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T !! E It U T LAND " E H A L D,
Thou tntt. Ibro, roJ of Warsaw J' ealo
Const a Mir.
'I Hen lb, btibe, prfal it s for whlth I am
r3lrt4 to ertiah the rWlnp hbf rue of my eetintry,'
at rtflW. 'lUlun Uedtnil sunn", before the
Iribees) eif fa tier. Uo her chtision snay re.t lb
fat of unborn million. The pciation f tin
os) from the rl; which It animates, it a trl.1i!
sabto weight! in ll belantr ar;aiijt,lhc destinies
of tb human race, t know the power; inflict
wUl tortorra thoa c en.t; tb Trail le nrtm-r.t may
ink beoeath their f iceu'.lon, but tbe Immortal In
LaViUnt la bevortd Uir ounri'nion. It lull mrtt
lh it tt bar of orenlpotrtttf T
I have tbtn enmmimJed in vnn.' said Con
etanlinc.aa the, ashy paleness nf death for a mn
msnt overspread bit cntitrosnee. 'Proud wiimn,'
Mid be, thou shah" dir. atid tktt before joti sun
raachca LU meridian.'
B it o, if I'oland requires the sacrifice,' said
tb unbending daughter nf lUdiml 'be it to', but
t All not onrevenfftd,'
A loud shout, proceeded from tbo dirrctlon of j
lb drawbridge, announced to the tyrant that the
nttr gttrt of the pslsra bd Yielded to t tie fnrci
ef Casimir'i astult. He proceeded to Iho csatern
wing of the palace, t yuth, berint the snctenl
tg of Poland, preceded by a herald, demanded a
Do the rsbrls submit " asked Constantino i the
youth approached,
'Liberty not atiboii.sion, it tbo watchward ofre
Bora tad Poland,' replied the young warrior; up
cots to requite the unconditional surrender.nf the
house, of Radtirll, 'or to warn the tn case of rcfu
(at, that ere tho dial'n ahadow points tn another
boor, thou afcalt behold the pa'ico ofOclvcdrr in
'Rather demand the headle.a trunks of that nnbte
house scornfully replied Constantino. 'Sentinel
conduct tba tnldirr nf Poland to the pastern wing
of BaWader. Let him learn from tht lip nfllalina
the recklessness of lua attempt the certainly of
ita conMcjueneea.'
Tba jonth followed his guide, thrnngb a winding
etairea and daifcenrd pxnaircn, tn thn chamber of
Halina: the door u opened, and there imploring
tba protection of Heaven on her hern and her cnun.
try.Vnelt tha graceful form of her whose life trninbl
d In the balance nf her country's fale. Thu beau
tiful girl calmly rose from Iter bending posture, aa
tha aentinel announced the entrance nf a stranger,
The guide letired.and the young; Pole, muffled in a
military eurtout, eotered the apartment
Halina stretched forth her hand ; 'My country
man,' said she, 'whether friend nr elrangi'r, thou
art welcome to the forced abode o IUdzhil daugh
The your.j; soldier threw hock his cloak; it was
Caaimir Plater 1
'How hast thou parted the gnord V raid the af
frighted girl, trembling for tho file of her lover,
'By the command of the tyrant,' said Plater.
'I bore to him a flag nf truce, and, uuknn.vn, lime
gainad admittance. Helnvcd of m heart ! con
tinued ha, 'what aaya the inonstT 1'
'He demands the withdrawal of the troops nr
a forfeiture which be dee us equivalent;' replied
'Seek not to know, noble Plater,' replied hie
companion; compared with the accomplishment of
their great dcaign,tho forfeiture is as & drop ol wa
tar to the ocean.'
'Halina,' said the young hero, 'thou uil! not deny
my request; we may nut meet no more. hat
tbe forfeiture this royal wretch demands.'
'Tho destruction of the house of Iladzivil,' rcp!i
d tha high aouled daughter.
'Inhuman monster! thou nait not you sufficient
IT fflulted thyaelf in human blood, but tho most
noble in Warsaw mutt fill the ineaauro of tliy
crimes ! Halina. I cannot eacrifico Ihte. I'oland
nutt fall !'
'Not while Catirr.ir Plater claims the hand of
Halina Radxivil,' ahn replied. 'Triasurrd as thou
rt in my heart,' continued the, 'I would scorn the
proffered hand of a traitor to Poland, and reject an
alliance with thy noblo family, should the sun of
my country's liberties set in the liberation of her
captivo daughter. Proceed in the glorious cause
The atake for which thou contendest ia prlncclres
and incorapirablo. I will not say to the, in this
hour of trial, Poland haa other daughters. I know
thy faith. Von orb,' Hid alio, pointing to the sun1
'is not more pure, nor his return mora constant
Commit thy Halina to Heaven thy courage and
jxrserersncc to thy country. Depart beloved Pin
ler,' continued ttalina, as rhe p.accJ her nnniaturo
in bis hand; 'in tho day of trial look on this. Yet
atay a moment; lend me thy dagger I shudder at the
thought ol aelf-deattuciion; yet are there casus in
which even that act may be virtue.'
'What is the issue of thy intcnien- with the
daughter of lUdziwIV said Constsnttne
Caaimir descended toward tbe lower corridor of
the palace.
im secrets 01 roianu s daughter arc secure
with her sons,' replied Caaimir. 'Thou wilt know
are evening ahades thy palace. Am I at liberty to
aepart I
Thou art,' returned Constantine.
T I I it i.
inMiB i iiicr,procecuea oy nil ncraiu soon
reached his s&aembted companions. A ahont.which
ahook tbe walla of the tyrant's palace, announced
his arrival.
What is the anaarr of the Duke 1 demanded
hundred voice.
Ho tefuse to relesse the cipttic,' replied
Storm the palace 1 raw the monster's mansion
to the dual; cried the military companions of
Casimir 'Polsnd and liberty !'
Mr comrades,' taid Caniinr, 'caution must be
our watch-word. We mutt bo wary in our ap.
proacb to tbe den of tbe inomtcr. lie must havo
chance ta escape. The fat of the house of ita J
ihil depends on this circumstance ; and who among
you woald require the possession of the tyrant, at
tbe sacrifice ef ibis noble family ?'
Not a aon of Poland,' rejoined his companions.
Let the Duke escape.'
Three cheera " said Pliter, 'and then for the
The acclimation reached the ear of Constan
cies. The words, storm tbe palace ! bad scarcely
fallea from the enthusiastic Poles.ere be enterrd
tba chamber of Halina.
'Inprodent maid,' cicUitnad he, 'why doat tbou
court death I
I court tbe freedom of Poland, she replied, 'teo
t tbe price which tbou bait decreed. Know Duke
n Hood cThcioko Mill runs in the te ft of
rtlsrvTa Jiahtr.'
My jrfd. il Conianiine, "conduct hitl'tr
I'rlnce Hadtitil and his nr..'
The wnlditr retired at the coromand.aod leturiicJ
with the noble caplnr.
Debotd the nffcring.Vaid llalma.as she c'rd "n
her fatlrcr anJ higher; 'brlwld the aictim- fr the
sacrifice. Hutthu,' turning m c.intaotme. arl
nut the nfficisting prlcsl i.f the alter.'
'Say'st then , iiiaidcri replieJ Constantine
'Kscnlioi'er. appToarh!'
Hland bark I ye murdering minister ye ac
curefl agent of another' crime! exclaimed Halina
a her eje turned from thn asiaasms to their em
ployer: Mhe blood you seek is too pure fur your
cowardly dsggcr !
'1 command you to do your duty I thundered the
Duke. Thn ruffians again approashed to fulfil the
awful commission.
Take thou the reard r guilt V said the daugh
ter of HadzMil, aa he plunged the pvuiard of Plat
rrutto the bnsom nf the iieuiot assasrin; 'I pil,
rt have deMluir.d thee V
Conslantinr, petrified with astonishment gazed
with conscious horror on the body of the eucu
tioner.aa it wnthed in the airortiea of death.
'Tho blood of that mau shall bo demanded at thy
hand.Russian Duke,' fcatd Halina, 'wlienwc meet
before the bar of lloaveu. Line was an act ol
justice, not rnengc. The life of a parent demandm
the poniard of a daughter. Thou aecsl how strong
when virtue ni-rvca tlictu.aro tlroanria of Sarinatia's
A crali in the court yard now announced tint
the inner gate ol tho pa'are had betru forced.
Ti tho rcf cue ot the Kadrivila V we? licaru iiitvar
quarter. 'Iftlu-y uo salc.gue quarter to uieijrani
if not, be hi- lute as llicira !
Plater rushed to the eastern chamber: in a mo
ment. the dour was upulieu. 'Mv Halina is saiu :
Spirit of thn Universe, I ihunk llie!' said he.ois he
latped the luvely girl to his bosom.
Where is. the tyrant !' exclaimed tho inllamcil
oldiery, 'llo has escaped,' aaid Halina, 'by n
seciet pasjage.
'Mnthcr.l have fulfillud thy prophecy, said l'laler:
tho evening tun lini not found the tyrant in the
palace of Uelveder. And now, my Halina, I tin
mand thy bridal hand nt tho alter, befurc tho face
oflleaven, und on tho dawn ofPoland'a tegeners
WITH a prospcctue rcnes nf ly lteadiii l.ei'ons.
Ily Lkvi W.Lr.n.NAkn, author of IhcLiUrarv
oJ Svirutific Clan Hctk, uud Sequel to Eaiy I.eiiou:.
I.i lilh edition.
I'he first rJilion of this work was piilili-lic.l in Octo
ber IU35, unco that time eight ciljtioui liar becu istued,
The following aie a low oi tho aiuoy recommendations
which have been received liy the pubhilicr:
From James E. Duboit, M. 1). .Vtir Utrttht, L. I.
I have looked ovir Mr l.eonard'i "North American
S.cllinz liook," an 1 ii m well ilcu!cil with ill general all
nearsnrc. It it iiiperior in some icipc rti to any limilur
work Willi u Inch I ftin aeiiudiutml, and I think might ail
vant;eouly tupcrordo most of the Spelling Hooks now
ueu in our rcnouii.
From the I'liiladrlnhia Saturday Conner.
ortii AM r.mcA.N krKl.l.imuu'XiK. Wauclievawc
hale once hef ire cnllcd uRajalivaJo lliu rnlunble com pi
latlon, iiuiilntieu uy AlifBBaaBaaiVlBasBBBaaci'' n. n
sud fir rale, we ret tint
It will lie nr u ricond not
ruent of the kijonsuiid-
at r Jllllratjly dcliei.ej to frtCih
youo; learner, iiarliculurly in thesyitem nl url
which the author, Mr I.. V Leoimrd, tnvorsbly knowu
by hii previous labors in the cause ol rducnton, states is
conformed to Worcester's Dictionary. This Spelling
Hook should be carefully examined. V are latiified
that its merits arc such as to render it worthy the atten
tion of Instructors.
For sale at the Rutland Rook store, by
QJSchool committees and Teachers are respectfully
invilnl lo call and examine the work. 45
Came into tho enclosure ol the subscriber on
or about the 22d of October a red and while
fat Cow supposed to be six or seven yeurs old.
The owner is requested to prove properly pay
charges and take her awuv.
Pittsfo'd Oct. 31, 1830.
KEPT constantly on hand,
and for folc, by the sub
scriber, who lies been appoint
d sotY .lgent for this vicinity.
Rutland, September Q2, 1S35.
lane Kccnan
Michrcl Kccnrtn.
Rutland County
Feb. Teum, 1S3.
JANE KKKNANhai preferred her petition Ij
the Hon. Supreme Couit of (he State ol Ver
mont, licit to be hidden at Rutland within and
for the county of Rutland on the Tuesday next
following the fourth Tuesday in Jauuory, 1937,
wherein she sets forth that at Middlebury, in the
county of Addison, on the 25th day of February,
1630, she was lawfully married to" Michael Kee
nan, then of Mendon, in the coutily of Rutland
aforesaid, now absconded to parts unknown, liv
Charles Linsley, Esq. a JuMice of ihe Peace
within and for the county of Addison, and that
she continued to live in due observance of all the
marriage covenants on her part from that lime
until the 1st day of July, 1830, when the said
.Michael totally regnrdlesa of nit marriage cove
nanlt willi ibe petitioner on his part and without
any jim cause, witiiiuy aetrrteu me petitioner
means of support or necessaries of life, but and
iiaui ucaieu tier witli intolerable severity in v o
latton oi nit marnace cotenents. where n ahn
prays said court to grant her a bill of divorce from
the said Michael und that the bonds of mattnno
ny may be dissolv ed, nnd that ajch pan of the
said .Michael's tslate may be assigned and de.
creed to her aa may appear reasonable.
Br HEUHFN It. TIIltALL, her .ltty.
Dated at Rutland Oct. 12, 1630.
W"u'l'S ,l fc" been nisde to appear to me that
tba abore eioird AlidutI Keen.o lists with
out, the rrseh of legal process cf this Slate J I therefore
emler that Ihe subslanr of the foregoing petition and
i. i"1." U Publ'hJ three weeks succnsisdy in tbe
UullaoU llersld, ,it,ttjat Rutland .foreta id, the last d
whiets shall tc at lasst six weeks Ufore the session ol
I'''J: .h,ehU dertlornsble, that the
' ni,',,PP"'0dhteau,lf.oy bt have
why th. praj,, cf .. p,tu.ooT,bouU not b g.sDtaJ.
w.. u IHUUIAA13, i.Mif justice
Da il at RjfstOOcitr Z,
Suprnrt Cvkttt.
,ay It vtd in trior or milir.
"piHKeeleVrateJ Inttrft are eoinpnsed purely tT vrg,
a- stalll of lh mit Innocent anj tpecinc tiMuh.
Tlur sra rromiuietxlej irlieu1srly for rtMnrinR weV
tomtilutium, ejrsuim aivl lfeinthnln the stmuarh,
oJ iwremr lh appetite slo prenlli- apiiiin
the eholera mnrnm, f. etr-nJ-(;ue, rcmurin; uues
ronntin-. heart t.urliiu-. weViie. in the trwu pin m j
. " J i ...i. "' rn....i i i..,ii '
the stomach and other )nipt'""' ol llitillriiLe und Hull
jeition. One bx will linriure one gallon
if ice a n nis
lU'sTTTl, la'S
Vrort.Tulc ijflfoua PIII,
FOR ceneMl uio in ran of Jaundice, inorhM sensiliil-
ily of the itornacli und U tvrls loss nf appetite, foetid
lirflh. ro.llvf ne!. 1M.. and all dior srisini from
biliary ilerstil'in'nts,-.'!! for nirrrcting the tte uf
the blood. n J r.leauslu the svslem ol loui nml visciil nil
ninri. Th(s pills rc a ind ' mthartir, pro luein nei
ther pains 1101 gripin;'. iiud are therefore a rjluablt, and
hihl) nppiMVeJ meillciiic. and arc prououi-ccd as sue.li
lif the moil distinguished idivsicUni.
KaOi box contain; 1!3 pdls.
iiussFM,'s cr.i.nmATUD
Salt Hfjcum fntmtut.
THIS i imTieitionahly the l't and safest remedy
ever " i uirereil to the puldio for th.it olistmnle di'order.
Salt IthtuM. It has m-rorded where other menns hale
failed, and lh Ui t that il ln. lieen exlcns'nely ued by
miuent praetili"tiers spealrs Volilrnus in r prai-e. It I'
equally eiTicaciom in all diseases of the skin, scald head,
rin; wi riii'. .md thi mn, iovelerutn lleh. Si, in. No
mernin certifieales niiht hn .ditnlned lint ttie proi riMor
choo-'f Ih'l n fair trial shn il 1 the only evnl ner of its
superior efficacy. Prire 50 eeiils a b"X
Kttlj (Dftttmrnt.
THIS choice an I safe ointment is .iid to be siioerior
to any now in use, fur that disagreeable ami loathsome
I'.sease, the itch. I Ins ointment is so certain in Us npc
ration that no person troubled with the above disorder
ou"ht to be without it. It is a remedy tor cutaneous
eruptions, scorbutic affections of the head, nr nny other
ureakiog ont which arises Irnm shnrp humors in the Ulooo
1 nee cent! a box.
A frh supply is just rereived and for sale by Lutheii
Damki.!, Jamks II a it n s.t r. Jr James I'ohter, Huiit
i- MaSuh, Rutland KiiAticts Sr.ASOjr, West Rutland
l.an'don, Monltoni- Co.. Cnstletnn A. II. Illiff, Norce
Jt Ran-om, Ktst Pnultney Stiinloy, I.efTinjwell Co.,
West I'oultney j Sahin, Ilntton Si Co., bamticl Towns
end, Wiillinsford ; Nonh W. Sawyer, Tinmouth ; Isaac
M'Danicls, S. i N, J. Smith. Danby ; Houghton Urigss.
E. Stroni-Son, Pawlet; Rowley Si Uutler, Graves i;
Fasdick, Granville ; Standish i linker, Foot X' Rates,
Ncrlh Granrille: D. S. Vrihl & Co., Androw Anderson
Whitehull and in most of the stores throughout the U.
Slatev. 40:cnwlv
n5 VF., from llieir extraordinary success in giving
iSiX imtanl relief, and in curinz CoMi, Cotiirlu,. Isth
mus, difficulty nf Jlrenthini;, It'lieesiytg, Tightness of the
Chest, Pain in the Side, Spitting of Wood, Chiitntis and
Shirrrings that precede Ferers and Lung Complaints gen-
enultii ler.omo oon oOlia mtttt popular meUiemei known.
ana are sough! aiieri irum every part rt tbe country, on
ac-niiiil of the aslomshim; success wliie.h has attended
- administration in tho ubove complaints, frequently
anco of approncliin; dirsolution.
And such have been the salutary cflecls of these Tills
even in hopeless cases, a; so far to mitigate the suffer
ings of the pMient, in evidently to prolon life for days
and weeks, and give to it a positive comfort they never
expected to enjoy.
The oponilion of the pills is. wonderful in easing res
piration, quieting the cough, and procuring comfoitable
Common colds arc frequently removed inji few hours.
rjj-Althniih, (s.iys a perron speaking oMhcse Pills,)
my wife has tried various medicines of tho first celebrity,
for an asthmatic dilficulty, (or affection of the lungs,)
which at times wag exceedingly distrctsicg, confining her
to her house for days nd weeks together, she finds nofTi
inggices her the relhf ichich Hefc's Asthmatic Pills do!
easing her respiration, quieting her cough, and giving
hr r comfortable rest." Aud this is the testimony of hun
dreds or thotisiindi. The relief whirh aged people, i
well as other?, experience from the use of these pills, '
truly aitonishins, and renders them invuluable to many,
and arc in fuct to some, an eicnti.il auxiliary to their
comfort, und almost to their existence I
A I'lij'jiriin informs the proprietor, that a gentleman
in tbo country observed lo him, he had reason lo believe
the uc of these pills had been the means of saving his life.
Price, whole boxes, 30 pills, Jlj half Uo, 12 pills 50cli.
lniuu sore or intlamtd t.ues nothing known gives
Hi such immediate and comfortable reluf. On recent
ore eyes, tha effect is most salutary. W here the com
plaint has been of years standing, and in some exceeding
ly bad cases, the unit unexpected and drtirable relief
oas oeen louuu in llie use ot this kvk-w.vteii, utter ev
ery other remedy had failed. 1'oriMis who h.iva used it
pronounce it without hesitation the lest preparationor
im tvnijiminis iney nave ever mei Willi.
Price, 25 cents a bottle.
ILj'Noueare genuine unless signed T. KIDOKR, on
me wrapper, iiuJe proprietor and suertirr lo Wr Cos
1. y whom they are for sale, at his Counting Room,
io. JJ, Court strt. Uo'ton, uud by his special uppoml.
uieot, by Damkm ic IIki.i., Rutland Levi Lewis
"ells; AUAiis, WUitsta i Co., Ludlow,
3- Ktb.aa. ciwly.
I UbP received by JAAlKtj UAUUKTT, Jr., an
' MUST Of PALL li Wi.vj'KU
" ' i
' " S'val a anui aa tan ue loumj in
y hture in the cunty. Tho ahuve Ouod were
uuugnt tow, and mil be sold at a aiuall advance
from coat.
Rutland, Sepi. 30, 1830.
Sheep for wale.
'rUnub-r.bcr has ..r sale about 300 oAXO.SV
sllCLr, iue.udiug 2 taxoty UUCK'J. I fny arc
iuj j e fijiiiui, aadiery tine Wool. I hegheinarr
.ew l,,nh, Jf. J uuder Ihe care ,f I), Juhu
Walker, aud lt lu, .
. i.laili, t 1. .A
' ft MIHKI I
ence ui.y b had iu Ju, a.,,,..
llbtral irislil wi .t ;,, i. nH .
(ili u
To wliotu it may couccrn.
nnilld is to give public notice that 1. Uie .ubu nb.r,
haeSivtn m, W ILLIAll UARlty, Jr. hi,
time from miA after this dsta aud that be is at libcrls
to coutract for hiauelf aoJ receiro bis own wages. All
parsons willtsktdua notice thereof and govern Ihtm
salres accordingly.
ri ,w r. . v - WILLIAM BARRY.
xnoit SALE.
JL ISO Acrc, in (lie (own
of Fort A:n, county of Vh
iuglon, (N. V.) one and a liulf
inilrj from tho Caiml and on
the mam load from Granville to Fort Ann. On
the Knnn is a double two story STONE DWEJU
LtNR, viell finished and in good repair, witli
nil necessary out buildings a good tenant house
n good orclmrd of crofte d fruit; it ii vell wr
terrd, and well calculated for grnln or gi wing
und fur convenience, beauty und locution, i
......II.. .. i'i.
autpasJi-d bv none In ilie county. The subscri
ber intend? cliatigitig his bu!nc, ami is Induced
to otTcr a great bargain to uny one thnl npilirs
PntCE, Jp28 per aero $2000 of the pur
chase money can remain on bond and mortgage
for a lerni of years.
Possession given immediately.
Fort Ann, October 15, 1830. A
THE subscriber vvou'd inform li Is ftietids nnj
customers of Rutland and vicinity tlmt lie
continues me auovc uusinen in all tin variona
branches. IIu liaa received the latest Fall
nndWinter FASHIONS Irom Now York, tn
gellier with the iniprovementb of Cutting, nnd
he feels confident tint from his experience in ihe
business am work intrusted to lila care will he
m well done as nl any other shop in the county.
All work done on short notice and warranted to
be mndo in a good nnd workmanlike manner.
Cuttino done on short notice, and warranted
In fit if propcily made.
All cmmti v produce received in puvroent, nnd
a little Cash would lie very convenient from those
indebted lo the cubscriber, if thtu hate luld their
Wool !
West Rutland, Oct. 12, 1830. 44
New Establishment.
THE subscribers would inform the public,
thatthoy have commenced the manufac
turing of
in Ludlow, Vt. under the firm ol N. DICK
There will be at all times a good assortment
of pluin and J.apan'd WARE, which Pedlars
who aro wishing to buy, can have at the lowest
wholesale prices. Also, GOODS, such as Ped
lars generally want, at a small advance from cost.
N. II. Pedlars who aro wishing to purchase at
the auovc named shop, will do well to call.
Ludlow, Feb. 25, 1835. 11
WHEREAS tho Legislature of the State of
Vermont, at their session at Montpelier
in the year 1833, assessed n tax of four cenls
per acre, on nil ibe lands, (public lands excep
ted) in tho town of Sheffield, in the county of
Culedouia in said State, for the purpose of ma-
kiiBBMaaaaBaacaadA and building bridges :
fcto the committee
ihe expenditure of the same, or to
that so much of their land will be sold at public
vendue, at the dwelling house of Sewall Brad
ley, in the town of SlieHiold in the county of
Caledonia, on the fifteenth day of December
next, at 10 o'clock, forenoon, as will be requisite
to discharge their respective faxes with costs.
JOHN I. INGALLS, Collector.
Daled at Sheffield this 23d day of September,
A. D. 183C. 43
rP HE Subscribers having entered into Partnership for
-1- the purjiose of carrying on the
in the Unclr Hhop at the South part ot this Tilla;e,would
inform the public that they have procured good slock and
will be ready to accoiuodatn customers promptly. They
intend to do there work faithfully and lo give entire sal
islaction. They therefore shall expect their due share
of patronage and all favors will he gialcfully acknow
ledged. SUI'I'LY NI.M6,
Rutland, Oct. 5th, IflSG, 42:
LUTHER IMXIKLS, will keep constantly for Sale
No.l dt St Cooking Stoves. Stkw4iits' I'atkki,
esteemed the best in use, from the 1'uruuca ol IJl.tiCK Si
lU.MMO.ND.U.jtt ,er with a ureal variety of P.1HL.UH
SHOPSz CILI.VIlEli STOFES,M of which will bo
suM as low as can bo purchased ut the Furnace lor
Rutland Oi l. IQlh, I03C. 41:
Elcxir Vegetal Balsumique.
For C(uiKhs,Colds,Consumplion, Catarrh, Croup,
Asthma, Whooping Cough, and all other disease
of the head, chcet ami limes.
Pamphlets containing u history of the medicine
a sketrli ol tlie diseases lor wlitcti it is lecom
mended, certificates from unquestionable aourses
ample directions accompanying each boltle
in.iv bo had o unv of ihe Agencies, gratis.
'V. FAY, JlnentlUtlund.
NERKAS, my wife rcfu.es lo live with
me and in oilier reipecis conriucta heraelf
very unbecomingly ; tins is tjarefore to forbid
all persons lurboriuj; or trusting her on my nc
count n I shall pay no debis of her contracliug
after (his date.
I'aw let, October 20, 183C. 45
LARGE assortment of all kinds ol HlanV.
WniU, ell bound und pood nner. will
alwisjs be found aX the Rutland Hook Store.
THIS is to forbid all peisons harboring or
trusting my wife, Utxatr BiiLer, after
this dale.
Pittsford, Oct. 21, 1S36. H
Ll'TIIKU DANIKLH. has ju,t MviuJ
a' very rx'eiiriie and well snlcclad imtt.
ment of FALL k WINTP.ll
somptltli'p a e.rat tarirtr of lllaek, Wu, Urtvn, Olitt,
Utetn, .1Jtlai.lt, Mind and DiabJIne ant
ixtra ntptfint
riain, Hil l.ed. and I'l.ld DUCK SKIX
Plaid, mixed, and fancy colored 5.1 Tt.l, Ti ,
Ventiiipi, relertlintns, Pilot Clolli, tc.
i'ntluitif;s, ivtinvnsd, unci every Vnnctv or
T.-lltsOltS TRlAtMlXGSi '
Jilack and Jrflwn. Oaats-tintr aad lmllin
Whiff, Green. Red and Yellow F1..1XYFLS .
Cotton ill. Merino and Weji nbltd W.IIWFnoCKSi
(an article iiidiipensibU with our iiiotlciu winlrrs.)
1200 Var.U Trench and Cngliah MKltlNoEaJ
ii CIRCASSIANS ; 1'roiicb U Knehah
Figured MEHLN'OKS, a new
beautiful arllclu for
Ladu-t Cloak.
Illark, lirowu and Green Al.i'.i'lNf.St
4000 Varda American, Kiighsh auJ Fieocli
English GiNtniAMs, white nnd colored CaM
nines, clieckod and corded ditto,
Irish Linens, Linen Cnm
hricH, Bishop
Lnwns, plain nntl fijjuiei!
Suits Muslins, Hook do., Bobinel
Lncus nml (iuillings, Edgings &. Inscrtingi
corded Skirls, etc. White, scarlet ct black
iTIcrino Sliaivlx:
Imitation and Valencia do. : Thibet, dish.
mere nntl Chally Hnndkfs.; Hosiery, Glove.
ri.i ii t...s- ii A i " I
uinuruims, nuiin rtiuuer uver-siioet, etc.
Real Italinn blnck & blue bluck SILKS;
Gro de Nnplea, Grode Swiss, nnd Poult de
Soie do.; colored Gro de Naples, Floicneei,
Sntins, Serges, cy-c. Dress Hnndkfs., n great
variety ; French Crapes, Velvets, Italian
Cravats, Flog and nandnnna Handkfs., Tf
fetta, Gnuze und Lustring Ribins, Belt do.
some very rich; Galloons, Braids, Bindings,
&c. Ac Sec. sfce.
blenched do., Tickings, Ginghams, Wick
ing, Wadding, Batting, Fur nnd Silk HATS,
Boston mnde nnd newest style ; Farewell's
Kid and Morocco Slips & wulking SHOES,
French do., Gaiter Boots, Childrens Shoes.
Leaf, Lump, White Ilnvnnnah and Brown
SUGARS; Molasses; St. Domingo and Ja
va COFFEE; Ciiocolotc, Cocoa and Cocoa
Shells; Sultana Box and Cag Raisins; Figs,
Currants, Citrons, Pearl Sage, Tapioca, Gin
ger, Mace, Nutmegs, Cassia, Cloves, Ground
Spices ; Table, Linseed und Sperm Oils ;
Sperm and mould Candles, Tallow.
Siveeds, English nnd American IRON ;
Cnrt and Wagon Tire; American, German,
& English Blistered STEEL; Sleigh Shoes,
Bur Moulds, Horse Nnil Rods, Band and
Hoop Iron, Boston Cut Nails, Wrought
Nails, Draft & Trace Chains, Hollow Ware
a good assortment.
In exchange foi Goods, Flux Seed, Flannel,
Fulled Cloth, Footings, and every article ol
country produce, for which a good price
will be given, and Goods sold extremely low
in return.
ry oitickrs or soldiers or the revo-
LUTIO.V, who wero married before the cluis el
their last term of Sernce, whore husbands served, ;rt
.ably t' tha act nf Congress of tU 7th. June, 10J2,I
years, und not less than six months, can now draw duns;
life, or during iheir reui.imioj single, by virtue of Ui
act of -Ith, July, IB30, Snch pensions as their husband
Mould have been entitled to, under the first nientioneJ
act; whether their Imtbiods Way hate Jieil durio; tb
war, or since thsl period. Al.o. lha widow, of such
Officers or soldier who were married after that war.whcas
husbands have died since Ihe -Jth, of March, 1UJ1, aaJ
before the 7, June, 103, can draw so much as their
pective husbands vouhl hareb en entitled to, uoJr
ineact of June 7, from the said 4, March, IU3I.U
tbe day of the said husbands' decease.
aj'rniiori iuiinrn atlendtdtoo as usual.
4iw j. oovn,
ntUM.ix .uiku;s
IVr.vr i:iirl;ui(l I'aruicr'N Aliua
Jp OR the jeir of tha Christian Era, 1137. juit pu'
lulled, aud for sale in lots to suit purchasers, by the
subscriber, at the Windsor Bookstore.
Windsor, $-p(. 27, 1030. tt:eow3ai
CJrcal Chance lor a IllackSuiilb.
'PO let a lllack fcmith Shop for ooe cr mora years sol
- po-sf-Stiuii jpveo Immediately. A C"! jrK,:
Shop with two fires auJ Tools if wauled ; Good lie'
and Raman Garden pot. 'lids situation fata
middle uf the Toarn of Shrewsbury awl a plenty "f we
for hands at all Timsj o ,ly one other So(i io To
17ds placa has withm a short time bsq soU arl Ua W
mer owner is goinjf West. Tha rent will be reawo''1
aad pay mad uy Apply to tba owner near ib (
Ssrass sbury, Sept. M, 165. W
SKin and

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