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BY 11. T. WHITE.
VOL. 50. NO. fi.
Tifi 11E11AL1).
IublUhcd oTery Thursday Kcinlce.
tt$ rcn vrxn.
Left singly, on routs, at the subscribers oor $1,75, 1
D-Uctrtdm packages, or taken at tit ofif,l,JO I
;. milt - - - - ' S,50J
0.tam,)nlhtcrtdtt;:i ctnls addt d tf not then paid J
Delivered by the Village cairitr, - S2.00.
Motto for everybody; Enrournjie Your Own."
In the approaching Presidential content then, jtlicir propomnil natural level, everything !s to be' rr; ami nothing study tins more eminently dis-! matter in the thousand foims, and thereby fitting
ought not and connot bo neutral; ly-if, nsni;in thrown into confusion, nnd wo nro to bo re-jlinguished the career of Mr. Clay thun his con-j jtfor a higher expression of tho attributes of thn
ir every ining inwcnies u 10 uoumtiuj iiuiiH(.uiiiiu cunra u, mw u n""uuuj vxpen-1 s-.hih nun pcrscvcrcuiK iium iu rcsimiu, nna 10 Crentor Mnn could not hnvo been created tin
K st phall be between Mr. Van Burma"! Mr mcnts, simply to signalize a remorseless party I provide now dikes nnd securities ngaints tho en ' . . ni,n,. '.,.,
I.;..... -I. , .. .n,.,ml nnn fi mmiM. I. .'I 1....: - -P .1.- P III IM.UUI 11.111 WW Ulna in . I... . .. ... ..v ,
l.H m.'lllLlll Uf UUU31II! I'.l.ltl3 5 Ol llllj lllVtl'l3 Ul .. ... r ir ,
the deportment of Governu.en'. Judging them, ' a culinary apparatus, titling it torn nigii
Clay, I have as liuln hesitation in sjyihf 'here triumph, in the consummation of n measure openly . I.irgemcnt or abusivo excrcis. s
is but ono line of nclion by which we caincqun nt wni with tvery great practical intcicsl oflne
'Sing us a
From the Zancstilte Republican
Whig Soi.g.1 ZanetcilU Auroras
X Whiff Sontf,
nv J. GUEIM.ll.
Tuiic0( Dan 'fucker.
The moon was shining silver bright,
The stars with glory crowned tho night,
High on a limb that "same old coon"
Was singing to himself this tunc:
Chorus- Gut out of the way, yoii.r all unlucky;
Clear the track for Old Kentucky !
Now in a s.id predicament
The Lokrs aro for President
They have six horses iu tho pasture,
Th y don't know which can run the faster:
(Jtt out tho way, &c.
The wagon horse from Pcnsylvania,
Tho Dutchmen think he's best of any;
Hut ho must draw in hrnvy stages,
His federal notions and low wages;
Git out tho way, &c.
They proudly bring upon tho course,
An old and broken down war hoisc;
They shout and sin? 1 0 rumpsey dumsy
Col, Johnson killed Ttcumseyl"
Get out.tho way, &c.
The fiery southern horse Calhoun,
Who hat's a Fov and fairs a Coon,
To too the scratch will not bo able,
For Matty keeps him in tho stable;
Git out of the way, &c.
And hero is Matty, never idle,
A tricky horse that slips his bridle .
In forty-four we'll show him soon,
Tho litilu Fox can't fool the Coon :
Get out of the way, &c.
The balky horse they call John Tyler.
"We'll head him si.on or hurst his boiler;
Ilis cursrd "grip" has seized us all,
Which Doctor Clay will cure nest fall :
Gel out tho way, &c.
Tho people's favorite, HENRY CLAY,
Is now tho uFa$hiim" of the day,
And hlthe track be dry or mucky,
We'll stake our pile ori Old Kentucky :
Git out of tho way, he's swifi nnd lucky,
Clear the l lack for Old Kuntucky.
From t lie Uicluniird t liip.
Tho following litter from tho Hon. Wrn. C.
Hives, as will bo seen from its face was written
to a nTsanil an I pilitiii.il fricnl in Hiuovpr, but
another gentleman, having learned in n conversn
Hon with Mr. Utves that ho hail written such
letter, containing n full expression of his views on
the subject of tho I'rtsi leniial election, has obtain
ed a copy ofihe letter, with permission to have it
published, ns the bist means of satisfying all en
quiries and removing all doubts as to tho course
mirtrlvr nfilm full mcnsurc of our duTv t" the . community.
country : ond that is, waiving nil iiiiiioijfjrmder- And to this would be added, n tieturnl and nrc
ntionj,'lo give a manly ond JctcrniiniiLrPPo't to rssary connexion, nil that long train of congenial
Henry Chv in preference to Mr. Vnnjrurcn. jnhuses which sn ingloriously illustrated the era of
For invself I can conceive of no greater rajamity , Van Buren's fori- r ndminijtriition multiplied
to the nation, or deeper discredit to tnosc'isa nnu sciiemrs lor eMtnuiiig t.xecuiivo power anu 1'rrs
very nairn- of popular government, thnhe reel-! idential patronage profuse and profligate cxpendi
riinn nf Mr Vim Tliirin would be. oflr' tho sig-'tures ol public money : nnd the imnuriitynnd pro-
nal nnd overwhelming nrijoriiy byfuhich ho ( tcction of fiilhless public ofliccrs, purchased by tho
was so rrceiitly tlepnseu irom power, UI'" merit 01 meir pirty services; anew oroou 01 uc
fullest cinvass of measures, policy and tonduct. ;faultcrs of tho Hoyts nnd tho Harrises a race,
The host or vindicative passions wth follow the entire disappearance of which tineo 1810 is
in the train of rtS'.ored Governmcnls-f-ihc crowd one of the profoundist proofs of tS justice and nc
of hungry retainers, pleading tho frfritof past jeessity of tho change ihcn deciccd by tho people.
servici S, Who press lorwaru 10 Ciairri .no iuu.uu j jjiu u won: vain io uiiuniH iui i;iiuiiiL'r.iiiuii ui inu
of thrir' fidelity, or indemniiy for jcrifiees and t teeming abuses that must ever attend the fuiula-
lOSSeS mClirrCU 111 UlU tUIIUIimi Ullicy-mw (ihi.iii.h mi wi .. . .. . v... o wjo-
tml and pertinncious nttnehment to aftirnt abuses, icm. which, instead of regarding government as a
the arbitrary and self-willed habits riutured in the high and holy trust for tho country, sees in it no-
. . r ir. ' .i.f.... 1.... .' . l. l'i. ,1... l,..r!i
lormcr possession oi power inu i;ouiiii""i". imuij um u juu i uu iiiniiigiuii-u iut mu ui-ui.-iik
favorite and pernicious schemes of policy, have j of np arty, of which tho President is the head and
all cnncnrrfdto give n sort of proverbial currency ,gmntl almoner.
to tho remark of a celebrated Lug'sh statesman I Now, I would aslr, what is there to be appro-
and historian, that the worst and m:st dangerous j hended from ftlr. Clay s Election, which ought to
of all revolutions is a restoration.' . have the weight ol n feather in tho scale when
That nil thrse would be realizedto the widest 'compared with the fatal and destructive evils, poi
extent, and in their most unmitig-tid virulence, I soning tho vital element of republican freedom
ill the restoration ol tr von uurrn,nonc can uuuui
been attentive observeri of tho selfish
nnd vicious system of party policy exemplified in
thn ereed and conduct of himself md his friends,
or who have not forgotten that jrcniorablo motto
j. - 1 . M -- l.l..r..1
then, by Mr. Van Buren's own definition of politi 1 er otlicc. Matter was the dross to be moulded in
cal puties, ns correctly laid down by him in 161i8 to that paragon of mechanical perfection which
buttolally lost sight of his subsequent practice, let wc witness in rmn, nnd which was essentia to
i .csooer nn i '(Uipariiai juugmerit oi uic couuiry io e-pi-jj tlic mental imago of tho Creator. It was
ucciuo which is ine .eucralists and which is toe r . ,.,.,.,
! I therefore, necessary that matter should teem with
i I. . .1. ,V,1
It is impossible for any reflectinc tnnn to con- ",0 " every lonn. mat every .principle snpu.u
tcmplnto tho actual prospective condition of the ' hnvo a tangible existence, and matter be hnbiunt.
country without seeing in it already tho germ ot en to the operation ot every law nctoru incrcscouki
new difficulties and tronblts, which may, in their bo n congregated expression of cvcry.lnwnivJ eve-
oprroacuing ueveiopemeni, agiinio our glorious ry principle in one being. That jnnn it that ex
Union to its centre. The Oregon nnd 1 exas ! prcwion wo npprn t0 scicnce fo r proof Wc,nf.
question in our foreign relations at home, rt do- r ... . y r ..... ..
Lt,n rnvrniin .;,h0nll o nr.!;.,,-.. rJ firmi witlioiu fear of contradiction, that in man nil
and virtue, as well as the essential sources of na
tio'nitl prosperity nnd happiness, which wc have
every reason to believe would inevitably follow the
restoration of Mr. Van Buren 1 We shall, doubt
less, have paraded before our eyes, in stcrotyped
of party rapacity, so boldly emblazoned on ( horrors, the old nnd threadbare apparition of the
the shields of his chosen followers; which, in pro-1 tariff, the bank and distribution. On the subject
claiming 'to the victors belong lie spoils of victo-1 of the tariff, I do not hesitate to say that Mr Clay's
ry, Shamelessly poinieu io ine(riiti.3 jiuuhv ercea, uuve lujuru 111 ins it'ti'iu imicis, 13 in uvuiy
trusts of the country as tho rigfi'Ail plunder of po- respect ns just, as sound nnd unexceptionable as
litical warfare. 'hat of Mr. Van Buren. and his practict infinitely
But. to n-titrn to the remark I have already , bitter.
made. Could anything inflict a deeper wound Mr. Clay did not vote for or approve the tariff
on the catiso of republican lrti'ilnltons than sucn ol 1823, consigned to an odious celebrity, under
n spectacle of levity nnd institllity on tho part of , the name of tho bill of abominations, which Mr.
the constituent body as wouklbo exhibited on tho Van Buren and his friends carried by their votis.
restoration of Mr. Van Buror, nfter tho overwhel- It is rather an unfortunate coincidence, consider
ming condemnation of his administration pronoun-( ing the professions of Mr. Van Buren, that nil the
ced by the almost unanimous electoral vote of the ' tariiTj which have been most complained of in the
country but three short year) ngo? Would it not South owe their existence upon the statute book
render popular govcrnmrnt itself a 'by word and 1 to tho votes of himself and his friends.
tnun'' among the nations In 18-10 the Amen- It is no want of charity, then but tho result of
can people, upon tho tulles: nnu most tieuoeraic i lno most candid and deliberate consideration,whcn
hearing of both sides oftb political controversy! i c.xPressthc decided opinion that Mr Clay is far
of the fiicnds ns well as the oppomn'.s ol Mr-j more to be relied upon for a practical adjustment of
Van LJuren recorded ttjfir votes against mm uy tis uL.Cato and complex sub-net, on the terms
just nnd satistac'ory, to nil seciions of the Union
(harmonizing their various interests by tho golden I dillerent. I Hatter niyscll they will meet your
rule of modcrnlion, which is the only pledgo nnd concurrence, anu mat oi our republican menus
i iiu u.ivc iiti'.u iiii iii inu living 3i;liii.3 iuiu
which wc have past; but in anyevent, 1 am sure
they will bo received by you with the kindness
and cordiality, in tho spirit which I pray you to
i . . ..... i , . -.1 I, 1 J J
uciicvc rnc, most iruiy anu laiiniuiiy yours.
Col. Edmund Fontaine, Hanover.
.neh a'maioritv ns nevcrtefore sicrlhlized tho re
treat of any minister fropi power, nnd wns till then
utterly unparallcd nnd tfren unapproached in the
history of our Presidential contests. permanence and stability in arrangement that may
Of the 26 states composing the Union he re- be made,) than Mr Vim Buren. Tho wise and
ceived the votes of but svrn, nnd all of these (ex- temperate spirit so strikingly exhibited in his lrt-
c-pt one) ninong the srrallest of the eonf-derucy ; ( tors which have been recently given to the public,
ofthc59l votes of thc'ilrctornl colleges he obtain-, sustained by his well known influence with his
cd b'U GO; nnd of theftopular sufiVnfjcs, a majori-j friends, nnd his own high and unquestioned char
ty of M5.000 out of tho free nnd enlightened actcr for frankness ond decissiou, is a guaran
citizcns of America vho voted in the election iy which no portion of the nation will lightly rc
gavo in their verdict against him. And yet in gard.
the face of this solcmr) finding of the great inquest i With respect to the bank, if the country shall
of tho body of ihcination while the echo of,ijC mlllce,i to n choice between the odious ond
tho general voice which pronounced it has not .grinding Sub-Trcasu ry scheme nnd a national in-
vet died upon the. icar about attempt is made siitmWin nf fin nrnnri mmr.l.i
to induce the p-nple'tn take down their own set- ablISI by the jealous restrictions of its character, as
tied an.l well consumed jiidgment. nnd, in eleva-, w,. byn vigilent public supervision and control,
tin? otrain to the lur!i st office ofthe republic the f ,! nnt hrliovn it, iU ;,i..,. ,.r ,i,
individual whom they had so recently and deltbe- i pcopc Uver t10 prcssilre 0f ,c, nn allerna,iv(
rati Iv deposed, prcpunco a flagrant sentence of , wouj finj anv cuse of n;.c ncainst thnso
stulification nnd incompetence upon themselves. u.,0i frP0 froin cnn$titutional diflicuhics on the
I know not in what light other minds may view , s,,i,;pC, should so for tho Inner, in nrrfprnnr" In
n. sucn a procecuing inn iu inu n unn u tu..jv.. ...... ino lorrncr. Anil so to tho distr
n mis spoiling with Win sovereign constituency of procrf(l3 0f tho public lands, that str
,n the country a shier n.ockery and insult to tho ' y am cvitlcnlly ndjourncd, as a pro.
scd up to their farthest productive limit, ond some
of them, there is a reason to apprehend beyond ;
the tariff question reopened, with all the conflict
ing interests nnd passions which never fail to be
awakened by it; ond, added to these, the re
kindled fires of the abolition excitement each
and all of them aro questions which enrry in their
bosom the tearlul elements ot civil discord nnd in
testine strife. The worst nnd most dangerous as
pect they present is, that all of them bring into im
mediate and opposing array, if not into nncrry and
hostile collision, the sectional interests nnd feelings
of the diflerent geographical divisions of tho confederacy.
Who at such a moment, is the master spirit that
may have power to still thn rising templest before
it sweeps with destructive fury over the face of
our yet happy Union ; or should this provo hope
less nnd imposible, whose the commanding genius
'to ridotho whirlwind and direct the storm ? To
preside over tho destines of a great republic, in
a crisis of such complicated difficulty and peril.
call for something more than the arts ofthe mere
party politician. It demands the highest moral
and "intellectual qualities of the statesmen cour-'
age, self-possession, elevation of character and ele
vation of views a nobleness and generosity of na
ture that attracts confidence and can inspire
enthusiasm ; the sspint of persuasion nnd the
spiiit of command cobincd. Let tho nn
nals of tho country, in some of tho darkest
moments which havo ever lowered upon its for
tunes, be consulted, nnd they will nnswer wheth
er Henry Clay or Martin Van Buren is the man
for such a crisis.
I have thus,my dear sir, with the frankness due
to our relations of friendship, pcisonnl and politi
cal, given you my views on tho subject which is
soon to absorb so largo a portion ofthe public at
tention, and in winch no good citizen can bo in
things in nature live, move and haven being.
Man being the ultimata in tho world, history
must of necessity be. nn expression nf everything
contained in that history. And that these expres
sions must have individually existed before they
could have been united cxprcssi-'o of iiem, is evi
dent from tho economy of nature. Tho enrnivo
rn then nre to bo regard. d not only ns n prerequi
site clTort of nature, but ns quickening tho prelim
inary process preparatory to the creation of man,
and wns by their agency introduced upon thn
planet much earlier in the earth's history than it
omenwso couiu navo ueen prcpareu lor nun. so
thai without n carnivcra in the order of being,
man would not ns yet have had an existence.
This conclusion finds support in tho fct that
each successive race wns moro perfect than tho
one which preceded It. Thcro has been a gain
in every change, in every revolution of tho world's
history. I ho whole process, volcanoes, enrih
quakes and nil, has been ono continued remedy,
The. very language of geology is, all the doings
of God nrc remedial.
But why should man bo carnivero-js ? My
answer is that in the ultimate nil the subordinates
must be expressed. If man is the organic ulti
mate, then it fallows as a matter of course1 that
whatever is organized must bo expressed in him,
or otherwise ho cannot bo tho ultimate.
Man is the governor nnd ruler over the. animat
ed world, because) ho himself id tho congregated
body of that world. Animals nrc but parts of
man. An embodied congregation ol tho rnind of
every nnimal would bo MAN, would exhibit his
mechanical perfection nnd displny his stupendu
oils intellect and dcvellopc his moml excelled,
Mr. Fox, in his history of J.imi's II.
Far the Herald.
In the lower nnd most ancient formations there
aro found the remains of gigantic lobsters gi
gantic sharks gigantic fishes gigantic every
thing. Even the frogs of that era were as big as
oxen, and had no need of blowing themselves up
as represented in the fable to look as big.
House nf Representatives. Wo have got some
queer characters in the House of Representatives
iu the Massachusetts Legislature the present sess
ion. There is no General, Colonel, or Captain
but n Sargent, to keep the numbor in order, and
a bell, to sound tho alarm, or summon them to duty,
Ono member is Little, and another is Lino, and
at Icasttwo of them uro Long. One.iSBll Ghinn
and another, although of a cheerful aspect, is com
posed of Winegnr. A Pitnc, a Scot, hold seats iu
the House but no wild Russian has yet thorn
been seen. A Cult, nnd two Bullocks nppear in
their seals with much gravity ; and although wo
have, litcrnllyspeaking, no donkeys in tho House,
we occasionally listen to a llray. Canals nro
not in favor with tho present Legislature, (but
Rlioadcs nrc nppiovcd of arid even n Lane is toI
ernted. Oahes flourish In naiivo majesty and
tribution of the
that stands nccessari-
public inttliger.cet land the. revenues ofthe nation, compared with its ! carnivorous beasts, carnivorous fishes, carnivorous ;s CVcr present. There is no corn in
And by what trrans is .ir. van uun-n m uu u-, ipmuuures nnu engagements, snail no m n very i reptiles, arid nothing was wanting to compicic but plenty or Cobb, arid nt least n wh
gain preienieti ni ine legitimaie iiiiu iiiiuiiiu v.iii-1 uiucn iii siiii.iiniii iium mat m wnicn tney now
didatc of tho Uenlocr.nic pariyf roi ceiuuiny uy , ,-in-. or nre inteiv to nc ior years to come,
And all the animils found in tho lower strata.
wore carnivorous. There were carnivorous birds, i wholesome fooJ, according to Dr. Graham,
the house,.
hole Peel; of
ofMrRlvvs will pursue :n the approaching con-Mho will of the freat body ofthe party, who. wo My own individual opinions on these eubjects ! fi
test. have every rcnsixi to believe, deprecate nnd deplore , have been so often and fully stated that I need not '
the carnivorous catalogue but a camiverous mnn.
If the object of creation, ns most theologians of-
was to fill the world with enjoyment, ihe
Washington, Jan. 1, 1844
My Dear Sir, It seems now to be definitely
stilled that the country is to be called upon to re
tract the r.olemn decision pronounced by it in 1810
upon the demerits ol .Mr. Vun Buren s adminis
tr.uion, and to restore him to power, without
solitary atonement for the pisi.or pledseof amend
. r.. . t. - r... 'i'u .; ...ur.i. i
mini lur me imuiu. i uu iiiuiuauuin wnicn nave i mo i risiuiiiuu iini"". "(.' , 1 1 - , 7 ,...., .1 . . . .1 1 e u .11
been given here, since the assembling of Con-Wthcm nt leiit, and probably a far larger proper- already adverted to. They are such as arc inSep-! P' world from becoming overstocked,
cress, nro too significant to be misunderstood. . tion, would lahesitntinglv declare their preference , nrnbly connected with the purity, character and anticipation oriho wretehedncss which would
The convention nt Baltimore will have nothing to for some ncf candidate. I preservation of Government itself, nnd in my rosult from famine and old age, nnd thus by de-
do but to register and proclaim tho edict of the j And vet.fn utter contempt nf the popular senti-, humble judgment arc overwhelmingly conclusive I struetion, prevent an increase over supply, ond by
cauci s m the Capitol. I merit of ilia party, nnd disdainfully rejecting the j ng.-inii wii. pn imiuna m ir. lununnii. ; sudden death prevent an amount of misery conto-
o'-'onlv enuitallons well as practicable mode ot ar-l ' i"" " v
tho madncss.nnJ folly ofthe nct;but by the secret & j repeat them here. What f mean to say at present""110" ,n view of our subject very naturally nn-
caucuses cnntttllfd willi absolute sway by a finv speculative, or neutralized by rqual nnd opposing cr?
bold and adroit political managers. I run no risk considerations on the other side, and should no: Tho universal answer which has been given
ilmt ifibe individuals composing the party ' divert the mind for a momrnt from those higher
n throughout ll Union could be interosated upon nnd more urgent nnd vital questions which nro gv, and ind,ucJ by the geologists of both coun
1. 'the voir dirrho say whom liev would prefer ns , the true trit of sound and correct decision in thu,-:' . . . 3 , ,
:T Z IZi I nJiinrooftbenartv. thrccfourths pendiner Presidential election. Those tests I have "'" ,ms bcen t'ey were created, say they,
In till sliiln nf'tliiii'-s .irn wo. whn hvo n nf. 1 11.. 1
---o-, - umynuiwuo"""-" r" . " 'r.:i if, ... :...! 1.. ,. 1 " 11
ten tt stilled in .tho lacjapt the world our deep and rjvfnr nt ,h w of the majority through the me. 1 i-.u ...v ..u,.u , , f f ,
. Jw.i. r..-i 1 .1 !:' .. .1. , J t .Vi :iml liinvnedicnt nfn Krnif li (3 nml uiliitrnri' iisi- -"I'l'v ul ,uuu'
t.iiui si con . ittiiins ui iiiv i.iiiii unit ui'iiuniiini'' ilm,n ol n lur. eniia . nnu lllliorm popular iqui- r 1.. t.:r. .1.- t
of I" :.: ' i ,. ,! rnnvPn inn. iho friends ol party names. -I hose whn are so prone to Tmg , 'y ' "i rae wiiuout
--. i' nwiimi " " "rn : v .. in. - 1' .u. 1 - p t.' 1:;. .1 pti
ivii'iiiiv iis ui .111. fun unii ii j i nuiu aiDwi.111 ui f.,,i:,iion it
politiral action, to stand aside with foldtd arms. ! nf !jr, Vsn Buren (holding on to the old maehin
I the changes on the nomenclatures of Federalist 1 getting rid of it. Such an answer admits an
luinir mi iu uic uiu otwshw i . t". .. ... ., .-.--.- ...
ond to shrink into nn inglorious. I had almost said ' erv 0f Pai:y disciplineand subordination, derived " Kepublicm would do well to remember that ror to have existed in the original system, nnd
treasonable neutrality, because ofsome tlifTiTcnees ; tQ i,Pm 'from the cunuini order of the Jesuit?, , l"! "'v0 ",c" 'l'"b J,,u i'ii"i n n, m ueai rt.mcdv that error the carnivorous races were
of opinion on questions of public policy from Mr.
Clay, which a wise spirit of moderation, and the
recognized arbitrament of the public will, aro dai
ly narrowing in magnitude and extent? I hum
bly think not.
The election of a chief magistrate of tho nation , t)0 cantidate ofthe party
1 with, and not children. Try Mr. Van Burrn nnd 1
test derived from the authentic I
through i.te bloody Jacobinical clubs of revolu- with, nna noicn.i
.-".. t... ...i.:.i. , r. ,,',vr. nir. Mr. Clay by any
Its arc cfibl"! to suppress the will nnd control the history of political panic in this country or by
movem of vast and entire bodies of men,) iin-, c ssandan of those great principles tvhich exi.t
repuiuicnii oi inu two.
In that great aray nnd struggle of the two par
ties of the country (among thn most memorable in
is one of those vital processes provided by thecon- honorajle and patriotic mm, as they respect the
jtituttnn ,f tho country for a periodical regenera- dignity of tlieir own characters, the privileges of
tion Oltlllrfvslpm l.v- n frrcti inrnctmi ilr. U nf e n z. l I KV:..nIr.n nf rnnlillpnn
the t u ments nr popular hcalih nnd virtue, and rrovcrrSnents should unite iu ono generous and vir-
WlltcM no goo.l citizt-n. Iinlrn nn.l(rp!rpiimtTnp.s f! L 1.. . . rn.mlli- nnil fiirpv.
of a very peculiar character, can properly refuse er thAvranny of a svstem'which, if now submit- Clay and Mr. Van Buren 1 Mr. Clay gallantly
to take a put, and, toil,,. cxttnt of his influence .i .J.... fln. ,;nii nnr nnhle nonulnr in-1 Icadui" the republican hrtts in the House of Rep-
nnd example, a d' cil, nUlj (i; .j nt . whrn i -.:....L .,ro r nil .lrnnminntions rcsrntativef. and Mistniiiin'' the administration of
the vast meral m-i P0,'il influenceof tho ofTicc. !,!,,, .m.rnmilQus and sordid nartv oli?ar. Mr. Madison .vitli nil the mercies ofhis patriot- than to tho man in tho halls ofecience,
P I .'!'"",r I ' 1 I.... .,,! ..1. . M, y.n l,ir,n im Imrr I I n, t.l I. .l
for the premises where that fystem was to bo dis
IVniv If t!ii U ihn nl.in nf Dfile. 'then mnn
our historyUvhich arose out of tho controversy ! no(I,, , nan government by that will and
and war wiih England in 1812, where wns Mr. ' i r:
cjuviiiiiiiuil: Ilia vn iv. iium ..iv imiiiiii
might seem to require it. Such a senti ment, ho w
ever, is betcr adipttd to the man ofthe fortit
no, not trouble. There is no light in the hall
except the light of Day nnd the house is well ven
tilated by the constant Gate, nnd wntcred by mtir
muring Brooks. There nrc some hard eliurnc
ters there ninong thern two Stones nnd a Flint,
besidts a Ring, of what mttal we havo not yet
Iearne-d: and members of vnrious colors nrc there
also, viz: a Cray member, n Brmen member, be
sides two (and only two) Green members, and
three While ones. But there is not a single
black one present.
Of ornithological specimens, thcro is a rich vn
riety, viz : a Crane a Parrot, n Sicolhw,n Wood
cock, a .Vtt-aH, two Drakes, but no duck, and
Rnbbins. Thcru are Grates in the Mouse, the
sight of which conjure up no gloomy reflections
and Pitts, which nrc neither feaiful nor dari'
gcrons and Ioory Keyet to keep them closed,
should it btt iircffsary but unfortunately thern
aro no lucks. There aro members present of
mnni itiuVrrnt firivim.tiiin. nrnnn? tvlinm ivi fin I
troductd. It suppos-ed the original plan to havc-;a chandler, ,i Potter, two Fishers, a Barter,
bcen on too nngutficent.n scale for the earth to ciurk.n Miller, Tailor, n Unker.n Vright,ur
sustain. And that it wni nectssuy to introduce a ( Smith; andu respectable .S7rr(W forthem to work
system of premature destruction to prevent the e- jn 'J'hero is also a Palmer hut none from
vils ofthe application ofa system too magnificent ,h0 j0y LnnJnnd n Bishop, nil in his dignity.
jquent upon a protracted existence without a sufil-
:o in-
n writ as Hsdire-ctntirilut,ll,ppo!ilivennJ con:;Tr"u""'ul ' ' ! ism nnd eloquence ; Mr. Von Buren uniting with
trolling power, is considered. Ji can never bo n mat-j V,J what nro the wiso nnd benisnant men-' the Federalists to depose ihut illustrious man from
ter ot indifference or even or,n equal Ullance of ' stm4 0f a(J,n;nistrative policy which are promisnl ' power and to supplant his nd.ninistratio.il Try
couuu iv uii"- - mice or otuection. i 1 .t. f,!,.rM, Vnu Tlnrrn's rr-Mnraiion incm nja.n oy inai siauuaru hiiicii un jjiifi-"
who shall fill it I hore i alway, e)u)icR. nnij 7 . , - , br5J;ns nf ,hc sub- himself, iu a most elnUratesprrch delivered jn th
thoush the miking ol thni choice n?y tomMll, s , A P" ' . ' Lrcnewed war urn the curren-. Senate of iho United Sra.es in 1628 declared to be
Notwithstanding this imposing array of individii'
als, wo regret to state that there Is only one Good
man in the lions? and erven in this bonst.-d land
of libeity' only one Freeman I Boston Journal.
Green ami Dry Wood A cord of wpo.1 whilst
rreen. is said to contain I-M3 lbs. of water, which
j would make one hogshead and two barn If. Let
torcry fjrmcr who haules wood to market re
, member that whrn ho trnruporl it green, bo is
carrying that weight and rpiantiiy of water on hii
load, which, if he had suflend his wood to rr-
. . .-tl 1 I.. . t ,r fA
nnin niier it was cut mi it wns shiwuiv
he miht fave from tho burden o( bw'oxrn or
To rightly understand the wisdom rf any sys
tem, tho system itself must be analyied, and that
which is vabordinatc distinguished fiom that which
ii ultimate. The subordinates of n syttein uro
; p ...:.i..,. c.,:i, it, i.
neVCr expression "I ilia!". mhici ihw .ii 'v i.ipm, Kui.t ,
i k-1 horse, or nila unon the ton of it three lourin
llinaie iu any syticin, mm i" uu.,ui. punsiii - , i , . . ,i
J ' ... il M r r.1 nf tmuinh mnn nml I' I
b'emburasjeil by cstit.i -itng cnnsiicrntions. ari.L..f." LJ. i ),.;. nf,h rmmtrwl Jut tho true and legitimate di$iinclinn between the fd
knx ,t of "7"' of;;nrSante, u (TT 4 ntwlirn. by the mere fact of the with, oral and republican paies.,o one seeking to rnasnifiCen, its mechanical display. would bo an , VthanThe'gVcrn con I. ono'wrighed
with tuber ofthe nnnoicandmalfs, u l on v . - . ...:. nr .l.n nrtmmmt nm tzltwL the other to retlrain Extcutirc nower. 1 nffnlk' onu man inc grcti. !,
the mare inci munu t. ... ... uur prel. . rJ!ealrix 'alura. wU,t i, mhertnt
rrt nee wiih t'i care an I d jeml in, nccordmg lb) rner;r, 0Pa ffr0 cntCrnrisiri'' and industrious schemes so sedulously devised or Bountennhenl bv
to the li st I gli'J o n,,r ...... . , ,.r . . . . - . f na, ar(. Alr v.m Burrn dur.n
' . : . . r . . i .1 . t p..-
rnrpstnn 01 101 IV
'Jhc public have not forgotten the vinous v0,v-Inan is to bo rejarded ns the tihmoto U
of n enrd of tcasone.1 pine, nnd ye t have no hearer
no wo?"'"
f Maine Cul ivator.
......rr.m.rnin.ui ,he 5 vstem of animated nature, nnd
rti ilnrinT Ihn tvlinli, ru.rirbl nf lilt s 1 -' ,M ' 1
1 ..p I r-.u..l pnnip. nutno uuineta pursuiis oi u. .wiiM.. .... ...u,..A r,,t m l.im "h.-v
on--r n.ci nuusiy mi... i r-"'" .r-minintr their nrwneriv nnd nciiv it v. and the Aurnmisimiion, nna limy exposes ni tue jime, to.6
I..: . I ' i ' I . . !.! niiirinrnl Crni;i.. i;.l!nii.l nvii. ImHrn r"V- T ,r-lrt j in"
nnd every other The Liberty Part v vote in 1810, wn mie in
. ,r . nrr. IftO in llir IJoitlJ S'.iUt. II I
uTb'y 19 ac! " oul-
r -tr'?,rrtneJ' aaJ exchnsf s ol the country are findm augment Executive potroi sge,

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