capiul alone will uflVr, W their
credit. Wo tin not know of one which will not
1 b!o to cialain tho mierottuno withoul cnlet.
teininy any appn-hentlona for the fuliirc."
The men u tee taken by our Corpurttion nnd j
citireut fur tl.o relief uf tlio tuffcreri ami the!
mainlpnaiiee of tho eroJit atid burincss of the '
cny, narf i,'irn general, aaiidactiou. A city
tock of eix imllion ia to holtiued, and t' c money I
loaned to the Insurance Companic on their bond 1
wilhn-jl rallinir on their dobtora for to larm an
amount. This, with tho two millions advanced
by the United Slates Bank, and the relief confi
dently anticipated from the General Government,
will 1 en tore confidence nndlife, and enable the
1 m (.'rename 10 open iiicir npiing business with their
"""" - a .
As soon as thu news ofjjic calamity reached
Philadelphia, n meeting unite Diroctnrs of the
Hank of the United Stutes was held, and it una
j icohed that thu utmost postiblc acsistnuro should
j he tendered. The speedy expiration of its, t barter !
' did not permit that the amount of this aid should I
' tin H rntlkiilnrnlitii nc it U'riulil ntlinru i.n 1. .
l'icsidctit Riddle reached this city the next morn
ing, and immediately proffered to the Corporation
or to the Ranks a loan for the relief of the suffer
er". In reply'lo this, it was suggested that eomo
of tho Ranks had already extended their loans us
far us permitted by their, chirtcrs that additional
capital was required rather than additional facili
ties and a loan to tho Itisuranco Companies
would be far more bciiificial to the public. Mr.
Ihddlo promptly responded by iiutruetitig the Di
rectors of the Ura rich Rank to loan thu several
Insurance Companies tho sum 2,000,000, receiv
ing their bonds and mortgages ns security. livery
forbearance and accommodation on tho part of tho
Rank was further nerlTicd. The Committee in he
half of tho City Ranks havo unanimously pasted a
vote of thanks to Air. Riddle.
A Grand Committee of one hundred nn twenty
five, appointed ot a General meeting ol citizen?,
in conjunction with many auxilary and sub-committees,
is still actively engaged in devising nnd exe
cuting whatever rnensorcs may bo thought advisa
ble at this crisis. In fine, without going into tho
details uf proceedings, wo may safely assure our
distant friends that nothing has been neglected
which" may havo n tendency to mitigate tho evil
that has eo suddenly befallen uh.
The flames of the conflagration wero seen at
the Highlands, 50 miles distant, and the illumina
tion was distinctly visible nt New Haven, Conn.
81 miles distant. At Hcll-gatn, 8 miles, tho light
sutliccd to read without difficulty.
Many nnucdoion nro toU of tho sutlileu ruvursen
of fortune occasioned by this catastrophe.
Tho following we have not seen in print : A weal
thy merchant of this city, it is said, was married
on Wednesday overling; and was called away di
rectly upon the conclusion of the ceremony by the
intelligence that his store was in danger from the
fire. Ho went out, struggled with tho di'btroycr
through tho night, saw his property consumed,
and in the morning returned to his wife a bank
rupt. UxracssioN or svjirATiiir So soon as the great
calamity which desolated our city was mode known
in the city of Rrotherly Love, a,grcat meeting of
citizens was held at the exchange Hon. John
Swift, Mayor, in thu Chair, Geo. M. Dallas and
Thomas Riddle, Secretaries and a Committee of
Fifty immediately appointed "to communicate to
the Corporation and people of New York the deep
and abiding sympathy universally felt throughout
our community" to ascertain and report the
amount of the total loss to another general meet
ing on Monday next to memorialize tho Con
gress of the United States, in behalf of the citizens
of Philadelphia, praying the appropriation of ten
millions of dollars from the National Treasury, to
the relief of the sufferers to draft a memotial to
tho Legislature of Pcnusyhania, k-c. fee. Two
hundred firemen, under their auspices, wore imme
diately despatched to assist in extinguishing the
fire, and protecting tho property cxpotcdi-i.
IlusAWxy Stuam K.noi.m:. One of the most
curious circumstances in the history oflocommo
five engines occurred on Saturday afternoon, at the
depot of the Leeds and Selhy railway, at Leeds.
Tho firemen had lighted a fire under the boiler of
a locomotive engine which was attached to a train,
and then left it. Tho steam got up sooner than
they anticipated, and the cneine set off without
cither guide or train ; and being unencumbered, it '
proceeded with fearful lapidity. The astonishment
of the firemen may be easily conceived when they j
found the engine out of tight. The persons who j
saw u on us nigiii were uuia.-u oujunu uiuasutu,
aa it seemed literally to fly. At length when the
fire abated and tho steam lessoned, its dangerous
speed gradually slackened, and it finally slood still
at the Millford cutting, a distance of twelve miles
from Leeds.
'Do yeu want to buy a ralo prime lot of bultcrl'
said n yankce nutiun dealer, who had puked up
a lot from fifty different place, to a Roston mer
chant. 'What kind ofJiuyer is it V aaid tho merchant.
. 'Tho clear quill ; all made by my wife from a
dairy of forty cows ; only tw o churning'
Rut what makes it of so many different colerb I' .
said the buyer.
Darnitii.ii, hoar that now. I i;ucss yon wouldn't
ax tiat qcestion if you'd sen my cows, for they are
a darn'd right ipecbdder than the butter it.'
' Eiri-aNinos. In cv cry nioa ore '.rictly .IhU mu
autit'e we havo heretofore gone with Mr Ilallelt of
the Boston Dailv Advocate. Rut when vt got
out of tho Anliirv tnuic into the Van Rurwi trace,
Vermont Anlimasoni claim Ihe privilege of follow
ing hi example or not, a to them may seem ho.l in j
reference to duly aodcxpediootr. il'otditod; (I't.) ,
A panther, which had destroyed nearly 100
Sheep, was killed in Saratoga County N Y. week i
bcfoie last, lia uioaaured 7 feel.
laches, and
weighed bets ccn 00 end 100 pound.
Lnvrs of Vermont.
Nr.. 15.
An act, to provide for the distribution ofihon-c-
ond volume of the compiled law.
ii hrrriy cnattnl by (he Crnrrul .'inrmUy of the
Stole of Vermont, That tho Scctetary of State m
hereby directed to dlsimro of tho second volume of
lie sompiVd laws now in hli pocion, in the ful.
lowing manuev
To the Govcrh-ir of this Slato one copy, to the
secretary ofstato on, copy, to the secretary of the
Governor aad Council uiU'st)py,to tho State Libra
ry folly copir, to cadi clerk of the Siiprem.' nnd
County courta thine cr.ple, tovlie clerk nnd Judge
of tho district court uf the United State one copy
to each probate cuurt one copy, an one copy to
each register of the probate cnuits in tin State, to
the clerk of each organized Inwn in tint, Slav.) one
copy, to the Governor of this Slnlo one copy dr
each Statu and Teriitoly tn be transmitted thereto
by him, to the Library of .Congress ten copies, to
each colleen in this State onn copy and tho resi
due to the order of the selectmen of each town in
tins State apportioning them to each town in pro
portion tu the respective grsud lists thereof.
Passed Nov. -1, 18o5.
Ti.MoTiir MitMRiLL, tire, if State.
No. 10.
An Act, for the distribution of the ni.xtti volume of
the Reports of the Stinrcme Court.
hereby enacted by the Genet al Jnnnlly of
ine otnie oj t ermonl, That one copy of the sixth
volume uf the reports of tho supreme court shall bo
furnished to each town in the Stato, in the same
manner ns thu laws are distributed ; and that tho
remainder of said sixth volume, aud all tho previ
ous volumes now in the hands of the Secretary of
State, except such uu may be needed fur tho use of
the state, shall be sold for the beuefit of the ttale.
Passed Nov. 0, 18115.
Timothy Mcnniix, Ste. if State.
No. 17.
An Act, making appropriations for the payment of
the Convention tu bo convened by orcur of tho
Council of Censors-.
Sr.c. 1 . H ia hereby enacttd ly the General Ai
remhly nf the Mate of VcnnonX, That a sum, not
exceeding ten thousand dollars be, und hereby is,
appropriated to defray the expenses ol the Cornell
tiun which has been railed by tho council of cen
sors, tu bo paid frum t!iu treasury out of any money
not otherwise appropriated.
2. If is hereby Jurllur enacted, That the pres
ident and secretary of said convention, shall each
bo entitled to receive the same pay as ihe speaker
Of the lloilhll flf ftnfirPROIlInf il'na nUiI tli. mninlmru
, "II. IllUtllUUI-
nf mid contention tlio same pin- as the members of
i.ic.uencrai Assembly, lur pay und travel. Aud
the treasurer, whose duty it blnill be to attend said
convention, shall icceivo fur his services onu dollar
and fifty cents per day ; and tho necessary ofiicers
attending said convention shall rcccivo for huiviccs
one dollar and fifty cents each per day.
a. It is hertby further enacted, That the da
bentureof said convention ahull bo madu out and
certificdby the president and secretary of said con
vention, and be paid by tnc treasurer, in tho tamo
manner as tho debenture uf the Legislature is paid.
IPassed Nov. 10, J835.
, Timothy Murium,, Ste. vf State.
No. 18.
An Act, in addition to nn act entitled '""an act. au
thorizing tho building of a State Houso nt Mont
Jt is heraby enacted by the General Jltiembly ,f
vie male uj t erm inl, I Hat in addition to the sums
heretofore appropiialed forthe building of a State
House ut Montpelier, there be, and hereby is, ap
propriated the further sum of thirty thuuaand dol
larstowarda completing said Stale House and fin
rushing it, graduating the yard, nnd making fence
around it. And the treasurer of this stulo is here
by directed to pay said sum to the comini'.teo ap
pointed to superintend tho building of said Stuto
IIoUt.0 in pursuance of the act to which this is an
addition, out of any money in the treasury not oth
crwit e appropriated.
Pasted Nov. 10. 1835.
TiMCTiir Muiiiai., See. ofSlaic.
No. 19.
An Act, authorizing the Treasurer to burrow tho
sum therein named.
It it hereby enacted by the General AitemV-y of
the State of I'crmont, That tho treasurer of the
Statebeand he hercb) is, authorized to borrow a
sum not exceeding forty thousard dollars in the
wliolo, for tho purpose of defraying the expenses of
Government, and appropriations that are, and here
after may be made.
Passed Nov 10, 1835.
Timothy Mcrkim., Sic. if State.
No. 20.
An Act, requiring veisolsou Lake Chaniplain to
carry lights in iho night tunc.
1. is berth if enacted by thtjfSenerul .UtemlAy
of the State uf fermunt, That from aud after the
first duy of April next, all ttcemboale.tdoopa, schoo
ner and ohcr voxels and water craft, iiiirigating
in tho night time on I.ako Champlain, within this
Suto, or on any, bay, harbor, river or creek, the
waters of which arc common to said lake, sh.ll car
ry and chow two good and sufficient light in soma
conspicuous place, one near Uie bow, and ihe other
noar th'i stern iho last of which shall be t least
tw clrc feel above the dk. And every such tem
boat, sloop, behouner, or other water ftrafi or raft
lying at anchor, or at roat, in the Waters cfureacid,
shall have at least one good and sufficient light ex
posed to view, ir come conspicuous place in taid
vol eel or water craft.
2. It it hereby further exacted, That if any of
the vessels or water craft, turned in the preceding
section of this ac:, ahall be found navigating tho
waters aforesaid, or at anchor, or at rest therein,
in the night lirno without such light or Jight as
aforesaid, the captain, owner, or matter, or other
person having charge of said vest el or water craft
al tbe lime, skill forfeit and pay to any person who
shall prosecute for Ihe tame, for each and every
such neglect, a su n not exceeding fifty dollar ; to
bo ttxovercJ, with coat Cifn.it in an action efdebt. I
founded on this act, before any court having Juris
diction thereof,
(Pa.acdNuv. 4 18.15.1
Timothy Mi.ivmm, See. of State.
No. 21.
An Act, making appropriation
for the tuppoit of
Sec. 1. i henby cnaeUd by the General .1,.
rembly of Ike Slate of Vermont, That a sum not ex
ceeding Potty thousand dollar to, aud the some I
hereby, approptiatml for tho purpose of psjlng Iho
debenture of tho Lieutenant Governor, iho Coun
cil, and the routiiigrnl rxpr nsci. thereof, and lor
the debenture of the Grnrral Auemblr, and tho
contingent cxpcn.c thereof, including the debonair-
of tho auditor of aicnunU, and uch talaric a
are provided by law, and such sums as are directed
by special act or tho Legislature to be paid from
the treasury.
2. It it herely further enatUd, That a a urn not
exceeding thirty ihourand dollars be, and the ssmo
i hereby appropriated fur tho purpose or paying
such dcunii-U Bgainat thu Slntoa may bo allowed
by the nudi'ur accounts, and such orders as may
bo drawn by the supreme and county courts
Passed Nov. 10, 1835.
Timothy Miu.,1,.,., See. of State.
No. 22.
An Act, repealing an act therein mentioned.
is hereby enacted by the General .Itsembly nf the
State of Vermont, That an oot entitled "an acl to
cncminigc the destruction of cruwa within thia
State," passed November Ol It in the year of our
Lord one thousand eight hundred and Ihirty-threo,
bo, and the same is, hereby repculed. '
Parsed Nov. 10, 1835.
TismTiir MminiM., Sec. of State.
No. 23.
An Act, in nldition to an act defining what shall bo
deemed and adjudged legal settlement, and for
tho support of the poor, for designating tho du
ties or tho overseers of the poor, and for tho pun
ishment of idle and disorderly persons, passed
March 3d, 1707, and of each and every net in
supplement thcieto.
St:c, 1. UishertbyennclidbytheGeneral.lt.
scmlly of the State of Ve, mvnt, That all monica here
after paid fur licensee to shew or exhibit any living
onimals or other natural curiosities, shall bo trans
mitted by the i-elrctmcii of any town who grant
audi licenses to the state treasurer for tho uo of
tho state, on or before the 15th day of October an
Dually. 2. It is hereby further enacted, That no licenso
granted for thu purpose aforesaid, shall bo valid or
have elTect, until tha"hatne shall be recorded in tho
town clerk's ollico of the town where it is granted
ond every person receiving such licenso ahall, bo-'
fore ho exhibits such animals or other cmiositiea
cause his license to bo recorded and shall pay fur
recording and certifying the same fifty cents, which
license shall specify the sum paid, and the number
of days such exhibition is to curittnuo, and tho town
clerk uf each town where such licenso am grnntcd
shall annually, by the 15th day of October, for
ward to said treasurer, a cerlifitnto of the amount
received for such licenses, the year preceding.
And m case any town shall no;lcct to forward and
puy over the muncy so certified to havo been rceo!
ved by such town, for the space of thirty days after
thu 15th day or October in ooch year, said treasu
rer may issue nn extent ogninst such town for tho
3. it hereby further enacted, That all penal
ties arising from a breach of the acts to which this
is an addition, and made payable to the treasurer
of the town, shall hereafter ho paid into tho treas
ury of the Statu, and nil prosecutions to recover
such penalties may be by indiclmnnt or information
befuru any court proper In try the same.
Pancd, Nov. 10, 1835.
Timothy Ali'.nmi.i., See. f Stale.
No. t! L
An Act, to encourage tho growing of Silk within
this State.
1. It it her icy enacted by the General Assembly
oj the Slate nf Vermont, That tho troaaurer of this
state bo ond hereby is, uuthurizod and directed to
pay out or tho treasury of thu Slate tho sum often
cents for each pound of coccons hereafter raised
or grown within this Slule, us a bonus or premium
to Iho person or persons raising thu same.
2. Hit hertby further enacted, That before sny
perscn shall be entitled to rcccivo tho bounty as
provided in Iho foregoing section, he, she or thoy,
shall prove to Ihn satisfaction of the town clerk of
the town in which such person reside that thu
same, was raised by him, her or them, within ueh
town, and tho Bame shall be exhibited and weighed
in tho presence of such town clerk, ho is hereby
authorized and empowered to examine such person
on oath in relation lo tho same, and if such town
clerk ahull be fully satisfied that tho said applicant
or applicant did raiieand produco tho cocoons o
offered wuhiii suid town, such town clerk shall
thereupon givo to such njron or persons a certifi
cate of tho following tenor s
fTowu) fDuleJ
Cuu.iTr, hi.
Then peraonally appeared before wo
and tixbibllnd noundti of cceoon and madn
sstisl'aulory proof before me that tho same waa ral
aod by the said within the towu of
in taid county lo Iho present f.ir past) year, and
that the same or any part thereof have novcr beforo
been presented or oflerv-d for Ihe purpoao pf obtiin
i rig tho premium thereon allowed by law.
Warn CUrk.
Which certificate the taid treasurer u hereby au
thorized lo retivc and account for ut hoicm before
Passed Nor. 10, 1835.
Tim oth r Mxr.u.., Sec. of Stale,
No. 25.
An Act, in addition In sn ct entitled "an act, re
ducing luto one iho several tcU, for Jayiug trul,
inakiug, repairing and clearing highways."
It hereby enaetld by Ihe Gtneral Avidtly of
0,t State if Vermont, Tint tho trreral County
coups in tin State be, and they hereby are, aj-

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