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if TJ." N'W York earrcipoti'lrtrt of the
' '. .1 . l . -1
. li.;i iiig'iiccr v. incs . j no loyai j aKii
i . A. ilia. ()tifti n ml trifin Allwirt it
o ...... ki I lUatfl n n Uflflfl . mi . '
tacuallv Marring" in the rnsnuficluring
r- it firrt official duties ticrfbrmrd by Jo
jr' the new Poslroastcr nl Hmtford,
rJ th -m Tyler muting in New-
HoaaipLt A drunken aeoundtel, nn-sed IWld-i MAUHIED
mo lUMsnd. of Purfraan county TenocM-c. rtcrr.i. la ibis town n tiio IVh ull. by Hiv. J. M. 11-Kk-It
IriUcJ Mis Delia lUney iiti axe, soiercst her jwnod, Mr Sholaen C. Sating of lUiiJord X. Y, ti
bead (low t ct body, col nlTher aims, aptii ni-en bc i Mm Elizabeth JI. Mct.'oorrlt of tint town,
taaek, ami hurled her In ike aiaow. He thnn prepm- In Memin, n the Sd inat. by Jautcs K. Pearsons
d f..r liii defence a m.rofcer nfr.lsib and handspikes. !' Gen. V. Huh of hkolHiin, to Mii lltuUah
and bid dcfiatirc to ihe Slate of Tunnosca. He wa , Temple of the former place
arrested and commuted. If lie has money or neh' In Durtei on itm'Jiili ull. by Hcman Mune Kiq.,
claims, he r HI doubtlus l-acpnutsl on a plea of Mr lliiam Wiuwd Danb), to Mia Laura Wndo uf
luasify, or something til tlial sort. II pamilrs, Jutmi
ther "ill hang him without Utah h is the falhion.
i n 1 1 ir o ii west, in sneaking of the ini.sciablc
i jrr v new-ipniiar pmnitiicrs in giving
1 i . : :r . -r
n uniiurni FYr-cni ni
- ftta ' fsys n 13 n uniiurni Fyr-cni
it':'. r Hrthonttni; sanction oi uongrtsi.
? rf flttuonariti. The Huv. liugrnc
a i and J idy, oltlm li.iptm .Musion in liur
a'f in this city on Suinl.iv last, via Bnc
.-A in lite !np Hnmutl Ilick.i from Liverpool
iu Ktn'.iiJ ha oihii nuseni nearly lotirtren
- fd , lining hcahh. lie has brought with
- It i-Hint three children, two of the cliil-
i ' .e Rev. Mr Com&toclc, of the same Mis-
tiL i will remain with their relatives in this
It Pittsburg (3azettc slates that the maiiHfac-
, t .. I i... ii e i ...
, r a jipui uy .tivsars oiiuL'iiuc.iur. is nuw
S ... ; .i... i i .i
S i c,.1 r.TUOii ill viiiii piaci', iinu inni inuy iiiu
fi , dk an order for the U. S. Armory at Har-
ra Kerry l nni now m.tKing' is inienuoa lor
nvcfiion into files.
A poor, lame, nkl cnloted man anted liear
IVochVeeptie a few days npo, for McVinc uinrd.
White meaiiir were heing taVen to lnvo him ex
amined bcfoic a jMlee, he went to the barn, ofl'med
ep a prater to l!ivd. nd lied a handkrrehief round
IU nerlc and huni; himself' Absolute want led
him In eommit the petlv
nuieidc ' W'e ent y not the
and pumah a nhirf ring, ularrfnc niendieant, fur np
propriaiirg to 1m own utc a allele ol wotd or a loaf
of btead.
On the 07l!i oil. Dea. Abnci Hall, a icToluiiona.
ry tliloiirt, aijrd fiS.
Iii at Alheim. (C.a.) an the SM ult. In the t3d
year of I, i nye, llrnjamin Iird, ti name of lw
wich. Coon.
Mr Lord eamn to ihit rlen in JS3I, where ho
BVMTJtt MASl'N otfee f.r wle an ex-eem.
Uk (if t;KMi4, roiMia'infi o( a ery Mora I
sHMtMert ot the IHIowln Liudu,
Dry (!$; Ottenra, IIHwtre. frmkerv; Ot
and China Vio; llft f" and .Vlndlrlnet; pait.l
a lid deMtt!ts halloa uale, Atm wale, Aic
Sew ItftHt Hiwkw ah. 30 tntxt 6 kr 4 a tad
t by a indv.w fttia) ;00t) lt Ciun u,k llltxmi
lton,n Mtrr uptiot aiiitit', 1Ij holer's Hoea and
inanuic fuiti.
HutkiKj, Mar H, ISIS. 10 ?t
DU.N'Kl.l'.K. Iwin ib Inhnbininu nfltuu
land ani! tuii.tly that he has rt tmm il hit
t txiper isht'p into tlw liuiUlir.a Iih ffiy Ht-ultd I y
lhefl- rhiiine led him to , h.n 8incc relded, posictnc in an eminent degree, , 9 "iiplu shop. lo dotrt m.rih
s mm who would arrest ; me (onfidern e nl i,0r rtKftmunhr, the aftVetlnn ol 1 JK Jil. w em he is tea.ly u. attend tuaiIoider
i ... r 'l. . .. T .. ' ..Intilnliriftttl.t. .....nt.f n.l
How awrct are the afTeetinns of soriil lindne!
how balmy tho influence nfihat regard'whiehdwelN
around our fireatdcn ! llisiruiit and dtiiilii duken
not tho bnchtnest of its purity : the crating nf in
ter.tl and jenlousr mnr not the harmony of that
acene, Parental kimlne and filial aiTcctioni bio,
aim there, in nil the freihness of an eternal rprlnp.
It matters nut If the w orld i, cold, if wo can but
turn to our dear circle, and ask and rcccito all that
our own heart claims.
Wo converted yesterday with a gimtleman lately
from Laguyra, informs us that another Comet, inticti
more linlhant than Hie one visible In thli latitude, In Nuwhury, Steiihen.I'owcrs. in tup eUl year,
itrtal pili ur; mImi mi ilit: 3annq.1-v,t.U Milh-Jlaij Vr
his family nr.d frirnd.ar.d tho cileem and hunr ol
all uhnktu'W him. In IKO Mr lxni imttod him
self to the Ciiiigirsatioual churtb in Hutland, t ,
whcie Iu' then teided. Suite which lime his holt
lick of heart Ims Ik en abundantly made mamfe-t
by the i)narire reciiiudo of his Chtiunii couii".
In tho death of Mr Iird, our comuiumly Iirs lost
one nf iis In-1 citi!on, the ihurch ntlUis plan; ore
of her tnot pious mcnibci, and soeu ty at large, nit
cxamplo bright and perfect as that "uublrM wink nl
Cod, an honrtt man." lie was ii.tcnedon tho evo
nine of the 23d, with masonie hoimr, in the pres
ent o of a crowd of oi rowing fnuiids.' Alkenijica.
Ilanwr. . , "
In hitihfield, Conn., on tho 21st ult., Mrs Snrnh
Seymour, wile of Doct. Oeorgu Seymour, auddnuch
tcr of the lats lluut Iisq, of Mount Vernon, Vi.,
nrrml Oil . .
...... . . i
lip tin year pi
In hi line wlih ptoinptnesi and drpJtclt,
crs, in the 60lh year ofhel age,
bolli, of thrnat di&
The (icneral Assemblv of the State of Rhode
I-. inJ met at Newport Mond.iy, to hold its closing
MSioa under the old charter. I he new Ocncrnl
.irmbly mtt nl the same place yesterday, in or-
tiriize the government under tho new constitu-on,
The .Mormons, are nbout buildinp n new city
Shukokan, thrte miles below Uuilinyton, Ioivn,
la the Mississippi
w niMn hv him whilst nt nort. nml fat
nlph'ts duiintr hie passage to New-Oile"ans. The
nucieu!1! 1h of a fiery red appearance, and was auout i temper.
45 dcg. K. S. K. of tho termination of tho tail or In Rochester, of consumption, Mrs Tcmrcrfiruo
what was called there the pale Comet. The G. wife of Gcergn HuU'iard, aged -10. ,
tail was well defined and about thirty degrees ini In Wa'tcrfi'M, Miss Amanda Hill, acedSI. At
lencth. It rose about 1 o'clock, A. M. I the samo plate, sirs Townscnd, wife of 'I'hotnas
He also informs ui that at Lapuayra and in tho 1 ownsend, aged t0. , At, thu .same place, I hotnas
m-a r.f o i; i ?i mrt'r.
n.'iiiltrttptoj ANsijvmT'a S:j!o
I rr-n"if,
Ir II lntfmhit
' dial at a iMdi
a a id
Tun Dv Fixr.nl The last number of the
liens of the limes, savs that 'the ricrhteous have
fason to expect their Lord in this nir, by tho ?3d
! ftlay, igm,' (Uontrauicteti tjyuio I lines.;
interior of Caracca, the greatest constermtion
prevailed among the inhibitants-the more so in con
sequence of tho vast number nf Mr. Miller's
trtcts which had been translated into Spanish and
circulated amongst the people. jV. O. Ike.
Wiioi.r Family l'oisostn. We have not read of
a moro dreadful calamity than that detailed by a
tprnnt number of the Grenada (Miss. Ileuister. 1
This paper informs us of tho wholo family fof Mr. , same place, of ct)sipclas, sirs IStnily PicrCo aged
Morehcad, residing near the Yazoo Pass, having In Concord, Joel Harvey, aged 05.
I owrisend, need 70. At the snme tihre, .v.ra Oris
wold, wife of Klloha Grim-old. aged 29.
In Wheelotk, of erysipelas, Mattie, wife of Aaron
Shaliuck, and only daughter cf John and Submit
Heath, aged 38.
In Lyndon. srissLavina' Williams', aged 20.
In Orleans, of erysipelas, Charles W. ton of I).
P. Walworth, aged 3 years.
In St Johnsburv, D.micl Drown, need 81. At tho
L Y order ! ihn I'niied Stales District Court for
iJ the eriiU'iit lli't h t. ill I e old at ll.e court
bona" in Ituilii.d, on (,tuiday the O'.h diy i f Miy
linn, at one o'clock, p. ,n., all tho light, titlo and in
lerest wt irh Win V. Maltcson, a bankrupt, had on
the atd day of March lTJ, in and to about ISS
acres of laud in the tot n of Chltinden, being the
undivided half of5d, 3d, -lib ind &'h divfomn of the
rl)ht nf llritjamin Kvoieni, together with certain
olliur rt"il eatnlu which ill hn moro particularly
dusciibud alllo limuofsilo. Terms cash.
. Wm. Y. 1UP1.HY, AsiiRtico.
ltutlnnd. Apiil 10. IS jn.
inp'rhe above alo is adjourned in Saturday the
tail. i.,u ,v . .
A d it s i si i - f r:i t r'rt S a I c.
Itent'1 Jifrr's liilate.
rf"VNF. hundred tind scrnty acres of land, situated
in .Sallhhurv In tho county of Addison, a tract
of hind known by the name of tho Leicester mead
ows. Two biiiidicd nnd uinoly acrt x nf wild land
j nltuatnd in lli.lnn, in tho county of Addibtiii, except
j tho right nf thu widow's dower in the same, will hu
sold al public nuciimi, nt T. W. Keek'tV in Salu-
uury, on the lOtli day nl June oc.t, at 0 n cluck,
i:. X. 111UGGS, Administrator,
llrandon, May 1, 1813. 10:21
inttut of lUiUod. i
ptotmtr rouit held at IUttawl, wllhln and for
drwrtct on the S4h 0 ol May, A. I). 143,
lievnl Wm Hall, Juder
Almon I l'owrlt, atlmHtuttatfif of ilia ratals of
Juaihn ltcill, lair 4 U.lllttulin in aaid dlatrtrl,
dreeaVed, iuttlc, latng uude application to aaid
court to hac the time allowed tor the payment ofit.n
del t of aaid de rarj, Cilnuh d one J f at uai lh
Ihh day nf June next.
It I otdeiotl that Mid application be tf feued
far hottnc ami itrciaion to the firtt Moaday,
btin ilta ilh day ol Juno next, and that a copy of
tins vtdet be puhliabed Ihtco vreV mccciairrlj,
previowa thnrv-tn, in the Hutland Herald, a. newjp.
per prlntril at RuttkrHl, that all petsons Intrreai-d,
may appeal nml ol'K'rt to the w.ime (flint iro cause.
A into cot iv of teivird,
lai IlKNUY H.M.I., Urglater.
PIIOllA'Pr, COUUT, ) III-', it rememUi.d
Ihtlltct of Faltf ataiMv I .H that al n Pro-
IkIb Comt hidden at C.ntlrii.n, wilhm and for aald
Disiiul.un th 1st day of May, . H IH3.
lrent, A. Warner, Judgn.
KtteliA Allen, cuardiaii nl Jnalah Sykes, and Si
lax ITntd, gu.irdinn of Jacob Sykaa and Sidney
JSiKes. m.not 'toll of Jacob Sy Ui, Jun lain of Paw.
lei tn snid dlstnn, dcieascd. lepioentlnj to aald
cooit that it would l e condurive to tho intetcst of
said minors, t'i se'rall tlje realeatale of aaid rpitiort,
lying ami heh!j in PawK-t, and praying aald touti
tu grwnl them In-ensn to sell saul entitle;
It is ordeied iri.u notico thereof ho given tn all
persons intuioatcd tu ttild appiieatlou, thai the re
ill be a hiMilog ot tho miiiu on tlm titli day of Juno
next, at thu Probaia Offico in (.aid CaslllMoii, ,y a
publlcatmn of this nrJer thtoe weeks aueceaaitcly,
pievifius tn anij tmift of hearing, in the Rutland
"Mcrald, n rtew tpnper ptlnted at Itutl ind.
A true copy nl record,
ItU'l AttoM, 1J. V. LAXGDOX, ReBister.
STATKOI-' i;RM()NT",77inr7i;ubf7ed
District of Rutland, ss. I VJ that at a slated
pinb.iiu court held at Rutland, uitliin and for said
been poisoned by catina peaches dried on a paint
cd board. One of his daughters was to have been
married tho very day sho was so suddenly taken
from tho earth. Tho marriago clothes vvere 6cnt
homo an tho funeral bier was preparing, and a cloud
of wo bedimed the now blasted hopes of the partner
ofhor bosom. I ho eldest son, proMralo on a bed
ritchburv Railroad. Wo understand contrncts
laie been mado for completing tho road 27 miles
h 'he first ol Ucccmber, at n rale much below
In i Htrtl itimatA ! I hn ntiestinn is now if III fit
ht road will bo completed iu 1811 : nnd if w - 1 nfdinth. hid juM returned from a Ino years' 4tu.iy
In St Jnhnsbury Mrs M.iry Spencer, aged 02
In liarnct, bophrona Mason, aged 13.
In Lyndon, William Curtis, aged 47.
Imtakc not, the stock, from the cheapness of the
load, with all the now fncililics, will soon be above
hr A. . .Sentmrl.
Three hurvJrcd anil twenty-ono thousand do!-
Iirs in specie arrived at New Oilcans on the lGtli
Ini' and the day previous.
Wc learn that in the Eastern pari of isova Sco-
lis, such is tho luck nf fodder for tho cattle, that they
predymgby litmdrcds,l0 10s. Las been paidfora
' t i- i it
If there were fewer diamonds nnd more potatoes
Lnghtnd, her nconlo would reioice. llierus
! de.il of poeliy in t hat.
Mr Thomas Barrett, sexton of the First Church
I: llovei ly, now eighty-four years old has buried
f.'2o'J persons I
Gunners should simru tho littlo birds. They
Lire moro 'music in their soula' thnn an hundred
A hare anil a fox met one day on the vast prai
he, nni after a long conversation thev prepared
to Mail on iheir several routes. Tho hare, pleased
villi the fox, lamented that thev would in all prcb
V ili'y paraic foiever. 'IS'o, no,' replied the fox,
kvc snail meil nuain. never fear. 'Where !' i livs i
nquiiej hu compmion. 'In the halter' sshoji, to
le sure, rejoined tho fox, tripping lightly nway.
in tlm it- ii.. l i hosiers of old Harvard. Crowned
with his laurel wreaths of honor and clory. Doath
spreads hn banner o or the whole, i-athcr, moth
er, son and daughter, now sleep tho tlcep nf.dcnth,
streached side by side, and wrapped in the embers
of the cold earth.
May 1
Prepared Weekly.
6 o'clock A. M. 12. M- 7 P.M.
,49 00 OS
4n 50 51
12 '51..' 67
45 CI fit
.43 53, 51
12 50 68
50 70 CO
I meet nn individual min how am I to regard
him 1 in whit degreo shall I respect him 1 His.
dress, his manners, all I seo outwardly pleases me.
Hut I must know more of him. W ell, you le;l me
ho in very wealthy that he lives In a splended
house, and fares sumptuously every day. So far so
good. Hut I pay homage to none tif thoso thing.
1 wish tn ascertain what claims this man has upon
my rcupect and esteem. You do not help me to tho '
information 1 seek, by pointing to his elegant dwel
ling, to his costly clothing, to his luxurious tabic,
Xo ; the grot qiicstlxin I desire tohavo answered
U what manner nf person is ho ! Is ho lionesi, be
nevolent, rcliainus 1 In a word what Is his char
Mahsiaui: KxTBAormiSAHY. Thero are few of
our readers in this city or any of the principal
towns in tho country, who havn not seen tlio famous
united brothers, thu Siamese twins. They have
boon residing for several years past in North Car
olina, whero they purchased a plantation. Wo had
not hoard of them for a long time, when we recci.ed
a loiter yc&terday from a correspondent in X'mth
C.iri lina. inforinlns us that they had entered intn a
statu of double blessedness. Our correspondent
Atmirkct 320 lleef Cattle, 250- Sheep, and 1100
1'rices. Uecf Cattle. The price obtained last
weok wera fully buMained. Extra nl 5 00. 1'irjt
quality, 4 75 ; soonnd qunlity 4 60; thitd qualllr
-I 00 a 1 50,
Sheep. A lot sheared, from SI to 2 75, lot not
shesred from 2 50 In 3 50.
Swine. Lots to peddle at I 1-4 for sows, and
5 1-1 for InrrnWM. At retail from 41-2 to 0.
' "' : 1 ' . -
17011 one hundred bead of cattle, well feucod, and
- al reduced prices. Enquire of John Strong, or
Geo. W. SiiioMi.
Also, 200 bushels of potatoes, for sain.
G. W. Stiiono,
Rulhnd, iay 8, 1813. 10:91
Vt"E the subscribers, being appointed bv the Hon
TT Piobatu Court for tho district of Fairhuxon
commissioners to receive, examine and adjust Ml
claims and demands of all persons agnitist the estate
of Isaac Claik, late of New Orleans in the Slato of
Louisiana, deceased, represented insolvent, and
al.so all claims and deuiiinds nxhihlled in olivet ,
thereto, and six months from the 24th day ofi
April, last, being allowed by btiid court forlli.it'
purpose, we do lliereloro hereby give notico tbat
wo will atlcnd to lho business nf our faid npnoint.
ment at the office of Isaac T. Wright in Castleton,
on the first day of June and 20dday of August nbxt,
Horn one o'l lock until 1 o'clock, p. m. on each of
said days.
T. W. Hick, Emsiia Gates, Coni'ri.
Castleton, May 1, 1813. l!J:2t
distnet, on lho Crsl .Monday being the Heal day nf
M..y, A. D. (63.
Pie.sonl, Wm. Hall, Judge.
A certain InMtumcni in writing, purporting to bo
the lasi will nnd tcslatnonl of Levi (.ales late of
Wallingford In an id dettrlft, doceased, having been
Ibis day prenenletl to said court for prohale. and al
lowance by William Marsh, ao'.u executor theiq
in named;
It is ortlcteil thai said will bo referred for pro.
batu and allowance to the llrsi Mond.iy boing
thu Sth day of June next, and that a copy of this
older be published liirec weeks successively, previ
mis tlieielo, in thu Rutland Herald, a newspaper
printed at Rutland, that nil persons interested may
appear and contest tho probata thereof if llicy see
cause. A true conv of record,
1U.J1 "1IENRV HALL.Registor.
.Sare of Vermont,
District of Hml nid, si.
) E il rcmomhciod that
Wk the subaerilifM, heing appointed hvlho Hon
' Probate (!onrl for thu district of Rutland com
missionurH tu roeeive, evarriino and ridjust nil claims
and diitnands of nil persons against tho estate of
Gary Harrington laic of Danhy,
In said district, deceased, represented insolvent, and
also nil olnitns and demttrids exhibited in olTscl
rrr PRS. kid shoes, consisting of walking shoes, thereto, nnd six months from tho 211th dny of April
Vv slips, Ercnch kid ties, gent, pumjis, chll- last, being allowed by said Court for thai pur
tlren's kid slips and cacks; India Rubbers. I poso : Wo do therefore hereby give notice, that wo
i, ...:il ... l . .i. i i t i i t . .
Tkt vita of Imanily. The following is tho
htrst successful instance of the plea of insanity:
Sam, said a tender-hearted mother to her little
jn, 'what on earth did you throw that kitten into
He well for V 'Oh coz" I was crazy.' 'Come to
four ma, you sweet littlo cherub.1
i A lesson for Pride. Alexander tho Great,
rfing Diogenes look in. r attentively nl a lorco
lilietion of human bones piled one above another,
'KM the philosopher w hat he was looking lor.
P m searching, said Diogenes, 'for the bones of
Jritthcr, but I cannot distinguish them trom
of his slaves.'
My eyes. Jack I' exclaimed a jolly tar, on sec
i"1 a sold:er chained by the leg to n largo cannon
' I fir punishment, 'if there ain't a soldier at an-
Mutiny at Ska. The ahin Metoka. of New-
York McLarrcn, on her voyage from Liverpool
bound to New Orleans, put into St. Thomas on
the 5th tilt, with her crew in a state of Mutiny,
t-me oiihe ringleaders were confined in thu fort
Ha be km home for trial, and the shin was to con-
It'uje her voyage the next day for her destined
Port. V l Mornins Chronicle,
Int'rtitHfT to Oirlt.' When n boat nrrivrs nt
y ofth Ian linns :n Iowa, bavins voim" ladies
Inboard, tho bachelors crowd and hover nbout,
-'. il, . r A- .1. ri
llllr llliltlllvt Ol XSCIV 1UIK ur I1UI llSiUII I . . ,, . ,i i
. i . ... , , , ... , ; known, prooauiy to tne muruerers
t'Tun, andainzout 'Have a husband. Miss J ' , ' i..i i ,.i.., ,.,.
On Thursday, April 13th, married nt Wilkes Co.
X.C. by Elder Colby Spirke, of tho Ilaptist church
Messrs Chan'' and Enc, the Siamese twin brothers.
to Misses Sarah and Adelaide, daughters of David
Yeates of Wilkes Co., N C. N.Y. Cornier and
Ennuirer. '
Extraordinary indeed. So much so that wero it
not fur tho evidence daily afforded of what uunat
ural things men and vomnn will do, wa should
pronounce the thins incredible. What sort of wo
men can thev be who hare enterod iuto such a mar
tiagel What sort of a father tn consent Whit
sort of clergyman bo who performed tho unnatural
cercmo iy I uom. auv.
Horrible Murder
A most barbarous murder of a wholo family near
Pott Colden,in Warren co., X. J., perpetrated on
Mnndav last. Tho head of the family was Mr. John
II. Parke, an agod single mm who was in tho habit
of boasting that ho had large quantities of specie on
ham . In his bouso lived John Cartner, wno work
ed tho firm, his wife, who was Parke' sister, four
children, and a servant. On Tuesday morning the
neighb-irs were thrown into consternatiuti by hoir
inn that all these persons, except the maid servant,
who was not ai homo tho proceeding nigut, wero
murderol. On reaching ihe pot lho most dreadful
upectado was presented. Carlner, who appears to
liavn been decoved out of the houao, was found par
tially thrown into a lime kiln, his head literally beat
en to Iragmoiiu wiiu a ran, which was m .u ujj
i-Ii.o hv with all lho horrid marks of the use thai had
been mado of it. On entering lho house Mr. Parke
i f.uinil in his bed dead, with hu throat cut from
ear to ear. His sister. .Mrs. Cartner, andlhe tnfant
at htr aide, were in like manner murdered, and
hate son of 4 or 5 vears old stabbed in sevcal places
on!v not dead. There were two other children,
Rutland, miy 8 1813.
lll-BT V
7A Company of the 5 Regiment of the enrolled
Vt, militut,
AGREhAliLY with ihe 155th sortion of Revised
Military Laws of Vermont, tho members of
said company are hereby warned and ordered to
appear at ihe usual place ol parade of said company
in East Rutland, on Tuesday ihe Cth day of Juno,
next, at nine o'cltit k, a. m,. fully aimed, ciuipped
and uniformed as tho law directs ; also with 12
rounds of blank catridges, fur the purpose of ro.viow.
drill, inspection of arms, &c. and (here await further
orders. N. R. Particular attention will bo paid to
arm.r, equipments, and delinquents.
ny oiuer ui o.ipi. u. ji. uyer.
Ii. lUiucs, Clork,
Rutlanl, Miy in, 1813. 10.21
Attention IS. 1). Cttii
l"he memheisof the Rull.md Cili7ers
('urns are berehv notified anil
warned to appear at their armory in
Rutland, on Wednesday lho I Tl ll day of
Vay, A. 1). 1613, at one o'clock P. M-,
fuuy uniformed and cquiped as the law
directs, lor tho purpose of military (hill
and fur the transaction nf oilier impor
tant business. Also to veto a tax to de
fray the. expenses of the Anno: j andoth-
cr necessary matters fur the present y oar,
Ily order of John Strong, Capt.
Li-cieaJ. llusiuiu), Llerw,
RntlanJ, May L 1813. 120
will attend to the business of our said appointment at
Harvy Paris' in Dauby nn tho fifih day of June
and twenty-ninth day of October next, from ono o'
clock, until four o'clock, p. m. on eacli of said days.
II. F Otis, Isaac Mc Daniels, Com.
Dauby, May G, 1S13. IU: 21
WE the subscribers being appointed bv thu Hun
Prnbnlo Court for ihu district of l'alrhaven
commissioners to receive, exnrninu nnd adjust nil
claims and demands of all poisons againsl Ihu es
tate of
FJiml Smith, late ofU'flfr,
in said district deceased, represented insolvent, nnd
also all claims and demands exhibited in offset
therein; and six months from lho 13th day of April
last, being nllowod by said court lor that purpose,
a special probata
' court hold nt Rutland within and fot aaid dis
trict, on the 2d day of Vny, A. D 1813.
Piesent, Win. ILill, Judgo.
Rolliri ('. Hunter, administrator of the estate
of John 11. Wnrcesler, Into of Clarnndon In said dis
trict, deceased, having mailu application to siU
court, for license to sell all nf lho real cslntii
of said deccasod,e(ept lho widow's dower therein,
Including the reversion thcrcol, constating of lho
homo farm, containing 113 acres, and u mountain lot
of six acres, representing that tho sale thereof is
nccctsnry for the payment of debts and expenses
of administration;
It, is ordered that said application be torcrrrd In
lho first Monday, being the 6th day of Juno next,
and that a copy of this order bo published linen
weeks successively, previous thereto, in ihe Rutland
Herald, a newspaper punted al Rutland, that any
persons interested may appear and give bonds for
tho payment of said dcbls or olhetwiso ohjvcl to tho
samo us thoy sco cutue. A Hue copy of record.
10:21 HENRY HALL, Register.
State of Vormont, ) lElt remembered that
Llstiicl ofRulhnd.ss. M J nt a special Probata
Court held nl Rutland, within nnd for said Dia
trie t. on the 2d day of May, A. D. 1843.
Piesonl Win. Hall Judgo.
Ebonczcr N. Ilricgs, administrator of tin usute
of Daniel Dyer, late of Clarendon in said dis
trict, deceased, intestate, having madn application
tn said cnurl to havo Ilia t'unu heretofore allowed
him by sail court for paying lliu debts of said de
ceased extended one year Iruia the UOlli day of
.May iiiat.;
It is ordorod that said application bo referred foe
bearing and decision to tho first Monday heir.g
the Mil day nl June next, and that a copy of this
order bo published three weeks successively, prei-
ous llicrilo, in Ilic Hutland Herald, a newspaper
we do theroforo hereby give notice thai o will at-' pljntcd at Rutland, that all perkons interested may
4 FEW thousand good Urick for salo by
May 8. 1SI2.
it CO.
10: J I
In ISankruptcy. Aaijrucc's Sale.
)Y order of the United Stales District Court for
the Vermont District, will be sold -t public
auction, at Gray's ion, iu MiJdletnwn, on Monday
the 29in day of May, int., at ono o'clock, p. tn,. fur
cash, all the right, title and iuteiest which Jaa.ani
ah liarrc'.i, of Slid MiJdlotunn, had on ihe Sill day
tif Inlv Tvt m nml tn Ihn ridloiiritr ilpket died oron-
iire a husband V
' rc youlhe man of the house?' innuirod a nen-
r.eman of a citizen, one day. 'No. but mv wifu
lis,' was tho s'lblued response.
. .'.i-.. i..... : ,. .,.,, f ,i... i.,,. ., 1 eriy.in hh . .1 ioi ruiiiJii'O'i; "vi uiiicii mmi,
out mey a-.-v . - """'!'- V;.,," " .:. . ' with three dwelling houses, storo and outbuildings
II CI ilic limns . a. . 1 i ll.a...,
amount of blunder was . mereo.i, suuaieu in ne i ... ...uy r... ..
. . 'fi. 1
tend in the business of our said appointment at the
dwelling houso nl r hebe Amiih, widow nl lho de
ceased, on Ihu last Mondays.nf Junu and Septem
ber next, from one o'clock, until four o'clock p. m.
nn each ol snid Jus,
Joseph Park, Ai-.tkmai Lewis, Com.
Wells, May 1st 1313. 10: 21
Slate of Veni'ont. i l-E tl remembered that
Diiinct of HniUrid ?s. J at a special probalo
court held at Rutland within nod fur said district
on the 8lh day of May. A. I). 1813.
Present, Win. Hall. Jutlfto.
Silas II. Hodges, administrator uwm the esiato of
Ephraim Ja ksnn, late of Rutland in said district,
deceased. Intestilc, proposing lo render an atcuunt
nf his said admlni'traiion,
ll is ordeied that said jicr-onnt bo referred for ex
amination and nllowance, to lb first Monday being
6th day of June next, and that a copy nf lids order
ho published three wroks successively, previous
thereto, in thu Rutland Herald, a newspaper piinled
1.1 Rutland, that all persons interested may appear
and object to the same if they seo cnuso.
true copy of record,
10.JI HENRY HALL. Reglstor.
State of 'rrmon', D K ll remcmborud that
District of Rutland, hs. ) at a special prohato
court held .at Rutland within and for fctud dutiifl,
on the 8ih day of Juno A. D 1813.
Present Win. Hall, Judge.
A certain instrument in writing purporting In ho
) V J E jt rcmornhered tlul at
a special Probate Court
appear and object in the same if the j tea cause.
A true copy ui record,
10:21 HENRY HA LI., Relator.
State of Vermont,
Di-tiict of Itutlind, ss.
held at Rutland, within anil for said District, on tin
2d dny of June, A 1). 1813.
Present, Wm. Hall, Judgn
Isiac C. Whnaton, late administrator of the eatatn
of Alfied lluck, lain of Piltaford in said district, de
ceased, inti's'ale, proposing Iu tender an aciounl
of his said ndmiriislraiion -,
Ills ordered that said ocroiinlbe referred for ex",
animation and allowance to the 1st Monday beingtli
5th day of J line next, and that a copy nf this order ba
published Ihn-o weeks successively, pievioiis there,
to, in lho Rulland Herald, a iiewsp'i'r printed al
Rutland, that all persons interested may appearand
nlject in th aarna if they see t aute. A trua capy
of Record,
10:21 HENRY HALL. Register.
State uj Veriaohl S E it remembered lhat
District of ItutUn l, as. O at a apeci'l probata
court held al Rutland, within and for said district,
on tho 21 day of May, a. n. 1M3
Preant, Wm. Hull, Judgo.
Addison Ilurk, adminiatrator upon tho estate
of Alfied lluik lalo of Piltaforl in aald dis.
trict, deceased, intestate, having mad application
to said (irtiil to bavo llie llti allowed lor
ihn last will and testament of Mary Hallou late of lho dbis of..id estate extended one year from that
WaUliigliirJ m said district, ileeeaaeJ, having hter. mn uay oi or june next;
Tlie Whi5if Tenncaste hate raised their banner
iih the words "Fmte.1 Hank" iuscnbrd upon it.
iSjra: Heinaciix. Thu la a diseiso which some
r)ple are terribly afflicted, and a hint on ihe with
i. jea may be useiut. nr. nurdeu.ui ewtork.in
i irtlf r to Alrott, a . 'nut a case of the tick
htiiaebe has ever oecured within my knowledge
ti-t? with the drinkers of tea and coffee, and nut
cua his failed of being cured on ihe er.ltre renun-
1 1 anon ol tliem
nhiamed. in. one coubiiet conjecture. The nrvvs
spread rapidly, thocoun'ry is raised, and handbills
are already circulating in all directions, offeiing, in'
the name of surviving relatives, eiuuu lor ilie ai
rest and conviction of the murderers. Plunder, un
doubtedlr, was the motive, and universal opinion
ascribed the horrid deed tn strangers, who must have
como dum a distance. As theio muat bavu been
twu or three concerned, ihe lope seems reasor.ablo
lhat a lue will bo found, and duo punishment a
wardndln this unpxrallod massacre.
A Cnnl-
AIo, a farm in said Middletown contaminif aboot
six hundred acres.
AUo a farm in Tinmouth, containing about itueo
hundred acres.
i AUo a lot of land in Rupert conlaining about two
bundled aero).
Also a lot of land in Dorset containing about fifty
Also all the interest nf said Barrett in an assign
ment mailt to Steuben llarrett on ihe Mill nf June
1811, of ihn partner!"!' pmperty of the late firm of
Marrclt V l.iltie.
I AUo certain chose in action, assets of the slid
oflbo Young Ladies' Uenevolent Sone. Jaazan.ah Uarrelt. a nWrup
tun. w,lt be'huldc, on Thursday Eve. 1 n W m- HN MA , A.i?nep.
IU.I.IOU, i.iay lo..'. .v..
The true iKtssessor of the philosopher's aloso is
i- m ner, w bote iron and copper ate always oon-i
i i. i., t ... .i i . i . i . .1 i
1.. iiiiu me ii.c jiici .(aus
'a is lho noblest of all alchemy
I n4 even nainuie into gold, conferring
ej Uialur lbs addtioaal levrard of health. , be
The Fair
It of Caslleiun
nlng. tho llihofMar inn., tn the large HU at Mrj
Spencer's Hulcl; at which tima a variety of arli-j
rtM. ornamental and useful, will he offered for sale. -
Toe public aie invited tu aitand
m.t.U. Afrieul. RURT& MASON n.v fur aaUr 2 Iwms wg. awwila..i common ir
-forit t-rns Birthl " g- wiib Ml sunns., . ,t. Umtser. axH) , esuldiun ktiilea. st-.v,
nnfairing upuri ila, Coiling ' f-mmng EMilt. one second harad ebi, to puiou
1 AA AAA tWKfl Mleaj2 inch plank;
AvvjU WU common litmilock ami iptuce
I Uurds Also,
. j SxtoblH an I couxnoa Troy iduugbs; eora pleogb;
piuaKh poibW; id lull
.old on HMral terms.
Ruilatid. May 8, 1 13
frr a f m .... i. I
. too oi air. .Miiunan, near unieagu, smppeo i PolVllcr.
uai inerieaani mi ume tikier, in spon, aiw- rtM,T .. uicns' hsia (ur cals bawt I!aTlbh
UUn,,, .usually. (Cleveland He.a.l HiS13rfmS: E
1000 lbs bote lealhei; uptter lttiie-: cW sjw;
1000 tanned bheep skifas. IlrsT &. blimp.
RiltUukd, May i, M3.
Shcrn Tobacco.
P I'RT & MASON havw d.f sale 1009 I'.f
this day rire-ented lo said court fur prnbate and al
lowance, by Eliakim liallou and Oliva JIbIUhj, tho
executors Uieriun named;
ll is ordered thai sud will he referred fur prphatn
and allownncs to the firat Monday Leing I lie Sill day
nf June next, and lhat a copy of ll r, order bo pub
lubod three weck aucrcMtively, previous thereto,
in th Rulland Heiald, a newspaper primed at Rul
land, that all persons imeiested may appear and con
test tho probate iherof if they see cauae.
A true copy of record.
lO-.M HKNttY HALIm Register.
STATE OF V KM MONT, p B it tcHiembered,
Dialiiet of I'airhavfB, as ( '-'that al a Probate
Ceairiboldcnai Caukton wiihin and fur said dia
irlct or the 3d day of my, A. D. 1813,
Present, A. Warner, Jud-e.
An iMlruotont in writiin puruoiUnc lo l o the
il la ordered lhat said application be referred for
hearing and ii rinHti to the first Monday being
the fifth day nf Juno next, and lhat a ropy nf
this order be published three weeks aurreif ly,
previous thereto, in ihe Rulland Herald, a new spa.
per printed at Rutland, lhat all person integrated
may appearand object in ibe tame if they ai causa.
A Itue copy ofrv-eord,
10 Vt HENRY HALL, Regi.ter.
Statk or Vikmost, I?'"' " remembered
Dlslrntof Rulland, . f D lhat ai a apecial
pjohale ruurt held al Rutland, within said district,
on the 2d day of May, A. D. lb 13.
Prc.tM Wm. Hall, Judge
Motes Perkins, Guardian of Polly Rutin, an In
aace person, of Rutland, having rnadu application
to aaid (null, fot a licenae lo lelt all the teat eatala
of said waid, in iIim stall', runsialirz of about in
last will and latmtr.l of Jonaiban SJuaaon, Ule aire imwoted land in PiUafiiid, SO arrca of wild
WclU in said dilfict. dwead. U-ini; preaeined lat m PilUfoid, and one thud of an aero wph a
tu said eatirt by Henry J. iluiloo, the ciecuu-r
lb? rem named, lor probate;
It i ordered bv the raMirt that nuii'e tUitnl to
Civq aa u rtstoct ruwcrsm, to appear al a a
May 6, IcU3.
mim of tastt court, tu be boldeti at the piiki eftire '
in CaaUtMi, ot ibt Tlai day nf June isrit, ua exMMeit
lb prubute rf id wiU, by a puMWiiii; (hi ord;
lhii taebs Htcr osiv1t prrtinu t uitl tivrsa of
Uptime, in tht Jtutlaisd Uiald, a cef safer fubst
e4 iat Holland,
A true ropy of roeord.
li.5l IJ f lA.VfJUON Uejittij
Uiute U ett. totitti of Holland tilUre, lepirtrnt
irt lhat ll r kale il.eiecf would be (onduine tu tho
)l.iei(at utsald wrd;
It is errterad tbat said application ba referred
fr hearing and decision In the firal Monday be
ing the Mi, day ol June nest, and lhal a ropy of this
order b publii.-d tt.iee weeks accr naively, provi
ost ttscititt. in lbs Rutland Rrrald, a r.twapaper
titiliird at ItutUod, llwl all persona Interealtd may
appear and ut-jcri lu the aauie if ll.ey ace cauae.
A "oe fepj .jf Ifarmd
I'jl IIUNJIV HALL, Itrjuhu,

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