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: T n n v T ---- Yf- E u A lt D - -
C)f.melr Intt'lligt'iirr.
4. 1lMt jtn lb Mt.;? ww!t vf tbe
,rr cf Jraiet n'tS HWifB. lty-
Jlf .lirn-f" AWw. Qi rilr disgraced
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' iv. ui (! lad riremndUa
.r Ml 10 Ml Wt l rrecml. The
it sitM ' atfCitatttef Ot
i. On the cnM I piece cllln
, pa sheet wterwii: something ft if carrltisly Cling
t mer it.
litre;' said Itif le officer, "lie re is u.e pr
He half uncovered the phtMly cotjc. .m
tcartclr teak t it fr second vr two. Slowly I
began 10 dicocr tl lim-tmcnt of the corpjc as
one would the beautie. of of mV"c:, '!
.1.. l.Ue i?ht I ctcr beheld I
back door, by winch h afterwards entered and fta
tened it after Ii1m. The mdtet of the jury nrin
..... 1 1, Hi "tin mi then itboiitinr under
xclaneholy state of min, which " bo cause
th SCt."
3lh oiiffrc! lut Modioli.
of I
never lure, tod never raped lo irt well mother.
"Mr !." reclaimed I. "Imw like statue! I
. ... , r n-ardv conceive that form to bo a cnrpc.
in allege jflfririM" ' i, ,rrn. The body looked n
. .1 . . ... iL. , VI Bl 1 11 1 1 s -
t (I Ud f.-r xr(t lifJH' been If
f .r i ttf jid rWo4 t N
i'. ibe tt k;rt b IluMni
. .. ; 1
,.. -,.,.,
1 .' ii
l. 7'!ed mw fUr wrj-i-
i,i! ti, i." W iU!l.!r liljl.l I
, ;, lUMM Ttf4riH br. fat be j
.f)t M$hl, (tt NMMtlMHi ttUrmf
fmiwJ bit 4tMrnii4iwi b oaH br.
Her tnru ta f pottftMrm,
10 ytai IImm up, tnj U tlm flrrw fiom
dank lh t.'cbl. and Inflict rd opn
. It.r fcoac tU flift to tilt tXUWl of ' W""1 . "-'"" - ' 7
A niiitTCii work tms uRiTin! Hofcuin
nr.iiii 01 An im m. IWr' Men-nj:cr of 20th
ofFcbotry, conttint the prticuUri of llio mott
diUctsuiR death that linmn inRenuity could in
vent. An iufci.t 17 muntli old ini actnaUy
murtLuA i.v i' oirn wolW" tro pT 1 Uilfn;
ttattr lo Drink '. ! TJ10 monitor mother i an
Iriiti bfgetr woman" naed Hullitan; lic lif
br cviiftonlly in the litl'l'. "f ill-uinf her in
finil.aud had rvsrta'. Iirnfi been heard to My that
ho Miihed it doad or out "I the way. On t.ic
mmtiliig of its dfoth. iwent nt ami )rl tho
hnbe in the room ali n, and un her rr-mrn yho in
lormtdthe peojile u! tlm h.-ute that it had drunk
,.tnt bu-l f.. (id r f(. -1 n H t;Ktl; en 1 ho hid) ! !
f ....i.i..t ttd iI.m tttirrl l'arian
wtfWUr. Th Kifect nsnre the rxquultc limbt
the flnc rre the lull arm tho bauliful
ImM all all uraied in otery n-pect the Ven-
u d Mfduu ec.i' iufi ! the cat gsrwraHy pn
en of bw.
.,u " ...j il.. t..1ii-n nflteAr. "alie ha afsnnieo
H m IfMi 6f priH:tMorHottiotoimgloiliift. I ll.o child could he rfirlwhl tho loa-kililn in Iho
'Vh eoMte vat rlm and ptkfili.., Kt place w here it uluod, ana ovn had tho kettle boon
of emotion wtn there. ; in Kt way, tne Hot otitt neimr.iim wouiu imn-ui-
tkm HHHant IfMOTM
I 1 Am in ky ser hr booom the other inver-
,! ted and wmeiwg oter tier nran. 1 Me wn mb
down to the wai t, whcie !' 6te had toncaW'l.w a
h.,.nrA liBeaiitimteHatilB. For t few WMIient
' ' I Hit I ' 1 in etch nice .
st.r di I withevt ttriafrg'r; tad the c)d bVn4
r ! t ",. c1:Wiely lW fthk cloak, cart tin
. ln. lv.. Iw4y upon the r iiuw tbat.
I! il.nr udown r onprfotiired by any peiaon.
... rtbe bic't door nod etepd in that ruaa-
1 a 'i
terriKl an infant from taking Inild of it.
i-r wai co-nmittt'd for examination.
The moth-
n time Mra. TwtmtJ w aronaed by
f tmoke .'ba rorhad up aiatra and mw
1 l ,-,l ..ti Cm and the loaogleil body ot ' un
r t-mte irl upon it. Phe ran down, raited lb
Stin, in. tho watehman ruthing lo the tpol ret
c ,.r-! die ! dy and (irvMrTtd the hootc from beiny
o.,i.i i' eloak waa in lb room, and at once
i',fv i.pt 'ed the ronrderor. i!r Noble, tho nt
. ,1,.,! - at ' -1 of tha vratch, iiwtantly wont and
arou.ed Mr lb ml. TNy roceiiod uch informa
tion t this liurr. r tiiektn hmiBtoH could ofTord
tV"n. and " 'I' J on their eeareh. On Sunday
tn I'-nof ( 7 I'rfk, llobinaon va nrreatod in bod
ts I.'- b ior !. ; ii ue. No. 12, Dey etrccl, and
tir.ni(t:ii at 1 in to iha house where had bcon coin
1 ullr.l tho fo.il deed.
On weiii' 1I1.' body be exkibitod no tins of
r ii.itioii. b it t'aicd around on hit lictim coolly and
Tin- ("i-r i.er wnf mmnionod, Ji'ry forincJnd
(.. 1 a i'iei ' 1 wmitMlioti of tho trjtiinony, they re.
Urn -J a vi 1 ,t, that ''ho came to her tlenlli by
b.ou-oi iho hwd inllictcd with a hatchet, by
ltichard l. U.ibiruon."
Hiibinaun a nalKe of one of the Eastern State,
bji.1 10, 1 remarkibly hamUoine and intellijient,
An 1 lit I'' u f-r Mime lime 'att, in the employ o'
j ri. u.lill Maiden Line. Hut his conduct
upon th ( i canion, must ftnm turn n o .m..
1 hNck a ihe for mortal. Of hit intention there
ca i iy no 1! ibt, fir he took the hatchet with him
m'h tthirli ''i'' murder wat commtititd, and Iho deed
d ine, he atu 11 d to detlroy oil evidence of his
joiU, h) I .- 'v ,:e houeo, nn.l tliiM imlueo the pub
l to bi'l.i ve that he htd pariabed inlic (lame. He
H ory noli and bijrhly cnnnccled,.ind tho fad newa
fiat m it oon reach m parent' eart may be lulal
I 1 them.
J'llen Ji;w:t, waa a flwly furraed,ntid moutbeau
l.lul (jirl a girl about twenty year of age.Hnd on
iVum'iI by nttiira and education, with talent and uc
C'liiiplitliinnntf which should have aaved her fiom
her ignoble aittiatien.
tin In r'ninaiion befure t'io Corottei't Jury,
llobineon d. nied himtelf ai.d hit name, and attertcd
tlt lit htd ' it totin in 0e honnelhat nigfit; but a
noinaii w-t t- night frm tut bnarding lu'ttsc, who
t iv ore p ifilivi ';. o hit cloak. Tbe fact of hit bar
ini; carried lb 'i itchot with him. is aobstanliatml
by thn bin; a i-"ee of twine attached to hit but
ton holt, which t;ii precisely with a pieco at
tar hed to the hnudie of the hatchet. On leaving
tho house yerterdty, he leaped lightly into the car
nspe which W3 t- cMry him to llniicwcll.his coun
knm o temaie nirnw mw .""
fiurvtatetBe of tntK)nily. I wat recalled V her
horrid detliny by teaing the dreadlul bloody ah
e on tbe riffM temple, hich nmat have cauaed in-
ttantaneooa diwolution.
I then looked round the room. Il waa elegant,
but wild and eatravajrant in tta ornament. On the
drawers waa a email library, enmpoaed of light nov
el, oetry and monthly peiiodirnlt. There
hof on llie wall a beautiful print of Iord llyron
aa the presiding genin of the place. The books
weinllyron, Scott, Ilulwer s woriin.anii tne iviuch
A work tabic, in a slalo ol msorucr, stoou near
by. Il was covered with fragment, pen, ink,
pspcr, pamphlets, Uc. kc. Above tho mantlcpiccc'
hung scverol thoatrieal fancy sketches.
1 returned to take a last look at tho corpse.
What a melancholy sight for beauty, wit, and tal
ent, for it is taid she postered oil to come to such
a fatal end !
I come down stairs tho houto looked dark and
gloomy .all tho windows being half shut but It was
throughout splcndii'ly furnished.
Such is tho bcenca as it was seen yesterday af
ternoon. This extraordinary murder has caused a sensa
tion in thU citv never before felt or known. I un
derstand that a large dumber of fashionable young
men. clerks and othcrB, wcro caught in the various
apartments by the Police, when tho cry of fire was
given. It was Saturday night. The murdered
girl was one of the most beautiful of her degraded
caste. She was a period Alillwnoil. Mie lias so
duced by her beauty and blandishments more young
men than onv known in tho I'olico Records. She
1 l.lili rhnraclnr. find has crime to n re
matltablo end. 1 110 IlouMs-m i.. 4- ... .u.
mob. Let tho authorities look to it. A morbid
rvriirmnnt ncrvodcs the city. It is said that she
threatened to expose Robinson, when she lived
liainu discovered that he was paying attention ton
respectable young lady. This thro.it drove him to
On Saturday the walked ui and down
Ilroadway half the day, nodding to her ncijuaiutan
ees atnonir the dinntpstcd young men
In what a hniriblo condition i n portion of the
joung men of this devoted city !
.? Horrid 'Intgerty. It ha become our painful
duty to relate ono of the most shocking, occurren
ce that ha ever hopperied to our community. A
man by the name of Ual, who, wo are informed,
ha been ab tent from his family during the lost two
ear lately returned to this city and in coueiMiuenco
of hi abuso of hi wife and child, en, was confined
In it'll, from whence ho was libciotcd 0 few byn
inre, on the promise that he would immediately
leave Providence. This premise, however he
neglected to fulfil, and on Mondny last, in 11 state
of intoxicttion.he again, visited his family, and trea
ted his children with so great rudeness, that tSiov
lensnco clear, calm and unruuVJ.und ou being put sent fur their mothcr.who was employed at a ncigli-
Two atiwj to raw. lt will be
that a few week finre, under the head
plot to entrap mtale. we gave an
1 lie abduction (we ea ue mini umm
'A hnriib
account of
phraae) of a young lady of this city, by n fellow
named Me Clintoek, who eurried her to New York
fur the gra'ilicatien of a cortsin (Jencral, who was
il.crefroin Vermont. Since that tiiim.smnc things
U.-ivs irs 11 piied in relation to tho utTuir, which
plocos it 111 a Bomeuhat different light. Tho mili
tary gentleman referred to is lien. Sclh Custiman
Postmaster at Guildhall, Vermont. Tho friendh
of tho voung lady at llurlfurd hivo detctuiined to
take legal measures in Uic tray ol redress; anu on
Friday last fien. fJ. was rurprisscd at Ins tnug
quatcrs at Tammnuy I loll i . V. (where he had
been staying lor sonic tune) by a tap on tho sliouiu-
rfrom Sherill Phelps, of Hiutfnrd, wlio had previ
ously obtained 0 requisition from Gov. Marcy for
his arrest. Tho parties JcttiS. lorkintlio ISow
Ilciicn steamboat on Sunday morning, nnd on
their arrival ot Hartford, Gen. C. gavo hail for
his appearance to answer to the charge, and
has since returned to Tammany Hull. lioslon
(From the Jachonrillc Honda Cuuritr .Ipril 7.)
Nothing definite has been heard from Gen. Scott
since the report of his cannon announced his arri
val at tho Withlacooclmo, on the 29lli ult. Short.
ly afterwards the troops left Fort Drano.the Indians
burnt the placo of Mr. Ilrooks, about four miles
from the fort. From tho latest accounts it would
appear that tho Indhns nro scattering. Trails
have been discovered leading in different directions
from tho nation. Thoy recently stole four or five
horrcs from Col. G. Humphrey's, near Micanopy,
and have driven oil' several cattle. Should the
' ' .. -.jiirrjitc into flrRrrnlmir norticB. it will
impossible to remove them this- spring, nnd wo
slinlUio the prey of 11 roving enemy ,drivcn to des
peration by ths prospectbeforo them, by hunger and
starvation or death. Total ruin must await tho
citizens of Aluchua, unless Government come to
their relief.
7Ww, .7.. if 7, 19110.
In the Sr. at, no important buiincsi was traru
cated to day.
In the House, Mr Harriion. of Missouri, fhun
the Committee on public landt, reported a joint re
solution from the turtcy of the public landt which
are inundated on the Mlssisrifpl and its brnnches,
with a vie to their reclamation.
Mr. Harriion staled there were, according In the
cstimite of tho Committee, twenty millions of acres
on the banks of tho Mississippi and its tributaries,
which were now inundsted.but which could ho re
claimed t tho expense of two or three millions.
The lesolutioa was read twice and committed.
MrGrenncll moved to suspend tho rule for the
ptiriiioe of Fubmitl'.ng a resolution.directing the
committee on public lands to report a bill for the
distribution of the proceeds of tiio f sic of the public
lamis amongst the tovoral Status of tho I'litun,
arenrdmg to their federal number, with such on
allowance to tho new States ct may be ilcemtil
just and equitable. .
The i)i.i;stinn being taken, ii wai decided In the
negative, yeas 03, naye, 1(13.
The bill making opptoprintiuni fir tho naval
service of the U. Siirs for the 1M10, which "n
reported to the House fmui tin- Cuminitlce of the
wlmle lal night, una taken up, and considered.
Mr. Wise moved to rodueo the general appro
priation for tho Navy Vard at Pcnsacoln, from
801,000 to 910,000 widen motion prevailed
The question then recurred on ordering tho hill
to be engrossed fur a third reading, Alncli motion
prevailed, nnd tho bill waa read a third time and
passed, and the House mlj.
Friday ,. -Ipril Q, 18H0.
In the Sunati;, tho Chair laid beforo Iho Senate
a message from the President of tho U. Stntcs.en
closing reports from tho War nnd Navy Depart
ments in reply to a resolution of the Semite, filing
for an estimate of tbe amount necessary to put the
land and nival dofence of the country in a state of
On motion of Mr. Ronton, the millitary portion
ofthe message was referred to the Committee on
Military affairs, and tho naval part to the Commit
tco on naval affairs.
Mr. Rugglcs presented tho resolutions of the
legirlaturo of Maine, on tho subject of tho mov
ements of those who sought for the abolition of
There was considerable discussion on this mat
tcr, commenced by some remarks by Mr. Rugglcs,
on the excellent temper in which these resolutions
had hi en adopted. Mr. Calhoun, in reply, asked
if there was not on abolition society in that State?
Mr. Rugglcs said ho was not able to say from no
trial knowledge. He had heard of the existence of
such a society, but whether il had been continued
until the dav. he did not know. Mr Calhoun said
he considered that on abolition society was as dan
gerous as an abolition nowspapcr. He said, if the
Senator from Maine was sincere in the conciliatory
spirit he had expressed, ho would show it by his
vote. Some further discussion took place on the
--j-- ! ...I.il. il.nrn wnu morn u'nrinlh limn nr.
gument displayed.
1 lie resolutions were then ordered to be laid on
the table nnd printed.
Tho Hill from tho Honso, making appropriations
for naval aflmrs. was read n first and second time,
and referred to the committee on naval affairs
The Senate then took up a bill to grant the
deity may bo practicable, the amount of money
in the Treasury on the first of thit month when
deposited, and the amount of tire fisMhtiPt of the
several banks of deposits, respectively, with their
mean of meeting the amr: also, the receipts of
the Treason for tho quator ending the Slit March
last, arranged under the heads of customs, public
lands, and Incidental rcccipls.
In tho l!nt'r the Committee of tho whole on
the state ofthe Union, took tip and coiuidrreil
tho bill making appropriation fur tho Civil and
Diplomatic expense of the Government for the
year 1S30.
In the SrATi' on Thursday, the bill providing
for the distribution pf tho publin lands wis debated
the uhnloday ; and the House resumed tho con
sideration of the Annual General Appropriation hill,
nnd continued engaged in the discussion of it until
0 o'clock.
The Si!t vTfj, nn Friday was nreupled rut tho Hill
to distribute the public "lands, and ndjourned over
to Monday, without coining lo any dcriiioii. Tho
proceedings of the Hot'si! lelated to privnto bills,
dixitint local interests,nnd to tho geuerol app'Oprir
tion bill, which wa diseiiFsod in Committee ofthe
whole, and not terininatcil when the Globe of Sat
urday went to press.
.Mr. l.owc who arrived from Ahicliuu,last evening
. t.f.tl'1 ..lit' I . UUllUIV 11IVII .Ut'll Ull U Ulll .U LJII1III. I
brims the news that Col. Lindsay met tho Indians , .... . , . . 1 , r ,, h
' , , .. , r.i , , , I S'.afo of Missouri certain lunds.for the nurposos
n P....- mi m lip nllier side of the Wit hlacoochc. ho- ) . ... '
into Id cell, hit last requent waa for eoinc legart
tn smoke. The ieuamt of the poor unfortunate
victim will lj interred this day.
fYri' to (Vr $ett, YettOkday afternoon, about
1 o'clock, the euo broke out for a moment in splen
dor, I atarted en a viail to the scene at 11 Thom
as street. On pting through ChaKl street, I
ratnc to the corner of Thomas struet, which runt
w-pt from behind the Hotpilal yard at Huihoti
ttiftt. A Urfe crowd of young men stood around
the doo.-.Xn. IV 1 , and n-varul groups along the street
in v'iou direction. The excitement among the
j oung uvea tbioughoijl the city was beginning to
rprid in all direction. !
TU tx i a large four story elogant doublo I
one. paiatcd yet1w, tml on the left hnd tide a
vuu go lo IlooVon Ktrect. Il it said to bo one ofj
t hp mi4 sptaodul ottablubmeat ilevotod in infa-
inou lalerconrae tbal the city can show. I knock
. d at tbe doer. A Police Ofllccr opcoe.1 it
steadily. I told biea wbo I war, "Mr. II. you
ctn cnier," raid hi, with fteat pehtcnos. The
crowd rabd from behind frtrkioc aUo . n on
t r tre.
- N i more come in." atd the Police OftVer.'
' Why du yoa let tbt mtn in 1" aaked one of tbe
' lie it an cit-jr- he it ua publir dirty."
1 (-"J I pftated fwrwird to th anting rioiu
or parlor. There I found another Police officer in
rhwjrc of tbtl trtttut. Tbe old lidy of tbe
lionae. Ml. To BnpaJ wa tiutag on ot, ulk
iC t teveral yitjng men. In a great atata of
rti-irtei. Be waa dribmg what ElUn bad
ttU baw ah diacureinr! tbe fire ho the eiade
to ltmltt ih tt'A-i fur ibe waUU. Tbe
r.HMA waa eitot y farouikfd with aurora, tplea
d'J priouaf. af, ou. , aaJ mn rij wf
cHir rWtjwf. Tbe Pel oficr wbea Im
MwrMMid Mr a wowbj yeeliUts ace the
"1 wbM. rrphfd I.
He tiaedtaily mee I f lowed trim. W j
morfiMM a etefeat utr eaae 4r tat ffleetai .
w,Bf a ve ocwtr of Urf daW bet. C !
JwtcW . Vry, tbe PoW atBrr r 1. .
a Itmin a nwui-uJ - - -- ikr .1 . .
J s t.-
bor' house. She came to the protection of ;.er
children, several of whom were very small, nnd en
deavoring ii. vain to suppress his inhuman con
duct, she attempted to force him out of doors.
While engaged in this nttempt to put him out of
the botifc, he drew a knife, and mado two desper
ate stabs at her body, each of which inflicted a
deep wound, tho latter ripping open her abdomen,
so that her bowels immediately gushed out. lo
this condilion,supporting her bowels upon her hands
rhc ran through tho street for succour. The cold
blooded fiend went away lo tho house of a relative
where he borrowed a razor, and after sharpening it,
rnaiio a cowardly and unsuccessful attempt to cut
his own throat, inflicting a wound which is by no
mom dangerous.
The unfortunate woman is still living, hut
probibly will r.ot long survive. She is the moth
or ol nine children, and sustains an excellent char
acter in the neighborhood where she lives.
The inhuman monster Ins since been lodged in
jail to await his trial and the penalty due his crime.
Ho says he only regrets that he had not killed his
wife and also a son and daughter against whom he
indulge the mott venomod hale. We undcri-liiml he
i Ulueeo fifty and sixty years oftge. Providence
Wail a
ut.ll- !
wnb L-.Tti t
'- t tn . 1
.VrJtiadby SuieiJr. Thtirday morning early,
o opening the grocery atoreof Mr Caleb Wright,
(tmimt f Cambridge and Chamber atreeta,tl.e eoat
intj bat of bis ton, Mr Cbtrte Wright, and a ligh
ted lamp, were found npnn the counter. Starch
being made by the poraon who opened the store,
ikf wat found har.t; -ig in the room on the second
tear, qiiite dcH In hit Lai u 1 letter addrea
aW un the ee'tide to hit father, and inaide to In
"ter father, mcihrr.and aider in which be tta
(iibat bit brVth at very bad, that be wa uo
bafpy. bad no iir oopect of advancement in life, and
be Bad 00 cbaiffit to lav la eat one. bat had been
ttwtcd with rreitr kindae than he deterred
tratb eitor recnarbt evincing a r"' depreawen and
! fatdich'1v. II- uriii arnei', at.eyt JO yeart
,:.- -triate ai.J ri 1' 1 arm ni naoiw, rrwwo
a 1 . -s '. ue4 JJ bad attended in hi More
rs' vcre. It aatteired in ovtdenee before
toe t'oroBcr.thit be had taken tbe keys uf the More
fioio tlx hou stating that he htd furgntton tome
1 on? ami ret unrd tueto iv.n after. It is U'j.po
v.r . -.!.' r, 1 ,) 1 '-'rr.Cd HiC
a lew miles tbe oilier sine 01 inu miincoucno, uc
fore he joined (Jen. Scott. Col. Lindsay fired up
on the Indians, who nfler returning tho firo, lied to
the hammock. Thirty Indians were found dead.
Only one whiionian was killed. Further particu
lars, and tho consequences of this engagement, wc
aro iinablo to learn.
Thostra.uerSantco reached the place last night.
It left Volusia Sunday morning. Nothing had been
heard from Con. F.us'.u, since tho day alter liu loft
Tho three division of the army must have met
ere this. The con? eqnences we arc anxious to learn.
Some invalids, who arrived a few days einco
from Volusia, report that of seven hundred men
belonging toCul. llribano's Regiment, three hun
dred were unable to proceed on the march, through
sickness, occasioned bv the Imrd&lnps to which the
men wore unaccustomed, and prevalence of the
measles among them. Poor fellows, they doubt
less find thatfighting the Indians in not "what it
was cracked up to be."
llrigadicr Gen. Pope has been honorably dis
charged from tho service of tho U. Stales by Major
Gen. Macomb, there being no need of so large a
force from Georgia as a brigade.
Wo learn, moreover, that Col. Crano is instruct
tc to discharge likewise the battalion of mounted
infantry under Major Ross.which reached Newman
villc on Tuesday evening, and his daily expected
at Picnlata, from the same state, as soon as it shall
arrive; its services in tho estimation of the com
manding officers in Florida not being required.
lty tho arrival of tho liolphin, from St. Angus-
tine, vvc learn that Gen. Macomb left for Tampa
Ray yesterday.
Piiolala, .Ipril 0.
"I did intend to write you at some length by the
Florida, but she comes, and is ofl'.giving us no lime
to write. Wc hive no news wnaienevur trom tlio
army since it loft Fort Dran,nnd arc thereforo ap
prehensive that our troops have gone to Tampa
woo Hung is cerium
internal impiovcmcnl .
Mr Walker moved to amend by adding llio words
"and also tho state of Mississppi on tho same foot
ing," mid asked for tho yeas nnd nays, which wcro
Mr Nicholas moved to amend tho amendment
h) inserting "and also Louisiana."
Mr. Walker accepted the amendment.
Mr. King, of Alatininu, moved to insert tho words
necessary tocntitlo Alabama, Indiana, and Illinois
to equal grants of five millions acres each
Mr. WalKcr accepted tho amendment.
Mr. King, of Geo. moved to amend by adding
words providing for n similar donation to Georgia
Some dicussion took placo, alter which
Mr.Clay moved the indefinite postponement of the
bill, and on this motion the yeas and nays wore or
Mr Itcnton made somn remarks in which he nidi
catcd his determination to vote against the amend
In the Houei', no business of general interest was
Saturday, Jlpril 0, 1830
Tho Sk.natii did not sit to-day.
In the lioL'sii. Mr. Cainberlenr. Iroin tbe com
mittcc of Way and Means, reported a Rill remit
ting tho duties 011 Merchandize destroyed by the
fire in N. York. Tho bill was read twicc.rcfcrred
to the committee ofthe whole on tho state ofthe
Union, and ordered to be printed. No other im
portant business was transacted.
Munday Jlpril 11, Proceedings of this day in
our last.
Tuiday .Ipril 12, 1830
In the Kk.iati:, Mr. Southard reported a hill to
reorganise the navy; which was read and ordered
to a second reading. Tho hill establishes the
ranks of Admiral and Vice admiral, kc,l
Mr. Nilcs introduced a join resolution aullioriz
ing the leasing of thirty acres of the public laud
in lb vicinity of Washington, forsoveu yours, for
troe, U.
E'tirt'ifrn Siilfllijri'm'f.
Ry an arrival nt Now York, l'nglish papers to
tho -Mi March are received.
Tho news is of more thm ordinary interest. Tho
London papers are filled with important debates in
Parliament, on the Irish" Reform, Orange, nnd other
important hills. Tho ministry npponr j carrj de
cided majorities on nil questions. All wos quiet.
Trade flourishing ami F.nglond nppcaring to enjoy
an unusual degree of prosperity.
I'kaxt. is perfectly quiet ; the trials and execu
tions being over, the public mind appears to be oc
cupied with the military tnovemunts in Algiers j
where a severe war is still earned on. I ho r rench
army in that provinco nf Franco, if it can be called
such, is very great, every Frenchman ii nlivc to tho
glory of Frincc ; the nrcounts of tho actions, and
movements of tho army nro given at length in llio
French journals. The now French ministry ap
pears to bo popular. Tho news that tho U. States
government had accepted the mediation of England,
had readied France and given general satisfaction.
From Poi.ami, the news is of much importance.
Il appears that the troops of the Three Protecting
Powers had taken possession ol urncovv, and tbo
adjoining provinces, no doubt to keep down the lib
eral spirit of the Pules.
Letters uf the 20th Feb. from Vienna received
ul Paris, announce that, upon tho entrance of tho
troops of the three powers into Cracow, nil tho
persons designated 111 the unto aUurosscd to 111c
Senate were made prisoners, nnd it is said to be in
tended to trtin-fer them to America.
Tho Prussian Statu Gazette, nnd somo of the
other Gorman papers, publish a long list uf Poles
whoso property has been confiscated in consequence
..ril...lr I..-;.,.- in tlio Into ri vnlilt Ion. 1 he
number of these victims is 109, an) they resided
within the government of Wilnu.
From Rt.'sMv, tho only tidings of interest, is Iho
grnnling a constitution to the Dun Cossacks by tho
The news from Stain is rather unsatisfactory to
of 'no liiieen s engse, loin, uordovn, bad made 1111 1111-
fnrlunato movement in tho iinrl'i of Spain, by which
Iho Curlisls had captured about n thousand pris
L.Nor.A.M). We have great pleastirn in announ
cing tho acceptance, by the Government of tlio U.
Stales, ofthe mediation ol this country in tho dis
pute with France.
u it limit ruectinrr tho eneblV
the pataage uf the Vithlcoorhtc ha not boon j tbe purpose 01 cultivating tbe mulbury
liaa.iif.Ml nnr inline battle OceniOUBn: III mat VI- rtfim mra uuu I UIUI 11:11.
1 ' ..' . I.,-.. I n. 1. :ll . . 1... . : . r: i.
Clliltv or we WOoM bu been ppriaeu 01 11. a mn iu jhuiiivh iuu iraiitunioii 01 iiiuruuiu-
Tho centre ofthe army marched Irom 1 ori j ry puoiicaiions by mail, w as takon up ami iloualeu
Dnne in two columns, with the provision", Ua:. J by Mr. Calhoun and Mr Davit,
betwnen litem tbe right column, under the com- ! After which Mr. Rrown movod to lay it oil tho
mand ofGeu. Smilh, of l"iiiina, and the leA, j table, which was agreed to.
commanded by d l. Bankbead. Kvery perctu- ; The House, concurred with the Senate; in the
lion uat taken agaim-t aurprise. Gen. liu!)' ' amendment lo the bill fur the payment uf Kevolu
coiuiini niarcbd from Volueia, and Col. Linday' I liimary and other pensions of lite U. Stale, provi-
from Tampa, about tbe mom lime tbal tbe) army
left Fort Drane.
Florida i ibe wt-rtt eontry in the world to
make war in. No anpli ate in uf trans
portation. r.ttrusivt hmt !Mrru. leam from the
nuig inai no iwus oo.ee uouin no ooe'ed in pay
ment of le denoiriiiiaiioii than $10, until 3d
Mareb, ls7, ami of 20 after that tirot-, Uc.
H'ednaday jlpfil 18, lsMO.
In the Se.vvTB, .Mr Ilenton guve notice that lie
wmi'il to morrow ak leo lo mtriducc a bill lo
re-tntabliah a ;orwtilutioual enrrenev fortha Fcdo-
Itoctoa papers that ibe moat cMenie robbery r8 (jioriH(icnt.
wnt ua.erw been ominittou I.H.U, hlatc,, j T(ic bl l0 y itlto ofTl.ct Uie convontioll f
va. perpetrated on the Morchant. Rank in Provi- j Siiin being on its final paitago. waa taken up and
dencc. beuccn the closing uf the Rank on Saturday ..mondod ou motion of Mr King, and subsequently
evening U. and Monday morning. I he amount of rraj a third time and pawed.
Wis tak. .. fr,Jr the vault of the Rank is H0,000. ) motion of Mr. Calhoun.
rcru . - -c'uni.'isanu iiouar I tiijercu lur Mio !!,.. ,u. I Tl.i il.
London papers of the 8th, nnd Liverpool of the
Oth nro rcceivoJ.
There is no news nf interest from Spain.
Liverpool, 8lh. The sales of Cotton yestcrdav,
was from 1,200 to 1,000 bales.
The Paris Journals of Friday have arrived by
the ordinary post. The afternoon edition ofGalig
nani gives a copy of the message of tho President
of tho United Stales to Congress, declaring that ho
has accepted tho mediation of tho Rritish Govern
ment in the ufiiiirof tho indemnity. Tho point of
.honor lo which tho President alludes, as having
been by him carefully guarded, no doubt refers to
tho retraction demanded nf him by the French go
vernment, of tho menaces which Iim was supposed
to have uttered against that country a retraction,
which, in his opening message to Congress, ho
cleat ly showed ho oughl not to ho called upon lo
in'ikc, inasmuch as he had never intended, in tho
language, complained of, any threat at all. The
expressions which the President uses in speaking
of the conduct of our government upon this occa
sion, will tend strongly to ccmf.nl the friendly re
lations which havo happily subsisted, without
interruption!. r twenty ycarB between Great Rritain
and the United Stales.
F.xtract nf a letter from Cracow, dattd Feb. 21.
"Tho Russian troops' entrance into tho town yes
terday, produced n most painful sensation among
tho inhabitnnts. The Prussians are expected to
morrow. Gen. Caufmann has treated tho Senate
and authorities wiili great want of consideration.
It was proposed that married persons, having c
tnblishments, should bo excepted from I he severe
measures ordained, but this has not been allowed
and every one, cvon those engaged in ngriculture
arc to he ont away. Yosterday, M. Meueiszewai
ki, u rich inhabitant of Cracow, though sick was
taken from hi hud and carried to tho guard housi
by cudor of Gen. Kaufmann. The accounts of I'.
departure of Gun. Chtopicki, in consequence of Ii i
life being threateuod by the members of certain sr.
cret soL-a-lies, which by the bye, do not citi,
unfounded; he hat not stirred, hut continues vvV r
he resided f .r the last four years."
DtttrMtii Fire nt Hrooktyn.Th -N. Y.Trn
enpt state, that on Saturday morning, I Oth me'
about !J o'clock, a firo broke out in the centre ' f
tho r-qtiaro furmod by York, Washington, Fron"
and Main s Rrooklyn. Tho llama spread wj'
great rapidity, and beforo the fire could he subd-j
ed, twonty 2-etory framo buildings vvetc dctlruyt I
and from forty to fifty funnies rendered hou.clesi.
Tho lots u estimated at 15,000 dollars.
it. rvi ry ir iir m
hr.'t'tl,, Fk
Cue Ud i- report to t! Senile
tin Ticanr)
with as little
700,000 c 'tors r.f the AuitiiK.an Temp'.rau1
Mmaiuc, for 1'J7, have bten jbtjd

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