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i I tittp n-.r irr i'i T i '
Washixctow, Wednesday, Jan 31.
Mn f.nrri.r.v Vtttr Sir: Potter wosmjic
i J v I If onlv obviinrd Tiiitr.t voir. 1
. -.. it .-i r.i r .j ...:... ,r
a hr( vi .n13 ...j .. ... w. - - . --
K.r.sic Fjitytwo voted ngnmit lntn. io
, , ,;. i ns' Some very tall uvidciicc was be-
I . - 'i t. I-
' I - - .in.. lAjinf mrrirti inf. nfiiTiiiiTiiifiii fii
t i . uf . - -
Ji , ( nccr, for the Bench of the Suprtrnr
H M l,e and Mr. Poller feci deeply mollified
'l,t Senato ore damnified (o show no mercy
i. . . f if
I .iiucai imitors, icncc-rncn,or magiignanieu-
I1 3
Mr Whcaton is nlso talked of for thn Supreme
Cotiri IJrnch ; to is Utn VaniSus. kx-.Mitustcr
to St am
Mr Porter hrs tendered hi resignation, and on-
1 1.3 us ollicc u i ins succctsor is tiamcu aim con-
:r:t.n U M C mnrtnr nC V f. It vftv rnnfidnt.
I . I I - ... - . I 1 ..nnn.
' I r"ii:.id.t. ,1'is f r. 3 l turii'fig '
Mi n i, a! Thu naims of the patties arc not
Known. -Hep,
Thoe fmndly to the Young Men's Liberal !
rF hc si'is-vrs Itelnjflfpi'iateJ lv ttic II r
l'r.jbjic U.uri fut ihe li'.ti' t ( I rsiiaavcn
ninmit sinners to receive, rxsmlno nnd adjust nil i
gainst the cststo
Huililitt. SS.
FIRE We regret to lenrn that the store
Geo. M Dewey, at Flint formerly of this city
together with on adjoining dwelling house, was
burned on ThtirsJ.iy night. A young man of the
name of Church, wc lament to state, after having
saved n woman nnd l child,and in an ifioit to save
fnnitutc, lost li is lift.. He .had fallen with a led
tinon him. and was nnnarantly suffocated. Most of
the goods in the lower story or Mr. Dewey's
store were saved, but aquantity of furniture depos
ited in the upper story, belonging to .Mr. Wither-
bfo of the land office, was burned. Detroit Ad
A Mrlameioly Dtath. George, aged 1G, son
of Governor Mattocks ofPeahcham, was found in
his room last .Udiii1.iv morning, with his throat
cut from ear to ear' nnd dead.
Wc Irani in adition,that there was no pnrticu
From tht National Uuhctnttr of Monday. Mar assignable cause of this distressing transaction.
r.f ilin s!rinn hns nased n. I ho vounsr man had been educated at the institu
. . i... .. i i- lion at Midd blown. Ct . under tho natronairo 01
hv ConTrcM in the traniwction of businr 5S. J lie .. ., . , . . . ' , t..: ....
j 1 . , , mine qi me ljuv ;t.iuui in naivuu vjinviiany
' Party aro requested to rnett at tho Inn of Alaiuon !clminddenuaH..railtetsitn ai
fi Dyer on Monday eve. the 19th day of February , of chari;; iJiu,' cJln,
lV, at 7 o'clock, far the purpose of choosing a Mind- , iNcw Ymk, deceased, icpicicntcd
in- town comniilteo and fur transacting such other
business ne may be thought proper when met.
It is hoped a full attendance will be given.
A. I'oi.t:n. i
J. G. Grioos, Committee.
J. L. Billisos. )
IIouso of Ileprtsentativcs has only just got thro
with the refcrancc of several topics embraced in the
Pmi Inii'i Mrssapc nt ilio"oncnin!r of tho session:
jMlving cntertainuJ seriously no legislative tneas-
nre:e.xcept that by which the eighth oi January
was sitrna hzil. I here lias been miicn uiuate, u
ktrue. in the House, as migh have been reason.
DW expecieti irom the unusual proportion oi new
members ; and, contrary to w hat n (wo believe)
Ihe tri'neral impression, we do not regard Ihe oc-
cunilion O! llie house in nrciiminarv ucunic as so
much time wasicd unless indeed, of tho charac
ter of tho part of that which has occupied the two
Of thee last days sitting in tho House of Represen
tatives, dibato which, exceeding in gross per-
ftenol'iy nny thing that has ever before occurred in
legislative Halls, must fill every considerate per-
en with pain and mortification, nnd reflect any
thing but credit upon tho House itself.
Under the early practice of Congress, following
that of the Uritish Parliament, nn answer being
made by each House to the opening address
(nt that day delivered orally) by the PresiJcnt to
His talents were cood. character nnimpcnchable,
and prospects in life much more lair thaji usually
falls to the lot of vounir men in the country. Yet
ho became dispirited, and n short timo since asked
for liberty to leave th, c Law school. It was gran
ted, and since his return home to tho day of his
awful death, nothing indicated insanity beyond a
disinclination to see company, nnd, lor hnn, an un
usallv sombro nnd melancholy disposition, i'rob
ably from some suden impulse of feelings tho irre
parable deed was done.
Fire. On Monday morning last a shoemaker's
shop at Pcachani took fire and was destroyed, to
pettier with the law office of Gov. Matlocks ad
loinintr. The bonks and paper of tho Governor
were all saved. It was in this building that the
son of Gov. M. so recently came to an untimely
end, and the destruction of this memorial of that
sad event can hardly bo reirrcttod. Vt Watch
Fata'. Hkcontre. On Friday last nt Mar
iibursh Joseph R. Prince of that place nnd T. R
H. Loud, an attorney, between whom there had
been some difliculty arising out ol I ecu I business,
met nn the corner of Third nnd Walnut streets
the two llousrs of Congress, the consideration of nnd a, few words had passed, Mr P. who was
Ii!.. ..n-.-i i . -. ..i . armed with a heavy walking slick, caught lum
iiiui iiiiauxr iiiumim .in occuaimi ins u vi i uocs ni i , ., ,. . , . - . .i T i i
uy uiu luiiui uuu u)fiiru 1 1 is imiu u uiu auuuiurio
ofiMr. L. before he struclc the third blow, Air.
Loud drew a double barreled nistnl.tnok d. liberate
the onetnnfr nfeach session oftlio Hritis i P.irlia
tnnntl nn ivlllr-h llin ln?n nl I ha tV.llinn ivn I irnivn
ttil.. Minn I. .Iiil.nln mnit. tnm. nl rtnlili...! ..itr.
lllA mrinlinr nPIV Iltlll nlil Itli1rli IHa.. nn nnnnr
ernov. io "ivc ireo veni io uieir iiTiiiifrs nni nnin.
tons on matters and thincs in cencral. After the
e eciion o .ir. Je U-rson ollie I'lesidencv. when
tho President s annual coinmnnic.iiinn in dino-rrM
came io uo mauc in wruin". tins nrnctice ol n
general ueuaic on me siaio oi me ixaiion was uis-
nenscdiwith j nnd it has followed, almost asneces-
ii .airi!...!
ua I 1.U114V lit., i.vv, uuu l: i 141 11 1 wi iif:uu lu I u It va
.O, tMKI.ll, I.I.U ht.j cit.vu 111 1111.
T I I t I . . .1 I
After the flow of debate for several weeks past,
however, it may bo fairly presumed that tho House
will bo disposed to go more steadily to work.
Meantime the committees of the House arc not
idle, some of them at least devoting themselves
with assiduity, at almost all times when tho House
is not in session, to the duties nssigncd to them
which are very onerous and laborious by the great
number of petitions presented, and tho almost e
qually numerous inquiries committed to them by
tho solutions of the House.
The Senate has been more quietly, but not
therforethe less steadily engaged besides its pe
culiar action on what is termed Executive busi
ness in maturing, through its committees, prop
osiiions of various character and magnitude, such
no llin QnnnM is nntlinf !ef lit ttin PnncfShiltnn tr
tt O lilts utuutv id uihiivi uvu u j till. luuuii iu
oriainatc. For a large and most important class
of business such as revenue bills, which aro re
quired by the Constitution to originate in the
IIouso of Representatives, nnd biUbf appropria
tion, which, in practice, do originareMn that body
the Senate must necessarily await the move
ments of tho other House. Thus waiting, how-
pvfr. n ilplinln lins hprrnn in fhrt Rr.nnin wlii.li In.
volves tho whole question of the Revenue, the Ta
riff, and Financial policy generally.
On lllis sullied we ndhirr In thn nnlninn lifrn
J J 1
toforc expressed, that the Tariff will not bo touch
ed nt this Session.
aim and fired. Both balls entered the body of his
antagonist just below his breast, causing instant
death! Mr. Prince was it highly respectable cit
izen has left a w ife nnd four children, and the
scene when his lifeless corpse was conveyed to his
family, is descnbed us most heart-rending. Loud
immediately gavo himself up and was undergoing
Caitlclon Seminary,
Tho second Academic Term of tills Insilmtion
will commune the'22d of February. An Intmilur-
orv lecture will be cWon Upon Ihe suj:t of edii.
ration. I he Importance of scholns being iirrsom
si llie beginning ot the term, cannot ho too highly
You Shall nr.i.ir.vi: Belief is not an net
of the will. Sufficient evidence com pels our as
sent ; so listen dear reader, ana i win convince
you that Dr. Wistrr's Balsam of ild Cherry is
f.tr the best remedy for diseases of our climate to
be found in this country. It is formed by chemi
cal extracts from vegetables (the Wild Cherry,
Pine, &c 1 that nature seems to navo placed here
ns powerfull antidotes to all nfTectjons of tho
Lungs and Liver that our ever cnanging ciunaic
induces. After tho skill of our greatest physicians
was exhausted, it has cured Asthma in various
case. It cured a lady of nn incipient Consump
tion, whoso fimily had all died of the same disease.
Refer to Isaac Piatt, Esq.. Editor' of "Pouch-.
kecpsic Eagle." Thomas Cozens, Haddorifield,
N. J., tcstifits, unrtcr oath, that it cured him or an
internal Abscess, voilcnt Cough, raising of Blood,
&c. , after ho was deemed beyond hope. Wc
could refer to plenty of such instances of its un
common power. Tho doubting nrc invited to in
quire of individuals and cases that wc allude to,
as we publish no statements that will not bear tho
most rigid security.
For sale by Daniels & Hell, Rutland.
ountjr nf Clinton and Stale I
Insolvent, ana
nlo nil claim and deaitnds exhibited in offset
thereto, and six months from the 8tli day nf Jan j
int., being', allowed by mid court fur that purpose,
wo di iheteloic heieby give notice mat wo win nt
lend to the,bu!.ine of our said appointment at He-1
man Hubot's in Henin on the fust Thursdays nt
March nnd Af ty nrsi.from nine o'clock, a.m. until !
4 o'clock p. m. on eat-h of said dnys. j
Piiilo Wilcox, Ciuejatv Hiouixs, Com'rs.
Benson, Jan 31, 1813. G.8
WU the Mibrriburi bring appointed hv the lion
Probata Court for the rllstrirt of Fafrhavrn
rommtssioncis to rcee-ive, pxamlno and adjust all
claim and demands of all persons ngainst tho es
tate of f
Altt Terry tale of lltnson,
in said district, deceased, represented insolvent, and
also all rlnims and demands exhibited in oll'scl
thereto, nnd six month" from tho 12ili day of Jan.
inst. beiiif! allowed by said rourt fur that piupujc,
we do lliereforo hcicbv civo tintiro that we will at
tend the business of our said appointment at tho
laiedwllln!! house of.iaid dereased in llenson, nn
the fiiM Wednrsdavs In MHreh, and May next.
fiom 0 o'clock a. m. until 1 u'clock p. m. un each of
sr. id days.
Pmr.o Wilcox, Horice Kino, Com'rs.
I3nson,Januaiy 31, 18H. 0.8
C. V R. I.. Orangrr, "1
xs. In fo. Court Sept.
Aria lVarunn, f Term, 16-J3.
AmnsCilppcn t nl. Truster j.
IIllKllKAS Cbr.tft Grungcr nnd IMwnrd hi
II (iranprr ofl'iuslurd In the Cmintr nrUMtlainl,'
nl the April term of ltd. riMiit, A. I). Itit3 rom-,
menccd thrlr nclinii ngainst Aiza l'raion nfote
aid, in nn action on mite, dated the U7ll day of - i
February, A. 1). 1811, fur the miiii of $11)5.01, pay
able on demand with lltlcicM; vtbercin Amoj (.rip-
pn and Amus Crippeu Jun. of l'it'if"til nforasald,
were summoned to answer as trusters of the said
Thi causa liavlnu been duly entered In court at
thr term pfoirsaid, ihe Plaintifl's came lit SUn II,
Hitdar. thrir nltornev. nnd It beinc mail- Io alrtinai'
to the rourt hern that at the tlma of scrvlro ill thn
nhintilTi v til lliti dufendant wns abjunt frum.llli
ttaic and had not been notified of tho pomlenc; of
lint sun ;
It is thrrcf.ue ordered bv the court thst nrrtlcn nl
the pcndeni-ytiflhl Milt be piven In ilm d-rnd.int,
by pulilishmii thr 5tiistanru u mn piir,iiii norm.
i.itloii, with Hits nrJi'r, i it llie iiuiiiuki lli-rat.i, iiiiph
weeks succcsMVclv, thn Inst of which nIhII be nt
least six weeks previous to llie next limn of till
riMirt, to Uo held at liutianii in ii(i eniitily nn uiu
second 'I'uoi-day of April, A. I). 181 1. And day,
thcreuf was given, Ac.
S. II. Hodpe, Any.
In Middletown, on the 27ih tilt. Fitch Loomis,
Esq , ntreel 73.
In West Rutland, on the 30th tilt. Moses Wat
kins, Esq., aged 54. His family have lost an af
fectionate husband and indulgent filher, society an
cxnmplarv. useful and honest citizen.
In Middletown, on tho 2d-inst.,-Khoda Uarrctt,
Wk the subscribers, being appointed by tho linn
ProbatefJuurt for tho district of Hiitlnnd, com
missioners to receive, cxatuiac nnd adjust all claims
and demands of nil persons ngnint the esiain of
Hethiah Uutton, late if Y(iUtnford,
in said district, deceased, represented insolvent, and
also all claims and demands exhibited in otl'sct
thereto, and six months from the llth day of Dec,
1813, beinc allowed bv said Court for thnt pur
pose : Wo do therefore bcroby give notice, that wo
will attend to tho business of our said appointment at
the house nf Jacob Huttnn, Jr. in Wallincford on
the first ilfundavs of March and May next, from
1 o'rloek until 1 o'clock, p. m. on earhof said days
llmM Uosoniw, Ki.eazkr iMiniiELt.s, Lorn is.
Wallingford, January 2U, 1811. 0:8
Statu of Vermont ) remembered
District of Rutland, s. X 'hat at a special
probata court hold at Rutland, within nnd for said
district, on the 3d day nf February, IB 1 i.
Present Wm. Hall. Judge.
Ebenezci N. Biiprcs, administrator nf tho estate of
Daniel Dyer lato of Clarendon, in said district de
lI01'KIN5s,aiwk.,, ,
i i i i mumm dan Wfc- ' '
V. It remembered"'
llini at a priilml'n
i rT i .t Q , i renseii. niciic. pninosinu in runuur an account o
widow of Jnznmah Barrett, deceased m the 84th hs .1(,minUtrnlion i,ld ame.
year or her ago She was an exemplary member i h js or(,erc,, lal saj, accniinl )c rcferrcd for ,.x.
of the society of friends, and a pious nd rlr-v.itcd amin;uiun and nllinvnnre, to tlic first Monday beinc
St. Albans. Jnn. 31. On WcdnrsJay last, four
pcntlcman nt Philisburg (P. C) from Montreal
They immediately ordcid dinner ate it and
hired a, person to carry them to Highente. On
npproaching the 45 of North Latitude they en
quired for'lhc line.' The diiver pointed to a" well
known monument, n few rods distant, nnd told
them that they were 'just there.' Hereupon the
four senllemcn jumped out of thu sleigh told
the driver to wait till they camo back as they
had some private matters to settle out in the field.
They nccoidingly walked out into ihe field
Two of tho party measured ofTfiftecn paces, and
matin sundry ether little arrangements afer
which the other t vo gentlemen very civilly ex
changed shols. They were about to repeat those
very delicate civilties, when tho nrivnl of some
vulgar people, who either had not the slighest
nouon oi nonor, or absurdly supposing that it
aSuiiui inc law jor mois to "malic
1 hut the Whig Tnrifl Law is operating most
beneficrntly upon the great interests of th" coun
try. That under its operation, public confidence, 1
which had been sadly impaired by locofoco mad
ness nnd fully, is now restored that trade, which
was depressed and borne down by the mill-stone
wcmhl of radicalism, lias now revived that hun
dreds ol maiiufictorics, which have hitherto been
closed, on account of low duties imposed upon for
eign fabrics, &c, and the consequent flooding of
our markets with foreign importations, have, un
der the benign influence ol tho I anil, resumed
operations, and now aflbrd steady employment to
a very large industrious and worthy class ol A
merican citizens.
Thnt tho Whigs aro in favor of Distributing
the nvails of tho public land sales among the States
for tho benefit of Education and Internal impiovc.
ment and that our opponents war against this
measure and contend that the proceeds of these
should fro into the treasury ol the general govern
ment, to bo squandered by Van Burcn sub-treas
urers, &c. That the secret ol locofoco opposition
to tho Distribution policy, is to be found in the fact
at the north they dare not openly attack the Ta
riff, and henco they open their batteries against
Distribution, which indirectly aims a blow at the
Tariff, a measure, whose utility can no longer be
That tho election of Martin Van Burcn will en
sure tho Repeal af the Tariff, nnd that our Farm
ers, Mechanics, Manufacturers and loboring men,
who are now reaping tho benefits which aro the
natural results of a wise legislative enactment.will
if Martin Van Burcn succeeds, bo ground down
and oppressed still more than they were prior to
the passage of the Ta riff Law.
That threats and attempts of tho Van Bisrcn
locofocos toeffct tho Repeal of the Tariff, de
stroys in a measure, the benefits of that law. That
many who aro willing line nnxious to embark in
manufacturing enterprises, dare not do so untjl the
question ns to tho pormency of the tariff is settled.
rhnl the election or Henry Clay will ensu-f
the nermnnency and stability or the tariff That
his election will also guaranty to the States a
distrobution or the proceeds nrismg from so sales
ol the public lands the justice ol which measure
is placed beyond tno possiniiuy oi uouw.
That our opponents will resort to evrjjt nrtificc
in order to deceive nnd mislead the clrctAtsuns to
the positions in which the two parties afiKrrda
live to the important issugj
coming election. And we
on the cuard, nnd to be rea
hoods which loenroco ingenut
christian, to'the sick nnd orphans, her kindness
never failed, sho was a parent nnd a friend to nil.
She has left n largo circle of relations nnd friends
who often think of her and venerate her piety
In Chitenden. on the 17th tilt by the Rev. J. T.
Phelps, Mr. Charles E. Pcnfield,"of Pittsford, to
Miss Irene C. Dike, orthn former plnce.
In Mendon, on tho 1st inst.. by Zidon Edson,
Esq., Mr. James Hinkley to Miss Jane Foster.
the 4th day of Mareh next, nnd that a ropy of this
order bo published three weeks surressivcly pre
vious therein in tho Jutland Herald, a nowspapcr
printed at Kull.inil, that all persons Interested may
appear and object to ihe same if they seo cause.
A true copy or record,
0:8 HENRY HALL, ncGistcr.
i X that ala
State of Vermont
District of Fnirhaven.ss
court hnldcn nt ('astletou within and fur said
on the 3d day or Feb. A. D. 1811.
Present. Almon Wnrner, Judge.
Alonzoand Lorenzo Phelps executors of the es
tate of Klnathan Phelps lato of Orwell in Raid dis
trict, deceased, proposing to render an account or
his administration of said estate.
His ordered that said account be leceived and
examined for allowance on the fllh duy of March
next, ot tho probate office in said Caslletnn, and that
this older bo published throo weeks suceesively
previous thereto in the Rutland Herald, a newspa
per printed at Rutland, which shall be sufficient no
tice to nil persons interested of tho timo and place
of examining said account. A true copy n( record.
0:8 B. F. LANGDON, Registei.
WU the subscribers, being appointed by the lion
Probato Court for the district nf F.iiihavcn,
commissioners to receive, oxaminc and adju.st nil
claims and demands of all persons against the estate
Jacob Davcy talc of Fairhavcn.
in'said district, deceased, represented insolvent, and
I also all claims and demands exhibited in offset
Distriri nf Foirliaven. ss.
COUll Inddi'li nl Ciifttctnii will. lu nnd fur nld
trirl on the Clth dxv nf Jniui:uy, A. I). IKI t.
Present, Aliu-ni Warner, Judge.
Demmon Giddiuys. adtniui-lrntnr nl Hit- eM.ile oT
Martha Oiddings, late (r I'oultncy in said disliicl,
dereased, proposing to render mi uccount of his ml
ininiMratinn of said estate;
It Is ordered that said account bo received nnd ex
amined for iillnw'.-inec, on the (itli dv of Murdnu' si,
nl the probata oliice in aid Castlctoit, nnd lluil this
order bo published Ihreo wecka MtcrcsMvrlv previ
ous tlierctn, fn the Rutland llcrulil. a newspaper
printed at Rutland, which .shall be snrTu ioui nutico
lo all persons im c tested of ihe lime and plaro uf ex
amining said account. A true rnpv nf ienrd,
5:7 1J. F. LANGDON, Register.
STATE OF VERMONT, YV. it rcmcinl.eir.d,
Dibttict oT Rutland, ss that nt n M,Jcrinl
Probata Court held at Rutl.ind within nnd for said.
.!....; I... rt.i.1. .1 r 1... A ,o.. "
uiauiui un iiiu til uuaY ui .jiiu., v. u. in I'l,
Present, Win Hall, Juelj-i!.
Lucinda Hromloy, administratrix i( Ihe o.slale of
Jfarton Jlromley, lato ol Dauby, in said district.
deceased, intestate, pioposiug to render a third ac
count o! her tidiiiimstraiiou ol said estate.
It is ordered that slid account bo referied for ex
amination and nllownnro In the first Monday being
the 4th day of March neM.and thai a ropy of this nidcr
bo published three weeks succcssm el) pi ei inns llirte
toio thu Rutland Horald,a newspaper printed nt Rut
land, that all persons iuicicstcd may appear and
object to the same i( they sec cause.
A Hue copy ol record.
5:7 HENRY HALL, Register.
..,1,11. I thereto, nnd six months from tho 30th day of
i I.... iqii i . ii i i : .1 . r .I.-.
xyci.. into, uuiugr iiuuwuu uy bum iuuu lur uiui
purpose, wo do therefore heieby give notice that
we will nttend to the business of our said appoint
ment at the office of C M. Willard, in Fairhavcn,
on the 27th day of Match and the 20 day of June
next, from 9 o.clock, a. m. until 4 o cluck p. m. on
each 01 said dny.s.
Barnabas Ellis, ('. M. Willard, Com'rs.
Falrhaven, Feb. 3 1814. 0t8
Rutland ss.
In Co. Court.Sept Tcrm,1843
STATE OF VERMONT, ) jJE it remombeicd
District nf Falrhaven, ss. $ " 'hat at a probate
cnurt liolden-at (;astlelnn within and lor said dis
trict on tho 3d day or February, 18 H
Present Almon Warner Judge.
An instrument in wri'ing purporiina to be the
last will and testament nf Noadiah Gianaer lat
or Casleton, in said district, deceased, being pres
ented to said court: for probate.
fj It is or.'ered by the court ihat notice thereof bo
eivcn tr all persons ronrerned, io appear at a ses
sionof t. id couit to be holden at Castlctnn on the Oth
day or iarch next, to contest iho probato or said
wiil, by publishing ibis order three wei-ks success
ively previous to said lime nT hrarine, in tho Rutland
Herald, a newspaper printed at Rutland.
A true copy oT Record,
0:8 B. F. LANGDON, Registor.
Slate nf Vermont ) R13 it reinebercd
District orFairhaven ss. ( -that at a probate
court Imldcn at Castlctnn within and Air said dis
trict un tho 3d day or Feb. A. D. 1841.
Present, Almon Warner, Judge.
Frederick A. Thompson, administrator or the es
tate or Jcssb Thompsoo, lato or Poultney iri Raid
district dec. eased, pniposim tb render an account
or Ids administration or said estate. ,
It is ordered that said acrount, be rercived and
examined Tor alkiwanro on the Oili day of March
ilext, nt the probate offif-e in said Oasiletoe, nnd
Rowland P. Cooloy,
Oliver Noble.
IN an action of debt upon a judgment in favor of
tho plaintiff, Rowland P. Cooley, against tho de-
r I . . All I i.
lenuam, unver jouic, renoeren oy mo considera
tion of Oliver Root, one of the Jusliresof the Peace
within and for said county ol Rutland, nt Benson in
aaid county, on tho 24th day or June, A. D. 1820,
lor the sum ol twemy-six dollars and forty-seven
cents damages, and for the sum or one dollar and
sixty eight cents cost or suit; and also upon a
promissory note by tho defendant made, subscribed,
and delivered to the plaintiff, bearing data the 18th
day of May, A. D. 1S20, by which said note tho
defendant, for value received, promised to pay to
ihe piaimiu, or order, on ocmandi nlneiv-lhrec dol
lars nnd fourteen cents, with interest, as appears
by the writ in this action.
The said suit being entered in this court at ibis
present term, and it appearinn to said cnurt that the
. 1 -1 T.l .1 j 1 1 n 1 .11. 1 1 ' O M t fmtn ll.ia . I . I I ..ma i.(
the service oflhe plaintiff' writ, and has not re. this order bo nublished three weeks successively
..... . - a...... I...., .I....n... in ll.A Ir.i.l'.rtrl ll.l.nlrl 1 nr.ttlfar.O.
Stale of Vermont ) 13 E it icmetnbered
Ditrict ofUutLiiiJ, ss. ( ihat at n special
pmbnte court held at Rutland, within and fur said
dtstiict,on tho CGlli day of Jan., 1841.
rrcscnt Win. J I alt, Judge.
Lydia Fav, administratrix of the otato of
William Fay, lato of Rutland ill said dis
trict, deceased, intestate, proposing to render an
accniinl of her administration nf said estate,
It is ordered that said accbllnt bo refcircd for
examination and allowance, to tho fust Monday be
ing lite -ltti day of March next, and that a copy of
this order bo published three vce!;s Mircqs
sively previjus iheroto in tho Rutland Herald, a.
newspaper printed ai Rutland, that all poisons in
terested may appear and objoct to tho same if they
seo cause. A true ropy ol record,
6:? HENRY HALL, RegUldr.
wiiot.usAi.n dhalcrs is
5 7.1 EV.u! Slice.,
One door above Pino Street,
ICPCnnstantlv on hand nn nvtensivo nssnrlmnnl
of Foreian and Domestic Dry Goods which nio (if. ;
ered by the package or piece" on the nimt lovorabla
Merchants and Dealers rlaiiin our market are"
invited in rail nnd examine our slock and tiri es
iNCW lurK,
turned within tho same; i'. is ordered ihat notiro of
the pendency nuliis suit be given to the defendant
by publishing the substance of the plalnlifl's decla
tion, willi this order, in ihe Rutland Heraid.a news
paper published at Rutland in said County, three
weeks successively, the last of which publications
shall be at least six weeks previous to the next term
oT this court, to bo held at Itmland, within and for
the county of Rutland aforesaid, ion. the second
Tuesday of April, A. D. 1841. And day thereof
was piven, cf c. F. W. HOPKINS, Clerk.
L.U Kel!oc, Att'y for plaintiff. 0:8
ur Inenana be
pose llie false-
invent nnd
circulate. Fulton County RepSmcan,
fXj-Hon. John C Calhoun, is reported, will
take ffrouud for Mr Clav in preferenco to Mr
fr.im nl tr . ,-, . . . r, ., . I3.;.nn. n I... . Avn..i
1 , , - ; -....v ... ynn uilf,. U lll-il IICIUCIIl, III uu uaill "I""-
mm ! I V Xl" 'nr"M from 1,10 S"""'i ed manif. sto. There is no doubt that he will re
rVif --4 lhc '"i.h madea halt by the nollc,. ntld uierly disclaim all affinity with Mr. V.
,uaU a.uu . vcan;(Hj UircC SllOU more. We n nhfmnrr Convention.
ALL persons having claims against the town nf
Ruilind, arc requested to piesenl them for ad
justment to the subscribers, at R.R. Thrall's office,
on ihe 15th day or February next. Tho Civil Au.
thnrily of said town aro requested to meet at lha
County Clerk's office on that day, at 3 o'rloek P,
M , for th purpose or making the necessary abate
ments of taxes.
JON a.. C. THRALL. )c . ...
JOSEPH A. DELANO, isfe, ,Me."
SAAC C. REYNOLDS, ) of Ku"d.
Rutland, 20th January, 1841. 5:7
A Cabinet-Maker Wanted.
TrANTED a worthy voting man who Is well
VT qualified to like charge ot a Cabinet-Mnl:
previous thereto in Ihe Kutland Herald a newspa
per printed at Rutland, which shall bo sufficient no
tire to alt persons interested orthe time and place
uf examining said account.
A true copy of Ilernrd.
0:8 B. F. LANGDON, Register.
STATE OF VERMONT.) BiE it remembered
District of Faiihavon, ss. ) BP iliai nl a probata
cnurt holden nt Castletnn within nnd fur said dis
trict on the 17th day nf January, 18 li.
Present, Almon Warner, .fudge. '
Dan Blakoly, ndmiiiisiraturnl'tlm esialo uf Joseph
Porter, lata of Pawlet in siid disliieij tlecunied,
proposing lo render an account of I. is administra
tion of said estate.
It is ordered Ihat said account bo received nnd
examined for nllnwnneo on io l llli day of Febru
ary nexi. at mo rroiialo oltico in CHstleion. and
lltat this order bo published three weeks succesw
sively, previous therein in the Holland Herald, a'
newspaper printed nt Rutland, which shall lie 6un5
tient notice to nil poisons interested of the timo and
place of examining said account.
A true copy of record,
i:0 B.F. LANGDON, ReeMor.
ALL kinds or Book-Binding
will bo executed at
the shiniest notice, in a neat l.caltliy eiutence
and durablo manner, at the ; arc brnugl.t lu tin
'jMIU CO.NSTlTtJllO.N. tl,c Mi. y,r. r .,r
- vwmdcirul ciintliluliil l'oilic, reiittaiiily iniuiutai
allrrative ur regent-mure inllurncr, to rrest ami ii-min
yiir, light and om ollitr i-limciili
riquuiiKin mn) ,r n linn prnr iuITi
old stand in rear of the Book- i"'""1 '"' ,,,c "'nmitintuis .l il.,tifm. ;ji i -n Irmn
Store. S. II. Batcman.
Rutland, January 23J, 1811. 4:0
resreuo aua mat neither received iho slights!
fcratch-which shows thut it was no great scratch
oi a unci, ne pani s were so friahtenwl ihat
The 'cause asiic
none but the seconds were in (,n I.,., ,i ..
ssiened for lln ....i. , b.. i
t i. im nn' it n, e iti.i.. - 1 ... .
lory as might be expected. U 1 fi Whig State Committee, the v, ugs ol iinndon e
.i ' x--... A.--. I... "ems Hint OIIC Ot ::,. , mmlatlbfi Towx Horse, on IHURS-
Whiff ntcctmj? i" Urn n don.
In couiDliance nidi the recommendation of the
Rutland, ss.,
C. & E. L. Granger, "I
vs. I In Co. Court Sept.
Arza Pearsons, j Term, 1613.
Amos Crippen & nl. Trustees J
WHEREAS Chester Granger and Edward L.
Granger of Pittsford in Iho county or Rutland,
at the npiii term of this court, A. D. 1813, com
menced their a-llon against Arza Pearsons o( Pitts
ford aforesaid, in an nrtiun on bonk, demanding two
hundred dnlhrs; wherein Amos Crippen and Amns
Crippen Jon. of Pulsion! aforesaid were sum
to answer as trustees of tho said defendant.
This cause hav na been dulv entered In rnu
...... i.nu .. Hiiuiiiiii iii ii. c t oi i in- animal nun.
nmy, tuorliitl liumnri nrit-e ur urriJ ;.nd vitMtiil ttrriliiMi
or juice, .no i i.llcili J, tlic .)tcnl rcijuiira n,nu,,ril'fnm
me mlitr noiirrc nr it inks In ili.rnte ilerav li-il itmh.
How wimdci fully fululary at llii. pt-riml nte lt,o tffrtl nf
an n;in.i:iln all, ,avc mfilicuie. ukvn In n-jm I
'I'limttMn lion l.rni ated frmri ilr mil uimiom
fioin mtreriiigi inilriciiljiilile. mill "mn ifnlmnl in ImIHi,
by lUlimel; u.e nl I'llCI.I'.S' l UJI.t'lO I'll.l.H, Klilcli
are to etiicai-luui and rmioiit In clrvtus-i ti Ibr tiniiitidi arnt
bowett, puriljlii; il.e UIoihI nml rnnualm(f tl,-gUrilulir
j-ilrm U) allcnnii the eciciims i.r I tie r am oll.rr
glmiilf, anil.'rairjrmj; nfTiLe moiljid julrra and Imnmrf; ll.at
at ll.e Kalilh tl.fy iia ac(iiurdllii cmm ul'-J'eur llinr,'
brriuioiliry inirarubiy prevent r.r biuuk up biliou., ie.
millcnt, jcllmv, imiriiiiiu-nl nnd Iuuu fem. Tircjrarr
eilenin uie liave ninnl I linn iLe Ul anil uiilr lUlir.
aud Urn li-uif.tr for all ll.o uUiiicm.uii il.innln dn-jic
hlccri- ll.o jteiry cquur, iiiimlf.inp iht will vrii air in
ihr IiIoikI. liver. Jlul vjnmi, iiilrminf , r-x It. fltlr.- ilun
Imallliy aeliun snil al lhc line lime rpel lie i.i.ut.ir!
nd rxiiiunriuf luirrt ami l.uimif. wtnrl. il M.imr. (..,,
tlirin In Una cIim ordinne. arc rbrumsti.ni. iNm .o.Ii.
mpij, hr riiiiiplamfi. bllioni ilomn li. iciufula. rnrr 1.
wnrrnt. tunii.ri ami i-iupliont oflLe tkln nf rafluui Udc",
L . one oi :,-,.
:i:;y;; V."C CCaS,'? .not PAY THE TWUNTy-SECOND DAY OF FEB- j N. n A klnds of Cabinet Furr.l.ure for sale
"-" V- an a citizen JtUARY, at half past sit r. As nn oujert oi
of Montreal, by hittm-hini a spin ,,. ... ,7"" ,. nir L to organize a Whin Club for
(probably al c chop thouse, in the city,) ni which , ihe year 184 1, il Is hoped that a full attendance will
v- - ------- .-rj--...., uU ueman-1 gircu
d'sj 'honornble sitisfaction.' Our informant av
ing shop; one whd iia good wurkmin and can I
come wcii.recomenae. , i no j a goon cnance a ; ,ho ,crm foresaid, ihe plalrftifrs come by Silas"
a partner m .no " ,, Er i Hodges, tl!tir attatney, and II being made to appear rn..0.ni k..... about .1,. lol i lni, ki,r.,
inri rnnrpninnt nhnri and ware. room, ivi.ll tinrilif.rl i . ' . ... 7 V.. .....i.ii.i.Mr..i ... i .. r-.i.i... .. . . I
, i . i --..i , to the rrjurt here mat al mo lime oi seruce oi itie , .vnoin or
with stack and toj.ls, and a genera ar.rment or ,alnl(rs. wrIl , lhg deferIrallt was absent from ll.'s " ,' t" t ru ;Si!1rf,'''M,,l,llVt',,
work now on hand. It. R. 1IIRALL. 1 ', ,.,,11,1,1 L ,..n nmifipd nt llin nrnrirnrv ,,f '"' ''c1b, 1r1u'Bt,n l' lt' IMU. M UU.
Rutland. Feb. 8 1811, , state and tud not been notitiea ol the pendency 01 ,,. of iitatli. ouid lialffWrri pittei,u,nisd !. ViH,
this suit:
that after lhc fourth shot the seconds declared thai
satisfaction was now complete nnd bade them I
shake hands which they djl. They then parted '
"the New Yorker and hit tcorid commy cn
C. W. Co A NT,
Jesse Hises.
F. FiRaiNOTore,
E. Ji'.ve,
Edw. SiiraMix,
S. B. 3wi.
Tanjiry C5, 1SH
Town Commiitco
of Brandon.
bren UM-d mitrad nfimne iirf V;ii,,b!ri l.antful lintel pill
iroereu uy uie court mat 1101110 ui inumj. vi "inn mo rounuj itgweM, jis.riiuo
i.i : . . 1. .i,.rHH,i .... rnttlrrv nr rliirltliftum alv.ii, ,1 ......I . .w
, - , . . . . . , llie penilwlicy UI 11119 tun ui. Llltuil in inn uricuu.iiM, . . ' .t . . .
cheap fur cash or country produre at h shop fur- j ' p1,,,,,, lhe bstanee oflhe PlaintifT.' decla. j IXlltiL.tV' T"iir'. ,
merlv occupied by C. ('. Alvord. ' "JV" t- , - . 't known 10 u Kilhijr anil ilTrctual. aJ arr )e tjj
fifl REUBEVR TllRtll, ! a,lon W"h ,bI .,Aft.' 10 ,lbe 1u,lim fra'd ,tl,refi tl'lr bj pl.cian. .n lli.ir prir4lepaMtr,l.ui
-8 il. IllUAIili, I .....i.. --rifc .-e v. Ihe ast of iv 1 1 1 sin be nl I liumlrt.f. I.,.e ...,l i... ... -'i .,.ir.,.iu.L
1 . a . . '
AJ services again to (be ladies and gentlemen of, thereof was given, lie.
(Rutland, fur one week only. Rooms tt tho Franklin P W HOPKINS, Clerk.
Hotel. RotUnd, Yer 6hl?i S K IIcm. '.tly. !i '
least su weeks previous to ihe next fcrm of this. r-'l f inlic.ne e i.a cr ujI
court, to no liflrl at Rutland In said county on tho). n' '" l'M,te r-.r .ite i,, .?r
IIARRINOTON respectfully, offers his second Tuesday nf April, A. I). 1811. And
rn'i i a'l futlu
da? it;f ni. ar etuiwn.t.1 iu,t k, iy li p'iir --wi t,
"'I ' wind In I liii lie it .Ccir. 1 " foi uiu al l a CJei.ciat
I Dtpol and Ajrorr Punt S'd Main al
Kutland, Hurt At JUrun Vall.vrruriI a Tnfrd.
Ji Un.br,! J Va l mi iei 3X0

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