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ItrTI.AXll, Tiutlnv, March 1S.10.
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TUB Kl TI. V VD II 1-1 K. II. D.
jseut 10 utile sftor tho 'true blues' tod thv ct!T in it member of tlio l.rcisla'iirr and nirh cititens
' taken tu another town and there clothed with lit- of Boston and vicinity as frH friendly tn the objects
tic brief ulliorit)' nd sent forth lo labor. But ' of ruch meeting, to Im h 'Men it the State Hoiim
it would 'na ro.' With ill iheir whistline: and on Wednesday, the Oih dsr of March next. at 0
piping they did rsi.i the enoimous number of 'on o'clock, I'. M.. fur lh purp-'e of harm? further
W Tl . II . II X It It I 8 O IV ,
or OHIO.
roil vice rnnaiuKNT,
Frniiciw ran ffcr ,
or ki:w toiik.
morlit "7, 'djrinR for present use. This 'little
band" after the contention adjourned, got together
and elected not exactly nominated Van lltircu,
ami their set of electors. Who can now doubt,
after Una display, that Vermont ie not hitched on
to a Van Buren button t Wo doubt it Vermont
never has and never will support Van Burcn or
hi measures. Mark that. The hardy yeomanry
of Vermont will never bow to Mr Van Jiuren, no
how Barber and hit colleague can fix it.
From the Stalt(.1tUimaHnit) Journal.
The following ia the official account of the do
ings of I ho Whig at their State Convention last
week. It will be perceived that ono of their reso
lutions i In opposition to till rrcrtt loWifiY -ny,
and all monujintitt "particularly a monopoly ofthe
patronage of the Government for pirly purioM)."
tnadoofinz as they havo done, all the nomniitia-
tiona of the Antiinaeon-, the Whigs havo evinced a
spirit of liberality which is highly creditable to
! them, and which demands a respectful rccongnition
at our hand. The Jackson party, if they want to
put down "secret societies and open monopolies,"
would do well to lay aside their strortg ultra federal
propensities, and go the- lamo ticket , nnd thus "re
deem the lost character of tlio State."
From the Hurtinglon Free 1'rtit.
The proceeding of the two convention!, which
met at Montpcllcr on the '24th uli. will be found in
our columns to-day, and wo refer to them with
pridr and satisfaction, ns proving to tho world
thai ict hnvo inner doubted that Vermont is true
to herself, true to the country, and true to ttic
principles which moved our fathers to resibt oppres
sion. Tho same spirit which nerved their arms to
resist encroachments of Now Vork upon our terri
tory, still exUts, among their sons, and will repel
with equal scorn the present and all future attempts
to palm upon us the corrupt system of New York
politics. Ho it therefore known to you, O powers
that be, we, tho l'cnplo of Vermont worship not
your dola wo covet not your "spoils."
It no a' only remains for tho f-cvoral counties to
affect an immediate organization for th campaign
and carry it out in tho spirit it has commenced, to
sccurn a triumph worthy the palmy days of Allen
and Warner. Wc promise good account from old
interchange of opinion, and of making more full i them thoroughly cross-examined,
expression oi ineir views anu iccunj-s, in rrgsro to
a candidate for the next Presidency. Alan, totakr
such measure and adopt such rrsotull jn as may
then be considered proper and expedient.
8.11. IUr.n. ) ,
.... J Secretaries.
W. LtrniKR, J
character! There arc live high witnesses to at were 1 1 1 votes. Van Hursn men, ill) i opposition
test these fscts, if a committee he appointed to tn- and for While, 7-.
quire, who may le called on. You may go to tlm, I not the conclusion irrosistiblo that the chair
first, second, third, fourth and fifth highest officer ' man ofthe committer tin Foreign Affair, Mr Cam
of your government, and sir, I ahnuld like to see breleng, might, at any moment after his rrturn
Wohavofuda from tht conference, until tho adjournment ofthn
most important fact disclosed lately. Tho secret , House, by a nod or a whisper, have, summoned
journal ofthe Senate has been opened, and a cor- from their hiding place a quorum, and saved lLo
tain emlorsmeiit nf its clerk has been exposed. loss of the lortincatiou bill i Would not Uhodcr-
Now, sir, that Secretary of the Senate is a must irk men hao risen up at the whislln I Doe not
excellent, pood, and piuus man, with a high and ( the gentleman from Now York know that be might
due seree of propriety. He would be cautious to . at ny tlmo havn had ijtloruul Did ho exert
Public Scnliim-iit.
C7 In order lo manifest to our reader the un
exampled unanimity which apparently pervades tho
State in relation to tho proceedings of tho lato
Conrc.tions, held at Montpelier, wo copy below
tho view entertained by our brother Itdiloi.
If this expression is a true index to public feel
ing on tills important subject, and wo have no doubt
but it is, then wc siy tho fow refractory spirit who
arc srcking for "the spoils' and tho two or threo
treacherous editors who have deerled their old
standard and who arc attempting to stitlo thin feel
ing, by exhibiting false colors, and by the most ab
surd and preposterous subterfuges, for sinister pur
poses, may fkuncc and flounder, and wring and
twist into as many iau;i(as they please, auB it will
all avail them nothing. The voice of the people,
when universally expressed, will be like a mighty
torrent, carry nil before it.
From the Spirit of Strenly Six.
Tint voick or Titis om:i:.i moumtai hoys.
The Convention, which met at Montpelier on
the 24th ult. succeeded in bringiog out their no
minations for Stale officers, and candidate for tho
two highest national offices.
Wc consider theso nominations as the expressed
will of the good people of Vermont, unawed by 1 From the (Btnnington) I'ermonter,
the corrupt influence ot men in ainnonij un-. W(J ,0 . Ul0 DOlnilmlion of ti10 non.
shackled by tho collar or party dictation, unbought I Wnj enry narrili(m BB callJidato for tho l'resi
by tho bribes of the "tpoil holders. 1 ho names ,1!n0 nnd ,)f pralicw Graniror a. cnndid.to r.r il.u
of William Iltnry llarrtton anu rrenn. vice Presidency ot the U. S. nt tho approaching
I election. Wc have not delayed an insertion of the
are presented to tho public, ns tho choice of the
Vermont whig. To thi choice, made in a free
rnnnlilirxn manner. WO nllCCrfllllV assent. It
is, and should be, irrevocable only by more com
plote and full expression of opinion and will.
Opposed to Andrew Jackson, and his nominated
pet successor. Martin Van Uuicn, we shall take
great pleasure in presenting to our follow citizens
tl.n niimr.- nf Hsrrison and Granser. Contrast the
forecoine ticliet.to the this tiinc.bccansc it docs not
meet our views of expediency, or policy, or because
wo hesitate to civo our cordial (support. On tho
contrary, we do firmly bclicvo that a more sutiahlc
i selection could not hao been innilo, and so tar ns
i our views aro deserving any consideration, wc shall
I consider it a duty which wc owe to tho country, to
'. i.lfnf tr tlm rnnsn nf lintli these candidates. In
miserable concleavo of office-holders at Baltimore, , jo- tIjjg wo wouu nol detract any thing from tho
echoing tho voico of Jackson, with the assemblies , ft.r repulllljon 0f jtr Webster. His talents are of
ct unaspillng, peacriui citizens inuwiuiu m v-i
respective states, to express their will in their own
way in theso matters. Fear, favor, Executive in
fluence and interference hereditary 'succession on
the one hand; courage, independence, clfrcspcct,
republican henestv on tho other. Whero may wc
a brilliant character, and eminently qualify him for
anv station to which thu people may call h'nn.
Diirinz a lnng lifo, ho has mado tho laws of his
country, and tho constitution his favorite study.and
while ho has uniformly ranked at the head of the
expounders of one, and defenders of tl.o other, his
character has been unsullied by the breath of slan
der. But a largo majority of tho people of Vermont
it appears prclcr .Mr. Harrison. We in common
with the Antimasons dread the election of Mr Von
! Ilurer. as an event froughl with danger to our lib
erties. United as wo arc, in this very important
point, let there bo a still nearer union between us
in thu support of tho Constitution, tho Judicary.tho
protective svslem.and the public faith. United wo
We prevent to our readers tand, but divided we fall, and tho common cnomy
look for independent thought and action, if it may
not bo found with the I'eujile. And hero it is found
here, among the snowey hill-tops of Vermont,
and there, among the independent republican of
Pennsylvania and Ohio. We are not mistaken.
Harrison and Granger are the choice of our
From tht I'ergtnnu Palladium.
The PftP-suiKsciv
tho Hon. Wi. H. HAiimsoM, for President, and
Fruncia GrunaKr. for Vice President. .We have
nnfiitoniltf Biiticii.itcd that DANIEL WCBSTEIl
would have received tho nominslion and electoral
vole of Vermont. But however much wo regret
tho lack of attention paid to this great and disting
uished man, we belhc that the People of Vermont,
esteem him a man on whom they can safely rely,
tnd thought not filling the important station for
which he is pre-eminetly qualified, wc hail him as
the oracle of a nation' In times like the pre.ent,
personal preference, should not bo suffered to do
f;l theobjucts vfa common interest, and a com
mon cause. If General Harrison is the most a
vaiable candidate, wc go for him heart and band.
To suppress Van Burcnism, and to defeat tho bate
purpose of a powciful junto and treacherous rcno
gadoc's , be not an object worthy tho patriot, our
country and her interest are alike unworthy con
sideration , and sink to puny in.ignifience '.
Wo presume the two Convention (Antirnason
and Whig) were actuated by purely patriotic-motive,
and acted with reference to tho alarming state
ofatTaias now cutting. The misrule of Jackson
91th ConjrcM 1! SeMtioii.
Speech olMIr. Wiic,
But to return from this digression. The three
millions amendment passed; and after d'wigrrri
ment, the Sctinlo adhered. Was it disrespectful
to adheru T The gentleman from Macsachushtts,
f.Mr. AdamsJ who I thought was "in a stow" all
that dreadful night sorms now lo havo a holy
horror of the "vord "idhere' 1 uiidcrrtnod the
Senate, nr. was strongly aborting only tho doc
trine of specific appropriation ; not as disarming
from the ordinary items ofthe bill.and not as objec
ting to a reasonable amount of additional appro
priation formally enacted. Tno Senate, sir, did
not know the secrets ! And shall the Senators
anion!? the rest an honored Senator from Tennes
see, (Mr White,) who knows his duty generally
ac ony man without being told, .vho was once trus
ted by the Prcsulcntrirst ot any, anil deserves now
ohc trusted with Ins confidence more than all his
present friends, who, when ho was in confidence,
cpt it hnuorablv, nnd tho confidence itselt was
onorable and patriotic shall they, ihnll he, uc
accused ami contemned for not knowing without
hearing tho Executive secret ? Shall ho be rc
nuired to know without bcins told to vote with
out knowing why 1 Why, sir, the service is hard
enough to do the sovereign will and good pleasure
of potentates when the Induing comes loud nmlau
thorilivcly. and that Senator is not one who is like
ly to obey orders from any power but that or his
own People and their Legislature ; but to do'the
will of hi? master without bidding and lo know
that will Without being told, is two much to ex
pect of any slave. If this is a m, I hope sir, that
ho and his friend i will ever havo to pkad guilty.
Sir, the Senate knew no "why or whereforu" what
ever for tho passago of that amendment they
were taken by surprise they respectfully disa
greed. The IIoubo refused to recodc.mid insisted.
Tho gentleman from Massachusetts (Sir Adams) I
voted to rcecdo from the three millions amendment,
and yet yesterday ho asserted that any ono "who
viil.l .fuiM lo f- ! .icndllieilt had hut
ono other step to take, and tlmt step would bo to
join the enemy and assist in battering down tho
walls of the Uapiioi :
Mr Adams hero rose to explain. He had made
no personal allusion, ho said, to any member of
this Congress, nor to any individual member of the
last Congress. Ho nail pcrsointieu a sentiment,
and his remarks were applied to that personifica
Mr Wise, i am glad to stand corrected, l quo
ted the language in order to bo put right. "Tho
personification of a sentiment !" I sec it, sir, I can
give it form, size, color a skin, muscle, hone and
sinew. I can make it a palpable man, whose cra
nium the phrenologists w.iuld mark as very intel
lectual. 1 understand now that this is a Massa
chusetts war, and it is not for me, sir, to meddle
with it. If I understand the gentleman's explana
tion for receding, it was lo prevent tho loss of tho
bill : and vet sir, when tho House was for adhe
ring, did he not adhere too 1 Mr Adams shook
his head. So it is, the gentleman did vote for
once twice to recede. Generally, if any man
docs adhere, adhere, and adhero, it is ho ! I voted
for tho amendment nnd adhered to it throughout.
I was not in the secrft. I was on the verge ofu
i Iriutnns over u. We osk you then to render you
opposition to Van Burcn efficient apd available, by
' liciiiuiL' us to sustain Geo. Harrionn. If our friends
who prefer Mr Webster do this nr. M. nr.
At a meeting of the Antimasonic member of I lie
Ipislsturc. opposed to tho nomination of Martin
Van Buren as a candidate for tho nuxt Presidency
holden at the State House. Feb. '20, 1630 The
following Preamble and resolutions were unaniin
ously adopted :
Whereas, a meeting was holden at the Stat
House in Boston on the 20th of January last, pur
porting to bo an Antimasonic Convention of mem
bcr ofthe Legislature, and delegates from tho city
of Boston, and neighboring towns, at winch meet
ing resolutions were adopted, recommending Marti
Van Burcn a a candidate for tho support of th
Antimasons of Massachusetts at the approaching
endorse nothing whirh wu not only Imp but prop
er In ho endorsed. Butt must ink if all was en
dorsed which Wsssaid I I could not shut my ear
sir. to the rumor which .passed from ktwt to seal,
that awful night, Soppoce the Senate did send it
message to the Exrrwltte that night, rejecline a
rnrtain nominslion; and Mippot, in reply, Uio
President hod told the Secretary, "I will recrme
no further communication from the d d ra
cals, tho Senile is defunct!" I am sure, sir, such
in answor wojld have been undigmtind
and niibe-
himself to get a quorum I Did he not, and did not
ytwi,.Mr HpeaaiT busily endeavor lo psrsusde mem
bers who had conscientious scruples not to rote to
make quorum 1 Did not Churchill G. Cantors
leng protest, by spoech on tlio floor, (too Glooe of
the -lili March, 1635j against tho right lo compel
members to answer to Ibo call for a quorum, when
ha all the lime wsa voting himself ? Did nol Mr
Barringcr, of North Carolina, charge the intrigue
at the lime, and offer tn specify naiiiosl Wis not
Abijah Mann, Jr., of Now Yoik who rafusod to
vote on eiery qi.eslion from tho last quorum to the
coming, and that the Secretary s strict senso of
propriety, and of what was due In tho President adjournment, sitting in tho 1 1 on so calling for the
and to tho Senate, would hato prevented him from yens and nays, when attempt would bo mado lo
endorsing all that was sa.d I And yet this com-1 get along without a call ! Did not Mr Ilsrrincer
. 1.1 l i 1.. II I..! ' ,-11 I..... I .i ,i . .. j. " .
mittce, if ra'ued, and it inquire faithfully, may bring
out many such facts.
Sir, 1 repeat, that there was no disposition on
the part ofthe Senate or of the Houso to defeat
tho fortification bill of the last session. Both Utilis
es did their duty, and both aro now equally inlcr
e.ted to gnsrd against such interference for tho fu
ture as actually prevented both Houses, though
tell him ho had no right to call for tho vest and
nnys, as ho raid ho was no longer a member ; and
did ho not cl.iiui to bo as much a member a any
body 1 Having pledged himself to voto for iho
Letcher resolution ho could not thru tote for it ?
And did not Lotchor reply. "1 know tho Van Hu
ron colts would slip their bridles." When Samuol
lieardsley refused tn vote, did not Iho hcnorkblo
ready and willing from doing their duty. 1 os, sir; i gentleman Irom 1 enncsscc, Mr Lea, move lo expol
tho gctleman from Kentucky (Mr. R. M. Johnson; him from the House I But there were nearly ISO
challongcd mo at tho beginning of this session, members who actually voted npiiu tho three calln
to specify tho acts of Executive intermeddling or ! of yeas and nays aller It! o'clock at night. Dif
interfcrciicu with tho independence of the legists- ( Cerent squads would come in and vote at different
lion of Congress. I gave him, sir, ono pretty ; times ! Tho lesders oh! yes tho Icadur, wem
trong case, but here iu onu still stronger. ' None ; nil present, vvcro they not here, of course? That
could bo stronger. On the lust night of tho !ut I was one finesse, and tho other was to march and
Congress, both Houses of Congress, I assort, and coiintormnrch tho followers so that each one might
hato proved, were not only roody and willing, hut , cKiiii to havo toted. But thf proof is poiiUvo
anxiously KisnitAVoniin, to pass a law, wnicu ine
President himself says, and which I admit was ve
ry important to tho public interests, with large ma
jorities in each in favor of tho law, and tho two
IJoiiks agreeing, by special conference, and they
could not and did not get tho bill through, in con
sequence ofthe minions and pimps of tho Execu
tive tampering with their tools in tho House of
Representatives!! Now, sir, ir tho gentleman
wants a stroi.gcr catc than that, I cannot imagine
it. I know s'Jcli wss the fact; and though all "the
Government" should sweur to the coiitiary, I
should know and believe tho fact until tho day or
my death. It is to bo borno, that boiiio twenty o
nisi meru ns a quorum ucmany voting alter the
Cumberland road lull and 12 o'clock, lo tho last,
but voting at diffi-renl tunes ! My iisma i among
the number of tliokc who voted on the Cumberland
road bill, and failed to vote twice afterward. Mr.
Gilmer's conduct struck me, and I hesitated tu volo
until I whs satisfied by my eollrnirup, Mr Mercer j
and when I snw tho miscrabbi infernal gaino which
was playing, 1 would liato voted at all hazards, aud
did solo Oh tho journals will show, on tho last vote
of thu session, to help umko a quorum and against
adjournment ! And now, sir, what shall wo say lu
tliesu men of the immsciilatc the only putrlotlo
men, who would not for tho world hato had the for
thirty ofthe trained band shall, by reducing us ho- I tification fail Shall they not have moted out lo
low a quorum reuueca majority oi uotn nuuti-.m ( mem i:iai measure ot titupcralion which they have
Congress below the foot of tho Executive Shall , n.ctcd to the Senate 1 Shall they nol now be hun
wo be thus interrupted in our business by 'a frag I tcd dow n with the furies and scorpion of abuso,
ment' of "the party" doing the bidding of their t not only for fuiling to do a duty which wa unpar
idol 1 Is this nn administration of tho government, t donable in tho Senate, but for a knowingly wilful
in the Bpiril and letter of tho Constitution, which j fBLo accusation 1 Hurrah far such patriota ! They
makes tho legislative liGpnrftrient independent of ; nro fur nutional defence ! Oh shame! Oh honesty !
tho executive, and intends that it shall be a check Oil XTZlU !
upon the cxecutivol Will the people sufler this j Sir. tho gentlemen iiavo .!t into a hornet' nest
monstrous violence to thu theory and practice ol by troubling impudently gnsconding about thu
their government I Oh ! that I could raise my
voice to a pitch of remonstrance which could go
forth throughout this land : which could reach ev
ery hamlet, every houo, and every heart of the
people; which could speak trumpet tongued to ev
ery man who has in his bosom a spark of tho spirit,
of tho free! I I would rouse a resistance to this
misrule, this corruption, this patricide of "tho par
ty," which would soon determine whether the tho
many or the few shall rule the destinies of this re
public !
failuro of that bill. Tliuy aro bitten by their own
dogs ! Oh ! yc, the ho'ir had como for their bfau
tiful trick. I would nsk tho gontlcman from Mos
snchusctts (MrAdam.; if ho netor signed bills aflcr
12 o'clock il night on the Inst ofu session, when
ho who Pres'dcnt 1 Sir, I can prove by tho manu
script minutes of your clerk that there was a quo
rum in tho House, Hero is a book, the title of
which is "2ild Congress. 2d Session Minute of
the House ofRoirvsiitativcs." In this book we
find this entry on Tuesday. Mnrch tho lid. when
government is nearly an great as thu wholu power
of any civilized people. Hut tho theory of our gov
ernment so distributes this power among different
branches or departments as to check and countor-
prerinicc, and I might have had to thank tho gen- balance, restrain and control each other mutually.
Sir, tho whole mass of power which is conferred , dm main question as taken on tho resolution to
by the Constitution on all tho department of this compensate Robert P. Letcher : "Ayr 113, not' a
.1. iNu quorum many member declined to an
swer, though standing at the Clerk's desk, becauso
it was supposed to be past 12 o'clock." Only sev
en mcipcors were wanting then, but three, after
tlcman trom Massachusetts, Air lor a vote
which might havo saved me from an awful plunge
into error.
When the House asked for a conference, the
Senate readily agreed, and appointed coiifre nets
on its p.irt. The conferees of the two Houses a-urn-ion
ri'ilii mu tlu appropriation from three
miHi'iiis to eight hmidr 'd ihuio-snd dulhrs, and on
makniL' it moro specific. And I now again ask
tlio honorable gentleman from N. V. (Mr Cambro
Inn'?.) the chairmn' "e ' u i' rc
Power with us is so neutralized to do harm, and so
woll noibPd to do good, in nil tho theory of our
Constitution, that the govornincnt was mado free
ward, to make a quorum, am! many members declined
to answer! Sir, thoru was a quorum, ntu! a quo
rum or thu command ol"lhc party." Lot it never
hereafter be denied.
Mr Wiso then gavo a nummary and review of
ut the sumo time it w as efficient. Hut, sir, the
practice of tho government has of late so porterted material facts.
the theory of the Constitutmn.that through corrup- Sir, what caused tho Senate, lo send in that
tion, wo arc fast becoming liouiid hand aud foot. ' message, which I deem so respectful, and which
and a single deptrtment absorbing the wholo mass ' thu gentleman from Massachusetts (Mr Adams)
of power. Tho principle of thu party is now war-' deem was so insolent I Thu Senile was warnod
in upon one of thu cardinal principles of tho Con of Ircnchery 1 When that special rnosscnircr that
f tl.o Ilouro, j stitutioc, to keep separate, distinct, and indepeu- J senator, was seen dodging in and out ho was no
"t'er agree dent tho legislative and me oxecuuve ucpnrimciur. gnosi, sir u one, lie is a very led laced ghost, Im
litbfr. wliPn '! -,p Co,.:. i fiu.t
picnt to report, he did not intend! Why did he That principle, without which this government can- ia a cogniso loukir.g ghost! (Here Mr Wiso pu
tcrday there were two , not remain free, is lo.tally unttcrminua oy mc pnn- sod, and glanced his oyo around tu seo him in th
not report ? Sir, I faid yestcr
conjectures. I say now there nre three modes of
accounting for the fsiluru ofthe honorable gentle
man's intention. Ono is, that the report failed be
caufeof a word in the ear, whispered by two high
functionaries between the conference room and
that door, (pointing to the door next to thu
Speaker's room,) or the gentleman's scat in the
House. Were there not two such "busy-bodiei)"
in the way of tho duty to report I Another is, sir,
that thero was a special communication, a billtl
doux.hahded to the honorable gentleman (MrCam-
brclenjr) in his seat after he came in from the con
ey of parties to select Icgi.lators to support that hall.) The Senate, sir, was warned of treachery.
is, to do the will of President ! Is there no They then rumindrd thu fioiise of tho report nf Iho
jealousy ofthe executive Jell T
in Contrressl cone ! gone!
Sir, 1 mutt remind the llouo thai on the ium- . as thcro such a spectacle exhibited in this cap-
No esprit du corps . conference. What Ices could that body do to dc-
, feu J itsolf from tho Matchiavcltan plot agclnst it)
Presidential Election; and wherca the proceeding
un, ibe threatening of Van Burcnism stared them I of that meeting having been published, and being
in the face, violation and outrage had been prac-1 now before tho people, and liablo to be received for ferenCe. Was there tucli a billet, and what was j theso,
Used upon tho Constitution, and a Successor ap- I what they purport lobe, the unuuimam vow jlg purport t A third i, that thero was a special
pointed, pieugea to
herland Rosd Bill thcro were 171 members present
and voting. That iho very next voto thcro wa no
quoru in.
Horo Mr Wise read a list of tho names of mem
hers who voted on the Cumberland Road Hill, nd
did not vote on the next vole.the Moore and Letch
itol befuro.as a trap set for onu branch of Congrcssl
This message ctllcd out tho Jesuitical excuse (hat
Iho hour had como thcro was no quorum "or
ry, regretted very much, but the Senate must ttko
, tho benatu mutt take the responsibility ! Immodl-
aieiy inc plot rovcaieu uteii nir, i nope mat trig
cr resolution. Thero were
Vn Buren men SO
carry out repealed injuries,
kindled a blsie ofhooett indignation in the bosom
of minot ! The question, then, Around whom
hll the freemen of Vermont rally t Tho ro- J ents and the psople generally, that from tho begin
1AV .htimajonic members nf the lAuUture ; the I vlgIl ,n rl0Mon from a certain distinguished Sena.
member of thu meeting believe it not only their I lur 0f tls party," (MrS W l,Jr.) What did
privileg.) but their duty to state to their constilu- ,e (SV j Was not the burden of all three, tho
.Donsc mct. our car. HARRISON AND GRAN
GER, and is echoed through the Isod. Hercthen
wc hang our hopes. It Freemen do their duty
Pkukvere and the country' saved !
From tht Dtlltus FalU JtumaL
CoM-Kmo:.. Id another co'.umn wo give the .
proeecdinge of the Whig Convention held at Mont
pelier the 1 1th and 25U: ulu The snumssouic
convention nominated the candidate which were
kfcoudcJ bv the Whir? convention. An effort wa
made by lUrber, Flint oi a few other-, to prevent j
uy nomination at that lime, ana h noniio.iion
rung they considered that meeting a an Huron
Convention, and in no other way connected with
Antirnasoary than as being the grand consummation
of a long series of plans and intrigues formed for
ihe purpose of transferring the Antirnason of this i dollar was a "poor, pitiful sum,"
Cotitnonwcallb to the Van Burcn interest; and fur 1 eaiify t,0 President I That the
liicse reasons too meiuuers composing tin meeting
forebore taking any part therein. Believing, how
ever, tbal a great majority of the original Antima
soos of MastschutelU cannot conscicnciously, and
therefore will not lend Ihwr aid or support to pro
mote the election of Martin u llureo, and bung
if lii art.! r im Mil.! and the special
I . . . i c I. . . I . . . i j . i .
ceoaior siopel low nura oegrce, to ue-
come a runner between the two Houses that the
conferee of the House had dono wrong to agree
to reduce the sum ! I hat eight hundred thousand
which would not
President had ri
sen up in wrath, and sworn that ho would veto the
bill, because the Senate had refused the whole
(10 in number. Of condition of IhliiL', snd this exposure, will stand
opposition and for . solitary warning to " tho parly," not tn jeopard
White, 10. i 2-"i Ibo interests of the country, by it low, cer
On the Cumberland rosd Bill there were 174 vote. I vile tricks of corruption ! " The prty" wishsd
Of theo wero, Varf Buren men, 67; opposition and ! to say by tu.nlion, in reply that wo had finished
our bonnes when this bill was
fur White, 67.
Parties wern equal on that vote. On the Letcher
resolution 'here were 113 volns. Vsn Buren men
'M i opposition and for white 80.
Can tht extraordinary deserimn of Van Burcn
men be accounted for but by thu supposition of de
signl And too, when it w known they were
ncsrly all present in tho Houe T While, tho oppo
.itmn .ni While men had rtsteinf d thsir number
to 7 there wa a Islling oil ol van uurcn men
grant of three million and that ihey should bo i of 01 !-M out ol ) : mie u.e .ppoiiio .o
made to bear tie loss of the whole bill 1 Did not j White men continued in their plate, giving thwr
I.. ii.Im.hm ttion it. tin n double i.rvff if rwtliv In ' f.ntii until the close ofthe srssion. the an Huron
u-srd offfrmn the President the rtsoonsibihtv' of i men did not sgsln, except smsll majority in an Und milo lo his wishes on every othr question.
. i nnw fti-iirom nf obtaining a L'encrsl expression of . ,i.. i..n u.i.ih i. had unm t . -. ' .mt i .,rr tn their name. 1 but that.
"I . .. J i.wil.1 w "II . . " . . ..' .. ...... I- . .! Jl .,.11R IH. .r. It,. ...mnU l)w. I flUlla rt
rsBtlbernide lo nominate Vn Burcn. Runner opinion enlcrtan.ea oy mem in rrga.u l -1 ihrow the responsibility nl odium or tbo failuro or: un air Jrvi. motion to .uj.u.u,mww , ' 'i ,, Jr . , - L.u
e "V!' "v, Wore "0 hunt oP antima- ! proaching Presidential Elecuon,- therefore, . llie b, on t Ht!0kle , This wa, the .buminable soles. Van Buren men, 01,-opposiUon and for , that question wore noble and wortoy of lalon,
S Vin SrJii them dialed for . . W TUt the Chairman and Secretarie. of game , it was too bad to juggio o. first out of our j White. 77 . - to come ,
the occsnon. In obc inslincc an ciprcs w J tins meeting tie requested to notiry meeting 01 j inocucnocnce o: iegisj;io, uu men out n our , vn ......v...v. . . . , . .. . - -
untouched. Hour
after hour had tho Senate politely waited for thi
fortification hill to bo sent to them for Iheir con
currenco, and Mr 1". O, J. Kiuith moved to say to
them "We have completed our business I'' And
at last, sir, the house did ignobly adjourn without
completing it business, including this bill, Sir, I
have riot lo take lack one word of what 1 (tlo yes
terday about the adjournment ofthe last CoogreM,
Except on oufa solitary question I shall ever think
of the last House of Rnpreplstivs with disgust.
We had a President st lh last sfxsion bent, I think
on war! The hou( w tubxrvleot, succumbing

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