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rusuiRKt) uritar tumoat. t irrtisit, vr. r.x
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we ato namea to learn mil wemiraiiuiu are t
tntile tor o eilrnute and fiinou Tbeolopteal J time carriea a man intn templalinn ; and he that
warfare dnrtsc llje fifeseni year. Thrwifhoot iieter think ho love Clod dutifully nr aereptably,
the whole I'iebytertn Oitirrli, the frrc ate arm- ' became he It not imprinuned fur Mm, or undpiie. or
d and pqtnrwd. and marilulled for the eonfliet. ', dcwgiicd to martyrdom. iny diie n trial that will
Tliere hate alreidv been wmio moat forieur lt r- , undo linn. It i like fihtin a duel to ahow our
raiibe, and a Reneral rtirseuent it on expect- ' alnr. Htay lilt the king command you lo fipht
rd. Tho eneinifaof Chrint are taking etcry ad- ; and die. and ihcnlel i-al do n noblt dfileee.
vantage of thia moot fatal atnfo amonf liu follow- J Thla irregularity and tmMaku a too frequent in
era, and r dally lengthening tlieir lines, and . the pnmlliie chureh, vhen men end uomen would
Uenticulr)t their porta. The rnport which are ( .dim for death, mid bu ambltieua to feel the hanjf
iKjurly reaching the army of Chritt, that the enemy I mnnV aword ; some tnUcar ried in the atu-mpt, aod
ia on th advance, thai one fortrcai afernoth-r in) lKH:awe ad example of the unequal ylrtng a
falling into hl power, Uiat the Sablntb U aorrcn- j frail pjrit with n region driver.
darod.theluSueDCO of the Bible alinott oveithrown, ' ' ,
reauiato havn no other cfioet than lo iiuteii-e Till: WAR IN FLORIDA.
their mutual ai.itnoaity sou ueauiy naie.
In Cenneciicut, report nyt, that the armuticc ,
beln cnl.l Mnaaur auu acw naien lias expir-
cd. Roth parlifi are tuaily pieparing theiiifelves len frol( Frun .
lur the approaehin,: c.mpaicn , In , lU.ifori la bat- St Amvm A , , , pno.
tery .. bemg crated ; and forn e ' ''r '" i 100 n.Hw uff, a, experience all ,be exa
operation for Ihrowmc red not tuot into Ihe lor-!.. , , ,, . , . ,
uTa of Kc Haven. In New Haven tbev are ,,,ls ? ,'0,,,,,t"i a"fnV n boaieged eity ; no
prpaunff uitl ..real dtl,rm.n.i,on for tho defence : l'"nS " bu! the moat rtl,eien rnih.ia,
and a.c re,oU.d to.Jfivc ..IT their .....Uau, or I '?,"",, S?'" ,,I1MI' T" lMnlh,,' W,M P00
. ', ,i ; , , I cliaae, wilhout plana or we II eonrnitod mciaurca,
die at limit cunt. )i U wid Hut rcriuit nc parlm ,, , . , nP
.nil t. i. .i.l inin llin ntlinr No Ktii'laiiil SlnloK lo t
beat up noldier for the war. Il " confidently ho
ped by ouo pafty that tho Recorder will toon o.
. . i i , i .. . ...i -i. .1
ato ita banner. and procliun hoitilitie, whilo the
oilier party, with to raiac the oppot ng standard
'. , , .. " . . , i
niton tno wal o tlio 4ew i.neianu.cjpeciaior, ami
call forth ita latent thunders Many fcara are en
tertained that thia effort will bo auecctaliil. Aa
the (cnnraU of tho opponin forcna in Cuunccticiit
nro both dietincuiflied for their inilirary experience
and hkill, and am thoy are surrounded with tlair of
fice ri who cordially eo-oporato with them in their
endeavor, it would not lie. ttrane if they should
fucceod in promoting division and direnrd in the
tetnatniiii; Nwv Ilulariil tintce. Hut uu hope for
the beft. While tho nnnv of Christ is thus rent
and weakened by internal diei-ontiou, il i the mure
Ilmvi. ,vl. ! rlv..,l .,nl l Int.,
i i ... ti.. ..I ..i i fi.u I
crjioa in endcsvcriiiL' to redeem this aiiming and
norrowing world to Christ.
Ma i,iior a Bi.i!iso. Iod hath tent no
greater mil Into tho world, than that "in thu-cat
of our brow wo liall oat our L?tad and in tlm
dlllictilty and agony, in the rorroun and conten
tion of otir kouIb, wc ahull "work out our salva
tion." Rut Mio how in tho first of these God hath
cutdono hia owl) anger. a'"' defeated the purposes
ofhtt wrath, by the inundation of his mercy ; for
this labor and sweat of our brows is to far from
being a cure,thal without it our very bread would
not bo so great a blessing, If'it wcro not for la
bor, men neither could eat eo much, nor relish" so
plearantly, nor sleep so soundly, nor bo so health
ful oi no useful, o strong, nor bo patient, eo noble,
nor so untemptcd. And as God hath mado us be
liolden to labor for the .purchase of many good
things, so tho thipp itself owes to labor many de
grees of1 it worth ami value. And, therefore. I
neod noj reckon, that, besides these advantage,
the mercica of God have found out proper and
natural remedies for labor ; nights to euro the
sweat of theday sleep to easo our watchfulness ;
rest to tiilcvUte' our burdens and days of religion
to procure our rest : and thioga aro so ordered,
that labor it become a duty, and an act of many
tirtues, and is not so apt to turn into a sin as its
contrary ; and is therefore necessary, not only be
cause we need it fur making provisions for our life,
but even lo raise iho labor of our rest ; there being
no crcalcr tegiousncas of spirit in tho world than
want of employment, and an inrctive life: and the
lty man ia not only unprofitable, but also accur-
cd, and ho groans wilder the load of his time j j ,w' Horses shot under lorn, nu then, ewotd in
which vet pastes over the active man, lighl as a hand, and on foot, called to his men to follow, but
dream.'or the feather ofa bird ; while Ihe uni.n- nnl)' twelve had courage to do so; ho abu thcro
ploved is a diseatc, and like a long .leeple.s night ruro "hliged to make good his oAn retreat uith
to himself, and a oad unto his country. 1,IC wagon, and four men wounded. The Ameri-
cans lost lfi hortoi in this skirmish.
Doto niR wino's work PKCKiTrut.M , TIiom " It is unknown what number of Indiana hae
that promUo to God, but moan nol to pay ubat filpn : all the plantations of Alachuaaro deserted
they ence intend; people that me confiduut in j except tho General's and .M'lnlof Ikb'; at these
tbedsy of case, and fail in the hour of danger; they two place the troops which urretakon from this
that pray pariionatcly for a grace, and it bo not . aro statioucil. At Nei.mivillo theio aro 210
obtained at that price go r,o farther, and never women and children endeavoring I hermit;! le to
con l end in tui w hi thej te' n-u.l in 1 tbrau1 "r -""'ttmeut ; they liar only youth
prayer; mcli at delight in forms and outside, and old men to guard them. 'Mr U'aUou was at
and regard nol the t-ubstance ami datign of every
instituUon ; that think It a great sin to taste brood
before the receiving ihe holy sacrament, and yet
come to communicate with nn ao.bitious and re-
vengeful soul : that make u conictcnee of eating
flesh, but not of drunknncst ; that keep old cus
toms and old aint together ; that protend ono duty
to excuse another: rwirrwn aeaiasl cmntr, or
piety to parent against duly to God, pmale pro1
lies against public duly, the keeping of an oalh .
a saint t breaking ol a commandment, lmnur againtt
racxJetty, re(Mitttion agaiAki pint y, t tie lave wf tbe and were after .vard joined by J wepb Wo.i 'roir.
world in civil instance to canlenanu county You will easily imagine the injury that all (hi
against God , thctc ate the deceitful workers of1 moat be to Florida, ieii,ir these savage are ulli
God's work ; they make a r-chi hi the duties of i stately coitqeerod and tent olf. What is lo he
religion, and ft war in Heaven werte than between conic of o nwuy houteleae w;che, who have
Michael and tlicdragou ; for they divide the spirit i tied (row their homo, and left all to be destroyed
of God, and distinguish his commandments in ptr- Us the rethlea eoeoiy f Nor can there be any
lies and ftctient ; by seeking an eicute. towolivoo j enn oaperted the euteieg year. Our evpreoa
lliey oettrty ihe integrity and perieei consuiitiien
of duty, or they do something. hereby the elTect
and usefulnoit of the daty it hindered.
'.tu. oixauicii Our teal mutl never carry us
beyond that which la tale. Sne tier ara, who
in tleir Crl ajiampts aod tsnw uion ralifiao.
u-btle tUi sioa, that brought tnu) in, itiHituu,
undertake Uungt tu great at Ibeir )ughel
thoughts , no repentance it sharp voougb, no fa-
ingttfiUclite enough, then 'totis qvlinquatribut
mat; tad findiu? tune dehciouincM at the
Crtt cootctt, and in thtt activity of of their Ps-
j inm. then reake veit lows to bind ihrmrelter fo1
I ever to I tin tate of drtkscli-7. ThC jBl I fat
but the etrnt in ihut. Tie age of a trnn is tsot
. long, nd 'be sptril bring breathed ot.t, Ihe rran
' (Vples to abatejif hi first lift!, and i athaned t
bet then he cotitlder that ell that wat not iiccr.
stry. ami therefore ho trill ba!c something- more ;
arHmn snmrJMng to Himcthing, et last it wni
roni! Hi ki1 nothing, and the proper oflrct of this
J 1, indignation, and hatred of bnly lhing,aii iwp- 1
' .1 -1-: . ,
uoin Miirn. cailenei or iirnn r. Zeal eome
Ttip fl.mmtr rmrticuUlar of the Flnlo f
,,int itl n,,, ot(, publlahed in the Charloa-I
c ... i., . .,.aM f PXfll- rnrt.t lm
.... " uv m i .
I'hoy are aent out in.miinbern of t!0, 110, and 50,
nt llio reasonable iliMnnco of 50 inilea from oarji
wmvi, if 'lutuiu iiiiuiiiutjiiL-t; uuij uiunu icuouiluiK-
. ' h. ,
,,, . i
... - .... .....
2 IU men co'iipobiol' our mi htia. end 00 vcternna
or alarm men, neaf 00 have Ieit town upon these
, rm . . . ..
fonlUh excursion, rind the remainder ore constant
ly hnrrnaacd, by pntrolling, mounting gunrd ut
head ijunrture, and paiadmg with military bullous
in their fiats (fir tinifonna ur regular neeoulre
ir.unle are unkiiou-nj through the etreeta of lliij
migh.y city. All these imn omenta nro'only ro
ductivu of alarm, bustle, and noite, without nd-
, vautiigo lo any body. Wo are daily tormented by
j I he moft cxttttord nary rcporthiit notliing is sioa
l tttoly l;uou'ii.e.cui)t that within nn e.xteiil of more
'-" '". K"'- IHUIVIUII
-I .1 I :.. ... r I. i -i
I'crsonally obnoxious, have been killed by tho In
diaiix, and ubout tho t-nme number oflioute burnt
which had previmifly abandoned by the proprietor.
Tho result ofthis is general confusion notwith-i-landiiig
there is no immediate danger, nml n total
itognation of ullsorta of bupinefcf, except for mil
ilary fmiitiNnifir, liu nro in n hurry tu hI04.1l Un
cle Smn."
".St. At'nuBTtKR, December 110, Flattering
rnyeolfwith tho beliofth.it you ulwayti fuel an in
terest in whatever concerns up,and in Florida gen
erally, it was my intention to write, and give as
far ns I could, a correct Ktateincrit of "our t-itmttioii
with lespecl to the Indinnn, now thu one great and
engrossing Biibjcct, but I have fult so gloomy lor
tlic last few day, thai I deferred writing, in hopesi
of hotter spirits, till this moment that Snuthwick'n
signal gun warns me that I have only half nn hour.
It in so difficult even hero to obtain troth, that I
should nol be surprised if m.any gross misrepresen
tations find their way abroad. If however, we
are represented in a hopeless nnd exposed rondi
dition, (in Augustine as well n throughout ihe
the coiintry,) it is no more than the truth. The
Indians have now openly commenced hostilities ;
General Clinch has issued orders to Col. Warren,
who had n party of of 250 mounted men, to bcotir
the country within a certain district, and to tend
on baggage wagons to Mccanopi under a guard ;
tho Indiana, supposed obotit 80, lay in ninhush,
suite red the guard to pass on, end then attacked
and captured three wagons ; 'had taken out the
amunitiun and burnt two when Dr. M'llmorc came
up with 30 men, attacked them, retook tho re
maining wagon, and drove them into a hammock;
1 1 lmuM say they retreated thither. Tho Dr. hid
tost place villi n he wrolo trie above account. He
imiihui noun", iihi pjHfiiun tiuum two arw a
half mile of hia, on the Suwanee, burnt, and
( an attack expected tube made n his ,ta on
Monday last, and no tidings have a'.oce bttvn re
ceived. Two days after the above intvilii-iirK, an
eAp'ess arrived from Mab-t I'otmvi, (
. . . A .-. . ...
thai Henry W i.i.iln.rThad been inurds-nui ai Volu-
tta. Mr Foster, and the others which were at
Willi aoool Mt oieu ml Juiit JtuioAH, MVina
Spring Garden, immedittely made off lur TomAa,
vtam in uijnt to say inat lire. in bad an en-
eoua'.er, (uh how many I kikrw le.t J but be bad
killed iiitnu it set, two captives. My sreatert
re!iaa:e it on tbe experience, ju4mPBt, arid valor
of I bit officer in the owtt dreadful of a!l warftre.
but there u no knowing where the jr. at !.', , Jf
Indiant are. We areqiM as yat dotvu . . ,n,' ,,t
, one altraipts t joerney now Uirough aay ).ri ,,t
country, but feel as if they might isevr i,i ,
j George is building a block house of cbbi-t
! I which uill not biyrn ;) into tbi lie means to c
, ley vtbit he can uf tu c-dt and chattel, and,
, necetsarv, defend. If 1 could cniy get tbc.u io-.
:nowd I f end Rrt tome arm and
1 l.a i '' ' these conld lx I
Itmmil, l ' !u;d l.tvc hut lutlt rear. fr I know I
vveipuld depend .n eer negroes, there am, or ,
were, 30 Me cak tutr. bi.t they were without
oti,ar,d Jjrrc lu'J me that (inee was apprehen. '
tp tht they would reitirn .0 the. Fame vissol. ,
The mtajurc taken by Ucn. H. ceenied tww nioto
eatuiaciory j llieru aic piCKCls njcMl onr the ,
hrido. ontfulo tho iritre, and at the furl bill he '
I t.rt .1.. , I. I . .. ,
",,c,lJp ,oun only about ;tj! tnen Tur tbia
duti AtiuaehiiHint ha been ecut to guard the J
Goieriitiienl etnre.' j
"t. Avowtimi, Dec. 20. We are nt war
with the heininnlei. Much iudh1ihi imcehift'
will Lo done many unall fcttlcK-cnt,' mu! all.
laruand vmall. wliicli ire or kIiu'I bo derailed,
hao been nnil will he burnt. Young lK'iir
Woodruff, of Sprlnj; Garden, went ftut ritfl hun
tlnuith a nogro boy, nae abot from hit Iihtm!
ocidkineds hi brother Joeeph tlktm a
dirTbrt-nt enurte oaeaped. For'fcrjpml nil I be
wliiieli iininejjidloly n'n peltvig Imattgcuot) - from
tho negrti boy who hatt rHiUieil,def euStf Ihtt plalj
ia!ion. LTi)lo tho flare an' tory fnil.'tful it .vill
lie bnrnt. Jneter nan Ix'en thnt in tlio nek.
tlMifh mil ilaiii(proiMlv fall la w11 Clinch
with " 570 mounted voluiii-r r; llulo. (llii.eh.
Al liuoali, Al)i!irfH)n, nun koiho ouiert, nao tlieir
plnces guarded.
Vcruiocit ronrt'iilioii.
WiuivnaiiAi , Jbii. 1:1.
Mr Itoamau ofFuirfax iutroiucud n roHOulution
for thu priming nnd distribution of the journals of
tho Coinoiition; laid upon the lablo.
Mr Cahoon called up tho reiolution introduced
vusterdny by Mr Collmnur, to tdopt thu (l:li, 12th,
Klih nml lUh aiticlofi of the nmendnientr.
Messrs Cahoon and Dilhnojiatii MUppurlod, and
Mr Dca opporod the motion, Mr Jennets innvod
its adoption : opposed by Messrs Nile, ll'.'hliug,
Nowcomb, Deo and Goodule, oml supported bv Mr
Miller of Lowell. At the instance of Mr Hlodgett
the resolution mid amcndim-nta we.o read.
Air Hendee wished to amend Iho resolution to
n to itieliidc also tho amendments providing for n
Senate, heretofore adopted. .Mr Goodnle accorded.
No motion to this elTi'ct.coiild be entertained, how
ever, and the discussion ns again renewed on the
molion of Mr JeneeS: Mensrs Dickerinan nnd Al
bre opposed the motion.
Mr-Mason of .Sheldon moved lolay the rosolu
tion upon the table, with n view to again tnovuthe
reconsideration of tho resolution adopting a Senate.
Messrs Mason, ASbeo, Goodaln, Fisk, Nile, I ee
and lleamaii of Fairfax supported the motion, op
posed by Mctar Rlndgctt, Newcomb, Aliittock,
...... '
I)'. I'.'lf " I
r'tfnt'ii't'imi '
Shearer, Tracy, Hunt, Cuhonn. While and
ham when the nutation vva-cnllnd from
lUin ll LIIW IIHII Ulll. t.un 1IIL U1IQII IIIV I IT'll II iiuii
, ... , .1.5 , !
i- . i. n ....... ...Ii i5i. ,ii !. ....i.,i:....
uu mill UJIUII illll mum i UU, IIUUB lUUj -bu
tho molion was NKGATIVFI). j
AYKS Alben, Ralih, l!ei man of Pail fas, llean,
llruceof Chcsler, Rriicn of Woodbury, Jlradle'y, !
Chaireo of 11 , Clement, Cole, Dor, Drcl.ermun, Dm- !
cry, Field of Guilford, Field of Wilmington, Flak,
Fisher, Fuller of Troy, Foster, GibMin, Oilman,
Goodale, Hall of Dover, Ilsrri", Ihivves, Hiumaii of j
IL, llix, Hitchcock, .I.icknmn, .lennesa, Kidder, I
Luce, May, Mason of 13., Millard, Morsn, Nile, I
Pike, I'ineo, Robinson, ltovvcll, Rounds, Sartvvoll,
Ruirs of 11., Kirithol L.Stiekncy Slcbbm. Tabor,
Taylor, Thatclier, Tlioinson, Vila, Walker, Whee
ler, Willey, Woo.ier 50.
AllfcjBNT Curpeiilci ofM.,Chase, Cobb.Hiitch
Sareant, .Smith of M., Wheelock of B., Dewey.
NAYS Tho remainder.
Mr Mason said he was satisfied of the determin
ation of the Convention, nnd trusted the vote would
be put and carried upon the resolution of Mr Col
lamer without debate.
Mr Newcomb denied that the vote vvrip a test
vote, and opposed the resolution ; he was pledged
lo his constituents to nppoto the amondmunts, from
the beginning to the end.
Mr Aiken moved that the main oucition bo now
put ; agreed to, and tho question was put Snail
iho resolution be adopted f Ayos 1"'-. noes d3
h-o tho resolution wus ADOl'TBD.
NAYS Alhi-f, Rirrovv. l'.alcb. Ihl), Holding,
I!an. ltruce of Chester, lliadley, Clernoiit, Cole, l
Doe, Dickerinan. Field of (J., Field of tVilininglun,
Fithe.r, Fuller of T., Foster, Gay, Gibson, Hall of j
I)., Ilcuns, llix, Jackman, John son, Knapp, of W. j
I Kini pof S., Leavens ofM., Lucp, May, Miller of
j W., Mil'atd, Morse, Newcnmb, I'lk, I'ihoo, Rob
I inaon, Round, Rowed, Sari well, Heofid, Soars
jof.M., Smith of L Sliokncy, Stebbmt, Tabor,
Thatcher, Thomson, Wiley H.
A IIS l NT Bruee of W., Cirpenlor of M.,
Chaae, Dewey, Drew, Brnerjj,. Gilnwa, GcMtdule,
Union, Mather, Nil, Sai-ycsm, Soule, Smith of
M., Taylor, Vilas, Wheeler, Wheelock, of B.
AYKS The remeimkr.
The following are tbe article adopied
fVavrii.ui fiin, Tbe ni 'it numerous brNOch of
tbe fifinntHre .ii Mh State hall breafter be ty-
lee th" H"u ' Re;ne i.tativee.
Vftftcui 12nl. Ti'f .)iipr'rii Ereeutive po
"' i)h teie, ohall bv exereLwo b tbe OoreMsor.
or ui ero of iff -- , ...i;,. h. itt l,t.
J G" -nu -t; hai ll tfitf powVia, arm jmr-
tW'M '- dK vlcd m, and endued npmi the
i Ueteriwr 1 t'trii, j " nnevr-mu mnn i wm
.t.i t ft- er of th
CfjMlituUOi, m at '
that hea'iiall not sit tu b,
went, nor jrrant re;""
-t i- i e,"ia
:, i '; f itfBci-
ps.-it ;i, to any
nor shall he cornmsnd the l f the Ittate in
pemen, in litne of war, or ioaurreetiua ; unltu b
the advice and consent of the Senate ; and no ton
rer than their afcall approve thereof. The Outer-
; nor way have a Secretary of civil and military af
! faira, to bx by hiw appointed during pWaisure, wbosar
i aevtsces
be way ai all tiroes Com mead ; mm tor
wueee foetoeiuoo moTistvn snail oe msuo uj
Aancui 13r. The totee for Governor. Lieut
Ckoeroor, and Treasurer, the Ktate, s.haH
... ' matmi and coo aled. and ! if.u t il- ''e-i by a
romtnilU appointed ' ' is ..i'e a iJ H' U-e
I!' .'ft t ' t.' j'.. ' Li. i ' ' ' ' M I I 1 ,1 !f r in L ' Il ' 1
in- 'elation by the froewn. of Governor, Lieut, (iov i
if i rri . and Treemr r . i tire Stale, tlio Senate and
' Hju.c cf Re.rv-cii!a' i U.' ,yi j nt behot,
ri Tarrom
elect t.i fill ihV . flice, not filled bv the Freeman i
afurotnld, one of the I hren candidate for such uT.
flee, (inhere be so mtnrl for whom tha reawt 1
ntimtwr uf voir snail hate beoti returned,
An7iri.ii 1 1 in. The Swretary of Hiato, slid all '
ofllcler, whose cloethtn are not otherwise provided 1
for, and who emler, the nxUting provisions l the 1
r.in.iiiniioit, are olool'il by the Council end Hon
or HPptesentstitcw, shall, lieieafler. be utecled liv
lht S.-aal and llotio of Uoiirrwnistiww. in Mint
. ... . 1 -T
aaoembly, at wWdl thu lruw4iiijr oflkcrofth
Senate, ahall ptcalde and wicb pre-iidinj,' oUwir
in uch joint embly ithall hiva a easting vote,
ttml " "uor. Contention adj.
'i O'l.lAICK, r. M.
Mr Wright of Norwloh intrndnced a rnnlntion
tu adopt tbe 19th ortialn of the amendment.
Al the auggoatleii of Mr D.lllnslnm, the 20ih
1 article vva hlmi included, am! tbe lesuluiiim was
j laid upon the tnhW,
Mr Ihitter iittftdil0Ml a rewlulron for II ndop
, linn of tho loth arliele of thi aioendment, requir
i loc that bilb be subiniltod tu the Gotttirur for hi
I nKMv.
1 Mr Traey asked tho aye hiiiI noe. Ho wished
to record Irt veto against Ihitamendnmnla r il wa
I uniting oxeculirQ and lejriflative power in tbernrne
hand and more than tin, it una impociog ri clog
open l lib legislature vlueh ought not to bo impos
ed requlitng both Hounu to sit three, day urter
the accomplishment of ihcir biiames, or ulse to auf
fer bill, which they deemed salulury, to bo delbn
tod nt the will of tho Governor.
Mi-ssrs. Nils, Roller, Galnsha, Chipmnn, ami
White supported, and Mc9ra Mallncks, and Vilas
oppnffd the resolution. Ayea lill, noes 02 so
the Convention resolved to ADOl' T the rtfloenth
article, which is as follows: :
Articli: 15th. Kvory bill which slmll have
paused the Senate and House of Representative,
shall, before ll become a law, bo presented to the
jovenor ; if ho approve, he slmll sign it ; if not,
he shall return" it, with hi objections in writing, to
Iho Utilise, in which it shall havo originated; which
shall proceed to reconsider it. If, upon mich re
consideration, a majority of the House hitll pas
Ibu bill, it shall, together with the objections, bo
sent to ihu oilier limine, by which, it thrill, like
wite, bo recorisidered, and, if approved by a major
ity of Hint House, it t-liall became a !'iw. Hut, in
all such catua, the vote of both House rhull he
token by )ca rind nay, and tho names of the per
sons, vuling for or against Ihe bill, shall b enter
ed on the journal of each House, respectively. If
any bill t-hall nol bo returned by the Governor, a
aforesaid, vvilhin five days, (Sundays: excepted) af
ter it shall havo been presented to him, thu ninie
shall become ri law, in like maimer, us if he hud
eigned il; iiiiIosh the two House, by their niljonril-
mt!ll, within thruo day uftur'thc pruwntinont of
B,ul11 l,rovo,lt ils foturn ; ,u which cm it
I ii . I .
Blinll not become n law.
Mr I'ornoroy called up tho resolution fixing n
tune for Ihe adjournment of the Convention without
Mr Wheeler moved to fix the timo at 0 o'clock
tc morrow morning.
Mr While moved lolay the resolution upon the
table ayes 100, noes 03.
Mr I'silmer Hiiggesied that nti ordinance was to
be drafted When Mr Kittiidgc called up the res
olulion adopting tho 18th and 20ih articles of the
amendments, tho question being upon its ndoptinn.
Air llondee called for the reading of tho Will
arliele of the Constitution of the United States and
tho statute of Vermont lelalivo lo the writ cf luiLeiin
corjim and they were read.
.Messrs Ilendoo and Nile oljeeled Ihat tho orli
clo was unnecessary, the U. S. Constitution provi
ding ample security to the rights of individuals on
this subject,
.Mr Mattock Raid it might be doubled whether
the article of the U. S. Constitution uxlondod to
other than the Courts of tho United State. If thi
wore so, I he only r-ccurity tho puoplu of Vermont
had that writ oi halms corpus should issuo of rigid,
was in the statute law, which might he changud
at tho will of tho Legislature.
The resolution was ADOPTBD without a di
vision. The IStli and 20lh articles are as follows ;
Akiicmi 18 rn. Thu Writ of Habeas Corpus
snail in no case be suspended. It shall be a writ,
issuable uf right ; and the General Attumbly shall
make provision to rnndorlt a spu-dy and uilbctua!
remedy in all ease proper therefor.
Aniu i.ji 20 in. Such parts and provisions only
of the Constitution of this State, established by
Convention on Ihe 0th day ol" July, one thousand
seven hundred and ninelv.tli'ue, ns are altered or
superceded by any uf the foreg'oiug amendments,
or arc repugnant thereto, shall hcrualler ccate to
have offt-ct.
Mr Kiwm.ni callod on the ro.-iilntiiin for lliM,)i'i-'
iol- and dwlributimr of 1200 cimie- f '''il'iUL
' -.i r .7 i , i ,.rJari.i waBuo
; o tho Convonlion, and tl"
, ,i, lywiiaiiivi m w .1 ..w. -
".SewS'io report a form for the HutbutiUBK
rromnlgaiinf ihe articlae of amendment wlrkb
had been adopted; and Messra Collamer, Aiken and
Cahoon wer appointed the coinatiitee.
' uu lu'iiion of ilr Mitlocka, resolved unanimawe
Is i bit :be thaoks of this Convention be pveii lu
the Hon. Lytnan Fitch t-r the unauial end able
utauner a btb he has petloniiHj the duties of Free
ident of this Conreotioa.
Wliereuuoii tbe 1'reudetU aid, te rceeived with
lively emnttoiw thu leliiooy of the approbation oi
UuiCuQienUoQ. lie bad iioniowtUMl error, '
aware aey were uniutcituonal error and he
bad recoiveJ Uiat furbearanee wbu-b be bad espec
ted, Tbe Cotveavtiou would pleas accept hia in-m
cordial thank.
The reeoluiion for the adjournment ef the Con
vention without day, lonwrv loofBittg 7 o'clock,
waa adopted.
I Sir Atkro, from tbe conmrUea to draft a fun.
' fur the authentication of Um articles of aiiM-ndinrrit
reported .two fornix, he first toiie ilepxs'tf I in 'lie
. t-tckie of ! and the secon i to truar-
i J(i"lo li G 'V ri"'r , whi Ii form re s Jo,.ted.
A i'..-rrad.
Wutaai, Jan. lit, 7 .
C jnteotion ul, and after prayvr by Ihe
Chartism, adj'iriied without day.
VntUtoUtr, fj" A ,Vt nf Ur 'Uxmh .rwy at
Tiim'ift, nnil tSr Hrrvlmn ff lirrsly rigkl tj" lU
Irm.v, iruiny uf thtm .V.iMvw .ia. riri: T tt
l.ttn! tSattt.
N'un-OM.f.vNs, Dee. 25,
Tho Intelligence ciininiunleativl to-day to nur
readers u rnthor of a serious and melamthttly
late fr Iho reason; nml is eorlainlr of iii.iiiance
solbViem to oatiMi sober rellection in thr, minds of
our mltions who are imt only solicitous for the sue
ctvs of our hrothrrn in To as, but are equally anx.
ions to preen o faithfully thn treat v lie of aUtanro
hetwoe,, Mexmo J Untlt-,! States, and man.,
"lining Ihe Integrity of our commerce end political
The dospitch orthe Mnxhnri Atiiimtor of For
oirii AfBiira lo Wshiiit is an able ami guarded
djcumont, and well worthy the attend .I theex-
ocntitn gnverntiiont. The President u. his Me,
sage lias ta m that he hud in part acted on the
lira! ogKrtiun reeomummlsd by ihe .Mexican,
whan ho nseari that do jatp orders on the subject
lo ihe U. S. District Attornie ; and we believe he
might with the utmost safety act on tho second In
liberating Thomson and Ina crow as the prisoner
hns had a trial, and hi jury could not ngr.-o on a
lerdict. Bn this memos tance should Inspirit to
mercy ir not to justice ; for according to Hie law
of net una Thoina.m should not have been tried in
unv ..four courts, for what he did as a Mexican cit-17-cii,
ut thn Mexican oas. nnd under coininUrion
of the AUmcsii governiimnt. Tiiouimiii may doubt
luss have exceeded his authority, but the despatch
points out tho legitimate moans ofrodrnts.
On iho subject of the death by order ol n court
martial of 23 of our cilir.ons nt Tampico on I he 1 1th
int Iho muni of our citizens will hu divided in u
piiuon mkiio probiibly looking on it as but author
lied hulohery, ilosurvuig vengeance, while others
more cautious and expuriunced, may think it Inluuii
lable. but also jiwlijblo by tiecessllv and the
laws of nations. The invader ol a frnmdly coun
try cannot bu viewed a prisouor or war by right
orcouncsy, whether ihey havo voluntarily or in
voluntarily taken arms against that country thu
fnct of having been found in nnm against the peaco
mid mitliiirity ofa iintn.n is a sullinent charge fur
eondeiniiatinii, nnd justification for am mode of
denih conformable to unlilnr) law. Those who
went out in any of tho cxpuditlon from this place
mtiHt have known the cotiioquencos : they went out
in their individual capacity, H citizens, ami the
uimou oiaius governiiieut I nut icsponsiblc lor
tlieir conduct ; limy havo suirured in tbnt r.,...
and our government is not bound to Inko cogni
ranee of their futo. Those who go to Tnxr., nhould
bo prepared for victory or death, nnd cortainlv
those who foolishly made un attempt on Tampico
dared the vengeance of the Muxioan nulhority nnd
low. Tlieir fate mnv lm Ininmiin.i i... ii.:
illiltli IriOllds and tho Iricnda of Ion., nnii,, . I... i !..
justified by necessity rind policy, by right nnd law
,..r...-o,7 n, u,u ,,,uj , nliy crulmj becoming
amenable lo-Jip penalties ofjusticy for nulaied Isw.
The following is n copy ofa loiter from one of
the unfortuniito young tnen who joined in the expe
dition of Gen. Aliiiiu iignim.1 Tampico ;
I ami'ico, December lil, I8II5.
Nino o'clock, P. AI.
Ubvh J iitKMis I will in few words n possible
give you int.-lligerice of my fute which is nn un
timely one. To-mnrry morning, before hunrise, I,
together with twenty-siAon of my companions nro
to bo shot, necording to orders given by a court
martial of .Mexican soldier, or nlficers, for an at
tack on this city on the night of the 15th Novem
ber last. I, for my part, am perfectly reconciled to
my fato. No use in giving particulars of Ihe bat
tie I arn pietly suru you must have heard thorn
before. I, at the time of tho eiieagcment, got a
wound in tho liu.nl with n ball, and another thro'
the ritfht hand. I hive been in thu hospital until
this Hfteriioon, fiom tho morning of tho battle,
No money can save us : even five thousand dollars
wa offered for any one individual. Thero was
likewiso offered one hundred thousand dnl!nrsa a
ransom: hut tho reason of tho refusal wne, that
they want to deter others from (he eauso of Liber
ty. Thi Is a regular mimnrre. We fchould havo
been treated n prisoners of war. I hope tho Amer
ican nation will revenge our live. I havo but a few
hoiirt to Hi e, on God blots you all.
Farewell Adieu.
I cannot write well excuse me.
To Mo-, Homjii and G.vuaiiTtor, New-Or-Ishih,
We are politely furnished with tho following let-
ni Tampico.
DfAa Sitt. Tbii iiHirumg twenty-eight unfur
Uiuaie victims of treachery and villany, (mrt of Me
ja'a expedition were shot. I hand you oncloted a
lint of them, with a petition presented to the Mil
itary Commandant, by eeveral foreigners and Mexi
can, drawn up and rigtrwl by tbe priaoncrs ; hot
alas, it wan not in In power to meet their solicits-
4 linns.
The papers enclosed, wnre sent lo irse by tho cu
raie who alteuded them i their ltt me merits
the) r)uet,Ud that they ivinht be printed in New
Orleans, The teller from Jwu IL Mtotvard, and
Iho peliiwn to lbs- Cuiiiutaudant, were gituri to imi
at tlse prison frate, nn Kuuday inuriuug I hid
them translated into Kpauisb, aiid pinind then
myself loiho CcHwmaiMlaut. and am aalisoed that
ItadJio tho pekvor, be would have cumphsd with
their Utt rejut,
Yon base here a full view, as well as the Gov
orasnMil and peoplti of the United tsUtes hive, of
the hideous crime comunJIed in tbe port of New
Orleana, agtutt Iho laws of God and orhonor, un
der the fretence of iMtiwIeUnar Texas. A number
of dMreid and unfuitmwu. being tie entrapped
and put nn beard iho acbootior .Mary Jane, Captain
Hall, under the cup rer no"Utiuu and understan
Utftg that Ihey are bound fur Matagorda and Gallia
law, in Tsui, as HMeJcatitwe of said vcrl at the
tU"Unu houM iti New Orleaus, oa 'heOlli ult. indi
caliss. It was further uiiduisluod that tbey were
to hate lands on tlmr arrival ihere, tnJ a fio pa

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