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T II 'E U U T li A N 0 II K K A U I)
THU Kl'TJsA.M) ItltA!.l.
'rvr.sn.ir. .w.n 3. 130.
nn n'.t.Mitx sr ik tiik v.
U I li L I A II H . I! A II JS I S O JY,
i.r ri
i on m i: ritrji.i-vr.
' It V V I s IE A a U 1C ,
til K I
TI.p Holland CVenty Whg Cummillo hBiiap
lu-ae riHifit4 by a immlwr ol'titmma rrom tmhm
lart a f ht Coomj. ti rail a ttvrvt.nfr of I)elgatea
ft..m I I.r K-trl townt tberviD. for the purpotvof
coiweni ratine iho ftaenieii on a Sttm HkI'Ihui.
TiiKt:r fat county, ailterrc to iho Van liuton
par j . f.ir nomtlMliaK a CamJuJale for Coogre in
t . a Ditttict. (it! for other purpueef litioby Rift)
i.uttcf. that a Contention will ! ImWeli at W'iwt-
w i.' IL.ii.i m (llnlnii on Ihc I S ill itnv of .May
next, at 10 o'clock, A. M. It i to ba hop! that . """ y Mrirrnm im, .ic.r.ntrj.
rrry town hi tl..i conly wl'.l nU two ur morel '" 'rcfaf Mr n?i nf a lintaturc to rr
dclrM mthMl ftil. 'Jw'w CONSTITUTIONALLY pr.iii.
Wm. C. KiTTmimrt,
Wm. Pai,
Apniuo, isao.
JC7"Our political frlond will notico by the
abotc, that a Convention is fnnnslly called in this
county of the opponents of Van Huron without any
other dnitiiictieii, and although called by what ii
termed tho Wlitff committee, yet wo ate warranted
in raying, tint it i the tindiiguifiod with of those
who make tho call, to hate it expressly understood,
thtl tho invitation I meant to extend lo both the
Wliii; and Ahtimoeoniu opponents of the Jackisou
end Van Huron policy.
In taking thi course, however, the idea is not
intended to bo conveyed that this committee mean
to dictitc to thoie who call thomiulius AiUiiimsous,
the courito to be purtucd in tho itnpoil.iiit njiproach
ing contest, nor to ur;;c them to attend this conven
tion agsmftl thuir honest convictions of duty, nor to
forego the measure of holding a vopnrilo convention
if lliey desire so to do. It is meant esprcisly, that
f they have a wish to tnrct tho Whigs and assist in
forming a ticket fur Scn&loisto be balloted far at the
fall carivam, they may he assured of a correspond
ing disposition uu the part of tho Whigs not only
to mttl Ihnn on fair and honorable grounds, but that
ti:Cy Will bo i'dv l lnaLu it.y f vwoihII .?rir.-
in 'n the selertion of candidates which the impor
tance of tho nccapion tc(uiretf, and with a steady
ijc to the public inte.ett.
The time long viuce camo when the country re
(jinicd that if more was any affection remainirrg for
our invaluable ciul ntul leiigious iustitutioiiH, that
us fi.n.ds ought to have tmitod in their difunce
itgain.n the bold nnd ruthless attacks of its assail
ants j and it may not nuw bo too la'.o, althuugh
the enemy has already entered the ciUdcl and is
making awful and nlartning havoc and in order
I'veti to hope for n chango of fort uric, every inch of
ground has got to bo disputed with a zeal and firm
ticss becomine true and valiant eoldiors. Theidoi
cf surrendering because the enemy has a little loin
rorarv advantage, is base and cowardly, ll betrays
a weakness and n want of fir in now and integrity
alio, which is extremely degrading.
Wc arc aware that the old Jackson presses and
the treacherous conductors nf the new Hedged col
lar prints will cry out coalition, amalgamation, j-c
and will exert themselves to throw every obstacle
in the way of every effort to unite the opposition
Msirn'. il.c Van llurcn Dynasty, being aware thai
in all cases where bmcIi m union takes place, it i
laial as death to them, in tuts State.
Hettce, it will be seen of the importance of lay
tng aside every mtoor eonsitki ration, and take the
tl,M campaign like a bend of utidinching jt
iiots and route the usurpers m tboroujgtiljr that tbey
will nevir attempt lo roily again. We bate only
t . v ill :t and Ibe work is half duae than acl and
tbe busu.rss ie sccoeapluhed.
The Van liurenite. our readers will have
, ...!.:.;) noticed, are making a little blunter in this
i only, and tiave called a ineetingof a lovely band
X puit to be koldea at lira od on to-morrow.
A. II. i uieeuug tltero will prcbably be a wonderful
i;-!av of vOt Uoldeia, oflko oxpoclanu, iocludtng
jxium ilf a doMn of ueacberotM AntuoaeoiM and
Wbig. with tkwir clsnsn for prooiucd tewarde fur
lerettiuK . Wo atuwM really tike lo be preeeal
kuJ witneM the lilUe band of Van Ilureo and Jack
sou u.eo, Yin lluiew AHlisaaotsi, and Via Itiian
Wlugv, coagiegtied tog ether sad phewling fW ibe
rot i en and uboxiots cause of Van Uoreaism ! It
iiio.t osUibtt as amuMa; teene. We abould like l
, t j ee a Ubograpiuc view of tail motley
uisge. lloteter, per baas it any be thought us
genctou to aiiesaol lo ridscaJe tbeto uubeppy sad
rcetbtrs pehucusH.; sad ss we yet hive soawr char
ily for tbew we fcrbeir.
fX" We arc Kteitly taeuted of who the
Van HurciMU a will ssowiaale fut CM)ta) la tki
Di.lrict t la reply we have said, 'Jul liodoley of I
M.JJ'abL.ry. IV4. Jo ot MsddkHowa, Geo. K. of iaforeistrts arriving daily. , ays :
,..,, ,., 1Ju, .-j UOBy HiaayT Tke N. O. Co.wtci&l Itolleua. say. : -So far 1 Tbe Moiican minuter bore Us received offl-
Utuson. a.l w.U Itfw it M m it lvsimH t,m, bed advaaced, tbe. is.d as.de . 1Bfof01,twrI 0f ,ie sl.le of tbrng. ,n Texas.
tlirtlaiuts botuvir MNgbbe Mddy wi.l tll 10 ,,.,,,1 siaoghtrr of wne and snitdKo. H .dviccs confirm the general truth of tho laic
all to stst.d lurk a little and make way for hiui
What a !ur.nv bu.we.
rttciaM is ixoxu r.iTT. Ta UaMh i The whole pepotiimit if Ti!hi wa in tht field,
atasst Vi mi ii) it has bt st'oj rr oVri'- tniriwn unh dttsire to meet the cutmr, assd re
l m Feaasita rMijr m om)iiim tW ih iih- I f,e the slaughter of ikfiKcfe ttgwta and chiles-
f Wktt Atltttsstaasjse Jtf M) lhl tamely, j diets."
prtUVty. TM WU,ij the rsoaassMtst w jmi The Teta Republican f March 10th M)rt, "A
asalntoa lis ikmmi; wlmtoltaMM of the Iteressey company of vtstvltleer flow New York, arrttml last
fatrl-. It ft Ut wards and drku l beuV- 1 ,t from tbo llrao. and o recoiling sxdrr,
r tpoMHt, wbeabJU )r laastled sajeh a ' uiM lor Copvtm. 't'hn swaps nr cttrttitltat; f 1
aatrtul utnr rt. W Un attrtyt inWtfd mh it that wen, k cumnisndrd tijCni.it. II. Staalty ; too
Uaa wtriofUie traitor astlnsrd." ;
"res fas . StoH l'rf.
tT"Wiui Ibst imlvr, tin puWtsealtam stf llili ppf r
olawt, as JI m, fuf the pirttsst, fct lt, Mir Mffitii'in
with the pools eraadaMur f a poblse Jon mat. We
bat r twna lad to tin lMniitki ljr the same mntlrtu
vfcrh vianM mhIimw j pssJsst atn to aUtbd pruf
straw tret, M (wfaiDnUf tuettian, seek sesae
witter bm vrtsiefc rerd a ii.sb's u.trtt ai.J linn;."
The Jactaoninaa of Ohio do liot altngctlicr rtlitli
Ut Van llvien'a noliona in regard to lb tepealing j
of fhtra. 1 hoy find ll.at.lo odmit that JK(r,o
win oe Koing a mop 10 lar, at pfit. I ho Hi). .
cinnaii !!cpblican, a etrnng ocentcd Van Duien I
paper, tbot ipk upon the eubtet !
"It cannot be concealed, that tho I'r.oaM.cra 01 1
Jaw. IUkribom arc. in eentr4rn:c if tomr INDIS
CltirriONS OV OUR PARTY, much Iriphlrr than
Mry irr. Tlio arrogant and ilitltitorinl lunr of a
flow would-be teador of iho patty, with reference
to RKI'KALINO CIIAItTKILS and their suiudai.
i;i;fiTio to proicriU trtry yrrson who will not, in
ltd, contrary to all prccrdtnt and In all fjttr, arc
wa.L calcchtiiii to DLSOUST many friemtn of
tlio DiMiiecratic party, nnd render them lukcwartu
in the cauM!."
MK.MOin or of.ji. iiaiuuso.v. Our rMilcrisre rrfer
rail ton tkctcli (if the Life uf Ocn, Harrison in (hit pn
per. Tin y will ptutive that it is an xcrllrnl com
nirnl mi the fal-fhuixli noJ abutc lavished upou (he Gen
eral by tho Van Ilurru jircmo.
2JTTIie fcuri raterUined anJ expressed in our Inst thnt
r.en. I 1m t ih was lost, turn uut tube without foundation.
ITThe fnllnwin; infaninus appeal to foreigners wn
plncanled i i the Kith Ward in the City of N, Y., during
the rerent election. To vvliat desperation mu t a parly
bo driven, In thtu shamefully barter their country and
th"ir rlll;lon, fur a few Irish votes. Such sro the nc
rennlltt, and such rccklesini-ss of tho Van lluren party.
They nrc benl on wm r, nt all hazards : ntul with furly
iHifiens nf the peoplis' money in thur hands, they arc
now ready to njskv a band of Irish paupers the "rulers"
nl their country, unl secure to the Catholic rMijion an
"asi i lintACV." Mark tho language! llurlington
Free 1'rcn.
"Irishmen to your posta.or you will lose Ameri
ca. Ily pcrccvcranco you may becomo its rulers.
Your own country was lost by submitting to ambi
tious men. This bcnutiful country you may gniu
by being firm and united. 1 yr religion may hire
hare the aiccndanoj and here prtdumiimtc. liyyuur
ptrtevcranee, this may Income a Catholic, country.
Vote the ticket Alexander Slcwtirt, Alderman;
nnd I'M ward Flanagan, Assessor, lioth true Irish-
From Ms Ruhmund Cvinpilcr, vjlhtbth.
Wo have been favored, by n gentleman of this
place, with the subjoined c.vtiact of n letter. It
excites strong nppichcnsions in our mint, and will
enure us to look for further advices with intense
.Monliccllu, riorida, ?
April 1), 181)0. J
The Indian news within tho last two days has
astonished ut. I nm really afraid that they have
treated den. Scott as they had before treated Ocn
Gaines. Thorn is good reason to
cut off all communication between
tho other forces. I taw on yesterday a gentleman
immediately from Last Florida, who atsurcd me
that this was tho fact. I think the information
may bo relied on. O&ecola acknowledges that ho
is nearly out of ammunition but in the last week
ho has cut off Gun. Scott's baggage wagons on
their way from Fort Dranc to the Withlacoochec,
and it is very much to bo apprehended that he has
gained enuugh ammunition to supply him for sumc
J'rom Florida. The following extract is taken
from one of tho southern journals.
Volma, March 20, 5 o'clock, P. .M.
All tho company are well and in fine spirits. A
firing of cannon and bursting of bnmbs was distinct
ly bttard from three till eight o'clock lutl evening,
ftbe guide says) between Fort King and Withla
coocliee conjecture it busy today as lo the cause
and result. It is generally supposed that Seolt
bad attacked the Indians there, especially us the
25ih was the day stated tu us in a general order,
read at St. Joseph's, fur an attack to be made.
i,i...,i."..,"77rirrrr.7i;rMtr.v o
We copy tbo following interesting intelligence
from Texas, from the Now Orlean True American
,. ,.t, :.
isy lite tcsitKsner ixiuity, itiariui, 110111 uraturia,
j a. 1 t. t- t .1 .1 id.i
arrived ofTlbo Ilalia, we loar that on the lSth ot
. . .. . -.
dlWH, WUI, I auUltl UIHQIBU tt,V ..liw..w W4..w..,v.i,
constating of ISO men, under Col. Ward, to attack
.1 - ..-.. 1. nriii
vise sneaicao as iveiuciu, iiuiiiovsriii); u tireii,
-1.. 1. r. k.ni... oe.fi M.i.
....... .a.., - t "
HilltuUl iue toaa w uiw tu. vjh siw rssiiiriiiiu: m
... 1. , . .. ..-
il V'uH ha mas attacked bv a reinforcement ot
W. ul 1.1. cosnnallad t.t inalu lua v.v I..
Uie Kan Antonio bottoms
Col. Fannin ban blown up tho Fort at Goliad,
by order of Gen. Houston, and endeavored to elCjot
a junction with the main body of the army, 011 tho
Colorado, bul was attacked by the enemy and driv
en back.
we alto warn by several gemiemeu airect irorn
Tea., Ikval oa llse20lh .Match, Gen. Houston Has
oe tbo east atd of the Colerado, and tint he had
orivee vwa. iimi ssiswea gutru 01 mo .vicincaii . ttte Ooqr,do. Help we wsm and llitt speoai
array, and takea two tpt. It waa daily oxpoeled : y
tbat an ea.gagea.eai uahiM uU pU Wwe Go. ; ' fa w M corrt.,pondeiit of tl.o Journal
Housioa and Saul Aisaa (an the Gaudalosir-o r.ver. ; n , , V. r .1 i 1
The Toxiw ary coa.t. of aboot &,000 men, Commerce, under th date of the J-lh l
, TU' . rdrta eiven t' the loMitry oetr.g lo epnre
i 'i, i 'iividuai ;et ten sear of age
much prt cianot be bestow W. wi Col. Waaler
i lr bi imtitiDg teal m oar caas.
5rV wlrr ran TrJiw. At I be ,t aeeoMt
fruni Texac a regular bittlo n ulimwl hourly u
pvctod bettcii the Mrxictn ntmv, oUUU ctrnnp,
under Santa Anna, ai4 the Tex tan armf, 0000
ttruli;, under Opn. Ilnimtcn. Tltejr wore within a
abort dwtane of t:h otlwr, ami we may look fur
important adtKa tn a ilTor twti. .May Ootl prim
prr lira Tcxiana.
ftQm (; irnel ,.riWM,ailt f lhlJ KrpgWlc
I bo tow Oilpuirt paport eulitam n prorlainalioti
of To, tJ it ciliiens Ciin'tting ihom to rally
"round the Mniidanl of thnir cuimtry, tnd mnintaiu
itu indo'iidcnco ipaintt the awault. of Us ruthlew
I foe. Cut, Ctntintl.
The editor of the U. Cazette has been fur
nished by n gentleman uf tint city, with tlio fol
lowing extract of a letter, tLttd,
l'rnsfo, (Trrat.) .March 2'2.
"An express has just nrrived, bringirg informa
tion tint San Antonio has been lotaken ; one hun
dred and eighty nf our men killed ; nnd the loss of
the enemy, 1500."
Tho National Intelligencer of I'riday Fays : "It
i proper to slate that there are Utter in this city
direct from Texas, uhichgivoa different version of
the above intelligence. They Mate, in fact, that
Santa Anna was in possession ofOoliaJ and had ta
ken .Matagorda also,"
Tho accounts from Texas most to be relied on,
represent Santa Anna still advancing in his victori
ous career, and tho Tcxians retreating beforu him
blowing up their forts, burning their villages, nnd
leaving their women and children to fly in terror
before their blood thinly enemy. Col. Fanning
and dOO hundred men, who garrisoned the fort at
Goliad appear to have abandoned this strong hold
unci blew up the fort, by order of General Housto n
just nt that moment when nu overwhelming force
of Mcxinns had advanced so near as to render their
etcapo impossible. They were nil massacred,!! is
supposed except their small advance guard. Wo
copy below from Ne.v Orleans papers to tiio 12th
inst. containing information brought by tho De
Kalb from llra.oria to the 3J.
Tho New Orleani American says
"Wo have the followinc report bv the Gen. De
Kld. Gen. Houston had retreated 28 miles from
tho Colorado on tho 20th March, tho enemy hav
ing udvnnccd lo the opposite shore. San Felipe
had been burnt by the inhabitants, it was ulso the
,!. ! . I,,,,,. I loll'- T. 1I..0 - I
Drnzoria, should thu Mexicans approach. Thu
Mexicans were nditincing !o two columns, one up
on Houston, and tho other upon tho llru'.os. 'I'hu
De Kulb is full of women and children. The in
habitants arc destroying every thing, and laying
waste thu country, lest il bhuulJ full into Mexican
Tho N. Orleans lice i-ays
"On the (3 J tilt . Col. Fanning had sent out a
scouting party of about fiO men : they were mas
sacred. On tho 21th ho sent out n scouting party
of 100: they were olso cut off. He then rceolvtd
to destroy the Fort of Goliad, burn the town nnd
r.tt l.'iu iL'nu ihriumli llir nnnmv nnrnnitiod in h.N
:o believe they have nnighborhood, as his provisions failed, and hit gar
.en Gen. Scott arid ....... 1...1 .r'....;ni.i..i t win ttm ., !im.mt,i.
linilll IIUU UII1IMIIP.II.U .u ..... ... u v
tliis, he was surrounded by tho Mexicans, and com
pelled to capitulate nnd lay down his arms af
ter which with characteristic treachery, he end all
were shot.
The detachment of volunteers from Georgia,
under Major Ward, has'also boon cut ofT, with the
exception of three pcrsons.one of whom had arriv
ed 111 llrazoria beforo the De Kulb tailed.
lien). J. While writes under date of .March 22d,
from Caney, a place near Iho positiun of the con
tending forces, to tho committee of llrazoria, at
follows :
I have just arrived from CVx r'"l woro ' 'c,(
nbdul 110 armed men and same 25 unarmed, in
charge of tho public store, but fear from the gene
ral panic, that, thai placo would be deserted, after
btiugtng ottas much as the lighter could bring.
I repaired ongi in ordtir lo rally ihe disposable fiieu
of retreating families, but found every man shifting
' for himself and helpless family.all of which were
' erossinit the Colorado, on their way east; aud I his
! inorninfr Cunt Share, brines that news from tho
"! advance of Fuiming's army, (who made their -
, J',M nod fi..bliB itl
,j,t, pririe, six miles oait cf Goliad fur life, when
j the advance guard made their retreat, which was
under tho command of Col. Wharton, and I fear
Fanriinir and his bravo compstuonsaroalaughtered
1 ,
I ho news is that all the Americana in. Guaualoupe
1 '' v ,;.r. i.
were butchered bv tho citizens, ftpiniard. hucli
1 our fcituutioa, and all will bo 011 their way to.
morrow further oast, and utile. yon can rally and
, , ,, . ii v, r il,. ,ut,.t
ed on men forthwith, to the covur ot the retreat
' a muil u l0lft. 1 woud recoauiond the dcleu
, .... ..... 1 ;,, ,..i. ... ,.1 n
tioo of anv teasel that way to 111 reach, to lake an
1 '
1 hot pices) families.
AOOtuer eiier irotn lliv prai-u, uuuci in;
siuie date, bay :
News of the niMt diaasterou rwiloro his arrived
here from the Southern divisions of our army, by
tho Lieutenant and twenty use" "ho forrnod tho
advance of Fanning' rtny. While trying to
rtlroai from Port Detlance, they worn
jtied lf iwootj-reven bundled Mexican iu
j , pfajfje. Tluy are now advancing towards
touiila. from I bat outlier. Their, letnaut no
. -..u.i t,t Stntt Anna it sweeping cvtry thing be -
lar km la Tea t,wi tkat h will atrne Ihc Al k
Amerieaa xMllrrx out of the etRlf ." I
Utmt y Snnlir.t rttptttinf Sittrp.
We cupjr ftvm the Auirica the aimed' 4m.
cf Santa Anna, rclalie to ahtrtr m Trurr.
"Hli KawllrfWT. the Pni'(nt of Ibe Rcpnblir
camatlr lu t'hirf of the armyuf (lpriii..ti in
I be Turntorjr f Tfftaa. undrr the Ul .f'Ho If! h
iiiatant, ftvm Sen Ai.lt.iito rte Hexar. Ia inut J tbe
fol)min- derioe t
"Wherea a erett nvmber ofc 'o'lmt. in r i.
tratontiom of the lawn ami uh'.iUMi. r nf the M'
lean UepHVWe, wMeh epir..!v f. rlnJ ilavery tn i
i iic .ia.o irnee in an it p..iii..nt ana iernin,irf
anilintliemeelveaiif the Mate of buodnfe in-'-
ratice, and nliiMMt aWlltulion in v hich )am arc
Cenerally to lie fiiuod in omo of the tat( of the j
U. State found the meaiw of iiiipwrtms, by a.-a ,
., , . .... i . i
and bv land, and keeping in fUverj, n tfMial n.un.
not ot coiniwi peofie. ttinii emamnf mat nitgiaoi- '
ful y:rin upon mir country ; Itoaoltcd,
1. Tho lane and instituliutis of list Meairan
Itepublic on utauiry nnd the slave ttedo ahati, frvm
this day.tuuiain lu full force in the whole Tc.rilory
of Texas.
i!. In cornplhnro with said lawa.lho person of
nil eoloted pooplu ofbnlh soxfe, inn fhoi this rn'-
inenl dealared Ace, and this whatever may be the
nature of theconlrnsl vvhfclibind them to their
matters; should said cunirnrtH be, in a dilect man
ner contrary tu the mi.ling prohihitoiy laws
of the lUpnlilio on i.lti very and xluvu trnde, in
which case they shall be considered as null and of
no value.
3. Colored venple, who may present theim-elves
to the military governors ur commanders, clnimitig
the protection ol the Mexican laws, hlnll bo pro
tected, allowing thorn their freedom, as well as
the faculty of settloing in whatever seCou of the
Republic they chuoso, provliling them with Iho
ncresmry passport. j
1. Those who shall, liorcMtcr, contravene thu 1
.Mexicans laws on slavery and slavn litiile.slmll in-
curthc penalties prosenbod in Iho latter.
San Felipe, 'JOtli March, 18311.
Signed, Pimii'.trro nn Cos."
P. S. There is reason to believe that thu 11
hove reported 1'rucla mut iun of Satitn Anna, is c
rfoiull for. The Key Wrtl Inq'llrrr of piil 15tli,
deriving his iuforinition nificially, prnbably frmn Muj
Gen. Miieuinb, the commander in chief, who hud totn'h
ed llicro iu Iho lovcuuo cutler Jcirorson, effew days ago
says :
"It is unilrrslood that Iho inti ntion if Geo. Seotl i,
should tho war not bo over before tho rains roniuit iu
and the inuiquito scuson sell iu, tn tnkc porrrsinu nl
every spot that is capable nfTordinj; iiulrnnint to tho m
vses, mill effectually confino lliein In the evcrg s tt-i snJ
inoriisscs nf Iho interior until tl.o scusun fir nurutiuii
11211111 coincs round."
TYie l'hnda ll'ar. It is singular Hint there is nt more
full nnd tatisfaclory information from Ihe bllip'crcnti in
Fiord 1. There is no intelligence fruiii Gcu. h't'oll, or
Col. l.ind-cy, and very liltic from Gen. K'lslis.
The following is from the Jiiokionvillo Courier of April
Mtien litir inn imiliiii; ofThipiittanfo Inn been heard
from any division of tho nr.ny. Hy mi uirivl front V.
Diiiuc' woleuru lh.it on Ihe 1st it.st.tut an ( xnrcss ici.hf d
there, horn Gcuvral F.ustislating lliiit h vims dolilulo I
of com mid foine for hi- hnrscf. lie has nbuut tt v 11 I
hundred niaimud men iu hit tliii-l 111. Il.ttiu no t'otii I
or fori ge ut r nrt Union to send him, they in.il him-i
sulfitred exceedingly. Gen lliistis wus thin ttboiit '-'.'i j
milts from Fut Diiiuc.ui.d ! lo 5 d.tys inuich behind t
Gen. Kcolt.
ll bus now been sixteen days sioee Gen So It readied
Ihe Ouitlilucuochea. ConiiJeraMc iiuxio'.y is fo't with ! 'Liy, lifXl. To clilible those lo do it, who pte
rtginl to thtrn. Tlmy cammt h.ive mt Iho I idi'iu fer U'llling W illi Ihem, the ttlbscribeid will Itllunil
ntiirthoold lihlii'g ground, its thfir guns would have
l.tfciihtard. I'heio :s lut.o doubt, that Gen. ccolt h..s
marched lu Ttnupii liny.
Iii tho S-'r..N a ru, on Tuesday I.11I, Mr Kent prcseute 1 1.
111e1n011.il Innn sun Iry uoderwrileri, uieiehanls nnd ship
mailers, praying indemnity fur spoliations .nirnillol by
Ihe French Government uuJir Ihc Ilirliu und Milan De
crees. Ittft:iicd.
Ti:xvs. Mr Morris rose In pressnt i mtmnri .1 sn.l
sundry resolutions adopted by Iho citizens of Cincinnati,
in favor nf tho recognition by Iho United Slate nl the
independi'nuo 1 f Tex ts, winch he moved should bo limi
ted, and referred lo tits committed on Foreign It.-hitioin.
The mulion was laid upon the tablo fjt Ills present.
TllK TAlltl'K. Mr Davis obluiiied lenvo lo present a
rrpurt, from the comm llee uu Commerce, aud lo intro
duce 11 bill lo ulter und n in tint tils uol, impaiiiij; ccitum
duuns. (The Tar.ll'of J'U'i)
Mr Chiy's Laud bul wus i'u taken up, sod thai zen-
tleui.in siiukusl Ititglh in reply in tho nbjtotioiu nred
agsintt .1. pa.,ae. On motion of Mr L.uu Iho Seal.
llicu adjourned.
1 1 llici (loesr., the bill inakinr sppruprialious for Ihe
Indian Dtpmtnient, vvut nssed. Alma bill fur Iho
payment ol the sulanos of uerluin oJficars lliireiu namisd.
I he Hspostte Hank quesln n wus MirtliiT ilobittwJ.
The lluusotook ui'lh hill authuriziug th I'residt-nl
tu accept the services of Vnlutlleers ; the (pieliun boin'
on concurrence in the. uiuodtiieril hiu.Io iu tiuin.iriU e f
the whole Aftcrsomsdobule, all tha inntndoini! vveiti
(ODOurretl lu, inoluJiii that suthuriziti tha raismp uud
iianizalion of mu i xlia rt-inienl of DrwjDM t.r 111. ion
led ItttUoieu. The bill wus ordardl to a third rasdiug,
aud lb Douse adjourned.
I T I! .1! ii .
Tho lust eumbtr of tha C.f.l cwilains the raturis
lLiti i allures, aac .ar ar Ittvj imi ; (say W I Ifptniwii liuui
wlna! HapptMrt that otilolbl inembars vttotod, 4 J wens
adinissiatr-tion mm, an I 3U .pp...iliuti. I.nt year th
frctn Virliota.ae far ut they have lfcon rHitVal. Iroill
vote tn lts.n.e oouot.es wa.41 to 37, be .04- u Ium ol
oue for lb udmiaistratiau party.
Tli 1 shoe ttfao 1 tarthqn.k svss icasibly fallal Knox-
villr, Icon, uu the tin instant, ll was MXomiMtuieJ
with . r,0.t ro.CB,bli, Uist-nt thunder.
bling duUul
o have reei 1 Hie Jacksonville (floritlo) ('(rtlrier
cf the t )h April, but it furuittivs lauthm; Uur ftuui tho
(roups ur.Jsr Ge Kuitlt sad bolt.
The N. Y. J. of Ctiuiit.er(.s states, that geutlomcm
who l.atejutt arsis od fiwm SV'athm-toB, repot t that su
arrsD;tnt to umo tin surplus rtvswue lo tho Stale,
without iutf at, payable whto wanted for the us' of
tbo govuinioent, had been agraetl upno br leadio;
in hi of both partis la Congress, aud wuulj bt oairioJ
Homebody in a Loxinglon paper hs recmiiioti
dod Mr Chy as Govoroor of Kontoeky. The fear
that he rety be induced tu accept the nomination,
throw the Globe into a fryer.
. , , , j i .i t s . ,
A law lias been pawsod by the Logitkturo of
Tomi.oo, to reelrsm the pobitctuon or eireoltlioii
of umpbloia aud paper which are calculated to !
excite discontent, uwotloclion, or rebellion, srnttng
Ibe slavst, or free Perao of color. O0)dr are
iu te iuiprtsod from 5 to 20 yoars.
There i to be a Whig Slato Contention in New
Jersey, on the 1st of June, to uotoiuatv a iktidiuV.c
j f,jt ,; Pft.'Jt''y-
!faaf, tUh ou Mr Jmiah nh.JJir tJ, u
i Jlaa
I i T, f . !.ii(t, Cib I e. YottftflsT UHhy. td t.
.i It. hi. (tM, aNh utt. Mrt Ijilhff, wife f 5lmvu
Ih llatJtrirk. Ittth kit. I.yjt Arm, iln;Mr of Cl.
; A'l.ret W'hm, R.
I I rlf. "O ftemtaT nnl, Juhn II. Sttlwall, who
, hone hiu.Mll". .lh lluilin(w l'if-f I'ih. itiktmi ui.
I lo llftiy. ,N.J lu tt 31.1 ymut "t hrr cn.w ialmnni
t cuuHti'-H. ati.1 in tkc Inn r( dttwnl tmmflH-
r, h, rifi.f lr ("h.rlr !milh Jnogtitt t (
" VVh,'"J. "- t I l.nit.
,,n vlfro( Wm u,tHH (J , M"f J(,,m
n..n. fortupfty of ilm ti.wa. tf -L.ttt n
tH u r h.ruJ, unh K.. ika l.J lwi . yf(tt
'"'""J 'fc,,J', ,1,,r '!' d fr.eo.litu
.i.'?I.w.)iii n . n
In I'rlin.o tnf.ltli ll. mi. Clmln ItrtUlrr. Tf.
, vtert my, Otli oil. Mn M.t, .f. , f ,M, j, ,
i. D.t.tille, tCili utt. Mis IlliimS. uf of !murl
I (!, I. Mired t(, (U'rnl IVm-Iimm )
la IVntun, KU ult. Mrs M.rv, wife ' II. I). Ili.pVitii,
t, ttHtl duugl.Ut .if Ih. Utr Grit. S.inurl btniijr, la.
In Cbtrsotle, 3011' oil. Mm Maty Narrw im.tr, CO.
In MtMiklon, Mareli Rih, M m Sally M. Mhiiiii, Si.
In Ilo.-tiil.jhani. M .r. Hi SHlli, Mis I'.tthrr Afrad, fit.
In Wntfst. II. Miss finm It. Ilellnw., lUnjhtrr
ofl.'ol Jusiah It. :d,IJ. --Aim Mn Uliiabelli Knowlluii,
iN O T 1 C I! .
Kitll.Axi., April 0, irnfl.
At n meeting d th friends f Maimh 'aiv lien rk,
hshl nt this itlao till the 18lli Intl., Iho lullmiinj 1 tig 11
tiotta were n-a.l 1
llitftnd, 'I It a I n Coiiriitini of ihe friinlt nf MAnri.i
V Ileus N, lii IioMiiihI l.'arliit'. Tatrin.m Hrt.mh.ii,
011 thstfirtl V.-,l(i.I.y irMsyiwt. l..Vltk A. M
fir Ihe purpts- t.f selweii'i- a can'lite In be tuppuili i
int iirirrsviiiH!ive in inliira mhii llils Dultift.
. ' J V : . 1, '!,',!;
ltemlrnl, 'I hat the Cminiy (im,iil.'i s In tho I't.iiu.
tus n." AdJisuti nn I Uullaitd, re,prrlii ely he tnjuriird
t0" "" ' 'i nur inonusiu sain i.;iiiiiiies,at th
place turned 111 the riren-oing reou.ln.ii, at 000 oVlora
.M., lor Ihe porpon of sclerting randidulis fut the
Senate trthis Stair, from taiil (.'oin.lin.
Tho 1111 Iermii(d. in bc,f of tho nieilin, would res
ptr.tivdy mute your ntlentiou tn the prop .sol Cuiiven
tuin. Tho imp dance nf prompt mid 1 Ineicnt action,
commends ilielf In every Irienil of tho Administration.
It it hopt.d you will bo prciit, and also prt.ouia tho at
ttodance of ut riuny 11. p.i.nl.lo fru n your town,
II. II. Towi,i:r, bcrrtuiy,
ANY person wiHliing lo lake n job on (lie rond
tliut is to be built in Shrewsbury, loading
from Holland to Windsor, can have 1111 cpiotlu
niiy by culling nl my ihvelluig house in Sinews,
huty mi the I Jlli, 20lh hml 30lh diiys of May
itiit. Tlio .lobs will be n t oil" into fifty tods
each nnd .old to the lowtxl bidder 01. e thud of
the money paid nt the day of sale, nnd '.he re
rnuiiider on (he 1st Obtnber next ; good security
given. Sale cninuienciiig nt nine o'clock in thu
inoiuing of encb of mid (lavs.
Slireu'slxiry, Apiil 27, IH'M. lfi
.St'coiid-timad 'arri:ii;i'H.
JiOll salo ut very low .rii rs, one double and one sin
1 Klo WAGGON; on t-IIAIBK nnd IIAHNKbb,
ii' (I (too bULKI'.Y, il applied for sjoii. Imjuiie tf Diis-
ri:u lli't.oi.i.k, or the subicnbtr.
ItnUnnd. May H. tr.ld. in
N O T S C K .
H. II, (.'IIICIN intends leaving Itullnml
inn few weeks; nil itecotlllts. due J . .Sr
OKI'.liN, must he sullied before thu Kiih of
to the shilling of their accounts, at the Store of J.
I). liuTl.r.r., on Friday nnd Saturday, tL. lUtli
mill M1I1 of M.ty next.
J. &.. IL GRKKN.
Holland, A (ii il 25, lSJiG. HI
'5:s:it:Nio::fr' rVolice.
,7 ''ie Jbtibcis being aipoitileil bv
V i the linn. I'lolute Court for tin: district
of Itutlanil, cniuuilshioiiers, to leceive, eiiunine
11111I adjust nil cluimsatid ileiirjtiJs of ull person
agriiiiit thu tslute of
lale of Tininoulb, iu mid district, deceased, rep.
ic'suiilcd iiixdveiil, nnd nUu nil cl.iims und de
uiaiids oxbibilcil in oll'-el tlierelo; mid six tnorilht
fiorn the 2ith iluy of , March Inn, being tllowej
by tnid court for llml nurpojc, we do Ihert fotc
! i,..,i. ,.,.;,. ,..:.. ,i ... .. . 'ii' ,, 1 . .1
,,.mb BJ ,,0,!"c " VV l,l,t' 1,1 u lllu
sinois of our said appointment, nt the lists- dwel
ling bouse of thu ileeoused, in Tiumoiitli on the
IM .Mondnys of August and .Septciubcr next,
from 1 o'clock until 0 o'clock I'. M. oiuacb of
sniil days.
). NOIILK, ?
joiin conn, c""m'"-
Dated nl Tininouth, llii 25lb day of April,
A. I). ia:.8. iy
Ciu;:iiii()3tii' IVotici:.
?lj K, ihe Jiibhcriben, being isppointtd by the
lion, rrt.uate Court for the District ol
Itutland, commissioners to receive-, examine nnd
adjust nil claims and (leniands- ol ull iiersonx
I a C
! g"""1 ",u -'kta!e of
j .1 Kit Ii M I A 1 1 IHi.NNUTT
, u,,. of J t lidnn. ill sui.l district, ilec, ml. .erssr-
eritcel iiuolvont, iimi alo all cbiiiiis and dernarid
. xblhiled ill ohVt iberelo ; und six months from
1 . . ... , .'. ,. ,, .,
1 ,!,,; ' ",' JV ol Mu,c1' lusl l,'S "'" 'll 0'
rouit for that purmiae wo do ibercforu hereby
give notice that we will attend lo the business csf
. our said appoinlmt nl at Jumes ('sldlvell't in said
1 Mmilni. m IjI M..i. I,., . ,.f .....1 ......
.-.VI, V . . .Wh , JUIIL ftUJfU.l
next, fiorn 10 tt'clork, A. M. until 1 o'clock P.
.M. on t'iicli of said days.
i:phhai.m TILTON.
Daled ut Mendon, this 2 3d day of April A.
O. IKil. j
JIlHSli (H) I'll eoiniuuoe to pa such a are
restored, ard to tiaowact ull hutinm for pen-
"". ""! l hi npSco, 2 doors north of tho
,;MJr, jll1M. Ho,Un, f
KIIPT conatanlly on hand,
. aud fur !e, by the sub
scriUr, who ha been appoint
d mU .lgntl fut this weiuily.
H .'':t!j(J, MeptemUr 22, JS36.
7 t'lLL

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