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Rutland herald. (Rutland, Vt.) 1823-1847, April 19, 1836, Image 1

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Mmt InnH
uhuiitv n i'mov, now i rnur.sKK ui: ami sk itni.K.,.....)Knii.-,
UMi.WU, m.Mluy, April li, ix.ttt.
vo 1,1 ni: .villi.
NVMSii.n 17.
C I) c UutU ii u W t r n I ?j .
rcLiinn 6r.M Hi.inr,i m tlm( vt. t
W IMil A M 1 A V.
-- - - - - (
iNow ..in oner.. I he following Hrnioi r-xerrpa J
from the production of Colonel Thorna II. Ilentnn, I
the gftil Jack oo filler irt llto Senate, form tH-an- '
tifol lllutfUonfl1oficttl.ttifc.imUnc1..me.
Umfi liter cases , (
"Genetal Jackson h.soW snore for tl.c lieu.. '
cr. ll,n r) rj i.il,r n oiu' wl oli i r1iedin 1
the tide of time." Oil. ISihIoh, Sprtc on thr
Kipvnginp Resolution.
Thn following ii an retract from a letter from
t his urns Colonel Ufntnn, in regard to this aame
OrDtral JicVtnn :
"I am literally in hell here ; flint U, in the. i
ctnitv of Gcii. Jar.keon) the nieancM wretches un
der hrairn In contend with ; lir allidavlt makers,
anil ehamrlrs curvard. All the pnp;iri cif Jar-k-nn
am at wurk at mc; but they will he ristnntth
ed at w hit will happen i fur it la nut them, but
their master, lioni I shall hold accountable-. The
scalping knife; of IVcutntrh is ineicy cmnfin rt-cl
Willi the affidavits nf them villain. gin in l!io
middle of heil, and ec n alternative lot to kill or
be killed; fir I will crouch to Jackjon, and the
fact that I mid my brother defeated him acid his
tribe, and broke hit small sword on I ho public
iquorr, will forever rankle in Inn bosom, and maku
him llnril lOer vengeance. My life ia in danger;
nothing but a decisive duel can stive? mo, or even
fjio mc a chance fur tny own exigence; for it ia
a rented plan to turn out puppy after poppy to bul
ly me, and when I hive cot into a setnpu to have
rnc killed somehow in tho scufile. aftcrA-artls the.
affidavit maker; will prove i'. was honorably done.
I shall never he forgiven having given my npinion
in favor of Wtlktnon'a authority lot winter ; nnd
thu ia the root of the hell that la now turned loo.-e
against me." -
"You will oak (in e.irltj opportunity to mokr
'k'Htnen to the I'OI'C, in term ond nmnnor bul
"tuittd to the occasion, llitf light in which the l'rci
"dent vie'va tho communication reforrod to, ntn!
"likowKn yon will nuvre hn lint tho President
"trriprouiter, in their full exttnt, ond pirit, tho
"lrindly and liberal rciilt'nent vnturtairiHil hy Ills
"Iliiu."!: toward I lie (riivernincnt of tho Arov
"iaticSn ond tho ieoi!o of the atiilca of Ilio
"CMOHCtl ; and if It the Prrtvirntt trhh tint you
"tlinuld, upon thu mine occacion, offer HIS CON
"upon ln recent tuctrtrian to Iht TIAKA, from o
"prepnndtrting influence Inch n jut itt'imnltd
"of hia taleaU and Pit 1 V A l'i: VIIITUBS natural
"ly hiJ upon iln rntlhimed cott icils Uy wlilch that
"IHOH DISTINCTION wi conferred ; and which
"aflurda ihc pleJgr that Imk puntiftditr will ho u
"mV and bbikmcbnt onk ! ! !" M.irlin I'm llu
mi't httir to Iht Contnt nt llomr, July 'Hi, Iri'M
The I'll r West. A newspaper hennng this very
apprcprtate title, Im been coinineur.-d at Liberty,
in the Mtato of Missouri, near the coiitluenco of tho
Missouri and Kansas flivrr..
Tho editor siy he recollecln when thero was
only ono mil! in tho uholo county jnd that a
handmill j and tint when the town woe laid n(T,
tine of tho most influential coinniUoinners cngagod
1n the act, transferred his titles lo thu lola hy a
mark, ai ho coold not read or write. Stenmboa'.H
ti.iw pita the town, 011 their way to Fort Calhuiin,
to the nvora I'l-itleand Yollow Stone.
Ton yeirs nny not cUpse before att-amboatu
tiavigatu the whulo course of the Vellow Stone, to
thn bate of the Ilocky Mountoin icros which
chain a railroad may ba moro niaily constructed
than over tho AI eglianiet : and then for steainlmntH
on the Columbia nvar, and thence uteam rilupK a
cron the I'acifi; (-(-.m tn the cntnntcrco and luxu
rie of China and the Kt Indies. .V. V". Com
nwrcni! .Idterlisrr.
Ditlreisin-x cute. A moat distressing cast of fire
and death occurred recently at Jackson, Ohio, in
tire family of John Aln.iro. Mr M. discovered his
kitchen to be on fire, when nlie bucket of wu!cr
would ht'vc cxtlngui.hed 11. Setx.ng n bucket, he
ran to Ihc well and lowered, but It slipped from thr
pole i One of hi daughter let down the only to
mauling bucket, nnrf it too, teas lost ! Thus depri
cd of ail chapce of putting out the fire, Ihey were
forrcJ tn leave the houte to tho devouring Haines
During their attempts to procure waier, tho night
being wmdv, and tho building dry and combustible
the fire had madi. ahrming progrr.a, Mr Moore,
considering II Iruitlesa to endeavor to master tin'
flames, turned his attention to the aafely of In fa
mily. Tour of his children adept in the loft.
Thither the ta'her ran, and succeeded in grlMng
three of the children from the bed owe ritnuined in
it asleep. Two nf thn lllfeo taken troui thu txnl,
looaed thMf hold, of their l..h-r hefo.-.- he rca. I.e.: par- of alcoW .....I 43 of phlegm, or water, m ihe j ptir-l.ts-d hy Ub. , ai.e lth-.-ihen by the do,-,.; imt.l "!r ". V 31 euoo4 I', k
tl. lower n .or .nl it.. ,., ,,.h,l iie.4. 0, under Iho namo of proi spitu, or sill more di I t I -113th groas a(V-r gross of ths "ivirdial was roiiiure- I beltrre r.e. r xt ry rarr, 1.1 per im. h ci.mg uvm K.
the lower a-r. and will. Iho one in the bed, ; I ii and....- leo. j l 01-f, their m1nyTn-ra,at.c. " Th e-.i.nre ... "d, nr.-l-r. llu. h.n ma Ihe .pp,.,e .,.r ,t,,ul,
til l-t the JLivui. hn. ..j4l,0 (, ,,. W1...wtie., . wri.nltbit. 1,0.1 Ihe hi.alrof..m -.H, the. ww. red.j.Hl foru.eiller uy l-.au Uftr.l.l, raorrj (...tn kerp ,
Trrrrrrr. r-rr ' e,orv pnM form or eorn-nMurc 11 is i ceneri,-' ths ronr. - of a fw years, to ih- mwhiUJ! ,.,.vrHy;- 'p. 5ir.il Ihe jmtJ-m-n li.dg.vti 11. dales, we ,lt.jld
Utatt cf I'crvionl, ' I HIP. Hon. the I'm. rtn J1"?'' ,n."''"c' lho r , ' by ihe use, of .bis "inv.mstW- rrly" Amb4 fir ,,.4 bm.,.1,1 down tb..r Imtury l-ia wixh l,l..U
Dr ct of Itvthnd ss JL bdte Cou, It iL ' ' ? L t l , -L Tlu.r " V'" UotUe of which U-m , whethrr. to aoy Srl extcol. tueh oa.e.c.n he mdtril.fi.
trictof Itvtlanil.ss. -- t-l? OUH lor tilt j, .,, ,as been ...adu. "dn.s ticr c-mam any aleo. y ,a , swl, , ,)U, . .li M,A, In with llie preterit day. I brlieve It to I r a m -tl iml. -D.ltflCt
of Hullan.l ( ho'.' Il certainly docs, in a tf..potlHm of (,m ,w , , 'forJ) 'lt , j fr!4y, esie. 'ly by utsr youue; laJtaa, P1,u, fart. lhl rai.r i. vny fa.ts.o... tato d...u.. Hit
To the Heir at law nnd all concerned in tlr; j and a hal to fair Sl'l ol proof .p ril in lh barrel ;n. r 4, rxterrud'y a-.d it initKra little, sir, I rare."hafi weoijlrra neiililn.r't Imute.at Ihr pre
estate of Jfh H OhVuuii Ule of Walliiid.
f.rt in .ti t .ll.lr.ri ilccrt'cd "
loin, in aaiu u.s.i 11, uv
lllrrxti. William Marth, llxt-culnr o( t'f I l
Will .ml Te.1am.ni nf tha in. drcruse.l. !la
made .pi.lira.iot, .0 l. . Court for lice,,.,. , ,ell
thr-re-al .t.r of the aaiii deceased for llie l.av-
. r .t I V, , l. f arS-a '"r '
men! of the J .at debt, louud due aauiU nam
fkUle, and the costs of tetllctnetit.
'rrtfjee. -mi arc hetrhj ti-c ifi-.l tn appear
before said Couil Ml a scsi'.ii thereof, to b- liol
drn at the l'rnbate Ofii-r- in Hd'hnd within ami
for Mid d.stnrt on the ll .MoinUv ol May uu
di.tnrt on the ll .Momlav ol M,v t
r tttrtd fjf the payment of lil .rhl, r
lie shr.VCotr.if.ny youltaVV, wh) s.,ld
sboulrl not be gtaiilc...
i.ii giv
oibenv ite
Given in I'tobaie CooM this Oth Jav of Aj.fil,
A. D. 16)36.
'. tf. IlOl'KI.VS Hauler.
It JlUng et Judge.
Itittlntitl Coiiu.v Trinpt ranee
;tiis veil (ion.
At an arjjnntneil Jticfllns t.f the Rutland County
iTemporatirfl Convention h4Hr tl Wallwgfurd, on
1 Wednesday IOHi March 1930.
Hun. Jemr I). Il-itler, President, in the chair :
Tl(, c,Pt,,on a(entj h pr,jt.r by the Itev.
Mr t'foctnr.
consequence of ilio absence, of linn. N. T.
,HP"S"f "n" nf the We I'tcstdct.ts, Duct. Silas
Bo en was appointed lit fill hi pliff,
, njJ ( c Mlflinu,Pj
wro .pp.,lletl on thn committee ..f O.erMircs. in
ilt iUri- i.f Mcr Child, luw, Deninsuti and
lUrtetl, absent
On motion of Mr Hpeneor tho journal of tin
pruvlo'U mrpllng were read.
On motiLii, Ilculvcd,That al! mcmUcri of Tem
perance Societies preent be rerjueted lo report
their nauiea in the Hrcroltiio.t and participate in
the deliberation" of the conventtnn.
Mr Mitchell from the committen in preparo n
cmif Iillillim fora comity nocicty nu I lie pmiriplo ni'
total nbfiinence, made rrport, which wai atccptod
ami Imd upon ilio tulilo.
On motion, the rule regulating the Imurof meei
ing n inmpelidcd and the convention adjourned to
one n'olock.
Arrr.iiMin.v, l o'clock.
Dr. Ilalu rallfld tip the report of the committer
ond it wan ordered that each artiele ?hoil i r nd
and acted nimti FCinratf'. Article 1st and 'J I
i urril l nil ami ndnnlrd withonl ilehnlc.
AnTtCLK 1. 7'iij .Scij sSnll le eallrtl Ihc Huh
land dttunttj Trmpmtncr .s'Wr'i.
Aut. 2. It it the oljtrt uf thii Soeit!; to promntt
Ttmptrtintr, (mil tit k moms . tliis rmt, to dit'mr
ii gt thr lift, its t( In vtfii k of oil Intmifittinv liq'iort.
Tho third article u then rend wlurh nllurMimc
diactii'sliiii was ami'iiiletl hy iiddiiig the wonU nsii
beverage," after llie wnrdi "agree tli.it" im fullow.i.
Art. U. Utliriihg that intorictitins drinks, u. a
bicrriiRi, tire unnrcrssurt to Itrilth, ttntt mjuiimts to
thet'icitil, rivil nnil religious intertsls of mm ; that
lify ttml Irt prttmute nnd caiifirin intrmprrnte npp'
tiltt nni hMtt, in l thrrthtj hinder the further pro
eras if thr 'lmpernnte Itrfirm ilion ; ire do there
fire agree, that, as a brverne, ire trill neither vtf
then onrselvee; nor Irnjftc in ilum ; nor prn'ide t'lem
fur the intcrtiiinm-nl of frietrJs ; nnr fur persons in
mi tmplot: bulteitl, by nil svitttbte m ans, tliteuun
teniinee their use in the eummunily.
Upon the rjurftum ".hnll ih.i article he adopted!"
Rov 'r '! ilden uf West Hullond faid, that inn
much as the pledge proponed in that nriiclu ejcludes
the uioofeidcr, .vhich has been to lona and to even '
tiiely regarded at an innocuous hcvaraije, it sohukcI !
very neoary thai our stniiincnls bo freely uxprcsiod ,
in ttiL'srd lo it He prc'iunud that all the friiul of j
icuipsraiKC would aaroo thai iho iin of disnlloj tp rils !
tlioiild bo absndnncd I v 7 llec.nito c cjiiuol .
p.r.oin iin.ii.i....i c.ii.m' mi. amu um innipnraiice !
rrfurm m onv other mniincr. This nrmeiple, however, j
..ill ,rmn, Tl 1 1 ....n.i.lrnl lAmni'Miir. mm, In in, Tor. ,
Iher. anil exclude the u.o ofall tnloxi.-atui,' liquurs. j
I . I . I
Hoes not udcr con ain Llcohol! he nUd. Will it be ! corner, ami ever num.. .nu ,,,-ier lai haru, mien i , Ml,.v hllti ,r,ft ,lier-r, f lhp ;,., W)rk hl(
pretended ihai alcohol is generated hv .li.iilUlinn? ' f.-oni the pjil. w.-i. pia-ed mimd Ihu circle. In ilus , p,nl,lr, mmr ,,cv ,v,m, Uasc lrI11.,l.,,t,J j, M ,
lie hnpud that eomn gentleman of iho f.iruliv ...mid , way iho whole piil-lull won h ho -Irink iluriii-.' the J Mirv ,lc ,,r, r ,,,, ali.iinn.e from di-till.d ti.ir
lelltM how alcohol is ptoducu l-. what is its proportion I .veninu. Not long suice. he hiin.elf ..ml In- iho tied ,a , (jle .-. Ihr wr, Ino nn.it . x4 o !i. nt i.u.t
in rider; an I what am (ho ellocia nl enlisr. drinking up- j
on ihe heatlli and tnutals nl inun, II it can li alion
tin. Ihc mm who drm'u ten i-allnm nr eider, drinks
one of alcohol; ih.it alcohol ..oinhuied with a .ogeln-
hlua. id. as in this case, is more destructive lo health
... . .. .... ...
than ariicn nitu'eu won pure water; n in e -peraie ap
pel ics aro formed and siren illiud hv the uo nf :idor
ami public murals and iho religious interest of men ore
thus endangered, he would ask, who her any other
cmir-e than ihat pointed out b this article, can be
Dr. Row en of Clarendon said ihat in discussing the
proposition licfure iho eon.onlion, " In abstain fiom nil
intoiicitinit drinks as a buteraiiu,'' tho quusttou oro?e
and had hien akcd, .vital are intoxicating dinks
what is alcohol or ardent spirits' Is it, he asked, the
result of lurinontaiton, or distillation; nnd is it Iho very
substance wlnuh intoxicates in all other intoxicating
drinks? I nuld say, sir, continued 'I-. II. thai it is a
.dearly decdod fact, that alcuhnl is the lu-ttli of a pa.
rulur'i tho .inou.) fermen-anon, e.nl that di' illauon
hat no agency in its formation Tho subs anres no.
res. try for iho oriuatinu of alcohol ato sschnrme
matter end water. I nee mixeu log.utier m a due pro
portion, itn a sunaiiio ucgrcu 01 Heal will sooner nr
star ss.nme tlm vinous ferinemanon. as 11 is r.illo.1.
The eirect of this fa men alum upon the aachann
matlor is Ihc mure seperstiou of its clemants iutc two
p-iruonsj one psrt is oxygenized n il.e nipen.eofiha
other, so as 10 for.n earbnnie neid. which is no v ll tug
olT.niho form of a gut: while tlie o-her part being
(rnxygrn aled m la.or ofrlie (ormer. is routerted lo
in ihc loinhiitlatila s-ibttan. e called alcohol! still mix
ed w ih ihc water oflhe oriiial compound, and the
p-M-tiliar veirntable rx'ract, from which ihe sielurno
mafer was taken, f not pure nijir: henci the ddfir
rnt namr. of Winu. lleer. Cidir. Pdrrr. tail. liii. s.r
which are no more nnr lets than alcohol 111 xed with
waier, and tho pirticulsr extract which the waier toot
up from the e.e-ab' employed. I do not kuu v. Mr
l're'f!cnt, tatd Dr.
' with them at this inn Who hsr nire .leo'iil, or 5J
seror.ling 'n me r.m.ia.s. or ifianiny 01 me saeana-
! foo m.ner in ihe apples of which a was made;on
I medium, about one t'sllnn M len; sty ten per centum,
1 1 w 11 m e, 1 r. intl.o .t lor i cof.trsui ii'in 110.11 any
, one. 1l.oro.1jMy arqmuiied m any cJer pir- ul oar
' roiwiiry. .bst cider hi. ma le m ire mahr stes: hat
m.de more f.m br, ... ched- ha. demved .h.
f m-t.stdutlt. ...an an ...her one tort
of m...,.r..H.a dnoVs. This same aleobol. which 1.
ronipoMd, when purr, of M ptrs nf ca'iim, 'I pitta
II ol.nrottier intnticaii'i ' druit , j ....... ..... . . .- 1 uuorrrt.aryj
bot'des thn nme alrohol. I ne.er hoard of anv pro- I ,. , . . ' . 1" e 1 .. .i . , , P'dirut. I lo uoi (pieilion but llial mucli murniei ha, 1
dnced either h, nature, or hy nr.. There aro surel, 1 U XTSvi 'Ih v.iusr to Xr b '"fn ll"no b' '"" U,c "U Ut " 1 ,w""e
many poa-orfnl ...ed.cmsl sub.ianct. or aen s. called r " " t,e ' 'X "' A" ""-"l"
itacLtie ochVI,n,tic.-,cU a. opium huascymu,, tSnJ- LU
reninm, strychna., stramonium anl many ...hers, 1 , i.'j.in I I , think that hi b" f ' u,.wrll;al ,r lkr I "'f ' contention In lator of Um art-Hr, by
1. ... .i....v. ...1 ... 1,... . ... ... ..L ,. .i..i. .u. .. 1- :..a rcl.ttn? fomu dolafjt tales uf the woe woikiiiz to'sclt ol
CJtfcn. sttd 1 parts lyrojen 10 i.i 00 (oesrl.) t ' rV.n.1 u' Jtr.av Ttt- or aleottn. ofto trsr- its im-nri
irbe'i taken .nm "he t.omaeh, .. no He. o.n;e.d br'tiiMghlh 11-1 aas aUii'a in u ..d-li 11 may I. f ain I
he dur.li.a rg.is, aaa' foraieJ mo thy le or n.-n-' setJ 10 a wire is product' -us ' Ids' e-.rvr.sn e mt-mplatra
m-rr, l.kr in -oat anl vrirr Me -oh.naer.j hi. enteri ' tssaaaiir-t r in .v.l .f iui--H- j IU.1 tin. t.c- ii i'r
.1.. ...... I. i.ii-lofi. rl llanes .. . ltr-v ! d W 1 . I i"" "' 4 ' " e ' -
pir, or,h. s,. ... at f,r... .n r. r..n,l ...,a f
j,m. ,, ,., ,lc.n-; and as ..Mb .. applet to
,be lira - and nrrrr. I er. ha-air ihnl pr olora,
n. fir.i rfli-t lly somolsiing the b.a .. anH tiefrr. ,.
o ir-in.nrri-r S" rn. n.r ...... .in... ..e, o, .u
errata nfqusnli.y be.Q d w 'l ihet can I'. I' de-
ttro. tl.a.r ac-ion eo irely.co.iM-q len Ir I f l-una!-
.trdoaet.itproducsts in-oucatton. mamalle-doae.tt.l!,
Jbdaxity Itia t git.n law ufuuual lf,, tUt wbtuo -
,e,er .lia.ul. e. u. yic lo ... ...J ar ,.,.,
lh Mine mne ...p.d,.,.t n. ...i-r..n.m to rcn..... ll.
at.raMo.a lot it .-, ill ho loll iwed br a eirrat.
mamand collipr. mnmoier woi. p.eiin'iiratly On '
ibe ijr tin or lonaim ' ' cill.J. T.. proof. I
, ih.l.l.obolcn-.r. .he ciin 1 imrh.nJ irr-, f.M !
the bl.Kvl f a pr.,m l.o ha. r.-e,,- ,!,... ), ,.elr 1
ir. 1,1 11. j . 1 i'i .1 11 1 , j-
or.-, )Kl It tiro on dt.1.1 -wn.-2J lajr thn blond of
' mrli nnii. .. Ili.i. nl nam iriih i li'iianli Him.
, , ...
Sd. At 11 Ihinj olT hy ll. lunoa, e .Mil nol ony
mell urn ihatweaih, bin ran didi ijui'lt ib prncu
l.r tiiuli.iiinn, hcllier brmdy, ni'n, hikry, ise
alo the lircaih of one ln m 'lie habitnf dimkini: ln
rticra.. anil n hen Iiiiiii a M'e of mtiixti-Aiimi I. ti.
i bio lo be looted lr llie Id''" nl" a cindle, and burn
tho pvrtnn an a 10 deirnv liio. Alihotiitii aloinil, r.ipoi ,iinn rnnrr ir uwiinr nr Hf i .p
Hbcn ukm into iho miricl, i!era Ilia ctrcnlilion ', l""'? I'" 'm deintu.l i.r.irii lirtrn ; l-ne
inrhanccd, tl vet coiiiiiium tlicie but a ahort nine, I ' """ el lr or bt'r. hip m thr mi-kr lh
before nature, line lohei lru.1. hc-ini lo ihro.v of ilio 1 2rcat inloxleal.ni drink d tho Hrnptnrvt 1 His rntitr
po'non.by the loniff, bv pff'pirilion and olhi-r . - '. Il'" "f whirli 11 .. dr-ugly r mnnlnl 111 kuimii.
What r.rinot be earrie'd olTihn way it derompmad in j l '. '" the IU0I1 i'j.Im S'rmi Wcr, I rrf.u.l mi
loitioriai.nl eU nientt. cjfboo, oftsen an l liydrn-rn 1 ,,,,! '"dliit nd t.iil vilUiiu.ur ol ll p, ..IW.. ,lntik.
all hialily inaimal.la tub lancet. 'The kvdrostn" in V,U ' c'r" 1 vc.r,ly. ""I1 'fedl
part it tiib.cnucnty nir.i oir by lh Imjt in Hie firm ! e"r ',1'r ,l0,,tr " ln'"t lrei5hlnc than fn.1.1
of a foolid Sa. In lottr. co'ntnucd and eu-ett,ve .Itjnk- ! ,l,c ev-miifarde.il .p.rif. In ed.iir. ..m0.-, ,, m,
itir-tlie avveni Uc une. to highly clirBad i,h ihr-a I '"-u-J .if n vct.n.n cider .Iruikt r. Ilclued al U.r nl
ua.e a.'lo r.u.c ti.amanoiM crinit.uti.oii of the no,. I ' :r: "ui f"r e-'Uveo.M.fo I'll In. l..ns r..,v ..f hoj-hr-dt
ton. I iKre ate well aitllin'iriel laclt ol tin-.. I
Ilrm inml toil f- ..film o vil, of aln.l , I
.1.. 1....1 ...i.r..i .if..-, I... : 1 I
111.1 iitiu. , iti H..IHMII .iiivvi vi 11 inn iiii.iiiji prii.uf, n V 1 . 1
.11 , 1 1 1 ..... 1 1 111'
'"" I'm m, i na w v .r.,y ,
"J 7, "" '"-I ; ",UJ7' '"r l "" " I
Dr. .rc.i of Iluiland, wa. in favor ..f ;.t-l..piiiiz the
nrl.c Oi-m lavor of ju l-.dii. every inlox.eaiin2 linn.ir
lie iii.iom tn.enii m j.i mm an enquiry in o inn ouir-.
nni auhil lines Inch c-niured into I ho uinip-iti ion tif
ivino tirer, or ruler. l.rt) ono knew, llul tlo-y con
ininrd nlcub'd; and llul alt-nlmt nil iu. grnnd fnu to
llie Ti'inncrance caue. Tlio nm-iunt of alcoli-d which
rach ofthuin rontimod. had Iiohii ofieu nacer nined by
chrioirnl amlyn. rt 1111 and liraudy coniaiued 3 1 or 3
pnr cent. Too atora'U ipiAtnity nf n colml hi hu tvinct
vn l)T.-t il pur coin; in Mrn; 1-ror, iniw ; .mil 111
cider ten per rent. Any ono, therefore, who hud am
n'mi-ra of calcutaliun, could toe ihnl the man who
tivatluueil live I'lllH nf rider, tlrnnlc the Mil-noil of j
al -olinl conluuittil 111 nmi ijiuriol Ii r.t in! v ! , xal, iil
Dr. R. feiv oftho friuiuU nf iainper;in o ha. 0 bre-i c.ill.
ed upon lo 111. ike any . acrili. c wlntuvur in t ut ( niin. I
The poor drunkard hat dnue 11 all In plcilijin: our I
tcltct 10 abttain from d.ttillnd npiritt, no did it tvnh
lilil or no initial. 1V0 cirod nothiuj for them mj
lunaauu rould have o ir wine, our hettr iiud our -iilcr
llul m havo onlrca ed, uieud and compelled 1I111
il'unkard in g'to up hit rum and v 1 1 1 ' y nt cerv eic-rilii-ii;
and 111 miuy iiim'iiucud lie 111 dunu il, and unubl
lute been iaicd lo liun-elf Ins ftmily, and Ins rouiilry.
had it not bucn fort!iee eubiunrut, in uhirh miny of
the f ii-nds of tnuipcranre, pertiii in indulging, llul
now when no am called upon lo atnudun ilia uc nf
atl intoxicating liinors, fur the good of 1 lie caue,
how rclurlaut we arc to do it. Ii. ihero contislrncy in
lilts,' I thcro n momusr or the trmpe.'aice yncioly.
having in Ins heart a drop of the riitk nf liuiiian kind
nc. ulio will nnt, uillinglv, mono Una saenhco lo
'ave drunkard.! I: bus bcoua.iid th;it drunkard. ere
no' made hy th uro of cider, llul ho m of ih npm.
ion that thero went many caKen Hhcni an inicmparom
appetite n firtl formed h) drinking eider. Iluknow
a fini.ly ho Mere once in the pra'-mo ofpu-ttng lll'iy
or "ixlv barrels of cider mlo iheir tullaruvurv r.
. in niiii'ij lumo mni nr mu suns ami il,nul.
" a"! -audit wa. their cu.tom ovury night, when
the firO side nrrlo WB fiinllO I, lO Cllll 11110 of tllO bOVS
i r il r : I.. i-i.:. I i . .
to uraw a im inn n ..Cr. . ...a wp piarcu unit
'i '" " ."- f""'-' 'uu. u....
i'"'" '-. "-. ... mu uuim i
"fJ's delirium, .evur.il o her members of the family j
were i itcniperaioj and ho had nuve.r a doubt that Iheir ;
app for Mroua drink was first formed hy drinking
..!.!... .. il..ir IV. In..'. rirn.K.r .nrl l,n im li. ,. ir,
.... - .... . -
npill'O I, Ilia. ion. to i. iiii.ii..i. n. iiiu i.'.up.iii.ii. I us ).u
could nover bocfle.'teil, null! the friend' of It-tnperaucc
wero w-iliinj lo diseard every f.ili't.iticu which con
lain' tho principle thai mikes "uVuiiV eame."
Dr. ale of III anion, hnpod tin" nriieli w.viki ha nl
op'.ejl, he win in f ivor of linrni'4 ale. ihnl in nil its dn-
utii, lirt-iisli- l from the cnnutry. II li lt -vi l, lint in
m ' cis s, c niile'.e r.f irm itioi! in drimkurds is out of
t'u qn -stion, whd-. tho use of cider is halntuilly mdul-d
i in. Anl more tain mis mat in tny iiim npsraie apjic
I ti'et w ir--. ftr.t excited mi I fortmd ny drinking cutsr tt a
, common ho. rti;-. In pro f of th's, h-. rclital boint
firt.tot'i p i itan I of .-reiil int!ret. I'c th n .v.iit o.i
I ms'io.v th - .n- iy .Jl.uisis whtcli ilrh-l .tuumad mil
1 in wttc i l' met us nt every rornar and in every laua of
I life i.ui there ar-oilier ways, suid Dr. M. in which
ifreat nuintiiie. of nl'ohol ar-ute-l One if th -a" forma
' is ths Jilfersnt kinds of renr-s, cord- it-. It", whlrli tha
"tUutkp dlirV nre htv.'kiug ibout ilio country, unl Ian .
' '"S 0 . . ( """5 """ .......
I nnr Irsa than colored ule diol, in wn ch is d.ato e-J s en.
on ol tit - rs.'iiti.H out. I mse rsoe -s am 1 1 iitmist
eve-y fnni v, anl are t.kti on var-ous oe-asmiis. fa
nirnilicr nf III f n.ly is uuwell, o-n : ''en -m-1" is giv n,
ih- fint thi if - 1 Ii lis must hs t i.'i h fure n- I nflrr
' w-.nhiiivj" anl ifiuiy 01 thu chil Ir n om- in fiom tin
roll, th-eirfil mitll-r givjsth-m a litlls "esssncr'
prvint h irm frtnt the oxpoinr-; anl m this way the
fount itioii of .m lu'emp-raic npp.t.te ia mi I, A'hich, by
mu i.y, will 11 int 11 more an I ru nre. :vtmi-tr cons
q t -nr-i hive fnllnwel lha use of Dr. (i iJfrjy's CorJial;
'nrd-hritrd n.Htntai -it one tmi. I highly illHrestiu;
I av nnt of whieh is iriven hv Dr Ad-un Cla.k, in ill.-
i ens -ot laoy v.-iio o-coms i.iirm ,'". iroui mo use 01
, thw article. It wj fit if r.i 11 nsnddm hs? is n tu-di-
" as wo CM!r raauv, m pt-nmi . laeas -s, 10
1 eoe ," visUesl anl ntrlook wil'i her. At fu-a4, it w...
, w way kisiimsI: for w'n ffcOltatl 10 Use .Mieatr
,k.n, u ts soon asiitrbl, ana1 proJskUM it siamula'ing
j rift I. up u Uis aysl-m, wuh aa nvicb easnViliiiy, as if ta
, a n n.icrnviy. tint mis ia n. r) wny yonr
1 nt-l 'adr is hnst tsys i eh Cue arttnis Hr
h IJ t : tirna waaiui swwt-, wewnaieontil wuuij
w "5 JNauatwiv.0) w .Mi.nan race.
; Mr M.'etie I f 4Urel s.al. I h.sa vr Usosirbt it
n . ')', in Halto 1 U l'- preaeau asil(jrt. In mseUs;sle I
-ii s I ., .h I ' f . . al . ,t I , .
! 41 m 'i ' J " -a am p. -.,
J .(" ",' '" " '
, ' B ', ,,f .mo,;, ltinJ du ' "V '
t( nfrj f. , . , ,,, n? ,f,H. , 1
, e,r t.,, Brl.r, . w,, ,j , -', .1 . 1 lb- . hie -. i-ut nt tais
ew,r j 1 Wei, v f" t . - ;j-.ate ,
, , j -, ., .,' t,-. J a., 1 .fi ,u 1 .
1 tlie tu of any (ir.tk wtiiih capa -la of pr(w,.c i.t.x
.j,. , l ,-.M..y ,i,m . . rt,., lo fc i
U I. an I m.i.i a.i..e furih-r. or rrl.nti'.'h ur rotff-
ord' and a.itrr the A l t tr Ii totol! Iiack upon u !
'" ''' ''t-vre 11111 11 micnialri dmnkeniint t
'h' ma in-nurwi. and nnnM And evry Hunt;
f''lf P-hr.n; it muvl I.- !,.,, m.l or the me,,,.
5, . .H- 1 !.',!'ni ,1 a U I'"'1 ,U" ',Vm "f
triMic u-et nt elr, will rod in tuiiimii nrm niJ
, mm vM Mu,. ,H Mnrml to re
. . ... '..
upainiiiinairoitrMiNUlniilranlMi .ivrtH. Mom
0ry .vd.-ne. of 1I11, we liava u nbun.Uuea. Hut tup
i-i tbil into Ii imM rafi-.iui nun-lv Im n thi u.r of ar
drnt rHriLt, whild.tK ihii avail, if fmm the. ririivtiw-
ofmli t lli'ian liny r oou$rni I drinkml) I li.ivr
k town men. air. Iwait of lh-ir Lmo t-inm iWnijtwm 1,1
lafern, merely Iimauxi tliry hid Fo.iuUihad the u.c of
,. . ' .. ., ' . .
,',,'r '""""fl-nt fnur. Willi Ihr ,,rrr f rlork. I
'" awake I wi
w.n awake I with the Mp nii ap. "VVIiuit Ihctr!'
.... r
w-.nl I" jrt n iiiiij ol
.dr.r And in hr went mi, tilt I
ln, ,, ,,, arlielr tvlnnh li-lurlir I ln
tl.i-nl.er. .ml r. V.y otir arquniulrd Ir ., .tnv t..
,, W1, f .,.,, ,,., r'y , )n , , -
, ,, ,,, ; . , krr M,)Hlf r ., ,.. rn m
, k tvvf , . ..,,, :. ,,, 11HMi w ,. ,
li.ul r Ii iqilflif I the llirnf rlr.it tptr.l., ntiJ rlnilly ilir
i!i f wine. II it lit" ilium mtii 11 w.t ptilrr tin i
1 whirli ln e tn-ll-nrnl at a vt-ry rnrly hour nf ihr ibiy
I'li's ni in (lri In .411 roil 1 1 iiiiimiij; lit. ur lilnir. nu I
fi mil nirilio rcm inut of Iheir eider IrnrrW. afirr thn
Irrjj. b,i I lic.imc Km int. Ii inhlu lur Ibrir ur. A i-iihI-.'lie
wilurtt ihk-c ii.-urr-l tiitlint he knt-w a viiiImmiiI
f. inly of tii.ne fn or twtlve pr of vhu prirhfil nu
lio ln,i nf lull, iirlimlly ilr.iinril I lit-c nlrul. nf a ful,
tut f.ilui-r nn ill t S'il Imrrt-l urrultr. nni rnllr I it iImwm
amply hefnre tun tel. I'hr lair l)r Suiitli nf Vrriiuml.
i ilir. In 10 Ihr rn-r nf n m ni vr'ni tulf-riil rvt r
I,- Iroiii s irrti. mi I rr-ln f ,i lu r. r. I Ir ha I a lure
ori'lurd, nil 1 III- I )r ndvi-e I him n, thr nni)' rurr. In u
'lh Mti'iltr nf ,ippl trro-wim I " Sum pen) I,- nW, i.lini
it In lie dnno wilh Ihr -;ri-al irvlur,. .' I iiimu rr, h-l
in-in lie tif.1 lo cure, on lh rr. ipu nf DrSunih. nil IVr
yo lllcy II . vo injiitfd, ami thr rrni under w II nut in--i-rfero
Willi Ihr liwnprr ui'-r pledge. Ir, ilimt Mr I'rri-b-ul,
thr iimr benr. iilrnce uliieli loil ti. In nli-tam Irnui
tho It." nf nr Imit tpirilt, nnd In iliTiiunlcnatien Ihrir U'c
111 thr rii'iitnuiiily, imw Icnlt ill to i-xle,i I llu; pledge In
III" ditulenf i'Vi rj tiling winch run inl ixio.ile,
Mr 3p"iir r, nf Wiillinl'nr I, s. id, thai it u-r.t kii'iwn
tut.ie Cnv nt ion that he wnn uiriiihrrnfllir ruunuit
Irr lh.it rrpuili'il Iho eontlittilion th'ie iip.in llie Inl'le.
Ihr I ar'iolc uf uhirh wa uuderenlul leintlnli, lly llir
ti r-ns uf Iheir app-i.tittii-nl, that e nn-niltrr, (.ippmult-d
'itiJer u renilullnn pntnil al llriindnu) Ml lain id In re
p.irt 11 ptr tz nf 1 1 1 1 . 1 nb'tiurner from n'l itilnxiiMlnu
ih-inkt: nnd, tir. (taid MrH ) in jii'tu e tn llie nileiii-i,
ulm vi rc acneialrd with mc, I mnt ray, that Ihr pledge
rrpintrd it. Ill Iheir npinmn, thu lia.l. Hut upiiu l-i;
nl'j- rl. sir, I had, mid till! hut- -1 inr uii..viiit ; ami I
Hi ml lit I it limit irrniv thr rh.ir ... ..I ui..ni.l...
I in iy vciituie In qiintloii Ihu i;nii'"-'r "( ""'-"S .his 1
i in .rrut nintd and twe-p o f int. J am ,
i rady tn admit Unit il If tunc, hijh lune Ihnl Hie tcuipei
iiti' ctliiiid.ird huulil b raised higher. I Immt mi lin.t.
i al Hi--- eiiuimcur.rnirul nl the temperance rrlunii.il, mi, (In
, Unl .. , M1ri(.,1llly .. e t .. I I , b.lirtr it wa,
,!,, )HVn tl eil urvijed. Who the nulnor ur deritrr ..f
Hi il pledge if. I It n w not s whneier he i, he it hit i
ol.ili'.ii, that 'he wuc uud Ihc gord nf Iho prrsrn) rne.
r.ii...i, in well at generations id unborn, tlui I n up
a id .-.ill him hlet.rd. Do nut llnnk. ti.-. Hint I uui nh in
lo defend for a mo nr.il, Iho ur, lis ii hevrr.ige, of Ii r
oirotr I leioL. 'i...ir liiiinf.pn I I ...nu il..,. . .. .
ue 'If-ett, They may well be called Ihe li t In xrt
thut tpntl thr vine. I'he ir.iti.iti n Iro.n Ih ute ol wok
tl tlMlol'.t.o-Ji drik. n.juit,,.yn, t-try natural. I
1: low- lint ciiiullc" ev l. have hreu mfl c.cd ill", nth.
hn-n.i-1 fundy l.v th-. u.e of Ihnsr .fint VtX r nks.
whirl) nrr pirn In I fir nl thi. day, by many pr..rMc I
Irtei.dt of leniperanee ; Ihnl all patt n.-r. ul the W' ill
tin ve hen deply itiimnd l.y Iheir p n.ii i.mi nill.ir. eg j
th 1! they hair, been the pni-on'-rs of ilouie.iu: liapp.orM;
tint thov h.ivr h.-elnu Jid Ihe bri,-hle8l 111K lltc.it; ui.i:e l
up nil th" b .""r pafiitit in III-! b unni of lha yniing. an i
ihut put lo tin -o 1 lh foodrl nopes of parrots. nm
awarolhal the pio;rn.t uf leiop. 'ratica i gienlly riliinkd
I y Ihe pro'i-su"l Inou It of .e.npsr.moe luduUiu; 11. thu
H-e of vmg atal 'Hi. 1; h-'T. '-.V .l only dots the uidul
genre 10 thete drmke ke p al.i-e Ihocr ivin lor iti-iiulu..
I 1 Ilia pirltallv r tf runs I. an I thus act at .1 pan Isr to nl
en'to', every dtv draw'ui back lo lirunkenue.t tome
.truj4l.11,- cii-ttm. triio had hdfrin.iprd Ir 1 11 the horri
ble pit ; b it ,1 In r,i 1 -Ii r to I e wti ilo iiumher ol Ihoit
who yet w.t'lhol I their h li I from thr pledge, a tatufjc
lory osru.e fur to -lo og." I igrec with Ihe t: c-11 1 1 '-in 11 11
Iroui lliitiand, (Dr (.r.en) thai Irniperanee men ntk of
the drut. kaid 1111 uliii.Kl ih Ji k i iI.mI Ii- totrifice, while the)
lire willing lo make hut very little. S r do not te m to
be aware, th.il trvr.-inf tha dn.-iltar I (pun hit eujit, it
like jcvrrinj (lie c .rd Ihut bui lt him to lifr. That mm
d..rcst the name nf Irmpnrancr man, who it nut nit.
I1114 to make great lacrifiacs if ntccttery. Ii.r Ihc prutiiu
lion nf lh cju.r. flrr tint lraul avowal i, my rniil-
.uruli, aa to III-) u.r of (er iieulr.1 ,. i 1K1, you iiuiy be in
doubt, . i the rra. or my i.l.jci:tt.,n to the utoplmu
f n,i, ,Hirlr. ,d ma then lay. nr. Ih.il I eoutid-r Ihe
Vt,, -i,i,-ti ineliidrt older, ine.lpi hrnt imd.i.f curt.
f.r I iiold 1 .at whatever ii iieccttury it tx-
' "'''' ...
I Bf.Uy. Ihat w. are ntuleJ wnh thers.rr nisj. I .hall
1 1t,, U.l.tpMlts. wh.u I lay thai tbreit imt w. lifh a.
j mur,, drok iiw-jt. at lliwr w al tli. e..iuuie.emriii
nl Ihe lemper.nc- r:r . al.osi 'r p u. no', ana I
nuik. II mrf, rs. rl l Ihr t.sr 'o buy n ier. I Ihere.
fur.' vary iri'ieh I -ubt thr pn..rirlf .0 m .king war iai
" "'' 1
IL ol ittrJf xo ool nt ss-
' r.f .rn.stt.-. .
irJ m.eh 1 auy, .( ir w.yj anl whtLtl
Lu'i l-l t i.e t.mpetao. r
mpeclf I e ite nf d.ililleJ
'pints, wwr ao I .Iruug ratt-r 1 tear, ir we 11.. 11 array
....! ut (isfiry isjiposhmii. I have res"...
f r battrsMif thai hi my irmeiahry nirn will withttokj
rr ImimJs fmm lb" plrslgr, fir the rery reaM.11 Ihat
. Jr i iuc.iJr-1. vVhile I ae'4owi(slj ih.t i.uinrrual
Ir-uihl by t... meant t imp rtatit lu uvrrh.ksl.
or'i it liumso K'srt, that we h.tr but to m'.rll rr.10
. feai-, t mi tltm wit" ate exit with ul. in Ihr lur.tHrr
,r .,rj. r II l ,-wl ui. Af-iu. tir, the eMirte w
,ifWMe 1 1 a,.Hl"d. i prsttti Iy o -e thai, from the
b-.n.i.g. iiuuKar-l. soJ Irunaa d .0 k r.,l.yp.a rittr.i
r .fr.tn.g fi.-..d-.,.' I r ih I'm, rate rauir. ' sic it
ui-n-.in ani sm ...jo t .1.1.11.........
" t '.. at 1 1 1 t I ear. wait r t ? .si 1 m.
1 twt Uu., iiwl" I .u ... tuat I M.
urns-. ir I anl who !o jb t bat Ihry are as . X tut t r
tt riatudi tl
n.r u . piUr tJ - 1 1. (j hI .ind I ran lunlly bop
, ,hr nUrf,, n ,' f,.r..,1, hh .rem,( ,liT
i . b-motins d.rw.rvl wfth Irnntiid .u fitrc in)li
if not regnrdlett of ill mvo tslrlf. 'I m out
tnuili tnoush of Ihr our In ft of ml stettt, to
nt- r warmly otto IhltdrbsU ihrrrfurn tubmit (tlo
ihe wifcbim nf lhl rn.irrnt.nn, wbrthtr thi. er, tihkh
ii rmphat ral'y tbt csutrnf Inimsmly, will not W ai sl
ad. au.r.1 hy Ihr I rmsllo i fif a roumy lniprr.nf ti-i.
sly Hi thr principle ..f lnjtmrnct from ilntdlrd trylritt,
w in ami tl.iaig la-rr, W.atrvrr may he lh dtriinn rf
iIii.i i- ut nm iiiHi-i lint tul.Jrrl, I hll m..tl rhrnfullr
tub nil to it. In cimrlutinn Irt nir taj, Ihat il ati-ity
i ir In r Inritird Uni tlie "U-li.l pUu," I thsll llllfig.
Iy hrr .nir a inrnibrrt slid I tinrrrrly Imp lli.li.thfr
SriilUmru who may dtfrr fieri Ihr inajnritjr Of (hit roo
veotmn, as to ill i xpr.tiri.cy, will rriiirmix'r that, tha
pnaipenty nf Ihe trnipeiancr rtl.fr, i, an i.bjrrl psr
mull, it tn any privatr rntnidrrstini i and In'.iiltrly (Hit.
wrih. ihe tarrifice .f any ludul ci.ee which It celaVjo.
lutely neccinry.
Mr Strelr, . f Calll.t.m, tald, Ihr l.lwiinjf H.!it 111 tx
trndinj Ihr lrnrralirr plnltr, tnailn rxrludr all In.
luxiralii f drinks, varirt cr.rilm; lo eirrumttsiirrt. lu
llirriltrt and lai-r liitvni, Ihr lug nl itrllr it, about rn -nii
op winr and hrrr. In the country wherr enlrr list
o Inn l.rrn k r. nnnoii brv( regr, alnut a. ri.meinn
watrr, the lalmrin; p.unl . tbuiit cider. Tin. it t ir
labo'iii: p. int with ii.. Many an hnnril nm.d. Irut In
j Ihr eaur nl It niprranee m a wh..r, teatuiit in Ihu way ,
it it nr. E-niiii ni lar, In c s-lil.lr lt.ll artirlr, which l
tra. 1 1. f all inlnxicatuij drinks j which in tit oroati.nial
n hI lli.aleralr l.r, I. rry plra.anl In rrlain, and wh.ih
r. rry man ha. tho nirans nf pun ha'tiig f,.r hiuitrlf, Willi-o-tl
iinv I -rrijn nidj II l.riiiuiily th- juier of Ihr apple
whieli pr.'ttt at hit ow n ihmr, and winch ran i.nly pro.
luer tut.. ciiliiitt l.y l.rrng Uiid in a hra.lly nian.irr '
I liry trr lu.l therefore whv thn Ihn Ira. I nf thr train
thoiild he sivrn up; and prrha pt ntk, thall wr not, ai a
nexl tri, In l.r eontiflrnt. hr called iiin.n lo rem. unca
r.ery dunk thai In Ihr lcat pi..iil.'r amount of ale .hnl,
a n. i in .rr i. in ii in.., .. iiaie. . r i iii i nr i rati urrre turn
r..li-.i.' llul let irrntie-tirii rrm.-inlur, Ihat Ihe war
wn ed l.v llrlj Trmpeiriirr Itrforinallnn, it ojsilitl alco
hol t and Ihrn 1. 1 any one atk hiiuiclf, why do I with to
rrlain . idr.' Can hr ri.e any goo I rraton hut Ihit n
i uretif Ihnl small pultun of nleuhtil ichich l rmituini f
Oiler In the (ider ilru.krr, ihnl which it iii.frriiieiilrd,
and hr will (.11 ). ll it it not xo.hI llul why f hntau.n
it is Hot twrel .' ,Vn; hut liicium it bat no iptrd and no
l-f". Add lo one quart nf ll.i., nuc rill i.f ahnli, I, (which
woul t ;ivr it ah ul Ihe prupoitmii fnund m elder t)
ami il w.-iil 1 pn very well. If to every barrel nfcldir,
nt it rame frnuilhr pnts, nnr half piul nf mu.lard trnl
were nddril.tiia rtitiiely Inprririil frrmrutnlinii, would
the Invert u( thi. I.ei-crage nuy huurr make me nf it '
Or Sdppntr that Ihr Until part which it alcohol, thnuld
l.r tulitri.clr.1, would 11 lie rn ilctiral.lr, lo many gentle,
mrn. wilh Ihrir iluiucr in il now- n .' firiitlrmru'cilUm
If d,. well n inqilue nhrlhrr, in advoriiling thntlia of
enh r, thai are net in troth, and In fact pleading for Ihe
il-e nf n !. . .h. ..' . If not thn principle objection, I may
ny Ihr whole i.l.jetiti.in lo iiielndin; ndrr in Ihe plrder,
i(..,lviil)la In H.r wi.h lo rrlnm the lithe nl alcdiel '-
I l,ie. It lint ... k ... if llu re wat fume Iiuji ..nr i,rl.'..l mil
i f-.r I'm jiiin.rt.u ; tome euut r lu.-lanee in wit.icrt hit
di nth. iiolwilh. Holding the war w e hat d Wa -ed i
The i.iiatioti ng.nn rrcnrring, rhall the nrticln
ho Hiloptrd, the votes were taken by firing, and
ih'.-ldeil in the i.llirmnlivt) by a u;y largo iiiujurity
uf tho lioore; iiem run,
Th.) following article, worn udoptcd without iln
Mt. Aht. d. Any pciauu tuny become a member
of this society, hv eigimig th- enuaiiiuiiori, nnd
eiiiifniming t. the ple.lgr. Ami nny inmnhor m.iy
wltlidraw- from this society, by mgnifii,g his in
li'itiioii, in writing to tho Secretary."
Ar.r. ft. The M.t iety th-ill inrot at noch timer
and placed ha llu) I'.xi'cutivc Committee may ap
point. Art. G. The nfiirei ofiliiB Society (.hall be n
I'letideiitjfuiir Vice I'reridcnN, an Kxcci.thr com.
ii.iitt.-c ciinsiktitig of thrrn pcMons, n Trcaaurcr n
. .'"rr-p.in.nng Mini Heconlitig
Kfi-relary; ho
"h-ill h" appointed Btititiallv. in at the next mrt
tug uflh" Society foliWlIm- thn ei.o nf tho Vl-nr
..... 7 1. k,illhoil.o ,t,,i.. r.l is . '
i A',r" ' " ,, ' bt ",C ,,".,, ",r''U L,ccu,'e
,""','",e to " meelitig ol tile hi.clety fit rtlch
limes ami plttcps, as they 111 rutin te) with the Pre
sident tltBll judgo proper. The rluij f the other
illii t rs of the KockUy thill be thr snii.e as nre
ciiatoinaiily r.H.ici.ed to their It -pi 1 live nftiie In
Trmpfrnncp Sucielit-s,
Abt. 8. The Society thull have power lo expel
tuemlii-rr fir h violation of the pledge on due eon-vti-fion
r.f the totni', and readtinuhlo rjllirla hating
been made In n chum tl.ni) by tote of two thirds
of the iiieinlmra (iretcnt at uny regular lueeling.
A nr. 0. The nrlieie. of thin Society may b;
nmeutled by a majuiiiy oflhe membera prrter.t nt
any regular meeting i.f iho Society, provided no
tice otftir.h nmomlmem be given in writing al any
prcvjn-jB meeting.
Upward of an huiidicd ritmea Arte then given
lit to le ruhecrilu.-d to the Constitution as adopt
ed. McMP. Kitlrnlg-, Hale, IUndall, Tillden and
llmlgoir tvore appointed it Comuilll"r uf nominaliuii
to tepoil 11 list of 1. Inters for the Society.
The nhnve crmuii'lU-c repurteu the following
lint, which was accepted and the individuala- ap
pointed the nU'ictra of the Society for the year en
suing, viz:
Wll.ldAM KlTlr.ll.'lH, ")
JuaMII V. 1 1 A I K,
IlADi.r.r I'riocToh, ")
Oroui: Guf.fji.
Ii. Ii. Tibbin, ')
.imri lloe, V.teeulht Comm.
Cheater Hpojicrr, j
William Mitchell. (hrrerpndiu Sec.
V. V. Ilopltins, linort'iriK Nie.
Oo H.niiim. llu- f'nnvvtition ailjourreil witlio-j'.
day, and tbu "I'rt'tidnit oftho Society took tha
Mr. Tilden introduced the fullnwitig resnlu
lUtoh-eJ, Thst tha trafnV in Intoxicating tliuika
Willi nevur cease to be immnrul.
On the question thall the resolution pait.
Ju Ur KiUrid-e .f J'a.rhsvati, rrmarkr-l, that lha
few nl'i.r talxT.t hr prt)e.I In tulwull to Iht eoii'pjara.
loai nl Il.e fsjitt. would b wllhout miifh i-ormrctM.o,
m. .bry wrrr nf..r,ty Hup rrnrd.strd, e did nit
n.r lo a'l.o-alr Ihr adoption of Ihr reflulliai, at h eo.
Irrlaionl. no doiiH il would rrcriie the unan ntnut ap.
probalion (if thr f u-irlv. ,.drr.l, a rrsnlutlon of timilar
im.nl m hi hr fouiaj an.rog Ih rreordt .-f Very rnauy,
if ol al,-br Tcmprraorr 6 a-lrtltt IbrolirhoUl the land,
l iuisrior.l,thst no fr.tn I f len.ptrauee denied, that
ihe trnlicnrnt emte d ed.m the r solution wst an abstract
Irttlh, anj hr wwtird ' im.rert ojwi Ihe mind of arery
oi. br a. rl.ewh-re. the ronrwilon. that It wsl alto
a l-tsrl-eal Irolbi all" h thrsiM tnipire our sfTortt snd
ju da our (oftluet 10 earru I ,( Ihe treat plan l-f beoeio.
e.,rr. in l. h n m ' T f a.al l om of 10a pt.
..fit .fa tsrrrco -ier . 0; I' wat u.oreuvsr a tito.1 tax-
nrl r,tth. yirJ tn'rtly 10 lit ralaiMm loihe -luliasi
nl sffairtdf h-j w.r-' aW .j it t. la. bs Itirad,

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