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Rutland herald. (Rutland, Vt.) 1823-1847, October 25, 1836, Image 4

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T 11 B "ll n T LAND H F H A IJP.
)l DUAL.
tiiu kvilh or UKAl-TM.
HtrMsitr, tsucwlrttt raist. Tare Wf
a front, I if sl rU M fMi
irtJe imr tiinUr than M tbst ef tan I
be subject ta. (Irrat -n he nywm"? "
crtiilet ; trrcetsi. "X "
a:coonM-d murlitbuir ikons 5 iHri,Uie nntfui)
tX fximp. fiaiiJeer. nJ suitable jwrt Mi tfc W.
'o be bo u tlttly Kh Mm Jilt flue Waft it
to; aod ebotoesrr "I"'! thl, snake s.strwelf tfceee
bj a prr! losl. and b boaie gem in ; fcr
(be tent, the trouble, n .'!! ' I"
lis. but li. tMotPtinl (iflhrft le Bay) .VwinU
vjwj the tfltont tnterliMtetl bf ki J n. wi T '
oa the itry tentnle of tw fast-iiy. whese bMr.et
W only to fdetse their waster, ami U In. "'".
bit th mulei'i bMrii w to aleaeo all that
eomt about lam, snd tmnotunaa Jo frstec eja.nt.t
ffccm too. Vot a canter by !1 hi cost i ahat
s b; .11 U..I be c.n P. or p.d. be UI W.- J
" . ' V . " - r ....
U. Such b.. tbr itwr f h- men in .U
wo,!d, lh.t though .b.y r, ,0 uatd.
ftd to geofrmul) p-iliniilt jtt tbf) ra not to
te clhgrJ ; bjt go iwty. rthr mrylnf tr.T m
ttfltinet' j;tei!r' tbn rknotdinj hit en
cfMlly. 3o that 1 miin, by idnrij; nf c-nlirgwp
iiia cordilton, finly 2"i.il thi rtlicou world a.
bout Mm o mitty more hjtidlo tn !) hulU of htm
by, thio It hid befoif. It ts indd impnf ible fhs'
llthf hou!d increjfr, nd that err, with many
mtlign iccidcnti bendri, ihi.tild not imlriic iih
thm, Tiiu it the dtrk hdow which tlill follnwt
Ihcta thininj; bodies. And c&' U teitainly one of
tht crctttit tnifitri of the mind; the toil, andev.
ry.dty libor of tbr tout. And what fvlirity.what
enjoyment en llicrn be la nrtmnl Ubor t Vnr
njnymol It properly attractive, but labor trprnmr.
Aod all plrnure oJili, end lakei in lomoldinp lo
lh itoret of natcro : utile h oik anJ labir ore
atill upon Iho rpirll. c rl tp'nditij hand ; rare
ia a conumm; and a (in miring ilnnp, and with a
kind of apiltrul, aa well en cranny nppolitc, riy
upon lb bt and nobri-nt thin;! nt a mm, and is
not to bo pnl off i'h any of liio daimiet of n fill!
table : but hit thought, hit natural rttl r.nd re
rrcationi am the tian.lt uli.rh bit cares feed upon.
And ia not that e!lbT pT4t nno, ibinii wo, ery
happy, whoso ridiot ball f tree hitn to lie awakr
while hit fry portor it attny ? And hite j,rett
mii ihtll hardly allow ln.n i-o much ns timr to obi.'
Cartainlr, ruch a one nttaint all iho ri al mueries
nf Htnl, nu left than hr h- hi meal from
door lo door, for ho it na much ttitrvtil, hn
cannot find tctn. he ho rtnnol Cud that to (at;
and he diet at tardy, uh.i is prnrd i Jculhwiih
hcapa of gold ami tilvcr, at he n'.. ii rruslipj tin
ier a heap of t'.nr.oi or dirt, 'I'ho rniiigiily, and
corroding quality of cure are, .u ill inicr.tj nnd
puipoiea of initchlef, the oine, I11 tha coumi ufn
er to dilTerrnt. And whether poverty or iiehe
produeo tb trxatt.ir., the inipipteuin it mjkps upon
tha heart it aliUe from both, Thry itha mil It rich
rtayiBt. rul,l Tim. i. 10; pirrct thrmtttw thro'
xtit iminy torrMt ; and thnte (t ienib) aorrowa
not of tho lighter and morn tr.inneiit i-m t, which
flte the mind but feoble tonchei, and chorl vieitF,
and quickly gooff again; but they aro euch 111
atnke daggers into it ; n.rli as enter into the in
turmoil parti of It; and in 1 word pierce 11 through
and tkroufzh, and draw out tho tcry '.ife and rpint
through t!,d wound they make. Then) aic tho pe
culiar and eatraordimiy rorraui, tihich fro hfort,
ottompany, andfultew r.'cirj ; and therein no man,
though in ever ao lutv a Motion, who rets his lioarl
upon growing rich, but thall, in hit pripurtion, bo
aura to Lara hu aliare ot them. Hut, then, let us
cut our ey upon the highcat condi ii.ii uf wealth
and abundance, which Hut world affords ; to wit,
the royal ettale of princes; yit neither enn I hit b
truly ealeeiied an eatalo of happinem and fruition;
bat at much advanced above all other conditions, in
earn and anxiety, ai it it in power and dignitj.
Tho greateit and the richest prince cm have but
the enjoyment of one man ; but he tna!aln the uni
ted caret and concerns of at many million 5 he
comtntnif. The tro'iblea oftho whidc nation con
centre in the throne, and lode thomtche in the
royal Ciadem. So that it may in ufftct, bo but loo
truly raid of every prince, that ho vcara a erotm 0
1 norm, togcttier wnn t jrtrplt voir, (t lb gtcnt
ctl of priniet once did,) ami ihbt hu throne i no.h
log lie but the $iat inprriat of care.
The leroiK rril which attend" tho otaeaion of
riebei ia an intatiablc defire of gr-tting more, (Kc
clea. y. 0.) He trho kvtt numy i,ill mt te tutij
Jui iriU it, aayt Soljmoti. And I bolieve, it would
be no hard matter to ati-ign more instances of meh
at ricktt hare made cottlaut, than micIi at rotwloat
nttt km made nth. Upon hich account, a mar,
can never truly enjoy what hu actually ha, thro'
tSc eager puriuil what he hai n.M ; hu heart it
ttill iuomng out ; mil upon the chi.e of tnon
game, and o never tlunka of uiog what it hoe al-
reauy acquireJ. Ano mutt it not now b one of
itio grcateat nmcrlrt for a man to have a perpetual
hunger upon h-m, and lo have hit appetite grow
fiercer and tlurper anndft the wy objecta and op
porlunillea of tati.ftction Vet to it i usuall)
Hilh men hugely ucb. They have . and Ikoy cov
et ; riebet flow m upon them, tod yet riehet are
the only thing they are Mill looking after. Their
dctirei are antwercd, arid while they are aotuered,
thoy aro eoUrged ; they griw m.er and rtroogcr.'
artd bring auch a dropiy opon the roul. thit the
rooro it takea in, the moe It ma r ; jutt like tome
druokardt, who cteii think tbe(rot tihutt. and
hc no retton in the world for their drinking more,
bat thtir biutig dronk loo ali atidy. "tIhuo
canno'. be a greater pUgae, tbao to be ajwayt bait
ed with the itnportuitica of a griwmg appetite.
Ileggart tfe tioobletome. even in the Mreett, at
e patt them ; bu". bow roach more, when a man
thall carry a pcrpe ual cltnoroot begtr in bit own
breatt, whoha:i neter leave offer) ih, 'Gite.gite,'
whether the man hit any Iking to rive or aw t
Boeh a owj.thoegh ever 10 rarh, u like a nan with
a camereut charge ofctnlaltM, with a -real mia
hungry moot be aboot hint to be AmI. and httle oe
nothing to feed them w.tb, pof cieaif. ,0 Wm.
der the power of new neco!, oVtn,,,.
hereta. cttore. conrtdtrod in n,eti, iBt1 a, ,f(JC
to lti own rulet, it coMfftieat with lutje, ,,4 xm.
on and rehgu-a tntble tit to take ap wuk Iom and
ac . add toil, .trtngik, by eo4..ct.o- ... tpt'i.e,,
d retreocbiiii itt ooeawone Tl-re it no tvu.
ditwn ao Ml ,BJ tffl .ear, Ut extent it. ,rd w..l
k a necrttar, tjpp.ement to ma.e a mar. ;.(r ,
il i , arid to cojp as w,.ld lle HtM
tr war wft 1 f
rtng after A d if t -
.fj e,
Mt mrr i rises tr rttrfinrWr iwpnw
bistree-if t Of Sidtfrrre fcMMxie I ttkow de
jsree and nfln'J- MRp'tr, e'til Jwimxntf bit
tn k Rif aasw relief ! trt lo Ibat pit
wWtrh bar elreedv be. 11.. l tM(f for eMiVtM.
mi Ihe jtfi tnete net .1 bktom; twch lanvrr M
y ml pltmtvit. but ia tin IWtK or re
ef iMnf, ftV it far lfc iibl i!.b"m t
arc now pmV..a X.irnfct diffcn-mw tMrc bo
ith mn ow Hm n4 nr. u
debt, ti Jj?ct j t MAi4r, Uniiwif h
gt. r fh niirrn 9 urb di-nitiif.aiitipJ.
,.1 rllr.i upon br liir jfrfti'. of hi '.r' J-ir
h !ii'n i5fi--r k bauil ml fpni! t rcrj
hi-iif, bl t4irt Wfco tor e rrj log fipr l.m f"t wlm
In- hum lfn i.i'lb pu!lei nj b"l(H!
lido IMl wbttli i.nble lo (! i f-r tlw
r mm mttn..t cif( bit rrrUlQtr. " nrrtbw
Ur nch insi 'ifv bin y'arpinK, ' !ire.
And tbi i lw i.ir 4 and nlt-rl 4 mem
ri(lir; and men fnl only, lbt tUrf iuy lag rf
pr,p'e j, ; Jt,w i
principle, it m u.n.t il.ai ihr enwrtow pf'
J fcopp.... ho ,
tiecl tw, wlin pprt lirnJ liitiiif wodiT that n u
dition, which f !l lnny in 1 lie w. rk' ht mM kJc
tub coi;ar rot,
Mri iiniTOK. I ley it downaa a prcpoei-inn i.nt
tn be denied, that a peraju of inquiring min J an;'
eioe nfttorvalin, may ifullwr uaeful inttri:rtin
and informaliun, from Kiunc1! which a rar"!'s
spectator would pam unnoticed, ae an t-vcry day
occuiamc. 1 am in th habit of vitiiioj; our
routi of jjatico, hi tkrjf ore tamed, for the por
poM) buth of aniMtmeol and to obtain n Intlc
knuu lodge of tho world. I Co J it a:i e.xrellfiit
school in which to lenrn th m at proit.inei.t limit
of human niture. The ooj aix) the bnd, thi
rcit aod Uib w ie, Ihe kuavo un,J tho fuol, llif"
loarned and the unlearned, wild e'laraetere.pmiiiiiifii,
nnd prnpenainer', ae varifd an the lo'.mi. nf ilrf
chnmelion, are to bo met with in the interior of a
court houi. On on oceation, 1 paid my iitnn!
Vifit lo ace ifthere unre any thing rek'tilatod t'i
itrTord the "loolicr on in Venn " Hoificient iuierctl
in remain within Ihe walli, on a wet and gloomy
dy. A ponr, goant and paled faced individual,
who hnd epparrnlly been Um incarcerated! pd.
son, r.a arraingod for trial una charge " haui'g
pM"d a rumll ooun'urfoit Hank Dote fur a (;r in.iiip
oil". To the chnrge nllr'tfed ngnimtt hjin.lio plcod
od, fby advice of L-u:-$e.) not gui!)y.' Tin: cm-di-ncf
iva introduced pre. and con, nnd tlic proac
ciiling attorney labortd with nil life might to con
vince thu jury of bis gu.li. IIIh aim eutmrd to he
f.jr conviriion, right or wrong. (,'n i, ,iier tj,if t
overy nook nnd corner of tho law, (. may ,1, ex
proai myr-eir,) na r ought out by wIi'kIi to lot the
prisoner encapp.
Ho was foond g lilly and tciitcncud to htaios pri
Fon In-a turin cifyc-are. As hu wag about to bo
remanded to prison, tho proriViii of a Lni.k who
had been n w itnets ngninst bin;, ruot him in ilu
lobby ofthe coutt l.oube, when a dialogue oneued
boluri'ii I hem. -r
"Weli" Fays tho PrejidJnt of iho bank, "you
rascal, tlipy have conva'tod.yoii I unilprslHiiil. it'
I had the power I would have you liangod fur btich
an 'iflunce. '
"I know you would,'1 rcplird tho convict, "and
if I had tho power, I might with r.qu.il propriety
have you hanged.''
"What do yon mtion by etich insolence!" t-aid
tho Bank man,
"I moan n at I say.rcplied iho othar, "and I
itand ready to prove i."
"How, what have 1 done?" said tho Hank
"The distinction between you and rno i not a?
great ae you may imagine," laid tho convict;
"It in true that you roll in wealth, vvliilat 1 KOt
wtistpvcr chanco throws in my way you never
added a cpiiI to tho wx-lfaro of sociply.aud I Imvp
never dimioishcJu one. Vou hgvo never culttva
ted the soil, nor pursued any art.lrade. or mystery
which would coimibule If. be.iofit mankind, hoi
your wealth ha been cxt-iriod from the p(M)r, nn
fiom the hard oaroitioH of their industry. Vour
rartA-i upon the general fund f tho l..boiin part of
ociety, Im-o bcon ftij thoutandii of dolla't. ,Mv
draft, h8c been email, ns 11 requirurl but little t'o
support one who mnroj in Ihe nphut0 nf l.fe.whiil,
I have led. Vou atg tho primarv cau.o of aeuin.r
fle money afluat. have b.-eii'convictod ornawT.
ing a counierfeit tlrreo dollar u..iciud m.ut thuro-f-re
.offer lhc tXspn ailj pul.if ,,.,,, fa feim
',u uni' ""ldor iamu ,,f J.,llk i.
..dent, have poefceted from tho community your
great weal.h, and can ow r;0o ln your
to (ithorshaM 1., u
riH.ii a cuuinaraiirt!.v
.. , . uoi coalmen: tn a aiate'd
. net a l.ntitw -., w, p,ft(sd WUw ,
v ct hadceaaod hu dueoorte. tho VaaU man hailed
hi. t.lk umWell. to pr..ict him from the .aiB.l,.r
H upon hi. J,e..ad went away wl.iUt tl bet
, ??. ,U'ir "f WunlwWl thNNidol-
lar bill, tack un.heliered from tiie rain to lot cell
phatnally oxtjn 11, that fellow it no WI !
Jacoii iloRrfl.AMl.
1 1 V" !-o,r'-'.b.v.(r eultr. 1 .to i'.rlaertb. f r
the purJ OI. ulcjrtyms w le
MCKSXirill.V(i fIL'StXESS,
10 the II, rk M , t, , ,,.,,, lb .,. ,., ,
mlmm 1
r Ih.l th. y ;itr , , . s,-d , k si j
trcuuiUlf , u...u., ,, ., ....
will b. r.
tu U.. there woli U nl.r..l. . i ..... . ' u
t e, ,h.ref it, shati 'tV,eX .h ,, 7 ,
filtlfl.Y SIM,
.-a.ed ih. b.,t , utt. ilom ,u. rw " u,;"V
II vaiMoxn i v'ti' er anitj . r
m. in
... .1 . ' V ol iHie!i
PurbMce Tut
ft")lf.t. 10 h. u:v!
t iIn?Yi:VK OOKS.'
w i1' u.'"n of ! kind ol
rV'h "A h- J'ndKocd pipe,
piper, wi,i
TI'ST rrrnied by JAJ". MAHIIM i . it., an
I-8T rrrnted k JAMIW ItAHHKTT, Jr., an
in O I 5 i
traitin of aiffrit a variety aa can he foimd 111 ,
any Srwe 111 ffie et , n't. 'I'r b..P (Soode im
bought lo
r bllM Hilt DV n 1
fpHJl I Okt.
It..(l.al. ."rfV m lW
U, h. . f t m O00 P V.XONY
Mff IT. ih- . 1 .. H0tK. 1 h .in
ipe""o ytj B I. I b Shrj. r
ra h. .V H . r le r.r if t)r. ih
vVelktR m 1 II 1 i.wmr lii m (;wemiJ, 1ry. Rlr
ntmm I J-t. D " J 1 KutlaiiJ, Vt. A
'IbeoT er..lil wi-l f-e rhr- tl fMlBH-!.
' (KOR(K M. ItVHftf
rr. '
in a - o"l-ee th.il I. t' nli'rib-r. ,
k.vrirn m ...n. IVIM.IVM H Mill V, Jr. hi.
rfntefrom J ufter iht 1 te ai'd Ih'A le t al hbirti
lomirfynri i.-r lirnei .otl r'wlve khrnern wii". !
rrftot wll talit -lu net te lhcr f auJ gureto tin in-
elttliiitvrJ.il)!'. I
r.-'., - -t I i
;3n:u; flctt ) Rutin Otmq Step
CnuTl. I
nitli:cl fCrrn'an. ) Fun. Tkiui, 183". i
KKIiNANlma prefurvd her petition to1
lift? Hon. Suprt-me Ouit nftlip Stie otVi-r- 1
iluiiI, next to be llnlili n nt liutliinii vvitliin ami
for the county of Kullaiid mi the luesday next
foltdwiriK the fourtli TucmIiv in .1 ntntnry, l$37,
whireiu ln) wis filth ihnt nt .Midilli'liurv, in the
county of A(!(ii?on, mi the20tli ihiy of I Vbruaiy,
I SilO, --Iip. was lawfully tntinietllo .J ic-liHe-l Ken
nan, then of Alenilon, in ihe loutity of lliitlAtxl
nfuieMiid, now alruiult-d in jmrts unknown, by
Clintlet Liiislny, 15q. a Jo-iici; of tiiu INace
wilhfn and fur 1 lie roimiv o( Atldimm, nml lliut
1 1 0 iioitiiiopil to live in iluu (ilisci VHiic of nil tin
mnrritgH f t vTiianls on her jn;t fmin tlmt lime
iititil II. i- 1st day of July, 133G. when lhc mill
.ilii lnal lntHlly regit dh'frs of his timrr in- euvi
nnr.la with llio pi-liiiuiier on hu jurl iiikJ wiihmit
nnv j list raiiso, wilfully iIcmtIihI the peiitionur
anil Mill ilolh neglect to afford the pi thinner nnv
moiiin of Mippuri or iici'sauVs of lift-, Iml iiml
hatli 11 rated her with inlolenitih- si'vetiiy in vio
latlon of In'-, inairiage rovcupni, wherein M.e
piavs mid emirl In griuil her n hill of ilivoitc fiom
tlie Miid iMiclind .nu! lli.it the houils of nuitiiiuu
ny iiinv hi-(iL-solvi'd, nml that such inil nf tin
vairt .MirliniilN iNlate m.iy be nvsifiiud n:id Ie
ereeil lo lu-r ns tn.iy iippi i.r icaoiialjle.
I5v UEUI5FN lt.TIIIlALL,;i-.'7jr.
Dated ut Uutlrtiid Oct. 12, 1630.
Xt lll'.KnvS it hat been niaJp lo nppear n me Unit
' Hi- bmo nini -tl Alii-liHct Kpcuhii liver with
out Iho reiuh nt Iryil prnceti of Una ; I ilnri-lir
i rilr that Ilia i-jll,.i-e . I tho fi rfg'.ui; p liliun nml
Ih.j 11UI1011 I. iulli'linl ihrc vvcekt -urrtifii 1 ly m thn
Uullioul I Im nil, (.ritilcj ut ltutlnmlf.ii-p.ii.,tliclnt n(
vvhii-ti ill ill I c at .cttt tlx woeki lirfi.n- tlio to.iim of
11M i-oorl in Ii,lI, tUr iiiii ii ihu.U' n-luiMnlile, Unit Int
ra! I.MialiHvl limy iijiiTur nml rlii-w rmirf, if llny 10
why the 'r,iyrif t.n.1 petitmnertlioul I not tin gnmttil.
CM'd K. UI1.I.IA.MH, CVuV ,,,,iVe
!ii;)umt Cuuil.
Ditteil nt Hulliinil (Vlnlicr t-J, UCG. A3
T'111-11 $ Li'jii'vlfiture nf the Slut-of
it erinonl, al ilieir session nt Alontpoliir :
in Ihe year 1633, assessed a tux of I'nur eeitls !
per acre, mi ull the lands (pulilic l.imls excep.
ted) in tl c town uf Slii-irifld, in the county of
Caledonia in Miid S nie, fur ihe pin pose of inn
kiiip anil repniriii iojiN anil building briiJops :
1 lu-e an- to nam tho pioprielors nnd Innd own
t of said town of Shcllii'ld, who have not naid
lllfir Jiropullion of said lux, ill labor or other- 1
v ix, 10 nu- coinni lieu uppoiiitfd id unerintt'llil
lie . vp. ndiliiri) of tl.p samu, nr 10 ih- M.bsoil.er,
io.it no iniii.-ii 01 hum. Mild Will llf sold ,11 pilllllC
veiuliie, nt tin; dwelling ,n,. f Solv.ill lirad
lev, 111 the town ol Sheffield in the eoiinlv of
Ciiiedoni.i, on the fific, nlli il.iy of December
next, nt 10 o'clock, foii-iioon, !ls will Ii" n-ijiiivite
to diacliarge iheir reippptive tnxi-s vv ii cots.
JO. IN P. INUALLS. Cull,, lor,
Dated at Sltel!ielJ thi, 23d dav of S-ptember.
. I'. ISofj. '
State of I'rnnanl, )
IlitintlaflxutUindtt. JLJiU ihnl :il .1 vtnfo1 I
1'iobate Cotut held at Huiland, within anil for I
Slid district on the first .Monday bein- the 3d !
rrv. 1 iv' .0.1. ull"o 0"
duy ( I Oc ober, A. D. 1 33(1 I
r.uwaui vi neuier. ii(liiiniisiijtor,vviili the will
annoxi'il.nf Eleazer Warnei, hue of I'itlsfoid, in !
suid d'utricl.decensi'tl, imposing to reiiiler an nc- '
count of hi. udminioiuliou & pro.en. his account ;
lilwaul heuler. adiiiniisii jtor.vvilli the will
agninsl said istate fur allowanee : j
Ordered, Thill said account lu pum! I in I
itirobn-e1 Xt',0" ll'Tw'. '"ni ' lloIdrn,al
proba.e olTue 111 Huiland wiin aml for tHid
j . itlr.cl, on the fir.t Monday 0f November next ; 1
1 Ami Mint llin tit.l.t .! . . '
jiooiicauouoi a copy ol UitS order,
lliree weeks successively in the Holland Hornlil
iiriinifi'. t i.-iiii 1..1 .1 a .
iprinieii ai UutUnd usiooil lis niav bL- shall h "very wean mour (tower in m ertulion tli uttlic
,suiricieill notice to n concerned to .nnimr if " w u, inii. 5 n.imj, , it 11 mciimiwi upuu me
thrv ,, 1 pper, Il lo mate, kaownlhrouili ihe uifdiosn of your useful p.
liny see cau,!-, itistl olij. ct ihereto. pw.lhH or, re.dinjr therein o advtrtitetnent uf I),.
"'. UO Pll, V.V. lleifiiUr. I Jebl, " t,iininl, for the cuie ol hiicvm VTISM, I was
.SOIIH UoF)iiI!S' Esliilc. I latnare Uix tiMcrt ItheaaMilie kdVetiim to wliwh I bad
f I'trmiHl, ?'IK it soineoibored ' been for smeu or ei-ht yeeri tubjecu.l, H,iii t 1-'Hili-iel
t(f Jlnlhmd, te. thai lit a slated 1 n,",,d,', "'" of tfceuieol any iimbt. lacc irlur
1'i.sbaiu iMi;rt lit-hl ut Itmlan.l lil.l 1 e... I lf I"'-'""1 W".-. "Ui ur"! ' b-d "hole ..1
t.i. a:,.. . .. . .. . ' " I
7,7,7k . "",a.v' "tiujihe 3d
,aa oiftovember, A. D. lhilO.
a ,.11,11, U, as . .1 1 - . . j. . . '
.. --i .oinrr, r.n oior 01 ihe last v ill
tintl imminent ol lolm Itobbmi laic of Walline-
ford m aaid dUttiet. deceased, p,opkir(w , :
der n account of bU uU.L ..J
aTJ 'f l"T "'4,e l !
, 1 . 1 '"" xamiued in !
court, at a iteswon .hert-il, lo br holden nt (he 1
i'rubato office 111 'tuiland w it Itin ami for said .lit.
UicijOil Ihe fi.st .Mondaycf N'ovPiiih..e. . i
.1... .1,. ...:.,: , ' . "-
1. iv iruuuuiiiBii 01 a conv nl Ih c . r.l...
w.vU MiecerMvely , the Hutknd Herald, prim-
fit 111 Ifllllftt.j-l - r cw... 1 . ... I
... - inv ue, shall te sU(,
vrein iiuiive ie an concerned lo
tee cans-, and objpei then-lo.
JIer, if they
'if fH. JinPh'r.YS 1:
TJi o ' '. , sei
i). osnoou.
-t to r 1 . rrr DAMKisi
re u,e.e n , u. . u
I III t fa'.
sr ' i r i a a.1 h rs
IVISW books.
, y5T B,j )e ,H tnri.v.'t UOOK
9 1 oitl m, Hur.oil, f n, w
jj (, 0 Ef H ,
aatang whieti tbr frl. wtj mar t fnoad. v
l!ir PtRLOR CKr-UUOK, for
" tilFT.
- 'toitr.
Al.'s Hajivam Mihiri: rpmpleir wAHStila) 1 vol
irtii.TUiDtitTt t-oi.nc vi. vrt Hi.l,m3 rli.
4n 1'Alll.rTALKt
.Mrf -t1 him ;.f,.l .vi -f AliJilTIiO' m
oral lairfsir ia llf . wwh i hrMttiAii Kaon. v. wot 1 i
n-tJ.to ,VU' f,Vi.J JIQOK ; 1
nooRor rorrn t
Y. enn l.viiiil.'ATJl'tiOA' '.
- " onwaooKt
..r I woi.lr.A, m Ia'iIm.M. a .i mIii..! Ik . . b l..r -.lm..1 '
n KHmily l,br. r .
j He?' l'OtiTlf.lL lff)ftKS,
, Mr. Ii:t(' HVilfeVJrV
j Voevn l.tt rn ud C.K.iu.KfA'l MGDiCjiL
POt'KKT lUii K;
C rt. 1 k r.ri a .WrKjrruaES I V TKX.1S (
SHEPtlKkti J.KK 1 STVJHlTil&lHjrtrr. i
Mt.it (irvow ma 0 UMKi HI.K M.iXK'.l!., or mi
isv infill. I "I in'i i ii'i j J!i ;
t'OiAULorr inhi.iM. oin and cin pnpi.i i:i
Attm a a-fty UebsaioMwent of HVllOQl. HOOKS
A 1r- .nrtmit f ST.'ITIOXI l eur.tittiog in
purt ol lite fnllou ius c itielrt :
Bcftquthiy ofRein QUILLS, Sleton Si Slo'e
PcdciIj. iSan I and Baud Box-i. tine black INK and
Jiik-etatide, Porfoia'ed OA II 1)53-a nr.v nyle, Via.
1 1 i n a? vlarda and. Card Caaea, Sroi'iiir Va.r and
Seel, willi nod without innitot; Silver PENCILS
and Pencil Load
fcvWlw'lKMVBB: SI
PKNfi.-lI.ir nru.hu., Toolb Jiru.ho Mirror,.
Prim liowaaud Ilr...he.t, Tr...ei.,eut nnd p!.i n
Wafow, Walloi. iWusi-ion Cap, Sic. &p.
All f Meh will be mU low for CV.h, aod all tlu lr o
country pf')ece.
Kttt'ami.ort. in. imc. .
Viy le tired in nine or icu.r.
Hp 111"1-!' ce'e'ir it' fl lullf r arer'imp -j-il p.ire'y of ve--
plat.l.u f t'i" iti it ii.no'ifit nu I 5j tc f.j v,it if.
Tht y iiro rpc-uiin-iideil parlifiiluily lur rittoiirr wr
riiu.iiiiiiii.il., i-H-nii-.n ii,i. nrciilhcnmj; Ilia itouiiich.
unit in-ri-iii llin iippotite nltu a pro i-nlii c u.ninri
the ehirlern morbiit, f 1 t-r-inid-iiue, remnvin; ninneii,
v'ixiiiliii(r. Iitail liuiniu-.', neH'iticss in tlu- IrouM, pain m
the tiiiinuch mid other 'Vniplnmi of lUtiilniuu .md imli
Sttliou. One t'X will (incline imc .illon.
l'i ice 25 cents a box.
R U S S K I. I. ' 3
Ucrjcttllilc iSMouu Villy,
I'Oll Kfiu-'nl ue in c.tcv of JnunJIce, iiKirlii.l inibil
ilyofllu- rtmn i ll nml Ii u-li, Imt of nppclile, fplitl
nrnniii, cii-uvrnr . i-na, umi nu tiijcniPt nritirij from
liilhiry il.-iiiii?.-min;j, a o for rorrcctm,; the s?iilu
Ihe hlnoil.iiiiil t-!aauriii tho iij-.Ih n of f,,ul i,n.l vist-id hu
nuirs. Theto pills are 11 mihl culhattir, proilupin-' nci
ther poms 11m sripui. nnU nro then-fure h vahmhlt nut'
highly npjirovt.l im-iliciiip, nn.l nro pronouoccil .11 iiiel,
by llin moil tl.ttitisublipd iiytici.iti5.
n-icli box c.rntttitie J!) pillt.
uur.i.i.'d ci:li".bii vti:d
Salt lUintm (Dtiumcut.
I THIS is iiiisi icationably thi boil unj mfrii reme-h
1 PVfr vet otr ml lo tin: public fur that obstinate d,ui Jer.
halt illieum. 11 lm ui-i-crdcil whrro t!icr menus huvt
I filled, nml lhc fiU that it has been extimsivc-ly uit-d hy
I eminent rracliliunors spe.ilis vulii.nes in its praise. Il 1
I equally ruleaeioiis in nil illit ases ol lhc skin, sc.ild head
I ruts worm, mid tha mnt iuvelcriiln Ituh. .tn. i-u. ,i.
'"c""i' Tt.fi.-iitfii nnsht be iiblaiiiid, but the propi iuor
"' " " "ur ,r'nl on uuioiiiy tr.tlmw ol its
j ,,,"ur UllL''"'7' 1ricofe''t
J-ttlj Ofntmcnt.
THIS ehoicj wn I thfu oiotmeiit is mid lo be siipniut
I lo nay now in use, f..r thnl disireeab!o nnd limllisoiiii
I d:cHe. the 1TCII. 'rhisooitnie.il is so certain in its ope-
ration tlmt 11 . pprsun troubled w.lli lhc above disordf-r
I ousht In bo wiihoul it. Il is 11 remedy for cutancou
! eroplioiiMi .rbulic alT-rlioni . ( thn hend, or m.y olhn
urriiAiu- i.ui v,n:cn antes inuii niur,. nuinori In (lie liluutl.
Price V5 tints n box.
A frisli supply ii just rreeirnl nnd fur sale by I.VTlir.n
Hi.Mi.i.r, Ja?ii s l!,viini.TT, Ji-.,J.vmks IVmTKK, IJniir
AUS i.v, Itiithiod I nvNCis fl.ASo.v, Wert Itutlniid
l.nnsdoii. MmuIImii 4 Co . Cnrllelon . II. Illi... ..,,-,
I'-nltu-y St.odi-v, Leflinswell UCu.
WVt,..l'"',"n7 S"',in: & (; :, ,s",mlel ,T"1W""
owl, Wallingfiml l Noah VV. Fawyer, 'I'mmnulh 1 .ne
ri)...e!i, S. & N J. South. Db, 1 ll-nahi.,.1 In,..
K. 8tr..n?4- Son, I'awiet ; ll.,wl. v .V Umler, Oruret i
f:. 8tron4- Son, i'awiet ;
"'oidiek. Cntnvitio j fci.md
,r!,G7rv',tl? l) i-y,;
J"" " '""
lish Se lUker, l",.t Sc lUt.
it'll 4 Co , AudrMr Aitdcin n
I the tluies tbroii.houl the U.
tn 1
- -- - -
ITsti l:-.'!i is
7. tht FAiUr ,. the Inuer ,
rn m Uo Ihe (nuciple mkuIchIoJ by tin j-rmt luij
good Ur. IV"I I. t d.rlii w.Jcly at pumblc
tifurw in
r Uf,. l.....-.u..l u-.it. - l.-l.. .l. . .
11, hentsj very teutll.e ref. ri meri.t-l mr aunC.
dinJutUanUJr;.elo01.l.in .ooil.er tot i'i.Uh,,
uf vU,,:h lw. w-i,.Bt-l ,m .v.J the ..ellra,s x4 ,uin
.e tr 1 . ....1 ...... .u. . . . .1
"".' i"swir nu mt vieu.p, ana retlureu tneti
,u lb"ir MuoWj 1 Vr
1 am "fr your.
L. I. Mt.eh 3llh.E0HOB UVLR' J"
.. tim tWr. pl.iam ..u ...
'1' " the failui, ( lite variant nrnmi,,,
""7v. ued. are sotaeUio mate inalotbu 1005 au.)
r'"l,h,,,e'' "dieme, vthieb hat in Jem pt mri ... I
"lltl'f'M ," ' "w doloj,lli..nta.Si who haJ let
ouale kl4 of itt uurirailcd ealene. l it kk,M
oflhe beat appltnitioni kown Ui it Citif th Juiuti.
ounsrjam.irprai,ian'l -iii.l., priM '.Oiei-'l.
il - i.'. '. i.-.fl I laiiiiKK, ou the
wrapper, (mit jiiupnrior and iwrnwi llrlwiwt,,
wh.tm iiiey .rt !.,r i!e, at hit Cou-.iin; Itoom, X.
C " r It . 1 ! a 1 1 1 r 1, 1' ! ii ii'm'-M
1 r litxirrs 4 !!r r. Hi' . I i;ri l.mu, Wt::i
Aov'it, W xiiacu ii Co , I. 1 w.
N 3 r. "9.e5wjr
! 3DV V Tv CC,
t iminii DAM ELS, b j, Wftui
uj a m r n'lTOir and f
meKt of PAht. k WIN I RK
lICl '(d 111
ompiieim: .t t.m U . I Jm .,, H,
I f7ftn. .f,e-d, .lt,rf and U ui r?.,,
r,i' lit,
1 Uin,
n 1 ) t.
m I' i. If 1 a-
I 'lead, milfct.wl fi,i v mtni.l .1Jl Vf'.
VeMin"i; rcTorahnmi, I'ilol Cloth, d.c. a c
Piidtlfnc.-, Oitnvne, rmil every vntietv uf
fiiuri and Hniti. fiirnt' hnr raH In,:
White. O fp. rtc ll l VeMnw 'A-I.V.W tjf
Cetlm i. . .tVrin 1 nn-l Ruil rMid It'.ilbT flftH
(annttiel iwl ipe-.iittiie ivitti iir niiOrm Hirtttt ; '
1230 Verrl French nnd Kngll.h MlWILSorH
ii CIRCASSIANS ; Fwich k UU,h
r.fumd MERINOtS, a imv "
ti. UHulllVI Bid: if ;jr
Li!ip t'liain.
PWk. tlrnni, CiT'on AI,I" '.V-.S
OkOCO tfrd Ameri.ao, Kng'i.-S rod J'irni h
Kngiieh GitfotUMS, u hitn nnt colored Cam
naics, checked and corded ditto,
Ii'tsli Linens. Linen Ciuri
bi ic, Hislioj)
Luwiti, pliiin un:l figuioA
Swiss Muslins, B joIc doT, Dobtimi
Luces mid Quilling?, Edging & Tmerlitiun
corded Skirts. &c. White, scnrlct it blnck
....- U-I .
''.S,!S" . . .
1 " ' ' int: t no. ; 1 u.utl, Ut.l,.
'"er,c n,'1 Hantikn..; Hosiery, Glove,,
umbrella!. India rubber Over-show, Ac.
! J ! . W tfJ A 4 VtiG
' WirO'
j Heal Ilulhn black & bluu bluck SILKS;
;Oro do Nnplo3, (irodo Siviss. nu I P.vnli d
iSoiedo.; coloroil Gro do Nnnlcr Plnmnrat
1 o : .. ci... 0 .....
n great
. - - 1---') 'niu'i tutu
1 v ravnts, i-iag nnd Utndannn Hnndkf., Ttf
1 101111, i-muze nml Lujtrinc Itibins. Belli
ustriiur Itibins. Bell do
some very rich;
; Gnllcon. Braids. HuvJimri.
Ac. cVn. A-rv
bleached do., Ticking, Ginghams, Wick
ing, Wnddiiifr, B.uting, FurandSilk IIAT8,
Huston made nnd neivest stylo ; FarcwcH'e
Kid and .Morocco Slipa & wulking SHOES,
French do., Gaiter Boots, Childrcns Shoes.
v 3i ti '0 r.'J5i ai'STn 1 1 A U D W A E,
Sttrflfoncf irtintnimcntn.
Gunpowder, Young Hyson, Hyion
Skin nnd Cnpt-r
MAS, .
enf, Lump, Whit.- Jlavnniinh and Drovtn
.SUGARS; Molusse.-;; St. Doiniiigo and Ju
vn CO FPU K; Chooolote, Cocoa nnd Cocoa
SJicII; Snltunti UoxnndCiig Uuisina; Figs,
Cnrnintri, Citrons, Pcurl 55uyo, Tttpiocn, Gm
jcr, Mace, Nntmo,'3,Caasia, Clove.8, Ground
Spices; Table, Linseed and Sperm OiU ;
Sperm and mould Candles, Tallow.
tuiks 1SL.1.XD ,y trjia'PKn.y SALT.
Svvocds, English nod American IRON ,
Cart and Wagon Tiro; American, German,'
& English Hlislcrod STEEL; Sleigh Shoes,
Hnr Mould.-), Iorc Nail ItodH, Hand nnd
Hoop Iron, Hoston Cut Nails, Wrought
Najls, Draft vt Trace Cimitis, Hollow Ware
a good assortment.
irJiTi'Tno. ,t
In exc.'inngo foi Goodi, Flax Seed, Flannsli,
Fulled Cloth, Footings, nnd every article ol
country proJuce, for which n gonl pneo
will be given, nnd Gciodssold ettreinrjIyloW
in return.
( Y opnci:rH on soMm:inor nir. ncvi
J.UTIO.V, vtIio wers niarriJ iefuie lUi ci of
Ihfir lutl term of Sen ice, wliut Inohau !s terv.l, ;r"'
ably 1.1 Hit 401 ul'C'iir-, ifl'm 7li,Jjie. IJJ3.1WJ
jeais, and out lots Ihitn 1 m 1 ,th.can wk Jnw dunu,'
hie, orduiin; iht.r reui 1 u'.a; i )t by vutaa of lit
not of d'.h. Jiily, !,, SneS p.mi , ,i as (bo r h isvi4 ..1l
ivauld huveheeiio.i'.itted t'i, ondar Iht fust w nti'U'l
tit; whether Ilieir ImiImuJs tny hava JieJ il inn; tilt
war. or shim tl,( (,eruJ. .Vro, thi wilowi uf su-ll
Ol&srtrsuMir vrhn were married after tbt vt..'.bs
h'irUudi Imva died .111:1 t .fh, ef Uu U, I') II. '
btfore (he 7, Jime, 183?, eao dnw tomueli ts I'n r rt-H-etie
ItuikjB,). m- nahl Iwnli rn e.ilitlei 1 -. " ' ' '
fleas ef JiseT. l:a, fr.no tht said !, M r.' . IWiil"
the U of thetwrl histherrit d .-.
Tfl'tnion liitiintu ul tended too (if want.
4li3w J. r.ovi..
Tltu.'.u.v .'iiu:u:x
jVcvj- liuiilantl Parmcr'fi Alma
nac, ffOB lb J ear , f the Chrism) liru, 1037, J P"'''
- li-lMd. ami (1 rle tn lutj to suit purchoers, by 1"
niUtfib'."' lb W;:Wtar Iluwksl err.
n. a fj'iuoutiv.
Wi-id-nr. er-l 27. Ili.lC. t.-J.n
Ural Cltiiuf f i'or ;t SSInckSiiiilfi
''O let a I)l,k i-miih Sin y ( r one or c,rc ;n til
- post's. on givrn Iniint.lMte y. A f "l Unci
rMtp Will W, flfrl an I Tuls if WJIlte J 1 (1 d Ho
am) lUru.i. : (J.rl.n Yt. 'I his ntuili u is fa the
m I ll 1 f i'-e T-'o of Shrew-bury n.ilt; if ty it ""rW
I r i Ik . I at a I ii'ii s, . .iy .,e tn:,, r 11 f n To
Ti. t ; -s k 11. a inert lime bfii ilJ an J Ih irr
mer ..wd. nsj . West. The rtntwillfc rttsoetU
a easy t'J the ewnsr ttr ,ht pre
Jhrfibtiry Bift Si, lri.

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