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'LIHKRTY AM) I'NIO.V, NOW AM) F)RFALR ON!'. AM) INKlU Ml Mll.K. ' Jr.riKki.o-..
A I! .11 II V. It SO.
t fj c 11 tttlnn.3 7Jt i a I ti .
W I I, !. I A M lf A Y .
po i:t u v.
t'nm lAf A'ajirLrr tatArr,
my con immTrs Tin: cTok.m.
Th Spirit f T soffit .
lli win; ( men bur
Above llir te,fcrl btstUw wwwll
HowloJ 'ir Hi Hilw blue.
Uprt the mountsffl 1Whwi high,
Ami rwtpt itorroy path I
I)rkn-u and twine rateglrd there
Their msntoryof wrth.
A loudly ImkVi, dr lMu; i
Tost wildly to nnJ fre,
Dtihed oVr the billow'i foamio- blow
To fearful diplht belr-vr,
Craih ithned trash ! the quirertn; jpari
llrvV eVr liie lea Bin tide,
AoJ ltft llubark a shattered rk,
The itormy nun In rn1.
The ilurdrrmmro "trnngled hard
To hold the yi-ldiiij helm,
And Veep the ship's prow to llir surge,
That threatened In o'erwhelm.
AnJ when lbojn;In; ruin ipurnej
Their Impotent eontnd,
They (leT to drown (heir gloomy fears
In lie acMinol bowl.
Upon tbe tagin; iifran then
lltlplcti wai lift the bark
To tli wild mercy nf llie, waves,
Auiul thatemptit dark.
Upon the deck, alone, there itood,
A man of courage hijh ;
A hero, from whose bosom fear
Had Devtrdrawu a fijli.
Willi fuMrd arras, erect lie ttond,
111 cotmlcnancc wsi mild,
And, calmly gaxiiig on the scene,
Ho Lowed Ml head mid imilcd.
A wild shriek from the. c-abin r ue,
Up rushed lii beauteous brido ;
Willi locks dishes-tiled, and in tcart,
She. trembled at his tide.
O why my love, upon thy lip,'
She cried, 'diith p'.ny Ihalimile,
When all ii gloom and terror here,
And 1 mini wrepthc while?'
No won! llio warrior fpilte, bill ho
Drew from beneath hit veil
A poinard bright, and placed ill point
Agaiml her heaving brcaiU
She started not, nor ihritked in dread,
At ihehad shrieked before ;
Hut stood attoniihcd, and surveyed
Mil tranquil fcalurei o'er.
'.Vow why,' he aiked 'doit thou not start ?
May not thy bl -kx! be ipill ?'
With iweet cooipoinre iho replied,
'My hutbani holii the hit ."
'Doit tcunder, then, that I am calm,
Thai fear shakes not my form ?
I ne'er can tremble while 1 know
My Cod dirtctt lite ilorm ."
i h c c 1 1 a ii y
From Me xufiei Companion, for March.
Ah Granger, my good fellow how ore you V ex
claimed George Rutr-en, to his friond, as they met
one fine December day in Wall street. 'livery
thing is icttlcd, have spoken to tho clergyman; and
this evening you will call tho lovely Caroline yours.
What lucky fellow you arc ecry thing prospers
with you '
Why yea,' replied his friend complacently ; 'I
have nothing to complain of my affairs are every
thing I could wih.'
'Your store is filled with hundreds of thousands
worth of jroods your new house is completely fur
nished in tho most costly manner, and to-nighl you
will chooic the chofen one of your hoatt '
Yes, it is true, and 1 inh all my friends were
as well uflf as myself.'
George alghed 'Oh, that I were as lucky ai
you. Hut I am one of the most unfottunato fol
lows alive. F.very thing goes against rro I have
been unlucky in business and in love, Tim sordid
mother of my Julia, not only refuses her sanction
to my attachment to her daughter, hut is uting ev
ery endeavor to force her into marriage with that
old Kclford, bocausc tic ii rich.'
'Well, well ! keep up your spirits, my poor
George. They say fortune wheel is always turn
ing, and if you aro at tho bottom, you arc sure
when it moves, to go to the top while at every
change I must be plunged the deeper.
'I'crhip o bur, good morning. The church
will be lighted at tevoM after the ceremony, we
hall repair to your houc, ubtfoltwi supper I baio
orderod I hope will suit you.'
'Think you vou are a very efficient grooms
man. Good morning we meet at seven."
At tho hour appointed, the bridal parly entered
the church, in J si Augiutos Granger led his love
ly brido up the aitle, l be friend assembled around
the altar thought I Ley had tloon looked on a finer
couple. Young Ruwn canve next, bat be had not
the felicity of walking villi his Julia, as she was
forced lo eater by the ttde of kerned, bat disagree
able lou-r. The ceremony oir, the whole party
drove to the elegant minnow of the bridegroom.
As he led his young uif into tbe brilliantly light
ed rooms, and placed her oa a tufa, he gaud anx
iously Into her (ace, to mark tbe flrtt irnpreion of
her new boue. With a smile of pleasure Caro
line glanced around her. !
Atgu!u, f"lined.i' ).-J f-iurl. t&tte inyrur
furniture '
Do )ou lilt it ''
'Indeed I do. Had 1 selected it inyecdf, ! could
no: have lfi Urur aiillcd ) and see, Julia, there
i a darting French work-table lu llir; next room.on
purpose for rue; oh, o fhill be o happy hrro !'
Jn!ii enyojed her cousin" hippiiicst, hut tighed
that her on lo(il one bti tiot audi a homo to ntfer
hor, and llirn alio elioukl not be aaenfieed (o the
ambttteu MCc of her mother. Julia nnaaeancd a
yielding, timid disposition, and had not courage to j
withstand her mother s arbitrary will, but accepted
tbe altin'ions of the rich Holford, although dctoted
Ij attached to young Rutsen.
At nine, the company begin to aatomble, and
' too! the rouma were graced with a select few of
the fashion and beauty of the city. I he supper
uas pronounced complete, aihI hilarity and happi
Mom teigned in the hernia of nil. During a tem
porary lull in the eonteratioti at table, tho alarm
oz toll of the firn hells was beard ; at the same
time the window cro ahakou by a violent gust of
wind. J
'What a terrible night for fire!' said Julia. !
pily tho poor creature who shall he turned out in
this cold weather.'
'Come, come, cousin,' said Augustus gaily, 'away
with such chilling imaces. Here, take some chani
paigne. No onu must mar my wedding fuasl with
such gloomy anticipations, lcl the world gn as
it will, we will be happy here,'
T.ils sentiment found universal Approbation, and
glastx wore filled lo thn happiness of the bride and
groom. At that moment, Iho dour opened, and a
young man entered, who touched the shoulder of
tho groom, nnd retreating to tho end of the room,
beckoned him to follow. Granger, astonished at
the Interruption, would have refused, but there was
something bo appalling in tho pale face and disor
dered drc6S of tho young man whum ho recognized
ns his head clerk, that hu nrosc and was soon enga
ged in a low, hut animated conversation. In a few
moments aftor, hu beckoned lo Sclfurd and Rutsen,
a Iio immediately left thu room in great haste, lly
degrees, all the goiitlemen had gathered in a group.
Something extremely ngitating eccmcd lo be going
forward, and the cheek uf the bride blanched. A
stillnct-'s roigncd over the table which had so lately
echoed to their gnyely. Tho tolling of the bells,
and tumult in the street became louder. Thcgen
llcmcn had nearly all left the ruom, when tho door
again opened, and one of them returned.
'Come, Granger,' said he, 'you havo not a mo
ment lo lose, if you would save your papers. Half
the town is on fire! Ho dreadful a sight I have
never seen where it will end, heaven only knows.'
Agustus approached the bride. His mouth quiv
ered with emotion, but hu struggled for composure.
'My love, I must leaic you, even on my bridal
night, if I would save you Irom ruin my all is nt
slake ! Hut keep up your courage, and I hope to
return ero long.'
'Ho oon o part 1' ha exclaimed, ami for a mo
ment thu head of the brido sank on her husband's
shoulder, hut raising herself, she added, 'Away,
dearest! you will find mo worthy of you; whatever
happens I will hear it with fortitude. '
He sprung from the room followed by the re
maindcr of the gentlemen, nnd the bride sat eur
rounded by her Iriends, hour after hour awaiting
their return. At last, one of the guests arrived.
His accounts of the tremendous conflagration, and
destruction of valuable, goods trodden under foot,
nadu them sick at heart
'Thank heaven,' he mid, 'my store is out of dan
ger. If it were not, I should be n poor man, in
deed, it is filled with valuable good, but I have
locked it up, and have hero Iho key.'
He had scarcely finished when a servant opened
the door followed by a gentleman Mr Allcrtnn, he
observed, 'I am commissioned by Iho Mayor to re
quest the key of your store, for the purpose of blow
in? it up, as tha'. is tho only means which can be
used to stop the raging clement, which is devour
ing the city. Fngines arc of no use, tho hose lays
like a frozen serpent upon the ground.
Mr Allerton gazed a few moments on his wife
and daughters; but the next, handed the key to the
gentleman: 'It is for thu good of the community,
All I am worth in the world is in that store,' he
'Sir vou act an a Christian, and doubtless will
receive your reward.'
Come wife, come girls,' continued Mr Allcrlon,
when tho gentleman had departed, 'let us go and
tako one more look ot our home heaven only
knows ho iv long it will bo ours.
The carriages of the other guests soon after ar
riving they all depurted, and left Julia and Caroline
alone. Midnight had panned, atid fur two dreary
hour after they wandered from window lo window
in hopes of teeing Mr (iranger return. Hut it
seemed to them as if the world wa on fire, and tlioy
were alone left to rlrugglo with the devouring ele
ment. The heavens were illumined. Lurid clouds
loidcd with flakes of fire were passing incessantly
over the city, while vast masses of names were
springing up to the heat ens, and goods were piled
in the street, and cunfucion reigned over all. Oc
casionally an explosion shook thn house to its ecu
tre, and tent them trembling to each olhor's arms
Two more hours passed ovoi; Carol. neat last heard
her hunband loot. He entered but oh how dif
ferent from tho ol-.-ganlly dressed, iho confident and
happy bridegroom ol the eienitc !
'My poor Augustus!' exclaimed Caroline throw
ing her arms around his neck. He heoded her nut,
but stood gazing into the fire, an image of calm
'Caroline,' he raid in a low and lad tone, '1 am
i a ruined man: 1 our hours ago I was worth half a
million ; now, not a cent. My fine store and rch
good arc reduced to ashes, and the men who owed
me are involved in the wide destruction; and what
is worse, I have rumod you. Oh ! it is thai which
rend, my hertwore I but done, I could bear it
'Dearoit Augustus, do not grieve fur me, you
know I can live on a erv Utile utth you.'
Hut I have not thu little to offer you must
now beg for luiiig.'
Heg! oh no, I csn work I am strong and
healthy and will work for you. How many women
support tbemaehos by the labor of their hand, and
by cannot I V
Augustus prertcd her to hit breast. '1 have not
Joet all. mgratc that I am ' You. rur dearc-at Ires-
j urc, arc left, Ti tme, my carwng of yctra tre
Cone; but I eat! to wntk Km,nil may be able i
If, tvfiti r Trattn aran ' '
to keep ycu from want
Cari.lum by her uoollilrc manner and diunllc
r.niifidcncf vrouHn) her libnd from lita dpupon
drncy, and inspired new 4 in Intn. 'Thn rplly
furniture,' (he aaid, 'nuut all le fold, fur plainer
, will ami our fortune teller ; two rmunn wo ran
rceenolor ojreclica, but ae. ynu lute loci your
, i.tore, ynu tlia.ll lino llie rnt. 'J'hu front room
will make a ery nice ofdee. and with y,mr friends
and p lod cLaiactcr, you will "I'll be able to ctrin
the torrent; while I, lo do mv part, will liucharr
FOino of the erant and uait on rnyeclf.'
With ttianke and alriiiiil adoration for lirr kliid
nei, hu left her lo cndeaior to triot her fiicnda in
their dietrrra. When hj had departed, Caroline
called on the weeping Julia to anift hur, and with
the help of the eon aula proceeded to put her pinna
into execution. Tho coolly curtains mid rarpo'r
were removed. Tho fowI eliaim, chaiidelicte,
nnd iither ornament ero taken out ; mid when
young (Iranger returned at tiny-break, with Sellord
and I(iit7on, with a few yood incl from thu fire,
I hoy atarted with, surprio to ee the motainorplinne.
A plain carpel unB on the Hour, tnd a few chamber
chairH stood around. From a cnitly drauinir room,
it was changed by nome mni'ician into n cornfarta-
hln oilier. The fire burnt liriylilly, mid on the ta
ble wan placed n hot cupper wlich (,'ludileuud the
Mglit of the cold and weary Ino. Augustus scaled
lii friends ut the table nnd departed to tcek lor the
ministering nngcl who had so deotcd licraclf lo his
comfort. I he hour tilled vvitii his youne brido
there, was fraught with mnro tme huiipincs than
any m his most prosperous days.
Hul7.cn was soon by the side if Julia, 'Heaven
has been kind to me,' ho said, 'I Uaii lost nothing,
hut Selforti, whose money lay in insurance, is
Julia clasped her ban lo and a jr'ow of pleasure
almost parsed over her cheek, '.lias, poor man "
she exclaimed, checking herself 'I nm sorry for
him. Now, however, I shall be telcat-pd, for mo
ther only wished me to marry him fur his money.'
And I have now ft hope of obtaining my Julin.
Tomorrow I will once more apply to your mother,
and 1 ntn sure she will not object.'
iW did she. 1 he utter prostration of her plans,
Eccmcd to the stricken woman, as an interposition
ol rrovnlcncc, and she no longer opposed ner
daughter's happiness. They were married soon
after, and were received in Caroline' houhc as
boarders, who thus sn-jghtto lighten her husband's
expenses. With Ins Caroline to encourago and as
sist him, Granger has goi:c to work with double
energy, no longer despairing of retrieving his fal
len lorluncs, nnd no one feels more truly tho force
of tho$o oft repeated lines of Scott :
"Oh woman ! in our hours of cme,
Uncertain, coy, and hard to picnic
When rare and niijjuiib writix the brow,
Oh ! then a nu'utteri" anjei tnou t"
Till ItUTLANH) iii,i:am.
Tor President,
For Vice I'rciidcnt,
l'ltANClS UUA.NGUIt, of New Vork.
ok Tin: runuc si:rvici:s or
On the 5th of October, ho fought the glorious
and mcrnornbln battle of tho Thames, which drove
the enemy from the North Western Territory, nnd
gnvo security, to tho inhabitant of the western
frontiers. The Hritish and Indians under thu com
mand of Gen. l'roclor and Teciimseh, had taken
up a strong position between tho River Thames on
oneiide and a swamp on the other a beach for
est lay in front between thu swamp nnd the river
of about 200 yards in width. Inn few minutes
Gon. Harrison urranged tho order of battlo, nnd by
a manmuvru never beforu tried, runted tho Hritisli
by chniging them through the centre of the lines,
with his mounted riflemen; Gen, Trotter's brigade
of 000 in"n formed tho front line, his right upon
the centre and his left upon the swamp. General
King's brigade, a second line 100 yards in the lent
of Trotter; nnd Gen. Chiles' a corps of reserve in
the rear of it. These brigades wore put under
the command of Gen. Henry. Gen, Dosha' divi
don was formed between Gen. Tro'tor and the
River Thames. Hu then directed Col. Johnson'
regiment of mounted riflmeii to bo formed in front
of all, in two lines opposite the enemy, and upon
th advance of the infantry, to take ground to the
left, and forming upon the flunk, to undoavor to
turn the right of tho Indians. A moment's reflec
tion convinced Gen. Harruon, that from thu thick
ness uf the woods.and the swampiness of tho ground
they would be rendered useless on horseback.
There was uo tunc to dismount and place their
horses in security. Ho therefore determined lo
break the Hritish lines, at trice by a charge of the
mounted inlantry. Tho measure was not sanction
ed by any precedent : but knowing tho character
of tho backwoodsmen, and that a musket or rifle
was no impediment lo them on horseback, ho was
ursuaded that the enemy would be quite unpro
pared for tho shock, and could nut rcsitt it. He,
thtrefore.directed that the mounted rogimefit should
be drawn up in c!oee cliinin, tnd chargu, with
rules, at full Mcd, upon the enemy as noon as they
had delivered ihoir first tire. The venerable Gov.
Shelby,nl the age of nxty-ix, was posted to com
mand the wing near the river, while Gen Harrituu
placed himself at tho head ofthe front line of the
infantry to direct the movement ofthe cavalry and
give them tho neccmrv support, Comrnoduro
l'crry, tho horo of L. Kne, arid Hng. Gen. Casr,
now secretary of Yai, volunteered s Ald-du-Csmpa
to Gen, Harrison and twitted him in the execution
of hu orders. The army had moved on in this
way bu'. a short distance, when the mounted men
received the fire ofthe Hntuh line, and were or-
dered to charge. The horse in front recoiled at
the fire ofthe enemy. Another fire came from
the Hntuh line. The whole Ainencan column
moved viferoualv lo the attack the mounted ri.
flemen charged with impel uoai'y, arid in a moment
j the American column bri-kc through the enemy
mlh urorriVie (.'rep. The' llfinah olBe rra itrnp
rtn liAnn tt .! n k.r, Ihnir riftitlMl ratlin la, taf Ami
nn hore of rednrinc their bmken ranks t order
and thp moiintrd mrr. hrphng upon them uml
pouring in a rtealructlve tlrr. mrreimerwi. i Hn
the left the content was moir setrre w ith the Indi
ans. Col, Jnhnrnn rnrnmanded on that fiank of
hi recimonl, n1 rreiiod and returned n tretfien
dona firo. Tho Indians also attacked the right but
Go. Shelby brought up a tegimorit to its support
and the iiiorny trvpiving n severe fir on the frnnt
by the division undor Gen. Hniftn in person, tr.
treated with prrelpilntinn. The whole llrtii -h
force w oie taken pri'iiners; Gen. Proctor with a
few others, alone cPpnig by the (inrtnr of
their horses. Such i a brief account of Ilarrimu's
v.clory on the banks nflhc Tlmmf. It drove the
rtiemy from our borders in the Wot, and restor
ed n province lost by the treerhcry of Hull.
After tins he repaired lo Washington City to n
unit the ordt'r of tho Government, having brought
thn war to a clno in the North et. livery hen
na hu passed thiough the Country, tho people hail
ed dim ns the fioMngfon nf the Fisf. The citizens
of N. York vied with each other in doing honor to
tho illustrious soldier. F.inn Tnmmnuy llnll was
illtiminaicd. nnd the roar of artillery from Iho bat
tery nnnoiinci'd his arrival in that City. Nor
veto the citizens of I'lnledt'lp'iia and llnltunoro be
hind those of New York, in their enthusiastic te
ception of the Hero of the N. West. Congress
voted him n fluid Mnttil for tho great nlor nnd
skill which hu displayed in the comimtnd of the
North Western Army. The Representative of
the Nation invested him with the proud title oftlie
Heronflhr 'J'hnmrr, nnd showed hi high estima
tion which his services were held by nn admiring
neonlo. The medal which is ol solid cold and
cost about two thoufnnd dollars, ii thus ("escribed:
"One side cni.tains simply n bust likeness ol lien.
Harrison in Millitnry dress, wit Ii tho words ".Major
Urnmd ll'illium Henry ll.irriton" in a circular
linn over the ho'id which is uncovered. On the
reverse, tho Goddess of Liberty appears lu hold re
lief, lenniiiL' upon n slicild and spear. On her Icll
snlu n cluster of military implements, consisting of
a stnek ol muskets, how quiver, und drum,ia heanti
fully arranged nmid the folds of the "Star Spangled
Haulier," and n small tablet in the centre of cluster,
bears tho words" fori Meigi.llnttlr if the Thames.''
Over tho head of tho Goddess of Liberty, nru the
word nnd figures "lliroluliuns nj Conflicts, ,'lprit
dth, 1818." On the sutuu side on tho lo.verpnrt
of tho medal, urn tho word nnd figures "tlattlc of
the Thnmts, OctUrr Clh 19111. '
After tho war Gen. Harrison retired fiom the
army to his residence a few miles below Cincinnati,
upon the banks of the Ohio. Hero liko Cincimia
tus, he Cultivated his farm for hit support, beloved
hv his friends nnd honored by his country. Hill
he was not long suffered to remain in private
lln wn nlnntf.il ii roproaoot thn ctionrnMi.ionl
district composed of Hamilton county nnd thn oily
of Cineiuiinli in tho council ofthe mil ion, in 1810:
and whilo there, endeavored to cull tho attention
of tho national Icg'iHlnturc to n butter organization
of tho militia. Considering the militia tho only
real republican defence uf tho nation agiinst fore
ign invasion and domcsti: insurrection, ho advanc
ed a plan of encouragement calculated to rniso this
right urm of national strength in public cstnnMion.
Upon tho noiv oftho death uf the brave Kosciusko,
the companion of Washington in the revolution nnd
tho hero who fell covered with woundsor Polish
liberty, ho offered a resolution of respect to hi
memory, oih! supported hi r-?-olntioii in n heauliful
uml classical speccli, which is recorded in Nilcs
Register for 1817, nnd which does great credit lo
him ns a speaker. At the end ol'hin congressional
term ho declined a re-election, and rotiicd again lo
his firm. Hut in 13-2 ho was elected to represent
tho State of Ohio in Iho Semite of the U. States,
uml continued in that body until 1828, where he
fully sustained Iih high rcpulattmi. Coming into
Congress at the close of tho wur and continuing,
either in the Housu or tho Svualu, about eight
years, he assi-led to bring tho country into ri train
of measure which restored tho finance, which had
become distracted during the contest with Great
HritiHii, built up our domestic ii.dustry, and com
menced thnt system of internal improvement which
has in so short a period changed tho very faco of
our country.
In 1628 nnd 1820 ho represented the country
as minister to the Republic of Columbia, anil by bis
glowing representations of the happy effects ot'our
free institution upon our prosperity, and thu warn
ing voice which hu raised against military despo
tism, gioatly contributed to urrcst thu plans ot
Luroperin Ixgitimatcs lo convert the South America
Republics into Monarchies.
Altliooi'h himself successful General, no man
ever had a greater aversion to a despotic milnoiy
desnolism. lie wa minister to Columbia, ut the
time HolivarV parlizans were trying to invest him
with absolute power. He wrote a letter lo llie
Liberator, on hi departure from tho country filled
with rnmonstrinces, and warning him of the con
sequences, which is almost unrivaled for its elo
quence, lofty patriotism, and sound republican doc
trines. Ho draws a sombre picture ol tho influence
of a ilpMHilic yrovnrninnnt noon the prosperity ot n
country, its happiness and it moruU, and the tern- j of the Chief who art- supposed lo be facliutifly in
bio situation of ruler w'bu rely upon the terror of i cliucd, would think of opposing the strenght of the
the guillotine and tbe gibbet to govern men. lie
then paint in glowing colors the advantage nf a
froe govcrriment, both to the people and the rulnrs
7r fuiluwl'K it Ikf conelmlun of a Irttrr iiddrtual
mir If imr tunc, vrrun ui 11 iriirr nw"
by lien
HOl.ir.llt, I'ritidtnt
, .. ill'
t , ri ,; .u,...- .1 .i
tLj- 7... .. ,,ifl In t.aumr Drrtlutle rMirer.ii.ttta
... " " I t
livgota'nih Sept. lsOIJ.
"Depend upon H ir, that the moment whteh
shall announce the continuance of arbitary power in
your hands, will be the commencement ot cernniu
turns which will requite alt yoor lalenu and ener
gies to surpreat. You may succeed. The iliei'
olined arniv. at your disposal may be too powerful
I for an unarmed, undisciplined, and scattered pepo-
latiou, but .ne uriucceful effort will not content
i them, and your feeling will be eternally racked
by being oblidged to mile war upon thoae who
' hue been accustomed to call yoj their father, ami
' to invoke blessing on your head.and for no r.uc
j but tbur aobtience to pnncide vvhi:b you your
then their
j "If by the strony foiernmrnt which thn advo-
calea Ut Iho nropomj i iiangrs so surmminiy rc-
pomnionH, one v ii hoot rrpiiibility. is Intrncen,
(Vhtch may pot men i death, and immure them hi
dungeons without trial, and one. where llir. army ia
ever) thing, and the people nothing. I inuat say,
that if tho traiiijmlily of Columbia in to be ytraerv
oil in this w v, the wildest nnarrhy would bo pro
forible. Out of that anarchy, a better government
might arivw; but the rhaini ol military drapntiam
i.nee fattened upon a nal inn, ages might paataway
befurn they ooiild bo shaken off,
"Hut I contend that the strongest nf govern
miit is iImi lochia most fiee. We consider
thai ofthe V. Stales ns Iho stroiiuest, precisely be
cjue it i tho most fren. It oocMfa thn facul
ties, oquallr, to protect itself from foreign force or
internal pouvnlaion. lu holh it ha l.ron suffici
ently tried. In nn country upon earth would an
armed opposition lo tho laws hu sonnor or innio
ellcctiially put down. Not so much by the terroi
ufthn guillotine nnd thn gihbnt as ft nm tho nroua
rd determination ol tho nation, exhibiting their
strength, and convincing tho factious that their causo
waa hopelecs.
"In relation to Iho effect which this investment
of power i to hire upon your happiness and your
fame, will the pomp nnd glitter of n court, nnd tho
flattery of venal courtier, rowan! you for tho
troubles nnd "lixietirs alrudaiil upon tho nxercian
of sovereingnty every hirp,aud ihoso which will
llow from your peculiar situation. Or power sup
ported by the bayonet, for that willing homsgn
which you worn wont to receive from your fellow
citieni. l'lio groans of nn oppressed nnd diaaat-
tailed people will penetrate the luniust rorosne of
your palace, and you will he tortured by the reflec
tion, that you no longer possess thut place in their
affection, which wns oiicu your pndn nnd boast,
and which would have been your solace iimhir every
rni'firwn nf fiirtoon. tlnaniiiiMrlmt In. tin,
il " "i "' " "I""
your auuioriiy can no rnaliil ninud, only by thn ter-
j i"r of the sword nnd thn scaffold. Arid havo those
ever liecn niccesKlnl uniler similar ciniumstnucc
lllood may smother, f.ir a pr-riod, but enn novcr
extinguish thu fire of liberty, which you have con
tributpil so much to kindle in tho bosom of every
"I will not urge, ns nn argument, Iho personal
danger tj which yon will lm nxpnsud. Hut 1 will
ask if yon couid enjoy life, which would he prosnrv
by tho cunslant execution of so runny human being
your countrymen, your former friends and aluiust
your worshipper. The pangs of such a Hitnalion
will bo undo more neiilo, by rrllccting upon tho
hallowed mnlivca of ninny of those who would aim
the naggers at your bosom. I'lint like tho last of
' Iho Romans, they would Mrikn, not from hatred lo
i tin; man, nut iovo to inu country.
From a knowledge of your own disposition. and
present feeling, your Lxcelhmoy will mil bo will
lug lo behove, Hint jou could ever bo brought lo
commit nu act of tyranny, or even, to executo jus
tice with unnecessary rigor. Hut trust me sir.that
there i nothing more destructive of thn finest
feelings ot'our nntiirc, than iho exercises of unliriii
ted power. Tho man whn.in the beginning ofsnch
a career, might shudder at the idea of taking away
the life ufa fellow being, night soon have his
conscience ho scared by the ropitition of crime.that
the ngome of his murdered victims might become
inu-ic to liir. soul, and tho dripping or hi scufTold
iill'ord "bluod enough to avvim in.'' History i full
uf such examples.
'Frnm tho diigusiiriir picturo, permit mo to call
the attention ofyoor Fxoolmncy to one of a differ
ent chnractor. It exhibit you as tho constitutional
Chief Magistrate ufa free people. (Jiving to their
reprooiiluliius the influence of your great name
and tolants, to reform the nbusi which in a long
reign of tyrnmiy and misriilo, hove fastened upon
every branch of administratiuti. Tho army and it
swnrm of oOicera, reduced within thn limits ofrcsl
usefulness, placed on the 'routiner, would he no
lougir norimltod lo control public opinion, nnd bo
tho terror of iho peaceful citizen. Hy tho removal
of tin inciihu from tho treasury, and tho estah
liahiiiout of order, responsibility am! economy ,iu the
expenditure of the Government, it would soon he
enabled to dispense with the odious monopolies. and
the duty ofthe .llcuvula, which have operated
with so malign an effect upon commerce and agri
culture, and indeed, upon thn revenue which limy
were intended to augment. No longer oppressed
by those shackles industry would every where re
vive; tho firmer nnd the nrlizsn, cheered by tho
prospect of ample rewurd fir Ihoir lubor, would re
double their exertions; foreigners with their eani
tal nnd ihoir skill in the nrts would crowd hither.
to enjoy the advantage which could scarcely, else-
j where bn found; and Columbia would soon exhibit
thu reality of tho beouliful fiction of Fciielou
Salenturn rieing from misery and oppfciion, to
proeptirily and happmo, under thu councils and
direction ofthe coneouled goddess.
What objection can be urged against Itua
course! Curl any one, acquainted with (he cir
coiinlances of Iho country, dotibl Ms soccer, in res
toring nnd maintaining tranquility. Tho people wo ld
corliiiiily not revolt against ihemsolvc; and none
nati'Hi, when directed by your talents and author
ity. Rut it i "id, i liit the want of intclligei.ie
auiuogal the people uufit them for their own (i y
ernmeut. I it nnt riifbt, however, that the ex
periment should be fairly tried T I hive also
. , , , , . , ,. ,rt ,
! iivwiuiv wv-viui I, in (!) i'v'vj ii-k ti ni
""v;fra. i iw uw l l i.uiuinuia poaiu-sa uiaoy
. ' 1 ' . '
lfu itf i.linriaa'lMp mi l aula 1. r a
republican Gov
ernment. A more orderly, forbearing, and well
dupoawJ people are uo wheio to Se mot with, in
ded it km)' aifely be aerled, that their fsull
and vices am attributed lu the Government to which
they havo been so long subjected, and to the intol
erant charaater of the religion, whllil their virtue
are all ihmr own. Hut admitting their prcaent
want of intelligeuee, ro one ha ever doubted .their
capirity to acquiro know lodge, and umk-r the
trorig mot ms wln' h exuta, to obtain it, supported
Sv lb,- iiilloe.i(.e of Voor Kxeetlencv.lt mould aoon
' be uhtained-
T'i yxjratlf the advto'age of a free govs-rnmeat
- 1 wu.d bei rtat xs o tbe country, like of
df lwl teiiht them lu rrgaid more

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