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whit i miy i
fi inr iWi-t m the nnr of nrrnaration for the
i ii
' due ob nance of thii diy J Are not the whigs
n-aLinrrlo the imnert nice
tioninlhc county of Rutland, nf a mcasurr pre principb s r.f Ihuotracy, than tho insincere ;p
Vr the HtWh I The sh.nbn which this event is eastm? before it
DEMOCRACY VS KAIL. ROAD:ft !"tc of th mod appalling char.iclo, mi I the first
There is no greater dinger to bo apprehJord , of the Fife horse ns ho comes among om
tn ihe cine ofthe trim (and I trmt) mlr.iiKs? , mountain?, will be to him, but the siyuul of the-
rum find demolition which nro lo fullaw in his
.tarr in ihe Iesidrntial canvas of I54U- trntionsimJ false le,iebing of (hose, who wftu path. And now, inasmuch as I verily believe Ihal
i.:..u.i.-rvr..i,?nm,1,n-nnro. thrv nmf, m nrt unler and to bo cu'.dfd bv he! Iho tunc is mar m hand wiirn it slinll bo nn
IIW IS IHl IliK lillll'Vl " , - . , . .i
liaitii In'o Vermont follow the valley or Wt
river lo within one lulf mile oflho top of the (iit,,
Mointains 5 at a jjr.idft we ililnk no where eicffd.
inc. 60 le lo the mile, and with no deep cuts ,
T tW!, krrt ht ff lime obarme J ihe
)v4il!r) brttofl, wt lobe ItttUne, anJ th sun
t JtnMrs u t eii ia its brls!,lrie, and ",(, . The bill is beginning to more right j wise cry
nri.tr occasion to give this work the onward mo- laws, arc ytl in every instance ni.n.ng by ,'nonncnl to us in Vermont rtm lint he cars
IV mH-mce' to make the true snirr ire coniios I hope really IhUth.s cnlinhtencJ
" , ti'n r i nc mn v H""""t I " 1 . ,...:. .:ll
or rnrmirarnl n bmva for a rlrar and diicM t'.l i .k. r n.flm.l -nimii i.n,1 ri5i- to other nrineinlrs sulservunt to thrir ow n nrrdH-'ngn somcwnai mini piiniu uni uii.u9.uui
bnj. T),oi;h th w htc!i thrilled miny ! . . fc h omv.iril nihcy nd in 1810 nl inter. Ms. nnd tohe ndrnncemrm of the uttie-hi'rs.-lf to look this matter fairly in the face; in
hfiru t tJw (trciKianf llnlonaoonclief lei-, i, ,um in thrir iirmiht ntoonJ the jtan J- Irtr4m1mcal natlv' to which thrv t loiiff. Y
r-s fintt 1 tip tiiilini'lnn fir trill
I.HU tJI lltn.1 LI Uil IIIU MM4 Ul 4. VUIIMI nnu I AVI I'lll 1" IK MIL, ... ... I
4ik .ml Ihmrjh by M. drsth H.e ftHintry bsi , , ' . , . . !. ,.( . 0r Urnemllv .of Ihe nrineinlrs of the Whiff mity-i
Jn ivl'tfrird lo tfil(n id dncvTpemem;
ttrS hl Utn If J lo If rdulsnm t( Om (tt
iht lW rwonlr rnoil t Ria ItoojIiI vr.it t Vn
ItrD miim'a iri rerllrn pmdinilitr nl pro
friplion we re now rncoured by l( rheerinp
bp that oor tttt will l torne J mm jur, and tlul
the ptopl nrtl jla come fvtl(i4n ll)-lr tnijlit to
th cMnenxnt-of Mrtory yl mots jlnrioui ihin
tit jlorioot vinty of 1810
V)i UinglooVvd (i)frd with sniieir to the
prvvJ.lien th penple of the Urdicd i:Ule nould
liVr off ih tlper, in the Atm of pittr iiictiiiin.
wtilcii hn m !fi pixinnrd l,e current orrulaiing
ihrouthllic IioJt j.iliilr. nd blth him been so
ttr.rtisljr rn.tlnjrio trfn- ptrmstutt deeijr i.J death
upoa ovr (reimtioiion. The tifM fnc lud
iinj7rtind'ililr hnld, a id ihe prmJic ef
ivrtt nhirh t limn were msd lo sink rtflT ihe
lnomout ti, not only btinj; ineffectuil, Lut
seeming to (nrresie the tensriiy of his grp; we
hid trrmblfd t the mull e lud indulged ditmil
r..Hldlng of U.c future. Hut ihe ilrtiRjle and the
lilumih .if iS0 rrliettd our farf, and fur x time
At ti titrncril our i'pielieninrn.
That tlrucct ahowtd that thrre waa not only rj.
lality, bul that thtio uas alto atrriipr in th body
poiiliri )rt, and not alrriijth alone, hut mlRliij
power lo inure loerTirl, nd when moved, lo over
aiime. The tnemy aaw it too, felt it, quailed be-
the bugle.' it the Aholo county nnrmlde nt and ns firmly tVb. Iicviitg in the honryty of thoJeoire" which vycnl ofTn 'little biforo its op
finnu umc wun us onijiiiiii uivi'iucr mm pro1
pelnrJAncz Pnoi.iTTi.r. on the top of it.
R3m 1 hare already saM more upon this subject
tna i nau ni ursi imenut-u, nn.i win increiorc con.
eh!e this already too long communication with
tltefirnnt least of "one man, to the democrntic
dacinrs of this -'Plow Joijffer" that no svstcnt of
one. place, or in more phtcrs by less districts, or
in each town as may be thought most expedient,
or in any other way, only turn out and begin the
work thoroughly and ptt ready to do it up right.
Ll the locos sco that the "coons" arc not dead
yet. "Come one Come nil.
profusions of the leaders of the parly opposed to
them it is a matter ofno surprise to me, that we
fhonld witness nn occasional outbreak oflhcbrnii
ties of that spurious Democracy, through the col
umns'of its bright luminary the Spirit of the
A?e.' With the prcjliardoctrmrsnndsrniimrnts
of this nrpan of the Locofnco party, upon the sub
lrdcr that win n thn! t me thall a rriv ' his consin in-
n shall not bo greater than wns exhibited by
tnse who wilnrssitl the deptrturc of the "first
of thin popular Mapaiine for Ynoth, has been re
ctived fdled as usual pretly platen anfi pretty
ttotiei for rhitdten. "Old l'cter rarlej" says he
has a variety of new and pleaiing stories ready fur
his little leaders and nn efTutt will be wantine to
mate it both interesting and instructive. Thine
filling in uljrrilio fur .Merry' .Museum for 1911,
C4nd do to by calling upou Mr Itatrke.4, the post
matter, who is agent, and ujll inrwaril ttie money
free of postage. 1'iice $1 for 12 numbers
nealh lla irmllrj ci;y.
Hut the t'lbtcqueril events a'on tlinvted that
Ihnujli defeated, the -aubtle enemy was nut dead,
nnr utterly burn f its power to d mitchirf.
1'hnu;h dilten tu ils native retreat of darkness, it
eiliibitt wyry tomi of life an.l returning activity.
Willi inatlnrlive slyness, it eaiiti'tusly lifis up its
1iad and peeps out lo see where it iny still employ
Its remaining powers In carrying on the rwuk of
death. It ha neiin trawled forlli from its envertJ
ft has asiumrd a bidder and yet more Ira7sn finnt,
as success seemed likely to rrmvn its efforts, and in
its rerklesi earerr it arls at defiance thn eonslKu.
.iun and laws, rrhen they iutrrfrre with its onward
Hut again th spirit of live people Is aroused; that
spliit again mote than whimpers hewnre ! that spir
it sound which carried dismiy once, is nut forgot
ten, ii strikes upon the ear with dread the ranks
of the leader tremble, they falter they come not up
to ill charge; they have begun to fetl the danger,
snd they shrink from it and ho who vainly thought
h could "ride upon the whirlwind snd direct the
storm,'' la rtinfuunded; h finds himself entangled
in hi own toils.
This tiper is that avstem of parly political ma
chinery, tldch has produced an much and suih
widespread miirblef over the land has covered
our prosperity with a blight has brought ruin upon
multitudes uf huncst and valued citizens. That
aystrm which has Imperiously ilrmanJed ihe many
to submit to the dictation of the few which Ink im
posed its shai kles upon the weak has allured he
vicious with the hop of impunity lias pampered
avarire and fed ambition. Wlicso fiuits we have
seen and tasted with pin ami bitterness.
We have regarded Mattftt Van Uuren as the pro.
jpnitniof this system if not iho progenitor, tho
god-father and nurse it tears his impress upon its
fare, its lineaments cannot be mistaken it had its
r i.t t . . . . . i iiiw ..I... I . . ... .
uiiiu in nn nauve siaic ne nas iiistercu ami nur ' l"'ua 1 t er rz, kc. ccc. vnat is more
tuiedii, and under hi culture it has flourished ' Particularly worthy of notice, only t.vo of this
.Msaav's Muuu, IS1I. The January number jeet of 4 Vested Rights,1 '! ixrd Charterf,1 and 'Odi
ous Monopolirs I have for the prrscnt, nothing to
say. I hove with cMrnno pleasure rend the writ
ten and recorded wisdam ol this paper upon these
matteir, have perused with real satisfaction its
manifestos and dictatorial essays lo the Windham
County 'brethren,' who dared to net their honest
sentiments m rcgnrd to Kuilrond corporations, &c-
and although I hnvc not exactly been won over
to the radicalism of this Dimocracy, yd I hold
thrftall mm should be nllowcd !o define their oicn
idtat of their men principles, and will only be,
leave to say,in regard to the expositions ofthe 'Ago'
upon these subjects, that if such nre tho true nnn
ciplcs of democracy, I thank Heaven that it never
hat found a response in the heart of the true and
intclligfiit Verrnontcrl nnd append my bclirf
that it nerer re ill.
Out my object at this time is to alludo briefly,
nnd direct attention to the lucubrations of a brain
less doll, which nppcartd in the 'Spirit of the Age'
of Jan ISth; nnd which article, though purporting
to be a communication, wns honored with the
pl.ico of 'leader' in the editorial columns nn cvi
Iittei.il improvnnrnis is required to bring out
the isourccs of Vermont.
A Trim: Blue Veimontkr.
Mr Koitor : That a road connecting Huston
with Arlington and passing through the southern
nation Vermont ill sonn bo built, the directness
ufiltoltule, ihe foci lilies fur building, the amount
t-. , . ... i .
Vtar AccnMMonATixo. Tho Sheriff of Haiti-
more is so very accommodating that bo erected
ihe gallmvs, upon which the murderer. Horn,
was hung, hifih enough above the prison walls to
enable upertators to see his melancholy end. Tins
favor was granted at tho earnest solicitations nf a
large cnncnure of people, who had assembled to
witness the eertmony.
ICMaimc The Legislature of Maine assembled
nn the 3d inst.,nnd during ihe first week nftl.n sen
sinn had fnur Governor. On Monday Cov Hava
na Ii sent in his resignation; the first day of tho ses
sion David Dunn, Speaker, acted as Gov. on the dence, I suppose, that its views and sr nlimeiits nre
jii my j. v , u.ini, I resilient oflho senate, acted I m nccordnncc with the democracy of that pure,
ns uov.,nnu eonunueu io ursctiargo the duties of JcfTorsonian shed
that functionary until Jlon. Hugh J. Anderson's in- This paper has long been strenuously engnged
auguraiion, winch tnolt place on ihe Saturday fol- in showing to the dcar people' that Railroad nnd
lowing. Governors enough for one week.
Tne Guv. ok ManrLArin Akrestcd. The. Gov
ernor of .Maryland (Gov. Thomas) wa arrested and
held to lail, at the instigation of I)f. Tyler, an cm
inenl Physician. Governor Thomas threatened the
Doctor with personal violence, if he did not quit the
Slate instanhr, consequently was required to eiva
oaii m eiooo lo keep the peace.
For Oreoon. We perceive bv the last Ben
nington Gazette, Z. llawell one ol the editors of
that paper, has concluded to "settle up" nnd leave
Vermont for the "fl.u lands of Oregon." Wc
have '-hearn ti ll" or rats leaving a sinking ship,
nnd as the Gazrlte has bcrn hi"hlv fivored with
government patronage, for a goodly number of
years, perhaps he is wise in making this shift ns:
toil 'II . .1 . . - . 1 I
io-ij win witness tne complete overthrow of the
old dynas'y of Andrew Jackson, Martin Van Bu
rcn nnd Tyler too. Ncvcitlieless there arc oth.
crs that could bo better spired from tho editorial
Corps. Success attend him.
Health or Boston. Ftom the nnnunl Bill
of mortality in the city of Boston, for the year
1813 wc select the following : There have Leon
during the last year 2,107 deaths, rr.ore have died
oflhat insideous disease, Consumnlion.than ofnnv
other disorder. Consumntion 12 10. Lunu Fever
lus, Typhus Fever 72, &c. &c,
us name tiaic nas Leen tinea to the Tull wiih its
bluer fruits, even to loathing, and of its fruits tho
whole land hat partaken and long yet be'oro its
effects can be entirely purged out.
We hate the eyaiem; we detest its fruits, its au
that we will not trust we ere afraid of'his princi
ples." they ate death lo the liberty and happiness of
the penpfc-they hut teed avarice and ambition.
Ul tlic Whigs, thin, implied bj patiiotiim, by
evrry right motive, aihe in their strength; for their
trensih, though for a while dormant, is not dimin
ished, their numbers aio not materially lesiened,
tvn lhHigh ..ppone nls have of late boon so
aucceatful-lrt them arouse mm fiom that apalhy
through which alone ibrir opponents hate tiiumph
eJ. an.'. Mind forth fot tre ,!e!ertre uf tho Conuilu-tfnandNna-furtl.epretvitioniifuur
free in-tuution-Irt
them liko enrooragrmei.t from the
dawning of a biijhter day; f,.t the hutiion is already
Illuminated by the jar In the west. That star shall
jet beam forth In more biilllni lustre; and it will
not aer, we believe, but in btigbtne.s and unclouded
large number died of Delirium Tremens.
rxj'A Dyeing establishment was consumed by
fire in Newark, N. J., on the 15th inst. and n man
by the name of Big John was burned to death.
FCJ-Tiie Small Pox is raging with great vio
lencc in many placis, in Wisconsin Territory and
over one-fourth ofthe cases prove fatal.
U3-Tiik Fulton County (N. Y.) Republican
says, a young lauy I8ye-irs or age was shocking,
ly mangled, in consequence or being thrown from
n hors.-, her foot ramming in the stirup and was
drng-ed n-arly two miles. She lingered about
two hours in great distress, when death came to
her relief.
The Inter from Mr. Rivfs, Member of thr
Sjnste from Virginia in relation the question of
V. V , win t'eroun.l on our first page.
Hedlvrs hi paf-rancc for Mr. Clay, though
-ucyirmnimnpfln rrn- impo.tant points.
It spoil i oui i-t relation to this matter, there is
nododging. no non-cwnmhal, he speaks lxldlv
and fotlrnty the reatons why he prefers Henry
Clayto Martin. Van Iluren for nresidrnL lb
Cm,in our opinion, dear and unanswerable ar-1
gumtnu ngaintt the re-election of Martin Von
Buren he does not call hard mm-s.bta he states
fft. from which it is far easier to come to safe
ewkcbmoni taan f om any mcrearrav of harsh
epttht, the common argument of too rrunv politi-
oi ne 4raw hit f.,cH fiom the history of (he
Iu few years, wl, which all are acquainted
he cites the mofa,t(Uc .lefeni of Mr. Vun Burfn
in 1640. rr4 drnreeaw tt, f.ju ,.r...: ...
selves to the viniiftire rae.M,rt' PUJ xu proseiip
ire rwller of the Vn Uurea miiim iLm
A Fire broke out In tho Mocha nics shop of
the State's Prison, in Concord, N. H., on Friday
morning last, and destroyed the building and most
of its content?.
tO At a recent locofoeo convention held nt
Frankfort, ICy., Van Buren was thrown into the
tack ground, anl old "Tecumseh Killer" was
nom.nat.-d f, r t'le Presidency. Go it Dick John
son, if yon can out-wind Mattv and get tho nomi
naticn, gueu you wont elected.
&3-From the following it seems the story of
, , L !Pry conr' "'"n and dmih is all a hoax
and ho is now olive nnd l-:,!.: n..., . I
other corporations are Anti-Democratic, nnd dan
serous lo their rights nnd liberties though nl
ways denying that their opposition was upon the
ground of hostility to tho cause of Internal Im
provements But now, having sufficiently enlight
cned the penpleupon this head, they throw ofl'ihc
mask, nnd by the aid of their gifted correspondent.
mm. by appealing to the most miscrnblc preiudi
ces, to raisj an opposition to any system of inter
nal improvement, and especially ngninst n project
which has already raised the hope ofthousands in
Vermont and for the success or which, every in
telligent man who has the least glow of patriotism
or desire for the prosperity of our state, must dc
voutly prayTor. I
1 had supposed that no doubt existed as to the
advantages which our State would derive from
the connection nrLake Champlain, bv n rnilioad
through our limits, lo Boston but in this it seems
I nm much disappointed. The sapient nnd far
seeing author ofthe communication above nllude.I
to, (and who has assumed the title of 'Plow Jog
ger' that ho may the more cflrcluilly deceive) asks
with the apparent simplicity or n 'Jonathan Raw'
ortwo centuries ngone, 'Of wl nl bem fit nre these
works of improvement to the Vermont firmer?
and with n sagacity wotthy of -Toney Lumpkin,'
announces that ho has discovered tint this is
'project' by which 'the Grem Mountain boys nre
lo be enlisted in a scheme which will deposite the
profits ol their sweat nnd toil in the pockets ofthe
city gentry ol Boston nnd Lowtll.' By a pio
cess worthy of himself, he has also demonstrated
by oclual computation, that by n reduction of 50
per cent, on transportation, tho actual profits of i
our farmers' produce would be materially dimin
ished. One evidence ofthe great danger to be appre
hended by the people of Vermont, in view of this
project' according to this intelligent 'Plow Jog
ger' is in the fact that at the Convention held nt
Brattleboro. a 'right smart chance' or Lowers.
Merchants, nnd Tavcrn-ICcepers were piesent
took an active pait in the business ofthe Conven
tion, and manifested un, anxiety in the objects of
the meeting. This is truly an alarming fact but
hear him further. Ilo says that a Lawyer a
live and breathing Liwycr! from Boston, had the j
assurance to present himself before nnd address
the Convention, and that he 'then nnd there' actu
ally stated that his city (Boston) felt n deep
interest in this matter, and would be benefitted by
the consummation of the object under considera
tion! It would bo impossible for me to describo
my nstonisbment nt the nudacity 1 of this Mr Der
by in making this astounding statement, in the
presence of that respectable and intelligent nnd
patriotic .' band or Vermnnters who were present
upon that occasion nnd I nm vol surprised that
onn otjutl the intelligence nnd liberality or feel
ing nf this Windhmn County 'Plow Jogger'
should therefore exclaim there you see brother
faruers, (I think tho farmers will feel proud of
wie reiuuonsnipj 'Uostoti is to be benefitted by
'his measure at your expense' and you now see
that it is a 'scheme to place the profits oriirfaj awl
toil into the poekds ortho eiVy gentry or Boston
and Lowell. Shame I tint a m tn in Vermont I
r i . . , .
I v.in ur uiiiivi in con-iescenu to sucn nn argument
of Iran'uruiliin; but above all the spirit, enterprise
and peioverence of Vermontcrs, havo proclaimed
in tonei'" loud and so clear, that while nil have.
heardjibv aro left in doubt. Wo cannot but feel
that the, real object in view should be so pressed
homo upn every mind as to dissipato every mere
seclionalind selfish effort. Hut while we admit
tho prinoio, wc yet leel that we have duties to
perfiirmlbth toward j ourselvos and tho public;
that ihutpblic mind should not bet permitted to
slcei) unlilitlns investigated tho vvhnln tnhinrt
To this iiwe offer for your columns the following
That itfciiachusetts in craniinc hsr charter will
consult firijind principally the interest of her own
people, weWiy safely reckon. Uut, sir, it is the
interest of Mssachusetts to cxtond this road along
her notihernf.tountios, west, so far as she may with-
out defeating its ultimate object ; that of becoming
the great chaiael of communication between Uur-
ft. .... . ...
iiiigiim ami tansion. mis will appsar in
heavy embankments. I hero we strike the
important otisiaclc tn .o tout, a uinnci ot cr,0
rols. Hut whon wo consider the dirortnes of u,.
whole route, tho facilities for building and the grtt
object in view, we coaso to behold nn nbslarlo Ut
rather a mighty minnment reared by Xatura'i Goj
astride our pith, on which Voruvmtor.s nre to ft.
turd with yiant arm their prowess and their petit,
veranee. Wkst Rivra.
For the Herald.
Table showing the number nf deaths in Ludlotr,
Windsor c Vt. from Jan. t. IR3I, tn Jan. 1, 1 S4 (
compiled by .Mr. Timothy Hiild, fiom memorandt
ko pt by hint.
5 n
o j:
,- n
1 2
3 3
..jr:, ii nm wye raitroau cnmmumeailon lo some
twenty townsjn any other plan shut out from such
privileges. JJ4, sir, these twenty towns will be
represented inlte Massachusetts legislature, and
they will thereipead their own cause thsy will
there have clainro an amount of agricultural and
mechanical prmJution, unsurpassed by any equal
territory in NewEnghnd ; and will their prayer be
refused ! and will he road be granted to a stranger
and thai stranger few Hampshire 1
As it regards Ney Hamp sh in , both her interesls
and previous couratoflegUUtion are opposed to
ihe charter of a railr.ad through the southwest tur
ner of the state. Ilii not probable that more than
one riilroadxvill at ipnt be built from Veitrmnt
to UostonlvfNew llinpjhire is aware of this fact,
and ifsho pitronizcsti.jlroads at all, will encour
age the one that is ihemost beneficial to the great
est number of her inhjltitants. That thn rnnfiniia-
tiun oflho Concord tni lyould best accommodate
tho people of Mew Harp'shire, na one can doubt.
Hut will she alter her system of Legislation on
this subject J Will she jeld to the WhigiiifChe.sh
ire county that which Sb has rofuscd to others of
more congenial politics' Such a supposition pre
supposes that she has noninciples, nnr sense c
nough to conceal the Actuations of her folly.
nenco wo inter that tin Massachusetts charter
will extend from Fitehburto Nntthfield and thence
to Urattleboro-that Nevyjlampsliiro vi 11 not grant
an acceptable railroad clwier iu any eorooration:
but certainly not through C esh ire county, thereby
forcclo.ing every prosperl'if railroad accommoda-
lion to ihogrent body of heiinhabitants.
these considerations We convinr,! n tht
IJiattlehoro must be one ofttlo termini ofthe Fitch.
burg railroad. And now fdrihe shortest, choanal
and most productive route tfitneo to Rutland. Tho
public mind hat entered upqptwo; and these two.
commencing at Rutland, follm- the same track till
they arrive near the south! ileciinohouse in Mr.
Holly, a distance of 14 milesUrone. thence it is 7
miles to Weston, thence to Il.ir.iws in Londonderry
Total, G2 03 10 35 20 13 15 II 21
Males, 4 8 11 AO 7 10
females 13 37 18 7 0 4 11
Of tho above thero have been four deaths
drownlnc, six by other accidents, and two by sui
i iuc. rnriy-nvc, oetween tlio ago or 15 and 40
have died fiom consumption, twenty-live uvcr tho
age ..r 40 have died of that disease Fevers and
cankcr-ra3b have been instrumental in carrying'oll
a considerable numher of tho lomainder.
Ofthe whole numher of deaths it will be seen
,1..., .1...., r.r.i i i . . i .
... ...... u. unr-jijm n.ivc uecn oi eiiituren unueronc
j yar of ago. Of those over 15 three-sevenths havo
died nf consumption. Tho population of tho town,,
during the abovo yeais has averaged not fir from
i l.iin. nn lli.it id, iiinn.l .....( nr.i i
many ' i H..n. uiuii;i;i m uL-am nn
- i:..i- , .i . .....
, "cm u ii.ui; icss man two percent on the wliole pop
For tlie llrr.ild.
I am composed of 19 letters.
My G Id 19 5 G 18 4 2 is a town in .1nss.
My 3 16 15 II 18 4 II is n place in Boston..
iy - ii o Hi 18 8 7 is n imtul,
My 14 8 7 IG I 2 is a city in Europe,
My 14 10 8 is nn insret,
My 4 II 13 4 2 is n River in New England;.
My 14 1 7 3 9 is a kind of wood,
My 14 8 10 18 is n vegetable,
My 12 9 I 7 18 is it very useful article,
My 3 9 8 12 9 13 7 10 is n town in Mass.,
My 129 4 7 18 is nn adjective,
My 18 8 2 11 10 12 12 10 8, is one of the
My whole is an incomprehensible noun.
Thr answer to your Blek-eyed fiiend's
ilia is iiiisiantinopie.
Rutland Jan 27, 1844. B-
it is 7, thence to
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alter talmg a, tort tour on a rail besides bein"
didped in drink in this cold weather
Tr'nrvCFU,ic,CCXn n"""o
n Iv AvERV n"r.s on A Ram
AXD DPCKED IX Trie CaSxi 1 I ' , r
i . , .. A Inter from
cdin tbe Phil.id.lphl, Ch'ronicW rivs- P"!'pk- DSlhk anl 0 ,1 he Dimocracy I thn seeks
evening, olwm linlfnft.r ten o'clock tbeTitize l' "vnil of H
nV,btr'm:,lr!: . rvrham.1 tn "Pletl,i. Jo;.er' hon-
. """"-""i. J ne Itrv V. K' A-. .rS' III lilt Iraislnr thn rnnumirn. , XT .
Uflf-' -. III,! K 1W II-lillllllT.
tirtori Ulong the spoils.''
We commend tbU litter to the cHcwiec, con
.krauort of all our reader aoJ ail ibtra u. poo
aijaianui ni l'
our. ! ry made bis .mnn,...' .'. ... ."
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ndd;;,hrmnT,mpf; "1-n to
wade, ban Cl. AlbmCuT mMnn
Ihb man iL . I. M? 'hat
uunicattou rrorn Una, Wm. Slid
js-j ' wr aniawjtion
oy m! aumtssmn ofthe 'Iron Horse1 within her
borders, it would he decidedly ludicrous to notice
them furthermid supremely rtdiculous would it be
to witness his extreme anxiety toaruuie his more
heedless Allow c'tiirns in the ?rrat dan- il.
nroriir..1 - On all points nrft thrmlenintr them 'P I.:. A'..
'riti and fwllfrS . d Ji-ra,,h Fi "1 mmW, present i, a time for
: El Bj AUui,1 Rlih p0nd-ri0us,hou2h,. and the day upon w hich
... ,n ,vn, l rtc lmUll,.tp f yy -
.i..i. "'.T '-rnoi vonnffmen
" K'W'rrnan and run him nm
rati nn . a . -
The Steamer Britannia arrived nt Boston on
Sunday nt 4 o'clock. The Acadia arrived nt Li v.
crpool on the 30th tilt. The President's message
hnd been received by tho packet ship Indepen
dence. The paper says:
'It has given little satisfaction this side of the
water. Of the various pens to which it had off
ered employment, nil, without exception, find fault
cither with the tone of i.s mornlity or its over
reaching animus. The absence of all crnsuro
of tho repudiating States, in so elaborate a docu
ment, is held to be one of its primary defects ; iho
frcebooting style in which it recotnends tho erect
ion of American military post on tho Oregon,
while the territory itself is in dispute, has givui
great ofl- nce; nnd the manner in which the Pres
ident hints his wishes for the annexation of Texas,
and the hard words ho bestows upon Mexico,
(from what it is evident that he drsirrs lo proceed
to blow nit h that tottering Republicans been held
to indicate a very low standard of mornl feelings.
All those points have been sharply criticised."
Wo regret to see th drnth of Mr. Sccretaty
Morrison, the missionary nt Hong Kong, na indi
vidual highly gifted, nnd universally regreted.
There is nothing new from England.
Ireland. The Crown Solicitor Iwsnddressnl
a formnl notice to Mr. O'Concll, Nr. J. O' Con
nell, Missrs. Steele, Gray, Barren, Duffy, Ray,
the uev. J. I lerney, and cvcd. to the Rev. P. J.
Tyrrell, who is no more, that thrir tiinl will lo
held at the bur in the Cou o Quern's Bench,
Dublin, on Monday, the 85th inst.
The revised jury list, consistring of sevrn or
eight hundred names, does nut include, it is said,
more than 200 Roman Ciitholci.
CQrThu Maine pipers announce the death of
Governor Knvjnnah nt I. is residence, aged 48
ID Lung fever prevails in tho northern pan of
Illinois lo a. great wttonl, and is said to be very vir
ulent. If tha diseose ibiis not readily yiold to med
ical tfeatmeni th paiitnt seldom survives mora
than, a week, in etirrL pain arid suffering.
Tim Ho.v Ma. Puccnix. We were startled
this morning says thu New York Commercial
Advertiser, by n postscript to our Washington let
ter, briefly nniioueing iho death tf our friend the
Hon. J. Phillips Phrinix, one nf tin members of
thn House of Representatives from this city.
The letter writers nt Washington, killed Mr.
Iwa . : ""to wun a ross
n "
',t'W,--ir.Xh.iiVfSJ,J lulls i v. r "X
-i , ... ri m v.i sirt Uh ,l,w , . '?
is IS. thenrn tn
llratileboro 10, being 5'J mile nn n nim.iv
c-ooked travelled road, hut whlc, will beahorteneil
at leasts miles on the railroad.!, th.t m,t n,..
through the gap in Jamtiea, leaW.g the distance 57
miles from Rutland to Uralilebof,. Tho distance
on the iravolled road from Rutlarlato Dellows Falls
al ,a ,3 m'ies ; hut one is nd la.,ro r IJellows
Falls at tho separation ofthe rontsmear the south
meetinghouse in Mt, Holly, thani (Juiiingsvillo
five mi.es back ; consequently woe to add the 5
to the Chester nuto. making 51 mSUrr,,ln Ruiland
to Dellomt Falls by way uf ihe railfcd or 0 miles
farther from the point of separation,) IJraitleboro
than to the Falls. Deduct this from the distance
between the Fulls and llratileboro. b; miles, and it
leaves it 17 miles farther from Krattlliliru by Ches
ter to Rutland than by West River.
Rut, sir, it miy be said that you hiTinr, tl,.,..ni,i.
of going down the river below tha Falls hut ihence
dirceily thiough Wsilpolc and Keene.l'l'ho report
ofthe engineer on that route is conilsiye. Ik
says that several miles between those Wns' mu
have an ascending gra Je nf75 or more tin jn the
mile arid a cut 3000 feel lone and 40 doet
Aeain nor tireltirn rf V.. IT . X
a illipsillll ar0 c
tremely anxious that the shortest route lc,l, l0 ,
dopted. Very well, it is 07 mile from R.il.mJ
......c,.. UJ esiriver,iiiericelhr.iuglfVjnf,e,.
term Fitthburg 49-total disimeo 105 mil.,: from
Rutland to the Falls nn railroad route 5 mJM
thenrehy Keenet.iFitehhurgVJ-toul V m:lk'
mg the Winchccr and West river route m!e8
the shortest. V.
SuppoM wo adopt thU route, ft will pit with,
in 12 miles of Ktenp.
canal or a railroi I, t acromir.od.i.in. ,11 YuL . P- 'uf'g'". he ibta Pr.enix like, nnd is fast
ire cminty. On the mher band a Iiraneulev4 ' r,"c',rpr'n? r",0ni i severe eltnck ofthe pleurisy.
lei'i river to Orrenfield would nerommodato P-nL ! ,l's physicians think he is out ofil.ingfr,
,"C?,l,,,,'i w,hlr W b- l .. .
JJC? I here was a fi;'m on i inj'soay on tho
floor of thu House of Representatives between
Mr Wellcr.of of Ohio, nnd Mr Shiver, Repor.
ter ofthe B iltimnre Patriot. Several blows passed
Imiwi i ii (ho hikkJ before they nerc sepe rated by
OreenfieM, wlc.i a, 820 000
would amountto 30 , ooo.i hrgersum than Frn
I lm county would l..i.t..i. f . . ",anrr"K-
' ? rtsts, ,j , Mr. Bros J hcaJ, a

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